Bra intervention - How has it affected you?

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boogiewoogie Wed 12-Mar-14 18:10:23

So with more of use being remeasured and swapping old bras for our real sized bras, I wonder whether whether it's made much of a difference overall. Please feel free to share your experience, your old and new bra size and whether bra intervention has made a difference to you.

Okay, so for me, I was already quite small at 32A but my problems were mainly that the straps would fall down, the band would ride up when I lifted my arms and there would be gaping between the cups. I've tried several 28Ds and am currently wearing a Cleo Marcie 28DD. No more falling straps, band staying put and no flashing nipples when I lean over. However, they seem rather uncomfortable with the first few wears. I

It does mean however that to buy 28 back bras, I would have to rely doing it mostly online or wait till I get to a big city.

It's been great for me. I was measured originally as an A cup then as a C cup but I'm actually a G. I don't understand how the instore bra fitters could get it so wrong. I have bad shoulders anyway because of a medical condition but having a badly fitting bra caused me even more pain that I needn't have been in. A bra intervention for me has lessened the pain in my shoulders, improved my posture, dropped me a dress size on top, overall improved the fit of my clothes and just generally made me feel good grin

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 12-Mar-14 18:21:17

Made a huge difference. I'd been walking around in 36 bs for years. When I actually got properly fitted I turned out to be a 36 D

No more straps digging in and I don't look like a man any more smile

WaitingForMe Wed 12-Mar-14 18:28:08

DH and I had a lengthy conversation and he supported me in saving for a reduction and lift because my breasts depressed me. So we saved in the region of £6k and he is absolutely delighted because he loves my boobs.

On the flip side I'm currently working up a list of desired clients and rejected a lingerie shop because they insist on M&S measuring. I simply cannot work with someone who purports that! I'm also in a slightly silly argument with a friend who claims to be a 32A. I wear a 32/34F and she is a size 8 to my 10-12. No way do we have the same ribcage - I'd beat her in a fight just by sitting on her! I find I'm quite militant and far too interested in peoples breasts!

I was wearing 38AA.

I'm now wearing 32EE/F.

My whole torso has definition. I have shapely breasts and a waist. People have asked if I've lost weight.

I'm a size 14/16 BTW.

turkeyboots Wed 12-Mar-14 18:35:06

Huge difference here to. I was always a 38b and a 40b when pregnant. Except I am really a 36E.

pinkflaming0 Wed 12-Mar-14 19:15:37

32C to 30DD. With the right bra I now don't find the cups are too close together and the band doesn't ride up at the back - looks much better. Wish more mainstream shops would stock 30 and 28 backs. Don't they realise that most/many of the size 10, 8 & 6 or smaller ladies they sell clothes to are probably a size 30 back or smaller??!?!?

Oh and the specialist DD+ manufacturers need to realise that 30DD doesn't mean big boobs that require thick straps etc. to be supportive.

This is my absolute favourite bra just wish there was a smooth 't-shirt' style version.

HazleNutt Wed 12-Mar-14 19:18:20

I intervened myself some years ago, but I can tell what difference a well fitting bra makes. I used to be in 36DD - I'm about 30/32FF normally. I thought that
- in my size, you can't wear anything but full cup styles, as boobs kept escaping from anything else.
- If you do wear a plunge or balconnet bra, it's normal that you have to keep stuffing the boobs back every now and then. Normal to wobble when you walk.
- you can't get the central gore to lie flat.
- normal that straps leave dents in your shoulders - sure, boobs are heavy and hang with all their weight on the straps.
-normal that you have to keep pulling the band back down throughout the day.
- it's not possible to run or do any intensive sports, sports bras don't work.

Guess what - all wrong!

LoveVintage Wed 12-Mar-14 19:19:48

I went from being measured a 36GG in Debenhams (and spending a lot of money on bras that size!) to a 32H, which I have just started buying bras in. Not a massive difference, but makes a huge difference to my overall shape.

