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Decameron Thu 16-May-13 17:03:44

Continuing from here...

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 17:17:50

hello hello smile

shop i missed your exercise wear rec, if you were indeed asking me?!?

I favour american apparel leggings. they do one with little buttons at the sides. i think they are called placket crop and often cheap in sales (£11 ish). they wear and wash really well, I have pairs from 2008.

tops - i wear cheapo H&M long tanks usually. the £4 ones but with thick straps not spaghetti.

bras - have one from sweaty betty and one from JL (on it's last legs). may replace with a stella m one at some point (stocked on NaP and outnet)

I also LOVE lululemon. I like the Y tanks and the wunder under crops. really flattering, don't shift at all during a yoga practice, and wash brilliantly. they are more expensive though, I have one Y and two wunder unders compared to <counts> four AA placket crops and three H&M tanks.

i also generally start off wearing a l/s tee till i'm a bit warmer. these are the only thing my primarni l/s tees are good for! but it gets discarded after the first five mins, and I don't use at all if I'm practicing with my teacher in london as the room is HOT. or in india, ditto.

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 17:22:50

sleep I may not want to keep this skirt in an XS, it really depends. is that dark enough or not?

Hopefully Thu 16-May-13 17:23:14


Anni you poor thing. I managed to fall from top to bottom of our stairs with both my DSs when DS2 was only a couple of weeks old. I was full on HYSTERICAL for a while, couldn't function at all. Was horrendous. They both cried for a couple of minutes and were absolutely fine, of course.

My sales list is:
- flat sandals of some description
- pointy courts, if the ones I want go in the sale anywhere
- slim fitting v neck sweater, merino or cashmere or silk mix.

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 18:13:36

Thanks for that Foxy. I was indeed asking you! smile I'll take a look. Leggings would be better than trousers I guess as they don't hang round your knees when your legs are in the air! IYSWIM
So no Wang wearing for me on Saturday then? <Deletes Wang vest from list of possible things to wear>. I am starting to get super nervous. Just want you all to know I'm not famous, or married to anyone vaguely interesting (love you DH!), I'm a bit dull really......worried........

LinusDKD Thu 16-May-13 18:41:21

Hello! What a day!

We left very early this morning to catch a flight so DC and I can stay at my parents while DH is on a boys' weekend. envy

!$!#?& luggage handlers at Brussels Airport have been on strike since Sunday so we only took hand luggage but they still refused to get the push chair out of the hold even though we handed it to them at the entrance of the plane asking them to give it back to us at our destination!

Then our train was late so we took a £££ taxi to my parents and the afternoon went downhill from there really. DD teething and unsettled and DS overexcited from seeing his grandparents.

Bath and bedtime over so fingers crossed they both sleep well and I have time to catch up on what everyone has bought today.

Right, a big glass of red wine is waiting for me!

santamarianovella Thu 16-May-13 18:42:52

foxy i hope you dont mind me asking,do you practce birkam ?im about to sign for a class,but not so sure yet,heard its too difficult.

i promised my self not to buy anything during sales but i might consider getting these :

-zadig and voltaire jacket
-vanessa bruno sweater

What can't you wear the Wang shop? We'll all look different in our stuff anyway - if you saw Marsha you'd see how ridiculous the idea of us looking like twins in the same skirt is!

I'm not very exciting either. I do a mind-bleedingly boring job. Honestly, it's an eyeglazer - I start talking about it and people want to die.

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 19:02:57

oh linus what a drama! glad it's over now, enjoy your wine.

shop yes I can't wear anything that flaps around my legs or anything too loose on top as it falls down to my chin when I'm upside down! need to keep stomach firmly covered.

santa no, I practice ashtanga. i don't think bikram is too difficult but i DO think it's completely crazy and am not sold on the benefits they claim. choudhary is a rather, erm, strange figure. lots to read via google if you fancy it. and any ashtanga qus, hit me with them!

noviceoftheday Thu 16-May-13 19:17:01

Oh my goodness Linus and Anni! Hope you're feeling better.

Welcome LLL, I am 5'2". No chance of me being helpful to you!!grin

Shop wear your Wang. I shall prob be in New Look to distract from the bling I have promised if that helps!grin

I am fortunate in that my job is fab but it can be all consuming at times.

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 19:33:41

You're right Amber we could probably all turn up in the same top and look completely different. Right, I still have no clue what to wear, it will probably all be decided by which jacket (if any) I buy tomorrow! I'm rubbish at planning things in advance, will make a last minute decision on the day and hope for the best.
Linus whenever we travel to see inlaws our DS really struggles with the excitement and sleep is a challenge. Hopefully they'll be so exhausted they'll give you an easy night. Enjoy the wine. So what happens to your buggy then?

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 19:34:30

Is there anyone else who lets out an involuntary giggle when Wang is used in a certain way e.g Wear your Wang etc. or is that just me? <juvenile>

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 19:37:03

now amber, i honestly don't mean to sound pervy, but your boobs are AMAZING.

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 19:39:36

And you know that because?????

God I need more jackets shop, but I am mad fussy about them. And yes, I enjoy the use of the word Wang in many contexts. Especially when my DH says he is going to 'hang out with his Wang out'.

foxy thank you! Bastards to dress though, I assure you!

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 19:45:36

Aha! Just saw the pic. You do have a cracking figure Amber.
Yup I hate buying jackets. You needs loads to cover all bases and I can't afford to do that. I was kind of hoping for sun on Sat so I didn't need to bother.
Excellent Wang-age by your DH smile

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 19:51:58

my R&B jacket is my best buy this year I reckon. i hope one of the ones you have ordered is perfect for you, shop. i have a great choc brown leather all saints one with asymmetric buttons, it gets loads of use.

you do have a cracking figure amber. tiny waist too.

LinusDKD Thu 16-May-13 20:00:22

shop me too! <mind like a cesspit>

<chants> wang wang wang wang wang. grin

Anni I hope you are both ok!

foxy I love those shoes, wish I could do yellow.

I filled in a lost luggage claim online and requested that the buggy be sent back home to Switzerland as I doubt they will find it before we leave on Sunday. There were 20.000 bags abandoned in the airport!!!

Annianni Thu 16-May-13 20:24:04

Thanks for the good wishes... ds was very clingy after it happened yesterday, but he's fine today.

My hip's sore and i've got a lovely carpet burn on my elbow that's a bit stingy.

Now ladies... I need some advice...

I've just had the horror of seeing myself in the m&s 360' mirrors <sob>

And I need to do something about it.
So tomorrow do I get my copy of the shred out of it's wrapper, or do I do a yoga dvd that I've got from years ago.

Bearing in mind that I last exercised about 3 years ago.

"Get your Wang out"" fantastic!!!grin
Am [jealous] amber, and novice of your matching undies......I'm a 32b, impossible to find undies, never have my size in stocksad
I looked at a neon pink cotton cable jumper today...NEON PINK !! I'm sludge woman, what's happening I me?
Please can we have outfit descriptions for those of us who won't be there Sat?

Do the Shred Ani it works, it really does

Annianni Thu 16-May-13 20:37:36

Hope your weekend gets better Linus

My sales list is huge, probably will only get one or two things though...

Tan flat sandals
Rag & bone boots (never gonna happen)
Grey cross body bag (would love the AH on the outnet, but as above... ngh)
Slouchy low v neck tee's in white and grey marl
Pale grey thin knit cardi, waterfall slouchy type, also a navy one
Indigo slim leg jeans
White sheer knit of some description
White loose cotton vest-y top thing
Paige jimmy jimmy's (never gonna happen)
Long silver necklace
Leather wrap bracelet of some description, to layer with my silver bits
And a new jeans belt

Think that'll do for now grin

MarshaBrady Thu 16-May-13 20:39:08

Thanks for fresh new vol Decam

Anni big sympathies, I stumbled down stairs with ds2 in my stupid APC boots when he was tiny. I was so used to flats that the smallish heel caught me off step. Was horrible. Oh Hopefully at holding both, I would be so upset too!

Shop I may well Wang it. <hehe> So yes go for it the more the merrier!

Sleep chuckle at designer of choice, this thread is brought to you by T Wang. (freebies please)

Amber you do have a cracking figure, love the outfit on your blog.

Oh no Linus what a drag. And it was right there, how annoying!

Anni shred does work, but I'm tempted to get into yoga. I like the idea of stretching things rather than those plank things.

Annianni Thu 16-May-13 20:41:14

Sod the descriptions Drywhite, I want photos or skyping grin

I'm taking ds1 to see the new iron man and for me to perve over rdj on Saturday.

noviceoftheday Thu 16-May-13 20:43:15

shockshockshockBlimey....I don't have a sales list! I just can't get into s/s 2013sad

Dry, I sympathise on the bras!

QueenCadbury Thu 16-May-13 20:46:04

anni do the shred. Then maybe I can be inspired to unwrap mine too grin. That and stay away from 360 mirrors.

linus what an arse about the buggy. Enjoy the well deserved wine.

Dd's plaster cast came off today. Hurrah!

QueenCadbury Thu 16-May-13 20:47:20

Forgot to say I agree about the boobs.

MarshaBrady Thu 16-May-13 20:48:09

lol at Skype. If you're all plastered against the window just come in already, have a drink wink grin.

noviceoftheday Thu 16-May-13 20:50:38

Definitely a great outfit Ambersmile and fab boobsgrin

Has your DP skirt arrived yet? Looks fab and I might follow you there though worried about my arse looking big in it.

I was never into Breton until the great hunt for Shop but am tempted!

QueenCadbury Thu 16-May-13 20:51:48

novice I don't have a sales list either. Was beginning to think I was the only one.

I have incredible low blood pressure as standard, which plummets when I'm under the weather. I have fainted down the stairs dozens of times. My kids learnt to climb them young!

Annianni Thu 16-May-13 20:55:23

I might alternate shred and yoga.
I'll need to take it gently... scared now!

I have got Tracy A's mat workout DVD somewhere.
I remember doing that and then wanting to die the following day grin

I remember falling with ds1 in my arms, when he was a baby. I slipped on the wooden floor and landed on my elbows.
I was lucky not to break something.
He slept through it though... I was in agony and proper sobbed.

I am so clumsy... I shouldn't be allowed to supervise young children really...

Aw, shucks. The girls are most flattered, thanks.

foxysocks Thu 16-May-13 20:56:39

shred anni. learning yoga from a dvd is a one way street to an injury.

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 20:58:23

Foxy could run a MNV yoga class via Skype???? That'd be brilliant! smile
Loving the Wanguage as I now call it.
QueenC good new about DD - does she keep wondering where it's gone?
Anni report back from IronMan, stay away from M&S and try the Shred I guess. I am now doing gym sessions twice a week and walking DH's gun dogs twice a week. That should keep the lbs off I hope <drinks wine and eats chocolate>
DH has told me not to settle for second best with the jackets so green light for the Dressing Room version if I really prefer it.....
Linus PMSL

Annianni Thu 16-May-13 21:00:34

I have really low bp too Amber, whenever I have it checked, they have to do it the old fashioned way... the digital machine's think i'm dead grin

Lovely blog photo today.
Another with boob envy.

shopafrolic Thu 16-May-13 21:02:14

Whatever angle you took today's pic from Amber you need to recreate in every shot, otherwise your boobs are going to miss out on all these compliments!

noviceoftheday Thu 16-May-13 21:08:13

I am sooo clumsy, it was always my number one fear with the dcs. We have these sodding stairs at home that are steep. Dh marvels when I occasionally manage to walk one foot in front of anothersmile I am doing a high profile work thing next month and am already fretting about shoes (and outfit) because if I trip on the stage I will just die a thousand deaths from the embarrassment. i stuck to 3 inch heels for my wedding because I was convinced I would trip. Oh the day mares I had beforehand!

I don't get it, I was weighed at the doctors today and they say I've put a stone on since January but my clothes are looser and I'm definitely half a size smaller in my jeans confused Had blood taken to check for an underlying cause to my weight gain as I eat tiny amounts and exercise a regular amount so there's no outwardly apparent reason for me to weigh so much

QueenCadbury Thu 16-May-13 21:26:08

one were the scales different? Also were you wearing heavier stuff? If you've been exercising maybe you've now got muscle? I'd go by your clothes rather than the scales.

The same scales QueenC and I was wearing, if anything, lighter stuff than what I wore in January. I don't think they are wrong, I just don't understand why I'm putting so much weight on. The Nurse thinks it's because of my medications and if she's right, the only thing I can do is stop taking them which will make me ill again sad

santamarianovella Thu 16-May-13 21:40:19

thanks foxy,googled a bit,and got creeped out.

linus,it sounds like a nightmare.hope you find the buggy,that really put me off our trip tomorrow.

LeFreakCestChic Thu 16-May-13 21:50:37

Nice skirt amber! I wore mine today but didn't like what I wore with it- white shirt & nude tights, felt a bit Eurotrash and self conscious. Black opaques and black/ dark top the next time. Wearing a skirt so fitted felt strange although it is flattering. Maybe I just need to be braver....

santamarianovella Thu 16-May-13 21:52:18

one, i weight myself almost everyday, and when i go to see the dr, the scale at the drs office always adds 6lb, i then weight my self again at home using 2 different scales and they give me the exact weight minus the sudden gain,,dont worry.
you mentioned you have been working out, it might be muscle .

One muscle does weigh more. Keep going because eventually weight will drop as well as your body toning up, which it obv is doing already! Don't be disheartened.
* Novice* which DP skirt ?

The thing that worries me most is that I know one of my medications can actually give you type 2 diabeties. I really don't want it to be that but I have almost all the symptoms but I can't stop my medication or I have utterly soul destroying mood swings which have wrecked more than one relationship. I just want to feel like myself again sad in other news, I bought a cute black blouse with a lace trim neckline, a black skater skirt that covers more than just my bum and some bras that actually fit. I'd never have seen myself in a 32G before the bra intervention thread!

Hi all - sorry to sound discouraging but it is pretty much impossible that you have put 1st of muscle on One. You would have to have been weight training a serious amount and also eating incredible quantities of protein and still you would struggle to achieve that (and your body would look very noticeably different). Something sounds very strange and your symptoms sound miserable sadflowers.

Oh and Anni - thanks for the potential skirt offer, see what you think of it. I'm not sure it would suit me but maybe maybe...

Definitely go with the Shred btw!

I'm not discouraged sleep I knew it wasn't possible to have put that much muscle on and still be so .....flabby Something's definitely not right somewhere, I just hope the docs can get to the bottom of it

LinusDKD Fri 17-May-13 05:23:53

Good morning, yawn.

One flowers

Novice I'm very clumsy too. Not a day goes by in which I don't bump into something and bruise myself, or drop something or knock something over.

Planning on wearing my 'maroon' aka raspberry Paige skinnies today. Maybe I'll even get a compliment from DM because she likes that colour, who knows?!

Hopefully Fri 17-May-13 06:51:41

I'm another clumsy - always covered in bruises from bumping into things.

I am expecting delivery of a couple of things today, but need to be out all morning, so will probably miss them. Boo. Would probably be wrong to deprive my child of toddler group to await deliveries though... grin

I break things........granite work tops were such a bad idea! Glasses, plates......I need plastic everything! One NY DH was sent out to but Champ flutes ( I'd broken all the others), came back with crystal!!! I dropped the tray shock.... Was nothing to do with amount of champ I'd had wink

I am resolutely waiting in for deliveries Hopefully, though in fairness I do have a dress arriving that I need to style for the blog over the weekend!

