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AngieAir Tue 11-Jun-13 14:04:29

I had my colours done last month and I'm a HOC autumn leaf (not sure how that translates to other schemes). I've done a search on here and not found much as you all seem to be winters!

I've bought a top and a camisole from Kettlewell as a birthday present which look lovely and now I'm stuck. Most of my clothes are the wrong colours (white, purple and blue) but I can't afford to replace them immediately, just over time. I really saw the difference in the drapes so don't want to go to work every day looking ghastly either.

Does anyone have any tips for how to "improve" my existing clothes? I've had a look on pinterest but felt overwhelmed.

I self diagnosed myself yesterday as a soft autumn via a few different websites, I'm not sure what the differences between soft and leaf are.
Did your consultant give you your two 'star' colours? If so I would get scarves in that colour and maybe follow whatever hair and makeup colours suit you best.
That would give you a good start.
Then maybe keep an eye on ebay for things in your size/colours?

I'm another Autumn, and I've just started to be more rigourous when buying new clothes. Its really the colours that are nearest your face that matter most - as terra suggests, a scarf or 2 might be a quick way of dealing with that. Can you dye any of your white tops or shirts? Add earrings - I have a pair of soft grey pearl studs which seem to go with everything.

AngieAir Tue 11-Jun-13 16:24:09

Like the idea of scarves Terra & Mel, and the two I own are the right colours though not the two star ones. But I can't wear scarves at work. Will look into dyeing the white tops, they're old and cheap so wont be total disaster if it goes wrong. do I just get a dylon dye?

Will have to invest in a pair of gold earrings, all my jewellery is silver but will keep wearing the rest.

Melanie - what do you mean by more rigorous? I think I might go on the style day for extra help. Seem to have lost my sense style over the last few years and still regret throwing out some clothes that used to be my staples. And they were in the right colours.

What I probably need is one of those capsule wardrobes.

Mel's More Rigorous Shopping Rules:

1. Does it fit right? Not, do you like the numbers on the label, but does the zip do up comfortably, does it gape under the arms, are the buttons straining, is the length right?

2. Is it the style right? Which spice girl are you - is it sporty enough? quirky? Sophisticated?

3. Is the Colour right? Does it fit into an Autumn pallette? Some black is usually unavoidable, but will it go with other items in your wardrobe? Do you have shoes/bags/accessories that would work?

4. Is the material right? How easy is it to care for - does it need dry cleaning, ironing? Is it made from itchy wool that will have you sneezing by mid-morning?

5. Is the price right? Do you REALLY need it? When are you going to wear it? How often will you be able to wear it?

HilaryM Tue 11-Jun-13 16:37:46

'gold' costume jewellery and autumn coloured summer-weight scarf will convert neutral outfits into something a bit more autumny.

Also, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pinterest board

Hopefully Tue 11-Jun-13 16:48:06

Yay, an Autumn thread!

Dylon is great for making things right, I use it a lot. My top tip is to not change the colour too much though, as the stitching never dyes (normally made from polyester thread), so will stand out if you dye a white t-shirt dark brown, for instance. I would stick to dyeing white to cream/apricot/light olive/camel.

Angie the style day was amazing for me, just as life changing as colour (although I'm an image consultant myself, so obviously I'd say that grin)

Jemster Tue 11-Jun-13 17:43:18

Hi I'm really interested in this too as believe I'm an autumn but am rubbish at finding the right colours. Also interested in what make up colours would be best for Autumns?

I've been scouting polyvore and pinterest ALL day, I'm becoming obsessed.
I'm 98% certain I'm a soft autumn and a lot of the clothes in my wardrobe 'fall' (see what I did there smile ) into the right colourscheme.

So I have a huge cull planned at the weekend. smile

The rule of thumb I'm sticking to with makeup is........find a pic of Drew Barrymore, If she looks great in it, copy her hair and makeup


As opposed to this

I find for earrings and jewellery, I don't really like gold - but going for colours is easy.

Would rose gold suit us? I quite like a rose gold and smoky quartz necklace I've seen.

Oooh that sounds perfect! Where was that?

Think it was Stella & off checking my browsing history, will link if I find it.

That's the one I thought would be quite autumny on stella & dot.

Can't find the smoky quartz one, so of course I really want it now. smile

lovepigeon Tue 11-Jun-13 23:29:05

Hi AngieAir I'm an autumn leaf too, got my colours done a couple of weeks ago. I was given loads of ** colours - around 10 so I'm not sure if my consultant went a little over the top with that, I'd find it easier if I had less in a way. I'm struggling to match colours though, I know in theory all the colours are meant to match but I keep trying combinations that look wrong. What are your best colours? I find it hard to incoporate greens into my wardrobe which I should wear lots as they work best with my colouring (auburn hair).

