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znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:27:16

I just bought a genuine mulberry east west bayswater bag. i bought it off ebay for £400, it was brand new with all tags etc intact. The seller even gave me the receipt.
As i dont own a bag like this..i am just wondering if the price i paid seems reasonable? How much are they usually for?
I am looking online but cant seem to find a price for it (or maybe im looking in the wrong places) can someone let me know if ive been ripped off or not...please!

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 14:32:03

I am pretty sure that the east west bays was discontinued a short while back. The best thing to do is ring and enquire at an outlet

mysteryfairy Sat 20-Jul-13 14:43:55

This is a respected bag resellers site: naughtipidginsnest and she has a couple up for £425 so I think the price you've paid is probably fair.

If you haven't already it might be worth getting your bag authenticated on the purse forum as obviously it would be a lot to pay for a fake.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:57:55

The receipt states it was bought from Shepton Mallet Outlet Store in April 2013. The price was £486 plus VAT. They needed the money so sold it for £400 on ebay
What got me concerned was that i was the only bidder.
Also i wasnt sure why the bag didnt come with the 'key & padlock' but looking online is said that the 'Outlet' bags dont usually come with the key and padlock.

Thank you so much...good to know that i paid a fair price. Was beginning to think that the receipt didnt belong to that bag and the bag was a fake.

Anyone know how to tell a fake mulberry bayswater?!

Has it got a round metal tag thing inside there should be a serial number on the back of that

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 15:17:44

The bags that dont come with a key and cloche are usually called special purchase or some such.Why nit upload some photos?

phinz Sat 20-Jul-13 15:32:59

Generally east west bayswaters don't come with the cloche and key. What kind of leather is it? If it is one of the classics (oak, black, or brown) then that is a good price. The prices of the seasonable colours and outlet specials are more variable.

phinz Sat 20-Jul-13 15:34:50

Oh and do you have any leather protector? If it is a light colour or delicate leather it is essential to put water protector on it. I put the protector on all my bags as it means the rain runs off rather than soaking in.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 15:57:57

Thats the bag...

Vibbe Sat 20-Jul-13 16:21:24

That doesn't look like an east west bays. It looks more like a ledbury.

Vibbe Sat 20-Jul-13 16:27:27

Actually, it also looks like a normal Bays. But the dimensions would not be right for it to be an east west - east west is longer.

How big is the bag?

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 16:33:22

Really? shows how much i know about bags...

Vibbe Sat 20-Jul-13 16:40:59

Size-wise it's looking more like a bayswater.

I personally have a bad feeling about this one, so I think you should get it authenticated on the purseforum (here: There's an authentication thread where you can post pictures and details - just make sure you provide all of the info they ask for. They are really good at that.

It would be a shame paying that amount of money for a fake bag.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 16:42:30

W - 36cm
L - 30cm
D - 16cm


znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 16:46:39

I'm pretty decent at spotting Mulberry fakes.

Firstly, that isn't an East West Bayswater, so the receipt you've been given comes from some other bag. Not good.

Can you post a close up photo of the Mulberry tree fob? There should be a number on it. Also, can you find a "Made In" label stitched onto one of the inside seams? Post a photo of that as well.

Meant to say the REVERSE side of the Mulberry fob.

I would speak to Mulberry customer services about this bag you purchased and get them to verify it as genuine or confirm that it is a counterfeit item.

I would personally have not bought any such item from Ebay as they cannot verify that such high value items are actually authentic.

Their number is 01761 234 273

Iirc Mulberry do not authenticate bags bought from eBay.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 16:55:31

I think it looks like an outlet special bayswater (bags made specifically to sell at outlets, they generally don't have the padlock/cloche), but would agree to get it checked on the purse forum.

Mulberry basically state that the only way to avoid counterfeit items is to buy from authorised Mulberry stores or recognised stockists.

I hope its not the case but I have a nasty feeling you've been sold a counterfeit item.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 16:58:36

Does the receipt say East West Bayswater? - if it does then that is a bit dodgy as it is absolutely not an East West.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 16:59:23

purse forum link doesnt work

Yes squalor, you're right but surely they would want to see the bag anyway?.

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:01:06

Can aimeone post the ops link to the item so that I can just click on it?

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:01:12

I thought those style of Mulberrys weren't lined- or am I behind the times?

