House of Colour v. Colour Me Beautiful

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SunnyUpNorth Wed 24-Jul-13 22:32:55

I have found an old thread discussing this but just wanted to ask what the main differences are and which people think are better.

I really want to get my colours done and have found a few local people from both companies.

From reading old threads it seems HoC is more popular but the pictures of the local HoC people are really off putting. The ones near me are all in bright jewel toned outfits with lots of scarves, lipstick etc. ie v OTT and a bit cliched.

There are two Colour Me Beautiful reps near me. Both of their photos are very natural. They look really nice, young and friendly and much more 'me'. So I am much more drawn to having my colours done by one of them. But I am hesitating due to people not really seeming to rate CMB.


BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 06:43:35

Go with the person you think looks the most like you (want to) look.... The colour thing should/will work either way but I think women closer to your age/style will naturally have more appropriate ideas. I know other people will say HOC and it doesn't matter if the consultant looks like hyacinth Bouquet (but wearing the right colours).

For what it's worth, I think CMB has a better differentiation of 'seasons' too - but that's just me! (Had colours done, errr, a few times (boring story) - experience of both!)

nooka Thu 25-Jul-13 06:51:41

I don't think it particularly matters how the reps choose to look, as it's their choice after all, but it certainly makes sense to go with someone you think may be more sympathetic or 'you'. Why don't you ring them up or send them an email and see what you feel about it then?

I saw someone from the HoC and her sense of style was way way off mine (very polished in a way that I have zero interest in!), but she still gave me really helpful advice. She was a recommendation from a friend though.

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 25-Jul-13 07:04:49

Another one who had a HoC consultation - she looked like a air hostess but as she has been trained so well, I felt very comfortable with her and more importantly she got my diagnosis right.

Twooter Thu 25-Jul-13 07:10:56

I struggled not to laugh when I first saw my Hoc consultant. However, she got me spot on, both colour and style, and I realise that she was actually spot on for her own colour and style personality. It's just that hers 'clashed' with mine.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 07:45:10

Agree - it probably doesn't matter. HOC got me wrong once though. Right once. CMB got me right both times. The methods are incredibly similar. Personally, I just prefer the CMB classifications - and, am ashamed to say had my colours done twice with each over the years....

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 25-Jul-13 07:48:26

I remember you Beginning as usually its CMB who get it wrong so was surprised at your incorrect diagnosis. Hope you are happy with your colours now smile

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 08:08:42

Hello! Yup - I'm happy! Definitely saw the differences and it's correct. I think it must depend on the training or eye of the individual as the drapes and method are virtually indentical! Besides, everybody has an off day occasionally wink.

I've never done a style day though - don't reckon I fall into any of the categories although am not too comfortable wearing different bright contrasting colours.... (Which is what looks best, apparently - tend to feel like the stereotype of a primary school teacher if I do too much of that.). Sorry! Post hi-jack!

OP - I think you should go with whoever you feel most comfortable with. People on here tend to prefer HOC though - I just rated my CMB person!

QueenCadbury Thu 25-Jul-13 08:23:48

Go with who you feel most comfortable with. I travelled 60 miles for mine as she was young and looked normal as opposed to my local ones who looked a bit scary.

SunnyUpNorth Thu 25-Jul-13 08:46:35

Thanks all. I have emailed all of them and both the CMB people seem really nice. I was going to go to the hoc intro evening but the next one isn't until the end of September and I hoped to get my colours done before then.

The hoc rep pics are really off're right, they all look like hyacinth bouquet or retired air hostesses!

Think I will try the CMB lady who can squeeze me in next week.

Beginner I am intrigued as to how you've managed to have your colours done 4 times in a couple of years!! You must be a pro now.

celticclan Thu 25-Jul-13 08:46:50

grin at BeginnerSAHM. I have a book from Colour Me Beautiful I was disappointed to find that their colour analysis doesn't include the seasons Autumn, Winter etc. For that reason I would go with HoC.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 08:59:08

I'm a vain insecure spendthrift, what can I say?!?wink

CMB have just renamed the 'seasons' really. So, i used to be a 'clear spring' and now I'm 'clear and warm'. Exactly the same colours! But it's just I have more colours in common with what used to be a 'clear winter' than a 'light spring'. I think. Or at least quite a few the same as 'clear winter'.

SunnyUpNorth Thu 25-Jul-13 09:02:09

By the way, how would you know if they get your colous wrong? Would you just not feel great in the palette they pick for you?

sunny Another HoC fan here, everyone I know (and I know a LOT - almost 30 women) who has been to them have said that whilst their consultant might not have looked like they'd want to, their diagnoses and advice was spot on.

