So comfy, but are they awful? I think they might be....

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GingerLemonTea Tue 23-Apr-13 21:23:42

I always end up wearing thin soled pumps & want something comfier, but need to know if these are ugly?

like walking on air

not so bad in pink or blue?

QueenMaeve Tue 23-Apr-13 21:26:13

I like them. If they are comfortable its a big yes from me

WildThongsHeartString Tue 23-Apr-13 21:26:23

They look really comfy! Not so bad-if you like them get them

WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo Tue 23-Apr-13 21:28:13

i like them. but only in tan really.

notnowbernard Tue 23-Apr-13 21:29:51

I really don't like them at all, sorry

PenelopePortrait Tue 23-Apr-13 21:31:54

Oh dear God they are hideous. Just wrong.

GingerLemonTea Tue 23-Apr-13 21:34:55

Was thinking tan in the first link.
I think they might be wrong, but they felt amazing.

Any suggestions, doing lots of walking with the pram, mainly wear skinny jeans, occasionally leggings.

SofaCanary Tue 23-Apr-13 21:36:28

Perfectly acceptable.....................if you're in your 80s shock


openerofjars Tue 23-Apr-13 22:05:11

No. Just no. Even I can spot the wrongness.

WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo Tue 23-Apr-13 22:05:36

no no no! all you haterz got no swag (it felt all kinds of wrong typing that)

OP these shoes were all over the place last year decorating the feet of pretty young things in trendy shops all over the country. they are still 'in' and you wont look 80! grin you can wear them with skinny or straight leg jeans or (dare i say it?) chinos.

nowgotosleep Tue 23-Apr-13 22:05:46

My neighbour wears the first pair you linked to...she's 82! Sorry!

Bunbaker Tue 23-Apr-13 22:06:12

I'm afraid that if I was doing a lot of walking comfort takes precedence over style. I spent the last couple of weeks scouring the shops for comfortable ballet flats and came to the conclusion that they are OK as long as I don't want to do much walking.

I like those shoes and don't think they are just for old ladies.

Sommink Tue 23-Apr-13 22:06:41

hummmm Im starting to see why m&s clothing line is going down the pan

I like the leather ones - go for it!
You will not look 80 as you don't see that many octogenerians with skinny jeans grin.

BobblyGussets Tue 23-Apr-13 22:08:57

Not my thing, but get them if you like them OP. The world could do with more colour and it good to feel comfy. Maybe you can pull them off.

<sneakily slips feet into purple Sketchers>

BoiledEggandToastSoldiers Tue 23-Apr-13 22:09:09

Good grief no! They are dreadful.

BobblyGussets Tue 23-Apr-13 22:10:28

YY to Bunbaker, if you are going to use them, walking in them and feel good, do it. You don't want to be the same as everyone else anyway.

WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo Tue 23-Apr-13 22:10:43

i had a similar pair (although they didn't look as comfy) in tan last year and i'm 26. i promise you i didn't look old fashioned or mismatched. my cousin is 19 and the most fashion conscious person i know and she had a pair.

ballet pumps are not for walking in. i cant even walk down town in mine (5-10 minute walk) as it feels almost like walking in bare feet.

WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo Tue 23-Apr-13 22:12:22

i mean my pair weren't as comfy as yours look.

Maat Tue 23-Apr-13 22:14:05

In pink & blue, they look like slippers.


My very trendy hairdresser told me on Saturday how she ruined her feet by wearing ballet flats on hard (tiled) flooring for long hours at work. She is 35 and sees her podiatrist once a month. She now wears orthopedic footwear - comfy, and necessary, I am sure. But NOT a good look tbh - she makes up for it by being otherwise v glamorous.

For walking on asphalt you need a cushioned sole, so yes, an alternative would a trainer of some sort, I suppose.
I used to love my Merrell's...

