What were you wearing in 1994?

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vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:12:00

I've long had a theory that fashion follows a 20-year pattern and that has been well and truly proven seeing all the new collections just appearing. Some of the photos from the PFW are uncannily similar to things I owned back then! grin

In 1994, I was a postgrad student in Paris. I'd recently outgrown my grunge/raver phase and wore mostly midi-length flaired/pleated/tube skirts or culottes with soft sweaters and/or waistcoats. I still have (and have started to wear again) the brown high-heeled brogue ankle boots I bought that spring!

I also had a very lovely black and white kilt-style mini-skirt, which I wore loads with a black cropped jacket and a black bowler hat! I regret not having kept that skirt. It was lovely and would be perfect in 2014!

Another favourite outfit I seem to remember owning and wearing during that period (94-96) was a baby pink angora sweater with navy trousers and loafers and a pink patent doctor-style handbag. I still have the scarves I wore with that outfit, but not the other pieces, although some of the stuff in the shops right now looks almost identical!

So, where were you in 1994 and what were you wearing? Are you thinking of revisiting that look now? Maybe we can inspire each other and stay ahead of the curve with our inside knowledge wink

DM's and Flowery dresses.

And I am still wearing DM's and flowery dresses [smiles] I have and will continue to exist in my pwn happy little bubble.

Smiley fail!

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:15:47

Oh and I got rid of my (tan) coloured skinnies that summer and bought boyfriend jeans... grin

and a pair of pink suede Mary Jane shoes!

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:16:24

Awful work clothes - really boring trouser suits and camel coats. I worked in a very conservative environment.

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:17:48

The DMs and flowery dresses are what I gave up that year, from my previous phase smile

Haven't owned any DMs since and can't see myself buying any now, although my 15yo DD has a pair of red ones I occasionally consider borrowing...

Ujjayi Wed 19-Mar-14 16:19:09

I was totally grunge-tastic in 1994. I was about to say that I wasn't sure about your 20 year fashion cycle theory but...then I glanced in the mirror and it tells a different story: All Saints dress layered over long sleeve tee and a cropped crochet cardigan...topped off with messy white blonde hair streaked with pink...so maybe you're right!

I am something of a chameleon though so I change my look day to day. I love fashion too much to stick to one style.

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:19:18

Bonsoir you must have worn more interesting stuff at weekends?

I had a part-time job in BHV that year, but I have no idea what I wore to work in those days!

I have black ones and pink ones. I want purple next grin

MarshaBrady Wed 19-Mar-14 16:21:04

Studying at university -

Spaghetti strap slip dresses, sometimes with a tshirt underneath.

Knee high socks, lace up ankle boots

and boyfriend Levi's (not called that then).

Kind of a grunge-light. So yep I think you're right.

MostlyMama Wed 19-Mar-14 16:21:39

I was 5 so maybe dungarees

TheFabulousIdiot Wed 19-Mar-14 16:21:46

Very very short dresses, mostly 60s and 50s prints. I used to trawl jumble sales for old clothes and then hack the bottoms off. Chunky shoes or very high heels. little knitted cardigans in bright colours, Kilts (Minis) - used to buy great big ones in Jumble sales and cut them very short. Plus Cargo pants, hoodies. At some point I also started buying tweedy pencil skirts to wear with my little cardigans.

And a great big Crochet bag with bamboo handles.

Bleach blonde short crop (which I did myself) with a flower accessory or slides.

I was 24 and I thought I was dead cool.

Now I feel mostly embarrassed by the fact that in work everyone could see my bum.

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:22:12

My flatmate at uni in 1992 had purple DMs wink

piratecat Wed 19-Mar-14 16:22:32

in the midst of Brit Pop really. early 20's.

jeans and very skinny tshirts, clips in my hair. army trousers with vests, suit trousers with vests. velvet jackets from Greenwich market. Scarves, headbands, retro gear, adidas hoodies. tails coat.


now, more or less the same lol. tho i lost my old adidas zippy top somewhere confused

maudpringle Wed 19-Mar-14 16:22:53

Wedding dress followed by maternity clothes!

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:23:03

I had a pink Dolce & Gabbana outfit that must have been around that vintage... I don't know. That bit of my life is quite blurry in many ways. I remember going to Mauritius for a fortnight in January/February 1994 and buying several swimsuits in Erès and an Hermès beach towel...

TheFabulousIdiot Wed 19-Mar-14 16:23:12

and oh my god, it was so very long ago <weeps>

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:24:00

Ooh, yes, I had a couple of tweedy pencil skirts, too, Fabulous. They were scratchy but looked good!

bryte Wed 19-Mar-14 16:24:51

I've a photo of me from early 94 wearing black leggings striped top and black blazer from a charity shop. I was also wearing long floaty skirts and big boots, having moved on from short dresses and DM. I remember wearing long jumpers in cream and pale pink and long shirts. Black canvas plimsols too.

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:25:03

I had some Kenzo leggings which were white with pink hibiscus flowers and some Gucci sandals that were like clogs with open toes...

MarshaBrady Wed 19-Mar-14 16:25:11

Not that I wear that stuff now, but grunge-light is back in fashion.

I had a tartan mini skirt and bleached hair too.

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:25:56

I bought a gorgeous flowery silk dress in Cacharel that summer, then took it back for a refund a few days later when I received a massive phone bill! blush

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:26:31

I went on holiday to Greece that summer and I remember a bright pink swimsuit with flowers on... a green sundress with white dots that I particularly liked...

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 19-Mar-14 16:27:09

Dm's in various bright colours, stripy tights and floaty hippy dresses. I probably either had pink or blue hair.

I was definitely channeling an alternative lookgrin

I recently bought some more dm's in purple patent and pewter patent, so you may be on to something.

I still favour a slightly quirky look but much more mainstream than 20 years ago.

HappyAsEyeAm Wed 19-Mar-14 16:27:27

Cream or beige jeans.

Silk shirts.

yes, waistcoats (which a silk shirt or t-shirt underneath).

tailored long shorts (to me knees).

John Lennon style sunglasses.

Shapeless polo necks

Tiny cut off denim shorts

The 'in' colour was like a dark rust colour.

