One Born Every Minute!! Channel 4 9pm

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sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 19:58:15

I don't see another thread anywhere. Whose watching?

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 20:16:36

Am getting comfy with the last of the Hero's and a malibu and coke left over from NYE.

Piemother Wed 02-Jan-13 20:20:07

I will be watching - astonished there's actually something to watch tonight just watching Gok and will finish off with the marriage programme grin

FoofFighter Wed 02-Jan-13 20:21:37

[checking in]

Got a vested interest this series as am recently pregnant smile taping it and going to convince OH nearer the time that he should watch a few to see what to do and more importantly (if previous episodes are to go by) what NOT to do! grin

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 20:23:10

I watch it only because I will never do it again. I teach pregnancy yoga so I know my ladies will want to talk about it. smile

I am going to train to do hypnobirthing this year too.

MrsTomHardy Wed 02-Jan-13 20:25:10

So glad this is back, I love it

BeaWheesht Wed 02-Jan-13 20:25:21

Foofighter - do not watch when pregnant would be my tip, I did with dd and then wished I hadn't!

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 20:26:43

Could almost do it again for the gas and air!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 20:28:04

I've got a small glass of chablis left and a sliver of orange and vodka cheesecake. grin

GreatGardenstuff Wed 02-Jan-13 20:28:07

I watched before pregnancy and after, but not during. Really did not want to think about it!

rosieposey Wed 02-Jan-13 20:29:58

Had DS2 4 weeks ago so I shall be watching and reminiscing grin

I'm 16 weeks should I watch? I watched the last couple of series and was excited to see its back but not sure if I'm brave enough!

RibenaFiend Wed 02-Jan-13 20:38:17

OOH! Well done OP! I couldn't find a fred on here for it either! I've loved the previous series so I am definitely checking in! OH is very against me watching it. Possibly because during a bout of PMS last series was the whole forceps, shoulder dystocia panic thing which left me yelling and crying at the TV <blushes appropriately shamefully>

WillYuleDoTheFandango Wed 02-Jan-13 20:39:03

I love OBEM but have just got over the baby blues (DS1 is 17 days) and I'm afraid if I watch it I'll relapse and spend another week wishing I was pregnant again so that I can have another newborn and forgetting how hard being pregnant actually is! I'm taping it for when I'm a bit more robust grin

FoofFighter Wed 02-Jan-13 20:41:06

Ribenafiend, that ep was awful, my heart was in my mouth.
Bea - nah am an old hand at this lark, it won't put me off grin

Dolallytats Wed 02-Jan-13 20:47:20

I'm getting all ready to watch too. am also expecting (12 weeks today!!) and this will be the first time I have been pregnant while it's been on (this is Dc3). Not sure if I should really be watching, but I do love it.

May watch from behind a cushion while sticking my fingers in my ears singing 'la la la, I'm not listening'!!

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Wed 02-Jan-13 20:48:12

Checking in. smile

This always seems to be on when I'm pg, hope it doesn't give me the fear again! grin

PenguinBear Wed 02-Jan-13 20:48:56

What hospital are they at this time?

BoomBoomBoom Wed 02-Jan-13 20:52:10

They are in Leeds.

I'm currently 35weeks pregnant and can't wait until 9pm for obem.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 20:52:53

I am planning on watching too. Am pregnant with DC3 so hoping it won't out me off as it is too late now!

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Wed 02-Jan-13 20:59:40

Chocolate is at the ready. grin

Unrelated but that M&S advert is making me hungry. hmm

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:00:42

Checking in!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:02:09

I've eaten my cheesecake and now just look and feel pregnant. grin

FoofFighter Wed 02-Jan-13 21:03:29

The one who just answered the phone with the squeaky voice in the title sequence = nails down a blackboard!

(Schro - the cod with onion bhaji topiing looked lush!!)

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:03:32

I am feeling virtuous as have a Muller Light next to me waiting to be eaten (should be chocolate but don't actually fancy it!) but not liking the screaming already!

