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MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 20:27:11

as a lanky bird 5'11 I am always on the look out for new tall web sites fashion blogs etc.

my current faves being (blog)

and clothes from

any other recommendations, tips woukd be great too.

after all petite ranges are everywhere, tall ones should be too.

MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 20:29:23
OnTheNingNangNong Tue 25-Jun-13 20:30:26

Ooh I'm marking my place! I'm 5'11 and I am a New Look tall range shopper, I've recently found some jeans in Primark that are perfect in the leg too!

The ATTT blog is amazing, unfortunately I do not have her body but I love the links to tall clothes, it makes me feel normal. smile

MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 20:36:19

she looks about a size ten, but lots of the dresses etc are yummy, and she even mentions non tall stuff that could be tall.

daimbardiva Tue 25-Jun-13 20:37:56

Oh no, I wish you hadn't started this...I can tell it's going to cost me money.... smile Another 5'11" -er here...

Lioninthesun Tue 25-Jun-13 20:41:36

Ooooh thanks! I'm only a mini 5'10 but have monkey arms and every year one wash of any jumper sees my wrists peeking out. Also am a 33inch leg which seems to be the hardest to find!

mummy1973 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:46:12

Marking place too. I'm 5'10 but have a long body so struggle to get dresses to fit. Got a nice one in Next in tall.

DramaAlpaca Tue 25-Jun-13 20:46:23

I'm marking my place too. I'm 5'10 with long arms & have 34" legs.

Thanks for those links, I'm going to take a look.

The only tall clothing sites I know are which is usually too young for me, and which is too staid & boring.

MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 20:49:26

lion all my jumpers are "three quarter" length I mean full length shrunk and turned up to look that way.

the only ones that arent are my bench tops although the thumb holes look odd on my wrists blush

MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 20:51:16

I like tall girls stuff but tone it down with more classic ( frumpy) stuff.

Salbertina Tue 25-Jun-13 20:51:33

Marking place- you lot make me feel nice and average for a change grin

Marking place for when I save up my pennies grin

LetUsPrey Tue 25-Jun-13 20:57:28

Don't think I've ever clicked on a thread so quickly!

Another 5'11 here with 33/34" inside leg and monkey arms.

I used to be able to rely on Next for my basic work clothes, particularly trousers. Flipping awful fit these last couple of years though.

I'm going to regret clicking on these links aren't I?

auntpetunia Tue 25-Jun-13 21:05:40

Another here 5ft 11 with 32" inside leg and monkey arms! I'm being so restrained and haven't clicked on an any links yet!

OnTheNingNangNong Tue 25-Jun-13 21:16:07

I use these midi skirts as knee length skirts, reasonably priced and wash really well.

MrsBucketxx Tue 25-Jun-13 21:18:36

just been looking at top shop tall range and they have lots of crop tops, surely you just need to wear a normal top and voila grin

WouldBeHarrietVane Tue 25-Jun-13 21:20:55

Oooh a tall blog - thank you for posting grin

feetheart Tue 25-Jun-13 21:22:58

Marking place and keeping hands in pockets smile

QuiteOldGal Tue 25-Jun-13 21:31:08

Marking place also

5'10 here, also with monkey arms and 33" leg, size 14. Hardest thing to get I find is coats or even worse jackets, though I have had a couple from Next tall.

My Merrell Wakefield coat is an excellent fit though.

GibberTheMonkey Tue 25-Jun-13 21:35:14

Marking place
I was 5 11
But I suspect I'm shrinking (worn down) and am nearer 5 10 now

womblesmissus Tue 25-Jun-13 21:37:02

Brilliant, in need of inspiration and to get away from relying on LTS. 5ft 11 here with 35 in legs

GibberTheMonkey Tue 25-Jun-13 21:37:34

My biggest problem at the moment is stuff for hiking etc
All the women's stuff is too short and all the men's the wrong shape

Northey Tue 25-Jun-13 21:50:03

Ooh! 5'11" , a 33" leg and monkey arms too. Also broad-shouldered...

WouldBeHarrietVane Tue 25-Jun-13 21:52:49

I'm 6ft, size 12/14 and pretty much a pear smile

ellangirl Tue 25-Jun-13 22:02:37

I'm positively tiny at 5'9" grin but dresses drive me mad. Everything ends up empire line as I'm long bodied.

Maraki Tue 25-Jun-13 22:07:42

Marking place :-)
5'10 with 33" legs.

VioletGoesVintage Tue 25-Jun-13 22:15:07

5'10" with 34" legs, and another fan of the Merrell Wakefield here. Hooray for a coat that is properly bum covering and with long arms!

ShirleySharpeyes Tue 25-Jun-13 22:27:29

Marking place. I'm 6' and size 12/14. I find a lot of the Scandi brands good for the long of limb.

ShirleySharpeyes Tue 25-Jun-13 22:30:46

<waves at Violet> glad some of the swimming costumes look like possibles.

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 07:33:14

shirley any links for those skandi brands id love to have a look?

AnyFucker Wed 26-Jun-13 07:36:35

checking in

5ft 10, 34" legs

Marking place too - I'm 5'11" and struggling to find strappy vests that are long enough at the moment!

LetUsPrey Wed 26-Jun-13 07:51:23

I will not go to New Look today. I will not.

I'll go tomorrow or Friday instead

EeyoreIsh Wed 26-Jun-13 07:52:07

oooh I'm checking in as a tall person with 36"legs.