Spaghetti strap cotton summer dresses, with a scoop neck tight t-shirt underneath. With plimsolls.

HappyAsEyeAm Wed 19-Mar-14 16:28:06

Blue suede DMs (6 hole).

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:28:07

I've seen almost everything mentioned on this thread so far in the new season's collections shock

I guess this means we're getting old...

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:28:12

Oh - a white linen Emporio Armani trouser suit which I wore with a silk Gucci floral scarf <ouch>

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Wed 19-Mar-14 16:29:39

Well for the first half I wore nothing and for the second half I wore babygros and little vests.

Now you have to decide if I spent 1994 as a baby or a failed naturist with no fashion sense

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:29:55

I owned a white linen trouser suit too, but slightly later in the 1990s, I think!

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:30:34

Mine was from Rodier, in the days before they only catered to grannies grin

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:30:50

Lol Moomin

MarshaBrady Wed 19-Mar-14 16:31:11

I remember my friends wore trouser suits with the shirt collar folded over the suit collar. Usually purple and black. How bad is that.

I had a black trouser suit from Saba. I think I still have it in the wardrobe somewhere, the only one I ever bought.

I felt like a 'blonde in a suit' at meetings.

Babygro and my dinner, probably

x post moomin!

MarshaBrady Wed 19-Mar-14 16:32:15

That last one was around 1997/8.

CyberMuddle Wed 19-Mar-14 16:32:58

Fit 'n' flare floral dresses with spaghetti straps and a white t shirt underneath, or high-waisted jeans/floaty skirt with an embroidered waistcoat.

I was 13, and desperately trying to look older!

Longdistance Wed 19-Mar-14 16:33:47

Long flowery dress, that had a collar. Loved that dress, and pretty much lived in it. Also wore jodhpurs and boots in cold weather with a long jumper. Rarely wore jeans, and only have started wearing them since having dd's. My wardrobe is very boring really. I did used to work at Sainsbo's part time as a student, and used to wear that delightful beige/brown all in one dress. Very fetching it was.

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 16:34:08

I had two trouser suits in 1994 - one navy, one beige. Both were mix/match - with trousers, skirt and shorts all matching the same jacket!

I also owned a grey suit with a cropped jacket and pleated knee-length skirt and a brown wool suit with a mid-calf length skirt (with a long front slit). All very similar to things I've spotted in this year's fashion weeks!

Stokey Wed 19-Mar-14 16:35:02

Another one for little colourful dresses and big DM boots with steel toecaps.
Interspersed with long flowing dresses - had a green suede long coat from Camden Market that I particularly loved.

I was at university in Scotland, suffering from hippy Gap year-itis, and froze

ArtexMonkey Wed 19-Mar-14 16:37:22

Dms/paraboots, fishnets, over knee socks, mary janes either with thick soles or high heels, converse, vans. Slip dresses, actual slips, 'vintage' dresses shortened, tartan mini skirts, band t shirts, dungarees with crop top or bra under, army trousers, kids' hair slides.

Still partial to a bit of vintage or a kilt or a pair of dms and converse; my paraboots were 3 sizes too big though so they got binned. Also i think if i tried to rock the 'riot grr/kinderwhore' look nowadays i'd look a bit Whatever Happened to baby jane. grin so best not really.

impty Wed 19-Mar-14 16:38:02

Vests - tight
Tight Cargo pants/ wide legged trousers/ flared jeans
Checked shirts
Platform boots or suede trainers
Puffa jackets

Midriff pretty much always on show....pigtails were acceptable

Plus glittery make up and sparkles at night

I was having a lovely time raving and partying...

Bonsoir Wed 19-Mar-14 16:38:45

Yes, I remember that look - white fitted shirt with collar outside the collar of your black/grey/navy work suit. So boring it made me feel suicidal.

nickEcave Wed 19-Mar-14 16:40:56

It was my second year at university and I guess my style was a mixture of grunge and hippy. Long swirly skirts with DMS or tiny flippy skirts with DMs or tight short lycra skirts with DMS. Lots of tight black tops but also quite a few oversize checked shirts and waistcoats
. And a hideous black fluffy coat from Camden Market which totally swamped my size 8 frame and made me look like a baby yak - but it was bloody cold in my student flat in Leeds with no central heating grin

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 19-Mar-14 16:41:41

Had a fab black and white check dress (tartan style check) with mini a line skirt and empire line top,with tie back waist.Wore it with either a white short sleeved ribbed crop top underneath,white tights and black with white stripes,laces,sole and heel,high rubber heel canvass shoes (remember them?) with the white rubber toe cap -kinda like heeled converse!

OR I covered it with a white chiffon blouse,covered by a cropped grey bicycle knit jumper,al la Cher style in Clueless!Teamed with black heeled dolly shoes.

Had a red tartan mini aswell,worn with black satin shirt/blouse.Satin was quite big then I think,or was that the following year??

Had a fab black velvet baker boy style hat too,worn with the above outfits and hair in pigtails!!!!

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 19-Mar-14 16:44:08

Oh and the obligatory short black strappy cami type dress over tight white tee.

I was 12/13 for the above!!!But fully grown at 13 so could get away with it (and into clubs....)

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Wed 19-Mar-14 16:45:57

OMG 1994 was 20 years ago sad

I was 24 then, so I must be ruddy ancient now shock

<opens gin>

<<swigs from bottle>>

sittingatmydeskagain Wed 19-Mar-14 16:45:58

Work was tight pencil skirts, shirts with wide collars over the jacket collar etc.

Play - think I was just coming out of a grungy student phase, and had a bit more cash. Tiny mini skirts and dresses, bit Brit Pop style.

Eastpoint Wed 19-Mar-14 16:48:51

I had some lovely Emporio Armani clothes white silk shorts, a beige silk wrap around skirt & vest top. Lots of Rifat Ozbek - white shoestring strap sundress & jacket I wore as a wedding dress, lovely Prada beige suede platform sandals, a couple of other Ozbek dresses. Long brown velvet Whistles strappy dress. Big Joseph knitted jumper. Work was more long Nicole Farhi skirts & suits.

PeachandBlack Wed 19-Mar-14 16:49:53

I was watching The Voice at the weekend loads of the girls were wearing chunky heeled loafers like I had in the early 90s.

