Teenage boys, you've got to love them! Who else's does this?

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JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 17:16:31

Just went over to ds2 and leant over him:

Ds2 (looking alarmed): "Whachya doin?"

Me: "Kissing you"

Ds2 (trying to back off further into the settee): "Whaaattt? What for?"

I plant the kiss.

Ds2: "Eww, you're gay, gerroff"

He loves me really, honest smile

LOL I did the same to my boys when they were teens, I had the younger one convinced he had to give his Mum a nice bug hug daily, it was mandatory. He went with it till he was about 14 and found out it wasn't.

Loonytoonie Sat 21-Sep-13 17:26:17

I don't have sons but I teach about 250 boys students and I luffs them. Even the naughty ones. I advance on them, threatening to do the chubby-chops cheek grabbage move, and they always grin and leg it.

The grin says it all! Love 'em!

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 17:30:27

Aww Squinkies, that's funny. And Loony, hope my ds's have teachers who appreciate them the way you do yours!

My 14 year old brother is always kissing and hugging our mum. Its her that's telling him to get away grin

Loonytoonie Sat 21-Sep-13 17:35:10

I get them when they're 11 and see them almost daily until they're 16. The changes they undergo are nothing short of incredible - they must be hormonal timebombs! So, I make it my mission to try and be there for them. It's more important to me than actually teaching the subject I'm supposed to teach although I should NEVER admit that publicly

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sat 21-Sep-13 17:38:58

I force mine to hug me.

I also demand an act of worship in exchange for treats. (picture them on their knees placing their hands in front of them and then bowing forward)

Life is dull. One must entertain oneself where one can.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 17:39:19

Ask your mum if she wants to do a swap SP, I'll have one of the kissing variety and she can have mine (he is nearly 16 tho)!

Loony you sound soooo lovely, lucky boys!

wigglybeezer Sat 21-Sep-13 17:39:46

Another one who has to stop my DS draping his gangly frame all over me as soon as I sit down in the evening.

Just wait until they are towering above you and pick you up to give you a bear hug.

Or pat you on the head grin

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sat 21-Sep-13 17:40:36

Oh, before I get a visit from SS, I should probably stress that its a big joke and we are all laughing as I say "one act of worship please" when they ask for an extra half an hour before bed.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 17:42:18

Ha Hecsy! I fear I missed a trick and didn't train them well enough when they were young and pliable, they are now beyond the stage of being forced! I do sometimes land myself on their laps though, although that generally doesn't end well.

I might try the act of worship thing before I hand over any more money. Better still, I could get it in writing how much they adore me ....

WhiteArmedHera Sat 21-Sep-13 17:48:37

Love this! I make my 15yo give me a big hug and say "I love you Mummy" in a squidgy voice when he wants something - he squirms like mad which is all part of the fun grin grin

He does it to me too when I visit or he picks me up and moves me to another room just because he can. Hes 6 foot tall and I'm just under 5 foot.

Now I have got a lump in my throat.

DS2 is upstairs packing to go to Uni tomorrow. DS1 went last week.

Who's going to hug me sad

Oh, I suppose there's always DH grin

ItsOkayItsJustMyBreath Sat 21-Sep-13 17:51:18

Hecsy, you should really open a training school for mums of boys. I am taking notes here.

Hecsy I make the toddler say I'm the best before I give him anything. He know does it me when I ask him to pass me something

MissStrawberry Sat 21-Sep-13 17:56:17

Mine aren't quite there yet with my eldest being 12.6 but if he wants anything from me it is amazing how many jobs I can get out of him first winkgrin.

BettyBotter Sat 21-Sep-13 17:56:20

I don't get many proper hugs unless its an apology or a thanks for the cash mum . What I do get is a lot of jokey wrestling, being man-handled, being picked up, being called Titch, having my head under-armed and 'noggied' (a vigorous rub on the parting with the knuckles. Why?) etc etc. Sounds terrible putting it like that, but I know this is their version of demonstrating affection.

Strange things are teenage boys, but I luff my gawky gangly man babies. smile

TobyLerone Sat 21-Sep-13 17:57:46

I stroke mine on the face and squish him in the muffin top. He has the softest skin known to man. He'll be 14 next month and he likes it. He's very cuddly and is always coming up to me or DH for a cuddle.

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sat 21-Sep-13 18:02:28

grin start while theyre young. Thats the best way.

I sometimes demand 5 compliments as well as the act of worship.

and for years I had them convinced that it was actually against the law to not obey your parents.
I was gutted when they stkpped falling for that one. grin

Talkinpeace Sat 21-Sep-13 18:02:35

I insist on hugging mine as they come in from school - just for the freeze look

LOVE the act of worship hecsy

dementedma Sat 21-Sep-13 18:05:38

Ds is nearly 12 and alternates between offering me his big boy hugs when I'm down and wants kissed when tucked in at night,then backing away and doing the ewww get off thing and wiping my kisses away with his sleeve.

shrinkingnora Sat 21-Sep-13 18:09:54

Juan - my friend has a framed letter from her two dc up in the kitchen. It promises they will never be horrible teenagers. They're 9&8 currently...

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 18:11:13

Oh Knees, I know exactly how you feel - my ds1 went back last week for his second year. I thought it would be fine, but no, I cried like a baby sad. And my dd is off traveling soon, I will be bereft.

That's it - ds2 is going to have to endure a lot more kisses cos he'll be gone before I know it, he will be pleased!

Betty , the demonstrations of affection in our house tend to be of that ilk, with a bit of rugby tackling thrown in for good measure.

MyBoysAreFab Sat 21-Sep-13 18:11:47

Mine are 12 and nearly 14. They still hug me and I love the feeling of their gangly limbs and the overwhelming smell of Lynx that they envelop me in. They are also happy to sit next to me with their long legs sprawled over mine when we watch tv. My younger "noggies" me too. They are both almost taller than me (though tbf I am a short arse) and love teasing me about this and patting my head. Sometimes I cannot believe the love I feel for my manboys!

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 18:12:58

shrinking, your friend might want to get some copies of that letter - it might mysteriously disappear when they hit 13, smile

everlong Sat 21-Sep-13 18:13:28

Ds14 and 21 are always hugging me. The 14 year old daily.

We are either hugging or shouting at each other grin

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 18:14:37

Oh this is a nice thread, even if I do say so myself!

MorvahRising Sat 21-Sep-13 18:22:59

Mine's quite huggy although now he's so tall he has to bend down quite a long way. I get patted on the head too. And kissed goodnight sometimes but he would die a thousand deaths if anyone knew that.

