Another former "A-cup" has been converted!

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KatyTheCleaningLady Thu 18-Jul-13 02:08:08

I finally clicked on one of the bra threads and was shocked to hear that there's only ever been one true A-cup on here.

I have always thought of myself as a 36A. But, I tried the measuring thing and got 35" X 38".

Could I really be a 34C??

Well, I tried one on at Asda, and it fit much better than I would have ever imagined. It was a little tighter than I'd like, but the cups were perfect. A 36C wasn't as smooth a fit. I didn't have time to try on other styles. But, when I get the chance, I am going to find a bra that is suitable in a 36C.

KatyTheCleaningLady Thu 18-Jul-13 02:08:25

Oops. I meant 34C.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 18-Jul-13 02:09:47

Welcome to the path of bra righteousness and light, Katy.

envy envy envy at 34C.

Spottycurtains Thu 18-Jul-13 08:04:02

I have always thought I was a 34b/a. Was interested by all the success stories so measured myself using intervention rules and came out as a 30 under and 34 round boobs.
so that's a 30d, tried on a 30d and it was sadly empty, my sad little boobs didn't even fill half the cup. what am I doing wrong?
I only tried on one disappointing bra as too embarrassed to get another, it felt like I was a boob imposter.

50ShadesOfMaybe Thu 18-Jul-13 09:45:24

smile at "sad little boobs".

Spotty, I know what you mean. I've stayed away from these new fangled bra measuring threads as I'm pretty happy with the way my bras fit and look. They are mostly 34A or 32B. I tend to buy ones with a bit of padding as I also have "sad little boobs"! I can't imagine trying a C or D cup - they just look massive. I wasn't even that big when BF-ing.

spotty did you remember to scoop, especially if your breasts sit quite far round that has a huge impact

my bras look half empty until I scoop

missesjellybean Thu 18-Jul-13 10:37:56

yikes I dread to think what size mine are...I just always buy a 34 dd I'll probably be a 34 zzzz if I ever get measured! im too scared to find out

bodingading Thu 18-Jul-13 12:57:22

It might be the style, Spotty. I don't fill a t-shirt bra, and fall out of plunges, but balconys (half cup) are perfect -just perfect.

It all depends on the shape of your boobs. Mine are shallow and it means they never fill the top half of a bra, even though they are a 32F.

bodingading Thu 18-Jul-13 12:59:01
TheCraicDealer Thu 18-Jul-13 13:00:02

Back the fuck up- what is this? What have I missed?! I'm a 34A and have always suspected that I'm, er, not. So what is this magically measuring system you speak of?

goodasitgets Thu 18-Jul-13 13:03:58

Remove bra
Measure tightly underbust
Bend over and measure over bust loosely
Come back, post measurements and let bra gurus do their magic

TheCraicDealer Thu 18-Jul-13 13:06:35

So when you bend over do you measure the "gap"? Because I have little triangle boobs.

goodasitgets Thu 18-Jul-13 13:28:02

Lean right over and measure around your nipples, don't push the tape in the gap

KatyTheCleaningLady Thu 18-Jul-13 13:28:25

You just measure the circumference of your chest around the widest part while boobs are hanging straight down. Don't pull the tape tight.

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:35:21

Ooh, I measured and I'm 28 in. underneath my boobs and nearly 36 when I measure around them while leaning forward.

What does that make me? <excited>

KatyTheCleaningLady Thu 18-Jul-13 13:38:33

A 28 DD or E, I think.

Do those exist?

28 and 36 would be around a 28ff

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:41:54

Seriously?! My measuring can't be right, I'm going to have another go. I usually wear an A!! shock

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:44:20

OK, had another go. It's definitely 28 underneath and more like 34 around (was clearly being a bit ambitious before) wink

What would that make me, bra experts? smile

goodasitgets Thu 18-Jul-13 13:44:57

Try a 28E

34 would be a 28e...but always try sizes around it too so probably try from dd to ff starting with the biggest cups as too big is easier to see than too small

I always wore a 34a untill the bra threads on here. Now I'm a 32d/dd smile

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:46:59

Good grief, this is exciting. Thanks everyone! And to think that I've always worn an A or a B. Madness!

TheCraicDealer Thu 18-Jul-13 13:49:20

I really want to measure myself now! Having to exercise restraint, my boss won't want to see this.

ShowOfHands Thu 18-Jul-13 13:52:32

I'll measure later, but how do you convert it?

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:57:40

Say I wanted to invest in some 28E (!!!) bras, where should I be shopping? I would usually go for pretty cheap high-street ones, being a student and all, but I guess that that wouldn't cut the mustard, brawise?

PollyEstherNightie Thu 18-Jul-13 14:04:19

Aha, have just seen that OP tried an Asda one. Will have a go with Primark/H&M/New Look and see what happens.

And my apologies for hijacking your thread, Katy flowers

you won't find 28s in cheap high street places. bravissimo or debenhams have best in store range or check out brastop, leia, mycurvesandme and even amazon

thecraicdealer have you been fitted at a 34a? ?if so experience on here suggests that you are probably a 30dd or there about

Another sad boobie owner here, mainly a b cup.

I have flabby bits that sit between my armpit and strap, is it extra forgotton boob shock

TheCraicDealer Thu 18-Jul-13 14:18:51

"Bonus Boob" has a better ring to it InTheRedCorner.

If I'm a DD cup I will pee my pants in excitement.

grin I need to buy a tape measure asap!

red corner it is boob and belongs in the cup

I never knew! I've always been an A, only started wearing a B after my 3rd was born, just guessed really.

Keztrel Thu 18-Jul-13 14:55:28

What would 27 round ribs and 33 round boobs be?

Keztrel Thu 18-Jul-13 14:55:41

please blush

start at 28dd

Keztrel Thu 18-Jul-13 14:59:54

Thanks Statistically. So does the measurement round your ribs correspond to the size, ie if you measure 30 round the ribs you need a 30 bra?

it does indeed. Most people actually round down if an odd number but 26s don't really exist

bigbuttons Thu 18-Jul-13 15:01:43

I have just measured myself with the bra guru guidelines and I come up as a 30D!!! I am currently wearing 32B. D cup me?! I can't actually believe it will fit! I have almost no bust. Can't wait to try a bra out though!
BtW my measuring made me nearly 30" under and 34 over boobs, does 30D sound right?
I like the idea of the balcony bra, I too don't have much on top.

bigbuttons Thu 18-Jul-13 15:02:59

new look do 30" I will be off to check it out!

sounds right big buttons. a d on a 30 isn't huge-cup size is relative to back size

Keztrel Thu 18-Jul-13 15:05:06

I have lots of 32C and D bras - they're v comfy but not doing a lot for me support-wise! Always thought I was a 32 until my 5'10" massive boobed friend was measured as a 32F by Bravissimo and looked at me like this hmm when I told her I was a 32 as well.

I just bought a tape measure, bit rude to whip them out in he school playground so will have to wait until I get home grin

tinierclanger Thu 18-Jul-13 15:06:31

Non believers please do try the new size. I looked completely different and so much better in a 28c instead of 34a. Even naked I felt like my boobs suddenly looked better and curvier!

bigbuttons Thu 18-Jul-13 15:07:22

Thanks for link. It seems I have 'shallow' breasts! Wow what alot I'm learning today!

HaPPy8 Thu 18-Jul-13 15:16:22

I have the worlds smallest boobs. Measure 29inches under, 33inches over. What should i wear? I need all the help i can get as very empty looking boobs.

try the following sizes as you are in between. ..28d, 28dd, 30d and 30c

stopusingmynicknames Thu 18-Jul-13 15:23:31

marking my place to try later, after I've picked the kids up and when they've all buggered off outside to play

Ok I'm measuring 29 underneath and 33 across the bust...

So that's trying a 28DD, 28D, 30D and 30C

bigbuttons Thu 18-Jul-13 17:02:03

My friend has just done this she was 32 and 44 over. What size should she get!shock

HaPPy8 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:03:40

Thank you SC. And also ITRC as it now appears I have the worlds joint smallest boobs instead of just the smallest smile

LadyIsabellaWrotham Thu 18-Jul-13 17:05:23

Having read a bunch of these threads I was v smug that nice John Lewis lady had already intervened me away from M&S's 34A (and one memorably awful 34AA which she swore was right) into a much better 32B. But several threads later I've actually measured myself and am coming up as a 30C/D - I think I'll wait a few months until some of my existing bras need replacing though.

HumphreyCobbler Thu 18-Jul-13 17:05:35

I love these threads. So nice to wear the correct size. Finding out about scooping changed my life grin

32 and 44 would be, roughly, a 32HH

greymoose Thu 18-Jul-13 17:11:09

26" and 33?? - also what would be the conversion size into bras actually made in shops, pretty sure 26 not existent and can only find 30?!

SC that reply surely wasn't to me was it?

the 28dd etc was you redcorned

greymoose - in theory a 26F. However - noone really makes 26s. So I would suggest you try a 28DD and E, and look at a Rixie clip or take them in at the back (very easy to do)

Once you have your size worked out there is a polish company called Ewa Michalak which custom makes 26s for around £30 each

thriftychic Thu 18-Jul-13 17:17:24

mine may win to be the smallest grin 29 under and 32 over . they were very sad little boobies but now they are in a 30c bra instead of 34a , makes me feel so much better!!

bigbuttons Thu 18-Jul-13 17:19:20

oops mis- measured, she's 34" and 44" what size would fit?

Wow thank you for the advice, can I try shopping in these sizes in George (all we have locally) or am I best to go Debenhams?

greymoose Thu 18-Jul-13 17:19:54

thanks statistically!! i will look into it - definitely going to check out that polish company! thanks!!!

34 and 44 - 34GG

for 28s - debenhams or bravissimo, supermarkets, la senza, topshop etc just dont stock them. Probably cos everyone has been fitted by M&S so you get skinny teens thinking they are a 36a

Bimblepops Thu 18-Jul-13 17:24:59

Hello, am intrigued by this, so just measured myself...32" and 39". Boobs have been destroyed by breastfeeding, I have lot of bonus boob to make up for it though!

Any idea what size bra I should be trying? Currently in 34e and struggling to fill the cups.

Please and thank you!

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:29:36

I am a tricky one gurus!
I measure a 32 underneath, but 32" bras feel waaaay too tight
I'm v shallow cupped
have been measured as a dd cupsize, and some dd's are OK
but the bra that fits me best is my old M&S 32B balcony

Try a 32F in theory Bimblepops

can you put your 34E on, fasten it on the tightest hook and try scooping.


All those bumps, lumps, back fat, armpit fat - they get yanked in to the bra! However it only works if A: the back is small enough and b: the cup is big enough.

Basically, put bra on, then stand side on to a miror. Lean forward, put your right hand inside your left cup, reach round as far as you can and pull/scoop/yank all the flesh/soft tissue that is bumping under or over the back, around the straps or the armpit and haul its ass in to the cup. Repeat at other side. You might need to do it a couple of times (as doing one side knocks the other out slightly)

chocchaffinch - what are your measurements as described upthread and what have you actually tried size wise?

Bimblepops Thu 18-Jul-13 17:34:22

That's what I do! I'm an expert scooper, thanks to a fab bra fitter at John Lewis a couple of years ago who showed me the trick.

I'll give the 32F a try.

Thank you!

It could well be that the 34 just can't hold the scoop because it's too big in the back. A 32F is the same cup volume, so start there and if it feels too gapey after mega scoopage then try the 32E

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:44:57

32.5 under
37.5 around
v v shallow grin

Ok that would be a 32DD or E. Now you said the 32s you have tried have been too tight- what CUP size did you try in the 32?

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:47:50

have tried
32 dd - seems v tight cups floppy at top

32 e - cups mahoosive

34 c - no support

anything in the sale blush

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:48:40

I ALWAYS find whatever the style etc that the shoulder straps always fall down. have sewn a few extra short - but why is this?
I'm tall, about size 12 up top

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:50:00

I hate being uncomfy - if I could wear a sports bra all day I would sad

OK, I'd guess the 32DD you tried maybe just wasn't the right bra for you. Or one of the brands that runs very tight.

If you have very shallow bras then you might like curvy kate tease me, the bravissimo half cup styles and the tutti rouge range from bravissimo. They are all designed for shallower boobs.

ChocChaffinch Thu 18-Jul-13 17:51:04

thank you, never measured self like that or thought about 'shallow'

Straps falling down - back too big in the vast majority of cases.

wplum Thu 18-Jul-13 17:52:56

Hello! I have been lurking a bit on the boob threads, I've been a 34A for years..according to the bra wizards of mn I should try 30C. Anyway I digress, I tried all local stores such as asda, sainsbury's,dunnes,matalan and a few others, they all start at 34!
So off to debenhams tomorrow. And breath.

wplum that's a big problem and another part of the reason so many people don't wear the right size. If you only ever see bras that are 34 and above, well you'd assume that's the smallest back wouldn't you! You see it a lot with younger people who buy their bras in places like H&M or New Look and don't stock smaller backs.

greymoose Thu 18-Jul-13 18:19:16

wplum that boux avenue do 30s xx

hfdhgd Thu 18-Jul-13 18:33:41

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VeryDullNameChange Thu 18-Jul-13 18:40:59

I was looking in the age 9-15 bit of New Look today and checked out their bras out of curiosity. Vast majority were 34 inches, loads of AAs.

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:25:28

Hi, what would I be please. I measure 37 round the chest and 45 round the boobs.

I am currently wearing a 40D measured at John Lewis.


Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:28:58

I always thought I was scooping, but obviously not enough.

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 19:29:26

Chica try 36FF and G for starters. You may also like to try 38F and FF but most women find they get better support from the smaller size especially those of us who are a bit more squishy.

Try 36G, 36FF, 38FF and 38F. 36s much more likely

evening celtic!

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 19:31:07

Evening smile Mumsnet has gone bratastic again!

I know - it seems to go through phases of crazyness

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:35:23

Thanks everyone. Strangely, I have a stupidly large, but boney rib cage. Too much swimming in my younger days maybe???? But I am also 6ft 2 so in proportion.

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:36:59

I think I will go to bravissimo, been meaning to for ages. All these bra threads have pushed me into action, thanks so much.

How do you scoop correctly...strange question I know?

Anyone who is sceptical, just go try some on. It was a revelation. I had been wearing 36B when really I'm a 32D (and that's pushing it probably, I ought to go try some 32DD's on once holidays are over and done with!)

I've found that George at ASDA tend to only do 32 back sizes if the cup sizes are smaller. I've never managed to find a 32D there.

Next bra's come up smaller round the back imo.