In 1994 I wore slip dresses with a t shirt/body under, very short floral dresses, velvet shorts with black opaque tights and skater style dresses from Miss Selfridge.

Sparklysilversequins Wed 19-Mar-14 16:50:55

Chenille. WTF was THAT about?!

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 19-Mar-14 16:52:40

Oh,I remember the chenille jumpers!!!!!!What were we thinking?!

Sparklysilversequins Wed 19-Mar-14 16:55:08

I remember my mate at the time saying "when we are older we will be saying, remember those awful chenille jumpers we all wore?"

You were right Emily grin!

Shosha1 Wed 19-Mar-14 16:55:33

Very short skirts with long jackets over them, thick tights. doc Martin boots in the winter.

Short skirts white t shirts and baseball boots in the summer.

enormouse Wed 19-Mar-14 16:55:55

Stripy t shirts, dungarees and DMs.

I was 5.

I finally bought the floral DMs I always longed for as a child last year though.

MrsMarigold Wed 19-Mar-14 17:07:11

I had the loveliest coloured clothes then - blues and greens. I went for more eclectic things than I do now, usually secondhand. I had a beautiful blue merino wool polo neck with ribbing that made my eyes look amazing - no idea what happened to it. sad

I had a soft green shirt that was a slik/linen/cotton and viscose mix that fitted amazingly. It hung beautifully and made my boobs look great. I stole it from my mum who had rescued it from a friend of hers who was chucking it out. I literally wore it until it was so thin it fell apart. Probably the best thing I ever owned. sad

I also had a longish floral skirt, that was lovely and is upstairs - I must dig it out and lose 10kg to get into it....

MrsPeacockDidIt Wed 19-Mar-14 17:22:26

Omg, yes I did have several chenille cropped jumpers - the shame.

As to the rest, I wore a uniform to work so all my clothes were casual wear:

Tarten trousers
Pale blue suede trousers
Spaghetti strap dresses with tshirts underneath
Lace up boots
Leather trousers
Belly chain (to wear with my hipster trousers and crop tops)

I was a big Whigfield fan (especially on a Saturday night!) I even wore my hair in 4 plaits one night out - but only once.

impty Wed 19-Mar-14 17:26:21

Chenille cropped jumpers! Yes!

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 17:27:50

Yes! I loved my chenille cropped sweater grin

Abzs Wed 19-Mar-14 17:41:08

Cherry red DMs
Stripy trousers
Levellers T-shirt

An occasional short kilt or flippy jersey skirt with black tights and my brother's handed down DM shoes, with a sweatshirt or other big jumper.

I was not sartorially elegant or adventurous as a 15 year old.

Trooperslane Wed 19-Mar-14 17:45:35

I am piratecat's twin.

<wails for lost youth and bloody size 8 figure>

Mandy2003 Wed 19-Mar-14 17:49:24

Shiny lycra leggings, leather mini skirt, basque, leather jacket, thigh boots or DMs. I was a biker grin

YouAreTheCentreOfYourOwnUniver Wed 19-Mar-14 18:00:03

Chenille jumpers, catsuits, crocheted waistcoats, thigh high platform boots, bodies, cut off (very!) dungarees with bikini top underneath, Nike air max trainers, wrap around skirts, oversize tshirts with either strawberries or mushrooms on from Aflecks Palace in Manchester and cut off jeans, pink pastie shoes, pink duffle coat,

Feeling nostalgic for the amazing body I had back then, size 8, 5'10"" tall, 32DD perky boobs!

Silver satin high waist trousers, tiny mini skirts (only when my mum didn't know!), cropped long sleeve jumpers, ankle length button through skirts, short sleeve v neck button through cardigan in peach, chenille jumpers in plum colours, big boots, pod shoes, a raspberry pink crop top and my brother's checked shirt. I was only 13 please don't blame me!

Hedgehog80 Wed 19-Mar-14 18:11:39

I loved 1994. I often wish I had a time machine to go back.....

I wore cut off denim shorts, vest tops, little flowery dresses with a white body top underneath and plimsolls. I had sun and moon earrings that I wore all the time as well and a matching necklace.

piratecat Wed 19-Mar-14 18:28:59

highfive's Trooper. 20 yrs ago, that's ridiculous. sad .

Polkadolly Wed 19-Mar-14 18:58:32

I was about 6 and I think dungarees sp? were my outfit of choice grin

joydivisionovengloves Wed 19-Mar-14 19:04:06

Jeans, trainers and a Descendents T-shirt mostly. The jeans are less baggy and the trainers more varied but other than that not much has changed.

off topic but I love your name Joydivisionovengloves HMHB rock grin

Deathwatchbeetle Wed 19-Mar-14 19:10:33

Whatever it was I was wearing it won't have been the height of fashion!! I cannot even remember that time!

notjustamummythankyou Wed 19-Mar-14 19:10:49

Ooh this takes me back! I was at uni in 1994. This is what I wore:

'Boyfriend' jeans (and they were men's jeans)
Black waxed leather doc martens
Strappy floral dresses with charity shop suede waistcoats
Charity shop velvet jackets
Long flowing Indian skirts complete with mirrors and bells
Black or green velvet Chinese 'kung fu' pumps
Lots of chunky silver rings and dangly earrings

My most treasure item was a brown velvet jacket from m&s that my gran bought in 1974 and gave to me in the early 90s. I still wear it! I bet their clothes wouldn't last 40 years now ...

Loopylu84 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:12:23

Anything from Tammy Girl..or any item featured in 'Shout' magazine grin I was 10!

derektheladyhamster Wed 19-Mar-14 19:20:07

yy to suede waistcoats/ purple dms/ indian skirts

black straight jeans

white fencing/pirate style shirts

tiny crop tops made from brodie anglais style fabric

oversized male jumpers

I was with bump but wore
red jeans
my wallybees
joe bloggs t shirts
long flowery skirt with buttons going up the middle
shell suit

behindthetimes Wed 19-Mar-14 19:21:02

flowery mini dresses with tights and either dms or clog type shoes. Had my long grungy hair cut into a slightly more sophisticated bob. not the best style sense but wish I'd appreciated what a pretty little thing I was at that age!

woodrunner Wed 19-Mar-14 19:21:05

crepe de chine floral tea dresses with DMs
loose silk shirts with boot leg jeans (which were new then, I think)
lots of boxy blazer jackets, linen, black leather and brown suede
ethnic print palazzo pants from New Look and tiny little crop tops
stone coloured hipsters with tiny little crop tops

notjustamummythankyou Wed 19-Mar-14 19:22:47

Derek - I'd forgotten about pirate shirts! Mine had billowy sleeves with lace cuffs and I wore it with my black suede waistcoat. I thought I looked gorge.


