Is there a new bra intervention thread somewhere?

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lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 13:30:14

All of the other ones are closed now and I still need some help!

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 14:05:19

There is now grin. How can we help?

The Bra Campaign thread is still active too.

Daffyboobface Sat 09-Mar-13 14:11:40

I hope so. I have just been intervened and I wanted to go back and say it is a bloody miracle! I originally came out at 30F which I felt a bit hmm about and it was a bit big. But have just been to m&s and tried on everything with a 30 band until I found my size (dd.).

'Tis marvellous. No roaming band, all of the boob contained (the scooping, the scooping!), just proper support. I am converted. I may start performing interventions of my own.

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 14:16:17

Excellent news Daffy. Be prepared to go up in the cup at some point in the future if you continue to scoop!

Daffyboobface Sat 09-Mar-13 14:18:12

Oh - does the side boob migrate back to front boob?

Ps - poor dh - I keep flashing him, so delighted am I. Not sure he knows what to make of it.

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 14:23:04

It can do if the back isn't tight enough. It's sort of like re-training it!

I'm sure he'll survive wink

Daffyboobface Sat 09-Mar-13 14:30:34

Thanks! Much prefer the idea of front boob anyway x

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 14:36:18

Ooh, good thanks! I haven't had the miracle moment I'm afraid, as others have, and I'm feeling a bit disheartened...

Was originally wearing a 38C. Been intervened as a 34FF. Was vvvvvvv skeptical, but ordered several in a 34FF and several in a 36F. The 36F was too big but the 34 felt very tight. I went ahead and wore one of the 34FF (Panache Support, I'm still bf) and as I got used to it being tight, I loved it. Fairly pert boobies, but still quite bouncy which I noticed when running downstairs grin, so not as supported as I thoguht they would be. Look a million times better.

Today I went for a Curvy Kate underwired and man, it is uncomfortable. The wires re digging into my cleavage and my breathing feels restricted. I have to say it has got better as the day has gone one, but I'd hesitate to where it again. My questions are do Curvy Kates generally come up smaller? Are some people just not suited to wires? Are non-wired just as supportive as underwired? Or is this a size/fit issue?

Thank you so much in advance, I really want to get this right! It feels important for some reason!!

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 14:43:07

I think the 'miracle moment' can be elusive! I am forever trying new bras in diferent styles and brands.

Curvy Kate usually comes up large in the band and tight in the cup. Have you tested the band by putting it on back to front? If it feels ok like that but v tight round the right way, then it's probably a cup issue.

Most people can wear wires as long as they are in the right size and style/cut of bra. IMHO I don't think non-wired are anywhere as supportive especially for those of us who need that 'lift'!

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 14:47:15

I do think I need that lift - years of breast-feeding have taken their toll!

I have tried it back to front and it is tight both ways round. The cup gapes slightly when right way round, so don't think the cup is too small. I am surprised you say that CK is usually large in the band, it feels so much tighter than the Panache. So if the wires are digging in I should go up a band (36) which would make the cup an...???

So I guess it will always be a trial and error thing? That's kind of a shame. Thank goodness for's free returns!

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 14:49:32

Where abouts are the wires digging in?

ALl the CK bras I've tried are large in the back. The cup gaping doesn't necessarily meant that it's too big. It could a shape issue. Which bra is it?

I think SF is right - you will not get that amazing uplift in wire-free unfortunately. I would say CK quite often run small in the cup - sometime by a couple of cups. It could be that the cup is too small and distorting the way the back feels.

Velve Sat 09-Mar-13 14:56:48

Hey ladies, just letting you know, at the moment brastop have a sale on 5 styles that's are buyers' favourites and they're all £15.
I would miss so many of their offers if I didn't have them flash their stuff on my facebook.