MorvahRising Sat 21-Sep-13 18:25:34

myboysarefab cross posted - oh yes the smell of Lynx! It pervades the entire house! Luckily I rather like it.

My DS is nearly 14.
He is taller than me but I can still lift him.

At school/near the school it is strictly "Hands Off" which is fair enough.
When we are out (we had a Mum&Son shop today for shoes) he's there.
Touch, touch, plucking my sleeve, leaning slightly. It's very sweet and gives me oppurtunity to hug him (before he skips away).
In the house though he's still my cuddly though beanpole skinny PFB little boy.

My DC don't call me Mummy now. DD calls me Mum.
With DS it's "Muvver" grin

Oh yes the Lynx grin

nokidshere Sat 21-Sep-13 18:32:17

Haha at Lynx - my house stinks of it most of the time! My boys (12 & 14) are still huggy thankfully, although its an absolute no-no in public!!!

They are both taller than me now too so when I want a "proper" hug I have to stand on the stairs to reach them lol. And my oldest pats me on the head as he walks by me!

Oh and they both still call to be tucked in too ;) although I would be hung drawn and quartered for admitting that in public haha

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Sat 21-Sep-13 18:33:29

All 3 DS's are very huggy but my most huggy DS1 is off to uni tomorrow for 10 whole weeks! Waaaa.

invicta Sat 21-Sep-13 18:34:12

Haven't had a proper hug for ages ( aged 13 and 11), although will get brief cuddle from youngest at bedtime, and always kiss them both goodnight.

everlong Sat 21-Sep-13 18:34:18

I frequently say that he smells like a tarts handbag..

mignonette Sat 21-Sep-13 18:36:11

My 40 year old brother still wants to sit on his Mother's lap.

My son occasionally cracks, grabs my hand and makes me scratch his head. It is the only expression of physical closeness he can cope w/ now he has GF's to provide him w/ the rest! He does need to touch base though and it is touching how how strong his need is to tell me about his day the moment he bursts through the door. With boys his age (19) food is often love. He adores being cooked for still.

Loony You sound wonderful and very insightful about boys of that age and what they actually need.

onefewernow Sat 21-Sep-13 18:42:20

Food is also love. Where teenage boys are concerned, you are not wrong .

mignonette Sat 21-Sep-13 18:49:24

I can still see the scab kneed little boy in my DH at times despite the fact that I didn't know him as a child. It never leaves. My son is the same mix of man/child whereas my DD at nearly 26 seems so grown up, even when she is being all fluffy and twirly.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 18:52:29

My ds3 (9) is the spit of how my ds1 (20) looked at that age. Makes me sad because it seems like not two minutes ago ds3 actually was 9.

littlemisswise Sat 21-Sep-13 19:00:53

Mine are 18&16 and still love their hugs and kisses, especially DS2. He comes to me with his arms out for a hug so I put one arm out to hug him, and he says "No! iPad down, proper cuddle" then he bristles my neck the little sod!grin

I woke DS1 up yesterday lunchtime, he'd be clubbing the night before. He was all sleepy and put his arms up for a hug. <melts>

They are being extra cuddly because DH has just gone away for four months and I'm a bit low.

LemonMousse Sat 21-Sep-13 19:03:12

At 20 mine isn't technically a teenage boy any more - I suppose he's a man! He still tries to avoid the huggy kissy goodbyes when he's heading off back to uni but I know secretly he loves it grin

His idea of affection is to sneak up behind me and nip my waist because he knows it makes me snort like a pig grin

littlemisswise Sat 21-Sep-13 19:06:43

DS1 ruffles my hair and says "love you Mum, you wrinkly woman!" with a grin on his face and a glint in his eye.[ grin]
He was meant to have gone to Uni this year but has deferred, I couldn't have coped with him and DH leaving in the same week!

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 19:10:14

Aww, lovely teen boy stories smile.

Dd's boyfriend goes round to his grandma's every Sunday and cooks her a roast, does her cleaning and gardening, and takes her dog for a walk. Not sure if he hugs and kisses her too, but if I had to guess, I'd say yes!

MoominMammasHandbag Sat 21-Sep-13 19:17:51

Feeing more than a bit envious reading this. DS1 (19) has never been a hugger. In fact I could probably count my hugs from him over the last few years on the fingers of one hand: when my friend lost her son, when my Dad died and when he goes off to University. And once when I was standing listening to DD playing the piano he came up and casually draped an arm about my shoulders. I just stood there, in silent delight, not daring to speak until he wandered off again.

Well I never! I never knew the knuckles on the head thing had a name. My granddad used to do that to me and my brother 40 odd years ago. I do it to my boys on occasion. It's nice to have family traditions isn't it?! grin

I have a cuddly 13 yr old and an even cuddlier 10 yr old who I imagine will still be cuddly at 13+ (the boy is a human limpet given the chance and the right mood). I think you have to start young with them. Get them hooked on cuddles at a very early age and they will seek out approval and cuddles from their mothers forever I reckon. Its a bit like Pavlov's dogs really. wink

MoominMammasHandbag Sat 21-Sep-13 19:20:20

But before you all feel too sorry for me, DS2(7) gives me masses of hugs and kisses all the time smile

Annunziata Sat 21-Sep-13 19:20:55

Mine are 23, 2x18 and 17 and still kissing and cuddling me. I really love it when they put their arms around me, but sometimes I can't believe those young men are mine, with their beards and big deep voices!

The 17 year old is sitting with the baby (6months) reading her a story just now <sobs>

Reiltin Sat 21-Sep-13 19:22:34

You should buy him a dictionary and highlight the meaning of the word 'gay'!

Labro Sat 21-Sep-13 19:23:56

11 yr old ds is taller than me, still sleeps with the teddy his nan gave him when he was 5, loves a cuddle (but then I become the modt embarassing mum on the planet when hes at school) and then declares heneeds to be near me. He also does that thing from 'bear behaving badly' puts on a silly voice and says 'luvs you mummy' (normally 5 minutes after we've finished shouting at each other!)

Madlizzy Sat 21-Sep-13 19:24:47

My 20 year old gives me massive bear hugs when he comes home to visit and I love it. My 14 year old boys drape themselves on me when we're watching telly, and will come up and ask for a "huggins" on a regular basis. We do the knuckles on the head too, although we call it nuggies.