ImAThrillseekerHoney Wed 19-Mar-14 19:30:25

Like Bonsoir I was working in a very straight but high profile City environment. I had three double breasted gold buttoned M&S blazers, worn with silk shirts and pencil skirts. And I wasn't a lone style-free freak - we all had them. Three women on my floor at work had the same navy and lime green tartan M&S suit. Worn with utterly frumptastic mid-rise navy court shoes, natch.

Whenever anyone says "it's a timeless classic - it'll never go out of style" I think of those gilt buttoned double breasted blazers.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Wed 19-Mar-14 19:34:41

Oh yeah,palazzo pants!!!Although we used to call them 'parallels'.

And long straight wrap skirts.I had a truely hideous one in black and white gingham.I loved it at the time!

Patent peep toe clog style platforms were my fave shoes.Bet I looked awesome in them with my white hipsters and crop top with loose chain belt thingy and shag bands!!!!

KnappShappeyShipwright Wed 19-Mar-14 19:34:52

I was 18 in 1994. I was on the cusp of grunge / goth but never fully embraced it. My favourite outfit was a long flowery skirt, black shirt, denim jacket and cherry red DMs. I had a raffia bag with incredibly long straps for folders and text books, tiny patent leather rucksack for going out.

I still wear DMs, still dress a bit grunge and still dying my hair unnatural colours.

piratecat Wed 19-Mar-14 19:37:30

omg i had a pirate shirt too, flappy bit at the front, and a second hand suede waistcoat.


Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 19-Mar-14 19:47:46

sadly I would say that was my favourite era - those fashions suited my shape. I was 23 and fancied myself as a bit of a yuppie. Next and walls were my tipple then - quite feminine tailored stuff, blouses with nipped in waists, long A LINE skirt or pencil skirt, or wide leg trousers. Loafers. either flat or with a heel. I had two pairs of lovely lovely lovely lovely Next.leather wedge mules. I so wish they would do them again. My hair was big and curly. I was curvey but slim. Oh I bought my first posh handbag then too a Gucci and Mulberry.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 19-Mar-14 19:50:37

oh yeah and balerina tops. anyone else???

hugoagogo Wed 19-Mar-14 19:55:33

purple hair
black crushed velvet leggings
dinosaur jr tshirt
purple indian style waiscoat
converse boots
or baggy stripey trousers and grandad shirts from head in the clouds.

that year I got a proper job and had ditch the purple hair sad

and yes I too had a short chenille jumper from internatinale

Ludways Wed 19-Mar-14 19:57:02

A size 8, goddammit!!

Satin shirt
Leopard print shirt
Dark Boot cut jeans
Ankle length black boots
Smart knits
Denim jacket
V neck tops

Lots of Kookai/Benetton/Morgan with a bit of Topshop/Oasis thrown in.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 19-Mar-14 20:20:21

Kookai, gosh i had forgotten that

vitaminC Wed 19-Mar-14 20:26:25

We stil have kookai shops here in France. And Morgan. I loved Morgan in the 90s then didn't buy a thing there for around 15 years and just in the past year have starting finding stuff there I like once again!

Matsikula Wed 19-Mar-14 20:28:15

I was thinking the exact same thing about my c 1995/96 collection of air max and new balance trainers - they have done a full cycle and I wish I still had them.

In 1994 I had block heeled loafers, black Lycra tube skirts, Vans (lace up ones), flippy floral skirts, band t shirts stolen from my brothers, checked shirts and a long dungaree style dress - so all a bit grunge. Then in the summer I bought a teeny tiny children's t-shirt and my clothes were a bit more influenced by dance music, and I got a bit braver and a bit less covered up. In fact I have distinct memories of one outfit that was utterly miniscule. I still have a silver spaghetti strap halter neck from those days and wear it occasionally. - sadly not without a bra any more. I only wish that I had discovered that I looked okay a bit sooner - I was such a shy teenager.

Thankfully I never succumbed to chenille, but I did have a sky blue (faulty) Joseph angora cardigan that left itchy fibres all over you if you wore it in a sweaty club.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 19-Mar-14 20:28:35

Lived in Spain for uni then summer of Oasis ....
Jeans , band tshirts, little flowery dresses, Puma states, Adidas gazelles.
I would give anything to have the figure I did then !

Matsikula Wed 19-Mar-14 20:32:52

Oh, and hair in Bjornk buns for a night out, and perhaps a bindi too....

charitygirl Wed 19-Mar-14 20:34:19

I was 16 and went out a lot. One truly heinous outfit stands out - duck egg sleeveless body suit, under a cropped denim jacket, with black pelmet skirt, black opaques and heeled lace up suede ankle boots. Remember wearing that the night I accidentally set my hair on fire lighting a faaaag.

You're right OP, I can see that outfit on a 16 year Old coming out of Top Shop today.

ThePowerOfNo Wed 19-Mar-14 20:39:46

i had a pair of green jeans from mark one, my first ever pairof dms, a see-thru plasic school bag with a plastic fish floating in glitter, various tight t-shirts with hearts on, couple of checked shirts, some levi 501s i was so proud of & lots of school uniform. oh, & a pair of kickers.

alwaysneedaholiday Wed 19-Mar-14 20:52:39

Cropped tops - to show off my 6 pack <sob>
Clunky heels
Big denim jacket
Benetton jeans in various colours
Benetton t-shirts in various colours
Several Jigsaw tops (how did I ever afford those?)
Tartan skirts

iMe Wed 19-Mar-14 22:10:15

School uniform.smile

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Wed 19-Mar-14 22:14:17

That was the year before DS1 was born so I don't have much recollection. I do know I still wasn't good at going into trendy shops - left over from memories of being sniggered at as a teenager <sob>.
I had one of those M&S double breasted suits with gold buttons! Mine was navy with a long frumpy pencil skirt and low-heeled court shoes - why??!!
Also had a Prince of Wales check version with a slightly shorter, more flattering skirt. Think I wore them with thin polo necks.

