Blinners and her workwear blog chatty thread

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Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 10:03:44

oi blinners -the Mango tabbed pencil skirt how stretchy is it? I like it TIGHT as have thin legs and otherwise look like I am wearing a lampshade

Hi! When I wen to Mango and tried things on, they didn't have that skirt in my size, but it really looks good in real life (see Pic 2). Am planning a trip to Oxford St Mango tomorrow so will try and try it on, then. I think you want it to look like Kimberley Garner (Pic 1), and the only thing might be the length. KG has hers just below the knee, but on the Mango model, it's above the knee, just slightly. However, the model is quite tall, so might be fine for you? Not sure what you think of J crew prices (I think they are v high), but their No 2 skirt (£110) fits the way I like (I don't like super tight, but legs are too twiggy to wear a loose pencil skirt - think we have similar shape body). (See Pic 3)

Btw the Mango one should be stretchy as it has elastane and poly, but the proof will be in trying on. Will report back.

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 10:50:11

Ooh it looks too wide at bottom. Boo

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 10:51:41

Mind you. White. Will we wear outside bare legs (can get away with that at work).
Was going to link to a nice gingham check one in new look

The Mango ones looks too wide at the bottom? I'll still try it on if I can, though. The other off white pencil skirts I have seen have either been unlined, lace or eyelet - annoying as they can look so good. J Crew do have good sales, so if you like the one I tried on, it might come down to a reasonable price.

I think you can wear a white skirt to work, just like Kimberley Garner pic. Just need to fake tan for bare legs (well, I do).

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 10:55:25

But obvs quality questionable

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 10:55:41

Oh would never pay jcrew

New Look does have some v good quality things, hidden amongst the tat, like this pollen print skirt for £20.

It's lovely in RL, stretchy cotton, although haven't tried it on.

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 11:35:01

LOVE AND My mum would go on and on about how pretty i looked wink

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 11:36:21

ah you see way nicer than the polyester i hadn't noticed on the gingham one

Not often you find something you like to wear that also makes your Mum happy...

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 14:59:08

Well done, New Look. Achieving something Warehouse is no longer able to do - using natural fibres.

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 16:22:48

No, New Look shoes are mostly v bad. I think Office and Dune do great value leather shoes. Am getting the Office Darling d'orsay snakeskins soon.

lurkingaround Thu 17-Apr-14 19:08:54

But there is SO much tat to wade thru in NewLook! C'est impossible! (Sounds more impossible in French, non?). I would never have found those skirts. Fancy a blog post Belinda?

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 19:14:04

yes I agree - ours is vast too and i cant stand it

I often go to my local New Look, as it's quite "edited". Ditto going to Selfridges to check out their TopShop and H&M, and Westfield to see Mango. But... Unless you live in central London, that's hardly a practical option. I have no idea why New Look and H&M have so much crappy stock, and Mango is so hard to shop for online. I wish I could be like Aunty Marge and Selma from The Simpsons and go through their inventory with a red pen, cutting out the racks of nasty stuff.

Tomorrow is the weekly post, so will try and include something on anything good I see in New Look, but it's really somewhere I only find casual stuff, not workwear. Although... This does raise the question of whether you can wear lace or floral print to work? Both the cotton skirts on this thread were lovely, but are they work appropriate? I expect in some cases, yes, and in some cases, no. Due to either the workplace or what the wearer feels comfortable in, or due to both? How about animal print? I can feel a blog post coming on... [opens the Amaretto...]

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 20:20:04

at a school you could, for eg. OR any public sectory job outside a court

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 20:22:34

i do animal print too. But agree some gaffs very staid. I think maybe we need a categorisation of workplaces, like a prison.
Law offices - Belmarsh.
Accountancy- Durham
School - ( outside management) Ford Open

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 17-Apr-14 20:26:51

I'd wear those new look skirts for work, but tis very very casual.

I went into zara today - what a load of utter shit - honestly one match and teh whole store would have gone up.

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 20:30:32

i was disappointed last time I went in

There's a really good saying on The Corporette: know your work. Which just means, I think, that only you know what is going to be a good idea for you to wear to your particular work.

I've always worked in male dominated workplaces, so I personally wouldn't do floral or lace as, I think, instinctively, it makes me look too different to the men, whereas abstract prints and "sober" colours like neutrals aren't as contrasting to what they wear. Also, I think I have a paranoia of looking too "girly" / soft (maybe I am a sexist pig, with lipstick on). So, it's more than just my workplaces that made me dress conservatively, it's also about me.

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 17-Apr-14 21:07:53

There are very few women in my workplace but its IT so they're pretty scruffy.

Oh, MrsCB, my memories of working in IT in Australia don't feature much fashion inspo (although my boss wore fierce Stuart Weitzman heels).

Oh, here is an off white skirt, that's lined. I haven't seen it in RL, but I have a H&M dress in the poly / viscose fabric that is quite thick and flattering.

Legologgo Thu 17-Apr-14 21:20:48

Sniff. No one lolled at belmarsh?

I'm Australian, so I don't get it - will google.

Blondieminx Thu 17-Apr-14 21:28:56

Not all law firms are like Belmarsh...! I work for a City firm and see lots of great, colourful outfits! smile

Back to the H&M skirt, what do you think about it? I'm mainly anti poly but I tolerate a bit, from time to time, assuming the price is right.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Apr-14 09:40:01

grin Belmarsh!
I like it. Am going to try and go to H&M today, if I get a chance. Will have a search for the skirt. Does a polyester and cotton mix make a garment (sounds like a nanna word, garment) hold its shape better than cotton alone? Like in trousers or a skirt?
I like the pollen New Look skirt a lot. Wonder is it too busy for a pear.

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:55:55

double take which h and m skirt?

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:56:16

Oh I see. Ignore.

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 09:57:49

Ooh I think looks promising. Spending too much on it is an invitation to stains. What we really need is the black gap pencil skirt in ecru

I find that cotton needs about 5% elastane for a good amount of stretch, allowing it to hold it's shape.

In the case of the H&M skirt, a bit of poly might benefit the viscose as, while viscose drapes well, it creases and loses it's shape badly (it's a week fibre, poly is strong). However, while poly is strong (you couldn't kill it with an axe), too much of it in a fabric can make it a bit nasty/shiny/crackly and not breathe well.

I struggle w fabric composition - as a little synthetic can improve a natural fibre, but too much and it lowers the quality of the fabric. Clear as mud?

I wish orangesanddemons was on this thread as she Really Knows Her Stuff re fabrics (is trained and worked as a designer, and now teaches textiles classes - think that's right). I'm a passionate amateur.

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 10:27:05

agree re %

TheJumped Fri 18-Apr-14 10:54:39

Can you link your blog please Belinda?

I need inspiration for the summer - have lived in dresses all winter. Thinking Gap slim crops and simple but feminine tops. I bought this Monsoon top this morning, it's lovely but 100% viscose - better not die after a few washes.

I wear a black and white striped Whistles tube skirt to work a lot (teacher) but the idea of wearing white or ecru or mint green around board pens would be a recipe for disaster for me. I seem to attract every bit of dust and muck going, somehow.

