Series as good as GAme of Thrones?!

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AngryBeaver Sun 28-Jul-13 01:33:12

Only recently watched it, and we loved it so much we watched all the seasons in 2 weeks!
Now looking for something as gripping.

Have tried true blood.
It was alright but a bit daft.

It kinda lost me when one vampire said " i need someone on my JOHNSON!"? At which point a young woman ever so kindly obliged.

Dh now finds it very amusing to boom randomly "i need someone on my Johnson" winewinewine

Sooo, then we tried The Borgias? Yawn.

And Breaking Bad, also yawn, although admittedly we only watched the first one, and they're often a bit shaky.

So, anyone have any good recommendations?

NeedSomeSun142 Sun 28-Jul-13 01:34:06

Tudors. ?

swannylovesu Sun 28-Jul-13 01:39:56

The Tudors, Rome, da vincis demons, them all :-)

AngryBeaver Sun 28-Jul-13 05:24:33

Oh yes, heard of the Tudors..might give that a go.
What's the demon one about? Or is that silly question!

welshfirsttimemummy Sun 28-Jul-13 05:36:03

Greys anatomy?

swannylovesu Sun 28-Jul-13 08:36:25

its about a young leonardo da vinci...probably got no historic facts but its great.

IrisWildthyme Sun 28-Jul-13 08:51:47

No - The Tudors, Rome, Spartacus - all kind of fun but nowhere near the same quality as the truly excellent Game of Thrones. Not well scripted and very clunky in places (Spartacus gets better after about episode 6 - the first few episodes are dreadful).

Have you watched Dexter? If you don't mind going back a decade or so, Battlestar Galactica (new version). The Wire. Six Feet Under. West Wing.

Sorry that these are all old - There hasn't been much lately that meets the highest standards though.

CoTananat Sun 28-Jul-13 08:59:32

Fringe (SF), The Good Wife (Political), The Wire (Drama)

Fantasy is harder. Mostly it's rubbish, which grieves me!

EatYourCrusts Sun 28-Jul-13 09:04:22

I think Rome is very similar to GOT actually.
I don't really love either of them though to be honest.

RobotBananas Sun 28-Jul-13 09:05:24

Dexter is as good I think. First few series are available on Netflix as well.

True Blood is quite daft,but its a good series if you get into it. its got about as much shagging in it as GoT as well!

AngryBeaver Sun 28-Jul-13 09:12:02

Thanks guys, a few new ones there.
Dexter lost me the series after Deb found out.
It just dragged for me then!

Six feet under was great smile

Think we'll try Fringe, and The Wire, and maybe Rome.

Thanks for the suggestions smile

tinypolkadot Sun 28-Jul-13 09:13:11

I'd urge you to give breaking bad another try. We love our boxsets and are addicted to this series at the minute, it does get better!

Also loved Rome and spartacus (agree with the postser above - spartacus is poor for the first few episodes! )

OTheHugeManatee Sun 28-Jul-13 09:14:56

Falling Skies is not bad at all if you like scifi.

JulesJules Sun 28-Jul-13 09:15:19

True Blood is great once you get into it, although I think the most recent series was not as good.

Would also agree with Battlestar Galactica - brilliant.

If you haven't seen them already I would also recommend The Killing (Danish) and The Bridge (Danish/Swedish) - crime, or Borgen - politics.

RobotBananas Sun 28-Jul-13 09:16:20

Ahh I'm going to try Breaking Bad again.. I only watched a few and didn't like it. Hmm.

Have you been watching The Returned on C4? If not, watch that. Its brilliant.

JulesJules Sun 28-Jul-13 09:16:53

Oh, and Firefly. Love that too.

Cooroo Sun 28-Jul-13 09:18:02

Go back to Breaking Bad. That and GOT are my absolute faves. Rome is excellent - clever writing and excellent acting. Spartacus I thought total shit, not in same league.

Battlestar Gallactica, Tudors and Firefly.

BigW Sun 28-Jul-13 09:21:26

Supernatural! It's daft, but it pokes fun at itself and Sam and Dean are hilarious. The white queen on Bbc at the moment.

True blood is quite good once you get into it and I completely agree about Dexter. I also didn't like breaking bad, can't see what all the fuss is about.

Not at all like GoT, but I loved entourage. Have you seen that?

BigW Sun 28-Jul-13 09:22:35

Goes without saying that the best tv show ever made is West Wing.

jennieflower Sun 28-Jul-13 09:24:34

The walking dead?

