Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Sign in for your chance to...

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 14:44:34

- sit on the lap of the character of your choice. (I think you'll find Kevins is already taken). grin

- get a home visit. (Almost guaranteed whatever your ailment)

- have Jimmi, Heston or practically anyone else provide free detective work.

...or you could just wait around to be screamed at by Gobby.

How can you resist? grin

To explain to any newbies <arf>, this is a very friendly thread that welcomes any fans of the afternoon soap called 'Doctors'.

I'll post the list of commonly used acronyms in a minute but they aren't compulsory, honest!

Sparklingbrook Sat 15-Dec-12 14:57:25

Oooh a new shiny thread. I'll be screamed at by Gobby probably. smile

Thanks MsN.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 15:02:37


SDTP -sad Doctors thread participators, because that is what we are. And proud.
WTF?!- what the fuck- the usual exclamation of an SDTP, after an episode. Plots must not make sense.
BAH - boring as hell. An episode that fails to meet WTF standards.
TBFE - Practice manager Howard-a.k.a 'the bloke from Emmerdale'
Gobby - Karen the receptionist. Because she is.
Gobbyplod - Husband of Karen, Rob. Also know as 'The Only plod in the Village'
Chimmi - Cherry and Jimmi
Chaniel - Cherry and Daniel
Zaniel - Zara and Daniel
6tl - Emma, new locum, so named due to the fact she has been a different character 5 times before. This is 'sixth time lucky'
Jizz - annoying new moany doctor. So named after she took to sex chat line work to supplement income. All her clients very speedy in the finishing department.
Mrs T - Mrs Tembe, wig wearing receptionist. Judgemental Christian. Hopes of a Hestembe relationship diminishing-see Dr Heston
Dr Heston - unlucky in love bow tie wearing doctor, unaware of Mrs T's affections. Quite handy with a cricket bat.
FOD - Lesbian practice nurse Mandy. Annoying. Her girlfriend (Freya) is dead. we are not allowed to forget. FOD stands for 'Forehead of Doom'. It's mahoosive
Rect-Al - new Doctor Al. So named as he had a spate of patients wanting him to look up their arses biscuit

I've cut the list down at to be current characters only but it's still massive (bit like Mandys forehead).

posted with credit as always to Raahh

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 15-Dec-12 15:17:44


Such a shame it will soon be on a breaksad

I have been slacking in my duties as an SDTP, but hope to make it up this week.


OodKingWenceslas Sat 15-Dec-12 15:19:29

I'm here . Think I'll be going for a home visit as I'm feeling rough today. sad

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 15-Dec-12 15:59:49

I'm in, thank you MsN, hope you're feeling better soon Ood.

BiscuitNibbler Sat 15-Dec-12 17:20:22

Beautiful new thread, MsN!

Haven't seen Friday's yet. I have high hopes for this week though, I've read the Digital Spy spoilers I can feel it in my waters.

Will definitely be here during the Christmas break. I would miss you all too much over Christmas not to post!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 15-Dec-12 17:29:55

You can make friends over the most unlikely subjects on MN!

I think your description of Mrs T is most unfair! &#128530;

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 17:52:14

Feel free to re-write it then. smile

Sparklingbrook Sat 15-Dec-12 17:53:48

What's wrong with it Terry? It missed out meddling busybody? grin

I am not witty. But I love Mrs Tembe and think of her fondly as a warmhearted caring nosy lady detective who does her best to be sensitive nowadays. I think she has come a long way since she started and she has become much less judgy.

Sparklingbrook Sat 15-Dec-12 17:58:14

'Lady detective'. grin She could have her own spin off series.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 18:02:59

Aye Sparkling. I recall us pondering a Hestembe Detective Agency a while back.

Scriptwriters should take that on. I can just imagine Heston rocking the Sherlock Holmes look. grin

OodKingWenceslas Sat 15-Dec-12 18:04:39

She is less judgy but I still don't like her. Though I don't particularly like any of them blush

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 18:10:57


By the way, hope you feel better soon Ood

Oh, I think she is quite endearing really. Perhaps its because I'm pregnant blush

OodKingWenceslas Sat 15-Dec-12 18:15:36

Thanks. I'm just crap at being pregnant! blush

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Dec-12 18:21:38

Two pregnant ladies on the thread. Lovely!!! grin

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 15-Dec-12 18:25:31


in my defence of my description of Mrs T (who I love, btw), it was shortly after a few meddling episodes where she didn't come across too well. But the Jubilee episode remains her finest moment, and I will forgive her anything because of it.grin

Horsemad Sun 16-Dec-12 11:02:39

Wow, a new thread - hello evrrrrrrybody. grin

Have decided my NY resolution is to watch more regularly. Am determined to sit down at some point for half an hour each day with a cuppa and biccies to watch the prog!

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 14:34:13

Watching Friday's now.

shock at GobbyPlod saying bugger on a lunchtime soap!

Horrible story today. And I don't want Kevin to help his father either - hope that storyline is over soon.

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 14:35:30

That is an excellent resolution, Horsemad. From January I will be able to watch live on Mondays as DD will start having a full day at pre-school. I am really looking forward to that!

Horsemad Sun 16-Dec-12 15:17:26

Ooh once they start full days it's amazing! grin all that tv you can watch grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 15:23:34

Has this been on yet? Have I missed it?

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 15:28:07

Not yet, Sparkling. It is this week! <ridiculously excited>

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 15:28:53

Do you think it's a murder mystery Christmas do Biscuit?

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 15:36:26

I hope so! Either that or one of their fantasy episodes. A bit of extra WTF for our Christmas treat!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 16:35:59

Good resolution Horsemad.

Biscuit a full day at pre school. Yay!

I may miss Mondays live due to an appointment. Gah! Tuesday is bingo. Wednesday is looking dodgy... Damn!

Horsemad Sun 16-Dec-12 16:56:43

Biscuit you'll be able to start off with Heir Hunters, then Homes Under The Hammer - break for an hour for a bit of respite (missing that Gloria Hunniford prog about trading standards or whatever it is... and also Cash In The Attic). Then onto Bargain Hunt, BBC News & Doctors, followed by Escape to the Country if it's on grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:01:22

Biscuit Don't watch This Morning on a Friday. Bloody Eamonn Doughface Holmes and his wife.

The Wright Stuff (Channel 5 9.15am) is good for a laugh, depending on what dopey panellists are on. Clashes with Jeremy Kyle though.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:13:54

Did someone mention Jeremy Kyle? grin

I won't be watching him next week. It is all Xmas specials. Can't be doing with it.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:15:45

Escape to the Country makes me irrationally irritable for some reason they have more money than me

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:15:59

Jeremy Kyle Christmas Special? confused Is Santa going to be on for a DNA test?

Don't bother with the Mel Sykes lunchtime thingy. All prerecorded in August from what I can gather and Gino D'Campo is well annoying.

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:17:02

Escape to the Country is really depressing. They always have fussy buggers with loads of money on. And you never know whether they bought it or not. angry

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sun 16-Dec-12 17:32:07

Sparkling I know- the en suite bathrooms are usually bigger than my house, but it's never enough. They never buy-like 'Escape to the sun'or whatever itwas called- just a jolly at the expense of the BBC. Ditto, 'Wanted Down Under'.

Over the past 2 and a half years, I have become an expert on daytime tv.

Heir Hunters cracks me up. It is a 5 minute programme,stretched out to an hour. And they are little more than ambulance chasersgrin With Lisa Faulkner sounding ever more hysterical by the tedium as it progresses.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:33:24

<arf> at Santa DNA test. Unfortunately he transforms into his do gooder alter ego so it gives me nothing to point and laugh at. sad

Dickinsons Real Deal was worth a watch but I think they altered the time.

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:35:07

Heir Hunters is very odd Raahh. Lots of sitting in cars and wild goose chases. Then knocking on doors before any other Heir Hunter gets there. Tis weird.

I had to stop watching Wanted Down Under I was so cross. The best bit was the value of their houses in the UK (watching their faces drop) and the awful houses they could afford over there. Neighbours it wasn't. grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:36:09

Some of the 'experts' on Dickinsons Real Deal' are um, interesting. grin

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:37:29

Wanted Down Under generally showed a family with a DH that wanted to emigrate and a DW that didn't.

Always confused me when people wanted to emigrate somewhere they hadn't visited!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:39:05

Sparkling are you referring to the chap with an accent, an open shirt and lots of jewellery? He is weird!

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:40:39

Possibly MsN, a bit effeminate?

WDO was ridiculous. The crying over the DVD of the family back home was just awful.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:43:08

'A bit effeminate'. Understatement of the year grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 17:47:12

I was trying to be nice. grin Most of the experts come across as being totally uninterested in the offerings don't they? Then old mahogany face appears and it 'goes to Oction' as he says. And gets less than the expert offered. <arf>

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 17:54:14

Mahogany face grin

Horsemad Sun 16-Dec-12 17:56:31

I hate HUTH when they buy to let and only do the minimum required for a refurb sad

Much prefer when they are going to live in it themselves and do a lovely job!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 18:04:05

Best bit about HUTH is seeing how bad the bloke presenters hair is that day.