Will happily wear animal print though.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Apr-14 11:21:10

Here is Belinda's site. Tis good.

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 12:58:31

hmm - I don't use pens much.
If the skirt is cheap then - meh who cares

Nice blog, Belinda.

Thanks, ladies, that's really nice.

I assume that we all have a cost per wear / purchase price pain point, then? If something costs less than £X, you have different expectations re longevity etc, whereas for others, that cost needs to be less than £Y.

Re viscose tops, I've had some that are really good (seems to be the knitted, thick, fitted viscose), and others that turn into rags (seems to be the thinner woven viscose that does this). I have a woven viscose blouse, though, that still looks fine but is also going thin and probably won't last beyond this summer. It was £25, so I won't cry for it, but I think, now, I would rather pay a little more if it means it lasts longer and looks good for the whole of its life.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Apr-14 20:38:21

Hope this isn't a thick question, but would I recognise knitted from woven viscose? I probably would I suppose if I looked closely?
Sorry no report on H&M skirt, never got there, work got in the way.

Oh knitted is like jersey (stretch) and woven is like shirt material (non stretch). That's off the top of my slightly tipsy head. I tried the H&M skirt, only in grey, will find and post a pic.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Apr-14 21:14:23

Ah. Gotcha. I have one or two woven viscose tops, they're fine, like you say, won't last too many wears, I'll get a season out of them.

It is a bit annoying, though, isn't it - I don't want to have to bin clothes so quickly, just because they aren't durable enough to last a proper length of time. I am going to buy something from & Other Stories soon, and their things looks to be made from decent weight material, including their viscose, but the proof will be in the pudding wearing.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Apr-14 21:32:27

Agree, and I don't like the feel of viscose.
I have a few shoes (pairs of, not just the odd single shoe) from Other Stories and they're v good quality. Have no clothes yet. Really like their stuff.

Legologgo Fri 18-Apr-14 21:42:54

i have no opinion on viscose

TheJumped Sat 19-Apr-14 09:15:37

Belinda your blog is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for a fab and detailed blog, it's so useful and I've opened so many links to peruse from it - have ordered this Cos top to try.

Viscose is my hated material, it just always seems to shrink and deform upon washing. I have a lovely loose stretch coral vest dress which I assumed was cotton but shrunk away to nothing last summer - of course I was viscose. And those cheap tops and dresses that crease like buggery too. But the Monsoon top I bought is so pretty I am willing to risk it - the sheer floaty yet weighty fabric is lovely. It was £35 and I'm quite skint atm so it had better be ok - I will return if it washes badly the first time.

That's lovely, TheJumped, thank you. It's my aim for the blog (and, soon, the rest of the website) to be useful.

I would return something, too, if it didn't wash properly. £35 cost per wear is pretty high, otherwise. On the other hand, I wore a Banana Republic viscose crepe blouse yesterday. It does crease, but not badly (although wouldn't buy it again) and washes well. It is fairly thick, but I do wonder if it will just wear away to a thin rag over time. It feels fine on, though, so no problems re wearability (unlike poly).

I was thing that, ideally, manufacturers would do better composite fabrics. So, silk w some cotton and a little poly, for instance, so that it's slinky but durable?

TheJumped Sat 19-Apr-14 15:02:13

I don't mind polyester on principle the way most people on here seem to hate it - I don't notice being especially more sweaty in it and if I'm looking to buy something and see it's 100% polyester I just think 'yay it won't shrink / deform / crease'. I don't like the sheer patterned polyester, but thicker drapey polyester is a great looking, non iron and better wearing alternative to DvF style silk for dresses.

Interesting re composite fabrics - I have no idea of the science of it but sounds sensible.

TheJumped Sat 19-Apr-14 15:04:22

I've wanted a floaty cream silk shirt for ages and have settled for a gorgeous cream poly one from Tesco, intentionally not silk - I can bung it in a whites wash and it's fine and doesn't need ironing. It looks good IMO although maybe to some people it looks like a cheapo imitation of silk.

Great blog smile

smile at MissBeehiving, thank you.

Re fabrics, maybe it's a good idea to have a couple of well priced polyester tops for when you just need something easy care that's indestructible? There are a few thick-ish polyester crepe shell tops with sleeves that are around that look good. I do, literally, feel hot / uncomfortable in polyester, but that won't apply to everyone, maybe a couple of tops are a good idea?

I've bought a couple of polyester tops from M&S recently, for what of finding anything silk that I could actually afford. I find that they are about okay for one wear, provided I make sure I have a little can of deodorant with me to freshen up during the day. I don't mind polyester skirts, but prefer silk or cotton.

What I miss most is Warehouse silk - they used to do lovely designs at sensible prices, but don't seem to have any now. sad

Legologgo Mon 21-Apr-14 08:55:14

Great shape and length, Lego

Legologgo Mon 21-Apr-14 17:04:39

and I wasnt even looking. Reviews say its stretchy, which might be had for them but is perfecto pour moi

Nice. Watch the sizing. I bought a dress in M&S today and needed a size 8 (I am NOT a size 8!). This is why I won't buy online - I bought a size 8 dress and a size 14 top in the same shop, on the same day - and both fit.

Legologgo Mon 21-Apr-14 17:12:48

oh i just order masses and send it back. THink it might be too long

M&S often do different lengths in their skirts.

I'm getting this one in the short length.

Legologgo Mon 21-Apr-14 20:18:18


Again, size down.

That M&S skirt looks great. WIT has a similar one, but it's peplum. I love the shape of peplum and flippy skirts - slimming like a pencil, but a bit more fun. As opposed to full and skater skirts, which I look huge in.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 07:01:03

Yup. Ditto

FoxyHarlow123 Tue 22-Apr-14 08:27:01

So pleased I've found your blog. We dress so similar and I can take genuine inspiration from you.

FoxyHarlow123 Tue 22-Apr-14 08:44:16

That's really nice to hear, Foxy, thank you! Re those TopShop heels. They are on my Pinterest workwear shoe board, but they really pinched my toes when I tried them on. Which is v annoying as they do look really good (NOT always a given w mid heels). Are they comfy for you?

I love both pencil and full skirts and (think) I can get away with both but there's no way I'd be able to wear a peplum top. I remember having some wonderful fishtail pencil skirts in the 80s - I wish they'd make those again.

Re shoes - does anybody have these from Clarks?

FoxyHarlow123 Tue 22-Apr-14 10:46:02

Oh I didn't see them on your board - must have missed them. Another good nude pair at the budget end of the market is this pair from Tesco. Tried them on yesterday and they were lovely. Could easily pass for much more expensive

Peplum tops = instant weight gain, IMO. I look so awful in them. The peplum hem skirts seem to be today's equivalent to the fishtail skirts?

I've not seen those Clark's shoes.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was at the TopShop shoes feeling so pinchy on me - the pink is that good greigy pink.

The Tesco shoes are a lovely colour and shape - good find.

