Boys' clothes - too tall for kids jeans, too skinny for adult jeans.

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MrsMuddle Sun 20-Jan-08 20:56:20

DS1 is 12, but 5ft 10, and all ribs and legs. Most children's ranges stop at age 14, so the trousers / jeans are too short. Most adult ranges start at waist size 30, so they're miles too wide.

All I want is a decent pair of jeans that will fit him for more than five minutes. He's grown out of H&M, Gap and M&S now. Where else can he get jeans or trousers?

MrsMuddle Sun 20-Jan-08 22:09:10


Scramble Sun 20-Jan-08 22:15:29

TKMax is good for casual and sports stuff. Youth sizes is perhaps what you need to look for. Sports shops do often have jeans in sports brands.

My DS is 12 and very tall so I see problems very soon[sigh]

WendyWeber Sun 20-Jan-08 22:24:04

There some 28" waist men's jeans but you have to search for them - I've had the same with DS2 to a certain extent in terms of build, but he is nearly 15 now and still not 5'10!

ebay is a good bet for unusual sizes (but you will find some 28" leg ones mixed in)

themoon66 Sun 20-Jan-08 22:38:15

Okay... my DS is 6ft 2in and a 28 waist. I find the best place is New Look.... they do longer leg lengths (36). Not mega expensive either... got DS a lovely pair of black skinnies for 9 quid at xmas.

WendyWeber Sun 20-Jan-08 22:45:07

Oooh, themoon, thanks for that - I shall direct DS2 there next time he wants jeans!

(Not sure he will agree though, he is a designer-label obsessive hmm)

SpottyHamster Mon 21-Jan-08 12:04:07

There is a real gap in the market here. It is a huge problem getting trousers other than school ones for teens/ tall pre teens. DS1 has reached the end of MS sizes but is also skinny & I too was wondering where to go next time. He also finds the kids T shirts too babyish but the adults ones too big. Usually get these from JJB but I havn't seen jeans in there. There must be hordes of teenage boys going round in half mast jeans! Thre seems to be loads more available for girls......if only I had a girl! I used to love buying clothes for them when they were little but now its a pain in the ar*e.sad

WendyWeber Mon 21-Jan-08 12:36:45

DS2 doesn't have a problem with tops, SH - small men's are fine on him (or medium sometimes, it depends on the source) even though he is pretty skinny. He hasn't worn boys' tops for a long time.

Sports World has billions of T-shirts, and is also a good source of things like joggers, and DS2's latest school trousers came from Tesco, if it helps.

To help with the jeans issue he has a large collection of belts wink

fizzbuzz Mon 21-Jan-08 21:11:54

My ds is 6ft and 14. 28 " waist. Next and Burton do stuff

Thoroughly pissed of paying ADULT prices, he is only just 14 and should be vat free until he is 16 I beleive. As for shoes.....size 12.....sad, the cost shock

fizzbuzz Mon 21-Jan-08 21:18:25

My local New Look don't do boys clothes (either branch, and one of them is huge)

MrsMuddle Mon 21-Jan-08 21:41:21

Thanks for all your suggestions. I hadn't thought of sports shops or ebay, so I'll give them a try.

I will be rushing to New Look after work tomorrow - jeans that fit and are cheap! What a result.

And, yes, it is a PITA paying vat on shoes and clothes for a 12 year old. At least he's not fussy what he wears, and has no interest in designer lables. It's TK Maxx all the way for trainers in this house.

themoon66 Mon 21-Jan-08 23:27:12

Not all branches of New Look do blokes stuff. I used to go to the one in Lincoln but the men's section got smaller and smaller until it disappeared one day. I have to use the Gainsborough one now for DS's trousers.

mumblechum Tue 22-Jan-08 10:37:03

Sorry not sure about jeans but just bought ds a jacket from Next men's dept in size S which fits v. well (he's 13 & 5ft5).

You could try Next

Lilymaid Tue 22-Jan-08 10:42:03

DS1 is 20, 6' 2" tall and still around a 28" waist. He buys quite a lot of his trousers/jeans from Next Direct.

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 22-Jan-08 10:51:26

I don't know if your lad will go with this, but my stepson is 20 (and very cool by the way) and has terrible trouble buying jeans because he is very slim - about a 24-26" waist. He is also tall. He has resorted to buying girl's jeans, especially the Topshop skinnies, as they do them up to 36" leg. They also do a baggy 'boyfriend' cut if he doesn't like skinnies. You honestly can't tell - it's not as if they have GIRLS JEANS stitched on them.

