Help for dd2 please

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DD2 is 15 and a complete and utter tomboy. She needs 3 things and I need your help please to find them!

1) a facewash for spotty teenage skin that won't tear her face to pieces
2) a tinted moisturiser or foundation which won't turn her orange
3 - and this is the biggest and most terrifying one) a prom dress!

Help please. This is the girl who lives in too big jeans, men's t-shirts and hoodies and refuses to go clothes shopping, ever. Agh!

QueenCadbury Fri 05-Apr-13 19:38:35

If she's got blackheads i'd recommend this range neutrogena. It's definitely helped my hormonal skin and hasn't dried it out.

The only tinted moisturiser I own is the one I bought for my wedding. Nearly 9 years ago!

Prom dress? Hmm, off the top of my head coast or monsoon?

QueenCadbury Fri 05-Apr-13 19:39:32

Oops, forgot to say that my tinted moisturiser is bobbi brown. And definitely doesn't turn me orange!

Thank you - no blackheads, just spots on her chin and forehead.

She claims to hate everything in Coast and Monsoon and to be fair, most of them would be too long for her in both shops. She's about 5'3 and quite slim at a size 8-10 but quite norky (unfortunately takes after me!).

PebblePots Fri 05-Apr-13 19:43:15

Elemis do a range for teenage skin. I am in my 30's and have always struggled with spots since teenage years with no success using high street products. Recently discovered Elemis & its great, if pricey!

Can get it cheaper on amazon/ebay once you choose what you want from the Elemis web site.

AuntieBrenda Fri 05-Apr-13 19:43:47

Neutrogena pink grapefruit stuff. Not that £££ either.
Olay do a nice tinted moisturiser. eBay is your friend - try searching rockabilly style dresses. There's a company called eucalyptus that do quite quirky dresses too. Try irregular choice for shoes. Avoid brands like lipsy, forever unique- I think they'd be too fussy for your dd

QueenCadbury Fri 05-Apr-13 19:45:24

I guess she could try one of the other ranges here. I believe that spots on chin are hormonal (it's certainly where all mine are now and when I was a teen).

She's probably going to hate all prom dresses isn't she? Good luck grin

Thanks both.

She doesn't like Rockabilly style either and deffo wouldn't like IC shoes. She likes things very plain generally, or muted.

The last dress she reluctantly agreed to (for a wedding) was this one.

Will look out for the Olay tinted stuff btw - Elemis sounds lovely but my bank balance won't like it much!

lovesmileandlaugh Fri 05-Apr-13 19:52:57

I spent a fortune trying to find a good skin wash to help my spotty face, but actually a course of antibiotic stuff made a massive difference!
No idea on prom dress, I wore a short jersey dress with opaque tights and doc martens for mine. Fancy frilly stuff was just so uncool! But it was a long time ago!

KateShmate Fri 05-Apr-13 19:53:27

What colour dress does she want? Is there a particular style she wants (long, short, huge wedding prom dress, maxi?) or is that the problem?
I love looking for dresses smile

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 19:56:27

H&M have some great dresses in their conscious collection / in general. Also Topshop.

I am a massive fan of the formal jumpsuit actually, great pair of heels and she would look killer grin

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 19:57:20

Ps I would recommend Liz Earle cleanse and polish for her skincare

I suggested a tux and Converse and she said I was trying to get her bullied!

She says she wants normal 'prom style' which I think means a 50s-ish shape but not retro-ish, and she says she wants thick straps not sleeves. She'd like it to be just above the knee. No preference on colours but she looks nice in blues and reds. I wondered if something like this might be plain enough but she didn't like it.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Fri 05-Apr-13 20:01:50

For foundation / tinted moisturised maybe try the Boots colour match thing? They 'scan' your face with a little tool which recommends a shade - they do lighter and heavier versions of their foundation too (one i think is a tinted moisturiser). Not too expensive either. And quick to do, if she is self conscious about these kinds of things (like me!).

That's a good idea, Ducks. Thank you.

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:06:15

what's her body type? can you sit and browse ASOS together? they have EVERY dress!

Body type = hourglass, I'd say. Need to be able to buy in a real shop not online, as (again like me) she can vary so much in sizes. I bought two new tops last week - one was an 8 and the other a 16!!!

