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TwllBach Tue 02-Jul-13 19:00:07

Anyone watching?

I'm really enjoying it at the moment and think Indi, Sasha and Tamara are beautiful. Tamara is my favourite female character though - I love that she is feisty and cute and she is tiny.

I have a lot of girl crushes on Home and Away blush

And I adore the Braxtons - every single one of them. I'm probably more suited to Kyle (the thinker - did you see him with his guitar??) but I would aim for Brax grin

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 13:12:46

Yay, a H&A thread! smile

I've seen a couple of H&A threads but yet seem to dwindle away to nothing. Lots of Neighbours fans though which I find weird because I think H&A is much, much better!

Unfortunately I can't watch it everyday like I did when I was younger - rl gets in the way too much now! But I saw about half of yesterday's and looking forward to watching it today smile

I have to disagree with you about Tamara though I'm afraid, I find her a bit annoying, don't know why, can't quite put my finger on it. I love Sasha and Indi though, in fact love all of the Walker clan. I dislike Harvey, he just bugs me. And Bianca and April can be a bit annoying. Love Marilyn and she seems to never age, looks the same as she did when I used to watch when I was little! Also love the Braxtons, though of course that goes without saying grin I think Kyle is my favourite, I love his seriousness and also his loyalty to Brax even though he treats him second rate.

Did you see the preview for the summer episodes? - sexiest character episodes! I hate when it goes off for the summer but at least we have this to look forward to!

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 18:26:19

I have a horrible feeling they are going to end it on a cliffhanger and I won't be able to bear it!

I also dislike Bianca and april but quite like the relationship between Heath and Bianca now, I think it's quite an honest portrayal of one - it's not all rosy like a lot of soap couples. And I really dislike dex and sid.

YY to Marilyn looking the same as when she was fishers wife, it's surreal!

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 18:56:43

Aww how can you dislike Sid and Dex shock

I guess I can see why actually, Dex can be a bit self righteous and Sid can play the ladies a bit but generally try are a lovely family. All really kind and loyal and helpful to one another, bless. I think I want to become an honorary member grin

I was a bit disappointed today because I was all geared up for the Brax / Adam conclusion but, nothing! I don't think in going to be able to catch it the rest of the week sad
You will have to keep me up to date (if you don't mind if course!)

My new 'most annoying character award' goes to that Holly. She has very weird facial expressions and an 'old' face - she definitely looks too old to be a student!

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 18:58:54

Also, I forgot to say, I agree about Heath and Bianca. They've had some really moving scenes I haven't been moved to tears though, no but something about Bianca just winds me up.

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 19:00:37

Also, I can't believe we are the only H&A fans here. If anyone's lurking, come join!

Signet2012 Wed 03-Jul-13 19:02:53


Reporting for duty

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 19:09:27

I'm just about to watch today's episode grin

Does anyone remember the days of gypsy and will? And the time that gypsy got kidnapped and it ended just before the holiday and when we came back, it had skipped to her being rescued and being six weeks later!

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 19:23:19

Yay, another fan smile

Hi signet

Oops sorry twll. I should've realised there'd be people watching the evening one rather than the afternoon one blush

Yes I remember that (kidnap). They also did it stupidly when after the break they had a big funeral and you didn't know whose it was - it was Charlie's dad can't think of his name. But loads of stuff had changed with all the characters over the break that wasn't really explained. Like Charlie and Angelo had split up just 'because' even though they'd seemed pretty solid before the summer break <invests too much time in H&A character's lives> grin

So, can I ask you both, who would your all time sexiest character be?

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 19:30:19

Brax. Any Braxton. It's only recently that I've discovered this whole new lustful side to my personality and its mostly down to the Braxtons.

DP is not impressed because he's not ripped like them

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 19:32:19

Actually, if I had to choose it would be Brax because not only is he hot he has this incredible love for his family, and I think if you're in then it would just be a beautiful thing to experience, all consuming and perfect. I imagine he would be the most amazing father, and that, to me, a a massive attraction...

Newrowsees Wed 03-Jul-13 19:33:14

OK, I'll admit to watching it! I record the omnibus every Saturday - it's actually the only show I watch regularly! I'm a few weeks behind though.

I must say Tamara has to be my least favourite character ever - all gnarled and hunched over and crazily possessive over Casey! Not a fan of the Braxtons in general, but have a soft spot for young Case!

Does anyone remember when Selina/Celina got kidnapped? Or am I mixing her up with Gypsy? Anyhoo, it gave me nightmares.

I was reading that they are going to bring Charlie back somehow.

DP has a man crush on Brax. He wants a ute and keeps looking for "Brax shirts" but his shoulders are too big so most dont fit!

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 19:37:00

shoulders are too big <drools>

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 19:37:37

Oh... I just realise how inappropriate that could come across, sorry blush


I had an early date on that beach with my now husband, I am only watching it for the scenery, honest.

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 20:06:03

Summer Bay really exists??

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 20:07:54

Yes but what scenery do you mean exactly coldcuppa wink. Also, WOW that you had a date on that beach. I am very, VERY jealous!

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 20:12:15

That would be really stupid if they brought back Charlie because we saw her all hooked up to the machines and ten die so there's no way she could've faked her death or anything. Though I would love to come back because her and Brax were so lush together. And I lived that it took ages for him to get over her (well ages for soapland).

I hope it's not some stupid storyline though like her long lost twin. Can anyone remember when they did that with evil Angie? She died and then the same actress came back playing her cousin Josie. So, so stupid.

shiningcadence Wed 03-Jul-13 20:14:54

twll I think it'd be the Braxtons for me too but I can't decide which one yet. I will have a think smile

I thought Romeo was lovely but not 'sexy' I guess.

Or she could be in Brax's head like Ailsa was in Alfs.

Or a ghost.

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 20:57:27

YES to Romeo. I loved how he was forever kidding Indi on the head and just generally adoring her.

Summer bay is call Palm Beach and it's a couple of hours outside Sydney. We'd been out the night before and he took me there for breakfast.
Of all the people, I really wanted to see Alf Stuart. Didn't see anyone.

Signet2012 Wed 03-Jul-13 22:16:17

I love everyone. Male or female.

I particularly love Alf Stewart and his never ending stream of grandchildren that don't fit the plot at all.

I think I like Brax today, could be Heath tomorrow, casey the day after.

My old favourite was ric and Matilda

loachey Wed 03-Jul-13 22:21:22

I watch - every day! And I hate hate hate Tamara...I think she leaves soon. (I hope she leaves soon!) I think Charlie will come back in a "white light at end of the tunnel" moment when Adam kills Brax but she'll tell him to go back because its not his time yet and he will survive. I think Brax wins the sexiest summer bay character hands down.

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 22:42:44

Oh why does everyone hate Tamara? I think she's a nice change to soppy Rosie and twatty Maddie

TwllBach Wed 03-Jul-13 22:44:11

Oh and I think Brax is actually a really good actor too - he does lots of lovely little floor glances and half smiles and stuff <swoons>

GibberTheMonkey Wed 03-Jul-13 22:46:46

Imagine being the person who applies Brax's tattoos each time

HappyYoni Wed 03-Jul-13 22:56:06

WTF happened to Ruby tho! I know she got jail time, but they never even mention her anymore, even Leah who claimed to care about her so much...it's like they've forgotten she existed.
I do love he Braxtons too, particularly Brax and Case smile hey are lovely

HappyYoni Wed 03-Jul-13 22:56:59

Twll I agree re twatty maddie!

anonacfr Wed 03-Jul-13 23:19:59

I have a feeling Indi and Casey might end up together. He was really sweet with her after Romeo disappeared.
I used to love the days of Jack and Martha but my favourites were always Aden and Belle.
Charlie I thought was annoying from the moment she arrived. I loved the way she was all earnest and work driven and then ended up being the worst cop ever.

Tortoise Wed 03-Jul-13 23:34:40

Another H&A fan here. Also neighbours fan but most of the time I prefer H&A!

I hate Indi. Why does she talk with random pauses? Drives me mad!
Brax is my favorite Braxton I think.

TwllBach Thu 04-Jul-13 00:42:46

I too like neighbours but I think home and away does everything better. The tween romance with jet and nina is cute - rani/bailey/Callum is irritating.

GW297 Thu 04-Jul-13 01:04:15

I like Home and Away too and have watched it since childhood.

Kaluki Thu 04-Jul-13 06:33:53

I love it. Always have! I want to live there - its such a beautiful place! The braxtons are all gorgeous but Brax is my favourite. grin
Tamara annoys me too for some reason - She's so shouty and stroppy! I'm loving the Adam/Brax storyline although I think they were all a bit slow to guess they were being set up!
I think sasha and spencer will get together which will serve Maddie right - she is being a spoilt little madam!!!
Not sure about Roo - I remember her as a kid with the Frank/Bobby triangle and I'm just not believing she would have grown up to be like she is now.
It's lovely to have some fellow fans - My family all think its rubbish!!!

