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mumslife Tue 15-Mar-11 20:50:46

Hi Not sure if i am posting this in the correct place. My now 14 year old daughter started her periods a year ago and prettymuch from the word go they have been havy and she has been on her period for a good seven days and she usually goes about 25 days in between.

she currently has her period day 2 and I have spent all day in a and e with her due to her being in severe pain.

after many tests including bloods, urine, ulta scan etc etc they have come to the conclusion it is severe period pains and gave her 15 ml of morphine which didnt work but made her feel spaced out/ I gave her twp dpses of neurofen which didnt touch the pain.Then pain was so bad she was panting like she was in labour and practically hyperventilating due to the pain and she was feeling sick and dizzy.

they have now given me an ibroprofane based strong pain killer and another tablets to ease the cramping which then brings on the pain.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this either themself or their daughter.

I never knew period pains could be that bad???

to add nothing showed up on any of the tests and it is not appendicitus as already been there and had her appendix out.

I can only conclude it is what they say and period pains, but I truely have never experienced or witnessed the like of it before.

Anyone anything similar

dionkelly Thu 28-Feb-13 11:22:51

my daughter suffers really bad with period pain . I have taken her 2 my gp and she has put her on Mefenamic acid 250mg but the pain is still really bad she is 14 and started her periods when she was 12 .Each month the pain is getting worse . she has to have time off school each month but the teachers do not like this i dont know how to help her any more can any one help me please thankyou

TheProvincialLady Tue 21-Jun-11 14:27:29

I am so full of sympathy for your DD. I suffered in exactly the same way but my mum was unable to empathise as she never suffered from painful periods and thought I was making a fuss about nothinghmm Now she is going through the menopause she is getting period pain and has apologised to me for not having ever really understood. Your DD is lucky to have you.

What is your DD's weight like? I suffered very badly until my weight finally reached 7.5 stones (I am 5'2") in my mid 30s, at which point my periods got a lot better. Several people have told me that there is a link between low weight/body fat and period troubles.

Some of the things that helped me through those times were very hot - almost scalding - baths with lavender essential oil in. And massages using lavender oil. There are several oils that are recommended for period pains but that is the one that helped me the most. The massage technique came from a book - I am happy to photcopy it for you if you would like to try it. DH used to do it for me and it made a big difference (on top of the painkillers etc). And finally, paying attention to diet - avoiding caffeine, especially around the time of my period, and eating and drinking hot things during my period instead of cold ones. I am not at all a woo person but these things genuinely helped me.

Childbirth has cured me and getting fatter praise the skies! It truly is a curse. I hope you get sensible answers soon.

Great news re your DD seeing a gynae in two weeks (missed that bit, sorry).

I would ask this person straight out whether he feels that endo is a possible cause for her agonies.


I winced when I read your recent post re your DD; the same happened to me as a teen. In my case the underlying cause of all these agonies was endometriosis. This is a very much underdiagnosed disease.

Can you not ask the GP to refer your DD to a gynae?. Your DD should not have to put up with this every time.

I would put money on it that her painful periods has a cause; one possible one here is indeed endometriosis.

mumslife Sat 18-Jun-11 22:07:37

hi all

just poping on to say not much has changed regarding my daughter and her periods. The thing that worksbest is heat and laying out flat, impossible if you are at school. She now wears heat pads to school which works out mega expensive and takes co - codamel when it is quite bad which takes the edge off the pain.
when it is at its worse days 1-4 of her period the chool regularly ring me to fetch her home as she is gasping with pain. In fact I speak regularly to the lady in the medical room!!!
I would say there is probably about three days out of her whole monthly cycle when she is reasonably well. the rest of the days she is either in pain (on those days she copes with the heatpad) or in extreme pain and she has to miss school.

She has her appointment with a gnaecologist in two weeks so will update then.
Sorry for all those of you who are suffering or your daughters are suffering - there is a name for it - DSYMENORRHEA - which I found out by googling. It can be primary ie no reason for it or secondary ie something is causing it like for example endementrosis

twistnshout72 Fri 17-Jun-11 02:20:41

I had very painful, heavy periods, right from the start (involving a couple of hours of vomiting in the nurse's office at school) and didn't see a doctor until I was around 14 (three years later). The GP was very unsympathetic (one later suggested I was exaggerating the pain to get the pill for contraceptive purposes) but I was prescribed Mefenamic acid and codeine to alternate. I found these relatively unhelpful, and the nausea, vomiting, dizziness and pain did not even dissipate mildly. When this started affecting my work at 15, and my sleep as I ended taking hot baths - the only thing that worked - in the early hours of the morning, I went back to the doctor and was put on the pill, Microgynon, which from discussing with friends, seems to be the most common first type. This really helped with the period pain, making it lighter and much less painful, which in turn helped with the other problems. I have since changed to Yasmin, which suits me better, but I have generally found the pill to be very effective for treating my very similar period pain and I'm not sure I could ever be persuaded off it!