Thank god they are promoting active births this time!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:04:07

Exactly what I tell my ladies. grin

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:04:33

Checking in

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:04:36

Oh this is fab! I want to labour in a room like that!

Meglet Wed 02-Jan-13 21:05:30

watching. I can't even have any more children but am still drawn to OBEM.

In a room lke what? The one they are in? confused

PenguinBear Wed 02-Jan-13 21:06:06

Is it the same hospital as last series?

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:06:06

Our maternity unit looks like that!

Not sure what the labour room looks like - both times have been so early and quick but we are hoping to go all the way to term and do it properly this time!

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:06:21

The purple-decorated one with all the active birth things.

Meglet Wed 02-Jan-13 21:06:25

Is she in labour or just popped in for a check up? Was it her waters?

I must have missed that one! sad

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:07:08

I feel like I am the same size as her (Ramona) already and I am only 24 weeks gone!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:07:20

They showed a "rebozo" slingy thing.

Ahhh, I do like that actually!

mrsL1984 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:08:54

I wish they showed what it's like to be a midwife! It's defo not about eating cake and drinking tea!

I don't like that MW, the faces she was making are quite. hmm

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:09:44

The Scottish one? She has a lovely accent.

I'm not sure, she was with the woman who just came in. Missed her accent though, she just didn't look happy.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:11:13

I rather fancy a Creme Egg though - do we all get the same adverts?

ProphetOfDoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:11:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Theenormouscrocodile Wed 02-Jan-13 21:11:19

Have you just farted? Did he just say that???? grin

Have you got Covent Garden soup just now?

In Glasgow.

FoofFighter Wed 02-Jan-13 21:12:09

The birthing chair/dangly rope combo looks fantastic

Yep, he did!

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:13:04

I am pissing myself at this little orange dancing thing grin

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:13:07

Not had CG soup - got Belvita now.

I am never having any more children (youngest is 7) but I still love it <pang>

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 21:13:54

Mmm creme egg!

Theenormouscrocodile Wed 02-Jan-13 21:14:22

Thought I was hearing things! Schro you in Glasgow then?

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:14:29

I quite like the look of all that active birthing stuff. I wouldn't mind a labour room like that but not sure I would want DP would announce if I farted on camera!

ProphetOfDoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:14:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vigglewiggle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:15:53

I like this couple, they ave a good sense of humour- hope it lasts!

Yes, Glasgow. smile

How come?


Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:16:09

Not sure I like that ring myself but it seems to suit her.

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:16:31

They seem lovely.

vigglewiggle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:16:51

The humour - not the relationship!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:16:58

They do look like a lovely couple - I was just thinking how lovely it would be if they were still together in 50 years and still so happy about everything!

Theenormouscrocodile Wed 02-Jan-13 21:17:09

I'm in Glasgow too smile

No need to be paranoid, honest!

Ahhh okay. smile What side of the City are you on?

I wish our hospitals had birthing rooms like that purple one! hmm

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:18:27

I've not been able to watch this for 2 years while trying (and failing) to conceive, but am finally able to watch now I'm 32 weeks!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:18:37

This couple are growing on me...

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:19:13

Good luck MrsReiver!

Mrs Congratulations. smile Are you sure you've though watching this through though? wink

vigglewiggle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:20:23

Congratulations MrsR!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:20:24

Bit of advice. Get a birth ball and learn how to use it. grin

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:20:28

I have the remote control handy in case grin

Theenormouscrocodile Wed 02-Jan-13 21:20:58

I'm on the southside. Booked in PRMH for c-section very very soon. Just wish it was different & having a lovely natural birth. smile

"Bit of advice. Get a birth ball and learn how to use it."

^^ That! grin

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:21:45

And the birth ball is already well used!

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:22:34

I'm here!
I like the swearing grandma!

It doesn't always work out that way anyway though. sad I wish you luck. smile

I'm just at Auchinairnish way, booked in at SG but will be planning a homebirth this time round, I was let down badly by the hospital I was at last time so taking no chances!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:23:44

I just had an image of my mum being like the sweary grandma - she doesn't swear but I can imagine she would do if she ended up having to take me to the hospital if DP gets stuck at work on the mainland.

