Richard The Third under the car park - Channel 4 :)

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SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 21:10:05

Are you watching too?

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 21:12:25

Yep, amazing stuff

LiviaAugusta Mon 04-Feb-13 21:12:47

Yes! Richard three plus Simon Farnaby, televisual heaven for the evening!

gailforce1 Mon 04-Feb-13 21:16:03

This is fascinating - am glued!

Armi Mon 04-Feb-13 21:17:43

I know we are all indebted to this woman from the Richard III society for getting the bones dug up, but she's driving me nuts. I don't think getting 'chills' in the carpark, or the fact that there was a faded 'R' on the Tarmac or it rained oh-so-significantly when the body was discovered is making her appear to be entirely sensible.

Is that the Horrible Histories man?

BluelightsAndSirens Mon 04-Feb-13 21:19:18

My 10 year old has asked me to tape it for her!

grin Armi my thinking too

Phillipa is a bit woo. grin

Thewhingingdefective Mon 04-Feb-13 21:20:43

Watching it now, but can't get 'stupid deaths, stupid deaths, they're funny cos they're true' out of my head.

Exactly defective it's all I can think of. grin And where is Yony Robinson when there are trenches being dug?

*Tony even.

For you defective. <arf>

Thewhingingdefective Mon 04-Feb-13 21:25:39


butterflybuns Mon 04-Feb-13 21:28:02

My thought exactly sparkling! Tony will be well pissed off- years spent in the rain excavating yet another Roman coin and then Mr Stupid Deaths walztes in and gets the most exciting gig.

LiviaAugusta Mon 04-Feb-13 21:28:12

She is a bit melodramatic this lady isn't she! Fascinating though, I gasped a little when it showed the skeleton had a curved spine.

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 21:28:16

Sparkles lol

And woolly jumper man butterfly. Have they done any geofizz? grin

Aww he gets a flag. Good job it didn't turn out to be a peasant.

butterflybuns Mon 04-Feb-13 21:39:08

Nah, no whittling of sticks and it's taken alot longer than a weekend. Didn't HH do a Richard 3rd song? Philippa is a fruit loop but credit to her, it wouldn't have happened without her batty driving force.

I love Simon's hair. It has a life of it's own grin

butterflybuns Mon 04-Feb-13 21:49:41

Bloody Roman nails get everywhere!

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 21:50:29

Loving the idea of the nail gun grin

limitedperiodonly Mon 04-Feb-13 21:51:34

I know it's shallow but this whole thing has me thinking of a Two Ronnies' sketch on rhyming slang where Ronnie Barker kept talking about a small brown Richard the Third in the middle of the pavement. It was a turd. Or a bird.

I just can't get it out of my head.

I am watching this on catch up, and I missed the start.

How did the woman first get the idea that he was buried there under the carpark?

VBisme Mon 04-Feb-13 21:54:23

Loving it, she is a bit odd, but very passionate about the subject.

blush for the girl who caved the skull in!

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 21:59:11

Me lol

Oooh photoshopping in the olden days. shock

gaelicsheep Mon 04-Feb-13 22:02:09

iwasyoungonce - it was the site of a friary and contemporary records suggest he was buried in the friary church.

Phillipa sad

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 22:03:50

Arf @Sparkling

gaelicsheep Mon 04-Feb-13 22:04:25

Rofl at the bit where the osteologist mentioned a head injury. Yes, you caved his head in with a mattock woman! Oh to be the woman that brained Richard III - will she ever live it down I wonder?

Mercedes Mon 04-Feb-13 22:05:12

Why is she crying???? what's wrong with her.

Don't the archaeologists look as if they're dying to laugh

butterflybuns Mon 04-Feb-13 22:05:12

Aw, love Simon. He's lovely with lovely hair. Will have to rewrite their song though.

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:06:24

watching this on catchup... phillipa a bit bonkers hey?

gaelicsheep Mon 04-Feb-13 22:06:53

The standard bit, I don't know how any of them kept a straight face, especially when it was stuffed into the site van!

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:07:21

simon looked like he was trying not to larf! or pull a funny face... when she had to leave the room!!

She really is bonkers!

Thanks gaelicsheep

gaelicsheep Mon 04-Feb-13 22:09:39

Oh no, poor Philippa. I'm obviously a hard hearted cow, I see centuries old bones.

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:10:07

I laughed

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:11:09

if I was in the room when she had to walk out I would not have been able to keep a straight face!

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:12:44

I'm loving watching the face of that dark-haired girl every time the blonde one does something batty.

butterflybuns Mon 04-Feb-13 22:12:55

Long live King Mike.

TuesdayNightDateNight Mon 04-Feb-13 22:12:57

This is like a wonderful amalgamation of HH and Time Team... On acid...

Like a fabulous spoof documentary. Well done channel 4 for making this so entertaining grin

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:13:52

I'd have had to tell her to get a grip by now. Yes we all get it by know that she's 'sensitive' hmm.

