Need brutally honest opinions - my legs...

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DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:05:12

I am after a break of 20 years, taking up tennis again and loving it. My DH bought me a lovely tennis skirt which I adore however I then realised I would need to show my legs to wear it (duh).

I was teased at school for my overly muscular legs as I did ballet for 15 years and genetically they are just very chunky.

Can I honestly get away with this skirt? If you saw me on the court what would you think? I don't want to be the one everyone is pointing to and commenting on the chunkiness.

Gulp, pic on profile...

gymboywalton Tue 25-Jun-13 13:05:42

your profile isn't public

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:06:13

ok should be now

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:09:31

please let me know if you can see it...

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:09:52

Nope, can't see it. But your legs sound lovely to me smile

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:11:25

damn I thought I made it public..can anyone help?

trixymalixy Tue 25-Jun-13 13:11:57

Are you me?

Ive also just taken tennis back up after 20 years break and am loving it.

Your legs look great! You honestly shouldn't be worrying about them!

gymboywalton Tue 25-Jun-13 13:12:16

are you kidding me???


are you asking this question seriously????????????????

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:12:22

Thank you Keztrel smile

DustyMoth Tue 25-Jun-13 13:12:23

They look great! Don't worry about it, there will be no pointing, just enjoy yourself.

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:12:54

of course I am asking this seriously, absolutely

gymboywalton Tue 25-Jun-13 13:13:05

your legs are amazing and you look really really good in that skirt.

fgs-stop bloody worrying about what other people think!

MrsLettuce Tue 25-Jun-13 13:13:37

You have gorgeous legs envy

Wallison Tue 25-Jun-13 13:13:45

Your legs look great and not in the slightest bit chunky! Wear your skirt with pride!

Your legs are great. Really.

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:14:37

I was bullied about them, called man-legs. You don't have to say it to make me feel better - I don't want to look silly in this skirt.

LulaPalooza Tue 25-Jun-13 13:14:38

Your legs are fab. Shapely and lovely. I wish mine looked like that! I have tree trunks

gymboywalton Tue 25-Jun-13 13:15:31

i'll bet you a million quid that whoever bullied you was jealous of them

franknbeans Tue 25-Jun-13 13:15:50

Your legs look great, and gym boy is right, you look really good in that skirt. Enjoy playing tennis again. You've got me thinking about having lessons after a 30 year break!

specialmagiclady Tue 25-Jun-13 13:16:45

Can't see pictures, but unless you gave up tennis when you were about 5, you are at least 30 something and you need to GET OVER THIS. My circuits class is full of 40 year olds who are working really hard to get muscular legs because the alternative is lardy, cellulite-ridden, wobbly legs. You are going to be wearing sports clothes to do sport in, in that context, muscly legs are not only acceptable but to be admired.

If it will ruin your day, wear sporting Capri pants under the dress the first time, then be too hot after vigorous play and decide to ditch them!

ShoeWhore Tue 25-Jun-13 13:17:05

Blimey OP I would love to have your legs - you have a great pair of pins! Not a hint of chunkiness there.

Teenage girls can be so cruel.

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:17:13

thank you all so much for your opinions. still hard to believe you but why would you lie?

wow they really did a number on me angry 20 years I have had a complex for sad

higgle Tue 25-Jun-13 13:18:18

Your legs look lovely, nicer than mine sad

Pandsbear Tue 25-Jun-13 13:18:36

They are great. Really don't worry. Enjoy the tennis!

Josie1974 Tue 25-Jun-13 13:20:25

Ok I was expecting to see chunky legs! Yours are not chunky! I think you need to review your self image.....

Your legs are great btw!

DorisShutt Tue 25-Jun-13 13:20:34

Bloody hell woman, if I had your legs I'd be in miniskirts every day. envy

If you want chunky, you should see mine! never gonna happen btw!

MorrisZapp Tue 25-Jun-13 13:20:55

From the knees down, your legs look like mine. I have rock hard calves and often wonder how I will cope when Kevin Keegan wants them back smile

From the knees up, well I wish. I have big wobbly thighs alas.