GibberTheMonkey Thu 04-Jul-13 15:57:33

Yeah I want spencer and sasha to get together just to fuck maddie off

TwllBach Thu 04-Jul-13 18:27:34

Maddie has an oddly compelling face though...

But Sasha is stunning. She is almost a complete contrast to every single other member of female cast, but she has the most beautiful face, especially when they shoot her when she is just messing about at home or when she is feeling a bit vulnerable.

I also think the Jett and John Palmer storyline is quite sweet - I really rate Jett as a little actor. It seems to me as though Home and Away get the cream of the crop and then Neighbours are left with the dregs...

shiningcadence Thu 04-Jul-13 21:26:41

Yes H&A is so much better - better actors, story lines, sets...

I agree about Sasha being gorgeous and I think Indi is too but Tamara has a very whiney voice and wide mouth (sorry I know I'm being a total bitch) and also I just don't think I can forgive her for the way she waded in and 'stole' Casey from Sasha. She wasn't even sorry about it, it was all me me me! Sorry, rant over grin.

Ah yes how Romeo used to kiss Indi's hair. So lovely. I cried when he was diagnosed with cancer sad

I always wondered whether their tattoos were real. I mean, I didn't think they would be, (what normal person would have blood and sand tattooed on their chest?) But I just couldn't imagine how it could be drawn in for every episode. But I guess that's what they do?

TwllBach Thu 04-Jul-13 21:35:11

Maybe the tattoos are like stickers? Do you know what the tattoo on Brax's wrist/hand says? I think it's the one for Charlie.

I sobbed when Romeo had the conversation with Sid on the beach about how could he tell Indi that he was going to break that promise? I can't really believe that he isn't ever coming back. Didn't he leave to Make It Big in Hollywood with real life Ruby? At some point they will have to return.

Clearly I am the only one with a bit of Tamara love, although I agree she isn't the prettiest.

shiningcadence Thu 04-Jul-13 21:56:18

Wow so Romeo might be popping up in a Hollywood blockbuster soon? smile Chris Hemsworth (or was it Liam Hemsworth? Anyone one of them) was in H&A and is doing rather well in Hollywood. Also Melissa something who played Angel in H&A has popped up in a few American dramas. Oh also Tasha was in Transformers I think.

I do hope Romeo comes back to Summer Bay though, even if it's just to say goodbye. I hate how he left so abruptly. I'm sure I read on here that Romeo and Ruby (in rl) are now married.

I'm sure Brax tatoo is in another language and means something to do with losing Charlie - I'll never forget you, something along those lines. Yes, stickers would make sense. I bet they take ages to make sure they're in the right place. They look so convincing. I wonder if the one on Heath's neck is real?

Also with Tamara it's not so much her looks but her whole whingey whiney way and then I just picked on her wide mouth because I was being a bitch but I don't think she's bad looking.

I felt a bit sorry for Maddie over the whole Spencer thing but she was such a dick yesterday when she had a go at him, what a brat. Spencer is another hottie IMO but a bit too drippy for me grin

shiningcadence Thu 04-Jul-13 21:59:03

Also, what happened to Liam? I didn't see the episode when he left but I did see a few episodes before when he was upset about not seeing his child who lived in Europe so I'm assuming he went there? I liked Liam too.

loachey Thu 04-Jul-13 22:22:32

Romeo left with Liam but they didn't really tell you where they were going. They just rode off on the bike. They are in make up for hours doing Brax's tattoos. If I remember rightly, he said they use stencils when he was on the Wright Show earlier this year.

TwllBach Thu 04-Jul-13 22:26:17

He was on The Wright Show? Why were they over here? <sulks>

kilmuir Thu 04-Jul-13 22:31:50

brax's hair worries me

shiningcadence Thu 04-Jul-13 22:34:17

Aww I didn't see him on the Wright Stuff sad

I've seen Ruby, Indi and Alf on the Wright Stuff, Indi & Rubi were over to promote storylines if I remember correctly and Alf was in a Westend show over here I think. Gutted about missing Brax though.

shiningcadence Thu 04-Jul-13 22:36:46

Ah so is the storyline that Liam is with Romeo wherever they are or were we not even told whether they'd continue to stay together?

GibberTheMonkey Thu 04-Jul-13 22:43:24

The wrist tattoo is Irish for soulmate

TwllBach Fri 05-Jul-13 21:28:30

Do you know what? I really think that was some pretty good acting from Casey today. He looked all angry and frightened and helpless and heartbroken at once. I'm in love.

TwllBach Fri 05-Jul-13 21:30:12

Oh - I shoul have waited till the end of the episode grin

If te writers are true to his character I think Brax will choose Tamara. If they're going to flip it ad change things up because they're lazy he will choose Ricky.

Choccyjules Fri 05-Jul-13 21:48:47

Another long-term fan here (almost from the beginning). Frank was my first crush!
Now it's Brax or Casey. Well, it's Brax but Casey is the better actor and knows how to get to me...
Romeo and Ruby are married in RL as someone said.
A few of them are leaving but don't want to upset anyone who doesn't know yet...

TwllBach Fri 05-Jul-13 21:56:34

Oh interesting...

I think Rosie must be leaving, for some reason her pregnancy doesn't have the whiff of long term story about it.

Hopefully spencer and maddie disappear too.

Thinking about it, maybe Bianca will die in the whole Adam thing. I wouldn't mind.

Ellenora5 Fri 05-Jul-13 22:45:38

I've watched home and away since it started, I only dip in and out now because a lot of the storylines are just repeated now that it is going so long. Brax tattoo means friend of my heart

anonacfr Fri 05-Jul-13 23:36:41

Choccyjules I think a PM might be in order! I want to know who leaves.

shiningcadence Sat 06-Jul-13 09:39:50

Ooh characters going...

I think somebody will go in this Adam/Brax thing. I'm sure Adam will be one of them and he'll probably take down someone with him. I'm guessing one of the girlfriends - Bianca, Tamara or Ricky. Please not any if the Braxtons though! I agree about the Rosie storyline, it seemed quite 'final' when the foster mum agreed she could stay, as though they were wrapping the story up?

I agree about Casey in the prison scene. Great acting. And that prison shirt really brings out the green in his eyes <swoon>.

Yes I think Brax will choose to save Tamara because
1. Ricky is Adam's sister so he's less likely to hurt her than Tamara.
2. This is kinda all Ricky's fault, and
3. He's always selfless where Casey's concerned.

shiningcadence Sat 06-Jul-13 09:42:09

I also think Adam is playing Brax and won't really let one of the girls go, he'll just use his answer to turn the other one against him.

Choccyjules Sat 06-Jul-13 14:05:24

Shining, that's a good thought, he could well do that.

Have PMed anonacfr.

Islagiatt Sat 06-Jul-13 14:30:36

Lurking but love H&A!

I have a large boulder rock in my driveway and was just sitting watching DH mow the grass and had a flashback to Angel and Shane going on a picnic and him just mysteriously expiring on the said rock.

Then I come on here and there's a new thread - yay!

TwllBach Sat 06-Jul-13 17:13:47

Ooooh shining you saying that he is selfless where Casey is concerned has made me think. Brax is all about his brothers, but do you think he favours Casey over Heath? Or is it just because Casey seems to need him more and is younger?

I also think this whole thing has made him closer to Kyle, who is just so adorably smitten with his brothers.

I don't really like Ricky, I have to say. Certainly not for Brax because he is mine I quite like Natalie and Brax together, even though I don't really like Natalie.

I feel I should be able to talk about the rest of the H&A cast, but in all honesty I only watch it for the Braxtons...

shiningcadence Sun 07-Jul-13 09:53:26

Yes I think Brax has a stronger bond with Casey. I remember when the Braxtons first came and Brax saw so much intelligence and potential in Casey and really wanted him to do well at school so that he wouldn't end up like the rest of them.

I think Casey is a bit like Brax too - kind hearted, loyal, sensible - whereas Heath can be a right immature arse sometimes, he has a tendency to be selfish and jealous and mean as I think he lacks the intelligence of the other two. I think he would be hard work to live with and have a brotherly relationship with.

Sometimes Heath will grow on me, especially with the Rocco storyline, he handled it so brilliantly, but then he'll do something really annoying and put me off him again. So, although I think Brax cares about his brothers equally,I think he has a closer bond with Casey. And, like you, I love how Brax and Kyle are becoming closer.

