Operation Renovation - The Christmas Countdown (part 2)

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HelgatheHairy Tue 01-Oct-13 18:51:19

Our new home

lucysmam Tue 01-Oct-13 20:43:03

<unpacks beauty suitcase and settles in>

lucysmam Tue 01-Oct-13 20:43:29

I missed out bag after suitcase blush

JemimaPuddle Tue 01-Oct-13 21:10:59

Place marking our new thread.

Misssss Tue 01-Oct-13 22:01:48

Hello! Can I join in please? I was on the one last year for about two minutes but failed. I really need to sort myself out, I look like a big fat frump and giving myself a deadline is probably the only way I'll get myself out of it.
I've read through the whole previous thread and I'm v v impressed with everyone.

Today I have eaten mostly low carb food, salad for lunch instead of the usual chips! Done a Zumba class, moisturised whole body. Going for an early night now and will get up early and take time to seek out nice outfit and put on some slap. Baby steps!

vvviola Tue 01-Oct-13 22:02:04

Place marking from chicken pox land grin

HelgatheHairy Wed 02-Oct-13 07:09:46

84 days to go

HelgatheHairy Wed 02-Oct-13 07:10:39

welcome misssss

HelgatheHairy Wed 02-Oct-13 07:14:46

Pressed post too soon!

misssss you didn't fail - there's no exam here. You might not have done 100 days but no one did last year (including me!) and I'm sure your not a big fat frump! If you feel a bit frumpy this is the right place though!

bigkidsdidit Wed 02-Oct-13 07:30:01

Morning everyone

Potty training going on and I even got dressed when I went for a driving lesson smile probably won't leave the house today. DH has taken this week off to split the pain I clearing up poo so I'll escape for a long bath this morning. I need to get back into Callanetics, I haven't done it since last thursday. Also need to do nails today smile

ControlGeek Wed 02-Oct-13 08:11:38

Morning! Still so stupidly busy at the moment. I'm working all weekend so hopefully can have a proper catchup then as I'll be spending most of it waiting for scripts to run.

misssss lovely to see you here smile

I think there are other newcomers from the old thread too - helloooo!

Dressed supersmart today as I have a meeting with Queen B-for-B*tch at work and need to impress with my super professionalism though I think that one sentence alone may show up my lack of it blush I think for once I have remembered everything - teeth brushed, floosed, mouthwashed, whitened, hair done up in a smart 'do' with those two combs joined by stretchy beady things, makeup and earrings done - and I remembered my deodorant!!! Nail varnish refreshed, top coat applied. Used those weird gel socks from footners on my feet last night - ewwwww! Even more ewww will be in a few days when all the flesh falls off my feet envy <- boak

lucysmam Wed 02-Oct-13 09:01:27

Morning all smile (I'll not say good....tis piddling it down & I am soaked hmm )

Morning routine done, wearing my heatherish purple jumper & purple earrings. dug my new hat & gloves out ....will be getting old hat back out later on....new one is just an ornament judging from the very unprincessey soaking wet hair I'm currently sporting confused Ah well, at least it looked nice this morning

Full face of make up on too....no idea how that's fareing in the rain, dd2 pinched my handbag mirror and I forgot to reclaim it....will check myself out in a mirror in the quid shop when I nip in for a brolly in a mo.

Nails are doing well, no unsightly chips or marks this week so will leave them alone tonight & concentrate on hair/body.

Bus just in town, back later on.

Oh and....Hello Misssssss (prob too many sssss's in there blush nice to see you!

lucysmam Wed 02-Oct-13 09:25:46

Well, I shouldn't have looked in the bloody mirror! My face is fine but my god my hair looks like a bunch of straggly seaweed ffs sad Fair to say rain & princessing are non compatible!

Typical I need to go speak to the bank too or could be at home drying.out

Rummikub Wed 02-Oct-13 09:27:28

Thanks for the link, control, I couldn't find you all!

HelgatheHairy Wed 02-Oct-13 09:45:47

controlgeek thanks for linking on the old thread, I forgot.

vvviola Wed 02-Oct-13 10:36:07

Evening all grin

Settling down for my nightly study session after a very long day pretty much stuck at home with DC.

But it did mean:
- hit my 1.5L water target (yay!)
- moisturised exfoliated etc
- lots of hand cream to sort out the dreadful skin on my hands
- sorted out clothes for tomorrow for DD2 & myself (DD1 at home with DH again so they probably won't get dressed til 2pmhmm)
- tidied up my eyebrows a bit more
- and didn't each so much as a mouthful of chocolate grin

lucysmam Wed 02-Oct-13 12:11:34

Control link for footner thingys?....sound interesting. are they similar to what dilidali had? I'm intrigued by the skin falling off part grin

Have been home, washer is on & tidied round a bit. Had to blow dry my hair then run straighteners over it again it was that wet sad .....Have brought a brolly to pick up dd2 from nursery wink

Tonight is mini pamper night so plan to exfoliate, defuzz, moisturise etc as usual. Have a new face wash with salicylic acid (sp?) which will hopefully help unblock my pores & lead to better looking skin. Will use one of the pore strips on my nose, check for stray eyebrow hairs, neaten up toenails (fingers still looking good!) and stick some cetraben on my feet....seems to work for me plus we have two huge bottles and a half empty one that I can almost guarantee dd1 will not need until next summer (eczema seems to play up worse with heat & sweat sad ) so may as well make use rather than they get left to turn funny.

No idea what to do with the gazillion tubes of steroid lotions and potions though so they'll probably go to waste sad ...maybe I ought to open my own chemist supplying half used tubes confused

HelgatheHairy Wed 02-Oct-13 13:29:14

My in-laws are here so they cuddled baby while I went to bed for an hour. Got up and FIL had got my sleep fighting little monster to sleep! I'm feeling slightly more human. Now I'm feeding DD while MIL hoovers, I have the best in-laws

lucysmam Wed 02-Oct-13 13:43:23

They sound fab helga! Wouldn't mind an hour myself today....still feel knackered despite two early nights in a row confused

I have come to my IL's too for a couple of hours break. fil is building a little shed thing with windows on the back of the house so the small is busy helping him while I drink brew ....only trouble is, it's a "help yourself" kind of house so I have to get up to refill hmm

<makes self comfy on new thread>

I'm still suck on the sofa trying to rest my dodgy knee. Definitely no exercise for me for the time being. But I am going to have a nice long bath tonight to see if that eases it, and I might as well do some pampering while I'm there!

One bit of good news though - we regularly get photographed in work doing various activities to go into scrapbooks/ on displays etc. I've just started looking through this term's photos ready to print and realised that for the first time in many years I don't hate the way I look in the photos of me. Got to be a result! grin

HelgatheHairy Thu 03-Oct-13 03:06:09

83 days to go

Karbea Thu 03-Oct-13 09:09:20

Morning all, I'm back from the wedding.
I've a big spot on my cheek which is now a scab, I'd left it brewing the whole time we were away but it never got a head (hormone boil) so last night I squeezed it till it bled (nice) and now the pressures gone and it's just a big red scabby lump (nice).
This morning has been a disaster, DH fed the dog apple pie yesterday when we picked him up, so this morning I woke to diarehea all over the cream carpet in the study, so I've had the carpet cleaner out already! I quickly got dressed (blue primark leggings, white primark vest, blue white stripe j crew jumper) to do that, the electric toothbrush died half way thru cleaning my teeth! Welcome home!
So having a black tea (no milk) and then off to get the cats.
Today will be about unpacking, and need to get some food, really need to go high protein as ivf will hopefully start middle if the month again (and I'm fat!)

closetcat Thu 03-Oct-13 09:12:34

I've been a bit busy so I need to start again for October - back to the basics:

I will drink less wine to start with. Been wayoverdoing it for a few weeks and my face feels all puffy and bleugh. Time to cut back methinks.

I also need to sort my hair out - it looks like a frizzy mess but rich shampoos/conditioners make my scalp feel spotty - any tips?

So for the rest of October I commit to wearing make-up daily, dressing as if everyday is best, finding a haircare routine and drinking less wine. Sounds like a good start!

lucysmam Thu 03-Oct-13 09:55:02

Good morning smile

Just having brekky and a brew (fruit and fibre bread....quite tasty).

Karbea I have a spot right under my eye confused ...not a good look! Sounds like a stressful welcome home for you hmm I couldn't drink a brew with no milk. Apparently toothpaste is good for drying spots out if that helps? am going to try it out later on when I'm settled for the night smile

closet what are you using on your hair atm? dp picked me some shampoo and conditioner up the other day & they're very heavy. I had been using Timotei Golden Highlights shampoo and conditioner on mine, not too heavy & didn't take forever to wash out like this one does (it's Garnier something or other). Then serum, spray with heat protector, blow dry, then straighten in sections using the heat protector spray on each section. Finish off with a couple of drops of argan oil I'm using up before I try L'Oreal extraordinary oil & job's a good un!

House is a shithole today because I was out most of yesterday & didn't do much last night so will crack on with sorting that out before I go pick up the smallest from nursery.

bigkidsdidit Thu 03-Oct-13 10:43:12

morning all

I'm procrastinating hugely on mn, I think I've messed up at work and have an email about it and I'm too scared to open it blush I'm 32! but I can't bring myself to. so am on here.

wearing a nice new jumper today my mum bought me from topshop, it is green adn has little white circles with jewels all over it, they look like those white chocolate circles with hundreds and thousands you get from pick n mix grin

down another pound when I weighed in this morning!

right. must woman up now confused

lucysmam Thu 03-Oct-13 10:59:58

If it helps bigkids, I'm procrastinating too grin ....need to get on with clearing the dining room out but I can't face it so retreated here with brew

closetcat Thu 03-Oct-13 11:22:55

Hope all is well at work big kids
Morning lucysmam I'm using L'Oreal shine and polish shampoo and conditioner at the moment and an oil-based product before I rough dry and use the Babyliss Big Hair. It's natural wavy but getting a bit fine and limp. I like the idea of using maybe just a lighter texture shampoo and upping the products afterwards. It feels cottonwoolly when I shampoo it generally and would turn into a bush if I left t to dry but the BBh knocks it into shape but leaves it a bit too flat. I can't win!!

Karbea Thu 03-Oct-13 11:58:07

Just got the cats back from the cattery.
Just had a spinach and goats cheese omelette and some berries, now having a decaf coffee.

I need to get onto the unpacking and washing :/

lucysmam Thu 03-Oct-13 12:02:16

My hair's fluffy if left to its own devices too confused Try a less heavy shampoo and conditioner, with these Garnier ones I'm using until shopping day on Saturday my hair feels artificially tame and soft if that makes sense? before I put any other products on it. I don't think the serum/heat spray/argan oil would weigh it down so much because you use so little of the oil and the spray covers a large area in one spray iyswim? I did read years ago to straighten from an inch lower than your roots, so you keep some of the volume too....never tried it but might help smile

Karbea Thu 03-Oct-13 12:40:43

I only straighten from about my ears down.

closetcat Thu 03-Oct-13 13:34:29

I daren't straighten - I'd burn my ears/fingers/nose. Thanks for the tips lucysmam will look in the haircare aisle at Tescos.

I'm all dressed and made-up. It feels good smile

ControlGeek Thu 03-Oct-13 13:41:54

lucysmam it's these - not sure if they are what dili used, there are two or three items in their range. What serum do you use on your hair? I just apply my L'Oreal oil before and after drying, and again in the morning after brushing.

jemimam yay! That is a huge achievement. Photographs are so weird, we never look the way we think we look.

karbea your boil sounds... fun grin What a welcome home for you though - hope things are straightened out for you now. Good luck for the IVF, which protocol are you on? Your omlette sounds lush.

closet When my hair went through a really greasy phase, I found applying the conditioner to just the lengths and ends made a huge difference.

bigkids aww poor you. Have you read your email yet? My mum used to say what ever it is, it can't be as bad as you are imagining but I never really found that helpful. Well done on being down another pound!

Shredded last night, and it's feeling pretty comfortable so going to go up to level 2 at the weekend. Forgot to straighten my hair after drying it last night, so woke up this morning looking like Anthea Turner's wild-woman alter ego. Popped into Primark this lunchtime and they finally have size 12 short skinnies - yay! Picked up three pairs, a faded black, a dark grey and a light blue. Fab grin It's a fasting day today and the whole world is against me. I came in to work this morning to find someone did the baguette run so I had to give away a sausage baguette with brown sauce. Then another colleague brought in a mahooooosive box of samosas, and had the veg ones done extra mild just for me blush. Then I popped into the canteen for some water on my way back from lunch to see that my favourite lasagne was on, which is normally on on a Monday so I switched my fasting day from Monday this week so I could have it, and this week Monday's food was some crappy stew and I've still missed my lasagne. I've also just had to turn down the offer of chocolate raisins <drool>

bigkidsdidit Thu 03-Oct-13 13:44:06

I grew a pair (of ovaries) and read it. Your mum was right control grin it wasn't that bad. Phew.

Day of cleaning for me today so no makeup. Really must do finger and toenails tonight.

HelgatheHairy Thu 03-Oct-13 16:41:34

Nails filed and buffed. Had a new soap & glory buffer but didn't think it was great. My Leighton Denny one is much better.

HelgatheHairy Thu 03-Oct-13 17:01:15

I'm so fed up with my skin & hair. They've always been oily but really improved when I was pregnant. I could actually get 2, almost 3 days without washing my hair. Now I shower/wash hair at 7pm and it's greasy the next morning. I have dry shampoo but my scalp is sensitive and doesn't really like the dry shampoo. And I can't change my shampoo as I have dermatitis and the Loreal one I'm using is the best ever.

My skin is the same except its worse since I had the baby. Now I wash it in the morning, no moisturiser and it FEELS oily by about 3pm. Before i might look shiny but now it actually feels horrible.

Any idea of good skin care for oily skin? I was using Eve lom but it's too rich, as is Liz earl. Found a soap & glory hot cloth cleanser in my stash and am using that for now.

closetcat Thu 03-Oct-13 17:16:57

I'm having an 'act as if day'

Act as if you like shopping at Tescos
Act as if choosing a bin for your bathroom is important and interesting
Act as if you like housework
Act as if you look gorgeous

It's working you know, I've had a fab day doing mundane things. smile

Helga Have you used Elemis? I love their pro-collagen marine cream because of the light cream.gel texture.

Dilidali Thu 03-Oct-13 20:20:07

Found you!!!

Hello everybody, welcome to the ladies that just joined us.

No, those are not the socks I am using.

Dilidali Thu 03-Oct-13 20:20:28

Sorry, meant to go and fund a link.

Dilidali Thu 03-Oct-13 20:22:11

*find a link these are the ones
Got mine in tkmaxx, nowhere near £30!!!!

Dilidali Thu 03-Oct-13 20:49:58

I exercised. Loads. I really really ache.
But I kept at my hot water with lemon and vitamins. Last night I was so tired I didn't bother with face cream, judt fell like a log.
I have got a list of things to do till christmas

I need to sort out my eyes. I need contacts and a new pair of glasses.
I need some new shoes. For going out/walking for miles/slip on and off/some slippers.
I need to sleep more. Hahaha!

I'll keep thinking about it and see what else I come up with.

lucysmam Thu 03-Oct-13 21:01:50

Evening all smile

Just got sat down hmm dd2 is in a non sleeping mood....could be a loooooooooong night!

Usual routine done, am half wishing I'd re-done my nails last night....have chipped THREE of them this afternoon doing not much at all with dd2 shock . Have removed the polish but replacing will have to wait for tomorrow now, I'm ready for a mooch about on here & bed <zzzzzzzzz>.

Karbea did you try the toothpaste on your boil? I'm going to put some on before bed so dp can laugh at me hmm I seem to have developed a whole heap of spots with no head over the course of the day sad

Control ty for the link, they're different ones (am compiling a list for dp for Christmas and my birthday which is two weeks after....it features a large number of beauty products grin ). will add them to it. My local Primark still hasn't had any short leg skinnies in sad ....am destined to take up every pair I buy confused

bigkids glad the work email wasn't as bad as you thought...wine ?

Helga I have no idea about skincare products these days but sympathise about the oily feeling skin; mine was like that for years as a teen sad Maybe worth an ask on s&b itself maybe, I've learned all sorts the past few weeks....never really ventured into s&b either until I spotted this thread!

Dilidali ty for your link too, I think you linked them from amazon before so will have a search on there & add to my wishlist for dp grin

(poor fella won't know what's hit him when I hand over my Christmas 'letter' grin grin )

closetcat I burn myself every time I use my straighteners....always on the same spot of my head, end up with a weird kink on the bottom layer because I jerk them away...every sodding night! surprisingly, I haven't burned my hands or nose yet ....did once catch the top of one ear though <ouch>

(sorry if I missed anything, I will fire up the dinosaur laptop eventually so I can scroll back & type...it's just sooooo easy to pick up my phone & mn rather than wait for it to gurgle sloooooowwwwwwlllllyyyy to life)

*epic post again I bet grin

lucysmam Thu 03-Oct-13 21:03:47

epic strikeout fails too blush grin

HelgatheHairy Fri 04-Oct-13 02:35:35

82 days to go

lucysmam Fri 04-Oct-13 09:34:21

Morning smile

I've just given my nails a quick coat of pale pink polish with glittery bits & heart glitter....no idea how the ♥'s are meant to come out of the bottle though confused . It shouldn't stain my nails & I'll properly manicure them tonight.

Taking dd2 to soft play for a bit now dp has finally gone to work....he overslept....oops....and I shot out of bed at half five this morning to tell him...missed his lift by then though so had to wait until now.

Got an old chunky knit on with my dark skinnies and boots. Will try and remember to pop a pic on fb later.

Right , off to get the small one ready to go smile Have a good day all

lucysmam Fri 04-Oct-13 14:02:17

you lot are very quiet today hmm

Just thought I'd tell you about a bargainous purchase in Poundland....Got2b play it straight....is meant to straighten hair for ten washes....no idea if it works but worth a play for a quid grin

ControlGeek Fri 04-Oct-13 15:02:51

Aren't we though!

Let us know how you get on lucysmam, can't really knock a quid though, even if it just works for a couple of washes.

Going out for a meal this evening, DP is in his suit so I've dressed in colours to complement - pale grey primark dress, drop pearl earrings, smoky purple/grey makeup and still the same nail varnish as the other day. Forgot to mention I got my bikini salon-waxed on Wednesday, so that can be forgotten about for another three weeks.

Hair is very Anthea Turner again today. Will probably not bother straightening it again until Sunday though as I am working on my own all weekend so being relaxed about that is about the only thing I can do to feel like I've had a bit of a break in my week.

lucysmam Fri 04-Oct-13 20:26:21


Have you all abandoned me apart from Control....

or do I spend an unreasonable amount of time on MN? (don't answer that....MN is my 'go to' for soft play, bus rides etc grin )

Just in case anyone is still around.....

Control you should have stuck a pic on fb of your going out outfit, it sounded lovely!