Wore Levi 501s at weekends, with hideous tartan shirts from Racing Green and Timberland deck shoes (cost £130 afair - frumptastic).
I do remember a tweed short skirt from Next which I wore with a single breasted burgundy blazer and riding boots, and a tie-die indigo and white maxi dress from Warehouse which got me upgraded to first class on a flight to Australia!

Jollyb Wed 19-Mar-14 22:19:41

1994. GCSE year for me. Leggings, black clogs and denim shirt. Checked shirts. Mohair short sleeved jumpers. Short shiny black satin skirts. Tactel tops. Not a great year.

HappyAsEyeAm Wed 19-Mar-14 22:21:18

Benetton sweatshirt. I had two - dark green and maroon. Benetton spelled out in capitals, evenly spaced across the chest, each in a different colour. Worn with 501s. And DMs.

ImAThrillseekerHoney Wed 19-Mar-14 23:30:53

Ooh Black Watch tartan. I never had any myself but every other woman in EC1 did. And crop tops - I had a teeny waist even by the standards of my age group and wore a lot of crop tops.

EatShitDerek Wed 19-Mar-14 23:35:40


lottiegarbanzo Wed 19-Mar-14 23:48:31

Well I was an unfashionable student and wore lots of loose-fitting things and leggings. What I can say is 94/5 was the year I realised that my 'same old stuff I'd been wearing for the previous two years' was no longer vaguely the same as what other people were wearing, they'd moved on.

Leggings were out. Denim shirts were in.

Was it summer 95 or 96 when there was an epidemic of translucent blouses, often black, worn over wonderbras? Usually with long skirts, just this odd 'I'm not actually wearing a top, look at my bra' tops, worn by everyone!

TheArticFunky Wed 19-Mar-14 23:49:37

In 1994 I was very into my work clothes. I work a black and white Chanel style jacket with pencil skirt, figure hugging fitted suits. Even my casual clothes were smart. Lots of Lycra fitted skirts and jackets. I was 21/22.

ImAThrillseekerHoney Wed 19-Mar-14 23:52:32

I remember having a discussion with an acquaintance out of work in the mid/late 90s when I expressed an opinion that translucent polyester cream blouses worn with visible lacy bras were not a great office look, and were in fact a bit inappropriate. Inevitably she revealed that she herself wore them every day to the office and I was clearly a prudish judgy bitch who shouldn't be looking at her bra anyway.

monicalewinski Thu 20-Mar-14 00:03:09

1994 for me was short a-line skirts with button down fronts, over knee socks with knee high laced boots and long line waistcoat with tight top underneath. Also high waisted wide leg trousers with big clunky heels and tight cropped top (used to buy t-shirts from the kids section in age 5-6 so they were as tight as possible). I used to wear adidas tracky bottoms a lot too, but with a jumper rather than a tshirt or a floaty dress with doc martens and thick tights - also the t-shirt under strappy dress thing.

Those were the days <happy sigh>

monicalewinski Thu 20-Mar-14 00:07:18

Lottie, re the see through top/wonderbra look, for me it was 1996 - but I had lacey type see through tops if I remember right. I had a lovely line in tartan trousers around that time too confused

LackaDAISYcal Thu 20-Mar-14 00:08:06

leggings and mini skirts and cherry red DM boots.

long pleated skirts with chunky slip ons

skinny jeans with turn ups and skinny rib tops

floaty feminine frocks, with aforementioned DMs or platform espadrilles or flip flops.

LackaDAISYcal Thu 20-Mar-14 00:11:41

I also remember a tweed skirt in shades of blues and purple, and wearing crew neck sweaters (usually stolen from my current squeeze) with a jaunty scarf thrown round. Still a big fan of the scarf as an accessory.

I think I still have some of my clobber from that time up in the attic. Unfortunately, it won't fit me any more sad

maternity clothes I hope that doesn't come around every 20 years....

Twinklestein Thu 20-Mar-14 00:39:03

I was 23. I remember I had some Armani beige jeans and some YSL cat eye sunglasses that I loved but lost.

That time was very much bias cut skirts with vest tops - I had a black spotty one from Agnes B, two flower print one ones from Jigsaw (one pink one blue) with matching skinny t-shirts (back when Jigsaw was good).

There was a lot of spaghetti strap dress over t shirts, wrap skirts, Gucci clogs, Patrick Cox loafers, reefer jackets.

I had a great fake fur jacket from Agnes B, and some excellent Emma Peel style black heeled boots from Pied a Terre.

Twinklestein Thu 20-Mar-14 00:44:00

And oversized jumpers. I had a chunky black Joseph jumper I wore with black cigarette pants, and a pale blue chenille one.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 20-Mar-14 00:49:00

Yes I think 1996 is right monicalewinski. Something to look forward to then! (And what year was it for you and 'that dress'?)

DaleyBump Thu 20-Mar-14 00:52:45

My mother! She was pregnant with me at the time grin

singaporeswing Thu 20-Mar-14 00:55:20

Dungarees and mirrored waistcoats. Think I was going through my John Virgo phase.

I was a weird 4 year old.

monicalewinski Thu 20-Mar-14 01:19:49

Lol! That was around '96 too lottie!

I was probably behind the drag curve with fashions then, but I remember what I was wearing each year because every year from '93 to '96 I lived somewhere different, moving around for uni and holiday work and then dropping out and getting a 'proper job'.

I wish I was as 'fat' now as I thought I was then though - I was tiny, but thought I was vast. I had a fucking 26 inch waist for God's sake, wore kids tops and thought I was piling on the beef whenever I tipped 9 stone.

I long for that now!

monicalewinski Thu 20-Mar-14 01:20:51

Daley grin

scarlet76 Thu 20-Mar-14 06:56:36

I think I was in the first year of doing my A'levels in 94. I wore:
flared jeans with skinny Ts & converse
Khaki baggy army trousers with vests
Velvet jacket
denim shorts with tights and dms

The only thing from that era still in my wardrobe is converse

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 09:03:39

This thread is great!