I don't like Ricky earlier. Maybe she'll be one of the characters to go and then Brax and Natalie will be reunited smile

shiningcadence Sun 07-Jul-13 09:55:25

Ooh I feel a bit mean towards Heath now forgets he's a fictional character grin

I do love him really! smile

TwllBach Sun 07-Jul-13 10:00:10

Ha I know what you mean and I think it'll be an age thing as well. Brax and Heath are closer in age and Casey was just a little boy when they're dad left, so Brax cod have found it easier to feel more fatherly towards him. What's the difference between Brax and Heath age wise? I wonder if, subconsciously, Brax resents Heath for not stepping up like he did when their dad left. I'm sure he still loves him as a brother, but fatherly love beats brotherly love.

And Casey still is a kid isn't he? Heath is an adult.

I think Kyle is lucky that he's a similar age to Casey actually. If he had been Brax/heaths age I bet he wouldn't have been accepted so quickly.

I am far too involved in this blush

shiningcadence Sun 07-Jul-13 10:27:02

Haha I know. I love the psycho analysing grin

I'm not sure of the age gap, will be off to google! But yes you can definitely see there's a father/son type bond between them whereas, although he obviously loves Heath, theirs is more of a brotherly relationship.

GibberTheMonkey Sun 07-Jul-13 13:51:14

There's two years between brax and Heath

TwllBach Sun 07-Jul-13 14:07:55

Hmmmm Casey was 7 (?) when his dad left and he's 19 (?) now... So that's twelve years. Was Heath around 14? So that makes him 26 now and Brax 28. That can't be right though because they both look older. <can't be bothered to google>

GibberTheMonkey Sun 07-Jul-13 16:58:04

Brax was 12 when his dad left and Heath was 10. I don't know about casey

GibberTheMonkey Sun 07-Jul-13 16:58:41

I don think the creators thought it through. It doesn't add up

TwllBach Mon 08-Jul-13 20:34:26

Oh sad

Poor Brax. And Heath and Kyle are so busy telling him to get Tamara back they're forgetting that he loves Ricky. Especially Heath, who was there when he lost Charlie and when he gave Natalie up, ostensibly for Casey.

Won't anyone think of Brax?? <sob>

... The right choice is Tamara, I know that.

TwllBach Mon 08-Jul-13 20:37:06

Aaaaaand is it just me, or does Kyle look like a much hotter version of Robert pattison??

I luffs him.

GibberTheMonkey Mon 08-Jul-13 21:33:32

Hmm maybe

Though I think RP looks like Jedwards older brother

shiningcadence Mon 08-Jul-13 23:29:43

I didn't get to see today's but hopefully will catch it tomorrow.

Yes to Kyle and RP! I don't know if it's his looks or the way he acts, it's as though the actor has modelled Kyle's character on RP in Twilight.

Ellenora5 Tue 09-Jul-13 01:04:44

Islagiatt, I remember that, Shane died because he had his spleen removed following an accident, he got an infection sometime later and his body couldn't fight it, he died at Stewarts Point (I think), wasn't Angel pregnant and when she went into labour he came back to guide her out of a storm or something, I think he was on a motorbike, that was a good while back when I was an avid fan

TwllBach Tue 09-Jul-13 07:43:15

I don't even like twilight I'm lying but too ashamed of myself

I think it's the shape of his face maybe? Its quite flat at the front, and he's very pale skinned an taaaallll <drools> he is RPatz without the ugly.

He's better looking than casey anyway, who still manages to look a bit fleshy in the face even though he is ripped.

I can't believe I am capable of talking about people like this... I've never been attracted to tv characters like this before blush maybe I'm having a mid twenties crisis???

scarlet5tyger Tue 09-Jul-13 21:40:03

Hi can I join in? I love H&A.

I heard Hollywood is calling Brax (his actor anyway) so am hoping he isn't killed off in this Adam thing. I agree with the theory that he'll probably be facing the light at the end of the tunnel and see Charlie...

I was thinking that Rosie's baby was headed Heath and Bianca's way, probably with Rosie too, but that seems kiboshed now her foster carer has come good. (What a ridiculous story that she wouldn't have been informed about the rape by the police though!)

TwllBach Tue 09-Jul-13 21:54:19

YY to the police not informing social services and Rosie's foster parents. And didn't she go straight to the hospital after it happened? I thought the MAP was standard in rape kits.

Pleeeeeease don't let brax piss off to Hollywood! Has the man got no loyalty?? But then - I am in love with Kyle and his tortured unrequited love face. I reckon we're about the same age... He might have considerably more trouble lifting me up than he did tamara!

shiningcadence Fri 12-Jul-13 11:23:25

I haven't been able to catch H&A at all this week sad Can one of you lovely fans please fill me in on what I've missed (pretty please smile)
Has the Adam/Brax thing ended?
Who did Brax choose to save? (Last one I saw he had to choose between Ricky & Tamara).
And most importantly, who, if anyone, died!
Also, did we see Charlie in a white light moment?
Also, what's going on with the other characters - Marilyn & John/ Sasha, Spencer, Rosie, Maddie / did anything happen with the girl having the crush in Zachary?

Sorry for all the questions.

Tia thanks

shiningcadence Fri 12-Jul-13 11:24:12

having the crush on Zac

Kaluki Fri 12-Jul-13 17:14:15

Sasha is so beautiful. Her and Spencer would make a lovely couple!

GibberTheMonkey Sat 13-Jul-13 00:00:40

How/why has no one commented on today's? shock

scarlet5tyger Sat 13-Jul-13 00:10:21

Only just had chance to watch today's. I'm thinking maybe the second shot wasnt at Brax as we only saw the bullet. Maybe Heath followed to save the day?? I'd quite like him to be a hero for once.

Kaluki, I agree about Sasha. She's lost lots of weight recently though which I hope she wasn't made to do. Being a size 14 myself I liked that H&A (ok, only occasionally!) recently seems to have had more normal size actresses, instead of all stick thin models like Indi. What's going on with the long hair though?? Surely there must be SOME girls in Oz with short hair, it's flamin' hot! Or at least make it frizz as normal hair would.

TwllBach Sat 13-Jul-13 06:30:17


Although to be fair, I knew it was going to happen as I accidentally stumbled across a spoiler last week blush

In all fairness to Heath, I most definitely would have left Adam to die as well, but I suppose he does have a history of messing things up.

And doesn't Bianca look a million times better with dark hair??

Tortoise Sat 13-Jul-13 09:30:03

Does anyone else watch the next days episode on 5* the night before? blush. Monday's episode is good!
I did read that we have an old character returning soon.
Hate that it's off for the whole summer though.

shiningcadence Sat 13-Jul-13 10:26:29

Is no one going to update me? sad

HappyYoni Sat 13-Jul-13 11:09:03


Ok, Shining, so to summarise...
Adam lured Brax to the warehouse where Adam shot him, Ricky got the gun off Adam and got Brax to hospital. Where Adam promptly attacked him again by injecting him with something bad. The episode ended with us now knowing if Brax makes it or not. Brax had been seeing Charlie in the white light whilst unconscious.
Earlier in the week tamara escaped and is fine apart from she has lost all her memory of ever being in summer bay, and looks to be developing a rescuers crush on Kyle.
The girl with the mad crush on Zac has one to the press with a story about him assaulting her after the school didn't believe her.
Sasha and spencer are building towards a big old love in.
Ummm I think that's all I can remember...hope that helps!

shiningcadence Sat 13-Jul-13 12:21:32

Ah thank you very much HappyYoni thanks

So an action packed week then, just my luck it's the one I miss!

Choccyjules Sat 13-Jul-13 21:07:47

So is that it for the Summer now? When do they start their holiday programming of 'hunks and hotties' (hope you've all voted!)?

Tortoise Sun 14-Jul-13 09:15:04

Got this week to go I think.

Twinklestein Sun 14-Jul-13 20:15:31

I managed to kick H&A for a while & then Kyle arrived...

Brax used to be my fav Braxton but now it's def Kyle...

Casey's a bit goofy plus he's not a very good actor...

I actually like Bianca & April - April is stunning, but I think she & Dex should split they have no chemistry. Does anyone else think D might be gay? (I mean in real life).

I kinda feel that Casey & Kyle would be running after Indi & April rather than Tamara, who I try really hard not to dislike, but she's a bit shrewish.

I agree with whoever said Casey & Indi might get together...

Sasha is stunning I agree & I thought I was imagining that she'd lost weight as I hadn't seen it for ages.

And I like Ricky too, I much prefer her to Natalie who is just like really earnest ok? [puts head on one side in understanding way]

But no-one can compete with Chax.

TwllBach Tue 16-Jul-13 18:50:03

Does anyone else think Charlie seems to have fallen in to a heaven that does lip filler?