Helga did you find a miracle product for oily skin? (think I spied a thread earlier that might have been you?) smile

I am having a lazy lazy night, been in the shower, done the basics....debating mud mask on spots to try and reduce them.....haven't even blow dried my hair shock .....will more than likely straighten in the morning though, not that anyone will care round here but I try smile

Just cracking open the weekend wine

Letsdothis Fri 04-Oct-13 21:14:14

Karbea -nightmare on the dog and cream carpet front! And I thought I was having a tough week :-)
so the first week of the new job went very well, thank you-very nice people and very interesting work. The princessing piece has been a bit hard as I try to get into a routine for work/ children home etc, but it has worked so far as keeping away from sweets and chocolate. I really need to work on getting the exercise in. Will try and get on the treadmill this weekend and also sort out toenail painting.
Control geek-what are the gel foot socks that you are wearing? I am intrigued.

Oooh I'll do a quickie update .....

Got my L'Occitane Almond set a couple of days ago, so in a minute I'm going to make the bed (washed the bedlinen today) and run a nice long bath with the Almond Oil (I use it in the shower normally but it'll be lush in the bath)

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed mask
Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser

A book

HelgatheHairy Fri 04-Oct-13 21:26:52

lucysmam that was me. Got recommended cephasil (that's not the correct name but I know what I mean) which I think I might be good. Just need to get to boots now.

petalsandstars Fri 04-Oct-13 21:51:27

Brief update from me....
Have shredded today but have not done it religiously the last few days as my knees started to ache bouncing around so took it a bit easier, dunno if it's the extra weight or just not doing exercise for ever that's the cause so taking it slow for now.

Still keeping up with defuz and moisturising routines, need to redo nails but that's a job for tomorrow night now. Have been lacking in fruit today but doing a "big shop" tomorrow so will stock up the fridge again

Toying with the idea of potty training my toddler too bigkids how's it going?

Dilidali Fri 04-Oct-13 22:29:31

Hello ladies, quick update from me: I am shattered! Been a good week though.
I have booked a day annual leave for next month to finish Christmas shopping and wrap it all. The day after the last of the christmas shopping and wrapping I have booked for myself.
I have been picking odd bits and bobs and decided who gets what, but I have also given a thought to my December tin. I have this big-ish tin, quite pretty, I intend to fill it by the 1st of december with 24 things, please help with ideas!
Stuff like bath bombs, a yummy shower/bath gel, a book, some chocolate, new tweezers, hot chocolate sachet, a new pretty pen...what else? Just something small..a candle...
I have enough nail varnish to open a shop,and I only varnish my toenails. I have a new mascara and touche eclat...maybe a lip balm? Tea bags for eyes? (Where do I get those?)
I'm only going to scrunch them in some wrapping paper, just so I don't cheat and choose.

I drunk my water, took my vitamins, but neglected the rest a bit. I tell you what, my skin looks much better, with all the care and water. I forgot to weigh myself, but not having had sweets in a few weeks now, today I went a bit mental and had loads. The heartburn was horrible. I actually am not enjoying sweets now. I eat plenty of fruit, 2-3 bananas, grapes, apples... Before it used to be:feeling peckish, biscuit drawer. Now I drink water instead or have a fruit if I am hungry.
I'm giving up something else in november (food wise, not razorblade!!!!) not sure what yet.

Massive pampering this weekend smile
Have a good one yourselves smile x

IsThatTrue Sat 05-Oct-13 05:21:19

I have found you all!

Will update later DS has just gone to sleep so I need to get my beauty sleep in!

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 06:42:10

81 days to go

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 06:48:20

dilidali I LOVE that tin idea! Maybe a small Yankee candle. Boots do mini soap & glory products so maybe a body butter, a hand moisturiser, saw lush are doing a bright red lip balm for Christmas and a bright red lip scrub.
If you drink alcohol you could get a mini bottle of wine or gin.
I'll think a bit more.

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 08:05:21

You said you don't wear nail varnish on your finger nails but mauve a nail buffer to get them nice @ shiney. Soap & glory foot file is raved about.

Dilidali Sat 05-Oct-13 08:59:56

Thank you Helga smile
I do have a buffer. A foot file sounds good though, I have the old fashioned pumice. Alcohol is good, buy I don't really drink, I wouldn't see it as a treat.
I love Lush. My SIL gets me a little box every year, I tend to get overwhelmed by the whole thing so end up not choosing anything. I tried to get my DD to choose for me, she goes for glitter, mad colours and the bath tub is a PITA to clean afterwards lol.

Karbea Sat 05-Oct-13 09:01:20

Hola, how's everyone? I've been a bit rubbish of late (jet lag?) languishing in bed ATM, about to get up. Dh is out for the day, so I'm on my tod (no change there) with the dog. Not sure what to do today. Didn't sleep well but not really tired :/

Karbea Sat 05-Oct-13 09:03:28

How about se lovely teas? The tea pigs ones are lovely.

Karbea Sat 05-Oct-13 09:03:48

Se - some

lucysmam Sat 05-Oct-13 09:22:49

Ooh, I have company!! I did wonder if I'd been abandoned yesterday grin

Lazy morning here, the girls are watching a dvd in dd1's room so I'm in bed with mn and brew . Will have to get up and sort some brekky soon though. We have a day of not much planned, were going to take the girls out for lunch but everyone is knackered so we're going to have a day in the house instead.

Think I'll make a crumble with the apples and rhubarb from fil's allottment at some point & shepherds pie for tomorrows lunch as well as catch up on washing (surprisingly not much in the basket hmm )

Helga I had a read of your thread, looks like there's a few products to try. Hope you find something that works for you smile

Dilidali I'm liking the idea of a December box....now wondering if I could do the same for me without spending too much.

Right, finish my brew then sort brekky and crack on with my routine for the morning & straighten my hair (should have done it last night, I closely resemble Wurzel Gummidge confused )

Dilidali Sat 05-Oct-13 10:08:35

All I can think of is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate smile
Shall we have a mad challenge? Shall we all go in our pharmacies, department store etc and see what freebies we can get? I don't particularly want to change my face cream or whatever, but I'll be willing to try some samples. I don't go often into towns, so it might not be a while before I do this, but, hey, it would be fun!?

Dilidali Sat 05-Oct-13 10:08:57

To go in the tin that is.

lucysmam Sat 05-Oct-13 10:23:25

oooh, good idea.....will see what I can get in Boots! Might be worth a look at some freebie sites too....see what's kicking about on them....shall fire up the laptop later and start having a look.

Could maybe do dp a December box too if I can find some manly bits and bobs grin

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 13:35:34

So I went to Penny's today and bought

Wait for it

2 packs of socks and 2 cardigans for DD! That was a fail! I had DD in a sling and it was really crowded and hot so didn't really look around much.

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 13:36:06

primark is called Penny's in Ireland.

petalsandstars Sat 05-Oct-13 15:01:49

Primark on a Saturday, you're brave!! Weekday shopping for clothes only for me. I don't have the patience for weekends and crowds.

I losted you all!

Anyway. breakfast scrubbed face-felt amazing, deep foot treatmented feet (they are like hooves at the moment and I'm off on holidays in three weeks), and six drops of argan oiled hair after washing and conditioning.
What a mistake!!! Argan oiled hair looked like I'd tipped a bottle of oil over it even after four hours. Have just had to wash, rinse and condition twice and am hoping that clears it off. Did I go wrong somewhere?

lucysmam Sat 05-Oct-13 15:47:30

Blueandwhite I only use 3 drops of argan oil on mine, doesn't look oily smile

Helga I used to go shopping for me and buy for the girls grin Mid week Primarni is much more mooch friendly than weekend busy Primarni!

I had sat down to paint my nails in a lush rouge noir type colour I have.....ended up doing dd1's fingers and toes, and nail art-ing them, instead hmm

Rummikub Sat 05-Oct-13 16:05:39

Hi been AWOL for a little while. I am currently using up all my stockpile of things. I might even try to make up the December tin with stuff I haven't tried yet. I used to save those freebies you get in magazines. Would places like boots giveaway freebies if you're not buying anything?

Blue, I found that with argan oil too. I water mine down now, a lot, and it works well, plus saves money!

Lucysmam, do you have to blowdry afterwards? I tend to leave mine to dry and wondered if that might make a difference.

lucysmam Sat 05-Oct-13 16:37:45

I serum, heat spray, blow dry, straighten in sections with more heat spray then put the oil on, only two or three drops rubbed into my hands first and only applied to the mid lengths & ends.

I once put it on the roots too, to try and tame some baby hairs.....it did look quite greasy then tbf

closetcat do you condition all of your hair or just the ends? When my hair was longer I found it looked greasy if I conditioned anything but the very ends. Now it is so short it doesn't make much difference.

I like the idea of the Christmas tin, a bit like an advent calender for grown ups. I will get my thinking cap on.

My knee is still dodgy so I can't run and it is really starting to annoy me. I have lost another pound, not sure how I feel about this as I am supposed to be maintaining.

Went for an eye test and need new glasses. 'Tis an age thing... I have ordered these and these. So that is the budget blown!

I might try that tomorrow, dh has just gotten in from work and is steadfastly ignoring my greasy hair

Oh and tomorrow I have to travel on a coach with DS1's football team to an away game. He has been picked for the local Academy team (i.e. the best local players) and it his first match with them. Trouble is some of the mums that I have met so far are a bit yummy mummy - think perfect blonde bobs, white teeth, size 8 skinny jeans... I've been trying to choose an outfit that is "nice" enough to not look a scruff next to them, but comfy enough for 4hrs on a coach and standing on the edge of a football pitch. I have decided on black straight leg jeans, a black and white striped tunic, black wedge ankle boots, a black and tan zebra print scarf and a tan tote bag. I have painted my nails with NYC Park Avenue and will be wearing small gold studs. With styled hair and make up I'm hoping I won't look too out of place!

HelgatheHairy Sat 05-Oct-13 20:07:59

jemima that sounds perfect. What's the weather going to be like? Will you need a jacket??

(Oh God - did I just say that about do you need a jacket!? DD is only 8 weeks - surely that's too soon to start sounding like my mother!)

Has anyone seen the boots Christmas catalogue?? Had a flick through it this evening and there are a few things I want. Can pretty much tell what sets are going to be the half price special offers. I really want the Molton brown bath set though so will get that

Lol, don't worry I had thought the same thing! But it is supposed to be about 17 degrees and cloudy so I should be OK, although I have a brolly in my bag.

I have fallen in love with lots in the Boots Christmas catalogue grin

lucysmam Sat 05-Oct-13 20:50:52

Jemima your outfit sounds spot on to me!

HelgaI often say things these days & then sort of hmm confused at myself! I blame having the girls grin

I have developed several more spots over the course of the day, one is HUMONGOUS and right on top of my eyebrow....& a cluster of three on each cheek hmm not good! Am off to google aspirin face mask in a mo, see if that might help confused

Have removed nail polish from fingers and toes, will manicure & pedicure and paint both sets tomorrow with my rouge noir ish one.

closetcat Sat 05-Oct-13 22:45:12

jemima I think you have a good point there - I'm not used tto y hair being shoulder length so I slap conditioner all over. I'll try to keep it to the ends. L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil seems good so far....

I've decided to keep a nail file and cuticle oil in the basket with the remote control so I can daub myself when watching tv. Bought Clinique Compact foundation today and love the texture but it seems too dark. The sales assistant was v pushy about the 3-step programme but I told her I already invested in it - it wrecked my skin - I threw it away and went back to Elemis smile

HelgatheHairy Sun 06-Oct-13 07:11:26

80 days to go

treadingwater123 Sun 06-Oct-13 08:36:46

Hi can I join? Feeling fat and frumpy and my best friend said to me yesterday ' do you know you used to be glamorous' !

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 08:42:00

Good morning all smile

Just hauling myself out of bed to sort the girls brekky and start on my morning routine.

No makeup day as it's sunday. i am going to try the aspirin face mask though shortly and see if it helps reduce my spots - just on the spots though not my entire face (seem to be many good reviews on t'internet).

Plan to spend the day making bits and bobs in the kitchen & sorting homework and washing but dp has promised he'll get the kids in the bath with him so I can have a peaceful shower so I can have a pamper in peace grin

Plan for tonight is mud mask, exfoliate, defuzz, aussie hair, dry & straighten etc. Then watch Atlantis on the iPlayer while I do feet and hands. Am going to try and do my feet at some point through the day so it's just my hands tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to town for a few bits for Christmas so will have a mooch in Boots and see what samples I can get if anything for my December box. Plan to get on the laptop over the week while dp on afters & check out some freebie sites....will let you all know if there's anything worth having, and where

Right, best go before the girls starve confused

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 08:42:52

Morning treading smile

Jump on in grin

closetcat Sun 06-Oct-13 09:05:38

Morning treading and lucysmam smile

I'm planning on a shower in a bit with a pre-treatment of the Extraordinary Oil then a bit of a make-up play with the Clinique compact - might have to take it back tomorrow - just need to decide if I want to change the colour or get a refund, depends on the texture, it feels a bit drying.

Other than that I'm off out later so need to plan what I'll wear. At the moment it's jeans and a shirt as it's going t be warm.

Just some sheet-changing and laundry to do today, reached the bottom of the laundry basket yesterday and don't want to fill it up with sheets in one go!

Have a great Sunday!

INeedSomeHelp Sun 06-Oct-13 09:14:14

<<Creeps quietly back on to thread>>

I was on the original thread briefly but you may have heard a huge thud as I unceremoniously fell off the beauty wagon. Hope it's okay to join back in now.

Have just been made redundant from work so have some time and money to invest in myself for a change. Despite not making much effort, have been told a couple of times recently how well I'm looking. Think that's because I'm not stuck in an office for 10 hours a day getting totally stressed out!

Exercise regime is good. Go to a boot camp training session three times per week.

The bit I need to sort out is my wardrobe. Haven't had any money to spend on clothes for months. And due to afore boot camp nothing fits properly including underwear.

So I am off to the big city today and plan to go to Bravissimo to get properly measured. I know I should buy white/black/nude sets to have as basics. But thinking I might buy one bright set as a treat.

Then I'm going to Ikea tomorrow and will get some of their good wooden hangers for any new purchases.

Sorry this has turned into War and Peace!

Dilidali Sun 06-Oct-13 09:34:05

Hello ladiessmile
Welcome treading and Ineedsomehelp smile

Hangers you can find in tkmaxx, £9 for 18, I have eyed some black velvet ones. Bootcamp 3 times a week, woow, you're putting me to shame! Enjoy your shopping trip smile

treading, nothing like being kicked into action by friends, eh?
lucys and closetcat, enjoy your pampering.

Still in pyjamas, I am enjoying my coffee and e cig, home alone this morning, hehe, I get to 'smoke' in the livingroom (god it feels weird smoking inside. I know it's nothing coming out, but i still go outside. And I still opened all the windows and keep smelling my hands, I hate smelling of cigarettes, my mind is completely desoriented, there is no smell!!!
Anyway, it's not a habit I'm ever going to get into, vaping inside, just thought I'd be rebellious since I am never home alone on Sunday mornings. Counts as pampering smile

ControlGeek Sun 06-Oct-13 10:12:16

Right, weekend working = peace and quiet to do a proper post at last! Sorry in advance if this is a little bit epic...

lucysmam mn is my go-to when I have time to kill, too - mostly train journeys/waiting for the train/Gp and dentist waiting rooms etc. I am so rubbish at typing on my phone though that I normally just read and promise myself to post something later, then later never happens. I didn't put a pic up on fb - I was worried everyone would get fed up of me posting my outfits every day! I wear that dress to work at least once a week so will try to reproduce the effect next time, and put a pic up. Aspirin mask? What does that do? I'm getting lots of almost-spots that come to nothing, just look red for a bit then fade away again. How's your pamper day going? Do please share any good freebie sites, I don't feel so bad compelled to buy stuff out of guilt if they come through the post compared to getting them in a shop. I can't even bring myself to try free food at Holland & Barrett!

lets well done on your first week at work. It's always the hardest, so should be downhill from here. Give yourself time to sort your work routine out first, everything else can fit on once you have that nailed. The gel socks were these - they are basically gel-filled plastic bags that you put your feet in for an hour. Then a few days later the top layer of skin peels off your feet. A bit like a chemical peel, I suppose never having had one I'm not sure - I'm now at the peeling stage, as is DP. We are wandering around like lepers, leaving chunks of our skin behind! No pain, though - but I think if I were to give the peeling skin a helping hand it might start hurting.

70 your list sounds lush - how are you getting on with the elasticizer? I've been scared to try it again after my first attempt. What's your almond oil? Is it like a body wash? <nosey>

petals well done on the shred! Are you on level 1? Level 2 has a lot more options to take it easy on the knees but in all other respects it's a lot harder work.

dili now that's what I call organised - booking a day off for christmas shopping and wrapping! And your idea for an advent tin is just genius. I'd love to do the same for DP (and me of course) but have no idea what I'd put in them. I might have a think and a shop-wander and see if I can pick a few bits up. How is your pampering weekend going? I'm not going to be able to do your challenge I'm afraid - I hate getting free samples in a shop, I feel like I am compelled to spend a fortune in order to say thank you for anything free so I just can't do it. However, I do have some hydrogel under-eye pads that I'm trialling for a manufacturer, does that count? Does vaping really not smell then? Out of habit I always hold my breath when I walk past someone using an e cig. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to break that habit!

true <waves>

<hoists the Op Reno flag higher to increase visibility>

karbea jet lag? Have you been somewhere exciting? Hope you had a lovely lie in.

helga whenever I go specifically for something for me I can never find anything either - and well done for braving it on a Saturday! It's bad enough during the week here. Your jacket comment has you teetering at the brink of a very slippery slope m'dear - next you'll be saying 'put a vest on'!

blue Maybe try using less and just putting it on the ends? I have very dry hair and I still only use two squirts (four drops?) of the L'Oreal oil, which I think may be lighter than the argan oil. I try to avoid my roots though. What foot treatment do you use?

rummi oooh what's in your stockpile?? I have a drawer full of stuff I need to sort through and either use or ditch. I used to be on the mailing list for a company that gave away loads of sample and trial sizes for Japanese skin. I have no idea how I got on their mailing list but some of the stuff was amazing!

jemimam Sorry to hear about your knee, is there other kinds of exercise you could do in the meantime that wouldn't hurt it, just to keep your hand in? Don't worry about dropping a pound or two, it might be because you're not running as much at the moment (so losing a bit of muscle), but weight fluctuates so much over the course of a month anyway. Your coach trip clothes sound fab! Perfect for the occasion. Good luck to your DS1, too.

closet ohh good idea keeping your cuticle thing with the remote! I've started a little nail varnish collection behind the computer monitor, next to my side of the sofa, so I have something to grab when I'm watching a dvd (we don't have a telly). I really laughed to read your conversation with the assistant - how did she react? That is classic!

treading helloo! Jump in with us and you'll be showing your friend your glamorous side again in no time. What's your plan of action?

INeed welcome back - as flylady says, you are not behind - just jump in where you are. I'm sorry about your redundancy. It sounds like you are putting your time and money to great use though - comments from other people really are a tonic, especially when you've put some effort in to look good. Have fun sorting out your wardrobe. When I went through mine after losing weight I had great fun trying things on, laughing at the size I used to be and boxing everything up according to size and clothing type ready for if when I get pregnant.

Ok, unless more has been posted since I started this post just over an hour ago then I think I am pretty much caught up with you all!