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:08:17

I think this is rather fab for a young gal

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:11:12

ASOS are brilliant for returns - free, no questions asked, I generally order multiple sizes in several things, try on, and bung back what I don't like - I wouldn't let that rule it out. can also be a rather less stressful way to try on....

KateShmate Fri 05-Apr-13 20:13:24

I think the shape of that is on the right track but she'd say it was too shiny/blingy. Also, the prom will be in summer and that looks quite wintery. Haven't looked at Topshop though, so thank you for reminding me!

Thanks Kate. Hadn't thought of Next either. The H&M ones are too informal. The M&S ones would be too long, although the shape of the 2nd one is v good according to what she's said so far.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:23:47
rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:24:51

That JW Anderson is great.

Those Jones and Jones types at Topshop have loads of prom type things - white (that style also in green, yellow, orange) and yellow (that style also in green and orange)

sorry if am barking up wrong tree, prom not usually my style!

where are you based OP? sounds like you need a day out together trying on and doing makeup (would do dresses first when you're feeling fresh, then lunch / make up counters)

ygritte Fri 05-Apr-13 20:25:47

The Elemis range is sold in larger branches of Superdrug. At Xmas TTY hey had some great value gift sets so maybe they could be found fairly cheap online now.

Soap and glory primer and foundation in one is light and not orange.

Just shown her this thread. She has pulled faces at every single one of them so far. Agh.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:26:38

Sorry, just noticed you said no online shops!

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:27:35

Does she prefer more smart style prom dress or fun style prom dress?

She said this was 'alright' (high praise indeed) except for the colour and the back!

teta Fri 05-Apr-13 20:27:48

My eldest is a tomboy too.She finds Clinique facial wash and the clarifying lotion good for her skin and it doesn't irritate her.We always find something at TK Maxx-either online or instore for party dresses.Lily Lolo is good for mineral foundations and do small tester pots for colour matching.

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:28:22

What's your budget? I have an hourglass friend who looks fab in some Whistles dresses, the ones with defined waists eg this and I think their fabrics and cuts are worth the money

Hmmkay - just something as plain and and unobtrusive as possible, I think!

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:30:53

I am grin at the faint praise! whoop.

can she be more specific about what she doesn't like about the back? she wants a low back?

Thanks Teta - will see if can get a sample of the Clinique.

Budget = not Whistles! There's really no point paying more than £60/70 for something she will inevitably not like much and will certainly never wear again. smile

No - the back is a v back and she wants a 'normal' back!

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:32:27
rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:32:54

Hang on - I think my link was wrong. The white one was 'okaaaay' except it's too white and too puffy. This one was alright except the colur and the back.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:33:15

The black 3d flower dress on that page i just posted perhaps?

Crossed posts, rooty. smile

Miss s=Selfridge - would never have thought of there and it looks like there's quite a lot of the 'right' shape there.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:35:21

Miss selfridge are pretty good if you don't want to spend a fortune too wink

roughtyping Fri 05-Apr-13 20:35:55

What about Oasis? I love them and in youngish (I'm 27, how desperate am I wink)

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:37:08

oh sorry, got the back business backwards grin, ignore suggestion above! can she say what 'normal' is? high? or like, a U shape? square?

yy to the budget, that definitely makes sense!

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:38:22

ha so many cross posts, I am utterly carried away!

<<thinks pityingly of own DD, 5mo grin>>

She's pulled faces at everything in Oasis, Warehouse and Miss Selfridge now. confused

Anything too baby dollish (ie a lot of the Miss S ones) would probably draw attention to her boobs and she'd hate that. I think for the same reason, the pale coloured ones are putting her off too.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:39:16

The ones in the "skater dress" section look similar to that style too and some like this one look maybe a bit funkier and less "fluffy". Although not sure if too casual for a prom still?

Your turn will come, Rooty. smile DD1 loved the whole thing and we had a brilliant day in London choosing her dress for post-GCSEs. She's already bought her end of 6th form one too. Then again, it's much easier when you are 5'9 and a size 6 to 8, who loves clothes! Sometimes I wonder how they can both be mine tbh. smile

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 20:43:21

Your dd sounds like a younger version of me1 grin

I am using this at the mo daily use]]and this once a week both have helped spotty skin loads and very gentle!

