What adventure has your Super Furry had today

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Its been a sad start to 2013 for guinea pigs so I thought we all needed cheering up by sharing our stories of what our furry members of the family have been doing. This thread is open to all buns, ratties, piggies, hammies the more the merrier smile.

I'll start, Naughty Girl did this afew days ago but the girls have been very lazy today.

I had the hutch door open to encourage abit of floor time. My kids are not very tidy and had left a package of biscuits out. What I didn't realise was that they had been knocked off the table. Then I heard a crunching sound coming from behind the armchair. There was Naughty Girl chomping down on a package of digestive. In surprise I said her RL name quite loudly and she went running under the hutch with a please don't be cross with me look on her face. Needless to say biscuits in the bin grin

BonkeyMollocks Thu 31-Jan-13 19:55:02

Iv'e had a rubbish month (more so this week) so I welcome this thread with open arms!

DHammy has taken to sitting next to BigPigs residence whilst he is out for his ball run....thing is he has taken just to sitting there hmm . I swear its BigPigs lazy vibes rubbing off!

Ummm...LittePig peed on my cushion, and BigPig has started to sleep in his cozy cup like a croissant!

Not very exciting grin

I'll let LittlePig loose for a while soon and see what damage he can do wink

BonkeyMollocks Thu 31-Jan-13 19:55:42

Oh and naught naight Naughty Girl! grin

<now has craving for digestives>

PariahHairy Thu 31-Jan-13 19:55:52

Cleaned the ratties out today and reorganised the cage, honestly they are like children not really interested in you unless you are trying to do something, then they are all over, getting in the way and underfoot. Nearly bloody stood on one of them, they are so cute and funny though, so I will let them off.

It's hilarious when they find some food they shouldn't have, they go lolloping off at great speed hide it before anyone else can grab it.

Welcome aboard PariahHairy I knew there would be rattie stories they are very intelligent smile.

Waves to Bonkey have a brew with your digestives. Sorry to give you a craving grin.

I read the last line as biscuits back in the tin not bin. I thought, hmm ok, GP chewed bikkies, I don't think you can catch anything from guinea spit grin

DD decided on Saturday that the guineas needed a bath (I needed to dye my hair but ho-hum, I'm still grey rooted and the boars smell of Maluka&Neem Gorgeous Guinea).

As they are in at night still, we lobbed them in the bath with a towel on the base to keep their grip. There was alot of eyerolling -GP1- and poohing -GP2- going on.
GP1 who is the laziest creature known to mankind unless there's food in the offing or he wants to popcorn, decided he wanted to jump out. Little blighter.
DD made me wash him so I kept a good hold of him.
Then we wafted them with the hairdryer, put them in clean hay and paper.
And GP2 ran through his brothers puddle of fresh weehmm.

Yesterday I cut a good plateful of grass for the boys, took it to their shed and they launched themselves onto the plate.
GP1 sometimes has a little dribble from his nostril when he has grass. I checked him, put him back for his snack.He was fine in the evening and today.

DH said "Oh you should have taken the grass away"
Offer 2 'starving' boars a plate of grass then take it away? What was he thinking.
They'd be on the phone to the rescue before I could say knife .

FernieB Fri 01-Feb-13 13:37:56

Love this thread!

My GP's have just been out for their lying down run in the conservatory whilst I cleaned them out. They stood by the door and watched me the whole time whilst squeaking instructions at me. When I let them back in, they hurtled into the rabbits cage and settled down in his bed for a snooze. They have been removed and put back where they should be (current bun was giving them the evil eye).

Current bun spent yesterday evening lying on DD's bed cuddling and licking her toy kangaroo. He loves it - we think he thinks it's a bunny because of its long ears and big feet (either that or he thinks he's a kangaroo).

fortified - I used to have a rabbit who loved digestive biscuits - she lived to the ripe old age of 10.

guineapiglet Fri 01-Feb-13 18:06:31

V jealous of this thread as have nothing to contribute on it re: lack of guineassad! So it is lovely to hear about all your furries and what they have been up to - keep them coming! It has been a sad time of year for guineas, I reckon spring is on its way tho' and in another month they will be able to get out and about.

We used to bring ours upstairs after tea of an evening, to listen to The Archers and watch TV with us. Loved it when they yawned and stretched on you to tell you it was bed time ( for them and us!) X

juicychops Sat 02-Feb-13 11:10:12

me and ds have had the ratties out this morning and they have been sharing our shredded wheat for breakfast. still haven't been brave enough to let them free on the floor yet as we've only had them for nearly 2 weeks but they have been climbing all over us and on the sofa and bed. they will get another run around this evening

Curlybrunette Sun 03-Feb-13 20:58:47

Right now my girls, 2 piggies, are sat in the middle of the living room, hidden away inside a big Primark bag. I put a load of hay plus their tea (grass, carrot and broccoli stalk tonight) inside. I can see the bag moving but they haven't appeared for a while. Some nights they race about the living room and others they just don't move. We had them down in the living room with us yesterday (their C&C is upstairs), I brought them down at 12pm and took them back up at 10pm, I think I only saw them move about 5 times. They are sooooooo lazy sometimes!

Fortified I say their names sternly if they are going behind the TV way too many wires for Bertha to chew on and they do usually stop heading that way. I think they are highly intelligent!

Also, we got them since November and today was the first day I've given them grass. They loved it, why have I waited so long? Can they have it unlimited, I assume so as they will be out in the run on grass when it gets a bit warmer?

Curly at the moment I'm lucky to cut a handful of grass for the hogs (the lawn is big but it's waterlogged and covered in dead leaves from my NDN willow tree).

When they do go out, make sure the grass is dry- depends on where your run is how early the sun hits it. Give them something to sit on- I give mine a rubber car mat and an old bat mat. They sometimes sit their lardy bottoms on the mat and stretch their necks out grin

And build up gradually.Maybe an hour or so to begin with then build up.Ours were out all day in the summer when someone was in the house. But on a work day maybe a couple of hours. They didn't eat all the time,they'd be sheltering in their housie.

Too much grass too quickly can give them BLOAT a fatal build up of gas in their guts.
I have to give them a 'dry' supper (hay,pellets,water) if they've had a grazing day or my little Abby hog gets very loose pooh.
His brother is very judgey "I have magnificent ,firm turds, why should I get hay ". So they get naice hay. wink

old bat mat should be "old bath mat"

Curlybrunette Sun 03-Feb-13 22:26:14

Ahh great advice thanks, I would have plonked them out all day to start with.