As for me, my weekend working isn't leaving an awful lot of time for pampering. However I did have a fast day yesterday, AND did my shred - I'm on my own on my floor at work so stuck the dvd on my laptop and shredded away in the middle of the room blush I've started level 2 now, but without the hand weights since I can't be bothered to cart them in to work. I'd forgotten how knackering it was starting a new level! It must be working though, I'm back to being just 2lb above my weight watchers goal weight. Another 4lb and I'll feel brave enough to go back for my final 2 weigh-ins to retain my gold status for another year. I'd like to be 9st exactly (or less) by Christmas, so 7lb still to go. DP has done amazingly well. He lost 3.5lb last week, bringing his total to 10lb in 5 weeks. He's now under 20 stone for the first time since January. He wants to hit 19 stone by the beginning of December and it's really looking possible.

Had a wetherspoons breakfast this morning before coming in to work, but am planning on doing the shred again at lunchtime to take my mind up having forgotten to make sandwiches for myself I had a really early night last night - I was in bed by 8:15! My fasting days really wear me out.

Tonight I'm planning on full shower routine (defuzz, exfoliate, condition hair, full body moisturise, nail varnish if there's time and I remember, hair dry and oil, straighten if I feel like it). I'm being really good about my teeth these days, too - I'm remembering each morning to floss, mouthwash and whiten as well as do my standard 4 minute brushing. I'm even remembering my deodorant most of the time

Crikey, this is giving dili and lucysmam's posts a run for their money! I'd best stop here, before I break mn blush

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 10:21:39

grin EPIC Control! that is all!! grin

(I will be back, need to get some clothes on & make a start in kitchen....figured if I make puddings for the week we'll be less likely to pop to the shops for munchies hmm )

HelgatheHairy Sun 06-Oct-13 10:25:55

control that is an epic post

closetcat Sun 06-Oct-13 10:37:24

A true modern-day EPIC control - nice one grin

PS - the assistant was not a smiley-faced person when I left wink

Rummikub Sun 06-Oct-13 10:54:11

Control, great post! That's commitment shredding in work <applause>

In my stockpile I have elemis pro radiance balm, Claris beauty flash balm, about 3 under eye creams, several body creams (e45, coconut, no7 protect & perfect), bio oil, Nivea body oil, palmers firming butter.... Lots of vitamins and hair masks. I buy but never give myself the time to use the stuff.

Helga, there is a weather website called 'do I need a jacket today'!

Rockchick1984 Sun 06-Oct-13 10:58:12

Please can I join in? Currently 19 weeks pregnant with DC2, my DS is 2.5 and I've been stuck in the realms of frump-dom since I was pregnant with him!! I kind of stopped making an effort after having DS thinking that I'd do it when I lost the baby weight. Never happened, so now that I'm growing again I want to get back into good routines so I look ok again, then maybe that will be the motivation to get skinny once the baby arrives rather than waiting to be skinny before doing any sort of princessing!

Loving the idea of the beauty advent calendar, think I may make one and try to use the item on the day I choose it smile

HelgatheHairy Sun 06-Oct-13 11:24:31

Sunday morning is normally a bit of a beautifying binge but I was soo tired this morning I just got in the shower on auto pilot and didn't think of anything.

It was my own fault, started watching tv with DH last night. DD cluster feeding as usual. She fell asleep in my arms around 9 and I was enjoying watching tv without her attached to my boob and actually concentrate on the storyline and it was 11.30 before I realised. We're normally in bed for 10. Fed her when we went to bed and hoped that would mean she's sleep a bit later but she was awake at 2.30am as usual. I only got to doze after that as she was restless.

I'm still in pj bottoms but I have Clinique cc cream & benefit blusher on. We are going to the in laws soon. They'll have dinner for us and will hold DD so I can eat with both hands!

vvviola Sun 06-Oct-13 13:29:50

I have well and truly fallen off the wagon blush

But I'm still going to follow along in the hopes that I'm encouraged to do a few lite bits & pieces when I can fit them in, and when life returns to some semblance of normality at the end of November I'll be ready to jump aboard properly again!

(Helga, your in-laws sound so lovely. I am hugely jealous. Although aunt-in-law is recently stepping up and getting involved which is lovely. I think she feels it's her duty to supply a grandparent type figure from that side of the family. MIL & FIL divorced decades ago, and FIL passed away 4 years ago without getting to know his grandchildren)

INeedSomeHelp Sun 06-Oct-13 13:37:14

Oh and I forgot to say - my lovely colleagues gave me £140 of John Lewis vouchers as a leaving gift so I'm hoping to spend those today too.
Want to be sensible and not just fritter them away so think I'll look for a really nice handbag.

Thanks Lucysmam, shampooing the dry hair seems to have gotten rid of it. I shall leave trying it again till next Saturday when I am off again.

ControlGeek Sun 06-Oct-13 15:50:58

Aaargggh I have spent my whole day babysitting database scripts and I'm just about ready to poke my own eyes out with a blunt spoon. What a way to spend a Sunday. I did my shred earlier, but was terrified the whole way through that the security guard would pick just that moment to do his walkround. Yesterday, the walkround was done at 11.30 but today half one came and went and he still hadn't done his walkround so I just had to take a chance and do it anyway.

Really sorry about that massively epic post earlier blush I'll try not to leave it so long next time wink

welcome rockchick, make yourself at home!

vvv don't worry about falling off, the point is to just do what you can, even if it's just one thing here or there that you wouldn't otherwise have done. Sounds like you are having a really hard time of it at the moment, I hope things pick up for you soon.

LaFataTurchina Sun 06-Oct-13 16:53:10

Hello, mind if I join as well?

I've just finished a stressful postgrad thingy and I feel all gray (face not hair) and worn out.

I'd like to look all healthy and not frazzled. Ooh, and professional - I'm hoping if I buy some 'grown up work clothes' the career will magically follow!

So, what do I need to do wise S&B ladies- are there some kind of rules like on the Project Princessing thread?

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 17:06:45

Um.....I found a GREY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a positive note, good day in the kitchen....four rhubarb crumbles, shepherds pie big enough for a week night as well as today, extra mash for the kids one night and a choc chip cake made grin Ran out of freezer space or would have done something with the second packet of mince too.

Just applied face mask....Control will link aspirin mask later, I just haven't got round to it yet smile

Off in shower shortly to do my feet & hair (as well as exfoliate/defuzz etc)

Back in a bit smile

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 17:08:00

LaFata....I will bump first thread if there's space, I think it's all explained on there & makes for easier reading than my epic posts grin

LaFataTurchina Sun 06-Oct-13 18:17:02

thanks lucysmam smile

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 18:24:39

I think from a quick click, that the second post down links to the first thread .....with the list of stuff we're all working from, we're not all doing it all though iyswim? We've tailored our own lists from what is there and added/taken away as we saw fit. Anyway, should give you an idea.

Off to blow and straighten hair, back when kids go to bed smile

Dilidali Sun 06-Oct-13 19:42:11

I'll try and remember what we're supposed to be doing.
Helga had this brill idea of a 20 item list do, 100 days up to Christmas.
So stuff like: drink more water, hot water and lemon in the mornings(I love this one, I take my vitamins with it), fish twice a week, 5 fruit&veg a day, moisturise every time you shower, put a bit of make up on, think about the next day's outfit and try and look together and polished. Thread eyebrows (or wax, whatever really), have a haircut, exercise!!!!

Some things you do every day, some once a week, some once a month.

We all made our own lists, really, with whatever we feel we should 'do better'.

Sending the child for a bath now, brb

Misssss Sun 06-Oct-13 19:43:23

Evening! Been really busy all week and haven't had chance to reply. Thanks for the lovely welcomes though.

I'm doing ok with my renovations. I've been putting out outfits the night before and my general grooming is much better. Think nails, eyebrows, hair removal and makeup. I did one zumba class last week but have yet to start shredding again. I low carbed for most of last week and I've lost 4lbs so feeling a bit better about my weight too.

The weight is the one thing I really dislike about myself. I can't help the feeling that no matter how good I look, if I'm fat that is all people notice. I'm also fed up of people telling me how pretty my face is and how gorgeous I'd be if I lost some weight. Grrr!

I've just got new hair extensions, gone for a much brighter colour than normal but they are very nice, big and bouncy. I'll post a pic in the fb group. I'm feeling more and more like the old me every day.

Went on a date last night, I've known the bloke for a while but we're both a bit too busy for anything serious. We went for a meal and some fella went up to him when he was paying and told him he was "lucky!" Talk about a confidence boost.

HelgatheHairy Sun 06-Oct-13 19:51:17

Welcome LaFata

This is the link to the introduction thread. We took the princessing list as inspiration but customised it for our own personal preferences.

We're a friendly bunch so just shout if you need help. You don't have to post your list once you decide on it but some people liked to to show their intentions.

On a side note - DD was only 13 days old when I started the first thread, now she's 8 weeks! Time flies!

HelgatheHairy Sun 06-Oct-13 19:55:42

Had a lovely time at the in-laws. Had a roast chicken dinner & MIL held DD so I could use both hands to eat! Then I went to bed for an hour while they kept her entertained. After I got up had a slice of yummy carrot cake made by FIL and a cuppa.

Watching The Hangover 3 now (it's not great)

bigkidsdidit Sun 06-Oct-13 20:07:18

Hello everyone, been catching up, I've slid off after DH had a week off and it's weird how the less you have to do the less you get done confused. With him here I barely got anything done even though he took the boys out!

Anyway, I'm being good with my routines and body brushing, vits, hot water and lemon, fish, veg and salad. Weigh in day tomorrow on the low carb thread but I feel loads slimmer smile

Just realised I'm back at work in two months today so have written a count down list. Today I bought a nice black polo neck jumper with a £50 John Lewis voucher I had and this month will also get some layering vests. Next payday I'll get some cardigans (I want cashmere so it'll be eBay) an she week before I go back I'll get two new pairs of jeans to fit my skinny self grin and have a haircut, professional manicure and eyebrows done. I'm really looking forward to it, I find being at home very isolating.

Will catch up with all your posts now!

Dilidali Sun 06-Oct-13 20:13:05

She's safely 'boiling' with a book (child, in the bath that is. We're at the 'I'm nearly a teenager don't you know'. 'Needs a bit of deodorant now' stage, actually)

Anyway, just realised I haven't actually posted my to do list. No big secret, just didn't get around to do it.

Morning routine:

Brush teeth
Make coffee, hot water and lemon
Shower, defuzz, moisturise, deodorant
Apply make-up
Get dressed, perfume on, drink the above coffee, take omega 3, evening primrose oil, vit D with the hot water and lemon.

i have breakfast at work smile
I fill up two bottles with water and drink through the day. Always bring my own lunch
Stay away from biscuits
Snack on fruit only

Evening routine

I don't moisturise my whole body afterwards in the evenings, but I use foot/hand cream, eye cream and face serum and cream. I tend to give it a break with all the moisturising on certain evenings, give the skin a chance to breathe.
I wash my hair every other day, I blow dry it, I use argan oil because I swim a bit and work in a very dry environment.
I prepare my clothes the night before.

Exercise: I tend to alternate swimming with pilates. A long walk at the weekend.


Manicure and pedicure. I file finger nails, push cuticles back, buff. Nail varnish on toes.

Need to go and fish out the teenager wannabe. I'll be back smile

Countdowntess Sun 06-Oct-13 20:17:08

Dilidali I love the idea of an advent tin! I think that I might have a good look through what I have stashed away and make myself do 1 extra beauty treatment a day in December. I have a box with magazine freebies that I never use, things like intensive conditioners, BB creams etc. It will help in my quest to use everything up.
Other ideas for your tin from me would be a nice soap, Hotel Chocolat do little tiddly pots of yummy chocolate blush and maybe some cozy winter socks or a mini hot water bottle. I also like candles and bath bombs, especially the Lush Christmas ones, but I think that they have already been mentioned.

Welcome to all of the new ladies.

I had a quick look through the Boots catalogue but was not really all that inspired this year.

Going to try harder next week, I have done all the ironing and cooked all of the meals so there is no excuse for me not to do as much as I can from the list.

My spots have also finally cleared so I am hoping that my skin has equilibrated with the extra skincare and water drinking.

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 20:23:47

This post will probably be epic.....but split in bits (dp is using the dinosaur so I'm on phone app again!)

Misssss lovely to see you back smile Fab to have a compliment like that! Did you enjoy your date? Will you be seeing him again? <nosey sorry>

Blueandwhite <phew> glad the oil came out....remember literally two or three drops ON ENDS ONLY next time grin (I don't think it matters if you put it on wet or dry btw, have had a read of my bottle)

Control grin at shredding at work again! [[ http://www.acne.org/aspirin-mask-reviews-75/]] aspirin mask link as promised (one of many on t'internet)

Jemima how did your ds's footy match go?? (it was footy wasn't it or am I remembering wrong confused )

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 20:26:25

Helga your PIL sound brilliant! Hope you felt refreshed after your hours sleep? smile

bigkids I find I achieve less when my dp is here....still sticking to my routines but he's on afters this week so less will get done round the house until he leaves for work hmm

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 20:35:56

Count I have the Boots book too....not very inspired either tbh....am compiling dp an amazon wishlist & a written list of things I would like to try grin

Right, think that's everyone....apologies if I missed anything grin

I have showered, exfoliated, defuzzed, washed and aussied hair, moisturised all over. Mud masked my face....aspirin masked the big spots that were brewing (they seem less red and lumpy. Think iirc it's the salicylic acid that helps clear blocked pores). Hair is dried and straightened. clothes out for the morning. Feet pumiced and smothered in cetraben. Hands manicured (I found some products to use up! I have a case full of bits from being a nail tech....two full hand creams, hand mask and exfoliator! So have done the full works & will paint tomorrow when kids in bed)

I'm going to try the Aussie shampoo and conditioners this week.....the deep conditioner smells luscious so hopefully they're just as nice!!

Small pile of repairs to get through at some point this week too. & work on my December box grin

Misssss Sun 06-Oct-13 21:09:21

Lucysmam loved it. He only left a couple of hours ago... He's great, The little part of me that is full of self doubt says he's out of my league but we had a great night/day together. For once I didn't feel as if everyone was looking at us thinking why is he with her. I'll definitely be seeing him again, probably in a couple of weeks.

The Aussie stuff is lovely btw. I really like the smell and it makes my straw hair feel nice and soft.

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 21:42:18

bugger Control try this link instead, didn't notice my first didn't convert blush

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 21:45:42

Misssss that's ace! You look really great on the pic you posted on fb....no way is he out of your league wink

Glad the aussie stuff is good, I tend to feel a bit guilty buying more expensive bits and bobs but last time I bought expensive-er (yep, I know it isn't a word blush ) shampoo etc, they lasted me months. I've made sure that dp & the girls each have their own so they don't try using mine hmm

Rockchick1984 Sun 06-Oct-13 21:54:59

Oooh, what's the Aussie hair stuff please? I managed to style my hair today and put on more makeup than just a bit of tinted moisturiser, so that's a vast improvement on my normal morning routine grin

lucysmam Sun 06-Oct-13 22:04:53

for Rockchick I'm using the 3 minute miracle conditioner atm...tis lurvely, my hair smells gorgeous! £2.99 in Savers if you want to try it....three for a tenner everywhere else I've seen it atm (Boots/Asda/Wilko)

Rockchick1984 Sun 06-Oct-13 22:24:00

Will give it a go, thanks! thanks

ControlGeek Sun 06-Oct-13 22:27:24

Quick check-in before I head off to bed (thanks for the link lucysmam will read it properly tomorrow.

My Sunday night pampering went for a ball of chalk tonight - only just got back from the hospital with DP. All is well but now I'm knackered out with the stress and from shredding and stressing at being spotted by the security guard so have just fallen in and out of the whoer and will probably go to bed with wet hair grin

ControlGeek Sun 06-Oct-13 22:27:52

shower. I fell in and out of the shower. I did not fall in and out of the whoer blush

Paintyourbox Sun 06-Oct-13 22:39:31

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been off the radar for a week! Dd has been poorly with hand, foot and mouth which has coincided with teething so have spent every day with her clinging on to me and every night trying to get her to sleep.

Determined to start again tomorrow- need a thorough grooming session from head to toe!

My mum bought me a lovely pair of jeans and I am too bloody fat for them. So angry with myself for letting my diet go.

CatAmongThePigeons Sun 06-Oct-13 22:47:49

I've completely lost my way with this and it shows blush I am aiming to book a haircut this week as I'm in desperate need of good cut and style.

I have thoroughly conditioned my hair (its still very fluffy, does anyone have tips?) and have removed the chipped nail varnish and painted on a low maintenance pink instead. Hve got tomorrow's outfit sorted so I should be a bit better at facing the day.

HelgatheHairy Mon 07-Oct-13 06:28:56

79 days to go

INeedSomeHelp Mon 07-Oct-13 08:16:39

Spent a very long time in Bravissimo yesterday with a very patient assistant. Finally came out with one sensible white bra, a sensible black one, a lovely navy patterned one and a totally mad lime green and turquoise leopard print one! Also got two pairs of knickers to match each one. Just about had a heart attack when it came to paying but thought what is the point of trying to look better if I'm wearing saggy undercrackers that don't do anything for me. And I will tell myself that again when I see my bank statement!
Also went to Next and bought a new pair of jeans and they are a size 14 - get in! And they definitely fit and I can still breathe and sit down and eveything.
Sorry to go on but getting new clothes that fit and flatter is a big part of this project for me. Partly because I've been working so hard at boot camp over the last few months. But also because I haven't really had any money since stbxh left a year ago so have had to make do a lot.

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 09:02:15

Morning smile

INeed that sounds like my kind of shopping trip! Did you have fun? the lime leopard set sounds fab btw grin

I'm just on way home from school run to get dp out of bed <lazy sod> . Going to start on a couple of repairs today so I have more peace and quiet when the girls are in bed. Got to sort the bomb site that is my kitchen though.....EVERY surface is covered in stuff this morning shock

Routine all done, the cod liver oil isn't helping with my aches & dr is still none the wiser as to what is causing it confused so consultant appointment when I get one (could be bloody months!)

Spots seem to have gone down loads & pores are not looking so big after using the aspirin mask and face wash with salicylic acid in it so will def keep that up. The face wash is more like a cream cleanser though so might have a look for one that foams (I like to see bubbles iykwim? hmm )

bigkidsdidit Mon 07-Oct-13 09:06:51

Morning smile

Totally agree about underwear ineed, your list sounds great. My underwear drawer is shocking, I haven't bought anything new since I got pg with ds1 4 years ago. Then i was breastfeeding, then I got pg again, and now it is all totally the wrong size. But it is so expensive!

You have inspired me, today I'm going to clear out my whole drawer and keep only a few bits (it is overflowing and I have to stuff clean bits in blush ) then I'll ask for vouchers for Christmas and replace it all smile

Rockchick1984 Mon 07-Oct-13 10:43:13

Ineed that sounds fab, I'm very jealous! I used to have amazing underwear pre-DC so am very much looking forward to post-birth, post-breastfeeding overhaul of my entire underwear drawer even if it won't be for at least 12 months but am thinking about getting some more attractive big knickers to see me through until then.