NeverBeenToMe Sat 09-Mar-13 15:00:08

Sorrell - if Im 34 under and 45 over, what cup size do I try? TIA

NeverBeenToMe - try a 34H

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 15:22:53

The wires are digging in in between my boobs, and also underneath, around where they start curving upwards. It is a CK Emily and it is beautiful! But it is the lace at the top that is very loose. What shape would be better to prevent this?

I really don't think the cup is too small, I mean it's baggy at the top!

I'm confused and losing heart again sad

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Sat 09-Mar-13 15:27:34

Loving this.
I was in M&S today - having a revelation - 34 DD/E instead of 38B - and was very tempted to heckle the fitter in the next door changing room.

I have a question though. Imagine where the strap attaches to the top of the bra cup. Then imagine 2-3 inches of cup running down from that place in front of the armpit. That bit of my skin is red and sore.

Please do you know why and what I should do about it?

LetsFace - the rubbing in front of the arm is quite common when you first change bra size. It can be that you need a bra which is cut lower under the arm but it's also quite likely that you need a bit of time to get used to it. The edges of your too small cups will have been in a different place so it's those bits of skin that will have been used to it. It gets better

Lookout - I could never get the Emily to work for me. Even when I had the right size it just sort of sat on me.

Silverstar2 Sat 09-Mar-13 15:50:55

Hellooooo everyone!

Well, I was still in need of some 'tweaking' - went from a 38D to 36G - but still wasn't right, so went to Bravissimo last week. I tried lots of 34's as my 36's are new and on the tightest hook - the one the fitter recommend was the Andorra full cup - she was right in that it suited my shape PERFECTLY and gave me a great shape - and in a 34GG felt wonderful - I really like the feel of the 3 hooks and wider back. Had lkess back fat as well. Tried lotsincluding the Cleo Juna, and the Rebecca t shirt bra, but the 34's were too tight and the shape all wrong.

So I bought the Andorra, and ordered another one to be delivered. Wore it that pm, it was wonderful. Took the label off (yes, I know) wore it all day yesterday, and the PAIN under my arms from the wires - it has broken the skin on one side and made it bleed. I am so pissed off - it cost £29 and now I can't return it as no label and blood on it.

So, what to do? I am hoping that it is like when the heels rub on a pair of shoes, and once it heals it will be fine. I have to get it sorted before the other one arrives next week so I know whether or not to keep the other one on order.

I must have over £150 worth of bras in the drawer from the last couple of months, all of which are wrong, I can't keep making mistakes.

But the lady in Bravissimo was so patient with me - I told her I knew what size and which bra I wanted to try, then we talked for ages - I mentioned this thread but she hadn't heard of it. She must of thought she had a right one here, as I was so definite in what I wanted! We talked shape - I now know that the Alana won't suit me, neither does the Daisy Chain - of which I have just got one so another expensive mistake there. The only one that will suit me she says is the Andorra, but what if I can't wear it because of the high wires? I must have tried on 10/12 bras, and I could see that she was right about the Andorra, I loved it.

i am so fed up of 'bras turning bad'.

Sorry, have gone on a bit there, but am seriously considering going back to my old 38d's because at least they don't hurt.


LoopDeLoops Sat 09-Mar-13 15:54:06

Calling bra-seekers in Malaysia, came across this shop today. One happy 32F wearer, not 32DD! smile

Silverstar if it was fitted they will take it back even if it's been worn, trust me smile give the store a phone and explain. Hopefully marriednotdead will be along later as she is the guru on exact bra models but Panache as a rule are high under the arm.

Silverstar2 Sat 09-Mar-13 16:08:57

Thanks SC. I will try it again in a day or so when my poor skin has healed, and see if it has toughened up.

i love the bra and want it to work.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Sat 09-Mar-13 16:19:29

Thanks Statistically but if it starts to draw blood, it's going in the bin grin

No, drawing blood is definitely not right (hence suggesting taking it back!) - but I think it seems to be pretty common to get slight soreness/redness where you described with a big bra size change. Imagine you'd only ever worn baggy jeans two sizes too big and suddenly bought a pair of skinnies in the right size. They'd probably feel damn weird!