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 07:19:46

Morning all. I'm waiting in too. Need to sort the jacket situation.....
Shouts "Wang-ang-ang-ang-ang"

Hopefully Fri 17-May-13 07:34:36

Amber I would much rather stay in, but Friday is my only day of childcare, so I feel obliged to go to a group with the boys so I actually see other parents occasionally. Not entirely sure that DS2 gets a huge amount from it, am not sure why I feel I have to go TBH!

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 07:35:10

am waiting it too, yellow shooooooooes arriving

how is your outnet stuff arriving already?! mine not been desptached yet. still contemplating cancelling the order tbh.

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 07:35:37

waiting IN obv

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 07:49:26

Mine hasn't either.

I'm clumsy but dh is worse. Our wedding present glass situation is woeful, one left.

Mine aren't that motivated on a Friday morning - tired after nursery all week. I'll kick em out the the park this afternoon to fulfil my parent responsibilities. Not that bothered about not seeing other parents round here; personally I don't care if Jacinta loves her Ottolenghi or if Gregory knows his 12 times table at 14 weeks.

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 08:05:46

I've never been to a toddler group ever grin
They are my idea of hell.

I've got a box of gap things to try (and probably return)

But the sun is out, so we'll probably go to the zoo later.

Really Amber?....I put Hector down for Eaton pre birth!!!!!grin

DH fashion we are sporting Lord Grantham look, it's a shooting day, he's currently "touring the estate"... We live in a sodding cul de sac ffs!!!!grin

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 08:27:17

I've never been to toddler group or soft play Anni <proud>.

I'd definitely stay in for a delivery, don't forget you can chat with the DHL man, that counts.

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 08:41:37

Those who wear skirts in this weather, what are you doing about cold legs? Tights? What type. I've only got dark opaques, bit heavy.

I'm opqueing it all the way. I can't reconcile nude tights with my personality.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 09:00:48

Is he actually shooting Dry or is that an illusion too? Only ask because of my DH.....
I wish i could say I've never been to a soft play - I hate the places, fortunately DS doesn't seem too keen either so we haven't been for ages. Long may it last.
Tell me about DHL. If it says it arrived at the Delivery Facility at 5.11AM today am I going to get it today? Any idea?

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 09:09:08

Shop I usually receive things from dhl the same day that they arrive at the depot.
But I think by now, they'd be out for delivery... so finger's crossed for you.

Well done Marsha grin
Ds2 has never been to soft play, long may it continue.

Just tried a lovely white sweater but the sizing/cut doesn't work for me.
It could've been nice too.

Rest of my Gap order's going straight back too.
Can't do pale blue jeans anymore <shudder>

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 09:12:38

Sleep, it's Foxy who ordered the skirt, not me.

My arse in a size xs wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Yeah I reckon you will shop. I have, ahem, some experience of DHL.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 09:46:32

Woop! Out with delivery courier.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 09:47:19

Not me! My parcel.....
Ponders the benefits of dating a DHL man hmm

You'd get your stuff early in the day? I can't help thinking my DHL man judges me....

santamarianovella Fri 17-May-13 09:55:56

morning all,
shop DHL,are fast once its sorted,then it should be ready for delivery,provided the outnet were not swamped with deliveries yesterdaygrin.

im not a big fan of toddler group either,but dd likes it,sometimes.

dry our should i say lady grantham,how is the sorting going?did you manage to ebay anything yet?

we are off this afternoon,and the weather looks just awful,didnt pack anything exciting it will rain all weekend,might as well spend the whole time at hotel spa.

MrsRadicchio Fri 17-May-13 10:06:41

Wanted to say a quick hello to all before the thread flies away from me. But DS is insisting on sitting on my knee and poking etc so I can't stay long.

Liked the chat about the DHs' fashion style, or lack of. My DH fits in with the majority. The worst thing is that his mum still buys him clothes and she seems to think he is still a teenager, buying him fleeces (we had to have a cull recently as he had about 10) and utility shorts. His sister also bought him some crocs <I despair>

Sales wishlist for me seems to be a lot of shoes
white brogues (still after a pair, found some DMs I like atm)
The Jemima Vine snake print court shoes (totally unnecessary for me but I love them)
Some Sam Edelman's that I've had my eye on for a while...They are similar to hopefully's bertie slipper shoes. Hopefully if you are interested, I can link - they have them in cream.
Paige jimmy jimmy jeans (baaa, don't think it'll happen though but would like some slim leg bf jeans)
Possibly a calf length tube skirt

Anni my wardrobe were doing money off Sam Edelman shoes and had quite a few adenas, inc gunmetal. About £90 bit galling after paying £36 at HoF!

DS is asking me too many questions, can't concentrate. Better be off and will be back when am child free!

Sorry to not namecheck, One sorry to hear about the medication and weight issues, must be v disheartening when you are doing all you can. Still great to have dropped a dress size though.

Perhaps those who want to shred should start together. Am thinking <deluded> that I could do it first thing in the morning as evenings are still spent trying to settle DS2, sigh.

Looking forward to hearing all about Sat and seeing photos <pleeease>

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 10:39:08

Oh poor you Anni. Hope you are feeling better today. For getting in shape I prefer to up the walking and do a pilates/yoga DVD Foxy makes a good point about injuries though – I have had lots of yoga lessons in the past so have a good idea what to do. I have tried the Shred but it’s too hard on my knees (how old does that sound!) If you can run/jog 20-30 mins of that 4 or 5 times a week makes a difference in no time. If you are not used to running just do a minute then 2 mins walking and slowly build up until you can do 20 mins non stop.

Well done all on the Wang purchases.

Shop even though I am not coming I feel the need to reassure you about the meet up – everyone on here sounds so absolutely lovely I think you are going to have a ball. And you are getting your hair done before hand so you will look fabulous no matter what you wear.

Marsha I am doing nude tights but struggling to find ones I like – considering black sheers…worried though that I might just look like I didn’t notice the 90’s ended rather cutting edge!! Have also worn opaques this week, pale grey and navy feel less winter like than black.

And on sales, I think I might not bother – have gone off shopping when I realised how much I bought in the last month (see the Frugal thread!). What I really need is a new winter coat and some boots so I have decided I have enough for the summer and will save up for A/W instead.

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 10:44:37

Oh and one (((()))) re the weight gain - try not to focus on the numbers - it's so disheartening - if your clothes feel looser then you must look better.

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 12:00:32

I like most toddler groups but all the mums round here are pretty normal and I've never really encountered any competiveness. I couldn't survive without them quite honestly!

The pink and white belts have been returned so am still on the hunt for a pink leather belt with silver buckle if anyone sees any around.

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 12:10:41

neon pink queenc?

DH birthday cake is in the oven - nigella's choc and guinness - my hair is washed and straightened and am ready to pack. so, fashionistas, what shall I take on my camping weekend?!

currently in dark indigo paiges, rolled up, with neon pink slouchy tee. will add trainers - probs navy cons as they are already battered and old.

also taking gold havs, wellies (natch), a blue superdry hoody (not stylish but incredibly warm), [[ this barbour).

then probs one pair of skinnies (to fit into boots!), neon yellow tee and grey cashmere jumper for daytime tomorrow. then I can choose footwear from above dep on weather.

currently 0% chance of rain in the area we are going! TF. and on the plus side, DH is ecstatic that the yellow shoes have placated me and is being supremely encouraging of current purchases grin. not ONLY am I camping for him but he's in paris then portugal for all of next week before his june bahamas jaunt <flexes credit card>

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 12:12:18

oh a scarf! cobalt cashmere/silk i think. and grey cashmere gloves and my green knitted hat the children bought for me one birthday.

that's it right? did I miss anything? apparently there will be cold champers for me this eve, haha.

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 13:05:14

foxy you may be able to fit into a kids belt but not so sure I can grin.

Your outfits for trip away sound great. Have you thought about underwear though wink

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 13:06:02

Waves to MrsR glad you're back!
Liberty thanks for the reassurance. It's ridiculous really. Everyone does sound lovely so I'm sure it'll be the same IRL. My DH was even better! smile

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 17-May-13 13:06:54

Hey foxy good call - Nigella's choc Guinness cake is my default special occasion setting! Always goes down well (and quickly). I like the afterthought of scarf, gloves and knitted hat - it is supposed to be summer, isn't it?? Keep flexing that credit card (DH guilt-buying is usually the most productive kind!)
Quick update on my purchases. It's been like christmas in here the past couple of days. The Prada sunnies are keepers, the Rebecca Minkoff sandals were just gorgeous and the C de C cardigan/jacket is superb - so Chanelesque and fits/hangs like a dream. After reading all the boyfriend jeans posts and feeling a bit envy, I ordered a pair of Gap's destructed real straight jeans as they've been knocked down to £24.99 and looked a bit less baggy than many of the boyfs. They fit really well and I'm delighted with them. I've rolled them up an extra bit because I'm so short and I think they look good, despite my lack of stature. I'm looking forward to wearing them with my gigis, tanned feet and neon toes <sigh>

Hopefully Fri 17-May-13 13:07:03

Crap, I missed the DHL man. Will have to wait till Monday I suppose. Although night send DH down to the depot later on the off chance - he owes me after working late for a week.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 13:16:46

Foxy no idea re: camping! I don't think I'm cut out for it although DH wishes I was! Glad to hear it'll be dry for you though as the weather is lousy here. Off to investigate the cake recipe.
Grumpy everything sounds gorgeous, and bargainous jeans (I should have done that)...... Can't wait for the sun too.
DHL man has been, jackets delivered, I have confessions to make but they'll have to wait until DS has had lunch and is in bed......
"Forgive me father for I have sinned........."

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 13:30:15

oooo shop! SPILL. intriguing....

queenc i bet you could, check the measurements against one you already own. mine just arrived and are LOVELY. SIZE is 20% off, and quidco for another 5% so they are like, £9 each. for leather.

I'm def keeping the yellow - wearing it now - and probs the pink too. the blue is really nice though, hmmm, i did say i could only keep one, two max! <slaps wrists>

DvF also here and BEAUTIFUL but there are weird pink marks on one upper. am about to email to ask for a switch...

BRILLIANT shopping grumpy, an inspiration to us all!

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 13:46:34

Good shopping grumpy especially the jeans (anni and I also have them).

foxy I'll have a look at measurements. How neon is the pink? I kindof want a fuchsia type colour. The blue is gorgeous and am tempted by that but I already have a blue belt but it's such a tempting price.

shop spill the beans NOW!

santamarianovella Fri 17-May-13 13:48:42

shop how did you like the the leather jacket? is it a keeper?
foxy do ring them about the pink mark. what you packed sounds great. i didnt take anything special,as its gonna rain all weekend where we are heading ,and we will be doing lots of walking<great>
grumpy lovely shopping,and i do love the sunnies,

all the best to all you ladies at the MU,im sure you will all look gorgeous.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 14:09:22

Sooooo - first piece of info is that I washed my A Wang long sleeved slubby tee on the hand wash cycle in my machine in a laundry bag and it has come up fine, just drying flat now using Marsha's towel technique.
So the two jackets from the Outnet arrived.
this one was quite thick leather and the arms were too short, lovely colour though.
this one was better on the arms but tight across the chest. The buckle etc actually looked alright on, and the colour wasn't too bad but again the leather was quite thick.
So back I went to see this little beauty. This time I was wearing the right clothes - Goldsigns, brown pistol-alike boots, grey tee, and I had make up on so felt much better than the first time I tried it on and I loved it. For the price I had to really love it but I really really do. Especially when compared with the other two. It is lovely and soft, really comfortable, the colour is great - I'm thrilled.
I know in a couple of weeks it'll probably be in the sale but I'm such a common size that I rarely have luck in the sales and frankly - I had to have it. An while I was there a 2nd Day modal grey tee fell into my bag too.
So there you go. Naughty but very nice.

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 14:19:38

Well done shop. Sometimes it's just worth paying full price. Enjoy it.

Wang order arrived and, with the help of the W&A jury, I have decided to keep it all.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 17-May-13 14:26:43

Gorgeous jacket shop, forget the naughty and stick with 'nice'. There's no point spending less on something you don't love anyway. And as my SIL always says, you'd probably end up frittering away that amount of money on bits and pieces without really noticing, so well done - money very well spent.

foxysocks Fri 17-May-13 14:29:31

Absolutely gorgeous shop, well done!

Was the wang skirt plus muscle tee, amber? How long is the skirt?

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 14:35:01

hello my beauties grin

Had an interesting day. Had an interview at the most gorgeous looking office, well reception area. In an old building with a bar and espresso machine tastic. Lots of good looking people wondering around (am reminded of Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives re creative industries). But it was cancelled, due to a mistake in diaries. Grr

So went out for lunch with dh instead. Had a wonderful time, god love him for being so great (sop sop) and calming me down after double espresso with champagne.

Hopefully Fri 17-May-13 14:35:15

Shop sometimes it's just not worth the risk of waiting till sales! I do very little sales shopping, one the whole.

Urgh, it is pouring down again. Bored of this weather.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 14:35:43

There's a jury?? Does that mean that once we've met I could try stuff and then email pics to ask your opinions?? That would be so good..........

Shop lovely jacket wondering whether I need one hmm
Yes he's off actually shooting will probably get flamed now. Think I might have made him sound a bit of a prat earlier, he's not just no fashion sense, quite nice really just as well really. He wears clothes I have bought.....defo no tweed plus fours or wierd ties with pheasants on them!!!grin

Santa my sort out is going far I have got rid of:
5 pairs of trs
9 dresses shock...I have a lot of dresses
1 skirt
3 tops
5 pullovers
1 leather jacket that cost a bloody fortune in 1998 but is a bit Dynasty, lovely soft leather sad
3 T shirts
1 pair Boden boots
2 pairs of shoes
2 jackets

I will list some on Ebay on Sunday pm ( optimum selling time) , charity some and bin a few. Off for round 2 now.

Parcel with Next animal print pointy kitten heels and bag just arrived. Love a parcel on a Friday! Initially looked cheap because they are, I prefer pony skin....but worn with black blazer and ankle grazing skinnies actually look quite goos. For £41 I'm keeping them and wearing tonight. I want to look like
her..... grin

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 14:38:21

Well done Shop, that jacket is lovely.

What did you order Amber?

We've just got back from the zoo.
It was nice to get some fresh air.

Hope you have good weekends Foxy and Santa.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 14:38:27

Marsha bless you!! Have they rearranged?
I love a decent office with bar or something similarly fun. Have any of you ever been to Ted Baker's offices? They are seriously amazing. Virtual receptionists, funky lifts, open plan warehouse style, great showroom. Lovely lovely lovely.
Still saying that your DH sounds ace Marsha did you eat something equally lovely or are you now just wired and pissed? smile

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Fri 17-May-13 14:39:11

Wow! So much to catch up on!

Congrats on all the great buys.

Anni I really rate the Shred. Only 20 mins so over before you know it. I lost and inch off my waist after just level 1.

OneLittle Sorry to hear about you health problems.

I am usually a 'stick to my list' kind of shopper but today I went in to Primark for some sheer black tights (Can't do the skort with bare legs in this weather!) and somehow came out with these. I wanted the River Island ones that sold out but had put them out of my mind. I have some faux snakeskin slingbacks from Primark, also £10, and I get more compliments about them than all my other more expensive shoes put together.