(I have suddenly realised I need to get out more). blush

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 18:08:15

I like it when the blonde lady gets all cross because the buyers haven't looked inside. grin

OodKingWenceslas Sun 16-Dec-12 19:54:08

I love HUTH , we watched it religiously when I was off with dd3. It became her nap time. I want to work on Heir hunters cos I'm nosy

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sun 16-Dec-12 20:00:46

They are such scruffs, the blokes on Heir Hunters. Like they failed to make it as used car salesmen,or loan sharks grin.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 16-Dec-12 20:40:39

Don't think there's going to be any problem keeping this threwd going over Christmas is there?

I think that there is in fact only one episode of HUTH because every time I watch it's the same one, Dave from Huddersfield who looks like an amateur but is an experienced developer and his wonky end terrace with the blue kitchen.

I have just looked at my calendar and realised with horror that I am not going to be able to watch any of the episodes live this week - I'm working two longer days instead of my usual three mornings and helping in school on the other three afternoons. Boo!

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 21:29:07

Haha, I remember all these programmes from mat leave, before DD was old enough to demand Ceebeebies and Disney Jr.

DD will only be doing one full day next term, plus 2 mornings, so unfortunately I will only have the luxury of the TV to myself once a week. I plan to make the most of it! She's broken up for Christmas now, so I won't get a moment to watch daytime TV until January.

Can't abide This Morning any day of the week - Phil Smarmy Schofield makes my stomach churn. Love HUTH! Is Heir Hunters still on? You can smell the desperation in those blokes through the TV screen. They must work solely on commission. I like The Wright Stuff, Sparkling, I manage to catch that some mornings when DD is at pre-school, although as you say it depends on the panellists. Some are shockingly bad.

We will have no problem keeping this thread going over Christmas - we all like the same crap! grin

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 21:29:54

Meant to say, apart from MsN, who lets the side down with her Jeremy Kyle obsession.

I love the camp man on Dickinson's Real Deal!!
I literally cannot stop laughing the whole time he is on!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 21:36:58


I may even look into how I can get tickets to be in the audience so I can see him in the flesh.


MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 21:38:43

That was tickets to see JK btw, not the camp man on DRDeal.

Ian Townley, his name is

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 21:39:34

Thought you wanted to see mahogany face in the flesh for a minute MsN. grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 16-Dec-12 21:44:36
MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 21:48:45

Sparkling I am not that desperate yet . Give it a bit more time and I would date a Hobbit though.

MrsMaggot Sun 16-Dec-12 21:55:35

I tried to get jk tickets years ago and they never got back to me the swines !

Probably had more luck if i needed a dna test!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 22:03:16

Really, MrsMaggot? How disappointing.

I couldn't be on the stage. I have all my own teeth and don't shout.


BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 22:19:38

Where do they film Jeremy Kyle? I used to live in Norwich where they filmed Vanessa and Tricia. They were absolutely desperate for audience members, and would regularly phone up workplaces and try and persuade people off the street to go in, especially when they had a coachload not turn up / be delayed. I've watched quite a few of those in the past when I've had nothing better to do.

Actually, I must just look like a likely audience member - twice in New York I've been pulled off the street to watch a show being filmed. Once at the Rockerfeller Centre (Oprah-style show but not as famous) and once for the David Letterman show.

MrsMaggot Sun 16-Dec-12 22:25:17

I have a feeling it is filmed in maidstone, if its not jk something is def filmed there.

Im quite pleased i didn't get tickets id have prob got kicked out for heckling !

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 22:26:35

I expect MsN is currently busy looking up the coach timetable for Maidstone as we speak! wink

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 22:30:55

It's filmed in Manchester now so very near me. Not that I've been checking out the 'how to apply for JK tickets' website or anything hmm

Trisha was crap. People banging on them flimsy metal doors and sat on cheapo chairs. And don't get me started on the body language experts.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 16-Dec-12 22:32:16

Never been in an audience. My house was on a TV makeover show once though <embarassed>

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 22:34:55

Each applicant allocated an audience ticket agrees to be available to attend at an address in Manchester (to be provided) and to appear in the audience for the Programme and to being filmed during the Programme on the agreed date and time in ITV’s discretion

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 22:36:34

Ohhhhhhhhh, tell us more WhoKnows (only if you want).

Was it 60 Minute Makeover? Did you get to see her with the big shiny teeth?

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 22:37:59

Do you live there in order to be close to JK, MsN? shock

BiscuitNibbler Sun 16-Dec-12 22:38:40

Oh WhoKnows - we have to know more!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 16-Dec-12 22:47:56

It was before we bought it, we had just been to view it and remarked that one room was somewhat "Changing Rooms" - this was about 12 years ago, so we are talking marble effect paint, lots of stencilling etc. Anyway, about a week later a trailer came on for a TV makeover programme (low budget local one, vaguely recognizable daytime TV presenter whose name eludes me) from "Town we were moving to" - I looked up and said "Fuck me that's that house we looked at last week" or words to that effect. We video-ed it and now have it saved on DVD.

Needless to say we re-decorated fairly promptly but a few traces remain <gazes fondly at ceiling rose>

MsNobodyAgain Sun 16-Dec-12 22:55:18

Biscuit maybe I do. <whistles innocently>

Who nowt wrong with a good ceiling rose. My old Victorian Terrace had lovely cornices and ceiling roses. Now I live in a modern magnolia box. Meh!

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:44:56

Hello all. i am watching live after missing all of last week. Hope I can keep up.....

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:47:41

Santa's slipped a disc. <arf>

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:48:13

Not sure i'll watch much of this.I've caught the col/bug the dcs have had,and feel gruesome.

And dd2 has decided to have a nap now- too late for me to have one<sob>

Mrs T as Scrooge. With a packed lunchgrin

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:48:13

Oooh Christmas lunch at the Icon. Where else is there?

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:48:42

Oh no Raahh. sad

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:50:59

Who's the blonde then? Or don't we know yet?

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:51:30

I have lucozade. And am wallowing in self pitygrin

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:52:54

The blonde ran a care home, I think. Where she was shit to the residents and fed them drugs. I may have mixed her up with someone else grin

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:53:41

Home Visit alert. hmm

Thanks Raahh.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:54:07

Heston has worked with EVERYBODY

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:55:27

It looks very summery for December. grin

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:56:48

I was thinkingthat.

was this woman in Crossroads?

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 13:57:02


Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 13:57:46

Amazingly I never watched Crossroads. shock

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 14:01:15

oh, you missed a trick. Reminds me of beinga kid. Of course, all I thinkof now is Acorn Antiques.

Gabrielle Drake, her name is. She hasn't aged well.

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:04:19

Ooh a glass of wine at her place. wink

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:06:56

FGS home visit in the pub now. shock

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 14:08:02


Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:09:22

This wedding 'storyline' is a bit yawnsome......

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 14:09:46

oh goody. Open marriages in Letherbridge.

I thought we would find out Daddy was gaygrin

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 14:10:05

it's very BAH

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:11:03

Will the stammer be magically fixed now?

Ewwww TBFE in 'afternoon delight' shock. shock

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:12:09

Is TBFE supposed to be at work? confused

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 17-Dec-12 14:13:24

Love Gobby's outfit.

Ewwww. They are all after TBFE.

Sparklingbrook Mon 17-Dec-12 14:14:08

Yes TBFE has become irresistible to women it seems......

OodKingWenceslas Mon 17-Dec-12 14:24:35

Everyone in leather bridge worked at St Phils or thePCT

toldmywrath Mon 17-Dec-12 15:10:59

Hello Raahh-the blonde woman-do you mean TBFE's new bit of stuff/ met her at the army recruitment day-or another blonde woman?
Thanks for new thread MsNo and my root treatment has been completed today-all ok & thanks for your wishes the other day.
We could have a joke involving doctors during the Christmas hiatus, like I'll say
"Doctor doctor I feel like a pair of curtains"
and the next thread person can supply the punchline. What do yer think??

toldmywrath Mon 17-Dec-12 15:12:06

"pull yourself together man" smile

MrsMaggot Mon 17-Dec-12 19:36:26

So who's gunna sing this year at the xmas party? One of my favourite Drs moments
was when jimmi was chained to a radiator but back at the mill they were listening to a tape of him singing hehe

I think we should create a top 100 Drs moments thing (like they have on this time of year ) with Mrs T as the host,

MrsMaggot Mon 17-Dec-12 20:52:58

So who's gunna sing this year at the xmas party? One of my favourite Drs moments
was when jimmi was chained to a radiator but back at the mill they were listening to a tape of him singing hehe

I think we should create a top 100 Drs moments thing (like they have on this time of year ) with Mrs T as the host,

MrsMaggot Mon 17-Dec-12 20:55:00

Grr bloody new phone, one day ill learn to use it and stop double posting

MsNobodyAgain Mon 17-Dec-12 21:28:43

Just watching...