I'm afraid that as much as I am all for casey, Kyle has definitely won me over. He is my new favourite braxton blush

dustwhatdust Tue 16-Jul-13 19:06:31

Sorry but I have just seen the latest episode and have got so wound up with how unresonalbe Tamara is being . Poor casey, the way she's reacting is that he's the bad guy. She 's moody and sulky, and really hostile to Casey.

TwllBach Tue 16-Jul-13 19:40:43

I haven't seen the next one, but isaw the clips for tomorrow and I have to say that I agree. Why isn't she treating him the same way she is Kyle and April? It's not like she knows them anymore than him!

Maybe this is the way they're going to get casey and indi together?

I'm glad to see Leah back, and the same VJ! I've watched far too much eqstenders, I assumed that he would have a different head when he came back grin

Kaluki Tue 16-Jul-13 21:07:51

What's happened to Aprils voice? She's gone all husky!!!

DrMcDreamysWife Tue 16-Jul-13 21:20:13

Ooo joining. I'm a total home and away addict. I record the 6.30 show everyday so I can watch when dd asleep without the adverts (so sad)

I think I have a new love for Kyle

How much has vj grown up?! He's got to be a foot taller than he was!

qazxc Tue 16-Jul-13 21:22:57

Bloody hell, even in the afterlife charlie applies make up like a drag queen (and has work done)!

TwllBach Tue 16-Jul-13 21:37:37

I noticed the same thing about Aprils voice!! It's been happening over the last few weeks... Maybe the actress ha a cold and they were shooting out of sequence?

me1234535 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:08:03

its pretty obvious this amnesia storyline involving Tamara was just a way to break up Casey and Tamara and have her fall for Kyle which was pretty obvious that she was going end up with Kyle or have an affair with him causing another fallout in the family I guess. feel for Casey seeing his girlfriend doesn't remember him and that his half brother has become her rock the same half brother who had/has feelings for her its got to be hard for him but I'm not going to lie I like the new Tamara she seems more relaxed and not as smug or annoying but still harsh. I do think Kyle and Tamara would be good together though.

me1234535 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:31:33

I do think its unfair how she treating Casey but he should back off and listen to Kyle and not pressure her (I can understand him being worried because of Kyle feelings for her). I also always thought it was down right unfair how she treated Kyle before the memory loss too one minute she said they were friends the next she was back to treating him like the bad guy and blaming him for the Braxton problems was its because he kissed her? (which I think deep down she liked it.) I can understand in her confused state why she would grow attached and rather be around Kyle then Casey because Kyle seems to be a calming influence whereas Casey is not at all.

me1234535 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:32:41

I think its understandable that Tamara would be more standoffish with someone she's supposed to be intimate with than someone who's apparently just her friend, like April or Kyle.

me1234535 Tue 16-Jul-13 23:45:30


Kaluki Wed 17-Jul-13 11:47:37

I still don't like Tamara.
I hope she doesn't end up with Kyle - he's too cute good for her.
I had a tear in my eye when Brax saw Charlie and said he's tired of fighting ... I love him!
I will be bereft next week when it breaks for the summer sad

TwllBach Wed 17-Jul-13 18:29:48

Oh I know... He has had to fight his whole life <son>

Did you see the man hug between Jet and VJ??? <squee> I love Jet!

Casey is really good at looking upset and confused, his eyes fill with tears and his face goes all red.

Oooooh I wonder if Leah and brax might finally get it on??? knows its unlikely

TwllBach Wed 17-Jul-13 18:34:24

Pffff Indi has an AMAZING body. And she's fit as well. That's what I like about the home and away girls as opposed to eastenders, for example. The girls that are thin in H&A are thin but athletic/toned because they are active... The ones in eastenders that are similarly thin look unhealthy <looks pointedly at Lucy Beale and Lauren Branning>

GW297 Wed 17-Jul-13 18:38:21

I forgot it has a summer break soon!

qazxc Wed 17-Jul-13 19:02:43

Heath was in my gym, can't believe they didn't ring me for the opportunity to get up close to a sweaty braxton (although i am more of a brax and kyle girl really).

me1234535 Wed 17-Jul-13 20:06:20

we all know Tam and Kyle will end up together its pretty obvious been for a while and people who start off hating each other always end up a couple e.g. Charlie/Brax, Belle/Aden, Casey/Ruby, Heath/Bianca etc.

me1234535 Thu 18-Jul-13 01:28:45


TwllBach Thu 18-Jul-13 20:42:18

I'm sorry, but Sasha was out of this world stunning today. Just beautiful.

All I ever talk about is people being beautiful blush

GW297 Fri 19-Jul-13 00:00:43

I noticed that too!

Tortoise Fri 19-Jul-13 14:25:32

Bit of a tear jerker episode today!

<pokes nose in quickly>

i havent seen H&A for years so no idea whats going on... but i do really wish i could watch it all (and neighbours) from the very beginning

<ahem... as you were> grin

TwllBach Fri 19-Jul-13 16:30:44

Oh tortoise you have excited me now!

...there's a sentence I never thought I would say...

Twinklestein Fri 19-Jul-13 19:21:54

I think VJay's return haircut somewhat ill-advised given his ear situation.

I just noticed today, Charlie looks rather like an anorexic horse.....

Choccyjules Sat 20-Jul-13 22:58:27

Ooh yes, Charlie is somewhat equine! Really don't get why Brax would go back to Ricky when Charlie love of his life. He knows that Ricky was pressured by Adam, he saw her tied up, so he can let it go, there is no 'unfinished business' as Charlie called it.

But I guess Charlie is doing us all a favour by sending him back ;-)

anonacfr Sun 21-Jul-13 00:12:08

I really don't get the Kyle attraction. He looks like a shifty robot. I HATE the chunky necklace/cleavage T shirt thing he wears. It looks AWFUL. Him and Tamara deserve each other.

Sasha is indeed lovely. I like the way she's gone through abuse victim to really mature confident girl. Not keen on her Madonna gloves though.

shiningcadence Sun 21-Jul-13 19:59:44

Haha Kyle the shifty robot grin. His acting can be a bit clunky and I too hate that stupid necklace. But he is so lovely that I won't hold any of it against him.

I love Sasha's gloves and zip earrings and chunky boots because it's so different to anyone else's style on H&A. I also love how her character developed from rude and rebellious to scared ad vulnerable to the great person she is now. She's my fave female character. I loved when her and Spencer kissed on the pier. Awww.

I didn't see the last episode, did Brax say he was going to go back to be with Ricky? There's no way he would've done that! Charlie was the love if his life! Only reason I could've seen him going back was for his brothers.

I also agree that the H&A girls have lovely slim rather than thin bodies, they look toned and healthy, not skinny (except for Charlie the anorexic horse grin)

TwllBach Sun 21-Jul-13 21:08:58

There was that bit on the last episode where he said to Charlie that it wasn't about forgiving her... I think he didn't want to go back because he couldn't forgive himself.

For not choosing Tamara over Ricky straight away, for letting them get taken in the first place and, most of all, for being taken in by Ricky. For letting his feelings for her hurt his brothers and the ones they love.

TwllBach Mon 22-Jul-13 22:16:03

Ohhhh Heath with the sniffing when brax woke up grin

And the more I think about it, the better an actor I think casey is. He managed to look sulky and loving and shattered all at once in the hospital today. I think he's ace and he has an amazing body

me1234535 Mon 22-Jul-13 23:11:19

hate how Tamara was acting cause Kyle rejected her. I know she lost her memory but has she lost her common sense too? she been told she has a boyfriend but goes after his brother instead, doesn't she want to get her life back?

me1234535 Tue 23-Jul-13 01:06:25


MrRected Tue 23-Jul-13 01:15:09

Summer Bay is a perfect place - some it is filmed at Palm Beach North of Sydney. I adore the place - it's where I will retire. It looks exactly like it does on the TV.

Dex Walker is an old boy from my son's school (claim to fame), so I have to love him.

I truly and utterly DESPISE the ongoing saga between Maddie and Spencer. The way Roo fawns over her is vomit worthy!

I love Brax - ....confesses to having had a good dream about him once <wink>. He is my favourite.

MrRected Tue 23-Jul-13 01:16:59

Not such a fan of the new story line with Sally returning though.

MrRected Tue 23-Jul-13 01:18:36

We have a break in Australia for 6 weeks in December. Do they change it to a July break in the UK?

TwllBach Tue 23-Jul-13 05:41:01

We have a break from next week I think.

Is Sally coming back then? I didn't really like her the first time round!

anonacfr Tue 23-Jul-13 11:53:23

Oh shit not Sally. Her and Leah are unsufferable.