They look great with the black skinnies I'm currently wearing but I'll have to work out how to wear these without looking too 1980's

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 14:39:18

Well done Shop and Grumpy that is shopping fantastic. Love everything.

foxy so pleased re DvF hope they swap very quickly and painlessly.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 14:41:18

Dry my DH does the whole kit and caboodle on posh days. Plus fours, stupid ties, socks with flappy bits. Looks a prize prick but he loves taking the dogs and working them. Comes back with the same big smile on his face that I get from a trip to London and a shopping spree.
I won't flame you, but agree it's not for some....

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 14:42:23

Shop in process of rearranging. I felt rage I have to tell you, because there are people waiting my end for answers yada yada, but I suppose I got over it.

I did eat but I was being ultra cheap and went for a small chicken salad. Dh then had the audacity to have meatballs, side order and ginger cake with ice cream!! Oh well I had two x champagne to make up for it grin

happyreindeer Fri 17-May-13 14:45:41

How strange! I only have about 4 pins and that girl is one of them Drywhiteplease.

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 14:46:35

lol shop dh gets that grin wrt bikes or records and analogue sound systems.

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 14:50:38

I saw those Adena's MrsR, but too £££.
Need them to be half price at least really before I'm tempted.

I went to Selfridges on Monday but forgot to try them on in the smaller size.

But dh has offered me a couple of child free hours on Sunday if I fancy a trip out, so I'll try them then.

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 15:14:17

Stunning jacket Shop - well worth the money - you will wear it for years. I assume you will wear it to the MU tomorrow?

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 15:15:21

Love Marsha's slightly drunk afternoon posts!!!
I would feel 'the rage' at a diary mix up....

Spooky Happy

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 15:22:23

Liberty I think I'll wear it yup, with skinnies and boots at this rate - so bloomin cold! I've emailed you pics by the way.....x

Love the jacket shop I've had a very dull day, a delightful bout of vomiting has curtailed any plans I had sad

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Fri 17-May-13 15:46:00

Oh dear OneLittle. Hope you're feeling better soon

Shop You have rekindled my leather jacket search. My DH will want words with you. I'm easily led you know grin

Going to watch the Great Gatsby tonight (how long have I been waiting for this to come out?!). I'm going to wear the white stillies and re create this look but sans sunglasses, sadly no need for those here.

Thank you paris I'm sure I'll be right as rain soon enough smile. I'm always ill with something or other, I don't usually like to whine but was feeling sorry for myself today

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 15:56:51

Nice one Paris - I love that look you pinned. Enjoy the film , please report back, we rarely get out on date nights so I have to make sure movies are worth the effort.....
Get well soon One

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Fri 17-May-13 16:19:02

I'll give you a movie review Shop. Not sure if I'm bothering with 3D though. Went to see Iron Man 3 in 3D and it cost over £30 for DH and I! I like Robert Downey Jnr Iron Man as much as anyone but I thought that was a total rip off!

The cinema is a rip off in general I find paris I don't know how they get away with charging the prices they do.

Hi everyone <waves>. Some lovely purchases here, great jacket Shop, it was always the one wasn't it! I guess I will see it in RL tomorrow grin? No idea what I am going to wear, this weather is really throwing me, nothing feels right for it sad. I also missed Outnet delivery today so don't have any new Wang to wear!

Grumpy your haul sounds fab.

Foxy, sorry for my mix up re skirt and Anni, it was late. DH and I went to see Mud, which was a great film. Matthew McC fantastic and the kids in it were brilliant.really recommend.

DH left for a weekend cycling in the Alps this morning (no huntin/shootin for him, more Rapha lycra, funny shoes and a helmet, he does wear baggy cycling shorts over his lycra ones tho, a look I prefer smile). He's not very happy however, because it is still snowing shock high passes still closed and therefore they won't see the Giro as planned because they can't cycle over the top of the necessary mountain and driving round would take hours. I, meanwhile, have already installed brand new bed linen from whiteco on our bed and am prepared for a quiet evening watching catch up tv with a jacket potato - oh the indulgence grin

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 16:29:50

Love that look Paris have a great time.

Liberty rage is right! the interview is now two weeks away. So another job waiting to hear back on accepting an offer will have to wait, school place etc grrr I hope the pa came clean about the mistake and didn't say I cancelled it!

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 16:31:07

This weather is making things difficult. It's going to be too cold for bare legs isn't it? Not sure I can go back to opaques. Thrown!

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 16:32:16

The Alps! Good one Sleep!

Going back to opaques < That's exactly what I mean Marsha, outfits I was happily wearing a month ago, before that brief spell of nice weather, just look wrong, it's very frustrating.

Hopefully Fri 17-May-13 16:36:18

Marsha I am having my legs waxed on Tuesday and will be going bare legged for the week even if it snows - I always feel I have to make the most of them when freshly done!

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 16:38:34

I bet Hopefully! I waxed for 10 years then gave up, back to shaving now. Really hurt, wimp grin not sure why I did it for so long.

Sleep I know. I had bare cold legs today, in defiance to the opaque, may have to repeat tomorrow.

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Fri 17-May-13 16:43:15

Also experiencing leg cover dilemma. I bought a 5 pack of sheer black tights. I'll need a 5 pack because I'll probably ladder 4 pairs trying to put them on!

McNally Fri 17-May-13 16:51:42

What a pain about the meeting Marsha. Lunch sounds nice though. Every cloud, and all that.

Lovely jacket shop. Some things are worth paying full price for and at least you've got it now for the big event tomorrow (think you were planning on wearing it?).

Poor you One. Hope you feel better soon.

Paris please do give us a film review. I'm keen to see it too. Looks most stylish.

Evening in with tv and new bedding Sleep, bliss!

Out tonight as friend back from Hong Kong. Planning to wear short cobalt/black dress (from Banana Republic, old), black D&G heels, black Angel Jackson clutch and probably opaques. Proper winter outfit!

So the weather forecast is for London tomorrow is cloudy but dry with high of 15deg... Tbh that doesn't help much with my planning grin, neither one thing or the other is it hmm

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 16:58:54

Sleep how about those great J brand suede ones? They're fab.

I only have skinnies, floral or normal.

Have fun McNally!

I think I'll go bare legs and compensate with warm stuff on top half or.. or

DP gets home tonight after being away with work. So excited grin

Or your MiH!

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 17:05:26

I could MiH it, I fear the ankle width with a heel will have to check doesn't look terrible. I also don't have dressy tops. It's all t shirts and plain simple cashmere jumpers. So dressy bit comes from skirt / dress or thereabouts.

MarshaBrady Fri 17-May-13 17:05:53

Excellent OneLittle! Happy for you!

The suede ones are definitely contenders Marsha, it won't be too warm for them certainly! I fear my DC's won't get any attention from me in the morning, it will be spent trying and discarding my entire wardrobe grin!

How nice One, funny you are welcoming your DH back and I am relishing getting rid of mine (will be feeling differently come Sunday grin)

To be honest sleep I thought I'd love having the bed to myself, eating what I wanted and stuff but it's just been weird and lonely. I've had the cat for company though and my sister's been round a few times to keep me company as well. I'll just be glad when he's home even though I'll only have him for the weekend as he goes away again next week sad

Oh I know One, I'll only enjoy it this evening, after that I'll want him home smile.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 18:21:16

Right - it's too damn cold to get legs or ankles out, so change of plan for me. I'm not going to wear the Paige jeans Amber. Am going to wear my MNV inherited Goldsigns instead, with layers, and my jacket and boots. Sorry - might not be dressy but if I'm clambering in and out of trains and tubes I really can't be arsed to so heels. When you meet me you'll get it - I don't do girly well in bad weather! So I shall leave it to you guys to do the glam bit, I've decided I'm just coming as me! smile Can't wait to meet you all - such a shame more can't make it. Definitely need to plan for the next one!
Sleep your evening sounds delightful. Sounds as though every man needs a hobby that involves lots of technical gear!

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 18:24:32

*do heels

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 18:25:01


noviceoftheday Fri 17-May-13 18:44:12

Disaster in the novice household. My nanny has injured herself and is at a&e sad thankfully cleaning lady was here so she looked after the dcs while I rushed home.

LinusDKD Fri 17-May-13 18:46:47

Haven't had time to catch up with this thread but will do now the DC are in bed.

Quick link for shop: a jersey skirt you might like


The colour is sea green but maybe it looks quite khaki to me.

Are you all going to start a MNV drunk thread tomorrow night?grin they exist you know !
Shop Rambo has returned, I asked how many birds he'd got, I'm obv an idiot because it was clays as it's not the season......see I'm an amateur, not country born, suburbia through and through good job we weren't socialising with shooting lot this evening, would have been a huge foot in mouth moment grin

Oh Novice that's bad, thank god for the cleaning lady!

Ok since you now know I'm an idiot I'll give you my equally ridiculous foot in mouth with clients comment....calling Grumpy.....
In my early days as a corporate wife wink we went to the races. I'm not a real racer, only a pretend one, but now that Grumpy has put me straight about appropriate fascinated etiquette I think I can pass myself off ok but still don't have a clue how the betting works.
Anyway there we were at the paddock....I,of course looked fabulous, was getting on famously with all and sundry (champ???) . I was reading the race card and swotting up on good to soft etc and spoke what I was thinking in a loud voice " gosh, I can't believe the horses weight only 8 stone!!!" Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff***! Too late, it just came out!
<scuttles off in shame .....I have a degree you know...........!>
Have a great time tomorrowsmile

Fascinator etiquette...bloody predictive text!

Decameron Fri 17-May-13 19:21:23

Hope you are feeling better now, OneLady.

Drywhite grin. My father used to shoot, many times I went into get my bike from the dark garage and walked straight into game birds hanging. Yikes.

The outfit sounds perfect, Shop. Hope you all have a good time tomorrow.

shopafrolic Fri 17-May-13 20:38:27

Hilarious Dry!
Decam it's a weekly occurrence here in season for me to squeal at a dead grouse! DS just points at them and shouts "PIGEON!!!!!"

Portia4 Fri 17-May-13 20:57:03

We live outside the Pale in hunting and shooting country, I have had to develop a strong stomach as I live too far from mh patents to drop a pheasant on their door step!

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 21:01:39

Great story Drywhite grin

Novice your poor nanny and yes thank god the cleaner could step in - hope she is ok?

Good decision on the outfit Shop

So I am here packing for my week 'oop north' Have assumed it will be cold all week - 2 skinnies, 1 straight leg jeans, 2 l/s t's, 3 s/s t's, 2 cardis, 1 cashmere sweater, 1 linen sweater, 3 scarves, black parka, caterpillar boots, superga, trackie bottoms, PJs, swimsuit and flipflops (we have a hot tub on the deck of the cottage we have rented)...I have decided if the sun does shine I'll treat myself to a dress in Harrogate!

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 21:20:34

Shop have just emailed you...

noviceoftheday Fri 17-May-13 21:22:37

Our poor nanny is okay-ish but will need to return to hospital tomorrow and on Monday. Dcs were quite traumatised from witnessing the accident.

I can still make the meet up but the birthday dinner dance we were going to tomorrow night is prob a no, as our nanny was meant to be babysitting. (Unless we can scramble a replacement).sad

We were v lucky it happened on one of the days our lovely cleaning lady is here. The dcs adore her and vice versa. She gave them their tea and looked after them. Shes fab. she's recently created a draw for my pjs and has them all neatly stacked up in theresmile.

Annianni Fri 17-May-13 21:25:11

Have a fab holiday Liberty, it's been nice and warm today.
We didn't need coats on at the zoo which was a surprise.

I grew up in a shooting household.
I used to help clean the guns and I had a rather large rabbit's foot collection <weirdo>

Hope you all have fun tomorrow, and have some fizz for me please.

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 21:31:12

Oh to have a good cleaner!! Someone to organise the PJ's sounds just wonderful. Hope your nanny is feeling better soon novice.

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 21:34:24

novice hope she's ok. What happened?

I'm rather envy at all your talks of offices with bars etc. it's a world away from being a nurse working for the NHS grin.

To all those going away have a fab time.

And for those of you meeting tomorrow have a fab time too. Have some wine for me too. I'm driving 60 miles to meet up with my parents tomorrow just so I don't have to look after the dc on my own all day. This week will be tough as dh is on call and it's week 7 of the term so the older dc are utterly exhausted. Roll on next Friday when it becomes half term!

noviceoftheday Fri 17-May-13 21:47:22

queenC, she shut her finger in the hinges of a solid wood internal door and severed the tip of it.shock I am so paranoid about that happening with the dcs that I am always going on about no fingers in doors.

QueenCadbury Fri 17-May-13 21:49:51


Oh dear novice I hope your nanny will be ok, sounds really painful and awful for the DC to have been witness to sad

Hope everyone has fun at the MU, there best be some drinks had in honour of those who can't attend! smile

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 21:55:29

Oh dear noviceI winced reading that - so, so painful - have they sewn it back on? I ask because I had a very interesting conversation with a doctor I work with the other day who said tips of fingers can grow back - so she shouldn't worry too much if they didn't/couldn't or if sewing it back doesn't work. I had a very bad crush injury to my thumb about 10 years ago and although it took a while it fully recovered - it just looks a bit skinny compared to the other thumb - and at the time they considered amputating my thumb just above the knuckle as it was so badly crushed. My only lasting issue is that I tend to cut my thumb on paper etc a lot as the sensation is not as good as it should be.

noviceoftheday Fri 17-May-13 21:55:34

Thanks One. smile

Definitely an ouch moment!

noviceoftheday Fri 17-May-13 21:57:40

Spot on Liberty. That's exactly what they have told her, that the tip of the finger will grow back. Who knew?!shock

libertychick Fri 17-May-13 22:53:51

Amazing isn't it - our bodies are incredible things!

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 05:41:51

Novice, what a story! I hope your nanny feels better soon and hope the DC are not too upset anymore.

Everyone have fun at the MU tonight. I will be thinking of all of you looking glamourous and having a great time whilst I will watch the Eurovision song contest with my DM. blush

It is completely her idea as we used to watch it when I was little, she is even getting takeaway pizza to re-create the whole experience. I am indulging her as she doesn't see me very often but I am not looking forward to it.

noviceoftheday Sat 18-May-13 05:47:31

Morning Linus, well ds has been up screeching for the last hour so it will certainly be a knackered unglam me at the meet up! As our plans have fallen through for tonight, I may well be watching some of Eurovision with yougrin

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 05:53:22

Morning Novice! DS has been up since 5 (CET)! Yawn.

DD on the other hand is still happily snoring away. envy

noviceoftheday Sat 18-May-13 05:59:03

My dd is sleeping too. And dhenvy.
If ds had been first he might well have been an only child!grin 2 years of disturbed sleep is wearing. I have no idea what I am wearing today either! I don't normally like to crawl out of bed till I know.

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 06:19:42

DS is the first and even though he slept through the night at 4 months he has always been an early bird.

At home he needs to stay in his bed until 6 but I didn't want to wake up my DP so took him in bed with me at 5 where he wriggled for half an hour and then fell snoozed for 20 minutes.

DH is away on his boys' weekend so he'll be fast asleep after a big night out. envy

Oh well, at least I won't be the one with the massive hangover.

I think for me it'll be skinnies and my Maison Scotch neon breton today. Again.

But I am wearing the Tod's D Bag I bought last year when pregnant with DD so that makes up for my lack of stylish clothes today.

