Pamela Anderson's crop

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DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 22:47:28

Where to begin in the total rightness of this super chic do. You will have to go on The Fail to witness it but will be worth it.

southeastastra Wed 30-Oct-13 22:49:14

i think her longer hair is a wig as she's ruined it with peroxide so much and this is what's left. suits her though

cant you link?

nevergoogle Wed 30-Oct-13 22:50:40

yes, i approve. (she'll be glad to hear it i'm sure).

Careca Wed 30-Oct-13 22:52:11

well that is AMAZING

she looks about 17 envy

no worries about HER channelling Pat Butcher eh.

cocoleBOO Wed 30-Oct-13 22:53:38

Humph this is why nobody looked at my Sleb Twaddle thread.
I had pictures and everything.

DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 22:56:27

And being a botox lover, I wish I could age that gracefully. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be lovin' a Pam-based look.

Philoslothy Wed 30-Oct-13 22:57:39
Philoslothy Wed 30-Oct-13 22:58:55

Photos here.

DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 23:00:23

Sorry cocole. If it's any consolation my pleas for jumpers to go with leather trousers has gone down like a shit sandwich. I never knew la Pam had such an elegant neck... Am now obsessed with it.

buss Wed 30-Oct-13 23:02:49

she looks lovely

cocoleBOO Wed 30-Oct-13 23:04:35

<sigh> it's ok I'll forgive you <generous>

cocoleBOO Wed 30-Oct-13 23:05:38

It is lovely though. I'm hoping Charlize doesn't grow hers long again.

BOF Wed 30-Oct-13 23:07:00

I think she looks great.

DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 23:08:29

Her dress is nice but I know we could make her look even better. She is now my poster girl for over 40 fabulosity.

buss Wed 30-Oct-13 23:10:01

how old is she?

Careca Wed 30-Oct-13 23:11:15

43? 44?

buss Wed 30-Oct-13 23:14:02

that DM link says 46 shock no way!

Mumpire Wed 30-Oct-13 23:17:07

Wow. Suits her.

DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 23:18:36

She also looks like a real life person. A gorgeously, stunningly beautiful older woman not a plaggy hag.

HotDogSlaughter Wed 30-Oct-13 23:20:28

Really pretty

SundaySimmons Wed 30-Oct-13 23:22:56

I love Pamela and she has a lovely face but I hate the short hair!

Snowlike Wed 30-Oct-13 23:26:05

She looks great!

DameDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 23:31:50

SundaySimmons are you on drugs? Have you actually looked at her? If I was 70 I'd be calling her 'a reet bobbydazzler'.

clam Wed 30-Oct-13 23:32:38

Looks fab. She was getting too old for her previous look - not just the shaggy hair, but the tarty dress-sense as well.

ProphetOfDoom Wed 30-Oct-13 23:38:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmeliaToppingLovesShopping Wed 30-Oct-13 23:48:42

So jealous, I wish I could get away with a cut like that envy

Mumpire Thu 31-Oct-13 00:16:36

Yeh, the last time I saw her photo I thought that she needed to go darker now. But this crop allows her to stay blonde. She has a tiny nose. Women with tiny noses look great with short hair. I have an average size nose and short hair and I'm growing it......... :-/ Lucky Pam!

Lazysuzanne Thu 31-Oct-13 01:38:32

The short hair makes a drastic change to her appearance...very different image!

I wouldnt say her nose was exactly tiny though

NatashaBee Thu 31-Oct-13 01:48:23

She looks great. Definitely growing older gracefully.

Marylou2 Thu 31-Oct-13 07:39:15

Wow! What a reinvention.

GrandstandingBlueTit Thu 31-Oct-13 07:49:37

Christ, she looks amazing.

I want to go all Gok Wan and hoot FAB-YOO-LUSS!! in her ear hole.

She looks stunning envy The short hair is SO much better than the flammable nylon weave. And I am not usually a fan of short hair.

I have a soft spot for Pammy. She always comes across as really sweet and funny in interviews.

ENormaSnob Thu 31-Oct-13 14:44:14

She looks great.

Dollydowser Thu 31-Oct-13 14:49:52

Where have her boobs gone?

ElizabethBathory Thu 31-Oct-13 14:51:38

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow. Really, really didn't like her hair before (or the rest of her look tbh) - maybe that's adding to the awesomeness smile

MarshaBrady Thu 31-Oct-13 14:52:08

She looks great. Looks fab with the blue/white too.

ElizabethBathory Thu 31-Oct-13 14:53:21

I'm going to have to get my DH's opinion - she was his first crush as a young Baywatch-watching teen (vomit). But he does like short hair, so will be interesting to see what he says, whether it's too much of a change or whether it will re-ignite his passion for her!

Fuckitthatlldo Thu 31-Oct-13 15:08:27

She does look lovely. Has she had a breast reduction too? I'd say so.

valiumredhead Thu 31-Oct-13 15:12:44

Stunning! It's knocked years off her.

noddyholder Thu 31-Oct-13 15:18:59

Really suits her

ElizabethBathory Thu 31-Oct-13 16:27:04

DH approves.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Thu 31-Oct-13 17:30:21

She looks elegant and lovely. It's much better than her old look in my opinion, shows off her lovely face and neck.

UsedToBeNDP Thu 31-Oct-13 17:32:58

She does look gorgeous. Much better than the Barbie hair

HotDogSlaughter Sat 02-Nov-13 15:41:31

Her nose is tiny

She looks fab

Victoria3012 Sat 02-Nov-13 15:46:37

She looks fabulous.

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