AngieAir Wed 12-Jun-13 08:24:13

Ooh please give links to pinterest.

Pigeon, my two star colours are chestnut, rust, apple jade, and moss green at 100%. I have none of those colours in my wardrobe and don't even know if they're in the shops as its summer. I do have lots of grass green tops and a dark olive cardi so they will stay too.

My two stars at 75% beige, khaki, light olive, yellow ochre and heliotrope. again don't have anything in those. I do have some dark brown tops and a cardi, ** at 50%. will need to have a thorough wardrobe inspection at the weekend.

I saw a link to a useful looking list of recommended make up colours, will post it after work.

frenchfancy Wed 12-Jun-13 10:22:47

Another self-diagnosed soft autumn. (Did it yesterday after reading this thread). It matches most of my wardrobe so it isn't a great surprise. The 2 thing that were is that I should wear olive green (I don't normally do green) and I shouldn't wear black shock so what should I do with the 3 new black tops (well new to me - e-bay purchases) in my wardrobe??

For pinterest I found this board

In the same boat frenchfancy am planning selling all my 'wrong' colours on the local Facebook selling page, and using the funds to buy the right colours. smile

Here OP...what do you think of this? Good colour and pretty cheap.

OP have been looking for scarves for you on ebay, there are heaps of pashminas in rusty colours....about £2.99 so I don't think they'd be too heavy for this weather smile
Also heaps of gold and rose gold costume jewellery.

SofaCanary Wed 12-Jun-13 13:13:12

Those pinterest thingies are bloody gorgeous!

Is there an overlap between soft autumn (reckon I'm one) and spring, cause I like to think those colours suit me too confused

Redbug Wed 12-Jun-13 15:41:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 16:57:04

Waves to all the fellow Autumns. I was HoC diagnosed so can't quite compare but I am a Warm Deep Autumn so the darker colours in the range. The biggest change I made was losing any white clothes in my wardrobe and replacing with cream / ivory. I do still wear some black - I think warm deep Autumns overlap slightly into Winter territory as some of the green jewel tones work okay on me.
My Pinterest boards are here if they help?
I wear a lot of rose gold now that I'm avoiding silver as it feels more modern somehow!

I'm feeling all inspired.

I am going to book in to get my colours done with my nearest HOC consultant, with a view to becoming one myself.
There are no consultants within a 65 miles and I think this is something I could be really good at. smile

My second link should have been....

Planning on wearing them with an off white slub tshirt, flat tan sandals and some kind of necklace or scarf.

LOVE your pinterest boards shopafrolic (just followed DM)

The biker jacket looks gorgeous, great colour! Not so keen on those cuffed trousers.

Am following shopafrolic's pinterest boards too - I've just started using Pinterest, so some great ideas there!

I was trying to find a link to the M&S top I'm wearing today, but can't seem to find it. It's a sleeveless shell top with pin tuck detail on the front in an unusual cappuccino/ coffee colour. Wore it for work meeting this am with a linen skirt and ecru Office heels, then for play this afternoon (Game of Thrones exhibition...) with black crop trousers and tan sandals from Hotter.

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:18:02

You're v pretty Terra!
What a great idea to set up in your area. I emailed HoC at the time I had my colours done but they never responded so I went with an independent style lady in the end.
Those trousers look good, nice and slouchy.......

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:20:57

This is a lovely cream thirst for Autumns that Hopefully found in M&S. it's a lovely fabric and the back of it is ribbed so it's a bit different. Can definitely recommend. Much nicer than the pic!

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:21:34

Thirst? That should read tshirt!

AngieAir Wed 12-Jun-13 20:24:51

Terra that jacket is such a good colour and a good price. Will look at ebay scarves too, thank you for looking. I don't really have much to put on ebay myself as a lot of it is too old.

Frenchfancy, scarves seem to be recommended to cover the wrong colours. And maybe a cardi or jacket or necklace? Perhaps the key is to put something the right colour between your face and the black?

Shopafrolic & Terra, I like those pinterest boards. Think I will start one myself. Maybe without pics of Angelina Jolie though as I bear no resemblance!

Here is the makeup thread that seems to have lots of recognisable brand names, especially if you scroll down to the bottom. it does soft, deep and true/warm autumn. link

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:28:23

That's really helpful AngieAir. Off to read thoroughly.

TheChocolateTeapot Wed 12-Jun-13 20:38:25

Shop - can you link to Hopefully's M&S t shirt please

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:42:11

Oooops - that would help wouldn't it?

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:42:30
shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 20:43:51

And this is a good basic cream vest

Ooh thanks shopafrolic that photo is 3 years old though, I fear the DC have put the years on me since then smile

I'm playing a game at the moment (saddo alert) going through clothing websites and putting all the autumn things into my basket (not actually buying them obviously)

AngieAir Wed 12-Jun-13 21:09:36

Massive board link full of inspiration.