Choccyjules Tue 23-Jul-13 17:33:38

Extremely shallow fanpost coming up:

Casey is a great actor imho. Brax smoulders well but just acts by...leaving...gaps in his...speech. I think the Heath actor is settling into himself better now that he has dialogue and not so much of the brawn stuff. Kyle is a robot, spot on!
I have never taken to Tamara am afraid. Or Maddy. Brax needs to find someone better than Ricky.
May even be starting to like Spencer a little bit. And have a little crush on Dex.
But for me, it would be a Brax and Casey affair ;-)

shiningcadence Tue 23-Jul-13 18:30:07

Haha Brax's...speech...gaps...are...so...funny grin

Oh no not Sally again, agree that she's v annoying. Agree about Leah too, she's a whiney, judgemental, goody two shoes. She has slept with more men than anyone on the bay, poor VJ has had like ten 'dads' yet she's the first to judge others for much less. Actually she doesn't seem to have been too bad of late but going back a few years she was such a hypocritical bitch! Phew, rant over grin

me1234535 Tue 23-Jul-13 20:28:44

How is Kyle a robot Lol?
I don't like Maddy either I Prefer Amnesia Tamara to the old Tamara but still seems all about herself but she seems to lost her smugness, not as whiny and annoying.

Twinklestein Tue 23-Jul-13 22:52:58

Natalie gets an award for the worst dress sense ever seen in the bay & that includes Sasha's mittens. (Am liking Sasha's new vintage chic look)

TwllBach Tue 23-Jul-13 23:05:48

I am rather jealous of tamara right now though grin casey andkyle...

me1234535 Wed 24-Jul-13 03:04:47

yep Tam has 2 Braxtons wrapped around her finger. its funny that now she doesn't remember the desert incident that is Kyle she has a connection with not Casey. which makes me wonder if she hadn't met Casey/Kyle the way she did she would of been with Kyle not Casey. I personally think Kyle is a better catch then Casey his got serious rage/Anger issues and can be such a drama queen.

me1234535 Wed 24-Jul-13 03:05:18


anonacfr Wed 24-Jul-13 10:38:36

Kyle is a robot because it is an anatomical fact that he can't move his neck. Might also have something to do with his acting.
He's shifty because he is taking advantage of Tamara. I don't particularly like her but the fact is he's turned himself into her protector because he fancies her.

Casey is lovely. Did you see how sweet he was with Indi when she lost the plot after Romeo disappeared? He was all protective and supportive.
He was also lovely with Jett and tried his best to support b*tch Ruby back in the days.

Rickie is awful btw. Brax should be with Natalie.

Choccyjules Wed 24-Jul-13 12:05:14

No, Brax should be with me ;-)

me1234535 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:42:10

lol I don't see how his taking advantage of her(well not at first) no one else was their to look after her Brax was going off looking for Ricky, Heath was going off in a sulk, Casey was in jail Kyle seemed like the only person interested in her and I guess she got attached to him so it was hard for him to stay away from her even if he wanted to. I do think he was probably unaware he was taking advantage of her because of his feelings but I wouldn't say his shifty because it didn't seem he had any intentions other then being a friend.

me1234535 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:44:10

I like Ricky she suits Brax, Nat never did she suits Zac.

me1234535 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:46:12

sorry but I don't think Casey is lovely yes he has his moments but most the time his a selfish, spoilt brat with serious anger issues but that's my opinion.

anonacfr Wed 24-Jul-13 15:12:42

I don't know. I still think Kyle is taking advantage of the situation. I haven't watched the whole thing but when Casey came back and asked to talk to Tamara Kyle made it v difficult for him and refused to leave.
You'd think he would trust his brother enough to know Casey is not going to force himself on Tamara or make her do something she doesn't want to do.
And before she lost her memory he did snog her knowing she was his brother's Gf. Shifty.

And that necklace is awful.

Re anger issues. All Braxtons have anger issues. I'm not saying Casey is perfect but he has displayed better qualities than Kyle and is certainly more loyal than him.

scarlet5tyger Wed 24-Jul-13 15:13:52

I really like Ricky! She reminds me of someone, I just can't put my finger on who. Need her to stick around for a bit so I can work it out.

I think she's much more suited to Brax than Natalie or Leah. What happened to Natalie's back story by the way? I vaguely remember her hinting at some interesting past when she was trying to relate to someone else, but nothing ever came of it. Think it was something about running away from her whole family or something??

I love Brax's... pauses. Casey has started doing them too now though, and on him they just seem affected.

Oh, and Roo gets my worst dress sense award. What is it with those tents she wears?? She just looks huge!

nemno Wed 24-Jul-13 15:17:30

Ah, found somewhere to ask. Please can somebody help.

I have some recollection of Zac doing something creepy (stalkerish?) when he was a new character. Did I dream it?

shiningcadence Wed 24-Jul-13 18:12:32

I can't remember Zac being stalkerish - though I could be wrong as I often miss episodes. If I remember correctly he came into it because Casey was in jail and Natalie said she had a friend who worked there and would look out for him - Zac.

Yes to Roo's awful dresses, I hate the way she dresses, her hair too. Just her whole style. I saw her on the Wright Stuff last year and couldn't believe how different she looks in rl - much better - hair, make up, clothes, just overall style. I think it's hilarious that both Natalie and Sasha's style/clothes have been slagged off on this thread, they're my favourite dressed characters blush Does that mean I have zero fashion sense? grin

Wasn't Natalie's back story that her mum had gone missing years ago - she was relating to Brax when Casey was missing (having been kidnapped by Kyle). I wondered if the mum might pop up somewhere but I think they did it to show the growing closeness between her and Brax.

scarlet5tyger Wed 24-Jul-13 20:44:32

Ah yes that was it, thanks Shiningcadence! (Re Natalie)

I think Roo wore trousers once and had really short legs, maybe that explains the dresses? I remember reading a post from someone saying she walked like she'd just got off a horse.... And she is very bandy legged! Pippa used to wear those dresses too though, and I personally think its just part of the scriptwriters plan to morph her and Harvey into the new Pippa and Tom. Never happen scriptwriters!

qazxc Wed 24-Jul-13 22:49:43

Ricky looks like the on-off girlfriend Brax used to have. Teegan (not sure of spelling), the one that had Heath's daughter and died in storm. She also looks a bit like chucky, or one of them trolls with the stand up hair, or a pug.
Why does Roo wear those dresses, they are the size of circus tents. I thought at first she might be pg, but at this stage it has gone on too long (unless she has the gestation period of an elephant).

anonacfr Wed 24-Jul-13 23:04:33

I haven't seen anyone criticise Natalie's dress sense? I like what she wears.

TwllBach Wed 24-Jul-13 23:10:53

I agree about Roos dress sense grin and I also thin Sasha dresses well, but I'm just blown away by her face. She's just gorgeous.

I get what you mean about Kyle taking advantage - it must be hard though. For him, I mean. He loved her before and now she's vulnerable and needs him. I'm not saying its right btw!

I also don't get why tamara isn't all over casey - if I was her he would be my first road back to normal life.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 07:43:59

Natalie gets an award for the worst dress sense ever seen in the bay & that includes Sasha's mittens.
Tue 23-Jul-13 22:52:58
^^ There anonacfr
Glad you like her style too smile it's quite boho/hippyish, I love her clothes.

I think this thread is hilarious for analysing character's appearance. Poor Roo with her short, bandy legs and just-got-off-a-horse walk grin love it. And Ricky with her Chucky/pug/troll face!

I have serious envy at Indi's body. Did you see her yesterday when she was teaching Dex to surf? Not a single piece of dimpled skin in sight! I was checking All lovely and smooth and toned envy

TwllBach Thu 25-Jul-13 08:57:13

I am also sick with envy at Indi's body. But she is healthy thin don't you think?

Clearly that's the key to looking like her - live in Australia and surf grin

anonacfr Thu 25-Jul-13 09:21:45

Yes Indi has a great figure. Gorgeous arse and curvy waist the lucky girl!

Natalie- worst dress sense? Name one outfit! What she wears is usually rather flattering.
I agree that Roo's tent dresses are bad but i find that they suit her character. i have an eccentric aunt who dresses like her- I find it quite endearing.

I used to hate Charlie's dress sense. She went from police uniform to cheap low cut tops you'd wear on the pull in a nightclub. And I used to love Belle but she wore awful 80s clothes.

