Nivea trumps Creme de la mer!

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SundaySimmons Thu 12-Sep-13 08:30:09

Ok, this is just one persons experience

I have used creme de la mer. Didnt repurchase as I didn't notice any difference. I was gifted two La Prairie creams which cost hundreds, they didnt do anything either.

I am pushing 50, over the years I haven't found any difference between a cheap or expensive moisturiser. I do like to try new ones and like a moisturiser that feels nice to use.

Not used Nivea for years but remember buying Ponds in my twenties and daubing it on in a thick layer for fifteen minutes before I applied make up and went out and my skin was perfect.

May have to try Nivea again.

Vintagebeads Thu 12-Sep-13 09:57:45

I can't use Nivea because it affects my sensitive skin.My husband does though and he has nice clear skin.
I saw the article,but imo the right side (creme de la mer) of her face looked better.

ProjectGainsborough Thu 12-Sep-13 10:12:12

I thought that, but isn't the right side really the left? (Or perhaps you factored that in and I am the only wally here).

ProjectGainsborough Thu 12-Sep-13 10:12:35

When reversed, I mean...

VenusDeWillendorf Thu 12-Sep-13 10:15:47

I used crime de la mer when I was last pregnant, as my skin was so dry. I got a tiny free pot and put a smige on my cheeks in the last three months.
It worked a treat. (And my hair was fabulous - I miss that!)

Anyone else using the lidl brand lacura? I find it's great. Nivea is a bit thick and gloppy.

Layl77 Thu 12-Sep-13 10:18:33

I use blue thick Nivea and swear by it smile

SuperiorCat Thu 12-Sep-13 12:25:18

PG there is a caption on the photo showing that her right side (left as you look at it) is CdlM.

I can't tell the difference tbh

squoosh Thu 12-Sep-13 12:29:01

Big advertising boon for Nivea.

The DM do a suspicious amount of these type of articles.

Methe Thu 12-Sep-13 12:30:54

It's not an article, it's an advert.

I can't see a difference between sides tbh.

FoxyHarlow123 Thu 12-Sep-13 12:55:49

CdlM made no difference to my skin. I don't buy any expensive creams anymore. I buy cheap and put the money I've saved towards Botox!!

MangoTiramisu Thu 12-Sep-13 13:18:21

I can't believe I used to buy CDLM stuff. I am off to buy a pot of Nivea tomorrow!!!!

LeoandBoosmum Thu 12-Sep-13 13:23:39

I can't use either cream...too irritating to my poor dry, rosacea-ridden face! Also, I can't get past the smell of Nivea even if I could use it...It smells very powdery and strong to me. I have found the best cream in the world - there is a fragrance but it's made up from essential oils and doesn't cause me to have the severe reactions some fragranced or even fragrance-free creams have!)
It is Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Cream. I get it at You should read the reviews there! I'm not trying to sell - I understand this must be reading like an infomercial grin but it is truly the only cream that moisturises enough for me and I only have to use a little blob for my whole face. You can ring jurlique and ask for samples...they are usually good at providing free samples.
It is quite dear, although they do a small size for £27.
Anyhow, I think the secret to keeping the wrinkles at bay is moisturising well and this definitely moisturises well. I can't use spfs (this doesn't have it!) so I just wear a hat when it's summer smile

Eliza22 Thu 12-Sep-13 13:55:38

I'm not sure I can see much difference, to be honest. I think regular use is key, with any product. Having said that, I recently fell for the hype with LaRochePosay Redermic R as it was on offer, at Boots. I cannot tell any difference at all. And, depending on which "side" I've slept on, my best side varies, day to day.

One thing which has made some small difference (as recommended on here) is to use a silk pillow case. The "scars" I had from pillow crease, which in my youth would have gone by the time I'd had breakfast, were lasting all day. No more!

crème de la mer, really disagreed with my skin. I didn't like the smell either. Ihave tried nivea and that was fine, but am currently using a soap and glory day and night creams.

ProjectGainsborough Thu 12-Sep-13 19:17:39

Oh blush I am the only wally...

MissDD1971 Thu 12-Sep-13 20:18:36

Actually..... On another makeup site (makeup alley) Nivea trumps Cdlm too.

Personal preference IMO.

FingerPicker Thu 12-Sep-13 21:20:56

Have only ever used Nivea in the blue pot (39) smile

I have very dry skin, so it's ideal for me and tbh when I look at the skincare section of stores I'm just so overwhelmed by the array of different brands and choices that I tend to stick with what I know!

