WHERE do you find the time to moisturise, paint nails, Shred, blow dry...?

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mirai Mon 09-Sep-13 07:15:24

I really want to be that sassy, groomed person who I can see in my mind's eye. But real life just doesn't make it possible for me.

I have more cosmetics and toiletries than a large branch of Boots, I have every will to have lovely painted nails at all times and be one of those people who moisturises all over after a bath. I want to have a night time skincare "routine" and I want to leap out of bed 20 minutes earlier than normal to do some shredding and then make a healthy fruit smoothie!

But, MY GOD am I always tired! If I'm not cooking then I'm cleaning, if I'm not cleaning then I have a mountain of laundry to put away, if it's not that then I'm working, if I'm not working then All I Want To Do Is Sleep.

Tips, please! You wise ladies who have half hour "windows of activity". Tell me how I can find some windows!!!

AmethystMoon Mon 09-Sep-13 07:20:48

I do most of this -except shred- but I very rarely watch TV. Most people I know claim not to have time for XY or Z but manage to talk about the latest soaps, game shows, talent shoes etc. so I guess that is how I find time.

AmethystMoon Mon 09-Sep-13 07:21:32

Hmmm talent show not shoe!

duckyfuzz Mon 09-Sep-13 07:24:26

I get up early enough to shower, moisturise, do hair etc - its only an extra 10 mins or so. I go to bed with enough time to cleanse and moisturise again, 5 mins tops. I aim to shred daily but in reality I manage 5/7 which I think is ok - I find it takes 30 mins by the time you add in all the other bits. My finger nails aren't done, polish only ever lasts 5 mins on them!

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 09-Sep-13 07:26:38

If you get up that little bit early to exercise you'll end up having more energy throughout the day ;)

Moisturizing doesn't take long,just hop out of the shower or bath,quickly dry and slap it on.

Paint nails when you're sat having a cuppa etc.

If you have time to be online you have time to do these things smile

When I get out of the shower in the morning I instantly 'plop' my hair (way of putting curly hair in a towel),by the time I've done that my body is dry so I moisturise and bung some clothes on.Make my morning cuppa and while drinking it put my light make up on and can quickly paint my nails,if I can be bothered.Then when I've finished it's time to remove my towel and let my hair air dry.

Once a week when in the bath chuck a face mask on.

Etc etc.Easily done and can be part of multi tasking if needs be.

Only recently got back into it though tbh.

The getting up early for exercise can take a couple of days to get used to,as you think 'just a few more minutes in bed',but it's worth it.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 09-Sep-13 07:29:36

I often cleanse my face while on the loo aswell LOL Moisturising face takes seconds.

I rarely paint my finger nails by I like to keep my toes painted and there's no need to sit worrying about picking anything up then.A little clear nail varnish or fast drying top coat on finger nails looks good though.

JemimaPuddle Mon 09-Sep-13 08:20:31

Once you've done them for a while they become habit I guess. Moisturising my face after I've cleansed takes seconds and I would no sooner not have time for that as I would not have time to brush my teeth.
Moisturising after a bath/shower I do every day & it's a minute or two which is just added to how long it takes to shower.
Painting nails I do once in bed after a shower & use fast drying top coat, ten minutes or so & I've done base coat, 2 coats of colour & top coat. I do that once a week, sometime twice.
Maybe pick one thing you really want to do such as moisturise body and start doing that every time you shower, after a few weeks you'll be doing it without thinking and then you can add another thing.

actiongirl1978 Mon 09-Sep-13 11:05:36

I just make it my priority. I am lucky and I don't work, so I am around the house all the time which makes it easier to build these things in. I am also making more effort each time the children get 'easier'.

For the last 15 months, I have been getting up at 5.45am and going for a 5km run every other day. On the days when I am really knackered this turns into a walk! It is hard, but once you are in the habit it is easier. I also feel much more sluggish when I haven't exercised at the start of the day. I take my trainers on holidays with me now too - and I was the kind of person that took in a note for PE because I hated it so much! Going out at this time means that usually the children and husband are still asleep so no-one misses me and if one of the children is up, they expect me to be going out and are happy with cbeebies on.