WTFisABooyhooISBooyhoo Tue 23-Apr-13 22:22:22

i fell in love with birkenstocks whilst pregnant with ds2. they are foot heaven but they are quite hideous. the supportive ones are anyway. i would really love another pair but dont know if i can justify the expense for a pair of shoes i wont wear outside the house. (i know i wont wear them in public) but they are so comfy they might just be worth it as slippers.

piprabbit Tue 23-Apr-13 22:33:22

Someone on another thread was extolling the virtues of Fitflop ballerinas like this. I can't make up my mind though.

colette Tue 23-Apr-13 22:33:35

Agree pink and blue look like slippers, but I really need shoes to walk in that aren't trainers , so would consider the tan { even though I think they are quite ugly}
Think I have the beginning of a bunion blush

Oh my good god! No, no, no.
My nan has them and she is 87.
No, no, no ad infinitum.

VerySmallSqueak Tue 23-Apr-13 22:44:18

Yes,they are awful.


Bunbaker Tue 23-Apr-13 22:48:04

colette I tried on a pair of Sketchers Go Walk the other day. They are not the least bit stylish, but are the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on. It was like walking on sponges.

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Tue 23-Apr-13 22:48:19

Yes, dreadful - sorry.

Ginformation Tue 23-Apr-13 22:49:50

'twas me raving about Fit flop ballerinas.. They are absolutely brilliant, I have 2 pairs grin Exceptionally comfortable, even for me after spinal surgery. I think they look great with skinny jeans and I also wear theme for work.

Sorry OP, I'm not feeling the shoes in your link.

MummaBubba123 Tue 23-Apr-13 23:13:30

These also look a bit grannyish but are soooo comfy and looked chic on my Trendy Friend. I love this name now!

MummaBubba123 Tue 23-Apr-13 23:16:15

Ooh! Loving the Fit Flop ballerinas!

Startail Wed 24-Apr-13 10:54:50

Just avoid the WI metallic and you'll be fine.

I should add I'm in our local WI and they are a brilliant fun bunch, but metallic and a certain nasty shade of cream shoes are preverlent.

tethersend Wed 24-Apr-13 11:05:22

I saw someone wearing the tan ones on the tube yesterday- they looked great, far better than the pic.

Limoncellolovely Wed 24-Apr-13 11:07:20

Kind of depends what you wear them with as long as the rest of you isn't dressed as an octagenarian off to play crown green bowls think you will be fine. Even the glamorous Atlantic Pacific has a pair ! wink

If you like 'em get them just wear with attitude !!!! (your feet will thank you for it)

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 11:22:52

I bought some very similar to that last year from M and S. Though I had reservations about shoes that were that cheap they seemed comfortable in the shop so thought they'd be OK for walking.

But the first time I wore them for a mild walk, they cut my feet to pieces! The rest of that morning on holiday was spent buying Compeed plasters and trainer liners - between them, not far short of the price of the shoes!

Never again.

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 12:07:27

gingormation which colour Fitflop ballerinas do you have? Do you wear them with bare feet with skinnies or nude 'pop sox ' or what ?

On metallic know exactly what poster up thread means about WI etc. I have noticed the same thing on ( not very stylish ) octogenarians at church. Sort of assuming - though I have some pewter shoes myself -that they'd passed from in fashion to so safe they're frumpy. Yet there are plenty of articles telling us metallics are in this season - and a recent thread here.

Seems metallics are a very long-lived favourite , like skinnies??

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 24-Apr-13 12:11:38

Tan loafers are fine, surely? I would avoid the colours though, they are very middle aged.

Umlauf Wed 24-Apr-13 12:19:29

The first ones in tan are nice, I would wear them with dark skinny jeans or a girly summer cotton dress. Not leggings I don't think. It's very much a case of how you wear them. I like them though, and am 26 so not too old yet!

Ginformation Wed 24-Apr-13 13:04:23

polyhymnia I have the patent inky blue and just recently bought the mink neutral leather ones. I have my eye on. the sunflower canvas too but am slightly concerning myself this is turning into an addiction blush

My excuse is that since spinal surgery I can't wear hardly any of my old beautiful shoe collection sad

Plus my feet are quite wide so the fit flop option is perfect.

