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enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 13:40:12

I piggybacked on another thread with a few questions. Now having had all the size advice I thought I'd post about the bras I ordered online and give feedback and comments and leave it open for anyone else to chip in with similar questions or feedback.

I always try and buy my underwear when the sales are on and admit I look for bargains, but I do like something pretty and for it to feel nice as well as being a good price because if you don't really like something that much, it's not a bargain really is it.

I ordered six bras of the size I measure up to and six pairs of pants too. Must admit I was a bit disappointed in the parcel that came. I got free next day delivery which was good, but the parcel looked a bit like a football, a soft plastic bag and everything bundled up in one scrunched up sheet of tissue. Some of the bras were fastened and some not, so overall I was slightly underwhelmed by my package of goodies.
On the upside though returns are free and replacements sent free of postage as well.

I'll post some links to the styles and thoughts so far.
The last thread I posted on was here

<waves> Any joy?

enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 14:51:50

I ordered all styles in the same size. 36F as decided by the measuring technique bending over and am trying them all on the loosest fastening after scooping everything into the cups.
The Nessa Matylda balconette.
To be honest haven't even tried this on. Compared to all the others it looks and feels cheap to me. I wouldn't ever have thought its normal price is £29.
The fabric on the front of one cup looks like it's been snagged by a piece of jewellery or something and the pants are about a third of the size of all the other pairs. They look about like my DD's sad That said some of the others look quite a bit too big compared to what I already have.
Flirtelle Tiffany Balconette.
This is the tightest fit of all on the band. I can still pull it away from my body but it's much snugger than the other two I've tried on so far.
I've scooped but there's a tiny bit of a bulge under one arm still (one breast is noticeably bigger than the other)
It gives an amazing cleavage, no spillage over the top of the cups, even though they are much lower cut than the other two bras.
Is it too small or do I just need to try it again when I have more time?

It's very pretty with a noticeably gold thread, probably a bra for wearing on nights out. It gives an impressive cleavage grin and was a steal at the price.
Lepel Fiore Full Cup
Very pretty, more golden cream than lemon in the trim. Feels lovely.
As soon as I put this one on it felt good. Will keep as an everyday bra, just not sure about the shape on me. It's more like what I already have.

I still have three more to try on later blush

Oooh just seen you Statistically. I was busy finding the links and typing all that out grin I'm a real convert. Did you see my comment in the other thread about what a fitter told me about back fat? the more I think about that the more cross I feel.
I also tried my very best to get someone I know to get a fitting and they went to M&S, who sold her a 38B bra that she then told me felt all wrong.
Even I could guess that she's more a FF, E or G cup and no where near a 38 band either.

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Tue 28-Jan-14 14:59:42

Hi - that brastop place has amazing prices. I have fairly recently been converted and got fitted at Bravissimo. If this one fits me well, which others should do the job?

Hope you don't mind me crashing the thread too much.

I have this and a cleo one that was cheaper but the underwire digs in at the middle.


The flirtelle - I haven't tried but I think they are a sister brand to Curvy Kate and share their wide wired traits! With that style you really shouldn't have underarm bulge and I think you might need to go up one cup. On me, a cup too small isn't in major overspill territory - it tends to appear at the armpits first. There are some tips on about managing asymmetry which you might find helpful.

The Lepel - looks like a comfy everyday type bra, I'm guessing it's comfortable but doesn't really do that much shape wise? Let's see how the others are but I think that you might want to try more of the balconette styles which tend to give good lift. I like Cleo and Ewa for this

Thereslots SorrelForbes (one of the other crazy bra ladies) loves the Idina and she also wears Cleo Juna, Cleo Marcie, Ewa Michalak CH and CHP cuts, and has got on well with Fauve half cups. The other which you might like is the Panache Jasmine

For the cleo you have - assuming you cant return it you could try very gently bending the wires out a fraction. They do tend to have quite strong gores.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 15:12:56

Thereslotsof I don't mind at all, I felt guilty kind of taking over someone else's thread, but I think all the feedback will be useful so as to get an idea of how various brands size up and what kind of styles suit which kind of shapes best.

Statistically I think you've read it just right and I think I'm probably kidding myself about the Flirtelle simply because it's so pretty blush
I wonder if I had it on for long if the band would begin to hurt and be uncomfortable. I might ask you what size you recommend I try instead - will try the other bras on first though so as to give more clues.