The people I know who were misdiagnosed by CMB said that they never felt good in their new colours and always felt doubtful about their season. No-one I know who's been done by HoC have said that.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 09:31:21

I just kind of knew. Although I was a bit confused as the consultant at the time seemed very sure.... I think I'm a slightly tricky person to diagnose. But I've never heard of anybody else being 'diagnosed' incorrectly

I know of 2 (or it might be 3 actually) women in real life who say were misdiagnosed by CMB.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 09:40:20

I don't know anybody else who's had it done (!) but a recommended (on here) HOC person got it wrong for me about 7 years ago now. Suspect it depends on the individual rather than the HOC/CMB thing. CMB was around ages before HOC - think they are both a lot better now than CMB was in the 80s...

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 25-Jul-13 09:45:46

It shows how important is it that you understand and "see" what the colours do to your face and skin tone when being analysed and that you ask as many questions as possible.

I did my colours as part of a group - that really helped as they could see what worked or didn't work for me.

Sounds like CMB's system have a lot of overlaps with other seasons - I wonder how that would work if you are a cool season wearing warm/yellow based colours?

HoC are different in that they tell to to stay within our own season palette.

yy, that's probably true beginner.

btw, sounds like we're a similar season - I'm a paintbox/bright spring (I have dark hair, pale skin, bright acqua-ish eyes)


BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 09:57:00

Don't think a cool season would wear warm/yellow based colours. A 'clear and cool' would be what was a 'clear winter' - so they get the 'clear palette' (more neutral than yellow based) plus some extra cool (and clear) colours. It's just a 'dominant' thing. So, my dominant characteristic in CMB is 'clear', so I get the 'clear' palette and then I get the extra 'clear and warm' colours. The consultant should explain!

My wallets from HOC and CMB are almost identical, especially if you focus on the 'double star' colours I got from HOC.

God, I've spent waaaaay too much time thinking about this over the kast few years. Off to pack/clear up/do shopping and go to the library!!

I think what we all agree on OP, is getting your colours 'done' IS very useful for lots of people. Mistakes are rare! (3 out of 4 people got me right after all...wink)

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 10:01:13

Oooh, good seasonofthewitch. I can ask you about clothes then!

I have mid/light brown hair (with a few highlights!), fairly bright but dark blue eyes and pale (warm!) skin that, weirdly, tans easily. And almost black eyebrows! (Colour experts might see why there is potential for error...)

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 25-Jul-13 10:07:44

Thanks for the explanation - if your CMB wallet is identical to your HoC wallet then surely HoC wasn't wrong when they diagnosed you? Just that different systems were used?

MadAboutHotChoc Thu 25-Jul-13 10:08:02

*she not they

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 10:12:46

Got a new HOC wallet - first one a few years ago was winter. This one is spring. Trust me, I look vile in fuscia and burgandy.... And healthy in 'geranium'. Black is ok but not amazing. Coral is one of my best - wouldn't work for a winter! (And 'tan' and some purples looks good, although I hate them...) Blues/turquoises are v good too.

Haha, we're weirdly similar beginner. I have black brows and pale skin that tans easily too! Colouring-wise I look bang between spring and winter but most winter colours are ageing on me.

Our best colours sound mostly the same. I also look lush in navy - do you?

btw, I really rate the style day. I also couldn't see any style types that I could possibly fit but it made complete sense after the day. It's the way the types are combined and interpreted that makes all the difference.

charitygirl Thu 25-Jul-13 11:43:29

Another very satisfied HoC customer who was v alarmed by the consultant pics. As I live in London, I had a lot of choice and went for the least off-putting. But they've been trained so well that even if I had gone to the terrifying ones I'm sure it would still have been a great experience.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 13:16:10

Agree with charity girl! I really think my HOC consultant was just having a rare off day! But I still have a personal preference for The CMB system...wink

Seasonofthewitch - yup! Navy is really good! (Lucky as I'm not keen on dressing like a cbeebies presenter...)

KosherBacon Thu 25-Jul-13 13:22:41

I'm debating having it done. I know there are two HoC consultants near me in Manchester but not sure which one is best. I don't mind travelling for a better consult.

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 13:37:44

If anybody is in south west London, Ii recommend the CMB person there!!

I'll ask my friend in Manc for you kosher

KosherBacon Thu 25-Jul-13 16:17:08

Cheers, witch!

SunnyUpNorth Thu 25-Jul-13 16:22:50

Oh I am near Manchester so would be interested to know too!