God I've been watching H & A for way too long... blush grin

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 12:30:30

Yes, Indi has a lovely healthy looking figure doesn't she - slim waist, curvy hips, nice round bottom, smooth skin bitch grin She also has a beautiful face and lovely personality. I can't decide if I'd rather be her or Sasha, they are both lush smile

I hated Charlie's clothes too but liked Belle's! She wore skinny jeans and quirky tees, lots of dark colours, which really suited her I thought. She was waaay too skinny though. God I feel so shallow talking about people's appearances this way blush

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 12:37:16

Whilst we're on the subject of appearances, doesn't Harvey have a really weird mouth? It almost looks as though it's made of plastic. When he first arrived at Summer Bay he had a beard and didn't look so bad. I actually recoiled the first time I saw him with it shaved off! I've never really 'taken' to Harvey's personality either tbh, Roo is quite fun and feisty, he is boring and stupid and used to be quite dodgy too (though that part of his character seems to have been magically erased) - what does Roo see him?!? Though I guess with her short, bandy legs she can't be too fussy grin

anonacfr Thu 25-Jul-13 13:06:38

She was so much better with Sid! Harvey looks like he stinks of fag all the time (and I say this as an occasional smoker) and his teeth are rotting away.
I don't get how we were meant to ever root for them as a couple.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 13:50:08

I know, I just cant bring myself to care about them and I wouldn't be bothered at all if they split up. Yes to him smelling of fags! Haha. I thought she was good with Sid but I did resent her for that relationship because he was in a serious relationship with Marilyn yet the pair of them flirted like lovesick teens and then Marilyn and Sid split Roo was straight in there with no thought for Marilyn, who was supposed to be her friend. In fact, they're practically family. That storyline was so sad where Marilyn was promised Nicole's baby. I was rooting for Nicole to keep him but at the same time I was desperately sorry for Marilyn who'd already lost one little boy to SIDS. The whole situation brought out a side in her I'd never seen before - she became unhinged frankly, but she was clearly heartbroken. And then Roo and Sid just jumped into bed despite knowing how much it would add to Marilyn's hurt. Writing that has reminded me that Roo and slimy, sneaky Harvey actually deserve each other grin

qazxc Thu 25-Jul-13 16:06:09

i was always a bit hmm at people not remembering how much of a shit harvey used to be. but then again the total personality cahnge and memory of a goldfish seems to quite common in soapland.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 16:53:49

Heath is another one who's had a complete personality transplant. I remember him and his skinny rat of a mother being vile to Casey when they first came to Summer Bay. Throwing things at him when he was trying to study, taking the piss out if him, telling him he'd never amount to anything...

And he and Brax were awful to Angelo. Brax took his business and Heath hit him on the head with a brick and knocked him out.

I think being with Charlie made Brax grow up and stop being such a thug and same for Heath with Bianca and especially Rocco but I still think people were too easy to forgive and forget.

I sound really sad remembering all the past storylines don't I grin but in my defence I don't watch much else on tv so it kinda sticks in my mind smile

anonacfr Thu 25-Jul-13 17:05:37

Mind you Angelo killed Jack!!!! and he was a bastard to Belle too.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 18:29:35

Aww but Jack was an accident. I really liked Angelo. I can't remember him being a bastard to Belle! What happened? I must've missed some episodes.

anonacfr Thu 25-Jul-13 18:52:12

He was really passive aggressive with her when they were going out.
Then after he found out she'd started seeing Aden behind his back (which to be fair was a shitty thing to do) he used a town meeting to tell everyone she was a cheating bitch then went round to her house and lost it.
He started yelling at her and breaking furniture and threatening her then punched a massive hole in the wall.

But then he got the Heath treatment and was actually lovely when he got together with Nicole (another one who got the Heath treatment).

Speaking of Heath, remember April losing her virginity to him and then getting all clingy and desperate while he was treating her like shit the whole time?
A really awful storyline that also disappeared from memory.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 20:05:54

Oh was he, I didn't know that.

I remember the episode where he kicked off and threw furniture, that was v aggressive. But I thought generally speaking he was gentle mannered. He was great when he was helping Belle with the undercover work on the toxic site - he got himself into a lot of shit helping her with the bad huy developers after him and that was how he ended up shooting Jack sad

Also, after the chair throwing incident Belle was attacked by the dodgy toxic developers and she blamed poor Angelo. He was really understanding though. She treated him badly with the Aden affair too.

I must have missed a few eps though because I can't remember the town meeting where he exposed her affair so maybe he was worse than I thought.

Ah love the reminiscing smile

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 20:19:51

I always disliked Nicole. She was so bloody self righteous and so obviously after Aden when he was with Belle. I hated the way she spoke too. But her eyes were stunning. And I did warm to her when she had the baby.

That storyline with April and Heath was horrible. Urgh a clingy and obsessive April was not a good thing to watch. I wanted to jump into the tv and give her a good shake and ask her what the hell was wrong with her.

I agree with the poster that said that said that April and Dex should split up as they have no chemistry between them anymore. Or maybe the writers should give them a lovely romantic storyline to create some chemistry. They used to be lovely together. The day of Dex's accident when he'd bought April the picture of Paris for the wall in their new home. Aww it was so sad sad sad since the accident it's never been the same between them. Though I guess that's quite realistic, I imagine in rl a couple would change after going through that.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:30:55

Their has been many characters who were horrible/done bad things and then become regulars characters that have been reformed e.g. Brax, Heath, Kyle, Harvey and John.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:40:31

I agree about April/Dex they no longer have any chemistry I think her thing with Heath ruined them I hate how they make out they belong to together but the minute they split up or have problems they jump into bed with someone e.g. April with Heath, Dex with Steph.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 20:40:56

What did John do again? Wasn't he a horrible stepdad to Trey? Can't quite remember what he did though.

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 20:43:47

I know (re Dex & April) I'm sad for them though because they were lovely together. I really liked April when she first came - she was sweet and had a really quirky dress sense and kooky personality but she's changed loads - for the worse.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:46:39

Liking Spencer and Sasha and Kyle and Tamara seem much real pairings then Spencer and Maddy and Casey and Tamara were IMO. Casey and Maddy are annoying me at the moment(we get it you lost your exes). speaking of Tamara I heard a funny joke about that she is working her way through all The Braxton Brothers starting with the youngest Casey, now Kyle next Heath and then The oldest Brax last smile LOL.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:47:45

John was verbally abusive to Trey to the point he had a meltdown and put a bomb under the bus that could of killed the people on the bus.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:50:04

I just find it funny everyone has seemed to forgotten that but I guess it soaps anything forgivable.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:52:43

I don't think Angelo was never horrible, him killing Jack was a accident.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:05:10

Yeah I liked April at first but the thing with Heath ruined her character IMO. she turned into a bunny boiler with the thing with Heath and then when getting her Back with Dex I think they tried to change her back to the old April but didn't work IMO.

me1234535 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:14:18

sometimes its the other way round I remember Josh West was originally a nice guy then had a personality transplant then was horrible then he was killed by Barry.

Choccyjules Thu 25-Jul-13 21:41:46

Roo the actress has scoliosis, curved spine, so maybe that explains the tents? I like them, anyway, I like her style. I must be an old fogey.

Ooh yes, I remember Josh going bad. And John being horrible, to his wife and stepson.

I also think Ricky remind me of someone. is it Anneka Rice?!

shiningcadence Thu 25-Jul-13 22:05:47

Oh yes I vaguely remember the bomb on the bus incident with Trey. I must have watched it on/off a bit then because the details are hazy. I missed Josh being killed too.

No choccyjules do you really like the tents?!? shock they add about 5 stone to Roo who has quite a nice figure. I've definitely seen her in tighter stuff and her curved spine wasn't noticeable at all so there is no excuse for those hideous tents! grin

anonacfr Thu 25-Jul-13 22:56:47

I can't remember who Josh was.

I like the tents too!!! They suit her character.

Choccyjules Fri 26-Jul-13 09:39:22

Yes, I think they suit her too. However her character hasn't half changed since the days of super-bitch Roo, played by Justine Clarke! That Roo would be in a fitted skirt suit these days, definitely.

scarlet5tyger Fri 26-Jul-13 18:28:38

I think she's been reading... She was in jeans yesterday!

Twinklestein Fri 26-Jul-13 19:18:56

Kyle can take advantage of me any time. I even like his necklace, it's kind of - er - street.

TwllBach Fri 26-Jul-13 20:54:26

How could she do that to casey? <sob>

I love Kyle too

Choccyjules Fri 26-Jul-13 21:16:50

Why has no-one mentioned to Tamara that Kyle tried to kill Casey?

me1234535 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:19:18

I don't see how Kyle is taking advantage of her he looked after cause nobody else was around to look after her. Casey was in jail,Brax/Heath was too busy with the whole Adam/Ricky thing. yes Kyle should of probably backed off sooner and probably not got with her but Casey was blaming him when he was just looking after her and had no other intentions he probably thought shove it in the end.she is the one who made a move on him and she kept seeking him out asking if he would change his mind about them I know she lost her memory and doesn't remember him but she been told Casey is her boyfriend and that Casey/Kyle are brothers she may of not remember what happened in the desert but she should of respected the fact they are brothers and I find it odd she knows Casey is her BF but doesn't seem interested at all in remembering him she lost a couple months of her memory not all of it, she shouldn't lost her common sense either she is still a functional human being surely she knows she shouldn't be going after Kyle so she is just as bad as Kyle imo.