You remind me of the first lady who ever fitted me. She was by far the best and even after she'd found a bra she was happy with for size, she looked at the shaping and said 'I'm sure we can do better' I felt very confident with her judgement and haven't ever found the same again.
I wish I could get to a Bravissimo easily.

Try the flirtelle back to front to test the band - I'm wondering if the too small cup is causing it to feel tight. It's an easy mistake to make!

I think we can do better than the Lepel smile I have a Fantasie that sounds similar - it's comfy and all, but it doesn't really do anything for me!

enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 15:56:21

I put them all on back to front first off statistically and of them all the Flirtelle and the Curvy Kate bands feel the same, tight and not all that comfortable but still with a bit of give to pull away from the body. The Charnos is similar.

I've only had them all on and off quite quickly but have done this and scooped too.
But I'm a bit disheartened really.

This Curvy Kate
feels tight on the band, but no matter the scooping still leaves me with armpit bulge and a bit of back fat on one side.
The lightly moulded cup also makes me feel huge and as if I'm packing weapons.

The Charnos Destiny is a full cup
It's a nice bra and a reasonable fit but it does nothing for my shape at all, like two protruding bullets blush
So I'm thinking that probably proves the full cup isn't really for me, which I think you already suggested.

This Fauve Veronique balconette is my favourite bra, it's lovely fabric and has lots of detailing on it
but it doesn't fit. There's wrinkling at the top of the cups and I don't quite fill it.
Do you think it's worth trying another size and if so what?

Unhappily this one is a reasonable fit
but I just don't like it.
It's the only one of all the bras that has three hooks and eyes as well as three band positions.

I'm now thinking my perceived size difference in sides is less than I imagine and it's only the larger side that seems to have given a problem with these bras, on the wrinkled cup one it wrinkled both sides.

Entice I have tried, and it left me with armpit bulges too. For me, it was too low at the sides really. However, it also runs slightly small in the cups so again, you need to try and judge whether it would fit if it was a little bigger, or if its the shape

Haven't tried the Charnos but in general full cups don't give the best lift. The straps are attached to the top of the cup, rather than in the nessa one were it is attached to the piece that goes under your boobs. This gives much better lift

I have the veronique, and it works for me with slightly full on top boobs. I wonder if you are maybe slightly fuller on the bottom, but not by much possible. There is a half cup version which might be worth trying, along with possibly a size down in the one you have?

I think however we are seeing a wee bit of a pattern in what works shape wise - it looks like the Nessa type shape (what is sometime called balconette and sometimes balcony), not too high at the top but with decent height at the sides might be what you need. Have you ever tried the Bravissimo Alana? Or anything by Cleo?

enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 19:05:34

I feel like I'm learning so much, thank you.
I've noted the bit about how the straps are attached, that's interesting and I think you may be right and I have a little bit more fullness lower in the breast, not much, but a bit.

I've looked at the Curvy Kate Entice again and I just don't like it. The material looks a bit wrinkly on the cups when it's not even on. So I shall definitely give that a miss. I've dug another bra out from the back of my drawer, it's a Chantelle full cup in a 34E, I think I stopped wearing that as the band felt so tight, but it's engineered totally differently - the underwires feel incredibly sturdy grin and I like the quality, so I shall try and work out what's wrong with the fit now.
I'm also taking on board the balcony-ette shapes and will avoid the full cup in future I think, although I will look for something with good support.

I'll give them a ring about the returns tomorrow and see what they have as substitutes to reserve and I'll look at the Cleo options.
I'm interested in the Ewa range, but feel like I need to get to know more about what I'm suited to before I take the risk of ordering from abroad.

Thank you very much for all the help so far statistically thanks

I have a sneaking suspicion that when it comes to Ewas you might like the S and SM styles. The CHP is a definite half cup with vertical seams, where the S is sort of like a plunge balconette hybrid. The SM is an unmoulded S. At least you are in their standard size range.

I'm a fan of the unpadded Cleos - Marcie for example. Gives good lift and a fairly upfront shape but the cups are a little more open at the top. The bottom right one on this page is a marcie. Melissa (the blue one which appears twice on the second row) is quite nice too.

This is the bravissimo Alana.

todaysdateis Wed 29-Jan-14 11:58:05

Sorry to gate crash but measured myself the 'mumsnet' way and think that I am a 34E rather than a 36D not too disimilar but obviously the fit is better.