I am hoping I am a similar colour to you Season and Beginning as I like the sound of your colours! I am quite pale with dark hair but although I do tan, I have to work at it.

Doearwigsmakechutney Thu 25-Jul-13 19:31:50

I had a house of colour consultation in south west London and it was fantastic. Going back for the style day soon.

oooh enjoy your style day earwig! Come back and report please! What do you think you might be?

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 22:45:20

Ooh - maybe that's why all the women in south west London look so amazing.... (I don't live there grin) Good CMB and HOC person!

Yes, please do report back earwig! I'm now interested...

Think I'd like to be a 'city chic' in CMB language but am actually a 'natural' without any boho stuff going on. Minimal make up and accessories though. (Although have weirdly become fond of red lipstick since seeing HOC lady recently... Think it makes my eyes look bluer and makes me look almost groomed when I'm just wearing foundation and mascara.) I'm definitely not a dramatic or a romantic. Nor am I a classic.

What is everybody else?

kosher My friend recommends Lynda May (say that Linda GL sent you smile )

I'm a Natural Ingenue in HoC terms. Deffo more the boho variant of natural not the casual/sporty version though (don't own any trainers and would prefer to die an excruciating death than wear crocs). And I wear shit loads of red lipstick!

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 23:10:10

Hmmm. Interesting. Well, I'm not sporty or boho. Or gamine (which I think you have to be for ingenue...)

Am skinnies, converse/ankle boots (not ladee ones), whistles top and simple necklace kind of a girl. With hair scragged back normally - blow dried and shiny, when I have time/can be arsed. So once a fortnight-ish. Off to find an online style quiz...confused

no, ingenue and gamine are different. I'm not gamine though I have gamine lustings smile

You could be summat like Gamine Natural or Classic Natural but tbh, just like colour, it's flipping hard to diagnose style without a proper going over. I had no clue that I would be natural or ingenue - in fact those were the two I thought I deffo wouldn't be!

If you can justify FOUR colour days you can certainly manage one style day! Just GO woman! grin

p.s just uploaded (an admittedly quite crap and blurry) pic of me so you can see my colouring

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 23:21:29

Am trying to break the habit.... (Prob will! But not just now wink!)

BeginnerSAHM Thu 25-Jul-13 23:22:19

Drat - on phone so can't see but will look at pic tomorrow!! Sleep well!

doitdoitdoitdoitdoit :D

You too!

TeddyPickleStick Thu 25-Jul-13 23:29:27

The £99 colour analysis class... Is this a room full of people? Can't you just go for an hour or two and get your colours and err that's it, job done?

Doearwigsmakechutney Thu 25-Jul-13 23:33:50

I promise to report back.

My guess is that I'm classic plus something else (natural or romantic probably). The clothes I favour are not always the ones I wear, due to the marauding mini-DCs, but I have some very classic dresses that I love.

I'm really keen to get tips on trouser styles, necklines etc. I've really lost my way with buying stuff, particularly post pregnancy and breastfeeding, and keep wasting money on unintentionally frumpy stuff. Just a few tips about style that I got at the colour day have been enormously helpful.

Watch this space! grin

teddy it depends... you can ask for a one to one (costs more) or take your chances and go for a group class but even then you might end up being the only one there anyway. Mainly depends on how your consultant books - whether she'll group up bookings to do a few people in one go or is happy to just book you when is convenient to you, regardless if she has anyone else coming on that day. Either way has benefits though - nice to have one on one focus but also good to see others being 'done'.

ah, that's made me go all misty eyed at the memory of those post-pg and bf style-desert days, earwig grin I found it even more useful than the colour day. I'd wandered into too-classic land - which isn't me at all. Hope you love it.

nooka Fri 26-Jul-13 02:07:17

I went with a friend which worked well, it was a bit cheaper and it was interesting to watch her colours being done, it made me a lot more certain that here was something to it. Then we were both measured and talked about styles and that was interesting as we had very different outcomes. Afterward it was fun to show each other the new clothes we had bought (we shared an office for a while).

I am a deep summer and my style is natural / dramatic, she was I think gamine classic and one of the winters. We are both tall and thin with dark hair and pale skin so it was really interesting to see how differently we came out.

BeginnerSAHM Fri 26-Jul-13 08:08:10

Just looked on Pinterest for examples... I like classic ingenue best!

Looking forward to seeing the reports back on style days and colours!!

MadAboutHotChoc Fri 26-Jul-13 08:58:34

Yes to taking a friend - I went with a group of friends which made it a fun and interesting day.

