Homeland Season 6 hurry up please!

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MrsJorahMormont Sun 18-Sep-16 21:42:33

It's that time of year when the nights start drawing in and I look forward to the autumn run of Homeland and leering at our favourite ferret on the MN Homeland threads

But this year we're having to wait until January and I am so disappointed! Daren't read too much about it as websites seem to be full of spoilers. October won't be October without Carrie gurning, Saul conniving and Quinn doing something self-destructive whilst considerately wearing as little clothing as possible.

Mrsbadger77 Sun 18-Sep-16 21:51:01

Didn't Quinn die from Sarrin gas poisoning last season?

MrsJorahMormont Mon 19-Sep-16 20:02:44

No, he was in a coma when we last saw him.

Mrsbadger77 Tue 20-Sep-16 14:42:41

I was sure he died! Must not have been concentrating. Yay! I love Quinn!

MrsSecker Tue 20-Sep-16 19:19:23

I thought Quinn died too! Hope not he's great to look at!

Ineedabiscuit Tue 27-Sep-16 14:55:50

I had heard that it's not on Chanel 4 till January !
In the past it always been in October . Anyone know more ?

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