Is it a Blackberry MrsMaggot? Or perhaps an IPhone? When my sister got a new IPhone I got a few texts that she'd already sent to her husband. blush

MsNobodyAgain Mon 17-Dec-12 21:32:03

told glad your treatment went ok. And grin at the joke. I'll tell that to the DCs in the morning.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 17-Dec-12 21:48:32

6tl was looking rough today. I think she needs to see Daniel for a Botox top-up. Whatever happened to that Grainger Clinic by the way? Another forgotten storyline.

BiscuitNibbler Mon 17-Dec-12 22:04:11

Wish that had been me with TBFE. How come his hair wasn't even slightly ruffled though? Half an hour with me and he'd be looking a bit more dishevelled.

Would not have recognised Gabrielle Drake if you hadn't said it, Raah, and I was an avid Crossroads viewer in my youth. I think that was the start of the watching-crap-slippery-slope.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 17-Dec-12 22:12:21

shock Biscuit. You naughty lady grin

<clutches pearls>

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:45:13

Hi all. I am here but if I suddenly disappear then my parents have arrived. wink

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 13:48:31

Hi Sparkling

Nice costume Gobby has on. grin

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 13:51:19

Oh, is Mrs T getting chatted up? She needs a lovely partner. She's luffly.

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:52:00

Hello MsN. smile

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:53:43

6tl is a bit over familiar eith TBFE isn't she? confused

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 13:55:13

Yes, she's being a bit lizard like. Whispering in TBFE's ear. Ugh!

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:56:14

OMG she's turned up at his work. shock Climbing group? Eh?

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:56:33


MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 13:56:45

Oh, is her going to do her over the desk?

<smutty mind>

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 13:57:02


Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:58:06

I don't understand the Mrs T 'storyline'. confused

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 13:59:58

OMG she's lost the plot like us.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 14:00:55

She saw a bit of ivory and went off on one. Bizarre! But that's Doctors for you.

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 14:01:29

Kevin has a fear of needles. confused

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 14:02:10

"in the apprrrrrrrrrrrroprrrrrrriate rrrrrrrrrrreceptile"


Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Dec-12 14:04:18

What the bobbins is going on?

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 14:05:51

Oh, I didn't know Mrs T's hubby was dead.

OodKingWenceslas Tue 18-Dec-12 14:11:39

Totally lost the Mrs T story, not much better on the TBFE and blondy/6tl story and what's the point in the Gobby bits?

Oh & dr afraid of needles hmm

MsNobodyAgain Tue 18-Dec-12 14:16:23


I'm warming to Rect-Al a bit going off the preview to tomorrows episode. "I really can't be bothered". I say that a lot.

I TOLD you she was a Lady Detective!!!!
Pahaha 'by the power invested in me by the Heath Authority'
I love Mrs TemBE. Nice to see a ffrrrrrrrruit cake featured again. I am SURE the scriptwriters are secret thread lurkers.

OodKingWenceslas Tue 18-Dec-12 16:12:23

Who suggested the Mrs T spin off?

Ood- I'd commission that if I was the programme chooser for the BBC perhaps that's why I'm not

OodKingWenceslas Wed 19-Dec-12 14:00:06

OMG where are you all????

Zara AND Daniel are back & dh doesn't understand my excitement blush

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 19-Dec-12 14:54:08

Haven't seen it all week sad.

OodKingWenceslas Wed 19-Dec-12 15:05:27

Was I the only one today?

whoknows < bossy voice> go watch it now!

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:08:12

OMG what have I missed? It's on Sky Plus do I need to tell the DC to turn off Good Luck Charlie immediately?

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:13:10

Zara is soooo rude.

Oooh the Gobbys. Beefy in his dressing gown. wink

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:18:04

OMG it's Daniel!! With a beard!!

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:19:12

Gobby Plod Santa. hmm

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:22:49

Gina wants to see Santa and his sleigh? Really?

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:27:46

Poor Daniel. sad

OodKingWenceslas Wed 19-Dec-12 15:35:34

I've not forgiven Daniel for Chaniel , had to scrub my brain for weeks. Love Zara, super bitch thoughblush

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:36:15

Gina fixes the sleigh. Right. hmm

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:37:11

Looks like a milk float.

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 15:37:45

Kevin and Daniel should head off to the pub......

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 16:16:01

I will have to watch this later. Blooming DS broke his glasses. Spent all afternoon at Specsavers sad

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 16:20:36

Oh no MsN, how did he do that?

we3kingsoforientRaahh Wed 19-Dec-12 16:36:14

I've not seen the last 2, due to ongoing illness chez Raahh.

I hope to catch up later--if I can stay awake--

BiscuitNibbler Wed 19-Dec-12 17:35:19

DH is going out tonight so I will have the TV to myself later, so I will sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the return of Zara. I love her, she is so fantastically rude.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 17:42:45

Sparkling he cracked one of the glasses arms himself doing his usual squirming about. Then another 'darling' child at his school broke the other arm. I know it was an accident but so annoying.

Sparklingbrook Wed 19-Dec-12 17:52:24

Yes MsN, I bet that's really what you wanted to be doing this afternoon. sad

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 19:05:15

Don't get me started on it. DS1 has been discharged by the eye hospital (I was not informed or told why) so this was his first appointment at a normal Opticians. Had to go through his whole history and lets just say her manner at dealing with a SN child was a little, errrrrr, inflexible.

I need wine and Doctors.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 21:06:04

Just watching.

Zara looks fab envy

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 21:13:43

Daniel with a beard. Weird.

My poor Kevin has hurt his head. I must get to the Mill and offer a soothing bosom for him to rest on. grin

BiscuitNibbler Wed 19-Dec-12 21:13:50

Oh dear, MsN, what a crap day. Hope you are all recovering, Raahh?

I've just had wine and watched Doctors. Oh how I have missed Zara! So lovely to have someone who can put 6tl in her place. I hope she comes back for good soon.

Daniel looked surprisingly ok with a beard. Wouldn't have thought he would.

Why didn't they call Mrs T to fix the sleigh? She's a dab-hand with an engine. WTF was the blonde doing with her stiletto?

I love how the only patient today came in early, sat all day in the waiting room, and didn't bump into any other patients. And then it turned out there was nothing wrong with her - the perfect Doctors patient! I'm surprised she didn't get offered a home visit for her results.

BiscuitNibbler Wed 19-Dec-12 21:15:52

Put your bosom away, MsN, as Mrs T would say, it is unseemly! shock

Cross-posts about Daniel's beard! We'll have to agree to disagree!

MsNobodyAgain Wed 19-Dec-12 21:33:56

grin Biscuit. Let me have my little perv fantasy. I hope he doesn't fly to New York with a head injury.


<creeps back in and slides into a chair at the back hoping noone will notice she left...>

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 09:27:31

Hi Cakes. How is BabyCakes doing?

And Raahh, hope your household is illness free soon.

in case you haven't seen this -[[ doctors]]

OodKingWenceslas Thu 20-Dec-12 13:19:52

Radio times has Doctors as one of its highlights for 30/12. 6tl & TBFE story.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 13:49:21

Must watch that later Mary. Slightly late to thread today. Must catch up! (and buy the Radio Times)

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 13:53:45

I'm back too, having had a lovely morning cooking and baking with the last three episodes on Iplayer in the background. Feet up with a mince pie and the Christmas Radio Times now to watch today's.

What a self entitled woman.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 13:54:16

Naughty Jizz opening Kevs post shock

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 13:55:55

Hi Who smile

That woman must be a good actress because I really dislike her.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 13:57:40

Just found the Doctors thing in the RT and am now v.confused.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 14:06:16

Been reading back up the thread, hope all the ill people are recovering Raah.

Kevin just needs to think about him as any old man, not his dad.

Poor Nell.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 14:06:56

Home visit!

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 14:08:53

That looks suspiciously like the kitchen where the other doctor tried to top himself the other year.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 14:09:42

How on earth can respite care and an emergency nurse be arranged at the drop of a hat like that? Maybe Letherbridge social services have as few clients as the Mill.

Ah, not respite care, B&B for the patient at the Dr's house WTF!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 14:11:36

OK, not the Dr's house, but still.

Go on Kevin, you know you've got to do it.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 14:13:04

They are quick getting Kevin in a bed aren't they? shock

'Twas the day of speedy solutions in Doctors WTF world. hmm

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Thu 20-Dec-12 14:15:29

Think I might move to Letherbridge, imagine never having to wait for anything ever (unless you are that poor patient of Dr Al's the other day waiting for her results).