What I really want to know is where I can find dresses with the boob darts in the right place. <stares at my gorgeous blue dress with stupidly high darts>

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 26-Jun-13 07:55:17

* Islets* Primark have strappy vests that are below the bum on me (5'11). Primark is actually winning on the tall clothing. They sell jeans and trousers at a 34" leg.

Dorothy Perkins once had a fine tall range. Now there's next to nothing and it's crap.

LetUsPrey Wed 26-Jun-13 08:02:00

The Primark near me is a bit rubbish re their stock of jeans. I got some coloured skinny jeans a couple of months ago (and did a little happy dance in the changing cubicle when I saw how long they were grin) but they don't seem to have a decent selection of non-skinny jeans at the moment.

MumnGran Wed 26-Jun-13 08:04:11

Next have (or at least 'had' at the start of season) long strappy vests.
A rare find smile
So far washing & wearing well, without shrinkage - which was a bit of a shock because at £4 I expected cheap rubbish, so bought one (to go under a specific coloured overshirt) and had to go back and get more

Checking in.
6ft, size 14, 35" inside leg.

Have just ordered some straight jeans from GAP - Long (35") whoop.

With regards to vests. I go to H&M and buy their 'dress' vests....They just about cover my bum !!

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 26-Jun-13 08:15:23

Primark is a bit pants for non skinny jeans, atm, but I think I saw some in my local one, will check when I head over there on Friday.

Primark are also on ASOS so it might be worth a look on there too. smile

Marking my place for DD who is destined to be 5' 10".

What size feet do you all have? DD is 8.5 already and she is only 13.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Jun-13 08:18:48

Size 6 feet

So tall and big feet do not necessarily go hand in hand? <confuses self >

LetUsPrey Wed 26-Jun-13 08:23:26

Thanks for the Primark info. Will have a look later.

Size 6 feet here too, have a pair from M&S that are 5.5 and fit nicely. My mum always says she doesn't know how I don't blow over in a strong wind grin

AnyFucker Wed 26-Jun-13 08:23:56


MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 08:24:18

primark have really long vests I have a few, super cheap too.

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 08:30:37

I'm a 7 so not that massive.

GibberTheMonkey Wed 26-Jun-13 08:30:39

I'm a 7
Was a 5 pre children
I have long toes and fingers. I like my hands actually

AnythingNotEverything Wed 26-Jun-13 08:31:53

Wow - a captive group of tall women ... Maybe you can help me find my holy grail?

Long leg maternity jeans.

Do tall women not get pregnant?! Next only do "long", which aren't long enough!

Any suggestions?

And for long line vests, try H&M. They do hip length and thigh length, and the wash fine too.

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 08:32:09

dh hates my long toes he calls them finger toes but I like them.

LadyBigtoes Wed 26-Jun-13 08:36:57

I adjust things. For dresses, I often get short/cap sleeved, cut the sleeves off, and use the fabric to insert an extra bit in the shoulder straps, making the dress longer and the boob darts and waist lower.
(obviously this is best for informal dresses with a busy print, then it doesn't show) (and I tend to get dresses on eBay so I'm not risking butchering something ££££ smile)

For swimming costume that fits, I but a tankini and see the top and bottom together where they lie when on - making a swimsuit that fits my extra-long body exactly.

I sometimes sew a band of contrasting fabric around the bottom of a skirt to make it the right length. Also looks nice on pjs.

For long vests and tops, superdry, jack wills (off eBay!) and new look.

Minion Wed 26-Jun-13 08:38:05

Another midget at 5'9 here but long leg and long body does not a happy minion, make.
I've discovered the dark blue jeggings from M&s, £22 I think and don't really look like jeggings, more jeans.
Nice and long, and stretchy!
Also a size 9 shoe so if anyone raids bigfoots private shoe collection bung us a pair. I'm sick of shopping in the sales.

LadyBigtoes Wed 26-Jun-13 08:38:41

Buy not but
Sew not see

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 08:43:01

jammies are always too short except lts.

any other places I can get them?

LadyBigtoes Wed 26-Jun-13 08:44:13

Next maternity jeans were the longest I found. I also cut off the front of some old long jeans and sewed in a belly band. Ugly but ok for if you are wearing a long top that covers it all up.

LadyBigtoes Wed 26-Jun-13 08:47:34

Ha ha mrs bucket, I have finger toes too - but also fat thumbs that my dp calls "toe thumbs"!

FoxMulder Wed 26-Jun-13 08:50:39

What I don't get, is that almost everywhere sells trousers in various lengths, but tops are all one length. Surely it follows that if you have long/short legs you also have long/short arms & body? I do struggle getting tops with long enough arms.

Oh, and I have size 8-9 feet, for the record smile

Longdistance Wed 26-Jun-13 08:58:28

I'm 5'9", I have a 35" inside leg and a short body blush
I'm all legs and tits. Sounds ideal, but shopping's murder.

I hate shopping, and most of my clothes are black. No joke, my staple is black trousers, t shirts, tops, coats. I have burgundy, and other reds, a bit of brown and grey.

I really struggle getting clothes here in Oz, I've actually given up sad ...sigh!

AgathaF Wed 26-Jun-13 09:07:46

I'm a titchy 5'9". Would love to find more tall clothes in shops.

My biggest current gripe is heels on shoes. I wear flats or small heels (nothing over about 2"). Why are all the shoes either 4" heels or flats. What about some lovely smaller heels that don't make me look like an 80 year old librarian.

