Pizza's all round on OBEM!

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BarnYardCow Wed 27-Feb-13 21:00:46

Evening, who's in tonight?

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:02:03


BarnYardCow Wed 27-Feb-13 21:04:03

Hello Louis

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:05:07

I couldn't tell which one was up the duff there!

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:07:49

Clearly no-one watching tonight!

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:07:50

I'm in, if I may? Grandma is annoying me already low tolerance

FriendofDorothy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:07:59

I'm here too.

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:08:20

I want some of that cake!

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:10:14

OH GOOD GOD - 14!! Ahem... Sweet though - still together!

pigleychez Wed 27-Feb-13 21:10:19

Im here.

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:10:55

Aibu to be a bit hmm at dad and gran just sort of staring at her while she is in labour?

ClaimedByMe Wed 27-Feb-13 21:11:21

Signing in

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:12:22

14? missed that as got distracted!

They seem quite down to earth, though.

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:14:05

He was 14 when she got pregnant with their first child! Hyperventilating as that's only 3 years older than my ds1 who is still a baby...! grin. Seem very sweet though.

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:16:49

Haha at his face.

I'm here - due tomorrow (eek) so watching thorough my fingers...

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:20:25

Does gran do owt but text? They are a sweet couple!

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:23:48

Bloody hell.

How do you get your head round that?

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:24:49

sad poorly baby, brave couple!!!

oooggs Wed 27-Feb-13 21:25:33

I am here!!!!

ShepherdsSpy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:25:39

I live the Scottish midwife, she seems so caring and down to earth.

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:25:49

Hi, sorry I'm late...

ShepherdsSpy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:25:52


Newforestpony Wed 27-Feb-13 21:26:22

Our son was born with an exomphalos - similar to a Gastrischisis but included the liver, bowels and other bits too.

I was sooo frightened, but we had an induced birth and now have a 4 1/2 year ds.

I still get very emotional about it though.

ShepherdsSpy Wed 27-Feb-13 21:27:08

OMG not 8cm!!!! I would have cried, real sobs.

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:27:45

oh god if I'd have been told I was 8cm and then 2 - 3 cm I'd have thrown myself out of the window - GIVE HER AN EPIDURAL..!

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:28:08

I would have smacked someone!

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:28:36

Oh poor love, thinking you are 8 and only being 3.

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:28:57

Good down to earth attitude of yorks me...

oooggs Wed 27-Feb-13 21:28:58

Blimey I would be gutted, hope the water does help!

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:29:21


IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:29:25

This midwife is so good.

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:30:16

I want Gail to move in with us - and I'm not even pregnant..! grin

Bue Wed 27-Feb-13 21:30:51

Oh lordy sad

Trouble is she is still really too early for an epidural - she's not technically even in active labour yet! Think that is why they are stalling a bit, since a very early epidural can stall things.

PartyFops Wed 27-Feb-13 21:30:52

Is she wearing a wig, the MW? style is a bit naf but she has great hair! envy

That MW is lovely rubbing her
I could cry for her, how gutting to be told 8cm and then 3sad

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:33:38

I had a lovely midwife who was very similar - down to earth and no nonsense - when I was on post natal ward.

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:38:53

That bloody phone! I can see her dropping it in the water in a minute.

oooggs Wed 27-Feb-13 21:41:57

Yuk to the partners using the staff kitchen!!!!!

Ooh, I'm getting sympathy Braxton Hicks. I too would leap out a window if I'd been told I was 8cm and then found out I was actually only 2-3.

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:43:22

I hated the drip.

oldraver Wed 27-Feb-13 21:46:19

Did he really say " I need to go outside for a breather myself ya'know"

OnlyWantsOne Wed 27-Feb-13 21:50:16

Tiny baby Mia!!!

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:50:41

Damn you OBEM - in tears here... That Mum did so well and I hope they update us about the baby.

ClaimedByMe Wed 27-Feb-13 21:50:49

Sniff sniff

NewYearNewBoo Wed 27-Feb-13 21:52:23

Aaw that little one was lovely, hope they let us know she is ok.