Another good idea is a website called Everything but the music - sells a load of jeans for around £25 which are unisex, some of those may suit your son, the website is

southeastastra Tue 22-Jan-08 10:52:58

when my nephew was about 16 and into skinny jeans i gave him my old pairs. womens seemed to fit ok grin

Tortington Tue 22-Jan-08 10:54:00

adult jeans and a belt. my ds2 is the same - ribs

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 10:56:10

We are having the same problem, (14 34" inside leg) and with shoes, can I get the bloody trainers he wants in size 11 and a half. Can I hell as like.
What age do they stop growing?

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 20:06:30

Wish I knew, have visions of ds with head in clouds, and small boats for feet sad

MrsMuddle Tue 22-Jan-08 20:11:18

I think you have to stop feeding them if you want them to stop growing. wink

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 20:41:30

When do they stop growing does anyone know?

Dis just 14 (Dec) and 6ft tall, with size 12 feet. <trembles at thought of giant son costing millions of pounds to clothe>

Mine really needs to stop growing quite soon.........but no sign yet

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 20:43:11

Snap fb, ds, same age as yours 5ft10, 34 inside leg and 11 and a half shoes. So I'd like to know the answer too, please.

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 22-Jan-08 20:45:44

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but...

My little (ha) brother is 6ft 6" and is 20. He stopped growing when he was about 17.

He just shot up from around 14 ish until 16. Mum was buying new shoes every couple of weeks for a month or so - it was a real monster growing spurt. Size 14 feet he now has!

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 20:47:31

Would MB know? She's a sciencey type.

RH, also have 18 month old dd, the size of her tiny tiny shoes next to ds's humungous trainers is quite quite scary........he must have taken that size oncehmm

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 20:48:52

Size 14? <hushed and scared whisper>

How much are they ?(gulp)

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 20:55:32

14? shock
FB, I have a reception age dd and her feet are soo dainty, she's still in a child's 8, so we've gone from one extreme to the other.

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 22-Jan-08 20:56:18

She used to buy his shoes from specialist shops and they did used to cost a fortune. Mum didn't earn much so it was a bit of a worry for her.

But now it seems loads of places online do cheap shoes - I asked my brother at Christymas 'where the hell do you buy such bloody huge shoes' and he says Barrats are the cheapest (he is a student so money is pretty tight). barratts

It's a sod having big feet - I am a size 9 and it's only lately that you can buy fashionable (ie non orthapeadic looking) shoes in size 9 - thanks god for Faith and New Look!

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 21:02:45

14 must be mahoosive, the shoes he has now are so big, I could probably stick dd in them to use as a yacht.grin
Right, starvation it is thengrin

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 21:06:54

Do Vans trainers come in a 14? (Thinking ahead emoticon)

Size 14 is soooooooo big, double my shoe size. How can I have given birth to someone that big????

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 22-Jan-08 21:09:50

Crikey Vans trainers.

My dd (age 12 and size 6 1/2) has some Vans trainers and they are huuuge - they look like a size 9.

God knows what those in size 14 would look like - canoes, probably.

You must be able to get trainers and the like in large size because my brother has always got cool trainers. But he worked in America in the summer so that's probably where he got them from.

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 21:10:58

I can't get vans in 11 and a half.

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 21:25:29

I'm sure ds's last pair were Vans

Here, loads of them!! Well not 11 1/2, but lots of 12's

rantinghousewife Tue 22-Jan-08 21:29:09

Aha, yes 12's would probably do. At least till he bloody grows again.

fizzbuzz Tue 22-Jan-08 21:34:54

That site seems to stop at a 13........

WendyWeber Tue 22-Jan-08 21:38:12

ebay again - men's trainers size 13.

Not many - but some!

WendyWeber Tue 22-Jan-08 21:40:19

and 14s smile

(When I said not many for the 13s I thought it was single figures, not 100+!)

themoon66 Tue 22-Jan-08 23:01:39

TKMaxx sometimes have blokes trainers up to a 14, but it's pot luck when you go in there. (DS takes a 12)

sdr Sat 26-Jan-08 08:10:21

Try the mailorder site Do teenage boys clothes up to 16-18 years. Starting to have same problem with my DD14. She is thin with long legs.

TallandSlimBoys Sat 07-Nov-09 21:57:50

I've just found this thread - a little late I know, but I may just be able to save you! I know what it's like to have boys who are difficult to fit, so I set up a clothing label called Daddy Long Legs. MrsMuddle, you are so right, the kids sizes are too short and the adult sizes are too wide. check out We are based in Australia, but can deliver anywhere in the world.

bruffin Sun 08-Nov-09 15:11:16

Verbaudet and La Redoute/verbaudet do jeans for up to 18. DS 14 is 5'10 and we get him the 180cm ones, also their adult jeans start from 28inch. Also BHS backflip size upto 16 and fit DS.