I think I'm going to get one of those triangular hutch/runs so they've got a house to hide in. The one I've seen is 4' which isn't huge but I figure they'll have time in that during the day, then free run of the living room on an evening and a 4*2 C&C overnight. Does that sound ok? not that they move a lot, lazy piggies!!!

KRITIQ Sun 03-Feb-13 23:29:03

Sorry to hear about all the poorly piggies and piggies gone to the bridge. sad

GP1 had his staples out at the vet yesterday. He was a very brave boy apart from the Kung Fu kick at the vet although DH nearly fainted at one point. smile Wound is healing really well. He has to go back for monthly checks to see the lumps aren't coming back and keep an eye on the smaller lumps on the right side. My vet is just wonderful. He didn't charge for taking the staples out, or for the check up 2 days post op, and the op itself cost about half what I thought it would.

Here's the little dude hanging out on the floor this afternoon.

FernieB Mon 04-Feb-13 08:46:35

Kritiq - lovely picture of GP1, although he looks a bit worried.

70 - I liked the 'bat mat'. I know you love your animals and thought it sounded lovely that you had a special mat for your local bats to sit on grin

Curly - the set up you describe sounds fine. GP's don't always move much. Mine get free run of the conservatory at some point every day but spend all their time sleeping in a corner. About once a month they have a mad 10 minutes and run round everywhere and then don't really move again until the next month. For the summer we have a large square run and I put a couple of little houses in it for them to hide in. Our run's great actually - it's a wooden frame and folds up so it can be moved easily (although it is quite heavy) and half the roof is solid so they have some shade. Can't wait to get it out again and put them to work mowing the lawn (if I keep moving the run I don't have to get the lawnmower out).

guineapiglet Mon 04-Feb-13 09:36:22

Hi all - ta for photo again KRITIQ, he is such a sweetie and glad he is recovering well, long may he do so.
I thought the 'bat' mat gave your two a 'Batman and Robin' type ID there 70 - using their superpowers wisely!
Fernie love the sound of the mad 10 minutes, you'll have to get some photos!

Curly -I agree with all the advice, start them gently on grass and build it up, soon they will be able to be out all day. Triangular hutches are good to deter other animals sitting on the cage and scaring them. IF you want them to have more exercise (!) you can let them freerange and explore round the garden, but they really need to be supervised in case of 'visitors' to the garden> Next doors mangy cat* used to sit and watch me put the girls out and then lie there threateningly, would never trust him. I do remember going in to answer the phone once, convinced they would be fine for a few mins. We trained them to come when they were called, and all 5 would line up when they heard their names - on one occasion our ginger girl could not be found ANYWHERE - we were worried if ndmc* had finally done the deed, and my daughter was beside herself, we checked everywhere. Then we heard a long low, wheeeeeek, and found her embedded in our lemon balm unable to get out - absolutely STUCK...... not only stuck but rigid with fright, so she had to be put in a dark cage for a few hours to recover from her ordeal..... she smelt gorgeous tho!

Curlybrunette Mon 04-Feb-13 11:25:03

Guineapiglet you are brave letting them free range in the garden. Don't think I'd dare in case there was a gap in the fence I didn't know about.

Bless your poor girlie being stuck in the bush. I can imagine how lovely she smelt though!

FernieB Mon 04-Feb-13 20:34:48

guineapiglet - very jealous of your Von Trapp family pigs who line up when called. Did they also sing and put on puppet shows? Must work harder with mine - they only come when the fridge door opens.

Mine have just had a lovely evening watching Emmerdale (they like the fields) curled up in the rabbit's basket. My DD's and I were stroking them and all was calm and snoozy until Scruffy decided Smooth was getting more attention and bit his bum. Smooth was quick to retaliate with a warning nip, but sadly he aimed badly and got me sad.

KRITIQ Tue 05-Feb-13 15:12:28

Guineapiglet, was it like this? Guinea Pig Sound of Music


FernieB Tue 05-Feb-13 15:58:10

Kritiq - grin wish my boys would do anything remotely organised/musical/talented.

guineapiglet Tue 05-Feb-13 19:45:54

LOL!!! smile

I LOVE the Sound of Music!

Kritiq where did you find this! It has kept me and my husband laughing for hours - its fab! <now realises they could have earned me a fortune >

However its Bonkey who has the singing pig - mine didnt have the vocal talent! It is amazing how they did it really, we would go out and call them or whistle and one by one they would appear from what ever corner of the garden they were devouring, and then kind of follow each other nose to tail (!) into the shed where their hutch was - five in a line made a brilliant video, all in that kind of 'follow the leader' blindness they do so well..... they would all wait for each other as well, one wouldnt just go off by herself.

Fernie - your boys need some dedicated training - one of my friends has a house guinea who goes and wheeks at the front door when the postman or whoever knocks. He has his own little mat by the fire, and basically is a dog reincarnated, - he jumps up onto the sofa with them to watch tv.

I have been ill in bed for days with only MNet to keep the boredom at bay. I can still MN that's how I knew its not flu grin. I briefly made it downstairs sunday to go to out of hours Dr. Naughty Girl spotted me and started loudly wheeking and popcorning and woke Fatimus up who stood up and put her paws on the veggie bowl typical. So I know I am loved been missed by them on some level hmm they have been fed just not had any extras while I've been in quarantine.

Kritiq glad to read GP1 is on the mend.

Guineapiglet Old Boy used to answer the door with me. I know it was the smell of outside air and grass that attracted him. Still I loved the way it freaked meter readers out.

KRITIQ Tue 05-Feb-13 23:47:07

Ha ha, love the idea of meter readers intimidated by a small cute rodent!

Having said that, we have one of those "Beware of the Guinea Pig" signs in the front window. Meter readers don't even get close! smile

Oh, I'd forgot about the Muse Arts site with the guinea pig cartoons until the Von Trapps came up! I remember a dear friend sending me that link when I had original GP1 and GP2 (meaning current swine are actually GP7 and GP8.) So that would be probably about 1999 or 2000. There was that and Oinker Net (first live pig cam that I was aware of!) and the Guinea Pig Daily Digest to keep us pig folk amused back then!

guineapiglet Wed 06-Feb-13 10:10:38

Hi all - sunny here at last! smile

Fortified - hope you are feeling much better now - tea and a shot mixed with honey will see you right.... see how much the girls missed you, they know who spoils them don't they? Loved the story about OB being a guard pig - you do have some lovely memories of him don't you.

It is lovely to have guinea talk with others, Kritiq you seem to have loads of stuff to read and watch, it has really helped me through my times without them this winter... and I do love your photos - most people just do not get guineas at all and used to find my endless fascination puzzling... (its ok for them to drone on about their cat/dog etc!) Hope GP1 is upright and back to usual ways.