Yes re the peplum hems - but proper fishtail skirts were amazing. Now, only goth places seem to do them - usually with a corset waist! I liked goth stuff in my 'youth' but have no desire at all to be a fat, aged goth now. grin

If anybody sees a cotton rather than tube fuchsia pink pencil skirt, please give me a shout btw.

RubyReins Tue 22-Apr-14 16:58:28

Your blog is terrific Belinda! A brilliant resource, thank you for doing the hard work in scouring the high street for me! ;)

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 18:39:33

I have three pairs of kendras but all suede. I love suede. Got black suede from eBay. Also have ones called brown but are actually plum. And a pair or grey leopard. Kendras rock

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 18:44:55

Did I show you my ace new look sandals. Will wear at work for casual days with gap straight crops

Look way more €€ in rl

TheJumped Tue 22-Apr-14 20:31:04

Check out Jones Bootmaker for work shoes - always good reductions and so comfy, my last few pairs of work shoes have been from there. Some of the pics online are M and S like in their total lack of resemblance to he actual products irl but lots of goodies in the sale section inc navy suede courts. They have some cobalt suede low wedge heels I'm coveting but not at full price. The talk of Clarks Kendras reminded me of them as mine 'Charing 3' I think are v similar to them but online they look crap!

TheJumped Tue 22-Apr-14 20:31:35
Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 20:51:34

Jones pics are dire. Think someone uses an instamatic

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 20:52:37

Charing shoes are very cheap!

Thanks Ruby [curtseys] grin.

Oh I agree re Jones the Bootmaker. Their website is appalling, but they have some lovely things, not that you'd know it from their sad clumsy photos. They really need to sort that out, especially as they have some steep prices creeping in. Glad they have cottoned on to memory foam being a good thing to put inside heels. I think all manufacturers should use it.

Lego - those heels are All The Rage right now, aren't they?! Good price, too.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:07:38

Bizarre. But are quite comfy too.

lurkingaround Tue 22-Apr-14 21:29:44

Completely unsuitable for work but a friend got these in M&S. If you like fierce these are fab!

lurkingaround Tue 22-Apr-14 21:31:16

Like the Black and Tan Lego. V wearable for work. Wish I could wear, they're pretty perfect for summer but I really don't like ankle straps on me. Short legs made even shorter.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:31:33

Love. Also the slanty autograph ones. Shh! Not workwear

bettykt Tue 22-Apr-14 21:35:13

Loving your blog too Belinda have ordered these Boden trousers for work think you recommended them somewhere on S&B.

lurkingaround Tue 22-Apr-14 21:36:07

I know!
Tsk tsk, renegades! Anarchists even.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:37:30

Oh lurking. Buy. Hide under long trews. That's how my pal wore them

lurkingaround Tue 22-Apr-14 21:47:36

I might y'know. There's a New Look handy to work. Under trews they are pretty perfect.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:48:21

She had with black polish. Aces

Nice sandals, Leggo - and ta for the Kendra rec. Think I'll give them a go, although Clarks stuff doesn't always fit me v well. Maybe with an insole?

Oops - ignore extra G.

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 00:12:40

Often loose at heels -do try the suede. Think nicer

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 00:59:18
FoxyHarlow123 Wed 23-Apr-14 05:20:08

Pretty similar, again at Tesco of all places!! Nice in the flesh, plus they have them in lime green too.

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 06:17:58

Ah you see 10cm
Is too high for me. I wear them 7.30 am till 5

Thanks bettyk smile

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...: I saw a handy little article about pieces you can wear to work and then also on the weekend, along w pic examples, so I'll do a post on that, soon. Cool shoes are an obvious one, and so are jackets / blazers. I think both are worth spending on, as you gets lots of wear out of them.

Re shoes, I have some v high ones, but I wasn't on my feet all day. I wouldn't buy them again, though. I recently bought some gorgeous Zara ones, that look so fierce and amazing. I couldn't even stand for a few minutes, comfortably (to be fair, I am out of practice). They were for a party. DH suggested we just taxi, door to door, but I did think that I was mad to be dictated to by a pair of shoes, so back they went.

Do you vary the shapes you buy? I don't really - I tend to go for classic shapes (almond or pointy toe - realised I don't love round toe heels), but I like to be able to keep my things for years.

lurkingaround Wed 23-Apr-14 07:47:25

Oh they are very lovely Lego. Sigh worthy i think. There's sure to be 20% off soon?

lurkingaround Wed 23-Apr-14 07:48:22

Zara have some gorgeous shoes atm. Shame they're all so high.

lurkingaround Wed 23-Apr-14 07:50:18

And last one, isn't M&S the strangest of places? So much they get so wrong, and out of the mist of wrongness a few shining gorgeousnesses.

Anyone come across any pointy toe/almond plain tan flats recently? I bought some lovely ones from Aldo last year but they're squeaking so need some new ones. Leather lined ideally.

Yes to M &S. I also don't get how they can get food so right but clothes so wrong. It's like two different shops.

the mist of wrongness - ha ha!

Bill - do you like the MASSIMO Dutti ones? They are the best nude pointed flats I have seen at the moment. I have some Aldo ones from last year, too (Dobrus was the name - Aldo have the strangest named shoes).

Web and real life photos. Am on ipad so can't link.

Stokey Wed 23-Apr-14 10:58:20

Ha they really do Belinda - still need to go and try those Office flats.

And good advice on your blog about the J Crew sale. Tried on some stuff in store yesterday to get the sizing right and then ordered on line. Loving the Minnie trousers but they are a bit pricey. Loads of stuff on sale at BR too but didn't have time to try on the trews.

Someone just mentioned Boden trousers. I am a Boden virgin probably not even allowed on MN so anyone know how they size? I like the Chelsea ones with enormous waiting lists, which are on offer.
I tend to be an 8 in skirts and 10 in trousers unless vanity sizing in J Crew where I'm a size down.

CardiCorgi Wed 23-Apr-14 11:03:08

Ooh, I'd like to know this too. Does anyone have any idea which Boden trousers might fit a pear? I've got a hankering for a pair of ankle-lenth navy trousers for the summer.

Oh these Coast shoes are a better Rockstud dupe (just seen them on DM blush)

I don't think I actually recommended those BODEN trews, as I've not tried any of their clothes on. However, I think I said others loved them? A friend bought the J Crew Minnie trews and liked them a lot. Good to take your time shopping during the full price season and then swoop in the sales

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 11:53:45

Boden trousers don't suit a gap trouser wearer IME.

Today in gap always skinny trews. High black t bar shoes and a boden maroon cowl neck top in maroon from last year. With a vest. I'm bloody freezing

noddyholder Wed 23-Apr-14 11:59:13

Like those lime heels Bargain!

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:16:26

What lime shoes

I really like my Cos skinny black trousers. Never seen the exact same ones again, which is a pain - I'd have bought another two pairs.