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Dec-12 14:22:07

Missed it again. Tomorrow's had better be good.

OodKingWenceslas Thu 20-Dec-12 14:49:26

Love that we have now moved on to home visits to each other. Dh reckons they have no budget for extras.

Baby cakes is walking and saying mama. Not bad for someone who isn't yet 1.

I an still suffering from this godawful cough/cold thing and am so not in' the mood for christmas. Bah humbug.

Oh. And Kevin is a prat.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:13:30

Ok-I'm trying to catch up. Finding it difficult to concentrate due to coughing. Episode with Detective Tembe was very BAH.

Oh-looky this next one has ZARA! She's been missed. andenvy at how fab she looks after only a few months post baby.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:17:01

and Mary thankyou for the you tube link- very funny!!

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:17:20

Daniel! All beardy!!!

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 20:24:09

Just watched today's. Agree with MsN, that was Simon's kitchen.

They keep on doing stories about controlling mothers and people lying about their symptoms to keep control of their partners / children. Clearly the writers have issues in that area.

I think today's was an attempt to make us feel some sympathy for 6tl, I expect she is about to be portrayed as a carer. I don't think I could feel any sympathy for her if I were paid.

I want Zara back. How much longer do we have to wait?

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:24:46

pmsl @ Gobby sewn into her costume.

This is a dull week at the Millsad

But seeing Santa trapped under a truck might scar a child for lifegrin I love the Gobby's.

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 20:25:49

Mary - that YouTube link was very funny! A great advert for the show!

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:28:50

Can someone explain wtf was the point of the patient who hung around all day??

Anyway- onwards to today's episode...

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:39:37

Is it Dickens week on Doctors?Poor sick little Nell, Rect-Al being Scrooge like.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:43:01

I'm getting very irritated by the mother...If I was Mrs T I'd throw a tea over her, wheel chair or not.

Jizz had no right opening the mail.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:48:53

fucking hell- Jizz laid it on a bit thick! 'Die Daddy Die'

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 20-Dec-12 20:51:16

'Try a little tenderness' is one of my favourite ever songs.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 20-Dec-12 21:12:12

Raahh, yes. It was a bit Dickens like with hindsight. As for asking us to explain a storyline <arf>. We all know sometimes often there is no point to the story.

Biscuit Simon, that was him. Thanks. I couldn't remember his name. I rather liked him as a character.

Zara needs to come back full time asap.

6tl, I am still finding her a bit reptilian. She reminds me of a character in a very old sci fi series - "V". God I am old, grin

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 21:46:31

Simon had a fundamental flaw in his character - he liked Princess Bubblegum.

Oh MsN I used to watch V! You are so right, 6tl looks like a V character!!

Raahh - good spot on the Dickens thing!

Oh! Zara is in it again tomorrow! Hurrah!

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 21:59:49

Sparkling - I have to congratulate you on your post on the Eastenders thread about the Nolan sister - that is my post of the year! I can't stop laughing!

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Dec-12 22:06:33

Thanks Biscuit. I don't watch EE but just wanted to join in. grin I have no idea who is who, but I think I got away with it. wink

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 22:13:37

I am still laughing - not only at the comment but that no one else said anything about your post! It was brilliant!

Sparklingbrook Thu 20-Dec-12 22:19:58

I wasn't a proper EE fan and had invaded the thread uninvited, announcing I don't watch it. Not a great move probably. grin

BiscuitNibbler Thu 20-Dec-12 22:57:21

I read the EE threads but don't post - they seem a bit serious.

I stopped watching EE for years then got sucked back in about a year ago. I hate myself for watching it, and keep telling myself I'll stop after whichever storyline is currently running finishes, but I never do. blush

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 00:20:00

I used to watch EE till a few years ago, but I think Dh would divorce me if I started again, it really almost brings him out in hives. I still watch surreptitiously about once a year and used to keep up by reading the updates in the papers, but we gave up the tabloids some time ago and I have lost track. Never thought of following a MN thread for updates.

I can't watch EE. It's like spending the evening with my in-laws - all that drama and screaming at each other, not to mention trying to work out who's fathered whose child and who isn't speaking to whom. I haven't the mental energy for it

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:03:21

Any one here?

Gina is starting to really annoy me.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:05:58

Ah, ok, looks as though it wasn't just me.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:08:22

I do like Gobby though.

<talks to herself>

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:10:36

I'm 18 minutes behind on Sky+

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:11:35

I like Gobby. She's just doing that miserable mans obs.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:12:28

Cheesy singing alert

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:13:46

Hello MsN, how are you today?

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:14:03

Love Karen's face at the pressies. grin

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:15:29

Hi Who, not bad. Just got distracted by the post arriving with a Solicitors letter to do with my fuckwit ex.

But otherwise, very well. You ok?

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:16:10

She reminds me of a RL friend, very expressive face.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:17:41

She's a gurner for sure. I'm just seeing 6tl and TBFE engaging in the staff room. Ooo-er.

OMG we've finally seen Mr 6tl !!!!!!!

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:21:28

9lbs 12 oz shock.

I bet that hurt a tiny bit.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:21:54

Bit of chemistry there. Thought she was married, but don't recall seeing a husband?

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:23:17

Before today I mean, what's the story there?

<disclaimer, not paying full attention today as I am wrapping presents>

toldmywrath Fri 21-Dec-12 14:24:37

I had to leave the room (to get some cake!)and when I came back in & I was only gone a few seconds TBFE & 6tl were enjoying seconds! I'll have to watch on replay or hd channel later. Daniel directed today's episode.
Waves to Sparkling (I never watch EE either-joined you in your thread invasion) grin

toldmywrath Fri 21-Dec-12 14:25:20

Sorry to hear your woes MsNo

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:29:33

Meh told, I'm always moaning. grin

TBFE was very hot today, until he got drunk.

Daniel trying to be father of the year in one hour. Pffffffft. hmm

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:31:52

Well, I quite enjoyed that. Worth watching.

Now we are on a break until 2nd January.


WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:40:37

Oh, maybe we should petition for a Christmas Day edition next year. Would be better than EE.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 14:47:22

A petition. Ermmmmm, I think one sheet of paper would suffice. grin

A Christmas Day edition could be great though. All the doctors pretending to get on. Mrs T and Hestons eyes meeting across a mince pie.

Zaniel re-united over a Christmas cracker.

<gets carried away>

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 14:50:22

Just for once they would be justified in having no patients.

Gina is weird..

OodKingWenceslas Fri 21-Dec-12 18:43:08

I thought it was Saturdau blush never mind will watch later when pressie wrapping

toldmywrath Fri 21-Dec-12 18:58:25

Oh dear Ood has the end of the world been too much for you?

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 19:16:23

My DD was really worried about that. I said if the world ended I'd give her £100. She went off to school happy.

OodKingWenceslas Fri 21-Dec-12 19:22:07

I had a day out with dd1. Think that's addled my mind.

OodKingWenceslas Fri 21-Dec-12 20:46:14

Zaniel and Chimmi could have been a great EE style Xmas blow up.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 20:47:59

That's what I call a safe bet MsN.

Ood, I'm back on track now but on Tuesday I honestly didn't know what day it was, had to check with DS (8).

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 21:03:56

grin I bought her the latest Bin Weevils magazine instead. She was happy. No end of the world and free 'nest items' confused but as long as DD is happy, I'm happy.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 21:21:30

Something worrying has happened to me. Every time I flick through the channels on my Sky planner there are programmes entitled Heston's Magical something or other etc and just for a nano second they catch my eye as being of possible interest because of Doctors. Then I remember that it's Heston Blumenthal. Possibly this winter break is a good thing for me!

MsNobodyAgain Fri 21-Dec-12 22:17:30

This is what 'Doctors' can do to you. It's BAH, WTF, but it draws you in like a Siren.

Don't leave the thread for the winter break though. I plan to talk crap until 2nd January and make up story lines.

I WILL keep this thread going until 2013! (That's me being assertive btw, but I'm not really convincing myself)


BiscuitNibbler Fri 21-Dec-12 22:24:24

Just watching now. I reckon Jizz & Kevin will have a fling sooner or later.

Purple suits Kevin.

I'm the same, WhoKnows - as soon as I see "Heston" I think of Doctors!

BiscuitNibbler Fri 21-Dec-12 22:27:06

MsN this thread will keep going throughout the break. We don't need to watch Doctors to chat about crap! grin

readyforno2 Fri 21-Dec-12 22:32:06

Can I join? I just finished watching today's episode.
Glad Howard finished with Gina. She was a bit creepy. Have I missed something.. What's wrong with Emma's husband?

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 22:33:47

How long have these threads been going? I've got one that I've just passed my third anniversary on (Flylady smile) one that I've been on since May (Any Old Prolapse sad) and now this one, I like long running threads and always feel a little bit lonely when the Flylady one goes quiet over Christmas. So I will keep on chatting.