SirChenjin Sat 21-Sep-13 19:27:33

Mine's 16 - he's completely clueless but likes to think he knows it all, and has an opinion on everything. Youtube is the equivalent of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in his world, and he's full of useless facts. He's lovely though, full of fun (when he's not slamming doors) and is just so excited all the time - he's got his whole life ahead of him, he's realised that he can do and be anything he wants to be, has some great mates, and an iphone. Life is very good. Oh - and he gives me kisses and hugs when his friends aren't about. I luffs him smile

littlemisswise Sat 21-Sep-13 19:34:06

If I go into DS1's room and am annoying him, he picks me up and takes me to my room and puts me to bed!grin
He was getting the washing in earlier, I have a short denim kilt that I had washed and he banged on the kitchen window, held it up and said "What's this? If you think you are going out in this you can think again!" I started to laugh and he walked off shaking his head looking far too much like my Dad!

LizzieVereker Sat 21-Sep-13 19:41:20

DS1 (14) is a bit smelly, tells fibs occasionally to get out of trouble, and a bit lazy at school.

But he is utterly devoted to his younger brother aged 7, would spend his first and last penny on him, and on a day out/ holiday is far more concerned about his brother having a good time than himself. I don't get too many cuddles from DS1 he saves them for his little brother. They are luffly.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 21-Sep-13 19:44:44

My DS17 lets me squeeze his spots! grin I luffs him!

Wuldric Sat 21-Sep-13 19:51:31

DS (13) is one great big cuddly thing. He is as tall as me now (5' 11") and picks me up and flings me on the sofa every day. Hugs from DD (15) are more rare but lovely too.

GingerPCatt Sat 21-Sep-13 19:52:50

I reading this cuddling my toddler DS with a tear in my eye I hope we have many years if cuddles to come.

cakesonatrain Sat 21-Sep-13 20:13:47

"standing in silent delight" is such a perfect phrase to describe so much of motherhood so far, and my oldest is only 2.1. Long may it continue smile

MorvahRising Sat 21-Sep-13 20:41:40

juanpotatotwo your DD's boyfriend sounds like a keeper - what a lovely lad.

dementedma Sat 21-Sep-13 20:42:46

If I'm caught unaware near our double bed, Ds yells "spear tackle" and hurls himself at me, slamming me on to the bed with him on top of me.he thinks its funny

Saggy I bought my DS one of those proper spot things (the little loop) and I will occasionaly blast him with my (expensive) Philosophy Scrub.
Then make him use the loopy thing.

A teenager that doesn't do his zits.

Where did I go so Wrong ?

<<Hangs head and mutters>>

Shodan Sat 21-Sep-13 21:12:24

Ds1 (nearly 18) still hugs me, pats me on the head, wants me to look in before I go to bed. But what delights me more is that he'll talk, properly talk, with me. He doesn't do it with any other adult.

We're going to uni open days together and I am absolutely loving every moment of it- from the jokey comments about my driving to the serious conversations about course choices. Sometimes I look at this gangly young man loping along beside me and can't believe he's the little baby I held.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 21:18:55

Aw, they all sound so lovely.

Reiltin, he knows what gay means and he knows I don't like him using it. But he still does. A lot of them do I think. But it doesn't reflect his attitude in any way, it's just a not very nice expression.

TobyLerone Sat 21-Sep-13 21:24:01

I'm surprised it took that long for someone to get a bit sanctimonious about the use of 'gay'.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 21-Sep-13 21:25:44

70 I have one of those loopy things. Its rubbish!

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 21:30:51

I too was expecting it a bit earlier Toby smile

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 21:31:31

I didn't know you could still get those loopy things. Always wanted one.

Tuon Sat 21-Sep-13 21:42:50

This thread is making my heart swell. Ds is the apple of my eye, he's nine, nearly ten. No hand holding or kissing at school gates. Always a cuddle before bed though.

He helped me do the shopping today, dh has a physical disability and ds is determined to be a man and help. Scrawny wee boy insisting on carrying bags in from the car with me and opening the door.

Jesus, tears now. You worry you're making a hash of parenting or could be doing it better then I see the man he's becoming. Thank you for this thread.

MyNameIsAnAnagram Sat 21-Sep-13 21:43:00

This thread is lovely smile I have ds1 (3) and ds2 (18weeks) and I am having visions of the future.

PeanutPatty Sat 21-Sep-13 21:46:52

I'm loving all these wonderful Mother / Son moments.

Tabby1963 Sat 21-Sep-13 21:46:53

My son (18) who moved away to study last year, voluntarily hugs me now when he visits. I don't have to threaten or bribe him to any more lol...

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 21:55:30

Don't cry Tuon, or at least, cry only in a happy way!

Feel the need to say I obviously love my dd every bit as much as the dss, but that's a different thread.

Shodan Sat 21-Sep-13 21:57:46

Is it too sad to admit that I got a lump in my throat after reading the bit in my own post that said "Ds1 (nearly 18)..."? grin

He can't be nearly 18. He just can't. <sob>

Tuon Sat 21-Sep-13 22:01:41

Very happy tears Juan. Just made me think of all the times I felt I wasn't a good enough mother, seeing the wee scrap bringing in bags 'I'll help mam, no worries' felt like a wee peek into the future and that I've done okay by him.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 21-Sep-13 22:08:39

He sounds lovely Tuon, sounds like you've done a grand job. We all feel the guilt, think we get a guilt button inserted at the point of giving birth.

littlemisswise Sat 21-Sep-13 22:15:28

Tuon he sounds a wonderful boy.

One of the times I thought "yeah, I've done ok" is when DS1 came back from Malia in the Summer. He said his friends had been to a strip club, I asked if he had gone too he said "no, Mum they all looked so sad. They didn't want to be there it was awful, even the promoters getting people to go in were embarrassed."

Tuon Sat 21-Sep-13 22:20:52

I think the thread show's we're all doing a grand job.

I reckon childbirth is actually painless, it's the built buttonfitting that smarts.

startwig1982 Sat 21-Sep-13 22:25:31

I teach teenagers and the cheeky lads are the bees knees. Good for a laugh and a bit of banter. Love them!

5madthings Sat 21-Sep-13 22:35:09

Awww this is a lovely thread smile

My boys are 14, 11, 8 and 5. The younger two are very cuddly, the elder two not so much but I make them! And I do as others do and make them say they love me before I give them something etc!

