Autumn 2013 Ankle boots

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Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 17:25:16

Ok, wise women of Style and beauty. Autumn ankle boots to see me through winter. I am a teacher so something to go with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans that have a bit of a heel but are comfy. Are the same styles in again this year or something new? Kinda thinking of something like this
Clarks Moonlit Cool I know, what a cliche, Clarks for a teacher, but they are so comfy..... Open to any ideas and thoughts!

Mrsrobertduvall Sun 11-Aug-13 18:05:19

I like those.
A shame they don't do them in my size...their size 9 is too small for me.

foxysocks Sun 11-Aug-13 19:04:21

i quite like those, but would probs prefer something a bit more edgy. i don't know your style though! and they do look comfortable and versatile.

I have two pairs of ankle boots so don't plan to buy more this year. mine are these and these

Loveleopardprint Sun 11-Aug-13 19:53:54

What age children do you teach. I work with a Reception child and would avoid suede as I think it would rub as I crawl around the floor! Also you can wipe paint, snot etc off leather.

If you teach older children please ignore the above wink

rootypig Sun 11-Aug-13 20:03:44

I think brown suede feels a bit dated suddenly. But if you're not a fashion slave, ignore me! Those ones are nice and will go with everything. And I do love Clarks.

If choosing I would go for leather, black, and totally flat - something like the COS Chelsea boot or Boden Urban Biker, which I'm about to order squeee grin. To be paired with woolly socks in warm colours.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 20:49:52

I teach 8-9 year olds, so hopefully a little less snot etc. Foxysocks, love both of the boots - I have a biker boot so I'm looking for something a little tidier IYKWIM, love the Ash jalouse.
See, with my Clarks boot, the black is a shiny black. If it were a suede black I'd be buying them hot off the marks. I do like the camel colour boots too, but they don't fit my purpose so that leaves me with the brown suede.

trippleM Sun 11-Aug-13 20:55:18

I bought these last year and they are so comfy, even though I'm not really a heels person. They are still in great condition after having been worn nearly every day in all weathers,size:

primallass Sun 11-Aug-13 21:01:27

I managed to find another pair of these. I already have a semi-battered pair. They are from a couple of years ago.

I also have mini Bailey Uggs (shoot me now) and a pair of Kensington Uggs that will be getting Ebayed as they are too small.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 21:29:34

I have Kensington Uggs as well, they have gotten great use, though I did have to size up, so they look like boats on my feet - nothing dainty about them but they are a real utility boot!!

Twinklestein Sun 11-Aug-13 22:20:29

You know what OP I actually prefer your Clarks boots to the Ash boots linked. I also prefer them to the Cos Chelsea & the Boden biker... I'd never have thought they were Clarks they look like Vic Matie'..

finlaysmum12 Sun 11-Aug-13 22:40:57
MoreThanWords Sun 11-Aug-13 22:50:27

TK Maxx have got some lovely ankle boots in at the mo (online).

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 22:51:06

Thanks Twinklestein. I got the Mascarpone knee high boots a few years back and lived in them, they were so comfortable and these seem to be the same shape/height heel. I'm very tempted....
finlaysmum12, I saw those and did consider them, but I don't like the sole being a different colour. Not fussy at all then.

Imscarlet Sun 11-Aug-13 23:02:07

Morethanwords, gosh they do have some nice boots in at the mo....I could be tempted for a second pair there....the SixtySeven black boots look like a steal for £30, leather too....hmmmm....

MoreThanWords Sun 11-Aug-13 23:48:40

Yes, wish I had bought those when I first saw them - now out of stock in my size I think hmm

ZaraW Mon 12-Aug-13 01:06:49

My Acne Pistol boots are great, expensive but have had them for three years and still going strong.

ShoeWhore Mon 12-Aug-13 05:36:30

I've got these ones from office and I love them.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:40:00

I like them - no idea about suede feeling dated. Boots like this are pretty standard in styling - the important thing is the cut of the shoe and it's impossible to tell what that's like from a pic.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:44:35

I like them - no idea about suede feeling dated. Boots like these are pretty classic now - the important thing is the cut of the shoe and it's impossible to tell what that's like from a pic.

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 08:45:08

Oops! grin

jimjamspam Mon 12-Aug-13 09:40:05
primallass Mon 12-Aug-13 10:30:02

I stalked these all last year waiting for them to be reduced. I think I'll have to give in and try them on. Maybe in the tan however. Can't decide.

QueenQueenie Mon 12-Aug-13 11:02:51

FOXYSOCKS, (or anyone else who has them), are the "wood ash" colour Jalousie boots grey? or are the "blue / brown" as the Ash site describes them... They look grey, I want them to be grey!

dirtyface Mon 12-Aug-13 11:08:03

i bought these beauties yesterday

think they might be a bit marmite though tbh grin

missmartha Mon 12-Aug-13 11:32:23

I like Clarks Morgan Carla boots at the mo. The haven't got a heel though.