OodKingWenceslas Fri 21-Dec-12 22:41:27

ready I don't think we know much about 6tl background. Looks like its picking up now with TBFE.

BiscuitNibbler Fri 21-Dec-12 22:48:23

Welcome, Ready! We accept anyone, but never let you leave!

Think we will learn more about 6tl after the break (from what I can gather from the Radio Times). So far we just know they have "history" and know each other through the PCT.

Daniel's tree looked good. I have decided to forget his dalliance with Princess Bubblegum and just want him and Zara back together.

OodKingWenceslas Fri 21-Dec-12 22:51:41

The mystical PCT where every has worked at some point or other....

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 22:58:19

From what little I have seen of Zara (some episodes when she was pregnant plus this week) I wouldn't wish her on anyone.

BiscuitNibbler Fri 21-Dec-12 23:01:26

WhoKnows - you will grow to love her, she's ace! Her fabulous put-downs are legendary and her back-story is very good too.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Fri 21-Dec-12 23:04:11

I await further developments with interest then! I should be asleep but am watching the darts, Christmas family tradition Chez WhoKnows.

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 00:26:15

Feel as though I'm gonna have to swat up on the nicknames here wink
I too want Daniel and Zara to get back together, and I like Daniels beard too. Cherry's away anyway so she's easily forgotten about.
Emma.. Well, they worked together anyway before the mill didn't they? Think I'm going to like this thread..

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 07:39:27

Oh, a newbie! Welcome ready. smile

(Will waffle later. Still in bed)

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 08:09:30

Gah! I knew the DCs would make me get up. I am hankering for the teenage years when they won't leave their rooms and I'll be leaving food outside their doors.

<generalises teenagers>

Who I think these threads have been going for quite a while. I remember posting throughout the last Christmas break (under a different name) so it's a year at least. Raahh will know, she's been here for AGES! grin

OodKingWenceslas Sat 22-Dec-12 08:33:05

I've just forced my teenager out of bed so sue can go shopping for me!

These threads started with Zara and the handbag episode so it's not been that long. Think she had Joe then?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 09:13:09

I forgot the advantages of having a teenager in the future! You can send them shopping!!! Yay

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 11:14:03

I haven't seen yesterday's yet- dd1 had an ear infection, so we spent the morning at the Doctors. It was far busier than the Mill. It meant I missed ds singing his solo at the church, which made people crygrin(his solo, not my absence).

Sickly people has meant all my shopping plans were thrown out of sync- so I was Christmas food shopping at Aldi at 8am this morning <yawn>

And the Doctors threads haven't been going that long really- I think they started early in the year after the infamous WTF handbag episodegrin. It just feels like yeeeaaarrrrrsssss.....grin

The run up to Christmas hasn't been as good this year- the Heston/Marina bauble stuff,and her leaving him for dead over last year's Christmas break- that was bettergrin.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 11:20:12

Actually- thinking about it ,the threads must go back further than that, because I' sure we discussed Chimmi's wedding plans. And Kevin being beingset up for the murder.

Takes over your life, Doctors. All the years roll into onegrin

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 12:55:47

What a shame you missed the solo sad

The Heston/Marina story was good. I'd forgotten about the bauble. She was proper outraged because he dropped it. Poor Heston. Mind you, at least he is now camping out in Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuulia's nice big house. Although why he can't live in his own house is beyond me.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 16:34:06

MsN- it's another 'Gobby's new house' scenario- maybe they can't use the Heston's flat set anymore? But that's a boring option. I prefer to think there are Zombies living in his wine cellar...

I hope Juuuuuliaaa and MtM are having a nice Christmas in Walesgrin

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 18:07:20

<arf> at zombies.

I am in the middle of wrapping presents. I seem to have bought DD more than the DSs. Oh dear. I will need to bribe them with a bit of money. No way am I leaving the house again.

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 19:19:21

I was wondering that myself.. Is Julia going to make a comeback?
Mtm= Martin the mechanic???
As for presents. I made the mistake of attempting to 'nip' into asda today. Total disaster, one car almost reversed into me and another cut right in front of me.. If I have forgotten anyone they will have to wait.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 20:07:27

Yep, Martin the mechanic. Him with the dodgy hair do. I don't think Julia is going to make a comeback. I prefer Howard (TBFE) anyway.

'Nip' into asda. shock. That was brave!

Present wrapping nearly done. All cellophane, screws and plastic ties removed. Batteries put in where needed. I'm just charging some stuff up. I can't wait to see the DCs faces!!! smile

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:16:44

I know. I am crazy!!
Ah. Batteries. There's always something I forget... Going to have to stock up. I've a couple of things to wrap but pretty much finished. Spent most of Friday wrapping whilst ds1 was at school.
I do like Howard but he would be so easy to walk all over. Julia had proper issues though so I did get sick of her towards the end.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 20:21:20

Plus we don't have to see that grandchild of hers. If I had heard the word 'Nardie' one more time....grrrrrrrrrrr!

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 20:32:51

Well, I've just caught up.

6tl and TBFE getting it on before merlot o'clock!

Baby Joe is getting big. TBFE doing Mud - very painful.grin Why are all the blokes at the Mill such miseries? You'd think at least one of them could manage a decent relationship.

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:36:21

Forgot about that grandchild. Yeah you might have a point.
I want to know more about 6tl's mystery husband. Don't want to wait till January!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 20:41:38

Baby Joe is still so cute!

TBFE was very passionate wasn't he? I'm mentally going through the blokes at the Mill. Would I date them?

- Jimmi, yes if he stopped running. My kitchen could do with a good clean.

- Rect-Al, not in a million years.

- Heston, maybe blush

- Daniel, no. I'd be punching above my weight so to speak.

- TBFE, yes, but I'd have to fight BiscuitNibbler for him

- Kevin, wink

- Barry, one sympathy date.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 22-Dec-12 20:43:30

The women aren't much better, Gobby is the only one in anything resembling a stable relationship.

OodKingWenceslas Sat 22-Dec-12 20:44:50

ready it's back on 30/12

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 22-Dec-12 20:47:59

Oh and if I was to follow your assessment of the men MsN it would be

Jimmi - no, just not attractive to me
Rect-al - human race could die out first
Heston - no way, boring
Daniel - just possible
TBFE - no, same as for Jimmi
Kevin - well, I'm probably old enough to be his mum. A bit effeminate.
Barry - no, same as for Rect-Al

However Louis Smith on the other hand <gets back to Strictly thread>

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 20:53:00

Deffo need to get Jimmi round to blitz the house.

Never saw the appeal of Daniel,do like beards though.
Rect-al. No.
Heston- I do have a soft spot for Heston- he'd have decent booze. He snores, though,iircgrin

Kevin has definitely grown on me.

TBFE-the Eddie Munster hair puts me off, he looks better a bit rumpled.

Barry- awwww, poor Barrygrin

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:54:11

Oh is it? Must be getting muddled up with neighbours.
I would definitely date Daniel. Kinda fancy him with the new beard.
Jimmy.. He's a bit OCD for my liking
Kevin is like a hormonal teenager
Heston, maybe
To be honest I quite like Chris too (does he have a nickname?)

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 22-Dec-12 20:55:47

Chris, yes, forgotten him. Seems relatively normal and reasonably attractive.

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:56:50

Forgot about rect-al. No way.
TBFE- don't see the attraction there either

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 20:57:18

True, the women are also rubbish. But the Gobby's stick it out through thick and thin. Where is Gobbyplod? He's not been in it much. Crime will be on the up in Letherbridge!

It's back on the 30th? That's a Sunday. And my birthdaygrin

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:59:04

He's been too busy playing with floats and being Santa.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 22-Dec-12 21:02:46

What a lovely birthday treat for you Raahh smile

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 22-Dec-12 21:10:41

Whoknows- it is, isn't itgrin.

Usually, I end up watching 'Zulu' .

BiscuitNibbler Sat 22-Dec-12 21:24:08

TBFE is the only one for me (although I like Daniel with the new beard and I probably would end up getting drunk and shagging Heston blush).

I'd pay Jimmi to come and do a few hours cleaning, though. He'd probably have to go into therapy afterwards, though.

Are you sure it is on on the 30th? My Radio Times says the 2nd January.

Horsemad Sat 22-Dec-12 21:33:03

I know someone who looks like Daniel minus the beard, my tongue is hanging out whenever I see him grin

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:36:37

Jimmy would have a heart attack if he saw my kitchen wink
I wouldn't mind a friend who looks like Daniel

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:38:07

Not that my kitchens dirty just that you can't see the fridge and cupboard doors for magnets and ds1 pictures respectively

Horsemad Sat 22-Dec-12 21:41:41

ready my DH gets snippy when I have to see my Daniel lookalike!!!

