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Not before 22 is finished

blondambition Wed 02-Oct-13 21:35:52

Can I slink onto the new thread yet or will I be in trouble...? wink

Not sure if any will remember me Marsha, Shop, Foxy, Decam? <hopeful>, I lurk regularly but can't seem to keep up with posting.

Recent purchases hope DH not lurking include teal M by MJ satchel, Ash studded black biker boots, wool Cos jumper, Whistles Joy knit as loved by Eve Wornout and SusieSoso. Considering black leather shorts from Other Stories, to be worn with opaques, slouchy knit, boots but concerned about mutton possibilities, am 34 What do you all think?

blondambition Wed 02-Oct-13 21:37:26

Try again with the Cos Jumper

libertychick Wed 02-Oct-13 22:57:11

I remember you blonde. Great purchases. If you have the legs go for it with the leather shorts - both jumpers linked would look great with them. 34 is v young wink The boots are great...I wish I could justify new biker boots but my caterpillar ones are seemly indestructible and perfect for a 4th winter confused

Now back to MN 22 before we get told off by Shop and Dry!

libertychick Wed 02-Oct-13 22:58:13

mis spelling everywhere - too tired to edit!

shopafrolic Thu 03-Oct-13 08:00:09

Marks place for later

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Oct-13 09:04:58

Blonde hi yes I remember, love your shopping. The shorts are fab. Yes go for it.

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Oct-13 11:21:28

Shop hope all is going well as you move stuff room to room grin

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Thu 03-Oct-13 11:28:47

Ohhhhh. You lot are naughty. Vol 22 hasn't quite filled up yet.

I'm telling.

shopafrolic Thu 03-Oct-13 12:22:13

Honestly pay peanuts.......... smile
The contents of my home are in all the cupboards, I have no idea where I've put anything! Anyway - they are doing the floorplan, gushing about our fabulous home. Eek!

shopafrolic Thu 03-Oct-13 12:24:01

Gorgeous purchases Blonde I love the satchel and those boots. Shorts are fab too, if I was 34 I'd wear them!

foxysocks Thu 03-Oct-13 12:33:00

hi Blond! LOVE those shorts, love love love.

still manic here. will try to stay on top of this thread and reply when i can.

has anyone seen a plain, longish, black/grey faux fur gilet, not too bulky or boxy? carrie i bet you are wearing yours loads atm, in this in betweeny weather. i hope your london trip this weekend is fab and that everyone enjoys the meet up next weekend too. x

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 12:49:46

Just been in the Burberry shop at Cheshire oaks and they have navy peacoats for £199 and navy trenches for £179 shock

They also have some beautiful coats for £300-500.

Didn't dare try any on! grin

Loads to catch up on, will return eventually!

QueenCadbury Thu 03-Oct-13 13:41:15

Quick pop in to say hello. It's princess cadburys 8th birthday today and she likes the clothes that I bought her. She told my mum that I have good taste when choosing for her but not for myself grin.

No fashion news here. Still waiting for boots. Still waiting for ash boots refund. Trying not to even look at clothes online to avoid temptation. Following on from last weeks discussion with dh, he is still stressing about money so I have to tread carefully for a while. Well, until London anyway!

shopafrolic Thu 03-Oct-13 14:09:16

Happy Birthday PrincessC - she looked v happy in her pic on FB!

LinusDKD Thu 03-Oct-13 16:05:36

Ciao Bella! Greetings from Rome!

The weather is gorgeous here so I had to change into a short-sleeved Splendid tee instead of the By M. Birger breton I was wearing on the flight. The rest of my sightseeing uniform are my Jimmies (natch) and my iris blue Superga.

Just had some delicious pasta and meatballs for lunch, yum!

Happy birthday princessC!

Happy b'day PrincessC

Shop found your stuff? I'll leave new thread starting to you in future...exhausted grin

Foxy I'm with you. But working in a very big bomb site is making my home bomb site feel quite manageable! Went to my girlfriend's house for a cuppa just now and she's got workmen and dust's following me around!

Novice fabulous outfits as ever.

Black and animal print for me today....finished off with a little dust, I'm working shabby chic grin

Happy birthday PrincessC 8 is a fabulous age to be!

Decameron Thu 03-Oct-13 16:51:52

Happy birthday to your DD, QueenC, she looks so happy in your FB photo.

Hi Blonde, nice shopping! I like the bag in particular.

Good luck with the house sales, Novice and Shop.

Congratulations on the arrival of baby Albert, Umlauf.

Ruby, which coat did you decide on? I was almost decided on a navy pea coat but like this also.

Decameron Thu 03-Oct-13 16:52:57

Enjoy bella Roma, Linus!

Decameron Thu 03-Oct-13 16:53:54

I like the shorts too, Blonde.

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 16:55:41

Happy birthday Princess C.

15% off at with the code FALLSHOES
Where they sell F&B, Acne, Rag & Bone etc.

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 16:56:51

Just seen your pm Umlauf, will sort it out later.

Annianni Thu 03-Oct-13 16:58:30

Love your purchases Blonde.

Gorgeous coat Decam.

santamarianovella Thu 03-Oct-13 18:14:49

happy birthday princessC

linus enjoy rome and im super envy

blond great shopping,

decam thats a gorgeous gorgeous coat! tough call!

MarshaBrady Thu 03-Oct-13 19:52:28

Happy birthday QueenC dd.

Decam love the coat.

Linus you lucky thing!

Today felt so warm here, I wore the wrong thing and got too hot.

QueenCadbury Thu 03-Oct-13 21:32:55

Evening. Thanks for all the birthday wishes for dd. She's had a lovely day ending in us going out for tea (I'm in the blotus position!). Just got to survive the sleep over tomorrow....

shopafrolic Fri 04-Oct-13 08:05:30

Head hurts. Went out for dinner last night with old work colleagues and DH. Lots of wine as one of them is leaving for NZ. Wore one of my A&W silk shirts, navy chinos, nude Floretes and the Chloe peacoat.
Enjoy Rome Linus one day I will get there.....

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 09:23:31

Morning all! (That was a whisper for you Shopwink).

So, interesting start to day. I have been in an icy rage with dh all week and finally snapped and told him how pissed off I am. Don't know whether it was right thing to do but it's done now.

Then, as i was doing school run, we were blocked in by huge lorry that just seemed to be going nowhere. They are developing a mini block of flats in the road next to ours and its been painful for months. My icy rage turned into a full furnace on them as I got out of the car and went ballistic at them.shock

Then, I have a major funding decision to make at the school I sponsor. Why do people think its okay to give you an estimate that says £3k to £7k? Those are two very different numbers!angry

So my only bit of zen is that I am not wearing the Ariella dress today. Hurrah! Navy wool cowl sweater with chiffon sleeves from Kaliko, Ralph Lauren beige jodhpurs, Balenciaga and my M&S mac. Ah plus lkb shoes! Loving my tanzanite ring this week. So so so over the top with 2 carats of diamonds twinkling away around a 6 ct tanzanite but I luffs it.

Hope Amber is okay if you're reading!

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 09:52:57


We had a lovely visit to A&E last night, when ds1 fell down the stairs and landed on his head.

Apparently he was rushing to get down angry
Bashed his elbow/funny bone, which made him go dizzy, everything went black and he landed in a heap at the bottom on the wooden floor.

We just heard an almighty crash and found him in a heap sad

I went slightly hysterical.
Dh went into bossy first aider mode (thank god)
And luckily he could walk, talk etc, just spaced out with a huge cartoon like egg shaped lump on his forehead.

Dh declared him fit and well, but I took him to get checked out anyway.

He's fine today, wanted to go to school but I've kept him home as it was 10-30 when we got home.

I've not slept, kept seeing his body lying there.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 09:54:30

Hope you're ok too Amber thanks

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 10:11:57

Oh Anni you poor things. So scary. Very glad he's ok. Big hug.

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 10:43:21

Oh Anni, poor you. Xxxthanks so glad he's okay.

RubyLovesShopping Fri 04-Oct-13 11:17:56

Anni glad your ds is ok, I tend to revert to hysterical mode when any of them get hurt on that scale. I saw those peacoats for 199 last week but the fabric felt quite scratchy and they were swing style peacoats and I am after a straighter style. Love the shoescribe code which has presented a bigger dilemma: the f&b boots I love I have been and tried are 370 but with the shoescribe code could buy these instead same boots but with suede straps for 283. Which do you think would look better, don't want to be swayed by cost but think I am.
Decameron haven't bought the coat yet due to ongoing boot dilemma and been freelancing for a few days this week to justify coat and boot purchases to dh the household finance manager!
Have had more time for mn while working than I do at home!

MrsRadicchio Fri 04-Oct-13 12:34:12

Oh Anni hugs to you and ds and dh, sounds scary. Definitely best to go to A&E in the circs.

Novice hope you and dh sort things out flowers

Ruby I really like the shoescribe ones actually.

Linus and Liberty think you guys do the 5:2 diet - I am thinking of starting next week but need ideas for the 500 cals day. Any recipe recommendations, or blogs I could look at. Any strategies to employ?

And Liberty do you do the curly girl method? I have been trying but not sure it is doing my hair any favours.

QueenCadbury Fri 04-Oct-13 13:46:30

Oh no anni glad he's ok.

novice wine for you smile

shop how's the head?

mrsr I kind of do the curly girl method on dd hair. I use the natural range from boots. I wash with shampoo once a week and then every other day I wash with conditioner, comb through, rinse and put on a bit more conditioner to leave on. Her hair is now much more manageable. It still gets matted but not as bad.

The clarks boots arrived (can't link as site closed for maintenance) and they're a great fit, comfy but a weird shade of navy. So they're going back.

santamarianovella Fri 04-Oct-13 14:37:14

ani poor you,glad he is ok, i think its the parents who suffer more in incidents like these,hope you are more relaxed today.

novice hope you sort things out,

shop your evening sounded great!

ruby i like the shoescribe too, love the suede stripes.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:00:34

Novice you sound like you are dealing with a lot of stress - I get into rages with DH when I have too much on. Can you delegate any of the stuff you are doing and ease up for a week or two? Hugs for you.

That sounds like a scary fall Anni. Glad to hear DS1 is ok and how nice to have him home for a day even if he doesn't really need it!

MrsR I quit in 5:2 in a fit of 'I'm sick of constantly dieting' pique! I found it easy to do though. I skipped breakfast then had about 100 grams of blueberries with a small pot of yeo valley 0% fat plain yogurt about 11am. Had a couple of raw carrots at 3 or 4pm if I was ravenous then for dinner a small piece baked white fish with a huge plate of stir fry veggies with a drizzle of olive oil. Miso soup good for something filling and almost no cals if needed in between and lots of black coffee. I'll check when I get home but I am sure that the BBC good food mag either this month or last month had a feature on the 5:2 diet with lots of recipe ideas - I'll see if I can find it and can bring it to the MU. After a good start I then found I didn't seem to lose much weight...have been pigging out for the last few weeks though so I may try again (currently avoiding the scales grin)

I did the curly girl method when I was on mat leave - did the full on only washing with conditioner approach and it took about 3 or 4 weeks for my hair to settle into the new routine but once it did it looked fine and was very curly. Once back at work though it was harder as I had to blowdry my hair in the morning - it takes hours to dry naturally. I slipped back into old normal shampoo routine and my hair had become v dry and frizzy again so I have recently switched to sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and it's looking much better. I'm using loreal ever riche]] ATM and really like it. The Body Shop rainforest range of sulphate free products is also good.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:06:55

Oh and my fashion (ish) news today - I went to bravissmo at lunchtime! This evening I will be clearing out all my old 34D's and placing my new 30F's in the underwear drawer. I am genuinely shocked!!! The F cup bit in particular has startled me - I have small boobs - honestly grin I keep looking down at my chest and smirking!

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 15:08:15

Apols - shampoo link again loreal ever riche

mignonette Fri 04-Oct-13 15:08:42

Happy Birthday to Princess C

Anni T'is so the right thing to get any ?head injury checked out. Glad he turned out to not have one other than the egg.

Novice You know what I'm not going to tell you about your stress levels don't you grin? I get the white hot rages too at moments like that. Keep staring at your ring (the one on your finger otherwise you could get arrested for indecency and let out a big deep breath) and wine.

Am snowed under w/ work and a bit stressed too hence my stress management techniques of uncontrolled pinning of photographs of ice cream! Hopefully I'll get some fashion under my belt soon. I haven't even started to properly read the new US Vogue I received ten days ago via post nor the new Harpers w/ Jennifer Saunders on the cover. THAT is how bad it has got. I'm off to Spain and Germany soon so need to catch up w/ all my paperwork and other stuff sad.