SunnyUpNorth Fri 26-Jul-13 09:09:58

Season- Lynda May is the hoc lady I have emailed but she didn't have an intro evening available until September. I had been thinking of going to that.

I can't decide if the group think would be good or annoying. I think if there was a really demanding person in the group that dominated and took up more time than anyone else it would really annoy me. But I can also see that seeing the benefits of the colours being done on other people could be useful.

Keztrel Fri 26-Jul-13 09:34:22

SeasonoftheWitch can I just say... You remind me so much of Zooey Deschanel! She's always used as an example of a Winter isn't she? (I know that cos I'm a HOC Winter smile)

MadAboutHotChoc Fri 26-Jul-13 09:37:14

Keztrel -Season is actually a spring grin just shows that skin colour/hair/eyes can be misleading without a proper analysis. A friend of mine is a summer and yet she has dark hair and dark eyes.

Keztrel Fri 26-Jul-13 10:35:54

I know Mad but I can see why Season said she looks between a winter and a spring, colouring-wise. ZD is paler and higher contrast, definitely. My mum has my colouring but with ice-blue eyes - she's never had her colours done but wears winter ones and looks great. I wish I got her eyes instead of my dad's really!

nooka Fri 26-Jul-13 15:34:04

I thought I'd be a winter for sure but although I'm very pale have warm colouring, and have to watch out for looking sallow. I'll put my picture up for a bit.

nooka Fri 26-Jul-13 15:36:58

Of course the blond/red streaks in my hair make a slight difference to the look! They are in my palette smile

<Adds air-hostess to bingo card> grin

If it helps, I trained with HoC instead of CMB, because the training (though more expensive) was a lot more thorough, and I really rate the clothing personality (style) step too.

I'm a deep brown Summer (originally made an Autumn by CMB). My clothing personality is Gamine (rare to not be a combination).

Even if there are no introductory sessions scheduled, your local consultant would be happy to have a chat to you, I'm sure.

<waves drapes at travel> smile

keztrel you can totally say that! I have a teeny girl crush on Zooey so it's all good.

A close friend is a bright/jewel winter and our colouring is v similar but when we're together the difference in my warm vs her cool is very evident.

I think (but don't know for sure) that it would be pretty unusual for a winter to have as green eyes as I have, being that it's more a warm colour.

nooka all the deep summers I know seem to have 'atypical' colouring (iykwim?) and the sallow tendency seems to be common too.

That is a bit of a wait sunny but Lynda's supposed to be ace and has a lush house so hopefully worth the wait.

beginner a couple of friends are Classic Ingenues and it is a gorgeous style. One of them is lusting after this:

Is that the kind of porn on pinterest?

Ooooh just say what you said about being pure gam, travel! I don't know anyone who is just one type! Were you originally diagnosed as that or was it tweaked in training?

I agree with you about HoC style method and training btw - i don't think there's any out there that's anywhere near as good.

WoolySocks Sat 27-Jul-13 07:12:27

Long time lurker, finally registered as I've recently had my colours done... I chose HoC after researching the two for a while (mainly on Mumsnet!) I was initially a bit put off by the HoC website as it's fairly old fashioned and blah, but I'm really glad I chose them as I had a fab experience (had Colour Analysis and Makeup Class).

Recommend ringing the consultant beforehand for a chat, you'll be with them for a good few hours so if you don't get on it could be painful (I could take my consultant's über perky, over enthusiastic nature, but my mum found her pretty hard to take!!)

For the record I thought HoC got mine and my mum's colours spot on (we were both pretty chuffed to discover we'd been wearing most of our best colours anyway, but I was gutted to realised how shit I look in black when 80% of my work wardrobe is black) and the makeup was an absolute REVELATION!! I'd definitely recommend HoC. I'm a blue spring by the way...

BeginnerSAHM Sat 27-Jul-13 08:44:10

Hi again - gosh, so many people have had their colours 'done'. None of my friends have....!

Season - have changed my mind - think I'm more a natural classic. (I don't have to wear twinsets and pearls now, do I?)

Anyway, must find a job - when i do, I'll treat myself to a style day.

I don't know what sort if 'spring' I am though. HOC person a few weeks ago said I was slightly tending towards the blue, which might explain why I was misdiagnosed as a winter once, but she didn't label me a blue spring or another sort.

Travelling - what are the three sorts of springs???? My double star colours are coral (best), the turquoises, bright navy, geranium pink and red and tan.

SunnyUpNorth Sat 27-Jul-13 09:08:20

Aaaagh I'm all confused. Hoc does sound good.