SwedishEdith Thu 12-Sep-13 21:43:47

Nivea do one that's less thick and easier to apply. And it oinly costs about £1.20 in Quality Save

123Jump Fri 13-Sep-13 02:37:17

I was thinking about getting CdlM. I was given some trial pots. After 2 weeks I had to stop. It was destroying my skin with horrible thick red spots. Really painful ones. Yuk!
I was in M & S and picked up some night cream called Formula. It is doing a great job!
I am definitely going to try [[ skin truffle]].

Eliza22 Fri 13-Sep-13 07:39:04

Have just posted a hair question and put this photo up. Got some nice comments on my "not looking my age" into the bargain! Am over 50 now, and whilst I don't look "ten years younger" I do look good (on a good day) for my age. As I said earlier up this thread, I've been drawn into hype from time to time but generally use stuff for around a tenner. Consistency is key! Ive never smoked, have to use high SPF as my skin doesn't tan (it just shrivels) and I have never, ever slept in my makeup. Ever. smile

Eliza22 Fri 13-Sep-13 07:47:24

I drink like a fish, though! I guess it'll catch up with me, when I least expect it!

FamiliesShareGerms Fri 13-Sep-13 07:50:01

I think an awful lot of how your skin ages is down to genetics, rather than creams. Unfortunately I haven't inherited my mum's beautiful skin but my dad's sad

I've tried lots of lotions and potions at various price points. I'm currently using the Lidl Lacura night cream and Nivea light moisturing cream (my ideal is the Nivea oil free moisturising cream, but it is so hard to find). I have spot prone skin that also needs a bit of anti- wrinkle TLC, and this combo is working well so far...

HessianWeave Fri 13-Sep-13 09:13:42

Used CdlM about 10 years ago and wasn't impressed. These days I'm using Astral as my moisturiser. I have slowly gone to less expensive creams over the last couple of years. I got the Neal's Yard Francincense one about 6 months ago and at £25 a pot it was the cheapest I'd used for several years. I liked it, but when I finished it I decided to try Astral. I like it just as much as anything I've used before and I'm planning to spend what I've saved (!) on actives, retin-a/retinoid and glycolic acid etc. I think they're the only things that will make a real difference to my skin.

NigellasGuest Fri 13-Sep-13 09:43:08

Eliza you look good!

Re. moisturiser, nothing's going to give instant effects and I second the silk pillow case move..... I bought one after reading about it here on MN and it's fantastic for those horrible morning face creases that don't go away for ages once you are a certain age..

I am 49 - I'm finding I have more results from investing in a good exfoliating toner, followed by serum then hydraluron and finally moisturiser, rather than simply a wonder product moisturiser.

Cat98 Fri 13-Sep-13 09:49:11

I currently swear by aldi lacura day cream - it has done wonders for my skin. It used to be dry and flaky on the t-zone - it's now lovely and soft, and the fine lines I had on my forehead have all but disappeared.

tobiasfunke Fri 13-Sep-13 09:58:39

I use that nivea blue lard stuff at night. It is really good as my skin got really dry after I hit 40.
I'm not sure it would've been great in my 20's when I was more oily.

Vibbe Fri 13-Sep-13 10:35:50

My granny always used the blue nivea cream. Because of that, she always had a slightly sticky face. But not as many wrinkles as the other 90-year olds in the area.

I don't rate creme de la mer much - having read this from Paula Begoun, I don't really see why it would have to be so expensive:

plentyofsoap Fri 13-Sep-13 10:49:49

I spend alot on products and make up, but I swear by Nivea in the blue pot.

Mintyy Fri 13-Sep-13 10:55:05

Nivea Soft is nicer than the really thick stuff in the blue pot. But there is no spf in it, so you have to mix some of that in as you go. I find being on the fat side helps enormously in the quest to remain wrinkle-free grin.

JustBecauseICan Fri 13-Sep-13 11:18:06

Astral in the slightly lighter blue pot is not as thick and gloopy as blue nivea but does the same job for the same price.

I've used it on my neck and on my face every few days for yeeeears.