Have a good weekend Y'all.

Hello all.
Anni that's scary....glad DS is ok
Novice [fowers]

Ok I've been trying to chill and am currently adopting the blotus position because;

Dust,mess and Climbing over and around stuff is irritating.
People are getting irritable at work.
DS 14 got pissed last night at a rugby club dinner where he, and his teammates were selling raffle tickets. An arsehole friend of ours thought it was ok to buy the lads a pint of cider each shock even though DH was there shock and they then proceeded proceeded to empty all the un drunk port glasses. Major first hangover. I'm livid with my "friend", although not naive enough to think this was never going to happen.
Making constant decisions about architrave/sockets/lighting exhausting.

Tasty builders had top off in my garden earlier grin
An currently wearing my lovely new ASOS stars and striped sweater (will put pic on pin)
DP cheap dress has arrived! looks decidedly dodgy but will give it a try and report back when house is builder free.
It's Friday

Oh, realise I may have sounded like a deluded mother. I know my DS could have said no, and I'm relieved he chose somewhere safe to experiment with booze , I think he deserves to feel terrible, just upset that a friend thinks it's a huge joke.

DP dress couldn't wait is horrible, going back, what was I thinking? shock

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 16:10:59

Sweater looks great Dry
I would be absolutely furious with a 'friend' buying booze for a 14 year old - cider and port hangover sounds pretty grim - hopefully it will put him off for at least a while.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 16:16:46

I don't think you are deluded Dry - 14 is young and an adult buying it would make a teenager feel it is ok. It would take a particularly brave and assertive 14 year old to say 'no' in a situation like that. All adults have a responsibility to support children and young people to make good choices - I realise I sound a bit po faced but I would have no patience with this at all and would probably tell the friend in no uncertain terms what I thought.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 17:19:54

I wouldn't be impressed either Dry.

A cider and port hangover sounds like a good 'un to have though grin
I can still remember a teenage pernod and black hangover envy vom face!
It put me off alcohol for a while.

Thanks for the good wishes, Ds1 is fine.
Quite tired and grouchy though, and sulked about not going to school!?
I thought he's be glad to miss his spelling test!

I'm a complete sheep and have just ordered the Only jumper grin
The whistles silver grey one went straight back, as i resembled a Christmas bauble.

QueenCadbury Fri 04-Oct-13 17:21:34

dry that is a pretty crappy thing to do especially on a school night. How did he cope at school with a hangover? At least the hangover may put him off drinking for the next few years grin

Forgot to say earlier that I found a navy French connection blouse in the charity shop earlier. Not a huge bargain at £12 but it's exactly whati'd been looking for!

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 17:29:16

Do you live over my way Ruby?
I'm in the north west.

I quite like the swing style peacoats, might order one later that I've seen.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 17:39:06

And thanks for the kitchen advice.
We've got a few ideas now that I think would work, and after seeing Novice's kitchen pics, they make more sense to me obviously ours would be a lot smaller and we would have access to the outside (back garden) with it then being open through to the dining room and big doors or similar.

mignonette Fri 04-Oct-13 18:06:31

Encouraging a minor (and only 14) to drink a mixture of alcoholic drinks w/ no real way of gauging intake is sodding dangerous. No wonder you are mad Dry. I'd be ready to rip their heads off.

Yes to grim memories of Pernod and Black Anni. I don't really drink because I had to be pumped out at university after drinking most of a bottle of Smirnoff Blue. I thought Blue = Milder. The Bouncer found me slumped in the bathrooms and I would have died had he not.

mignonette Fri 04-Oct-13 18:07:13

I meant I have never forgotten the horror of being pumped out, being held down by staff and it put me off alcohol for life.

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 18:44:14

Novice ah for you. Hope your day improved lovely.

Dry I don't blame you! 14 is very young.

Anni really pleased he's fine.

Mig oh that is bad, poor you. I remember a girl being pumped at university after a pub crawl. So much drinking.

I am looking at the most gorgeous sunset. Dh had the day off so we could get some stuff sorted. It was a lovely day.

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 18:54:14

That was very irresponsible of your friend, Dry, I don't blame you for being annoyed.

Poor Mig, thank goodness someone found you.

I like the Shoescribe boots, Ruby.

Anni, that's scary. Hope you are over the shock. What pea coat do you like? I keep thinking about the Burberry (I'm obsessed!) but just spotted this Gant one which might be worth a try. Too boring or classic? Bear in mind I am boring.

Result on the top, QueenC.

Are you meeting up tomorrow? Have fun if so!

Where I live we have one of the highest rates of drink driving in the country, mainly because a lot of people live rurally and think it's ok to drive home pissed, or they can't get home on public transport. That, added to the rugby drinking culture, scare the living daylights out of me. I'm no prude, like a drink myself as you know too well. Only last week a member of the first rugby team was beaten up in town and fractured his skull. I thought girls were a worry.........sad

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 18:57:02

Dry that is bad. They have a huge anti drink driving campaign in Aus. It's been around since the 90s, it's entrenched in my mind.

Decam next week!

Ruby yes me too, shoescribe.

Sympathy all round for poorly DC's and even a tiny bit for hungover ones. very very irresponsible of the friend in question dry, apart from anything else, what made them think that they were allowed to make the judgement call to buy someone elses DC alcohol!! I'd be livid tbh.

shopafrolic Fri 04-Oct-13 19:55:54

Anni that must have been so scary - I hope the egg is diminishing and that you have a quieter and less stressful evening
Dry I'd be furious. My own drinking 'career' started very young, but never because an adult encouraged it! Purely peers. That's awful...... sad
Decam I wish it was tomorrow!
Ruby shoescribe for me too
Novice how are things now? Better day? I hope you and DH resolve things soon and that he is listening. And I'm sorry that quotes aren't as they first appear - that's not on.

So the estate agents have done the housing details and hopefully I'll do final sign off tomorrow. Hard seeing my home on paper hmm. When it goes on RightMove do you all want a nose? grin

santamarianovella Fri 04-Oct-13 20:02:04

dry you have the right to be mad,i would be,he is still a minor.

mig had a similar experience in university,i got very sick and passed out,my friends found me on the floor with blood gushing out of my head,it really put me off alcohol.

decam i dont know,there is something not right with the gant coat,it looks very unflattering.

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 20:15:20

OK, it's got to be Burberry. I shall stop boring you all now!

Yes please, Shop, would love to see your house.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 20:59:58

Oh Shop I love looking at other people's houses!! Definitely pm a link when it's up.

Exciting Decam - are you ordering it now???

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 21:01:21

Thanks everyonethanks

Me too shop nosey . Does anyone also look at Houzz for house ideas ? As addictive as Pinterest , beware!!!!

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 21:02:45

Decam good decision!

Shop yep throw a link on MNV pin. Be great to see it.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 21:02:52

Of course we do Shop grin

Did you try the Carven coat Decam?

sad BIL has had another bleed on his brain. Waiting now to get him in with the consultant to decide what's going to be done now.

I'm about as unstylish as I've ever been tonight in DP's massive gym shorts, a vest top and my wonder woman dressing gown. Don't know what's up with me but I'm full of CBA attitude today

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 21:05:48

Forgot to vote on the boots Ruby, I love the leather with suede straps.

mignonette Fri 04-Oct-13 21:06:17

Dry I love Houzz for Deep South Porch porn.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 21:06:41

Oh no One, so sorry. Hope he's ok.

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 21:07:45

I love Houzz too Dry.
I bored dh silly with pics from there when I was planning the bathroom.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 21:10:19

Sorry to hear that one. Hope he sees the consultant soon.

Have had a quick look at Houzz and see hours of my life floating away!!

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 21:12:02

Decam, I've sent you the peacoat on Pin.
Don't want to link on here till I order it tomorrow.

noviceoftheday Fri 04-Oct-13 21:12:31

Oh One, so sorry thanks

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 21:17:23

Oh no, One, I hope he's seen soon.

Yes, I love Houzz.

I couldn't find it anywhere to try on Anni Someone said looked a bit unflattering on the model when it's closed, which put me off a bit!

I will order next week, Liberty as have to wait for a cheque to clear (why does it still take 3 days!). It better be amazing on!

MarshaBrady Fri 04-Oct-13 21:29:08

Decam are you ordering from Burberry? How exciting!

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 21:33:06

Yes, cheques still taking days to clear seems mad. I'm excited for you. Will be waiting for the update!

Friday night in, getting excited looking at F and B colour charts and dining room tables on line...hmm, how my life has changed, must get out more !.....--tomorrow night infact--

One sorry to hear your news

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 22:05:19

Dry, I am having a night in with a cup of peppermint tea as doing Sober October for Macmillan.

I checked my account and have just enough so ordered it! This one, is it the same pea coat you like, Ruby? Burberry have free returns in case I don't love it.

Carrie did you like the Aigle Cuckmere? I think it is a great coat.

Evening all, I haven't had much time to catch up on the thread this week but have been following what everyone is pinning, such a difficult time for a spending ban!!

Decam I saw your coat in Selfridges today, it is beautiful.

libertychick Fri 04-Oct-13 22:09:55

<<claps with joy!!>> Hope it's perfect when it arrives Dec - what a gorgeous coat.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 04-Oct-13 22:14:53

Sorry to hear that one - hope things pick up for you soon.
Dry your friend needs a slap. I don't know why people think it's OK to encourage boys to drink, I'll bet he wouldn't have bought a bunch of under age girls a drink.
Decam we bank with Lloyds and, unless we bank a cheque on a Monday, it doesn't clear until the following week! PITA.

So the Mango jacket arrived and I couldn't love it more - it is exactly what I was hoping for. And the leather is gorgeous too, it looks really high end. Bit pissed off that Asos order has yet to arrive, esp as it was suposed to be free next day delivery and I got the dispatch notification on Weds evening. Also awaiting some new Baxters and a burgundy wool fedora which fell into my basket from Topshop.

I have decided I want a chic tuxedo for my cousin's wedding in December. Can you stylish ones help me find something that I won't need to take out a mortgage to buy?

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 04-Oct-13 22:16:51

X-post, Decam that coat is seriously gorgeous. Well done! Absolutely beautiful.

Yay for decam and her Burberry. Sorry for putting you off the Carven.

Never got hangovers until I was in my 20s, used to get in an absolute mess as a teen and be fine. Worst I've ever been was on my hen night though. Had to spend 2 days in bed after that- grim. Agree irresponsible of your friend dry, but hopefully DS will have learnt his lesson (however unlikely!)

Am so bored of wear PJs/leggings/track pants now. Want to feel better and wear a nice dress.

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 22:33:33

No, you were right, Amber and I didn't want to waste my one off My-W code! How are you feeling?

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 22:34:27

And apologies for droning on so much about the coat. grin

Decam lovely lovely coat! love how it is tailored at the back.
Amber you'll be back to normal soon .....good to hear from you

Annianni Fri 04-Oct-13 22:51:51

Lovely lovely coat Decam.
Did you get anything with the Matches code?

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 04-Oct-13 23:07:44

OK - new challenge for you ladies. Scratch the Tuxedo - I've just bought this tuxedo blazer, got the last one! I would like some black satin trousers to go with it, pref flat-fronted, cigarette style pants. I've tried the usual suspects (nada) have any of you style mavens seen anything remotely like that around?

Decameron Fri 04-Oct-13 23:17:45

I didn't Anni but thanks anyway. There are loads of thimgs I covet there but broke now!

Hope your Asos order appears, Grumpy and glad you like your Mango jacket. There was an article in the Sunday Times a while ago about Karen Millen doing made to measure tuxedos.

I owe you for the Stars and Stripes jumper,so;
picture looks dodgy, but may be better IRL
or these

[[ for Grumpy )

thanks everyone thanks

Hopefully he will be seen this coming week and they will have a proper plan of action in place sooner rather than later.

noviceoftheday Sat 05-Oct-13 10:40:21

Morning all! Just off to try on shoe boots at Russell and Bromley!

We have 10 viewings at the house today so we are leaving estate agents to it.

foxysocks Sat 05-Oct-13 10:59:26

Yay decam! Gorgeous coat

Pic is you know where,mhaving confidence crisis. Anyone around to advise? Have horrific period pain, everything I put on making me feel grim, yuuuuck

noviceoftheday Sat 05-Oct-13 12:11:56

Hey foxy! Totally love the outfit. smile

noviceoftheday Sat 05-Oct-13 12:51:16

Hey foxy! Totally love the outfit. smile

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 13:27:03

Me too. You look fabulous Foxy.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sat 05-Oct-13 13:53:59

Dry I owe you a big bunch of flowers! The trews on Farfetch are exactly what I had in mind. I'm going to get them now so I have time to get them altered for a perfect fit if I need to. Thank you!