Lynda is away at the moment so can't tell me her availability for appointments and I am getting impatient to get my colours done! Might see if I can find a friend to rope in to come to a group sesh with me.

All the different types sound really confusing, is it obvious once you have the session?

BeginnerSAHM Sat 27-Jul-13 09:58:55

Hi Sunny - yes, totally clear once you've had the session. Even thought I don't know my official 'sub-label' under spring, I know exactly which are my best colours etc. Go for it!! I have no experience of CMB or HoC in your area so can't recommend either but it sounds like it might be worth waiting for the HoC person!

Talluawiththehoola Sat 27-Jul-13 10:13:51

I had my colours and style done by Linda May and Lorraine about 18 months ago and would highly reccomended them although I have to admit the photo on their site does them no favors ( sorry girls)
I went with a friend and really enjoyed it, I was wearing totally the wrong colours which I can now see drained colour out of my face and were so unflattering. The biggest revelation was the style day .
Was it worth the money? Yes. When I wear the correct colours friends frequently comment on how well I look.

Iwantmybed Sat 27-Jul-13 10:27:39

Sunny I saw Lynda for a consult this week smile I was gutted to be diagnosed an Autumn (all my least favourite colours) but she's spot on. Hit the sales this week and love my new colours. I've worn black and white for too long. Definitely recommend her. I've never been confident shopping in the sales before but just picked out anything in my colour and size and they looked really good and I'd never had bought them previously. Lots of good comments too.

Iwantmybed Sat 27-Jul-13 10:29:42

I had a one to one session which I preferred.
Currently wearing red lipstick for the first time since I was a teenager.

BeginnerSAHM Sat 27-Jul-13 10:32:18

Sounds like it's best to wait then!!

My HoC person just emailed me back - I am a blue spring apparently.

celticclan Sat 27-Jul-13 11:30:02

Iwantmybed - I really hope I am an Autumn always been drawn to that palette. What is your colouring like?

Iwantmybed Sat 27-Jul-13 12:11:50

Dark brown hair. Freckles, medium skin tone and hazel eyes. Luckily there's plenty of greens, oranges and brown in the shops now. I love the green nail polish too (which I'd have steered clear of before)

Season I was Classic Gamine before, but have had quite a lifestyle change, and the classic was something I was 'performing', if that makes sense. Full Gamine is definitely me (outs self even more than before).

The types of season don't really matter - more important to think of the words that describe it when shopping (e.g. bright, clear, warm).

SunnyUpNorth Sat 27-Jul-13 13:10:47

Oh gosh even more comments to confuse me!

Sounds like Lynda is the biz. I do like the sound of the seasonal colour classification, might make it a but easier to follow. I will see what she says re availability.

Those who have seen Lynda, does she work with the other lady too? So there are two consultants there? Might make for a more accurate diagnosis.

iwantmybed did you do the group or one to one session?

SunnyUpNorth Sat 27-Jul-13 13:12:12

Sorry just seen you did one to one.

tallula did you do the group session? If so, how did you find it? Not sure I can justify the extra cost of the one to one when I could have the CMB one to one for the same price as the hoc group sesh.

celticclan Sat 27-Jul-13 13:16:24

What are the different style types? Would like to look them up online. Thanks.

celtic The information isn't online - or everyone would be diagnosing themselves and probably getting it wrong.

MadAboutHotChoc Sat 27-Jul-13 13:41:40

celtic - as far as I can remember its classic, romantic, natural, dramatic, ingenue and gamine. Quite often people are a mixture of two styles.

I have been told that as part of the style day, you get asked questions about your personality & lifestyle (including job) and your body shape, face shape, hair type etc are all assessed so the whole process is quite intensive.

celticclan Sat 27-Jul-13 13:52:11

I think one of my problems is my weight. I need to lose weight. The type of clothes I used to wear were tailored and figure hugging. For work I liked very smart suits and dresses and for casual I was comfortable wearing tight jeans and a simple fitted long sleeved t-shirt. For evenings I would wear jeans, smart top or pencil skirt. I'm an apple shape but the clothes I used to wear disguised my shape and made it look like I had a waist.

Now I have put on weight I have rolls around my middle and can't wear figure hugging clothes without looking like an elephant so I end up wearing styles that just aren't me.

I will lose weight but in the meantime I don't know what to wear sad.

I can't wear anything floaty or romantic looking it just swamps me and makes me feel like I'm in fancy dress.

ItsNotUnusualToBe Sat 27-Jul-13 13:56:19

I'm a House of Colour Sultry Winter ( think of colours a bit deeper / darker than jewel bright) and a Romantic Classic.