Debenhams are good.

I've yet to try a bravissimo (live in backwater town!)


All those bumps, lumps, back fat, armpit fat - they get yanked in to the bra! However it only works if A: the back is small enough and b: the cup is big enough.

Basically, put bra on, then stand side on to a miror. Lean forward, put your right hand inside your left cup, reach round as far as you can and pull/scoop/yank all the flesh/soft tissue that is bumping under or over the back, around the straps or the armpit and haul its ass in to the cup. Repeat at other side. You might need to do it a couple of times (as doing one side knocks the other out slightly)

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:46:24

Thank you, I just tried it with my normal bra and every stuck out every where!

Bravissimo here I come!

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:46:50

Every thing...oops

Make sure you scoop when you are at bravissimo. Sometimes the fitters are a little timid and only kind of get you to shuffle a bit. Depends on your norks, but mine need more of a definite yank!

Chica31 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:07:33

I am certainly in need of a big yank. I thought I was scooping before, no where near enough. After 2 dds and breast feeding for 4 years continuously, my poor boobs aren't what they used to be!

wplum Thu 18-Jul-13 20:09:00

greymoose thank you just been on boux ancenue, their underwear is really nice! Hmm some changes have to be made to the sizing in the supermarkets and high street shops, starting sizes at a 34 just isn't good enough.

JollyHolidayGiant Thu 18-Jul-13 20:25:20

Just measured for interest. Pregnant and currently measuring 36, 48. I expect the first one to go down and the second to go up after baby is here though. I will measure again when BFing is established and buy some decent bras.

At the current measurements that would be a 36HH but yes, expect the ribs at least to shrink

notanyanymore Thu 18-Jul-13 20:40:18

I've been dying to ask for ages but only just found a measuring tape! so, i'm measuring 31" around the ribs and 41" around the boobs... what should I try please?? smile

try a 30GG, 30H, 32GG, 32G

notanyanymore Thu 18-Jul-13 20:44:03

crickey. where do you get bra's from in those sizes? I've been wearing a 34 dd (or e when I could get one) for a while now partly because they're the bra's that are in the shops.

notanyanymore Thu 18-Jul-13 20:45:13

don't worry, i googled it!

Bravissimo, brastop, mycurvesandme, leia, amazon, debenhams, figleaves...the internet is your friend

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 20:59:49

Evening all. I actually had to go into an office for work today so have missed all the bra craziness!

An extra word about shallow boobs. I've a friend who measures 30/35 so technically a 30DD. However she has very shallow boobs with a wide root. She has been doing some Internet shopping after I bullied her into buying a new bra and has ended up with a Cleo Bonnie in a 30DD and a Cleo Juna in a 30FF!

BurnThisDiscoDown Thu 18-Jul-13 21:10:38

Hi, I'm measuring 33 under and 41 around, where would that put me? Wearing 34F currently but it doesn't feel quite right.

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 21:27:35

Burn I'd suggest 34F and FF and 32FF and G. What's wrong with 34F at the moment?

SimoneDeBeaver Thu 18-Jul-13 21:28:02

I've only just clicked on this thread, as had been feeling smug that Rigby & Peller had got me right at 36A.

Then had to admit to myself that that was pre-dc3 so six a few years ago blush

Soooo ... tape measure says 34" under and 39" around. 34D??

GinOnTwoWheels Thu 18-Jul-13 21:29:30

I've just been and measured cos I'm avoiding doing anything useful, and by the Mumsnet approved method, the numbers are 31 and 39. So what does that make me?

I currently have some Panache superbras in 32E and 32F, that I was fitted in by Bravissimo but the bands have stretched and I need new bras - I can probably get my whole hand under the band even on the tightest setting. I only have 3/4 bras that get worn all the time on rotation and I think they're all at least 3/4 years old blush.

I'm probably about 10-14 pounds heavier now but most of my excess weight is on my bottom half, I'm not 'squishy' around the ribs.

I think that bras might be one thing that, if we can, we should 'allow' ourselves to spend a bit more on, because I if start looking in a supermarket or Matalan or the Debenhams sale rack, with my list of 3 or 4 sizes and then having to account for different styles fitting differently, I'm going to end up a hot sweaty mess and my head will explode grin.

If I ordered a load by mail order, most would have to go back and the credit card bill for 10 or more bras in different styles and sizes would be massive.

So even though it might not be the cheapest option per bra and I'm still hoping that that extra 10 pounds might magically disappear overnight so my size might then change, I might have to go to Bravissimo because then all I'll have to do is sit in the cubicle while a lovely lady runs in and out with armfuls of bras, and all being well, I'll walk out with a couple of nice new properly fitting bras.

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 21:30:12

Probably a 34DD

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 21:31:31

Gin. Try a 30FF.

PuppyMonkey Thu 18-Jul-13 21:36:53

I'm a 34A that's quite happy with my current bra. I read some previous threads on here so measured myself and came out 32:34.

Did I do it wrong, cos I worked out that made me 32b according to the new rules. Tried a bra on in that size and ffs it was too tight and my boobs didn't even come near to filling the cups. Yes I scooped. Im back in 34a and still very happy in that size. Just saying.

SimoneDeBeaver Thu 18-Jul-13 21:38:02

Wow. OK I will order a few - thanks Sorrel smile

Puppymonkey, bras are like jeans. They aren't all the same so trying one and saying it's definitely not your size doesn't really work. However the 34a is the sister size to the 32B so is not a million miles off, so in some brands and bras that may be a better size for you. However I would suggest that you also try 32B whenever you are buying bras and get which one fits best.

PuppyMonkey Thu 18-Jul-13 21:48:51

Ok will give that a try. But currently have quite a few 34A bras which all fit me very nicely, so seems like 34A really does work for me. I must be a freak of nature. grin

MorningHasBroken Thu 18-Jul-13 22:10:27

I've been wearing the same size bras for, hmmmm... 17 years? always been a 34b, though went up a 34c when pregnant and breastfeeding but lately have realised all my bras gape at the top (combined with ds yanking my tops down all the time, not pretty for passers-by!).

Have just measured and am 30 / 34.5" around. What size would that make me?! am very excited at the thought of not flashing nipples everywhere I go!

BurnThisDiscoDown Thu 18-Jul-13 22:14:25

Celtic, it's just that the straps fall down a lot and the band feels a bit loose, cups seem ok though. Tbh it could just be the cheapy asda bras are a bit rubbish! grin

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 22:23:12

Morning try a 30DD

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 22:45:11

Burn straps falling down is usually a band too big thing so try 32, might work better for you. I measure 31 ish but 30 works better for me.

DwightFry Thu 18-Jul-13 22:53:41

Ok, my turn. I've been wearing a 34D as fitted by R&P 18 months ago, but I've just tried scooping (not done it before properly) and I have four boobs! Not a good look.

So, the numbers are 33 under and 40 around. What does that make me, please? Oh, and the straps are ALWAYS falling off my shoulders, it drives me (and my mother, and my sister) mental. There is a family joke about sloping shoulders, as we all stand in a line hitching our straps back up...

moggle Thu 18-Jul-13 22:57:02

I wear a 34B, just measured myself using the reddit guide and I come out at a 28F?!!! Nearly fell over. Did it twice to checkUnfortunately can't get to a shop to try on bras until next week (and even then presume they won't have much in the way of 28F) but can't wait to see if it's even remotely close... woo!

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 22:58:08

Dwight given your strap problem I'd start with a 32F and sizes either side.

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 23:00:23

Moggle you might be better ordering online for a decent selection. Lots of the online retailers offer free returns and Bravissimo offer unlimited free exchanges until you get the right size. It's also worth walking about, sitting, standing, jumping up and down etc when trying on a bra which is hard to do in a shop!

DwightFry Thu 18-Jul-13 23:03:41

Thanks Celtic... that sounds enormous! I'll see how it goes.

MorningHasBroken Thu 18-Jul-13 23:09:58

oh my goodness. always classed myself as being a bit chunky with small boobs but DD is, surely, entering into the realms of 'large'? What with this and the fact I've lost about 10lbs over the last 2 months, I'll have to rethink my entire self image! grin

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 23:13:04

A DD on a 30 band is really quite small, volume wise compared to say, a DD on a 38 band.

CelticPromise Thu 18-Jul-13 23:15:47

It's not really Dwight, 32DD would be very roughly close to 34D in terms of cup size so it's only two cup sizes up at the most. Happy shopping!

Morning this is the thing, the media would have us believe that any large boobed celeb is a DD which is nonsense, and also all DD cups are not the same. A 30DD is much smaller in terms of volume than a 36DD. There's a great diagram showing this on one of these threads, if Sorrel comes on I'm sure she'll post it again.

SorrelForbes Thu 18-Jul-13 23:24:38

Can I join in? I'm currently wearing a random assortment of ageing nursing bras. Pre-bf I was a 34B ish. Now my measurements are 31/39. Whaddyareckon?

start with a 30G, 30FF, 32ff and 32F Praying4Beatrice

grubb Thu 18-Jul-13 23:59:24

Help... wear a 32c but measure 28 round and 34 when drooping forward. Surely I cant be a 28 E? My boobs are a bit empty at the top so sadly I suspect I won't fill an E as it is all saggy skin...

I would start with the 28E - remember volume is relative to band size so a 28E is not the same size cup as a 32E. It is easier to spot a cup that is too big as well so give it a try, scoop lots and then if necessary go down a cup until you get the right one

A 28E has roughly the same volume as your 32C

bloomingfrazzled Fri 19-Jul-13 07:45:54

Hi, I own one bra that was a bit of a panic buy and it never sits right - I have just measured and it came up as 35 and 41 - can anyone tell me what this means please? I am intrigued by this topic and hoping that I can treat myself to a new bra that actually fits properly! Thanks.

SorrelForbes Fri 19-Jul-13 08:23:22

blooming. Try 34F/E and 36E/DD. I suspect that the 34s will be better for you.

Morning Sorrel!

ChocChaffinch Fri 19-Jul-13 09:09:37

what is actually the difference between a d and a dd or c and cc for example? which is smaller? the double letter?

SorrelForbes Fri 19-Jul-13 09:16:42

Morning Stats! Off to visit relatives for the weekend. DH is diving so I've got three hours to be a passenger and relax and mumsnet

SorrelForbes Fri 19-Jul-13 09:18:26

Ok, an AA is smaller than an A. A DD is bigger than a D. Not all letters then have a double letter after them though (confusing!).


ChocChaffinch Fri 19-Jul-13 09:25:59

that system is just...crazed grin

HazleNutt Fri 19-Jul-13 09:30:46

and that's just some brands. Some have DDD instead of E. Some also have I. Some don't have double letters. So whenever you are buying a brand you have not tried before, it's a good idea to check what system they are using - I just managed to order a G that due to not using double letters is really an F and therefore way too small.

I think it's a case of getting it out your head that the higher the letter the bigger the boobage. I'm a D/DD cup but that means absolutely zilch without the number.

Can you help me please?

How far forward do you lean to measure round the nipples and how tight do you pull the tape measure?

I'm currently in a 34dd but it leaves red marks under my boobs and around my back and I feel the cups are a bit loose at the top.

When I mentioned that to the bra lady she said it was because one is bigger than the other. hmm

Jelloonsprings Fri 19-Jul-13 10:14:10

I religiously go to Bravissimo to be fitted, and still measure bigger by the method above. 33 inches under bust, and 46 round. That makes me a 32 J or 34 HH if I've understood. Wearing a 34 H atm, fitted by Bravissimo 6 months ago. altho am bf atm. Bra is Ok, but quite often get attractive red marks round the bottom band when I take it off, so surely I don't need to go down a size there?

Would love any words of wisdom.

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 10:56:42

It's trial and error Jelloonsprings, it's quite common to measure bigger than you can comfortably wear at larger cup sizes, because tissue shape and density makes a big difference - soft, squishy, long, or empty boobs may well fill a smaller cup better. Firm, round, or full ones may well need the larger cup as indicated by measurement. Cup size is all about fine tuning and your 'core' measurement is just a starting point.

Velve Fri 19-Jul-13 11:15:06

Oh heavens. It's a Freya disaster.
I went bra shopping at the weekend, but all I couldl get my hands on were Freya in my town so I tried them on and all 30 bands were hideously large, and as that's all they stocked I ordered 5 bras form Figleaves, 4 Freya and 1 CK in Emily (as I'd heard that it runs most true to size).
Here's how I got on with them after an hour of wearing each (pregnancies have reduced the fullness of the top of my breast so I really need to wear a bra for a while before my boobs settle in there):

1 and 2: Freya Deco plunge in 28G and 28FF. I had heard that the deco also runs large in the cup so I sized down a bit. The 28FF was laughably small and caused all kinds of backfat, armpit escapage. Bleurgh! 28G fit like a glove, was sooooo comfortable and lovely to wear, but after an hour the right cup (the smaller boob) was gaping at the side near the strap at the top toward the centre, while the boob was escaping into the plunge cleavage. Now I get that that's a soft boob issue but weirdly even though I was almost having quadraboob with the left one the cup was still showing through the tshirt. I just don't seem to be able to wear moulded t-shirt/plunges, at all. And the straps were SO wide, cutting into me, admittedly I have narrow shoulders but it was ridiculous.

3: Freya babes in the wood in 28G: Gorgeous pattern and very soft and comfortable but that's it. Got the dreaded torpedo shape which didn't look too bad without clothes on but like a scene from some parody with a tshirt on. The lace wrinkled and gaped at the top because it was too tight and my boob was pulling it toward the cleavage. Annoyingly wide frilly straps that were difficult to adjust.

4: Freya Patsy longline half cup, 28G: Absolutely gorgeous!!! Soft, comfortable. Which is why I'm of course so gutted about it. Gave me lovely round shape and longline seems to suit me perfectly. Band is incredibly stretchy though and with only 2 width settings is not worth the £35 pricetag. Straps wide again, cutting into armpit and after an hour the tops of the cups gaped ever so slightly, even though my left boob was trying to escape so I know a smaller cup would be far too small. It just seemed to be too stretchy and wide at the top.

5: Curvy Kate Emily in 28G: I'm not sure what to say about this one, in all honesty. Would've given me a nice shape but the cups were so small. I might order one cup size up and try again, but I suspect that will give another pointed look. Oh well.

Sorry for the essay but somebody please help! I love Panache and Cleo bras but the underwire comes up too high and cuts into my close set boobs really painfully. I am currently wearing a 30G Marcie (have now shrunk a cup and possibly a band size) and a 28G Juna (which is ever so slightly too tight as well as hurting at the centre). Urgently needing new bras. I am sending these ones back tomorrow so help me choose replacements to try. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

SorrelForbes Fri 19-Jul-13 11:20:24

I can't give much advice on styles but will say that I can't get on with any Freya's (including the Deco) or Curvy Kate unpadded bras. The Freya Deco is particularly bad but to be fair so are most moulded bras!