Before I ordered the tux jacket, I thought I'd found the perfect suit on Reiss, languishing at the top of the 'suiting' page. Annoyingly, I couldn't find any of the components on the page - it seems the model is wearing a suit that's not actually for sale. Why do they do that?

Foxy you look fab???why the confidence crisis? Your clothes always sound amazing to me.

Out tonight. Will be wearing;
new top
new trousers
nail polish
Novice can I borrow your Steve Madden's? grin

Sorry question marks are taking over!

Grumpy I think you will look incredible in a tux....what a great idea for a winter wedding. What are you wearing underneath or will you be doing a Gwyneth P? wink

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sat 05-Oct-13 16:12:10

Nice outfit Dry. You've made me, want to buy some more nail polishes too. wink

Ordered the satin trousers. Thinking of styling with my Baukjen bronze glitter slippers and a much-underused olive silk pussybow blouse from Isabella Oliver (the normal one, before it became Baukjen - not the maternity section!) and Clare Vivier leopard foldover clutch. I'm a bit older/less gorgeous than Gwynnie and don't think I could pull off that look although I do have the bony chest bit.

Sounds like a great outfit Grumpy

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 16:19:38

Waves to all - I would be sharing a link to my house on Rightmove but the f2cking irritating bl@@dy lazy ar$ed estate agents are taking FOREVER.
Novice so many viewings sounds v positive
Grumpy love the tux idea
Amber hope you start to feel loads better soon.
Decam I LOVE your coat - gorgeous!
Today I am wearing navy A&W chinos, grey Whistles quilted sweat, Missoni flats and Chloe peacoat - random, but seems to work. Now that I'm home flats have changed to UGGS.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 16:22:02
GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sat 05-Oct-13 16:24:11

Shop nice, relaxed outfit, although I'll bet your Uggs don't look as glam as the knitted stripy Gap slippers I am currently rocking.

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 16:25:40

I'm all about the comfy Saturday evening chill now - glad I'm not alone Grumpy!

foxysocks Sat 05-Oct-13 16:46:23

thanks everyone. don't know why crisis, think just totm yuckness kicking in. i actually got too hot in the green knit so switched it for a looser dull gold batwing knit. still looked ok i think.

we had to go to JL so stopped at tk maxx briefly, i got a gorgeous becksondergaard scarf for £15. coral with dark grey stars, it's massive and silk/wool mix. happy!

shop would love to see house link once it's up

thanks everyone for encouragement on here and pin. you are all so lovely flowers

foxysocks Sat 05-Oct-13 16:47:48

i think once the building work is finished I will need new slippers, uggs or similar are a good idea shop. current ones are the white company, slate grey booties, but the soles don't last that long. might have to get DD some too, she likes to have matching slippers with me.

noviceoftheday Sat 05-Oct-13 17:09:58

Hello! love these but have seen these boots now. Aaargh!

Our house is our own again. One couple came back again this afternoon for a second view so they're certainly sound interested!

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 17:15:03

Grumpy love the tux idea. You'll look fab!

Novice both very nice, hard to decide.

I'm meant to be going out later... am waning a bit.

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 17:33:54

My UGGS are my slippers Foxy love them. I can't wear synthetic slippers, and UGGS are super cosy on our stone floors but the sole means I can wear then up the garden path etc as well. I buy a new pair every 2 years or so as I live in them every evening from Oct to the Spring.
Novice 2nd viewing definitely ace. Both boots are good. I have a v similar pair to the first ones, which came from M&S of all places with a slightly higher heel.....
Marsha don't wane - if you go out I will live my night vicariously through you! What are you up to? What will you wear?

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 17:40:02

I could definitely do with some Uggs.

Shop just drinks with a couple of friends from ds1's first school. So thinking Rag&Bone skinnies, Theyskens jumper and maybe some old Bruno navy suede shoeboots. I may be wearing this combo next week too!

Anyone else thought about outfit for next week? (you can admit it here, secret is safe with me)

Marsha pull yourself together!!!! I was waning. After a shower and a very strong espresso (double) don't think any other guests will get a word in edge ways! Channel your inner party goddess, remember the days of heroin chic? Come on're past 30, not past 60! Get with it girl!!!!! said in a Gillian from biggest looser voice

stop press you know I like volume? well have just blow dried using Aveda pure abundance style prep....smells fantastic, v effective, a bit too effective appear to have mushroom hair right now, sure it will calm down.

Novice I'd go with first pair because I'm a bit fussy and matchy matchy as you know, Nd I'd feel restricted to silver/pewter accessories boring woman

LinusDKD Sat 05-Oct-13 17:44:27

No time for a proper catch-up but the Moncler store in Rome did not have the coat I wanted to buy. sad angry

And we had to queue to get in! What's that all about?
To be fair, it is a small shop, but it does seem silly.

Oh, the weather has changed (rainy but very hot) so now I am rocking an über frizzy hairdo combined with a shiny forehead and sweaty pits. Lovely!

Going to have some wine!

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 17:45:18

lol Dry grin

I know. I know.

p.s Marsha I've been thinking about MU outfit for months

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 17:46:55

Dry you are the official MNV party animal
Marsha as per, I will have no idea what to wear until approx 9 hours before our MU grin
Linus Noooooooooooooooo (to the coat, not the wine.....)

Shop that's a great compliment.....thank you. I do love a night out. Think folks in the depths of N Yorks will think I'm a bit ott though!!grin

Have finally, after spending what feels like an age growing out an inverted bob, had a haircut. Haven't lost much length but have got some shape back and with some artful back combing and salt spray, I will have texture instead of frizz! My DS visited today and spent ages stroking my hair and loudly proclaiming it 'the most purple hair I've ever seen' it isn't bright but is definitely purple.

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 17:59:23

Dry don't worry I do have a tendency to stay the longest have loads of fun when drinking prosecco. So the MU will be good grin

Marsha I always think the nights you're not really up for are always the best

santamarianovella Sat 05-Oct-13 18:04:51

decam gorgeous coat, do pin a pic when it arrives!

foxy you look great,lovely outfit.

novice a second viewing is a good thing.

shop i love ugg slippers,super cozy!

marsha, what dry said grin.

linus too bad about the coat sad,

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 19:09:40

So for those who like a nose - house is up on our board now......

QueenCadbury Sat 05-Oct-13 19:10:42

I. Am. So. Tired. grin. Survived the sleep over but goodness me, 7/8 year olds can be sooo horrible to each other. Still, only 1 lot of tears so it was a definite success. They eventually settled at 12 and then woke at 6. Dd2 has given up her daytime nap which is bloody annoying fine as she's going down better at night but she's waking up 4 times throughout confused. It's killing me!

Anyway, I 've had a quick catch up but my poor brain can't remember who linked what. Sounds like all the house viewings are going well and shop I can't wait to see your house.

Like dry I've been thinking about what to wear to the mu since booking my train ticket! This hot weather has put a spanner in the works though, as has not having any navy boots. Need to take the clarks ones back so will try on those mole ones again that I liked (can't be arsed to link!). I also have to think of an outfit to meet foxy for lunch on Friday grin. Sorry, foxy not sure I've responded to your text yet.

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 19:31:55

Fab house Shop.

Looking great Dry.

QueenC well done for surviving.

Ok going now, dc in bed at a decent time.

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 19:32:29

Have a fabulous night Marsha x

MarshaBrady Sat 05-Oct-13 19:33:16

thanks smile

Annianni Sat 05-Oct-13 19:52:08

QueenC did you like some grey boots from Whistles?
There's a few pairs on ebay.

Have fun Marsha wine
We really need a champagne glass one...

shopafrolic Sat 05-Oct-13 20:40:44
GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sat 05-Oct-13 22:48:09

it may not be shop's Vince sweater but after a few fingers of Grey Goose, it looks close enough to me, so I've bought it.

libertychick Sat 05-Oct-13 23:04:00

Will work well with the Next pleather leggings Grumpy!

Good article Shop She's the polar opposite of Anna Wintour isn't she?

Night waking is so hard QueenC DD went through a phase of it lately, mostly as she would get too hot, kick off duvet then get cold. DH found an age 3-6 sleeping bag online last week, bought it for her on a whim and she has slept through for the last 4 nights in it - bliss!

I'm thinking about MU outfit too - most likely to be jeans with my beloved Agnes B shirt - footwear and outerwear weather dependent secretly hoping it's nippy enough to wear the CdC coat Ideal day would be slightly chilly but sunny and dry smile

I really like this bag - have seen it in store in blue and black - gold hardware puts me off though. Has anyone seen anything similar?

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 06:50:27


liberty the gold hardware outs me off too I'm afraid. Are you looking for a cross body bag or a clutch?

shop interesting article. She may be my new crush. She seems to speak a lot of sense.

anni I probably did like grey boots from whistles but I don't do eBay. ,I got conned the one and only time I did and it put me off for life!

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 07:51:26

Here's you Sunday challenge....I'm after your ideas for styling the dress. No coat/jacket or bag required. My hair will be normal as the dress goes over the head so no point doing any fancy hair styling. I suit delicate jewellery rather than statement pieces. So, how would your wear it? Shoes, tights/bare legs, jewellery, nails, make up. Give me your ideas please smile

MrsRadicchio Sun 06-Oct-13 08:38:07

Ooh, Queen I love a challenge. I would think to go really simple actually, maybe no jewellery and a pair of 'wow' shoes.

Either pumps in a colour / pattern that stands out

crazy money




simple glitter


pink metallic

Or a 'fierce' shoe with lots of straps.

Atwoods as they worked out so well for Novice

LOVE these

These are my faves as I think they nod to the Westwood style.

Depends what you are like with high heels though of course.

MrsRadicchio Sun 06-Oct-13 08:39:42

Bare legs too.

Oh Shop your house looks lovely....v tidy!!!!!

Good evening out, bit sedate really. Plonker DH put in our host's work post code so we need up on an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere!grin then spent 10mins with DH looking god home address and me going "just call them up!"

Lovely day. Am hoping for mild weather on Saturday....don't want to wear a thick coat to London

MrsRadicchio Sun 06-Oct-13 10:15:03

How about these Queen ?

MrsRadicchio Sun 06-Oct-13 10:54:39

I love these too - I am on a roll!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sun 06-Oct-13 11:30:46

Ha! Just looking through You Mag (prob for the last time - I can't bring myself to continue giving my money to The Mail, however good their Sunday supplement) and the feature on P20 with Kendra Spears modelling for Next has my coat as the first item. Not massively keen on the way they've styled it though - the outfit underneath echoes the voluminosity of the coat and that's a look a shortarse could never carry off. I prefer the coat to make a solo statement over a simple outfit.

noviceoftheday Sun 06-Oct-13 11:50:15

Morning! We are on the way to lunch and theatre with kids. Am wearing j crew matchstick jeans, j crew neon top and moschino beige jacket. This jacket is medium weight but the sleeves stop just before the wrist so perfect on a day like today. I collected my leather wrist strap watch from jewelry repair man ( I think I am his best punter!) as strap was too long. My tan Aspinal biker bag and kg ballerinas. Dh said I looked young and trendy! Don't think anyone has ever called me trendyshockgrin

In other news, I have had an idea for something I really want to do, but all I can hear is QueenC, Mig and Shop sounding aghast and telling me I have too much on my plate! So weird considering I have only met Shop! Anyway reminded me of how lovely you all are.....I still want to do my thing though- I feel like a naughty school girl!blush

Umlauf Sun 06-Oct-13 12:13:49

Hey hey. Nice bag liberty but agree about the gold.. what about this or this is nothing like it but just so incredibly beautiful! this one is on my Christmas list

Beautiful dress queenC and I agree with MrsR to keep it simple, but you can still have some Westwood quirkiness in there! I like Alex Monroe for simple, quirky jewellery, for nails I would do a pale beige like Nails Inc Basil St, or a vampy deep red, burgundy colour (short, square cut) to sex it up even more! Those YSL studded pointy shoes (can't remember the name) would be v nice, or burgundy shoes with bare legs (for some reason MrsR's outnet links aren't opening for me!) I would do 30s style make up I think, with a deep red lip and wide eye, but I'm under the influence of watching too much upstairs downstairs during night feeds

Shop your outfit sounds really nice, especially the chinos. I need to branch away from skinny jeans!

Hope amber is feeling better? I miss her blog!