I hope one of the big differences is that the high street retailers will see a shift in the sizes people are buying, and cater better for us.

Intervention plus massive weight loss moved me from 38F to 26G.
It's no easier to buy bras, but the ones I do get fit properly (I used to be able to keep keys/wallet etc down my bra!)

JabberJabberJay Wed 12-Mar-14 19:33:57

I don't think I've found the right bra yet.

I was wearing a 36B or C. Pretty uncomfortable but I suppose I was used to it.

Intervention put me at at a 32F or a 34E. Bravissimo assistant put me in a 32F. I bought a few in that size but they were hideously uncomfortable- so tight in the band I felt I couldn't breathe properly. Cup size felt right though.

Tried a 34E instead but TBH it was no better. Band too tight and overspill in cups. Tried some 34Fs next but they were too large in the band and rubbed...

Feeling quite downhearted as I've spent about 100 quid on bras this month and still don't have one that fits.

Might go back to my 36Bs sad

Chopsypie Wed 12-Mar-14 19:37:10

Went from 38 dd to 36ff.

My figure is better, my posture is better, my clothes fit better.

I am also evangelical about it. I've been known to whip my tape measure out at work and send people off to the toilets to measure. Including one person who was wearing a 36a and is now wearing a 28e!

Jabber it sounds like the original sizing was right but you haven't found the right bras for you - there's a huge range. Also, you've gone from a 36 to a 32 which is a big size change and will take a while to get used to - I wouldn't suggest immediately wearing bras that much tighter for a full day tbh. New bras generally need a little breaking in IMO, plus you've had a considerable size change so the new bras will have entirely different pressure points.

HumphreyCobbler Wed 12-Mar-14 19:46:10

scooping! no more bulges out the back.

Soyoureallythinkso Wed 12-Mar-14 19:53:53

Well I am now wearing the right band size (28 or 30 instead of 32) BUT according to Mumsnet my cup size should be C or D. I have tried these sizes and the cups are empty! And yes I have scooped.

I am a skinny size 6 with very little boobs.
Was previously wearing a 32A

Badvoc Wed 12-Mar-14 19:54:57

Well....I have been wearing 36ff for ages now.
Have lost some weight and knew I had gone down in got some 36 d bras. Didn't fit either!
Got measured today and am....a 32ff!!!!
The difference is incredible - it will take some time to get used to the tighter fit but the shape is soooo much better!l

Soyoureallythinkso - the cup measurement is much harder tbf. However - moulded bras (especiall plunge ones) are dire for gaping on lots of people, especially if you have lost fullness towards the top of your breasts (or never had fullness there to begin with.)

It could be a shape issue in which case try something balconette or half cup - a wider but squarer cup rather than one which is higher at the sides

bigkidsdidit Wed 12-Mar-14 20:10:44

My new ones look better but they dig in between my breasts. I can't wait to get home and undo them! I am quite slim on my top half. Have I got the size wrong or will it get better?

Which bras did you buy bigkids?

bigkidsdidit Wed 12-Mar-14 20:18:40

Which brand? They are Elle McPherson. I've gone from 36a to 32d.

WowserBowser Wed 12-Mar-14 20:25:49

I wish i had never been bra intervened as i now RAGE at the lack of decent sizes in shops. So many people must wear the wrong size for the shops to have such a pitiful selection.

I went from a 34c to a 30f. I was stunned as my boobs are fairly small. I got a 30f and cups are perfect I'm just not used to my bras being tight.

I tried on a 32dd bra in Next as it was the biggest they did in that band - 30c biggest in 30s. The band was too big and now my 34c bras feel ridiculous.

I will shop around for a perfect fit.

What i discovered most from the bra intervention threads was that my shoulders hurt as the band was too loose. The band should take some of the support.