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 17:01:47
Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:02:09


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:05:05

How do we know this poster is genuine? Sorry OP if this is all genuine- but it could be someone 'checking the punters' before trying to sell the bag on ebay.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:06:17

I just find it hard to believe that anyone would pay £400 for a bag and not have done some research first on prices- it's easy to look at them online etc. Or ask here before bidding.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:06:30


Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:07:17

OP can tou post the ebay link so that its clickable?

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:08:17

If you are a genuine poster then take the bag and the receipt to your nearest Mulberry shop. If you've been had, then you will have to make a claim through Ebay.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:12:53


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:15:18

Can't you link to the auction on Ebay? That would be proof that you are a genuine poster about this rather than someone wanting to sell a bag.

this is a Mulberry east west Baywater- your doesn't look the same.


Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:16:21

OP I cant see the pics. Can you make the link clickable.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:16:35

my ebay user id is the same as this one...i am a genuine person who prefers everything to be genuine...

I dont know what possessed me when i bought this bag...
if you can access the link on ebay the one i will see all the pics

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:17:26

how do i make the pics cliackable

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:18:38

Tick ths little box

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:18:42

OP - the eBay photos don't show the reverse of the Mulberry fob and the "Made In" tag. If you'd like me to try and put your mind at rest, please post them.

The authenticators at the Purse Forum will ask for those pics as well.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:19:43

Why don't you post a link to Ebay where we can see the seller's description and their pics. You can access that through your Ebay account because you have just bought the bag- so the info will be on the site.

No one knows from what you have posted whether this is a bag you bought- or something else.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:22:16

If you click on the ebay link i posted, it should take you to the original listing....and then scroll for me.

there is no 'made in' tag and the picture with the 4 small pics shows the fobs...are they not visible
i can try again

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:23:37


missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:24:52

The auction describes it as a Bayswater not an East West which is different.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:26:47

The tags say 'bayswater' aswell but someone else said it was the east west because it didnt have the lock and key.

Is it a bayswater? genuine..?

I don't think the photo shows the REVERSE of the fob with the serial number, does it? That's what I'm asking for.

The sellers description is awful!

"hi This beautiful Mulberry Bayswater is from my own personal collection,IT NEW WITH TAG HAVE BUY MULLBERRY BAG FROM SHEPTON MALLET FACTORY SHOP ON 16 APR 2013 AND I HAVE BUY 2 BAG AT THE SAME DAY SO NOW NEED MONEY for my sister wedding AND WANT TO SALE ONE this mulberry classic bag in colour GRAPHITE DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS ITEM WILL POSTED ONCE CLEARED PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED UK BIDDERS ONLY this items dure to TIMEWASTERS & NON PAYERS !! am do not accepted buyer lest then 30 feedback (Please note: No returns accepted) NO TIMEWASTERS & NON PAYERS PLEASE!!
Happy Bidding"

The ebay sellers written English is actually quite poor.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:31:11

Well, presumably English is not her mother tongue.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 17:31:48

I think that some of the outlet specials were fully lined and the receipt fits with the sellers (dreadful) description.

Notsoblonde Sat 20-Jul-13 17:32:50

I clicked the link, is that the bag you bought, at £450? I can see the reverse of the fob from your pictures.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:33:18

the pic does show the serial number on the back of the fob.

Yes the description was awful. Once the auction was won. i had access to their details and actually called them....they gave me the whole story of wanting a quick sale as they needed the money....the lady told me that she works for the mulberry factory in somerset. The person i spoke to had perfect english...

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:34:46

Yes that the bag i bought.

It appears suspicious to me, buying two Mulberry bags less than 3 months ago, now needs money for sisters wedding, receipt appears to be for a different bag, now seller works at Mulberry Outlet, speaks perfect English but writes the opposite... It just sounds fishy and would put me right off. In fact, I wouldn't buy anything with a description like this.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:36:50

The name on the receipt does not match the name of the seller according to Ebay- he's a man whereas the receipt it to a 'Mrs...

Some people don't have their own email accounts and use a spouse's, or partners, but it's something I'd pick up on if I was spending so much.

Looking at their feedback most of it is for small items of clothing, except for a Blackberry and the bag.