What about a Cleo Lucy? Seems to be a popular style.

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Fri 19-Jul-13 11:34:10

Just measured myself and 29 under and 37 over. From reading the thread I am diagnosing myself as wide rooted shallow breasts. This explains why bras piss me off so much I only wear them outside the house. Just been and checked bra and yes, the cup ends and sits firmly on my side boobage. That is probably why I am uncomfortable in 34b.
I'd be really grateful of someone could suggest what size and if possible a style I could try too, strapless or with straps. Thank you!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 11:41:21

Start with 28FF and G property. I simply don't know what to say about trying to squeeze FF's into a B cup, even on a 34 band it's about 4 cups too small!

1gglePiggle Fri 19-Jul-13 11:44:34

I measure 32 and 39. Have been to M&s (crap selection) and debenhams this morning and have tried varying ones from 32f-ff-g. However with all of them I have the problem of fat spillage under my arms even though I did the scooping. It just seems the tightness of the band gives me loads of fat and no matter how much I rearrange I can't get rid of it. Any ideas?

I ended up buying a 32e which made boobs look ok so will be all right under a jumper but can't wear it with any sleeveless dresses. Shall I return it do u think? M&S don't seem to do ff size.


propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Fri 19-Jul-13 12:15:16

Thank you, Sparkle. I will go and try some bras on in the suggested sizes. I think because my breasts are shallow/wide root I didn't seem to fill the top of larger cup sizes in a 34 band. So a 34 d or c would wrinkle at the top of cup on me. Not ever tried half cup styles though they might have worked I suppose. I am going shopping tomorrow! It is only since becoming aware this morning of shallow breast/wide root thing that I can see where the problems have arisen! I'll report back in due course.

George don't stock anything smaller than a 32, I'm looking for 28 Nd 30 in C & D.

I can't belive I am 37 and didn't know any of this, my boobs are wide and hang out next to my armpit all day in an A cup!!

Velve Fri 19-Jul-13 12:40:49

Thanks Sorrel. I kind of expected it with Freya, it mostly seems to give a pointy look and be all wonky in the sizing. Likewise with CK.
I just so wanted some to fit as they seem to be the rare ones with low enough wires at the front.
The Lucy gives me a lovely shape but as with all other Cleo bras it comes up too high in the centre and rubs into my boobs, I actually get bruises. Ouch.
It was so easy to buy bras pre pregnancy, now I feel like a weird narrow shouldered, wonky boobed alien.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Fri 19-Jul-13 13:00:49

Ooh ooh this sounds v interesting - currently wearing a random selection of sizes that I bought during pregnancy and breastfeeding so no idea what I should be.

I'm measuring 29 around ribs and 35 around bust...what should I try? I also have crap pointy-triangle mini boobs now rather than nice full ones!

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 15:49:04

Lovely 28E and F to start with and 30 DD and E, 28 may well be better.

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 15:54:38

1ggle that might be to do with M&S bras which are not that effective in a bigger cup, it might be that you need a bigger cup and more scooping, it might be that there is some armpit excess that will escape whatever you do. I always have a bit in my armpit above the band. It's unscoopable and I think it comes of wearing a tight band that fits my small ribcage when I'm actually a bit fat elsewhere.blush

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 15:55:50

I'd return the E. I always find that imperfect bras get banished to the back of the drawer pretty fast.

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 15:58:48

property the 28FF is going to be similar ish in volume to a 34D so it's not THAT big. marriednotdead had posted lots of helpful info on these threads about different bras for different boob shapes so her posts are worth a search. Happy shopping!

Wuldric Fri 19-Jul-13 16:01:24

I normally am a 36D. So I tried this measuring thing and I came up with 32/38. Which I think makes me a 32 E. Is that right? So I tried some Es and inhaling was a problem. Plus underarm fat. I didn't know that I had so much.

I tried a 34E without much conviction, but it seemed to be okay.

Velve I would consider venturing in to Bravissimo branded bras and looking at Ewa Michalak. They are the opposite of pointed and you should still be in their standard rather than custom size range. My boobs are very close together and they work well for me.

1iggle I have a suspicion that M&S bras might not suit you. They seem to all have a fairly standard shape to them which could be why they were a disaster. I would maybe go to somewhere like Debenhams which stocks lots of brands and try a wide variety.

SorrelForbes Fri 19-Jul-13 16:10:28

Although not Debenhams in Plymouth which only stocks about three Freya styles and a couple of panache and that's it!

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Fri 19-Jul-13 16:44:51

Thanks, Celtic. I will search for the posts you suggest this evening. I'm really excited about going shopping now tomorrow!

dustwhatdust Fri 19-Jul-13 16:59:15

Hi can join in and ask the bra gurus please ?
I measure 31 cm underneath and then bending forward over the boobs lowest hanging point - 37cm
I cant work out the cup thing, does it mean that the difference is 6 so I must be 32 F? !!

Hoping it's inches ;)

31 and 37 would suggest trying 30E, 30F, 32E and 32DD

calla23 Fri 19-Jul-13 17:25:21

Velve - I had the same problem with my Cleo bra hurting in the centre so I bent the wires away from the body, just where they were digging into me. It's really comfortable now.

Sorelip Fri 19-Jul-13 17:38:40

Hi, I measured as 32 and 42. What size should I be wearing?

jellybrain Fri 19-Jul-13 17:48:25

Going to measure and then come back later. Battery about to dieblush

Velve Fri 19-Jul-13 18:13:26

calla thanks, I'm thinking of doing it with my Juna as it's new but I wasn't able to return it so was stuck with it. Otherwise it's so lovely and supportive.

Stat thank you, I have just ordered a couple bravissimos and trying the new Tutti Rouge one as well. My credit card is crying as it always takes ages to get refunds from figleaves. Will splurge on EM bras for my birthday in December, too many outgoings until then, boo!

Velve Fri 19-Jul-13 18:14:23

Oh, and Stat which EM styles work best for you? just as a reference point.

I have the S, SM and CHP styles. I love the S and SM, and the CHP is ok but not as good. It is very square and wide though so works under certain necklines.

SoYo Fri 19-Jul-13 18:33:22

I just want to thank all you marvellous bra gurus. I spent 10yrs thinking I was a 36A thanks to M&S (I'm a size 12) then got measured for my wedding bra a 32D but convinced myself it was just a fluke due to fancy French make as M&S in that size didn't fit. I have now realised what a fool I was & that now I'm BFing proper support is more important than ever. I braved it & went into bravissimo today & the lovely lady did a fab job, asked when I'd last fed etc ( unlike mothercare who just told me I looked like a 36Cish) then put me in a lovely, comfy, supportive 32E! You may just have saved my boobs and made my clothes look better to boot!

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 18:50:33

Sorelip 32GG for starters and sizes either side.

1gglePiggle Fri 19-Jul-13 20:01:58

Thanks Celtic and stat. Think I just have to face up to the fact I am a bit flabby so could do with a bit of toning up under the arms!

Curlywurly83 Fri 19-Jul-13 20:11:47

I just posted on the big thread but saw it has reached capacity so hope it's ok if I put my measurements here too! my underbust is 26 and bust 31, what size bra should I be wearing? Would love some help on this, never had courage to get measured anywhere, I normally wear 32a (32b) just now in nursing bras. Thanks!

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 20:16:26

Curly you'd be a 26E but 26s are only available custom made at the moment. Try a 28D/DD to get the cup right. You can tighten the band by sewing or with a thing called a Rixie clip available on eBay.

Rumour has it there are one or two manufacturers considering adding 26 back to their ranges so you never know...

CelticPromise Fri 19-Jul-13 20:18:01

Sorry Curly I meant 26DD and try 28D instead (28Cs being rarer than rocking horse shit).

wine not helping me count!

Curlywurly83 Fri 19-Jul-13 20:29:56

Crazy! Off online bra shopping, hoping for a bra that fits, finally! Thankyou

Toptack Fri 19-Jul-13 21:01:03

Would someone post the 'rules' on this thread, please? I missed the big thread altogether, am currently 8 months pregnant and expect my bra size to change several times over the next few months smile

Wonderstuff Fri 19-Jul-13 21:14:16

27.5 and 31 - talk to me people.

I was disappointingly informed I was too tiny for bravissimo a year ago - I feel I have grown a little. I'm wearing 30C which aint doing it for me.

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 21:29:26

I'd say try a 28C Wonderstuff, but they are known as the rocking horse shit of the bra world, sadly. You might have to try a 30B and alter the back. How does your 30C fit with epic scooping? Too bigg? Too small?

Wonderstuff Fri 19-Jul-13 21:34:42

Boobs fit the 30C but strap too loose, not giving enough support. M&S are now doing a teen bra in 28C - boobs are spilling over a little in my bra - wonder if I can get away with a 28D - annoyingly this was the size I had a couple of years ago but chucked as boobs were too small..

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 21:38:31

Then I'd definitely suggest buying at least one 28D and scooping like a woman possessed for a bit. See if with repeated retraining you can get your boobs to fill the D reliably.

Wonderstuff Fri 19-Jul-13 21:40:38

Thanks sparkle smile

sittinginthesun Fri 19-Jul-13 21:44:20

I've bend half aware of these bra threads, but it's the first time I've clicked on one. I'm hooked!

I'm measuring 35'' underneath and 38'' on top if I lean over etc....

sittinginthesun Fri 19-Jul-13 21:44:53

Been, not bend. Thank you!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 21:51:18

Try 34D sittinginthesun, and possibly 34DD, 36C and D, though I think the 34's will be better.

sittinginthesun Fri 19-Jul-13 21:55:33

Really? I've been in a 36B since ds2 was born. Only certain styles, through and sports bras are a disaster.

I really will give it a go. Thank you!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 19-Jul-13 22:14:36

No, you've never been a 36B! You may have been measured incorrectly by They-who-shall-not-be-named on the high street, but you've never been a 36B I promise smile

Hello could anyone point me in the right direction for which size to buy please?
Just measured as 28 under and 34 over when leaning. Still breastfeeding and boobs have drastically reduced over the last year. Sob!

goodasitgets Fri 19-Jul-13 22:23:00

Purple try a 28E

bloomingfrazzled Fri 19-Jul-13 23:47:08

Thanks Sorrel - I can't wait to go bra shopping!

i can't find a tape measure but marking my place for my non existent boobs.

Sorelip Sat 20-Jul-13 00:30:41

Thank you Celtic! I must go out and get some bras that don't leave my boobs feeling like a building has fell on them.

dustwhatdust Sat 20-Jul-13 01:15:15

thank you statistically challenged - yes its inches not cm - stupid me !

sparkle12mar08 Sat 20-Jul-13 08:03:21

Purplehonesty try 28E and F, you'll need to be sure you can accomodate your fuller pre-feed sizes as well as a slightly softer post feed tissue as well.

hpsaucy Sat 20-Jul-13 12:15:33

I'm measuring 33" underneath and 40" round, what size should I be wearing???

Try 32F, 32FF, 34F, 34E

hpsaucy Sat 20-Jul-13 12:28:39

shock I'm wearing a 36c, no wonder I have sore boobs

DeepPurple Sat 20-Jul-13 12:30:48

I'm 35" and 42" someone please advise me?

deeppurple try a 34FF, 34F, 36F, 36E. The 34s are more likely

DeepPurple Sat 20-Jul-13 12:40:53

Thank you!

Ok. Just measured. Can someone tell me what I'am. 30 tight underneath, 36 loose over

30E to start

30e?? That can't be right maybe I measured wrong. Just looked at some 30e bras online and they'd be way too huge??

the 30e are generally part of ranges that go up to g or higher. The models are likely bigger than e cups.

herbaceous Sat 20-Jul-13 16:36:18

I have a q. I've recently staged my own bra intervention, and got myself some 34e and 34f bras - I measure 33 and 39. However, I'm finding they dig into my ribs under the centre of each boob. Is this just a case of flab, or getting used to them, or a symptom of a bad fit?

It could be a bra style issue - sometime it's the shape, or the trimming at the bottom

This doesn't make sense.
My boobs don't stand perpendicularly out from my body when I stand (as they do when you do the measuring). According to the new measurement/chart, I'm a 34E which is absolutely ridiculous - there isn't enough boob to even half fill an E cup! Measuring makes my boobs really long and thin, as I say, there's never going to be enough to fill anything other than a B or (depending on style) C cup!

I also don't get all this "migrating breast tissue" - if there is bulging around the straps etc. then surely you know you have put on the wrong size bra and therefore don't buy it?

It works for a lot of people as you can see smile

Cup size is relative. What size bra are you wearing just now

CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 17:27:58

Give it a try Hope all these happy people can't be wrong smile

Your boobs will stand out from your chest in the right bra. The dangle measurement is only ever an estimate, but mine droop a lot on the dangleblush and my measurement is accurate.

Also, not all E cups are equal. What size are you wearing?

CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 17:28:20

Afternoon Stats smile

ello celtic. Just back from the park with DD - I so wish I could have set up an intervention tent...there were lots of unhappy boobies

CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 17:36:33

I've been spotting unhappy boobs on the tube. And tried ( again) to intervene my sister who refuses to listen!

sudointellectual Sat 20-Jul-13 18:35:46

Hello! I have another thread going just now about my ugly legs and someone mentioned getting intervented!!

I did this when one of the first threads popped up and changed my size from a 40 dd to 38f

Measured again today at 38 / 52

What say you gurus?

CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 19:38:11

Glaikit that would be 38JJ or thereabouts. You must have some serious overspill in an F??

I say...your boobs have grown! On those measurements you are in the region of 38JJ! I am guessing that if you scoop in your current bra you have copious quaddage?

How does the back on your current 38s feel if you pop it on back to front?

Celtic I think you and Sparkle might be on the psychic bra elastic with sorrel and I!

CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 19:44:44


shock really?? shock shock shock

38s feel ok when I put it on but by the end of the day I'm just dying to get out of it.

I thought I was just about right and the lady in debenhams, who measured by eye said 38f too. My poor squished boobies!

Have you tried scooping? Quite often it's the cause of big discrepancies - lots of boob tissue escaping but backwards/sideways rather than out the front

SorrelForbes Sat 20-Jul-13 20:01:11

Twang! Evenin' all

evening Sorrel!

I will scoop! I might measure again, because I can't believe they have grown. I've lost weight recently! That's why I measured again in the first p,ace.