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 26-Jun-13 09:07:48

I've got to give a mention to J Crew too, 35/6" trousers and tall size tops. I'm wearing a normal tee from there t today, and it fits lovely. Free delivery and returns online for international delivery. I've got a discount code if anyone wants it.
I'm a wide size 8 shoe and strangely, Debenhams shoes fit nice (only part of the store that I can shop in).

Can anyone find me a naice summer jacket please, I can't find any with decent length sleeves.

vkinski Wed 26-Jun-13 09:14:53

Yay for this thread!! I'm 5 '10 with 34" leg and an absolute hatred for seeing lovely dresses that are basically a top when I put them on angry. Will be checking out these links tonight when I get home.

Thanks NingNangNong - a good excuse to pop into town tomorrow smile

FerrisBueller1972 Wed 26-Jun-13 09:15:29

Another tall checking in and marking place.

6ft. Size 12. 35" leg

Getting longer length on the high street is nigh on impossible here now. I want to try in before I buy!

vkinski Wed 26-Jun-13 09:19:24

Oh and I meant to add my hatred of shoe shopping too! My feet are really narrow and a size 8 but that appears to be down to my humongous big toe (seriously, its rank and completely out of proportion with the rest of my toes). My Dad used to say I had four toes and a hoof on the end of my foot. I basically live in flip flops, as I can't be arsed with the hassle!

DD has really long toes as well. She hates her feet poor love.

rachywhite83 Wed 26-Jun-13 09:27:25

Im a tall girl too.
6 foot
size 9\10 feet
38hh boobs
size 18/20
33" inside leg measurement
long body too
so I struggle in every aspect of clothes shopping !

I got my maternity jeans from mamas and papas. I had to get them turned up they were so long. Bargain at only £7.

Also love Primark linen lomg length trousers. Perfect length.

EeyoreIsh Wed 26-Jun-13 09:28:57

I'm only a shoe size seven, occasionally an eight. I blame my relatively small feet for my lack of balance grin

another vote for primark vests. They are plenty long and cheap, and wash well.

I'd love to know where to get long maternity jeans from. In fact, any long maternity clothes! I'm only 8 weeks but I'm expecting a struggle.

sudointellectual Wed 26-Jun-13 09:43:30

Size 6 feet here too. 5'10

I have completely given up on boob darts and just buy slash neck or cowl neck, but I am still secretly hankering after dresses with waists. I've got a good waist, but it's always six inches lower than the dresses'.

Looking for recs!

peasandlove Wed 26-Jun-13 10:09:29

checking in too, 6ft, 35inch leg, size 10/12.
Tall ranges dont exist here in NZ, luckily New Look etc send down here smile

peasandlove Wed 26-Jun-13 10:14:47

I bought this a few weeks ago and it's a good fit (the model is 5'10 in the pic). I did have the cowl neck taken out and made straight though asos

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 12:02:28

thats a fab dress peas. and super cheap too.

Passthecake30 Wed 26-Jun-13 12:12:58

6ft, size 10/12 and straight up and down. Lol at all the long arms...

What is everyone wearing today? I have next tall leggings, a tunic from white stuff and a next long cardigan. Plus loafers. Not massively trendy..but it all fits!

AnythingNotEverything Wed 26-Jun-13 12:24:13

Eeyore - I'm 24 weeks and huge, but managing in dresses and leggings (you know, cos the dresses aren't long enough!). For autumn/winter you could easily swap my Birkenstocks for some boots.

Maternity tops are long enough so far, but I have a wide range of long line H&M vests to cover any shortfall, plus some bump bands.

I also have long length maternity linen trousers from next and new look which are more than long enough for my 33 inch inside leg.

My tip would be to hunt hard for a maternity coat - coats are hard enough at the best of times!

Still hunting for jeans ... But to be honest, I'm always on the hunt for jeans!

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 12:47:03

cropped jeans, mango tea, and scarf.

all really old

trikken Wed 26-Jun-13 12:48:08

Im the same as you rachy but only piddly double D boobs.

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 12:48:44

I got my maternity coat from h and m in a bigger size than I needed to get the arms to fit and that was onky just too.

it was belted so I could get away with a bigger size.

TheSmallPrint Wed 26-Jun-13 12:55:19

5'10" here, I have a long body and can never find swimsuits long enough. Also I find jackets and dresses all have the waist somewhere around my ribs.

TheSmallPrint Wed 26-Jun-13 12:59:38

Long vests - I am currently wearing an H&M vest that covers my bum.

AgathaF Wed 26-Jun-13 12:59:46

Today - skinny jeans, blue vest and blue/white stripe cardigan, white scarf with a few silver threads in it.

trikken Wed 26-Jun-13 13:00:15

I have that problem with dresses too. My fave one at the mo has the waist higher than it should be.

AgathaF Wed 26-Jun-13 13:00:29

The Tu range at Sainsbury's does brill long vests, nice and stretchy too.

TheSmallPrint Wed 26-Jun-13 13:05:50

Size seven feet here too.

I don't seem to have a problem finding leg length, most trousers are in a long length which usually fit fine, it's definitely anything for the body that's a problem for me.

JimbosJetSet Wed 26-Jun-13 13:06:04

I'm just over 6ft and size 10 feet. Size 9 before I got pregnant confused

Re maternity clothes, I was was very organised and was at my most pregnant in the summer, when I could get away with 3/4 maternity trousers etc wink

But seriously, LTS have (or had) a very limited selection of maternity clothes. Have a look on eBay for their stuff as well. Tall girls have a couple of bits too. I also bought a few pairs of trousers from LTS that weren't maternity but had an elasticated waist, which did the job. And I was lucky to be pregnant when DP did a decent tall range as I got a couple of maxi skirts from there with yoga style waist bands.

