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nickychildminder Sun 25-Aug-13 09:31:26

Help my 13 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with an eating disorder been to the doctors and been referred for councilling she's eating very little anyone been in the same situation and can offer advice??

Dancingqueen17 Sun 25-Aug-13 19:15:25

You have my sympathy ed's are awful. My first piece of advice is get yourself onto the Around The Dinner Table forum. (Goggle it, sorry cant do the link). You will learn so much there and get practical and emotional support from parents in the same situation as you.
Is it anorexia she has been diagnosed with? If so I can't stress the importance of weight restoration, recovery is just not possible without it. You must learn to separate your daughter from her ed. she is not choosing this it is an illness. Make sure she is receiving regular medical monitoring. I'm going to stop there cos atdt explain it all so much better.
Just remember that recovery is possible, but v hard work sending you lots of luck x

nickychildminder Sun 25-Aug-13 19:42:18

Hi thanks will google it she had a good day today 1roast spud 4slices of carrot an a slice of beef!!! But then cried for ages after. They don't mention any of this when you bring home your beautifull baby from hospital

IceAddict Sun 25-Aug-13 19:50:47

I have a client whose daughter is suffering from anorexia they have had help from cheds referred by GP And found quite useful. GPs seem to be very supportive about eating disorders these days as it is a serious issue. Best of luck

assumpta Sun 25-Aug-13 20:00:22

Nicky - I can't offer any advice, but with other issues going on in our house, my heart goes out to you all and your dd. I am sure the advice you will get on here will help you.

Dancingqueen17 Sun 25-Aug-13 20:22:50

Do you know how long it's been going on? What's her Bmi? Any obvious physical problems ie low bp, pulse? Has she had bloods? Any compensatory behaviours eg purging, excessive exercise?

nickychildminder Sun 25-Aug-13 21:06:38

Bmi 21 at moment so hopefully will be able to stop it getting worse

Dancingqueen17 Sun 25-Aug-13 21:19:17

I'm guessing you've caught things fairly early? The most important thing is keeping the weight up because weight loss is accompanied with loss of cognition. You need to take over all responsibility for food. Her only job is to eat. Lots of people use life stops until you eat. It's so hard but they'll thank you for it in the long run.

nickychildminder Sun 25-Aug-13 21:27:40

Hi thank you for support have googld an registered on support site it's going to be a very long journey found out today she had been bullied on Facebook so it all ads up just have to focus 1 day at a time can't look at big picture it's a lot to get your head around

Dancingqueen17 Sun 25-Aug-13 22:05:28

Yep one day at a time, one meal at a time, one bite at a time! So glad you have registered on ATDT it is a wealth of info. Look after yourself too, this is going to be tough but you can save your girl!

nickychildminder Tue 27-Aug-13 18:21:24

Today is not a good day she's only eaten a frosties ceral bar and now her dad is telling her off over the phone booked blood test at docs suggestion and referral has gone off so fingers crossed trying to stay positve

Dancingqueen17 Tue 27-Aug-13 18:51:35

Will she drink things? You can pack a hell of a lot of calories in a smoothie! I know it sounds harsh but maybe it's time for life stops till you eat? Sending you lots of cyber support and hand holding.

nickychildminder Tue 27-Aug-13 19:06:39

Thanks spoke to doc an she suggested protein shakes might help just need to hide packaging

Dancingqueen17 Wed 28-Aug-13 20:57:04

Dr's can prescribe fortisip, if its got from a script by dr d may see it as medicine. They are 300kcal for 125 ml.

Apollinare Wed 28-Aug-13 23:10:59

Hi Nicky.. we are the other side now of my DDs Ed - but it will always be her vulnerability and I watch like a hawk! Thanks to a recommendation on here I joined the
and the confidence and encouragement I got enabled us to get her eating again using the Maudsley method - until you do that, as has previously been said, you are fighting a losing battle - the ED voices in her head are stimulated by starvation. DD had CBT therapy which helped a lot but we had to take her out of school for the rest of the year because she was too weak to attend. We managed to avoid hospitalisation but had some very rough nights when I sat up with her all night and when the ED takes over, it is very frightening.

The treatment from the GP was pretty iffy as they didnt really know what to do - but all they need to do is refer to the right people and they need to take this very seriously. Facebook - what a crock of shit it is at times!

nickychildminder Thu 29-Aug-13 19:27:22

Thanks facebook an all those sites should been shut down she had blood test today an there testing for celiac disease aswell she's managed to eat a brioche an very tiny potion of home made cottage pie this was a good day

TOMAGCRO Sat 31-Aug-13 09:20:12

Hi, my daughter has an ED. she blogs about positive steps in her recovery. Juniperbaby.wordpress I blog about how being a Dad of a daughter with ED feels,

Top about the Maudsley method. There is a good book available via amazon. You need to become a dolphin (its in the book) .... Your husband is a doesn't work....parents have to change. You are now dealing with ED who is different to your daughter...and ED doesn't give a toss about you or your husband....that is really hard to deal with.

You and your husband have to agree ground rules and tactics as to how you deal with it....shouting doesn't work.

Get professional help soon including a nutritionist. Work to a meal plan. Get a good therapist who understands ED. You need to try and find the cause.

Make sure you nag your GP. Make sure your GP is sympathetic. Get referred ASAP there are long waiting lists on NHS ( we had BUPA who eventually helped..).

Read lots but be prepared to disregard some info apply what you need for your child.

Avoid films on You Tube....really depressing.

Keep an eye on exercise limits....Juniper started rowing and marathon inning training. I was delighted until I learned she had anorexia. All exercise has been stopped on medical advice.

There are parent support groups at some hospitals.

You will find many others in the same boat as you.
Be prepared for the long haul. It's really really must build a team.

God bless.


nickychildminder Wed 04-Sep-13 21:03:50

Hi thanks there's no talking to dd dad ex husband complete idiot!! Councilling booked but bloods came back raised now may be facing type1 diabetes the more I try to help her the more argumentative she gets this is going to be a very long journey

nickychildminder Wed 04-Sep-13 21:06:28

Hi thanks there's no talking to dd dad ex husband complete idiot!! Councilling booked but bloods came back raised now may be facing type1 diabetes the more I try to help her the more argumentative she gets this is going to be a very long journey

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