Wear the skirt with pride.


ProphetOfDoom Tue 25-Jun-13 13:22:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peggotty Tue 25-Jun-13 13:22:47

Wow - another one saying you have great legs - they look similar size, shape to mine and my legs are slim and totally my best feature!!

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:23:58

thank you all for commenting. The power of being bullied is still so fresh. I am getting teary now.

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:24:37

Dude please, your legs are slim and gorgeous and frankly don't look at all muscly considering you've done ballet and tennis! I've done (and still do) a lot of ballet - and I DO have man legs. I like them though smile

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 25-Jun-13 13:24:46

Stealth boast?

You have great legs smile

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:25:40

Now I feel like the Women on the Dove advert grin

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 13:26:06

Oh bog off and stop fishing for compliments wink.

If you want to see real chunky legs I'll whack a picture of mine up ok.

Your legs look good. Wear the skirt with pride.

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:26:25

Mine aren't quite this impressive but these are ballet man legs. You have lovely shapely slim legs.

I do know how you feel though, my dad told me when I was a teenager that my thighs were huge, and I've had a complex about them ever since.

peachypips Tue 25-Jun-13 13:26:48

I'm so sorry but I nearly laughed out loud when I saw your pic! I was expecting at least some appearance of chunkiness but- NOTHING!
Why are we all like this about our bodies? I am exactly the same and am always surprised when I see a picture of myself and don't see an elephant.
Let's make a pact to love our bodies!

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:27:12

Oh my link didn't quite work - I meant to link to the top central picture, with three legs wearing different shoes smile

Very jelous,
I know through my DD how cruel girls can be (she is convinced she's fat and ugly, from being bullied , and she s stunning , ok I'm biased, but she looks like a cross between Roxane pallet and the girl from the hub on this morning)
But you have fab legs! Honestly tennis

pooka Tue 25-Jun-13 13:28:18

I'm almost speechless - they really really did a number on you all those years ago!

Your legs are fab. THe skirt looks brilliant on you - just the right length and perfect for showing off your toned and lean legs.

MadBannersAndCopPorn Tue 25-Jun-13 13:28:49

Jesus! As everyone else has said, you've got lovely legs! It's probably true that most of us carry around unjustified insecurities from school/ younger years. Bloody bastards!!
Honestly, they are gorge! You should feel great in that skirt and congrats on rekindling (sp) the love!

CinnabarRed Tue 25-Jun-13 13:29:20

I want your legs!

beeny Tue 25-Jun-13 13:29:57

You have lovely legs

CinnabarRed Tue 25-Jun-13 13:30:02

The word "legs" seems really odd when you see it written down so many times....

Owllady Tue 25-Jun-13 13:30:08

attention seeker grin

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:30:27

Bloody hell this place is better than citalopram sometimes wink

cardamomginger Tue 25-Jun-13 13:30:44

You have FAB legs!!

noddyholder Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:24

They look fab what do you think is wrong with them?

lydiajones Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:25

Are you showing off?? They look great!

Floggingmolly Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:28

Op, you wouldn't know chunky if it bit you on the arse.
You look great.

Nicolaeus Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:36

Bullying can have a long impact it's amazing.

I have had several insecurities from stuff drummed into me by bulllies that I'm only just getting over 20 years later.

Agree you've got great legs. Enjoy the tennis!

Pinkflipflop Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:50

Gorgeous legs! Do you really not know this?

VanitasVanitatum Tue 25-Jun-13 13:31:57

In what universe are they chunky?!?? Fab legs!! Definitely go with the lovely skirt, what a nice present from your dh. Shows what he thinks of your legs!