Deaddei Sun 15-May-11 17:08:20

I am on HRT which makes me human.

foxinsocks Sun 15-May-11 10:35:44

It gave me back my life deadei. I am absolutely dreading going off it. I still remember the name of the doctor who put me on it - at the time, it felt like he had saved my life.

Deaddei Sun 15-May-11 10:06:31

Interesting thread. DD who is 14, started last July and has had progressively heavier painful periods, and frequent.
She has OCD and it gets worse just before her period.
We are going to the dr this week having discussed the pill...dr feels it's the best move and will at least give her some quality of life.

Mrsfluff Sat 14-May-11 21:49:26

You have my every sympathy Mumslife - my daughter is going through similar. Se started hers in September, 2 mths after her 10th birthday and from day 1 they have been regular, heavy and very painful. She has been sent home from school numerous times as she often feels sick, faint and dizzy. She has been on something to reduce the flow since Jan, but it's not made much difference. She's now been prescribed Mefanamic for the pain & flow. Dr has also asked to see her again after her next period, so seems to be taking it all seriously. I just hope things are sorted for September, as I don't want her to be suffering like this when she starts senior school.

virginiasmonalogue Sat 14-May-11 19:21:13

I can empathise with your daughter. From the age of 15 I had severe pain and passed heavy clots and thick blood for about 4 days then about 2 more days of lighter bleeding. On a few occasions I vomited through sheer pain and a couple of times passed out in the shopping centre when my unsympathetic mother forced me to leave the house.

The pains I felt were on a par to the start of full on labour.

The doctor gave me Mefanamic (sp?) acid which on the odd occasion helped, though if I didn't take it before the pain started, it had no effect.

At 18 I went on the pill Dianette... what a relief. It changed my life (and cleared my acne too!).

| hope you find something to ease your daughters suffering.

myfriendflicka Sat 14-May-11 19:14:32

Just come to back up amyamyamy re von willebrand disorder. I was diagnosed with this in my late thirties in between my two children and my daughter also has it.

It can cause a lot of suffering if not diagnosed because of problems with periods and other bleeding issues, including surgery and giving birth. Once you are diagnosed it can be treated with drugs (tranexamic acid and DDAVP).

It is common, 1 percent of women suffer from it and GPs really should be much more aware than they are. I had never heard of it before I was diagnosed and in spite of many bleeding issues over the years it was never flagged up by doctors until I was nearly 40!

CatAndFiddle Sat 14-May-11 15:16:18

Hi mumslife. Your daughter sounds just like I did when I was her age. My extremely heavy and EXTREMELY painful periods started when I was 13. When I was 15, during a very very heavy period which had been going on for about 8 days, I collapsed and spent several days in intensive care. I was given a blood transfusion and some huge tablets which would stop the uterine contractions. All tests came back clear, and heavy/painful periods were the only identifiable cause. I was put on the pill and left to it. 11 years later, I came off the pill to TTC, and my 'true' periods returned with a vengance. (I also now have violent episodes of vomiting too, just to top it off). I also find mefenamic acid works well (PONSTAN is just a trade name for this, by the way), but is definitely best if you can start taking it a couple of days before the pains are due.

As I am having trouble TTC, I have had the full battery of tests again in the past couple of years....and again everything has been ruled out (including endometriosis). I am sorry your daughter is going through this, it can be so dreadful. I know others have raised concerns, but personally, if I wasn't trying TTC, I would be back on the pill ASAP.

foxinsocks Sat 14-May-11 14:53:32

You need to take the buscopan at the first sign of the first cramp. I definitely find them less effective the later I take them.

Yes I ended up on the pill at 14 too because of dreadfully painful periods. Was the only thing that worked. Problem now is that nearing 40, I still cannot manage without it (still have ludicrously painful and heavy periods - in fact they have got worse with age).