Can't think why!

readyforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:44:11

Think mine would too!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 22-Dec-12 21:56:37

DigitalSpy says it's back on 2nd January too. Not that I read the spoilers. Oh no. Not me. Not guilty Your Honour. grin

OodKingWenceslas Sat 22-Dec-12 22:11:36

Sorry was looking at wrong month. Just remembered it was mid week. blush

toldmywrath Sun 23-Dec-12 13:55:50

Blimey this thread is degrading into 'who would you do!' So my list is TBFE, Louis Smith deffo blush and Kev. But in reality I'm too old & that for Louis & Kev.
I think that the thread started with wtf handbag story, but can't remember when that was.
MsNo you get a different type of problem with teenagers (apart from the smell) You really will be a taxi service for a start.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 23-Dec-12 14:48:31

I do have the ability to lower the tone grin.

I'm going into denial about the teenage years and saving up for taxis so I can stay in and swig gin like MNHQ!!

MsNobodyAgain Sun 23-Dec-12 14:50:05

Totally unrelated but now I've got to dye my hair. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't want to. It's messy and boring. sad

Horsemad Sun 23-Dec-12 15:41:02

Totally agree with teen's taxi service, we live in a rural area and it actually is a pain now they need ferrying round everywhere.

Can't wait until they pass their tests!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 23-Dec-12 16:27:37

I'll join the queue for Louis!

horsemad that's why we live in town! Though it's a small market town and only 5 mins in the other direction to the country,

Horsemad Sun 23-Dec-12 16:30:38

I want to move to the town!! Tired of driving kids everywhere sad

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sun 23-Dec-12 16:52:14

We are in a small town and can walk pretty well everywhere. I only really need the car for getting to work (10 miles away) and going to visit all the friends who have moved out to the surrounding villages. I get a bit envious of their massive gardens but I really love the fact that I don't have to spend hours driving the DCs around.

readyforno2 Sun 23-Dec-12 22:16:24

Glad I've got a while ahead of me before I have to think about the teenage years. We're pretty rural here so it will happen. Just the price you pay for living in the country I suppose.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 24-Dec-12 07:23:17

sad DS2 seems very unwell and has a barking cough.


I got a full night's sleep for the first time in a year last night! Hurrah. More I'm watching last tango in halifax and trying to finish Baby Cakes' christmas stocking before tonight!

Oh yes
Jimmi - no way, no how. Ick
Kevin - ditto
Heston - too old for me
Daniel - ooh yes please
Howard - if he grew a pair
Zara - if she was that way inclined ;)

Hrm. The sleep seems to have made me frisky. Happy Christmas all.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 24-Dec-12 09:43:44

I finished watching Last Tango on Friday Cakes - loved it, so pleased there's going to be a second series. Hoorah for a full night's sleep!

Anyway, in case I don't get back to this thread today

Happy Christmas everyone!


WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 24-Dec-12 09:45:03

Oh, just read back up properly - hope DS doesn't turn out to be properly poorly MsN <hug>

OodKingWenceslas Mon 24-Dec-12 09:59:38

Happy Christmas all!

MsNobodyAgain Mon 24-Dec-12 10:26:43

Ta Who. Every time he gets ill I think the worse for obvious reasons (assuming you know the back story)

But...although he is coughing, his temperature is fine so I'm just an over-anxious mother. I will join you all in a smile and say in Mrs T style


grin grin grin grin grin

Sparklingbrook Mon 24-Dec-12 10:53:00

Hi all. We are a bit germy here too, I think everyone is. Hope your DS feels better soon MsN. DH said I coughed and snored all night. blush

Happy Christmas to all on the thread xxxx

Lots of coughs about. Even if he gets temperature don't assume the worst. Baby cakes (or should that be Toddler Cakes now?) and I both had a coughing bug and it starts out pretty rough

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 24-Dec-12 17:14:21

Merry Christmas to all my fellow SDTP's. grin

Had to take dd1 back to the docs, as she kept being sick with the antibiotics. She's 6, but has never actually had them before- never occurred to me she might react to them hmm. Can't risk ear infections over the next couple of days.

Hope everyone is feeling well by tomorrow- have a lovely day, everybody!!

Sparklingbrook Mon 24-Dec-12 17:15:50

Shame it's not on over Christmas. i would love to see Gobbyplod's Christmas shenanigans. grin

MsNobodyAgain Mon 24-Dec-12 18:09:30

Gobby would be getting pissed and giving everyone food poisoning. I luffs Gobby.


MsNobodyAgain Mon 24-Dec-12 18:15:58

That smiley looks bald. It needs a festive hat...

grin <---- that's better!

Sparklingbrook Mon 24-Dec-12 18:33:35

Oooh and think of the home visits. Shut for 2 days-imagine!

toldmywrath Mon 24-Dec-12 22:58:01

Merry Christmas everybody. Hope your DS is feeling better MsNo and try not to worry (although I know you can't help it)
Home visits over the next 2 days are strictly limited in rl-hmm wonder what happens in Doctorsland.
smile grin wink

MsNobodyAgain Tue 25-Dec-12 05:48:12

He seems fine now! That's kids for you.

2 DCs are already up but I'm making them stay upstairs til 7. Wa ha ha ha.


Horsemad Tue 25-Dec-12 08:49:44

Glad he's better MsNo. Have a lovely day. smile

readyforno2 Tue 25-Dec-12 19:50:23

Glad your ds is better. Hope everyone's had a lovely day.

readyforno2 Tue 25-Dec-12 19:52:20

Sorry, got a baby here who decided it was time to post that last comment.
We're staying at my df's but I stupidly forgot the listening part

readyforno2 Tue 25-Dec-12 20:06:52

Ffs! Listening part of the baby monitor. Have downloaded an app but its not really working.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 25-Dec-12 21:16:31

Oh dear ready. I don't get apps, I'm a technophobe with a HTC phone which is about as modern as I get.

Good day was had by all here. Just settling down to bed.

thank goodness that's over for another year

Sparklingbrook Tue 25-Dec-12 21:24:08

I am so tired. I am trying to stay awake for the Royle Family. grin DH has nodded off on the sofa, and the living room looks like a bomb's hit, ditto the kitchen.

I think we need to go out in the fresh air tomorrow before we all get square eyes. grin

MsNobodyAgain Wed 26-Dec-12 18:27:19

How's everybody doing? My house is a tad messy. DCs have been glued to various bits of technology on and off today.

We watched a film together though - well 3 of us did, not DS2 (strange boy grin)

I wonder what the Doctors are up to?

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 18:32:35

We are all ok thanks MsN. Just had Christmas dinner a day late. I nipped to the sales then quickly nipped home again. grin

MsNobodyAgain Wed 26-Dec-12 19:21:00

I haven't left the house since Christmas Eve. The DCs are itching to spend their Christmas money.

Argos are in for a battering tomorrow grin

Horsemad Wed 26-Dec-12 19:34:24

Why did you have your Christmas dinner a day late Sparkling?

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 19:36:54

Sounds daft Horse but yesterday we had breakfast about 11am then my Mum and Dad popped in. By the time they left the DC decided they didn't want a cooked dinner and grazed all afternoon. grin

It was nice having it today. No present opening or visitors, very relaxed. smile

Horsemad Wed 26-Dec-12 20:04:48

Yep, I think it would be nicer to have the dinner on BD too, less pressure imo.

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 20:21:05

We may do it every year now Horse. Present opening and madness one day. nice mellow meal the next.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 26-Dec-12 20:34:11

I had my Mum round for Christmas dinner. She told me off for the state of my ancient baking trays and made me chuck them out shock

I'm 42 years old ffs! grin and apparently a slattern

Horsemad Wed 26-Dec-12 20:38:08

A friend of mine changed their routine this year and had their dinner on 24th as a long leisurely lunch and just grazed on CD.

She said she wishes they'd done it years ago. I'd do it but diehard traditionalist DH would not want to sad

OodKingWenceslas Wed 26-Dec-12 20:58:10

We had a trip to the Drs yesterday. Could have done with a home visit ( it's 25 mins each way) , I had to drive as dh had had wine, I'm on crutches & can't walk far, had to take dd2 as its not safe to leave her with dd1 for long. Dd3 was the one that was poorly! Luckily straight in & out with ABs for her.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 26-Dec-12 21:11:19

Ood sad. Hope DD3 and you get better soon.

You're right. A home visit would have been entirely in order. Heston would have obliged in this season of goodwill.

Horsemad Wed 26-Dec-12 21:16:38

Heston would have done the home visit and cooked your dinner for you probably!! grin

Hope you are both soon recovered.

OodKingWenceslas Wed 26-Dec-12 22:13:54

I'll be a while yet at least 16 weeks more likely 6 minths plus but dd3 a lot brighter. She's got a bug thing but was complaining wee hurt so they tested for UTI and was a bit iffy hence ABs.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 27-Dec-12 12:26:12

Afternoon all.

