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KRITIQ Wed 14-Nov-12 23:59:05

Following on from the tread about Truffles the long jump pig, which meandered a bit, wouldn't it be great to see what each others' furballs look like, and hear more about them?

I posted some snaps of my two Boars on the other thread (they are my 7th and 8th pigs - succession planning is a hallmark of having boars!) But, being a proud PigMum, here are some more.

Get On Board the Pig Train!
Fun with a Tissue Box
Shhhhhh! It's a Secret!
Adventures in the Back Garden
A Guest for Lunch

Look forward to seeing all of your little munchkins! Either link to photos here or pop them on your profile. Thanks!

guineapiglet Thu 15-Nov-12 09:43:04

Fabulous photos Kritiq, thankyou - your boys are definitely calendar material. Loved the one in the garden and the guest for lunch, I reckon your photos are much better than the ones I have had in my guinea calendars, where often they are very young and scared looking. They are both very photogenic. Will have to see if I can upload some photos of my girls, and looking forward to seeing what others look like as well.

BonkeyMollocks Thu 15-Nov-12 11:30:29

You don't want to know what I think of my Little shit pig today hmm .

They are fab photos KRITIQ ! Such lovely piggies! smile

I will take some photos later to add, my two resent posing hmm .

BonkeyMollocks Thu 15-Nov-12 12:31:18
guineapiglet Thu 15-Nov-12 13:31:38

Brilliant! Love them both, - I now have an answer to the naughtiness - the butter wouldnt melt photo did it for me, definitely a pin up........ but.... he is EXACTLY the same colouring as my naughty girl, she had a white crest, but otherwise a perfect copy. It must be in the genes, Im not sure what the professional term is for that kind of colouring, but with it goes a keen mind and a will to escape. In MN Pig, he actually looks as if he is about to put his paw onthe mouse and get his next devious plan into could hear mine in her igloo chattering away, like she was masterminding her latest escape bid. We have the stuff of a child's classic here, girls! <women...>

BonkeyMollocks Thu 15-Nov-12 13:48:54

He colouring is called 'Broken' <boring> , according to 70 and t'internet.

Not like my lovely exotic sounding 'tort and white' wink .

And after what you have just said I will never get another pig that colour! grin

guineapiglet Thu 15-Nov-12 13:55:18

A vet nurse friend used the term 'naughty torty' - apparently it applied to all things tortoiseshell, cats, dogs, guineas etc, she said there was something in the colouring which meant they could be relied on to be the cheeky ones of their

Hope this has worked. Pictures of my little boys- GP1 is the agouti.GP2 is the little black (trying to look winsome with his head cocked to one side)

grin the photo of GP2 looks like an ink-blot.
His 'fatty eye' is on the right side, you can just about see a sliver of white.

Now honestly - who could have put these 2 little boys into Rescue/Rehome?
We were so lucky to get these chaps they are lovely characters. (Apart from GP2 and his Johnny Fartpants Bottom) wink

Shelium Thu 15-Nov-12 22:17:55

Some photos on my profile of sockpig (if you ever read her story), pregnant fatpig and her 3 baby pigs smile

alemci Thu 15-Nov-12 22:26:33

lovely pictures, the pig on the computer has lovely colours and all of them are fantastic. love the toothy expression in one photo.

I looked at your Sockpig, Fatpig, baby pigs photos.

Poor fatpig looked like she was going to pop shock
I remember the original Sockpig post, bless her cotton socks grin

Hopefully she will settle down and get more settled, she's been through a lot.

blush my sister and I used to make jumpers for our Himalayan sows (from wool socks so they were loose.Decorative not functional). They were very judgey.
How are the gorgeous piglets doing?

Rollersara Thu 15-Nov-12 22:32:00

Loving these, excellent fodder to remind DP that we should have piggies again grin

WRT to colouring
My GP1 is a Golden Agouti Smooth Coat
My GP2 is a jet black with 4 white hairs on his forehead confused .He's not a Smooth. He;s not an Abby. Not any of your Teddies or Shelties or Rexs.