I still have a lot of my tall maternity clothes left, which I have no plans to be using again - if anyone is interested, PM me! They are around size 18, some 16 and 20 too.

Salbertina Wed 26-Jun-13 13:06:10

Starting to feel (v relatively) titchy reading this thread! Am wearing ancient North face fleece, not quite long enough, revealing in the wrist department. Plus very fetching pair of thermals, revealing in the ankle department.

creamsoda Wed 26-Jun-13 13:16:19

5'10", size 12 ish, size 9 feet.
Would love a long swimming costume to fit 34e boobs, that's not boring but not too 'holiday' that it can't be worn at baby swimming sessions (friend recently told me I was 'spilling' out the top hmm
Love next direct for deliveries to Aus, mainly for the shoes!
Found m and s jeggings and high waist leggings in long to be long enough for my 34" legs smile
Struggling with coats and jumpers with decent length arms here...

saythatagain Wed 26-Jun-13 13:19:42

Size 12/14
Inside leg - 34"
And a miniscule budget actually no budget

thebluebirdofhappiness Wed 26-Jun-13 13:22:39

Another one here - all my trousers are Next Tall ones (used to be Long Tall Sally but always feel frumpy in them).

Am now embracing heels (well, 2inch wedges!) but feel stupidly tall in them.

WouldBeHarrietVane Wed 26-Jun-13 13:41:22

I'm wearing a nice black Max Mara long shift dress for work - was £200 (most expensive dress I've ever bought)and has been worth its weight in gold - worn at least once a week for well over a year and washes beautifully. No signs of wear at all.

GobblersKnob Wed 26-Jun-13 13:44:29

5'10" 34 inside leg, there is obviously something super wrong with me as I never seem to struggle to get clothes to fit, maybe my body is some kind of tardis? grin

GobblersKnob Wed 26-Jun-13 13:51:40

creamsoda, have you ever looked at Curvy Kate swim stuff? They do a few tankinis, but the tops are very long and ever so slightly loose fitting, so they never ride up, making them look like a one piece. I love mine (am 30G) is the most flatterering thing to swim in I have ever worn.

AnyFucker Wed 26-Jun-13 13:57:27

I don't wear "Tall" clothes either, as they are often "too tall"

But I do struggle with leg and arm lengths. Most (short sleeved) tops are ok on me, though. Some waisted dresses are in the wrong place, but some are ok. I just have to try an awful lot of clothes on !

AnyFucker Wed 26-Jun-13 13:59:31

I always wear bikinis because I hate tankinis and have never had a swimming cossie fit me since about the age of 10

msrisotto Wed 26-Jun-13 14:11:38

Aaah my people!

I'm 5'10 with a long body, slightly longer legs than most shops make trousers for and big boobs.

Love that ASOS dress but would kill for a decent mid length jacket that actually reaches my waist!

msrisotto Wed 26-Jun-13 14:13:07

God J Crew free delivery and returns....I'm in trouble!

MrsBucketxx Wed 26-Jun-13 14:19:41

I have never been able to find a crisp white blouse either, darts in the wrong place sleeves too short,

I woukd love one.

Saltire Wed 26-Jun-13 14:22:54

I am 6ft, size 16/18 and size 8 feet. I have just had to try and buy a floor length dres for a formal do in the Mess. i looked here and discovered that they do different lengths of maxi dresses.
One problem i find is that some "tall" range stuff is, believe it or not, too long. and average size clothes too short.
I bought a dress from here for the occasion, in a length that suits, and when wearing 2 inch heels it touches the floor - job done IMO.

They sell other stuff too

msrisotto Wed 26-Jun-13 14:26:07

Hah. I gave up on shirts years ago. Normal ones gape at the bust or are too baggy because you've gone for a size too big to prevent the aforementioned gaping issue. Shirts were simply not designed for women.

twintwo Wed 26-Jun-13 14:26:37

What a great thread! I am 6ft size 10/12 with 8.5 sized feet ((not an easy size to buy for!) I find LTS ok for jeans as long as they are in the sale, or Gap. Tshirts and dresses are very hit and miss around the high street. It makes shopping a painful experience. Will be eagerly reading all the tips here!

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 26-Jun-13 14:50:30

Today I am wearing: Primark vest, J Crew linen tee, Primark jeans and Primark flip flops.

I think Primark should sponsor me. wink

Swimsuits and shirts are an impossibility for me. I want to learn to make clothes and have something that fits me perfectly

Saltire Wed 26-Jun-13 14:54:14

I have several Primark vests and trousers which are a good length!

DramaAlpaca Wed 26-Jun-13 15:16:13

I am loving this thread! There are so many of us lanky girls out there & it's nice to have a meeting place where we can pick up hints & tips.

I'm a fan of the M&S long jeggings too, they seem to fit me really well.

I'm a 7.5/8 in shoes depending on the make, but have narrow feet & ankles so it's hard to find something that fits well.

If anyone does find a nice white shirt with super long sleeves, please let us know. I'm desperate for one.

sudointellectual Wed 26-Jun-13 15:55:10

Oh I bought a nude mac in Primark that actually fits on the waist. It cost about a tenth of the All Saints one I have... that doesn't.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 26-Jun-13 17:32:06

I'm 5'10 with 30GG boobs and 33" legs and a massive stomach in the middle. Size 5.5/6 feet and freakishly small hands.