As for the rest of it, I wouldn't go out with wet hair, so I turn it upside down, put serum on the ends and blow dry, then brush it out and it looks presentable. I wear nice earrings, takes seconds to put them on.

In terms of nails, I had a sheer shellac done three weeks ago and it still looks presentable, i just file the ends when I need to.

It can be done although I acknowledge I make more time for it now my youngest is three! Having said that, I did a full face of makeup for the postnatal photos with both children and wore my best earrings for labour, so I think I have always made grooming a priority!

Meglet Mon 09-Sep-13 11:10:04

Put it this way, you'll never see me on the good housekeeping threads worrying about cleaning my skirting boards freaks.

Exercise has to be my priority or else my mental health goes a bit pear shaped (I'm a LP). The kids have been known to join in when I do Shred / 10 Minute Solution. I use quick drying top coats for my nail polish, it lasts for my 3 day working week.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 09-Sep-13 11:12:58

Do people really regularly clean their skirting boards?I've hear of it but couldn't believe it..

Hopefully Mon 09-Sep-13 11:20:08

Like Meglet I'm not much of a cleaner. Laundry and essential cleaning (kitchens, bathrooms etc) is done, and everything gets hoovered when it looks a bit dusty. I am shock at people who hoover daily etc.

- I paint my nails in front of the tv in the evening, about once a week. I keep cuticle oil next to the computer where I work 4 days a week and try to remember to apply a few times a day, which stops my nails going all flaky
- use a few drops of body oil rather than body lotion as I find it less sticky so don't need to wait as long for it to dry.
- Make up I have down to a quick base, mascara, blusher, brow pencil, lipstick routine.
- I have good haircuts so my hairstyling takes about four minutes (literally), and if I don't have time to style it it still looks ok with a bit of texturising stuff through it.
- Exercise I find different things work in cycles - sometimes I run for a few months, then swim for a few months, then Shred for a few months. I find I can't commit to something for longer than about 3 months at a time. Getting into each new 'cycle' takes about a week of punishment, then i feel positively deprived if I don't do it.

libertychick Mon 09-Sep-13 11:38:41

I do a mini facial a couple of times a week while DD is in the bath, cleanse, exfoliate, pop on a mask, wash DD and play a game, then remove mask while she splashes around, massage in moisturiser then get her out of bath. Body moisturiser after every shower, doesn't have to be a major production, take less than a minute. Rub feet hard with the towel after shower to stop hard skin from building up. Make up v simple, CC cream, blusher, lippy and sometimes mascara. Agree good hair cut makes a difference, I have given up on straightners etc and just go with the wavy look, rough dry, some spray gel to manage the frizz and go.

What fast dry top coat do you all use? My problem with nail varnish is the need to sit and wait for it to dry...

Agree - don't watch TV (or spend too much time on MN!!). Hoovering is a once a week activity in my house - best investment ever was a hand held Dyson - means you can keep it on charge then grab for quick tidy ups around the front door or where ever looks a bit dusty then just do a big hoover once a week.

MissDD1971 Mon 09-Sep-13 11:51:48

Multi tasking products are good.

There's a nice exfoliating and moisturising body wash from Sanctuary that does a few jobs.

Nivea do an In Shower Moisturiser in both dry and extra dry.

BB creams etc

Nagoo Mon 09-Sep-13 11:55:02

I shellac my nails, you can do other stuff straight away because it cures rather than air dries. And I don't have to do it very often (every 2 weeks).

There is enough time in the day, you just have to want to have swishy hair more than you want to collapse in front of the telly.

MissDD1971 Mon 09-Sep-13 11:55:31

Liberty chick I use those drops forget name for top coat that dries fast.

I use the bourjois quick dry nail polish not used others.

DipMeInChocolate Mon 09-Sep-13 12:06:40

I pamper once the kids are in bed, nails take a couple of minutes. My hair is the hardest thing to do. I colour every 3/4 weeks but use the 10min one from bodycare. I only have time (30-45 mins) to style it at night so wash, dry and style before bed every other day. Its long and thick. Quick make up is concealer, mascara, blusher and lip gloss. Moisteriser by the bed to soak my feet before bed and use the pregnancy oil spray after a shower. I also exfoliate my face every day using an exfoliation sponge and olive oil soap.