Dresses not too girly for boobs? Try very cool! also v cool!or treat her and go nuts with one look at all the very cool fabric swatches! Can specify bra size too!

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:43:59

river island?!

I look forward to going shopping with my 2yo dd one day too rooty smile. Have 7 and 5 year old ds too so I don't think they will ever be too interested in clothes shopping!

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 20:44:18
rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:47:38

ok. if she has bosoms of any significance I would avoid the high neck / sleeveless paradigm.

A halter is good for the bosomed among us I think. what about this? it is a bit out of the ordinary, and boyish in a way. she could carry a very bright clutch.

I think you sound like such a lovely mum smile

Thanks Joyce (cool name btw). She doesn't like the Fever stuff - she doesn't want to stand out and be 'out there' but would prefer to just fade into the background I think. This is impossible!

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:49:56

(also would say worth browsing ASOS as they stock a lot of high street brands eg Warehouse, Oasis, and they have fun little vids you can watch to get a better idea of the clothes)

Ye gads this is hideous

Thank you, Rooty. I'm likely to be snarly,horrible mum v soon.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:51:23

Bit bigger on budget but some of these Karen millen dresses are a bit more understated and less girly but they are quite classic too(and I find them always flattering on), so she could keep it for years and surely put it to some use again one day? grin

LOVE that striped one - it's v Vivienne Westwood! Suspect that dd won't like it though, as she'll say the front is too low.

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 20:52:55

Rootys asos one is v nice

lljkk Fri 05-Apr-13 20:53:11

Heavens, is Neutrogena still around? Never did much for me, but the smell provokes nostalgic.

Why does she want to go to prom if she doesn't want a posh frock? confused. I'm American even & I skipped out on the whole thing, no date, no inclination to tart myself up.

Deffo can't afford KM.

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:56:00

gracious River Island hmm
they produce some brilliant things but in a veritable sea of tat

moving onto Zara, who are not the best for hourglasses, but might have the odd thing like this and this


She likes the shape of clothing/dresses/ this but omg the price!

lljkk - because she likes her friends and she likes a party! smile

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 20:58:40

ahh a bit strict maybe, hmm

That red lace Zara one looks lovely - I might force her to try that one on! Red looks good on her.

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 20:59:41

I like this brand. Some of the shorter ones may suit?

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 20:59:48

throw caution to the wind, sod the dress andgo in a womens cut tux?

Joyce - that's what I suggested but she said she'd get bullied.

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 21:00:27

ooh good choice with the Ted Baker, see she does have expensive taste wink

Thanks Coffee - need a real shop though.

She only liked the shape of the TB one, not the rest of it!

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:01:49
Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 21:02:30

I was going to suggest ted baker after I suggested Karen millen but didn't as they are v expensive too!

I would probably just order loads from asos, try them all on and just keep one and send the rest back.

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:02:48
Corygal Fri 05-Apr-13 21:03:30

Remus - I ache for your JWA choice.

I recall at age 15 going shopping for ball dresses with me dad. He yelled 'You won't make the Vogue cover in THAT' for 2 hours solid. Other shoppers (Fenwick) were encouraged to make their feelings felt too. I ended up with emotional wounding and one of the best dresses ever - red velvet fitted, bow on back (days of fergie) and swooshy velvet skirt.

Remind yr DD that these things are awful, but you have to perservere. I'd second online if she can't face the shops, why should one.

If she wants cheap there's always New Look, with their 500 dresses.

rootypig Fri 05-Apr-13 21:05:07

ok I have to go because DH is a bit hmm and probably thinks I am online shopping for me on the sly grin

but before I go I would also like to pop in [bossy] that I think flats with a short dress much more modern and chic than heels. Heels for trousers. And jumpsuits grin

oh parting shots on the skin / make up - Revlon new foundation is supposed to be fab, the one with Emma Stone in the ads. Nearly Naked. And my tuppence is Neutrogena, Clearasil etc is very harsh, I would get her a hot cloth cleanser, nice and gentle, but balancing. Liz Earle, Boots no 7, lush, there are lots of good ones around.

good luck OP and DD! have a fab time, whatever you wear. toodlepip!

Thank Rooty. Your red Zara one is my favourite so far.