I too really struggle with swimwear as like to hide my stretch marks and cover my boobs but have a long body. Have seen some lovely swimming costumes in long tall Sally but too pricey so have been scouring ebay. Now pregnant so that complicates the search somewhat.

qwertina Wed 26-Jun-13 18:38:49

Checking in - 6 feet, 36" legs, size 14. I agree with those recommending J crew - their jeans and trousers are sometimes too long for me.

Anyone mentioned Old Navy yet? Delivery is expensive but the clothes is cheap, think New Look prices. Great for maxi dresses, patterned jeans and trousers and basic t-shirts.

qwertina Wed 26-Jun-13 18:42:37

Ooh and the sale is now on
Forgot to mention most of their products have lots of reviews, which are worth reading, some of their jeans come up small and I need to go size up.
This thread is gonna cost me isn't it :D

SoupDragon Wed 26-Jun-13 18:55:23

Esprit have maternity trousers in 30/32/34 inch leg. Not all sizes in all styles mind you,

Their normal trousers are the same lengths too and they also have some great long vest tops.

Lioninthesun Wed 26-Jun-13 23:40:25

Oh yes, Old Navy are good - cheap but their jumpers are actually long enough - am a size 10 and go for a medium. They are cheap, but last a year or two at a stretch. Better pricewise if you can send it to someone in US to post to you though wink

Lioninthesun Wed 26-Jun-13 23:41:24

Would say mediumis 10-12 rather than 8-10 btw

TheSmallPrint Thu 27-Jun-13 09:22:46

Old Navy are the sizes American? So if I want a 14 what size should I order?

SoupDragon Thu 27-Jun-13 09:41:35

a US 10 is a UK 14.

TheSmallPrint Thu 27-Jun-13 11:15:57

Thanks Soup smile

Mrsrobertduvall Thu 27-Jun-13 12:02:41

I am 6 feet tall, 34 ins inside leg, size 9 feet.

I am wearing some Zara trousers today...very long. Even though I have had to buy large and I am size 12 [ shock]

sedgieloo Thu 27-Jun-13 12:20:51

5'9 and a half. Size 6 shoes. Size 12 clothing 33-34 inch leg needed. Bought the red dress mentioned up thread thanks!!

Unable to link from my phone just now but...I can rec the topshop midi jersey double layer pencil skirt for just below the knee. Really flattering too.

Balls <flexing card> have discovered J Crew Tall !
What is the sizing like ?

OnTheNingNangNong Thu 27-Jun-13 12:45:16

Sizing is on the large size for J Crew, definitely size down, in t-shirts at least.


GibberTheMonkey Thu 27-Jun-13 13:02:49

What's it like buying from old navy as its US?

Thank you! smile

kiwigirl42 Thu 27-Jun-13 13:40:14

I'm 6'2, 36" inside leg. I wear Gap jeans (mens ones) and they fit perfectly. I'm a scruff bag so not too fussy about arm lengths etc

LetUsPrey Thu 27-Jun-13 18:51:33

Went into the New Look near my office today. It's a fairly large branch. They don't have the Tall range in store. They have the new Petite range but haven't been told whether they'll get the Tall stuff. Was told they sell it online. I don't want to have to buy it online. I want to go into the shop, try stuff on and hopefully buy it.

Mini rant over.

MyFabulousBoys Thu 27-Jun-13 19:27:39

Monkey-armed 5'11" here too. Marking place to read thread later.

Thanks for starting this!

Lioninthesun Thu 27-Jun-13 19:50:29

Gibber Old Navy is pretty cheap until you do the delivery charges bit. I haven't returned anything though so if that is what you mean I am afraid I can't help.

Lioninthesun Thu 27-Jun-13 19:52:51

I can recommend their cable knit sweaters when they come back in stock too - they aren't wool but don't shrink and fit my monkey arms well - good for wearing a shirt under and usually go on sale too so you can get them for about $19 which is a bargain in my book! Can't see any on there atm though. I also like their toddler socks and think that as the company is linked to Gap it is pretty much the same as their baby socks smile tangent

SkinnyDecaffGiraffe Thu 27-Jun-13 20:08:52

Joining too.

5ft 10.5. Size 12,size 7 feet. Looonnnge body.

Bought a lts swimming cossie. It's still too short hmm

ChocolateCremeEggBag Thu 27-Jun-13 23:39:22

I'm a runty 5ft9 with a 5ft11 DSis but sharing my "finds" (and her steals)

Isabella Oliver (now Baukjen) long T-shirts and maternity jeans (££ but look on eBay)

ME&Em ruched maxi dress - it's SOOO long. On my tip toes it still trails o the floor so it should def be long enough for the tallest of you lot!

DramaAlpaca Fri 28-Jun-13 17:41:37

I recently got a couple of long vest tops from the Red Herring range at Debenhams online.

They come in lots of colours, are reasonably priced, and come down to my hips (instead of my midriff!) so I'd recommend them.

OnTheNingNangNong Fri 28-Jun-13 19:29:02

For those who asked about Primark jeans (Sorry I can't remember blush ). They had straight and bootleg jeans in a 'long' 34" and from size 8 to size 20, very cheap too and they are a true denim style rather than the super soft.

Hobblethwaite Fri 28-Jun-13 20:29:32

Hi marking place.

I'm 5'11
Size 14/16
34 inch leg and shaped like a apple.