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:32:00

I think many of us are conditioned to want those bandy Kate Moss legs where there's a huge gap between the thighs (not that those aren't nice too), but toned and muscular legs are lovely, strong and much less likely to wobble and get cellulite. I converted my DH to preferring muscly thighs on women grin

PeppermintPasty Tue 25-Jun-13 13:32:57

Christ alive woman, I am seriously worried about your body image! I thought we were going to be treated to the sight of flabby white cellulite-y heaven my legs

Get yer kit on and stop worrying, your legs are luvverly wink

Callmedreckly Tue 25-Jun-13 13:33:21

Lovely legs, go dress shopping & buy tons OP!


ksrwr Tue 25-Jun-13 13:34:42

my god! they're skinny legs!! you must have one of those warped mirrors!

SilverSixpence Tue 25-Jun-13 13:34:45

wow your legs are great, I am quite jealous! What mean people to bully you about it.

GrumpyKat Tue 25-Jun-13 13:36:27

Really? You have great legs. Wear tennis skirts with pride!

WeAreSix Tue 25-Jun-13 13:36:36

I looked at the picture before the comments. I was expecting chunky legs... You've got toned, slim legs. Athletic, yes. Chunky no.

Nasty bullies - had to be jealous!

I was teased in junior school about my ears. I still can't wear my hair up and I'm in my 30s so I know how long lasting the nastiness can be.

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 13:37:07

I genuinely don't mind if someone comes on to say they think they are too muscular. I don't want that honesty to be held back because of the bullying, or because they will look like a cow after all the lovely responses.

I still can't believe that people think they are nice legs. Honestly I think it may just be a good photo so may do one from the back and side...

GrumpyKat Tue 25-Jun-13 13:38:19

You have irrational bully-induced leg paranoia. Seriously.

SirRaymondClench Tue 25-Jun-13 13:39:29

I wish my legs looked like yours!
Sadly for me I inherited my father's legs and mine are masculine, thick and chunky.
I really envy women with nice legs and yours are lovely!

Fairylea Tue 25-Jun-13 13:41:59

Wow. You have amazing legs. I am jealous!

You need to let go of the school day bullies. You don't have muscular legs, just toned legs. Fantastic ones.

I wish I had your legs!

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:42:38

DoctorAnge seriously, no one is going to come on and say they are too muscular. Because they're not, and no one in their right mind could think they are - apart from maybe a fashion designer wanting 38" gazelle-like legs to walk down the catwalk, and even then he'd feel a bit of a dick.

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 13:42:52

I agree. I think Britney Spears has fab legs with those muscular dancers calves. Also many of the pro dancers on Strictly have very strong, defined legs - looks amazing. The skinny coltish look does nothing for me (not that I'm in the business of ogling women's legs much).

Thinking about it the legs I've heard most men speak lustingly positively about over the years are those of Steffi Graf.

wish mine were like this

hernow Tue 25-Jun-13 13:46:59

Seriously you do not need to ask! Whoever called them man legs was just jealous or mean or both. I wish I had your legs. Enjoy your tennis.

blibblibs Tue 25-Jun-13 13:49:38

Oh, how I wish I had your legs. I'd be wearing a skirt everyday smile

EMUZ Tue 25-Jun-13 13:49:44

Can I steal your legs to walk round in shorts every day? You look fab

EMUZ Tue 25-Jun-13 13:51:51

In fact I've just remembered an incident that shows how self image gets messed up so much. My friend had a pin board of photos, and one of the photos was part covered so all you could see was a skirt and legs, no top half or face. I said to her "omg, who is that, I want her legs, they are amazing!!!"
Couldn't believe it when she pulled the photo off and gave it to me. It was me. In a photo I had never seen before

specialsubject Tue 25-Jun-13 13:52:56

wear it whatever. You aren't at school now.

I'm not looking and judging. Just put the clothes on and go and do some exercise. No man would worry about this.

NatashaBee Tue 25-Jun-13 13:55:24

I would kill to have those legs. They're about as far from chunky as it's possible to be!

piratecat Tue 25-Jun-13 13:57:59

be rid of your complex. i was thinking I'd see legs like mine, you know those horrible kebab stumps you see in the takeaways?

those. grin

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 13:58:06

specialsubject that's not necessarily true, men do worry about things like that. My lovely, slim DH did not want to exercise topless with me because he was worried about his (pretty darn flat) stomach jiggling sad It's just not as accepted for men to talk about their body worries.

trikken Tue 25-Jun-13 13:58:45

Wow. Love your legs! Id swap them for my chunky tree trunk like legs any day of the week.