I took the baby for his first proper outing yesterday to meet DHs colleagues and for tapas in town. I wore burgundy skinny jeans aided by spanx and no breathing out and a beautiful silk Maison Scotch blouse with stars on (!) and ash wedge trainers which my feet get back into! It was so nice to get out and I felt human again grin Today I'm doing "slob luxe" as our apartment complex has an opening party for a new cafe, but I have sore lady bits (tmi sorry!) so charcoal hush harems and the gold selected femme sweater with gold sam edelman gigis. Red lipstick is my new saviour!

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 12:47:21

Thanks mrsr, some fab ideas there. I'm loving the glittery ones. All out of my budget though I'm afraid so will look for something similar on the high st. I had been thinking of red shoes but I'm liking the idea of burgundy. Off to browse. Keep the ideas coming...

grin at novice thinking of me. I'm intrigued to know what your idea is though.

MarshaBrady Sun 06-Oct-13 14:03:24

Umlauf lovely outfit.

MrsR lovely shoes, I love the Lucy Choi ones.

QueenC if you're looking for not so £, how about the KG sale? Here;



Novice you are trendy, as in you have your own style, much better.

I am putting up a dull question on mnv, as I have the feeling there are many experts on here.

mignonette Sun 06-Oct-13 15:04:40

Novice If your new 'thing' will make you happy then go for it. grin...

Umlauf You are doing very well and the outfit sounds great. Of course you'll have a sore under carriage- a baby has just emerged from it (not TMI). I agree that a bright lip can do wonders for a sleep deprived complexion.

Marsha Love those slingbacks. The silver ones will really lift an outfit.

noviceoftheday Sun 06-Oct-13 16:45:04

You won't say that when I tell you what it is Mig! I am thinking of diversifying our investments and starting to build up a property portfolio. In my "defence" I do realise how stressed I am and that I have my hands full (it's quite useful seeing my life from someone else's perspective hence why you, QueenC and Shop have been in my headsmile) so I would go for the kind of property where capital growth is the bigger driver as we would turn over the properties to a letting agent. Go on flay me now!blush

Shop love the housesmile

Marsha thanks ooh me trendy!! I have answered your MNV question too.

QueenC I reckon go for sparkly shoes or red. It's a special occasion. I loved looking at the link of the dress again. It really is gorgeous.envy

<running off to hide now>

mignonette Sun 06-Oct-13 18:23:49

I won't flay you Novice. I think the secret is to never do something you can pay somebody else to do better than yourself hence my paying well for cleaning/Ironing/accountancy. So if you are using the expertise of others to maximise your income and assets then you can reduce potential stress.

However I also believe in one in one out. So for one extra task, you have to let another go whether that be outsourcing, streamlining or eliminating, that's your call!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sun 06-Oct-13 19:27:22

Seeing my stuff everywhere today! Belinda AWO is wearing my lovely Mango jacket and I'm pleased she loves it as much as I do. She has also linked to a rather nice pair of black ponyskin boots, also Mango, that had apparently passed me by. I have been halfheartedly looking at short black boots and these look pretty good, although I'm not sure they've overtaken Jalouse as my frontrunners. I agree with her comments about the magnitude of Mango's stock - a problem not exclusive to Mango though - if I find myself overwhelmed by choice I tend to throw in the towel rather than trawl through racks and racks of crap to find the elusive good stuff.

Like the sound of today's outfits, trendy Novice and both Umlauf's choices. May I say, I'm in awe of Umlauf - I didn't feel human for a very long time after each of my DDs' births and I salute you. In fact, I remember DH asking me if I was wearing his jeans (about 6 months after DD2 was born). I said 'yes' to which he replied witheringly 'don't wear them again, they do nothing for you'. That was enough. grin

My sister is trying very hard to convince me to change my hair colour. It's currently a very dark purple (with roots blush ) and she is convinced it will look much better ginger. She says I'm a ginger in disguise anyway so I should just embrace it grin I'm undecided as I know keeping it ginger/red is a lot of work though I see why she's saying it since I was born with and had strawberry blonde hair up until I was about 8 after which it got darker and ended up a very non descript light brown until the light hit it and then it would look a very definite red/auburn

shopafrolic Sun 06-Oct-13 19:41:46

Novice I feel bad that you see me as a blocker to your plans. Curious to know why!? If you can afford the time and financial investment then go for it.....but I know you'll worry if it takes time from your charity..... Perhaps that's why you see me as a block!

MarshaBrady Sun 06-Oct-13 19:43:22

Novice I say go for it too. Many of the friends who work in the same sector as you have property portfolios. Is it much work if you get a letting agent to do all of it? <can you tell I don't have one!>

Good one Grumpy.

MrsRadicchio Sun 06-Oct-13 19:52:40

I am back with QueenC 's shoes on my mind. Sorry QC I just did a search on the outnet to see what was out there with no consideration for prices. With that in mind, I have had a look through asos.

Rockstud homage - I have seen better actually, think WIT linked to some.


A nod to VW love of tarten

Hmmm I like these but





shopafrolic Sun 06-Oct-13 20:20:30

Umlauf I am in awe....... I didn't get dressed for at least 6 weeks from memory. Lipstick???? Amazing!

noviceoftheday Sun 06-Oct-13 20:28:25

Oh Shop! It was actually meant to be a good thing!blush from the snapshots I post here, you see how mad everything is and normally I rush into things without thinking of consequences or how I can make life easier for myself so thinking of what you have said recently meant I have put more thought into how we would do the investment since dh made this face-->shock initially but he also thinks its a good idea. I am very grateful that you care enough to tell me to slow down --because you're dead right--thanks Anyway, it's a next year project!

Mig, you're absolutely right about one in one out, so I have decided that I am totally outsourcing the building of the kindergarten block for the school to my partner charity so I don't have to think about it. My charity will just provide the funds.

I completely agree with Grumpy. It was at least 3 months after having my dcs that I started thinking about looking presentable. I take my hat off to you too Umlauf!

MrsR, OMG, love love love the Carvella shoes! Except I bought the shoe boots yesterday, and am getting the Valentinos but oh sooo tempted!

shopafrolic Sun 06-Oct-13 20:28:27

Grumpy please wear the Mango jacket to the MU. Loved seeing the dress again, who knew it had a pocket? Makes me love it more......
I cooked an awesome roast dinner for friends today. Love Sunday chill time with frends and DS' little friends...... I'll miss my AGA that's for sure.

RubyLovesShopping Sun 06-Oct-13 20:41:54

Decameron love the coat! When it arrives I will be bombarding you with a hundred question re length and feel and fit etc! My friends eyes are beginning to glaze over every time I mention navy peacoats now!
Anni - will send pm
Umlauf I agree with everyone you are doing well just to get out the door.
Novice re your plan we do this but on a very small scale it works well and reliable agents take care of everything.
Queen c I love that dress it's amazing. Would go with bare legs and black heels that don't detract from it. My clarks navy boots came yesterday but are an odd colour- more of a very dark teal and way too big so they are going back this week.

RubyLovesShopping Sun 06-Oct-13 20:50:19

Queen c something like a leather or suede version of these

Grumpy you coming on Saturday?! Fantastic!smile
Hello all......busy day. Not much to report fashion wise. DH is "doing the visa bill" ..... I'm keeping a low profile,grin house stuff is expensive!
Novice brilliant agents (not necessarily the biggest) are the key.

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 21:10:45

mrsr don't be sorry, you've been fab with all your links. Every time I see a new link or someone suggests something else, I get all confused! I think I'm going to have to buy 2 or 3 pairs in different colours and see which looks best. I love the jewelled ones you linked. I also like the silver dune ones but i've decided against as they'll probably scratch lots.

ruby I'm so glad it's not just me thinking the clarks boots are an odd colour. Such a shame as they were great otherwise. I like the Zara ones except that they're a bit pointy for me. I prefer a rounder/almond toe.

novice if you're going to get someone else to manage the properties then go for it. If you start off with just a couple to test it out and it's fine then you can gradually add more. Just don't forget that you own properties like you do with handbags grin.

I am sooo excited about Saturday. Remind me exactly who's coming? My plan is to head to regents st as all the shops I want are there (massimo dutto, other stories, BR, uniqlo). Is the uniqlo on regents st any good? If I need to go to an Oxford st store which one is best and where about on Oxford st is it?

Me too QueenC ........been chuckling to myself thinking about it toady.
I want to wear all of my favourite would make for a terrible outfit grin

MarshaBrady Sun 06-Oct-13 21:20:35

Who is coming on Saturday? Have we a list. Shop you're good at that smile.

Wonder what the weather will be doing.

noviceoftheday Sun 06-Oct-13 21:28:24

Oh dear I haven't thought outfits yet! I am away Tuesday to Friday so I am mentally stuck there. Plus important presentation on Tuesday so just beginning to turn mind to that. at this rate, I may be in my primark sweater and super dry sweatpants which is what I have on right now.wink I might wear my new shoe boots as I am a little in love with them.

QueenCgrin. Dh and I were decluttering a few weeks ago and we came across a Prada evening clutch that I had forgotten about I had because I had never unpacked it from when we moved into this house. I am actually not sure where it's gone again now. I am a liability.blush

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 21:37:25

grin at novice. And I'm sure in your primary and sweatpants you'll look mighty fine with all your bling.

dry is nancy coming?

Novice shock .... grin

Ok says rain at the moment but the long term forecast changes so I'm not worried yet obsessed with forecast,moi?!

Shop has the list

Queen oh yes!

QueenCadbury Sun 06-Oct-13 21:40:57

I can't wait to meet her!

Noooo to rain. Please let it be dry. I may have to plan my outfit round my handbag as I need something big enough to hold book/iPad for the journey which counts out my nice coloured ones.

shopafrolic Sun 06-Oct-13 21:41:51

Will dig back through email tomorrow and share who's coming. Was 10 at last count I think. Have had too much wine tonight.....

Ah yes QueenC I will need my iPad ..........--and a lot of other crap I take on my travels--

mignonette Sun 06-Oct-13 22:45:42

That's good Novice. I can 'see' you like to be driven and busy and to have these challenges, living close to the wire of what you can achieve in 24 hours but doing it. Am hugely impressed by your charity achievements and it is absolutely what I would choose to focus upon should I be in the position to create something like that.

Umlauf You are doing very well. You looked beautiful in your photos.

One a change of hair colour is always refreshing and nothing that cannot be reversed unlike a drastic cut.

MNrsR I like the Carvella 'Gemma' studded heels and the Mango tartan's. I have a pair of Fabric Herringbone heels in black and white which I love. They were cheapies from Zara years ago but look really decent quality.

I am loving this Top Shop coat for every day whereas I think that this winter white coat'd make a great evening cover up.

I bought this yesterday as an interim jacket. I get really hot and probably won't need a really thick coat even in deepest Mid Winter. This jerkin will keep my arms cool whilst cutting out the colder winds. I love it even though I know it probably won't wear well and end up all bobbly. Less newborn lamb and more old ewe in need of a shear!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sun 06-Oct-13 23:22:06

Oh I wish I was coming to the MU. I didn't commit because my schedule means that I don't know where I may be/what I may be doing from one day to the next and weekends are the worst. I could have really done with a frivolous day in London too sad. DH and I are going to a concert at the O2 later in the month and will stay overnight, so at least I'll get a city fix of some description. Can't decide where to stay though - DH says Park Lane, but I think that would be a bit of a travelling faff and think we'd be better off in Canary Wharf. Any suggestions? It's just for one night and the next day of proper shopping

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 08:17:55

Morning all
***These are the names I have coming to the MU - if I have missed anyone or you can no longer make it then let me know ASAP so I can change the booking. If you need the restaurant info again then please PM me.****


Santa are you able to join us?

mignonette Mon 07-Oct-13 08:23:01

Grumpy The only problem w/ Canary Wharf is that it can be a little dead at night but if you are at the O2 that night then I guess that it doesn't make so much difference because you'll be back pretty late anyway

Have you considered hotels in Soho? The Dean Street Townhouse is pretty cool. Or one in the Borough Market/Tate Modern vicinity?

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 10:30:13

Thanks Shop.

I may have inwardly groaned at these - sold out.

Suede is a nightmare for me and nearly the same as the Sam Edelman ones, but cheap as chips (well, comparatively).

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 10:31:08

I just wept Marsha was just about to come on here and say please tell me one of you guys got them?????

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 10:37:10

Shop I know! Am glad you had same reaction, we can bear it together. <load lightened whatever that saying is>.

Wonder which sizes they had.

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 10:45:42
shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 10:46:09

Holds Marsha 's hand - we'll get through it together

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 10:47:31


shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 10:54:31

Is that a grin at the leggings?

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 10:59:12

The hand holding. I love the leggings. You should get them!