Flo56 Fri 13-Sep-13 12:40:32

I'm 57 with skin that's in pretty good condition and I agree with what Eliza said up-thread. Moisturize, yes and use a sunscreen but I really don't think it makes any difference how much you spend on a product - aren't they all mostly oil and water anyway? I would say that giving up smoking and sunbathing are far more effective than a tiny pot of slap with a stupid name.
Also, wrinkles aren't the only sign of ageing. Personally, I think the way my face is beginning to droop and sag is far worse than a few lines grin

bunnymother Fri 13-Sep-13 13:29:42

I second the recommendation for Jurlique. Sublime, luxe products. I used to buy them when I lived in Australia and loved them. It might be time to revisit them.

I keep Nivea blue pots around the place, but find it a but sticky for it to be a favourite above others. It's just heap enough to keep on the pram etc in case you need some cream for hands, legs etc and forgot to apply at home.

madmomma Fri 13-Sep-13 14:05:35

Eliza you look fab but imho it's because you have good sharon stone-type bone structure that makes you age well. No amount of skincare would stop baggy cheeks on someone with low cheekbones like me

squoosh Fri 13-Sep-13 14:09:39

Yes, you look fantastic Eliza!

I think the way your skin turns out is 50% genetic, 40% lifestyle and 10% potions and lotions. I'll always love my potions and lotions though.

SirChenjin Fri 13-Sep-13 14:15:08

I use Nivea (or Astral) at night, and Aldi day cream with spf15 (I think it's 15 anyway, can't be bothered to check) and my skin looks very good for someone in their mid forties - even if I do say so myself grin.

I'd second Eliza - not smoking and using a high SPF in the sun will do your skin more good than any CdlM cream (I also drink very little alcohol and make sure I exercise through the week, maybe that helps too?)

peachypips Fri 13-Sep-13 14:17:27

Mintyy - they say that at some point in your life you have to choose between your arse and your face- I choose face!

Eliza22 Fri 13-Sep-13 15:53:23

I think it IS mostly down to genes, say 60%. After that, it's sun protection, not smoking, some exercise and some goose fat (moisturiser of your choice). Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser helps too wink And bone structure? I always had a really round face but as I've gotten older, it's lengthened to reveal cheek bones. My chin'll be round my naval in ten years time!

I've bought me some Nivea today though (baaa baaaaa)

Fuckitthatlldo Fri 13-Sep-13 19:50:11

Dr Sam Bunting (who's a proper dermatologist) said she caved and bought a pot of creme de la mer when it first came out, and that it made absolutely no difference whatsoever to her skin. It's just a moisturiser and all moisturisers do roughly the same job, ie forming a barrier on the skin to seal in moisture.

The only thing that really works on a cellular level and makes any significant difference to the appearance of skin is retinoic acid. And to be able to buy it at sufficient levels to really make a difference, you need a prescription. Which just goes to show, if something really works it gets made into a pharmaceutical!

Having said that, you can buy products with up to 2% retinol in them over the counter. Retinol is not the same as retinoic acid, but once on the skin, it goes through some metabolic stages and some is converted into retinoic acid. What retinoic acid does is speed up cell turnover and encourage collagen production, quite literally making skin look and act younger. It was originally used as a treatment for acne, but then doctors noticed that with long term use it was also eliminating fine lines and minimising wrinkles in the patients they prescribed it to.

Mega expensive moisturisers are a total rip off. Moisturiser is moisturiser is moisturiser. If you want to see a real difference in your skin you need to be applying real active ingredients.

NigellasGuest Fri 13-Sep-13 19:55:16

I agree Fuckit- I use moisturiser purely to seal in the stuff I've put on earlier. Although that earlier stuff is probably a rip off!

I do use Retin-A however. On nights when I use that, I don't moisturise anyway.

Eliza22 Sat 14-Sep-13 09:25:25

Dr Haushka says dont moisturise at night. Allow your skin to correct itself. Slapping on rich moisturisers delays this process leading to blocked pores, excess oil etc. I guess it makes sense (?) but I'm not sure what you do if you have very dry, parchment skin.

It's all hocus pocus, I think! I do know that I had too much wine last night and look every one of my 50+ years this morning. I regret nothing

HessianWeave Sat 14-Sep-13 09:55:03

I thought I'd posted on this thread yesterday but apparently not!

I'm early 50's.
My favourite moisturiser is Astral. I use it around my eyes too sometimes, especially when travelling as it saves me taking two pots of stuff.
I tried CdlM 10 years ago and it did nothing.
Over the last decade I've gradually used cheaper products, working my way 'down' to Astral.
If they stop making Astral I'll go back to Neal's Yard Frankincense, but will grit my teeth forking out £25 a pot for it.