Cory - just trying to imagine dp taking dd shopping. Nope - just can't see it. wink

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:14:14
coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:15:53
JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:17:04
JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:17:43
AlwaysSleepingBeauty Fri 05-Apr-13 21:18:50

The Avene soap less gel cleanser or the Soap and Glory hot cloth one would be good.

I suggested a Get Cutie one a few weeks ago and she was horrified!

The pale blue one is a good colour, but maybe a bit too revealing for norkage?

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:18:53
coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:19:11

The slinky black ones are all a bit 'adult' looking for her, I think.

And she will need to wear a bra, so one shoulder won't work (but is otherwise along the right lines, I think).

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:22:06

That's nice, Coffee - maybe in a darker colour?

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:23:36

Will deffo drag her into NL, thanks Coffee.

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:24:55

good luck Remus dd! Hope you find something you like,and def go for flats if you prefer... I've never worn heels beacuse I look and feel ridiculous! But don't forget uber fab jewellery, of course!

last guess?

last guess! Definately not girly!

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:26:29
JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 21:26:56

bum! Sorry! Good luck though!

Some of those links not working for me, Joyce. But Tatty Devine is an inspired suggestion! Thank you. smile

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 21:28:28

Bank have quite a big selection of dresses. Just trying to think of places that are "young and cool" and not too expensive.

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:29:04

I love new look. They have some really classy pieces. I still shop there!

Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 21:30:50

Me too coffee smile

Thanks ever so much for your help, everybody. At least we've found a couple that she might at least be willing to try on now, which means we're further ahead than we were! Will drag her into town next week (perhaps bribing her with band posters to get her there?!) to have a look.

KateShmate Fri 05-Apr-13 21:51:45

Just seen this one smile

That's really sweet but she'd reject it on the grounds of it showing too much back. Thank you though.

GypsyFloss Fri 05-Apr-13 22:06:07

We found a dress for my DD at the horribly named She wanted something that covered her back but settled for a one shoulder number and best of all it was only 65 quid, albeit 65 quid of incredibly flammable fabric smile It did take patience to plough through all of their strapless shimmery numbers, with daughter going no, no, no. They charge for delivery but do free returns and deliver in 24 hours.

Skin wise she uses the body shop aloe Vera cleanser, facial wash and moisturiser which seems to work.

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 22:08:47
GypsyFloss Fri 05-Apr-13 22:11:19

I was just thinking that maybe a shift style / not too tight bodycon style dress might not make her feel too overtly girly if that's not her thing and would allow her to cover up any bits she doesn't want to expose?

Thanks Gypsy. Deffo don't want to order online though.

No good, Joyce - she needs fitted at the waist for an hourglass figure. But thank you! smile

She's adamant that she wants typical prom shape.

Will check out the Body Shop - not been in there for years!

tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:16:40

Can you get to London to shop for the dress, Remus?

There are a couple of nice vintage places around Spitalfields/Brick Lane where she would definitely find something...

That's what we did for dd1, Tethers, and found a lovely one in Kingley Court (ie exactly where you'd recommended!) but shopping in London would be dd2's idea of hell.

tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:22:16

Ah well... Does she definitely want a dress and not a sharp suit or something?

Actually, that's not helpful, is it? grin


Can you sum up the criteria (can't glean it all from thread, tired and lazy ;-)?

piprabbit Fri 05-Apr-13 22:24:36

What about Ruby Rocks?

Also Neals Yard Remedies do various ranges for targeting different skin types. I find the Palmarosa excellent for spots, but your DD might get on better with their youthful skin range.

She wants a dress, even though she doesn't like them - because she doesn't want to stand out as looking different from anybody else. She doesn't mind it being over the knee and in fact would prefer that (but not mini). Traditional prom shape fit and flare-esque with thick straps rather than spaghetti or little sleeves. No cut out bits at the back. Nothing 'out there' or alternative looking. Just a bog standard, simple prom style. She looks nice in red and blue, or in deeper colours, and will probably have either bright red or white blonde hair in a pixie cut.

I didn't know that Neals Yard did a youth range. Love their stuff. Thank you.
No to the RubyRocks, as she'd class it as too different. Thank you though.

JoyceDivision Fri 05-Apr-13 22:36:18
tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:36:43

What's the budget?