Notsoblonde Sat 20-Jul-13 17:38:46

So was it 400 or 450? I agree I wouldn't have bought anything with a description like this either, I sincerely hope it's genuine op.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:38:56

Its a married couple. the guy is english and the wife is Portuguese. she put the items on his ebay account.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:39:12

If she worked for Mulberry when she bought the bags rather than 'now' she'd be entitled we assume to staff discount.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:40:30

You think he'd do her the favour of proof reading her descriptions.... though unless you have met them how do you know they are who they say they are?

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:40:49

and it was the guys telephone number on there. i spoke to him originally and then his wife.

OP - I'm confused. You keep telling me that one of the eBay photos shows the reverse of the fob, with serial number, but it doesn't.

I can't be bothered to help anymore, but here's what I think:

1. It looks to be a genuine "Outlet special" Bayswater. These come without cloche and feet.

2. It is not a new bag. I once saw a Ledbury in Graphite with shiny silver hardware in the sales in 2008.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:42:02

oh and her name is not the same as his - which you'd assume if they are married. Ok she might have kept her maiden name, but it isn't a portugese name on the receipt.

Over to you Sherlock hmm

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:43:19

She starts work for mulberry in Sept. and said to me that after 6 months she is entitled to staff discount.
Tbh i thought thats why she was selling it, she will get her bags from the factory with discount and then sell online fullprice

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:44:57

squalorvictoria: babe look at the pics i posted...i posted pics of the fob

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 17:45:35

Have you gone on the purse forum? They really know their stuff and I'm sure they will be able to tell you if it is real or not.
The thing about her working at mulberry does sound strange, she would surely get a decent staff discount if she did and I doubt employees are allowed to buy bags and then sell them on on ebay.
That aside, I don't think it's fake. If you do get it authenticated, please let us know what they say!

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:46:40

God does she think we were born yesterday.

Yes, I'm going to work for Mulberry in Sept to- haha grin

Do you live anywhere near a Mulberry store? Cos if you want verification that is what you'll need to do- I once tried to claim for something which I was sure was a fake ( actually cosmetics so very low value) and Ebay wanted a letter from the manufacturer- so if you want to claim you are stuffed unless you get something back from Mulberry.

Geordieminx Sat 20-Jul-13 17:46:54

I would bet there is something in her contract that makes it a disciplinary offence to buy goods at a discounted rate and then sell on..

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:48:26

i personally think its genuine...but with so many fakes out there can never tell...and then my paranoia took over...

just a outlet special, thats probably a couple of seasons old...

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:50:14

You guys are brilliant...teaches me never to buy anything over £50 on ebay!!!!

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:50:42

I would never have paid so much for a 2nd hand bag even with tags, and some doubt over whether genuine. You'd expect a better deal for something even if new and unused.

Never buy such items from Ebay. They cannot verify authenticity. Cheap as well is not always cheerful.

I also doubt very much that any Mulberry employees would be at all permitted to resell bags on Ebay at a discount.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 17:52:15

Given the huge demand for Mulberry bags, did it never strike you as rather odd that no one else bid? That would have been the decider for me.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:55:43

missbopeep: it was that' that triggered my thought process, that no one else bid...

like i said...i do feel its genuine and the receipt is genuine, but as the ledbury bayswater east west etc...look similar..i got confused..

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:56:06

oh and it hasnt been used...its spotless...

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 17:57:13

have registered with purse form...cant start anything just yet.

will take it to westfield or something at some point to get it checked...

Right, I missed the photo you posted. I'm on my phone and it didn't display with the app.

I'm pretty certain it's a genuine bag having seen that.

Whether the receipt is genuine or not is irrelevant - it's a receipt for a different bag entirely.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 18:00:31

The east-west is a different shape-it's wider but not so high. More of a rectangle shape and the Bayswater is more square and boxy- they are very different.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:02:14

squalorvictoria: your opinion is important to me. so what do you think it is...

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 18:03:21

The receipt says 'bayswater pebbled' which is what the seller has described it as.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:04:04

missbopeep: you think its not the ledbury or the bayswater...

Sorry, I'd forgotten that we'd established the receipt didn't say East West Bayswater. Bloody confusing thread, this confused

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:10:15

it says 'Pebbled Bayswater'...
is there such a bag lol

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 18:11:04

OP- why do you keep asking? If you want to know and want a refund via Ebay then take it to a store.

The name of it is neither here nor there.