ProjectGainsborough Wed 12-Mar-14 20:30:11

My boobs are getting bigger! One of the bra ladies <I think Sorrel> said that it might happen because of the scooping and it's true. My armpit boob is now boob-boob.

I have tiny tits and I am delighted.

BirthdayMuppet Wed 12-Mar-14 20:34:29

I now take a tape measure out with me when I go to the pub with female friends blush I've intervened three girlfriends during drunken nights out blush

RosegoldRuby Wed 12-Mar-14 20:41:41

I went from a 38 c or d to a 34ff.
Apart from looking perkier grin, the pain I'd had in one breast for about 7 years has completely gone.

boogiewoogie Wed 12-Mar-14 21:05:53

Hmm, had a look at my bra drawer just now and tried some of my old favourites. I realise that looking at the mirror that they look ridiculous! The cups seem to just "sit" on the end of my boobs and they're tiny! My new ones seem to fit where my breasts are without being too close together iyswim.

Soyoureally It does take a while to find decent fitting bras, especially with the right shape as well as the size. I ordered the Panache Tango ii Plunge in 28D and 28DD and neither of them fitted because I'm not pointy enough.

I was an M&s 38b. My boobs were squashed sideways in a middle aged spread type way. I used to put my nads to the sides and underneath and be able to push my boobs at lesst 2 inches in and up. Couldn't understand why underwired bras didn't support them but seemed to just sit over them.
The wires sat at least half an inch from my rib cage, and the bra constantly rode up, sometimes half my boobs would be escaping out under the wires.

I didn't even know that tha middle bit was supposed to sit flat to the chest!! On reading a bra intervention thread last June I pushed the bit against my chest and was stunned at the way my boobs immediately bulged over the top of the cup.

I now wear Freya's in a 34e. I am a different shape. My belly looks smaller because my boobs stick up and out. Last summer all my dresses looked better. I Bought a cup sized swimsuit and felt fab on holiday.

I discovered that my boob shape is totally unsuited to moulded cups yet I'd been wearing those for years, but they weren't like bras on me, more like some kind of bandage that squashed my boobs and made my top half look a dress size bigger.

My only regret is that I didn't keep one of the 38b, it would have acted as a nice reminder how far I've come!

Oh and nothing in marks and spencer fits me, not in any size. I don't know who they think they are making bras for but I suspect it's not humans.

MadBusLady Wed 12-Mar-14 22:39:56

I intervened myself several years ago. I was in 34Cs/Ds, had constant wobble and adjusting going on and from my middle twenties I had back pain and sore chafed boobs by the end of every day and couldn't wait to get home and get my bra off - thought that was normal!

I wear a 30F/FF now and I am comfortable all day and never even think about adjusting because my boobs just stay where I put them in the morning. And the back pain which I assumed was just part of getting a bit older and thought would be with me for life has VANISHED, that's probably the biggest thing.

ummingandahhing Wed 12-Mar-14 23:17:55

I'm currently trying to intervene with someone and she's being very sceptical!

Point her at the brabandproject website. It often cures the skeptics

MrsPennyapple Wed 12-Mar-14 23:54:33

Was wearing 34C
Suggested 32F
Now wearing 34C

32 is like a vice around my ribs, and anything above a C cup is just empty space. Still not convinced 34C is actually right, but it's the nearest to a decent fit.

TheFillyjonk Thu 13-Mar-14 06:52:16

With intervention, I went down from a 28G to a 28E. There's not a major difference in the fit, really - I'm still having to rest my (clothed) bosom on the table if I sit for a long time. grin

As I've always been a 28, the price of bras didn't throw me. I do always wonder how many women who've been intervened have had a massive wake up call at how ridiculously expensive properly-fitting underwear is. Also how ahem lacking in style a lot of it is - all that garishly coloured nipple-flashing mesh and those godawful psychedelic prints... The Bravissimo catalogue makes me quite sad, really.