Very happy with HoC 'diagnosis' though agree that I think the consultant looked a bit clichéd.

Not sure I look much better style wise yet. It's so hard to buy stuff when 'that'll do' isn't good enough anymore!

Talluawiththehoola Sat 27-Jul-13 14:08:16

I went with my sister and we payed for a package 1full day colour analysis. 1full day style and half day make up, it cost approx. £219 in all. This was a Christmas pressie to myself. I found it really good to have an other opinion as we both could see the dramatic changes during the draping and feel I wasn't just being swayed by the consultant. We were the only 2 there and got lots of advice and guidance. We went to an information evening first to see what they were like as I was a bit skeptical. Although we got colour swatches, booklets,notes etc its useful to have someone to remind me cos its a lot of info to take in.
I think we get it into our minds that we suit certain colours and shapes and really don't look at ourselves critically, it was quite an eye opener for me.

Talluawiththehoola Sat 27-Jul-13 14:17:19

Celticclan I could do with losing a stone but the consultants encourage you to shop for the figure you have, not the one you would like.So I am reluctant to buy ' it will do clothes' and I find if I follow their guidance my clothes are more flattering, well I think they are!

SunnyUpNorth Sat 27-Jul-13 15:33:40

Thanks Tallua.

nooka Sat 27-Jul-13 18:02:14

I'm terrible for buying 'it will do' clothes. One of the things my consultant told me was only to buy clothes I love and instinctively feel great in, but it's hard when you are in a hurry (and I have a habit of only going shopping when all my previous favourite clothes have fallen apart).

Colour wise there are some colours I learned that although I love they really don't work for me, and I should keep them for home decor (so great for cushions but not for t-shirts!)

BeginnerSAHM Sun 28-Jul-13 12:15:50

Seasonofthewitch - just seen your photo! V pretty! I'm a bit fairer than you but not much...

Iwantmybed Sun 28-Jul-13 15:48:48

Sunny - please update after you've been. Id love to know how you got on.

BeginnerSAHM Sun 28-Jul-13 16:41:19

Celticclan - just read your post properly... Sorry you feel like that but I bet you could adapt your natural sense of style to your current shape. You shouldn't need to change "style personality" if your weight changes.... Although I haven't done the style day myself! I'm sure your body shape determines they types of styles you buy but sure you could still be mostly style personalities.

I think it's worth having your colours done and maybe a style day too - if you have somebody who looks good in your area, they might be able to suggest things that would suit you now AND would not leave you feeling like you are in fancy dress. (I know what you mean, by the way - I just feel ridiculous wearing some outfits, although they look fab on my friends with similar figures!)

Hope you feel better about things soon!

Iwantmybed Sun 28-Jul-13 20:43:41

Celtic - I'm a size 18. Ive been holding off buying good clothes for years in case of losing weight. Ive accepted it's not going to happen right now and have bought some lovely new clothes which I feel (and hopefully look) great in.

Thank you Beginner! Most kind of you - tis probably all in the blur though grin Are you fairer skin or hair?

celtic there's a site which gives descriptions of each style type (it's not by HoC but it's pretty similar) but tbh, I didn't get mine anywhere near correct just by reading that list.

It's so worth having your style done. Your weight won't matter at all as it's all about making the most of your shape (and lifestyle/personality).

BeginnerSAHM Thu 01-Aug-13 19:48:24

Don't be so modest Season!! wink

My hair is a bit fairer. I'd say naturally mousey brown - about 6/7 on the hairdresser colour scale apparently, if that means anything to you! I have a few very subtle highlights though. Skin colour probably similar to yours! And eyes darker blue - quite a lot more definite dark blue than a lot of my blue-eyed friends, who have paler sky blue eyes.

The style day is tempting but I don't really like the sound of any if the style types, to be honest...! However, I do like the Pinterest examples from Martha's Vineyard so it probably is worth a go! And I do struggle with feeling like a ageing primary school teacher with the 'bright and light' approach to colour coordination. I don't actually like wearing contrasting colours - prefer toning then (different blues or neutral colours with a bit of colour...). Think I might be a lost cause in terms if style as I don't seem a natural spring in terms of colour preferences! Besides, i totally admit, colours like bright coral and turquoise make me look far less tired and do make me look a bit younger - like I'm wearing make-up. winksmile

I really struggled with the springy cbeebies presenter bright thing til I read 12 Blueprints stuff about Bright Springs needing light/dark contrast. It all clicked then. Now, I nearly always wear a darkish neutral like navy as a base with some bright and some light.