So many items listed so far are already in this year's catwalk collections and will no doubt therefore be trickling down into the shops and streets over the coming months...

On the school run this morning I saw a young woman (mid-20s) wearing a heather suede jacket with purple velvet bootlegs! I could have been in early 90s Manchester grin

RahRahRasputin Thu 20-Mar-14 09:10:43

Denim pinafores and long sleeved polo necks, or brightly coloured leggings and t shirts. And Doodles, jellies or wellies, depending on the weather. Accessory wise I had one of those plastic basket bags that were in fashion a few years back. I used it to collect leaves and conkers grin

Stokey Thu 20-Mar-14 09:20:39

Was it then that the thongs under low rise jeans thing came about or was that later 90s?

Cropped tops - how I loved showing my 19 yr old stomach (sobs in corner)

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 09:32:08

Yep, I had a flat-as-a-board 24-inch waist in those days, too! I flaunted it all summer in floaty indian skirts with cropped t-shirts sad

I may be wrong, but I think the thong look came in quite a bit later - sometime in the 2000s, not the 90s.

HeirToTheIronThrone Thu 20-Mar-14 09:33:27

School uniform, mostly smile And jodhpurs... And a floppy black velvet hat like Blossom's! I was 11, and for parties mostly aimed to dress like Claudia in the Babysitter's Club books...

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 09:36:51

So, today, two of my daughters have left the house wearing denim shorts (one blue, one white) over tights, with clumpy boots, a vest top and a cardigan! And my third daughter is flaunting the britpop look - wide legged pants, a red hoody and union jack converse low tops.

I'm feeling decidedly old! <sob> sad

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Thu 20-Mar-14 09:39:49

Was thinking exactly the same as OP when shopping last week. I am elderly grin so had a good disposable income in 1994. It was was all pastels - baby pinks and blues. Angora sweaters in said colours. Shift dresses (not so many of these around). Beige Armani rip-off suits. Backpacks - so in right now. Everyone copying Prada. Main difference was in 1994 M&S was having a fashion moment and bought everything there. Not this time.

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 09:42:47

Oh yes, me too, Margaret, I bought loads of stuff in M&S that year!

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Thu 20-Mar-14 09:48:28

French Connection was good then too. No more.

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 09:50:47

That was around the time they launched the FCUK logo and everyone was wearing the t-shirts, wasn't it?

I never bought into that trend (having spent the previous 5 years wearing my Inspiral Carpets "Cool as F*ck" t-shirt) grin

IamInvisible Thu 20-Mar-14 09:56:29

A wedding dress, followed by maternity clothes!

101handbags Thu 20-Mar-14 10:15:34

I was a postgrad student - I was wearing Levi's 501s - straight legs, high waisted with a big belt. DMs. Coloured jeans - red, bottle green. Everything was oversized - I used to buy big check shirts and cord shirts about 4 sizes too big. Yes to waistcoats - floral ones from Petticoat Lane market with white shirts underneath. Floral mini skirts and a denim waistcoat that was more like a denim shirt with the arms cut off over bodies - oh yes, I had a lot of bodies. And thong necklaces with charms on or velvet choker necklaces.

Pumpkinette Thu 20-Mar-14 10:21:28

I was 11 and in my first year of high school. I had black DM's and converse style high tops. I had a black leather biker jacket I wore to death (both the DM's and jacket were hand me downs from my brothers girlfriend at the time)

I was built like a rake (size 6 jeans too baggy) but had developed boobs so lived in baggy sweatshirts and skinny jeans that weren't quite skinny enough for my legs so just looked like the current slim fit style - I had a banana yellow pair! Yuck. I had a couple of crushed velvet dresses for school discos and special occasions.

Oh and not forgetting my light up X files watch and about 100 multi coloured rubber bracelets on each arm. My perfume was the vanilla one from the body shop or Charlie white.

Pumpkinette Thu 20-Mar-14 10:22:35

I also really, really wanted a pair of silver Levi's that year but never got them

Twighlightsparkle Thu 20-Mar-14 10:26:36

DM's on my feet

Flowery shirts with poppers


Jeans with rips in.

Kudzugirl Thu 20-Mar-14 10:37:18

Several outfits stick in my mind-

Black Agnes B city shorts to mid thigh worn with thick black Wolford tights, a cropped chunky Arran sweater and flat brogues made for clattering about the city cobbles of London. Worn when I was seven months pregnant too. I remember being wolf whistled by some random sexist and the look of shock on his face when I turned round and he saw my bump. I wore a pale pink Chanel tweed jacket over it all, one I found in the Notting Hill Trust charity shop for a few pounds. Wouldn't happen today and it is real- had it authenticated. It has a feather trim on the lapels and weighted chain in the hem- gorgeous.

A short flippy navy floral cotton skirt worn with thigh high black knee socks leaving that all important gap between hem and sock, two layered long sleeve cotton jersey T shirts- one cream, one silver grey and a black school blazer bought from the John Lewis school outfitters. Accessorised with a Bill Amberg leather backpack that I still have and a cap made from an old school uni scarf bought from my mates stall on Portobello.

Lastly my other pregnancy outfit - that same Arran sweater worn with thick Black Agnes B leggings, wool shetland nakle socks rucked up and lace up Wrangler heeled brown leather walking city boots. Women were starting to do the pregnancy body con thing in London and it was so good to not wear hideous shapeless sacks, the only thing available during my last pregnancy in 87-88.

I am rather sad in that I recall things like this!

Kudzugirl Thu 20-Mar-14 10:42:24

Remembered some more-

Low slung linen striped pants with a drawstring waist and loose legs worn with a tight shrunken white or navy T shirt showing tummy and sometimes a cardigan over the top. Thought these were so cool and they are back this season!

Ragga girl at the dance halls- I had a pair of Chloe silver silk satin parachute cargo pants with gathered ankles. I wore these with layered tops- a string vest worn over a shrunken T in clashing shades plus Fly sunglasses, big clanking hoops from the Roman Road and gum. The feet were shod in stratospheric heels, tiny bondage strapped and laced and destined to be hung around our necks while we danced.