Are you still going to the Edinburgh meet on 4/8? Might need some hands on advice!

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:05:24



I did the tight under boob measure (got 34) and the loose dangling over (blush) underboob measure to be 44. Could have got less if I had pulled the tape in more tho?

what would I BE ???

SorrelForbes Sat 20-Jul-13 20:07:04

Idid. Try a 34GG and similar sizes (eg 34G/H).

Oh yes I am...why do I get the feeling I should be armed (with a tape measure!)

When I lose weight, I quite often lose it from my underbust rather than overbust which can cause cup growth although not usually inch growth!

Idida...try a 34GG to start

Ok could be 39 rather than 38, but 52 I'm sure about! I can't believe it!

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:11:16

really shock

I am in a Freya 30 FF currently with horrid under arm third boobs

would that explain why?

also, I have UPPER BOOB fullness when I followed one of the links earlier on this thread - what type of bra would I try?

I just feel my boobs are horrible and so is my figure <sigh>

How firmly did you measure the underbust idida?

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:12:35

should I have pulled the tape measure in tightish when doing the dangly boobs measurement, It was loose and I did not squish my nipples (should I have? cos they are erm, sizable)

Man, only on MN can a girl be THIS honest!

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:13:03

pretty firmly

is it meant to be TIGHT TIGHT

(as in cant breathe tight)

Sounds right - only asked because I would struggle to fasten a bra two back sizes smaller than I measure but if you are slightly squishy of torso you may need a smaller back than you measure

On measurements - you are around a 34GG. However, if you put your existing bra on back to front (so the cups aren't a factor) how does the band feel?

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:20:41

ooh ill go and check

and yes a tad squishy in torso

mores the petty...

be right back (ha ha back!......)

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:22:38

a bit too tight on the very last setting.

tho much better than when on the right way

The under wires kill me <sob>

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:23:50

loose boobs actually 45

so I would say

32 / 45now

OK, in that case we are up to a 32J, roughly, I am not surprised the underwires are killing you. The underarm boobs also all belong in the cups so that will be a big part of the difference - when you try new ones make sure to scoop

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:30:47

ahhhhhhhh I see

can I ask something

should I go for the 34 inch tho for comfort? or best to go for the smaller that you could fit in?

wonder where on earth to go to to find one that size????


also what style?!

You measure at 34 but quite a lot of women especially those with squishy torsos and big boobs do wear a smaller back than they measure. It would be worth maybe trying a 34H/HH too.

I'd suggest, if you can, doing a big online order (unless you have a local Bravissimo) from Bravissimo, brastop or similar. Up to a J isn't too hard to find - honestly.

Just ordered from bravissimo!

Are you in Edinburgh Glaikit?


If you are through here at any point (or indeed for the meet up) the Bravissimo is pretty good. Both the Debenhams here and at Livingston stock a decent range of bigger bras although their fitting is...ropey!

Ididabravebravething Sat 20-Jul-13 20:42:00

so would be 32 J or 34 H

think I may have to go to bravissimo!

Yes ropey sound right! But the lady hooked me in by the whole tapeless fitting!

Ah well lesson learned!

I will report back when purchases arrive!

If you have one it is definitely worth going. The cup measurements are only ever a starting point and some people are a couple of sizes off.

hm32 Sat 20-Jul-13 20:58:03

Hmm, I measure 30 and 34 (slightly squishing nipples), so that makes me a 30D? Might have to go try that on in M&S. Have always worn 32A, as couldn't get smaller than 32 in the shops I went to!

Try somewhere like debenhams or john lewis if possible, the quality of m&s bras seems to be ropey just now

hm32 Sat 20-Jul-13 21:04:47

Would M&S have the sizes though (they're local is all)? If I know what size, I can order online from anywhere I was thinking!

Their sizing is off - it used to be ok but recent reports are that they are runing small in the back so bear in mind

Chigley1 Sat 20-Jul-13 21:08:54

Oh god I find these threads depressing. I measure according to instructions and I really am an A cup. The only true one in the world it seems. Think Keira Knightley on a flat chested day.

Sorry Chigley

Nope, sorry, this still doesn't make any sense at all to me. An E cup is significantly bigger than a B cup. I do NOT have enough boob to fill an E cup. Never have, never will.

How come everyone doing this new measurement is coming out needing an E or an F etc? Has anyone measured and found out that actually they need a B or a C?

I do see that you could be wearing a larger strap size and "get away" with a smaller cup, therefore ending up with boob being squished out of the bra and into places it shouldn't be. But I don't have that at all. I have small boobs and they are exactly where they should be.

I also suspect that bra manufacturers (much like all clothing manufacturers) do not all follow the same precise measurements, so as well as every style fitting differently, the brand is also going to make a huge difference.

The brand makes a bit of a difference, but not huge. Like a size either way in most cases.

An E cup is only significantly bigger than a B if it is on the same band size. A 28E is the same volume as a 36B.

We have had a few Bs and more Cs. As a rule they are generally quite small back sizes - 28c etc

doggydaft Sat 20-Jul-13 21:27:50

I have just measured using the "hanging over" method. I'm 34 around and 49 dangling over shock shock
What the bloody hell size does that make me......

Currently wear a 34J or 36HH but neither fit very well.

I'm feeling a bit traumatised actually....

Doggydaft, what is the fit like on your 34j once you scoop? the measurements would suggest a 34K or thereabouts - so 2 cups up

doggydaft Sat 20-Jul-13 21:38:41

Having scooped blush the 34J is too wee....I don't think I can stand to buy anything bigger.
Do bras even come in 34K, sob

lurcherlover Sat 20-Jul-13 21:39:15

Right. I can't find my bloody tape measure anywhere but I am convinced I must be wearing the wrong size as in my 36 bras I can pull the back strap a good few inches away from my body. But I do have small boobs (honest!) - when I stand up straight they're flat at the top and then poke out at the bottom (so they're more like pears than peaches if you see what I mean) and when I lean forward they go like triangles. So I'm a bit worried that if I measure like that the measurement will seem bigger than it actually is as my nips are the peak on the triangle (!) but there's no flesh to back them up with, if this makes any sense whatsoever! Only on MN would I be talking like this...grin

They do, I promise. Bravissimo have quite a good range of them actually

doggydaft Sat 20-Jul-13 21:45:17

Thanks statistically, some of them look quite nice.
Trouble is although I'm fairly near a bravissimo they never seem to have anything in my size. Will have to try online.

Why oh why do my boobs keep growing I'm 41 for gods sake angry

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Sat 20-Jul-13 21:58:26

Well ladies, I took your advice and went shopping today. Currently in a 34b and uncomfortable with it. I measure 29 under and 37 over. I tried a 28 band and a 30 band and the 30 was far better for me. I could only get to a Debenhams today so tried one of their own 30DD and 30E. The DD was definitely too small and my boobs came over the top. The E felt far better. The style I wanted stopped at DD though so I am still searching. My boobs looked absolutely FANTASTIC in the 30DD plunge style though. Truly huge! I felt a million times better than in the 34b. I even took photos to show dh. I felt like an underwear Model grin. He has ordered me to go shopping ASAP and buy new styles. Thank you for your help. For the first time in my life I felt comfortable in a bra (the 30E) instead of wanting to pull at it for kind of riding up onto my breast tissue.


Rascal79 Sat 20-Jul-13 22:03:53

Hi can someone help me. I just measured 32 under and 38 leaning over. Very shallow boobs. Currently wearing a 34 b but not comfy hmm

start at 32E, probably a balconette style as they tend to be good for shallow. Tutti rouge from bravissimo and curvy kate tease me are both possibles.

Rascal79 Sat 20-Jul-13 22:13:58

An e, really???? Can't wait to try one on and see if it works!!!

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Sat 20-Jul-13 22:28:51

It will work, Rascal! The cup will be wider than what you are used to and the result is fabulous comfort. The smaller band means it won't ride up. If I tried a 34c (instead of my usual old 34b) the cup was too deep (my boobs are shallow/wide root) and the top of the cup wrinkled or was empty. With the 30E the bra sat and stayed where it was meant to plus my entire breasts were properly cupped and scooped up creating an amazing effect. Good luck and hope you find a great bra.

Rascal79 Sat 20-Jul-13 22:31:04

Thank you. I'm so excited. Shame it's Sunday tomorrow so can't go straight to the shops!!

MrsRichards Sat 20-Jul-13 22:54:04

Measured 38 and 51 (boobs practically at my waist when leaning over).

Currently in 38GG.


CelticPromise Sat 20-Jul-13 23:01:17

I make you a 38J Mrs. Are you spilling out of your GGs? You might like to try 36JJ too.

MrsRichards Sat 20-Jul-13 23:11:21

Thank you. Not spilling out but not comfortable. Bought 4 new M&S bras last week (tried one on in 38GG, fitter said fitted perfectly, so I bought one in each colour). It was comfy in shop but after wearing for a while hurting under the wires. Put it down to the hot weather. Then saw this thread.

Tried scooping, it hurt (odd...) but got a bit more in the cup which caused spilling out. Band is feeling tight (can't put in back to front)

Feeling cross as spent loads on bras which don't really fit. And they came (via M&S online in plastic bags but with no tags)

hmsvictoria Sat 20-Jul-13 23:14:17

I have teeny boobs (autocorrected to 'blobs', which is an oddly accurate alternative) and have been wearing an A cup forever. I have just measured out of curiosity...

Am 30.5 under, 34 over. Are all my beloved, expensive 32As actually the wrong size??

Thanks statistically. I'm currently wearing a36E or a 34D randomly so a 30 or 32 F or G is a bit mind boggling...

Anyone got a suggestion for a flattering nursing bra range, preferably available online? I'm much too shy to go into a
shop and ask for one of these outlandish sizes -- they might laugh at me! (Am v flat chested when not bf...)

Bravissimo has a few nice nursing bras. The Panache Sophie is popular and quite pretty!

HMS are probably more like a 30C or D.

hmsvictoria Sat 20-Jul-13 23:41:54

shock and wow...

Must rush out to sales and see!

sparkle12mar08 Sun 21-Jul-13 07:12:18

Checking in on the pschic bra elastic for the morning shift!

Send them back MrsRichards, honestly I would. As long as they're not damaged or washed, send them back with a complaint letter about wrong fitting advice. They sold you something that's 3-4 cup sizes too small!

Lurcherlover - can you find some string and a ruler or flat tape measure? If you can pull the band inches away then I think you're right that your current sizing is off.

nooka Sun 21-Jul-13 07:53:21

I hate wearing bras because the strap across my ribs always feels horribly tight. I buy them every now and then because there are times when I know I should wear one, but very very rarely (like maybe once or twice a year) actually put them on, and when I do cannot wait to get it off again.

According to this scheme I am 31:37. In my current bra drawer I have a 32B (which is much too small both back and cup) a 34A which is sort of OKish although does seem to create a bit of bulging under my arms and a 36A which seemed to fit the best (but is strapless so perhaps has different dynamics).

I have been measured a few times and every time the fitter tells me I should wear a tighter strap than I am wiling to tolerate, so I'm very interested to see if this approach might work better, as sometimes swaying breasts, even little ones like mine are not always good business wear!

sparkle12mar08 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:25:53

The reason they feel unbearably tight is because you're wearing something that's nearly 6 fucking cup sizes too small!!!! You have been very badly served and advised and it makes me rage that shops we trust such as M&S and so on, are treating us so damn badly. angry

Ahem. I'll calm down a bit now.

Start off with a 30E, & F and 32DD and E though I think the 30F will be your best bet. Put it on back to front. You should be able to fasten it and pull it away just an inch or so. If that's fine, put it on the right way and scoop like a woman possessed, three or four times each side. The cups should be smoothly filled, the gore sitting flat and the straps nicely on your shoulders. If the cups are bulging, even only very slightly, try another cup size up.

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 08:55:50

Praying do you want the nursing bra itself to look pretty or are you rather looking for good support and shape? If it's the latter, I really recommend this bra:
Feels like wearing a normal bra, excellent support.

Sparkle I literally laughed at that! Yes, when the band is to big but the back much too small the result can actually be damn painful and tight because it's just allll wrong! I suspect Nooka that when the fitter has put you in a tighter back the cup has been much too small so still felt awful. A

As Sparkle says, at 31/37 you will be somewhere around 30E/F or 32DD/E. Don't bother with M&S bras, by all accounts their sizing has gone completely off the boil this season. If you have a Bravissimo, go. You are well in their range so they will have bras to fit you and a huge range of them

newtonupontheheath Sun 21-Jul-13 10:42:42

Please can someone help me... I'm 31 around the back and 41 around the boobage... Bra shopping this afternoon.

Thanks (and sorry to dive in! I've been reading these threads for ages and have only just found my tape measure!)

Start by trying 30GG, 30H, 32GG, 32G

newtonupontheheath Sun 21-Jul-13 11:08:13


Kormachameleon Sun 21-Jul-13 12:45:26

Bra gurus please help

I am measuring 42" under bust

And 57 inches over bust

What size does that make me

I dread to think

Rascal79 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:49:36

Can someone help. I came on here last night with the measurements of 32 and 38 and was told a 32E. I am wearing a 34B.

I tried on some 32 E in M+S this morning and they so did not fit! Tight around the band and really wide cups that were gaping at the top and digging in under my arms. I'm confused???

It suggests a starting size of a 42K however at bigger size the cup measurement does become less accurate/precise and it's also quite common to need to size down in the back by 1-2 cup sizes to get adequate support IME.

Assuming you don't have ready access to a Bravissimo, I would suggest trying make a 40 and 42 in a J-KK to start with, maybe a 38KK/L as well to try and get a handle on the sizing.

Rascal - M&S sizing is shit just now, don't know what they have done but we have had numerous people reporting that this seasons bras are all to pot

Try somewhere else with a range of brands too as they seem to have about 2 cutting patterns. If you are suffering with gaping at the top I would suggest a balconette style, maybe something like the Cleo Juna

Kormachameleon Sun 21-Jul-13 13:12:56

Thanks stat

It's interesting reading that as I know 100% I'm measuring a 42 back but I know it will be too big

I hate anything right but I'm comfortable in 38/40
I cannot believe that size - I've been wearing G/GG

I have really round full breasts - could you recommend a brand as a starting point ?
Thanks for your help

have you tried scooping in your current bras? i suspect that will reveal some serious extra cuppage

Should have said, I'm not even remotely surprised that you are too small for a 42, it's very common. I;d say a majority of the ladies we help who are over a 40 back, and a significant minority of those who are more than about a 36-38, need a smaller back than they measure. There is an article here which explains it.