Normally get my jeans from next/dotty ps/top shop.

I frequently get annoyed when everywhere seems to do petite but no tall range. Heightism?

sedgieloo Sat 29-Jun-13 08:42:50

What pj's are you buying please. I need some long sleeve (we have a cool bedroom year around)) button front comfortable jersey that I can bf in (I'm co-sleeping)

Longleggedlovely Sat 29-Jun-13 09:10:18

Marking place too! I'm a 36" inseam and recently discovered on holiday to the USA that Lucky Brand jeans are long enough, think you can also get them here in House of Fraser. I also got some online from Gap USA and they told me in store there that Gap UK stores should be able to order them here.

The other thing I've learned is to try on things. Previously I wouldn't have bothered if it didn't say 36" on the label but some styles of clothes do seem to be longer anyway eg Primark and h&m jeans are sometimes longer than the size labelled.

If anyone can help with buying a trouser suit long enough I would be eternally grateful, I work in a corporate environment and seem to live in dresses because the 1 suit they do a season I haven't liked for a while and LTS stuff is so frumpy.

sedgieloo Sat 29-Jun-13 09:19:33

Longlegged I had bcbg maxazaria and jcrew suits when working. Not as tall as you though. Also sometimes zara trousers were really long. And arm length in jackets too. I am 33-34 inch leg but would wear a heel for work.

Ihatemytoes Sat 29-Jun-13 12:49:04


CharlotteBronteSaurus Sat 29-Jun-13 13:06:31

marking place
am 5'9 but long bodied, so while high street trousers are fine, I struggle with tops

MyFabulousBoys Sun 30-Jun-13 20:48:58

It is a bit boring but I have found that M&S essential tee shirts are longer this year. I have bought about 6. Hate their 3/4 length sleeve ones though - they always look like normal tops that have really shrunk on my gibbon arms. They must just end in the wrong place.

Also, last season found that Gap blazers and Crew blazers were long enough in the arm for me. Miracle!

sudointellectual Mon 01-Jul-13 08:44:16

I am searching for long bodied bretons, if anyone has any leads.

I find Hush good for pyjamas btw.

peasandlove Wed 03-Jul-13 09:48:44

hi sudo, i just saw this one on asos here

sudointellectual Wed 03-Jul-13 18:42:13

swoops in and buys


upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Wed 03-Jul-13 21:51:51

Ooooh, my kinda thread.

6ft, size 10/12, no boobs to speak of and size 7 feet. Welcoming any and all suggestions.

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Thu 04-Jul-13 20:40:08

Did I kill this thread? sad

brimfullofasha Thu 04-Jul-13 20:48:27

Great thread! I'm 5'11, size 14, size 9 feet, 35" legs. Where do tall people buy jeans? I have some from Next but they go saggy after a day.

So tell me. Where do large footed people buy socks? Every time dd takes her school shoes off she has a hole in the toe.

AgathaF Thu 04-Jul-13 21:57:46

Socks are a problem. I've bought men's socks in the past, but they tend to be quite baggy.

GibberTheMonkey Thu 04-Jul-13 21:59:02

Ooh I'm ordering that Breton

Keep the fab finds coming please

Passthecake30 Thu 04-Jul-13 22:28:28

I am a size 12,36" leg, I like long tall Sally Camden skinnies, thought they are not THAT skinny

Longleggedlovely Thu 04-Jul-13 23:04:22

Brimfull I went on a jeans mission lately having got so fed up with multiple pairs of baggy next skinnies and have discovered Lucky Brand and Gap (both in the US but think you can also get in the UK). I've also heard H&M and Primark skinnies can be long enough for 36" but they aren't labelled as such it's just a case of trying on.

Sedgielou I've just discovered JCrew recently and bought a beautiful skirt for work. Didn't think to look at their trousers tho! Thank you!

Passthecake30 Mon 15-Jul-13 14:19:53

Ladies! I found a maxi dress that touches my feet for a mere £20!!

I'm 6ft smile

Passthecake30 Mon 15-Jul-13 14:21:07

Come back tall ladies....tell me I'm not the only one on a spending spree of late (have blown about £400 oops the sun has gone to my head)

LetUsPrey Mon 15-Jul-13 18:56:31

Clicky link for the Peacocks dress

I think I'm going to have to order the New Look things online and have them delivered to store as it seems like they won't be carrying the Tall range in my local store.

Passthecake30 Mon 15-Jul-13 19:37:18

Thanks for linky...

What are you getting from new look? Can't ever find anything in there these days for me...but could be tempted!!

LetUsPrey Mon 15-Jul-13 19:50:03

I like this skirt and this dress. Perhaps.

Passthecake30 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:08:48 just got this, v nice (for work?) and they have a sale 20percent off for 2 days (annoying too late now I've got it!)

Am liking the maxi skirt from new look too!

Passthecake30 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:09:54
MrsBucketxx Wed 17-Jul-13 16:49:47

ooooohhh thats really purdy.

drat I have no pennies atm.

o0i found some lovely long leggings in Sainsburys this week after trying a tonne on claiming to be ankle length. they are good quality too,

Passthecake30 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:56:15

I also got leggings from tall girls. ..36" long...for £19, good price I thought

MrsBucketxx Thu 18-Jul-13 07:26:49

Sainsburys ones are only a tenner.

I do like the floral tall girls ones , although I'm thinking I'm a bit too old for them

Passthecake30 Tue 30-Jul-13 22:01:00

Ladies.....I need new coats, one for work, one for home - anyone seen anything??