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 11:07:12

Not sure suede and DS go well together - I already have a mark on my Chloe........

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 11:29:30

I know. I've developed the suede hop. Moving quickly when in path of a child's foot or bike wheel. Still need to master the tuna thing sad

Tempted to get another lot in the sales.

Annianni Mon 07-Oct-13 11:34:11


Flu jab, sore arm <sob>

Christ... I'm a wuss

Loads to catch up on.
Dh being off work really buggers up my online time!

Cheap peacoat due today, will link when I've tried it.

What have I missed?

Annianni Mon 07-Oct-13 11:36:24

Love those Pistols and suede trousers.

I've still not dared to wear my Marant boots for fear of trashing them.
Occasionally I get them out of the box and stroke them.

Ooh, that reminds me anni I need to sort my flu jab out! Not sure when my doctors are offering them so I better go in and ask, I'm due an appointment for medication in the next two weeks so I'll do it then

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around much, been getting stuck into my course, which I am really enjoying. I am sort of keeping up with you though, and very much looking forward to Saturday. Just have to get through this week which is going to be a bit of a challenge as we are going to be nanny-less, the poor girl's dad died on the weekend sad. So I am having to call in lots of favours to deal with the logistical challenge of the DC's separate school pick ups and after school activities that all happen at the same time!

Marsha I meant to recommend MPL Maintenance - ask for Ian on 020 7998 3137 if you are looking for flooring. They don't have a fancy website or brand but supplied great quality oak flooring at a good price and fitted it for us, they are a very pleasant and efficient lot, based on Goodge St.

Shop I thought of you yesterday, we were at Whipsnade, could have popped in for some tea!

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 12:31:45

I am wearing my new shoe boots today! With a red shift dress over a white shirt. I dragged my red Nancy out of wardrobe as Dry has reminded me how much I love itsmile (i won't use mine on Saturday!).

That's the good news! The less good news is our solicitor sent their report to us plus contract and casually dropped in that our new house is listed. WHAAAAT?! <- my reaction as I read the report followed by this face shock then this face angry given no one had told us!

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 12:32:20

You should have done Sleep although I was quite merry yesterday PM! Always welcome x

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 12:35:01

Uh oh Novice do you want to make structural changes? Surely that was on the agent's details??

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 12:38:31

Oh no Novice bad form not to put listed. Ours is and will be on there.

Sleep thank you! Course sounds great.

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 12:39:56

Anni you need a slot in the diary completely centred around wearing the Marants!

it will have to be a day with no rain, dc's or tuna involved though Anni grin

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 13:09:02

Ha true!

shopafrolic Mon 07-Oct-13 14:57:41

First viewing booked for Saturday. I will be in a mad rush cleaning before catching my train...........

santamarianovella Mon 07-Oct-13 15:49:19

hello everyone!
shop dont give up hope! the acne will appear again,my prayers must have been answered grin.
unfortunately i dont think i will be able to make the mu,as i dont know when dh will be back, had an argument on BB last night about it, and i dont have the heart to ask the housekeeper to come on saturday,she has been staying later than usual lately,

sleep your poor nanny.

novice i think you can do it,

ani i love those marant! but i agree,they should only be used on a clear day!

i did finally buy the vuitton monogramed scarf in black,did a quick dash on saturday with the dcs had to bribe them with lego sticker books they were angles for about ten min!, its perfect,very pleased with it,will pin a pic as soon as i get rid of this awful cold i have.

umlauf glad that your shoes fits grin,you are doing very well,

QueenCadbury Mon 07-Oct-13 16:46:49

I've had a busy day traipsing round the museum helping on a class trip. Good but exhausting. Afterwards I couldn't be bothered to go home and do housework so I nipped to take the clarks navy boots back. I tried on the mole boots agin and really like them do go them. Hope it doesn't rain on Saturday as want to wear them!
Nipped to m&s for a few food bits but had a quick browse around and noticed they had lots of coloured shoes. Tried on pink and purple but decided to get red and blue. I think the red are my favourites but need to try on with the dress. Also bought this cardigan which is the perfect shade of pink I'd been looking for. The buttons are naff so will be changed.

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 20:01:53

Hi Marsha, I was quoting you today saying it was bad form of our vendorsgrin

Shop, yes we were planning to do some internal structural changes to the playroom. It's very annoying but now turns out its locally listed not statutorily listed.

We have also had 2 offers one £15k below and other £10k below. We rejected both as we have 2 more coming for 2nd views tomorrow. It's all happening v quickly!shock hope Shop has same luck.

Now I wonder if I can siphon off £1k for the shoes and coat without dh noticing?wink

Santa and Grumpy, would love to meet you both. Hopefully next time.

MarshaBrady Mon 07-Oct-13 20:27:40

Did you Novice? eek grin.

Had a good day today, took some work in from the weekend and it was well-received. Next step client, hope that goes well too!

Still waiting to be paid, 30 days seems to take ages. Especially when I have an extra £390 per month in nursery fees.

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 20:57:04

Oh that's great news Marsha! Not so on nursery fees. They're a killershock

Evening all. grin at shop and Marsha holding hands about the pistols....agree that they are beautiful! what a bargain. How does the Outnet work....I thought it was end of lines and stuff that didn't sell full price but they seem to put some amazing, current stuff on hmm

QueenC heard today that it's going to be ok on Saturday. Will have another look. I'm planning on my pale suede boots so hope it's dry but will spray them again just Incase

Have worn the Stars and Stripes a lot I'm a bit like that with new stuff , today with burgundy skinnies and black suede slippers. Not sure whether I'm paranoid/fussy but I don't think it will wash well......viscose can be a bit prone to pill and, although it's not pulled, it doesn't look really smooth. Will update when I wash it.

Building's looking amazing.....the funny thing is the electrician came today cute too grin and I got chatting and turns out he suffers from OCD which is hilarious have you noticed I'm a bit neat? ....perfect for me, life gets better grin -- do I sound like an old lech?--

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 21:52:04

I am just packing for rest of the week as I am away from tomorrow morning till Friday night. Thought ahead to MU on Saturday, so I don't pack anything I want to wear then. Hhhmmm. Can't find anything to wear Saturday. I will be naked. hmm

Novice the minimal look? grin so far my outfit comprises a bag and nail varnish !!

"Comprises of.... Comprises?" Is there an "of"?

libertychick Mon 07-Oct-13 21:57:45

Wear the Superdry trackies and primarini sweater Novice, accessorise with finest bling! We'd all love you for it! smile

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 22:00:17

Oh fab! If you pretend I am wearing clothes, I will do likewise! You are waaay ahead of me with bag and nails though slow down! I am taking my red Nancy away for the week so I will be nancy-less on Saturday.

Novice don't let me stop you! I'm ok to double bag

Oh yes, there will be hair too...big hair

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 22:04:09

Liberty grin I am sure I promised someone I would wear bling but I am not in a blingy mood today (wearing my lovely swaroski flower ring) if this continues I may be sparkle-less!

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 22:06:48

Dry, no worries! I was thinking Rag&Bone as I have only used it once. Only used the Nancy because you kindly reminded me how much I love it.

No no NO! Novice bling is your thing! it would be disappointing not to see you wearing any of it. You must!

I'm expecting;

Bling from Novice
Legs from Marsha
Fab hair and a beautiful chocolate brown biker (or the Chloe ) from Shop
Purple from One
Stripes and a little cardi from QueenC
Liberty from Liberty and a fab Irish accent

Sorry anyone I've missed

libertychick Mon 07-Oct-13 22:11:00

Novice without bling <faints> grin

I'm looking forward to drooling over the lovely bags.

Gosh I'm tired - bedtime!

libertychick Mon 07-Oct-13 22:13:16

I can certainly do the accent Dry and it improves with wine grin

Right, now I said bed....

libertychick Mon 07-Oct-13 22:13:53

Oh and I am expecting impeccable co-ordination from you Dry!


noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 22:16:27

Ah Dry, may have been you I promised!! Lol, I will see what I can rustle up for you!

I have just had the best 5 mins.....I found my Prada bag and the Hawick sweater I haven't worn yet plus the absolute best bit.....discovered my car comes at 7.45am not 7am so I can breakfast with the dcs before I gogrin

What a lovely bonus Novice ....have a safe trip.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Mon 07-Oct-13 22:36:46

Have a good trip Novice. Do you have room for a little 'un in your bag? I feel the need to abscond for a few days before I kill someone. In a horrible mood this eve, so minimal posting. Will cheer myself by having a lurky catch up.

No expectations of me Dry? Not sure if that's good or bad grin

Safe trip Novice!

noviceoftheday Mon 07-Oct-13 22:40:00

Thanks ladies! Poor you Grumpy. Only going to continent so that may not be far enough away grin

Sleep, did you keep the hair?

Oh Sleep , muscles! muscles !

Whenever I'm not in the mood for the gym, I think "sleep would sleep goes even if she's hungover!" wink.... Your fitness board inspired me.
P.s I wimp out if I'm hungover!!!!

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 07:28:34

Morning. I'm going to have a hormonal whinge this morning. Period started 2 weeks ago and hasn't stopped properly and had bad migraines then. Now I have period pain, that hideous heavy bloating feeling and another headache. And still bleeding. Gerry. Bloody hormones. Am hoping a session with the personal trainer this morning makes me feel better.

dry sorry to disappoint but I may be in my blazer rather than a cardi. Thought I ought to make some effort to look smarter than usual grin. So far I have mole boots, stone bag (not my most exciting bag but will hold all my stuff and can be carried on shoulder or across body so useful for London-ever practical me!), navy blazer and jeans. Haven't quite decided on top or nails yet. May have a try on later whilst I'm trying on the westwood with the new shoes (hope I don't get stuck in it!).

The kids are upstairs supposedly getting ready. Sounds like ww3 hmm. Laters...

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 08:07:17

Hi Queen Hope you feel better soon-that sounds like hell and maybe eat some spinach and red meat to bolster Haem levels?

I was tortured at the Dentist yesterday-nine injections of local and still not adequately numbed so they gave up.

Haven't had time to shop/look or even read my two new Vogues sad. Something needs to change so am going to hand in notice soon.

Am off to Germany this weekend then Spain from there as have so much holiday to use up. Looking forward to it. May go shopping in Loewe for a new clutch/wallet bag. Enjoy the MU. Love to you all.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 08:24:54

Double bagging sounds wrong hmm grin

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 08:32:32

Mig Hugs to you for Germany - safe travels
Novice safe trip - looking forward to seeing you Sat and more news on the house by then......
Sleep is so much more than muscles smile
QueenC brew poor you - for me it's horrific mood swings nowadays - I could frequently kill my DH (perhaps that's just DH though and not the hormones...?)
Marsha good stuff on the work - am hovering for the Outnet today in the hope of more Pistols, but I really need to leave the house and get stuff done.
Dry I'm looking forward to meeting Nancy - are you bringing a stool or a cushion for her in your bag?

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 08:41:17

Safe travels to Novice too. We need an airplane emoticon!

noviceoftheday Tue 08-Oct-13 08:50:21

Hugs for you both Mig and QueenC. I had the constant bleeding thing for months at uni 20 years ago. It was miserable. Poor you.

Mig, are you off to see your niece?

We do need an airplane emoticon because I have 2 trips this month, 3 next month and 1 in December! Half long haul, half short haul.

OMG! An elderly man has just come up to me and said "My dear, I just wanted to tell you how stunning you look. Well done" and then said "That's a beautiful outfit" and then wondered off!shockgrin

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 08:57:11

Yes I'm off to see my niece. She has had her ups and downs but laughs, can see and hear and is having physio twice a day (paid by the clinic). She has little control over her legs although can move them but is regaining tone and leg rigidity and spasticity is reducing. The fits have stabilised (They are atypical-we don't know why she has them) and thank goodness they have changed her meds as I was concerned about the facial changes wrought by long term use of one of them.

Am looking forward to seeing her and have a suitcase full of books, toys and a few cool clothes for both nieces.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 08:57:41

Novice How lovely of him.

noviceoftheday Tue 08-Oct-13 08:59:24

Oh that's lovely to hear Mig. Have a great time.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 09:09:35

I'm hoping to put her in her baby carrier and go for a hike in the Black Forest and Mountains. She loves her carrier. I bought her a Stella sweater here and an Aden+Anais Blanket.

My older niece has a selection of fashion books (she is obsessed), Caran D'Ache drawing pencils and a little pot of Chanel Nail Polish in a neutral pink as at ten, I can't think of her in anything other than neutral colours although she loves painting her nails. Don't want her growing up too fast but she'll wear it whether I buy it or not so trying to subtly influence her!

noviceoftheday Tue 08-Oct-13 09:12:46

Lovely! We were given some lovely blankets and Stella stuff when our dcs were born. They still use the blankets, pity they grew out of the Stella stuff!