He's One of a Kind.

(Can you tell that GP2 is actually my little boy, though IRL he's my DS pig)

I was cuddling him yesterday, he stretched out and just looked at me, his lovely little face like a little porquipine face (Sweet) grin

FernieB Fri 16-Nov-12 12:31:34

Love the piggie pictures - all so cute - should definitely make a calendar of the little angels.

KRITIQ Fri 16-Nov-12 13:35:15

So many adorable little pigs! I'm just melting here.

Bonkey, your photos are ace. I love those cheeky expressions. Little pig's face markings remind me just slightly of my here and here.

70 - I'm such a sucker for an agouti face and GP1 has the most adorable one of those.

Love the snaps of Sock Pig - such fashionable sox as well smile and Fatpig and her bubs are just amazing.

It's brilliant to put some "faces to the pigs," so to speak. There's just something special about a cavy. It's hard to explain to folks who don't have them and those who think I'm nuts in any case and the obsession with rodents is just par for the course.

Thanks for the nice comments about my boars. Oh, keep the photos coming!

guineapiglet Fri 16-Nov-12 16:12:23

Haven't you all got some wonderful pets, thanks to all who have posted them so far. 70 your boys are super gorgeous, very serious faces, but very handsome indeed, I do love all black guineas, they are rather special ( even with the little white hairs, bless).

Kritiq you are so right, when I talk about guineas to other people they look at me as if I was a nutter. But IF I was droning on about a cat or a dog, it would be different as people seem to 'get' them. We are a select group of people! And it is lovely to put names to faces as well. <Looks in guinea pig bank to see if she has enough saved to get some more!>

grin Yes my boars are Very Busy and Important Cavies and spend most of their waking hours (when they aren't eating or doing other GP things) telling us just how lucky we are to have them.

When we were looking for GPs , DD 'pictured' herself with a tri-coloured like KRITIQS boys or Bonkeys BigPig (probably because the GP I had when I was 9yo was a tri-colour- little agouti face with a stripe)

Oddly enough, she decided she wanted the 2 boars when they were offered and she hadn't even seen them. And they were nothing like what she'd imagined.
But it was Love at First Sight. grin

BonkeyMollocks Fri 16-Nov-12 18:23:31

KRITIQ they are very similar! smile

70 Love the head tilt grin Gorgeous boys!

And yes, everyone looks abit hmm when I mention the pigs - especially dh! <miserable sod!>

My two drive me nuts at times especially because dh has developed a habit of crisp eating in the evenings. The noise is deafening! but I wouldn't be without them now!

alemci Fri 16-Nov-12 21:18:48

hear hear, my DH and I like to talk about our Boar too. wonderful pets. we have had gps for over 10 years' since dd was 6. she has now gone off to uni. they are wonderful and keep coming to find us.

Love at first sight is how we got OB. We went to the breeder to look at piggie babies that would be ready for their forever homes at Eastertime. However, OB nosey from day one had his whiskers up at the bars seeing what was going on and DD1 fell in love with him. OB was 9 weeks old so we hurriedly got a hutch, picked a brother and thay came home with us a couple of nights later.

The piggie photos posted are great. I'm not very good at loading pictures. I'll ask DD1 to try for me sometime this weekend. She took a good one of OB tonight with his head stuck in my tea mug.

2 pics on my profile! smile

guineapiglet Mon 26-Nov-12 19:30:53

Well -dont they look nice and cosy! Very photogenic, do you know if the albino one is blind? I had a creamy coloured girl who had red eyes, and only when I took her to the vet after having her for a year did I find out she was completely blind!! She did rely very heavily on the 'mum' figure in the group, but I hadnt realised it until told - I felt really neglectful that I hadnt noticed, but she did everything the other girls did, even following them around the garden etc. Lovely little thing she was.