SofaCanary Tue 25-Jun-13 14:00:31

They're disappointingly perfect, damn you! grin

SorrelForbes Tue 25-Jun-13 14:06:40

Listen OP, I do a lot of dancing and aerobics and frequently peform on stage in very skimpy outfits. My legs are nowhere as good as mine! In fact your pic has made me quite depressed wink

SorrelForbes Tue 25-Jun-13 14:08:03

Oops 'yours' !

Bimblepops Tue 25-Jun-13 14:16:55

Your legs are fantastic! I'd love to have legs as slim and UNchunky as yours!

Play tennis, wear skirts and enjoy showing your legs off!

AnyFucker Tue 25-Jun-13 14:32:00

Good god ! Those are great legs !

RachaelCurtis Tue 25-Jun-13 14:34:24

I was really expecting to click on the photo and type, "OP, your legs aren't bad.."

The reality is that I clicked and... OP! Your legs look fabulous! You enjoy yourself.

LongGoneBeforeDaylight Tue 25-Jun-13 14:48:20

OP I want your legs. So lean and tanned!

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 25-Jun-13 14:48:29

great legs, seriously. those bullies have prevented you from showing your pins for two decades... that's awful.

chubbymomie2012 Tue 25-Jun-13 14:52:45

Are u one of those Skinny people who constantly moans about being fat???? Wise up! Ur legs are fine.

Blu Tue 25-Jun-13 14:54:58

Legs very good. You should have no qualms about wearing a short skirt whatsoever.

Actually I would say that whatever shape legs, everyone should feel free to do what is most comfortable physically - within the realms of public decency. But as it happens your legs are very good.

I was a teenage athlete, and also had comments made (by other girls, never boys) about my muscley legs / muscley thighs - and looking back on it, I had great legs!

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 14:56:54

Thank you all I really appreciate it, this thread has made me both happy and sad, that I have had a huge complex for nearly 20 years over something you all think are lovely.

frissonpink Tue 25-Jun-13 14:58:04

Your legs are not chunky confused

in the slightest.

Not even a little bit. Seriously. You need to work on your self esteem - you're skinny!!!

BTW. I was called 'tree trunk legs' when I was at school. I have just been sent some old photos from that time, and I literally gasped when I saw how slim my legs used to be. I actually wanted to cry that I'd spent my entire teenage years covering up such a slim body because i genuinely believed I was fat/chunky.

I'm now 2 stone heavier than I was then (albeit 25 yrs older too!) and wish I could have those legs back.

Cluffyflump Tue 25-Jun-13 14:58:42

People work out to get legs like yours!

frissonpink Tue 25-Jun-13 15:01:58

In fact, Just looked at your legs again.

If I had those legs I would be wearing hot pants. Permanently! grin

NatashaBee Tue 25-Jun-13 15:02:13

I know frissonpink, I always used to think of myself as 'chunky' at school, I cannot believe it when I look back on old photos of myself as a size 10/12 and 5 foot 9. I'd be so happy to get that figure back again, I didn't even have to work hard at it... just did a paper round every day!

MadBusLady Tue 25-Jun-13 15:17:10

Oh you poor thing re the bullying, it has completely skewed your view!

They look very like my legs and I happily wear skirts and go bare-legged all the time (they're a rubbish pasty colour though, unlike yours!) When I've been going to the gym properly I'm quite proud of them! They're never going to be elfin, but I'm too tall to be that anyway.

Enjoy your "new" legs smile

Lizzylou Tue 25-Jun-13 15:35:06

You have a fantastic set of pins!
Not just "you can get away with that skirt" legs, but "you should wear that skirt at all times" legs.