RonaldMcDonald Sun 28-Jul-13 09:37:47

Keep going with Breaking Bad..the first series is meh..but it becomes excellent

West Wing



Forrin stuff like forbrydelsen, the Bridge in Danish/Swedish, Spiral, Borgen

The NewsRoom

Oh please stick with Breaking Bad! It took me a little while to get into it, but it truly is one of the best, most gripping, tightly-plotted, dark, Shakespearean TV dramas ever made grin

Also agree with recommendations for Battlestar Galactica, Spiral and Firefly (sadly Firefly only has 12 episodes though sad )

Possibly controversial, but I really rate Dollhouse. First 5 episodes are iffy - I gave up around episode 3 when it first aired, as it was really quite poor - but then it kicks into gear, and quickly becomes addictive. You may or may not like the lead, Eliza Dushku, but even if you don't, the supporting cast is utterly fantastic, really first-rate, and the plot and the questions it raises are fascinating.

Episode Sun 28-Jul-13 13:45:16

The Wire, The Wire, The Wire!

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 13:49:23

Mad Men

TheYamiOfYawn Sun 28-Jul-13 13:57:56

Not The Tudors, fun, but not as complex as GOT.

The Wire is the only series I can think of which is as good, although the first series of The Killing is very good indeed, and The West Wing is pretty good too, alrhough a bit shallow in comparison.

IrisWildthyme Sun 28-Jul-13 17:34:56

oh yes I'd forgotten about Firefly - definitely give that a go.
And I'd second the suggestion to give Breaking Bad a second chance - but I agree it's quite difficult to watch.

PollyPlummer Sun 28-Jul-13 17:38:23

Another vote for keeping going with breaking bad.
Homeland and The walking dead are also brilliant.

I think that The West Wing and Six Feet Under are both as well-written as GoT.

RobotBananas Sun 28-Jul-13 17:46:17

West Wing,of course. Best series ever.

The returned

MysteriousHamster Sun 28-Jul-13 22:20:47

The Wire is excellent.

I didn't like Breaking Bad because the main character is too much of an anti-hero for me.

West Wing is very well written but we started it recently and it felt/looked very dated.

Firefly is great. Battlestar Galactica starts off fantastically but gets weaker as time goes on.

Fringe is good - but its first season is the weakest. If you are having doubts, watch the last ep of the first season. It pulls a blinder and changes the whole thing.

What about Justified or Damages?

guineapiglet Sun 28-Jul-13 22:33:21

Sons of Anarchy

PatFenis Mon 29-Jul-13 16:02:50

The Following!! Why did nobody tell me about this series? It's bloody fantastic!

Very gory, bloody and graphic, excellent storyline and stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. What's not to like?

I'm not sure where it can be viewed on tele as my son recommended that I download the series I did and now I'm gripped and a leetle bit obsessed grin

AngryBeaver Tue 30-Jul-13 04:26:47

Ok ok! I'll try breaking bad again!

I can't see me going for Battlestar Galactica though.

We're really enjoying Fringe, had never heard of it before, so thanks for tht.

We live on a country with NOOOO decent tv, so to be enjoying watching something again is great smile

grin for trying Breaking Bad again

Battlestar Galactica is much, much better than you'd think - the sci-fi setting is really incidental to a superb character-based drama with loads of political intrigue. As a PP says, it does lose focus in the last couple of series, but the first three are really tight and dense and brilliant (and I enjoyed the later ones anyway, too)

MysteriousHamster Tue 30-Jul-13 11:48:32

Battlestar is about people not spaceships, so it's good if you can get past the sci-fi (plus there's lots in Fringe!) but you do have to find things that strike a chord with you.

Do you like comedy? Eg as a fan of Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm I've just discovered It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which means I've got tonnes of episodes to catch up on. It's about a group of four/five narcissists running a bar. They're awful people (ala Seinfeld/Curb) but that's what makes it funny.

Oh yes, agree with MH. Nothing better than discovering a brilliant comedy and having a huge mine of episodes to catch up on. So far this year DP and I have gone through:
Parks and Recreation
Party Down
Arrested Development
Which are all so good I have bought them on DVD and look forward to re-watching in future.

Isesgirl Wed 31-Jul-13 13:45:44

Yet another screaming, "STICK WITH BREAKING BAD!!", I'm halfway through Season Three and I cannot WAIT for my kids to get to bed on a night so I can back to back episodes of it.

I was really unsure at first, watched two or three and was like, "Hmmm..." but I stuck with it and now I am HOOKED. It has everything - suspense, humour, education (have learned a ton of stuff from it) and excellent writing. Also, if you can watch Jesse Pinkman SOB without crying too, you're a better person than I!

Also, Battlestar Galactica is SUPERB. It is my all-time favourite series of EVER. The relationships, betrayals and politics is (if you will forgive the pun) out of this world.

Another, more quirky, series is Misfits (on Channel 4 a good few years ago). For me, I stopped after season 3 as it was becoming a little tired and desperate but the first three seasons are ROARINGLY funny.