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 06:49:23

Morning all. I have to leave the house at 8.30 for my train. Still unsure what to wear. See you in a bit (weird!) smile

Topazandpearl Sat 18-May-13 07:08:31

Have a lovely day everyone, at the MU or elsewhere x

QueenCadbury Sat 18-May-13 07:27:52

Wish I was coming for a day of drinking. Have fun everyone x

Hi everyone. I bribed my DC's with the promise of pancakes for breakfast if they sat quietly in front of the tv entertained themselves and let me lie in til 8.30. They were doing really well but DH called at 7.30 hmm. I was up in the night with DS2 who has a sore throat caught from me. So I'm not too sparkly either, but looking forward to the MUsmile

DH and mates are debating whether to cycle up some mountains, they could get to see the Giro go through a town just over the border but the weather forecast shows 95% chance of snow later, so they could then be stranded! Sounds like a fun weekend huh?!grin mental.

noviceoftheday Sat 18-May-13 09:25:26

Oh Sleep, I have a sore throat too, popped some paracetamol and feel better. Dh has offered to stay with the dcs tonight so now I actually have to work out what to wear tonight too. I have just remembered that I bought a dvf dress I haven't worn yet, so that or lace dress. Hope you got your train Shop!

Hopefully Sat 18-May-13 09:31:03

Have a lovely MU everyone!

Have a class today and am enjoying the sunshine through the window. Wearing bright coral belted waterfall cardigan to match the bright weather.

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 10:07:32

Made the train, sat in my hairdresser's new salon. Wearing Goldsigns, lace vest and cream AV sweat, pistolalike boots, Mulberry feather scarf and fab new leather jacket which I love. Nervous but in a good way.

MarshaBrady Sat 18-May-13 11:33:58

Had rubbish sleep (they know don't they when there's important people to meet) but am counteracting with coffee. Hopefully won't look too awful! Concentrate on Novice's Balenciaga rather than my (eye) bag grin.

Ok need to get ready, love the outfit Shop.

Bad news guys - I'd agreed ages ago to go to my 10y school reunion with my mate, but as she hadn't mentioned it since I thought I was off the hook. Anyway, she texted me this AM saying 'see you at 11' - turns out she's bought us bloody tickets! So I'm now running mad late and will have to miss MU. Gutted is not the word! Plus my Wang will be wasted on them (it is an all girls school after all..)

So sorry! Take pics and have fun x

FWIW am wearing white TS Baxters, purple Wang vest, black leather jacket, black Pistols and red McQueen skull scarf. Carrying Rocco.

Ah what a shame Amber. Where is the reunion? Can you catch us up later?

Currently throwing clothes around my bedroom choosing what to wear grin

pickledsiblings Sat 18-May-13 12:13:10

Have a great MU folks, hope the rain stays away. Great jacket Shop. lol at Novice in her New Look to counteract the bling.

noviceoftheday Sat 18-May-13 12:15:33

Oh that's such a shame Amber!sad Look forward to meeting you another time. I have even worn a piece of bling just for you!grin Have a great time, your outfit sounds great. Was looking forward to meeting the Rocco too,

Marsha, I am dutifully clutching the Balenciaga as

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 12:42:15

Noooooo Amber! Enjoy the reunion. Another time?
Will change booking to four people and see you all shortly x

santamarianovella Sat 18-May-13 13:40:48

Hi everyone,
I'm desperate for MU updates,

We are having a really lovely time here,a bit cloudy but,it's not raining ,Dd was getting a bit cranky,so I put her down for her nap and decided to see any updates,
Hope you all have fun at the

Santa me too!

MarshaBrady Sat 18-May-13 16:00:32


Shop is gorgeous and hair is looking great. Looking fab in Decam's Goldsigns and Winefairy's boots.

Novice looks so young it's not funny, has gorgeous bling and a very pretty look.

Sleep is friend to the stars, ultra elegant and lovely.

We are having fun and you all have to come to the next one.

wine to you all...sounds fab, next time I'm in London ill give you a shout

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 17:08:15 Wang will be wasted on them....<snigger>

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 17:13:05

Am on train home. What a lovely time. Everyone was super gorgeous and super lovely, just as in my gut I knew they would be.
Amber you were missed.
Marsha long legged beauty wearing a great line in I&I cashmere, so warm and fun, just as she writes on here.
Sleep ultra elegant, lovely suede trousers, great shoes, gorgeous necklaces and great company
Novice YY to younger than her years, beautiful jewellery, amazing bag and fabulous skin, so pleased you joined us!
Everyone was so nice, very relaxed chat - felt as though we'd known each other for a long time.
In other news, the seam of my lovely leather jacket has come unstitched so will have to take back and complain on Monday
- worried.....

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 17:13:57

P.S. Left them all at the restaurant so who knows what they'll get up to......

pickledsiblings Sat 18-May-13 17:25:32

What a pain about your jacket shop. Where did you get it from again?

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 17:28:11

From the Dressing Room. They've offered amazing service so far so hopefully they can fix this.

Annianni Sat 18-May-13 17:34:49

Hope you're having fun wine

Annianni Sat 18-May-13 17:37:19

Those that are still out grin

Must learn to post when I type, and not put my phone down instead.

Am way more drunk than I should be at this hour. Shameful! Hope all the MUppers had a good time!

Good on you A love a drunk post....don't shop though, it's dangerous.
Glad you had a good time Shop, not good about the jacket though.
Am out to play tonight ....working monochrome I think, opaques sad

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 18:34:29

Sooo jealous of all of you at the MU, sounds like you had a good time.

The only bit of glamour in my day was admiring my DM's new Hermès bag and her new Jimmy Choo flats in between changing nappies and feeding the DC. Such Fun.

Feeling decidedly frumpy today compared to DM who is always impeccably turned out.

santamarianovella Sat 18-May-13 19:19:41

its sounds like you all had a lovely time,loving the descriptions!.
shop shame about the jacket,take it back!

linus your mum sounds so elegant and brave!my mum hides her expensive bags whenever the dcs and i visit!

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 19:46:12

santa the bag was still in its box and dustbag as DM has only worn it once since buying it. shock But to be fair, she is not too precious about her bags around the DC.

She is quite elegant (tall and slim, unlike me) but we have very different tastes in clothes. She's more into bright colours and unconventional designs and I am more of a classical dresser, much to her dismay.

Any MU piccies? wink

shopafrolic Sat 18-May-13 20:01:53

Group vote was no pics Linus sorry!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sat 18-May-13 20:09:42

Hope y'all had fun at the MU, wish I could have been there. I've been at Newmarket races today, dressed for the weather (ie none too glamorous) All you could see anyway were my Stuart Weitzman over-knee mock croc boots and my navy Reiss oversized blazer. Saw a girl who was the absolute picture of perfection - charcoal blazer, deep red and charcoal patterned mini, opaques and chunky black loafers. Her deep orange bag was absolutely gorgeous to the point where I almost went over to her table to ask where she got it! It helped that she was tall, slim and beautiful...
Loved the story Drywhite, but don't worry, we racing types aren't the least bit sniffy! (we know the technicalities of the sport are complex and varied and don't mind in the least explaining things)

santamarianovella Sat 18-May-13 20:22:41

linus,its not just the dcs she fears,i always try on her handbags,she has 2 gorgeous chanel bags.
she is a very classic dresser, so her clothes dont excite me but her bags i loooove!

Hopefully Sat 18-May-13 20:29:43

Love the MU talk. Hope you all have/had a fab time!

Am v pleased with my outfit this afternoon - off-white skinny jeans (baxters), bright green vest under off-white M&S slouchy t-shirt, bright bright coral waterfall cardigan and bright coral flip flops (with via-MNV bright coral nail varnish on my toes! Love!)

QueenCadbury Sat 18-May-13 20:29:45

Glad you all had fun. I've got 3 very over tired dc after a fab day at cotswold wildlife park. Now relaxing with wine. Going to have a dry week and sensible eating week as we have friends down over the bank hol weekend so will definately be overindulging then!

LinusDKD Sat 18-May-13 20:45:24

santa sounds like my DM but the other way around. I don't like her over the top clothes but I luuuurve her bags and she has a lot of them.

I have been trying to convince her this weekend to 'lend' me a rare LV bag in a gorgeous aubergine/purple leather because she said it's too small for her but no luck. sad

shop what a shame but I understand completely.

And in other news:DH bought some Tod's lookalike driving shoes at Massimo Dutti on his boys' weekend! shock

It was boiling hot today so he had to buy some shorts and as his Church's shoes looked ridiculous with shorts he decided to buy some shoes 'that Linus would like'.

My guess is that he was hungover or still drunk from the night before.

noviceoftheday Sat 18-May-13 21:21:18

Hello! Well that was a v long lunch, we just parted companygrin had such a great time.Shop, Sleep and Marsha are just lovely.
3 very beautiful women, all gorgeously casually dressed. It's been like a 7 hour posting fest, chat chat chatgrinwas nice to see some of the things i have seen on board in rl.

Sleeps suede trousers are a amazing. V tempting! Marsha's lusciously long less look fab in the Wang skirt and Shops gold signs looked fab. On the jewelry front, loved Shops swaroski ring and Sleeps tennis bracelet (just like mine) and necklaces. Sleep and I briefly swapped ringsgrin.

I am filled with bubbles and have missed my evening engagement shock

Hi everyone, I just got back from the MU, which started at 1pm, we didn't really click grin!

Seriously though, it was a lovely afternoon, Shop, Marsha and Novice are three gorgeous, interesting, funny and (of course) very well dressed women. Great chat and far too much prosecco! We have scheduled another MU for 6 July so if anyone else fancies coming, please PM me smile

Hey, anyone seen Gemma Arterton on J Ross show? Looks amazing in PVC skirt and prim white blouse with heels, very cheeky! Think it would translate to RL or just end up looking slutty?

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 07:33:13

Am I going to get a reputation for being the party pooper who left at 4pm?? smile

noviceoftheday Sun 19-May-13 07:53:10

I can't work out whether my head hurts because I wasn't well anyway, or, whether it was the bubbles.blush i am sure its the former as I feel sniffly and stiff so can't just be the boozeblush. currently wearing pjs (M&S finest!) and the duvet while dh has the kids downstairs.

Definitely not a party pooper Shop!

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 07:53:54

Nah Shop you can make up for it at next one wink.

I really enjoyed it! Everyone is so lovely. Took me ages to work out that there aren't any trains to my station after 7.30 for some reason. Easy to get a bus but took ages to find the new bus stop. Luckily went to M&S for some food. Drank so much water last night had raging thirst!

Gemma Arterton is gorgeous. (But didn't see her outfit).

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 07:56:18

Novice hope you don't get ill, and your other engagement people are all ok. smile

Am definitely fuzzy this morning.

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 08:09:13

Well that's the plus of leaving early - no fuzzy head!
Novice Really hope you don't get ill, lots of water and vitamin C today. Did you tell your DH who you met up with in the end?
Sleep We recorded Jonathan Ross so will take a look.
My back is absolutely killing me today - must be all that tramping around town in heeled boots - good thing I wasn't wearing the Floretes, I'd be unable to walk today!

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 08:17:27

I have to ask a final question to the MUppers.... did we all look as you'd pictured in your head having talked on here for so long?

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 08:36:21

A little bit Shop, but now you've been replaced by how you actually look I can't really remember what I thought you'd be like!

noviceoftheday Sun 19-May-13 08:59:00

Marsha, glad to hear from you and sorry your journey home was a nightmare! I am waiting for the calls from the missed engagement!

Shop, I thankfully hadn't pictured what anyone looked like, other than I expected Marsha to be tall! But you were all tall and to reach down to hug meshock Style wise, I think you and I had the most in common, ie I could easily have been wearing what you wore but I think I had expected that. You have great taste and style gringrin

Marsha, I knew I would admire her outfit from afar and know it wouldn't suit me unless i grew an extra half a foot grin that's what I love about her Pinterest boards. That marant skirt is lovely.

I was probably most surprised by Sleep, she just looked so rock chick fabulous! I think in my head, I would love to wear that style but not sure i could pull it off. Her shoes (zara) are gorgeous and I have been hunting for a similar pair.

It all sound great and you do ( unsurprisingly ) sound like a chic lot.

Last night I ditched my planned outfit and wore my new Whistles Bella dress, felt fantastic in it.......and I broke from my no mixing colours and drank Chateau Lafite Rothchild 1997......yum yum, fashion and wine my perfect combo.

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 10:31:25

Sounds fabulous Dry I love my Bella dress, just haven't had much occassion to wear it.
Tee hee Novice agree we could easily have been wearing each other's clothes but you definitely outshone me on the jewellery front!
In my head I dress like Sleep meant to ask - where was that lovely top from? But in reality suede trousers and those beautiful heels would be asking for trouble for me!
Marsha you were just as I'd pictured, beautifully laid back, loved the colour of the I&I - felt as though we'd all known each other for a long time but then I guess on this thread we kind of have!
Off to take back the jacket today. Am wearing the Paige jeans and Farhi top to remind them what a great customer I am! smile wish me luck. Think I'll weep if they refuse to change it.

noviceoftheday Sun 19-May-13 11:12:03

That's a lovely dress Dry. Glad you had a great time.

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 12:03:00

Love that dress Dry. Glad you had a great time.

One last mu post promise! Agree that Sleep really rocks rock chic and Shop is taller than I expected and has ultra cool style, but also to say that Novice really suits classically pretty, gorgeous bling!

Ok that's it. So hopefully you can all make it on the 6th July grin!

Am feeling better now.

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 12:20:10

Well recovered Marsha Bless you for ultra cool style - it's all down to this thread <if you'd seen me two years ago not sure you'd have said that! Yup, no more MU discussion - hopefully there'll be more of us on the 6th July.
So The Dressing Room were very good indeed. They are going to see if they can find me a replacement jacket, if not, they will order some other styles (if there are any) for me to try, and the other option is they will get the jacket repaired and offer me a discount. Fingers crossed they can get me a like for like replacement as I really loved it. So I am jacketless for a while but it should be resolved fairly quickly fingers crossed.

noviceoftheday Sun 19-May-13 12:20:55

Bless the honesty of children. I am wearing the same brown skinny cords as yesterday. She didn't see me dressed before I left so she looked at me this morning and said "why are you dressed in those brown trousers mummy?". I say "why don't you like them?", her "no mummy"grin

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 12:22:08

Oh that's great Shop. Good stuff from the Dressing Room. Hope they can replace it.

MarshaBrady Sun 19-May-13 12:22:45

lol Novice. Love the direct simplicity!

I blame you all

noviceoftheday Sun 19-May-13 14:04:10

That is very nice Dry. Great buy! Have you tried it on?

Bagged a bit of a bargain this morning - an Issa wrap dress (K Middy engagment style only with a blue geometric pattern) - £10.

Feeling rather delicate today. DP took me out for drinks and I got just a little drunk. In the interests of the fashion boards, I wore, a fitted white shirt, black, low backed pinafore dress, black opaques, black leather ballet flat and a black jersey blazer. I looked very 1980's goth grin

libertychick Sun 19-May-13 15:08:28

Lovely jacket Dry.
Well done Amber was that another charity shop find?
Sounds like you had fun AND looked great one.

The MU sounds like it was great fun - 6th sounds good for me so just need to negotiate childcare with DH.

The lodge in Yorkshire is gorgeous - DH is very good at hunting down good places to stay, v private and peaceful. Have just spent the day in York. DD refusing to have an afternoon nap lovely today.

Thanks liberty I don't get to get dressed up very often but I always seem to look best in a gothy/rock chick look. Anything else just looks too twee or try hard on me.