Its about finding the quick fixes that work for you I suppose. I'll never be the one who spends all day on her looks but prefer to look slightly groomed if I can.

JemimaPuddle Mon 09-Sep-13 12:07:16

liberty Seche vite - it's excellent

MrsDavidBowie Mon 09-Sep-13 12:16:39

I never paint fingernails, but do toes every 2-3 weeks, moisturise body daily, have a facial and hair cut/ roots every 6 weeks.
And I clean my house (yes even skirting boards once a month!)

If I feel good, I am happy, which means everyone else is grin
I rarely watch tv as well and am in bed by 10 every night .

Skinheadmermaid Mon 09-Sep-13 12:19:46

The more exercise you do the fitter and more energy you will have. I know it's SO hard to drag yourself to the gym on a rainy autumnal evening after a long day of work/screaming children but trust me once you get into a routine and really force yourself to go you'll have a lot more energy.
You can buy loads of fast drying nail varnishes that take a couple of minutes to do. Use Good quality hair conditioner in the shower and then moisturize all over afterwards, only takes 3 or 4 minutes.

Kelly1814 Mon 09-Sep-13 12:20:18

agree on the tv point. we don't have a connected tv - just watch downloads/bbc i player, if we choose to. it is amazing how much time this frees up! it completely changed our loves.

MrsDavidBowie Mon 09-Sep-13 12:22:45

With exercise I tell dh that I will out at such and such a time...that means I will go to the gym. I find around 5 is a good time in our house.
Pilates starts tonight at 6.30.

Bonsoir Mon 09-Sep-13 12:26:17

I alternate professional blitzes (hair cut, manicure, pedicure, waxing) on same day with at home top ups. I always dye my own eyelashes.

Exercise is a family activity like cycling, swimming, gym, tennis - or running errands!

Well I watch TV, and clean, and work full time, and have 2 children and shred.
Shredding gets done at 6am
Cleaning is all done on saturday mornings, aside from 'as you go along' stuff like wiping surfaces, taking things back to their rightful places etc. I think it's that sort of maintenance that keeps things ticking over.
Mornings I have a 5 minutes shower, moisturise, BB cream, bit of powder and mascara.
Do toenails and epilation once every few weeks. My fingernails are au naturel - which I prefer tbh. I also do home colour once every 6 weeks, tone every couple of weeks and straighten 3 times a week.
But the evenings are mine. Once I've run around hanging out washing, emptying the dishwasher, cooking and clearing up and got the kids to bed it's usually about 8.30pm. I then have 90 minutes to either watch TV, MN or have a long bath and read. That's enough to appreciate.
And I'm essentially a lazy sod, but it is true that the more you exercise, the more energey you have. I also have a cycle to work and back - it's great!

addictedtofarmville Mon 09-Sep-13 12:50:34

I like to look groomed but also over the years have found shortcuts to achieving it, and don't spend hours on my appearance, even though at times I probably look like I do.

I exercise most days. I did Davina McCall DVDs for ages and now I do the 30 day Shred. I fit it in whenever I can. Sometimes this is at 7am if I am up early, at other times it's mid afternoon, but most often in the evenings. I often end up taking the laptop up into the bedroom and watching the DVD on it and exercising in there if DH and the children are all watching tv downstairs. I also dog walk most days for half an hour to an hour, and walk on the school runs.

I have long hair, which I think helps me look groomed as I can easily put it into a bun (I use a doughnut) or in a pony tail. On days that I wash my hair, or when it's been washed the day before and needs a bit more styling, I use a Babyliss Big Hair styler. It makes me look like I've had a blow dry in a salon but it literally takes me 2 minutes to do. It's also handy that my teenage DD loves doing hairstyles, and will often do me a French plait at the front of my head holding all my hair back, or will do up-do's for me for weddings and nights out. She's very good at it.

I am lucky that I don't have to shave my legs very often, as my hair is quite fair and fine on my legs, but I have a shower each day and always shave under my arms and my bikini line. Sometimes I slap a bit of body lotion on but I try to use moisturising shower gels.