SorrelForbes Thu 13-Mar-14 07:00:29

MrsPennyapple I suspect that was a style issue. What type of bras did you try?

TheFillyjonk hmmm, I'll have to disagree, the latest catalogue has just arrived and there are some beautiful designs (IMHO)

Eminybob Thu 13-Mar-14 07:00:47

Could someone please tell me how to take the measurement? Shamefully I have never ever been measured I just try on bras until one fits blush

MrsPennyapple Thu 13-Mar-14 08:12:33

Sorrel I like balcony style, I avoid plunge styles as they tend to gape. Tbh I probably need to re-measure as I've lost a bit more baby weight since then.

ummingandahhing Thu 13-Mar-14 08:12:55

Statistically I KNOW she's in the wrong bra as she's a size 12 and thinks she's 36B!

HazleNutt Thu 13-Mar-14 08:48:29

umm I had a friend like this too, kept insisting she's 38, because she's always been 38 and if she measures in cm, she's 85 cm and that converts to UK38, so therefore she's 38.

Once when she was visiting, I took one of my size 32 bras, draped it over her shirt, back to front and showed that she can hook it with room to spare.

poorbuthappy Thu 13-Mar-14 08:56:35

If you change your bra from a 36 fine to a 34/32/30 then yes to start with the bra is always going to feel tight.
It may even rub because suddenly the right bits of bra are supporting your boobs. The band not the straps is meant to do the work.

So wearing the bra for an hour and then ditching it because it's too tight is not the way to go. Your boobs will not thank you!!!

Was 34B. Went to 30D before my last pregnancy but that wasn't enough - I was fitted at 28GG when I was bfing. I am currently waiting to stop bfing before getting refitted, I am wearing a selection of ill fitting 32DDs and 30Ds at the moment. I suspect I'm a 28E. No point spending a load of money only for it all to change again in a couple of weeks.

noddyholder Thu 13-Mar-14 09:05:43

I had hideous indigestion for a few days and looked like a 1950s pin up. Have gone back to my normal size and am relieved not to be stared at!

FrugalFashionista Thu 13-Mar-14 09:07:23

I think the bra ladies deserve a medal. I took the middle road - went down in the band size and up in the cup size but not so much that it stops circulation. I choose bras that feel good and sexy. I have fairly small and firm breasts, so extreme support is not what I'm looking for. Rather, I want to feel good.

SorrelForbes Thu 13-Mar-14 09:10:36

MrsPennyapple Sounds like you might like a wide, shallow cup. Have your tried the Cleo Juna, Cleo Lucy/Bonnie or the Lepel Fiore Half cup?

I love a good RL bossing around intervention session

MrsPennyapple Thu 13-Mar-14 09:28:47

I haven't tried any of those, Sorrel, we have a very limited choice locally, and I can't afford a lot, so I'm pretty stuck. My mum does have a Bravissimo nearby, so I'll make an appointment next time I go to visit.

funkybuddha Thu 13-Mar-14 09:31:56

ok, so I think I definitely need an intervention. I haven't bought any bras for 5 years (while I was pregnant and breast feeding) and wore some that people gave me that kind of fitted. blush
so how do I do this and where is a good place to shop?

Hopasholic Thu 13-Mar-14 09:41:19

I went from a 34/36 D to a 30E. My boobs are now 'lifted up back where they belong, they look soooo much better in clothes but I do still find it hard to find the right one. Different brands just vary so much depending on style.
Need a couple of T-shirt bras for the summer if anyone has any recommendations?
I will never venture into M&S lingerie dept again. Even their staff are obviously in the wrong size hmm

ProjectGainsborough Thu 13-Mar-14 09:46:03

I thought the band was ridiculously tight at first too, but I bore with it and now it feels completely normal. My boobs stay where I put them, as everyone else has said. I tried on one of my old 34's recently and it was sliding around my back, and tits jiggling everywhere - horrible sensation.