Aww, 70, your GP1 looks exactly like my girls (will post a piccie later) - does that mean they are golden agoutis? That does sound fancy...

guineapiglet I have no reason to think she is blind... How would I tell?! She doesn't seem to rely on the other one?.. Ummm... Youve got me worried now! Maybe I will ask next time they are at the vets...

funny that's what the rodentologist called him. I thought he was just a plain agouti (I thought it was the natural colour of 'wild' guineas- good for camoflague) but no, he's golden agouti <<Preen Preen>>
His tummy is golden plain like a teddy bear grin

Sleeping - I had 2 Himalayans (mum and daughter) and their eyesight was poor. They went more by smell sound. One of the sweetest (and saddest) things was when she was leading her 3 piglets round the room. Her pink eyed baby would stop, realise she was alone, shriek .Then mum would leave her two boar pigs (dark eyed) in the middle of the room and run back to her baby sow.
(They got used to this careless abandoment. We kept the female for her company)

Their eyes were clear pink/red, no clouding. But we never knew how much they could see.

guineapiglet Tue 27-Nov-12 11:26:19

I'm really sorry - didn't mean to worry you, as long as she is fit, healthy and enjoying life, it really doesn't seem to make much difference to them anyway, as they are pretty short sighted at the best of times! smile Its just that some albinos are, and we really didn't know until the vet told us - it did explain perhaps why she was a bit nervous and jumpy, ( we rescued her and her sister) possibly, but in every way she acted like the others, was the first to wheek when food appeared, and ended up being very cuddly and affectionate despite a horrible start in life. I guess her sense of smell and hearing developed more strongly, she could smell cucumber coming a mile off!

guineapiglet Tue 27-Nov-12 11:27:42

PS 70 can we have a pic of the esteemed golden tummy! It sounds adorable!!

Ah ok... I will defo ask next time... I'm about to bring them in for a cuddle and some strawberries... Half day from work has it's bonuses! smile

KRITIQ Tue 27-Nov-12 21:12:30

Sleeping and Guinea, neither pink eyed whites (they aren't true albinos) nor other pink eyed varieties are likely to be blind (and Sleeping, your piglets are just gawjus!) If you're piggies have been checked over before by a cavy savvy vet, they'd surely have pointed out any obvious concerns with vision.

I've had two pigs who've lost eyes and actually, I noticed no change at all in their behaviour. They adapted really well. I've not had a totally blind pig, but I think they too adjust very quickly to the change.

Yes, 70, our girls have gorgeous golden tummies too - I've just told dd (who is off sick) that she is cuddling a golden agouti. She is very impressed!

guineapiglet Wed 05-Dec-12 10:04:16

Ive been really enjoying looking at everyone's photos again, and have compared them to the sad looking creatures forced to pose for one of my duaghter's gp calendars, they really look very young and miserable in comparison - your pictures are much more original and they all look so well cared for and loved smile - I have to say, and I hope everyone wont be remotely offended, but the photo I would like to download, if that is OK, is the one of Kritiq's - the one called ' a guest for lunch' - do you all mind if other people have pictures of your guineas? I thought I would ask first, but I am making a calendar, and would rather have one fun photo, than one where they are all looking miserable! That photo, along with Bonkeys picture of Littlepig on Mumsnet, and 70S gorgeous black boy, make me smile whenever I see them.

We could have a brilliant idea for a fund raiser for the guinea rescue nearby - photos of our own guineas!!! Please let me know what you think. smile

I will need to post a better photo of my piggles (GP2 isn't really shown to his best advantage on that pic) .

I've got a pic on my phone and he looks like a little watervole or something.
It's his non-fatty eye side. It's really cute (but I have to keep checking he doesn't get hay in his eye)

WRT to calenders guineapiglet - my DD got a calender from P@H and one of the pigs in the photo has horribly long nails sad
My boars tend to be a bit lax with the old pedicures blush but not this bad.

70isalimitnotatarget i have a girl who is your boys double, gorgeous. I have put some pics on my profile of my 2 x 6 yr old girls, They currently reside in a hutch within the dc play shed - they have a ramp down from their hutch i open up on a day and tie back the playhouse door and they free rein. I had them outside fully until last month when we seemed to start a slug invasion bleurghhh smile

guineapiglet Thu 06-Dec-12 20:08:27

wee your girls are gorgeous and they are good ages aren't they - very jealous, they look very bright eyed and bushy tailed so to speak - some more candidates for the calendar!