Today Fatimus deserves to be on the digusting animals thread. There have been poops floating in the water bowl 3 times and I know it was her. Naughty has been walking around the lounge floor making her I'm happy noise, as she hasn't been allowed out all week. My Mum came to look after me sad-- and doesn't have guinea pigs out where she is going to sleep--. I'm still very poorly, on second course of anti-biotic for a throat infection I can not remember ever having before like it and its gone to my ear too. Fatimus did not take advantage of floor time. She is a vair lazy piggie who has a vair lardy bum.

guineapiglet Thu 07-Feb-13 20:01:53

oh Fortified you really do have it bad - hope you start to feel better. IF you lived nearer I would send my husband round with one of his 'hot toddies' - garlic, lemon, ginger honey--a shedful of whiskey <for medicinal purposes of course>--and a drop of tea. Mix with paracetamol..... Do not feed to Fatimus!!

I loved it when they ran round making their happy exploring noise, it is a really jolly sound, like they are genuinely pleased to be doing something exciting. Poohs in water - yes, Im afraid thats a bit of a girl thing. One of mine was super bossy fanatically clean girl ( the latest rescue) and would only pee and poo in one corner of her hutch. When she moved in with my girls she used to chatter her teeth at them all the time because they were always pooing out of the desigated corner.... when they used to freerange round the lounge I made them little toilet stops out of shoe boxes. As you can imagine, it was literally hit and miss.... smile

KRITIQ Thu 07-Feb-13 21:17:23

Oh crumbs, sorry to hear you are so poorly fortified. Healing wheeks from my boys (and me of course!)

silver73 Wed 13-Feb-13 23:18:34

Not been around for a while as was heartbroken by my Dotty pig dying. Just worked out that we lost 3 piggies in around 6 months. All just over 5 years old. Not exactly a cheery super furry story but have had some fabulous news. My oldest son got an offer for medical school yesterday. It has been something he has always wanted to do and Dotty was his piggie and he nursed her for her last hours. I secretly hoped he would become a vet but he will be a lovely doctor...

KRITIQ Thu 14-Feb-13 00:40:19

Well, human animals need care as well smile That's quite a hefty blow you've had losing so many wee souls in such a short time. Take good care.

PS: My Dboars adventure today was sitting on "grandma's" lap earlier while DH did room service for them. They also had a rather jolly time playing with a brown paper sandwich bag and chewing a cup holder from Greggs. Ah, the simple things in life, eh?

KRITIQ Thu 14-Feb-13 01:24:48
guineapiglet Thu 14-Feb-13 12:46:44

Hi All- hope you are doing OK Silver, lovely news about your son, congratulations. I know how you feel, we went from 4 girls to none in less than a year, Im sure the last girl died of a broken heart. Are you going to get some more?

Kritiq - my girls called me 'grandma' as their 'mum' was my daughter! I loved the photo of them, is that their house, it looks fabulous. I REALLY think you should do your own calendar of them, I would buy it, they are both so photogenic. I hope I am lucky enough to meet you and them in the pub one day, pints all round!! smile

guineapiglet Thu 14-Feb-13 12:48:44

PS as Ive said before, your GP2 ( on the top of the cage) is a natural, he is so handsome. But your little GP1s face peeking out - bless, he is so sweet, his little pink lip. Please do a calendar!

poweredbytoast Tue 26-Feb-13 13:00:52

The window cleaner came round yesterday to tell me that he'd accidentally let the ferrets escape (they have free run of the yard, I wasn't expecting him that day). They'd spent a couple of hours in a neighbour's yard: they are hoarders so plenty of crap to explore. They both came when I called but both bit me. Seems it doesn't take long to go feral!

Ouch that must have hurt! Alcohol has antiseptic qualities have a wine or two wink.

KRITIQ Wed 27-Feb-13 23:28:34

Oh ouch! Naughty ferrets. If it's any consolation, I still have a few scars from DBoar 1's fangs.

I bought some paper bags the other day - the kind you use for collecting food waste for composting. I never knew you could have so much fun with a [[http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8102/8511778888_86dc6991f3_c.jpg paper bag!]

KRITIQ Wed 27-Feb-13 23:29:04

Once more with feeling smile

Oh ouch! Naughty ferrets. If it's any consolation, I still have a few scars from DBoar 1's fangs.

I bought some paper bags the other day - the kind you use for collecting food waste for composting. I never knew you could have so much fun with a paper bag!

BonkeyMollocks Thu 28-Feb-13 11:16:32

Just re marking my place because I have just had to dig LittlePig out from behind the washing machine again!

This time I think he scared himself because he got stuck serves him right because I could here was both pigs wheeking like they were about to be skinned hmm .

LittlePig is yet again up for adoption - any takers? wink

guineapiglet Thu 28-Feb-13 12:14:45

Kritiq - every time you post these lovely pictures of your furry GP I am very jealous, he is just adorable - love the nonchalant bit of hay sticking out of his mouth - what a fab photo, I urge you again to do your own calendar, you definitely have one fan down here!

Bonkey Im up for giving you some respite care from your little escapee - tho' he may just have frightened himself into not doing it again! Did he make it to pet's day or not? - Did you decide it was all too much effort/stress. Would love to see photos of it if it did happen!

BonkeyMollocks Thu 28-Feb-13 12:19:55

Pets day is next week guinea - I'm thinking def not a pig! i think it would be too stressful for them and me . I am considering Dhammy though -he will just sleep through it once he has made a nest in the carrier therefore be non stressed hopefully . hmm

You are welcome to him, I am sporting a rather nice scratch courtesy of being supermum and digging him out! hmm .

KRITIQ I agree! Calender!!!

FernieB Thu 28-Feb-13 13:02:43

Bonkey take LittlePig to pets day as punishment for his washing machine obsession - it should put him off wandering behind there for life!

I am also sporting a pig related injury - have just spent 30 mins trying to dig out a small speck of hay which had buried itself painfully next to my finger nail.

Naughty Girl had a little sing-song last night. She doesn't often do it but I've noticed she does it when she is upset about something.

I don't thing she liked the film we were watching neither did I ParaNorman, creepy cartoon hmm.

My DD makes an enclosure to let the hogs scootle about in the back room (they need to be enclosed because I don't want them getting under the sideboard -with all the TV and PC cables- or into the kitchen) .
GP2 was happily exploring.
GP1 was like Bambi on the laminate flooring. I'll bet Robin Cousins is panicing grin

After reading about LittlePigs washing machine and Fatimus's tumble dryer misadventures they are not going anywhere near the kitchen.