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:19:03

Agree. So comfy a skinny trew

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:19:28

Tomorrow I'm back in winter clothes proper. The bloody sun will shine I bet

noddyholder Wed 23-Apr-14 12:23:50

The tesco ones! I tried the M and S pink jacket No for me nice quality though

noddyholder Wed 23-Apr-14 12:24:33
Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:25:51

OMG yes

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:26:38

Grr. Jacket still out of stock

noddyholder Wed 23-Apr-14 12:27:42

Looked a bit Gloria Hunniford on me lol

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:49:48

Oh dear. Prob on me too!!

noddyholder Wed 23-Apr-14 13:04:34

It's nice just not on me. You might look good in it. I couldn't get past the GH mother of bride feel its the colour not the jacket

Thank you they look great, will check them out.

FoxyHarlow123 Wed 23-Apr-14 19:10:31

I can confirm that the lime green tesco shoes are gorgeous in the flesh - really well designed and no one would be surprised if you said they were £200 from Russell & Bennett!!!

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 20:15:27


( Nb i haven't even got them yet)

Folks, we need to help my RL mate Finbar who has had a LOT of stress recently and needs to be made fabulous for a waggy night out and a wedding. she is popping over soon

Has Finbar started a thread on this? I posted on a thread about gpwhat to wear for a waggy wedding, saying that I think you bling up the accessories, but stick to your own style for your dress. Else you will feel so uncomfortable.

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 20:55:26

she has, you are right. I just need to prod her more. ( lovingly)

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 20:56:52

i found her a big fat gypsy dress in FC called a romany sequin

Loving prods - ha!

Are joking re big fat gypsy sequin dress!? Please say yes. Please.

Although... French Connection have a great navy sequin dress on eBay that's quite foxy but also chic. Worth buying occasion dresses on eBay as people often wear them once and then eBay them.

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 21:33:38

Only because it's called Romany !!

Yes, I finally got that [slow witted dolt]

Legologgo Wed 23-Apr-14 22:34:14

Aw!! Right. Shoes ready for colleczione tomorrow after skool. Will try with cream top. Grey skinnies?

Cream, grey and lime? Nice.

lurkingaround Thu 24-Apr-14 07:12:08

Eh?? Collecting shoes?? When did that happen and which shoes? The lime? Or is my fancy friend says pistachio.

KosherBacon Thu 24-Apr-14 07:13:58

Can anybody link to the blog please? I can't find it.

lurkingaround Thu 24-Apr-14 07:21:32
Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 07:38:23

* channels back to workwear*

KosherBacon Thu 24-Apr-14 10:05:24

Thank you!

I know my blog is about high street workwear, but...

noddyholder Thu 24-Apr-14 11:10:59

I don't work in an office but have the Gap modern boot cut trousers and they are brilliant. Look somehow more modern than skinnies and very flattering Only look good with heels though.

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 17:37:09

The shoes are TOO BIG. GRR. And they don't do a 5.5. The matching bag (quality plastic ) is nice though

Shame. I tried the Kendra on but they only had leather, no suede - and 4s were too big but 3 and a half too small. My shoe quest continues. sad

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 17:49:56

Grr for you too

Grrr indeed.

I did buy the M&S flippy skirt though - it's lovely.

I have to say, it bugs me when shoe manufacturers don't do half sizes. They are needed, so make them. Aldo is the worst, and I can't really buy more closed shoes from them, as 39 is a little too small, but 40 is big on me. I'm not happy to just buy a big insole.

Btw I bought the Office Kitten pointed flats. Loving how they look but they do pinch / rub a little on my foot knuckles, you know, those two points at the sides of your feet that can go all buniony and nasty if you mistreat your feet?

Gigi's news on M&S flippy skirt.

Good news, obv, not Gigi's. iPads are appalling, in some ways.

LOL. I thought you were recommending another blog! smile

Clarks did do half sizes in the Kendra, but still not good. I must be a three and three quarters. sad

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 20:49:21

Ah tesco do 6.5. Not 5.5. Triple grr

If Tesco do 6.5, why not 5.5?? It's annoying.

If you love the Kendra's, would you consider a half insole or one of those heel strips?

Another workwear blog I really like is Corporette (although it's US). Not sure Gigi would be a great name for a serious blog? [judgmental]

I tried the 4s with an insole - still way too big. sad

sassytheFIRST Thu 24-Apr-14 21:03:33

ENVY at all you with your tippy toed pwincess feet.

Mine are 7.5, 8 on a bad day. Balances the tits I suppose, with small feet I would prob over balance.

I've got small feet AND big tits - Weebles wobble etc.

I've got small ankles and big feet (for my frame). I can look like Sideshow Bob in pointed flats, if I am not careful. Hot.

sassy - I think LK BENNETT and Jones the Bootmaker both do good shoes in large sizes.

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 21:22:11

Finbar just texted. 25% off autograph TONIGHT

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 21:22:31

Those skater shoes. Sideshow bob

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 21:24:35

ooh no - 20%

M&S do those 20% off offers semi-regularly. Good if you have your eye on something, but wouldn't make me purchase unless I was already about to. Some of the Autograph pricing is quite ambitious at the moment, not to mention inconsistent. Why are some shoes £100, when last seasons version was £50?

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 21:39:15

you are the voice of reason. those shoes still 70 odd quid which is more than i would normally pay. when you look through the autograph stuff alone it does look good though

i do like the white blouse with the v insert in that dreadful advertising campaign. Not reduced though.

They did some fantastic bags last season, too. Was v impressed. I have their ankle boots in pewter, wine and also pony skin, too. I adore them. Elegant and comfortable. Will have another look now.

As an aside, what does everyone think of these? I really am taken w the colour, but the heel. It's a bit wrong, no?

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 21:44:15

not sure about curvedy heel
I do like the Autograph studded flats but OMG the price

Err, yes, £100! No, M&S, be reasonable.

These are a fab sale pair of boots, though

Finbar Thu 24-Apr-14 22:01:48

Sorry - got the Autograph % wrong...was carried away!

I'm sure this is the one I saw in the store that is beautiful in RL

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 22:20:42

Yup agree

Legologgo Thu 24-Apr-14 22:22:13

Finbar. That tops for you

Don't like the heel on those, Belinda, sorry.

M&S shoes at £100 is ridiculous. They really don't pay attention to what their customers mostly seem to want from them - ie affordable basics in decent fabrics. Silly people.

I like this

And this

And this

And this

Not seen any of them irl though.

I love that black dress, Remus - saw it on the website last night and was gazing at it.

How bad are M&S with their styling, though? That silver skirt in your last link loos good, but is worn with a slash neck top under a round neck jacket. In the real world, you might throw them on together, but isn't their styling meant to be aspirational and idealistic? Why not get pieces that look their best together? We, the consumer, will end up compromising when we wear them, as no one has endless clothes and time. But surely, they do, when putting their photos together! They should look and learn from NAP, Matches and the Outnet re styling tips. Obv they have different products to NAP etc, but there's no real excuse for their website woefulness.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 17:37:51

i love it too

btw took lime shoes to work today to try and MAKE SOMEONE have them, no dice. they were universally admired but fitted no one. The bag was much swooned after, so thats a bonus.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 17:38:06

on twitter we had a 40% off my wardrobe code btw

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 17:42:03

I am also returning green shoes a bit big but could have coped but very uncomfortable in the middle bit

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 17:43:29

yes - didnt meet the arches of my foot.
PRETTY though?