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 21:23:46

He is gonna miss it!

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:23:56

She's funny, I really hope the Dad makes it in time!

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 02-Jan-13 21:24:13

I'm in!

(one of the girls on here is a friend of a friend, don't know her personally though)

BoomBoomBoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:24:41

I really hope the dad makes it.

"I'll do yer speculum love" Lol!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:25:37

This chap makes me laugh - but not sure I would want him in the delivery room with me!

MrsTomHardy Wed 02-Jan-13 21:25:44

That mother doesn't look much older than the daughter

EleanorGiftbasket Wed 02-Jan-13 21:25:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mcmooncup Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:32

Ewwwww that man is vile

He will be hideous at 3am for the night feeds

Poor woman

ukbecky0774 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:42

can anybody help me! i did a pregnancy test bought from the chemist 2 o clock this afternoon and 2 lines came up but very very faint have to hold it up into light to see it, anyway i went out and bought a clear blue digital one what tels you how far pregnant u are and it came up not pregnant really confused :s ive got a 4 and half month old son already im about 9-10 days late for my period xx

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:44

They look like sisters! Wish he'd shut up though!

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:45

What a tosser.

I know, the look more like friends than Mother and DD.

Dysgu Don't think I would want him there either!

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:26:59

He has a temper. hmm

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:10

Oh he's a bit of a pratt isn't he? I like the other dad - can we see more of him please?

siblingrivalry Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:18

I had dd2 by crash section 8 years ago and I still feel shaky watching this- it was the most frightening experience of my life.

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:23

Why the fuck is she apologising to him? Bastard.

Theenormouscrocodile Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:24

Good luck to you too schro, hope it all goes fabulously!

BadDayAtTheOrifice Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:26

He's not so funny now. What an arse.

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:42

ukbecky probably.
Do another test in a few days time.

mcmooncup Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:47

I would say his demons are not hiding inside him very well.

What a COCK

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Wed 02-Jan-13 21:27:56

Oh my god, he is the biggest wanker I have ever witnessed on OBEM.

judefawley Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:01

What an arse that guy is.

And I think I would have punched him if he started acting like that!

Becky A positive is always a positive! No matter how light. Congratulations. smile Do the Clearblue early in the morning.

BabylonElf Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:11

Wow Stacey's fella seems nice hmm

oh, it's alright though, because he's 'got a lot of demons' hmm

EleanorGiftbasket Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntFini Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:22

What a prat.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:29

TBH I imagine lots of DP/DH would be thinking the same - he just said it out loud and they put it on TV.

Oh - nice dad missed the birth.

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:33

Oh lovely dad is back! Yay!

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:45

Self absorbed twat.

I remember the last series though, they kept doing that 'compare and contrast' thing with the couples. It was quite annoying.
I think that is what they are doing this week. Nice daddy, horrid daddy..

EleanorGiftbasket Wed 02-Jan-13 21:28:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Crocodile Thank you. smile Wont be for a long time yet, I think I am still in denial. grin

Lovely wriggly baby!


HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:29:32

smile smile smile Lovely baby girl! Big yawn!

BoomBoomBoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:29:41

sad that the dad missed the birth. What a gorgeous little baby.

firawla Wed 02-Jan-13 21:29:46

awww, baby maliyah is lovely! so cute

EleanorGiftbasket Wed 02-Jan-13 21:29:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:07

Push Presents sound good to me grin

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:12

They have to make it good TV besides all the little babies. Makes me glad I have a DP like nice dad tho...

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:34

Becky, a positive is a positive. Congratulations!

Oh he's just lovely. /swoon

The baby seems so tiny, I can't believe DS was smaller than that!

ukbecky0774 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:38

thankyou MRSDEVERE just joined here so dint knw where to ask my question lol, just really fustrating coz my partner was over the moon with the first test now he seems disapointed sad

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:56

awww, I really wanted him to be there at the birth of his girl!