If you can try scooping in your current bras (and tell me what size/bra it is) then we can try and narrow it down a bit more

Kormachameleon Sun 21-Jul-13 14:05:14

Apologies for terrible typing.

I'm currently wearing a 38gg from marks and spencer t shirt style.

When I scoop I probably have at least half of my boob not covered by bra - I didn't realise how much breast tissue was sitting under my armpit :-0

I am spilling over and into the middle if that's any help ?

MissStrawberry Sun 21-Jul-13 14:21:25

I have been shopping armed with the sizes SC suggested I try. House of Fraser had 5 bras shock in the sizes and I came away with a 32H.

Then went to La Senza and they only go to an E.

Tried M&S as I wasn't asking to be fitted. Lots and lots of bras. NONE in any of the sizes I was trying.

Tried Ann Summers, asked what sizes they do 32-36 up to an E. Told her I was a 32H. She said "Are you sure?" confusedhmm.

Thank you very much SC!

I'm also of the "half of my tit hiding under my arm" variety - even trained fitters have been caught out by my braless boobs and thought I was a lot smaller than I actually am. I have to scoop lots - although it is getting better with good bras.

Now, M&S don't do a FF, so you're actually wearing a G cup in most other brands right now. I'm guessing from what you are saying you probably need to go up at least 4-5 cup sizes - which would take you to a JJ. So I'm thinking probably order a 38JJ,K and KK in a few styles. There is one bra which comes in an L cup (the Bravissimo Alana) however IME it runs small in the cup anyway, and it's also not suitable for breasts which are quite full on top. If you look at the pictures you can see that it closes back in quite a lot at the top of the cup which means it creates quad on full on top boobs. I wore one the other day and every time I went to the loo at work I was paranoid about looking simulatneously saggy and quaddy.

So...bras. If you are quite full on top you need something which is either quite open at the top (like a balconette type) or really quite full but also sort of stretchy (so it comes over the top and doesn't create a bulge)

I'm hoping marriednotdead might appear as she is our ultimate bra styles guru but in the meantime here are a few options. If possible (maybe get the credit card out!) I would order a few different styles, but in each style also order a few sizes so you can get a proper comparison.

panache jasmine goes up to a K but runs quite big in cups.
boudoir beau the fabric is very stretchy (or was last time I tried!)
tango balconette
melody balconette

There are quite a few in Bravissimo so it is well worth an order.

We had another poster who wasn't far off your measurements. She ended up finding that she did need an L cup, but the Alana wasn't working. In her case, we went for a KK in the back size above (so same volume as the L she needed) and she got the back taken in slightly. It's an option to bear in mind just in case you find that because you need the 38 back, you start running out of cup sizes!

MissStrawberry, Ann summers still do the old measuring crap too so I am not surprised you got that response! I get it all the time too (30HH so pretty similar to you) - people just don't believe I'm that size. I think the perception is that a HH would be bigger than my head or something grin

Glad you found something - what did you end up buying?

bubble2bubble Sun 21-Jul-13 14:34:51

Ok I need t buy a tape measure as have searched the house and cannot find one.
In the meantime, I have recently gone from a 36D to a 34 F which is definately and improvement, but I am finding the straps digging into my shoulders after a few hours - anyone know what this means? Is it still too small a cup size? Red welts on the shoulder is not a good look.

Red welts from the shoulder straps means they are taking too much of the strain. It more often than not means the band is still too big - generally paired with too small a cup

What dress size are you?

bubble2bubble Sun 21-Jul-13 14:41:34

Ooh ok. I am a 16 at least

MissStrawberry Sun 21-Jul-13 14:42:13

I bought Fantasie, size 32h, Belle in white.

Currently wearing Tu from Sainsbury's in a 34F. Felt okay when I bought it though it could have just been the best of a bad lot. I once tried on 12 in one day and none were right. I have it fastened on the tightest so agree I need a 32.

Can't remember what I fastened the new one on but it fitted perfectly. The other ones were either definitely no or not sure so didn't buy.

Quite possibly too big in the back - which I know will surprise you. But I'm a 14-16 and a 30 back!

Pop your existing bra on back to front and see how far you can pull the band from your body

bubble2bubble Sun 21-Jul-13 14:52:04

Thanks statistically. There is a decent 3-4 inches of give when I do that, so looks like a no brainer really

It should only be a couple of inches really, so I suspect more likely a 32. To even maintain the cup volume you will need to increase at least a cup size, but try scooping (see upthread for how) in your current bra to assess if it has adequate cup space or if it needs to be a bigger increase.

Kormachameleon Sun 21-Jul-13 14:55:47

stat that is awesome thank you so much.

bubble2bubble Sun 21-Jul-13 14:59:44

32F for starters it is then.

* leaves thread to go and place Figleaves order*

Thank you!

hm32 Sun 21-Jul-13 16:29:53

Ok, been to M&S and House of Fraser. In both, 30 was right. Cup-wise, in M&S a D had them spilling out, DD inconclusive, couldn't find an E to try. In House of Fraser, tried a few Freya bras. DD was too big (was trying them over current unpadded bra as have a bit of a thing about bra hygiene esp as currently bf!), couldn't find a D in my size. Like the bras though. So... measurements are 30 and 34. Would a Freya 30D be likely to fit?

It certainly sounds likely. However - you will need to try them without existing bra I'm afraid. You're not going to get a good enough idea of fit otherwise - you won't be able to tell if the wires are in the right place or scoop in to it

nooka Sun 21-Jul-13 17:49:49

Thanks Statisticallychallenged and Sparkle. I will try your suggestions next time I am in town. It does feel surprising that I should need such a big cup because I have always thought of myself as being very small on the breast front, but if I end up with something comfy then that's great, and it would certainly be nice to have dd get it right from the beginning.

I note you are advising there should be some give on the chest strap which sounds good to me, I'm quite ribby (although not as much as I used to be) so a tight fit on top restricts my breathing. I don't think I've much to scoop though, my breasts are quite conical except when I lie down and they disappear (the result of them ballooning up when I stopped breastfeeding I think).

On a 30 back (for example) an F really isn't huge - I know it sounds it though. It's also easier to recognise a cup that is too big - so start with the scary big sizes and work down if you need to.

example of a 30F here

and another

middleagedspread Sun 21-Jul-13 19:12:20

I've just done mine
35 inches

Does that make me a 34B?
I've been an AA/A all my life. My existing bra cups seem to fit, but I do have very unattractive arm pit spill.
I thought it was my fleshy body blush

Lets go on fit rather than measurements as its more accurate at smaller sizes. The bra which currently gives you armpit spill - can you pop it on please and try scooping (description of how to do this upthread?)

middleagedspread Sun 21-Jul-13 19:20:35

Statistically, I've just done it but then get a major cleavage. It's false though for me because I always wear super padded or gel filled bras.
I'm very self conscious that I'm lacking in the chest department.
I did consider going up to a 36 but can see that would be too big.

Going on that I would say you need to go up in the cup from where you are. The armpit spill is a classic sign that the cup isn't big enough as that's actually boob and needs to be in the cup - which is why you scoop smile

Even with a good gel bra, you shouldn't be spilling out if you see what I mean. I would try a B in the 34 back to start with and see how you get on with that - don't be scared to try bigger cups and pull all that armpit stuff in.

middleagedspread Sun 21-Jul-13 19:38:45

Thank you so much, I shall go & try one and report back.
It would be great to be a B, I always buy cup sized bikinis & there are so few in an A.

Kirabelle Sun 21-Jul-13 19:45:16

hmsvictoria you measure the same as me-I have nothing on top and have always worn a 36 Ashock-I have never understood how I need a 36 width but if I try a 34 width it is too tight across my back. confused. I have always thought that no other woman is as flat chested as I amsad.
And now it appears I might actually be a 30D.I measure 30 across and 34 underneath.Is this,me a D is not humanly possible I tell you!

vjhist85 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:47:48

Bra geniuses... I've just measured myself as 35/49, am I right in making this a 34JJ?!? I wear 40DD atm! I'm of the fleshy back variety. Also- I stopped bfing my 4mo 3 weeks ago, am I likely to get any smaller still? Haven't had any engorgememt or discomfort for a couple of weeks, but this is my first dc so not sure how long they will take to deflate!

It is possible kirabelle, I promise. I suspect the 34A always felt too tight because it didnt have the cup volume you need. If you are currently wearing a 36A, that has the same cup volume as a 30D, just a different shape. A 34A would have a smaller cup so feel tight

A true 30D here. no huge mammaries, see!

vjkist...can't answer about the bfing but at current measurements I would suggest a 34JJ or thereabouts is right. Try scooping in your current bra - you might get a fright

Kirabelle Sun 21-Jul-13 20:06:54

Thank you SC -I will try a Bravissimo one and let you know it goes.You should be paid for this wonderful help and advice regarding our norks you are giving us all.thanks.

Kirabelle Sun 21-Jul-13 20:09:22

Sorry meant to say Im a 30 underneath and 34 across when I bend over.Does that sound like a 30D?

It sounds like a 30D would be a place to start. You will have a good choice - look at brastop, bravissimo, debenhams, amazon, mycurvesandme etc

nappyaddict Sun 21-Jul-13 20:31:08

I'm a 32 underneath and 38 across when I bend over.

Itchywoolyjumper Sun 21-Jul-13 20:33:47

Oh my goodness, I'm 31 on the band and 37 over the boob, I think that makes me a 30E. Can that be right? I've been wearing (albeit not all that comfortably) a 36B.

CelticPromise Sun 21-Jul-13 20:34:11

32E for starters nappy

CelticPromise Sun 21-Jul-13 20:35:04

Maybe even a 30F itchy.

Itchywoolyjumper Sun 21-Jul-13 20:42:04

Cripes! grin
I've just done the swoop and scoop and it would appear my chesticles are enormous, that's bloody amazing, how did I not know?

nooka Sun 21-Jul-13 22:19:15

Thanks for the pictures StatisticallyChallenged, those women do actually look quite like me smile Makes me much more confident to try the bigger cup sizes!

sydneysuze Sun 21-Jul-13 22:58:05

Ok I've noooo idea what size I am having read these. Been wearing 36B but just measured 34 under and 41 across nips when bending over. What should I try? I always had AA cups until kids came along so I'm flummoxed

34f as a start point

and you were probably never really a double-a ...

CominThroughTheWry Sun 21-Jul-13 23:20:31

I've just read the whole thread in the vain hope of finding someone similarly sized... grin

I currently wear a 38e, I measured today and I'm a 37.5 round torso and 48.5 round the full part.

Wearing an M&S Light as Air, but can pull it about 3.5 inches from my body. I am also a bit squishy of torso. blush

I suffer from tremendously tender boobs, now I fear it has been my own fault for picking the wrong bras.

sydneysuze Sun 21-Jul-13 23:39:15

Wow! Thanks SC! Will try a few on next time I get a chance. Here's hoping what I think of as armpit flab can magically become boob thanks

VeryDullNameChange Sun 21-Jul-13 23:48:36

Gosh those photos are interesting. I'm definitely going to try on a couple of 30C/Ds along with my usual 32B next time I go bra shopping.

CelticPromise Mon 22-Jul-13 00:06:02

Comin I make you a 38GG/36H or thereabouts. but given what you say about band size try 34 as well, you go up in the cup so 34HH.

I expect you have overspill if you scoop in your current bra?

CominThroughTheWry Mon 22-Jul-13 00:20:26

Thanks Celtic, I'll try that!

Ashamed to say the overspill is catastrophic when I scoop. No nipple coverage whatsoever.

My other half laughed so hard when he helped me measure. We only had string and his metal measuring tape. When I scooped he actually started wheezing.

Then said somewhat hopefully, "will a new bra mean they won't be so tender all of the time?"


nappyaddict Mon 22-Jul-13 09:39:41

What is the reason for bending over and measuring across the fullest part of your boobs hanging at 90 degrees, rather than measuring across the fullest part of your boobs standing up? Even when I've been fitted in shops that don't add on 4/5 inches they've never done that.

Also why did shops always used to add on 4/5 inches? I don't get how that's even logical!

in an ideal world you would measure over a beautifully fitted bra which lifts your boobs up to the heavens but is not padded or minimising or..or...or

but if you owned that bra then you wouldn't need fitted. grin bending over gives I measurement remarkably close to excellent bra and a lot more accurate than naked bra less upright or bad bra. good shops do it by eye a la bravissimo but the leaning seems to be as close as you can get with a tape measure

Stat, are you a fitter somewhere? I want to come see you! grin

nappyaddict Mon 22-Jul-13 10:12:24

SC Where did you find out about the bending over thing?

A lady in Debenhams once taught me to scoop so have done that for ages anyway. I currently wear 32D's and they seem OK in the cup, so I can't see how I could need a 32E. They are possibly a bit loose in the band but they are all years old so that's probably due to them stretching.

I can't actually remember!

it's right on average and more accurate than any other tape measure method but there is variance. Some people are bang on, most clustered one or two cups either side and a few total outliers. its only ever a start point and there is tonnes of info on the blog about how to check fit and adjust from there.

KatyTheCleaningLady Mon 22-Jul-13 11:18:19

Apparently, the adding four inches thing is from the days before lycra. Bras had less give and so needed to be looser.

I just bought four bras at Asda. I am officially in a 34C!

I really recommend that you try a variety of styles. The balcony was a disaster, but I look great in a t-shirt bra and fucking fabulous in the padded "two sizes up" bra. grin

My initial reaction to the tighter band did throw me, but with the shoulder straps set right, I am quite comfortable. And, to my surprise, there aren't really any fat back bulges.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! I have tried on 47,712,381 bras and I'm still not much nearer to finding one. I've just found one that I think is ok but want to check a few things.

Firstly, balcony bras aren't supposed to cover your whole boob, are they? The bra I've got hopes for (Curvy Kate Lottie) is a balcony and it does seem to fit really well except there is a lot of wobble on top (I am fairly overweight, hence wobbling) Would a full-cup help to stop some of this wobble? I am guessing it would but I haven't found any full-cups that fit and I'm about to go mad sad

Second question - I tried on a load of Curvy Kates and with only one exception, the lace at the top of the cups gaped quite a lot. I'm fairly convinced the band size is right and the wires sit flat against my chest - so does this gaping mean that the cup is too big or is it just a style thing? 36JJ, btw.

Thank you!!

nappyaddict Mon 22-Jul-13 11:38:28

I've just seen this bra on the bravissimo website.

Is that bra a good fit on the model?

sparkle12mar08 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:44:33

If you look closely at her cleavage and the way the gore sits, I'd say it's possibly a cup too small. But it's a fine line tbh.