Not a lot of difference here to be honest, it only changed me from a 36D to a 36E. Bravissimo sized me correctly but the bra I ended up buying there didn't actually fit that well, the straps kept falling down. Have gone back to M&S and found bras that fit perfectly.

cjbk1 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:11:24

was just thinking about this; no disrespect to statistically or anybody else but the intervention has put me back to where I was; hmm four fresh bad experiences at department stores, one at expensive independent place wasted money....i just have rubbish boobs don't i? confused

Canalside Thu 13-Mar-14 10:26:07


I went from 36C pre-pregnancy, to getting properly fitted into a 34GG while breastfeeding, then 32GG once things settled a bit, and am now in a 30FF/G post-feeding. I used to wear plunge padded bras but now find that I've lost volume at the top so half cup bras and some lower-cut balconettes look best on me. I feel much better and am much comfier in a properly fitting bra.

I have some panache Idinas, which are really comfy, and have just got a Bravissimo Rococo Charm, and a Hearts Amour, which I like a bit less as it's padded. Are there any others that are similar in fit, do any of you know?

Am also desperate to intervene my sister - she's in a 36C from m&s when she's a size 8-10. I'd be betting on more like a 28GG/H personally!

Canalside Thu 13-Mar-14 10:34:30


I went from 36C pre-pregnancy, to getting properly fitted into a 34GG while breastfeeding, then 32GG once things settled a bit, and am now in a 30FF/G post-feeding. I used to wear plunge padded bras but now find that I've lost volume at the top so half cup bras and some lower-cut balconettes look best on me. I feel much better and am much comfier in a properly fitting bra.

I have some panache Idinas, which are really comfy, and have just got a Bravissimo Rococo Charm, and a Hearts Amour, which I like a bit less as it's padded. Are there any others that are similar in fit, do any of you know?

Am also desperate to intervene my sister - she's in a 36C from m&s when she's a size 8-10. I'd be betting on more like a 28GG/H personally!

CalamityKate Thu 13-Mar-14 10:43:19

36DD - 34FF!

I've got implants and worried that I'd got a touch of capsular contracture because my right boob used to get tight and painful on and off.

It's been completely fine since intervention.

CelticPromise Thu 13-Mar-14 10:45:54

I went from 36E to 32G when originally fitted at Rigby & Peller. The most obvious effect was that I looked as though I'd lost at least a stone. Have lost a bit of weight since and am wearing a 30HH. Mainly a size 16 in clothes.

I also try to intervene others all the time.

FrugalFashionista Thu 13-Mar-14 11:37:17

Cjbk - roughly what size are you? What is not working?

<no one has rubbish boobs>

(I'm small-boobed and thought for the longest time something is wrong - but very happy now!)

BeginnerSAHM Thu 13-Mar-14 11:55:53

Didn't work for me... I was (and still am) wearing 30C. I neeeeed the padding. I should be wearing 28DD (or maybe D) but I dislike all the styles I've seen. Really like the 'Wacoal petite' range, which is what I wear every day in a 30C although get tiny bit of overspill when the bras are brand new. (And done up on tightest hook.)

Am a size 6/8 on top with teeny shoulders and ribcage. Prob more like an 8. 5'5''.

SorrelForbes Thu 13-Mar-14 12:01:21

BeginnerSAHM Which brands/styles have you looked at? Marie-Jo, Lepel, Elle MacPherson?

BeginnerSAHM Thu 13-Mar-14 13:38:30

Hi sorrel - only looked at figleaves online. I probably need to actually order them but would probably need to order at least 10 and have a trying on session... I can't seem to find any nice ones in the London department stores. I'd prefer to try in a shop before I buy but I might bite the bullet and spend £300 online (on the basis it can all go back if necessary!!).

I have curvy Kate, cleo and panache and freya sports bras in my online basket... Don't think elle macpherson does 28 back.