Christmas started badly, with dd2 deciding to scream all night. I ended up sleeping onher floor. Dinner was ok, just dh and I and the dcs- I say every year I'm not bothering again, as it takes forever, the kids never want it and I just get pissed offgrin. Then we went to my mum's to get the pressies from her and my sister and drink her booze, as we'd run out and were too skint to buy any.
Then yesterday we went to my dad's- they always do a buffet type thing, which is nice. My dad plied me with cava, and I was inbed for 7.30blush. I was up ironing at midnight,though, as dh was in work at 4am.

Tomorrow we are taking his brother out, as it's their first year without mil, and he's worked xmas day and boxing day. Saturday is ds's birthday, and Sunday, mine, we've no plans, as dh is working but by New Year i will just want to crashgrin.

I miss Doctors sad cow

MsNobodyAgain Thu 27-Dec-12 16:49:45

Hello Raahh

I miss Doctors too also a sad cow . My routine has gone to pot.

Happy birthday (in advance) to you and mini-Raahh! grin

I've just been to town with my DCs today. Banked their Christmas money, which was promptly spent on 3 Nintendo DS games that came to a total of £80 shock. I had to pay as their cheques haven't cleared yet but believe me, I'll be hauling them down to the bank next week to get paid back tightarse

New Year I'm doing nothing as usual. I go to bed early. And then if the fireworks wake the DCs, we watch from the window. It can be quite nice.

BiscuitNibbler Thu 27-Dec-12 18:02:52

Merry Christmas everyone!

I think today has been the first day since Christmas Eve that I haven't spent the majority of the day wearing an apron. Haven't been out of the house at all.

Haven't watched any Christmas telly, but have it all stacked up to watch on the Sky plus box. Going to start with Eastenders I think.

Ood sorry to hear you've not been well. Heston would not only have done a home visit and prepared dinner, he would have selected a nice wine that wouldn't interfere with antibiotics.

I miss Doctors. I like to think of Heston inviting all the sad singletons around to Juuulia's for a lovely Christmas lunch. Daniel would bore everyone with photos of Joe, Jimmi would clean the house and entertain everyone with a song, TBFE and Kevin would wander round looking gorgeously handsome, and Rect-Al would be slumped in the corner with a paper crown slowly slipping off his head.

we3kingsoforientRaahh Thu 27-Dec-12 18:08:56

oh,I'm always in bed early New Year's eve- I'm not a fan of ny, makes me depressed. Actually, it's my birthday that is the problem. This year,dh is working at 5am New Years day- all the more reason to just go to bed and stay there grin

thanks for the birthday wishes- I 40 last year, it was a miserable disappointing day. This year,I'm not even bothering. I still have the dress I bought for our aborted night out last year- with the tags onsad. We are taking Ds and a bunch of his mates to laser quest next week for his birthday. I have promised to take dd1 shopping whilst they are there.(because I love the Trafford centre at New Yearhmmgrin)

I've hardly moved today. It's been one of those days where you get to see all the cbeebies programmes twice, because looking for the remote is too much like hard workgrin

MsNobodyAgain Thu 27-Dec-12 18:40:02

Hi Biscuit grin. I like to think Mrs T would be carol singing in her posh wig.

Raahh The Trafford Centre at New Year....RESPECT!!! I've not entered that place for years since there was a back log in the car park and they announced over the tannoy that is was best to not try to leave and to continue shopping or watch a film instead shock. I had 3 kids under 2 at the time, and had run out of nappies and milk.

To say the journey home was grim is an understatement.

Tomorrow is dh's oldest friend's wedding. We have to stay at the in laws from then until new years day. I may top myself, as I don't even drink so can't drown my sorrows. In other news I seem to have pmt for the first time in nearly 2 years which is not adding to my mood, dh is tired, coughing and grumpy and baby cakes is currently stood in his cot shouting at me because he doesn't want to go to sleep despite the fact he's been up since 5am and is more than due a nap already.

My tv doesn't seem to be aware that doctors isn't on at the moment and switches itself to bbc1 at 1.45 every day anyway. And every day I forget it's going to do this and freak out. I must remove that instruction...

Horsemad Fri 28-Dec-12 09:46:15

Cakes - make an exception and have a drink!!!

MsNobodyAgain Fri 28-Dec-12 12:47:36

My Christmas gift to myself just arrived! I've been saving up all year for a Nexus 7. It's lovely but it has been grabbed by the DCs who are now watching a film on it.

I'm ITCHING to play with it!

toldmywrath Fri 28-Dec-12 16:34:13

Wishing Raahh & mini Raahh happy birthdays. Good luck at the Trafford centre.
Hope you have a better time than you are imagining cakes
And MsNo I don't even know what a Nexus7 is (I thought it was a car-but that's a Lexus & would've been a tad extravagant grin

MsNobodyAgain Fri 28-Dec-12 17:17:44

told A Nexus is a poor man's iPad basically. I am an Apple hater so it is Android all the way for me.

A Lexus ... Only in my dreams. grin

OodKingWenceslas Fri 28-Dec-12 17:31:44

Happy birthday raah & mini raah

Happy nexus msN

Liking the idea of Jimmi coming house cleaning. Though dh is off for 4 days after tonight so guess what he will be doing ( alongside decorating dd3s room, family lunch out minus dd1/2 bloody cousin only organised it this week so too short notice to swap with their dad and cooking)

Horse I'd love to, but I go straight to the hangover, so it's just not worth it.
Happy birthday Raaah. Have a lovely day.

BiscuitNibbler Sat 29-Dec-12 09:20:56

Cakes - you just need to practise. wink

MsNobodyAgain Sat 29-Dec-12 09:39:12

Just read the spoilers. Bit too much of Mandy coming our way for my liking.

BiscuitNibbler Sat 29-Dec-12 10:10:33

Oooh! Spoilers! Off to indulge!

BiscuitNibbler Sat 29-Dec-12 10:20:56

Hmmm... not sounding great. Think I'll have to watch with a finger on the mute button so I don't have to put up with Mandy's whiny voice.

Looks like the spoiler person couldn't be bothered to summarise Thursday's episode!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 29-Dec-12 10:37:34

I know! It went from paragraphs of summaries to two lines?!

It must be a BAH or WTF episode that day.

readyforno2 Sat 29-Dec-12 10:54:37

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and happy birthday raah

Right, spoilers.. Where on earth are they? I need to know!!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 29-Dec-12 10:54:44

Just popping by to say Happy Birthday to Raah, I don't always enjoy my birthdays (we have Christmas, then both the DCs birthdays then mine comes along and feels like an afterthought), I hope yours is better than last years.

I need to check out the spoilers - when does it start again?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 29-Dec-12 11:34:03

ready spoilers are on Click on Soaps and you should find it.

Not everybody reads them but I do grin though I don't mention specifics on the thread as some don't like it.

Who it is back on 2nd Jan.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 29-Dec-12 11:47:07

Back to something I mentioned on the previous Meerkat has arrived. I got Sergei, not the runt I was expecting.


readyforno2 Sat 29-Dec-12 13:18:05

Just had a read through. Then jumped on to the neighbours spoilers and read them too.
Feel about dirty now... Kinda like a surprise. Wish it was on this week. I'm pretty bored

BiscuitNibbler Sat 29-Dec-12 14:19:43

Happy Birthday Raah!

I can't stop reading the spoilers. I find I have forgotten them by the time the actual episode is on, anyway.

toldmywrath Sat 29-Dec-12 15:55:02

No I still don't read the spoilers & I'm grateful that the exciting upcoming events are kept off of this thread.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Sat 29-Dec-12 16:01:32

I try and avoid spoilers, I am on a long running Corrie thread which is spoiler free as well. Sometimes I just can't resist though. I am more emotionally invested in Corrie I have to say (I know, but I have been watching it for about 30 years longer than Doctors), so it really does improve the viewing if I resist spoilers. Doctors gives a lot away at the end of each episode anyway

we3kingsoforientRaahh Sat 29-Dec-12 18:53:35

Ooh,*MsN*- we got Sergei too! Ds has had good birthday-although dd1 has been playing up a bit. No plans for my birthday apart from Asda curry and a bottle of pink cavagrinwine

I love the spoilers- the best bit about Doctors spoilers is the prog is so wtf, the spoilers don'thelp at allgrin

MsNobodyAgain Sat 29-Dec-12 19:07:53

Asda curry. Mmmmmm! I love it but it makes me reek for days apparently. I can only have it at the weekends when I will be breathing solely in the vicinity of the DCs.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 30-Dec-12 14:48:12

I am BORED! I have been out with the DCs, done crafts with them, watched 'Art Attack'....aaargh!