I use a make up wipe at night to take my make up off quickly, then I hot cloth cleanse the following morning. I'm lucky that my skin is clear, and I generally just put a bit of benefit porefessional primer on, a bit of eyeliner, mascara, cream blush and lip colour each day. It takes me 2 minutes maximum. My big tip though would be to get your brows waxed at a salon every few weeks. It doesn't cost much but I find it really makes me look more groomed. I usually get my top lip done too.

amessagetoyouYoni Mon 09-Sep-13 13:10:51

I find fitting in exercise really hard, I must admt. Its having the energy. On a good week, I swim before work once a week, do yoga and the shred at weekends, maybe fit in a shred once during the week. But some weeks I am working so hard and get so knackered, it just doesnt happen. I'm really trying to get a good routine.

I am in a good routine with beauty, though. I have a manciure and pedicure once a fortnight and book it in ahead, usually straight after work on Fridays when DH does after-school duties. Its non-negotiable grin. I also book in for eyebrow shape once a month, and usually fit it in on a Saturday morning.

I shave my armpits and legs every other day in the shower. I have a 'beauty bath' every Sunday night without fail, and use a scrub/mask, exfoliate, do a hair masque, and then fake tan afterwards.

I find its helpful to stop looking at this sort of thing as a chore and start thinking of it as looking after yourself - something relaxing and enjoyable that you know will make you feel good. I give myself a facial massage with oil and do my face exercises for five mins at night before bed, and thats now something that relaxes me and has become part of my bedtime routine. I actually really enjy my Sunday night bath etc.

IsabelleRinging Mon 09-Sep-13 14:57:05

I do all this as part of my morning routine, BUT I don't shred (whatever that is) and never have time to paint nails except for special occasions. I struggle fitting in time to shave legs too.

MissDD1971 Mon 09-Sep-13 15:11:30

Jemima - you are right re Seche Vite. Miracle product and was one I meant. smile

HellonHeels Mon 09-Sep-13 15:53:31

My tips are:

You don't have to do EVERYTHING every day. Do one or two things every day; build up slowly, habits take a while to bed in. Most of the things you describe don't take that long but it looks a bit overwhelming if you think you've got to do it all, every day.

Lay out all clothes (incl underwear, tights, shoes) the night before to save time faffing about in the morning.

Keep hand cream/foot cream/eye serum/whatever by the bed and slap it on just before you get into bed. I've got a ped egg by the bed and it takes a minute to sand the feet down.

If you've got a mountain of laundry to wash/dry/put away I would assume that your household has too much clothing. If you don't have the physical space to put things away, you definitely have too much stuff - lighten your load! Do a load a day and put it all away as soon as it's dry (one load should take 5 minutes to fold and put away) - principle is to break tasks down into much smaller, quicker, achievable ones and can apply to most household stuff.

In the shower, wash your hair, put on conditioner and leave to soak in for a minute while you shave legs/file rough skin from heels and toes/use a body brush to smooth upper arm skin (one or two of these will take two minutes!)

I file my nails at my desk while reading emails in the morning (no worse than my colleagues eating stinky food at their desks); get eyebrows threaded at lunchtime at place near my work.

Keep a little tube of hair serum in your bag, and a lipstick; do a 30 second repair when you go to the loo.

Go to bed earlier; get up earlier. Moving the times back by 10 minutes every couple of days is easier than doing half an hour in one go, as long as you stick to it.

scripsi Mon 09-Sep-13 16:03:31

I have never been in the habit of moisturising my body but I can see that I really need it. I have really dry skin but can't bear the feeling of stickiness. What would anyone recommend?

eurochick Mon 09-Sep-13 16:12:12

I moisturise face morning and night.
I moisturise my body every morning after my shower.
I shave every day in the shower.
I have to blow dry my hair otherwise I look like a scarecrow. To save time I only wash it every other day. On the second day I wear it up and tweak it with straightners if it is kinky from sleep.
My toenails are done about once a fortnight - either in front of the telly or under the desk at work!
Fingernails are rarely painted - maybe once a month and mostly when I am at work (I have perfected the art of typing without smudging them).
Exercise is usually done twice a week after work and a session at the weekend (although that has slipped as I have been going through a bit of a bad patch).

None of it really takes that long - just a few minutes here and there.