It was the car boot sale unbelievably liberty!

libertychick Sun 19-May-13 15:35:01

Car boot sale!!! There is a big car boot sale every weekend near me - maybe I should check it out!

It's good you know your style one. I still don't think I have found my casual look, I think I look ok at work most of the time but at weekends I look a bit 'meh' but can't put my finger on what's missing - all the individual items suit but I don't know what is distinctively 'me'...honestly, I thought I would have this sorted by now!

Novice haven't tried it on.ordered Xs and s to try ( free delivery and returns) will report back.
Today I'm wearing my black jersey maxi skirt . White and black fitted Breton, flip flops, neon red nails,very comfy .

Oh and I've just spent an hour and a half listing stuff on Ebay....<polishes halo>.......< removes halo as just realised have already spent any Ebay profits on leather jacket>

MrsRadicchio Sun 19-May-13 16:51:00

Liberty it is interesting you say that, I also don't think I have found my casual style. I also find it a bit meh (perfect expression to describe it!) Have been trying to get inspiration from pin but still feel like I am missing something.

Meet up sounds great, look forward to the next one!

Dry well done on the ebaying. I ahve a few things ending today (I also do the Sunday night trick) but haven't been doing well with sales recently.

Shop the dressing room sounds like they give great customer service - it is really good to say they would try to get the jacket fixed and give you some money off.

Amber yet again envy at your bargain hunting skills.

Novice meant to say how awful for your nanny and hope she is ok now, and the children are not too traumatised. Being v nosy but wondered if you could PM me the politician you were going to meet?!

MrsRadicchio Sun 19-May-13 16:51:53

Oh Shop I meant to say that Atterley Road are selling a ring that looks v similar to an arty. By Malene Birger though I can't find it on there to link, it was in a lookbook they sent me.

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 19:36:27

Sleep just catching up on JR show. Think the Gemma look would translate with a leather pencil skirt but not the PVC. She's gorgeous isn't she?
Will catch up on news after dinner. <takeaway in front of the telly>

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 19:53:40

Dry fab jacket and looking at your SS board it will work really hard for you with the other items you have.
Amber how was the reunion? Great dress find, I never find anything at charity shops, TK Maxx or car boots - I must have unlucky genes
Liberty I love York - went to a fab restaurant there a few years back that used to be a brothel this one lovely food but it was some years ago
One I'm not good with twee and girly either, hence the struggles I've had finding a skirt or a dress that works for me. Might have to pick the brains of those that have met me for them to tell me what skirts might work.......
Liberty I always find work style easier to crack than casual. Hence why this thread has been such a great find.

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 19:56:31

MrsR I saw that ring a while back on AR site but not there now..... Perhaps it's sold out? It was a good lookalike and bargainous if I recall. thanks

Oh thanks shop I wasn't sure what colour to go for, love the fitted style but would have preferred it in a tan so it would do winter too.
Any styling tips (pins?) would be gratefully received, ESP footwear for day with the jacket. I'm not a really masculine dresser and can't carry off Sleep and Ambers rock chic at all (wish I could) which is why I didn't go for black.

Oh and it's reduced at Asos if anyone interested

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 20:26:07

Drywhite I wore mine yesterday with goldsign lure skinnies, this vest to soften the look a bit. My AV Tom sweat in cream, and these boots and this scarf

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 20:27:58

Oh and my EBaying this weekend paid for lunch yesterday at least.......

libertychick Sun 19-May-13 20:35:36

I am glad I am not the only one MrsR and Shop! I have pinned lots of looks and have a definite thing for stripes and fairly simple styles but on me they look a bit boring - I have quoted Lucia Van der Post before, but in her book she says how she loves simple, classic styles but has learned that for herself she needs something quirky with a bit of a twist and I think that might be true of me but not sure what the 'twist' needs to be in my case.

I am considering a fringe - on a whim I had one cut into my hair about three years ago and it got a lot of positive reactions - the CE of the organisation I worked it at the time even commented on how different it made me look! I grew it out when I was on mat leave as I have wavy/frizzy hair and I had to take the straighteners to it daily which was too high maintenance with a small baby but could be doable again now.

The other thing is body shape/size. I think it's easier to look fabulous in skinny jeans and plain white T (what I am wearing right now!!) when you are very tall and slim but more challenging for a middle height, middle weight average bod like me smile

Shop that is a fab outfit. I love the vest top.....I've seen it on a board somewhere in a burn orange too which was lovely

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 20:47:44

That was my board, it's on my considering list. They're pricey but very useful......
more colours here

Hopefully Sun 19-May-13 20:58:55

Liberty I am exactly the same - I love the look of simple classic styles on other people, but on me they are frumpy mcfrumperson. I need clothes with some drama to look and feel remotely stylish and confident. When I did my HoC personal style day it was a revelation to discover that (and actually understand why) simple clean lines and classic cuts are just horrible on me.

Reunion was great thanks shop - we definitely didn't get drunk and draw knobs on any of the white boards. Slightly embarrassingly, I didn't realise until it was pointed out to me over lunch that I had worn my school uniform colours - purple and white. The shame. Glad the Dressing Room are sorting your jacket - am just about to post another feature I've done for them.

I do seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to bargains.

libertychick Sun 19-May-13 21:09:29

Hopefully I was going to ask DH to book a colours day for my birthday - was debating if I should get the style one too but I think I have seen you say before that it can be too much to do the two at the same time?

TBH I already know I need a bit of drama - I consider my clothes high point was my third year in uni when I wore mostly black, white and purple. I had simple basics in those colours but wore OTT earrings, rings and necklaces, had not one but 2 capes and lots of hats. Somewhere along the line I have lost confidence...that stuff would look ridiculous on me now but there must be a halfway house! I have used scarves as my default item for drama but they are boring me now!

Hopefully Sun 19-May-13 21:15:00

Liberty if you can possibly do the two separately, I would recommend it. Colour is a huge amount of information to take in in its own right, and style is another massive shift in how you view yourself and your clothes (and hopefully how much confidence you have in your own look). It is possible to do it all in one hit, but it's a lot of info. When I've done colour and style in one day I've also arranged for the client to pop in for a coffee a couple of weeks down the line for a bit of a check in - it means they can note down any questions, bring along any query clothes etc. Maybe your consultant would think about doing that if you ask nicely wink

My drama when I was younger came out in my going out clothes - stacks and stacks of bracelets, bangles and cuffs, my mum's old bike leathers, big boots... <wistful>

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 21:16:24

I hated my school reunion Amber - lovely to see the people again, but walking around the school grounds and buildings brought back way too many memories of teenage angst!

santamarianovella Sun 19-May-13 22:07:01

good evening all,
hope everyone had a lovely sunday,
amber, queen of bargain hunt,would love to see the dress on your blog.
dry,lovely jacket,i love the color,getting a tan leather jacket will be on my A/W wish list,never owned one.
liberty,your weekend sounds amazing,and like you i have no idea what my style is,sometimes im abit rock chic,and sometimes im a bit classical
shop its great that the dressing room offered to take back the jacket and find you a replacement,good service.

we are going back home tomorrow,and for someone who was reluctant to go on this break,im feeling a bit sad,really loved every minute of it,it was so nice to see DH relaxed after a very stressful few months.

but for me ,the highlight of course was spending the most indulgent hour and a half at the guerlain spa pure heaven.grin

santamarianovella Sun 19-May-13 22:17:01

and speaking of reunions,im so glad i went to high school in another country almost a thousand mile away!no chance of attending one!

Oh liberty did you have to buy a dress? The weather was hot today up north! You are v near to me! Hope you are having a great time. Take your dcs to the Forbidden Corner it's amazing!

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Sun 19-May-13 22:44:45

drywhite DD1 worked up in Middleham for a couple of weeks and we drove past The Forbidden Corner and always wondered what it was. Can you enlighten me?
While I'm here I need help from any Bicester familiars. I was on the DMBL40 blog and drooling over the navy Rag & Bone Newburys. Can anyone point me in the savviest direction to procure a pair? I can buy them on Shopbop for around £340 but think I could get them a bit cheaper. Has anyone been to the R&B outlet store at Bicester - what are they priced like there?

shopafrolic Sun 19-May-13 22:49:50

Never been to that particular store there Grumpy but if you give them a call they're usually more than happy to help.....

LinusDKD Mon 20-May-13 07:16:43

Good Morning! Sooo happy to be back home and in my own bed.

My DP love the DC but are a bit useless when it comes to helping out, so 4 days on my own with a toddler and a baby away from home has been very tiring.

So I treated myself to this bangle (duty free) at the airport:


I have wanted one for ages and even though they didn't have the one I was lusting after, I really love this one. It does look quite classical but with the Chan Luu bracelet I was wearing it looked perfect.

DH feels a bit bad about leaving me and the DC that long to go away with his friends so he suggested paying for me to fly to London on Friday evening to go shopping on Saturday and then fly back in the evening.

It is a lovely idea and I am tempted but maybe it is a bit silly to go shopping a couple of weeks before the sales begin.

Dry I love your jacket! With everyone buying leather jackets I am wondering if I should get over my leather clothes phobia and buy one as well.

shop I hope they can sort out your jacket

Amber what a find! envy

Liberty if you look good with a fringe, go for it. I had one many years ago and it really didn't suit me so I never dared try again.

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 07:35:30

I love those boots Grumpy, I've liked them for ages.

Was thinking of going to try some on next weekend, for size... incase any appear online in the sales.

Hope you get the jacket sorted Shop.

Sounds like you had a good MU.

I say yes to the fringe Liberty
I grew mine out but got it put back in a few months ago and it took years off me.
Cheaper than botox too grin

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 07:36:41

Lovely boob shots blog photos Amber, that dress looks fabulous on you.

hmm fringe ...years off me...hmm

Grumpy and anyone else planning a trip to N Yorkks
amazing place
Nothing can really describe exactly what a magical place it is. If you have children it's a must, they love it. It's a garden filled by the owner, for his grandchildren originally, with grottos, mazes, wierd statues, nooks and crannies, surprise water features, under ground caves, stepping stones, tunnels etc...just an amazing garden set in beautiful countryside where adults and children can just explore ( some bits are a bit spooky) and run free love love it .....I think it's only open in the summer months and best to book if you ever plan to go........

I've seen that stable place in Middleham....I think it's open to the public on Good Friday, apparently a great visit with horse swimming pool too! I'm always away at Easter so miss it........

Feeling slightly guilty about impulse leather purchase yesterday but excited to see it today ( hope a neighbour is in).....

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 09:09:48

Sorry Drywhite grin

French Connection have 20% off this week with STYLE20

Valid till midnight Saturday.

Gap have 20% off today with GAPSTYLE

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 09:29:26

Liberty, MrsR that'd be fab if you can make it to next one.

Dry great jacket.

Has any used a dress agency in London?

I feel a bit guilty about expensive dresses in wardrobe not being used. Not sure if I can face eBay.

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 09:30:42

Lovely bangle Linus.

Honestly, you lot make me feel like Jordan! I do look normal IRL - I promise!

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 10:31:14

<runs in panting>

More Wang on the outnet...

Lots of vests, that twisty skirt in a nice pale stripe... And a beautiful mini rocco.

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 11:15:46

Me again...

Is anyone a 26 in Goldsign?

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 11:17:25

I wish Anni !

Hopefully Mon 20-May-13 11:23:02

My Wang skirt came on the weekend and is gorgeous, but I'm glad the medium purple appeared on there on Friday and is on its way - the small is just a wee bit small on me! (am a large 10/small 12)

Have also got a big figleaves order waiting for a trying on session - I was down to one well fitting bra, and felt it probably deserved a friend.

Also have just bought the weirdest necklace from Etsy, and I bloody love it. It's this thing, and as a committed scarf addict, it feels nice and scarfey without being remotely hot in summer.

Hopefully Mon 20-May-13 11:23:25

<dreams of being a 26>

santamarianovella Mon 20-May-13 11:37:10

i always wanted to use one of those marsha,but got discouraged after reading their terms.
ebay is still your best shot,can you find someone to sell your stuff for you?i sold some bags through a friend of dh,it took some time, but they were sold at the end.

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 12:27:22

Thanks Santa. Ebay probably is the best bet. I will try and muster the energy!

Anni Goldsigns sound good, is it a good discount? Feel free to pm me! grin

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 12:43:23

Good timing Marsha... pm sent.

Just done the shred while ds2 napped.
It hurt.
Couldn't speak for a while.
Wobbly legs and everything.

I am so unfit.

Did it though grin

Not commenting on the jumping jacks

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 13:26:01

Thanks Anni they look great, have pm'd.

I'm still Waiting for Wang.

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 13:30:23

I am a fantastic walking cliche today. I am at a soft play centre wearing trackie bottoms, sweater and trainers. Hair scraped back into a high ponytail. No jewelry (including my engagement and wedding rings) except for Tiffanys diamond studs which I have worn for last few days. It's like nostalgia back to my new mother days grin

foxysocks Mon 20-May-13 13:33:54

my Wang is here <snigger>

but just ate a piece of cake and had a cup of tea so am lying down digesting, in the manner of a cobra. will try on later.

DvF shoes on way back and will despatch my new pair tomorrow, appaz. hurrah! they are totes delish, def wearing out for our anniversary meal next week. hopefully will unwrap the lovely j crew jacket that day too <sends vibes to husband>

6th July could work pour moi smile, glad you all had fun at the weekend.

today am wearing grey j crew tank, half tucked into rolled up boyfriend jeans with the neon pink skinny belt. love it! also have teal fine knit cardi on in the house, wore with choc leather biker for SR.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Mon 20-May-13 13:37:32

Afternoon all. Bonkers day in the Grumpy household, so I'm just dropping by (following DH's meltdown) to enquire after decent menswear brands/shops. Our usual 'go-tos' are a bit disappointing of late and DH just threw a total hissy fit because he doesn't like any of his trousers, poor baby wink. He is very slender of leg and hip and most trousers just bag off him. He has some gorgeous tobacco coloured very slim jeans from Jack Wills, but when I bought him the navy version, they were glued to him a la Mick Jagger (not a good look). Can anyone suggest a good, narrow trouser/jeans, not to 'suit-y'?

libertychick Mon 20-May-13 13:59:01

Can't help with the men's trousers Grumpy DH likes them bootcut!

Yes Dry it was very hot yesterday – I didn’t buy a dress! No chance to get into the shops at all. DD got to take her tights off though for running around the park in Ilkley for what feels like the first time this year. Looks like lovely shopping in York – lucky you! Thanks for the link to the Forbidden Garden - sounds wonderful.

After a lovely first day though it has all gone tits up. DD up all night vomiting, cannot believe a child that small could have so much in her stomach. It was awful, all her bedding covered, my pj's, the clothes I changed her in to after the first bout etc - had to drop off a huge bag full to a local laundrette today. No sleep for anyone as whenever she did doze last night it was on top of me and every time she threw up she insisted on Daddy to help out too. She's crashed out asleep now and so is DH!

Good for you anni the shred really does hurt but it works! I'm home alone again as DP is away for the night. I'm bored already so am online window shopping. Loving the Vivienne Westwood collection, sadly I'm too poor to buy any of it! Still, I've got my pinterest board for ideas for DP, he just says pin everything to give him some clues for xmas and birthdays smile

Hi Anni and Marsha I would be interested in the Goldsigns too if not snapped up please!

Love the new leather jacket Dry!

Grumpy it sounds like your DH is a similar shape to mine and he (and I, I have lost the will) seems to have given up searching for those elusive trousers, he either wears smart jeans or a suit smile. So let me know if you find anything.