They drive me mental at times but are lovely, and great with their little sister (2yrs) I had to laugh when ds2 was playing with dd and she said to him 'I am NOT a toy' in a very strong voice, ds2 said so what are you and she said 'a ladybird' with a tone of obviously!

samu2 Sat 21-Sep-13 22:51:38

My 14 year old doesn't hug me.

He does get me in a gentle headlock and hang onto me hmm I think he is trying to show affection.

everythinghippie29 Sat 21-Sep-13 22:52:37

I'm 30 weeks with my first, a little boy. I know I'm years off but this thread made me tear up and feel so excited for all to come.

Everyone tells you about the negatives and tough times, its lovely to read about your lanky, loving lot! thanks

everything the only negative with baby boys is make sure you cover them when you change their nappy (they can pee quite high)

Make sure they are tucked 'down' in their nappy (they can pee over the waistband)

And they will greet their willie like a long lost friend when they're having a pee.
But that doesn't just apply to babies ..wink

TravailsInHyperreality Sat 21-Sep-13 23:31:01

DS (7mnths) is snoozing across me while I'm reading this lovely thread. I already wear a melty-hearted goofy grin when he hugs me...I can only imagine how sweet it will be once he's walking, talking, potty trained and taller than me!

I feel ridiculously lucky to have a son.

Wuldric Sat 21-Sep-13 23:41:48

My very biggest tease for DS when he was 7, was threatening to hug him AT THE SCHOOL GATE. I would drop him off in the morning, wave a cheery bye, and then whisper in his ear "I might not be able to resist picking you up and twirling you round and giving you a smacking big kiss on each cheek when I collect you!"

He would look the picture of woe.


ImABadGirl Sat 21-Sep-13 23:47:17

what a gorgeous thread, my DS is 3 and a half and the absolute apple of my eye, really looking forward to the lanky awkward hugd and kisses.

Am loving the acts of worship, might start introducing them now grin

Oh that is a good idea Hecs! I just make mine empty the dishwasher or take the rubbish out, or fold laundry.

Today I refused to buy ds a something in a toyshop as he had not been willing to look for clothes for himself, despite moaning he had nothing to wear and threatened to come out shopping in his dressing gown. hmm

TroublesomeEx Sun 22-Sep-13 01:29:37

Mine is 15.

"Mum, come here, you look like you need a hug..."

"Mum, are you ready for that hug now...?"

"You know what you need, don't you? Sit down and I'll put the kettle on"

He's not long been taller than me. When he was a baby I used to wonder what it would be like to hug him when he was taller than me. It's great!

He's my big overgrown baby.

He calls me Tiny.

He's great.

topbannana Sun 22-Sep-13 01:55:46

Ooh hecsy an act of worship you say? <interested>
May just instigate this for DS (9) before it's too late. The current mania for Minecraft means I no longer have to do the recycling, empty the dishwasher, clean his shoes or bring his laundry down. If I could get a small act of worship chucked in on top that would be great grin

moreyear Sun 22-Sep-13 02:06:21

As a mother of a 2 and a half year old little boy who has bought me nothing but joy, this thread has been so lovely to read and has bought a tear to my eye.

DS, aged 9.6, is still happy to give hugs in public, he's a very huggy boy grin Although, he did admit once that his friends think he's slightly weird for hugging me hmm but this doesn't seem to have stopped him. Yet.

DD still gives me hugs (at 13) but she's a different story.

its not just teenagers!
my nine year old displays a lot a lot of these behaviours.
and I bribe him for kisses and hugs.
'muuuum! can I have some cookies please?'
'yes.on the condition that you come here and give me a kiss...'
its done under duress but its(very rare these days!)physical contact.

cantspel Sun 22-Sep-13 05:49:24

My 17 year old doesn't do hugging but then he was never a touchy feely type child either.

Though he does allow me pop pop the odd zit he gets on the back of his neck so he aint all bad.

Babyonway3 Sun 22-Sep-13 05:56:26

Dementedma my 14 year old is just the same, I'm 9 months pregnant at the moment and he'll come in and say 'hello pregnant woman' in his ridiculously deep voice and give me a big hug. But later the same day if I want a hug he'll be like 'what are you doing, gerr off, leave me alone...!' It's a bit like having a cat, take the affection when they want to give it...

SuperiorCat Sun 22-Sep-13 06:15:58

Ahh getting a wee bit misty eyed at this thread, it's so lovely.

Teenage boys get such bad press and its so not deserved, they're great.

Man baby is such a true expression.

TroublesomeEx Sun 22-Sep-13 06:34:00

cantspel you're lucky. I suggested to my son that he let me at a coupld of juicy spots and he looked at me like I was a crazy woman sad

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 22-Sep-13 07:21:13

My eldest is 13 tomorrow. He is a soft-skinned, xylophone-chested, mouse-muscled thing. Has started getting his man-shape and man-smell but has not yet started his growth spurt.

A couple of nights ago he called me into his bedroom in great excitement: he can do press-ups at last! Totally oblivious to the fact that he is stark naked. grin Then asked to be tucked into bed with kisses goodnight.

This is such an exciting time. What's going to happen? Since ds went up to 2ry I don't generally kiss or cuddle him in front of his peers, but there's plenty going in both directions at other times. I love love LOVE the fact that my Aspergian boy totally 'gets' physical affection between his parents and him!

My 21 yo, 6 foot something son hugs me a lot. He also makes me a cup of tea when I look sad. Everytime he leaves the house, he says 'see you, love you, bye'

He is the most lovely, caring, funny, brave young man and I don't quite understand how he is mine.

lovetoski Sun 22-Sep-13 08:34:35

My nearly 13 yr old ds and I still hug quite a lot. If we feel we need one we say our hug a meters are low and either sit or lay down and we have to hug each other until we are fully charged!! Love it.

minmooch Sun 22-Sep-13 08:43:32

My two boys are 17 and 16. They both love hugs and will offer them spontaneously or suffer them quietly when forced on them. My youngest is like living with Cato from Pink Panther - he likes to creep up on me/hide and jump out at me and squidge my sides. My eldest has been ill for two years and tells me he loves me everyday - he will often call out to me from another room just to say Mum I love you. There is so much love, laughter and affection in our house.

They will both take a telling off gracefully if they have overstepped the Mark/done something stupid and will talk it through with me if we don't see eye to eye on something.

My youngest was going through some difficulties with his best friend and we spent many a night talking it through. I told him that it was a good life lesson although it might be hard - he looked at me and said 'I'm strong mum - I inherited your strong genes'.