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:31:23

I missed the birth of maliysh. Did she have c section or was it just very quick? They were worried about the ctg?

ImKateandsoismywife Wed 02-Jan-13 21:31:27

What a fucking arsehole! I would refuse to let him in the delivery room after that. The other couple (sorry I'm terrible with names) seem lovely smile

Me too Dysgu, I complain about him enough but he spent long hours with me in the hospital constantly last time, he didn't complain once.

Some people really are twats.

EleanorGiftbasket Wed 02-Jan-13 21:31:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arethesefriendsorfoes Wed 02-Jan-13 21:31:47

hope twat dad is cringing

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:32:21

Give him a bit of time ukbecky he is probably as shocked as you are. Hope it all goes ok.
There is a pregnancy section on MN. This thread is likely to move very quickly and you wont get much sense out of us smile

sausagesandwich34 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:32:38

awwww what a cutie!

that other bloke is an arse though!

Christ, they don't give up with these Go Compare ads do they?

ukbecky0774 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:34:05

ok thankyou much appreciate your help xx

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:34:08

I complain about my DP too Schro but he is great really. He too had to dash back when my waters went with DD2 but managed to get there in time as contractions hadn't started.

This next time, considering the space between waters going - first contraction - arrival of child has got shorter he is going to have to really dash and hope the boats are running (or baby can be nice and come at the weekend like DD1).

She looks like she could be a lentil weaver MNetter. grin

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:35:51

She's like a Barbie doll midwife, bless her.

Dysgu Oh, I hope your DP manages to make it. That sounds a scary distance to be from the hospital. sad

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:36:10

That midwife reminds me of Chlo from Waterloo Road.

judefawley Wed 02-Jan-13 21:36:20

I'd have hated to have that sickly, squeaky voiced midwife


Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:36:39

She seems to know what she wants - what about this dad? He looks shellshocked!

Ameybee Wed 02-Jan-13 21:36:44

Always makes me cross my legs tightly! X

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:36:47

Look at the play room for giving birth!! shock Its like monkey world! I want to play on the ball and rope.

I think that MW has been nicking the pethidene G+A! Seems lovely though.

She is like the nurse on Holby city <highly relevant>

WidowWadman Wed 02-Jan-13 21:37:29

I couldn't have coped with that midwife.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:37:31

I think she became sensible - and then kept going and has gone right out the far side of sensible!

I want a shot of that swing!

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:01

I'd get that hair tied back if I were her.

IsabelleRinging Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:03

This lady has a look of Tilda Swinton.

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:40

"I don't want pain killers or owt" Give her half an hour wink

MrsDV I think she must have heard you.

MousyMouse Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:44

the ropes always remind me of circus silks

ProphetOfDoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:38:56

I wish they didn't make people who want a natural birth sound like hippies.

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:39:24

tough I thought that!

Mynew YY, I remember them having to convince me to have G+A, couple of hours later I had an epidural and was screaming for a CS.

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:39:39

Oh no, he's back. The car seat in hand seems slightly optimistic...

Surely that rope is going to get really disgustingly dirty quite soon? Infection control issue surely? Lots of sweat soaking in.

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:40:21

How do those midwives stay skinny with all that cake?!

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 02-Jan-13 21:40:31

Car seat - cause you just pop the baby out and go home half an hour later...

spiderbabymum Wed 02-Jan-13 21:41:53

Hippie mom

Would anyone on here actually agree to be on one of these programmes? I always think back to how horrid I felt with having to let people see my fanjo, never mind it being on TV!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:03

He has brought it the last couple of times - wishful thinking perhaps.

I think I am a 'hum-mer' ...

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:10

Yoga humming hmm all together now. Or there's a fly in the room.

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:14

I did that humming thing with dc3.

No idea why but it really helped.

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:15

I am really jealous of her black slinky nightie. How glam envy

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:21

I hummed. It DOES help.
I am not a hippy BTW I just hate hospitals so did yoga, anything, so I could stay at home.

Wow, her bump is massive shock.

spiderbabymum Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:36

Gorgeous ....?