Today's outfit looks reasonably nice - skinny grey maternity jeans, Breton top, just debating between ballet pumps or cowboy boots. Only off to playgroup with DS but am going to even put a bit of makeup on, this thread is inspiring me! Also plucked my eyebrows last night, and am going to paint my nails tonight. Any colour suggestions?

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 11:57:08

Rockchick what colours do you have? I'm doing my nails in my rouge noir type one tonight smile They were unintentionally luminous pink the other week confused ....it doesn't look luminous in the bottle!

I am envy of all the underwear shopping going on....have had two new sets the past few weeks though & really need to start on Christmas (never a lot bloody left to do this though!).

HelgatheHairy Mon 07-Oct-13 11:57:59

DD slept long enough this morning to let me wash my face & brush my teeth in peace! She was so quite I resorted to poking her every now and again! She wasn't impressed!

In exciting news it's looking like we might be going to New York in April/May this year. DH and I were there 2 years ago when we decided we didn't want all the faff (and cost) of a wedding so went and got married in New York, just the 2 of us and a photographer as witness.

BIL moved over in May this year and won't really have the chance to come home anytime soon. We are sending PIL over next year as their Christmas present. Last night after chatting to his bro on Skype DH brought up the idea of us going too!

Slightly concerned with the logistics of taking DD but really excited at getting to go back so soon. It's not Definate yet but looking likely - provided BIL doesn't come home in the meantime.

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 12:05:25

shock Helga NEVER POKE A SLEEPING BABY!!!! Take full advantage of the peace wink

That is exciting about going to New York! My oldest wants to go (We have a print of the Twin Towers on the wall at home....she is fascinated....I have a quid a week jar going towards it grin ). How old will your dd be then?

Rockchick1984 Mon 07-Oct-13 12:16:30

Lucy I have most colours as my toenails are always painted, am a bit of an addict when it comes to nail polishes grin

HelgatheHairy Mon 07-Oct-13 12:52:59

lucysmam she'll be 8 months. We still haven't made up our minds but I think it'll be nice to go while she's still portable!

bigkidsdidit Mon 07-Oct-13 13:02:04

If she's not crawling it'll be lovely. If she is it'll be hard on the plane but fun. Travelling with a toddler is a nightmare so go now!

Now I remember why wearing a bright/dark coloured nail varnish to work isn't a good idea. They are now chipped and look terrible. Will need to repaint them tonight in something a little more neutral.

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 13:35:41

Rockchick how about a deep purple-ish colour? I'm going to have a look for one for my December box!

Helga I have never travelled far with my two.....would imagine it'd be easier while she's smaller though than when she's pootling about under her own steam and has her own ideas <eyes up stubborn dd2> grin

INeedSomeHelp Mon 07-Oct-13 15:40:43

Have been wearing one of the new bras today. Feel slightly self conscious as boobs seem very in your face but I think that's where they are meant to be rather than hanging by my waist somewhere!
Had a look in Superdrug today as really like the MUA make up range. It's cheap but I think it lasts well. They had some really nice coloured lip balms which I though would be perfect for a relaxed, not much make up day.
Until I realised they were One Direction lip balms and each colour is named after a different member of the band! Thank goodness I noticed before I bought one. At 40 something I am definitely too old for that!

Rockchick1984 Mon 07-Oct-13 16:03:19

Oooh, not used purple in ages, good call Lucy smile

Ineed you could have got one but just make sure no one sees you reapplying it! I like the Vaseline rosy pot thing, they've also got a limited edition red at the moment that I'm tempted to get - I love tinted lip balms as I always forget to reapply lipstick, and gloss annoys me.

petalsandstars Mon 07-Oct-13 17:36:41

helga do it, do it, do it!

We flew long haul when dc1 was just 12mo, it's a bit pass the baby etc with meals and loo visits but you can walk up and down the aisle and some airlines do bassinet seats so you have somewhere to put baby.

Out of our 10ish hour flight over half the time DD was asleep and the rest didn't seem too bad split between us.

<outs self>

On our flight back we were with lots of my family rather than on our own and baby cried for a bit as overtired - cue the man sat next to my DM bitching about babies on planes.... after she was finished tearing him a new one he had a blanket over his head for the rest of the flight "sleeping"

Protective grandma grin

control I've just stuck to level one as am soooo unfit.

Have stuck to routines today and eaten a nice risotto for tea

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 18:05:42

Evening all smile

Just winding down for the day here, going to jump in the shower in a mo while the girls eat cake and ice cream with some of that magic sauce that hardens on the ice cream. They're fascinated grin

Going to have the last glass out of my weekend wine tonight while I watch Atlantis and paint my nails.

Repairs all done barring dd's jacket which needs the sleeves taking up and school cardi that needs new buttons picking up tomorrow.

Have carried on with house princessing today, toys are now tidy and back in groups/sets/whatever you want to call them. Bookshelf is done too. Hopefully this should help with clearing out before Xmas. And I need to get more storage boxes for it to live in.

Have a two piece suite sat doing not much too that I'll clean up and freecycle this week I think (am going to borrow MIL's staple gun so I can check there's nothing random in the bottom first though (bound to be a couple of quid in coppers at least confused )

Right, pud & shower.....

HelgatheHairy Mon 07-Oct-13 18:32:03

petals good to hear! If we go we'll be on the same flight as PIL so more hands to help!

LaFataTurchina Mon 07-Oct-13 20:00:48

Evening all smile

My good deed for today was turning down DPs offer of driving us to McDonalds for dinner (hangover from our uni days - whenever I'm a bit grumpy/stressed DP offers me a McDonalds) and making healthy veggie enchiladas stuffed with lots of kidney beans and veg instead.

I miss nail polish - I'm not allowed to wear it to work and I'm too lazy to put it on just for the weekends.

Paintyourbox Mon 07-Oct-13 20:11:27

Hi everyone!

I have restarted the challenge in earnest today, exfoliated, put a face mask on, applied body moisturiser and gave myself a mini pedicure this morning.

I went to asda and got myself some lovely burgundy jeans and a black dress for work- the dress was a bargain at £16, going to wear it for work tomorrow!

Painting my toenails now, then going to have an early night.

Karbea Mon 07-Oct-13 20:47:55

Evening all,

I treated myself to a very dark blue pair and a black pair of skinny jeans today, even got the shop to take them up so they'll actually be the right length.

Apart from that I plucked my chin ;)

How's everyone else getting on?

I went to harrods today, there are so many well put together women, I feel like skulking about when I see them sad I wish I could get back into wearing heels again...

lucysmam Mon 07-Oct-13 21:27:27

LaFata, paint your toes? smile Mine are currently burnt orange!

Karbea I can imagine a trip to Harrods would have me wanting to run the other way.....I feel that way walking through town though too when everyone looks so put together & I don't feel it!

Nails are done....dp rang half way through me top coating my right hand though so my thumb has a couple of hair marks. Will get dd1 to remove it tomorrow so I can fix it!

I was looking forward to heading into town for a brew in the morning with dp but he's working overtime now so may just go myself.

Karbea Mon 07-Oct-13 22:03:29

Oh and whilst I was there I noticed my leggings had a big hole in them at the ankle, in the bin when I take them off!

Rummikub Mon 07-Oct-13 23:13:27

Hi everyone.

Quick post re my achievements, shower, exfoliate and had my eye brows threaded. The price has gone up in super drug to £7! But I'd already committed to having it by then. And I swear one is thicker than the other...

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 06:01:36

78 days to go

INeed lol at One Direction lip balms, I'll look out for those for DD! She likes the little MUA nail so would probably love them.

Took my chipped nail varnish off last night and replaced it with clear (a base coat plus a glossy top coat). Is better than nothing for the time being, I didn't have time to do them with a colour.

Feeling a bit grumpy at the fact that my clothes aren't fitting me properly again. "Skinny" jeans that are baggy on the bum and thighs is really not a good look. I can't afford to replace them all again at the moment though, so I'm just going to have to put up with it. Thank goodness for belts.

lucysmam Tue 08-Oct-13 09:01:48

Morning smile

Well, am routine-ed up to my eyeballs this morning. My clothes are smart, make up immaculate and I remembered lippy/earrings....am off to see the council & try to nip my shitty neighbours behaviour in the bud....figured if I go in smart & tell them I don't want to spend another two years reporting them for nothing to come of it it might get me somewhere ....we'll see!! (they were launching stuff at windows last night....all vanished by the time the police actually turned up)

INeed I too will have a look for the 1D lippys for my dd....she is rather keen on them grin

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 12:21:58

Well this morning my fringe was getting on my nerves. It's a proper fringe but had grown out so was turning into a side swept one. Got the scissors and trimmed it myself and it looks good!

I REALLY need my hair cut and coloured but DD won't let me enough time to go to the hairdresser. I used to dye it myself when I was younger but the older I get the more I worry about wrecking the bathroom!

petalsandstars Tue 08-Oct-13 14:54:49

helga you could try booking an appointment for a time when she has usually just finished a feed, and take your DP with you. Get there early enough to feed in the car/waiting room before your appointment then pass baby to DP to change and take for a walk etc while you have your hair done.

Have slipped with shredding the last couple of days as DH keeps getting called into work early or having to work late so my slot where he takes the DCs disappears.

Have had some lovely pampering goodies for my birthday though and can't wait to try them.

Hope it goes ok lucysmam sounds like a nightmare, no wonder you don't want to run in the area.

ControlGeek Tue 08-Oct-13 15:40:25

INeed so funny about the lip balm! There's no way I could have bought them either in fact it would have put me off the colours completely

lucysmam gosh it sounds like a complete nightmare for you. I really hope it goes well at the council. Dressing smart will be sure to impress them. It's amazing how differently people get treated based on how they look.

helga well done on the fringe rescue - I used to do mine all the time. Was a bit scary at first but it's ok as long as you remember 'you can always trim more off - but you can never stick it back on'!

My routines have gone completely out of the window due to work. I'm trying to rescue things by having a fasting day today but I've forgotten my earrings four days in a row now. My left ear is still giving me grief - I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and stick my original studs back in for a few weeks, aren't I? <grumble grumble>

So shattered from working the weekend, I've been going to bed around 8.30/9pm since. Had a headache every day to boot, so not even feeling like pampering myself. My hair is like a halloween wig at the moment, having forgotten to dry or straighten it. With being shorter, it's bounced up into unmanageable waves. Not what I had intended!

Tried to post a pic to the fb group of the dress I wore to go out as I'm wearing it today too and my phone is refusing to play ball. Will try and do it later.

lucysmam Tue 08-Oct-13 20:51:46

Quick post....am freebie hunting on laptop....

If anyone cba....www.womenfreebies.com has some odd bits that might be good for December boxes smile

And In Style is only two quid this month, big beauty article in it and samples of REN products on the front

Paintyourbox Tue 08-Oct-13 21:19:27

Hi everyone,

Quite a successful day here, morning routine is getting quicker the more that I do it.

New shampoo seems to be doing the job- DP touched my hair earlier and said "ooh it's so soft"

Feeling well pleased that my asda dress got two compliments at work today!

Karea a trip round Harrods would make even Kate Middleton look like some kind of sloppy bag lady. Their clientele take grooming to a whole other level! did you see any posh old ladies with little dogs in their handbags?

lucysmam Tue 08-Oct-13 21:22:47

magicfreebies.co.uk is looking better for samples than the other one smile

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 22:14:11

Showered, micro pedi'd, moisturised.

Need to give my nails a going over, I've broken 2 so lengths are off now. I did cut DDs nails when she was asleep, was bloody nerve wracking!

HelgatheHairy Wed 09-Oct-13 03:08:35

77 days to go

Rummikub Wed 09-Oct-13 11:19:18

Hi all, Early starts for work, but have managed to remove chipped nail polish and argan oil in hair. Tonight will use face serum, under eye cream and body moisturiser.

Lucysmam, thanks fir the magazine freebie tip smile

Rummikub Wed 09-Oct-13 11:22:06

Helga, New York sounds like a magnificent idea! Much easier to travel with baby than toddler I have found. And cheaper!

ControlGeek Wed 09-Oct-13 11:43:17

I think I am starting to get my mojo back! Haven't managed to keep up properly with the thread since the weekend, but last night I did a full facial with my Anew products, and this morning I am in a nicely matching outfit - the skirt I power-dressed in for my meeting last week, a black lacy top, and matching necklace, earrings and hair slides that complement my skirt. Forgot my jacket today though, and the air con has been turned to 'freeze-geek's-bits-off' setting. Makeup is done, hair is back in a smart do and the side bits that won't reach have been pinned back inventively.

Nails are the only thing that don't match - pale metallic pink. But at least they look smart, no chips.

INeedSomeHelp Wed 09-Oct-13 15:30:18

Feeling a bit fed up today as was turned down for a job. But it has strengthened my resolve to look after myself so I have somerhing to be proud of.
My shape is changing with all my boot camp work but I have put on a few pounds so need to get back to healthy eating. Have eaten some rubbish over the last few days.
Also need to up my water intake. I'm not very ggod at that when I'm at home all day.

ControlGeek Wed 09-Oct-13 15:57:26

Aww INeed I'm so sorry. I am a firm believer in everything for a reason - the right job will be just around the corner for you, I am sure. You have done so well with boot camp and you should be quite rightly proud of your achievements. Everyone's allowed to fall off the wagon sometime. Can you get yourself a water bottle and set a timer to remind yourself to swig from it?

lucysmam Wed 09-Oct-13 16:04:03

Afternoon smile

I'm feeling a bit blah today (and look it!) Dd2 was up and down until about 3am and then back up at eight. she has a chesty cough and is very sorry for herself sad

I forgot to floss and mouthwash this morning, forgot jewellery even though it was out, my hair looks kind of deflated/greasy confused (think that might be down to the garnier shampoo tbh), make up is not brill...
was mad dash to get number 1 to school this morning with being up and down all night hmm

Tonight is mini pamper night though....I bought a pot of nail polish remover that you dunk your fingers in from Home Bargains yesterday so I can sort chipped nails, plan to aspirin mask again, pumice my feet and try to read my mag.

Might even hunt for some more samples for my December box if I cba....not likely atm

Just had an emergency raid on the Next website (hurrah for next day delivery, free returns and credit account that puts off paying until next month) as I have a job interview on Monday and literally nothing to wear. I ordered a pair of smart trousers from Matalan but they are huge on me and I don't have time to change them.

I'll join you in looking and feeling bleugh lucysmam I am shattered. Need to get an early night.

Oh I'm sorry INeed I missed your post, that was really insensitive of me wasn't it? I'm really sorry about the job.

INeedSomeHelp Wed 09-Oct-13 21:36:17

Oh no Jemima it's fine - good luck with your interview.
I have an interview dress from Matalan that only cost £20. It's cost per wear is working out very well!

lucysmam Wed 09-Oct-13 21:59:04

Evening all....been trying to post forever but mn was having a moment earlier & have only just got back to it! I have been productive though.....four bags full for the charity shop, slung a load of junk, have a box of papers to sort through tomorrow....maybe I ought to spend a tad less time mooching on here hmm

INeed sad about the job but I agree with Control, something perfect for you will be just around the corner! (If you're after an app to remind you to drink water, I use Hydro, it reminds every hour. You input your weight and whether you'll be excercising/if the weather is warm & it calculates how much you ought to drink.)

Control how on earth did you go out with no jacket???? It was like flippin' winter here today!

Jemima good luck with your interview, what's it for?

I did my aspirin mask, ended up with three chipped nails on one hand and one on the other so took all the polish off and have been replacing over the course of the evening with pale pink with teeny bits of glitter (dd2 is still up and down, sounds very unhappy up there but I need a break from snuggling to sleep every five mins), pumiced and cetraben-ed my feet, didn't defuzz as planned as dd1 was randomly sick this evening just after tea (I think down to too much jumping around rather than anything else). Hair is dried and argan oiled - takes a bloody long time to use this stuff up - but not straightened as dp is going to do the school run in the morning so I can be more relaxed about my morning routine.

Just watching the end of Whitechapel.....freaky!!

HelgatheHairy Thu 10-Oct-13 07:31:36

76 days to go

ControlGeek Thu 10-Oct-13 09:09:01

Crikey, I'd forgotten just how much bigger studs are than normal earrings - they are flipping well hurting! Will leave them in for a week or two and see how things go.

lucysmam I remembered my coat, but forgot the smart jacket that I wear over my clothes in the office. There was no way I would have forgotten my coat, the temperature has really dropped here and it was incredibly windy yesterday!

I am finally having my 'weekend'! I have a lot of things to do as long as my arm and I've hit a bit of a brick wall already. I have one thing I really don't want to do and have been putting it off and putting it off. I've now reached that point on my list where I have to do it or it will hold up the rest of my day. I'm just going to have to do it aren't I. Ok, here goes...

lucysmam Thu 10-Oct-13 09:47:59

Morning smile

Control....you have me intrigued about the one thing that will hold up the rest of your day???

I'm having a slow one here since dp has taken dd1 to school. so far have done teeth, floss and mouthwash. water & lemon, vits. double cleanse, tone, spot stick, moisturise. Just had some fruit and fibre bread for brekky and about to pop some make up on. (I have been doing odd bits round the house in between though).

Dd2 is off nursery again sad Full of snotty cold bless her so is snuggled under a wooly blanket atm while I get a few bits done.

closetcat Thu 10-Oct-13 09:55:42

Sorry gals my posting is a bit sporadic but I am concentrating on sprucing up my wardrobe and sorting out skincare and haircare.

Bought a red blazer from Wallis which is a beautiful blue/red and a couple of scarfs to blend it with other things in my wardrobe. Looks great with grey skinny jeans - who knew?! Best thing was the price £32 smile

Bought eyeshadow, eyeliner and a couple of lippies too and replaced a Bobbi Brown compact (greasy/waxy even though it is oil-free) with one from Clinique.

Have a great day, it's much colder here so might have to dig out my woollies instead of my new blazer!

ControlGeek Thu 10-Oct-13 10:35:03

Haha it's nothing too exciting lucysmam, but if I don't do my list in order then I'm in danger of not doing this one thing at all. See, I really hate making phone calls, especially when I don't know what the outcome will be, and I needed to call my fertility clinic to find out whether I could start my injections in November or whether it would have to wait until December. I have now called and am still none the wiser sad I have to call back in another couple of weeks <sigh>

On the plus side, I now have 9 things crossed off my list.

bigkidsdidit Thu 10-Oct-13 10:44:47

Morning all

I'm not getting to post so much but I'm doing well, keeping up with my routines. I bought some clarins cleansing balm and it is hands down the best cleanser I've ever used. It is a gel in the tube then as you massage it in it turns into an oil, then with hot water it becomes a milk so it washes off easily! My skin looks and feels lovely, it was expensive (£19) but you only use a tiny bit and I thought it probably wasn't much more than trying and discarding lots of cheaper ones!

Yesterday I cleared out my basket of scarves in the wardrobe, threw a few out and ironed all the rest, I'd forgotten about some I used to love so I'm looking forward to wearing them again smile

lucysmam Thu 10-Oct-13 10:57:32

Sounds like a frustrating waiting game Control sad

bigkids....I was thinking about scarves this morning, I have a fair few I haven't worn in ages. Maybe I ought to do the same as you smile

dd2 has pinched my mirror so hair is still not straightened!!! Might just leave it now for today.