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 17:44:27

yes quite a big gap. I bought black peacocks ones and snake clutch so am not buying any more bloody shoes!

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 17:45:43

presume peacocks are shamazing?

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 17:48:20

Yes the blue ones are nice but the black snakey ones are even better and they have the bag too! V cheap but fine for evening

Has anybody seen any nice worky shorts, to wear with a blazer? These look lovely but are stupidly expensive.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:10:39

you would wear those to work?!! omg

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 18:11:50

other stories do nice shorts or did last year! Those are v short but v nice

I bet the model is about 6 feet tall though. I, on the other hand, am not!

H&M are doing that sort of crepe shorts. Saw them in the Selfridges concession, this arvo. Along w Carly Cole (WAG).

Didn't meet the arches of your feet? I tried some Next sandals like that. So uncomfy.

And they wouldn't look so short with opaques. Or maybe I am just a slapper. Oops.

Gap always used to do slightly longer tailored ones, but not seen any for ages in there.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:20:59

my Head would not approve.

I have v little legs. And would be with opaques and blazer.

But your Heart would, right? grin


Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:22:36

i lubbs a short me

Me too. Hardly wear them now tbh but do love em.

I think I am getting back into them for summer - more practical than short skirts.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:34:56

The BR shorts are ace. I have three pairs. They reduce in July. Two years ago they did those lovely swirly ones. Plus remember in going to buy the goldy ones. Yes I AM

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 18:34:56

They can look quite striking with good legs

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 18:35:42

Like Kylie

Need a trip to London for OtherStories and BR.

Legs are half decent - the only bit that is!

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 18:40:38

Or order online?!!

Love the BR ones - especially the crazy bright pink ones!

Any excuse for a London trip though.

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 18:42:23

Lovely, Noddy.

These look nice for longer ones too.

noddyholder Fri 25-Apr-14 18:52:02

I can't do longer US tourist always in my mind. Like them though but not on me!

Am thinking longer ones with a blazer for work, to avoid Lego's Head's disapproval!

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:32:05

Oh so since I've been here we've gone from green shoes to shorts. Eh? Oh and loving all the 'I've got lovely legs' stealth boasts!! grin

Not being the possessors of lovely legs I get noivous around shorts. Too short and it's EEEK, too long and it's all American tourist. I do like the swirly ones on me.

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:32:43

I mean *possessor, there is only one of me.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 19:32:46

I have other bad bits. Oh yes I do.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 19:35:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 19:35:30

Shit. Email addy visible.

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 19:37:45

Gah. This is email free.

Get the other one removed.

I do like Whistles. They have some v lovely snake print ones, currently.

I think legs might be my ONLY okay bit actually.

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:47:40

I'm on my phone so pic really small but on first glance I'm thinking Oliver as in Oliver Twist. Anyone see it?

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 19:49:18

It's not a look id emulate

Shorts too long and terrible shoes.

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:52:04

See Remus I know I like Whistles designs. (Not so much the poly) Which is why I'm shock at my Oliver Twist opinion. I think I must be coming down with something....

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:53:30

Ah. X post. I'm not alone in my 'not keenness'.

smile Bloomin' love that biker jacket though.

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 19:58:29

Anyone get the 30% off everything in Mango tomorrow email? I'm on this piddley phone til tomorrow, it's nigh on impossible to look at the mango site on a phone.

TheJumped Fri 25-Apr-14 20:00:13

What was that about 40% off my wardrobe??? Code please!

I've bought too much lately but sales are clearly just around the corner.

lurkingaround Fri 25-Apr-14 20:01:45

I like the French connection Romany dress from last page. Did Finbar get dressed for the wedding Lego?

Yes, I did get that email re 30% off at Mango tomorrow. Code is 5April2014.

I might get something, but I'm not sure that what I want is in stock (it sold out).

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 23:35:37

LINKto mango code

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 23:35:52

ooh cross post plus DRUNK

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 23:36:24

i will bloody get her sorted. She also has a d prom dress to sort

Legologgo Fri 25-Apr-14 23:37:04

its on me twitter mate- the my wardrobe code.

think fish..

as I said toGordon Brown blush

CointreauVersial Fri 25-Apr-14 23:41:28

Ooh thanks for Mango code.

How annoying - I can't open the Mango website. Anyone else?

These are the H&M shorts: They are too long IMO.

noddyholder Sat 26-Apr-14 08:08:46

Thanks for mango code I buy loads from there x

Finbar Sat 26-Apr-14 08:23:44

Hi. Still considering options for dress- ideally it needs to do both a dressy party and a wedding (is this even possible?!)

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 08:40:29

Ha. I had some earrings just like that in my BR bag and they got more reduced. Them I decided I could live without. !!

Finbar Sat 26-Apr-14 09:05:09

They're lovely but I think I suit a more structured style.
Lego- what is BR? Can't work it out ( need my morning cup of tea)

noddyholder Sat 26-Apr-14 09:07:26

I love earrings like that with a bare face instead of make up.

H&M shorts deffo too long, but thanks. I want something a bit longer than the Reiss ones to avoid sluttishness but no longer than mid-thigh to avoid tourist-ville.

I have just had my ears re-pierced after letting them heal over about 15 years ago, so am looking forward to wearing nice earrings again. Can only wear silver or gold though.

noddyholder Sat 26-Apr-14 10:09:17

I think those earrings are too££

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 11:34:27


Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 11:39:35
noddyholder Sat 26-Apr-14 11:45:00


noddyholder Sat 26-Apr-14 11:46:43 Dp got me these for xmas once still love them

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 12:32:49


I didn't order the earrings as I tend to wear the same studs all the time - I have a few stands of earrings sitting there, gathering dust. So, I ordered 2 jackets: a white one and a red printed one. Will link.

This white one, which would be a good one for business casual work If these jackets aren't perfect, they are going back (I'm a ruthless returner)

I think both Mango and Zara jewellery, and some BR jewellery, is worth it, though - wonderful value for money. They use metal and crystal / glass, v's the plastic and acrylic you see everywhere else. The difference in quality (and style) is noticeable, IMO.

TheJumped Sat 26-Apr-14 20:37:41

Thanks Lego, got it - off to peruse...

Like the red one.

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 21:12:23

Agree. I always return stuff. Can't stand it hanging around

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 21:13:13

I can't do collarless unless they have a lapel. I lol like Christine Hamilton

I find jackets hard - so I have to just try them and see. I'm at the stage w my wardrobe, though, that there's no room for anything I don't love. And if I don't love it, like you, it has to go back ASAP.

lurkingaround Sat 26-Apr-14 22:07:34

Like the jackets, esp the white.
Lovely jewelry. Lucky you noddy, I couldn't let DH pick jewelry for me. He would buy stuff like Mr. T(? is that his name) from the A Team used to wear. Seriously.
Haven't ordered from Mango. Quite like this skirt, a shorts alternative for hols. Looks a bit short mind you.

The faffification of returns drives me crazy. Immediate return is the only way. Don't hang about.

lurkingaround Sat 26-Apr-14 22:26:37

Anyone like this?