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:42:56

It's like his good luck charm!

spiderbabymum Wed 02-Jan-13 21:43:36

We don't care about material things ......but I,ll make an exception for a wether spoons eggs benedict !

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:43:40

Humming bee breath very relaxing.

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:43:48

Dad to be having tea...just like mine did...he ate my hospital pudding hmm

ILoveSaladReallyIDo Wed 02-Jan-13 21:44:28

eyelashy girly voice midwife is annoying, really really annoying! people are annoying enough.. just by being people.. when you are in labour anyway without them being properly annoying like her!

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:44:45

If I find myself humming through my contractions I'll remember this thread and end up giggling.

Ginger twat - sounds about right.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:44:45

Note to self - make sure to pack food in hospital bag (have never had anything to eat and missed 2 meals with DD1).

ouryve Wed 02-Jan-13 21:44:48

That's what i thought, Sailorgal - oh, look, stereotypical natural birth types hmm

I hope those ropes are easily washable.

cafebistro Wed 02-Jan-13 21:44:50

They've got matching bellys wink

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:04

I think she's stopped humming now grin

His issues are coming through loud and clear. Is no one else with me on the rope mank?

Afrodizzywonders Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:31

Ummmm was that orgasmic style panting???

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:41

I wonder what it's made of. Surely they must have thought about cleaning?

ILoveSaladReallyIDo Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:48

I'm with ya toughasoldboots, was my first thought when I saw it too

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:45:54

The rope looks like a long wrap/scarf thing so should be easily put through the wash.

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:11

I would assume they can take off the rope/sling thingy and wash it and they have a spare? It looks good tho.

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:17

She might have been better in the pool.

The 'rope' is actually a woven wrap sling and washable at 60 [sling geek]

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:23

He's just looked under neath like he was examining livestock shock

Lol at the lights!

Nah, don't think I would care about the rope mank when in the moment. grin

Do you think those painkillers are looking good to her yet?

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:41

Arf at him pressing the light switch grin

IAmLouisWalsh Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:48

Haha at him doing the lights!

ProphetOfDoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 02-Jan-13 21:46:58

That poor man trying to call midwife!

Just open the door and shout.

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:02

Nerd moment, it looks like a didymos lisa, so is machine washable grin

ImpatientOne Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:10

I'm more worried about them cleaning the bean bag now!

Queen So in theory I could put one up in my bedroom?

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:17

She does sound very much like she is having ssex, hope it all goes well for her.

Lol at button drama!

vigglewiggle Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:21

What a fool!

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:45


Afrodizzywonders Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:46

Yes the humming has deffo stopped

ILoveSaladReallyIDo Wed 02-Jan-13 21:47:57

a lot of hospitals don't have in house washing machines any more though, they send out sheets to central places but I doubt they'd get their sling like rope back if they sent that

Bet it won't get washed between every labour.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:48:10

How long before she is asking for the drugs? although she seemed to cope better when the dad was not in the room with her.

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 02-Jan-13 21:48:13

If she is a mnetter she would have had to start a thread about the light dimming dh.

GreenyEyes Wed 02-Jan-13 21:48:30

What a dope.

That's so summat I would do

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:48:30

Its called a Rebozo I think.

ImKateandsoismywife Wed 02-Jan-13 21:48:47

Dh is shouting at the tv, hippy dad must be stoned!

Schro no reason why not, as long as your ceiling can take it grin

ouryve Wed 02-Jan-13 21:49:17

Beardy dad to be is such a useless muppet.

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:49:28

LOL Mike

BabylonElf Wed 02-Jan-13 21:49:48

Was that a flashback to conception for her??

I'm sure the ceiling could. grin

<googles Robozos and tries not to think of clowns>

cheddarcheeselover Wed 02-Jan-13 21:50:23

Oh bless him, what a plonker.

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:50:27

You can put one up on a door. Obviously not on one that needs to be opened. grin

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:50:29

Does all labour stop for the adverts do you think wink

BoomBoomBoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:50:49

grin at the dad trying to push the button.

ouryve Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:03

If she is a mnetter she would have had to start a thread about the light dimming dh.