I am truly blessed with my very tall, funny, intelligent, noisy, loving sons.

MyBoysAreFab Sun 22-Sep-13 08:43:49

My DS2 (12) has just got up - he came staggering into the living room, all sleepy eyed and mussy haired, wearing his onesie (black, with DUDE across the front) and launched himself at me for a cuddle, saying "morning wee mummy". God i adore moments like this!

MrsJamin Sun 22-Sep-13 08:51:38

Folkgirl, you got me at "You know what you need, don't you? Sit down and I'll put the kettle on" [sob]

My boys are 3 and 5 and I can't quite imagine a time I don't want to kiss their feet, or stroke their soft cheeks, or look up at them when I tell them off. They are both v cuddly so hope that that continues and I like the forced professions of love before receiving something! Will remember that!

MrsJamin Sun 22-Sep-13 08:53:32

Of course I mean look down at them when I tell them off, am still half asleep from them waking me up in the night- I assume that will still happen though for reasons such as not remembering keys, clattering about when getting in!

bonkersLFDT20 Sun 22-Sep-13 08:54:32

Love my teen lad. One moment we can be at logger heads, the next he'll be snuggled in bed with me and DS2 reading bed time stories.

We all squash in the bathroom when DS2 is having his bath and he'll play guitar and we'll all have a sing song.

So much fun to "threaten" to come and wave him off at the school bus stop - in my snugglebag.

everlong Sun 22-Sep-13 09:01:14

smile that brought a tear to my eye bonkers

DS1 (13) and DS3 (9) are always trying to hug me. They both seem to need multiple hugs every day. With DS1, we've made a game out of it, where I hug him when he's not expecting it.

DS2 (11) and DD (9) have much lower hug requirements. I hug them both a couple of times a day, but it's always me initiating it.

prudyklimovitsky Sun 22-Sep-13 09:29:36

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

When we were on holiday there was a photographer who would did a series of pics then you choose them (digital camera )

We bought a photo of DD smiling, a photo of DS and DD lying by the pool with their heads on their hands and a photo of DS.
The DS one , he's in profile. It's strange to see his face completely still . To see the boy/man face. The eyes are still the same. The ears.The amazing cheekbones,
But the monobrow thick eyebrows and the 'tasche all shows him growing up.
I could never had taken such a lovely photo (sob0

JuanPotatoTwo Sun 22-Sep-13 13:28:58

Oh I wonder what prudy said. Anyway, lovely to hear about all these affectionate caring boys. MrsJamin, love them as you do, I'm pretty sure there'll come a time when you won't want to be stroking those feet!

70's, you've reminded me of a picture I took on holiday in the summer. Ds1 and ds3 were both walking in front of me as we were on our way out for a meal. Coincidentally, they were both wearing red shorts and black t shirts, and they looked so sweet (although I'd be shot if I'd said that to them), like big me and little me. I have a lovely pic which I took without them knowing.

Marypoppinshandbag Sun 22-Sep-13 13:29:41

This is a gorgeous thread! I have a 14 year old who's like a toddler in a man size body - funny, silly, cuddly. He loves being taller than me, and calls me midget. He's also discovered that if he holds an object over his head then I can't reach it - this is immense fun for him, and always ends up with me tickling him till he begs for mercy.

noddyholder Sun 22-Sep-13 13:35:51

My son is 19 and just started uni and is a big hugger! I miss that tbh and can't wait until he is home He still lies on my bed for a chat and I think that is how it should be! He sent his dad a text on friday just saying miss u xxx we melted!

Mine removed his FB profile pic of him and his gorgeous girlfriend for one of me, him and his mate.
I made him change it back smile

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-13 14:32:40

I am not allowed to 'like' any of his FB photos (I do, just to wind him up) and he's got a Twitter page that he won't give me the name of (I know it, I got my much younger cousin to spill the beans) grin

Fairylea Sun 22-Sep-13 14:42:20

Reading this makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.

Ds is 15 months and absolutely gorgeous. I could eat him up smile I hope he is a hugger as he gets older smile

I feel sad for my dh, his family has never been there for him to the point now he no longer has contact with any of them. He is very affectionate and loves a cuddle, he once told me he can't ever remember his mum giving him a hug or telling him she loves him or is proud of him.

Your sons are all very lucky to have such lovely mums.

Just rechecked his FB. Yup, he has changed the picture back to him and I again confused

Fairylea Sun 22-Sep-13 14:46:15

Maybe he's trying to get rid of the girlfriend ? smile.

I doubt it, they've been wrapped around each other since yesterday afternoon and dating for a yearsmile
According to him, he just likes the photo smile

Fairylea Sun 22-Sep-13 14:50:33

Aw well then he obviously just adores his mum! smile

TheBuskersDog Sun 22-Sep-13 14:58:55

My 16 year old has just been trying to tickle me, I found myself saying "It's not fair, your arms are longer than my legs!" as he tried to tickle my feet. (They aren't quite he's not that much of a gibbon)

MissStrawberry Sun 22-Sep-13 15:52:55

What a lovely thread.

I used to have that kind of relationship with my eldest.

I miss him. He just told dh and I hates us.

<mum failure>

DramaAlpaca Sun 22-Sep-13 16:14:01

I have three huggy teenage sons, they are lovely.

The youngest is 16 & has just spent half an hour snuggled up next to me on the sofa with the dog.

DS1 is almost 20 & when he goes back to uni later today I will get a massive bear hug. He'll even hug me in front of his friends these days.

DS2 is 18 & likes to sit next to me on the couch with his legs draped casually over mine. He'll stroll into the kitchen & put his arms out for a hug.

This morning DS3 overheard our next door neighbour shouting at her kids & telling them they'd ruined her life sad. DS3 was a bit shock. I gave him a big hug & told him he & his brothers had made my life a hundred times better.

fussychica Sun 22-Sep-13 16:19:26

Nah mine's a hugger, always has been, hope he always will be. He's nearly 21 and 6'1" grin. He's going away again on Thursday until Xmas - going to miss him sooooo muchsad

Aww Miss S. DS hated me on Friday when I left him behind to walk to school since he wasn't ready on time smile
He'd recovered by home time when he realised he still needed a lift to football training.... wink

JuanPotatoTwo Sun 22-Sep-13 16:29:22

Aww MissS, it's not always a bed of roses here either, they have their moments.

littlemisswise Sun 22-Sep-13 16:31:53

Aww MissS he doesn't really hate you, I'm sure. ((Hugs))

MissStrawberry Sun 22-Sep-13 17:19:58

Seeing your support in the Threads I'm On list made me realise how much I miss having a family, having support, and made me sad. He has apologised and then 2 minutes later is back to taking the piss out of me in a horrible way. He is 12 years old and I am almost fucking scared of him. He strikes me as a spoilt, entitled, immature boy and I am sad and ashamed.