Legologgo Sat 26-Apr-14 22:47:30

I can't work out what it is

I don't like it, Lurking. Sorry.

lurkingaround Sat 26-Apr-14 23:00:44

I know. A bit odd looking I think.

It looks like a cross between one of those 'Jesus' tops worn by bearded men in sandals, and a 1970s charity shop knock off Hermes scarf copy, ie: deffo odd looking!

lurkingaround Sat 26-Apr-14 23:09:50

Kind of looks dirty.
Sometimes Mango have nice shoes, can't see anything tonight.

Thanks for Mango code. Ordered the same red jacket Belinda plus the engraved button blazer on your blog here

Fingers crossed.....been searching for good jackets for ever, returned 4 last week.

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 07:42:15

Did we decide mango sizes are normal or weirdly small ?

Definitely fingers crossed, Bill! Hope they work out. My returns rate is at about 75% at the moment.

Well, I think Mango is normal, isn't it? I consistently wear size S jackets/ blazers from there. However, I just bought some jeans from there in size 8 / 36, which normally would fit. However, they have stretched so should have bought the 6 /34, which is stupid sizing.

Just bought an Oasis pencil skirt, and needed an 8 (last season I was def a 10, and I haven't lost weight - my clothes all fit me the same (if anything, I have put on a little), but this pencil skirt fits me in an 8, and the top will need to be an 8, too. I fear vanity sizing might be creeping in here, too.

I wish manufacturers would keep their own sizing consistent - it causes no end of confusion / buying multiple sizes when ordering.

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 07:55:53

I have a white Zara blazer I got on eBay once. I never wear as it had a black single button. This year I'm going to change it. What to? Just plain white?

sassytheFIRST Sun 27-Apr-14 08:18:07

Lego - silver. Tres chic.

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 08:20:09

Saw a white blazer recently with a matt wooden button really subtle looked very nice

I am a compulsive button changer - makes a big difference. Do you want a "statement" button (get silver) or "blend in and be unnoticeable / wallflower" button (get white)?

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 08:37:51

I have one of those quilted jackets bought last week and have put it on and back off about 20 times so far! They are a v specific look and need to be styled in that way to avoid looking a bit frumpy

Yellow or gold?

Arrgh about Mango sizing - I was assuming usual Spanish teeny tinies so ordered a large and a 14 (am a 12). Daft really as tried the black epaulette jacket from mango last week in medium (lovely but too sticky out in middle so not flattering)

Hope exchanges are free!

I'm not sure the quilted jacket will work for me, but plan to wear w t shirt and skinnies, assuming it even looks good on me. I actually want a beaded jacket, but the TopShop ones are going for £££ on eBay, and theirs look the best - cool, not Nanna's cast offs. Ditto their kimonos. Fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous...

I think the white jacket might be easier to wear. We shall see.

I hope the jackets fit, Bill - acquiring clothes takes time, w the choosing, returning / exchanging, mending blah blah blah.

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 08:58:52

ooh all interesting. i then thought maybe pearlised

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 08:59:19

Mine was £20 so will persevere! Dp loves strangely

Pearlised white button? Yes! Good buttons are hard to find, IMO. I have luck on eBay, John Lewis and Liberty, but if not in London, eBay can be v good. And cheap. Takes me a while to sort through the listings, though.

Not workwear but Atterley Road has 20% off summer stuff - including gold Gigi's which I would so buy if I didn't have to spend all my cash on workwear.

I ordered black patent Gigi's when Atterley Road had 40% off, recently. Not heard a thing from them, or received them. I can sense it's going to be a hassle either receiving them or cancelling the order. Shame, as they have some good things and I have some Sam Edelman shoes i love and was looking forward to black Gigi's.

Not workwear, but I'd love something like this with sleeves:

Zara have some nice business casual blazers at the moment.

Liberty is wonderful for buttons, if you've got a chance to go to London. I like Noddy's suggestion of a wooden one. Otherwise a shell one might be nice, if you can get one big enough.

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 12:49:41

Kimonos. Work wear. Yes or no. Plus fabric. Belinda?!

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 12:50:23

We have haberdashery shop locally. Or JL a bit further. I'll take a mosey. The black one makes me look like Cilla black.

It depends on your workplace, doesn't it? I would not have been able to wear it (conservative environments), but some people could. Personally, I think kimonos are a bit too "casual /weekend wear" (like distressed denim and strappy / open toed shoes, for eg), but I am a bit traditional about these things.

I think, for teaching, a kimono is probably fine (although couldn't wear at our place due to jacket thing), BUT finding the 'right' one could be a struggle - lots of them are truly horrible in v bad fabric. They can also have a whiff of, 'I'm desperately trying to hide my bingo wings and I don't care how I do it,' about them, again depending on the print and fabric.

Would depend on fabric but think this is smart enough in cut and print No to all the Topshop ones though.

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 14:00:27

I bought kimono on twitter poster rec have worn non stop!

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 16:17:50
noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 16:45:55

That is one sexy dress

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 17:01:45

And cheap

Lovely - but I look like Shrek in green.

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 17:07:16

I like ponte a bit corset like if it's decent one

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 17:37:43

Lol at us extolling corsets.

lurkingaround Sun 27-Apr-14 18:36:40

Was in Cos today, unsuccessful, unless you call a child's necklace a success, but I saw these and thought of Remus. You've prob seen them?

lurkingaround Sun 27-Apr-14 18:39:33

Liking the kimonos but I look seriously nana-ish in them.

That ponte dress looks good. A cheaper option than the Michael Kors one I blogged about (admittedly it's wool crepe, and I was suggesting it as an investment buy). Re corsets, a little "help" from my clothes is starting to look appealing.

lurkingaround Sun 27-Apr-14 18:40:58

Wrong shorts link. Right shorts link. Sober enough for work?

Depends on your workplace, but the shorts look good. How long would they be on you? My problem would be that I like short-ish shorts, but wouldn't wear anything short to work. However, I don't expect everyone feels / does the same.

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 18:52:46

I don't mind help from clothing but hate shape wear

I've bought a pair of Big Hold Me In Knickers, but I haven't worn them yet. However, there are lots of days when medium rise jeans are a much better option than the lower rise ones, as they hold me in better. Hot.

Ooh I really like those Cos shorts! And if they are like Cos stuff usually is they are more likely to be too long than too short. I will pop in at the weekend and try them on. Thanks, Lurking.

Talking of shapewear, I think I might need something. What do people recommend? I have some knickers from M&S but they are pretty rubbish.

I bought the H&M big knickers in size M (hate wearing v tight things). £8.

lurkingaround Sun 27-Apr-14 19:23:12

Shorts are for Remus. Not for my workplace!
I love the idea of shapewear, firm body and all that. I have one of those hideous looking slip things that come up to under your bra for weddings and the like, but I loathe the feeling. Am always itching to rip it off.

lurkingaround Sun 27-Apr-14 19:26:33

I think the shorts might be a good length Remus. Not too short and certainly not American tourist. Good colour for work too?

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 22:27:14

oh fgs NO to shapewear

Lego - never? Are you super-slim and unbumpy?