One thing I will say, though it will be no consolation to your dds at their age, was that 9 months of pregnancy was a god send (no periods) and although labour was painful, having suffered excruciating pain month after month with horrid periods, it put it all in perspective!

avsbavs Sat 14-May-11 14:45:25

i suffered from pains like this occasionally. when i started, the first two days were excruciatingly painful and occasionally time in bed and missing school. this continued for two years every three weeks for 7 days. in my third year the pain eased off almost instantly, i still get cramps worse than my friends but nothing in comparision. feminax is amazing and specifically for cramps so give it a go. otherwise i dont no what advise to give apart from do alot of exercise and grip and bear it for another year :/

hope this helps

bellaella16 Sun 27-Mar-11 00:01:04

oh and yes the pill was the only thing that helped

bellaella16 Sat 26-Mar-11 23:59:51

I had the same experience all my life since starting. It was sometimes made worse as I was met with disbelief from some friends and various GP's who thought it was 'just period pains' and I was making a fuss. I fainted many times with the pain, could not walk, threw up and had to write off at least 3 days a month staying in bed for at least 2. It was also NOT related to heavy periods, the two don't always go together as assumed and this was another reason it wasn't taken seriously. Also the pains did not stop when I had a child, another myth in my case.

The pains were similar to initial labour pains, I was so used to this level of pain that my midwife told me I could not be in labour the morning I gave birth as 'I would be in more pain'. Please be aware that it can come and go, and when its this bad exercise doesn't help at all, would just make it worse if she could move.

EpEm Fri 25-Mar-11 22:55:19

This sounds similar to my experience and I have some things you might want to consider:

- For me buscopan/paracetamol+codeine did help, but only to a certain extent. The thing that really made the difference was the contraceptive pill, which I was prescribed at 15 (Dianette in the end but had to go through a good few others first to get the progesterone/oestrogen balance right). My doctor also tried me on Metformin which personally didn't have any effect but has been known to help with these symtoms

- try and get a referral for an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) rather than a gynae. This could just be the result of personal experience but it was only when I began seeing an endocrinologist that I was diagnosed with PCOS - polycystic ovary syndrome, which can result in painful periods among other things. An endocrinologist will also be able to give advice in the long term when it comes to things like pregnancy hormones.

- have a test for PCOS. If your daughter is a virgin they can be done through the stomach in a similar way to pregnancy scans so are minimally invasive and can result in a diagnosis. When I spoke to my friends at school about periods none of them seemed to be having such a hard time of it, which can lead to a lot of insecurity issues and having a concrete, labelled diagnosis can relieve the pressure of conformity.

- I would recommend trying acupuncture. Depends how you feel about the whole alternative scene, but for me it has been a bit of a miracle cure.

mumslife Tue 22-Mar-11 21:54:06

yep hers are like migranes too. They start off slight and get worst and worst throughout the day. The dr reckoned that they are stress related but she seems to get them the week beofr eher period so I dont think so. She has also been tested for anemia but it has come back clear but my friend who is a sister reckons although they say clear sometimes its only just on the score of normal ifyswim

purepurple Tue 22-Mar-11 07:45:55

Yes, I had headaches too before my periods, almost like migraines. I also got them when I was pregnant and suffered from hyperemesis too, both pregnancies.
It could all be hormone related.

OrangeBernard Tue 22-Mar-11 07:44:10

I suffered for years then when I went on the pill that sorted everything out and changed make sure she's on multi vitamins and iron.

mumslife Tue 22-Mar-11 07:37:00

Some excellent advice here. I have PCOS BUT HAVE NEVER HAD PAINFUL PERIODS????

The good news here is the tummy ache has now gone finally bu I will def be keeping a symptoms diary and will see what next month brings and take it from there.

Just as a thought she also has incredibly bad headaches for the whole week before her period, anyone else had this?

razors Mon 21-Mar-11 23:56:53

Another advocate for the PILL from me too. My PP were frightful - vomiting, fainting awful awful pains. I was missing lots of time from school and coming up to exam time had to do something. I went on the pill and never looked back! It gave me my life back. Every month I had pain, heavy periods left me tired out and miserable. Look in to it - it was the only thing that helped me and I had been on loads of different painkillers from my GP.

Deliainthemaking Mon 21-Mar-11 23:48:20

It can cause sever pain in periods my sister has had to go to A&e sometimes to be put ion morphine, but shes very severe.

ChishAndFips Mon 21-Mar-11 20:04:42

Thank you amy have passed it on to DD.

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