The brown are particularly nice.

windowkey Mon 12-Aug-13 12:00:45

OP, are you me?

Also Y4 teacher, also looking for ankle boots, but to no avail!

In addition, I would really like some "shoe boot" type things, but my overriding problem is that the heels are always mega high. Not only am I 5'11 (so don't want to look like a drag queen) but I've also got a 'runner' in next year's class, so I need to be able to move quickly!

I'm watching this thread very attentively smile

jimjamspam Mon 12-Aug-13 12:33:17

Anyone looking for shoe boots - these are amazing:

Barely took them off last autumn

itsnothingoriginal Mon 12-Aug-13 16:05:30

Ooh I love those Clarks boots on your link missmartha! They could be the ones for me this year..
I was going to get the updated Orinoco ones which I've lived in the last few years but popped in to look at them today and was really disappointed with the quality of them sad

MyBoysAreFab Mon 12-Aug-13 16:12:06,4,shop,1,2505,4,shop,1,2505

I like these ones from TK Maxx - great prices - and makes me excited at the thought of wearing dresses with cardis and thick tights again!

LyonsDemesne Mon 12-Aug-13 16:16:43
snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 17:10:31

I want these Ludlow Boot

nilbyname Mon 12-Aug-13 17:19:47

Great boots from Somerset

Megsdaughter Mon 12-Aug-13 17:23:09

Ive got these in the tan, red and purple, they most comfortable boots I have ever had

nilbyname Mon 12-Aug-13 17:35:49

Great boots from Somerset

reluctantironer Mon 12-Aug-13 17:36:18

nilbyname I love all the boots on Seven Boot Lane website - must put credit card away!

rootypig Mon 12-Aug-13 18:18:32

Oh snowlie they are sooooo good envy

toastandmarmiterocks Mon 12-Aug-13 18:26:52

Oops, I've just bought tripleM's Red or Dead boots in black blush

I want these Clarks

lurkingaround Mon 12-Aug-13 18:42:32

I like these from &other stories

And these Zara boots

lurkingaround Mon 12-Aug-13 19:09:39

Lovely, Remus. I am v taken with all these cut-out boots.

As a by the by I tried on your Topshop skirt t'other day, the one with the pleats knee length? Very flattering on, loved it, but the fabric is quite thin and light. Was v taken with it tho. A definite maybe.

I haven't managed to track a red one down yet, but did buy a Whistles maxi yesterday instead. smile

lurkingaround Mon 12-Aug-13 19:17:09

Oh nice wink

snowlie Mon 12-Aug-13 19:48:54
ShoeWhore Mon 12-Aug-13 20:08:41

jimjam I was about to link to those Clarks Marilyn Zoe boots - they are ace.

and now I look like I'm following you around today

Imscarlet Mon 12-Aug-13 21:15:58

Wow, there are probably 20 pairs of boots I'd gladly buy in a nanosecond on this thread already!

nilbyname Mon 12-Aug-13 22:00:31
lovelychops Mon 12-Aug-13 22:11:48

So many lovely boots on this thread! I want it to be autumn now so I can wear boots and tights.

Liking your links Remus, arf at Aladdin territory grin

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 12-Aug-13 22:18:22

Remus that first pair you have linked to are gorgeous. I'm going to buy them.

I've not been in RI for years, but am tempted to go and check them out. I tried a pair of boots on in Debenhams the other day (why, oh why?) and the leather was so tough that it cut my foot. Hopefully these will be better!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 12-Aug-13 22:32:37

Debenhams is shocking for shoes, absolutely shocking.

I have a really lovely pair of black slouchy ankle boots that I bought last winter but they have a heel. Great for an evening out but not at all practical for the school run!

Those RI ones may just fit the bill. We don't have one here so I will order online.

SnoopyLovesYou Mon 12-Aug-13 22:42:07

Ooh thanks for all the suggestions! I have ordered my favourites! :-D

Imscarlet Tue 13-Aug-13 17:53:11

I saw these in real life today and they look fab!
Moda in Pele Chenders

finlaysmum12 Tue 13-Aug-13 18:10:09

went into clarks today- to buy sons school shoes and trainers- assistant told me they included a 20% voucher off adult shoes !!

I have four pairs of ankle boots on order now to try on in the shop, well.its saving money really......

MoreThanWords Wed 14-Aug-13 14:16:45

I have a 20% off code for Clarks - BTS13 for adults full price items.

pinkpolkadot Wed 14-Aug-13 15:34:25

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect Ankle boot - I saw these in Office, thinking with skinny jeans and layered tops / scarves for all day wear?

Am hoping they live up to expectations in real life..,10/1336845000

pinkpolkadot Wed 14-Aug-13 15:36:14
eggsforbreakfast Wed 14-Aug-13 19:36:36

Remus I love those first RI ones! They are going on my wish list....