SorrelForbes Thu 13-Mar-14 14:41:29

Have you looked at Brastop? They've got 15% off at the moment with code MARCH15.

MadBusLady Thu 13-Mar-14 15:29:54

Elle mcP comes up small in the back so might be worth a try. I am 30 back but wear a 32.

cjbk1 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:36:28

Well frugal in recent years 34a coz 32's are hard to get then I tried 30/2 d and e from
bravissimo coz of the intervention but they didn't fit either; empty cuppage blush then 32a from specialist shop-flat chest effect sad and now I'm back in the 34c maternity bras……my 'breasts' just don't behave like other women's not sure of the correct apostrophe usage pls don't flame

Floisme Thu 13-Mar-14 16:43:00

I was wearing 32A/B. Now I'm in a 28F and look like a goddess grin
Thank you thanks

FrugalFashionista Thu 13-Mar-14 17:38:25

I'm asking Cjb because 34ABC has been my size too (and I've had lifelong problems with empty cuppage). Right now 32D feels best and is still easy to get (I'm abroad and shops where I shop don't do UK sizing). I have wide but shallow breasts, don't need much support because they are very firm. I'm doing more and more soft cups and love this bra type. Feel free to pm for more ideas and also see the Tiny Tits thread. I think women with smaller breasts are often overlooked and misunderstood!

carmenelectra Thu 13-Mar-14 19:06:01

Well I started a thread last wk as I did the bra intervention and still not got very far.

Was wearing 32c left breast a bit fuller. Balconette styles are my favourite buy I ended up with only one feeling comfy and all the rest either popping out or generally ill fitting.

Im sixe 8 to 10 and remeasured at 35 full breast and 30 ribcage. Bought two new bras that felt ok. No over spill but slight rubbing of wires under 30dd.

Tried 32d and dd band felt ok but cups ibe not bought anymore. Tried couple different styles and so far none that feel right. I think the 30dd aee probably right and it makes sense and they seem to be getting comfier. .

I need a full day to go properly shopping as I cant afford the time or money to getting ones that aee not right when I get home.

Ive got loads of old size but newish bras that I can no longer wear and just two tshirt style ones that actually fit.

CynicalandSmug Thu 13-Mar-14 19:50:11

Was a 32dd, now seem to be 30e/f. I think the newer sized ones look a bit better but they all feel the same to be honest. Bras are too expensive for me to throw out the old ones, but future purchases will be with Bravissimo.

I love my boobs nows used to 38A now 34d 36 c and 32 dd depends on style and shop I found primark really good

I found a old bra and tried it now omg I saw how the cup did nothing apart from cover nipples and a bit of my boob I seem to be buying skintight tshirts and wear cardigans to show my sexy boobs off dp loves the fact I love my boobs as I wonder around the flat in my underwear more showing them off

FionaJT Thu 13-Mar-14 20:05:17

I measured myself last weekend, after lurking on the intervention thread. I was wearing 34C/D, and measured at 31.5 ribcage and 39-40 round my breasts.

I ordered a big pile of bras from Brastop in 32F & FF which arrived yesterday, but while the tighter band feels better and I can see in principle that the bigger cup makes sense, the cups were mostly too big. I'm keeping a couple, although I don't think they are the perfect fit yet, and exchanging some for a smaller size. I have been wearing one of the new bras today, and while it rubs a bit, I definitely feel like everything is staying where it should more than previously!

Tonight I popped into TK Maxx and found a few 32 DD & E bras, which I tried on and the cups were all definitely too small, so I feel like I am going in the right direction with sizing. No miracles yet but I am hopeful.

Carmeneletc when I go shopping I take a bra extender with me as sometimes the etxra cm of hooks helps with tightness

IME, trying to find the right bra is up there with finding a good pair of jeans. You might know that your base size is a 14, but how many pairs of jeans do you try on before you find one that fits everywhere properly? And you probably already know that bootlegs don't suit you so have ruled out a huge number before you even start whereas if you have been wearing the vastly wrong size of bra you probably don't know what shapes work either.