I honestly, could not see me fitting into any of the style types beforehand, except possibly Romantic just because I'm curvy but it didn't really sound like me.

SunnyUpNorth Fri 09-Aug-13 19:31:49

So, I have my appointment with HOC tomorrow!!!

I am very excited, even though everyone I tell looks at me like I am mad. I shall report back on what I have been diagnosed as and how the appointment goes.

In the meantime I have to decide what on earth to wear to it. Having read that apparently no one ends up suiting black, white or denim I can't really go for the blank canvas look. But at the same time don't want to wear any colours in case I get it totally wrong! Don't worry, I am not actually fretting about this but was wondering what others have worn?

I have a nice navy dress that is quite plain that I might wear. Is navy a pretty safe colour?

GreenSkittles Fri 09-Aug-13 20:07:50

Neither HoC or CMB have an operative in my town, I would have to travel too far for comfort for either.

So I'm probably just going to have to try and self-diagnose!

If you're an Autumn going by all the likely evidence, but you look terrible in murky colours like dull green and beige, does that make you a Spring by default?

BeginnerSAHM Fri 09-Aug-13 20:09:03

Ha ha ha... They seem to delight in telling you what you are wearing is not right wink but it's actually good to see the contrast against better colours. I agree, navy is pretty safe! Most people look at least 'ok' in it!!

There seem to be loads of Winters on the S&B boards so they must all look good in black. Maybe? confused And I'm supposed to look ok in it - as a 'clear and warm' or 'blue(ish) spring', as I'm not as far down the warm scale as most springs. But I need lots of skin showing if I wear it so rarely do in the day.

And I'm pretty sure most people are 'allowed' to wear jeans - just not denim tops, necessarily! Don't worry at all. I'd just wear something you'd normally wear. And have fun! Hope you find it useful...

BeginnerSAHM Fri 09-Aug-13 20:17:32

Ummm, quite likely greenskittles. The red lipstick test is quite a good one to see if you are warm or cool. If orangey-red suits you (makes your skin look clearer, eyes brighter etc., you're warm) - if blue red suits you better, you're cool. Go to a good Bobbi Brown counter and ask to try one warm red lipstick and one definitely cool. (A 'true' red should look ok on most people but don't try that - you actually want to see which one makes you look ill so you can work out what season you might be wink.)

So, if you are warm, and muted dusky colours don't look good, you may well be spring. Try coral. There was loads of it in the shops recently and think there is some still around. If a coral top does NOT suit you (think skin clarity, eye brightness, looking tired etc.), you are unlikely to be spring. I think most springs look good in coral. Likewise with turquoise. (Personally, don't like either massively but they both make me look younger, fresher etc - mind you, that could be because i resemble a cbeebies presenter.)

Rather a generalisation but it might help!

Do NOT forget to update us sunny Enjoy!

Joycey29 Sat 10-Aug-13 07:42:53

CMB did mine four weeks ago. Colour revolution!! I m a clear warm which has a great set of minty, teal and turquoise colours i d never have looked at. Loving the fact I know what to buy, so much more confident that I m getting it right.
Would recommend to anyone but friends all look at me as if I m mad! grin

MadAboutHotChoc Sat 10-Aug-13 09:16:19

How exciting Sunny smile

As a winter I can wear black, white and dark denim.

The navy dress sounds good but it won't make a difference to your analysis as your hair and body will be covered up anyway.

Have fun!

BeginnerSAHM Sat 10-Aug-13 09:26:47

Snap Joycey! grin (Means you are a spring in HoC)

BeginnerSAHM Sat 10-Aug-13 20:13:35

So sunny??!

SunnyUpNorth Sun 11-Aug-13 09:10:57

Morning all,
Well I am a strong jewel winter!
I am relieved I can wear white, black, navy and grey. I do like bright colours but any pinks and greens I currently have seem to be more spring colours than the very jewel colours I am supposed to wear. So that will take some getting used to.

My friend and I thought we were very similar, but she ended up being a strong dark autumn.

I did enjoy the day and will definitely be more aware when I am shopping. But I did find their make up attitude a little old fashioned. She was very insistent we should all be wearing lipstick/gloss at all times. But I have never liked the look or feel of anything on my lips and it would not be practical at all with my lifestyle.