SorrelForbes Mon 22-Jul-13 11:49:26

PassTheTwiglets No, many balconettes and half cups definitely won't cover the whole boob. I wobble a lot in some of my half cups! The Lottie isn't that low a cut though so are you sure you don't need a bigger cup? What does it look like from the side?

I don't get on with any CK unpadded styles so the lace thing might also be a style issue with you too. Have you tried a smaller cup in any of them?

Betty5313 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:02:13

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to sorrellforbes for helping me, had designated myself a 30 band rather than a 32 (wore 32 comfortably in late pregnancy when my ribs had expanded so it was obvious that I couldnt normally be a 32! now I am in a 28dd instead of my old 30b, I look like I've lost several pounds and I'm standing up straight! if it makes that much difference to my really small bust, can only imagine what it must be like to wear the wrong bra when you are bigger!

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 22-Jul-13 12:16:33

ok - I have been prompted to come here by the fact that my bra is hideously uncomfortable today (I suspect the weather isn't helping)

Is there a graph somewhere to work out sizes this way as i've tried all the usual ways of measuring and worn various different sizes but i'm pretty sure I still haven't found the right size blush

I'm 37 under and 44 across the boobs

try a 36f, 36ff, 38e and 38f. what are you wearing just now

sparkle12mar08 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:24:17

Try 36FF to start with, and possibly 36F, 38F and 38E. Think you'll find the 36FF your friend though smile What are you currently wearing?

Sorrell, no I haven't tried on any smaller CK ones. These are the first batch I ordered and I thought I'd find out whether it was a style issue or a cup size issue before I tried a smaller one.

I think the Lottie looks ok from the side but it's so hard to tell. There's certainly no overspill...

MissStrawberry Mon 22-Jul-13 12:30:07

I just wanted to say thank you again to SC. I am wearing my new bra today and it is very comfortable. I will be hoping to get another couple but the kids are off and I doubt the local shops do a 32H.

Passthecake30 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:41:24

Oh no....just swooped and scooped and it appears my bras don't fit me anymore....busting out of the top. oops. Running off to measure.

Passthecake30 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:46:09

29 under, 39 hanging forward...??

SorrelForbes Mon 22-Jul-13 13:00:55

PassTheTwiglets Are your boobs fuller on the top or the bottom?

somepeople2013 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:06:48

I need to go bra shopping and have been reading this thread and now worried lol! measured at a 32D in la senza about a year ago. just measured myself and im 30 under and when I measure around its 38 - what would that make me?

Apprehensive about getting measured anywhere!

Passthecake30 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:14:17

You'll be similar to me lol....I'm wearing a 32dd and measure a 29/39... Waiting in anticipation of the experts to tell me to go shopping :-)

sparkle12mar08 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:22:25

At 29/39 you need to be trying 28GG and 28H, and possibly 30G and GG! Permission to shop granted!

sparkle12mar08 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:23:11

30/38 is 30FF, somepeople.

Passthecake30 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:33:50

Omg....(runs off to the shops to scoop!)

Are your boobs fuller on the top or the bottom

I didn't know there was a difference! But a quick Google suggests they're fuller on top.

If it makes a difference, a Bravissimo fitter sent me home with a Panache Tango Balconette that fitted well. This was a few years ago and I've put on weight (and got a bigger cup as a result) since then - not sure if that would alter the basic shape. I was reluctant to get another one of those as it was SO uncomfortable for a while - left me with huge red marks every day for months before it became comfy. But maybe I should give it another try in a new size...

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 22-Jul-13 14:16:36

"try a 36f, 36ff, 38e and 38f. what are you wearing just now"

oh 38b from Next

I have a mixture of 36 and 38s in b & c

MissStrawberry Mon 22-Jul-13 15:24:10

I really think the shops are missing a trick.

My advice

Better systems for showing the bras in the shop - some went 32A, 32B, 32C, etc on the rack. Some 32B 34B 36B etc. Meant it took forever to look through them all. And why do they hang them so high??

Make some 26 and upwards. Seems like plenty of ladies would need a 26 inch band.

Change your perception of large. M&S trumpeting they do up to a DD is ridiculous when even a H cup doesn't necessarily mean the lady is beach ball size. Stop with the DD+ nonsense. Way to make ladies feel abnormal.

I just took a look at the M&S site and they have a video for putting the over 55 year breasts. Why??

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 22-Jul-13 18:49:14

So are there certain brands where the sizing is consistent - I know there seems to be a difference between the next sizing and the Debenhams own and I read on a bra website some time ago that the French brands tend to be smaller.

Any suggestions?

StiffGandT Mon 22-Jul-13 18:56:10

Just wanted to say a 'thank you' to the bra guru's. I went for a fitting at Bravissimo today and now for the first time ever have properly fitting, supportive bras. Without these threads I wouldn't have know I needed to go there! smile

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 22-Jul-13 19:16:48

Maybe I should try them then - I have to say I would never have considered going in there but so far i've never found one that fits on my own!

SorrelForbes Mon 22-Jul-13 19:31:33

You should definitely go. It's a really pleasant shopping experience.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Mon 22-Jul-13 20:08:06

There are so many bra threads I can't remember where I asked for advice.

But thank you all! I have now been fully interventioned!


Went to Bravissimo today, very busy and couldn't get a proper fitter but I did try a variety on with all the advice in mind and look like I've had a boob uplift! It's fantastic . The band feels tight but sits on my ribs rather than my boobs (it has a couple of inches give when i stretch it) and I feel I walk taller.

Ex36C turned 30FF.

BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 22-Jul-13 20:50:53

i'd have to buy a new bra before I let anyone look at me though grin

Bluesky - I can assure you they will have seen it before! smile

Tondelayo wow, that's a big change. Must look very different!

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Mon 22-Jul-13 21:08:45

Yep, 30.5 under, 39 round boobs.
No wonder my tits looked so sad until today!

MissStrawberry Mon 22-Jul-13 21:13:11

I am having a bit of a pickle and not sure what to do.

What's up strawbs?

CarefulUpThere Mon 22-Jul-13 21:26:28

Ok, I'm 29 under and 30 over. Does that mean I'm another true A cup?

SilkySocksSinkShips Mon 22-Jul-13 21:26:45

Hi, I have no idea how to find out which size for measurements...could someone help please?!

I'm 31" under and 36" across. I've been wearing either 34C or 36B, am I getting this totally wrong?

MissStrawberry Mon 22-Jul-13 21:26:57

Old bras are all 34's.

New bra is 32H. I need more than one but can't get to the shops until Saturday as kids are off. Plus not sure where else to try. Do I order on line? IIRC I tried another 32H on which wasn't a good fit so how do I buy without trying on as I would like different to what I have got. I'm used to lots of different bras with matching pants but currently just try and have 3 as I have lots of pairs of knickers and trying to lose weight so 3 is enough.

Possibly carefulupthere - but at smaller measurements trying on is essential as the cup size can vary quite a lot. What do you wear just now and how does it fit

Silky, try a 30DD/E and 32D/DD to start

CarefulUpThere Mon 22-Jul-13 22:27:17

Actually I just wear "secret support" style cami tops which are perfectly fine!

Did wear 34 AAA for a while when wanted a bit more definition but now just want to be comfy so don't even bother. I have tried on a lot of 32/30 A and Aa's over the years as shops have them as opposed to the 34 AAA (which I got online) but the cups always seem to sit way too close together so the outer edge of the cups is digging in my nipples- uncomfortable and looks silly. M&S told me I was 32B I think- cups were massively too big.

So I was only asking for theoretical reasons really plus I was hopeful i could join the v select mumsnet "true A cup" club smile

SilkySocksSinkShips Mon 22-Jul-13 22:30:26

Woah, really?! Thanks Stat I'll try some on soon.

a 32b would be too big I would maybe try a 28b/c and a 30b given the a isn't right. If you are wider set look for a balconette. Definitely not a 34 anything though

missstrawb I would order a few online and be prepared to send back. brastop bravissimo mycurvesandme all good, ,some bargains on amazon with free delivery and returns too

SirRaymondClench Mon 22-Jul-13 22:55:30

Ok Gurus - rib cage 28" and over boobs 37" These are my measurements!

Sorrell, you asked about boobs being fuller under or on top - do balconies or full-cups suit one better than the other then?

SorrelForbes Mon 22-Jul-13 23:37:18

Well, I'm no expert on styles but I think that full on top boobs can work well with manyt types of bra. However, it'll be more likely that you'll have wobble/Marie Antoinette stylee in a half cup/balconette if your boobs are fuller at the top. If you're definitely not overspilling then I'd say the bra sounds fine. I googled that specific style and it doesn't look that low cut to me so you must be quite full on top to be getting significant wobble.

SorrelForbes Mon 22-Jul-13 23:50:44

This link may have been posted before but some nice (if rather pricey) bras for those looking for 28Cs.

CelticPromise Tue 23-Jul-13 08:06:27

SirRaymond 28FF/G for starters. What size are you wearing?

CelticPromise Tue 23-Jul-13 08:06:53

G first.

MissStrawberry Tue 23-Jul-13 08:15:43

Thank you SC.

I might be able to shop today, my choices are BHS, M&S, Sainsbury's. Other shops are Wallis, New Look and Dorothy Perkin s but I don't know if they do underwear.

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 08:23:35

MissStrawberry BHS and M&S may have some 32Hs but I doubt very much if New Look will. AFAIK Wallis and DP don't do underwear.

Unfortunately I doubt any of them will have what you need. I think M&S stop at a GG (which is really a G) and our local BHS stops at a G too. Once you go above a G cup bra shopping does become a bit of a PITA. For me, the only local places I can buy bras are Debenhams, John Lewis and Bravissimo. Nobody else stocks them.

Thereonthestair Tue 23-Jul-13 08:44:39

Hi, I seem to be 33 and 37 is that 32 d or 34c? I tend to wear 34 c and even then they seem tight across my back but then I do have shoulder straps slipping. I have a 32 d bikini though and that seems to fit. I really don't have much breast tissue and am big boned but slim (ish) so which shops brands?

I suspect the 34C feels tight because it's a little small in the cup. You have a 4" difference which is a base of a d cup. Because bras only come in even bands, I would suggest trying a 32D, 32DD, 34D. If the shoulder straps are slipping it's a sign that the band is too big which suggests you need the 32. So try the 32D and DD. The D will have the same cup volume as your 34C so my best bet is the 32DD but it will vary between styles

MissStrawberry Tue 23-Jul-13 09:22:25

I can't face John Lewis as I am taking the kids to inlaws and the other shops are in the way home, JL is double but if I can't get anything in the localish shops I will go to JL at the weekend. TBH the last time I went I didn't have a great experience.

Given that you do now have an idea of your size I'd just order online. None of those will sell what you need sadly

SirRaymondClench Tue 23-Jul-13 10:25:05

Celtic I am wearing 30FF. The last time I went for fitting was years ago!

Can I join in please?!

I'm 30/37. I bought a 30G at M&S (despite them saying I should try 34 or 36 back size). I scoop, it fits beautifully, boobs look like boobs again.

However, I have come to put it on today and my ribs feel bruised under the wires. Is this because I have bought the wrong size, because the bra is a different style to usual or because I am finally wearing the right size and I will get used to it?

An M&S 30G is a 30FF elsewhere, and your measurements would have suggested a start point of a 30F so I would guess a 30FF is about right

However - there have been numerous reports of M&S bras being a bit weird this season, small backs and poor quality. So I would maybe try a different 30FF to start with. You definitely shouldn't be feeling bruised but I suspect it may be the bra rather than the size

Oh thank you. It was in the sale so nothing too much lost! I had tried 30F which seemed miles too small.

I've had a delivery of two Bravissimo 30Fs one of which seems to fit better than the other. If only I lived near the shop instead of out in the sticks.

Thanks for your help.

Arcadia Tue 23-Jul-13 10:50:00

30 and 36 for me, what does that make me? I usually wear a 34C but have only ever found one that is actually comfortable.

Which Bravissimo ones did you get wherebe and how did they fit? Might help us suggest alternatives

arcadia, start with a 30E

Okay, late to this but have just measured and am 311/2" under and 37". What should I buy? I normally get 32D/DD. Thank you kindly.

You're pretty close with the 32DD, it's one of the sizes I would have suggested. How do the 32DD's fit?

sweetkitty Tue 23-Jul-13 11:49:45

Right I've just found this thread and it was me interested as my boobs are so sad looking these days.

I used to be a pert 34D preDC but 4 lots of pregnancy and BFing not to mention losing weight have left them looking sad.

So I measured I'm 29 inches underneath and 33 inches bent over (is that right as if I don't bend over I'm only 31 inches). My boobs are a awful sad shape now, tiny and empty at the top.

I've been wearing 34B bras with padding hmm

Please help

SweetKitty, how do the 34Bs fit in terms of the cup?

Back size wise, you are looking at a 28 or 30. I would try a 28D,28DD, 30D and 30C. The 28DD and 30D will have the same cup volume as your existing bra (but will feel very different) so maybe start with those.

msshapelybottom Tue 23-Jul-13 12:00:53

Oh blimey! I think I've outgrown my new bras already. I read somewhere that it's possible to go up a cup size (or two) once the migrated breast tissue has been trained into the right place, but I've only been wearing my proper size for 3 or 4 weeks...would it happen that quickly? My 30FF suddenly feels restrictive and tight and I seem to be spilling out over the central gore.

My measurements on my first intervention were 31/39, they are now 30.5/39.5. Should I try a 30G now maybe?

msshapelybottom Tue 23-Jul-13 12:01:25

Oh, and the 32F I have which I was wearing on the tightest hooks is now way too loose. Woops!

sweetkitty Tue 23-Jul-13 12:05:47

The 34B I have on today is a bit gappy at the top but the padding does give me some cleavage.

It does for around the back so how can I fit a 28 or 30?

Thanks, Statistically; the 32DDs aren't bad, although sometimes I find the cups a bit gappy (I do scoop!). Balcony styles don't suit but plunge or t-shirt styles are normally fine.

I hate having big boobs and would love smaller ones. They are such a pain when running or doing exercise - I do wear a sports bra but to get enough support, I have to go monoboob. Sigh.

KateCroydon Tue 23-Jul-13 12:15:41

My first 32FF arrived through the post today. It fits perfectly. I had thought I was a 34D. Eeeek.