Has this been linked to yet? Not exactly straps, but a beautiful, simple dress.

Will keep looking. Sorry for any repeats, can't look at every link on thread as am jiggling DD2 on my knee :-/

That Phase Eight one is nice but will be far too long for her.
Joyce - the Zara one is a lovely colour but do you think the shape is more suited to somebody tall and straight?

Budget = not a lot, as she will certainly never wear it again and wouldn't appreciate the 'value' of an expensive dress for a night either. Up to £80, I guess.

Need to switch off now but thank you everybody for your help. We had a similar massive thread when she needed the dress for the wedding and although we didn't end up with one that had been linked, we DID buy the first one she tried on, because by then she knew exactly what kind of thing she did and didn't want!

tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:48:03

Don't rule out BHS! I am a convert...


this also comes in blue


I ordered some stuff from there recently and it was a bloody revelation grin

Adds Debenhams and (gasp!) BHS to the list. That first Debenhams one is lovely, though I suspect it's more my style than dd's! She will either love or loathe the first BHS one.

And the 'logely' one really is lovely. smile I think she might actually like that one.

tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:55:44

I am DREADING proms. I've got about twelve years to prepare, and I'm still dreading them. My thoughts are with you grin

smile Can see yours in tiny Margo-esque outfits, complete with stoles and evening gloves and (of course) peep toe shoes with tights. smile

tethersend Fri 05-Apr-13 22:59:55


Hmmkay Fri 05-Apr-13 23:04:11
AvrilPoisson Fri 05-Apr-13 23:12:00

I read a thread on S&B a couple of days ago about an antibiotic cream from GPs for the spotty skin... wish I could remember who'd started it.

TKMaxx is probably the best place for physical shopping- they have dresses of all styles, and colours in one place, so no traipsing around.

Dresses for petite hour-glasses are quite difficult to come by, I'm afraid!
Would it be possible to have alterations made (no idea when prom is).

roundtheback Sat 06-Apr-13 00:56:47

I have had to resort to benzoyl peroxide cream for hormonal spots around the chin. Haven't had one since I started it about 6 months ago. There's a manufacturing problem in this country and you can't get from chemists at the moment, but amazon have some, or at least they did a couple of weeks ago. If you've got a deadline, I think it's a more reliable option than the face washes you get off the shelf.

It is very drying, so she would need a moisturiser too, I have been using the neutrogena one.

whethergirl Sat 06-Apr-13 01:14:59

You can get benzoyl peroxide from the docs. I've tried everything and it's the only thing that works for me.

AvrilPoisson Sat 06-Apr-13 01:23:17

It was mintyy's thread btw

Hmmkay Liking the red Dotty P's one.

SirToffee - can't see the UO one. The Mango one would look good on dd1 but dd2 would feel/look too norky in it.

Thanks for the skin info too, all.

The uo one is called "Pins & Needles Silky Pleat Surplice Dress in black", but as it is similar to the mango one, I strongly suspect that it will be a no go.

Anyone linked to fever yet?

She might like this if she can rip the bows off the back without leaving a hole. £75 grin

Bit more sporty and not as girly? Well, ish. Fever £75

That 2nd one is cute. Is Fever available in real shops?

Thanks, but no there aren't.

grin can't type very well after drinking wine! Good luck with the shopping.

I have just been prescribed metronizadol gel by the GP for spots. Avoid it like the plague, it peels off and you can't wear makeup over it.

Benefit do a good range of tinted moisturisers or light foundations. I used to use one called some kind of gorgeous. The packaging might be a bit more appealing for her as well. here

Thanks Sloe - Benefit will need to be saved for potential Christmas presents, I think!

So I've shown her every dress on this thread, plus every dress on the Oasis, Warehouse, Topshop, Debenhams, TK Maxx and Miss Selfridge websites. Out ot all of those, there are (wait for it)......................

3 that she has agreed to go and look at in the flesh.

this one

this one

this one

Thank you for all of the help so far.

Machli Sat 06-Apr-13 16:16:47

May I suggest Garnier BB Cream in light. It's stand alone the best product I have ever used in that price range.