Sorry to spoil a lovely thread. I will leave it now.

Enjoy your lovely sons. They are a credit to you.

JuanPotatoTwo Sun 22-Sep-13 18:46:01

Don't leave the thread MissS. 12 is such a tricky age , for them and you. He's on the verge of all those horrible scary changes, hormones are rampant, doesn't know if he's a little boy or a teenager etc. Physical changes are probably happening as well as mental ones. He'll come through the other end at some point although it might not be to pleasant until you get there. Hang on in there.

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-13 18:57:47

Oh god - mine can be awful at times sad. He's been a challenge over the years (to say the least) and we've been referred to paed. psych. twice when his behaviour has been at its worst. He is definitely easier now that he's 16, but my goodness, he's certainly not a bed of roses and his behaviour has had me in tears over the years. Please don't feel as if everyone on this thread has angels - we don't have an easy time of it with DS1, sadly.

MissStrawberry Sun 22-Sep-13 19:38:46

No physical changes yet but does that mean there won't be emotional ones?<clueless> So, I Need to change then if he is normal. He frequently leaves me speechless with his rudeness. I have had enough today so took all his clothes out of the wash basket and won't wash them. I am planning on letting him run out as he is a pain in the arse about them. Won't put them away, puts clean stuff back to wash as can't be arsed to put them in the drawers. Puts everything in the wrong drawers and then demands clean whatevers. Shoves his ironed uniform in the wardrobe so it is all caught up and creased again. etc etc etc fucking cetra

JuanPotatoTwo Sun 22-Sep-13 21:19:35

Could be lots of emotional changes going on, he's on the verge of puberty and adolescence, those hormones will be raging. The clothes thing sounds very familiar, all of mine have done it and it's so frustrating to know that all your efforts to wash/iron etc have gone unappreciated. What I did was stop ironing any of their clothes, except school ones (and you could probably stop ironing those too - read the current thread about "if you were a teacher what would you think of a 16yr old wearing crumpled clothes!). I also stopped putting their stuff away, just left it folded/hung outside their rooms.

I can't lie and say they became any tidier or more appreciative, but I really think it's a case of picking your battles. I think the most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open - you don't want to get in a situation where your only relationship with him is a shouty one, he needs to know he can talk to you, and you need to know you can trust him.

I think maybe it could help if you two go out somewhere when you're both in a good mood and you can discuss your relationship. You can tell him what you expect of him and vice versa, and then you can set out some guidelines which you're both expected to stick too.

Mine is currently behaving like a sulky 5 year old because despite I won't write his Uni Personal Statement for him. I have coached, encouraged, pointed out resources that show you how to do the damn thing at his request, but no it seems only writing it will do. Well it ain't gonna happen, kid smile

MissStrawberry Sun 22-Sep-13 21:25:56

I want to just have a break. We used to be so close.

Miss Strawberry they go through huge emotional upheaval and IMO boys don't tend to talk about things (my son wouldn't discuss things the way my daughter does)

My DS is taller than me and very slim (skinny). He's almost Sheldon Cooper like in his adolescent awkwardness,
I know (as a female) that girls find him attractive but he seems unaware or he blushes (which is quite sweet but he wouldn't think so)

On holiday he didn't sunbathe much- he's not really one to uncover but I think he's becoming aware of the changes in himself.
Sometimes the emotional precedes the physical. I know my DD is going to be a hormonal tornado hmm.

I sometimes tell mine "I love you but I detest the things you do. You are responsible for your actions and you can change those. But whatever happens, I'm your mum"

I did read (not sure how true it is) that a child will only tell you they hate you if they are secure enough to test the boundaries.

He'll come back, don't worry. DD went seriously off the rails for a few years but she's better than ever now. This too shall pass, promise smile

Miss Strawberry at least we can go out and kiss the guinea-pigs wink

MissStrawberry Sun 22-Sep-13 21:38:06

I feel I expect too much of him. Every Sunday is the same when we can't go out.

Just one Guinea pig left now and she isn't well either.

I'm off to bed. Today was shit.

Thanks flowers.

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 22-Sep-13 21:43:29

MissS please don't go. You must understand that what makes this thread so sweet to most (all?!) of us is that none of our boys are the way we have described them all of the time. They all have 'Kevin the Teenager' moments. Some of these "moments" last rather longer than others. And some of us have completed the journey and have met the wonderful men that their sons turned into.

You are not a bad parent. A bad parent would not bother to look for solutions.

Why not start a thread asking for advice on how to manage your ds?

Mine has more Bart Simpson days than Angel Gabriel days for sure wink

stella69x Sun 22-Sep-13 22:01:21

Had to stop my DS with lip kisses as I don't think it's appropriate at his age (13 now 11 then) but we are really huggy cheek kisses every night or just coz we are hugging. He is real affectionate to me in private in a teenage way. I loves my DS he is growing up but will always be my baby boy x

stella69x Sun 22-Sep-13 22:13:30

DS is 13 I draw the line on pats on the head, yes he is bigger than me but I'm still mum x

DramaAlpaca Sun 22-Sep-13 22:44:55

MissStrawberry sorry you're having a hard time with your DS. If it helps, I posted that all mine are lovely now, but I have to admit that at times they were all a PITA at 12. It will get better, but weathering the teenage storm is tough at times. Hang on in there - you're a great mum because you care.

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-13 22:52:21

Yep, hang on in there MissStrawberry - it does get better. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel (emphasis on beginning...), but there have been times over the last few years where it's been awful. Just keep telling yourself that it will pass, and that you are doing a bloody good job - there are parents out there who genuinely don't give a hoot what their kids are up to, or how they behave. You obviously do, and that will set him up for life. He might not realise it now, but you've put the safety nets up and while he might push against them he will come back to you smile

TobyLerone Mon 23-Sep-13 08:58:40

MissS, I doubt it makes you feel any better, but my DD is 12 and she's the same.

DS is 13 and the loveliest child in the world. They've been brought up the same, obviously.

Sometimes they're just like that. It's not your fault, nor is it necessarily anything you've done. It's just who they are. But it can't last forever. It really can't.