Thanks smile, bit worried they are feeling the cold now they are pensioners so going through a bag a hay in record times these days!

guinea I dont mind atall smile can send you LittlePig to go with the pic if you like?


KRITIQ Fri 07-Dec-12 19:44:19

Hi guineapiglet and all. I've had a cold and feeling sorry for myself and haven't been back here for a wee while. Oh yes please feel free to use any of my photos. I've actually got quite a few thousand photos already on a photosharing site which are "full size" so if you want to put something together, just send me a message and I'll send you a link. (It's just I'd prefer not to link there from here for privacy reasons.)

DBoar 1 & 2 had their Christmas "Photo Shoot" just over a week ago, before DBoar 1's hair cut. Looking at him now, you'd think the scissors hadn't touched him. Is it coz it's winter and it's growing extra fast? Anyone got a long haired pig that's the same?

Hear's the swine Christmas 2010 and 2011. (alas no snow this year, so cards won't be quite so 'seasonal' this year.)

guineapiglet Sat 08-Dec-12 12:12:52

Hi Kritiq - do hope you are feeling better, seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Thanks for the invitation to the link, and the glorious photos of your boys in the snow - their faces are brilliant - ' please hurry up, my bits are freezing' etc! - See what I mean about how our own photos are much more interesting and less posed and cruel than some of the cards/calendars on offer. I am afraid I am such a dinosaur technophobe that I would not know how to make a MN calendar of our own, but I think it would be a brilliant way of raising funds for guinea rescues.......

Over the holidays I hope to go and visit Wheek and Squeak, a Guinea pig rescue recommended by another gp owner on one of these threads - thank you for this info, would love for you all to have a look at it, aren't they doing brilliant work? Im sure there must be one of these in each county, so it would be good if any of you who know of anywhere guinea friendly could list it. Also love the info they give about caring for the guineapigs, the commitment etc, very useful. Will give some feedback, am slightly reluctant in some ways as I KNOW I will want to adopt them all. But am hopeful it will be useful in the future< rubs hands and plots to try and encourage family to get more guineas!>

Oh I just saw this, this is my guinea pig smile

Looking serious

Face on

guineapiglet Thu 13-Dec-12 18:30:34

Oh what a sweetie - Im very partial to ginger guineas with pink ears, and this one is very unique with the white markings, do tell more, age, name, etc, - what a lovely face this guinea has.....another candidate for the calendar I reckon!

I have just bought LittlePig a Christmas pud house grin

Pics to follow when the little blighter plucks up enough courage to get in it! !

Before anyone says anything about favouritism....BigPig would hate me forever if I did this to him! He had a extra bunch of parsley that he doesn't have to dig out from said pud like LittlePig who hasn't....yet .

Well, after rumbling and wiggling his arse off....he's in and popcorning like theres no tomorrow grin

Pig in a Pud

Hope this works! Can't get bloody yahoo to work!

bluebump Fri 14-Dec-12 21:51:46

My two should be on my profile, they are Dora and Diego (both girls). Dora is the sandy colour one and Diego the browner one. Diego has a cool spiky line of fur down his whole back and Dora has longer softer fur.

guineapiglet Sat 15-Dec-12 14:51:00

What a pair of sweeties they are, love the little faces peeking out. Love the crest as well, lots of my girls had crests, they are lovely to stroke and groom and give them a kind of ruffled look, a just got out of hay look..... more additions for our calendar I think!

guineapiglet Sat 15-Dec-12 14:51:52

PS Bonkey, Little Pig will have to be the December pin up in that pudding, he looks well at home!

KRITIQ Sun 16-Dec-12 20:47:34

Oh I am partial to a ginger piggie! Oh, and the pig in the pud is just great!