KRITIQ Thu 28-Feb-13 22:11:14

Glad to hear Little Pig got free. Wow fortified, do you mean Naughty performed the ancient pig plainsong? Only heard that once and it's something to behold.

Thanks for the lovely comments about the boys. Tomorrow is National Pig Day, by the way. Okay, not our kind of pig, but close enough! It's also St David's Day (Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus i pawb!), Peanut Butter Lover's Day and Fruit Compote Appreciation Day. It's also my 2nd wedding anniversary!

guineapiglet Fri 01-Mar-13 11:07:53

Wow! What an auspicious day... Happy WA to you*kritiq*, and happy pig lovers day to all you welsh, peanut butter eating compote lovers! Do not feed leeks to your guineas......I wonder if there is a national guinea pig day maybe in Peru? Was just looking at old guinea photos and videos with my daughter remembering my very first boy guinea, Irving.....he used to free range in the garden and could invariably be found chomping the massive lavender bush. One day he escaped under the fence. We heard lots of shrieks, shouting and laughter. Picture a feisty ginger guinea in the middle of a bowling green surrounded by surprised old folk and GIANT bowling balls.....

FernieB Fri 01-Mar-13 12:58:11

ROFL at Irving guineapiglet. Did they let him play?

Don't want to think about Guinea pig day in Peru! Have told my biys it's National Pig Day and they're having a sleep to celebrate.

Happy WA Kritiq

FernieB Fri 01-Mar-13 12:59:15

'biys' hmm should be 'boys' - my finger has still not recovered and my typing has gone to pot.

Ouch Fernie I had a splinter of hay in my thumb a while back- it flipping hurt ,luckily it came out fairly easily (with some satisfying pus to make up for the pain)

Makes me worry about the hogs though, in case they get bits of hay in their skin or eyes sad

Today my chaps have munched down a plate of cut grass, half a banana (but didn't eat the skin) and are VERY interested in the Parsley Bell I bought to keep them happy at night time.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Kritiq smile. Yes Naughty is the only singing pig I've had. She's done it 3 times now. The first time she chirped for ages but sadly it didn't record well on DD1's phone.

Today Naughty sat on my lap and watched guinea pigs on You tube. She made various purrs, rumbles and wheeks at the screen. Tried the same thing on Fatimus but she climbed up my shoulder and snuffled at DD2 for food.

KRITIQ Sat 02-Mar-13 18:51:29

Aw, thanks for all your wishes. Had a quick overnight trip to Northumberland after the visit to the vets for DBoar 1's follow up. Pleased to report the vet could find no recurrence of the lumps on the left side and if anything, thought the ones on the right side had shrunk a bit. (I think mammary tumours generate hormones themselves, so once the main ones were removed, it may have reversed the growth of the ones on the other side - hope so!) He's also 10 grams heavier than last check up - exactly the same weight as DBoar 2.

DBoar 1 would like to send belated wishes to everyone, being the tiny "Prince of Wales" that he is. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus pawb! Happy St David's Day everyone!

PS: Oh, Irving's adventure on the bowling green sounds wonderful. I could just imagine him rolling along with the balls! smile

PPS: Hope your thumb is okay 70. I binned a massive bag of hay last month that had thorns in it. I know they can't be sure what's in each bag (remember the dead bird?) but it does feel very wasteful.

FernieB Mon 04-Mar-13 10:46:10

Finally managed to work out how to insert photos - yippee! So here's Current Bun hiding from the evil pigs: www.mumsnet.com/67121.Ups and here's the evil pigs hunting him down starting in his basket: www.mumsnet.com/67122.Ups

Hope this works.

Aw Current Bun has pretty eyes smile.

Your piggies look like they are conspiring together wink.

guineapiglet Mon 04-Mar-13 15:43:48

Hi Fernie - for some reason couldnt get links to work, are they the photos on your profile page?? Love the little guineas' faces, the white one is really gorgeous isn't he- well they both are, but he really appeals to me! Looks like they are very happy and well loved and looked after, lucky things.... I didnt know you were a Cheshire girl/ Have just left Cheshire to move to SE and miss it terribly, where abouts are you?

FernieB Mon 04-Mar-13 16:22:24

fortified they are always conspiring together. It is how they constantly outwit me and persuade me to give them extra parsley.

guineapiglet - I'm not too far from Cheshire border with Derbyshire - nearly in Buxton! I missed it too when I was living elsewhere for 6 years, but am very relieved to be back home now.

The white one is Smoothpig and he's extra quiet and sensible. The other one is completely loopy.

guineapiglet Mon 04-Mar-13 19:30:55

Yes, he does look like a cool, sensible chap, I adore his red eyes! Scruffy pig is a sweetie, too and it is lovely that they get on so well... You and I were obviously neighbours without knowing it, we lived in Cheshire peaks, not far from Macclesfield <sob>smile

KRITIQ Mon 04-Mar-13 20:38:52

Oh wow, is Currant Bun what they call an "otter?" Love the markings. Just love seeing OPPs (other people's pigs!)

FernieB Tue 05-Mar-13 14:47:19

Kritiq - He is an 'otter'. Just been looking it up and had to go and catch poor Current Bun and compare him to the pictures/description. He's sulking now as he was enjoying an afternoon snooze in the sun in the conservatory before I grabbed him grin

It was sunny in Essex today and the girls got their first go it pick your own grass this year. They mowed a nice little strip and were very judgey about being brought back inside.

This evening I weighed Fatimus. She weighs an impressive 2lb 10oz shock. She doesn't just eat to live, its her hobby too! confused

FernieB Wed 06-Mar-13 02:47:32

It's been lovely here as well (Cheshire) but still slightly too chilly for the pampered little darlings. Did get the pigpen out for a good clean though. Can't wait for them to be able to go out in it - the lawn's getting quite long.

I bet Smoothpig could beat Fatimus - he's a hefty size, probably because he doesn't shift himself much (unless he's being chased with the nail clippers).

Mothers Day Breakfast:

toast in the toast rack (unbuttered)
Coffee, orange juice, small pot of jam.
Cards, presents.
DD ,DS, DH and two little boys. Aaaaah Perfect.

GP1 didn't wait to be invited for breakfast. He reached over to the tray and hoiked a half slice of toast right out of the rack to tuck in.

Of course GP2 (my little boy) sat there sweetly gormlessly waiting for a crust of toast to be stuck under his nose smile

I ventured out in my robe to cut them some grass though to show them there was no hard feelings (much)

FernieB Mon 11-Mar-13 10:32:29

Aaah lovely - sounds like you were spoilt.