MyBoysAreFab Mon 23-Sep-13 09:50:48

MissS don't be fooled by all our lovely stories, we have all been through what you are experiencing to some degree or another.

The lovely 12 year old DS I have spoken of can also be a little shit, is a ball of hormones which regularly explode, his bedroom is a shambles, clothes all over the floor etc. I have tried to retrain myself - "Pick your battles" is indeed the best advice. They press your buttons like nobody else. Decide what really matters to you and try and look at the positives of things he does doe. The more we nag, the more they hear white noise!

MissStrawberry Mon 23-Sep-13 14:34:31

How long does it last as it has been a good year so far.

Last night he came for a cuddle confused at bed time in between being cheeky to dh as clearly he knows better than DH.

Won't see him until much later as something has come up so he'll be home alone for 2 3/4 hours <worries> but have baked and left tea for him in his brother's TTTE lunch box grin.

ILoveAFullFridge Mon 23-Sep-13 18:18:57

One of the toughest parts of parenting, I think, is recognising and accepting that the more they reject us and lash out at us, the more they actually need our love.

BetsyBidwell Mon 23-Sep-13 18:20:58

i don't accept the use of the word gay as an insult

so no

You shouldnt either

CostaLady Mon 23-Sep-13 19:01:26

This thread has brought happy tears to my eyes as I sit cuddled with my three year old DS. He's so loving and affectionate and the thought he may not want to hug his old mum one day breaks my heart. So thank you for this lovely thread. flowers

What a gorgeous thread! My ds is very very cuddly (only 8) but my mum pulled me to one side and said that she was worried about how affectionate he was with me and my boundaries werent strong enough.

I felt very sad and wondered if it was a reflection on her very difficult relationship with my DB.

Long may the hugs continue. [flower]


MissStrawberry Mon 23-Sep-13 19:18:36

ILoveAFullFridge - are you saying I don't give him enough love?

JuanPotatoTwo Mon 23-Sep-13 21:04:15

MissStrawberry, I don't think Fridge is saying that you don't give him enough love. I think she's saying something along the lines of the more secure they are, uthe more able they feel to act up - because they know they're loved and will continue to be loved, no matter what. It's that old cliche about hurting the ones you love the most. They need boundaries, partly so that they can try and push those boundaries. Then when they find they can't, it reinforces their sense of belonging, ie, someone loves them enough to care, and to keep on loving them even when they're being vile.

Hope that makes sense, and apologies to Fridge for explaining on her behalf.

MissStrawberry Mon 23-Sep-13 21:19:31

I am glad he feels secure but not that he uses us as a punch bag!!

He has been okay today but I did have to say not to start a couple of times.

SuperiorCat Mon 23-Sep-13 21:21:19

YY to what Juan has just said - very very true.

Miss Strawberry, my DS1 is 13 now, but only just. At the beginning of the year he was having the most awful tantrums and would blow up about all sorts of stuff almost at the drop of the hat. One minute he would be fine and the next he would go off on one.

I must admit, I shouted back, sent him to his room to get him out of my sight (or he went anyway and banged a few doors on the way). I told him to buck his ideas up, he couldn't talk to people that way and all the other clichés you hope you will never say when you become a parent and still end up saying. To be frank, some days it was a bit of a war zone here, (not helped by DS2 being annoying by being a goody 2 shoes either).

I have to agree with everything JuanPotato said. They need boundaries because it shows you care. It sounds great that he still comes for cuddles. If he still does that, I reckon it will be OK in the end. The bond is still strong and he still wants your love and attention.

The weirdest thing was for me was the day I stopped being angry with him long enough to notice how sad he looked in between the ranting at me and stomping around. Instead of shouting, I gave him a cuddle, he burst into tears and we talked about how hard it is being a teenager. I thought that stuff only worked in the parenting books! I didn't expect that at all and it seems he has been better since then. I hope it is because he knows that we still love him no matter how vile he is and he doesn't need to test us so much. He can still be horrible but can't we all but at least our doors aren't taking such a hammering!!

None of that takes away from my earlier post about him being a very cuddly boy. He is and I love him to bits but it isn't all sweetness and light. Actually thinking about it, a perfect child would be a bit creepy. smile

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 24-Sep-13 00:50:19

"ILoveAFullFridge - are you saying I don't give him enough love?"

Oh goodness no! I hope you haven't taken it to heart that way sad. Not at all what I meant.

I was trying to acknowledge how tough it is to be consistent in your love, and express it, when they are being so horribly challenging.

Sometimes I want to just turn away from them and say "you think after you've treated me like dirt, I still feel like cuddling you?" Because that's how I do feel. Mostly I swallow it, but, just occasionally, I let them know that I'm too hurt by their behaviour and need some time to myself. But later on I always find them for a cuddle or other display of affection.

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 24-Sep-13 00:53:26

And I agree with everything JuanPotato said.

MissStrawberry Tue 24-Sep-13 15:01:43

I have tried cuddling him when he has been hitting out emotionally but he started hurting my physically and I took it as he had recently lost his Great Grandmother but it really hurt. It isn't something I have tried for a while but I will certainly try again next time he decides to get rude with us.

Thanks again.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Sep-13 17:23:06

This is such an interesting thread that we're going to move it to Teenagers so it doesn't get lost!

Shodan Tue 24-Sep-13 17:51:04

MissStrawberry- please, please don't be too disheartened. The lovely young man I talked about earlier was foul, at times, for many years. I can remember, even now, sitting in the car with him one time and pressing my lips so tight together it hurt, I was so angry with him.

Other times, when he would say he hated me, I would yell back "Well I don't like you very much right now either!" And yes, sometimes, if he offered an apology, I would say "Fine. But I'm not ready to accept it yet. I still need to calm down. You were unspeakably rude."

Term after term after term we were called into school for meetings with teachers/head of year/vice principals because of his behaviour. I used to rant (not in his hearing) that I couldn't wait until he went off to uni, because the thought of living with him after he'd finished school was too awful to bear.

But. Somewhere along the way he started thinking about what he wanted to do/where he wanted to be as an adult. (At the beginning of GCSE years, actually). And he changed. Started doing homework, paying attention in class. And he started becoming nicer at home, too. Now he's nearly 18 and will be off, next year. And I will miss him.