I think like everything you have to be organised about it. I have a kind of mental tick list for the things that I need to do daily, a bit like I do to keep on top of the housework. Eventually it becomes a habit.

I get up at 6am three mornings a week to go for a run before DH leaves for work at 7am. Staying in bed is often tempting, but once I am up and out it feels great.

Otherwise I get up at 7am and jump straight in the shower. I have short hair so it doesn't take long to wash and condition, or to dry. I wrap my towel around myself while I wash and moisturise my face and brush my teeth, by the time I've finished I'm nearly dry. I then moisturise my body and leave it to sink in while I dry and style my hair, then get dressed. I lay my clothes out the night before so getting dressed is pretty quick. I put my make up on after eating breakfast. We leave the house at 8.15am for work and school.

I paint my nails every Sunday night. I use a pretty neutral colour so small chips aren't glaringly obvious, but I find that if I do it properly (base coat, two coats of colour, top coat) it lasts a week. I keep hand cream by every sink and put it on every time I wash my hands.

I often put my PJs on when the DC go to bed as I'm then "in for the night" and I take my make up off and moisturise etc then rather than waiting until I'm really tired and can't be bothered.

I diarise haircuts, facials, eyebrow waxes etc so that it doesn't go too long between them.

For me personally everything works better when I have a plan grin

Kezztrel Mon 09-Sep-13 16:44:40

I do all those things except blow dry. If I ever attempt to blow dry my hair in the morning, I am late for work! I just stick some product in, let it dry naturally and hope for the best.

I usually Shred while dinner's cooking then have a quick shower while DH sorts out the final dinner prep.

I work from home on Fridays and have the house to myself, so I paint my nails then - as I'm just typing on the computer it takes 2 mins to paint them and I can be working while they dry.

Moisturising....well that doesn't take long does it? I slap it on all over after ever shower, otherwise my skin feels horrible.

I think it's just about getting into the habit of it, because technically these things don't take long to do - it's just the remembering and then feeling motivated to do them that's key!

Kezztrel Mon 09-Sep-13 16:48:30

Oh and yes I'm about a million times more likely to be found exercisizng/putting on nail varnish/moisturiser etc than cleaning the house... The spiders are happy in their webs and I never look at the skirting boards.

Paintyourbox Mon 09-Sep-13 20:56:24

I get up early to exercise because I find that getting out of bed half an hour early to do some exercise makes me feel more energetic and generally happier for the rest of the day. If I don't feel like doing it, I challenge myself to put on my workout gear and go downstairs and that if I really don't want to exercise I can just have a cuppa instead. I can tell you that by the time you have your exercise clothes on you will never just have the cuppa.

Then I shower and apply body moisturiser, I brush my teeth while I wait for it to sink in. Then get dressed (put clothes out the night before and have work bag packed so no question what to wear)

It only takes me 5 minutes to do my makeup as I've had the same routine for years- foundation, concealer, blusher, neutral colour of eyeshadow and pencil in my brows. Mascara and lippy when I arrive at work.

I have short hair so doesn't take long to blow dry and find its worth the effort to have regular trims.

Paint my toenails once a fortnight and do a DIY mani once a week. I use Leighton Denny Miracle Drops and find them fantastic for quick drying.

Brows threaded once every fortnight (as I am the yeti woman!) and shave legs/armpits daily.

I don't watch much TV and like another poster, put my PJs on and take my makeup off as soon as I get in from work. Then I can just go to bed whenever I want.

libertychick Mon 09-Sep-13 23:21:01

Thanks JeminaP smile

LillyNotOfTheValley Tue 10-Sep-13 02:39:43

I work FT and have 2 DCs under 3.5 and 1 on the way so the routine is not always respected but here goes:
- hair done in the mornings. = 10 min with the right product (frizz ease john frieda for me, no need for straightening)
- nails: usually manicure during lunch time. Pedicure is for sunday nights in front of the tv
- make up: 5 min every morning (bb cream, blush, mascara amd lipstick)
- moisturize: 20 sec after showering (kiehl's has a fantastic thing that has to be applied on wet skin. I dry while picking clothes)
- I do not work out at all, just go to the nursery/school walking every morning, walk to work and take stairs. and smoke when not pregnant
- more importantly I kick DH and DCs out for 2h eveey week end, they either go to the park or to a museum/cinema and I have time to go to yoga/wax and all.
Start doing that and you will be sorted out in a week!