I'm now saving my money for retin-a/retinoids, looking for good glycolic acid product, and botox or fillers. Because I think they are the only products that work to help with anti ageing.

MangoTiramisu Sat 14-Sep-13 10:03:31

I am defo trying Astral and Nivea, although don't live in the UK so don't know if I can get Astral here. When I read some of the views here I think, oh maybe they just don't like spending money on good stuff. Then I see that you do spend money on other things, it's just that you have tried and tested and found these better. Thank you all you fabulous ladies. It's so easy to be sucked into expensive is better. I'd like to see the scales fall from our eyes over all of this nonsense and make these beauty companies pay for their manipulation of us women.

HessianWeave Sat 14-Sep-13 10:14:24

Mango, it was a lifestyle change (divorce) that initially forced me to cut down way back on my spending on toiletries/cosmetics. I used to use high end everything, and was known by my first name in Space NK in the Trafford Centre grin
I really have found cheaper substitutes for almost everything I use and they are equal to - if not better than - the expensive products.

Creme de la Mer used to make a fabulous cream foundation in a pot. It was £65 back in 2006. Even during the time I was skint, I still found a way to buy it because nothing equalled it. Then it was discontinued. I've never found anything as good as that so would still be using it if I could.
I still use Hypnose mascara because for me nothing comes close.
So I don't mind spending the money if it's justified. grin

Fairylea Sat 14-Sep-13 10:17:25

I spent ten years working in the beauty industry. 7 years for clinique and 3 years for chanel.

You wouldn't believe the amount of people who work in these companies, who get 65% discount (I did when I worked for them) and STILL opt to use nivea and astral creams. Including me. And max factor make up, especially mascara.

Some things are just really, really good.

But honestly, high spf, lots of water and removing all make up carefully at night is probably the best anyone can do for their skin.

JustBecauseICan Sat 14-Sep-13 10:26:28

Hessian- you can get NY Frankincense for about £16 on ebay.

I agree that NYF does work. I think a lot of lotions and potions work temporarily, which is fine.....temporarily. I had a pot of L'Occitane Divine Cream (£69 and won the anti-aging bible award) which was fabulous for a week or so, but I can honestly say after finishing the pot, no real difference.

I do the glycolic acid peel thingy (30%) not religiously, but every couple of weeks, and I do notice a difference to the surface of the skin (again, cheap as chips from a seller on ebay) Also using a hyaluronic acid serum at night which is nice (and ebay cheap) and Protect and Perfect serum in the morning. None of which cost much compared to the over-packaged, over-advertised stuff.

Still, remember that in a blind test the Aldi £3.99 serum came out better than 2,000 others!

Fairylea- can you confirm or deny then that Bourjois is Chanel without the fancy boxes and ads? grin MN rumour has had is is so for years!

Eliza! Hello! It's me! NotTreadingGrapes from the aging thread!

Something else I am currently in love with- all over again and not just because of the nostalgic smell which takes me back to 1987- Body Shop Vitamin E cream, but the intense version now. T'is lovely.

MangoTiramisu Sat 14-Sep-13 11:46:14

Just Because, I just bought BodyShop Vit E cream again after a few years. I've just suddenly noticed that my skin has gotten really dry after being oily all these years. I'm nearly 44 so perhaps it is all catching up on me. I bought the Vit E after the lady on the Estee counter was trying to get me to buy a night cream to go on top of Advanced Repair Night Serum that I forked out for. I thought enough is enough and went to Body Shop.
I am learning so much here. So I need to use my expensive stuff underneath then put the Nivea or Astral on top.
I am a bit of a Chanel fan though. I get very excited at a new Chanel nail colour and the black and gold seems to hypnotise me into parting with my money.

Flo56 Sat 14-Sep-13 12:38:59

I think one of the best anti-ageing tricks is a good hair cut. Now that, in my opinon, is worth spending money on! Also stop wearing black ladies - it puts years on most of you.

JustBecauseICan Sat 14-Sep-13 12:44:06

Mango- well MN rumour has it, Bourjois is the same as Chanel!

(I have yet to find a fake n 19 that matches up though! Although I have found a fake YSL Rive Gauche) (I do like my retro 80s stuff grin)

Fairylea Sat 14-Sep-13 13:11:48

Bourjois does indeed make chanel make up.