GibberTheMonkey Tue 30-Jul-13 22:09:28

Just wanted say thanks to whoever posted the Breton top ages ago. I love it.

peasandlove Wed 31-Jul-13 07:17:02

bum I had that new look black and nude dress in my basket in a 10 and it's sold out now.
I recently bought from there these jeans (no picture shows up but they are the same as the other ones in diff leg lengths) here and im really happy with them for 8 quid! they were already sold out of the 36inch but these are fine

peasandlove Wed 31-Jul-13 07:19:01

Gibber - that was me.. and they were all sold out by the time I went to buy one! doh!

mrsbucketxx Mon 12-May-14 17:12:13

Ok can anyone tell me where I can get cheap tall jumpsuits and playsuits all the ones that I have seen are ££££££

Longleggedlovely Mon 12-May-14 20:12:38

Try ASOS tall for jumpsuits, not sure I've seen play suits anywhere, maybe Next?

trixymalixy Mon 12-May-14 22:23:55

5'9", 34 inch inside leg, size 6 feet.

I wear primark jeans, wish their pyjamas were as long!

mrsbucketxx Mon 12-May-14 22:25:26

Thanks for that asos seem to have a few,

Still looking for playsuits

trixymalixy Mon 12-May-14 22:25:36

Also have monkey arms. I have an Aigle trench coat which is long in the sleeve.

dizhin79 Mon 12-May-14 23:16:37

hi all, 5'10" and 34" Leggies.

Rampant sporting (sold by joules) does very longline vests, large fit too.

have recently bought some jeggings from sainsbury's - it's a good thing the turned up leg is in now it's springhmm I did notice they do have some tall jeans, not sure on quality though

dizhin79 Mon 12-May-14 23:18:13

lol should have read thread I see sainsbury's had already been mentioned lol!grin

goodasitgets Tue 13-May-14 03:22:56

I'm taking it everyone knows about the matalan vests? Cheap and ridiculously long

proseccoco Tue 13-May-14 06:38:10

Marking place and will get clicking later

fridgepants Tue 13-May-14 18:25:53

I'm 5ft 10, size 9 (10 in athletic shoes), 33" size 16/18 mostly thanks to having 36Js. So I'm pretty much outsize in everything. The hardest thing is swimming costumes - it has to be a one piece (I don't feel comfortable in a tankini), fit my boobs, and not pull at the crotch. Panache are the only ones who do HH/J cup swimsuits.

Uniqlo are surprisingly long. I take an XL there but was a large when I was a GG cup. I've been wearing Monsoon's Paloma jeans which are slightly too long for me. Mostly I'm sick of dresses/skirts that are so short that everyone can see tomorrow's washing when I bend down...

Jamdoughnutfiend Tue 13-May-14 18:35:22

I am 6,1 but size 14/16 with an area you can balance a pint on which makes shopping tricky - also have huge size 44 feet - am a fashion disaster so this thread is really helpful!

Sunnyfeet Tue 13-May-14 18:35:42

I'm 5' 6" and a half (can't do a 'half' symbol on my phone) and I thought I was tall? But clearly not? Everyone around me tells me I'm really tall, makes me feel a bit weird sometimes. Yet I was recently measured by the nurse, and I definitely haven't grown. Maybe everyone around me is a dwarf?

However, I often find 'regular' length fitting too short, and the 'long' fitting too long. But I'm not tall apparently, so sorry to have butted in!!!

Jamdoughnutfiend Tue 13-May-14 18:39:00

Area = arse - bloody ipad

mrsbucketxx Tue 13-May-14 19:44:30

That's ok sunny. Its hard not getting stuff to fit however tall you are.

Ooh, I had to come straight onto this! I'm only 5'10 (never thought I'd say that!) Size 14 but with big hips and shoulders. What my mum calls 'farmers wife' style (which is not an insult to farmers wives, and we do come from generations of farming families!) I find tops the hardest- I dread the trouser/top gap and tend to wear tunics as tops with jeans. I just feel to big to be feminine if you know what I mean.

Madrigals Tue 13-May-14 20:06:44

Sunny are you quite leggy? Maybe that means you are coming up tall iyswim?

Sunnyfeet Tue 13-May-14 20:12:21

madrigals yes, I've got fairly long legs, I think this makes me look taller than I really am. My husband is 5' 11", and I've got longer legs than him!

CPtart Tue 13-May-14 20:29:23

5ft 9" here with a 34" leg. I look average height when sitting down!
Great thread.

pinkflaming0 Tue 13-May-14 21:35:19

5'9.5" size 8, 34" leg. Not massively tall but I like to wear heels and as a result people think I'm taller than I am.

Main issue is finding tall clothes in small sizes. Gap Tall is excellent for this though.

Also long enough 'long' boots. Why don't online retailers tell us how tall boots are? Duo are an exception to this and their different calf sizes are excellent.

Sunnyfeet Tue 13-May-14 22:04:23

Duo is the only place where I can find long boots for slim calves. Otherwise long boots look like wellies on me!

Longdistance Tue 13-May-14 22:09:14

CPtart you sound just like me. I'm 5'10" with a 34/35" inside leg. It's really funny when I'm sat down, as people think I'm of average height. I stand and peoples faces are shock

mrsbucketxx Wed 14-May-14 12:54:34

onsies are another thing i cant find

long in the body and leg confused

mrsbucketxx Wed 14-May-14 13:15:36

ha ha ha look at this like we need to look like our clothes are too small they have ripped.