So I'm now upgrading my bras and have just bought a Curvy Kate Gia in black in TK Maxx for £6.99 I think it fits ok - no back fat, no overspill, no wires digging in smile So I looked on the internet to find a white one and noticed that in the pictures of the women showing off the Gia that the cup seems to cover more of their breasts than it covers mine just wondering if I should go up a cup size or whether the women on the pictures where just a smaller cup size! Any help/suggestions appreciated.

SorrelForbes Wed 29-Jan-14 12:21:00

It's very possibly just the way that style fits on different people. Have you tried the bar on with a tight fitting t-shirt over the top? If not, try that (remember to scoop) and then have a look from the side. Any quad boob should show up.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 13:10:34

You're not gate crashing todaysdate no apology necessary.
I think it's great how much I'm learning reading about other people's questions.

I'm making notes on the advice to me and am currently wearing my old Chantelle bra just to see. It feels very 'sturdy' of band, but not necessarily too tight or uncomfortable if that makes sense?

I do have a real ache in my shoulder on the bigger breast side though. I wonder if this is coincidence or if I just slept funny or the bra?

In the past I've always seemed to have problems with straps slipping down. How tight should they be? to slip one finger underneath? or two? I've forgotten.

Once the band is right you should find that the straps stop being a problem. Normally they fall down becausetthe band is too big

SorrelForbes Wed 29-Jan-14 13:48:28

Straps slipping down is a sign that the band is too big. At least 80% of the support should come from the band and only 20% from the straps.

SorrelForbes Wed 29-Jan-14 13:49:08

Cross post

By the way Stats, who are you calling crazy wink

Like it's not true! [Grin]

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 14:02:22

Thank you, but how much should you adjust your straps? should you still be able to get one or two fingers beneath?

I wish crazy bra ladies would stage a face to face intervention with my DD. She lives in her own place and I was quizzing her. She's wearing a 32 or 34" bra. She says she has nothing and I have heard that in the past she's considered a boob job. She is very slender, so I tried telling her she's more a 28 or 30" and she will be amazed how a correctly fitting bra will look and feel, but she won't listen at all.

I explained the method to measure, talked her through arm pit bulges, back fat and scooping, but I think she thinks I've lost my mind hmm

I left it that I want her to tell me the two measurements and it's a kind of challenge. I might have quite a wait, but I'll keep on.

SorrelForbes Wed 29-Jan-14 14:04:32

Fair point!

I can get one finger under the strap of the bra I'm wearing today, two at a real push.

I'd love to! Do you live in the SW grin

Keep persevering. My friends and family are all used to me bossing them around pestering them about bras. I think I've managed to pretty convert everyone with about one exception.

todaysdateis Wed 29-Jan-14 14:05:58

Thanks sorrel I've got it on today with a tight fitting t-shirt and no four boobs! But feel very out there if you know what I mean!!

I think I'll be collecting all the colours now

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 14:36:58

todaysdate it's strange at first when you look down or look side view in the mirror and see something particularly different grin

Can't believe you still have a resister Sorrel
I've adjusted my straps a little bit more and later am going to retry my bra delivery again with the extra information I have.

Sadly am not even close to the SW sad shame.

Sf and I are at opposite ends of the country connected by bra elastic! I'm in Edinburgh

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 16:58:02

sad we make a triangle then.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 17:53:34

Crazy Bra Experts what's your lowdown on Kris Line bras please? they look so pretty.

I need you to talk me through everything now blush

Kris Line are generally small in band and cup (I can get in to my standard size but would prefer one cup up, and I like a firrrrrmmm band) but the uplift is excellent. They were my introduction to polish bras.

Oh and the wires are relatively narrow

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 18:20:43

Ooooh I'm quite intrigued now as to why Polish bras seem to be figuring [blush' no pun intended there, as important in the market.

I like the sound of the uplift, but not sure about narrow wires? do you mean the shape of the wires is narrow? and so possibly not so good for my shape? sad

I'm looking at all the bras that really look pretty and nice fabrics, but if I can't find alternatives to order again, then I'll have to get a refund and wait until I can get to a Bravissimo store.

Order online from Bravissimo if you can't get there. Their online ordering and returns is really good.

The wires are narrower in that if you put on the same size in a curvy kate, the curvy kate would have a cup that would not stick out as far (so looking side on the boobs wouldn't project as far), and the CK wire would come further round under your arm.