Both brands do the double bake eyeshadow technology....meaning if you ever drop it they are unlikely to break.

Some of the colours are identical. Some are created especially for each brand.

Estee lauder has a huge monopoly over the industry. They may not own chanel but they own many, many of the premium brands including mac, Bobbi brown, clinique and others. Well worth a Wiki smile

JustBecauseICan Sat 14-Sep-13 13:16:56

I bought some Bourjois rouge edition lipsticks over the summer, and they were certainly as good as any high end ones I've had, and I am a total convert to Health Mix.

I used Bourjois makeup way back when (along with the Body Shop stuff) I used to love something called Blanc de Base which they don't do anymore, but am guessing was a primer/face base way before its time.

peachypips Sat 14-Sep-13 13:48:49

I just tried the healthy mix foundation today for the first time. I am totally in love with it already. I have religiously used EL DW for years, but I am never buying it again after using this.

I have also been using the botanics bb cream recently. Fantastic.

squoosh Sat 14-Sep-13 13:49:41

Even the palest Healthy Mix foundation was way too orange for me.

madmomma Sat 14-Sep-13 13:53:18

the only expensive face product I re-buy is Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum. I do think it pays for itself in the difference it makes to my skin.

I buy any old cleanser so long as it's creamy, and I use a flannel and warm water to take it off and gently exfoliate at the same time.

A few splashes of cold water to tone, then my anr at night and a thick cream on top such as the nivea Q10 night cream. I've tried various expensive night creams but none of them do a better job at sealing the anr in and plumping-up my skin.

I just use a warm water and a flannel to refresh my face in the morning, then any old moisturiser, blotted, under masses of sunscreen. Everything I do to my face, I do to my neck and the backs of my hands.

I definitely believe that there is nothing, bar ANR, sunscreen and basic moisturiser, that would improve my skin further.

The other more expensive creams are built on more costly perfumes, posher textures and bollocks about weird extracts.

I hope I don't change my mind and suddenly start pannicking when I hit 40 in a couple of years grin

lunar1 Sat 14-Sep-13 14:01:16

I caved and use creme de la mer now. I have severe psoriasis and its the only thing I've tried that doesn't sting when I put it on. The foundation is lovely, day to day I use the tinted moisturiser.

I spend less now on creams, washes and makeup since starting cdlm as I'd buy products and not be able to use them after one try.

VerySmallSqueak Sat 14-Sep-13 14:03:07

Have never used the creme de la mer stuff (even if I could afford the posh stuff I simply don't believe the hype).

On the other hand,Nivea Soft is fab!

VerySmallSqueak Sat 14-Sep-13 14:04:09

I am mid 40's and don't look shabby for never using any products over a fiver (tops).

SirChenjin Sat 14-Sep-13 16:14:12

Madmomma - that Night Repair stuff does nothing for my skin. I get loads of the stuff from MIL who is one of their best customers and so is always being given freebies from the EL ladies who value their commission!

madmomma Sat 14-Sep-13 19:05:54

sirchenjin send it to meeeee! grin

Eliza22 Sat 14-Sep-13 21:19:54

Ahh! NotTreadingGrapes Hello! smile. You're 'incognito' I see! Now, when you say the NY Frankinsence "works", how do you mean? here I go again

I have to throw in "a brisk afternoon's hill walking" as an anti-ageing aid. Have spent the afternoon with friends in the Cotswolds. Walked miles. Am now knackered but, my skin is glowing nicely smile

JustBecauseICan Sat 14-Sep-13 22:13:21

It just does something to your face.....I first read about it years ago (pre internet days) and remember trawling all over my provincial town to find it and eventually getting a friend in the Big City to get me some!

It also smells divine!

(I am still sporadically roller balling btw, although the cream is finished, I kept the ball bit and roll my normal cream on with it!)

Eliza22 Sat 14-Sep-13 22:21:47

Ha! Me too! Nice little massagey thing !

SirChenjin Sat 14-Sep-13 23:13:50

Madmomma - the next time I get some I shall send it your way! grin

hollyisalovelyname Sun 15-Sep-13 05:18:09

Fuckit what moisturiser do you recommend?

dimsum123 Sun 15-Sep-13 07:52:14

I use Cetraben emollient on prescription. It's very moisturising. But I have extra dry skin due to eczema.

HessianWeave Sun 15-Sep-13 07:55:19

JustBecause thanks for letting me know about the NY Frankincense on Ebay. I'd never thought to look there.