Truly, they look toned and shapely.

kalidasa Tue 25-Jun-13 15:40:07

Ooh your legs are a lot like mine - or at least like mine when I've not just had a baby and done no exercise for months! I was massively paranoid about my hideous calves for years and years, wholly because my mother told me that unfortunately I had inherited her awful calves! (No doubt someone told her the same thing at an impressionable age.) At 33 I am finally a bit more relaxed about them. I don't love them and would love to have teeny tiny calves BUT I can acknowledge that my feelings are almost 100% irrational. As are yours - you look great in that skirt.

eurozammo Tue 25-Jun-13 15:41:20

You don't have a leg problem, you have a self-image problem! Bad bullies!

Seriously, your legs are great.

JazzDalek Tue 25-Jun-13 16:37:25

I would actually kill for those legs. I have always envied women with shapely legs envy

mignonette Tue 25-Jun-13 16:38:29

Sister you wear that skirt with pride! They are A-mazing!

Seriously....they are great.

SparkyTGD Tue 25-Jun-13 16:41:28

Your legs are fab.


Fluffycloudland77 Tue 25-Jun-13 17:04:22

You have lovely legs.

GoshlyoHeavens Tue 25-Jun-13 17:19:29

Why does it matter what they look like anyway?
I lived my childhood being told my legs were 'wrong'. I think that is wrong.

FacebookWanker Tue 25-Jun-13 17:24:53

Not what I was expecting at all. You have gorgeous shaped legs. Honestly.

beginnings Tue 25-Jun-13 17:27:31

OP I am so tempted to post a picture of my varicose vein afflicted thunder thighs, it's killing me. You have fabulous ankes, shapely calves, non-knobbly knees and slim thighs. Seriously, people would pay money for those legs.

You look gorgeous - good luck with the tennis!

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 17:29:49

Thank you all. This thread has been life-changing. I know that sounds glib but I mean it sincerely.

I am going to show up to the class tomorrow actually wearing it. Whereas this morning there was no way I had the confidence.

ITCouldBeWorse Tue 25-Jun-13 17:29:50

Op has super legs, and obviously no idea!

Bullying is so destructive.

Is there any merit in starting a thread showing body parts we hate and getting an objective verdict on them? I'd happily start with my (genuinely) awful leg. I know it is yuk, because the other one is ok ( have had surgery on the dodgy one).

Maybe lots of people could find the nose or whatever has haunted them since teenage years, actually is very nice?

Or could it all go horribly wrong?

GoshlyoHeavens Tue 25-Jun-13 17:32:01

You have legs.

I think it does not matter what they are like

LongGoneBeforeDaylight Tue 25-Jun-13 17:33:05

it could be worse what a great idea smile

GoshlyoHeavens Tue 25-Jun-13 17:33:47

I have not seen a picture of them but speaking as a person who has mhad 'wrong' legs spoken about often

MostlyCake Tue 25-Jun-13 17:35:52

You have lovely legs!

frenchfancy Tue 25-Jun-13 17:36:18

I agree - great legs. Perhaps your legs weren't in proportion to your body when you were a teenager, but they are now.

TBH I think you could wear that skirt on a night out with the right pair of heels grin

kelda Tue 25-Jun-13 17:39:14

You have fantastic legs. It's so sad you were bullied. I'm sure your legs were fine when you were a teenager, I bet the bullies were jealous and keen to pick on something that easily upset you.

GoshlyoHeavens Tue 25-Jun-13 17:48:11

Legs are something people can't help. I've been thin and bigger and my legs have stayed the same.

I have big fat calves and thighs and for a lot of the time I've been critised for them, which is something I cannot help.Without surgery. which I can't afford.

learnasyougo Tue 25-Jun-13 18:14:19

I can only imagine you must have had different legs (or a different body) when you were teased as a teenager.