TwllBach Fri 26-Jul-13 21:19:44

Oh that's a really good point. Casey is missing a huuuuuge trick there.

me1234535 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:20:55

because maybe they don't want to freak her out? LOL smile

me1234535 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:35:33

Kyle may of not told her everything but his not exactly lying to her either I think losing her memory has allowed to see the real Kyle not the guy who went mental and tried to kill Casey in the desert and has made her develop feelings for him . I still think Casey and Tamara's relationship was only based on the extreme circumstances they met in the desert which of course they were going to connect because of it, if they met in normal circumstances they would of not connected like that. Tamara doesn't seem to believe Bianca that she didn't love Kyle or that she only had eyes for Casey which is because she doesn't remember the circumstances they all met.

me1234535 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:37:41

how Tamara could do that to Casey?
well it seems like typical Tamara she went after Casey with not thought for Sasha so why not? smile

me1234535 Fri 26-Jul-13 21:40:58

has Tamara losing her memory changed her personality.she seems girly and is wearing dresses the old Tamara was a Tomboy and hated wearing dresses.

Twinklestein Fri 26-Jul-13 21:59:11

I never bought Casey & Tamara as a couple, there was no chemistry.
I reckon the writers thought up the new (ludicrous) storyline because they could see she had better chemistry with Kyle.

Tortoise Mon 29-Jul-13 14:24:02

I spent yesterday catching up on a week's worth of Home and away after being away on holiday! grin

Just seen on Twitter page that Indi is leaving.

Choccyjules Mon 29-Jul-13 16:59:38

Is that a UK Twitter acc or is it the Oz one? In which case they're about 6 months ahead I think.

anonacfr Mon 29-Jul-13 19:56:06

Ok stop spoilering! Can you send me a PM with a list of all the leavers? Because from what I've heard it's the whole cast! At this rate we'll be left with Alf, Irene Leah and Sally.

Tortoise Mon 29-Jul-13 20:03:09

UK one. I knew about Sally returning (mentioned previously that old character was coming back) but didn't want to mention name because I'm never sure if spoilers are welcome or not lol.

shiningcadence Mon 29-Jul-13 20:19:43

Aww Indi's leaving is she? sad

I missed all last week's episodes... What cliffhanger were we left with?

Babybeesmama Mon 29-Jul-13 20:44:24

Brax is hot! I dreamt about him last night blush my husband not impressed when I told him! X

Twinklestein Mon 29-Jul-13 22:50:08

I don't want Indi to leave sad

I wanted her to get together with Casey.

Losing Indi & gaining Sally is a bad bargain frankly. Even her voice annoys me.

shiningcadence Tue 30-Jul-13 14:03:29

Yay, didn't realise it was still on this week, thought it was finished for the summer.

I actually hate Tamara. She is such a selfish bitch. She had no compassion for Casey when it was obvious that his heart was breaking. She walked off smirking ffs. And what's with all these pretty feminine clothes and make up she's wearing? She seems to have had a complete personality transplant. Stupid storyline.

Casey was looking very hot today wasn't he. Tamara is mad.

GW297 Fri 02-Aug-13 18:25:53

What do you all think about Heath's DNA test?!

Tortoise Fri 02-Aug-13 19:01:46

I love the relationship between Darcy and Heath. Makes me sad that my DDs don't have that as they don't see their dad.
Can't comment on DNA part, I just watched the next episode on 5*!! Now have to wait until after the summer holidays to watch it again.

GW297 Fri 02-Aug-13 19:09:34

5* was a good idea. I hate it when it breaks for summer. Takes me a while to get into it again once it comes back on.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 19:54:31

I've a feeling he isn't going to be the dad, I'd be gutted though because they are a lovely father/daughter pair. Tbh I'm surprised he didn't ask for a DNA test at the start because Tegan had messed everyone around - first he was some other guy's, then Brax's... In fact how did we even find out Darcy was Heath's? Didn't Casey do some snooping and find out? I reckon she might be Brax's after all - just to stir things up a bit. I wonder if I can get the 5* episode online on catch up? I want to know what happens to April too.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 19:56:15

Also someone mentioned Natalie's backstory upthread and that was mentioned again this week so I wonder if her mum is going to come out of the woodwork soon?

GW297 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:06:05

I wondered that about Natalie too. It's just the way the lady said to him he could have a DNA test, like she already knew he wasn't the dad.

shiningcadence Fri 02-Aug-13 22:04:24

Yes it was a bit strange - this DNA business coming out of nowhere. If Darcy's gran is adamant Darcy is staying with her an no way she'll ever be going with Heath then why would she want his name on the birth certificate? Weird.

me1234535 Sat 03-Aug-13 07:15:15

Tamara has always been selfish I mean she had no compassion for Sasha when she went after Casey, now his done the same across Casey
I can understand why she prefers Kyle his a calm influence while Casey has serious anger issues and is coming across as like Tamara's crazy jealous Ex smile and is pressuring her way too much.

The actress who plays Natalie has left the soap now so something must happen? Unless it's just a boring exit...

me1234535 Sat 03-Aug-13 07:55:44

I hope Darcy is Heath's

me1234535 Sat 03-Aug-13 07:58:42


me1234535 Sat 03-Aug-13 07:59:47

yep probably just a plot device for Natalie's character to exit.

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 10:13:42

Oh so Natalie's going is she? I wonder if Zac will stay. He is growing on me I have to say. Though, poor thing, who could ever compete with Brax? grin I did wonder if he and Indi might be a potential new relationship after she told him she has no interest in the Braxtons. I'm probably reading too much into it though.

I wish Leah would go, she really annoys me. VJ too.

I'm sad Indi's going too and annoyed Sally is coming back, I bet her daughter's annoying too!

Yes I saw about Natalie on the fb page

Crannog Sat 03-Aug-13 10:21:10

Not read all the way through yet but I am a massive Home&Away fan. I've been to Palm Beach twice (don't live in Oz). I saw some filming the second time. Heath and the druggie lawyer Hayley.

Casey is the most annoying character. April a close second.

Love Sasha and John.

Tortoise Sat 03-Aug-13 11:39:36

I'm glad to see someone else who doesn't like Leah or vj. Love how the house was decorated so quickly though!

I hope it Heath I'd her Dad. I'm hoping the gran gets killed off and they all live as a family. (I was going to put happy family but as its a soap that's unlikely!)

Tortoise Sat 03-Aug-13 11:40:19

Is not I'd!

GW297 Sat 03-Aug-13 13:16:21

I'd love to go to Summer Bay! I have always loathed Sally - she is so irritating and goody goody. I think Zac gets close to Bianca maybe?! I don't mind Leah too much but not keen on VJ. I like Indi. Brax is the main reason why I watch it and I would be gutted if he left!

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 14:13:27

Aww not Bianca and Zac?! Poor Heath. I'm not fussed on Bianca actually but I love her and Heath as a couple. There's a real spark there.

I'm watching the omnibus on and off at the moment as I only saw bits of it in the week. I'm loving Sasha's sundresses, I'd actually love her whole wardrobe. Also the continuity people have made a mistake in the Ricky/Brax scenes - in some scenes her hair is scraped back off her head and she has no make up on, in others she has a middle parting as is wearing eye makeup! Must have been filmed over different days, but still you'd think they'd check! Although admittedly most people probably aren't watching as closely as me <sad> grin

Also, noticed Heath has a new tattoo - Darcy and Rocco's names. Aww.

shiningcadence Sat 03-Aug-13 15:17:50

Right so is that the end now for the summer? Because the 'next episode' spoiler seems to be continuing from this episode whereas normally after the break they skip a few weeks! I'm confused.

Tortoise Sat 03-Aug-13 15:35:47

Heath got that tattoo a few weeks back. I think its so sweet.

Crannog Sat 03-Aug-13 22:41:22

Oh dear I was just getting settled and people started with the spoilers. I prefer not to know so I'll have to go back to having no one to enthuse with over H&A.

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 10:08:24

No don't go crannog. Tbh I'd prefer no spoilers too. Shall we agree to no spoilers and if someone has a spoiler they can say they have one and offer to pm people that want to know? What does everyone think?

Tortoise Sun 04-Aug-13 10:16:47

Sounds fair to me shining. I do try not to post any.

I can do that smile

GW297 Sun 04-Aug-13 11:05:35

Great idea. I like discussing and speculating!

Crannog Sun 04-Aug-13 12:17:23

Yay! No spoilers. Thanks guys.

Does it finish up on Friday? Can't see what the cliff hanger could be.