I can't bear to wait a week between episodes so I usually wait until a season is done and then marathon them, either via Netflix of a couple of sites on the net that have pretty much everything on.

That said, I'm watching Season 8 of Dexter "as it happens" because I NEED TO KNOW how it ends dammit ! (no spoilers please, if anyone knows!)

Looks like I'm in good company on this thread for things in common - I'll be back! smile

tinypolkadot Wed 31-Jul-13 13:57:10

We're half way through House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is the main character. The first episode was a bit confusing, but we're well into it now and finding it very good.

We're only watching it actually as Dh said we need to watch something else before series 4 of Breaking Bad, so originally I just wanted to power through it so we could get back to business, but it's actually quite good grin

Veep is very good too, we watched that recently.

RonaldMcDonald Wed 31-Jul-13 23:18:54

I thought
Purefoy was rubbish in the Following

RiffyWammal Thu 01-Aug-13 15:13:35

Definitely stick with Breaking Bad!

Have you seen Homeland OP? Really gripping and exciting.

Isesgirl Fri 02-Aug-13 10:57:41

Just a quick pointer for anyone watching Breaking Bad. If you don't have the box set and are watching it... ahem ... ''elsewhere'', if you come across scenes (from season 3 onwards) where the entire dialogue is in Spanish, make sure you have a copy that has captions that translate it at the bottom of the screen!!!

Nothing more frustrating that knowing the conversation you're watching has huge implications for the characters and plot but not understanding a word of it!! I had to search two or three different "providers" until I found one that had the subtitles!!

I'm now on ep 8 of season 3 and hoping to blast through to the end of this season once the kids are tucked up tonight. I sometimes find WW's ''hardness'' a bit difficult to take. I already have a little reservation in rooting for him as by definition of what he's doing he's not a conventional 'hero' (a bit like Dexter, now I come to think of it!) and when he turns on the nasty side it sometimes makes me shrink even further back from him.


MysteriousHamster Fri 02-Aug-13 19:58:28

Walter is so unsympathetic in BB that I find him unredeemable. I don't think you're supposed to root for him any more. The only reason I am watching is to see him meet his end in one way or another! /mean.

He is terrible, but brilliant to watch. What a performance. I read a critic's comment once that BB is "a study of one man slowly losing his soul", which nails it, I think.

DP and I are watching HBO's Rome at the moment - it's very good, Game of Thrones-esque.

Isesgirl Tue 06-Aug-13 08:46:56

Bitchy... (awesome name btw, very 'now' daaahling! :D )... that comment TOTALLY sums WW up, I love it!

I'm at the end of S3 and I'm going to take a break from it for a few weeks. I will definitely go back to it and finish it but it's very... intense and I find my internal moral compass spinning so much every episode a tad dizzying!

I'm up to date with the US on Dexter and OMG, the end of the most recent episode made me actually gasp out loud!!

Think I'm going to watch Fringe next, sounds a bit 'lighter'. I'm told each episode is kind of standalone, rather than a continuous series. I also want to watch a series called Cosmos by Carl Sagan (astronomy, non-fiction) as I'm really interested in that.

Keep the suggestions coming folks, I'm all ears for some juicy series to list for my evenings. I will be stuck home most nights for the next few years with my twins so any 'escape' is good! smile

MysteriousHamster Tue 06-Aug-13 09:02:55

Fringe is standaloney and not that special for the first year, then it transforms into something else. It's completely serialised by the end of it.

Amazing show, but less gritty/real than the likes of BB and co.

RiffyWammal Tue 06-Aug-13 14:59:18

We have just started watching Sons of Anarchy. We've watched seven episodes in two days! It's brilliant - a perfect substitute for Breaking Bad and GofT until they return. It's about an American motorcycle gang, and is gripping, violent, and a bit sexy in parts, and has a great cast - including Peg Bundy from Married With Children who is awesome!

Yama Tue 06-Aug-13 15:27:12


Tallalime Tue 06-Aug-13 20:26:41

Walking Dead - my number 1 show, GoT is my second.

American Horror Story and AHS-Asylum, also really good, mainly for the quality of the acting, the storylines are a bit bonkers.

Firefly is fan too, and Rome, and The Returned if you can do subtitles.

Tallalime Tue 06-Aug-13 20:41:48

Oh and Vikings, that was really good too.

danaerysstormborn Tue 06-Aug-13 20:46:57

We did the same thing! Currently halfway through season 3 (hence name change!) Reading with inhave to read books!

danaerysstormborn Tue 06-Aug-13 20:48:11

I would say run watching a bit more breaking bad. Gets better

danaerysstormborn Tue 06-Aug-13 20:57:29

Sorry posted before readingthe millions of other bb posts and about the gibberish!

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