Eliza22 Sun 15-Sep-13 10:29:05

Hang on a minute. There's two. NYF HYDRATING cream and NYF NOURISHING cream. Which is the "life changing" one?! Then, there's something that's a whopping £55, called NYF Cream INTENSE. Confusion!!

FoxyHarlow123 Sun 15-Sep-13 10:41:01

Had Botox yesterday. The doc who did it mentioned the CdlM Vs nivea test. She said creams are a waste of time, apart from prescription strength, like Obagi. She said she just uses cheap stuff + Botox!

JustBecauseICan Sun 15-Sep-13 11:03:17

Eliza- Nourishing was the original, and it is more intense than the hydrating. I have tried the hydrating but it wasn't as good as nourishing. The article which had me running all over the UK trying to buy NY said that after a week or so the tester didn't need makeup! I wouldn't go that far (mainly because I have that Boris Becker eyelash thing happening without makeup grin) but it is bloody good.

I don't know what the intense is....but I am going to scuttle off and look!

JustBecauseICan Sun 15-Sep-13 11:04:16

(I am almost 48 and skin tends to dry and flaky, hence nourishing def best for me!)

JustBecauseICan Sun 15-Sep-13 11:05:08

I think the rationale behind frankincense is that Egyptians used it for embalming and they still have their faces on (albeit somewhat leathery) after 2,000 yrs!

zipzap Sun 15-Sep-13 12:34:34

My mum has amazing skin - Talking to a friend recently I was picking her brain for party ideas as she has a big birthday coming up. Friend was amazed and said 'no way, your mum's never going to be 70' - to which I had to agree - but only because she's going to be 80 rather than 70!

She has always used estee Lauder - think it's called visible difference. (there was something different when I was little but it got discontinued and was replaced by visible difference). And her skin is fab, very few wrinkles, always at least a hint of a sun tan (especially given that she is of the generation that lay baking in the sun for hours and would use olive oil if the 'sun tan lotion' had run out).

Obviously I tried the same stuff but my skin is much greasier than hers and it made it worse. But if you have dry skin it might be worth a try.

Eliza22 Sun 15-Sep-13 14:42:09

JustBecause I too have that pale, bloodless, Nosferatu-look look, I think you're trying to describe. My skins pretty good but utterly featureless, without my slap. 'Tis true, sadly.

Opensnew iPad tab and chases after NYF Nourising Cream

JustBecauseICan Sun 15-Sep-13 14:44:43

Visible Difference is Elizabeth Arden I think? Usually buy my Mum a pot as it's always reduced by loads on cheap cosmetic sites.

Eliza- even though I always but always wear quite a lot of makeup no-one ever believes me because I need such a lot to just Not Look Dead grin

Eliza22 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:37:01

Yeah, I'm slightly envious of ladies who can slick on a bit of lippie and blush and leave the house. As I say, I have the circulation of a reptile and need colour (and lots of it) !

My mum uses EA Visible Difference and swears by it. She was a life long smoker though and has paid the price.

Fuckitthatlldo Mon 16-Sep-13 01:23:23

Holly that would depend on your skin type. But it really doesn't have to be expensive to do a good moisturising job.

If you have any sort of acne or are prone to spots, then I would recommend something non-comedogenic that won't clog your pores such as Cetaphil or perhaps an Avene moisturiser.

And actually French pharmacy brands like Avene and La Roche Posay offer consistently good quality skin care products for all skin types that are both reasonably priced and easily accessible (you can get them in Boots).

hollyisalovelyname Fri 20-Sep-13 07:42:23

My mil used Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference for years and has amazing skin but she also stayed out of the sun and didn't smoke ( or drink). Think she has moved on to Chanel creams now.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 20-Sep-13 07:45:06

Fuckit what product has 2% retinol in ot pleases.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 20-Sep-13 16:31:01

Programme on Irish television last night did a scientific experiment on 4 moisturising creams. Under a £5- Lidl, under a £10 Nivea ( probably Q10 judging by box) a Dermalogica one under £50 and one over £50.
The Nivea one came out on top. The scientist did say the best for moistue locking though, is petroleum jelly ( Vaseline) !!!

Eliza22 Fri 20-Sep-13 19:15:02

Well, I've gone back to my Roc Rollerball (£5.99 in Savers). The laRochePosay went back to Boots. It made me itch something fearful. Boots took one look at my face and did a full refund. Good old Boots.

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