Lovecat Thu 20-Mar-14 10:50:36

Has anyone said hideous Nan-heeled shoes yet? I see they're all the rage atm and I remember having a pair of incredibly ugly work shoes with blocky heels from Next back then. This may have been later on in the decade but I remember the Observer fashion supplement doing a whole article on the phenomenon entitled "Ugly Shoes" grin

Kudzugirl Thu 20-Mar-14 11:06:01

I must confess to a love for a fugly shoe smile.

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 11:14:52

Yep. I had a pair of navy, block-heeled, square-toed court shoes my mum bought me for an interview hmm

MzPixielated Thu 20-Mar-14 11:42:53

dungarees! I was 4grin

CbeebiesIsMyLife Thu 20-Mar-14 11:47:01

bright red doc Martin boots, Colourful denim dungarees, leggins and t-shirts which were mostly block coloured and bright. A line skirts with bright coloured tights....

I was 7!

WhoAteAllTheCremeEggs Thu 20-Mar-14 11:49:27

Dm's and slip dresses over those all in one body things.
Oh and I loved my denim jacket.

vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 11:53:01

I had a bodysuit I loved. It was cream satin and drapey - almost like a wrap top. It was stunning and I was heartbroken when it eventually fell apart and I had to throw it away!

Matchy suits with above knee pencil skirts. (!)

Thick soled loafers with horsy bridle bit or tassels.

Cream silk shirt with really wide collar worn with a pinstripe waistcoat.

From memory most of my work trousers were narrow leg. Which seem the only redeeming feature of this tragic list of recollections.


vitaminC Thu 20-Mar-14 12:01:47

Except almost all the trousers in this years fashion weeks were wide-legged, so I think the narrow cut is well and truly past its peak and already starting its decline...

OpalQuartz Thu 20-Mar-14 12:07:18

I saw a young teacher at my children's school in her 20s wearing black opaques with a pretty flared above the knee skirt the other day and thought that I was wearing that about 20 years ago. I wore it with black palladium shoes and a denim jacket I think. I saw a man in palladium shoes recenty. (Not sure if they have a different name this time round.)

Slebmum Thu 20-Mar-14 12:14:12

palladiums and jelly shoes or they may have '95, lumberjack shirt, DMs, ripped jeans, dresses with tshirt underneath

I was wearing DM's/para boots or converse/karate slippers. Skin tight jeans with german army shirts or checked flannel shirts. Mini skirts with thick black tights were the alternative. Long indian skirts with mirrors and bells worn with tiny vests or t-shirts. Tiny, skintight crushed velevet dresses with thigh high boots for clubbing.

I was 24, with 2 kids and thought I was fat. I wish I was that fat now!!

OpalQuartz Thu 20-Mar-14 12:33:17

I remember those skirts with mirrors in.

GiniCooper Thu 20-Mar-14 12:39:02

Oh wow, I just realised why I've done so much shopping in the past while.
I'm 15 again!!

Reading this has been a great bit of nostalgia. I was much more adventurous then.
I did so much shopping in 2nd hand shops. Of course, that would just be vintage now.

GiniCooper Thu 20-Mar-14 12:41:51

The songs to go with it...


monicalewinski Thu 20-Mar-14 13:24:07

Yes to matchy suits! I just remembered I had my (one and only) suit - it was from early '93 and was my only womany grown up thing that was used for all grown up stuff. It may have been from m&s actually.

It had jacket, trousers, skirt and waistcoat and was a pastel green colour; my mum thought I should wear it with a nice blouse and loafers, but I was living on fashion's edge, so wore it with a black skinny rib polo neck, thick black tights and high platformy shoes - I felt ever so mature!

Towards the end of '94, beginning '95 I had dropped out of uni and was training as a croupier so had to dress a bit more worky, so tended to wear wide leg, high waist black trousers with knitted/crocheted long waistcoat (really cool one had chunky zip front) and tight polo or high neck top.

RockMummy Thu 20-Mar-14 16:03:05

Lumberjack shirts, leggings, flowery dresses, Indian skirts, waiscoats, DM,
Velvet jackets,shorts dungarees, crushed velvet, wedding dress and then back to the same clothes staight afterwards.
Still wear velvet jacket with jeans and chunky boots.
I was 31 then and it never occurred to me that I was dressing too old for my age. When I see threads like that now it makes me laugh. Still refuse to succumb to the twinset and pearls or what ever I should wear!

specialmagiclady Thu 20-Mar-14 17:03:38

Around that time t shirts suddenly came back after years lf bodies and tops. previously they had been big and baggy, suddenly they were tight - we found old school t shirts in charity shops. Long socks, platform Mary Janes I wore a lot. Jeans were quite wide and utterly high waisted, spaghetti strap dresses over a t-shirt - either long or very very short. I am not wearing any of those but I am not fashionable any more!

sunshinemmum Thu 20-Mar-14 18:19:16

Wedding dress for me too, slim fitting with a boat neck I am not sure I like now. Blazers and fitted jackets with light blue jeans and very big, round tortoiseshell specs

sunshinemmum Thu 20-Mar-14 18:22:18

Oh and shift dresses, flowery dresses and bias cut which didn't suit me dresses.

NinetyNinePercentTroll Thu 20-Mar-14 18:36:43

School uniform (I was at secondary school), I mostly smelled of patchouli and Teen Spirit.

Nirvana shirts and truly terrible velvet floppy hats with the front brim pinned up with a ginormous velvet flower. Fashion maven

NinetyNinePercentTroll Thu 20-Mar-14 18:40:03

Oh and those hideous thick, lace up, clumpy rubber platform soled canvas shoes. In white. Fucking heinous. That may have been pre '94

NinetyNinePercentTroll Thu 20-Mar-14 18:40:46

Arse. No idea why I posted the hat twice. Both are google pics, not from my personal collection.

Eastpoint Thu 20-Mar-14 18:55:54

GiniCooper Thanks for the link to the top hits of 1994. I'm pleased to still be able to sing most of the dance tracks.

DrCoconut Thu 20-Mar-14 19:18:47

Tie dye, tie dye and more tie dye! With DM's, floaty skirts etc. my mum was confused that I would go to college in July wearing a sleeveless dress, socks and boots! Oh to be young and slim again.