What suits is very body shape dependent, and I think the differences are also more of an issue on narrower back sizes and on bigger cup sizes. I'm a 30, and on me a curvy kate 30HH wire is quite literally the whole way round under my arm and touching the start of my back. I don't think for someone with a larger back size who is physically a little wider, it's as big a problem. So for me the difference between a CK and a Kris line is huge - but I'm not sure it would be as bad in a 36F-ish.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 18:38:36

Thank you statistically.
Can I offer thanks and wine to both you and Sorrel.

I just hope you don't get me into any trouble from hereonin. I'm eyeing up women and thinking 'she could do with an intervention' grin
I'd really like to see what you could do for Sarah Millican, she was on TV the other night and it was a montage from various shows. I looked at her and thought, poor woman, you could look so much better and then I got to wondering what you'd be saying to her if you could.

blush I actually shared that outloud didn't I. Oh dear.

I'm just reading this quickly ( need to get dc1 from Brownies in a bit ) then I'm going to measure myself and order some of these lovelies grin

Not worn decent bra fir loooong time as dc2 bf until he was 2 and a bit then pregnant not long after u stopped do been wearing maternity and droopy feeding Bra fir pretty much last 4 years and I need sone uplift!!

DramaAlpaca Wed 29-Jan-14 18:52:06

Just been reading through your thread enrique. I'm the same size as you and it sounds we're a similar shape too. I thought it might be helpful if I posted links for a few of the styles that I've found fit me well after following the MN measuring guidelines (thank you bra ladies!). Bravissimo online are very good.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 29-Jan-14 19:00:51

DA that's really helpful, thank you. Hope some of my feedback and the experts' comments are interesting for you to read too. I'll check out those links.

I tried to get on livechat and also rang up customer services to discuss my returns for what I'd ordered above (not name checking the company but it says up above) The returns policy sounds fair. But I couldn't get through to either, so I'm emailing them.

I get that Bravissimo are good for mail order too, but I really do fancy the fitting experience in person, so I must try to organize a trip.

carrielou I think you definitely need to treat yourself to some new underwear don't you? not only for the benefit of the fit, but also as a reward. It'll be a nice tonic don't you think? smile

DramaAlpaca Wed 29-Jan-14 19:24:40

You're welcome enrique. I will be checking out your links too for other ideas.

Well I just measured myself and shockshockshock! I always had a lovely pair of 34d/dd before dc and now I have a pair if half empty tea bags yet measured 31/38??!! Surely I'm not going to fill a bra with those cup sizes I have nothing I tell you!!

SorrelForbes Thu 30-Jan-14 00:16:02

OK, you need to try 30FF/F and 32E/F as a starting point. It sounds like you have bottom heavy, fairly shallow boobs? You will be surprised at how much breast tissue needs to go in the cup rather than bulge at the sides of the bra.

A 30F has the same cup volume as a 34DD but should give more support.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Thu 30-Jan-14 10:51:48

carrie when I was first fitted and went up so many cup sizes I wondered where the hell it had all come from, and more to the point where it had all been going before grin
I thought of my misbehaving breasts like a flock of sheep wandering off to hidden parts of the field and then being rounded up confused

Just popped in to say Good Morning and tell you that if you're a member of Secret Sales, they have quite a lot of Curvy Kate bras on sale, some at £13, presume they're discontinued styles? great though if you know what you want.
Just haven't come across any in my size. Such is life.

I'm going to do a big order tonight when dc in bed. Was going to try a few on today but no preschool today so dc2 at home too no chance with him around! Got meeting tomorrow not too far from John Lewis so may go and see what they have too. This is so exciting!

After having a good look (as much as I can with my one eye) at my boobs thus morning the shape is not bad just very little of it. If I stand sideways I used to look like the prow if a ship not it's hard to tell when the jelly belly ends and the boobs start smile

enriquetheringbearinglizard Thu 30-Jan-14 12:56:03

It is exciting isn't it grin are we becoming crazy bra ladies too I wonder?

Just a bit of feedback. I tried both ringing and live chat on the website with brastop yesterday, no joy. Tried live chat this morning, no one available and emailed them in the end. Got an automated email back saying how busy they are and that they aim to respond within THREE working days hmm

Had another go at the Fauve Veronique balconette today and it fits much better. Maybe my technique is improving?
Love the Tiffany bra but have concluded it really is a weeny bit too small, so it will have to go back too.