There is a shop called Madhouse which sell mens jeans from 28 waist with differents lengths.

VID Tue 16-Feb-10 12:49:00


mimsum Thu 18-Feb-10 11:16:48

sorry to sound harsh but it sounds like he's overweight if he's 5 and loose fit jeans for 9 year olds are too tight

rather than getting ever bigger clothes, more exericse and fewer snacks would be the place to start I'm afraid

ps take your caps lock off when you post - it comes across as if you're shouting and people don't like that!

borderslass Fri 19-Feb-10 20:41:08

primark do 28 waist jeans my son has gone from 5ft 18 months ago to 5'10 now just got him new clothes today he had hardly any trousers to fit him hes all leg short body hes also gone from size 5 shoes last january to size 11 now.[jumped to size 10 by easter last year]

bruffin Sat 20-Feb-10 09:16:03

DS 14 as he is growing again now same sizes as borderlasses ds I took him shopping in topman and river island last week. River Island not that cheap but I treated him to a really nice pair of jeans.
Topman do jeans from 26inch waist but I don't think they do long fit and River Island start from 28inch waist.

StephysFamous Tue 02-Mar-10 12:51:37

My DP is 22years old and a rake. Size 26/30 waist and 6ft3. River Island, D2 and TX Maxx on occasions are his recommendations. Diesel also do these sizes in some very nice jeans but buying them direct from the company is rather expensive so EBay are very good.

StephysFamous Tue 02-Mar-10 12:52:14

I meant to say size 26/30 waist depending on where the jeans are bought from.

stel72 Tue 06-Sep-11 16:49:22

my son is 12 and 5 ft 6 with a waist size of 26 inches and finding a real problem now just to get school trousers im have to buy and then pay again to have them taken in.and its starting to cost to much .yet the goverment are going on about the children today of being obese but yet there making clothes to fit these childen what about the children who are natrually thin ????? . my son also eats man size portions and yet still doesnt put a pound on any ideas were to shop ??

JohnniesBitch Wed 07-Sep-11 13:36:36

yes look for teenage ranges that go up to an age 16-18. if you dont mind paying out a bit more then abercrombie teen range do up to an 16-18, ds1 brought some 14 in abercrombie the other week and a nice fit on him, baggy round the wasit to show off his pants as he likes them! also hollister do a 28 waist but adult prices as adult brand.
johnnieb (boden teen range) should fit and if he likes skinny jeans and doesnt mind womens ones primark! ds1 has some red primark girls skinny jeans becasue they were tighter than the boys ones, although now prefers lim leg to skinny fit.

Most of it, anyway.
I have quite a few suitable items from Sainbury Tu collection. John Lewis "long cut" trousers, too, for most recent posters.

shineypenny Wed 07-Sep-11 16:31:52

GetOrfMoiLand dh has size 15 feet and has just become the proud owner of a pair of Vans, courtesy of Amazon! They are black and actually make his feet look smaller I think. ds (13 and a size 11) approves, so he is delighted as he has lived in Green Flash trainers most of his life. It is so nice that he is finally able to buy some fashionable shoes that don't come from Magnus smile

Sorry OP, highjacked your thread slightly, but ds (13) is 5' 10" and skinny waist. He has found a few pairs of 28" waist jeans (one Superdry pair he got for £20), but will also buy 30" and does the trousers round your ankles look hmm

shineypenny Wed 07-Sep-11 16:36:17

stel72 m&s and bhs both do school trousers in longer length. bhs's regular length is 32", which was long enough for ds, and the longer length ones were 34".

Theas18 Wed 07-Sep-11 23:05:11

Primark were good when ds was 28 waist and 32 leg I think their clothes are cut so skimpy sometimes lol.

Theas18 Wed 07-Sep-11 23:07:12

School trousers we get the " extra value" from M&S ie the cheapies! They are slightly skimpy cut too so he has a 34/34 but he isn't a 43 waist in any other sizes!

bindibahji Thu 08-Sep-11 11:04:08

top man and primark do xs and xxs men's stuff which is 28 waist.

anewyear Thu 15-Sep-11 12:45:23

Well Ive been told by New Look and Top Man, (really resent having to pay adult prices when hes going to grow out of them in a few months) to look at their websites and order from them or I was given to understand you can have them sent to you nearest shop.

My just turned 13 yr old is 5' 6', only a 6 1/2 shoe at the mo and has just started to fill out a bit.

seenitallbefore Tue 20-Sep-11 10:05:30

All Saints jeans are fantastic for tall skinny boys. Not cheap though.

kriszike Wed 16-Oct-13 11:27:21

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