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 09:18:29

I figure that the Stella stuff will have good hand me down/resale potential. Or a teddy can wear it when she grows out of it. The Winters are very cold and snowy where they are (Skiing to work) so wool and loads of amazing hats are money well spent. They live in a proper 'German picture postcard' place.

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 09:28:48

Morning lovely people.

Mig what lovely presents. Really sweet and thoughtful.

Novice excellent! but I need to know what are you wearing grin

Beautiful day. This weather!

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 09:30:57

Dry love your list grin I am expecting chic polish, Nancy and hair from you.

Shop good luck! Can you do wait list? Not sure how that works.

QueenC hope you feel better soon.

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 09:35:31


We got back home last night and it was wonderful to see DC again. They had a brilliant time with DP's so they didn't miss us at all.

DH traveling again today hmm but he's already back tomorrow evening.

I tried to keep up but I will have a proper catch-up today.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 09:42:36

Lots of gorgeous Stella M on the Outnet this AM

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 09:44:05
MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 10:17:12

Hello all

Novice what a lovely compliment - I also want to know what you are wearing!

Shop had a smile at your wanting to kill DH comment. Good luck with viewings, you have a lovely house. Really like the floor in the kitchen.

Queen hope you feel better soon, sounds awful. Impressed that you are going to your PT session anyway though.

Marsha what a shame about those pistols, that is some bargain!

Mig have a lovely trip. How old is your neice now? Sounds like she is doing really well.

Liberty thanks for info on 5:2 and curly girl. I did my first fast day yesterday - wasn't too bad though I need to be more organised in terms of what I eat as I am sure I went over 500cals (am still breastfeeding though so letting myself off the hook a little). Curly girl wise I think I just haven't given it enough of a chance to work.

I am considering wearing my dungarees to the MU. If not them, then a skirt and jumper combo I think. Depends on weather and how 'out there' I feel!

Santa shame you can't make it, would love to meet you and see your wonderful clothes

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 10:21:15

Liberty when you were thinking of satchels, did you see these?

brit stitch

Also wanted to share this jacket, if anyone is like me and looking for natural fibres only. Quite rare for the high street!

DP biker

Plus atterley road seems to have a sale on.

And finally - Queen I like the shape of your red shoes from M&S, think they will go well with your dress.

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 10:42:41

Shop are these like the bracelet you got from J Crew?




Umlauf was it you who wanted this gold sweatshirt? Agree you are doing great with such a young baby btw!

Cool camo scarf

like this dress but not my colour

libertychick Tue 08-Oct-13 11:16:08

Morning all - for the mood swing people my GP gave me an anti-depressant (SSRI) to take in the run up to my period so I take it for about 8-10 days a month - it's worked like a dream for me - I haven't felt like killing DH since I started taking it and have realised he's a very nice and long suffering man! It's been life changing actually as the fall out from spending up to 10 days a month feeling like a demon was getting quite bad.

Bad connection here so can't look at links - will check them out later. Thanks also to Unlauf for the bag links.

Quick question for the winters - QueenC, MrsR and Amber - what lipsticks do you use? I think I need something a bit more lively for winter and as I've self diagnosised as a winter would be good to get your recommendations.

I might wear a hat if I'm feeling brave on Saturday.

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 11:24:09

I haven't fully embraced lipstick yet but have three revlon lip butters:

raspberry pie (bright pink)

red velvet (red obv but darkish not pillar box)

berry smoothie (neutral pink)

They are quite shiny and need to be reapplied, but nice colours.

Think Mac's russian red was mentioned on the winter thread, as well as a few other mac lippies which I can't recall.

I bought 3 hoc lipsticks on the colours day but am not too keen on them, quite drying. One of them is a good 'neutral' colour despite being a darkish red / burgundy. The other is fuschia - v bright, and the third is red but I don't get on with it as it goes pink when on.

I can bring them to MU though if you want to see the colours?

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 11:24:27

MrsR I like those satchels especially the melon and caramel full pint. They'd make great gifts for me my daughter and stepdaughters. That Biker is great. I think they have paid 'tribute' to the Cashmere Christopher Kane biker jackets from a few years ago. I like the dress colour too-a bit like the Todd Oldham dress Gwyneth wore a few years ago.

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 11:31:20

I hurt grin. He worked me hard today but I needed it!

mrsr glad you like the shoes. I'm about to have a try on session but I love the shade of red, the two tone ness of them and the chunkier heel that I can walk in!

liberty try revlon lip butters in red velvet and raspberry pie as they're good colours but not too in your face. There's also lots of good suggestions on the winter thread although you'll need to scroll though it all.

mig I'm so glad that you niece is doing well. Have a fabulous trip.

liberty I take antidepressants too to try and level my mood swings and have wondered whether I'd be best just taking them pre-menstrually when I need them but lately my cycles are all over the place. I'm also suffering low moods at ovulation too. I'm going to do some reading up on the GnRH and HRT options that my gynae suggested. If dd wasn't so young I would definitely consider a hysterectomy but she still needs too much lifting etc but I may go for that in a couple of years once she's at school.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 11:58:17

MrsR I love you! flowers I've ordered the ponyskin bracelet to try (I already have other Tokyo Jane jewellery and really like it), and the gold sweatshirt which I was also lusting after...... I'm a bit concerned about it though as looking at the video footage the gold looks much brighter than the pics, and there are side slits that seem to go quite high up but definitely worth a try.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 12:00:33

Oh and MrsR clubber's brain has struck again - remind me what I need to bring to the MU? I owe money to Novice but there were things for you.......

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 12:04:47

He he Shop it was your Gap aztec cardigan. I have the C&P breton for you to try too.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 12:24:04

Oh and that GAP deep pink / purple tee I told you about......

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 12:26:25

I owe liberty prosecco!

I've just done this style quiz. (Can you tell that I'm trying to avoid housework?!). I'm a natural apparently.

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 12:33:02

Afternoon ladies...

Why did you have to tell me about AR having a sale MrsR... i'm trying to not shop!!!
I need wardrobes... must not look <argh>

Cheap peacoat arrived yesterday and it's quite nice.
I got it for £61 with discount codes, I need to try it with different jeans etc later.
It was purchased with the last of my birthday money, so it doesn't count as shopping not in my head anyway

Star Asos jumper is due today, will post pics if it looks ok.

Dry I have a vision of you prowling round your workmen giving them all marks out of 10 grin
You do make me laugh!

Hope you all have a fab MU this weekend.
Have some fizz for me please!

Is there any news on Amber?

If anyone sees a cheaper version of this please can you let me know.

Also, was it Foxy who wanted a fake fur gillet?
Just walked past Next and they had 2 in the window that looked quite nice.
One was £32 and one was £55 I think.

Glad work's going well Marsha, looking forward to seeing your back to work treat shopping.

Is the coat here yet Decam?

Good luck with the viewings Novice and Shop.
I used to hide my ironing in the boot of my car when we had viewings grin

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 12:36:25

I like the sound of your drugs Liberty, might ask my Doctor about them.
I'm having some bad weeks days at the moment.

Going to do your quiz QC

I'm avoiding housework too! grin

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 12:43:30

Anni I actually have a gap faux fur snood which I was debating getting rid of (due to it not being in my colours!). It is burgundy / brownish. I can pin a pic on MNV if you want?

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 12:47:10

Yes Liberty drugs sound good grin wasn't aware you could drop in and out with them for a while at a time? Will have to try to remember to ask you more on Sat...... so little time......

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 12:47:13

I'll have a look MrsR.
I can do burgundy and some browns.
Did quite fancy a real fur type one though shoot me now

Good luck with your course Sleep.
Let me know if you need a case study grin

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 12:47:31

Anni will miss you at the MU - one day?

Hey ladies. So sorry to disappoint but I can no longer make Saturday due to family issues. I'll do my best to make it next time though sad

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 12:57:16

I have thought about it Shop, it's 2.5hrs on the train to Euston.
Maybe next year, when ds2's a bit older i'm a wuss about leaving him all day

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 13:04:17

anni it's 2 hours for me. I can't wait to leave dc for the day. grin

one I've pm'd you.

Outfit for Saturday sorted! Now have 2 hours to whizz round house!

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 13:14:13

Oh Shop thanks re pinky top - I actually didn't see your message on pin til just now. Will be good to have a try on, thanks flowers

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 13:14:59

MrsR love your hair! envy
I want a snood that's bigger I think.

I Might just buy a sheepskin rug from Ikea and wrap that round my neck!

grin QueenC I felt like that last week when I went to cheshire oaks, but I was only out for about 4 hours.

And i'm a complete lightweight, alcohol wise at the moment.
I'd get rather tipsy, fall asleep on the train home and wake up in some random place!

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 13:29:56

Anni, glad you are pleased with your coat. Mine has still not arrived, it was supposed to be out for delivery yesterday and then when I checked tracking last night, UPS changed it to today. The delivery charge was £7 too, not impressed. I will be out from 3pm for the rest of the day so no doubt they'll deliver then! Can't really make the DDs miss their ballet classes and stay in because of it (the thought did cross my mind though).

That's a shame, One. Hope your BIL is doing alright.

Have a great trip, Mig. Lovely presents for your nieces. DD2 still sleeps with an Aiden & Anais muslin.

I'm tempted by a Jigsaw silk shirt on Atterley Rd as didn't like the Whistles one I ordered last week.

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 14:03:14

Just a quicky I looked at pin and saw Shop's gold sweater pinned.

Who got that was it Anni? and was it the right one, I remember there was some debate over whether it was the same thing.

Ah boo to long delivery times Decam!

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 14:05:09

No now I think of it it wasn't Anni. It was reduced quite a bit from elsewhere.

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 14:09:46

Was it Linus or Santa?

Photos... You know where.
Feeling fat now sad

I look much better in my head... grin

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 14:11:27

Hope it comes soon Decam.

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 14:23:39

Re gold sweat, I think it was Umlauf

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 14:24:38

Acc to that test I am natural. That sounds boring to me, though when I read the descriptions, I do like to dress that way.

MrsRadicchio Tue 08-Oct-13 14:36:52

Am in a bit of an enabling mood today but Shop didn't you like this?


shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 15:30:47

STOP IT MrsR!!!!

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 16:26:36

Questionnaire said Dramatic Classic which is good as that's what I'd been told before. Not sure about some of the suggestions though... shoulder pads with EVERYTHING apparently smile

Questionnaire said Romantic for me as I am .....extremely soft apparently grin

"theatrical romantic" here, yin dominant hmm

Mig 9 injections and no work, totally sucks thanks
Shop I thought " double bagging" sounded ropey too hmm . Hope I didn't offend Sleep with muscles comment! just sounded better than "fit body" which would have just been weird grin
Novice I love the elderly gent's comment and how he ended with "well done"!!
Marsha " chic polish" blimey, no pressure then! But will have hair, defo hair! grin
Anni bifolding installers just arrived! look a lot like this only less attractive, disappointing ! sad. grin

Ps does any one have a little stool for Saturday! shop reminded me grin

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 17:28:29

Dry Thanks for the flowers. Think my dentist better off working as an Archaeologist than a Dentist. Some digging for an impacted something or other. Was starting to think that maybe she had found Atlantis rather than an un wisdom tooth!

I got as far as Petite, short arms but proportionate then lost touch with my self image!

I bought some Neutrogena Rainbath here from Amazon as memory jogged by another Mn thread. I cannot eat but I will smell good.

Am going to read my Vogue tonight then report back. I have written 300 words of my article so am very pleased. They may not be Nobel Lit Prize words, but they are words none the less.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 18:03:11

What does all the yin stuff mean (ignorant)?

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 18:09:00

Is it yin and yang Shop?
Light and dark good and evil

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 18:10:29

I'd missed that about your dentist Mignonette.
You poor thing thanks wine

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 18:11:47

Sp how can a bone structure be Yang dominant? hmm

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 18:14:17

This is what is says for me..... Balanced, with a Yang influence - Dramatic Classic
Note: To qualify for this theme, your body type (flesh) and features should be primarily balanced between the extremes of Yin and Yang while your bone structure should be more Yang-influenced.

Annianni Tue 08-Oct-13 18:20:11

grin grin grin

What a load of....

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 18:54:59

I put some photos up, not great as I don't have a full length mirror. The pea coat arrived just as I was heading out. It's lovely quality but a bit dull, not really loving it and I need to for the price. I think I might return it.