Liberty sad at DD being so ill, horrible for all involved...glad you had a good break though.

Novice after seeing how elegant and glam you are on Saturday I can't picture you out and about in trackie bottoms shock!

I got my sale preview thing from MW this morning, so am trawling through what looks good smile.

Thanks for thoughts on Gemma A Shop, she is stunning isn't she. With that look in mind I saw this in Style magazine yesterday and am pondering...not sure if it looks bit plasticky though, what do you guys think? Would style with white shirt/blouse and stilettos - god knows where I would then go tho grin!

Shop - glad your leather jacket issue is getting sorted, no more than you should expect. My top on Saturday was a Zadig one, one of the very hard working items I mentioned on here last week smile

Blood tests have all come back normal. Thyroid levels are still borderline though. Nurse says my medication is causing both the tiredness and the weight gain. She says to force myself to stay awake as long as I can and to eat healthy food and exercise as much as possible. I don't exactly mind being fat if it means I'm well, I just wasn't expecting to put quite so much weight on IYSWIM.

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 15:26:48

Sleep Still a bit plasticky for my liking but you're edgier than me so could totally carry it off. Not sure what size you are (I guess smaller than this) but have you seen this I love it but am not supposed to wear black sad
Loved the Zadig top (any links?)
Glad bloods are normal One
Liberty sending hugs. Your poor DD - you're having a run of bad luck...... hope everyone feels better soon.
Anni well done on the Shred, my friend and I sat on the sofa and ate chocolate to watch it - I have no intention of actually doing it.
Grumpy My man is chunky of thigh so I'm no use either, sorry.
I did an hour of cardio this morning - first time I've managed that in about 3 years so I'm pleased. Then I walked the dogs. My legs hurt.

That skirts lovely shop shame it isn't available in a size big enough to fit me, the draping on it would have been great for disguising my tummy. Will keep an eye out for similar though, I think it's something that could really work with my body shape, colouring and general gothy look

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 15:29:23

Men's clearance sale just started at Jigsaw Grumpy

Oh poor you Liberty. If you get to Harrogate go to Morgan Clare and shops but ££££.
novice grin you really should have blinged your have let MNV down!!!wink
I have ditched supermarket slot will serve some sort of pasta concoction with whatever is left in back of cupboard because my delivery is due ANY MINUTE and I didn't want to miss it. Food for my dcs? Naaaa leather jacket much more important.

And ......I sold THE necklace of doom on EBAY.........for 99p grin.... And a wardrobe for £18! sad that'll pay for the zip then!

99p is good going for that monstrosity dry grin

Ah, I love that skirt shop thanks, but would need a 10 if sizing up as advised. I can't find my top, in current Zadig collection, but there is this - not quite the same but nice...

Shop surely you can wear a black skirt? Its not as if its next to your face? <or am just I totally not getting HOC rulesconfused?>

santamarianovella Mon 20-May-13 16:33:59

liberty'your poor dd,hope she gets better,
grumpy,The only ones I can think of are diesel,polo Ralph Lauren do slim fit too,
sleep,I love zadig et Voltaire sweaters,I have a drapey fine knit one,and have my eye on the dip dye top in blue,
shop well done,I could never complete,an hour of cardio!
20 min of running is my limit!
ani, the shred is great,I did it and the ripped in 30, after having dd,great results,
dry, congrats!,I thought it would never sellgrin,
I'm dropping off my eBay pile,at our friends house tomorrow morning!hope they sell fast!

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 16:49:18

It was all coordinated but still a cliche! <clutches at straws>

Grumpy, dh is w32, 34l and primarily shops at Gant and Ralph Lauren. He also likes Abercombie &Fitch (if you can stand the stores!) and occasional stuff from J Crew, superdry, Zara. I would describe him as very preppy in style. Umm we are well suited.blush That either adds a whole load of shops or discounts a whole loadgrin

Annianni Mon 20-May-13 17:08:58

There's only one pair of Goldsign's Sleep, sorry.

Poor dd Liberty, hope she's better soon.

Bit worried about the shred...
I'm starting to ache already sad

Hopefully Mon 20-May-13 17:19:56

Thanks for all the exercise talk - has convinced me back on the shred after 10 days off.

Am looking deeply unstylish today, thanks to a complete failure to do any laundry at all over the weekend. Hopefully things will improve tomorrow grin's here....and it's really really lovely!grin feeling abit naughty but not enough to send it back Initially thought biker style not really me but blogs and MNV are good at getting me out of my classic comfort zone. Anyway the colour and lovely fitted peplum bit at the back are really Flattering. Tried it with boyfriend style jeans, lace top (thanks shop) and nude ballets and with 7/8 black fitted trs and black pointy kitten heels.......both looked nice.
How do leather jackets fare in the rain?

LinusDKD Mon 20-May-13 18:31:49

Liberty hope hope your DD gets better soon! It is amazing how much those little ones can throw up. sad

I love that dress Amber and it is true, your boobs look spectacular. Maybe if I'd had DC in my late twenties instead of in my mid and late thirties my boobs would have held up a bit better after pregnancy and BF.

grumpy my DH is w32L30 (shortarse) and he has slim trousers from Massimo Dutti. In my experience Italian and Spanish brands cater for slim men.

One glad you blood tests came back ok bit it must be frustrating to gain weight because of medication. Can a nutritionist maybe help you find a food regimen that suits your medical condition?

I have decided not to come to London this weekend and wait until the sales. When do they start this year?

That's something I'd considered looking into linus will be going back to the doctors this week to dicuss options so will raise that question with them and see what they say smile I'm glad it's not anything serious but it's starting to get me down if I'm honest.

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 18:55:08

Dry same rules as handbags I guess. I'd be concerned that a cream leather would mark in the rain. You could always spray it I guess, but would need to be careful around zips etc.... Glad it works for you.
Just to clarify my cardio was 3 sets of 20 mins. With 5 mins rest in between. I'm by no means a fitness fanatic so I'm v impressed with myself! Might reward myself with chips and wine smile

Hmmm, I really want a leather jacket but I'm not sure if, frankly, I'm too fat for one. I don't want to end up looking like an idiot in one. I have a cropped denim jacket which looks good and a couple of blazers in jersey fabric but nothing that really stands out. What do you ladies think? Can a size 16/18 get away with leather without looking like an overstuffed sausage?

LinusDKD Mon 20-May-13 19:10:12

After reading Ambers blog I googled the designer of that dress and I found this beauty:


If I was taller and slimmer I would buy this in a heartbeat <sob>

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 19:11:33

Well done Anni on the shred.

Novice am with Sleep, after seeing how glam you are am sure you still looked a million dollars even in track pants! grin

Foxy that's fabulous re 6th. Love your outfit.

Liberty oh no that's not good. Hope your dd is better very soon.

Congrats on jacket Dry sounds lovely.

Linus not sure, online is start of June I think? But not sure about actual shops.

One I'm sure you'd look fab in a leather jacket, it's more whether you feel it's your style.

Wang has arrived. And I LOVE the shirt. Very crisp, sleeves are a tad long but otherwise a good fit. So crisp and white, a millions times better than my old one. Just got to keep it that way.

Also the skirt is gorgeous, thick double jersey, but just wish the black band was a wide as it is on the green one. It's quite thin and you don't notice it as much as the other one. But the blue is quite electric which is good. Foxy did you try, what do you think?

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 19:16:44

Wow at that dress Linus, only a feeling trim day!

It's definitely go with my 'look' marsha I just worry that I'd look huge in leather

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 19:53:47

Go for it I say. Is there one you like in particular? Or have a look in the shops?

I haven't found anything specific as yet, I'm still trying to decide on a shape to look for. The shape is more important than anything really, too boxy and I look ridiculous, too baggy and I look even bigger than I really am. Will be a long term project I think

foxysocks Mon 20-May-13 20:07:24

it's way too short on me marsha, i look like a hooker. colour nice but overall not for me, it's being picked up tomorrow. tshirt too - I do really like it but I don't have the ££ right now <sensible head>

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 20:17:07

Good news on the shirt Marsha. Will you keep the skirt?

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 20:17:50

Oh no Foxy I might try mind again just in case!

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 20:19:26

X post. Will definitely keep the shirt (nearly left the r out of that), skirt is a maybe atm.

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 20:22:23

Sorry Sleep I didn't pay too much attention to the sizing, I just liked the skirt. Still unsure whether I can / should wear skirts..........
In theory black should be out of my wardrobe altogether but the reality is that I do still wear it, I just tend to wear a stronger lipstick, or a coloured scarf. Hopefully would shudder...... smile
The woman who did my colours said it isn't too bad on me, so I took that as a green light to keep wearing it!

santamarianovella Mon 20-May-13 20:40:14

linus i had a look too,and i love the maxi dresses,

one,you should try one,

shop,if you like black and look good in it ,then why shy away from it?i think black looks good on almost anyone,but in moderation of course,

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 20:46:37

Sleep what about this

Hopefully Mon 20-May-13 21:00:18

<shudders at black>

To be fair, it looks utterly horrendous on me, so I may be biased. Of course, even if I could wear it, it looks like a horrible black hole next to the rest of my palette, so I don't even do it for trousers etc. Love dark olive and petrol navy. Don't often turn to brown, am not the hugest fan of it as a basic, although will happily wear it as an accent colour, iykwim.

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 21:01:33

Why is petrol navy so bloody impossible to find Hopefully?

MarshaBrady Mon 20-May-13 21:02:10

Shop I think you could do a skirt with a bit of edge. So slim pencil, with split or no split.

Sleep if you fancy those Goldsigns go for it, I think I can't do straight leg, even though they are bargainous, thanks Anni!

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 21:15:18

Is Iris & ink true to size? I have just seen a nice sweater, size xs which they say equates to a size 8. I am sort of in between a 6 and an 8 but don't like to feel trussed up in sweaters.

While I keep saying i don't have a sales list, I do want a pair of chinos. I think I may just get them in the US next month. Also my annual Swaroski splurge. I never buy full price there as they always do 50% off at sales time. I really want Sleep's boots but I don't get on with Zara shoes. i had actually been searching for the same shoes but in black. I had seen one i liked but can't remember who it was and forgot to bookmark it. The fact I have no where to wear it too is just an aside.grin

I have a funny day tomorrow. I have got ds' next settling in session at nursery in the morning (am mentally preparing myself), a session with an actress in the afternoon and cocktail drinks in the evening. Currently trying to work out what to wear!confused

libertychick Mon 20-May-13 21:25:06

Well I am in bed after getting no sleep last night - DD much better thanks all. She slept for 4 hours today then woke in good form - just refused to eat much. She sobbed her heart out when I put her to bed tonight saying she will get 'wet and dirty' in bed sad - poor lamb is obviously afraid of being sick again but she is asleep now so fingers crossed - has been over 12 hours since last episode so she should be ok.

Sleep I love that snakeskin skirt - it doesn't look as shiny in the Style pics - it's a good example of my style dilemma - I would love it and in my style fantasies would wear with slim fit black sweater and cage type sandals or slipper flats or with black slubby T and a black biker jacket but I have absolutely no opportunity to wear such an outfit - too out there for my work environment and too try hard for my usual weekend of chores, playground and socialising at home. starting to think I need a new life

Off to Harrogate tomorrow so hope to get a chance to check out the shops Dry has recommended. I have to sort DD out first - have promised her new PJ's and 'big girl knickers' - potty training looms smile

libertychick Mon 20-May-13 21:27:53

Novice I find I&I true to size - I am 10/12 and have a jumper in medium and a silk top in a 12 from them - both are roomy fits.

Good luck with the settling in tomorrow - rest of the day sounds like fun!

Hopefully Mon 20-May-13 21:28:17

Shop not sure - it was randomly in fashion the year I first got my colours done and I bought a few bits, but have hardly come across it since. I like really dark olive, so tend to stick to that for neutrals (not that I buy many sensible wardrobe neutrals). Even a dark forest green is better than black.

shopafrolic Mon 20-May-13 21:33:24

Novice I&I true to size for me too. I'm wearing a large sweater, and am 12/14.

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 21:48:36

Thanks ladies. Going to examine it v closely again!

Liberty your poor dd and poor you.sad I hope tonight is better and she's over the worst. x

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 21:53:09

Ah Liberty's post has just remind me....

I want these Manolos so badly. However they are 4 and 1/4 inches. That's just over my comfortable heel size. If it was half an inch shorter.....oh I get dizzy thinking about it. Swoooon! Has anyone seen anything like this that is just a little less in heel height? Givenchy have one but its 4 and 3/4, so even worse.

noviceoftheday Mon 20-May-13 21:54:43

Oh that didn't work. Try this swoon

Nice novice... Interesting fashion dilemma for tomorrow......LBD, leather jacket because I'm now into those and bling with a shoe change for the evening???

noviceoftheday Tue 21-May-13 07:24:32

I think Lbd and changing accessories is the way to go, thanks Dry.

Dh came to bed last night and said he's all confused but cheering. When I went out on Saturday, it being my first Saturday out alone in 5 years he expected me to be laden with bags. He was astonished I came home empty handed. Then he looked at the credit card statement online and its our cheapest bill in about 8 months and I don't appear to have bought anything. Cheeky bugger!hmm

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 07:30:40

Best get spending then Novice! There were similar shoes in LKB. Not sure on heel height tho. Will try and link later. Have a good day and hope it goes well this afternoon for you.

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 07:39:43

Just checked and the LKB sandals are more gladiator like and still too high.

Annianni Tue 21-May-13 07:47:18


My thighs are killing me rather sore.
It hurts coming down stairs.
It hurts to sit down <sob>

And I have to do it again!?

Annianni Tue 21-May-13 07:52:59

Good luck at nursery Novice
Is the actress one we'd know?

Lovely Manolo's... Have you tried them on?

Glad you like the jacket Drywhite

I quite fancy a leather one, when I've lost some more weight.

Sleep, are you buying the Goldsign's instead of Marsha?

It will be ok Anni once you get going.....I'm trying spinning today. Last time I did it ( 6yrs ago) I fell off bike and made prat of self blush no good at peddling standing up ( unlike Hopefully who can do amazing things on a bike!)

(Can I ask a weird ?...... My DH and best friend dont get MN at all. The whole talking to strangers thing. Think I'm a bit addicted and odd. Infact whenever DH comes in I flick to BBC News MN a guilty pleasure or does anyone else feel the same?......)

Annianni Tue 21-May-13 08:28:00

Good luck today Drywhite
I once got super fit by spinning, it was great.

When I met dh I was on FB and he didn't like the concept of fb at all.

He's ok about mn, we both googled stuff when ds2 was born, and ended up on here... usually in the early hours.

He reads funny threads sometimes and will ask if I'm 'talking to those women about handbags again' grin

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:00:04

My DH is fine with it. I've always been into FB, Twitter etc and he's never had an issue. He asks about you all, and was really happy that I got to meet some of you smile I'm definitely addicted though.

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:00:53

Anni Don't they say no pain, no gain? My arse is killing me today - serves me right for doing my run on an incline!

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:04:13

Loads of Zatchels on Brand Alley today

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:18:30

OMG the pictures from Oklahoma this morning are just terrifying sad

MrsRadicchio Tue 21-May-13 09:28:02

Hmm, Dry it is a bit of a guilty pleasure and obsession of mine too. DH is aware how much time I spend online but not of my posting on threads like this. He is a bit baffled by all the blogs I read too. However, like Anni's DH, he has been taken to mumsnet by google. We are looking to relocate and keep checking what mumsnet says about where we are considering!