Yes he really did say HE needs a breather sometimes shock

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:53:46

Bless that baby girl

Mondaybaby Wed 27-Feb-13 21:54:03

Gosh, this is bringing back memories. I was on midwife led birthing unit and informed I was fully dilated and told to push. Then almost 3 hours later rushed to the labour ward where I was told I was only 6-7 cm and told to stop pushing. It all went a bit wrong from there and I ended up with forceps delivery and big bleed. My dd was fine thank goodness. I still feel upset about it though at times 2 and a half years later.

oooggs Wed 27-Feb-13 21:54:26

Tears here too sad

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:55:01

Nice consultant, reassuring...

DottyDot Wed 27-Feb-13 21:55:05

SOB! So glad she's OK smile

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:55:41

I liked the consultant - very good explanation

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:56:38

Has her mum gone home?

Beautiful little Mia smile

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 21:58:36

She's gorgeous!

Logan wants them to turn the lights down!

oldraver Wed 27-Feb-13 21:58:42

How gorgeous is Mia ?

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 27-Feb-13 21:59:55

Oh, that last bit with Mia on the rug just got me!

oooggs Wed 27-Feb-13 21:59:59

So pleased they updated us on Mia, she is lovely, so pleased smile

sushidave Wed 27-Feb-13 22:00:24

That's our consultant (Simon Newell)! And he's as fantastic as he came across there. Amazing that baby Mia came home after 3 weeks. We're 6 weeks home now with our premie DD after 4 weeks in the SCBU, hearing his voice brings it all back.

herethereandeverywhere Wed 27-Feb-13 22:06:02

Bless our NHS, so grateful for it and what it does. When I see an episode like that it reminds me how lucky we are to have such wonderful treatment accessible to us all.

(Yes, Mia made me cry too!)

beginnings Wed 27-Feb-13 22:23:09

I'm 10 weeks with DC2 and I'm moving to Leeds so that Gail can deliver my baby. What a fabulous woman.

legoqueen Wed 27-Feb-13 22:49:17

Heartwarming. Roll on next week!

curiousgeorgie Wed 27-Feb-13 22:53:00

Anyone who's had experience of this before, or maybe they said it and I missed it, would it not have been safer to give her a c section? I seem to remember the first episode being a young mother who was given a c section due to her baby having this?

Mia was beautiful!! Giant eyes grin

amistillsexy Wed 27-Feb-13 22:58:50

That consultant was an absolute star to tell those parents it was nothing they'd done. Nobody has ever told me that about my son's ASD sad .

What a wonderful story that was. I'm so pleased to see Baby Mia all better smile

sushidave Wed 27-Feb-13 23:11:01

I agree, it's so important to allay parents' inevitable (and misplaced) guilty feelings. When my pregnancy was going awry, the best consultants always made it very clear that it was not due to anything I'd done, and indeed there was nothing I could do (at least in the way of nutrition, and work to a lesser extent) to alter the path of the pregnancy from then on. When DD had arrived, I'll always remember Dr Newell telling us that she needed 3 things: warmth, milk and love, and that the medics would take care of the first one smile. I'm writing this as she's squawking away upstairs grin

Newforestpony Thu 28-Feb-13 07:41:10

curious it actually depends on how comfortable the consultant is with the condition of the baby, plus how the delivery is going (just like any other birth).

Our son was born naturally too (after induction so that the team could be on standby). He had an exomphalos so the mass in front of him was larger than his head.

In the US most exomphalos and Gastroschisis babies are born by cs, but they also spend a lot longer in hospital, and in the case of exomphalos babies (who have a translucent membrane covering the organs), quite often they are not operated on for a few months or even years. Remember that healthcare there is a profit-making industry.

In the UK there is a greater drive to resolve more quickly and get the baby home (subject to any other issues) as quickly as possible. Our son spent 13 nights in hospital (original estimate was 2 months) and it was such a relief to get him home and start enjoying all the simple things of having our first (and only) child in the very best place - with mummy and daddy.

Ps I also breastfed until 12 months which helped me feel like a real mummy again after all the earlier trauma.

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