I really don't like zach. I like alf though smile

Cliff hanger could be something about Romeo? Or April? Unless it's something completely new

scarlet5tyger Sun 04-Aug-13 12:59:22

I thought the break began LaST Friday?? No cliffhanger - the break we take here is to stop us overtaking Australia, but doesn't coincide with their Christmas break (when Heath was attacked by Jamie and left at sea)

I noticed the reference to Natalie's mum too, maybe they finally remembered her back story??

Tortoise Sun 04-Aug-13 13:24:02

Break has begun. The only cliff hanger was April I guess. I'm glad it wasn't a major cliff hanger!

Ah yes break has begun. What are we going to talk about for the next month confused

shiningcadence Sun 04-Aug-13 13:52:36

The sexiest character episodes of course! grin

anonacfr Sun 04-Aug-13 22:34:09

Tortoise I guess April was the cliffhanger except they failed to realise most people either don't care or actually want to see her snuff it! grin

Tortoise Sun 04-Aug-13 22:55:21

Lol anon!

me1234535 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:24:34

LOL smile

Pfft 1:15 animal a&e hmmI will have to <gasp> do housework or something instead

Choccyjules Mon 05-Aug-13 15:21:23

Ah yes, April, the annoying one.

Sexiest eps, has to include the one where Brax and Charlie finally got together :-)

GW297 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:39:40

Forgot the sexiest episodes were on 5* for a minute.

anonacfr Mon 05-Aug-13 22:50:22

I don't get it. I watched the sexiest episode today and nothing sexy happened and no-one sexy was in it. Did I miss something?

Crannog Mon 05-Aug-13 22:56:01

Yeah I think I missed it too.

Noah - not hot
Will - not hot
Vinnie - cute but not hot
Vinnie's dad - not hot
Alexi - not hot

anonacfr Tue 06-Aug-13 12:51:37

Will looks like a Lego man. And acts like one too.

Oh, you forgot to add- storyline? Not hot.

me1234535 Tue 06-Aug-13 15:11:36

Apparently Number 25 was supposed to of been Noah.

anonacfr Tue 06-Aug-13 19:48:51

HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Well that's us told then.

me1234535 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:46:30

yep look on twitter , number 24 was Liam

I can't watch these because I'm putting ds to bed then. Wonder who number one will be? Alf? wink I'm quite partial to Sid blush

anonacfr Tue 06-Aug-13 22:47:57

I liked Liam. He had a sexy voice and good chest hair (I can't get over the Braxtons' hairlessness). I thought he had great chemistry with Bianca and it was a fun episode.
I would have preferred to see an earlier episode with more banter/sexual tension but it was definitely an improvement on yesterday's completely pointless episode.

shiningcadence Wed 07-Aug-13 10:16:07

How do we find out who the top 25 are, is it on the channel 5 website? Or do we have to wait till each episode is aired?

me1234535 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:26:25

this website-

shiningcadence Wed 07-Aug-13 16:33:17

Thank you smile

shiningcadence Thu 08-Aug-13 20:54:00

25 Noah
24 Liam
23 Belle
22 Roman (I'd forgotten about him)

me1234535 Fri 09-Aug-13 21:50:14

also tells you smile

Mmm roman.

Aiden is my all time favourite though I think

anonacfr Tue 13-Aug-13 22:48:49

So the 'sexy' episode of Kim involved 5mns of him in a coma? How about his wedding to Rachel when he showed up on horseback????

me1234535 Tue 13-Aug-13 23:52:56

^ROFL smile

shiningcadence Wed 14-Aug-13 08:30:30

Haha I know, so stupid. Who picks these episodes? Should've let us choose! We would've done a much better job!

anonacfr Wed 14-Aug-13 19:21:00

Ok new low tonight. Sexy character was Hayley.... who didn't even appear in the episode!

Kaluki Wed 04-Sep-13 12:53:22

It's back on Monday!
Thank God - I'm bored with the old episodes now.

shiningcadence Mon 16-Sep-13 09:28:09

Leah from H&A is on Wright Stuff now. She seems much nicer in rl than her character grin

shiningcadence Tue 17-Sep-13 13:51:43

Where are all the H&A fans?

Sasha is looking very very slim in today's episode - I've thought for a while that she's lost weight but you could see today when she was wearing tight leggings and a vest. She looked lovely when she was bigger - a good healthy size with lovely curves, I hope she hasn't slimmed down to fit in with the other skinny minnies on the show.

Also Sasha showed today that she is a million times better than whingey annoying Tamara. Sasha is feeling so guilty about Maddy and putting Maddy's feelings above her own even. Tamara has never given a shit about anyone other than herself. I was almost jumping for joy when she said she was leaving the other day and then she bloody changed her mind! It's just not right to build my hopes up like that! grin

Also annoying Sally is back. Roo had it right when she called her a goody two shoes, haha. Does anyone know why Pippa is calling Alf 'grandad'? Found that a bit bizarre.

shiningcadence Wed 18-Sep-13 10:08:43

Where is everyone? Is noone feeling te Home and Away love? sad

If anyone's lurking Sally is on the Wright Stuff this morning.

Edendance Wed 18-Sep-13 15:05:57

Ohhh I'm a bit behind (need to play catch up on channel 5!) love a bit of home and away, and neighbours. No one I know (other than my mum and bf) watches it, and mum just gets cross at them all so it's great to see some fellow fans out there!

me1234535 Fri 20-Sep-13 18:22:58

I agree there is a major difference between Sasha and Tamara, Tamara kissed Casey while he was still with Sasha and even lied to her face about being interested in Casey, Maddy dumped Spencer so she has no right to moan when he moves on. and Sasha has been far more understanding towards Maddy then Tamara was to Sasha. Tamara never seemed to care about anyone else's feelings except her own and its being shown again with the way she threw herself at Kyle.

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 11:01:02

I missed it for a few days... Can't believe Sasha has gone sad

There is a competition to win a date with the Braxtons - I know some of you are fans wink

Kaluki Wed 25-Sep-13 12:52:32

Ugh Sally's back. Can't bear her, she can't act for toffee.

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 13:28:18

Seriously?! Pippa going to high school? She looks about 6!

chillykitty Wed 25-Sep-13 14:20:04

I luv sally
So sad with pippa confused
Agree sasha does look slimmer

Thumbwitch Wed 25-Sep-13 14:23:52

Sally won't be there for long, fear not! grin

I don't think there's anything sinister in Pippa calling Alf "Grandad" - he's just a sort of adopted one. No genuine blood relative.

Tamara gets right on my tits. But hey ho.

Have you got Johnny Ruffo in there yet? (actor, not character)

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 16:04:33

Lol, I didn't think it was sinister, just bizarre. Thought maybe the scriptwriters had made a mistake.

What's wrong with Pippa exactly btw? I missed a few episodes.

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 16:07:58

Argh stupid me. Just wikipediad Pippa to see if I could find out 1. How old she is and 2. What's wrong with her and I stumbled over a list of characters who are leaving soon. They are good ones too (IMO) sad Hate spoilers.

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 16:19:00

Well, Pippa was born in June 2004 so she's just turned 9 hmm

Thumbwitch Wed 25-Sep-13 17:18:58

Shining, shining, shining - you cannot take the ages literally in TVLand!!
<<Shakes head sadly>>
There will have been a necessary timewarp to add a couple of years to Pippa's age so that she could be fitted into the high school. grin

I could give you lots of spoilers, I'm in Australia so 8w ahead of you all (I think that's still the time lapse!) but I won't wink

shiningcadence Wed 25-Sep-13 20:25:42

Haha I know Thumbwitch.

Johnny Ruffo was here a few months ago but left to sort things out with his parents. Ooh does this mean he's coming back? Actually, don't tell me, we agreed a while back to no spoilers on this thread and I think I've given myself enough spoilers today already!

Thumbwitch Thu 26-Sep-13 02:28:53


Kaluki Fri 27-Sep-13 12:53:09

It's Sally's ears that bother me most. She looks like one of those funny little troll dolls that I used to have!!!
I can see Bianca and Zac getting it on - poor Heath!

shiningcadence Sat 28-Sep-13 18:23:00

Oh I know - I really don't want Heath and Bianca to split up sad Poor Darcy too, hasn't she been through enough? She really likes Bianca.

Sally is odd looking but I couldn't put my finger on why. Will have a good look at her ears on Monday grin

GW297 Fri 01-Nov-13 13:42:15

Just remembered about this thread. So Brax is hot, rich and altruistic!

qazxc Fri 01-Nov-13 15:52:10

Holy crap Sally's bunioned mishappen feet are now burned onto my retinas!

Kaluki Sat 02-Nov-13 11:00:05

Don't those river boys scrub up well in their suits <drools> grin

Kaluki Wed 05-Mar-14 12:10:35

So who is still watching?
Everything is happening all at once - the bomb, the twins and Kyle being abducted and Harvey returns!
I predict Maddie will get pregnant!!

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