In which case, I might hate you.


noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 22:44:24

Thank god I thought it we just me I am not lump less but prefer natural to tube

Legologgo Sun 27-Apr-14 22:45:41

i wouldnt wear anything that made me need it. I would buy clothes that fitted.

i once bought what was basically a girdle, looked at myself in the mirror and thought 'i am not apologising for my body'. and took it off

noddyholder Sun 27-Apr-14 23:17:08

Yep if your clothes fit you don't need or indeed want

Interesting as I agree re not apologising for your body and buyin things that fit. BUT I have a Reiss dress that fits, except for my stomach - it sort of clings to it. Looks pretty unpleasant, as it is. Obv I should just put down the sugar and do some exercise, but I also just bought the big knickers. Both it and the dress still have their tags on, but plan to wear them soon. Back to shape wear point, I think it's good for the odd little streamlining needed, but it's a hideous concept. I mean, can you imagine most men wearing it? No.

Legologgo Mon 28-Apr-14 08:25:59

Is it because we accept shoddier material? or that dresses like that should be lined? Some really thin ones show where your tummy starts to go in for your tummy button

lurkingaround Mon 28-Apr-14 10:25:59

I agree, the concept is hideous, as is the practicality of wearing the stuff. I am vain tho, and I have worn it. But you are right, I should just buy better. Life's too short.

Not workwear, but this dress is so sleek, and is reduced to £98

noddyholder Mon 28-Apr-14 10:58:04

I think if you have a few lumps and bumps its natural and doesn't look as bad as people think A close friend who would never wear a bikini was shocked that I did (48) but like I said most people who have seen me clothed arent expecting Kate moss when I disrobe!

For me, it's not just that I have some lumps and bumps, but im have an odd shaped stomach, post twins, and also carry my weight there, so it can be disproportionately "hefty". Frankly, I should be eating better and exercising, too, but the big knickers shape wear will help for the dresses where it is a problem. I don't care about the rest of me - not perfect, but I'm happy enough.

Legologgo Mon 28-Apr-14 12:00:41

six quid delivery? farking nora

I agree, and I haven't heard great things about the returns, either. I haven't actually used The Outnet, though, only NAP.

Wore v fitted dress today, without shapewear. Nobody fainted and I got asked several times if I'd lost weight. Yet I was convinced that my stomach looked huge.


noddyholder Mon 28-Apr-14 19:53:05

I think women look much better without no matter what size

A flattering looking colour (am noticing that "gentle" colours near the face are v necessary, some days), also on sale

noddyholder Tue 29-Apr-14 14:50:43

I like that v much my 'look' I am after a bronze/olive silk shirt if anyone has seen not metallic duller

noddyholder Tue 29-Apr-14 15:19:02

ooh like both the BR one is my shape but I like the Wallis colour. Wallis is quite good but it is very random. I have a lovely coat from there.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 15:37:55

Agree. When I look tired I wheel out pale pink of white. White often strangely striking le soir too

Stokey Tue 29-Apr-14 15:56:50

Thanks for Mango trouser recommendations Belinda - got some nice navy ones today and would not normally have looked there. Think they are these which actually look better in RL probably because I have a bottom unlike the model

Those FC silk shirts are a bargain, although who comes up with the names? Cannot bring myself to buy something in a colour called Autumn Prune.

Someone was talking about cream jackets. I just bought this Zara one for a wedding but think it would work well for work too, with cropped trousers or pencil skirt.

noddyholder Tue 29-Apr-14 16:18:12

I wear a lot of white even though as a red head it is apparently a no no.

Autumn Prune? Yuck. I ignore names like that.

Oh those Mango Shanghai2 trousers are great - I've tried them on. Very flattering and oh so well priced.

I was talking cream jackets, and Lego was, too. I l

I love white and cream jackets. I look much better in white, but can't resist cream. That Zara jacket looks lovely. I love Zara styling.

Wallis is so bad, overall, that I hardly ever look there. It's like a frumpy version of new Look - it may have the odd gem, but you will have to work hard to find it.

Sorry, prob a bit too harsh on Wallis - it's my weary voice speaking after lots of fruitless looking in their shops, over the years. I have found a few very good things there, in my time, though.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:30:14

the shop certainly has a strong whiff of HRT about it

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:31:00

oh you GOT the blazer? its really good quality isnt it? Mine is in Hs wardrobe waiting for my birthday

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:31:31

that mango model is wearing trousers a size too big for her imo

noddyholder Tue 29-Apr-14 16:32:36

My friends dd works there Sat job and she (the mum) is v stylish and wears a fair bit from there I have been impressed with a few things although a lot of pattern which is not really me. I tried zara jacket didn;t look right but it is nice. I have a cream quilted one which I like.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:33:31

that glacier shirt is nice but OUTTA stock

Wow, when I linked that shirt it had size 12 left. Now it's gone. Bummer.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:38:38

YOUR POWER blinners!

Ha - am chuckling Nibbly!

Btw I wonder how much ££ MN make from all the affiliate links people click on, across the various boards? Just idle curiosity on my part.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 16:49:05

I bet a lot - its adclick or something, isn't it?

libertychick Tue 29-Apr-14 16:53:52

That blouse is gorgeous - but gone! Great find.

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 16:57:33

I ordered this jacket from Zara, v similar to the above one. Loved it, really nice, but not right on me at all. Back it went. I'm having a v low hit rate at Zara this year.
Glacier shirt would have been v good for me too. Shame it sold out.

The glacier shirt is available in other colours, though, isn't it?

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 17:30:07

Desert rose and prune purple available. Neither for me really. Purple maybe. Great price.

noddyholder Tue 29-Apr-14 17:30:35

this colour is what I am after for with white trousers and snake heels

Gorgeous, Noddy. Massimo Dutti did silk shirts in that colour last season. Wonder if there are any on eBay? I will look on their site, soon, too. I love their stuff but the website is so poor - teeny photos.

lurking - I agree, it is great price. I find French Connection usually fits really well on me, in a size 10 (no vanity sizing), but I have to wade through the polyester. But I hit the mother lode - did a search on "silk" on their website and I brought up silk shirts on sale. They also have a red silk shirt that looks good, too. I love how silk feels.

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 17:45:47

French connection not bad for me either, but I stopped going to it because their clothes were so short! Oasis the same. I think oasis is good for my bottom heavy shape but again, I've stopped going in, too flipping short. Mid-thigh is short!
Just saw your blog now, lovely post. And your Oasis rose print dress is beautiful! Still think the New Look skirt is nice. Have to haul my ass to it to try on. Finding time is the issue.

I love Massimo. Maybe I've outgrown Zara and Massimo is now my home? Yy, poor website. I wish they'd stop that awful horrendous shite room fragrance they drown their shops in. Makes me heave.

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 17:46:40

I mean your Oasis skirt, not dress.

CointreauVersial Tue 29-Apr-14 17:48:59

LOL at Wallis whiffing of HRT. The sizing is massive too, styled for six footers.

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 17:56:15

grin at poor HRT-smelling Wallis. Does anyone ever find anything there?