Your only question should be is it genuine, whatever style it is, and if it's not then what come-back do you have to the seller.

I'm sorry but I'm not sure you are who you say you are and this is a genuine query- some things don't stack up- such as the drip-drip info about it all once someone asks you more questions.

many apologies if I am wrong here.

Allthingspretty Sat 20-Jul-13 18:13:25

OP why not do your own research? You have been told where to go for help why not do that.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Sat 20-Jul-13 18:15:43

I think the 'pebbled' refers to the type of leather.
I would say it is (as the seller described it)
outlet special bayswater in graphite pebbled leather
They were selling them in outlets as recently as June for around £490.

If you search 'graphite bayswater' on the purse forum you will see lots of threads mentioning them.

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:19:59

I am going to take it in to get it checked out.

i just wanted to confirm whether it was genuine or not.
and if the receipt is actually for that bag.

i am a genuine person. im on facebook...cant believe you guys think that i am now fake..
lets leave it at that then.


Vibbe Sat 20-Jul-13 18:25:00

Mulberry generally will not do authentications.

You need to go on the purseforum's authentication thread and post there. It's here:
Do not create a new thread about the bag on the forum - they don't like that at all.

Make sure you read the first post, then post all pictures they are asking for and provide the info they ask for. As you have the bag, ensure to take good enough pictures to show details.

mysteryfairy Sat 20-Jul-13 18:47:58

OP I think you are genuine! I think it's unfortunate that you started the thread wrongly identifying the bag but I think the story that unfolds sounds very genuine. I'm inclined to think the bag is real but of course if I wanted to sell fake items I would try and come up with a plausible story so it could still be a fraudster.

I have bought a bag from a mulberry outlet before, changed my mind and sold it in eBay. I sold it for about what it cost and only got one bid, presumably because those in the know knew they could buy one direct from an outlet with less risk. So it does happen! The seller is in Somerset so would certainly have access to that outlet.

Secondly though you are restricted from starting new threads on purse forum til you have built up posting history I'm pretty sure you can immediately post on the existing long running authentication thread. In fact if you search on the eBay item number you may find someone already has authenticated the bag.

I hope the bag is proved genuine and you can let yourself love it! It's a lovely classic bag, though maybe not ideal for a heat wave. It will be fab to carry in the autumn.

missbopeep Sat 20-Jul-13 18:52:36

Op- your posts are full of contradictions. You first said she told you that she worked at the Somerset outlet store. Then when someone queried this you said she was starting work there in Sept. There are lots of things about this which don't add up.........

znisa123 Sat 20-Jul-13 19:45:47

Thank you all.

missbopeep: i said 'she works for mulberry' instead of 'she will work for mulberry'... is that it? WoW....i appreciate your honesty.

Oh i think i said i paid £400 instead of £450 (slight oversight)

phinz Sat 20-Jul-13 20:34:38

The bag looks genuine to me. I went to the outlets a few weeks ago and they were still selling this bayswater. It is an outlet special so they are made in the factory just to be sold at the outlets. Therefore it isn't a sub like the other current season bags you can get from the outlets.

If you look at this thread on the purse forum a user lists all the outlet stock and your bag is appearing on there in April.

phinz Sat 20-Jul-13 20:35:52

Oh and I think if she had bought the bag with staff discount then they slash the inside label so you can't resell it. From the photos the inside label looks fine.

lizandlulu Sat 20-Jul-13 21:36:57

I don't know if the bag is genuine or not, I just wanted to say regarding op being the only bidder, I feel that nowadays, because of all the fakes about, people are scared of buying off eBay. Being the only bidder doesn't make me think it's a fake, it just makes me think no one else dares to bid that much on a bag that might not be real.

Good for ŷou tho if it turns out to be real, bargain!

rosesandpirates Sat 20-Jul-13 21:47:05

Gosh, I would never dream of buying a mulberry bag off ebay!

rosesandpirates Sat 20-Jul-13 22:23:51

Sorry, just realised my last post is not very helpful. One thing that I can contribute is that none if my mulberry bags had a plastic covering over the fobs etc. not sure if that is a red flag or not?

lizandlulu Sun 21-Jul-13 08:38:31

Mine have. All of the bought from house of frazer and I have always left them on as long as possible to prevent scratches. I don't think they all have had them, but defiantly some of them

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