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 19:07:42

Precisely! It feels a bit like horoscopes - I read it, and think "oooo that sounds like me" but then there are bits in other types that could also be me.

Hi everyone, Dry I'm not offended at all grin ..busy day though! just fed and (partly, not looked at bedrooms yet) cleaned up after 7 kids, bad planning, keeping the massive play date in the absence of our nanny. Just catching up here watching 5 mins of Phineas and Ferb with the DC's before starting the marathon of bedtime on my own as DH going to be late home. Hopefully see you around 9pm, before I start preparing dinner hmm.

One don't abandon us now, you've booked your ticket and have been looking forward to Saturday so much sad....

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Tue 08-Oct-13 19:22:29

MrsR you are the devil. I had to open the AR links and ended up ordering (I think) one of the ponyskin bracelets and a Becksondergaard scarf. I say 'think' because I lost connection while confirming the order - I had already gone through Paypal so now I'll wait and see if I get an email or not...

I love your presents to your nieces Mig. How lovely to have such a stylish Aunt - I had one of those, she was (still is) very cool and was the best present buyer ever.

Less demonic myself today, but only slightly. Hate DH but he doesn't know it grin. Hormones all over the place and not helped by major drama with HMRC who are convinced I haven't paid my last 2 month's PAYE for my staff (I have, confirmed by the PAYE helpdesk today) but they're being v heavy handed and not listening to me at all. Stressed to the hilt - can't sleep and being horrible to everyone. Hope I can get it sorted tomorrow.

Good thing I have you lot and your wicked links to distract me.

Fingers crossed sleep DP is trying to work out a way to get me there. I will know for definite in about an hour whether or not his plans will work. Will PM Shop and also post on thread when I know for absolute definite one way or another

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 19:35:22

Oh Grumps poor you, although bit about hating your dh without him knowing yet made me grin

Sleep bravo for surviving so far.

Anni I know me too! On the nice treat thing, although I have other things backing up too I have to deal with first unfortunately.

Ok going to do the style thing.

Grumpy poor you???bloody hate HMRC.

Yong and yang ....yup Shop it's funny! ......
I have shoulders, kind of join my neck and have arms on the other end.
If I pout, I also have cheekbones.
I go in and out in places.
I have legs,with flesh on them,knees and ankles.
I have cheeks that obviously fill out if I put on weight....infact if I put on weight the whole body fills out shock
I have a torso.
People often think I'm taller than I am because I wear heels (duh) and because I have a loud voice. If I'm pissed I think I'm a 6ft super model! grin
My hands....oh dear, sausage fingers....but a firm, nut breaking handshake.

It makes me a theatrical romantic!! grin and I should wear.....clothes!

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 20:11:53

I still have to catch up blush but I have a quick question.

Do any of you have any recommendations on stylish lightweight raincoats that fold away easily so it can be stuffed in a handbag?

We had some rain in Rome but the temperatures were still high so my trusty Hobbs Mac was too hot to wear and too bulky to carry around whilst sightseeing.

RubyLovesShopping Tue 08-Oct-13 20:13:28

Sleep I have just done bedtime solo tonight, horrific has taken 2 hrs but all in bed now and one reading quietly in bed so I can finally flop on the sofa.
Decameron I have been waiting all day for your coat to arrive!! are you happy with the feel of the fabric and overall quality? I think I quite like dull, it may still be on my list of 3. are the pictures on your pin board? I have many other questions too!!
Mignonette did you order the lovely Westwood coat?
Off to get dinner and looking forward to reading through this thread and looking at all the lovely links. Thanks for the boots advice last week have decided on the shoescribe ones which have now sold out in my size..... Waiting again!!

Linus I bought a "parka parka" from Sainsburys in the summer sale. Sounds horrendous but it looks fine and fits in a bag which is great. Think it may be more of a summer thing because of the weight but worth a google search.....

A " paka parka"

So, DP has planned and schemed all day and I will be coming on saturday. I better search my wardrobe now as I haven't got a stitch to wear!

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 20:34:43

Ruby, the fabric is lovely and very well made, 80% wool and 20% cashmere, I just thought it looked dull and shapeless on although I like a classic look normally, and I looked like I was wearing my dad's coat! It could have been the Gant one for half the price. It was at least a size or two too big so definitely size down. I wish I'd bought this when it was available here last year.

I've deleted the photos as I am annoyed now that I will now have to wait for 10 working days until I get a refund!

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 20:36:32

I do every bedtime solo Mon-Fri, as does Amber I think! Not that I recommend it.

That's great you can make it, One. Sorry I will miss you all.

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 20:49:06

Good news one

dry is this what you mean?

I like this and this as well but I don't think they are shower proof.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 20:49:20

Ruby It was a Miu Miu coat and I didn't order it sadly. I am hoping it will be in the sale but even at 750 I cannot justify it. I saw some nice coats in Fenn Wright and Manson and Oui Oui- both in a little local department store. Peacoat style w/ textures and woven details.

Still engaged in coat dithering....

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 20:54:33

Evening all.

mig I totally forgot to respond about the dentist. Ouch ouch ouch. Your mouth must feel so bruised after 9 injections. Ice cream will make it feel better smile.

grin at drys musings about her clothing personality. I've also come across this blog which is quite interesting if you're interested about the whole colour analysis thing.

one that's great news. Look forward to meeting you.

dec shame the coat didn't work. Agree that waiting 10 days for refund is annoying. Today I finally got the refund for the ash boots.

Linus style and fabric wise v much like the first but mine is a khaki grey and draw string waist which is flattering.....will have a browse

MarshaBrady Tue 08-Oct-13 20:57:05

10 days is terrible Decam. Ooh that makes me mad. After using real online sites like the outnet I find more traditional ones a pita.

Mig poor you after the dentist!

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 20:57:27

Me too mig!

I have been thinking that with the money I would spend on the Moncler coat I could buy half wink my A/W wishlist and now I'm not sure if I will buy it.

I still love it but I have an old Marithé François Girbaud down coat for very cold days so maybe I don't really need a new down coat.

The MFG coat was a gift from DM and looks like a black down filled parachute, so it completely swamps me, but it is super toasty.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 20:58:10

grin at ice cream. I have had a little coconut and Mango ice cream but mouth so sore that even that has caused me pain sad. Am on Prophylactic as had Rheumatic Fever as a child so at least I won't have to worry about infection.

<<<< whine >>>>

shopafrolic Tue 08-Oct-13 21:03:30

Cocosa took weeks for a refund. Annoyed the hell out of me, I won't shop there again now.
Decam I think you're doing the right thing. It has to be true love or it must go back
I do bedtime solo most nights now. I'm not sure i notice much difference TBH - just shows how much help DH was! Think chocolate teapot.......
One I've messaged you
Dry your comments made me LOL - especially about being tall in heels which was exactly what I thought when I read the "do people mistake you for being taller than you are?" bit

libertychick Tue 08-Oct-13 21:05:00

Great that you can make it one.

Thanks QueenC and MrsR for the lippy recommendations.

Dec what a shame about the coat.

Royal college guidelines on use of SSRIs for PMS see pages 6-8 According to my GP, if you suffer from depression then you need to take them all the time and they take time to work but when symptoms are caused by PMS then you can use as needed. I felt a bit odd for the first few days on them and get dry mouth but apart from that they are great and really make a difference I may have used them to take the edge of the occasional hangover too grin

Even though I'll wear heels, there's no mistaking me for someone taller. I'm really that short grin

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 21:13:35

dry not bad for that price but like you said, not sure about the logo.

QueenCadbury Tue 08-Oct-13 21:17:42

Brilliant link liberty. I see that I'm past the stage of taking them just pre as I'm now on all the time and have mirena. My gynae is now considering stages 3 and 4. Definitely worth a try though if you haven't used them before as they definitely help level out moods.

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 21:25:02

Hope ice cream is helping, Mig!

Shop, the DDs are up later at the weekend when DH helps. I'm so strict on bedtimes when it is just me. The poor kids. smile

I'm thinking the same coat wise and wish list wise, Linus! There is a black DVF coat I like but need to wait for the sales for it. Although I have some nice coats already and haven't worn any of them this autumn yet.

If anyone needs a good, easy but gripping page turner "the husband's secret" by Lianne Morriarty is v good.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 21:28:58

Tramadol is helping more Decam. I also have some MST's left over from surgery a while back but ought not to indulge in those.

Good book recommendation Dry. I have just indulged in 'Doctor Sleep' the sequel to 'The Shining'. Loved it but upsetting and scary.

I forgot Doctor Sleep was out. I'm still traumatised by that nightmare I had a bit back about the Overlook Hotel so just daren't read it blush

libertychick Tue 08-Oct-13 21:34:01

The RCOG website is excellent QueenC - really good guidance on women's health. Hope you get a solution soon - 2 wk period sounds horrible.

LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 21:39:04

Not the most exciting of brands but it is packable and waterproof.


LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 21:40:09
LinusDKD Tue 08-Oct-13 21:41:19

Stupid Iphone!

It's the land's end packable raincoat if anyone can be bothered to look it up.

Am back, sorry if I was complaining too much Decam, I am used to doing 2 DC's bedtimes every night but the third session of story then waiting til they fall asleep (yes, I know, rods and backs) just takes ages (usually from around 7.20 til almost 9pm). At least with one more person around I manage to start cooking by about 8.30pm.

That quiz didn't really work for me, facially I think I came out as d's but body 'b' confused?

Interesting stuff about erratic periods, mine have been all over the place the last year or two, never long and no mood swings (yet) but sometimes a very long cycle, occasionally short. Weird.

Anni I'd love you as a client if you wanted smile!

linus that's a good one. I like the khaki....worth a try

Decameron Tue 08-Oct-13 21:49:27

I didn't mean that you were complaining, Sleep.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Tue 08-Oct-13 21:52:27

Isn't it weird how we all seem to synch? Be it moving house, major home renovations, PMS or the dentist - so strange how we seem to go through stuff together. I have the dentist tomorrow too, prep appt for a crown, although seem to have developing ear infection which may curtail my appointment tomorrow (especially if the spot on my top lip turns out to be a cold sore!). Honestly, if I was a horse you'd shoot me, crumbling old wreck.

In better news, got an email from AR, so it appears my order did indeed go through. Yay! <small things>

Oh yes, bedtime very much my domain - even at the moment DH isn't getting home until 8ish (early for him). I have it down to a fine art now - stories together in DS' room, kiss goodnight to the special snuggle bunny and then DD and I go to her room where I must stay until she falls asleep. Theyre actually pretty good about bedtime, though DD was overexcited tonight as she has a new dress!

Thanks for enquiries after me - am on the mend, slowly. I think I'm over it then a headache comes from nowhere and Knocks me for six. To be expected I suppose. Hoping to be back to work (and the blog) next week. Am sorry to be missing the MU but as the 5min drive to nursery brought me out in a cold sweat this evening I think gallivanting in London is off the menu for a little longer! Shame as I would love to meet you all.

Spoooooooooooky Grumpy grin

Bifold doors look fab. Oak doors too. Plastering and more doors tomorrow.

* linus* funny that we're discussing paka macs on MNV!!!!!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Tue 08-Oct-13 21:57:33

Just had a gander at AWO and love Belinda's look today.

That is all.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 22:00:58

Grumpy Good luck with the Dentist. I used to smother imminent cold sores with a ton of lip balm (Carmex) and it seemed to inhibit them from developing fully.

Glad to hear from you Amber. You really have taken a hit lately and those headaches are total bitches. Are you taking a good supplement?

noviceoftheday Tue 08-Oct-13 22:32:03

Evening all, I am sooo tired. Major presentation overseas today, which was a total curveball in the diary. arrived, rehearsed, did real thing left the country again and now in 2nd location till Friday. Dh told me as I closed my suitcase last night, you know we're at the Royal Opera House on Friday right after an Errr no. It's not written down anywhere angry. So had to make quick decision. I have gone with DvF Bentley dress in burnt orange. Aaargh just remembered I didn't pack clutch and will have to ask dh to hunt through my bag wardrobe to do it. Then he will realise I have a few of them. Yikes!

I have also realised that I need to leave the MU at 6.30pm as I have tickets for the theatre that night which I had forgotten about!

House update: We now have 3 offers from couples who have offered the full asking price! It only went on sale last Tuesday!

The outfit that got complimented was a red Hobbs shift wool crepe dress over a Thomas Pink shirt. A very slim black belt in the middle plus a black Hobbs wool crepe jacket. My new shoe boots and red Nancy. Bling was Boodles ring, tennis bracelet, magnolia flower watch. He was a lovely man smile

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 22:45:47

Hi Novice Respect to you my love. What shoes are you wearing with the DVF?