I didn't believe it until I tried it on. I mean, 32FF sounds like a freaky Jordan's-third-boob-job size. Turns out it's not.

sweetkitty put it on back to front and then see how far away you can pull the back

sweetkitty Tue 23-Jul-13 12:20:13

I can pull the front a good 3 inches sitting here blush

then it's almost certainly too big. The reason it feels tight is because the cups are wrong-it distorts everything. If you are having gaping issues then something balconette like the cleo juna often works well

sweetkitty Tue 23-Jul-13 12:30:26

I can't wait to go try something else on now grin

Try not to go try on at M&S!

KateCroydon - have you got over the size shock yet?

SweetestThing - you might want to try the freya active underwired sports bra. Whilst it's not glamorous it does prevent monoboob!

CelticPromise Tue 23-Jul-13 13:27:51

Sweetest I've found the Panache sports bra to be very effective and eliminate monoboob (I'm a HH, run and play rugby so I need serious support!)

<scurries off to do some online retail therapy>

Thank you!


I've got two bickering toddlers and I'm covered in suncream at the moment so I can't try my beautiful Bravissimo bras again.

I'll pop back later. Thank you.

MissStrawberry Tue 23-Jul-13 14:33:00

<flops on to thread, hot, sticky, tired, but happy>

As the genius that is SC predicted I couldn't find a single bra in the suggested sizes in BHS, M&S or Sainsbury's. I then tried Asda. Tried on a 34G out of desperation but no good. I had to go into Chatham to Debenhams. Oh joy of joys. They have bras in all sizes, they have ladies who fit, are lovely and HELP YOU. At first I couldn't find anything so panicked but then found a big sale area with labels saying 30, 32, etc etc . How clever to hang by back size. Later I found loads more in my sizes to try having missed them initially and ended up buying 3 bras. Oops.

I got

Fantasie, 32GG, Florence Café Latte, £10.20 down from £34.
Freya 32GG, White Rio Balcony Bra, £25.
Gorgeous 32GG, Pink Print, £16.80 down from £21 plus free pair of pants.
I also got 10% off it all from an online code.

Shout out to Ann who was lovely. I suggested the lingerie buyers read this thread and capitalise on who crap M&S are and do an advertising campaign of their own.

I find it embarrassing that M&S have signs saying DD+ as if they have discovered something no one else has and they are catering for the forgotten few.

Yey! My local Debenhams is pretty good too - I haven't used their fitters recently but in our case when Bravissimo came to down Debenhams suddenly improved massively and started stocking big cups, small backs etc.

Have you seen the LeiaLingerie site (retail arm of eveden who make freya, fantasie and fauve?) they often have some excellent bargains. Brastop too.

MissStrawberry Tue 23-Jul-13 14:40:42

how crap, not who crap blush.

MissStrawberry Tue 23-Jul-13 14:55:04

I did go to Leia in Bluewater to be fitted after a cock-up by Rigby & Pellar but I couldn't face going all that way. They keep sending me money off codes but not knowing my size I was wary of buying on line. I will consider it in the future though.

I get pain around the nipple area in a current bra. Does that mean it is time to bin it?

Hello! I was talking to one of the girls at work about measuring today and she wanted to know where I got my info from. As much as I like her, I don't really want to out myself. So my question is, is there a blog or something I can point her towards with no links to here?

And my bravissimo order has been dispatched! Hee hee!

ooooo, what a bargain, I love fantasie and Freya bras. well made and fit well.

But I had a surprise today, years ago I had changed bra size from a 36B to a 32 D, so I thought I was sorted. Into Bravissimo today and no I should be a 30F or 30FF. They have some gorgeous bras, so bought a couple just ready for my entrée into online dating smile

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 18:47:40

Here's the link to The Better Bra Campaign blog.

lovelydogs Tue 23-Jul-13 19:05:05

hello can anyone help? I've been wearing a 36a for ages recently wondered if its right as still have quite a lot of room in the cup in the upper half. Measure 78cm round (30.7ins?) and 92cm (36.2?) round bust when leaning forward, any advice greatly received!

Nope, definitely not right lovelydogs! You're slightly in between sizes so try 30DD, 30E, 32DD and 32D. The 30E is probably the place to start.

lovelydogs Tue 23-Jul-13 19:29:20

wow thank you so much, off to the shops thursday, will have a good try on session.

Thanks for the link! Off to convert more women!

FairPhyllis Tue 23-Jul-13 20:27:02

Bra people! I am totally converted and will be going to the shops asap! But I have a question about how tight you pull the measuring tape when you do the measurement leaning forward - should the tape be loose or what?

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 20:35:44

Yes, the across bust measurement should be quite loose.

jellybrain Tue 23-Jul-13 21:43:59

Ok 31 under. 36 doing the leaning Fwds thing grin
Currently in 34b which is a bit on the big size. I too have sad little boobies and only ever had a cleavage when BF.

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 21:58:04

jellybrain Try a 30E/DD and a 32DD/D for starters.

jellybrain Tue 23-Jul-13 22:58:41

Thanks Sorrel - will try Debenhams during my lunch break tomorrow.
This is very exciting.... I don't think I've ever worn a bra which fits properly grin

DoctorAnge Tue 23-Jul-13 23:21:58

Hi just found this amazing thread. I have been in rotten bras for 6 years after having DD. what a realisation that I just went back to wearing my Pre- PG bras thinking they would be ok!
I am measuring 34 across ribs and 40 over bent bust - can anyone convert for me I can't see a link to do so?
Many, many thanks.

SorrelForbes Tue 23-Jul-13 23:28:28

DoctorAnge. Try a 34E and similar sizes (eg 34DD/F/FF)

DoctorAnge Tue 23-Jul-13 23:34:52

Thanks so much , wow

newbiefrugalgal Tue 23-Jul-13 23:43:20

Marking place too tired to measure tonight!

FairPhyllis Tue 23-Jul-13 23:45:59

thanks sorrel.

30 and 35 leaning forward if someone lovely would mind doing mine.
I visited an independent lingerie shop a few months ago and she put me in a 28dd.
I haven't worn it cos I can barely breathe in it. So feel a 30 would be a better fit but what about the cup size?
I have a debenhams voucher burning a hole in my purse!

PavingAnotherRoad Wed 24-Jul-13 00:08:14

From 34A to 30DD in the wave of a measuring tape grin

No new bras yet but tried on a selection yesterday as I happened to be in M&S.

What. A. Revelation.

I cannot believe I have walked around believing 34A bras fitted - they are just so obviously ill-fitting now I know the 'rules'. The information in that wonderful bra blog ought to be passed to each and every teenage girl in the country. And studied by every woman who has been badly fitted by a high street store (who really should know better since they choose to label themselves as 'professionals').

I really don't understand how I have managed to get through almost 2 decades of bra wearing and not know/notice that one 'cup-size' can be a variety of sizes, depending on the back size. Just assumed that because my 'boobage' is relatively small (I'm no Pamela Anderson!) there is no way I should even consider anything over a 'B' cup. Utter madness.

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 07:26:32

stand. Try a 30DD. However, that 28DD might have been too tight because the cups were too small. Therefore, don't be scared to try a 28E, 30E and even a 30F.

newbiefrugalgal Wed 24-Jul-13 07:37:51

Ok here are mine: 31.5 and 38.5

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 07:49:48

newbie try a 30G/FF and a 32F/FF

newbiefrugalgal Wed 24-Jul-13 07:53:29

Thanks S smile

Thank you, will get trying some on ASAP & report back.

MissStrawberry Wed 24-Jul-13 08:11:07

I need some suggestions please. Decided to wear a dress today and the straps are quite thin. Tried on the strapless (with attachable straps) bra but doesn't fit (36E, worn twice, so cross at waste) and my new bra shows too much. I have put a vest top on but that doesn't cover the bra either. When I go out I will wear a cardigan to cover up but there must be something I can wear under the dress so I don't need one.

MissStrawberry Wed 24-Jul-13 08:17:04

There was a piece on bras in Woman's Hour yesterday on Radio 4 which might be worth a listen. I only caught the last few minutes. The annoying Jane Garvey was asking if fittings were free. She didn't know. Someone said they were inclusive in the price which could make people think they had to pay if they didn't then buy anything. I can't stand JG so could be being unfair. Maybe get on the radio too grin.

I'm back after trying my Bravissimo bras.

I'm 31/38 (I measured it as 30/37 earlier in the week so my fault) and the 30F is not quite right. The 32EE is too big on the back size. I'm going to send them back and try 30FF/G.

My question now is - the straps of all bras I try on seem to be really straining. Is it because I now have massive boobs (instead of 36Bs!) or the style of bra?

Incidently, I tried the Laurel (balconette) and Retro Bloom (half cup)

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 08:57:57

MissStrawberry Where is your new bra showing? Just the shoulder straps or at the sides too?

I didn't have R4 on yesterday but will try and find that piece on iPlayer.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Yep, I'd say a 30FF/G. Do you mean the shoulder straps are straining? Are you long in the body? Do you boobs sit low down on your chest? I'm a 30GG so not that different a size and I don't get this at all in any bras. I have a feeling that the proper size might solve this for you. I have heard that the Retro Bloom is quite hard to get a great fit with.

I'd love to be long in the body!

I'm 5'2" with spaniels ears for boobs!

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 09:16:45

Perhaps try a few different styles if the credit card can withstand it? What shape are you? Full on top/bottom? Shallow/deep? Wide or narrow set?

MissStrawberry Wed 24-Jul-13 09:23:43

SorrellForbes - without the vest top it shows at the side and along the top of the whole chest area. The dress isn't particularly low cut at all. With the vest top the straps and curved round to the cup area still shows.

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 09:25:13

Which bra is it? Just thinking that you probably need a lower cut style like a half cup or maybe something like the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless.

MissStrawberry Wed 24-Jul-13 09:28:01

Sorrell I would say fuller bottom, quite wide set (can't believe I'm discussing my boobs with you!). I bf two babies many years ago.

I have found balconette styles have fit best previously but that was in M&S days.

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 10:41:53

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo You lose all shame on the bra threads wink Many people with boobs that are fuller on the bottom get on well with half cups and balconettes. The Bravissimo half cups are good for wide set boobs as is the Curvy Kate Showgirl range.

SorrelForbes Wed 24-Jul-13 10:42:21

MissStrawberry That's quite a full/high cut isn't it? Have you tried some balconette styles?

MissStrawberry Wed 24-Jul-13 10:45:19

It is and to be honest I didn't think anything of it as it was the only one in the shop to fit and the dress I have decided to wear today isn't one I wear often. If I can get a bra to wear under it though I will. I bought 3 new ones yesterday so will see if any of those work. I mentioned them previously on this thread. The dress straps are very thin so I may need a strapless bra.

jellybrain Wed 24-Jul-13 16:47:41

Spent lunch break trying on bras in Debenhams. 30 band was too tight so think 32 is the one to go for. Tried a D but serious armpit bulge issues. Ran out of time but purchased a bikini top in 32 dd which I will try at home and return if no good.
Hope the 32 dd works e sounds very scaryblush
Like others I can 't believe I've spent so long in the wrong size bra.
SC I am in awe of your knowledge.thanks
The bit about cup size being relative to band size is a revelation. I suppose it works a bit like shoe size and width.

bigbuttons Wed 24-Jul-13 17:15:47

Using the measuring system and suggestions here, I ordered a 30d la senza bra from ebay. I think it fits ok-ish. Now my question is "why do I now have a roll of back fat either side of the straps?" ( I have scooped!)

I am slim, a size 6-8 with no extra fat on my ribs and back. Surely if you get a tighter band then you will have bulges either side of the straps?
It's not a good looksad

big buttons that normally means cup too small

bigbuttons Wed 24-Jul-13 17:36:27

Or strangely that, the band isn't tight enough. As soon as I put it on it didn't feel much different to my 32b even on the tightest fitting. So anything I scoop just works it's way back out again.
Does that seem like a possibility?

Stixswhichtwizzle Wed 24-Jul-13 17:50:08

Are the bra ladies still around? Can you help me?
I'm back to work soon so looking forward to wearing a non-nursing bra!

I measured my back as 37inches and leant forward and measured my bust as 47inches. Does this really mean I'm a 36H or a 38G?

Surely not...Please advise.

It can be both bigbuttons - scooping basically requires the cup to be big enough to contain it in the first place, and the back to be tight enough to keep it there!

stixs start with a 36GG and 36H- you might need a 38 but most people get on better rounding down

bigbuttons Wed 24-Jul-13 18:16:23

THanks S, the cup's definitely not too small. I took a punt buying from ebay. Didn't cost much. I'll go into a shop when I next get the chancesmile

Stixswhichtwizzle Wed 24-Jul-13 19:18:32

Thank you Statistically Challenged it sounds huge! I will order a few to try.

Ididabravebravething Wed 24-Jul-13 20:08:03

I bought a bra off amazon- 34 H and it fits soooooooooooo much better than the one I had on.

Thank you!!!!

do find that bras cut me under the arm pit in general tho, why is that?

It could be a style thing (some are worse than others) but it could also be that you are just not used to your bra being that far round and will take a wee bit of time to get used to it

emilialuxembourg Wed 24-Jul-13 23:14:22

Bra gurus. I measure 32.5 and 38. What would you say I am? Thanks

emilialuxembourg Wed 24-Jul-13 23:37:18

I would say I'm 32d. Just used the first suggested break size calculator on Google. It put me as 38c.

I would say 32DD/E based on the measurements - what size are you wearing just now?

Pisces1981 Thu 25-Jul-13 07:27:44

Hi Statistically Challenged- I would appreciate some advice too. I am pregnant and have detected that my breasts have grown and would like some advice as I don't really have faith in my local M&S' accuracy.

I am measuring 35 under the bust and 40 around the fullest part of the bust whilst bending over.

Thank you smile

CelticPromise Thu 25-Jul-13 07:48:42

Pisces you'd be 34E/F or 36DD/E I reckon. Usually I'd say smaller band would be better but if you're buying for pregnancy and may grow again you might prefer the 36. If your current cup size is ok you can buy extenders for the back if necessary. Finally underwired is fine in pregnancy as long as it fits properly.

Pisces1981 Thu 25-Jul-13 07:52:54

Oh god - I've been wearing a 36C (but knew it wasn't 'quite' right.) Thank you Celtic Promise; am going for a trying on session later today.

Thanks again smile

emilialuxembourg Thu 25-Jul-13 09:34:08

Thanks statistically. I'm in a 32d. I love playtex and the identical john lewis bra thats made by playtex which fit perfectly. Norks spread into armpits so many styles look wrong. I have to wear underwired and can only wear underwired bikinis. I've always done the scooping.