My fluffy boys let me clean out their cages yesterday and because it was mother's day, they didn't shout at me to hurry up.

guineapiglet Mon 11-Mar-13 20:31:06

Hi all - very jealous of your mothers' days Fernie and 70, though I have to say that 70 seemed to get the better deal, breakfast in bed AND guineas on toast!!

It is always Mum who ends up doing the cleaning out! There is always payback!!! smile

Hope all the super furries are well insulated tonight, it is going to be a cold onesad

grin I still had the joy of cleaning out the hog house and getting their haybed sorted.
They're still in at night, past couple of days they've had their heater on in the Pighouse (after last week being nice it's back to Brrr again)

weegiemum Mon 11-Mar-13 21:54:06

My guinea girls had an awesome day yesterday. They always get spoiled on mothers day as I got them for mothers day from my dc 2 years ago! So big clean, fresh grass (picked from under the snow by dd2), new hay, lettuce and cucumber!

Dd2's hammie got an extra special treat today. Dd2 (9) was so appallingly badly behaved this morning we invoked the ultimate sanction and dh took "Willow" to work today, until tomorrow. Wee thing has spent the day amusing patients in his GP practice!!

So your husband doesn't do "Take your daughter to work" Day-
it's "Take the family pets to work" grin

I want a Doctor who brings guinea-pigs into the surgery.
<<Stamps feet>>

FernieB Tue 12-Mar-13 10:35:09

Bet the hamster had a whale of a time and lots of fuss.

My fluffy boys have had to move into the conservatory (just during the day) as we are having work done in the house which means there's sawdust all over their usual room. They are very happy about this and have been popcorning like mad.

Fatimus has a new favourite past time. We think she wants to be a parrot confused. After a cuddle and whatever food I'm are bribing her to sit on my lap, she'll run upto my always left shoulder and has a little chat. She does the same with DD2 smile.

Also she has at last got over losing Old Boy. The aggression she showed poor Naughty Girl was unbelievablesad. Humping for dominance and chasing her away from food. It was so bad I was considering getting a neutered boar to be top pig. Because although OB and the girls didn't share a hutch he was still top pig.

Lastly, I must just tell you this creepy crawlly story, if abit off topic. At the weekend I was helping teen DD move the posters above the long side of her bed. I had just gone downstairs when I heard screams and very ripe language as teens do <nodds sagely>. On the bed was a huge spider that had fallen from behind a poster, having obviously lived there comfortably for sometime wink. But on inspection it was rather flat and not moving. When I told DD she must have stood on it and killed it, she went even more hysterical.grin I laughed so must I could hardly breath. After DD stopped swearing and hyperventilating she went straight on her Twitter account. Aw teens they are such a joy hmm grin.

It was DH having the adventure yesterday-
our Pighouse is missing a bit of the roofing felt (as in missing, can't find it. It's about 5'x2'. I reckon it blew away in the wind but it's gone) hmm

So last night DH and I were fastenening a waterproof tarpaulin to the roof as a makeshift 'repair' until Wednesday when, if it's dry , DH can put on new roofing fely .

Their house looks quite jazzy with a royal blue roof though ...grin

Frettchen Tue 19-Mar-13 17:48:05

Nothing exciting has happened to DFerrets today, as far as I know. But we did have a lovely day out on Saturday. We went to a nearby (ish) Scout Camp and entertained some very noisy Beavers (the child-kind, not the toothy-kind!)

They didn't mind the rain or the muc so much, being safely in the car whilst we humans were dismantling the marquee and struggling to stay upright!

70 bad luck about the roof. I think we are in for more grotty weather tomorrow and its going to get worse as the week goes on sad. The saying is if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb hmm.Running out of time for that old saying to be true.

Make sure the boars don't have a 'Wizard of Oz' moment in this wind. Stamp your paws boys and wheek "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" wink.

Frettchen I bet the Beavers enjoyed meeting your ferrets, I would. When I was at secondary school a friends younger brother had a stoat but we weren't allowed near it because it bit.

GP2 embraces the thought of miniature ruby slippers (two pairs would be required)

Their house is habitable (still in at night) but like a weird stained glass window effect where the mahoosive tarpaulin covers the windows- and that's with it doubled over smile

FernieB Wed 20-Mar-13 08:42:36

70 how are your pigs coping with the colour change? My boys were very confused yesterday when I moved their cage to a slightly different angle - it caused a lot of frantic running and wheeking confused

guineapiglet Wed 20-Mar-13 10:25:26

Hi all, lovely to read about all the adventures this week. Just been to a local newsagent and there is a picture of two lovely little boys waiting to be rescued - was very very tempted, they looked gorgeous. sad

70 and Fernie I love the sound guineas make when something new and curious has happened to their usual routine, that sort of quizzical noise as they set off to discover what the change is, and the indignance that you have been inconsiderate enough to inconvenience them! Loved it when we go a new huge hutch and they all set off nose to tail exploring,marking and complaining that it was 'different'-
Fortified I have lots of pictures of my spottygirl who used to rest on my shoulder and go to sleep, snoring, she loved the Archers theme tune and would just go off to sleep, and then wake up at the end and explore parrot fashion along the length of the shoulder and chair, some of them are just more cuddly than others!
KRITIQ first day of spring (well tomorrow) wondered how you poorly lad was doing and if he has made a good recovery ready to go out on the grass --once it actually feels like spring and is not so £&*"ing cold all the time!

guineapiglet Wed 20-Mar-13 10:27:21

PS Frettchen loved the idea of the ferrets meeting with the Beavers, hope they ( they ferrets) have recovered from their ordeal smile

grin I like to confuse keep the guinea-pigs interested by moving their belongings around.

GP1 does the little rattlesnakey purr thing when he explores.
I know he's saying "What the Jeff has she done with the salad bowl now ?"

drivinmecrazy Wed 20-Mar-13 14:09:02

Yesterday DD1 came home to find one of her ratties sitting on the sofa in her room, looking very comfy unaware the cat was sleeping the other end. DD, stupidly, hadnt latched the door on the cage completely. have no idea how long rattie and cat were sharing the sofa for

shock Phew lucky escape for rattie!

FernieB Fri 22-Mar-13 14:48:43

Very lucky rattie!

70 - I don't even need to move the pigs things around to confuse them. If I just clean them out or even add more hay, they are completely bewildered confused

Have just cleaned them out and realised that it's not just their cage which is smelling ripe. Am now pysching myself up for bath-time. I've decided to wait until my DD's come home from school and then we can set up a production line - one with bath, one with towel and one with hairdryer. Parsley will, of course, be available at each location grin. Current bun can watch and laugh as he never needs a bath.