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 13:15:21

Thanks Ive acquired some if the dark red patent and am sbout ti start wearing them now weather better. May I ask what you wear with them w skinnies? Ie bare feet, nude pop socks etc?

EleanorFarjeon Wed 24-Apr-13 13:17:34

I have a neighbour that wears these type of shoes and she's about 85.

I think they're gopping. Sorry.

Ginformation Wed 24-Apr-13 13:21:16

I wear with tights or those frumpy knee high nylon pop socks with trousers for work, and bare foot with skinnies.

Have never found little invisible nude socks that don't bug me by scrunching up by my toes, has anyone else?

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 13:44:35

Know what you mean . funnily enough have just dug out a pair of those things (think Mand S call them Tootsies or something cringe- making) from last summer today to wear with loafers.

They havent done it yet but day only half way through. Will see ! I think these are Falke not M and S but again need to check.

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 13:45:33

Know what you mean . funnily enough have just dug out a pair of those things (think Mand S call them Tootsies or something cringe- making) from last summer today to wear with loafers.

They havent done it yet but day only half way through. Will see ! I think these are Falke not M and S but again need to check.

valiumredhead Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:21

I had some similar last year and wore them until they fell apart.

I will order some more when they have more sizes in.

If they are comfy, wear them! grin

valiumredhead Wed 24-Apr-13 13:53:30

Gin I am very tempted by the fit flop ballerinas.

monkeysmama Wed 24-Apr-13 13:53:41

Have you considered trainers?

Ginformation Wed 24-Apr-13 14:29:16

Do it valium ! A word on sizing, I am size 5 in fit flop sandals, but size 6 in the ballerinas.

polyhymnia Wed 24-Apr-13 15:23:26

I usually go up in Fitflops too, from 41 or 7 and a half to 8. Had to do this for the patent Due ballerina ones . But, when I tried the canvas ballerina ones on the other day in 8, they were huge and I' m waiting for them to come in in a 7.

treaclesoda Wed 24-Apr-13 16:13:02

well, I don't particularly like them myself, but on the other hand I've now reached a point in my life where I am a great believer in not wearing shoes that make every movement agony. So I say if you like them, and they are comfy, buy them and enjoy wearing them.

BeCool Wed 24-Apr-13 16:20:21

Dreadful, I've always disliked them. Men of a certain age tend to be very fond of them. And sailors. Salty dog types love them.

The mint colour was especially horrendous.

But if they feel good .................... actually aren't there any nice shoes that feel good too. Crocs perhaps grin

Love them, I'll be purchasing some in tan myself.

HeyYoniYoni Wed 24-Apr-13 16:27:13

Moccasins are Very Much the Thing with the youth

usualsuspect Wed 24-Apr-13 16:31:39

I like them very much.

IsabelleRinging Wed 24-Apr-13 16:34:20

These platform ballerinas would be nice instead.

Fillyjonk75 Wed 24-Apr-13 16:38:51

No, have never liked that style myself. I prefer Mary Janes/ converse style pumps.

Nothing wrong with metallic shoes though per se, depends on the style.

TooMuchRain Wed 24-Apr-13 16:41:18

I've seen lots of loafers around and looking good with the right outfit - though I admit that I looked at those in M&S and just couldn't do it

Fillyjonk75 Wed 24-Apr-13 16:43:00

These tan ballerinas have a slight heel to stop the 'too flat' problems

Wilding Wed 24-Apr-13 16:44:54

I'm always seeing young people wearing loafers & boat-type shoes where I live - don't think they're too bad!

<disclaimer: am not actually old gimmer and live in east London where normal style rules don't apply>

Wilding Wed 24-Apr-13 16:45:38

In fact, I might have to get a pair - my moccasins fell to pieces after too many festivals last year sad

JazzDalek Wed 24-Apr-13 17:17:41

I have a very similar pair (from Boden blush ) and they are insanely comfortable. I walk a lot (no car, crap public transport network) and I exempt my feet from "style" for this reason. I just have no tolerance whatsoever for silly shoes that pinch and rub, and quite honestly couldn't care less if my footwear is deemed grannyish.