Which bras did you order FionaJT

FionaJT Thu 13-Mar-14 20:36:54

StatisticallyChallenged, I ordered Curvy Kate Portia, Daily Boost and Emily, Nessa Lucy and Stella, Flirtelle Cheryl and a Gossard Vintage Rose bra. Mostly balconettes as that's what's always fitted best before.
I'm keeping the Gossard one and the Curvy Kate Emily (which was an F cup) and exchanging the Daily Boost and the Stella for smaller sizes. The rest are just going back. I guess I need to try different shapes, they were all rather baggy at the top.

BeginnerSAHM Fri 14-Mar-14 14:53:58

Eek - in rigby and pellet trying on 30Ds!!! 30c too small shockshockshock. Really, I have teeny boobs. (They don't do 28 back)

SorrelForbes Fri 14-Mar-14 14:56:10

If you're a 30D in R&P then you'll probably need a 28DD in other brands. Honestly, a 28DD is still a very small cup.

BeginnerSAHM Fri 14-Mar-14 14:58:18

Yup, I know it is VVV small but my friends never believe me when I say I wear a 30C wink!! The D makes me feel happy anyway....

funkybuddha Fri 14-Mar-14 18:29:30

can anyone tell me how to measure myself? I have no idea how this works but like the idea of not having straps falling off my shoulders and shipping my bra off as soon as I come in!

funkybuddha Sat 15-Mar-14 09:36:35

thank you, will have a squiz now

KatoPotato Sat 15-Mar-14 09:39:03

Thanks to bra intervention I've become obsessed with buying bras!!

SorrelForbes Sat 15-Mar-14 10:01:33

KatoPotato Oh, lovely drawer of neatly arranged bras envy. Most of mine are unmoulded so I don't think they'll stack like that!

Sorrel I double mine over, put the cups inside each other and then stuff them with the pants. They stack up fairly well like that - not quite as well as moulded but still quite neat

SorrelForbes Sat 15-Mar-14 14:21:32

StatisticallyChallenged Snap! I'm running out of space though so I'm beginning to think about appropriating DH's underwear drawer!

BTW, I wore my new Cleo Minnie set yesterday. Very, very comfy. The pants especially are very flattering and seem roomier (and deeper) than usual.

I might have to give Minnie a try.

BTW I've discovered that my marcie purple pants are obviously mis-sized in some way as they're literally about 4 sizes smaller than my Millie ones I got recently. Think I somehow got size 10s masquerading as a 16!

comicsansisevil Sat 15-Mar-14 15:53:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SorrelForbes Sat 15-Mar-14 15:58:40

StatisticallyChallenged Well, I did wonder when you said how small they were grin. Ouch.

comicsansisevil That's interesting, I get back fat with a 34DD but none with a 30GG. Have you tried a 32FF/G? The cup volume of a 34F is equal to a 32FF so you have in effect gone up a cup anyway.

Got another 2 bras and pant set today opps though one is my bridal underwear cant try it on till dp goes to work tonight my boobs are going to be sooo perky looking than 20 years ago dp already asked to have a look (to check they fit)

I ran out of the room shouting nooooo not yet reading that bra thread last year has changed my life thankyou so much grin

comicsansisevil Sat 15-Mar-14 16:02:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILoveOnionRings Sat 15-Mar-14 16:03:10

Hi all, I have been a lurker on the bra intervention threads but after reading most of them realised I was in the wrong bra. I particularly hurt on the shoulders and would end up with chaffing, marks and my shoulders being pulled forward. Did the pull the bra out test, huge gap!

I was wearing 34F's but have come away from Bravissimo today with 32GGs mainly and a 32G. The assistant was fabulous and patient as I tried on over 30 bras.

I bought what I could afford then the other bras that fitted have added to the wishlist

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