GrassIsSinging Wed 14-May-14 16:57:35

Hello all.

I'm another lanky bird (5'11).

Looking for a good tall swimsuit and struggling to find anything nice. Any suggestions?

Also, looking for tall summery maxi dresses. So little online sad

SnoozyGiraffe Fri 27-Jun-14 21:52:57

New look has a few nice maxis in now, but probably too late for you? and most people - don't shops know we want to buy summer clothes in March but leave autumn/winter shopping til the end of October?

CantThinkOfAGoodUsername Sat 28-Jun-14 06:24:05

What do we think of patterned trousers on a taller woman?

Passthecake30 Sat 28-Jun-14 07:39:51

I don't know about the height thing, I just feel too old (39) for them!

CantThinkOfAGoodUsername Sat 28-Jun-14 07:54:13

Is 39 too old for patterned trousers? I don't think so at all if you get some nice subtle ones, I wouldn't wear any that were too 'in your face'

Petal02 Sat 28-Jun-14 09:23:45

I'm just looking at the New Look Tall range of dresses, but it doesn't give length measurements, which is a bit of a pain. I'm not sure if I'm allowed on this thread, I'm 5' 6" but have got long legs and arms, and everyone tells me I look really tall, which is a bit weird.

BestIsWest Sat 28-Jun-14 09:29:28

How have I missed this thread?

5'10 but very long body and short legs with a giraffe neck. I love dresses but the waist is so often at the level of my tits.

CantThinkOfAGoodUsername Sat 28-Jun-14 10:36:13

I'm about 5'11 and a bit plus I'm also larger framed at current size 20 after having DD last year but want to get back to size 16-18 which is still big but being taller I think I am well proportioned but finding clothes that fit well is so hard for me!

rockpink Sat 28-Jun-14 10:46:59

Great thread, hello everyone. I find being 5'11" and size 14 (12 in some shops like LTS, oddly) mahoosive size 8.5 feet and 35" inside leg means I struggle with clothes.

I mainly shop on eBay, having saved searches like "tall 14 buy it now" has been great!

I have an LTS winter heavy jacket which is quite military looking and it was £120. I really hope to get about 5 years wear out of it for that price!

13Stitches Sat 28-Jun-14 10:59:16

Hello, can I pop in?
I'm only 5'8" but I have 33inch legs. So most standard trousers are too short, but the "long" or tall versions are often too long (I'm looking at you, Next).

I have the lanky arms too, but my legs seem disproportionately long.

Passthecake30 Sat 28-Jun-14 11:26:10

This is a nice length. ..I'm 6ft and it comes to my knee, it's my favourite dress atm

peasandlove Sat 05-Jul-14 00:55:42

have any of you ladies bought this new look tall jumpsuit? wondering how it fits and how it feels being 100% poly. I dont live in the UK so wouldnt return it if I buy it here

SnoozyGiraffe Wed 09-Jul-14 00:50:18

Yes I have it but haven't worn it yet; it's definitely an evening thing for me because of the fabric. I found it a little tight around the waist probably because I don't have one

peasandlove Wed 09-Jul-14 07:30:16

hmmm ok, thanks for that. I'm undecided now, I had imagined wearing it on a plane type thing. Does the fabric crinkle easily?

snowgirl1 Wed 09-Jul-14 09:31:42

Ooh, a tall thread. I'm only 5' 10" but struggle to get dresses with a waist that sits in the right place or that are long enough to cover my ugly knees, so will watch this thread with interest.

CockBollocks Wed 09-Jul-14 09:57:17

Oooooh hello!

I'm 5'11, size 14, size 8 feet.

Have discovered ASOS tall which is pretty good, they also do shoes for the larger footed!!

I'm loving these jeans at the moment, high waisted, long and enough structure to keep a wobbly tummy contained.

Can someone tell me why most Tall ranges only seem to sell plain trousers, usually black. Tried on a lovely pair of wide leg floral trousers in New Look but they don't do them in Tall sad angry

rockpink Wed 09-Jul-14 11:33:13

Are they jeans or leggings? I am the exact same size as you!

CockBollocks Wed 09-Jul-14 12:26:09

They are leggings but with a zip and fly like jeans. They also offer the same 'support' as jeans but are really comfy. You need to size down which is always nice, I have a pair in each colour!!!

rockpink Wed 09-Jul-14 13:05:31

Mmmm I like the idea of them then.

Takesalongtime Wed 09-Jul-14 13:44:35

Cantthinkofagoodusername- next tall maxi dresses tend to come up bigger. Just a thought if you liked them

peasandlove Tue 15-Jul-14 07:19:26

ok update on the asos jumpsuit up thread (if anyone cares ;) ) I got it today and it fits well, I'm 6ft and size 12. The fabric is quite thin and silky feeling. I'm happy with it, I'll probably wear it travelling when I go on holiday with a kimono or you could wear it with sandals etc.

peasandlove Tue 15-Jul-14 07:23:05

oops new look jumpsuit, but I got it from asos

DidoTheDodo Tue 15-Jul-14 13:19:46

Ah bless you. A mere 5'8" but 34" inside leg and monkey arms. And my waist is just not in the same place as "ordinary" dresses. I tend to do LTS for black trousers and hit and miss for anything else!

Numanoid Tue 15-Jul-14 13:35:46

I'm 6ft tall, and although I can usually find jeans to fit, I can almost never wear regular dresses (come up more like long tops) and tops themselves generally never reach my waist. sad

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