AIBU to think he should have just pressed the right frigging button?

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:04

They must wash it. They have all kinds of stuff in labour rooms that are re-used. I am pretty sure there would be a thorough infection control audit before they put it in.

Look great. I like to give birth upright.

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:17

Want to know what the hippy lady calls her baby.

Shouldn't have googled...

This just looks fucking odd. I wonder how anyone even thought of trying that.

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:31

If I recall correctly there's instructions on Spinning Babies about how to hook one up, and the hardware you need for the ceiling.... I know I've seen it somewhere.

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:48

Nice sling site MrsR - i have three slings but might need to hunt around. I have a ring sling and two wraps but am rather liking something along the lines of a mei tei this time.

blondiep14 Wed 02-Jan-13 21:52:26

So glad DH is out so I can watch this!
DD (DC3) is 13 weeks so it's all a little bit fresh in the memory, but I can't resist.

spiderbabymum Wed 02-Jan-13 21:53:00

Brave woman .
I take it all back

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:53:18

Ooh very quick delivery. She was starting to sound 'pushy' with her contractions.

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:53:25

'fire it out' grin

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 21:53:58

Bloody fantastic!!!!

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:00

I eat my words and say sorry...she did it without any drugs!!! Blimey !

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:09

That's how DD1 came out. Wonder what her name is going to be...

She is HUGE compared to DD1 tho!

Mrs I will check that out, thanks. smile

Blondie At 13 weeks PP, I was watching this cringing about how I was so much worse than all of them. blush

Awww, another baby. smile

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:24


GreenyEyes Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:26

<sniff >

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:39

She looks just like dd2 when she was born <sniff>

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:55

Awwww look at her tiny wee nose!

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:57

Aww lovely, all that hair, so cute....must not get broody!

That baby is gorgeous.

Aw hazel welcome

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 21:55:23

Oh that was lovely, I'm in bits!

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:55:33

Hazel - I quite like that. Very nature-y but not unusual.

She WAS huge compared to DD1 - more than twice the size!

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 21:55:48

Aahhh baby Hazel! So alert! well done mummy on no pain killers!

ProphetOfDoom Wed 02-Jan-13 21:56:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 21:56:16

The drugged one is struggling a there a moral here? hmm

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:56:33

haha I know you lot were expecting a Sunstorm Willowbranch grin

Armi Wed 02-Jan-13 21:56:37

That little baby was just beautiful.

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:56:57

Aww hazel was on our list for did, lovely name smile

Get up!

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:57:14

Does he ever talk about anyone apart from himself do you think <uncharitable>

IsabelleRinging Wed 02-Jan-13 21:57:30

Hazel is such a beautiful retro name, I feel a revival coming on.

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:57:37

How much did she weigh, did they say?

8lb summit. smile

HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:03

She was 8 1 I think!

8lb something.

firawla Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:32

8lb 1 i think

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:39

They never used to do fanjo shots on OBEM did they?

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:47

Aww another baby smile


Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 21:58:58

Yes 8lb 1oz

What is this one going to be called.

BeaWheesht Wed 02-Jan-13 21:59:21

Awwh hazel.

One thing I dont get though is they always say they don't want the baby to come out in one shot and pant etc etc - I never had any of that with either of mine - they both shot out - especially ds who shot off the end of the bed and the midwife caught him!

Awwh Zachary grin

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 21:59:24


HugoDarling Wed 02-Jan-13 22:00:13

Awwwww! I have so enjoyed watching this smile

MrsDV NO! They don't stay like that long...

I do too, I wonder if I could persuade dh to have reversal?

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 22:00:31

I thought that mrsdevere very close fanjo shot but blurred! Hazel was the same weight as my dad, she was my smallest, 3lb lighter than ds4!

Mynewmoniker Wed 02-Jan-13 22:00:39

Right ...onto what makes a perfect marriage now...

I just said to DH "let's have another one". I shouldn't watch this programme.