ControlGeek Thu 10-Oct-13 12:21:33

If there's one thing you learn how to do well when long-term ttc lucysmam it's waiting!

closet sounds like you have been really productive! The blazer sounds lovely.

bigkids oooh I like the sound of that cleansing balm! Might have to see what Superdrug have in stock if I get all my chores done today and manage to take myself off shopping tomorrow smile

A question for all you scarf wearers - how do you wear your scarf, and what with? I was thinking of investing in some just to spruce up my outfits and make them a little bit different but I have no idea what kind to buy or how to wear them - do you just drape them around the back of your neck, or wrap them around, or what? <clueless>

lucysmam Thu 10-Oct-13 12:25:30

Very true Control. Nip into primark for scarves, I have loads from there for a few quid each. Will bbl with a link for ways to wear, am walking up to Asda and mobile internet's shocking round here! smile

bigkidsdidit Thu 10-Oct-13 12:49:59

I wear a LOT of scarves, I love the jeans / slim fit jumper / big scarf look. Also my work is in a lab and is freezing! I wrap them twice round usually but I only buy extra long ones that are atill loose and casual looking twice wrapped.

Zara have good ones and tk maxx. Also Atterley Road.

bigkidsdidit Thu 10-Oct-13 12:52:26

Do a google image search for Jessica alba scarf! That's exactly how I wear mine.

lucysmam Thu 10-Oct-13 13:02:40

www.scarves.net/scarf-tying-index.html scarf link, it's not the one I used but loads of ideas on there smile

ControlGeek Thu 10-Oct-13 16:31:35

oooh thanks bigkids and lucysmam, some lovely ideas there! I have finally got to the end of my to do list so plan on rewarding myself by going shopping tomorrow without DP - TX Maxx and Primark, and possibly Asda if I cba to walk that far, depending on how many bags I am carrying by that point grin I'll pick up a couple of scarves and see how I get on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I love scarves and wear one most days. I have just bought this robin print one in black as I thought it would be nice for Christmas concerts, Carol services etc. I didn't pay that much for it though, I think it was £8.99 in a local shop. Today I have been wearing this scarf. I like bird prints grin

Job interview is for manager of the nursery department at a local school. It is a job that I really, really want.

I've been keeping up with routines, but still look really tired. Probably because I am really tired sad

Paintyourbox Thu 10-Oct-13 19:37:11

Hi everyone,

It's pamper night tonight so going to have a nice bath and exfoliating sesh.

It's well and truly winter here and I'm secretly pleased I am getting to dig my nice, warm jumpers out! Still need to find a winter coat though...

Good luck with your interview Jemima

lucysmam Thu 10-Oct-13 20:43:14

Have fun shopping Control, my fella said today that he's going to work some overtime just so I can go shop!! Can't bloody wait grin

Jemima, I like the scarf in your first link...will have to look out for similar for myself for over the festive period. I'll keep everything crossed for you for the job! I'm applying to be a dinner lady at dd1's school shock...one of the other mums already is a dinner lady & told me before the job went 'live' iyswim so I have the application form filled out for the morning <eek>

Paint, it's turned into winter here too sad.....I actually don't mind winter really, love snuggling up on an evening under my blanket <saddo>

Am just settling down with my pudding now, rhubarb crumble.....really looking forward to it. I stroked dd2 to sleep so she isn't moaning and groaning...just so I can eat it in quiet grin.....hopefully the stroking is not a permanent fixture hmm

HelgatheHairy Fri 11-Oct-13 07:14:22

75 days to go

JemimaPuddle Fri 11-Oct-13 08:05:24

Morning all.

Not been able to post much as DP is off work this week so we've been busy.
I've kept up with princessing me & the house. I've rearranged furniture in most rooms to make better use of space.
Had a few hours at the hairdressers yesterday for trim & highlights, feel lots better for it. She commented how much better condition my hair is in now compared to the beginning of the year so I'm really pleased.
I owe a huge thanks to Lucysmam for recommending a set of drawers on another thread. DP bought them for me and now all my makeup, nail things & beauty stash are organised. It's made me stupidly happy, will pop a couple of pictures on FB.
Good luck for the interview JemimaM
I hope your Dd is feeling better Lucysmam
Have fun shopping Control, are you going for anything in particular?
Sorry for anyone I've missed, currently have both DDs on my knee.

ControlGeek Fri 11-Oct-13 08:24:04

jemimaM I'm sorry, I completely missed your post about your interview - good luck! I am sure you will knock 'em dead.

lucysmam good luck with your application, too. I'm doing the reverse - I am working overtime so DP can buy a new shed. The 5:2 diet is reducing our food spend though so I figured I could have a little wander around the shops today pretty much guilt free.

Dressed in light blue skinnies and my beige and blue owl jumper this morning. Not sure whether to shred before going into town (will be eating lunch there with DP) or when I get back. I think later might be better, my hair's looking ok for once, I don't want to ruin that by getting all sweaty!

DP was so excited about his weightloss today that he made me get up <grumble grumble> and stand on the scales to prove they were weighing accurately grin 12.5lb in 6 weeks, he's a trooper! I've lost 5.5lb in the same period, but it feels like I have lost more as my shape has changed a lot too.

ControlGeek Fri 11-Oct-13 09:12:28

JemimaP I want nice things to wear to work. I have four dresses and a skirt already, but don't want to be wearing the same things every week iyswim. I'd really like dresses, they tend to fit me better than skirts and tops as it's hard to find skirts that sit on the waist rather than dropping down onto the hips.

I have just made the fatal mistake of searching for dresses on ebay shock I have already bought this in size 10 (bit worried as I've gone by the measurement chart on the page, but it says the dress is sized smaller than normal uk sizes. No way am I a size 8) and have four more dresses and suits in my watch list.Poor DP might not get his shed at this rate grin

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 09:14:52

Good morning smile

JemimaP envy envy envy of your new storage from Ikea...I liked the one with the mirror but have to save for it so am collecting smallish boxes from Poundworld atm for organisation.

grin saving for a shed Control....the exciting lives we lead hmm

Dd2 only woke once last night & was stroked back to sleep so I got a proper nights rest. Still tired but not as bad!

I think we've skipped autumn and gone straight to winter...it's freezing, rainy and grey here sad And I need to go into town with dd2 for a birthday present for dp's mum confused dd1 reckons get socks.

Don't think I'll be trying the Aussie shampoo and conditioner I wanted for my hair this week, we'll have about twenty quid of dp's wages left for the week after paying rent/food shop/phone bill etc confused . Am just off home (when the bus gets here....think it's lost hmm ) to see how creative I can be with the contents of the freezer for the next week

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 09:19:34

Bargainous dress Control! I ought to try a dress at some point rather than skinnies & a jumper or top (I am more adventurous in summer, honest! grin )

bigkidsdidit Fri 11-Oct-13 09:35:35

Good luck jemima and Lucy!

I have some bits to sell so that I can buy a new pair of boots. I have a moses basket, a sling (that should get a lot), a maternity swimming costume etc. does anyone know where I would get more, eBay or Facebook or gumtree?

ControlGeek Fri 11-Oct-13 09:44:19

Oh lordy, somebody please take my ebay account off me - I have just bought this too hmm

lucysmam hope your buses are better than mine - they're one an hour where I used to live, and often didn't turn up at all. Glad you were able to get a proper night's rest, it makes a huge difference!

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 09:54:18

ooooh, Control I really like that red one!! I think I'd feel overdressed for mooching around the house & school runs in something like that sad but it is rather nice smile

Thanks Bigkids...application form gone in the post <wibble>

Control the buses are supposed to be every ten mins hmm ....I waited twenty for the one I've just come home on though & they just get worse when the bad weather hits.

Freezer was a goldmine of half boxes of stuff like fish fingers/cakes, tubs of homemade bol sauce, meatballs & more so I only need to actually buy Sunday dinner, packed lunch stuff for dp and bits to go with what's there. Helps me out a bit too....I need to defrost it....looks a tad snowy in there grin

HelgatheHairy Fri 11-Oct-13 10:17:04

It's cold!! DH went off to work this morning, 10 seconds later he came back in to get warm water as the car was frozen over!!

Little bit of make up on today as going to have a trip to town. Have sleep suits reserved in next for DD for Christmas www.next.co.uk/g493598s3 I think I'm allowed go a bit overboard for her first Christmas!

ControlGeek Fri 11-Oct-13 10:35:41

Helga shock actually frozen over??? Wow, I must be in the only warm pocket of the uk today then, because it drizzled a little overnight but it's just a really beautiful autumn day here otherwise. I lurrrrve the sleepsuits, especially the norwegian style one with the rows of picture. Gorgeous!

lucysmam they will most definitely be officewear and posh meals only - I can't imagine even wearing casual dresses around the house. I live in leggings and now my skinnies To be honest, I'm a little worried about feeling overdressed even at the office in those two but at that price I couldn't resist.

Right, 10 minutes then I'm heading into town to hit the shops and have lunch with DP. Why do pale blue skinnies feel so much more casual than dark blue ones?!

vvviola Fri 11-Oct-13 10:49:28

Evening all smile

I'm still here, hanging about until I can actually focus a little more on myself and not on assignments/illnesses/general chaos! Still waiting to see if DD2 will get the pox - but both she and DD1 got some weird viral temperature thing over the past few days. All just about recovered now though.

I nearly got my eyebrows done today. I dropped DD1 off at a party in a nice part of the city that I don't get to go to very often, so I treated myself to a wander around the shops and a cup of coffee with my study books. There was a place doing eye makeup and brow stuff, but both staff were busy and kind of glared at me when I went into the shop, so I scuttled back out. I think I must have just looked too scruffy sad

But it's the thought the counts, right? blush

It is sooooo cold here. I have to go and watch DS2 and DD play hockey later and I will be piling on the jumpers! Mind you, it gives me a good excuse to wear my new white gilet, which is entirely impractical but looks fab grin

My order from Next arrived last night and I have sorted out an interview outfit from it - mink coloured wide leg trousers and a navy long sleeved scoop neck jersey top. I have a colourful chunky necklace to brighten it up, but haven't decided on shoes yet. I am also trying to decide whether to dye my hair over the weekend, or whether that would be tempting fate for a colour disaster!

Well done on your weight loss Control. I've lost another 2lbs this week despite eating loads, it is getting silly now. I've now lost 80lbs altogether.

Good luck with the job lucysmam, do you know when the interview is yet?

ControlGeek Fri 11-Oct-13 14:55:15

vvv I'd say that was a very sensible 'nearly'. They should have been far more polite to you if they wanted your custom. PLeeeeease say you will go back and do a Pretty Woman on them grin

JemimaM wow that is some weightloss you've got there lady! If you're still losing, it must be right for your body though no? Your interview outfit sounds fab.

My phone is determined to drive me up the wall today. I have just taken photos of everything I bought today and it is refusing to send the emails to myself. Grrrr! As soon as I can get them off the phone, I'll post them to fb. All in all, a good haul. Two scarves, some black tights and nude tights, two work dresses and a dressy non-work dress. Could do with a tummy shaper under the non-work dress, really, but from the front it looks fine grin

INeedSomeHelp Fri 11-Oct-13 17:53:42

Okay I may have gone slightly mad on the underwwar front. I have now bought seven sets of bras each with two pairs of knickers!
I am justifying this to myself as I really need to throw out everything I had so I was starting from scratch. I think I am a bit addicted to having matching sets though!

HelgatheHairy Fri 11-Oct-13 18:05:04

ineedsomehelp I DREAM of doing that!

Turned into a beautiful day, cold but bright blue sky. Had a wander round Next, they had some lovely chunky knitwear. Saw a lovely parka in Oasis m.oasis-stores.com/ellie-faux-fur-lined-parka/coats/oasis/fcp-product/3930016328. It looks much better in person and so cosy

Treated myself to a gift set of 3 small chubby sticks - I've never tried them!

INeedSomeHelp Fri 11-Oct-13 19:06:17

I'm sure a lot of people would think it a terrible waste of money Helga but none of my old underwear fitted me properly anymore and it was all very greying. Having lovely matching sets makes me feel so much better about myself. And I haven't had any money to spend for such a long time that I maybe have gone slightly mad! Have promised myself a day in the house tomorrow with no shopping involved!
That parka looks lovely. I got a similar one in River Island a few years ago and it's great on cold days.

I'm no sure about the weight loss Control. I am now at the point that people are starting to comment that I am getting too thin in the face. My BMI is exactly 21 (I am 5'6" and weigh 9st 4lbs) so I am still well within normal range, but I do think I look tired. Which might be because I am tired, or might be because I am getting too thin. Having been overweight or obese for my entire adult life this isn't a problem I'm used to!

I would love to splash out on some new underwear, mine has all got too big again. I'm hoping for vouchers today so that I can treat myself.

Am currently a little bit angry that Gok ignored my question on the webchat. But I'm sure I'll get over it!

INeedSomeHelp Fri 11-Oct-13 19:40:40

What was your question Jemima?

petalsandstars Fri 11-Oct-13 19:46:46

Reading through it jemima I don't think he answered any clothing or style related questions, it was a bit rubbish tbh.

Not much to report myself but am carving out a little time to browse the shops tomorrow for me. Not enough time to make it to town without taking DD2 so will just be my local small retail park but I am hoping to find something nice for my top half to last whilst I drop the weight.

petalsandstars Fri 11-Oct-13 19:46:57

Reading through it jemima I don't think he answered any clothing or style related questions, it was a bit rubbish tbh.

Not much to report myself but am carving out a little time to browse the shops tomorrow for me. Not enough time to make it to town without taking DD2 so will just be my local small retail park but I am hoping to find something nice for my top half to last whilst I drop the weight.

Letsdothis Fri 11-Oct-13 21:48:22

So I've survived another week, but definitely struggling to fit in any more than work, children and bed. I can fit in one thing each day, but cannot moisturise and floss and exercise every day. What is the secret? Are you all getting up very early?
Jemima, hope you don't mind me asking, but how have you lost so much weight? That is an amazing weight loss.
Planning on treadmill and nail painting tomorrow.

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 21:57:04

INeed, I am envy of your undies shopping spree!! I love new undies, they give you a lift in more than one way iyswim!

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 21:59:29

Helga what are chubby sticks (and, more importantly, do they need to go on my Christmas list?) grin

The sleepsuits you linked earlier are fab, my fella looked at me all hmm when ours were tiny & I eyed up things like that.

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 22:03:24

Letsdothis I do a big pamper session on Sunday nights, set me up for the week ahead. Then have just incorporated the other stuff like floss & mouthwash, hot water & lemon, vits into usual routine ...I've been getting up 15 mins earlier so that I am at least partly done when I get the kids up.

Weds is mini pamper...pumice feet, check nails, nose strip.

Every other night I just do basics smile

INeedSomeHelp Fri 11-Oct-13 22:04:59

If I was mega rich I would have new underwear every day. You know like these rap stars who supposedly wear a white t-shirt once and then throw it away? I would do that but with underwear!

Letsdothis Fri 11-Oct-13 22:10:12

Thanks lucysmam-I think I will start doing that. I could also try on a Friday night-my DP is fast asleep on the sofa grin
One last quick question-does the lemon and water drink work with lemon concentrate? It seems so much easier and faster than squeezing an actual lemon!

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 22:14:37

I cba to scroll back any more & random post, the laptop switched itself off & won't turn back on so am back on app.

I've not long been sat down....tonight seemed to take me a very long time getting sat & chilled. On the plus side, I have wine and popcorn! Dd2 is still a bit up and down so I have put the heating on for a second night in a row rather than wrap them up in extra blankets just hope the gas lasts!

Have been busy repairing again today, couple of buttons and a zip on a handbag. There's still a few of the girls' bits to do and another handbag to sort the zip on. Seem to be forever mending lately but suppose taking care of our stuff is better than chucking them or them being ignored.

I think I'm going to have a look on youtube for some effects you can create with nail polish, there's a really pretty marbley effect link on a thread I started earlier. Might see if I can achieve something different on sunday.

Need to replace toenail polish this week too on Sunday, as well as usual Sunday night pamper session

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 22:18:50

I don't squeeze the bloody lemon!! That'd be toooooooooo much hard work grin ...slice a bit off....pour on hot water....we have a downstairs bathroom so I nip to the loo....come back...grab straw....drink!

(I do facemask while I pot wash Sunday tea pots btw & Aussie hair mask hair while I defuzz in shower...kills two birds with one stone wink )

And I really need to stop doing "....."s!

lucysmam Fri 11-Oct-13 22:28:33

Control I very nearly forgot! Meant to comment on fb earlier but got sidetracked.

I like the second scarf very much, first pic is a bit blurry or my eyes are without my specs , The first dress is fabulous but I think you need some kick ass heels with it (nothing wrong with what you have on, just what I'd wear), work dresses....I wonder what they'd be like with a pair of boots. Maybe something knee length, black, flatish but not totally flat like Uggs, not shiny.

I'd say a good days shopping! Plus your second ebay buy was fab grin

INeedSomeHelp Fri 11-Oct-13 22:51:20

Tomorrow I am going to have a big clear out and get rid of anything that doesn't fit or flatter. And then make sure everything is clean and set aside a pile for the dry cleaners and shoe menders.
Then I am going to go through my make up (I have far too much) and get rid of anything old and/or dried up.
Then I am going back to the basics of what this thread is about and sorting out my daily routine e.g. body brushing, drinking water etc.
The girls I go to boot camp with are organising a Christmas night out for us. I am old enough to be most of their mothers and obviously they all work out too. What more incentive do I need to sort myself out!

bigkidsdidit Sat 12-Oct-13 06:01:16

Helga I have a parka almost exactly like that but mine is top shop. It is so warm, with a pram it's brilliant as no need for an umbrella. Get it!

We do secret Santa for family here, each present is £50 but it means you only need buy one (enormous family so a big saving). We can give directions to want we want. I'm going to ask for something beauty related this year, what would you all ask for? I'm tempted to say john Lewis vouchers to buy a couple of bras but maybe that is too boring.

Letsdothis Sat 12-Oct-13 06:03:36

Lucysmam-ha ha made me laugh! Which is a good start as I was heading to a bad mood that I am already up with DD. hope your DD2 is feeling better. It really has become cold all of a sudden. I went to bed in pjs, big wooly socks and a cardigan- very princessy wink

HelgatheHairy Sat 12-Oct-13 07:02:18

74 days to go

HelgatheHairy Sat 12-Oct-13 07:13:55

Lucysmam - Clinique chubby sticks (think that's what they're called). They're a cross between a balm and a gloss and a lipstick. They've been around years but I never tried them but saw the gift pack and thought I might as well try them. I'm a disaster at Christmas - everything in miniature cute sizes makes me want it all!

The sleepsuits are lovely. DH does look a bit hmm at me but I ignore him. Wondering if this is too much!