LillyNotOfTheValley Tue 10-Sep-13 02:41:51

I do not do the cleaning either

LillyNotOfTheValley Tue 10-Sep-13 02:50:43

scripsy kiehl's all the way: non sticky, dries with your skin in 5 min and awesome results. Only issue is the price in the U.K. but you do not need a lot as it blends with the water left on your skin. Probably my best investment in years!

scripsi Tue 10-Sep-13 03:34:06

Thanks Lilly I shall treat myself! I am awake with sinusitis so my poor skin is going to need all the help it can get.

bunnymother Tue 10-Sep-13 05:29:04

3 products that can help save you time (I use them all):

Maybelline gel nail polish (Rose Poudrw is a great nude shade): you only need to paint for nails once a week as the polish is properly chip resistant. No base coat required.

Aquis Lisse microfibre towel to dry your hair faster (put it on, take off 5 mins later and hair can be dried. No need to rub w towel etc)

Parlux 3200 hair dryer. Believe the hype. Really effective hair dryer.

MinesAPintOfTea Tue 10-Sep-13 05:56:13

Most of my exercise is cycling to ds's nursery for pickup and dining whilst dh takes ds to church.

I have plain yoghurt with fruit for breakfast, buy frozen (chopped) fruit and spend 30secs preparing the bowl and sticking it in the fridge before bed.

Moisturise after a shower, takes about a minute because my favourite body lotion and face cream are next to my hairbrush on my dresser. Brush my hair, Rowell dry, brush again, go and have breakfast, rub the brush through once more and by the time I get to uni it looks blow dried and is ready to put up.

Evenings I do pilate exercises on ds's floor whilst he series down for the night.

duckyfuzz Tue 10-Sep-13 07:14:06

Scripsi neutrogena body lotion is excellent

mirai Tue 10-Sep-13 07:17:43

So many tips on one page! What great advice everyone has given. I love the idea of changing for bed once you're "in for the night" and just doing your nighttime skincare routine on the sofa instead of waiting for bed time when you're just too knackered. Sounds daft but I would never have thought of that so will start that one tonight!!

mirai Tue 10-Sep-13 07:19:33

I am looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and going through all these tips properly and making some notes!! Thanks everyone, you've made it a great thread smile

SundaySimmons Tue 10-Sep-13 08:12:27

I have stopped having my nails professionally done and am doing them myself. This is the hardest thing to incorporate into my life because when I am at home, I get interrupted and touch something, thus spoiling my nails.

So I do all prep at home but when I leave for work, I sit in car and apply nail colour/polish/varnish and they dry as I drive!

Vaseline spray and go is a quick and easy body moisturiser.

Without being crude, I keep a nail file in my bathroom so I can file my nails whilst on the loo!

Apply foot cream at night and wear cotton socks to get lovely feet each morning.

And the only answer for me is to make time! I want to look good so I make the time.

coveredinweetabix Tue 10-Sep-13 10:09:21

To give the other perspective, I don't have time for all of this. I did do the Shred for 14 consecutive days and did have a more toned stomach and smaller thighs at the end of it but really noticed lots of little things had slipped - I hadn't had a chance to catch up with a friend whose marriage is going through a rocky patch and nor had I had a chance to speak to another good friend whose father had died; I hadn't done any hand washing; I hadn't filed the paperwork; I hadn't done any batch cooking for the DC. Little things but they bugged me. I now shred 3 or 4 times most weeks but sometimes it may only be twice.
As for beauty stuff, now DC2 is 15mths, he's pretty safe in the bath so, instead of watching him like a hawk, I've now got various bits in the children's bathroom so can do my nails, eyebrows etc whilst they're in the bath.

wordfactory Tue 10-Sep-13 10:52:33

For those that don't like body lotion, try using body oil in the shower rather than shower gel/soap or for one last wash if you need the detergent grin. But be careful not to slip as you get out!

L'occitaine body oil is lovely. But anyhting would do.