Hi Novice great news on the house. What now, sealed bids? Outfit sounds lovely. I meant to ask you, do you get your jewellery repairs done locally or in town? I have some stuff that needs fixing and no idea where to go.

One, yay that you can come on Saturday after all!

Foxy - gilet any good?

Just got a few things in my AR basket but it's hurting to pay full price after weekend of discount confused...what to do?! V irritated with myself for not looking on the weekend!

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 23:00:02

I like these Grenson booties on Cocosa. There are some DVF accessories on sale there plus James cord skinnies.

noviceoftheday Tue 08-Oct-13 23:18:00

Hi Mig, thank you, I am not sure on shoes. Will try tomorrow to see if my shoe boots go with it, if not, I have a shoe draw at work (yes reallyblush) and will just get my PA to courier maybe Rupert Sanderson leopard print courts - live a littlegrin

Sleep, yes we are just double checking a couple of things on prospective buyers before moving to sealed bids. I get my jewelry repaired locally. They are AMAZING and cheap. Definitely don't discount the locals on this.

Right, night lovely people!

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 23:24:14

Excellent! A shoe drawer!

<<<<< considers all kinds of special drawers and what I might put in them at work >>>>>

shopafrolic Wed 09-Oct-13 08:04:54

Morning all!
Great news on the house Novice I'll be interested to hear what happens next.
We had good news last night - our Parish Council has rejected plans for our neighbour to build in his garden - this doesn't mean it won't happen I guess but it's a step in the right direction and should mean less problems for us when we come to sell.
Off to see an NCT friend today who is due baby no 2 in 4 weeks. No doubt lots of questions for me as to when we'll start trying again (as per usual) hmm

shopafrolic Wed 09-Oct-13 08:46:29

Whistles sale now on

MarshaBrady Wed 09-Oct-13 08:57:43

Morning. Great news on the house Novice. You've got a great excuse now for those Valentino boots!

Good luck this morning Shop.

QueenCadbury Wed 09-Oct-13 09:07:41

Novice, you make me grin. I thought my brain was a sieve until I 'met' you smile.

Dd1 has had d&v overnight. Ever the caring mother, my first thought was that I hope that I don't get it for Saturday!

Kate moss is apparently doing another collection for topshop.

Fab news on the house novice you always sound so busy!

shop ignore the questions, I get them all the time and just smile and ignore, it's no ones business but yours

mignonette Wed 09-Oct-13 09:28:31


Wow is she? She's definitely getting more commercial now with the Mobile phone stuff too. I'd imagine KM could model indefinitely as she has such Kudos and history now but wonder if she is raising capital for a venture of her own?

Shop I'd never ever dream of asking somebody about their family planning. It amazes me what people think they can ask and usually w/ a judgement attached to it also.

Great news Novice. Happy for you and for Shop too. Hopefully the plans will be rejected outright.

Today I am wearing my Geo print J Crew Brocade fabric slim leg pants in navy/cream/grey. I have on a very pale yellow wool/cotton sweatshirt style sweater, a cream rib tank underneath and my pale tan ACNE booties. Not sure about the shoes but it is cold and damp outside. They were a massively reduced sale bargain last Winter.

My Mother took me out shopping a few days ago and bought me some lovely underwear- Eau de Nil and Rose boy shorts and soft cup bra by Lejaby. So pretty. That was when we saw the Fenn Wright and Manson and Oui Oui coats that I liked. Also saw some lovely soft skinny long sleeve T's in burgundy and navy pinstripe by Oui here. Tempted. This sweater looked good on the rails.

This is my ideal Winter look.

LinusDKD Wed 09-Oct-13 09:30:49

shop I HATE questions like 'when will there be a(nother) baby'!

To be fair, I used to ask people about babies etc as well but since we had our own fertility issues before having DS, I really try not to.

I do think they mean well but people just don't think. I had to fight back the tears many times after my ectopic pregnancy or after my mc when people asked me when we were going to start a family. Even people who knew about our problems angry

On a fashion note: I bought the cobalt cashmere cardigan I saw in my local shopping centre last week and I love it. I even got a small discount at the till!

And I also bought a Maybelline Master Smoky pencil in Smoky Violet and it's fab with my green eyes. They have them in loads of colours so I might try another one if this one stays put all day.

Right, I am going to try and catch-up now. Promise!

mignonette Wed 09-Oct-13 09:30:51

Should have been this photo as my ideal Winter look although I like the other one too.

QueenCadbury Wed 09-Oct-13 09:38:00

I think people do mean well when they ask. I know that I'm guilty of asking people but just because I'm genuinely interested and just as i'd ask other questions. I hope that I ask people sensitively though and not badger them iyswim. I feel bad now that I may have had people upset blush. Maybe I should stop being such a nosy bugger grin.

linus love that cardigan. What will you wear it with?

QueenCadbury Wed 09-Oct-13 09:41:41

km and topshop. From what I've read on other sites it looks like phil green wants to expand into HK and Kate is his key to that.

LinusDKD Wed 09-Oct-13 10:42:23

I had to start my catch-up on page 1!

queenc hope DD1 feels better soon. D&V sucks! And flowers for your long periods. Mine are are a lot heavier since DD was born.

I think I'll wear that cardigan with jeans (as usual blush) but maybe with a black dress as well as I like black/cobalt.

novice great news on the house!

I used to have several pairs of heels in my filing cupboard at work as I commuted in flats.

mig so happy to hear your DN is doing well! I bought some A&A muslins for DD in NY and they are supersoft.

The Stella cardigan is super cute! DM bought a Tartine & Chocolat dress and cardigan for DD last week, to replace the dress DD wore in the picture I pinned and that DM shrunk in the wash hmm

amber glad to hear you are slowly starting to feel better!

mrsr I still do the 5:2 diet and I find it pretty easy. I usually skip breakfast, have soup for lunch and whatever I made for dinner but a smaller portion and no potatoes/rice/pasta.

one how is DBIL?

grumpy that leather Mango jacket is gorgeous!

umlauf your first post delivery outfit sounds great. It took me ages to look half decent post birth.

santa glad you got your LV scarf. I love them but none of the current colours really appeal to me.

dry will we be banned from MNV for talking about pac a mac? wink
I think I might order the Land's End one in black. But as I am 5'4" I am tempted to go for the petite instead of the regular size or would that be too short?

MarshaBrady Wed 09-Oct-13 10:53:14

Linus I'm so sorry to hear your ectopic pg and mc. Big hug.

Love the cobalt cardigan.

cashmere jumper for people who can wear wine colour. Although 33% is a bit weak!

Single espresso pre meeting. After a double. Living on the edge.

foxysocks Wed 09-Oct-13 12:11:59

oh I've missed so much! have skipped to last page, sorry!

sleep i love that, thank you, but have a £50 max budget for the gilet.

Linus gorgeous cardi

have made a start on christmas and birthdays here. got some matching sheepskin slippers for DD and I for our birthday <twee> from tkmaxx. they are actually outdoors boots, I think, but will be perfect for our draughty victorian house and this building work means my slippers will be trashed by december. she loves us to have a couple of matching bits and DH can give them to us both, she'll be so pleased.

other than that shopping has been hello kitty pjs (not for me!), playmobil, lego and sticky mosaics. considering a batman/superman reversible cape for DS. rock and rollllllll.

foxysocks Wed 09-Oct-13 12:17:36

that's amazing re: your house novice! sealed bids next?

dry how is your build?! they poured the floor yday, today it's so nice and quiet as they are building sleeper walls and doing some carpentry stuff on the roof. looks like the muddy stuff is over for now although they are going to pull the ceiling down next week as the joists are rotten I am trying not to think about how much mess this is going to create

foxy the slippers sound good and I too have bought Hello Kitty pjs, not for me though, for my niece. Nephew has Toy Story ones and their baby sister has a Hello Kitty sleepsuit. I buy the kids pjs every year, it's now a tradition that they open the pjs on christmas eve and wait for santa to bring the rest of their presents

QueenCadbury Wed 09-Oct-13 13:41:55

I love having new pjs on Christmas Eve so that I can look half way decent in photos on Christmas Day.

Dd is fine now. No more d&v but still needs the obligatory 48h off school. It must have just been something she'd ate that day rather than a virus thank goodness as it should mean I shouldn't catch it

Hope you're all having good days. My neighbour took ds to school so I'm in track suit pants and sweatshirt. Guess I should put something else on for the afternoon school run.

foxysocks Wed 09-Oct-13 13:49:46

thanks one - toy story pjs sound ace, where did you find those?

queenc are we meeting on friday?

forgot I ordered this tutu dress forDD birthday and this in the black sparkle for me

shopafrolic Wed 09-Oct-13 14:17:33

Linus hugs to you. X

foxysocks Wed 09-Oct-13 14:34:19

Hugs Linus, so sorry you had to go through something so awful. X

I am so careful not to mention pgs/babies unless I know the other person well. It's just So fraught with emotion for many.

Boden dress is itchy and massive considering its for a 16 yr old. Back it goes...

MarshaBrady Wed 09-Oct-13 15:12:15

Foxy can recommend superman! Ds2 is still loves to roam the parks of London in his costume. It's a great way to get noticed. Everyone says hey superman grin

Ok I said I wouldn't say this. But I'm going to. I have no idea what to wear on Saturday.

How dressy is it? Is skinnies ok? Or should I branch out...

What are you all doing?

Annianni Wed 09-Oct-13 15:16:26

Marsha you need to wear the Boots
Start there and work upwards grin

For Linus flowers

MarshaBrady Wed 09-Oct-13 15:17:26

Haha Anni good point, I have them on today.

libertychick Wed 09-Oct-13 15:51:34

I get the 'when is number 2 coming' questions too. DD is IVF baby and I have had failed treatment since then. We have decided not to do anymore treatment but I live in hope it might happen naturally as I'd love another baby. TBH when people ask I am just upfront and say I'd love another child but it's unlikely to happen - they generally don't ask again grin. I have to say that I ask other people too - it's genuine curiosity as I just adore babies/children and love talking about them so I ask practically everyone I meet, male or female, if they have kids!

Marsha please wear the boots! I am wearing either black or blue skinnies (depends what's clean!!!) with blue heart print Agnes B shirt and either black blazer or CdC coat depending on the weather - actually I'll probably wear the coat and just be hot!!! Probably the lovely boots Anni found on Asos (or maybe suede wedge courts if I decide on the day I want to look taller) - this outfit counts as reasonably smart for me!

Total style fail today!! I had a yoga class at lunchtime and had to run straight from the class to 3 back to back meetings with no time to change grin so have just had to apologise 3 times for being dressed in faded, ancient Next trackpants and a long sleeve grey marl Gap , bobbly grey cashmere socks and black ballet flats. Ah well - I was v chilled at the meetings!

QueenCadbury Wed 09-Oct-13 16:26:57

grin at thought of liberty in track pants at meetings.

On Saturday I'm wearing indigo jeans, navy blouse, navy blazer and mole boots.

thanks for linus

LinusDKD Wed 09-Oct-13 16:45:12

Thanks guys! flowers I realise I am very fortunate to have two healthy children after a having difficulties getting and staying pregnant.

liberty flowers

Forgot to say that today I am wearing Paige skinnies, my cobalt Esprit sweater (not as cobalt anymore compared to the cardigan I bought today) and my MBMJ polka dot scarf. I was wearing Tod's ballerinas earlier but will wear my Choo Youths now.

marsha we nearly bought a Spiderman costume for DS in Rome but the Disney shop was so crowded we got a bit claustrophobic and left.

Annianni Wed 09-Oct-13 16:49:34

On Saturday I'll probably be wearing Goldsign jeans rolled up, my grey cashmere J Crew sweater and my Sam E trainers.

no, I'm not coming but I thought I'd join in

I have no idea what I'm wearing on Saturday apart from my red faux suede boots. Well, I think I'm wearing them anyway

santamarianovella Wed 09-Oct-13 17:15:39

hugs to linus and liberty xx, im very careful with babies and pregnancies questions as its a very private and sensitive issue, a dear friend is struggling with conceiving,and whenever i see her ,i try to avoid any talk of babies,as i know how the talk effects her.

marsha yy ,wear the boots,

novice reading your work schedule is like reading dh's,minus the theater bit, he would die of boredom grin, good news about the offers.

one glad you will make it to the mu,you need the distraction.

ani love your saturday non MU outfit!

foxy good news about your kitchen,

dry im sure you will look amazing on saturday,and remember to bring on of those foldable stools for nancy grin

mignonette Wed 09-Oct-13 17:22:15

Liberty I haven't k