I feel very invested in this thread, have looked at ALL the dresses suggested grin please let us know which one she decides on.

smile We've tried the Garnier and even the light is too dark. A shame, as I think the product itself is v good. I like the anti-ageing one for myself but only when I've got a light tan (so very rare!).

TSSDNCOP Sat 06-Apr-13 16:22:19

The OASIS dress is 20% off or £20 quid off in Bluewater this weekend.

Try Olay tinted moisturiser with Max Factor, always reduced in one or other of the supermarkets.

MerylStrop Sat 06-Apr-13 16:25:44

Boots17 BB cream in light. It's excellent. And cheap

Thanks both. Will look at both of those to see which is lighter.

GypsyFloss Sat 06-Apr-13 18:09:27

Glad you have found some she likes. I honestly thought we 'd never get there with our dress next grin

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 06-Apr-13 18:13:40

Would it be worth finding something she almost likes, and then find a tailor dressmaker to alter it eg change neckline/hemline etc? Alterations aren't usually particularly pricey and can make an ok garment look fantastic.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 06-Apr-13 18:15:04

Oh, and instead of tinted moisturiser/foundation which may feel weird if she doesn't wear make up how about an all over spray tan (of the subtle non-orange variety), would make the dress look better too.

Fairylea Sat 06-Apr-13 18:24:01

Garnier deep pore wash and duac gel which is available from the gp for the spots. Honestly. I worked in skincare for 10 years and these are my fail safe product recommendations for spot prone skin and I use them myself. I've even had people make a special effort to track me down to thank me for recommending them (when I sneakily worked on clinique and chanel and I'd still reccomned the above products over spending masses on premium products as the active ingredients in them work, and they are gentle on skin).

Dramatically different oil free from clinique is a great teen moisturiser that won't cause more spots. Make sure it's the oil free one though.

I'd go for a concealer just where needed and a dab of powder along the t zone if shiny rather than a tinted cream .. even if it says oil free etc it's just going to fill up the pores. Just put concealer where needed.. maybeline (probably spelt wrong) and no 7 do some very good lighter shades.

Thanks all. We'll certainly do that if needsbe, It'sAllGoingToBeFine.
Spray tans, eh? Ye gads. I suspect she would be horrified at the idea - this is the girl who says that make up is anti-feminist!
Have had several of the Garnier face washes before (eg I know we had the grapefruit one but dd1 didn't like it) but will look out for the deep pore one.

rootypig Sat 06-Apr-13 23:05:14

I think DD's ideas on make up are marvellous and entirely to be encouraged. I wish I had the courage of my feminist convictions in the same way.

anyway, came to say - for her skin, just remembered - Cetaphil. brilliant for teenagers. in fact for everyone.

Thanks, Rooty.

Well, we've been to town today and managed to get a dress AND shoes AND shoes for dd1, all in the same trip! It was far, far easier than I thought it would be too.

Can't find it online but it was on the sale rail in Oasis and is just a v fitted black 50s style, just above the knee. She's got polka dot wedges to wear with it and we'll find her a zany clutch of some sort in another trip.

We also got some super pale foundation.

Thank you very, very much for all of the help. smile

Found it It looks lovely on her.

JoyceDivision Mon 08-Apr-13 20:57:59

that's a lovely dress, very understated and your DD can funk it up or down for loads of different occassions!

Could def see a pair of these shoes with it!

Have a lovely prom night RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie's dd grin

Aww thank you. smile

She chose thse shoes and we're going to look for a bright clutch, we think. Lulu Guinness would be good, if we were rich!

roughtyping Mon 08-Apr-13 21:16:09

Fab! So glad she found something.

Feel smug that I suggested/love oasis now! grin wink

JoyceDivision Mon 08-Apr-13 21:26:22
JoyceDivision Mon 08-Apr-13 21:28:23

oops, sorry, last one was supposed to be this here

Not all of those links are working for me, Joyce, but deffo on the right lines from what I can see. I guess it will depend on what colour hair she decides on too!

Thanks for the help, Roughty. smile

So re bags -

if red hair - red bag or bright pink maybe?
if white blonde - bright blue maybe?
if blue - presumably blue?
if purple - bright pink or purple?

What do you think?

To whoever recommended little mistress , thankyou !
I we ordered DDs prom dress dress on Tuesday , and it arrived today ( Saturday ) and it's lovely !

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