Somebody save me. DS2 is trashing the toy boxes looking for a specific car. He has over 200. Autism, you gotta love it grin

Horsemad Sun 30-Dec-12 15:12:58

I've just read the spoilers - never read them usually but felt like a change!

They sound good, can't wait!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 10:04:58

MsN , ha, your DS sounds like mine (mine has AS). He has hundreds of cars but always has to play with 24 of them (he acts out Formula 1). Doesn't generally matter which 24, but it is a disaster if he can only find 23 of the 24 he was playing with earlier or we go on holiday with only 23.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 10:26:49

Who how interesting! DS2 is obsessed with Formula 1, Superbikes and rewinding Sky to watch the best bits (crashes) hmm.

He acts it out also.

I bought him a Superbikes dvd for Christmas as he was watching the repeats constantly on the tv. He hasn't watched the dvd, he has carried it round and tucks it up in his bed each night!!! grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 10:37:36

The Sky F1 channel is DS's dream come true! Although he likes other sports too, this week he has decided he wants to be a darts player as it is easier than being an F1 driver grin. Last year he wanted to be a footballer, he is still keen on footie but at a more normal level, last year it was a total ASD obsession. F1 is on that level now. he has already started worrying that our planned summer holiday clashes with the Belgian GP. AARGH!

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 10:38:47

How old is your DS MsN? Mine is nearly 9.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 11:00:32

He's just turned 8 Who. I think his twin has AS (not ASD) but I'm too tired from recent events to pursue a diagnosis. And they are in a special school anyway.

BiscuitNibbler Mon 31-Dec-12 15:52:34

I really missed Doctors today. It felt like it should be on.

Happy New Year everyone! I will be having a small drink and an early night, most probably, as I feel like I'm coming down with something. Probably just old age.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 16:23:03

Only 2 days til it's back! Yay!

And I bet the scriptwriters lumber us with a BAH episode and we will all moan.

Happy New Year to all for later.

toldmywrath Mon 31-Dec-12 22:10:25

Happy New Year to all & can't wait for Doctors2013 to start. Not going out tonight (Darby & Joan itis) smile

BiscuitNibbler Mon 31-Dec-12 22:24:02

I'm sat here by myself with a large glass of port - DH went to bed at 8pm (he has a chest infection and feels v grotty).

I don't mind, I did all my NYE partying years ago, and we stay in now, and I have just read a really lovely thank you message from my Secret Santa recipient on the thank you thread which has made me grin.

I expect I'll be in bed before midnight, although I sort of want to watch the fireworks on the TV. I imagine Mrs T will be having a similar evening, although perhaps without as much port.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 22:44:35

Considering a name change. What do you think?

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 22:51:04

Aren't we all very middle aged! grin

I have a vodka and orange. NYE treat. Just managed to get the DCs to bed.

Mrs T will be baking cakes for her return to the Mill after after the NY break. Jimmi could do with a cake or two but Rect-Al needs to back off from the cake tin.

I'd watch tv but DS2 is in my bed tonight so I'm doomed to silence. I'm getting away with typing though if I do it S-L-O-W-L-Y!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 22:52:29

But what do you think of my name, MsN? Is it any good? Old name is just boring.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 22:53:25

Anne I can't possibly comment without knowing

1) who you were

2) what the heavens your name means!

:disclaimer: I am pretty dumb. smile

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 22:54:13

^ ^ see above!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 22:56:32

Oh FFS MsN, 'tis I, Biscuit! Clearly you were just meant to know that.

Say it aloud. I can't tell you. I need to know if people will understand it, or just think I am some weirdo with a slightly Germanic name. grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 22:57:45

Happy New Year from me too, just having a wine break from a very long game of Monopoly with DH and the DCs (6 and 8) who are besides themselves with excitement at being up so late.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:01:30

Biscuit you do make me laugh!

Sorry, I don't get it!!!! I DID say I was dumb. I've said it aloud still no wiser but I am now worried about about getting some kind of 'Candyman' jinx as I said it 5 times in front of a mirror.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:03:46

HNYear Who.

I've decided there is no point going to sleep now as DCs will wake at the midnight fireworks. So I'll browse and post rubbish instead. :-P

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:05:06

Bugger. That means it must be crap.

Say it Anne - eye -t - mayer

Got it?

P.s I'd avoid saying it into the mirror, it may make you dream of your future husband / reawaken a zombie / none of the above.

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 23:06:23

I didn't get it either confused grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 31-Dec-12 23:08:26

Ah, get it following explanation! I was pronouncing it Anne Ayt Mia

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:08:46

Looks like I'll be going back to Biscuit, then. Shame. The numerous glasses of port made me think it was marvellous.

I may have to employ the services of our very own Appellation Consultant.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:09:14

Ooh! Cross posts! That gives me hope!

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:09:34

It's no clearer after your last post Biscuit. I must have a dodgy accent or something. Or it's too highbrow for me, or it's crap grin.

<arf> at dream of a future husband...yeah right.

Reawaken a zombie could possibly happen. Not tonight though. I haven't got my OFRS ready.

Oodhousekeeping Mon 31-Dec-12 23:12:01

Sorry I don't get it either Biscuit I could blame tiredness if that helps?
I'm looking to change my name but not very imaginative, maybe I need the port?

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:12:33

I need a PM to explain this one then. Who, Biscuit pleeeeease explain while I refill my glass.

Oodhousekeeping Mon 31-Dec-12 23:12:53

Msnobody* maybe the zombie is a future husband?

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:13:05

You have obviously had too much vodka. It is A Nightmare!!!

You will kick yourself for saying that if you dream of Kevin tonight!

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:14:11

Bloomin' heck. I'm gonna need a spreadsheet at this rate.

I'm a total hypocrite though as I've namechanged in the past.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:14:25

I'm gutted that no one can get it. It looks like it is back to the drawing board.

Where's Raahh when you need her?

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:18:59

I'd say Raahh was off watching a boxset of 'Doctors' but unfortunately there is no such thing. In my eternal shame and darkest of days I have scoured the interweb and discovered no such thing exists.

<sobs but puts vodka away>

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:20:35

Ood a Zombie as a future husband. Ummmm. I might consider it. Only comes out at night, sleeps all day. Sounds a bit like my ex grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:22:11

So now I have spelled it out waht do you think, MsN? I think it is quite appropriate for me.

When we start our Doctors shop I'll make sure we stock a box set, don't worry. It will have out-takes of Kevin and TBFE getting dressed and showering, too. In the Director's Cut, Freya (who?) and Princess Bubblegum will never have existed.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:26:29

It's better than my name, put it that way! Stick with it but expect me to slip up now and again and revert to Biscuit.

I like the sound of your box set. TBFE is getting increasingly attractive. I may have to fight you for him. Freya - yeah, right, who???? And Princess Bubblegum will have to dissolve in a glass of Merlot.

Happy days.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:31:29

You can call me whatever you like, MsN! Touch TBFE and I'll hunt you down, though!

Will stick with it until I get Raah's opinion. She is the expert.

Oh! Only half an hour to go! Might as well pour another glass and wait up for the bells (as my Mother calls them).

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:35:37

Yep. I agree. No point going to bed now. Is DH asleep Anne?

grin at 'hunt you down'.

Do you think Raahh is actually out, living it up??? She has to check in soon and tell us. I like to live vicariously (I can't spell that).

Horsemad Mon 31-Dec-12 23:39:00

TBFE used to be soooo good looking in Emmerdale.
Now he has an old man's hairstyle grin

we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 31-Dec-12 23:39:03

oooh, 'ello all. I hate NYE- makes me depressed. And Dh is up at 3.30am, so should really be in bed, or I'll get no sleep -but HAPPY NEW YEAR !! to all the SDTP's in the world! Roll on Wednesday! yes, I'm a bit pished


we3kingsoforientRaahh Mon 31-Dec-12 23:40:00

OUT- me?? gawd, no! i hate real peoplegrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:40:02

Yes, DH went to sleep at 8pm, he's on antibiotics.

Feels odd being called Anne!

Raahh is probably out having a sophisticated evening with real-life friends! shock

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:41:11

Ooh! Cross posts!!

I'm so glad you are one of us who shuns real-life people, Raahh!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:42:39

Horse - he is still gorgeous! He just needs his hair ruffling! I'm more than happy to oblige.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 31-Dec-12 23:43:52

Raahh yay! Happy b/day. It is today isn't it?

I hate real people too. Very annoying. My best friend is a woman I met via another forum. She lives in Australia. Suits me just fine!

Like you say, roll on Wednesday. I'm gonna shut the kids in their bedrooms and demand silence while I drink tea and watch the WTFness.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:44:02

Just realised that last time I went out for NYE was 1999/2000 NYE (was on Westminster Bridge). That is 13 years ago! shock I am old.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 31-Dec-12 23:45:21

Oh yes! Happy Birthday Raahh!