HelgatheHairy Sat 12-Oct-13 07:20:32

Bigkidsdidit - it looks so cosy but last year I got a brilliant waxed parka from oasis for dog walking, padded and everything. But first I caught a bit of the sleeve in barbed wire, then dog jumped on me, caught his claw on the small rip and it tore the length of my arm! I'd made the mistake of telling DH the real price and he wasn't very happy! So decided anything more expensive than New Look/Penny's isn't worth it for dog related clothes.

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 09:27:02

I got a brilliant bargain on a winter jacket. I was away on holiday with my parents and there is a shop which has loads of end of line stuff from M&S and the like.
I got a padded Trespass parka with a fur lined hood for £40. Looked on their website and it was selling for £90.

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 09:38:47

ooooh, I'm liking the look of those Helga....will pop on my list.

'tis rainy and horrible here today so am going to give my hair a day off the straighteners since we're staying in & I'll be putting a hat on to nip up to Asda anyway. It's actually behaving reasonably well this morning to say I didn't straighten hmm maybe all the straightening I have done has something to do with it confused

Full face of make up going on soon, just straighten the kitchen up a bit....it ever so slightly resembles a bomb site atm blush

I realised yesterday wandering with dd2 that my jeans only manage one wear now before looking saggy on bum and knees so will try and save eight quid just for the one pair for now. Shopping has ground to a halt for the next couple of weeks....buying an Innotab 3s and Kindle Fire next week & really want to get the bulky Xmas stuff ordered very soon.....I tend to stress about it once we hit November even though I'm well on top of things confused blush

ControlGeek Sat 12-Oct-13 10:00:34

Ineed Wow, that was some shopping trip of yours! How lovely to have a whole new start on the underwear front though. I bet you'll feel good throwing the old stuff out. Good luck with your clear out!

Helga that parka looks lovely and toasty. Chubby sticks have now been added to my list grin

JemimaM ohh I see, sorry! What method did you use to lose weight? Could it still be affecting your eating choices? I completely missed the Gok chat blush No fair not answering questions though. Did you get yours in quite early?

petals how's the shopping spree going?

Lets even one thing you wouldn't have otherwise done is good! I struggle with the time it takes to have a shower and sort my hair out now - it's at least 1.5 hours, compared to my previous 20 minutes from start to finish. I try to do the full works once a week, then just what I can fit in for the rest of the week. Also, I use lemon concentrate rather than fresh lemon, and it seems fine, but I just love lucysmam's answer!

Very envy of your wine and popcorn lucysmam Yes, first pic was probably blurry, I can't help but move the phone when I move my thumb to take the picture. I really am rubbish. There's hopefully a slightly better pic on there now (unless I've accidentally posted it on my main feed, which I have been known to do before!) And yyy to the kick-ass high heels, I just really cba to empty my wardrobe to get them out for photos so had to make do with my work shoes. It was that, or slippers blush I need to invest in some boots, I think. I have a couple of pairs but they're not great. My calves have only just slimmed down enough to be able to get into some of the boots on the market now - they are mainly for skinny minnies, and even now I'm size 10 I can only get into about 1/3 of them.

bigkids what a fab idea - secret santa for the family! I'm lucky, there is only my DP to buy for (just cards for everyone else) but I can imagine what a huge saving (in time and energy, not just money) that must be when you have a larger family.

Working again today and tomorrow, I won't get a day off now til next weekend. Boy am I looking forward to that!

CatAmongThePigeons Sat 12-Oct-13 10:20:15

You're all doing so well! envy

DS2 isnt sleeping well at all so I'm struggling with keeping awake. Does anyone have a good concealer/highlighter that will help hide under eye bags? Mine are terrible they're down below my cheek bones and no matter what I do I look awful.

LaFataTurchina Sat 12-Oct-13 10:29:57

Well done on the parka INeed - that really is a bargain.

lucysmam - re: nail polish effects. This is maybe a bit out there for everyday but perfect for parties/halloween etc. Paint your nails with clear varnish, then before it dries stick it in a little pot of glitter (normal children's craft stuff), The glitter dries to the nail and it's a lot more glittery/textured than using normal glitter polish. I'm not sure whether you put another coat of clear polish over the glitter or not as it's my friend who always does her nails like this, not me.

DP is working all day today so I think I'm going to use it to pull out my little box of scarfs/gloves/bobble hats and sort through and it washing the nice stuff ready to wear again now the weather is getting colder. that and general exciting laundry and housework

I've also been fairly good at remembering to take my multivitamins in the morning.

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 10:30:10

Control, depending on how much you want to spend on boots, Evans have some lush ones in their window I spied in town yesterday that say they're a wider fitting. Or you could always trawl ebay again grin

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 10:36:06

Cat, YSL Touche Eclait is veeeeeeery nice. Was about £24 years ago though when I last bought one & I haven't had a look for a cheaper alternative yet. Cammomile tea bags (or do what I do - make a cup of camomile tea, pour some into a bowl, cool and then dunk two cotton wool pads & squeeze excess out and pop on eyes for twenty mins) are nice and refreshing & seem to help a bit with bags smile . Drinking more water seems to help too. I look loads better since I've been drinking 2L a day rather than just gallons of brew

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 10:37:50

Thanks for the idea LaFata, I think I have numerous pots of glitter stashed upstairs from my clubbing days (think there's even glitter hairspray grin ). will dig those out at some point and have a go at that.

Rockchick1984 Sat 12-Oct-13 11:40:15

I'm struggling to do everything - today I've managed nice outfit (grey maternity jeans, bright pink vest top, black v neck jumper, black cowboy boots) but no time for any makeup apart from a bit of foundation. I'm sure it's easier to be princessed with money and a nanny for the kids smile

Jemima that's fab weight loss, also want to know how you have achieved it! You're now the weight & height I was pre DS, I never felt particularly skinny but looking back at old photos now, I would have looked skinny rather than slim if I'd lost more weight (hope that makes sense!).

Cat Aldi Lacura do a good cheap version of touché eclait, think its about £5?

I treated myself to this foundation and its amazing - decent coverage, and gives my skin a wonderful glow. I definitely look less tired, and it was only £3 smile

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 12:05:56

Rockchick I am a big fan of MUA make up. They bring out their versions of all the 'in' things but at such a reasonable price. And everything I've tried has been excellent quality. They have their own version of chubby sticks for anyone who would like a cheaper version if the Clinique one.

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 12:35:17

I like MUA too, the stand in our local Superdrug is very empty lately though sad Maybe they're bringing out a load of seasonal stuff or something confused

I've just cleared the weeks worth of crap (bus tickets, wrappers etc) from my handbag....zipped it back up & the zip came off the other end so now I have something else to fix hmm Just hope it goes back on ok because it's my favourite bag!

vvviola Sat 12-Oct-13 12:44:34

Lucysmam - if I put teabags or cotton pads on my eyes I 'd be asleep long before the 20 minutes were up grin

DD1 was at a sleepover at DH's aunt last night with her cousin, so this morning was a little calmer than normal. Which meant: face mask/exfoliation/defuzz/moisturise at shower time PLUS I discovered an old sachet of Aussie Three Minute miracle so put that on my hair in hopes of it doing something about the frizz/fluffiness. Looks good so far.

(Illness summary: still no spots for DD2, DD1 got all clear from doc after weird temps during week, DH still has man flu, and DD1 returned from sleepover with v swollen foot that she can't walk on properly after a trampoline incident. If no improvement in the morning we're off to the out of hours clinic hmm ~sigh~ )

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 13:07:47

I tend to order the MUA stuff online. The stand is always quite empty and some of the stuff looks like it's had a hard life! So I order it so it comes through all packaged up and pristine (appeals to my perfectionist tendencies!)
Having said that I do not need anything in the make up department. This morning I cleared out the box I keep everything in and chucked load of stuff out. I did feel a bit guilty as some of it was quite good stuff but I just don't use it for whatever reason. This way I reckon I'll make more use of what I've got as I can see it more easily. And I think it's fair to say I have more lip glosses than I can ever realistically use. I could wear a differentcolour every day of the week!

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 16:17:54

Genius! I never thought about looking online for the MUA make up (even though I check prices of stuff online before shopping confused). Might do that next time I need to replace some bits.

Bag is fixed <phew>! Just need to stitch it back together because I had to unpick some of the stitching that holds the zip in place. Will do that after I make pizza dough for tea

I typed out a big long post at lunchtime but it doesn't seem to have actually posted! angry

Anyway, I've got my new glasses. Pic on my profile.

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 18:54:40

lucysmam you can get it on the Superdrug site or they have their own site too. Delivery has always been fairly quick although I can't remember what they charge.
It does mean you're taking a bit of a chance if you're ordering a new colour of something but it's so cheap it's not a disaster if you don't like it.

jemima glasses look good. I would love to get some new ones but need to get a job first. It's always so hard to choose them I find.

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 18:59:35

Meant to say helga did you know you get chubby sticks for the eyes too? I've got one in a lovely golden brown shade.

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 20:13:19

Jemima glasses look fab! same shape as I went for but mine have a really red frame grin

INeed that's even better, them having their own site, bet there's loads more on it. I'll have a gander & bookmark for when I have some pocket money smile

Am being lazy tonight; have showered, washed and conditioned hair and moisturised all of me. that's it! I cba to dry or straighten it so will pin up in a donut bun tomorrow & straighten the fringey bit I have that doesn't tie back. Need to take toe nail polish off so will have to get polish remover out next time I get up

Just about to carry on with what seems like an EPIC pile of mending!!

INeedSomeHelp Sat 12-Oct-13 20:30:22

lucysmam it must be great to be so handy at sewing and mending. I can sew a button on but that's about it. Which is a terrible admission as my Mum is a retired Home Economics teacher!

petalsandstars Sat 12-Oct-13 20:37:08

control shopping spree went well - was only out for about an hour or so but it was nice to be on my own shopping for a little while!

!I found a cardi from next in a gingery brown colour, a green plain cotton top, a purple top and a cream (holey knit) cardi all from dotty p's, using birthday cash/vouchers so no cost to family budget or guilt.

Not too bad a haul, the tops were in the sale and there was 20% off knitwear in outfit so enjoyed my bargain hunting. Will try to post pics to fb tomorrow.

Need to take off polish tonight as I'm chipped, and will have a defuz/ moisturising session tonight too.

lucysmam Sat 12-Oct-13 21:23:37

INeed it is indeed....I just wish I'd stuck at the fashion degree I was doing instead of being young and foolish & dropping out! But it is indeed very handy. The only stuff I can't do is alter big, heavy stuff like coats - which is a shame as I have a fab one that needs some work but will cost £'sss to have done - my machine just isn't up to it.

I have given up on my bag for tonight, I haven't got a leather needle & dp doesn't want the big light on (he's not long been in from a 12 hour shift) so I can't see well enough to make out the original holes to try a normal needle. Will stand in the kitchen window in the morning to do it....light is better there.

Rummikub Sun 13-Oct-13 01:46:54

Cat I am a fan of touche eclat, and the aldi version is a great copy. The only thing is that there aren't any testers and I ended up with a shade too dark (sad). So I kind of blend my shade with the addition of foundation, seems to work.

Hi everyone.

HelgatheHairy Sun 13-Oct-13 07:08:14

73 days to go

Misssss Sun 13-Oct-13 07:11:48

V jealous of your mending skills Lucy. I've just learned to see this year, love making my own clothes. Going to attempt a long tweed cape this week. Hope my machine can cope.

I'm doing well at princessing this week. Hair is still extended and very long with bouncy curls. I've worn makeup every day. I've also been stalking Caroline Hirons' blog for skincare advice. My skin is much better. Love the double cleansing and have followed the advice about layering products at night. It's worth a go.

Diet wise I give up. I'm going to do Cambridge from tomorrow. It's hard work but nothing gets you as slim as quickly. DSis had lost 5 stones recently and looks stunning. There's always been a bit of rivalry between us do anything she can do...

Misssss Sun 13-Oct-13 07:13:13

Just to add YY to Aldi touché éclat. All the shades are too light for me but my best friend swears by it and she looks fab!

HelgatheHairy Sun 13-Oct-13 07:14:07

boots offer Laura Ashley skin are set is half price in Boots this week only


lucysmam Sun 13-Oct-13 09:02:31

Morning all smile

I'm still laid in bed!!! Girls are watching the iPlayer on the telly so took advantage of it & have snoozed for the past hour!

Just about to go do brekky....not sure what yet confused

Misssss I haven't made anything in ages, we used to have some great fabric stalls on the market, and shops but most are gone now. Once I factor in p&p on websites, it's usually cheaper to buy hmm

Big pamper and paint nails tonight. And must check my eyebrows today in the light....I tried at 8pm last night using the kitchen light...couldn't see a thing.

Hair is ready for colour/cut too so will book that for next week I think

Right...up I get!

ControlGeek Sun 13-Oct-13 10:27:38

Morning! I have made an executive decision not to go into work today after yesterday's security guard debacle, so will finish off what I can do from home.

So this morning, teeth all brushed, flossed, mouthwashed and whitened, and I have shredded already. DP has promised me a homemade brunch to end all brunches so at least I now feel I have earned it!

I looked at the MUA website, seems there is a load of stuff out of stock on there, too - must be getting ready for a season change or something.

vvv I'm with you on the teabags thing! Five minutes in and I'd be snoring. How's everyone doing at yours now?

lucysmam I am very envy of your mending talents. I really need to sort my junk room craft room out so that I can get at the machine and fabric again.

petals that sounds like bliss! I love a bit of peace to go shopping. Your haul sounds brilliant, well worth the trip!

What is the aldi touch eclait called? I might have to talk DP into a trip up there after brunch...

vvviola Sun 13-Oct-13 11:08:37

ControlGeek, you have a craft room??? envyenvyenvy

I'm turning my office cupboard (we changed the walk-in-wardrobe into a little office for me when I started my dissertation) into a craft room when I finish studying. The lack of light may be an issue, mind you!

(I'm making no comment on health of the house til after my big meeting with a lecturer on my research project tomorrow, don't want to jinx anything!)

Minor ta-das for today: vitamins, moisturiser & SPF (trying to get into habit before it's crucial), healthy dinner, and convinced DH of dire need for pedicure as soon as I have time (not a huge feat, he spotted my bare feet peeking out of covers this morning and said "dear god you could really do with a pedicure" blushblush)

ControlGeek Sun 13-Oct-13 11:34:06

vvv I will be all too glad when I can turn it into a nursery, and evict my craft stuff into the cupboard in the (very tiny) guest room. At the moment though it's not even really a craft room - it contains all the stuff we unpacked after moving that doesn't have a proper home, so I can't get at anything I want. Once we have DP's shed sorted, lots of stuff can be evicted into there and I can go to town on making it a proper craft room worthy of an envy face grin

INeedSomeHelp Sun 13-Oct-13 15:34:40

I have done well on the exercise front today. This morning I took part in a 5k cross country run with obstacles! Did feel like I was going to die at the time but the rush afterwards is amazing!
Came home and had a long soak in the bath then did my hair and make up and got dressed in the clothes I had, for once, got organised last night.
I have treated myself to two cupcakes from the van that delivers round our town so the plan for the rest of today is to sit on the sofa and do very little!

Misssss Sun 13-Oct-13 23:37:41

Well done on your 5k + obstacles Ineedsomehelp. You must be super fit.

Today I've done a mixture of school work and pampering. Popped to the shops and bought some bits. A glass nail file, some hand cream, nail polish, some nair and a game changing revelation of a gadget.

I don't know what the proper name is but it's a razor blade attached to a handle that shaves the hard skin and callous from the feet. Sorry if tmi but I attacked my hooves and you should have seen the pile of shavings I managed to harvest! My feet are now baby soft and I've painted my toes a plum shade. I really want to wear sandals now, I was too afraid to all summer! It was about 2.50 from body care if anyone fancies a go.

HelgatheHairy Mon 14-Oct-13 05:31:45

72 days to go

INeedSomeHelp Mon 14-Oct-13 08:05:40

Misssss I am definitely not super fit! I walked a good bit of it and I really struggled to even walk up the steep hill we had to go up.
My fitness levels are way better than they were before I started boot camp in July but I've still got a long way to go.

ControlGeek Mon 14-Oct-13 11:54:09

Morning all!

INeed I am in awe of your fitness too, never mind whether you walked some of it!

missss I am actually cringing at the idea of bringing a razor blade anywhere near feet - you must be super brave! I have seen things like that in shops and they just give me the shudders. What if you go too far or do the wrong bit?

lucysmam thanks for your tips on boots, but there is no way I could order from t'interwebs! I have the world's most awkward feet/calves and if I can't try them on, it's not worth the risk of buying them. Our local Evans closed down a couple of years ago so am stuck with ordinary shoe shops. I'll keep on trying them on, I have three weeks left of the Shred so you never know!

Fasting day today, so hot lemoon water to start the day off. I painted my nails metallic kingfisher blue last night, then panicked that I have absolutely nothing to wear to work that matches it! Settled on a purlple tunic dress and black jacket, with earrings that have pink/purple/kingfisher in to try and tie it all together. Pics to follow on fb when I get home.

I am a GHD convert - I officially love my straighteners! My hair has never felt to tamed and sleek. It's my birthday in three days and DP has ordered a set of heated rollers that I asked him for, so I'm going to try a combo of straightening, and putting a gentle curl into the bottom. Does anyone have any tips for using heated curlers on shoulder length hair?

whyno Mon 14-Oct-13 16:12:05

Can I join? Had a baby 6 weeks ago and still only able to fit into track suit bottoms. Chucked out all cake, biscuits and chocolate yesterday as was eating about 4 or 5 slices a day. Found myself buttering chocolate brownies. shock

whyno Mon 14-Oct-13 22:08:12

Just realised i need to say what I'ce done today.

I did some squats with baby in the sling, didn't eat much during day (porridge, noodles, carrots and toast), showered and put make up on (toddler at nursery today). Hmm that's it. Although I researched a summer holiday to dream about for inspiration. Will do better tomorrow.

lucysmam Mon 14-Oct-13 22:18:39

Hiya whyno smile

Just a quick update from me before bed....

Picked up a leather needle so I can properly repair my bag tomorrow evening, was going to do it tonight but dd2 had a huge meltdown & by the time she was calm enough to go to bed I couldn't be arsed confused

Nails aren't painted either but they are filed and cuticles pushed back, may do them tomorrow depending on how long my bag takes.

Hospital for dd1 in the morning so smart clothes are out for both of us, along with earrings and scarf for me.

Control your nail polish is fab...
link? or where's it from & what's it called?

I need a new pair or two of jeans this week.....discovered a small hole in a rather erm....blush place this morning (that's how often I wear them)....just glad I noticed before I left for the school run!!

In other news....after years of bugging the council about the state of the house and getting no help to get it sorted, they are now going to force LL's agent to get the whole lot sorted, starting with proper insulation/plastering/staircase and bathroom as well as properly sorting the electrics etc. Going to be a PITA in the run up to Xmas and mean disrupting my fishes (was hoping to add some more silvertip tetras and neon dwarf rainbows but think I may wait now) but it desperately needs doing. Just a shame she couldn't do anything about the neighbours at the same time!