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:14:13

by now

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 22:14:42

That Jo woman ls like ffs get a grip

florry88 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:15:49

apparantly they are having a dance in a marquee in leicester to celebrate, or should it be a disco in a winter tent.

boom boom

hazeyjane Mon 04-Feb-13 22:15:51

Whenever they do the facial reconstructions on tv, I always want them to do the great reveal and for it to be Mr Potatohead.

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:16:06

Phillipa looks like Katie Price

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:16:37

mad as a hatter! what does she do? missed the beginning!

stop dramaramaming woman!!

TuesdayNightDateNight Mon 04-Feb-13 22:17:35

LOL Hazeyjane grinwink

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:17:36

I've never been entirely convinced by those facial reconstructions, I mean how can they know exactly how much fat etc to put on? Surely it still has to be a lot of guesswork?
grin @ Mr Potatohead!

Ooh I hope they never dig me up and look at my bones to see what I ate. blush

<snigger> @ florry's bad joke

PMSL florry at disco in winter tent! grin

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 22:19:48

I don't get florry's joke blush

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:19:51

Lots of Spar snacks Sparklies smile

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:20:12

Burger bites

I'm not sure that they can carbon date Pot Noodles.

Yes Sole bones full of Monster Munch and Toblerone. grin With a trace of Vimto.

Or Tomato Snaps. Yum. smile

gaelicsheep Mon 04-Feb-13 22:22:39

I want to see a TV show that reconstructs the face of a couple of skeletons and compares with photos of what they looked like. I'm sure it's been done loads but I want proof. Yes I know that's a bit gruesome.

Eww sliced head. sad

Fishandjam Mon 04-Feb-13 22:25:05

Do you think the ghost of R iii is yelling at Philippa to man up?

I think we need Yvette fielding and Derek Acorah to come down and sort all this out-and get the facts from Richard. wink


First line of Richard III is;

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

RII is quite chipper at the beginning because his family's fortunes are on the turn smile

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:27:03

think they are focussing a little too much on her drama and emotion to make this a sensible doc. She looks like she's about to blub!

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:27:28

Yvettes bloodshot eyes and Dereks fake voices.

Ouch! shock

Buttocks at head height. Oh no. sad

<clenches buttocks>

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:28:21

simon is desperate to say something witty...!

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:29:08

At least he has his teeth

Is Simon's hair getting more bouffy? confused

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:29:46

... in his arse!

AnyaKnowIt Mon 04-Feb-13 22:29:52

Thank you, was wondering what it had to do with the Unions blush

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:29:55

I think so too Beatty.

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:31:22

Got to say it's pretty lucky that he was only under a carpark after all this time. Could have been anything there, a block of flats or whatever, then that would have been that.

Yay, the head!

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:33:58

bonkers as conkers! someone slap her! I cannot believe how irritating I am finding her!

Is RIII wearing eyeliner?

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:34:28

quick take the head away she's about to plant him one!

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:34:32

He was a pretty boy.

hazeyjane Mon 04-Feb-13 22:34:34

That doesn't look like the face of a human, let alone a tyrant!

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:34:46

Talk about milking it...

LiviaAugusta Mon 04-Feb-13 22:35:38

He looks so young! And a little like the man from the Mighty Boosh...

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:36:07

Sparkles has missed the end. Prob in the Spar.

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:36:09

Perhaps if they'd given him a monobrow and an evil scar he'd have looked like a tyrant? confused.

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:36:37

she didn't cry! amazing!

OOh I think there may be a range of merchandise being produced as we speak.

I have not been to Spar today Sole. Been to Lidl. grin

Pixel Mon 04-Feb-13 22:37:31

Lol at mighty boosh grin

BeattyBeatty Mon 04-Feb-13 22:38:20

Good night! LAdies!

Night Beatty. smile

SoleSource Mon 04-Feb-13 22:41:27

Nn Beatty smile

Plane crash is next

The pics of the leg bones being snapped by the weight of the seat crushing them

Still haunts me

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Mon 04-Feb-13 22:41:56

She probably didn't cry because she realised she didn't fancy him after all. Although I'm willing to bet the head's now in her freezer.

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Mon 04-Feb-13 22:44:05

He didn't look like a tyrant because the had his face in repose. It's not taxidermy, where they make the polar beat snarly to show how fierce it was. Ridiculous woman.

SoleSource Tue 05-Feb-13 12:22:16

Oooh that was exciting yesterday.

Ricky was gorgeous, he puts syrup on my pancake

minko Tue 05-Feb-13 12:27:29

The best thing on telly for ages. I love a bit of geeky history stuff, but this also had eccentric crazy lady and him off Horrible Histories - great TV! I have a big crush on Simon Farnaby now too, even though he has incredibly tiny eyes...

kimorama Tue 05-Feb-13 12:51:14

At first when the dig started thought it might be a student hoax. But it seems real enough now.

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