Consider that during adolescence, bone grows faster than muscle so legs and arms can become extraordinarily long and skinny (almost comically so. You see the 12 year olds in their school uniforms, pipe cleaner legs sticking out from the skirts). Maybe your legs had muscle mass while your peers were still at the 'bones ahead of muscle' stage, so you might have looked unusually muscular THEN (but don't now). Your legs are things of envy right now.

pipsqueakz Tue 25-Jun-13 18:30:53

Your legs are absolutely fine nothing wrong with them! You should not feel paranoid about them at all. Am quite envious actually you have toned good shape legs I have flubby varicous veiny legs with chubby ankles wanna trade? Lol.

pipsqueakz Tue 25-Jun-13 18:35:58

Pirate cat I have those legs you speak of too!

bettycocker Tue 25-Jun-13 18:38:40

Your legs are lovely! Don't hide them away. smile

Corygal Tue 25-Jun-13 18:55:46

You have seriously good legs - get them out!

mummiebummie Tue 25-Jun-13 18:57:46

Your legs are gorgeous. Haven't read any other comments. Just clicked on your profile and was expecting chunky legs. Yours are enviably slim but shapely, pretty perfect!

TheRealFellatio Tue 25-Jun-13 19:00:41

I've just looked at your photos and now I'm cross. I was expecting a pair of crap legs that looked crap in the tennis skirt. I was all set to mutter soothing platitudes and to feel a bit better about my crap legs and and now I feel worse. sad

You legs are lovely fine. (said through gritted teeth)

Your legs look great. Athletic, yes - but you are wearing the skirt to play tennis in so athletic is exactly the look you want!

Theonlyoneiknow Tue 25-Jun-13 19:07:07

You have amazing pins, i would love to have legs,like that.!

SparklyStone Tue 25-Jun-13 19:10:08

OMG I wish I had your legs!!!! Chunky definitely not a word I would use describe them at all! Well jel smile

SoTiredAgain Tue 25-Jun-13 19:14:31

Your legs look great, especially in that cute skirt. Go for it.

MadBusLady Tue 25-Jun-13 19:15:42

it could be worse that IS a great idea but love you all as I do I am not posting a picture of my out-of-control fanny hair on the internet grin

DespicableYou Tue 25-Jun-13 19:15:57

Your legs are very like mine.

You have gorgeous legs, I've been complimented on my legs many times as an adult.

However, when I was a teenager I remember having a conversation with my best friend where we decided to tell each other what their worst feature was. She said my nose, then changed her mind (hmm thanks) and declared my "wavy legs" to be my worst feature.

Actually, they are defined and shapely and very nice, which is something I only realised was a positive thing at a later date.

She had short, thick legs with no definition between calf and ankle. It took me a long time to realise that she was just being a bitch.

My nose is by far my worst feature, btw, she was right on that one grin

Thistledew Tue 25-Jun-13 19:59:48

You have great shaped legs, and you know what? They would look just as good if not better with even more muscle, especially on your quads. I used to have super skinny stick legs, but since I took up cycling they have really toned and bulked up. I hate to blow my own trumpet but my legs look really good now - they are toned, and have great muscle definition. I don't think they look at all 'manly' but are athletic and strong in a feminine way - still shapely and elegant. The only thing I would change about them is to have even more muscle so that I can be even quicker up the hills!

In fact I want her legs!

FingersCrossedLegsNot Tue 25-Jun-13 20:09:44

You have amazing legs!

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 20:13:35

Attention seeking much?

Marylou2 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:25:52

OMG! If I had legs like that I would wear a short skirt or shorts every day of my life. No-one will be thinking anything but "great legs" go for it!!!

Marylou2 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:26:26

OMG! If I had legs like that I would wear a short skirt or shorts every day of my life. No-one will be thinking anything but "great legs" go for it!!!

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 21:30:03

Ha, I knew someone would have to try to take the wind out of her sails.

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 22:03:00

I'm sorry but if she was that self conscious, if she lacked that much confidence, no way would she be flaunting her legs to a bunch if strangers.

Fishing for compliments. Blatantly.

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 22:03:33


Damn iPhone

Keztrel Tue 25-Jun-13 22:09:24

It would be a weird thing to fish for compliments about wouldn't it confused Can you really not imagine that someone could be insecure about a feature that others think is fine?