The fortified pigs have had their nails done. I got settled with the clippers and a bowl of cucumber and DD2 brought Fatimus to me first.

Inbetween mouthfuls and wriggling she screamed like she was being murdered. But she could still eat at the same time wink and I didn't nick the quick so it didn't hurt. After a cuddle, more cucumber and a few judgey looks, she went back to the hutch.

Then out came Naughty Girl. I swear Fatimus shrieked "Its a trap, don't be fooled by the cucumber!" Naughty was surprisingly good. No screaming. Ate her cucumber nicely. Only game she played was stretching her leg out really far, then just as I was about to clip a nail, springing it back close to her body. But I was feeling chuffed, all done, no blood loss me or them.

But then Naughty Girl took her revenge on me. Suddenly she stopped eating cucumber. As much as I tried, her little mouth had clamped shut. A funny look appeared in her eye. And it happened. A warm damp feeling in my lap sad. Yep to a guinea revenge is a dish best served as a warm puddle of pee grin.

Aaah yes, the Guinea Revenge.
So much better than a bite. Can't accuse them of nastiness and the after effects and inconvenience lasts much, much longer.

Also works wonders just after a bath too- when you've changed towel 1 (which gets soaked) for towel 2 to rub them down while wafting the hairdrier.

We did the boars nails last week, I make DD hold them so that she'll get peed she's ace.GP1 throws his head back to poke his nose in her ear "Mum,mum, don't let the old bag get me"

GP2 looks judgey and grabs his feet back.
They are both smarting that she said they had leathery feet shock and if I had to take them to the vet for nail cutting I'd take it out of their pocket money.

The boars are having their first grass-time (while DH mends the roof on their Pighouse)
I put a cardboard hiding box and a fleece in the run for them.
But all we can see are two guinea rumps tootling around and two guinea faces furiously chomping through the grass (like they've been staaaarved for the past week)

They'll get put in the Pighouse as soon as it's done- don't want them to overdo it .Catching them is DDs job grin

Well I have just caught my smallest eating my Wellington boots, so I am hoping that she will poo it out ok.

Will have to keep an eye on her.

They had Excel nature treats, watermelon and lettuce to snack on. Not quite sure why she preferred the taste of old boot hmm

Stitch my guineas I had as a child used to eat everything.
Books. Clothes. Wool Carpet .
And their speciality- shoe laces- they chopped them from the eyelet, and took the whole thing including the little plastic end bit.
It didn't seem to do them any harm (but oviously not recommended).

My little GP2 chews all cardboard and paper so I need to make sure there's no sellotape, he's got no qualms chewing on that hmm .
Silly Piggy that he is.

DH gave the lawn its first cut today (sunday I know I'm posting late). The piggies got very excited wheaking. DH left the bit under their run for them to mow. But when I tried to get them out the hutch the silly girls both hid in the plastic flexi tube. So I picked up the tube with them both in it and carried them outside. I have to say they looked pretty startled but DD1 was hurrying us up for retail therapy at Lakeside. 70 can you feel my pain wink. So when came back several hours later and very much poorer hmm the guinea girls had done a good job on their bit of lawn smile

Stitch how are you piggies after eating the wellingtons. Have they passed any rubber bullets yet?

She seems fine, little minx smile

That's good to hear smile

Oooh yes fortified
Endless demands on money
Primark (DD second home) Subway Hot chocolate at Costa.............weeps

I feel your pain.wink

The boars were lardying about in their run yesterday. We gave then a long cardboard box with 2 doors cut. And a fleece.
They must've felt quite safe and relaxed, GP1 was laid out on his side enjoying the weak sun.
(I had to get DD to go and prod check on him, they're meant to be shy prey animals )

He's tasted Ribena for the first time.

Poor little piggie damaged his eye mid week. He had to have his eyeball removed on Friday and is now on antibiotics which he hates. The vet said to add undiluted Ribena. He loved it, but his little white face is now stained purple grin

Poor Piggie - how old is he?

It's a huge ordeal for him to go through but hopefully he'll feel 100% better after the surgery.
Fingers/ Paws crossed for Friday PickledPiggie

He's already had the op. It's very neat actually and he seems to have bounced back very quickly (unlike my bank balance!)
He's under 2.
I don't want to give him a wash because I'm worried about his eye so he'll have to have a purple face for a bit longer grin

PickledMoomin just want to reassure you that PickledPig will do very well with just one eye. My old boar went blind in one eye and after a couple of days he was wandering about like his old self.

70 Naughty Girl has been snuggled up in a Primark bag full of hay all day. I think she thinks it's a cave smile

MintyyAeroEgg Mon 08-Apr-13 22:01:16

Aww, my Peggy went out on the grass for the first time this year on Sunday! She LOVED it. And then she got some raw green beans for dinner as we were having them with our roast dinner.

She was a pig in clover on Sunday smile.

It's still quite cold, windy and damp here (about 8degrees) so I haven't let my boys go in their run yet. Do you think they'd be okay for an hour? Once piggie's eye has recovered?
They did have some natural herb garden stuff earlier which they were very excited about, but I know they'd prefer the run.

Our lawn was dry, I gave the boars a big box and a fleece. They had maybe an hour- 90 minutes on Sat & Sun.
But if it's at all damp don't risk it.
Plenty of grazing days to look forward to.

Does your LittleBoy appreciate all the worry (and money) you're languishing on him?

Probably will end up shouting "What, no Ribena" when you try to wean him off it.

(Handy to know though if I try to dose my boys up with Vit C. I can dissolve it in Ribena and syphon it into them)

He doesn't seem to care. He hasn't figured out that he can't see me from one side yet. I wonder how poor his sight was to start with.

To be honest piggie sight is not that great at the best of times. They more than make up for it with brilliant sense of smell and hearing. Try opening the fridge door with them in the next room and the response is Wheak, Wheak,Wheak!

KRITIQ Tue 09-Apr-13 17:14:24

Aw bless, I've had two piggies that have had eyes removed and both did fine afterwards.

Me, DH and the DBoars have been away to a castle in the Scottish Borders!

DBoar 1 grazing on the lawn

DBoar 2 climbing up the fountain

DBoar 2 posing nobly at the base of the fountain

Grazing in the Borders

KRITIQ Tue 09-Apr-13 17:14:54

Perhaps should be renamed the "Boar-ders" smile

KRITIQ Tue 09-Apr-13 17:16:35

Oops - wrong link for the third photo above. This is the correct one!

Aw lovely photographs as ever Kritiq smile Hope you all had a good holiday.

My DD was admiring your hog photos.
Your boys look very relaxed and at home in their palatial surrounding it has to be noted.