I use nail bars once a fortnight. Tell them you have 30 mins and no more. Perfect nails that need no touching up for two weeks!

Make up should produce the best results in the minimum time. Save new products and experiments for holidays.
My Summer routine is bronzer, cream blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss. Products kept in their own make up bag, seperately from the drawerful of other stuff!!!

Kezztrel Tue 10-Sep-13 11:57:22

How much faster are Parlux hairdryers at drying your hair? I have a decent hairdryer (I think...) but wondering if I should invest in a Parlux if it means I have time to dry my hair in the morning on days when hairwashing and work coincide!

NightLark Tue 10-Sep-13 12:09:54

I pretty much stopped watching telly (3 DC, pt job etc).

I'm no style icon but I Shred between 6.30 and 7.00 am (normally with an audience of small children...) and moisturise using that Nivea in-shower stuff. My nails are kept very short and clean, which is the best I can do!

addictedtofarmville Tue 10-Sep-13 12:51:52

NightLark, that's made me chuckle as I often have an audience of small children too. And occasionally the dog or cat will come in to watch.

scripsi Tue 10-Sep-13 17:49:19

duckyfuzz thanks for the tip, does the neutrogena stuff feel sticky at all?

noisytoys Tue 10-Sep-13 18:09:04

I don't even know what shredding is confused

Rubybrazilianwax Tue 10-Sep-13 18:53:38

I have a full manicure kit in the car. I am generally waiting on the dc outside something regularly. I do my nails then

duckyfuzz Tue 10-Sep-13 20:42:43

scripsi no, it feels lovely, soaks in quickly

HotCrossBunsForAll Tue 10-Sep-13 20:43:26

I think it's about building it all in so it becomes habit - I wouldn't dream of going to bed with make up on, but I used to be awful at remembering to use toner after I cleansed. Now toner is next to wipes/cleanser so I see it and I've used it often enough that it's second nature and takes mere seconds.

Another one here for keeping things by the bed. I currently have foot cream/file by my bed so I can do that quickly before I go to sleep and it takes hardly any time.

Nails done fortnightly at a salon - I think chipped mail varnish can ruin a look no matter how groomed the rest of you is.

Invest in moisturising shower gel or in shower moisturiser/body oil. Use face packs whilst you have conditioner on, or use that time to give your legs/bikini/armpits a quick going over.

I always plan what I'm wearing the night before and make sure things are ironed & I know where shoes/accessorises are. I stick a berocca in a glass of water before I get in the shower, it's ready by the time I get out.

I am by no means ultra groomed but these little things help. Loving all the tips here!

bunnymother Tue 10-Sep-13 22:12:27

Kezztrel - after putting the Aquis Lisseon, drying my hair with the Parlux took a only about 5 minutes. I have long hair and use a paddle brush, in case that helps. It was a nicer glossier finish (less halo of fuzzy hairs / witch hair) than my old dryer, too.

Kezztrel Wed 11-Sep-13 11:00:58

Bunny 5 mins, that's v impressive, I might have to get one. It takes me at least 15 mins to dry mine with my normal hairdryer. My hair's only averagely thick and mid length, but it's quite stubbornly wavy which doesn't help. I use a GHD barrel brush which adds glossiness - I'm guessing that plus a Parlux would be amazing!

mirai Wed 11-Sep-13 13:12:08

Toenails and fingernails polished, and body moisturised, good start for me today! smile

Bonsoir Wed 11-Sep-13 13:39:11

NightLark - LOL at the audience of small DC. DD (8) is so used to my performing beauty rituals in her presence that she now helpfully regularly points out work needing to be done. "Mummy there's a scratchy hair under your arm", "Mummy your cuticles need pushing back" etc

SundaySimmons Wed 11-Sep-13 15:59:38

I don't wear one anymore but when I did I bought every lip liner ever made (!) in my quest for the perfect one, and found that expensive ones were not necessarily the best and the best ones in terms of colours, application and lasting ability were Avon Glimmerstix

Mystery mauve was my favourite one


I don't wear a liner anymore as I find it more aging on my er aging lips!

SundaySimmons Wed 11-Sep-13 16:00:08

Ignore my last post. Wrong thread!

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