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bootsycollins Sun 09-Jun-13 09:57:39

OMG! I'm loving the whole espionage KGB agents infiltrating America as citizens thing. Matthew Rhys PHWOAR! I just wish the episodes were longer, I'm soooooo addicted.

carriedaway Mon 19-Aug-13 22:53:39

Love it, cant wait for the last one if the series on Saturday but then will immediately miss it! Oh and Poor Martha and her parents this week!

buildingmycorestrength Mon 19-Aug-13 22:48:08

OK, phew, have caught up after hols. They don't look much like their artist's impressions, do they?

SlatternismyMiddlename Tue 30-Jul-13 18:47:37

Am I too late to join? I had the episodes all on sky plus unwatched, I was going to just delete them when I thought I would give it a try - wow, love it!

littleginger Mon 29-Jul-13 21:21:09

I think the secret son was part of a test as the old woman boss who was appointed recently told elizabeth that phil & irina slept together. How would she know unless irina reported back? Unless the room was bugged?

Also despite them holding phil & elizabeth hostage and finding them to be true to the motherland, old lady boss tells elizabeth that they still dont trust him.

I think they realise that phil wouldnt mind escaping the hassle of his spying life but know that while he and elizabeth are enamoured with each other he will stay onside. I think now that theyve managed to ruin this by telling elizabeth of his night with irina theyll be expecting him to defect.

Optimist1 Sun 28-Jul-13 16:25:56

Have just realised why Stan's boss looked so familiar - he's John Boy from the Waltons!

buildingmycorestrength Tue 16-Jul-13 12:51:17

Yeah, Elizabeth is rock hard! She'll come a cropper with her 'feelings' though, the women on telly always do. grin.

BeckAndCall Tue 16-Jul-13 08:43:40

Hello fellow fans! My DD and I watched the last 5 episodes over the weekend - couldn't get round to them before but we have missed the first episode but think we're up to speed. We love it. Think it's brilliant.

On Irina though, clearly they've heard news of each other as when Elizabeth dropped Philip off at the station and they were tense with each other he said something like 'I haven't seen her for over 20 years' . But maybe she just came up in the mission details they'd obviously received?

I was a bit disappointed that the son was not 'real' ( which is how I saw it), but you're right, it could have been a test to see if he would stay with his cover story. But I do think Irina could have had a son and trained as an agent as the soviet state would most likely have taken him away and fostered him out anyway?

On another note, Elizabeth is a bit of a cold blooded killer isn't she?! Never seems to have a moment of doubt or compassion for the poor hapless strangers she takes out.....

buildingmycorestrength Mon 15-Jul-13 11:36:13

I think they could have done that whole thing better, tbh. More foreshadowing in previous episodes, referring to a previous love, something. Felt a bit dropped in. I don't reckon we'll hear about her for a while now.

alpinemeadow Mon 15-Jul-13 10:00:27

Hooray, a fellow fan out there! I wonder if this is part of the 'arc' and we'll find out more - or just a fleeting glimpse of Philip's past life, never to be referred to again.

Practically speaking, it would have been very difficult for Irina to have joined the elite corps and done all that training before going to Canada, when she had a baby/toddler as a lone parent - the training seemed to take Philip and Elizabeth at least 4 years in Russia, and must have been pretty 24/7 to develop that level of language fluency (not to mention the less cerebral skills, like punching people). So logically, I think the son was just a photograph. But nothing is impossible...

buildingmycorestrength Sun 14-Jul-13 22:02:20

I was left unclear as to whether Irina really had a son...and was also suspicious that she was testing him...sorry no help...

alpinemeadow Sun 14-Jul-13 20:59:32

Any watchers in the evening crowd? Still puzzling here,

alpinemeadow Sun 14-Jul-13 08:27:39

So, last night's episode.

Did the son exist? Irina seemed to be saying no, at the end (don't tell me if you 'know'! (ie from future eps), but all speculation avidly devoured!) But why lie if she was not(as i had suspected but wrongly) trying to 'test' him for the kgb?
As for upright fbi good whatever is going to come of that.

onedev Sun 30-Jun-13 22:58:28

Just found this thread - I think it's a fab show & absolutely love Matthew Rhys!

I wonder about the children too - surely it must be a real dilemma for them to bring up American children, although obviously pivotal to their cover story!

I'd love to know how much of this went on in the 80s - both in the US & USSR!

alpinemeadow Sun 23-Jun-13 16:49:51

Thanks Bananagio - I didn't realise - don't think that was explained on ipad, or maybe I missed it.

Yesterday's episode was another gripper! I hadn't realised anything was up with FBI man's marriage. Also interesting the way his relationship with his co-agent is getting strained - I did think co-agent might be getting a bit cheesed off with FBI man getting all the limelight in one of the earlier episodes. Will there be a showdown there as well?

Bananagio Tue 18-Jun-13 07:33:55

According to itv player twitter its because they don't have the license any more for mobile devices for this particular programme.
Loving it. Love a bit of KGB, poisoned umbrella tip, cold war drama

alpinemeadow Tue 18-Jun-13 06:24:38

Sweet mrs hoolie. When the new woman mentioned white beaches i kind of suspected.... I thought we would hear gunshots 30 seconds after they drove off. 'They' would have wanted to keep oscar for the motherland as a good comrade i think - so the mother had to go...

I don't think that is the last of it - i think eliz and philip may find out from a news report about the mother and one of them - probably elizabeth - will be genuinely shocked, and it may lead to a crisis of loyalty...

Yes, why wasn't it on ipad bananagio? I thought it just couldnt load, but i think you're right- not there for some reason.

Optimist1 Mon 17-Jun-13 22:20:37


Bananagio Mon 17-Jun-13 21:39:34

Thanks, for some reason it isnt being shown on ipad but have got it in the pc. Watching now smile

Optimist1 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:57:37

Just checked and all three episodes are showing available on ITVPlayer. I just typed the title in the search box. Good luck!

Bananagio Mon 17-Jun-13 20:28:59

Anyone know why this show has disappeared from itv player? Dh out, ds in bed, am all ready to watch latest episode and i cant find it! Help!

buildingmycorestrength Mon 17-Jun-13 18:47:00

Or maybe they will, and we'll all feel smug for noticing this ishooo.....grin

buildingmycorestrength Mon 17-Jun-13 17:27:57

So interesting. I agree the kids will be a plot point, but babysitting issues are not likely to be the pivotal thing!

UC Mon 17-Jun-13 16:30:57

but isn't she falling in love with him now? And she said so, and he didn't really say anything at all. Maybe it's too late for him now.

I think the kids are there for a reason, and there will be something that will put them in danger. I think they'll have to choose between their kids and their motherland. Why else would they have Elizabeth saying that she would do anything for the motherland, die, kill etc, if that isn't going to be horribly tested at some point....

Wonder how they manage to deal with bringing kids up who are so totally American, and presumably everything that Phil and Elizabeth are working against.

bootsycollins Mon 17-Jun-13 15:10:09

I think their going to be double agents. Gregory was gorgeous by the way. I felt really bad for Phil when he 'agreed' with Elizabeth that the falling in love just didnt happen for them.

buildingmycorestrength Mon 17-Jun-13 14:59:46

I think they suspected, tbh.

Also, I think either Phil or Elizabeth will be given a mission to kill the other at some point. Prob Elizabeth to kill Phil.

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