Right, am off to bed....night night all smile

lucysmam Mon 14-Oct-13 22:19:09

<ahem> quick turned into epic blush grin

HelgatheHairy Tue 15-Oct-13 05:38:36

71 days to go

bigkidsdidit Tue 15-Oct-13 07:32:48

Hi whyno. I actually loled at buttering brownies grin

I'm shattered . Helga avert your eyes but ds2 has entered the 4 month sleep regression and is up all the pigging time. DS1 still wakes at 6 at the latest. Argh. Not managing o do much exercise but am sticking to low carb and last week I lost 1.5 inches off my waist shock

vvviola Tue 15-Oct-13 07:36:34

I'm still lurking.

(Chicken pox round 2 arrived this morning. 3 assignments due in the next 10 days. Never mind the beauty products, please send gin)

INeedSomeHelp Tue 15-Oct-13 09:20:23

Well the healthy eating will be going out of the window today. My sister is coming to visit along with my two newphews and step-neice.
I think the plan is Frankie & Benny's for lunch and then my nephew specially asked to go to Krispy Kreme. I know I don't have to have anything but it would be rude not to!
Boot camp tonight so I will just have to work doubly hard to make up for it.

ControlGeek Tue 15-Oct-13 09:33:01

Welcome, whyno - I'm mentally drooling at the thought of buttering brownies grin well done on your ta-da list, too!

lucysmam I love your 'quick' posts! The nail varnish is Rimmell 60 Seconds, and the shade is Green With Envy. I think I must have got it quite some time ago though, as I can't remember buying much nail varnish before joining this thread. Well done on the LL situation, that sounds like a massive achievement! I hope it doesn't add too much pressure to your Christmas , but your home will be fab when all that work is done.

bigkids 1.5 inches in one week?! shock that is amazing!

vvv so sorry for the untimely return of the cp. Red Cross parcel of gin and chocolate chip cookies is on its way.

Ended up not fasting yesterday after all - lunch looked too appetising, so we decided today was a better day to do it. Completely forgot this morning, and made coffee with milk. Oops. Going out this evening, so food is going to be a bit of a rush. DP's got a real downer on himself at the moment. He hates the way he looks and feels. He can't see all that he's managed to achieve in the last six weeks or so. It wouldn't be so bad if him feeling like this galvanised him into some kind of action, like starting to do his physio exercises again or something, but he just sits there digging himself into a deeper and deeper sorrowpit. It doesn't help that he's had a couple of f-ups in the last couple of days that have had me in or near to tears (bear in mind I am an emotional bint at the best of times, so not difficult to achieve). Sorry, I didn't intend that to turn into a rant and I hope it doesn't come across as DP-bashing, just feeling a bit drained at the moment.

In other news, the local paper is reporting a rash (pardon the pun) of venomous spider bites in my area!

Am wearing the black dress with white spotty panels from my recent TK Maxx visit, pearly nude nail varnish, black sparkly earrings and hair has been done nicely again. As long as I can spare the time to spend on my hair after my shower, it seems to keep it going for a couple of days, so not too much maintenance in the mornings.

HelgatheHairy Tue 15-Oct-13 10:52:00

Welcome whyno. I'm in awe of doing lunges with your DD in a sling. My DD is 9 weeks and I'd be afraid of lunging down and not being able to get up again!

La la la la la la I can't hear you bigkidsdidit

vvviola how about a gin advent calender and just starting a bit early here

controlgeek hope all is ok with DH. It seems that the fitness/weight loss industry is so focused on women men can feel a bit lost about what to do. DH had started 5:2 before I had the baby. He was losing weight quite slowly because he was doing a lot of building work at the same time but he felt so much better.

lucysmam that's brilliant news about the building work. The one thing I've learned is there's never a good time. Hopefully there won't be too much disruption.

Hi all, off work with sciatica at the moment so taking it easy, Has meant that I am able to paint my nails in peace. A rather nice shade of red (just a cheapie Claire's Accessories no chip one-however, as soon as I started typing on FB this morning I noticed a few chips).
I am a but meh about polish but I want nice nails. Surely two coats of polish shouldn't chip????
Give me your best tips ladies! I do have some Rimmel 60 second polish that I picked up in Poundland the other day and some OPI crackle from there too)

lucysmam Tue 15-Oct-13 11:24:50

Good morning all.

A good day here so far...both dd's have now been discharged from their consultants!! <yay!> so have brought dd1 for a pub lunch to celebrate grin

Thanks Control, I'll have a look for that nail polish when I go for jeans later in the week. (I have no idea what you mean about my quick posts hmm ).

Helga, I imagine there isn't a good time for building work confused ....think I'll be getting Amazon stuff for Christmas delivered to dp's mums just to be on the safe side.

lucysmam Tue 15-Oct-13 11:30:55

Hiya vvv sad about the pox returning, at least they'll be out of the way and done though smile

INeed I ♥♡ F&B's!!! It does sound like you deserve a treat with all the boot camp work you've been putting in grin

BlueandWhite when I did nails at college we were taught to apply base to all ten nails then go straight back to the first nail and apply two coats of polish without letting them dry in between, then top coat straight on top without drying so that each coat sticks to the slightly tacky coat before iyswim? Make sure your nails are clean before applying polish - quick rub over with polish remover. I've been using a quick dry spray from Poundland too - it's quick but still need to be careful with them for a while after.

Rubber gloves for pot washing & don't use nails as tools grin

hth smile

petalsandstars Tue 15-Oct-13 15:02:01

Zombified but checking in. . Sleep regression hmm

accident on my usual route and 2 nappies changed before leaving the house meant running late for preschool but I had put make up on before I left and wore my new jumper.

Toddler has decided not to nap today so am really missing my afternoon peace.

Used my new tweezerman tweezers and magnifying mirror with light this morning, they are really good, could see all the little brow hairs smile


Have you room for a late entrant please?

I desperately need some motivation ATM to lose weight, tone up & generally sort out my attitude.

I've been trying to low carb, but cheat at the weekends so obviously that's not working. My plan of attack is now to eat sensibly & try to do the shred every day.

I work full time & have 2 DCs. DD is almost 7 & DS is almost 3. I can't blame baby weight anymore & am sick of being overweight.

Time is the biggest thing for me. DH works shifts so isn't around in the evenings, and TBH by the time I've got both kids fed & in bed, plus done a tidy round/ironing/packed lunches etc the last thing I can face is exercise.

I know I have to though or I'm going to end up huge & very unhealthy.

Any tips I should know about? Any rules?

I'll try & read the full thread later as I'm supposed to be working now smile

lucysmam Tue 15-Oct-13 16:59:15

Jump on in Havinganoffday, (I couldn't remember where the caps were blush ).


link to first thread above, Iirc, there's a link to the princessing thread in the first couple of posts - that one had the 'rules' in it. Someone on a computer will probably link for you though, my search skills on app are a bit crap confused

The main idea is to make a bit of time to take care of yourself so, appearance, exercise, diet etc. whatever you want to concentrate on. I'm useless at exercise so am focussing on my appearance...seems being smart does help (see my posts about state of house and then last nights - I've been ignored for years, suddenly after a request for electrics to be sorted the full works is being organised!!)

Right, off for an early shower...knackered after being out all day with incredibly talkative dd1 confused confused confused <---my head grin

Thanks Lucysmamsmile

I messed up the capitals so don't worry!

I'll have a look through the old threads. I need to concentrate on exercise & making my skin look fab. Hopefully the rest will follow?

I'm eating lots of rubbish at the moment which is making me look spotty & tired, even with makeup shock

HelgatheHairy Tue 15-Oct-13 19:46:53

What DD has done today: feed & cry
What DD hasn't done today: sleep

She has fallen asleep on my lap just now and am afraid to move. Don't think I'll get to shower this evening.

lucysmam Tue 15-Oct-13 20:28:57

ooh helga dd2 was very clingy, and cried a lot when she was little still bloody does , I sympathise! Will you be able to get a shower and freshen up in the morning (or is that a bit wishful?) confused

Right ladies, I need your help! The official letter from the lady at the council came today....she is coming back with her team next Tuesday to officially do an in and out, up and down, scour the entire property break down of just how much of a 'hazard' (the actual word on the document shock confused ...I knew it was bad but not that bad) it is.

The same notice has been sent to LL's agent so you can guarantee he will turn up too hmm to belittle everything she says and make out we're the cause of it (hmm again)....(I think he has ishoos with laydees the way he speaks over me on the odd occasion I do deal with him, but will listen to what dp says to him)....wtf do I wear??? I'm already tempted to say no he can't come in because he is such an arse & treats me like dirt in front of the girls (which is not an acceptable way to treat women & I don't want them thinking it is) but then I'm going to be seen as obstructive or whatever the word is. [I really dislike him & don't like the thought of him in my cupboards/bedroom etc].

So....help me at least look like a grown up & not the sulky, stroppy teen I would so very like to turn into next Tuesday!!!!

lucysmam Tue 15-Oct-13 20:33:31

Havinganoffday I have no clue about exercise confused ....I give up easily & can't run round here which is the one thing I would stick sad

On the skin front, my top tip is drink plenty of water & cut out as much caffiene as you can cope with. the difference in my skin through doing that is shock ! (Also, double cleansing with facewash containing salicylic acid morning and night for my blocked pores and weekly facemask). It's improved loads in the weeks we've been doing this....although I do still get some rather large spots when af is due sad

Dilidali Tue 15-Oct-13 21:35:06

Hello all! And a warm welcome to the new ladies smile

Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope things will get better soon.

Came to say I went out and bought 25 new matching hangers. Plus another 6 for skirts/trousers. They're black and velvety and TK Maxx.
So on my next day off I shall be changing all my hangers and make it look all pretty. Hopefully will make me look at my wardrobe with new eyes and maybe, just maybe I'll get rid of stuff that I absolutely love but has lost all shape/is too tight etc.

HelgatheHairy Wed 16-Oct-13 05:32:46

70 days to go

lucysmam Wed 16-Oct-13 15:27:52

Quick update....

I reached the bottom of my repairs pile!!! grin (it'll not last) ...including my handbag. was much easier to hand stitch the leather with a proper leather needle but I'm not guaranteeing my work on the bag....I couldn't see it very well even sat under the big light to stitch it & had to secure the ends of the zip with thread so am half expecting it to come apart confused Test run on the school run to pick dd1 up from gardening in the rain club shortly.

Mini pamper night here tonight and then probably early night I think. In a very meh mood even though I've been busy all day - I blame dp....something's up & he'll not talk to me, just gets all defensive confused

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 18:28:16

Hello! I have been reading, but memory is shot from work day from hell so can't remember a darn thing confused

Currently procrastinating. I need to shred. I need to shower. I need to spend time on my hair. I really cba to do any of these things. Oh bugger, and I've just remembered I need to log on to work's system to finish off a job angry

Please someone give me a proverbial boot!

INeedSomeHelp Wed 16-Oct-13 18:53:42

Control Geek consider yourself booted!

Alhough I'm a fine one to talk. I saw a couple of jobs today but didn't actually apply as it seemed like too much effort. I will need to do it tomorrow though.

Think I'll have a pamper session tonight too. Have shellac on fingers and toes so don't need to bother about them but will have bath (with bubbles), exfoliate, put a conditioning mask on my hair etc. Then an early night for me.

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 19:21:05

Thanks INeed grin I've just finished the work I needed to complete, so will go upstairs and change for my shred before my body cottons on to what I'm doing (if that makes any sense at all). Silly question, but what's shellac? I thought it was a lacquer that you put onto wood blush Good luck with your job applications, they are so mentally draining.

INeedSomeHelp Wed 16-Oct-13 19:27:36

Shellac is just another form of gel nail polish that gets cured under a uv light so it lasts 2-3 weeks without chipping.
It's perfect for me because I always chip normal nail polish within minutes of putting it on.

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 19:36:33

Ooh sounds like something I need, INeed! I normally catch mine while it's still in the tacky stage too. Trouble is I like to change colours very frequently.

Right, just waiting for Jillian to finish her waffling so I can get on with my workout grin

INeedSomeHelp Wed 16-Oct-13 20:22:51

Well on your fingers it probably lasts two weeks and then you would want them done again because of regrowth. On your toes you can get a good 3 weeks out of them.
I have rock star toes just now which is when they cover the wet polish with glitter and then seal it with a top coat. The glitter I got is called salmon (not a great name) and it looks peachy some ways and then it glints green in other lights.
If you get a nail person who knows what they're doing you can get really amazing nail art and add crystals,
pearls, glitter in all different combinations.

lucysmam Wed 16-Oct-13 20:26:08

I have achieved nothing this evening apart from moisturising, and drying my hair sad . Has been a very draining afternoon & I'm pretty ready for bed.....dp has sat on his bum in a mood, occasionally saying something grumpy or closely related to a grunt, while I've done everything except the mountain of pots that need to be washed.

(did manage some hidden house princessing though - I cleared out the cupboard under the sink of all the half used bottles I've not touched in ages, cleared out the little drawers that hide down the side of the fishtank and cleared out all the junk that hides under the fish tank. So not an entirely unproductive day.)

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 20:26:09

Ok, shred over. About to eat, then go pass out in the shower.

Only two more days left of level 2 <scared>

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 20:30:56

lucysmam meant to say, sorry, I hope DP gets over his mood soon, and that it's all something over nothing. These fellas of ours are useless at talking <looks pointedly at DP>

lucysmam Wed 16-Oct-13 20:44:07

Enjoy your shower Control smile Good going sticking at the shred! Think I should have got it on dvd, that way I'd feel guilty about not using it confused

Yep, he's bloody useless at talking...gets all moody and defensive. Thankfully he's not gone upstairs for a sulk like last time hmm ..he barely spoke to me for days.

ControlGeek Wed 16-Oct-13 21:25:24

What do you think, ladies? potential ebay purchase Is it worth nigh on £20?

Ok, ok, I'm going for my shower now thlgrin

lucysmam Wed 16-Oct-13 21:30:10

Funny shower that is Control grin ....I really like the shape of it & neck. I'd pay nearly twenty quid for it (in fact, I have a short sleeved jacket that's quite similar but a bit denimey if that makes sense?)

HelgatheHairy Thu 17-Oct-13 07:34:01

69 days to go

bigkidsdidit Thu 17-Oct-13 08:32:49

Morning all

I was going to go into town today to get my eyebrows threaded but it's pouring and I don't think I can face getting there on the bus withy the pram in the rain. I'm in London for a work meeting tomorrow so like nip in somewhere to get them done there.

Feeling a bit guilty, Atterley Road have a 70% off sale now and I spent lots of money I don't have on there yesterday. Eek. But I genuinely have no clothes for going back to work so I needed to get something! Oh well.

ControlGeek Thu 17-Oct-13 13:43:12

lucysmam I know thlblush I had one in the end, but cba faffing with my hair so had to get up 15 minutes early this morning to dampen it and get it straightened. Thanks for the jacket comments, I'll 'buy it now' when I get in from work tonight (if it's still there).

aww bigkids I've been in that situation too. It can't be helped, and your first payday will soon come round. At least you were able to get good bargains - 70% off!!! I had to make do with charity shop clobber until my first third payday.

Well today is turning into the day from hell, workwise. But my hair looks and smells nice, I am wearing my favourite perfume, and the black dress with sparkly spotty flowers on that I got the other day from TK Maxx. I forgot my earrings, but I'll put them in when I get home as I'm being taken out for my birthday tea to a lovely hotel near where I live, and I have a bottle of bubbly on ice ready for when I get home. DP gave me the box of heated rollers that I had asked for which actually arrived a couple of days after being ordered, so how come I am still waiting for the two dresses I ordered three days earlier?!

Hello all! <waves>

I am still alive, just snowed under with a really busy week at work plus all the DC's activities. Had my interview on Monday, but have to wait until next week for the verdict. It is like Chinese water torture sad.

Anyway, since making a big effort with my appearance for the interview things have gone rather downhill. I am resolving to give myself a kick up the bum and get back to it tomorrow!

So, tomorrow I am going to wear this knitted dress over black leggings and a black long sleeved t-shirt, with this scarf and these boots. I need to re-paint my nails, and as I am going to be on a course tomorrow rather than in the classroom I am going to go for a colour rather than my normal nude shade. I can't decide between NYC Park Avenue and No7 Totally Teal.

Hope you are all well, will catch up with the thread now.

lucysmam Thu 17-Oct-13 15:59:17

Afternoon all smile

bigkids I am envy of your sale spending...most of this weeks wages will be going on getting us back on track with the bills dp is meant to be in charge of hmm and one of the kids' birthday presents so my new jeans will have to wait.

Jemima I like the teal nail polish rather than the NYC one smile

Control did your day get any better?

I've had a productive, but not very glam day grin defrosted the freezer, proper scrubbed the bathroom even though it's being replaced soon, and washed the big chair covers. along with two normal loads of washing and making a mince and onion pie to go with mash for tea....dp took the remains of a gammon joint and some salad to work so fancies something else though...he'll be feeding himself tonight and getting sarnies for lunch tomorrow!

I plan to aspirin face mask, pumice my feet, defuzz and apply nose strip tonight since I didn't get far last night. Once I get sat I think I might massage some cuticle oil into my nails and file my toenails. I might even not straighten my hair again shock ...it tends to behave well for a few days off from it, if I do it regularly. (did that make any sense at all!?)

bigkidsdidit Thu 17-Oct-13 16:20:43

I talked to DH about it and we agreed I should spend a bit, I have a responsible job and can't go in looking scruffy in my old yoga trousers like I'm wearing now! So I did go into town today and got my eyebrows threaded then went k h and m. Their layering vests are the best I think and only 3.99 each, so I got black, grey, cream, white, navy and sage green. I wear one almost every day and now I can replace my whole tattered drawer full smile

Next month I need ankle boots, indigo jeans and a haircut!

bigkidsdidit Thu 17-Oct-13 16:25:56

Love those boots jemima, they're going on my Christmas list!

Dilidali Thu 17-Oct-13 17:12:34

My, you've all been really productive!
I had my eyebrows threaded today too!
Look, I'm not quite Frieda Kahlo, but I could pass as her sister at a push. Hence my eyebrows have known the tweezers since I was a teen. But NEVER ever in my life, not even the first time ever, did I feel as much pain as I felt today.

Went to my regular dept store, new indian lady threading, very nice eyebrows herself, very smiley, calm, genteel (I think Indian ladies have and do the most amazing eyebrows in the whole entire universe). I sit down and within 2 seconds I had tears down my face. She was threading sloooowly, so I could feel every 0.00001 mm being pulled out. Pair that with SHED load of eyebrow, I felt like she scalped me. Oooh, but it gets better! She brings me the mirror. Nicely shaped eyebrows, can't deny it, but I looked RAW. Bright blotchy red.

Anyway, I went for my contacts check up straight after. Another nice indian lady. She does a double take. I explain it's nothing to do with contacts, just had my eyebrows done. She shakes her head: my god she left loads behind. Noo, don't tell me! She was looking at me and stifling a giggle every so often. Cheers, you, at least you think it's funny. She was from ooop nooorth, her accent makes me giggle, so we had a giggly session.
Oh, and bought a frame for a drawing I meant to put in the hallway for ages. £3. Been dragging this job for, hmmmm, 6-7 years?
It's up now.
I'm off to the royal kitchen to cook some dinner smile
If I'm still up for it, I'll start changing the hangers fir the new ones smile

Misssss Fri 18-Oct-13 07:15:28

Laughing at your eyebrow tale Dilidali Have they calmed down now?