Trumpton Wed 14-Aug-13 19:52:26
CakeInMyFace Wed 14-Aug-13 20:22:40

Just bought the duo Grayson boots today and they are fab

If I wasn't on a spending ban I'd buy the Russell & Bromley Cadogan boots (Chelsea boots with brogue detailing). They are amazing.

snowlie Wed 14-Aug-13 20:32:19

Thanks morethan have just ordered some leopard skin heels!

snowlie Wed 14-Aug-13 20:40:12

Some lovely boots on the R&B website but what are they thinking putting their label on the outside, not on every shoe...but it's a bit naff on the shoes it appears on.

PoshPaula Wed 14-Aug-13 21:14:01

I am tempted by a couple of the Biker boot styles that R and B are running. Are these still fashionable/cool?

rootypig Wed 14-Aug-13 21:31:37

Ooh yes Amber I've been ogling these

soyabean Wed 14-Aug-13 21:51:05

Another primary teacher here and I fancy
or these clarks kallie
or these clarks Orinoco sash

Imscarlet Fri 16-Aug-13 15:48:18

I saw the sixty seven boots in TKMAXX today and they weren't great. Look much better in the photo online.

Back2Two Fri 16-Aug-13 16:11:56

Thanks for the code morethanwords smile

Belindaearl2 Fri 16-Aug-13 20:56:16

Spotted these are they Mum boots?

QueenQueenie Fri 16-Aug-13 21:24:39

Have just bought these and am very pleased with them...

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 16-Aug-13 23:03:29

Belinda - I think they are possibly a Mum boot, but it depends when you want to wear them.

They would be great for work I imagine, but wouldn't fit into my SAHM wardrobe.

Imscarlet Sat 17-Aug-13 16:24:18

These? {{ River Island Chelsea Boots]]

Stepawayfromthezebras Sun 22-Sep-13 15:22:18

I've just ordered these and can't wait for them to arrive, bit spendy but they're exactly what I was looking for: grey nubuck, cuban heels, cutout at the front smile

FaddyPeony Mon 23-Sep-13 08:46:55

What, if anything do ye fancy from the Kurt Geiger offerings?:

I quite like Sadie and Serpent, like the detail on Sadie but Sepent could be flattering with that toe.

lso like the Whistles Lauren.


FaddyPeony Mon 23-Sep-13 08:48:17

Stepaway those are great. Love the v-shape. I need black though!

Stepawayfromthezebras Mon 23-Sep-13 09:14:30
frankietwospots Mon 23-Sep-13 10:02:36

Don't forget to use the 15% off code for Mint Velvet!


Valid until 5 Oct.

FaddyPeony Mon 23-Sep-13 10:22:46

I think they're actually much nicer in your grey, stepaway! Much more individual. The black is a bit blah IMO but the grey looks chic.

I'm after leather too smile

Sonotkylie Mon 23-Sep-13 12:01:46

I bought some new real leather black jodhpur boots from eBay for less then £20 including delivery. They look great with skinnies, straight legs and tights and skirts. Not much heel but not flat, and they are quite 'structured' so could work. Very comfortable and practical and you could buy something else with the change ...

SunshinePanda Mon 23-Sep-13 20:03:51

Bought these at the weekend.
Look really good with skinny jeans and dresses. Can't believe they are from M&S - was passing through on way to the lingerie dept. Bought both boots and bras! Great price,stylish ( I think, I hope..) and should be comfortable.

littlepinkpear Mon 23-Sep-13 20:19:08

Proud owner of these beauties, loving them. So comfy and great with dresses/skirts

Sam Edelman petty in black suede

jamaisjedors Mon 23-Sep-13 21:51:01

Am currently hesitating between Kickers Wraps or "great"

LonelyGoatherd Tue 24-Sep-13 06:53:29

littlepink love them! What's the sizing like <evil stare at wide feet>? And did you get in-store or online?

My other contenders are these steve madden red ones

BeattieBow Tue 24-Sep-13 12:11:59

I have the sam edelman petty's from last year. They are fab imo - low enough down the ankle to be flattering and with a good heel height. They have some sizes on Shopbop atm (I got mine from there last year).

I got some from Mango this year which I like.

bunnymother Tue 24-Sep-13 14:53:55

Belinda, I don't think the M&S ones are mum boots, I think they are sleek

MrsRadicchio Tue 24-Sep-13 15:29:56

Thought I would throw these out there. Look good for the price but I haven't seen them irl.

SunshinePanda Tue 24-Sep-13 15:29:56

The M&S ones I linked to I think aren't mumsy and I usually steer clear of M&S for that reason. If you style them right they could look fab but think you need to see then IRL.

littlepinkpear Tue 24-Sep-13 21:48:52

Lonely, I got them in NYC a few weeks ago. Found the shop within hours of arriving and did so much damage I only bought a few tops from Club monaco and banana republic for the rest of the time I was there!

They are super slim, I'm normally a 5 but wearing a UK 6.

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