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 22:17:49

I can Kez - I just can't imagine them bringing the feature they're most insecure about to the attention of a forum and posting a pic!

Like anyone is going to say "yea, those bullies were right, thunder thighs/tree trunk legs" or whatever

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 22:22:24

Well surely if she was that confident she would waltz off to the tennis club in her skirt thinking all eyes will be on her legs. She wouldn't need a bunch of random people to reassure her that she looks fine as she'd already know it confused.

Someone might construe that you're jealous LittleNoona, but you'd probably deny that. Just like the OP is denying knowing that she has good legs.

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 22:23:41

I haven't seen her legs - going by the comments here they must be godess like

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 22:25:19

Anyway, is she wasn't that confident she wouldn't even be contemplating wearing a short tennis skirt!

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 22:50:26

Well that brings us back to the whole point of the first post..

LittleNoona Tue 25-Jun-13 23:07:07

But not only is she contemplating wearing the skirt, she's showing off her legs!

She has far more confidence than me....

Like I said, fishing for compliments.

ClartyCarol Tue 25-Jun-13 23:14:08

Oh whatever. If it makes her feel good about herself then what's the harm. Giving someone else a compliment doesn't cost anything; my own legs won't suddenly become more unattractive because I've said someone else's are nice.

hellymelly Tue 25-Jun-13 23:32:19

I am jealous of your legs op, and I can't even see a pic of them. <looks sadly down at own, white, veiny, thin run to flab legs>

DoctorAnge Tue 25-Jun-13 23:38:55

Littlenoona this has actually been a great way to get honest opinions, my friends are more likely to be kind and tell
me a white lie. Contrary to the opinion you seem so sure of hmm this was not an exercise in flaunting for me! If only you knew.

Everyone else, thank you! And the infamous legs are away now, well from my profile anyway. I never dreamed so many people would respond. Night all.

JustLikeHeaven Tue 25-Jun-13 23:50:15

god i really want to see your legs but can't. why can some people. sorry. . dont post here much

mercury7 Wed 26-Jun-13 01:10:10

were they as good as these pins?

50ShadesOfMaybe Wed 26-Jun-13 09:49:41

Missed these legs too! Genuinely interested because - although often told I have good legs - I've always felt they are too muscly (do a bit of running) and/or chunky.

Anyway, athletic ladies playing tennis always makes me think of John Betjeman. Enjoy your tennis, OP!

peasandlove Wed 26-Jun-13 10:22:21

booo put the bloody pic back up! grin i missed it..

mirai Wed 26-Jun-13 10:26:43

Aww I wanna see the legs sad

Keztrel Wed 26-Jun-13 10:32:44

OP can I just say thank you for starting this thread? I am genuinely feeling better about my own legs today - I know I said I think strong, muscly legs look great, and I do, but I still usually feel a bit chunky of thigh in jeans. But actually, I think my legs are pretty similar to yours and I'm being an idiot to feel like they're big! I never used to wear leggings when I was a kid (despite it being the early 90s when leggings and hi-tops were the only thing to wear if you were 10!) because my thighs went out at the sides instead of being straight and skinny like everyone elses. Even felt self conscious in jodphurs for riding, and I was tiny sad

Kormachameleon Wed 26-Jun-13 10:40:40

You have fab legs, you really do. I'd never cover them up if they were mine

On a serious note, I have massive legs. A huge 19 inch calf. They wouldn't look out of place on a rugby field

They haven't seen daylight for 15 years

A few weeks ago I thought fuck it, bought a dress and let me legs free. Guess what happened ???

Absolutely nothing. They are legs, they work mostly for that I'm grateful. I'm not gonna hide them away any more because they don't match society's idea of pretty

GibberTheMonkey Wed 26-Jun-13 11:16:42

Can we swap?

crumblepie Wed 26-Jun-13 12:45:32

cant see the pic .but they probably look great from what the others are saying , lifes too short to worry bout other peoples views , and there is always someone with worse .

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