I mostly wear boots or Converse, but leather moccasins are brilliant for warmer days.

finlaysmum12 Wed 24-Apr-13 17:28:12

i think the pewter ones would look great with skinnies or tapered boyfriend jeans.

pastel ones are hideous IMHO

was looking at skechers "go walk" pumps today- I do a lot of walking and wear skinnies/leggings too.......

Bunbaker Wed 24-Apr-13 18:12:24

"I just have no tolerance whatsoever for silly shoes that pinch and rub, and quite honestly couldn't care less if my footwear is deemed grannyish."

Are you me?

finlaysmum those Go Walk aren't very pretty but are insanely comfortable. It is like walking on cushions.

finlaysmum12 Wed 24-Apr-13 18:23:19

for anyone who likes the go walk's-

there is 25% off everything at brantano at the mo, onlinwe or in shop.

limited sizes though

GingerLemonTea Wed 24-Apr-13 19:16:27

To be clear...
It's the tan ones in first link that I like best. Not so bad eh?

Bunbaker Wed 24-Apr-13 19:33:04

I like them as well

MummaBubba123 Wed 24-Apr-13 22:29:21

Go for Gabors. You won't regret it! Sooo comfy - even if worn all day long!

I have a pair of these - vair trendy as from Fly London, but I never realised they were called 'Yoni' grin[wheezes]grin.

Bunbaker Thu 25-Apr-13 07:03:08

Sorry, but those are beyond awful Pacific. If I want comfort I don't want heels, and I don't want platforms either as I am tall enough without them.

I do lurve them, but am a shortarse, so fair enough.

Alwayscheerful Thu 25-Apr-13 08:26:52

My very trendy 27 year old bought the similar ones in white with tan trim, they look really fab and very expensive but sorry not in the colour way you have chosen they look grannyish.

Kikithecat Thu 25-Apr-13 08:30:24

I have the red ones. I love them and am wearing them now. Hate bloody ballerinas.

schnauzerfan Thu 25-Apr-13 08:33:18

I've got a pair of tan leather ones from Fat Face, now THEY are better than slippers. The most comfy shoes I have ever owned.

Fillyjonk75 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:49:21

I like ballerinas but was a bit over them by two or three years ago tbh.

JoyceDivision Fri 26-Apr-13 22:05:13

I love these but even dh whopretty much caresnot a chuff what I look like looked aghast when I showed him them.

Haven't booughtthem but they look so plain and cool!

polyhymnia Fri 26-Apr-13 22:53:10

I think they look really boring I'm afraid they reinforce all my prejudices about Clarks.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Fri 26-Apr-13 23:11:59

If I wore ballerinas I would have to sit down or catch buses all the time, and I would be the size of a bus. Instead I wear gopping but comfy shoes and walk for miles and miles and my arse is lovely and toned <crosses fingers and backs away from mirror>.

You pay your money and you take your choice (or you Shred in hideous trainers behind closed doors).

Wifi is playing up and stopping me checking out the links, so I'm only posting to mark my place so I can come back tomorrow and buy All Of Them. I am a sucker for comfy shoes, and I really need to replace my truly horrific pair of Clarks metallic comfy sandals with flower motif which even Per Una would be ashamed of.

BestIsWest Sat 27-Apr-13 00:28:56

I lived in the first ones in the OP In tan last year, but then I am 50. 50!

CorrieDale Sat 27-Apr-13 06:55:17

Ooh! Those fit flops are lovely! I am gutted to discover that metallics are WI! I love metallics because they go with everything. I must admit I had been wondering about the silver Boden wedges but silver ballerinas and gold sandal fit flops are ok surely? On second thoughts - I don't need to know! I shall just join the WI. It's probably my spiritual home now I come to think of it.