My massive order hasn't fared very well at all, but then again, having tried all these styles and knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have ordered some of them.

enriquetheringbearinglizard Thu 30-Jan-14 16:30:18

Update: finally got through on the phone and the lady I spoke to was absolutely charming. She went and checked to make sure stock was in the warehouse and not just showing on the website.

Can I just check something...tried some bras on 30 felt like I was being strangled 32 felt better but cup wise E and F still had under arm spillage bigger cup size does that mean?? I tried to scoop but not really anything happened! Apart from my tea bags smile I pretty much all bones it's lower down thing get 'loose' wink

enriquetheringbearinglizard Sun 02-Feb-14 09:53:42

Morning Carrie, a bra lady will no doubt be along, but did you try them on at first back to front, no arms through the straps, just to check the bands and did you try different makes
You can see I've been tutored can't you smile

Carrie I think you need more cup space and that is probably why the 30 felt too tight also

Ooh thank you, I just had a child free half hour before a meeting -- on-- my day off so whipped into m and a on the way tried a few on quickly. Going to try again today but with dc in tow no chance wink

TulipOHare Sun 02-Feb-14 11:11:47

Can I thread-crash to say that after lurking on the bra threads, and having always though I was a 34B or 36B, I tried some new sizes and have FINALLY succeeded (it took a lot of trial and error).

This week I bought three bras in 32D (!!!) and they fit amazingly shock

THIS one is the best and was only £4.99. This store still has quite a few bras in its sale at rock-bottom prices, mainly in 30 / 32 back sizes, but some larger too. Just thought I would point it out for anyone wanting to try new sizes cheaply!

enriquetheringbearinglizard Wed 05-Feb-14 15:30:50

Tulip I've bookmarked that site as there may be something there for my DD, if I can ever get her to measure herself properly.

I got the exchanges from brastop today and all the stuff I sent back refunded. Am pleased with the Lepel purchases actually as they really fit true to size for me.
Of course, just as I've completed a big order, they have an extra discount for today and tomorrow on selected styles.

TulipOHare Wed 05-Feb-14 23:31:17

I bought another two from there this week. All five are peeeeerfect. I'm so happy.

BirthdayMuppet Thu 06-Feb-14 09:29:42

Don't worry about massive orders and sending stuff back. I spent something like £800+ on 30+ odd bras in 5-6 orders after sorting out my intervention, and kept only four of them. Four!!! It's a long process when you change size so dramatically (36F to 30HH!), worse than jeans shopping for me, and that's saying something!

SoulJacker Thu 06-Feb-14 09:53:42

I spent 3 hours in Bravissimo at the weekend and came away with 2 bras, same style, one nude, one black. Such hard work!

Has anyone any experience of the Patsy bra?

I was in between cup sizes at a 30 so it was suggested I try a 28 and that was perfect apart from it being slightly tight around the band. The assistant suggested that this brand stretched a bit so could be fine after wear but wasn't sure whether to risk it or not?

HazleNutt Thu 06-Feb-14 11:26:17

tight is good. I have several bras that I've considered bit on the tight side when first trying on, but they do stretch and feel fine.

SorrelForbes Thu 06-Feb-14 12:01:43

Yep, I agree with Hazle that bras always stretch (Freya isn't a particularly 'stiff' make either so should give quite quickly).

enriquetheringbearinglizard Thu 06-Feb-14 12:33:00

No experience of the Patsy bra but it looks pretty.

It's the feedback about shapes and which brands tend to be tighter in the band etc. that I've found so very helpful and enlightening.

I've got an image in my head of our bra experts on Mastermind now 'and your specialist subject is?' grin

Don't even start me on jeans shopping.

DramaAlpaca Thu 06-Feb-14 13:33:04

Hi SoulJacker I have the Freya Patsy bra (in a much bigger size than you blush) and it is definitely quite stretchy. It's one of my favourites.

SorrelForbes Thu 06-Feb-14 13:48:02

I only recommend one pair of jeans - Gap High Rise Skinnies grin

SoulJacker Thu 06-Feb-14 13:54:55

Thanks DramaAlpaca, I think the bra you linked to is slightly different to the one I tried but it seems that there's a consensus that the freya bras do stretch more than other brands.

I'm not on the pattern myself, might just keep an eye on if it comes up in the sale at any point.