Your smooth coated tri-colour guinea is the colour that she 'saw' herself with when we were thinking of guinea-pigs (my first pig was the same colour but Abby coated. So she probably coveted him). DD boar has the same face as your DBoar2 but without the white chin.

Lovely photos, lovely boys.

nicky2512 Tue 09-Apr-13 21:45:51

Our lovely wee piggie had to have eye removed when he was a baby. Hes now a happy boy of 4 years old. He also got a taste for ribena then too.

KRITIQ Tue 09-Apr-13 22:05:27

Ah thanks. 'Twas a lovely break and quite nice to have the hogs with us. Must do that more often!

The maid came in yesterday and was introduced to them. About DBoar2 she said, "Oh, he must be the posh one then," to which DH replied, "You don't know how true that actually is." He insists he is of noble birth, born into a humble setting in the manner of Oliver Twist. Basically, he did act like he owned the place!

DH remarked that the photo of DBoar1 looked similar to one from a series taken of weddings from the hotel. Maybe it's the pre-raphaelite fur thing he's got going on at the moment (badly needs haircut.)

Would love to see more photos of all your piggies! :-)

The boars are out tonight in their Pighouse (for the first time this spring).
It's mild , they have a haybox literally full of hay (I put in half a The Range bag) there's just enough room for their SnugglePad and two chubby boars.

Both were very excited to be out- like 2 little boys camping grin

I will be out at 6am to check on them tomorrow <<over protective Pig Mum emoticon>>

FernieB Wed 10-Apr-13 11:30:11

Love the photos KRITIQ - they look like Lords of the Manor! My boys are envy at yours having a holiday.

70 - hope your boys had a good night glamping.

That's reassuring to know. I was so worried about how he'd cope with one eye. His nose is slightly snotty today. Am keeping a close eye on him.

My boys are in their house tonight. They have their heat pad and lots of hay. I was tempted to put them out today but my DM convinced me otherwise. She was reluctant while his stitches are still in. They had lots of cucumber instead. Boar 2 looks enormous after a long winter. He's at least 3x the size as Boar 1.

KRITIQ Thu 11-Apr-13 10:46:52

Love hearing piggie adventures! smile

Pickled, one thing to watch out for with "enucleation" is post op infection. Guinea pigs heal very quickly after cuts, surgery, etc., but problems can occur if the suture line heals while there is still accumulated fluid underneath that can harbour bacteria.

Did the vet prescribe post op antibiotics and probiotics? If he's got a bit of a runny nose, it might just be from a bit of secondary swelling in the nasal area. But just watch for any seeping around the stitch line, swelling or heat and get back to the vets asap (as it might need to be drained or antibiotics/different antibiotics.) My 2nd pig did have to go back for extra anti-biotics about a week after the original op, but was find after that.

Here's a photo of him the day after his surgery. I was still giving him some syringe feeds and extra water (hence the wet chin)

Here he is 2 weeks post op, munching in the garden with his companion.

And here he is 9 weeks post op.

I also had a piggie who had the same procedure back in 2003 and he lived quite happily for another 2 years, but did have some dental problems that had to be sorted every couple weeks - possibly related to his age as much as possibly the op (which left him pretty sore, chewing in a wonky way for a while and ended up slightly misaligning his jaw.)

KRITIQ Thu 11-Apr-13 10:48:54

Aaargh, I'm useless with the links. Here's the 9 weeks post op one.

And, I meant to say best of luck - it can be really nerve wracking, but seeing the little fella progress is just so uplifting, and the extra cuddle time is precious! smile

He was still a handsome boy Kritiq. Similar colours to Fatimus, just in a different order and the same very hairy ears. smile

Piggie is back to the vet at 2. Woke this morning to find lots of discharge oozing from his eye. I gave him a little wash and run down (he's very smelly!) but it looks terrible. Hope they can fix him!

Thanks for the pics and info Kritiq. I won't post a picture yet. He isn't looking very pretty at the moment!

We're back at home. As suspected, the eye was infected and inflamed which had pulled at the stitches. They flushed his eye are the stitches opened. They can't restitch until the infection has cleared so my poorly pig has a gaping, infected wound where his eye used to be. It looks terrible. They have increased his anti bs, added a pain killer and have instructed me to flush his eye. He's very stressed by the medicines and the flushing and is pooing everywhere and thrashing his head around.
I've brought them back in and removed the hay from they sleep area to try and keep his socket clean. The vet gave me some toilet mats to use instead. He's such a burrower.
I feel so sad and don't know what to do to sooth his anxiety. He doesn't want my to hold him.

Aw bless him Pickled.
GPs do stress out when you are trying to do anything that mean restraining them.
Probably keep him quiet and don't handle him if he doesn't want handled.
Do the necessary cleaning, flushing and medicine without 'pandering' to him iYSWIM. It's got to be done. He'll fall out with you anyway. If you try and cuddle him before, he'll still fall out with you.

(GP2 got hay in his fatty eye over a Bank Holiday. DD held his muzzle, I wiped with boiled,cool salted water and non-fluufy gauze. He hated the whole thing but was mighty relieved- so was I- when a piece of hay came out)

Is there anyone else who will do the nasty stuff so that you can share the blame?

Hopefully after his antibiotics and painkillers kick in he'll have a comfortable night.

We're sharing the jobs. I did his medicine. I hate the though of flushing. Hopefully no swap of jobs tomorrow.
He's cwtched up with Boar2 in the dining room. Feel bad for removing their bedding but I've left the heating in tonight and it's quite mild indoors.

KRITIQ Fri 12-Apr-13 00:03:39

Oh no, sorry to hear this, but it's good you got him back swiftly and got it sorted. My boys' rodentologist (when we were in Wales and had one) said that post op infections happen about 4 out of 5 cases, just because of that healing over thing. My other pig who had it done was one of the few who didn't get an infection. But, the op was done by like the best guinea pig eye surgeon on the planet, so we were very lucky!

It does sound unpleasant and it's awful doing things that you know upset them, but 70's advice is really, really good. Fingers crossed the infection goes quickly, and then he'll start healing really fast and be back on his paws in no time. So long as he's eating, drinking and pooping (even with your help for the first two of these via syringe) it shows he's still got that fight in him and is trying to get better.

Massive beverage of your choice for you and restful night for both your boys.

BTW, you said cwtched - if you are anywhere near Cardiff, and need a 2nd vet opinion, I can highly recommend someone! smile

Just about to do the nasties again. May have to wait until DD leaves for school. She's quite upset about it.

You got me! Which vet? It'd be handy to have the details.