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 07:04:36

Things like this annoy me. It must be perfectly possible to make loafers/moccasins that are comfy as slippers and yet still elegant or trendy, like these but the minute anything is designed with comfort in mind the designer somehow feels compelled to sobaotage the look of the boody things, by making the small, subtle but BLINDLINGLY OBVIOUS things that turn a shoe from a casual, classic chic, to frumpy old lady with fat feet. angry Why do they do that? How hard would it have been to shape that crepe sole slightly differently, so it didn't look so old fashioned, without compromising on the comfort?

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 07:05:40

That made no grammatical sense at all, but I'm sure you understood the sentiment. grin

FairPhyllis Sat 27-Apr-13 07:23:29

I think the first pair are OK in the alabaster. Maybe in the tan, but I'm not sure. <disclaimer: I am a salty seadog> Definitely not the pink or blue.

Are they a narrow fit? I might try some.

Another 'comfy or style is not a choice' person here (foot ishoos).
Have recently bought these Gabor shoes and am relieved not to have to wear something that is so chunky that I may as well be wearing the box they came in.

My shoes need to be uber cushioned but not granny <shakes fist at designers>

noddyholder Sat 27-Apr-13 07:55:55

Joyce I have those bought them 2 years ago! Have worn loads look great with skinnies ad slim chinos

Bunbaker Sat 27-Apr-13 08:26:07

I agree TRF. I am on a constant quest to find comfortable and stylish shoes. I am tall and don't want to wear heels and platforms. I want to be able to run for a bus in them or walk for miles. I want a pair of shoes that look just as good with a dress as they do with trousers yet support my feet and not fall off if I want to do any more than shuffle about.

Is it too much too ask?

I am liking the fit flop ballerinas too!
flowers to Bunbaker - couldn't agree more.
Boots and sandals are so easy to buy compared to this perennial between seasons dilemma if, like quite a few of us, you want non-geriatric low heeled comfort but can't deal with Converse or ballerinas.
Will be in Cardiff Monday so will go to JL to try on. Anyone know if anywhere else on the High St sells them?

GingerLemonTea Sat 27-Apr-13 11:40:29

FairPhyllis, yes they felt quite a narrow fit.

BestIsWest Sat 27-Apr-13 19:25:59

Those Tods are gorgeous but the real difference between them and the M&S ones (apart from the crepey sole) is £200! I bet they are comfy though <starts saving>.

cocolepew Sat 27-Apr-13 19:33:11

The Hush Puppies ballet flats are supposed to be very comfy because they have support . Think they are called something like Jannette.

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 19:38:14

But how much would the M&S version have to compromise on price and comfort to style them more like Tod's? Hardly at all! It makes me cross. Like it's an anti- middle income, slightly fat, on her feet all day, tired middle aged woman conspiratory. grin

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 19:39:22

conspiracy. Damned autocorrect.

cocolepew Sat 27-Apr-13 19:40:55

Oh I just looked at them in tan. They are lovely in that colour.

ja9 Sat 27-Apr-13 19:47:39

I saw someone with v similar tan ones on today (although in suede). I thought they looked really good.

Mind you, she had tanned feet and imo, all shoes look great on tanned feet!!

PrincessOfChina Sat 27-Apr-13 19:54:24

I have some tan ones like that, from Office. They have a white sole and are v trendy. Tassels and all.

I think the Fit flops ballerinas are awful.

JoyceDivision Sat 27-Apr-13 19:56:57

noddyholder I am seriously tempted to buy a pair in the white.... would like to getr a code first tho... hate paying full whack for anything!

BestIsWest Sat 27-Apr-13 20:04:24

Fellatio - do you know me? How can you give such a perfect description of me otherwise grin. You are, of course, quite right about the shoes.

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 20:11:34

I know you because I am you. grin

TheRealFellatio Sat 27-Apr-13 20:12:00

I have always been a martyr to my difficult feet.

You just know those Tods are going to be like walking on air but £200+...
Like some of the Hush Puppies linked by coco as well.
Hmmm, maybe I should manage with what I have and save up for Tods by next spring confused.
Loving this thread BTW smile.

RachelHRD Sat 27-Apr-13 20:52:24

Fitflop Due style are nice and if you shop via Topcashback there's 20% cashback at the moment!! link

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