When do the shops get the autumn collection? Expect more suitable colours will be available then. I want to start a pinterest board to plan my purchases.

Autumn preview stuff should be in shops end of next month I think.

shopafrolic Wed 12-Jun-13 21:45:02

AngieAir that's a great Pin board. You're giving me lots of bits to read up on! Thanks.

charitygirl Thu 13-Jun-13 06:42:34

Hello autumns! I just took the plunge after weeks of ditherage and ordered this rather pricey dress

Going back if its not absolutely stunning tho.

Also anxiously waiting for delivery of this. Little concerned its been open opened and taxed by US Postal services, as that has happened to me before with US purchases.

charity I love that necklace, it's gorgeous.

charitygirl Thu 13-Jun-13 08:36:44

Thank you - I was really taken with it as soon as I saw it! Just keep your fingers crossed it makes it here...

Etsy is great for scarves and accessories in colours/styles not in the shops. And of course scarves are a great way of getting the right colours next to your face when your wardrobe is still full of the wrong stuff, as someone mentioned upthread.

Charity shops are another good source of colours out of season - today I am wearing today a dusky aubergine leather jacket that I picked up recently. I have paired it with brown trousers (cheap from tesco), a biscuit colour top from Warehouse, and I have pulled it all together (I think) with a scarf, though I suspect it's a bit too peachy-apricot to be the right colours.

(And I've obviously got food on the brain as I'm fasting today!)

charitygirl Thu 13-Jun-13 09:51:51

Sounds lovely Melanie ( I'm also fasting today!). Aubergine's a funny one isn't it: not in my HoC swatch book but definitely an autumn on the Kettlewell site, and it 'feels' autumn to me. An Aubergine leather jacket is an amazing find!

I'm in a tomato red stretchy tube skirt, brown loose tshirt, and a boxy turquoise linen jumper on top. Also leopard print trainers and my new massive lion pendant from Accessorise which I love. Will try and link later.

charitygirl Thu 13-Jun-13 11:38:05

Here's my lion pendant

He looks nicer in real life - and quite a yellow 'gold', which I think is right for Autumns. I feel very lion like with him on.

shopafrolic Thu 13-Jun-13 13:28:24

Charitygirl I have the Me&em maxi and absolutely love it
Great necklace too.

charitygirl Thu 13-Jun-13 14:44:20

Ooh cheering news shop - I really want to to look great as I feel it would fill a hole (wardrobe, not emotional).

And would obviously look great with the necklace...

lovepigeon Thu 13-Jun-13 23:08:11

hi shopafrolic can I ask where you found your cream/ivory tops? I currently have loads of white which I would like to either dye ivory or else get rid and buy ivory tops. None of the dylon dyes look like they would work for this though as they are all bright colours. I've been looking in the shops for ivory shirts and tops but almost everything is white.
Will double check my ** colours but I think I have coral, lizard grey then pretty much all the greens (except for lime green) and all the blues (navy, heliotrope etc).
I already have loads of navy and have recently bought some coral as it is in the shops at the moment
SofaCanary I'm sure I've read on colour analysis websites that you can sort of flow into other seasons like deep autumn into winter so its possible that you suit some spring colours too.

AngieAir Fri 14-Jun-13 07:55:29

I was looking at the dylon dyes too and was disappointed there was no cream/ivory option. I'm off to the shops this weekend hoping to replace my bog stsndard white vest tops with some better (cheap) neutrals. I shall be brandishing my swatch book for the first time! And of course I will report back if I spot anything interesting.

I'm holding off any big purchases until I do the style day but I really need a light summer fitted blazer/jacket to replace my old and tatty black one. Will wander round and see if anything waves at me in the sales. Budget for jacket is up to £30. Anyone seen anything?

vitaminC Fri 14-Jun-13 08:24:11

I'm a warm autumn, although as my dominant feature is "warm" I can wear a lot of spring colours too!

You know that lime green colour people are always complaining about on here? It really suits me grin.
In fact I've just bought this for my honeymoon and it looks stunning on!

I also second the scarf suggestion. You should check out Mai Tai's Picture Book for creative ways to dress up neutral outfits with scarves.

For the jacket, I bought a stone blazer from Esprit last week. There is a sale on over here right now, though. Don't know about where you are...

charitygirl Fri 14-Jun-13 09:29:53

Beeyootiful dress VitC - I love that warm Limey green. In fact, I painted our sitting room walls that colour (maybe slightly more muted) and it was a bit of a revelatory moment when the HoC consultant mentioned 'you may realise that you've used your palette around the house even before you knew they were the colours you should be wearng'.