I'm all excited as we're going to have a pair of lady pigs joining us over the holidays. Watch this space for new snaps!

I'm not very knowledgible about computers but I've managed to work out how to load up photo to my laptop my new toy for Christmas and now I've put a picture on my profile page.

The photo is of Old Boy, taken this morning. I thought you would like to put the furry face to the name grin.

KRITIQ Thu 03-Jan-13 21:01:51

Oh, that is one handsome pig. What a doll!

guineapiglet Fri 04-Jan-13 10:10:12

Oh Fortified Old Boy is a real charmer, love his markings and his lovely blanket, he looks like a well loved chap.

smileThank you both. OB is a chocolate Dutch confused. As you can see he only got the face markings. All his brothers (there were 5 if I recall correctly, big litter) had the required brown rumps as well grin.

Awww OB looks lovely.
I don't know why but I pictured him as a solid coloured dark brown .

He doesn't look like a 6yo- still got his youthful little face smile

Please look at my profile to see my two piggies. This was taken in the summer when we first had them. Unfortunately as you know Steve died few days ago. I wish Ihad taken more photos :-(

guineapiglet Sat 05-Jan-13 10:29:28

Oh what a couple of sweeties perched on your lap, they do look content. It is a horrible shame about Steve, he wasnt very old, how is his companion doing? I wish I had taken many more photos, we have lots of little videos and phone photos of them, but I wish I had taken them more regularly- some of the photos on here are really fabulous, so it is a nice idea to update them as the guineas grow.

He seems ok. Got him put yesterday for long cuddles - almost fell asleep on my knee. Worried he is lonely but no rescue places nearby so might have to look little further.

Oh how sad. Steve with his friend is a lovely photo to look back on. Has his friend got a name on this forum?

His name is nibbles and just had another cuddle with me. Seems better today.

I know Pets at home get bad name but was in there earlier buying dog food and was looking at piggies. Spoke to one of the staff who talked a lot of sense.
Said one of her boars had died before Xmas and her remaining one was scared and behave different for few days (as is mine)
She also explained about getting new one, keeping separate, cleaning cage to remove scent etc.
She also said she had taken decision not to get replacement and had bought her guinea a toy and spent time with him.

Think would like another guinea pig. Going to build C&C cage tomorrow which will give us 2 cages so getting another and introducing slowly will be an option.

Have to say I have learnt more about guinea pigs in last 2 weeks than previous 5 months

His name is nibbles and just had another cuddle with me. Seems better today.

I know Pets at home get bad name but was in there earlier buying dog food and was looking at piggies. Spoke to one of the staff who talked a lot of sense.
Said one of her boars had died before Xmas and her remaining one was scared and behave different for few days (as is mine)
She also explained about getting new one, keeping separate, cleaning cage to remove scent etc.
She also said she had taken decision not to get replacement and had bought her guinea a toy and spent time with him.

Think would like another guinea pig. Going to build C&C cage tomorrow which will give us 2 cages so getting another and introducing slowly will be an option.

Have to say I have learnt more about guinea pigs in last 2 weeks than previous 5 months

Aww Nibbles is an excellent name smile. Especially for boars a side by side introduction is a good method. Even if they never manage to live together seeing, talking and smelling through the wire seems to be enough interraction to keep them happy.

When OB's brother died he was happy enough at first with just human company. But after afew months he did become withdrawn. As he was imo opinion too old to neuter we got him two girl friends to live in a separate hutch although we have had the odd accidently encounter. I'm convinced knowing he's not the only guinea in the world has kept him living so long. Their arrival in the house perked him up no end grin.

NameChangeToProtectDH Mon 07-Jan-13 06:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

guineapiglet Mon 07-Jan-13 18:53:11

fortified - Lol! smile Love the idea of OB being perked up by the arrival of two young lady pigs - very Rod Stewart!! You are right tho', it must be odd to be the only one of your kind if you are kept as a solitary pet and never see anything/one who looks like you do....... surely most small furries need a friend to make life more interesting, even if they are kept separate and can still see each other, bless.

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