I started some wardrobe princessing today. I've been on a mad ebay spree and bought two Modalu Pippa bags, a nice Modalu purse and some nice clothes for me. Its extravagant but I'm fed up with walking around with cheap tatty bags and putting off buying nice things until I lose some weight. All of the stuff I bought only came upto £140 which much cheaper than the £225 that one Modalu bag costs new.

I'm going to pop to the shops later after work and get some more bits and pieces. I'm really loving dresses at the moment so I'm crossing my fingers that there are some smart ones. I need accessories too. one day I will be put together!

Oh can I have some advice? Ladies that shellac, does it really last two whole weeks? I'm tempted to get mine done but not convinced on the staying power.

vvviola Fri 18-Oct-13 08:04:44


I may have an interview in 2 weeks! I got a call from a job I applied for a while back, kind of a pre-interview call, and he said after we talked that mine would be one of the names he'd be putting forward to the hiring manager! shock

I haven't worn any of my suits in over 2 & a half years, I'm not even sure how many of them made the move with us, my hair is a disaster, I've forgotten how to put on makeup and I still have 3 assignments to get done in the next week!!

I say again.... PANIC!! wink

lucysmam Fri 18-Oct-13 08:19:33

Morning all smile

Dilidali that post read like you were going 100mph! grin Have your brows calmed down now? Mine don't seem to take too long to look normal again.

Missssss Shellac is meant to be very good, as are Minx nails (the wraps with funky designs). If I had the cash, I'd have mine done. Your shopping trip sounds fab!

vvv, don't panic!! you have two weeks....do the basics this next week while you complete assignments then go in for full on beautifying. & up your water intake, I've found I feel and look better for drinking more of the stuff smile

Late start here today, dd1 was sick in the night sad so both are home (dd2 doesn't go to nursery on Fridays anyway). they're scrapping and moaning at each other already so I think it was just a one off sick rather than her being ill, we'll see.

I didn't straighten my hair again last night, might pop a pic on fb in a bit if I remember to take my phone up when I go to get dressed smile

HelgatheHairy Fri 18-Oct-13 09:16:02

68 days to go

HelgatheHairy Fri 18-Oct-13 09:17:54

Sorry for the late update. DD decided to feed loads in the early part of the night and sleep later so not as much of a lie in as it looks.

ControlGeek Fri 18-Oct-13 10:11:07

JemimaM I lurve that dress! It will go beautifully with the boots. I'm not going to be any help with the nail varnish I'm afraid, I would be torn between those colours too. Either would go well with that outfit (though I couldn't see the scarf as internet auctions are blocked at work)

lucysmam how on earth do you have the energy to squeeze all that activity into one day?! And your poor DDs, they seem to have a lot of sickness at the moment. Fingers crossed that it's just a one off, not anything more long lasting. The only thing that improved my workday was leaving half an hour early, but after that it was downhill all the way, with the help of a little champers thlgrin

bigkids nice haul! It'll be such a good feeling when you ditch the old ones and pull a nice new one out each day.

dili I am just thlshock at your eyebrow experience - how are you not traumatised for life? I really hope it feels (and looks!) better now. Well done on getting the frame - it's odd how these long drawn out jobs often take very little effort/money to do in the end.

misssss phew, it's not just me going on a mad ebay splurge then! What shops do you have near you? Dresses seem to be very in at the moment so you should have a good selection to choose from.

vvv congrats!!! Now deep breath, make a list, plan your time. You will be fine!

helga Are you all rested now? It won't last forever. I hear it's just the first 18 years that are the worst. <helpful>

karbea how are things with you? Hope everything's going ok.

Feeling rather fat and bloated after last night's excesses. The meal was utterly fabulous but today I'm just in comfy dark pinstripe trousers and a top that gives the illusion of a narrower waist while actually hiding a great deal. Nails are looking a bit chipped and tired (a bit like me really!) but I have a brooch on my cardi, and a pearl bracelet and earrings, and have put on a necklace too. Hair has been done (of a fashion), and perfume is on. Currently drinking water by the bucketload and trying not to buy a packet of crisps. Going out for lunch with workmates to a local wetherspoons, but think I'll just have soda water and a bowl of soup.

In other news, tonight is my last day of doing the level 2 shred <quakes> I have never even watched level 3. Last time I did 15 days of level 1 then 15 days of level 2, never made it onto level 3 at all. Does anyone have any experience of it? Are there loads of plants?

INeedSomeHelp Fri 18-Oct-13 10:44:45

Missss Shellac does last two weeks. I got mine done a week past Tuesday and it's still going strong
I like my nails really short and find that it's the length that starts to annoy me even when the colour is still fine.
If you go for a paler colour the regrowth isn't so obvious although I honestly don't think anyone else would notice it anyway.

So, I've been totally rubbish this week.

I did manage to take my make up off one night but that's about it sad

Tomorrow is the day I start shredding. I have a good run of days where I know I can fit it in so it seems a good opportunity to get into the habit. I'm looking forward to it & dreading it in equal measure.

I'm drinking 2-3 litres of water a day already, but am probably having too much caffeine. I'm also not eating enough fruit & veg.

So tonight I am going to plan next weeks meals & do a big shop in the morning. I can top up on fruit & veg in the week from the local farm shop.

Bring it on grin

lucysmam Fri 18-Oct-13 14:19:11

I have come to a standstill, in the kitchen, with brew !

Realised a little while ago I forgot earrings & haven't done anything at all with my nails this week confused ....must do better next week. we're maybe off to town tomorrow for a wander round the cheapy shops and greggs sausage roll blush for lunch so might pop a coat of top coat or something neutral on just for the day & then do them properly on sunday evening.

Sorting the bills is driving me a bit nuts, I keep staring at my list but it's not helping me magic enough money to do some Xmas shopping out of thin air confused

ControlGeek Fri 18-Oct-13 14:23:18

Having we can commiserate together then - I have a feeling day 1 of level 3 will feel like day 1 of level 1 all over again thlgrin Sounds like you have a great plan in place, well done on your water! I felt loads better after giving up caffeine, and went from having about 5-10 migraines a month to one migraine every three months.

Control, well done on getting to level 3 grin I've never got past L2!!

Yes, a good plan I think...sticking to it is another matter shock

I have been to Superdrug and invested in some more Rimmel 60 seconds and some top coat- did get a free mascara with it :-) I will report back to say if two coats and a top coat work as recommended kindly further up thread.
Also bought two more hair dyes (buy one get one half price). Off on my holidays for half term so want to dye my hair its more purply browny black colour, I dyed it a respectable very dark brown for dh's niece's wedding as it was in a naice golf club with naice people.
And bagged a bargainalicious bnwt pair of black linen trousers for £3 in the charity shop.
Back is still playing up majorly (three days off work earlier this week)so I do intend to take it easy this weekend.

HelgatheHairy Sat 19-Oct-13 10:41:29

67 days to go

Sorry - connection problems

Hello ladies!

blueandwhite sorry to hear about your back. Have a good week taking it easy, and I hope it improves soon for you. Your haul sounds very impressive! I'll be taking my birthday money into town next week so hopefully will see some bargains in Superdrug to make it go further. Looking forward to your report on the nail varnish technique. My attempt was a disaster - I managed to snag every single nail while it was still soft. Having a cat jumping all over me didn't help matters though!

I am officially into the final leg of the 30 day shred! I completed level 3 day 1 today. I'm surprised how much easier the Anita moves are, need to keep pushing myself to try the Natalie/Jillian ones but they are sooo much more difficult! Need to start planning what to do when it ends, because I think I'd get bored just doing level 3 for the next 2.5 months. Has anyone tried 6 week 6 pack?

Nails are chipped, hair is lank and greasy, and I'm fasting today. I think some pampering is in order, so will jump in the shower shortly, sort my hair and nails out and plan what feast I am going to have tomorrow. A lovely friend gave me a pack of six nail varnishes for my birthday so I'm going to try those. Oh, and DP collected the red and blue ebay dresses from the post office this morning for me - both fit perfectly! Have had to order some invisible line knicks to go under them though so I splashed out on a two-pack that doubles as a tummy tamer.

lucysmam Sat 19-Oct-13 14:32:20

Good afternoon all smile

Hope everyone's having a relaxed weekend? We're not long in from a wander round the cheapy shops (poundland/world etc) for the makings of a halloween costume for dd1 who is going to be a witch. Didn't do too bad either! Only spent about eight quid between both girls!

Got myself some Timotei in Poundworld too instead of the awful Garnier stuff I've been finishing off. and some nail charms in poundland, not quite sure whether they'll actually stick to a nail so will have to think of another use for them if not confused .

Plan for tonight is to file finger and toe nails and push back cuticles, ready for painting tomorrow evening probably in front of the x factor results. Must straighten my hair too....it's not half as well behaved today sad

bigkids & Control would it be worth trying a quick dry nail spray like I've been using? you still have to be a bit careful but they do seem to dry quicker smile

lucysmam Sat 19-Oct-13 14:33:51

oh, and I forgot....I have been roped into helping out at the school Halloween party confused Need cheap and easy ideas for fancy dress for me if anyone has any? grin

lucysmam I'm going to try and get to poundland this week - they've opened one nearer where I work (finally!) so should be able to have a browse and get through the queue in a lunch hour. I'll look for the quick drying nail spray there. How do the nail charms work? Do they stick on, or dangle from your nails?

For fancy dress, how about going as a crow? When I did this a few years ago it just required a couple of bin bags, an opened-out cereal box and a bit of elastic (plus the standard sellotape, paint, glitter etc to finish off). Let me know if you want the details. Otherwise, is there a Wilko near you? I got a really cheap adult witches outfit there last year that I'm planning on using for as many years a I fit into it

Today's ta-das:
Hot lemon water
All body moisturiser
Full Anew range used on face and eyes
Nail varnish removed
Hair oiled, dried and straightened

Still on the cards:
Make some headway into sorting my makeup out
Put on new nail varnish

lucysmam Sat 19-Oct-13 15:01:08

They're stick on ones, I've put a pic on fb. They seem a tad chunky to stick without nail or superglue though confused not sure top coat will be strong enough to hold them

HelgatheHairy Sat 19-Oct-13 15:55:58

Today I discovered I can do my make up one handed!

Went to do the grocery shopping with DH. He usually does it alone after work on Friday but he wasn't feeling well so had to be done today. Was an excuse for a sneaky Chinese last night. But we were good and split a chicken fried rice between us. Along with assorted starters and chips blush

Came home from shopping, quick feed and change of DD and went and bought a 39 inch tv! We'd been talking about getting a new tv for a while but the decision to actually get one only really happened today. DH is putting it together and we'll give the old one (which is still good) to my mum as she only has a 17 inch and the old one is 26 inch.

lucysmam Sat 19-Oct-13 22:31:39

Control crow instructions would be fab, if you don't mind! Beware of spending a fortune in Poundland....I go in for one or two things, next thing you know I've spent a tenner confused

Helga that's quite some achievement putting make up on one handed! grin I can straighten my hair with no mirror but never had to do make up one handed.

My hair's had an evening off from everything barring serum and argan oil tonight. Dp's offered me a lie in and is then going to take the girls to his mams for an hour tomorrow so i will have absolute peace grin . will pin it up neatly though when I surface. (just hope dd2 doesn't get in with us tonight - she did twice last night & it took me a while to realise both times....was very uncomfy when I woke....have no idea how co sleepers do it confused ).

Plan a full on pamper session tomorrow evening....unless the smallest has man flu....she isn't sounding healthy up there hmm

(forgot to say earlier Control, both my girls seem to get everything going through winter confused plus the oldest has some medical issues as well. October to March are generally quite sickly months here with one thing and another)

HelgatheHairy Sun 20-Oct-13 07:36:52

66 days to go

lucysmam that's always the problem - there's either nothing in there that I want, or I want everything on the shelves! I'm hoping Poundland will help me start off DP's advent box. Got some lovely aftershave for him in there last year.

I'll post the crow instructions in just a mo, and will put the pics on fb as I don't think they are too clear with the mn resizing.

Just finished day 2 of level 3 shred. I am seriously hurting! Going shopping shortly for shoes for DP, so will see if I can find a nice pair of boots that I can wear to work with my dresses. Nothing too high heeled, my poor feet just can't take it any more.

Crow instructions
For the wings and head take two bin bags, some sellotape, two bits of elastic tied in loops large enough to comfortably fit around your wrists (hair elastics will do at a pinch) and a pair of scissors.

Flatten out one bin bag and cut it up one seam from the open end almost to the corner but leaving about 2 inches. Put some sellotape across the top of the slit so it doesn't go any higher.

Open the bin bag out fully - the new flaps are the basis of the wings. Sellotape an elastic loop to each of the two wing 'tips', to secure them to your wrists.

Put the centre of the bin bag on your head and judge where you need the neck to narrow. Use sellotape on the inside of the bin bag to form the neck shape. If necessary, you may also need to shape the head more in the same way if you've got a bin bag with two corners rather than one that gathers in the centre.

Open up the second bin bag completely and stick it along the full width of the inside of the 'wings' of the first bin bag, about six inches above the very bottom. This will give you a second, longer layer of feathers.

Turn the two bin bags over so you are looking at the 'outside', and cut jagged feathers into the two layers (don't cut off your wrist elastics!).

For the beak open up a cereal box and draw something similar to the picture I have put on my profile. Cut out along the solid lines, and fold along the dotted lines to get something similar to the other pic I have put on my profile. I'll put the pics on fb too as they're not too clear with the resizing.

Make sure you fold the beak dotted lines down, and the feathers dotted lines up. Use tape to stick the beak to the bin bag head. Paint it dark grey. Cut out, colour in and stick on the eyes. If it's not too stable on your head, use more elastic through the corners of the beak and under your chin.

getoffthephonenoworelse Sun 20-Oct-13 13:39:47

i have started the shred some time ago due to this thread and had stayed on level 1. I saw in another post someone was going onto level 3 and thought I had better make a move too. holy smoke, im not joking I can hardly catch my breath !
thanks for this thread ladies, I really enjoy catching up with how well everyone is doing and it has given me a keep up the ass to have some me time

lucysmam Sun 20-Oct-13 18:16:20

Evening all smile

Control did you find boots? thanks for the crow instructions, I'll have a go at that over the next couple of evenings.

Pamper evening in full swing here....mud mask is on, nails are filed. Off to jump in the shower to pumice feet, aussie hair, defuzz etc. Hair will be getting the full works tonight too....it needs it! Clothes and accessories are out for the morning too.

lucysmam Sun 20-Oct-13 18:16:49

getoffthephone? feel free to join in with us on the thread smile

HelgatheHairy Sun 20-Oct-13 18:30:09

Have had a lovely day at the in-laws.

In other news I'm looking for a new hair dryer. My current one dies when I lift my arm up. Not a paralux, my hairs not too bad but I bought my currant one as it's zebra print so looking for something that's actually good.

lucysmam Sun 20-Oct-13 19:15:13

I have no idea where the random ? came from blush It was meant to be a ,

Helga, I have an argos £7.99 hairdryer. 2000w & it's still working after two years (I tend to kill off hairdryers very quickly....drop them usually confused )

Face mask done, feet pumiced, exfoliated, moisturised, hair aussied - smells lush as always, just drying and straightening to do before I sit down with the nail polish, Atlantis and last of my weekend wine smile

Need to get some more shaving oil and coat hangers this week. And jeans if there's enough cash left!! really need something else to put on my legs.

helga Loving that you bought your hairdrier for its zebra stripiness! I think I have only owned two hairdriers in my entire life blush so can be of no assistance to you at all.

getoff well done on your shredding! The first couple of days on a new level is always the hardest, after that you can stop craning your neck to see what's going on and get on with the mucky business of 'form'.

lucysmam that is one serious pamper session you've got yourself there, very impressive. I did indeed get a pair of boots, but they weren't really what I wanted. I wanted something relatively low heeled (not flat) but still looking elegant. I've had to settle for semi-chunky, very utilitarian looking feet but nice legs if that makes any sense whatsoever. Will maybe try shoe zone next week if I can fit in a trip to town.

Spent my morning watching youtube videos on how to use heated rollers, and dyed my hair a light auburn colour and gave my new rollers their first outing this evening. My goodness it's not as easy as it looks on the videos! I also need to factor in longer for them to heat up. I think I allowed about 20 minutes, but they needed at least 30. Happy with the results, pic on fb though the colour in that looks less vivid than irl.

lucysmam Sun 20-Oct-13 20:38:07

Pics of boots needed too Control grin

Only thing I haven't managed to do is paint nails but dp is on afters this week so will do tomorrow night. I made chocolate concrete instead grin

Sorry lucysmam, pic duly put up thlgrin

I need to touch up my nails, but we're just about to go watch a DVD so will do it then.

vvviola Mon 21-Oct-13 06:34:18

My interview is on Thursday!! Like 3 days time.

I have a lecture from 9-11 (which I can't skip as it's the last of the course and the lecturer was the one who kindly gave me an extension because of DD2's pox). Then the interview is at 3:30 on the other side of town. But not really enough time to go back home & get ready. I have no idea how I'm going to do this without being either harassed or bedraggled looking.

and we won't even talk about the assignment due on Thursday afternoon

HelgatheHairy Mon 21-Oct-13 07:10:44

65 days to go

lucysmam Mon 21-Oct-13 10:55:05

Good morning all smile

vvv eek!! I thought you said possibly in two weeks!? Could you take some make up wipes and your make up so you can freshen that up? deodorant, perfume and hairbrush too!

I've just watched Atlantis on the iPlayer, really ought to get off my bum and do something before I need to venture back out in the rain for dd2 from nursery

vvviola Mon 21-Oct-13 11:12:44

I've just realised there are slightly grotty showers on campus, so I might just bring my stuff in a bag and change after my lecture. Or at least have a fresh top to change into. Buses always make me sticky, especially the early one.

Of course this is all based on me actually finding something to wear - I suspect suit buying will have to happen on Wednesday (I've put a pleading post up looking for advice!)

vvv OMG that has come round so quickly! Is Thursday's assignment the last one that is outstanding now? Good news on the showers, even if they are grotty maybe you can freshen up a little. Yy to taking some fresh wipes and makeup, and maybe a change of top. Could you maybe order something from Amazon and pay for next day delivery?

Sorted out my clothes last night, but not quite sure what happened this morning. I forgot my earrings and necklace, made coffee instead of hot lemon water and feel like my hair's been dragged through a hedge backwards. Going out tonight to a pub, and once again it's a bleedin fasting day so will be on the diet tonic water again. Going to try and squeeze in a shred before going out masochist that I am as my weight hasn't shifted in three weeks. I took my measurements for the first time yesterday, so will have to start going by those as well as my weight I think.

lucysmam Mon 21-Oct-13 15:54:57

erm....I am not having a good afternoon....I've managed to damage one of my boots & pull a load of the stitching under the right arm on my coat by tripping over sad angry I'm hoping I can fix my boot with the leather glue I've just ordered off amazon but not sure I can fix my coat without having to unpick more of it to get to the bit I've pulled out iyswim confused &it's really not worth that much effort.

vvv did you find something to wear for your interview? smile