One thing I did notice. Dh (not his bio Dad) would always make a big deal of any infractions, going on and on about them. But when he did something good, it would be a fairly grudging "Well done." So I made sure that I made as much of his achievements as I did telling him off about the bad stuff- balancing out the scales, as it were. Sometimes it was hard to find something good to praise, but when I found it, I made sure he knew all about it.

As much as I may have believed that kids should be good 'Just because', or because I was, or because DH was, I had to realise that some kids just aren't like that. Some of them need a bit more.

Miss Strawberry - I hope the hug thing works for you. I know it won't be the solution every time but I thought I would share as for us, at that time, it really diffused things. If it helps, I think I had let him storm off and calm down just a tiny bit before I went to him. I think the timing relevant at that time but I didn't go with the intention of cuddling him but probably to have another go. Maybe it helped because it was spontaneous and not what he expected. It probably helped that we had time to have a heart to heart which you don't always have if you have to be somewhere or there are other people around.

I also wanted to say, he is still a long way from perfect, so am I and I don't want you to think I am smug enough to think it is the answer to everything. smile

Shodan, I think there was advice around when mine were little that you should praise more than you tell off, even when your children are being horrendous. I think that must apply to older children too from what you are saying. It can be quite challenging though, can't it?!

And I had forgotten there was a teenage topic and that I can officially post here now.grin

Of course I feel really old too. When I joined MN I was on toddler threads and the teenage threads seemed a long way off.

And then you get the blissful evening of peace when DS is having tea at his girlfriends house and is beyond the drinking in the woods with his daft mates phase we enjoy so much grin

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 24-Sep-13 22:59:09

I was thinking about how my newly-teen and I express affection (and also my other dc) and I realised that there's a lot of non-kissy/huggy stuff going on. Maybe even more than the kissy/huggy stuff. Things like running my hand across his shoulders as I walk past him, just making physical contact in passing. Or sitting down next to him with my own book/iPad while he's reading/DSing.

He used to overwhelmed by too much physicality (Aspergian!) so I looked for other ways to express affection without smothering him, and to teach him about closeness. Perhaps it was because kissy/huggy me stopped leaping on him, that he learned to initiate it himself?

Anyway, it seems to fit a teens need for affection, too.

Travelledtheworld Wed 25-Sep-13 00:01:09

Just found DS 13 in my bed surrounded by soft toys.
He didnt shower after Rugby either.......

MyBoysAreFab Wed 25-Sep-13 09:32:53

Travelled smile
I love it when my DS' get up at the weekend and come lumbering into our bed. The dog then usually joins us, and it becomes a huge mass of restless limbs flailing about. But I love the fact they still do it without thinking. Also sometimes where we get the best conversations.

peanutbutterandbanana Fri 27-Sep-13 22:06:15

What a lovely thread! I have a darling boy, aged 13, and cuddly as hell (but only in private). It drives me mad sometimes when he wants hugging ALL the time, but I think it is because it's tough out there trying to be tough whilst meanwhile you are still a kiddyboy. Today he said to me 'I love you SO much, mum' and said it with such conviction. When he hugs me he squeezes really tight and I explain to him that you need to handle ladies with care as we are precious things that need to be treated real special...... in the hope that one day he will be a wonderful, gentle, handsome hunk and the girls will go wild about him cos he understands them #burstingwithpridethatimadehim

missymayhemsmum Fri 27-Sep-13 22:43:08

Just like when they're little you have to grit your teeth and mutter 'it's a phase'
DS now 21 went through a stage (13?) when walking down the street with me was too embarrassing, let alone physical contact, to wanting lots of hugs (when he wasn't punching walls) 16?. To when you finally get to the moment when this gorgeous young man puts his arm round your shoulders in the street, offers to carry your shopping and greets you with a hug and kiss at the station! Hang in there

Waswildatheart Sat 28-Sep-13 08:48:39

My 13 yr DS has shunned all kisses since being a toddler but has always gone gooey when given a back rub/scratch. Every now and then he sidles up on the sofa and says 'Back scratch' or 'head stroke'. I am so pleased he loves his little bit of physical contact as otherwise we would never touch and, as a touchy huggy family, this would be a gap. Have noted as his joy in growing being taller than me and expect that he may soon be, sarcastically putting his arm across my shoulders!

Dontwanttobeyourmonkeywrench Sat 28-Sep-13 09:22:29

My DS(16) will still drape himself over me and pat me on the head. Apparently his friends think I'm a leg-end for putting up with his goodbyes grin The current favourite is him saying "Farewell mother, I'm away. Don't miss me too much but feel free to tidy my room. Toodles!" to which I reply "I don't know what I'd do without you. My whole day, no my whole life, revolves around you. I shall need shares in Kleenex until you return." grin Admittedly we are odd...

Isthiscorrect Mon 30-Sep-13 18:55:49

I think I've got a bit of dust in my eye ;-) ds 18 is cuddly, he tells me he still sleeps with his "boys" (teddies) to make me happy, lol. Currently he is unwell and when I went in last night to say good night he made me read Dogger (I love that story). He often makes me lie down when I say good night so he can chat to me, and when I'm asleep he flings the door open to kiss me goodnight in case I'm missing him.
I luffs boys.

Lex12 Tue 01-Oct-13 19:12:19

My 15 yr old youngest ds will tolerate a good morning hug and still occasionally let me hold his hand when we're watching tv after school. He'll also pat me on the head and ask what's the weather like down there mini mum, he's 5'11 and still growing lol

Mine is cuddled into me right now. He says he needs a little mummylove. Yesterday I was satan in a skirt. And they say girls are hormonal?

Lifeisaboxofchocs Sat 11-Jan-14 08:10:52

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but it made me cry! So lovely some of the little posts.

My DS is 3.5, and goodness, I sometimes simply can not stop kissing and cuddling him. He can't pass me without me pinching his bottom, kissing him, stroking him. And now he doesn't want me to come to the toilet with him a more, even though it was a special time because we already read a book or had a chat. It breaks my heart, but then I read these stories is and think "it'll be ok". So thank you! X

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sat 18-Jan-14 21:50:30

I wish, I wish...but the time for cuddles had long past by the time we were on speaking terms again.

I suppose there must have been some when I was little. But to put the most charitable view on it, she had 3 others to look after.

Chottie Tue 21-Jan-14 07:24:23

My DS is grown and flown, but when he comes home, he picks me up and swings me round and hugs me. He will snuggle up close on the sofa watching a film together with me and DD. I sit there with one on each side of me and think 'life doesn't get more perfect' smile

p.s. both had their teenage moments, so there is hope ahead for everyone.

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