McNally Tue 21-May-13 09:43:32

Very impressed Anni. Let the ache act as a reminder of how hard you've worked. Looking forward to being inspired by tales of how much you've toned up!

I got a bit addicted to MN during the late night feeds of DD but haven't quite been able to kick the habit now I don't have to do that anymore. I think my DH is a bit bemused by it. I do think I probably spend too long rambling through random threads (not this one, obviously, this is time well spent smile ).

I want to get a few things but with the sales coming up, should I just wait? I have the possibility of a child free shopping trip later this week but, again, does it make any sense to buy now?

Ooh, what's your twitter handle shop? Not enough tweeters on here! I'm @twentymumthing!

DH doesn't mind, though he doesn't necessarily get it!

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:52:06

I think I'm following you already Amber. I also responded to the Dressing Room's post about you yesterday on FB with something v complimentary.

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 09:53:07

Have just had to turn down the freelance work as now that DH is commuting my days are stacked. Don't think I can take anything on now until DS is at nursery more frequently than two days a week - ridiculous that I can't even make 2 days a month work sad

santamarianovella Tue 21-May-13 09:53:33

DH knows i mn,but he doesnt know how frequentblush,i sometimes show him funny threads on AIBU,
ani,wait till you start ripped in 30,i seriously thought i was about to have a heart attack,and i was into sport all my life!

horrible horrible pics of the tornado in oklahoma,

Lots of Anya on the Outnet!

carrie74 Tue 21-May-13 10:28:19

OMG, some of those AH bags on the Outnet have actually made my heart race. And I may have emailed H to see if he'll take pity on me [unlikely]

noviceoftheday Tue 21-May-13 10:36:47

<deep breaths deep breaths>. I cancelled an important meeting yesterday as my nanny was at the hospital. I have just had to defer the rescheduled meeting by 15 mins (my PA was trying to persuade me 30 mins) because ds' settle went badly this morning and so I stayed a lot longer. My whole diary is packed so lord knows where I am getting this extra 15 mins fromshock the next 5 weeks is packed and I now think its just a bad time and it will be better from late June. Dh disagrees.

Then again dh doesn't know I post on mumsnet (he thinks I just read grin). He's v 20th century about on line stuff, so he finds it weird that I am on linked in. When I got the email to say I was in top 1% viewed profiles, he pursed his lips in a v disapproving way. Oh and twitter? He finds that even more weird. Dh thinks I have followers because they must fancy me. I am flattered he thinks I am hot but no, just nogrin.

So dress dilemma solved by wearing a lbd with matching bolero jacket. RB leopard print ballerinas for nursery run and RB patents for work. Bling is a pretty silver necklace with a red enamel rose on that cost £6, Hermes diamond watch, boodles raindance ring, Tiffanys diamond studs and a Tiffanys amethyst and diamond bangle that I hardly ever wear. I bought the £6 necklace myself and rest were presents from dh.

QueenCadbury Tue 21-May-13 11:44:55

Like many other dh, mine is bemused by how much time I spend on MN. I've tried to explain to him though that being a SAHM I need adult company and that also reading some of the chat and aibu threads keeps me out of my white middle class bubble. One of the things I miss about nursing is all the different people you meet and that whoever or whatever you are you can still get ill and need caring for. However lately i've realised that I spend far too long on MN/blogs/Pinterest and it's not necessarily making me happy. I'm trying to step back from it all a bit. I love the company of you guys and I love the links and chat about shopping but I'm becoming a bit obsessed and constantly chasing the next thing. Since having my colours done I've got a lovely set of clothes that all make me feel good and go together that I really don't need anything else so I'm trying to focus enjoying on what clothes I have.

Gosh, that all sounds a bit deep blush!

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 12:53:32

Oh Novice you have a bonkers schedule don't you?! Nursery will improve I promise. The outfit sounds fab, and I love the combination of jewellery! Let us know how it goes this afternoon.........
QueenC I completely understand where you're coming from. When I joined this thread I needed help with a particular dilemma, and now my wardrobe is in really good shape. There are only a couple more bits I need and then I am set. It's really hard to look at lovely things (especially at bargain prices) and not buy. I used to be in a large amount of debt in my twenties from shopping too much. This thread definitely tests my resolve but it has also made me much more considered with my purchases.
It's also very easy to get lost in time on MN / FB / Pin or Twitter. We talked when we met on Saturday about the fact that you guys know things about me that I haven't told some of my RL friends - that's not necessarily a good thing but it's true! IMO provided you keep the balance between real life sociable activities and internet stuff it's ok. And of course, having met some of the lovely ladies on here now that's become even easier. smile
Very happy for you and I to sit smugly and discuss our perfectly co-ordinated full wardrobes instead of purchasing grin. And ultimately, if it doesn't make you happy don't do it.
Feeling very flat that I've turned that work down........

MarshaBrady Tue 21-May-13 13:03:16

Oh Shop sorry to hear that. I always feel awful if the cc element of a project is the part that lets me down. Is there a way to increase cc or are you not keen on that?

Novice good luck with actress this afternoon.

QueenC I hope you do stay. I know I've had to increase restraint since my income is not fixed. I have the £ or I don't and I try not to feel overly anxious about it. Nor buy things when I should not. I do love hanging out with you all and doing the meet ups so I hope that it doesn't matter at all how much is being spent by anyone. I'm also happy to have a break and let others do some shopping for a while.

But it's more the company/ chat that I like. Dh is most bemused. But since he went to a tweet up or whatever you call it he can't complain. That is a funnier name than mu anyway.

Hopefully Tue 21-May-13 13:49:19

I just had to look up my twitter name, had a complete brain drain on what it was! Am @hocexeter. Believe it or not, I actually use it a lot. Am visiting friend's new baby and have clearly taken on some new-mother hormones by proximity...

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 13:59:09

Marsha I don't have childcare that I can flex at all - DH's parents live too far away, mine are too elderly and for a few hours of random work here and there it's just too tricky. The plan had been that I could do the work while DS is at nursery (as that was my quiet time) but now that DH is commuting to London there's more to be done here that he used to do - dog walking, jobs around house etc, so I can't give projects the time they're going to need right now. I think I'm best waiting and trying again when DS does more hours at nursery when he turns 3. Just feels as though I've fallen at the first hurdle!

santamarianovella Tue 21-May-13 14:12:13

shop dont get frustrated,maybe its a sign you are still not ready.other and better opportunities will come upsmile.

foxysocks Tue 21-May-13 14:54:18

queenc i totally understand what you mean. i've never been addicted to shopping or been an avid consumer, but since having a bit more cash have enjoyed building up a wearable wardrobe which now only needs the odd tweak to feel fresh. i will NEVER had as much cash to spend as many on here but I'm fine with that - DH and I have made considered choices in life and are happy to live with the consequences (one of which is not earning mega bucks, dammit!)

I love the fashion and style chat and am pretty sure I won't be ostracised for a few months non-spending wink. as long as you are happy with your spending level and choices that's all you can be, isn't it? contentedness (is that even a word?!?!) is underrated smile

foxysocks Tue 21-May-13 14:54:51

shop when the time is right you will be ready, the time isn't right just now xx

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 14:55:49

Thanks Santa. Hope so.
Was someone in here saying Whistles seam back tees get holes in? I just went to iron my green one and it's got holes in the back...... Can't remember whether I've washed it at 40 degrees by mistake.
So, if anyone sees a tee in this colour let me know......

foxy I too don't have much to spend. I've bordered on addiction to shopping I think but these days I'm far more considered about what I buy and when. I've never had much to spend so cheap fixes have always been my vice but I'm now trying to save my money to buy quality pieces that I know will last.

shop it will get better, like others have said, it's not the right time but it will come sooner than you imagine smile

libertychick Tue 21-May-13 15:23:54

DH was very unhappy about me posting on here at one point but he has gradually got over it and is even ok with me doing a MU someday. Sometimes when I am posting he'll go 'read out what you just typed' and then rolls his eyes when I read things like 'Love that jacket etc' grin. Both of us avoid FB, Twitter etc - partly as we both know we would do absolutely nothing else with our time! I am on Linkedin but my profile is rubbish blush sorting it out is on my to do list.

QueenC I completely get what you mean about too much online time not making you happy - it can all contribute to the 'want it, need it' mentality that is really quite destructive. Fact is, once you have a couple of weather and situation appropriate changes of outfit you really don't 'need' anything else! A good tip I read once is that most people remember experiences rather than things they owned.

I like this thread for the chat as well as the opinions on clothes etc.

Ooooh my bum hurts!!!!!shock spinning was amazing! But my sweaty Betty got a bit sweaty grin

Anyway QueenC I feel a lot like you really. But I do love the ability here to chat fashion without being judged by anyone really so I'm staying.

libertychick Tue 21-May-13 15:30:46

Oh I agree with you Dry about being able to chat fashion without being judged. Obviously most of my friends/family like clothes but they don't seem to want to talk about them all the time! And my job can be a bit heavy and serious and this is where I get to indulge my girly and frivolous side.

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Tue 21-May-13 15:48:49

Hello! I have been lurking but not posting.

I agree it's nice to chat about clothes on here. I live with DH and DS and work from home so I think DH is glad I've found this thread so I don't talk to him about it!

As a result of my continuing search for a casual jacket that isn't a biker or a blazer, I have ordered this bomber. I'll collect it from the shop tomorrow.

I've never really shopped in DP before but I thought it was worth a try.

QueenCadbury Tue 21-May-13 15:58:42

Don't worry ladies, I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to limit my time on here although it's so bloody addictive. I also love that there's no judging on here whether you spend nothing or thousands but it's a love of clothes that unites us <cheesy>.

Today has been the first of my dye-ing sessions. A pale blue cardi is now intense violet. A bit annoying that the stitching around the button holes hasn't changed colour but am hoping with new buttons it won't look too bad. I've also got flamingo pink and dark green for another 2 cardis. I'm now looking at what else I can dye that was consigned to the selling/charity pile. Dye-ing may become my new obsession grin.

QueenCadbury Tue 21-May-13 16:03:06

Actually my latest obsession is how much to have cut off my hair on Saturday. I wish there was a way to post photos without all the lurkers seeing them. I don't fancy putting myself completely out to public view. It's currently a shoulder length bob with fringe. Has been like that for over a year as I grew it at dh request (as a present for his 40th he wanted me to have long hair!) but I'm bored of it now. Trouble is if I go too short then it tends to look like a helmet or Lego head. Thinking about an inverted bob but the other thread about growing it out has put me off....

libertychick Tue 21-May-13 16:03:43

Glad you are staying around QueenC smile

santamarianovella Tue 21-May-13 16:25:56

YY,i love the no judging part too,
queen,i wanted to post my pic a few times to ask about opinions on outfits and really got freaked out at the last minute.

MacaYoniAndCheese Tue 21-May-13 16:42:23

YY to the no-judging. This is a lovely, friendly fashion thread. I go through phases of being spendy and frugal so it's great to come on here and get a whole range of ideas, depending on where you're at. I also enjoy reading about all your purchases...lots of inspiration.

QueenC I say go for a bit shorter bob, maybe? Very 1920's/Great Gatsby. I had an inverted bob a couple of years ago but I don't know if it worked all that well on my fine hair sad.

Hi everyone! QueenC and Santa you could upload pics to your profile and make them visible only to your mn mates (would have to of course name whoever they pressure grin)?

Shop sorry you are feeling rubbish about turning down the work, it must be very frustrating sad. As others have said though, the time just isn't right, it will be soon....also, think how much better it is being able to turn it down, could have been quite different if your DH hadn't got sorted to quickly smile.

My DH gets a bit irritated with my MN obsession and I do downplay how much time I spend on here, he was a bit bemused by the MU idea but is pretty laid back. We chatted about it when we were out last week in fact. He was shocked that MN threads cover all sorts of subjects not even remotely related to parenting grin bless...

My Wang is wanging winging its way back to the Outnet today, both tops too tight and sheer. Thanks for the offer of the Goldsigns Anni but straight leg not for me either. I still haven't used my pre-sale discount on MW as I got a Zadig VIP sale invite too, lots of things I like there, I've ended up frozen with indecision grin!

Marsha how did your day go today?

McNally Tue 21-May-13 17:09:20

Sorry to hear about the disappointment at turning down the freelance work shop. Sometimes things aren't worth the additional juggling they'd require, but things change, and now you've got your foot in the door a bit again hopefully something good will come up at the right time next time.

If I was a 26 I'd have been interested in those gold signs Anni. Are straight legs mega frumpy then? <Sitting here, suddenly paranoid, in J Brand cigarette legs>

McNally Tue 21-May-13 17:10:41

Go shorter in stages QueenC?

MarshaBrady Tue 21-May-13 17:15:42

QueenC now you've said that... You can do 'mn mates' and select people to see them. Much easier than showing to everyone. Do you want to keep the fringe or grow it out?

Great jacket Paris. Clean lines.

lol Liberty sometimes dh leans over to look and I wave him off. No reading!

Shop I know how you feel, it will happen when you're ready I'm sure.

Sleep love the frozen with indecision bit, ha I get that grin.

And it didn't happen! I was going to post that I had a great interview for a project I'd love to do today, but it got cancelled. Boo. Waiting to hear if they still want to do it. Also had to cancel nanny which was not good, apparently they have a tendency to do this and cancelled the previous applicant many times. But I can't put the poor nanny through that so I said please don't book unless you are certain. Not sure if that will put them off, but I really don't want to mess up the nanny's time. She's fabulous and I hope to keep her.

How disappointing marsha hope it turns out right in the end though.

MarshaBrady Tue 21-May-13 17:52:13

Thanks OneLittle if it wasn't for the cc thing I'd be ok with everything, just ups the ante a bit. Am feeling a bit more zen about it all now.

shopafrolic Tue 21-May-13 17:59:21

Oh Marsha sorry to hear that. Hope you find a way to make it happen.

LinusDKD Tue 21-May-13 19:04:11

shop sorry to hear about the job. I would like to go back to work eventually but I have no idea how that's going to happen with DH traveling so much.

Novice I hope the rest of your day went well.

foxy I ordered those JL knickers you mentioned but I had to have them delivered to a UK address so it will be a while before I can try them on.

Dry lol at 'my sweaty betty'

Marsha I hope the interview does happen soon!

I have a question about Pinterest: how do you pin your own pictures? I have a few things I want to pin but can't find a piccie online to pin.

Marsha sorry to hear about the interview.
Shop sorry to hear about your job....but,as the others have said, maybe it isn't the right time. I'm a great believe in fate, not much comfort right now but things do always work out for the best IMO. It did eventually for you I'm far away from family and gave up my career working with fabulous clothes,sob now I'm doing something I'd never thought of but suits my life perfectly crap pay though, great holidays make up for that though.

Staggered round Sainsburys after spinning class, looking a lot like John Wayne , and picked up yes obsessed I say a navy cotton, kind of broderie Anglaise, but not twee, dress with fitted sleeveless top ,nipped in waits and straight just above knee length skirt with box pleat, for £20... Looked lovely on and perfect for sitting on the floor with kids all day. A bargain.

I've just made frittata ...--put it in because I love saying that word,sounds rude, a bit like focaccia!!--

Hmm crossing out didn't work

linus there should be a "camera" line on the left hand side bar which allows you to use a photo from your library or take one. That's using the iPad app though, not sure if its on a laptop.

