14 yo DD has very large breasts & very low self esteem/body image

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Milla37 Mon 16-Jun-14 12:05:30

Hello! Any advice gratefully received....my poor 14 year old daughter has very large breasts, around size 44G. She is so self-conscious about it that she doesn't want to go to a shop to get fitted properly or buy bras - not helped by when she did finally pluck up courage to come with me to get fitted at M&S in Richmond & the lady measured her & then had nothing at all in her size. I've done some "trial & error" ordering for her from Evans - but out of about 5 bras that I ordered for her only 1 fitted, and that wasn't great. She really needs to go somewhere to try some on & get properly fitted, a nice friendly sensitive shop in West or Central London that has a decent stock of very large sizes. Rigby & Peller would be great, but I can't afford to pay £80 for 1 bra, & even they only seem to have a choice of about 4 in that size!!! Any suggestions? She's SO sensitive & easily upset about it all :-( ...Help!

ilovepowerhoop Sat 21-Jun-14 22:14:18

I am 15 stone and still only have a 36 inch back measurement. She needs to be properly measured so she gets the correct size

Pretty much what everyone else says is correct

There is no way is she a 44. I'm a dress size 22/24 and I'm a 38/40 J
Marks and spencer are notorious for being shit at measuring

Read the bra intervention threads on here, measure her yourself

Simply yours online are good, have a good range of bras, go up to a 50 JJ and you can order loads and send back whatever doesn't fit nicely. You can also pay monthly as its a catalogue.

I bet you any more she is no bigger than 36/38

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