I personally don't think many people can pull off a heavy lipstick look without it being quite ageing. I also don't think it is a particularly fashionable look. So just because it is the right colour lippy for someone, I don't think that means that everyone should wear it. We all have different shaped lips, faces etc and may not want to overplay out lips. I actually wear very little makeup so would feel really wierd going to toddler groups with bright fuschia lipstick on. So that was my only gripe. I happily tried on the lipstick but as I knew I would not wear it again I didn't really feel happy with my diagnosis of which type of winter I am being carried out with the lipstick on.

Is it obvious the lipstick thing annoyed me?!!

But other than that it was good and definitely useful. Unfortunately we had guests staying this weekend and we were talking about it on Friday evening. My guest has had her colours done years ago and she said I was definitely a strong winter! So I kept hoping I would be something else so I wouldn't feel like I was wasting my money.

So off to buy some blue and purple now!

KosherBacon Sun 11-Aug-13 09:15:09

I've booked in for a House of Colours consultation at the end of the month. I emailed a few different consultants, and half of them haven't gotten back to me! I understand that its school holiday time and people might be away, but at least have an out of office on!

I suspect I might be a winter too, but am going in open minded.

MadAboutHotChoc Sun 11-Aug-13 13:49:41

Re the lipstick thing, I can understand your reservations - it took me a while to get used to the idea of wearing it during the day. However, the winter look involves contrasts (think of a wintry scene with snow, bare trees, pine trees and red berries) and I do look a lot more finished if I wear lipstick.

I think its worth trying the other lipstick colours - at HoC I remember trying on carmine and it was far too overpowering whereas the cherry looked better. There is also a purply one - can't remember what they called it, that is good for an every day look. Also stain type lipsticks may work better for you.

As for your friend - the thing with a full analysis, HoC tells you which of your colours are your best ones and which are not so great and also how much of each colour you can wear so your day has not been wasted.

Kosher - bet you are excited!

There is a HoC Winters thread on here so come and join us on there if you need further advice or have any tips to share grin

SunnyUpNorth Sun 11-Aug-13 15:20:34

Thanks choc, I've been having a look at that winter thread, it's really useful.

I am glad I did the day and don't think it was a waste at all. It is just hard to get my head around my new colours and I keep thinking of favourite things I have in the wrong colours sad

Think I might try the revlon tinted lip butter thing mentioned on the winter thread as a non scary way of trying lip colour.

BeginnerSAHM Sun 11-Aug-13 21:07:18

Hi Sunny - glad it was useful. I feel similarly about lipstick... Shame as, as a spring, I should 'always wear it'.... Hmmm. Still v glad i had it done and think the colours do suit me best. Might have to start a 'HoC Spring' thread to get some ideas about how to deal with that and my paranoia about looking too multicoloured.

Jewel winter sounds lovely though wink! Hope you find it helpful going forward!

Yay sunny! I'm excited for you.

yy on the lipstick thing - it often takes a while to get your head round but when you do figure out how to do it your way (gloss, tint, stain, whatevs) then you'll see the magic, esp as a winter (same goes for springs). I know loads of women who have 'been done' and 90% of them initially said they hated lippy and would never wear it... a couple of months on and most of them wear it every day, in some form. For some of us it's on a par with oxygen.

It'll deffo take a while to get your head around it but once you've got your wardrobe sorted you'll REALLY see and feel the difference.

When are you having your style day done then? grin

beginner The issue for us, I think, is that HoC's and CMB's advice is quite generic to all springs (and clear warms) and isn't bang on specific for those of us on the winter border. I'm just about to upload another pic of me so you can see how I'll always do multiple colours without looking too multicoloured (I think/hope!) The lighting here's made my face look warmer than I actually am.

BeginnerSAHM Mon 12-Aug-13 07:40:19

Fab! Thanks season! Will try to get on the computer this morning! Can't see it from my iPhone...

Joycey29 Mon 12-Aug-13 07:43:59

Yes to a Spring thread!

BeginnerSAHM Mon 12-Aug-13 08:19:32

Season - v pretty! And you don't look like a clown either (which is how I feel when I try to wear multiple colours)! Ok, am starting a Spring thread Joycey. Sorry to hijack your thread Sunny....!

SunnyUpNorth Mon 12-Aug-13 15:16:32

Thanks beginner. I'm surprised there aren't threads for all the seasons already.

I've joined the winter thread so I can stop floundering like a fish.

I'm jealous of all you springs, I was really hoping I would be. Spring but it was not to be!

Joycey29 Mon 12-Aug-13 18:01:06

Awaiting Spring thread with eager anticipation! wink

cardoon Mon 12-Aug-13 20:13:21

Joins queue for Spring

SunnyUpNorth Mon 12-Aug-13 21:25:01

Spring thread is live!

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