Melfish Thu 20-Mar-14 19:21:22

Ubiquitous DMs, tie die tassly tops and skirts, black holey (like big fishnet) jumper, cut off denims, band t-shirts and leggings. I was slim but looked hideous. Scarily I have seen some of these items for sale recently in Topshop, H&M and seen the teens out and about in them, albeit with better hair than we ever had. Bad frizzy hair may have been why those velvet hats were so popular.
The following year it all went a bit Britpop and it was adidas originals, tight tees and denim all the way.

TheRaniOfYawn Thu 20-Mar-14 19:28:42

DMs, long skirts or dresses with victorian petticoat worn underneath, skinny rib tops or vaguely Edwardian or victorian style blouses, ankle length double breasted grey coat with military buttons, floppy vaguely Edwardian hats. Long scarves. Linen in summer.

I aimed to look either like Helena Bonham-Carter in a Merchant Ivory film only with more comfortable footwear or like a 1930s lesbian.

GiniCooper Thu 20-Mar-14 21:57:24

Ah yes eastpoint I was singing along in my head all afternoon.
The DC's were not impressed with my moves though.

nannyplum75 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:59:00

I was 19 in 1994 so went from wearing grandad shirts, beads, velveteen blazers and DMs in sixth form to skinny ribs, jeans and Vans trainers in first year of uni.
What memories! This is my first post.....

winkywinkola Thu 20-Mar-14 22:06:44

Green or grey jeans. Lycra top. Chelsea boots. God how boring.

Twinklestein Thu 20-Mar-14 23:47:45

Oh yes I remember the chunky loafers I had a great pair from Pied a Terre. I remember Palladium shoes, I had a pair in baby blue. Very like Converse, not very nice.

I'm amazed at all these people wearing DMs, to me they were in fashion between 1985 - 88. Then they were out and it was cowboy/biker boots for a while until the whole summer of love explosion with Timberlands and trainers.

HemlockStarglimmer Fri 21-Mar-14 07:56:44

Before I read the thread I was going to say blowed if I can remember. But thank you all for jogging my memory.

Leggings, boots, very long baggy tops including chenille jumpers, long floaty skirts, wide floaty trousers, wedge heels.

In 1995 I lost 6 stone so started wearing jeans, little tops, shorts (eek), short skirts. But mostly I lived in jeans.

I have regained all the weight and some more but I still live in jeans.

sunshinemmum Fri 21-Mar-14 08:06:27

Are DM's ever out of fashion? Have never owned a pair, but I love them on other people.

I'm still wearing them now sunshine (and was then).

ImAThrillseekerHoney Fri 21-Mar-14 08:11:35

DM changed the shape of their women's shoes in about 1994 so I haven't worn them since sad

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Fri 21-Mar-14 08:12:47

Ok, I was 16 and in Australia! I remember wearing long floral skirt with cropped top and DMs (how very fashionable I was!) grin I also remember wearing baggy jeans a lot with t-shirts. Oh, and slip dresses with spaghetti straps!

Ellisisland Fri 21-Mar-14 08:13:12

School uniform ! grin

Twinklestein - DM's were still very much the footwear of choice for the Indiekid crowd early nineties...till Oasis and New wave of new wave got its feet under the table and they were swapped for a lot of old school adidas for a short time <fondly remembers buying 70's adidas top in Amsterdam 'These Animal Men' style!>

sunshinemmum Fri 21-Mar-14 08:21:53

Ah thought so!

vitaminC Fri 21-Mar-14 08:59:29

I know for me the indiekid phase ended sometime in 1994. That was also when all the boy bands started to become "rap" bands (haha, the 90s version of rap was hilarious, looking back!) and baggy trousers were at first a rebellious look before gradually becoming mainstream.

Boyfriend jeans in those days were exactly that - women wearing men's jeans, which have a much more straight up-and-down shape. After that came reaaaaaallllly wide pants and shoes with high platform soles hmm... and then bootlegs (which are everywhere, this spring!)

I seem to remember pink jeans and a flowery top wich I was probably wearing around that time.

Alpacacino Fri 21-Mar-14 09:05:46

Levi's 501 in dark green, brogues and tent-like oversized jumpers to hide any signs of budding womanhood. Ace.

Mandy2003 Fri 21-Mar-14 12:32:32

I bought my first DMs as a punk in 1976! My feet had grown a bit in the intervening 35 years and I sold them on eBay for more than I paid grin

Many of the coloured Levi 501s around in 1994 were overdyed in a colour weren't they? Camden Market <I'm looking at you> with your evil smelling, non-colourfast garments.

nushcar Fri 21-Mar-14 13:59:25

I was at least a teenager, but long floral skirts, tops with giant hippy hearts on it, cropped tops and round sunglasses with green tinted lenses I seem to remember. Most stuff in the shops was grungy. I also had some shiny satin shirts with with chinese style necklines. They would be useful for fancy dress if I still had them!

Twinklestein Fri 21-Mar-14 21:05:14

Yeh to me DMs are 70s punk, with a mid 80s renaissance, and that was that. I never liked Indie which was just stuck in early 80s indie goth look and basically a hangover from punk lite. My first Adidas were in 1988 bless. Walk this way, talk this way...

southeastastra Fri 21-Mar-14 21:12:57

i hated that period, my son was 1 and clothes were still really shit unless you had lots of money. i used to wear stiff jeans and shirts mostly. shitty time for fashion iirc.

BopToTheTop Fri 21-Mar-14 21:16:06

I was a newborn so I guess a sleep suit of some sort grin

In 1994 I started uni. I wore denim mini skirts, DMs, either big tshirts or cropped tops. Vest tops under denim shirts or checky shirts.

Velvet jackets, v- neck jumpers, small dresses with DMs for clubbing.

Gosh! Those were great days.

Oh, I had a mini kilt too but I was a size 8 then, so it would possibly it round one thigh now.

SoldeInvierno Fri 21-Mar-14 22:04:57

I was 24 and living in Hull. I wore long hippy skirts with bells at the waist. They made an awful rattle everytime I walked into a lecture theatre

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