KRITIQ Fri 12-Apr-13 11:02:35

I don't know if I'm supposed to do this, but it's this one Mark Bridges. He's like Dr Doolittle. I swear one of my pigs nodded when he spoke to him. His cage side manner is wonderful. He did the op on Boar 4 of 8 which didn't get infected. He would have done the op on Boar 6 of 8, but it got worse over the weekend and had to be done by the emergency vet - it was okay though.

After some effort though, I have found a similarly wonderful vet in Edinburgh Crichton http://www.vets4pets.com/find-a-practice/vets4pets-davidsons-mains/meet-the-team/.

Vets who "get" guineas are precious things!

KRITIQ Fri 12-Apr-13 11:03:12

Whoops, I'm lousy with links. The Edi vet is Scott Crichton.

Thanks for the link.

It's not too far from me so I'll call them on Monday after the consultation to get a second opinion if I feel he isn't improving quickly enough. GP2 is very grumpy about being indoors. He's been sulking and hiding since last night

KRITIQ Fri 12-Apr-13 21:07:24

Ah, I suppose I can understand the grumpiness! Good luck with everything and don't hesitate to contact Mark. He's a gem.

Thank you.

The eye seems to have sealed over and I can no longer flush it. He's refusing to take the anti bs. I have to hold his head down and I feel terrible for doing it. He's tried to bite me twice.
We'll hopefully be back to normal next week.

guineapiglet Mon 15-Apr-13 20:04:37

Greetings one and all. Have been moving house over last couple of weeks, so lovely to catch up, and hear what you have all been up to. Kritiq I loved your photos of your holiday in Bonnie Scotland, I would love to stay somewhere where guineas are allowed and made welcome. Your boys looked really happy and as if they had had a great time!
Its starting to warm up a bit now, so lets hope all the guineas will be able to get out and about more and do the lawn mowing. Our new house has a very small courtyard garden so am thinking about how I might go about getting some new guineas and where would they go etc. As my kids are older they would definitely be MINE!! smile

Hi guinea, I was wondering where you were. The last time we moved was the last time we were tidy. The house looked lovely with no clutter and a million toys. Then we unpacked sad. Need I say more. Been in a mess ever since.

Looking forward to your "I have piggies" announcement smile.

FernieB Wed 17-Apr-13 09:13:09

Maybe we should run a sweepstake on how long it will be before guineapiglet gets piggies. Probably within the next couple of weeks.

guineapiglet Wed 17-Apr-13 09:37:25

Hi all and thanks for messages Fernie - sad to say I don't think your sweepstake will run at the moment. My dear one and I have had a walk around the garden and looked at the shed which is FULL of boxes and stuff we will probably never open again. We have had to considerably downsize from our home in the north, so no spare runs/hutches etc now and more importantly, no grass. After watching the delight with which my girls used to attack and devour the lawn each day, Im not sure about having guineas with no grass, but there is potential to have a lawn at the front, so that is a possibility. I can't have them indoors, although I know many of you do, but my son is so very allergic to them, and I would hate to go down that route again. The girls used to love grass at this time of year, after being indoors on hay for so long. At the moment, I am going to think about being a 'foster' carer for the animal rescue down the road, and also on here offer my little garden up to any Hampshire guineas who may need looking after/for holidays etc if any Hampshire guinea mums are reading. <longs for old garden sad>

Harness your inner Alan Titchmarsh and build a raised bed then turf it grin

I'd say the keeping outdoors would be more of the challenge, this year winter was freezing though strangely, the boars water bowl didn't freeze once.
(Unless you can build a little annexe to your house that you can keep ambient temperature for them?)

The Rescue down the road will be delighted to have willing and able volunteers. Are they cat/dog/furries or mainly rabbity/rodent.?

Tortoises/turtles? grin

KRITIQ Thu 18-Apr-13 00:42:19

Congrats on completing the move guineapiglet. I hate moving with a passion! It's a massive achievement to do it without all nerves shredded.

Yes, the boys did have a lovely adventure in the Borders. Oh, and someone's had a birthday party. Three years old on Monday. Can't believe it!


grin @ photos.
In pic 2 , DBoar2 looks like he's singing wink

guineapiglet Thu 18-Apr-13 19:15:21

Hi all thanks for messages. 70 you are a hoot!! - Thankfully it is a guinea rescue called 'Wheek and Squeak' - I am hoping they may want some foster carers. Have decided front garden could accommodate a guinea run. It just needs clearing of all the hideous and overgrown plants in it and a lawn planting. Simples!!

Krtiq I beg again for you to make a calendar of your boys, your pictures are priceless, I loved the cake you had made for him - both of your boys are so photogenic, and he actually looks like he is singing 'Happy Birthday' - he is a real charmer and as Ive said before, I'm sure he has been around before, he's so poised!! The previous one of him by the fountain in earlier photos says it all, he is of very noble stock!!! Hope the Birthday party went well, what is the recipe for the birthday cake?

That cake looks like : Hay Cookies, Cucumber and Parsley.
Will tempt the boars with guinea-cake when it's their birthday.
Though GP1 likes Cornetto cone shock

Happy Birthday DBoar2, you smiley boy grin.

guineapiglet I looked on the Wheek and Squeak website- lots of good advice and information, well worth a read.
They do Animal Boarding too.
You could see if they need any help with the Boarding Guineas too

"Noooooo, I haven't seen your two guinea-pigs that you brought in Mr Smith" .....guineapiglet stuffs hands in the overlarge ,bulging, wriggling pocket of the strangely out of place waterproof jacket, specially designed to transport guineas away to her own piggery............grin

guineapiglet Fri 19-Apr-13 13:31:56

Hi - yes it does look good doesnt it, am hoping to finally get down there and investigate, with my oversize pockets of course!

FernieB Fri 19-Apr-13 14:38:41

Happy Birthday DBoar2 - that cake looks like GP heaven.

KRITIQ Wed 24-Apr-13 18:10:14

Hee hee, 'fraid it was a "store bought" cake with my own decorations as a cheat. Don't you hate that? smile

Y'do realise now KRITIQ that the gauntlet has been thrown and when it's The 70isa Boars Gotcha Day they will demand cake befitting two hogs

I've got six months to plan though wink

I has been to Primark today and a bought DD2 a packet of knickers. Not only is she thrilled but so will Naughty Girl once she has come in from the run. Because a small Primark bag is perfect for a guinea pig to go Zorbing in.

Warning Primark bag zorbing is a guinea pig extreme sport. Last time Naughty girl did it she leaned up against the hutch door in her bag, DD2 opened the door and out she plopped --still in the bag--shock.

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