AcrylicPlexiglass Mon 17-Feb-14 20:25:56

Hi guys. Got this this today in Bravissimo in a 32GG. Really love it and it seems to fit pretty well - I asked for fitting help but already knew from mumsnet intervention that I was a 32GG! The sales assistant was impressed. It has immediately leaped to the top of the Acrylic Bra league (admittedly not difficult as all the others are ill-fitting old horrors) and I want to order some more lovely bras but at cheaper prices if possible as am not exactly flush. Any ideas on what styles/brands to go for that will be likely to fit well and how they come up size wise? Is brastop the only place to go for cheaper big bras? I quite like the look of this? Do you think it would be worth a try? My partner has had a massive stroke and is doing rehab as an inpatient and I showed him my new bra today (after sending my teenager out of the cubicle!) and he definitely responded with enthusiasm. So it is my duty to get a few more!

For cheap bras try Brastop as you mentioned, but also Leia Lingerie (the sales arm of the brand which makes freya/fantasie/fauve), mycurvesandme (sales arm of panache), amazon (some fab deals to be had especially on panache, cleo and curvy kate last time I looked), belle lingerie....

The one you bought in bravissimo looks like their classic balconette which are generally lovely bras. You might well get on with the Kris Line you linked to. They tend to run tight in both band and cup though - if possible could you order a few sizes to try as brastop do free returns? You might also like some of the Cleo unpadded balconettes - there's loads of them in "last season" patterns. I'd hazard a guess you might want to try a 32G and GG in them.

cleo millie bargain and pants
marcie, shown in a godawful fit!

AcrylicPlexiglass Mon 17-Feb-14 20:45:14

ooo, thanks so much I really like the look of those cleos and they are bargainatious!

I'm a fan of cleos. I think they run a bit bigger in the cup than my bravissimo bras but it varies person to person.

The Marcie is particularly nice - that picture is awful but it comes in red, purple, turquoise and there is a black babydoll version too

AcrylicPlexiglass Mon 17-Feb-14 21:34:29

I really fancy a purple marcie. They look

AcrylicPlexiglass Mon 17-Feb-14 21:43:46

I think they are exclusive to bravissimo though and no stock anywhere around my possible size. I have ordered the pink one from amazon though. And a lily and a millie! Hope I'm 32G in them as that's the available size. If not can return and order more bargains to try, of course. Thanks so much, statisticallychallenged. I would never have thought of looking on amazon.

AcrylicPlexiglass Wed 19-Feb-14 22:43:12

Hmm. 2 Cleos arrived v speedily but the fit is not quite right, sadly. I think the marcie looked nice shape wise and my breasts filled the cup quite nicely at the sides but there was definite, if mild, quadboob. The millie on the other hand was a v odd fit. Just the merest suggestion of quadboob but huge side-gaping. Think the millie is not for me! Worried that if I size up in the cup of the marcie will become millielike and I'll lose the quad boob but get gaping sides, as width wise I seem to fill the current cup well. Maybe my boobs aren't cleo shaped?

SorrelForbes Wed 19-Feb-14 23:04:26

I too love my Cleo bras, however some fit slightly differently to others. I get on best with the Marcie, Melissa, Bella, Lily and Meg, which I think are all the same cut. I believe that the Millie is slightly different.

I do not get on with the Bravissimo balconette styles are they are too shallow for me. I have two Cleo Junas as well which are lovely bras but are slightly too wide/too shallow for me.

I'd try the Marcie (or one of the others above) in a 32GG.

SorrelForbes Wed 19-Feb-14 23:12:23

Oops, apparently the Millie is the same cut. Odd though, as it certainly fits differently.

Just saw the Marcie Babydoll on ebay in a 32GG - bargain

AcrylicPlexiglass Wed 19-Feb-14 23:42:57

Have ordered the ebay babydoll marcie! Thanks, sorrel. Hope going up in the cup size will work and if not it will give me crucial info re width/ shallowness I suspect. My bravissimo balconette still seems a good fit a couple of days in so maybe I need those slightly shallower cups. I'm really surprised that the millie and marcie are the same cut! The millie really gapes noticeably and bizarrely on me but only at the sides and it is too well filled at the front- fits wrong in all respects! Whereas the marcie looked like it had potential shapewise but was just a little too small... We shall see! Thanks for all your wonderful help, mumsnet bra

I have millie and marcie and they do fit a bit differently. I suspect that it is due to the difference in the fabrics. Millie is much thicker

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