Handy cream silk top in a 12. Yes I'm rummaging around in French Connection.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 18:08:03

I am the only one to keep the zara blazer. this worries me

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 18:08:52

ooh there are two different ones

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 18:15:19

I love that jacket nibbly! Am gutted it doesn't suit me. It's fab!
Blue one was pretty shite on me too. Didn't even really like the colour when it arrived. I think my Zara phase must be over. Really. I haven't bought anything there this year.

Nibblyboy Tue 29-Apr-14 18:20:32

god the blue's style was VILE wasnt it?

lurkingaround Tue 29-Apr-14 18:29:55

Dire. I thought it would be great on me, good length, colour, nice puffy shoulders. The reality was dire.

Hello, can I join? I've just seen your blog Belinda pencil skirts I haven't read whole thread so sorry if I'm repeating, only got to p 3 I bought the oasis fan print pencil skirt, perfect fit on me. Love it. The rose print was too long and made me look frumpy (5 ft 3).
Agree about viscose...hate the stuff ESP the jersey type, ESP maxi dresses that cling mercilessly and show every wobble ugg
Agree with what you said about a little bit of poly with cotton is good. It also makes the colour fast which is great.

Lurking - I'm getting old, too, as I love Massimo Dutti more than I used to. I do still love Zara, as their styling / cuts are great, but I have to look hard to dodge the shoddy stuff. I think you are right re FC - a look on their website shows that most of the skirts are short. Fine for weekends, but not for work [judgy]. Good find on that long sleeve silk top!

Thank you re the rose print - it's beauuutiful. Oasis do some fab things.

Dry - hello! The more the merrier! Oh isn't that interesting that the rose print skirt is longer than the fan print, I didn't know that. I am often impressed with some of the things in Oasis, but I have to hunt hard. God, this is a common theme - lots of looking is required in the high street stores, but some lovely things are around. It's funny re lengths - too long and you can look frumpy, too short and you can look gauche (esp pencil skirts that hit me above the knee. No. I like them elegant (bottom of knee) or foxy (mid thigh mini) and nothing in between).

It also depends on heel height...complete mine field.
I love a good root around and finding a bargain gem, so satisfying.
Also saw you'd been to Banana Republic.....I love the Sloane fit cropped trouser for work (dry clean only though) it's a fantastic fit and the quality is fab. Have 3 pairs!

Oh yes, high heels look the best, but can be hard to wear. Mid heels more sensible - feel ok and still look good. However, I find some brands are better than others when it comes to comfort, too. Dear me, it's a wonder that I have managed to buy so many shoes over the years grin

Yes - the thrill of a bargain - I am hooked.

I am going back to Banana Republic soon, will try the Sloane trousers. They have a viscose and cotton content - are they ok re creasing?

56%viscose, 39% cotton, 5% elastane......feels quite thick with stretch for a close fitting fit. But you have thinner and longer legs than me, might not fit as closely on you. They don't feel viscose-y iykwim. V hard wearing. Love them. No prob with creasing.

CointreauVersial Tue 29-Apr-14 23:13:40

Belinda - I thought your print skirt blog was great - I could quite happily wear nearly all of those. My favourite print skirt is last year's green palm print number from Asda of all places, which I first spotted on Ambernectarine's blog. I love the scuba sucky-in fabric.

Stokey Wed 30-Apr-14 10:03:21

I too loved the pencil skirt blog post Belinda <waves to Dry>.

Am awaiting this j-crew one but may be a little long. Also ordered their sunburst navy one as a non-pencil summer skirt.

Lurking I tried every cream jacket in Zara including yours which I thought was going to be the winner but didn't really work with my dress. The slightly frayed ones were not very good quality IMO. I saw a girl wearing their yellow coat on the street yesterday and it really suited her, but is a bit too pastel for me.

Very impressed by the amount of silk at FC.

Stokey Wed 30-Apr-14 10:04:40

And on a BR dry clean note, I have been putting their stuff in machine on delicate/ hand wash cycle and so far so good!

Thank you so much re the nice comments on the pencil skirt blog post smile.

Oh, that's good news on the washing - I loathe spending much ££ on dry cleaning. It changes the cost per wear, quite a bit, doesn't it?!

Can I join? grin

Ive recently gone back to work after a 4 year child-rearing gap. I feel so out of touch with what is 'in' to wear to work nowadays. Ive bought a couple of pairs of black skinny trousers, some ankle grazer grey check trousers and a few tops/ blouses.

Love reading blogs so have followed yours belinda! Also love seeing what everyone else is buying/ shops to go in and avoid.

Hi desperate! smile. Sounds like you've made a good start on your workwear wardrobe.

Goid news Stokey <waves> might try washing my trousers,scary though

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:36:35

* sits*

I have NEWS!

the marks cheapy perspex heel shoes ( * invokes not workwear exemption clause*) are LOVELY for $13.
The marks dress Remus linked to is LOVELY but not for me.
( anyone want a 12? its out of stock online)

the Pied a terre dress from HoF is VERY nice in blue - and not nice in black. ( IKR!)

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:37:30

the other pencil skirt worth looking at on new look was the minty lace type one if you want one for a smart do not work

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:37:42

plus I have a new look code if anyone wants it

CointreauVersial Wed 30-Apr-14 18:45:31

I like that NL one. But when would you wear it? Tricky.

Sorry the Marks dress didn't work for you - did you not size down? Somebody at work told me they had never seen me looking so stunning when I wore it (I am absolutely not stunning but it was v lovely to hear!).

Belinda - your Oasis flowered skirt is gorgeous. I have a couple of flowered pencil skirts but I think the print on yours is nicer than any of them. I might have to have it!

I like the lace one btw - but how to avoid looking Mother of the Bride? My normal response would be boots and a biker jacket!

Lunch with the ladies? [bursts out laughing at my fantasy life. Stops laughing when realises I have a lot of things for fantasy outings]. Wedding? christening?

I'd love a New Look code - can you post it on the thread or is it single use only?

Well done, Forlorn - you do have LOTS of news!

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:50:12

i dunno - a famliy do or a christening?

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:51:19
Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:53:09

well I am about to use it. Will then post it on here so you can try


Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:58:52

25% off
if that doesn't work just change the no on the end?

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 18:59:44

i did size down. well am often between a 12 and top half 14
I looked all tits tbh

I hate looking curvaceous at work

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 19:01:13

the lace one with a plain vest or t shirt or boxy top and a pale rinse denim jacket

noddyholder Wed 30-Apr-14 19:07:38

Does the lace skirt have any give or very fitted?

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 19:27:06


noddyholder Wed 30-Apr-14 19:29:16

Ah shame hate sending back. Have stretch one and its good can't do suit type

I had a jacket to cover the tits! And wore a minimiser bra too. And because I'm so short it covered lots of me anyway, so no cleavage issues at all ( I HATE cleavage on show).

Has anybody seen this irl? Obvs would need a cami under.

Forlornhope Wed 30-Apr-14 19:47:45

Love it reemer. Is just like my mega cream indigo collection lace top

Yes - I have the mega cream too! And a nice M&S black one. I thought the navy might be nice with jeans or black cigarette trews, as I really like navy and black together.