So that's why my sitting room is yellow-green, my kitchen is mango yellow, one of the bedrooms is rust-red, and the only picture I've ever spent serious money on prominently features 'navy green' and orange! Aha!

TheChocolateTeapot Fri 14-Jun-13 11:29:41

Another disappointed Dylon user here. Can't find anything cream/ivory at all.

shopafrolic Fri 14-Jun-13 16:15:46

Sorry Lovepigeon - only just catching up. If you click onto any of my individual Pins it should take you through to the product on the website.
The cream vests are currently 2 for £8 in M&S. Warning - they are really underwear I think so are very fitted but I find them great for layering and they have wide straps so no bra straps on show. And the cream tee with the ribbed back is also from M&S - their Autograph range - roughly £25 from memory.
I've also bought cream thermal long sleeved tops from M&S which I use for layering.
If you're an extra small then this T by A Wang slubby top is a good one - I'm wearing it today over my cream M&S vest for an extra layer. It is semi sheer and it is v slubby (and sheds a bit) but the fit is great.

shopafrolic Fri 14-Jun-13 16:16:31

Or there's Kettlewell

NotEnoughJamOnTheBread Fri 14-Jun-13 18:31:23

I was diagnosed as an Autumn leaf a few months back. I've got some of those M&S cream vests and they're really lovely, I highly recommend them. In fact I must buy some more.

AngieAir Fri 14-Jun-13 20:02:31

I will check out those marks cream tops on my Sunday shopping adventure.

Vitamin C, that dress is amazing. Don't think there's an Espirit near me, was going to have a mooch round TK Maxx.

Charitygirl I love the sound of your house decor.

Notenoughjam, how have you managed your wardrobe since you had your colours done? Have you made any major changes/purchases?

Looking at the pinterest boards there seem to be soft, dark and warm/true autumns. Is an autumn leaf a warm autumn or dark autumn? Think I might be between the two given my starred colours. There's potential for some very vibrant colour combinations though the HOC book does suggest monochromatic shades look best.

NotEnoughJamOnTheBread Fri 14-Jun-13 21:22:14

AngieAir I've bought quite a lot; cardigans (mainly from eBay for cost reasons and more chance of autumn colours at this time of year) some vest tops, t-shirts, navy trousers and a gorgeous pair of cream linen summer trousers. I've coloured my hair darker and started wearing lipstick and sometimes coral nail varnish ( I only ever used to paint them a natural colour).

I've posted previously about being unsure about being able to 'see' that I'm an autumn and if I'm honest I still feel that way. But I'm still trying and I'm hoping with more time and practice I'll get there.

I also asked in my post what the leaf part meant and a very knowledgeable MNetter who is a HoC consultant said it simply referred to the colours I looked amazing in, ie: the double star 100% colours written down on the ratings page during my colour consultation. Hope that helps a bit.

charitygirl Fri 14-Jun-13 22:17:23

Ooh - should add that I think Uniqlo is great for newly diagnosed folk of any season - they have lots of good quality basic tees, vests, jeans, and jumpers in so many colours.

Their website is never as good as their stores, but it's not bad, and on my iPad at least, the colours in pictures are pretty reliable. The cotton tshirt s with pockets are lovely and only £9. Vests are great too - nice and long. Would recommend you size down.

AngieAir Sat 15-Jun-13 15:28:06

NotEnoughJam, that makes sense re leaf thing thanks.

I also get what you mean about difficulty in accepting autumn. I thought it was all muted colours so was pleased to see that I suited rich, dramatic colours. However most of my ** colours I have never considered before and so far I haven't been able to bring myself to buy any. I just got a green kettlewell top because I always wear green anyway.

I'm also disappointed that silver is not recommended as I have lovely and expensive collection built up over the years, but I think I will combine with some gold pieces rather than ebay them as most have sentimental value.

However, I'm telling myself that I paid the expert for her unbiased opinion so I shall take her advice (cheaply) and see how it goes.

Now looking at boden autumn preview smile

TheChocolateTeapot Sat 15-Jun-13 17:19:22

Just ordered this in the House of Fraser sale. Am hoping it is as lovely as it looks!

charitygirl Sat 15-Jun-13 19:01:04

Very nice teapot - I never used to notice the description 'off-white', as opposed to just 'white', and now I hunt for it!

Don't think they've shown the top off to its best advantage though, and I say that a brogue lover. What will you wear it with?

AngieAir Sun 16-Jun-13 17:30:46

Got a few things today, enough to see my through til the style day, which I should be able to do in September. I got a couple of cami tops in Primark, sort of lizard grey and an oatmeal T-shirt for £3.99 in h&m.

Then, as I had a Laura Ashley gift card, I got this which is a coffee brown colour and this which is much richer and more chestnutty than in the picture.

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