MikeLitorisHasChristmasLights Wed 02-Jan-13 22:00:50

Why does the blonde mum from next week look familiar?

BeaWheesht Wed 02-Jan-13 22:01:09

Me too mrsdevere. - soooooo much hmm

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 22:01:11

I too want a baby, do does not agree at the moment..

MrsReiver Wed 02-Jan-13 22:01:14

Aww that was lovely, by the time the series is over I'll be ready to pop!

RubyLovesMayMay Wed 02-Jan-13 22:01:45

Funny you should say that MrsDV watching this tonight has made me even more sure I DON'T WANT ANOTHER BABY grin

nellyjelly Wed 02-Jan-13 22:02:10

Must. Not. Get. Broody.

sailorsgal Wed 02-Jan-13 22:02:40

Same time next week ladies. grin

Dysgu Wed 02-Jan-13 22:03:11

I am not so keen on the tiny baby stage but once they get to 6 months and start really becoming interesting it is all so much more interesting!

I am not sure that watching the programme would make me broody - but then, this series is on for another 12 weeks and DC3 is likely to be here before the end of it.

MrsDeVere Wed 02-Jan-13 22:03:26

Ha ha ruby
When I watched this whilst pregnant with DC5 it made me cry and NOT in a good way. I had to stop after a few programes.

Now I can watch it safe in the knowledge that I am not going to THAT anymore grin

twofalls Wed 02-Jan-13 22:04:18

I remember watching this whilst very pg with dd2 MrsR. I really enjoyed it.

Baby hazel was just beautiful.

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 22:05:39

See I am a freak that quite likes giving birth, yes it hurts like fuck but I was high as a kite afterwards, no drugs just the natural endorphins, I was so fucking impressed with myself and the baby etc.

BarnYardCow Wed 02-Jan-13 22:07:11

Thought maybe number 5 would be good, but actually too nervous about it now! Amazing what you forget!

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:08:40

Babies were cute but I was thinking "never have to do that again"

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 22:08:48

Oh god what is this program that has come on next, tantric sex and big ornaments of breasts with nipples? Sexy cup of tea, wtf?

5madthings Wed 02-Jan-13 22:09:36

Ha ha gaze into the tea to put his 'essence' into it. Boak.

cheddarcheeselover Wed 02-Jan-13 22:11:38

I'd love to give birth again, it was soooo painful but like 5madthings I was just on the most amazing natural high for AGES afterwards.

cheddarcheeselover Wed 02-Jan-13 22:12:05

sigh...mustn't get broody!

ILoveSaladReallyIDo Wed 02-Jan-13 22:13:17

DH just made me me a cup of tea, have we just had tantric sex? confused did I just "drink his essence??"

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:14:33

I detest being pregnant, labour is ok as its the end of the hell (SPD) of not being able to walk.

My labours were all mega fast and mega painful, one contraction would ease, the next would start no break. Totally get the high afterwards and the smell of a new baby, mmmm

BringUsSomePigleyPudding Wed 02-Jan-13 22:17:39

Go on Sweet Kitty smile You said no more last time!

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:18:55

You stalking me piglet, yes I did say that when pregnant with DD3 but now I have DS and he's finished me off. No I'm happy with my four, no more here.

Ameybee Wed 02-Jan-13 22:19:17

Making me want a third!! X

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:19:21

Pigley - stupid autocorrect.

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:19:48

Thirds are lovely, my third is a delight.

BringUsSomePigleyPudding Wed 02-Jan-13 22:23:01

Hmmm a number 3 has been playing on my mind too

sweetkitty Wed 02-Jan-13 22:24:11

Go for it piglet, three would be lovely, or in my case so lovely you just have to have a fourth.

Arthurfowlersallotment Fri 04-Jan-13 17:39:32

Oh God, just watching it on catch up. That bloke with the 'issues' is a right fucker. How the hell could anyone have sex with him?

Beardy husband is useless. GO OUTSIDE AND SHOUT YOU PRICK.

I wouldn't want a rope. I found the drugs excellent.

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