LinusDKD Tue 21-May-13 19:31:36

Thanks Dry, I am on Ipad. When you give Pinterest access to your photo's does that mean they can use them whenever they want like Facebook?

Just asking because I have pictures of the DC on there and I wouldn't want anyone using them without me knowing it.

Can FB use your photos? Yikes !!!! How can I check that?

LinusDKD Tue 21-May-13 19:39:16

Well, I thought they could but I'm not quite sure. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick but I thought that pretty much anything you post on FB becomes their 'property'.

Any FB experts who can confirm/deny?

God linus I'll need to get rid of that photo of me snogging Eddie Redmayne before it goes viral!!grin

santamarianovella Tue 21-May-13 19:56:22

sleep i didnt know its possible to do that! i was so desperate for an honest opinion,that i was very close to pms all with pics and ask which one to go with grin.

linus,i think you have to download them to your chosen board,so no access to your camera roll,if that is what you mean?
dry why havent you mentioned that you and eddie have a history grin.

LinusDKD Tue 21-May-13 20:14:18

dry lol. Does he have freckles everywhere? grin

MarshaBrady Tue 21-May-13 20:15:55

Linus lol! grin

Disregarding the fact that I had to google him. Good one Dry. grin

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Tue 21-May-13 20:32:22

Lol Dry!

Sorry to hear of job disappointments Marsha and Shop

Do any of you have this sweater?. If so, does it wash well? I'm fed up of sweaters going a funny shape and bobbling after a few washes.

McNally Tue 21-May-13 21:00:21

I have a Gap Luxlight crew sweater Paris. It has washed ok, not amazing. The shape is fine but there's a little bit of bobbling.

QueenCadbury Tue 21-May-13 21:40:17

Ok I've uploaded a photo (hideous double chin but I blame the iPad) and I've set it for mates to see but it hasn't asked who my mates are? Why am I doing wrongconfused

Linus oh yes, and a lovely bottom I saw it in Birdsong grin

Parisisalwaysagoodidea Tue 21-May-13 22:45:31

Thanks McNally

noviceoftheday Wed 22-May-13 07:49:20

Morning all! Slight hangover here blush

Shop and Marsha, I am so disappointed for you both. I know how much you both wanted to make the opportunities work for you. Fingers crossed that something else comes along next year Shop and this company stops messing you about Marsha. In the meanwhile plenty of {{{hugs}}} from me to you both.

Yesterday all worked out in the end. I have always known in 4 years that I have always been able to go to work because my nanny is fab and the dcs have been happy with her. They drop me at the train station and its lots of smiles and kisses. I am not used to crying children. He was fine when i hid away outside the room but I just wanted to cry myself.sad. I called home in the afternoon and he was telling what a lovely day he had at nurseryshock.

Session with the actress went well. I wore one of the outfits I am thinking of wearing for the event and she likes it. So that's a tick. I wore damsel in a dress Alexandra dress and matching bolero jacket. Unfortunately I was still changing what I say so I couldn't do a full rehearsal without notes so wasn't a proper rehearsal but she liked it.

QueenC so glad you're staying. Sometimes I spend and sometimes I don't but love being on this lovely thread irrespective of whether I am buying or

That's a v nice dress Novice would look fab with the cage sandals you linked to the other day.

MarshaBrady Wed 22-May-13 08:07:06

Novice well done with actress and outfit, sounds lovely.

I still have trendy bar one next week, will wear new white Wang shirt, love it. I think I was more upset about nanny than anything. She has to give answer to another family this week. She said she'd prefer to work with us due to location but can't wait much longer. Not surprisingly as I have been in touch with her for months. If the interview hadn't been cancelled there was a chance we would have her as our nanny. She's so lovely and highly recommended by friend so would have been great. Of course relaying my disappointment to pre-dc rec cons doesn't quite wash. Anyway I have stopped feeling stressed about it if it happens I will sort something out.

I should stop feeling more stressed about the cc element. It makes the job part feel easy!

MarshaBrady Wed 22-May-13 08:10:26

QueenC I think you click on mymumsnet on bar and then Mn mates. Then add names. Then choose make visible to Mn mates when you add the photo.

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 08:49:44

Novice My DS took quite a while to settle at nursery. They'd have to peel him off me kicking and screaming - I'd frequently head for the door in tears. One day the nursery head told me to wait outside and 5 mins later when I peered round the door DS was laughing and playing and having a great time. It does get better I promise. So pleased the day went well yesterday and that you've cracked the content and outfit. Sounds as though you'll do brilliantly!

noviceoftheday Wed 22-May-13 08:57:19

Thanks for the lovely compliments. Omg Dry you are sooo right. That would just be so fierce. The thing is v high profile at work and if it was half an inch shorter I would get it, but as I am a clumsy oaf I don't trust myself not to fall flat on my face. It would be v humiliating.

marsha you're right to focus on the cc, very hard to go out to work if you're not comfortable with it.

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 09:00:12

QueenC when I click on your name it says you haven't yet completed a public profile page. I think perhaps you need to do that first and can then do the photo thing?

noviceoftheday Wed 22-May-13 09:16:23

Shop, sadly that's just my opening speech! I still have to write the speaking bits for 2 other daysshock I need 3 days of outfits. Day 1 is a dinner. It's meant to be casual but I might go for the lk Bennett Ariella dress in olive green. Day 2 is the big opener. The actress has advised me to go for colour, make a statement etc so that's a red Austin reed dress I think. Day 3 is that damsel in a dress outfit. I also need a proper casual outfit for day 1 daytime. Will link what I am thinking later. Can't believe I am wardrobe planning for something next month!!!

Today is the live internet event I talked about on Saturday. I have gone for a red Hobbs shift dress over a Thomas Pink rose coloured shirt and a black Hobbs fitted jacket. I hope i dont look like a schoolgirlgrin. i am wearing a beautiful swaroski flower pink and purple cocktail ring. It's gorgeously feminine and looks over sized on my child like hands.

Annianni Wed 22-May-13 09:30:50

Bummer about the jobs Shop and Marsha.
Hope they sort things out soon Marsha.
And the right thing will come along for you Shop.

Glad the day went well for you Novice.

Is it bad that I can't wait to see Queenc's photo!? grin

My yoox lucky dip jeans arrived yesterday at bloody teatime when dh was in but we won't dwell on that
and... they are fab.

I saw these beautiful jeans ages ago, but they didn't have my size left.

And I ordered these Hudson's from Yoox, thinking they might be Bacara's (which I have and love)

But when I opened the box, they were tilda's and they are lovely... incredibly soft denim and i'm wearing them today.

Also got this grey sweater which I already have in navy and neon coral... but I wear them a lot, so it'll be useful... honest grin

This Charli cardigan is due today
Along with this tee and this vest
Not tried Charli before, so we'll see.

Ds2's bed is due today, so that'll be fun.

How have you got on with your dd and the bed QueenC?

foxysocks Wed 22-May-13 09:42:49

ooo. DH just texted to say there is a NaP parcel arriving today so wait in, hurrah! better not open it but am tempted. denimversary not till tuesday.

still no word from matches about my replacement yellow shoes which is annoying me slightly, grrr.

feeling very happy with my may purchases grin but also pleased I have sent back whole outnet order. feels good to make decisions either way.

novice your outfit plans sound great and you sound v high-powered!

marsha sorry it didn't work out, hopefully like shop this means something better is round the corner x

The Vivienne Westwood skirt another MNetter was sending me arrived today. It is beautiful. Tried it on and it's a tiny bit tight on my thighs and hips but fits everywhere else. A couple more weeks of the shred and I bet it will fit just right smile

QueenCadbury Wed 22-May-13 12:06:22

Ok, I think the photo is now on my profile. It still hasn't asked me who my friends are though so not sure if you can access it or not. I honestly don't normally have so many chins! And I'm fresh from the shower so no make up hence the shine and lack of eyelashes!

Annianni Wed 22-May-13 12:11:08

Your profile is now public QueenC but it says you've not made your photos public yet.

Dunno how to do that, someone knowledgeable will be along soon grin

Annianni Wed 22-May-13 12:12:41

Fab news on the skirt Onelittle.
I didn't shred yesterday, I'll do it again later though (thighs are still sore from Monday!?)

anni I've only been doing the shred every other day and it's still working, I wouldn't have the ability to do it every day without collapsing in a heap!

Annianni Wed 22-May-13 12:29:34

Oh that makes me feel better Onelittle.
I had a bad day yesterday but felt guilty for not doing it.

I might walk a few miles on the treadmill, on days when I don't do it.

Hi everyone, I am rushing around trying to get ready for holiday next week (how did another half term whizz by so fast) and need to catch up on thread but just wanted to link this jacket for Novice, I just saw it and thought of you looking fab in it. Or is it too out there? grin

QueenCadbury Wed 22-May-13 13:33:16

I don't seem to have the ability to add mumsnet mates. I've emailed hq for help!

anni we didn't get on with the bed at all. She hated it! Back in a cot now.

Childcare can be such a pain/worry. Luckily my eldest dc never had any problems settling into nursery but they were 9m when they started. Not sure what dd will be like when she starts in a couple of weeks though. One of the many reasons for me not returning to work after dc3 was I couldn't face juggling 3 lots of childcare and although dm offered to be our nanny I just decided that wasn't for me in the end. It is sad how our careers become affected by having dc when dh often aren't. I used to be quite resentful of it especially when we had to relocate for dh job but now I'm fairly at peace with not working. I miss the patients but not all the crap and stress that goes with working in the NHS. But marsha and shop as others have said, I'm sure things will work out even if they don't feel like it now.

I haven't clicked on anyone's links as don't want any temptations. Although I could do with new white and grey tees. I should have learnt from last years zara tees never to buy linen again. Why did I think h&m and next would be any different? After a while they just look awful!

Queen I can't seem to find the mn mates function either after looking for it for you last night! So please let us know what MNHQ have to say smile

I take it back - MN mates works on my Mac but didn't appear on my ipad...could that be it Queen?

QueenCadbury Wed 22-May-13 13:43:13

Probably sleep. Ah well, you don't get to see me!

Annianni Wed 22-May-13 13:46:57

I've just got a nice cheap grey tee QueenC from m&s limited.
It's on my spring/summer pins.
They do it in white too, it's about £9, v neck and not see through.

The Charli one from AR is here, it's slouchy and quite lovely.

Right, I have just added you lot as my mates, in readiness for any opinion seeking of my own grin

VW skirt works beautifully with my wardrobe. Looks great with fishnets and Dr Martens wink I was worried about the colour as it's a kind of biscuity/light brown colour but it's fine so long as it's not near my face. Really works with what else I've got and is a very nice addition to my wardrobe grin have pm'd the MNetter who sent it me already to let her know it a) arrived and b) how grateful I am

novice nice outfits, v a dress wink
OneLL the VW skirt sounds fab...lucky you and a great motivator to keep going!
Anni great shopping
QueenC I'm desperate to see photos....I'm into hair, have a graduated bob, wondering about doing a fringe......

I'm off to check out TS Baxters now.

QueenCadbury Wed 22-May-13 13:55:51

Oops, just as I was saying I needed new tees, Dorothy Perkins emailed me a 24% off code. Have just ordered a white one from there. So much for not buying anything but I really do need a white tee in my life. Remind me never ever ever to buy linen again!!

one your style sounds fab. I would love to rock the dms and fishnets!

I don't so much have a style QueenC as I tend to look like I've run through the wardrobe covered in glue and am wearing whatever stuck wink

LinusDKD Wed 22-May-13 14:01:39

QueenC I have this one in white and black and they are very nice and wash well, but they don't come in grey:

Asos T

This arrived in white and grey yesterday and I am not sure about the fabric but haven't tried them on yet:

Another Asos T

foxy how exciting! Has your parcel arrived? We are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary next week but I am not expecting a present as I have been spoilt enough this year.

One so happy that the VW skirt fits and works with your wardrobe!

LinusDKD Wed 22-May-13 14:03:56

Dry have been looking at baxters as well but as I have to buy online and can't try them on I haven't taken the plunge yet. I would like them in white but as the weather is so crap I can't wear them anyway.

If I've done it right, there should be a picture of me on my profile for those who want to marvel at my constantly being asked for ID appearance wink obviously, if you'd rather keep me a mystery, you don't have to look grin

MarshaBrady Wed 22-May-13 14:13:09

I have a new date for the interview for the great project but nanny will be gone by then, typical. Still am keen to do it as a good one. Hopefully it won't be too hard to organise things.

OneLittle great news on the VW skirt!

Foxy how exciting!

Fab news marsha hope it works out ok for you, it's always exciting getting a new project to get your teeth into

santamarianovella Wed 22-May-13 14:24:35

sleep im gonna do that too,might need help for the wedding we are going to in a couple of months,

do any of you lovely ladies own the london boy by MIH? how is the fit ?

santa "is the London boy fit" wink I must read more carefully!!grin

Baxters for normal sized people are obviously only available online.....only 26waists here![shock

santamarianovella Wed 22-May-13 18:05:17

Dry grin,They are on sale,really love the look but not sure about sizing.

Lovely Paige denim on sale at shop bop, jimmy slouchy are £95!

noviceoftheday Wed 22-May-13 18:20:04

Oh Sleep you're a sweetheart! Too out there for me thoughgrin I know what I said about stepping out of my comfort zone but I think I need baby stepsblush

Thanks Foxysmile. I have this great opportunity which could be big career enhancer hence the obsessing with outfits now.

Good to hear the flakey company came back Marsha.

When I am on pc later I will check out photos <nosey>. Dh out to dinner again tonight so I will be mumsnetting working.

LinusDKD Wed 22-May-13 20:04:43

santa some lovely things on Shopbop.

Have the Jimmy Jimmy in my basket but am not sure boyfriends will suit me. I love the wash though.

And I reall don't need another scarf but luuurve this one (not sure the colours will suit me though):


I love these as well but with my short legs an ankle strap is a big nono:


I love these as well but satin shoes are just too fragile for a clumsy person like me:

Charles Philip

LinusDKD Wed 22-May-13 20:17:00

Right, I have ordered the Jimmys. I really hope they suit me because returning stuff is a pain in the bum.

I ordered a 30 but there is no stretch in the fabric whatsoever so slightly worried about that. <eyes second third glass of wine>

MarshaBrady Wed 22-May-13 20:41:49

Well done Linus!

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 20:57:21

Horrible, horrible news from Woolwich sad

linus I love that scarf. Think the ankle strap would rub a bit on the sandals. Jeans often give with wear (which is why they are so hard to buy)so they might be ok..

Yes shop absolutely awful sad

santamarianovella Wed 22-May-13 21:07:31

linus im torn between the jimmy jimmy and the MIH ones,
the paige james look nice too,need to make up my mind before it sells out.
and my-wardrobe sent me a preview sale email,so for the last half hour ive been adding and deleting things to my baskets.
sleep i totally get what you mean by frozen with indecision !

Oh my God, I can't believe what's happened......where will it stop?

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 21:30:41

It won't Dry
Anyway, sorry to turn this into a news thread, I was just so shocked seeing the footage of the killer. Not sure how you explain this to children, just thank God our DS is too young to need to.
As you were. X

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 21:51:21

Loads of Gigis on Shopbop including pink Decam

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 21:57:05

Mmmmmm scrap that, sorry, look to be US only. Still learning about Shopbop.

shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 21:59:59
shopafrolic Wed 22-May-13 22:03:13

Right, I know I've been here a while but can someone explain Shopbop to me?