For armpit norks you might like the curvy Kate showgirls-tease me, , fleurty and entice for example, and tutti rouge from bravissimo. The bravissimo half cups are also quite wide

Passthecake30 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:08:16

Got new bras today...from a riding up/bulging 32dd to a 30ff. PMSL at the fact that I have bras by "curvy Kate" when I look flat chested as ever..the bra fitters were surprised at my cup size too. I'm 6ft, same size boobs on my 5ft 2 friend look huge!

jitterbug85 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:22:57

So I have another convert. DSis is currently in a 38D. Measures 32 in back and 42. So I'm thinking 32G?

32FF to start jitterbug but she should certainly try all sizes around it too as it's easier to recognise a too big cup

SorrelForbes Thu 25-Jul-13 21:28:02

Ummm, on the wine Stats? wink. I make that a 32GG.

Ah crap yes. I looked at it and went "one cup out" and then typed it the wrong way!

Hmmm, my bravissimo order has just arrived, well part of it anyway.

I don't think I'm a 38jj. I'm close but no cigar. I'm not filling the top of the cup and they look a bit sad and saggy and WIDE!

The 38 bit is spot on, but what should it do? This is the bra in question. Should I go balcony?

have you tried anything else, and can you give a wee bit more info about what the cup looks like ie is it wide enough, filled at the bottom, gaping etc.

Filled at the bottom but droopy looking, like a spud in a sock and they sort of point at ten to two. The top isn't gaping but its wrinkled. And the arent "uplifted" enough

No side boob or back fat though!

try something more balcony, ime true full cups never give the best lift. maybe same size in a bravissimo branded bra like alana or candy bliss.

Thank you! I think I may have a wee trippy into auld reekie for a trip to bravissimo.

I actually have the Tango by panache mentioned up thread in a 40f and although I now know it doesn't fit properly, it's probably the best fitting of my current bras.

I will order some of those I think grin

Stixswhichtwizzle Fri 26-Jul-13 19:07:30

I called Bravissimo about exchanging items and received the best customer service ever!

The lady asked me what the issue with the Panache melody was and said in that style the central gore comes up very high. She recommended the Cleo Juna as well as a couple of other styles rather than just waiting for me to give items. She explained that one I'd picked comes up a little smaller in the cup so may want to try another size too etc. She knew all the products so well!

Are you sure it wasn't you SC? <narrows eyes suspiciously>

HotCrossBunsForAll Fri 26-Jul-13 19:16:40

I've finally got round to measuring myself, and I measure as 36 round bottom and 42 around boobs when I lean over. I'm currently wearing a 38B as measured by marks...what should I be wearing or is this ok?

sparkle12mar08 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:19:06

Try 36E and possibly 36F HotCross!

HotCrossBunsForAll Fri 26-Jul-13 19:40:51

Thanks - am off into town tomorrow so will give them a go!

sparkle12mar08 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:45:27

You might also want to try some 34F and FF's too, it's not unusual to need to size down a band.

Could I ask for some help?

I have measured, and visited John Lewis, and now have 2 new 34 D bras- am wearing the triumph amourette, and it looks good ( full cup style, no padding), but by the end of the day it is sore at the sides- not quite under my arm, a bit lower. Is it likely to be the size or the style?

Thank you so much!

Rascal79 Sat 27-Jul-13 13:18:07

Hi. Can I get some advice please. I measured 32 38 making me a 32E. I bought a cleo juna online and have just tried it on. My left boob. Fits it ok but it's gaping at the top. My right must be a bit smaller as there is loads of room! Also I am bulging under my arms no matter how much scooping I do!!!

SorrelForbes Sat 27-Jul-13 13:43:38

Rascal79 Is it the lacey bit that's flapping around or the actual cup? The lace on the Juna is a bit annoying as it tends not to sit flat!

There is info here about fitting for asymmetric boobs.

You may need a bigger cup or a different style. Would you say your boobs are bottom/top heavy? Shallow? Narrow/wide set?

Rascal79 Sat 27-Jul-13 15:24:52

Hi. Thank you. Even the bigger one has a bit if room at the top and not just the lace. I would say they are quite far apart, I find it difficult to get a cleavage. Also there is not much on top and they are fuller at the bottom. If I look at the side on they look a bit like a ski slope!!!

daisychicken Sat 27-Jul-13 15:40:30

Please can someone tell me what size bra I need? I'm measuring 28" under bust and 36" round boobs....

SorrelForbes Sat 27-Jul-13 16:02:16

Rascal79 OK, you may want to look at the Cleo Lucy the Curvy Kate Showgirl range (the balconette styles) and the Bravissimo Tutti Rouge and half cup ranges.

SorrelForbes Sat 27-Jul-13 16:02:41

daisychicken Try a 28FF.

daisychicken Sat 27-Jul-13 16:04:50

SorrelForbes - thanks, that's what I figured and a big change from the 36B I was recommended......... confused

Anyone know where I can find 28FF bras at a budget price?

SorrelForbes Sat 27-Jul-13 16:06:44

Yep, try Brastop, Figleaves, Me & My Curves, Amazon and eBay.

somepeople2013 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:09:44

So I went bra shopping today after being told on Monday was a 30F on here and when in la senza was told if I got measured there I got a £10 voucher - and was measured as a 34C!!!! What's wrong with them, is there a reason they add 4" on?!

daisychicken Sat 27-Jul-13 16:15:24

Thanks SorrelForbes

somepeople it's just the old fashioned/traditional way and shops stick to it because otherwise they would have to drastically increase their size ranges.

Thereonthestair Sat 27-Jul-13 21:35:16

Hi I tried 32 d, 32 dd and 34 d today. I must be odd. The 32 d seemedtoo tight on my ribs under my bust, and left red marls under my arms the 32 dds gave me the 4 boob look, a d the 34 rode up my back and gaped. Mixture of Freya, triumph and John Lewis styles, all full cup as that was what they stocked. What to try next?

32 seems too small (measurement was 33 or 33.5 so I am sure I need 34' but cup seems a problem

emilialuxembourg Sun 28-Jul-13 17:20:01

34C then probably

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 17:29:00

The volume on a 34C is roughly equal to that on a 32D. If a 32DD was giving you quadra-boob then a 34C isn't going to work. The 32D was probably too tight because the cup was too small. The 34D sounds too big in the band.

I'd try a 32E/F (F would be one cup bigger than the 34DD) and a 34E.

I would suggest trying some other styles too if possible.

sweetkitty Sun 28-Jul-13 18:36:38

I went to BouxAvenue today, I said to the girl I had been measured recently (didn't say by SC on mumsnet wink)

I was wearing a 34B and now wearing a 30D and it fits lovely, has slight padding but gives my sad little saggy boobs some uplift grin

I'm a convert now but why do a lot of shops start at a 32? And why are they not recognising that the add 4 or 5 inches is not right?

gindrinker Sun 28-Jul-13 18:49:25

Another one over here... 36C now a 34E.
Measured and thought I'd be a dd... Tried on and got quad boob. Asked the lovely fitter in debenhams who gave the back a tug, told me the back was fine and she'd fetch me a E.

Right then...where do we buy larger bras which aren't too frumpy, DD+ suddenly means wider straps and fuller coverage. sad

Thereonthestair Sun 28-Jul-13 18:55:15

Thanks, will try again next weekend.

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 18:59:15

Try BraStop, Figleaves, Me and My Curves, Amazon and EBay for bra bargains.

Cleo, Masquerade (both made by Panache) and Panache do pretty bras in DD+, as do Fauve (made by Evedon) Bravissimo, Lepel and Curvy Kate

INeedSomeHelp Sun 28-Jul-13 19:26:26

Okay - I think I've done this right. 37" and 43" - what does that make me?

KatyaRachmanova Sun 28-Jul-13 19:31:13

On the back of this thread I measured myself.

I usually wear a 34d but it appears I might be a 30f. Am measuring 31 and 37.

INeedSomeHelp Sun 28-Jul-13 19:46:32

I have looked at two different online calculators but obviously haven't found the one as I have been given two very different answers!

Can someone please help as I have the Bravissimo site open as we speak! Measurements are 37 and 43.

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 19:58:55

INeed. Nearly all online calculators are wrong as they tend to use the old add 4/5" method.

Try a 36F/E and a 38E/DD

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 20:00:01

Katya. Yep, try 30F/E and 32E-DD

Coconutty Sun 28-Jul-13 20:03:26

I measured 34 underneath and 40 when bending forward at the fullest part without squashing myself IYSWIM. I always wear either 36B or 34C. I have never had a comfy bra, what size should I be trying then?!

Start with a 34E

Coconutty Sun 28-Jul-13 20:24:33

My God, 34E? I will try it and feedback tomorrow.

KatyaRachmanova Sun 28-Jul-13 20:51:22

Thanks. Better go bra shopping!

gindrinker Sun 28-Jul-13 20:53:28

Coconutty - I've just discovered I'm also a 34E. Try debenhams they have masses of larger sizes to start you off.
About 40% of the floor space in my local shop is devoted to DD+

INeedSomeHelp Sun 28-Jul-13 21:03:25

Most of the ones I've got are 36ff but I have lost a bit of weight recently so not a million miles off.
Need to practice that scooping thing though as I reckon there is more that needs to be brought round to the front.

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 28-Jul-13 21:16:51

Have just stumbled on this and am intrigued!

Am 31" around rib cage and 37.5" around fullest part. Normally wear a 34B or C?

tiredmummy33 Sun 28-Jul-13 21:41:27

im 31 and 39 what does thst make me?

Coconutty Sun 28-Jul-13 21:43:18

Forgot to say thanks, SC x

KatyaRachmanova Sun 28-Jul-13 21:45:35

Does wired vs under wired make a difference? TIA.

theonlyoneiknow try 30F/FF and 32E/F

tiredmimmy33 try 30FF/G and 32F/FF

Katya I personally always wear wired, I just don't get the same lift or support from non wired

tiredmummy33 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:13:18


emdottyjackson Sun 28-Jul-13 22:23:55

Please can you help me with my size? I measure 30 underneath & 35 over, been wearing a 36A since high school! shock

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 22:28:47

emdotty. Try a 30DD

bigbuttons Sun 28-Jul-13 23:08:00

Well 2nd ebay 'fail' for me. I am measuring 30/34 so 30d. I got a balconette wonderbra and although ok on the band, I can't fill the cups no matter how much I scoop!

bigbuttons Sun 28-Jul-13 23:09:19

I need to go and try some on don't I. Looking at my tiny boobs I wonder if I should go for a 30c instead?

SorrelForbes Sun 28-Jul-13 23:19:59

Which bra was it? Did you fill the bottom of the cups and it was just the top that was baggy or was it more all over?

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 28-Jul-13 23:27:38

Thank you statistically will try some on!

can I ask a question or two?
if the wires dig in under my arm pit is that due to the style of bra or sizing?
I'm wearing dds or e's at the moment although on last measure I'm now an f.
the e cups look a bit small when I first put them on and scoop my self in although by the end of the day the cup seems fine like my boobs just disappear down in to the bra.
where am I going wrong?

I have been to bravissimo! my initial 38jj was a bit out so after trying on more.or.less avery bra in the shop o am travelling.home with a candy bliss a panache Andorra in nude and black in a 38h. booBs look happy

bigbuttons Mon 29-Jul-13 12:22:01

Sorrel, it was the top of the cup that was sadly empty!

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Jul-13 12:33:54

bigbuttons I think you should try some half cup styles. The Wonderbra doesn't look that low cut to me.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Jul-13 12:36:27

cartoon is it a panache bra ? It sounds like a style issue. Panache come up very high under the arm.

You need to scoop throughout the day to keep everything in place. It sounds like the cups aren't big enough to keep everything there. Is the band tight enough?

hi sorrel its a freya Lauren padded half cup.
my back measurement is almost 31 but I wear a 30, surely a 28 would be too tight? I'm going to try some f cups at the weekend.

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Jul-13 14:21:13

I think a bigger cup could work. The wires may not be quite in the right place at the moment hence them digging in. However, you wil find that some styles/makes just won't work for you regardless of size. Personally I can't get on with Freya, their bras make my boobs do that east and west facing thing!

oh no! not a good look sorrel.
I'm wearing a Cleo juno today which I like its just about 2 cup sizes too small!

SorrelForbes Mon 29-Jul-13 14:42:12

I love my Cleos, I have a few Junas, a Meg and a Melissa.

really. ill have a look at some of the other cleos then.

Solaia Mon 29-Jul-13 19:34:52

I'm a little late to the party but can a bra guru advise me? I measure 31.5 underneath and 36.5 around the bust.

I currently wear 36B which, I'm going to guess from the way this thread has gone, is completely wrong. But it's comfy, and I think it looks fine. Or does it? <suddenly paranoid>

I've tried a 34 in the past it was so damn uncomfortable, way too tight, I felt like I couldn't breathe. And it gave me terrible back fat...

the 34 probably looked horrid for a few reasons:
1: I bet you didn't know to scoop
2: the cup was probably too small
3: the back on a 34 is too big so even if you did scoop, everything would slide back out anyway!

I would suggest you start by trying a 32D and 32DD. You may also want to try a 30DD and 30E.

The volume on a 36B=34C=32D=30DD so the cup volume is similar - but it will give you a very different shape. You will probably be amazed at how much more lift you will get

BonaDea Mon 29-Jul-13 19:57:53

Help needed here too please. I don't have a fabric tape but used the DIY tape measure shock

Came up with 35 below and 44 over. Immediately before falling pregnant I was measured in R&P as a 34FF. I have been wearing soft nursing bras ever since which are v comfy but not giving much shape.

I am still bf'ing and will be for some time as DS is just 4 months.

My reading of intervention threads suggests I need to try 34GG. Is that about right?

I tried on an old 34 and it seemed incredibly tight on. If that is the case when I try on in shops should I try 36ff or similar?

My local John Lewis stocks just a small handful of nursing bras but I assume that if I go into London all the dept stores will have enough choice or am I better to order online ( it's just that I am terrible at returning things I order online!).

Thank you experts!!

<skips.through thread with new perky boobs>

I forgot to say earlier my right bob is smaller than my left. I had never noticed before!

Bonadea - did you try the old 34 (presumable a ff) on the right way round? If so , the cup will have distorted the perception. Try putting it on back to front to see how the back feels that way. If you are going to London - just go to Bravissimo!

Ello Glaikit, you aren't bouncing despite the skipping ;)

no bounce! grin

changeforthebetter Mon 29-Jul-13 20:53:25

Hello, 31 back and 46 in the oh-so-attractive bending over pose grin

Would one of you kind MN bra sages be willing to recommend a size or sizes. I have put on a bit of weight since last time I asked blush but that does bring me more in the realms of possible sizes.