Silverstar2 Sat 09-Mar-13 16:31:06

Ok, just called the store, and spoke to a lovely lady who confirmed that I could pop back in or send it back for a full refund, with a covering letter. Statistically you were right as usual, thank you.

She recommend I try the 'Darling heart' bra - which I am not to keen on to be honest, and the 'Satine' as they come up lower under the arm.

More returns - I am getting quite pally with the lady in my local post office!

I have tried Darlin Heart (they only had a cup too big) and liked it. Satine is definitely lower under arms too.

Silverstar2 Sat 09-Mar-13 17:54:03

Hmmm ok, may have to try it then.

SS2 x

littlebrownmouse Sat 09-Mar-13 18:18:12

I've worn a 36A or 34B for years. Inspired by The Better Bra Campaign , I chucked a 32Din my trolley in Tesco today for a little trial. It does actually fit me, feels good apart from the fact that the wires feel a bit long under my arms (could be the style) and the best thing is, the band stays put when I move! Wow, a D cup, who'd have thought it?!

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 18:32:50

SC thank you - maybe it's just this particular style that doesn't suit me then. It's so pretty though! I have sadly worn it all day and taken the labels off so not sure brastop would take it back now sad

I have a Panache underwired to try tomorrow so hopefully that will fit better. I loved their support non-wired bra though and am thinking I might just have to stick with non-wired if tomorrow's one doesn't feel better.

Give this one a longer try on with the tags still attached.

It's not that you can't wear wires, but as you get closer to your right size (and know what you are looking for!) you begin to see that different manfacturers have slight differences in the wire shape which means some work and some don't. It's not so apparent when the size is miles off smile

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 18:48:46

SC that actually makes perfect sense. I eould love to try and get to a Bravissimo to try some on, because the whole ordering, trying, sending back thing is a bit of a pain!

However I am happy that a 34FF is the right size for me - I just have a questions mark over the wires still. This may just be a case of the style being wrong, I guess tomorrow's bra will tell... grin

littlebrownmouse Sat 09-Mar-13 18:51:36

So, should I have red marks on my shoulders and round where the band is?

I have HH boobs, so I still get some marks on my shoulders but they are pretty faint - more of a light pink than red. And it is normal to still get some marks from where your bra sits, but when it actually fits you will find its more like one very neat set rather than wider marks that indicate the bra is moving and rubbing.

mouse It will be like a sock imprint. Shouldn't be painful. And more from the band than the shoulders.

littlebrownmouse Sat 09-Mar-13 19:16:40

Thanks. It's def not painfully and is very neat, there's certainly no moving about. I think I probably need to loosen the shoulder straps a bit too.

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 19:29:13

Ok, it wasn't after all a Panache with wires, but a Masquerade and I just tried it on and it bloody hurts. Ooooooh, will I ever find the right one??? Should I go up a band and down a cup for the wired ones? so 36F?

Masquerade is Panache smile

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 20:02:24

It's posh Panache grin

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 20:04:03

That's obviously why it doesn't suit me then wink

SorrelForbes Sat 09-Mar-13 20:05:46

Luckily Mazquerade doesn't seem to fit me that well but I have very expensive tastes in bras so am trying to restrain myself to EMs and Cleos at the moment grin

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 20:09:42

Doesn't seem to fit me that well either. I am gonna send back the ones I have that def don't fit, which leaves me with two Panache supports in 34FF. Once those have refunded <poor> I will order some wired in a 36EE as the 36F i order were massive in the cup.

Out of interest, if you have a too big cup size, how would that affect the band fitting? Could that be my problem?

There is no 36EE - it's just E smile

Too big cup won't impact the band.

lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 20:13:50

Ok, thanks 36E.

I really wonder then why I'm so uncomfortable in the underwired bras hmm

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 20:32:22

I measured 36ff ish and I got a 36 F from M & S which I believe does fit me well.

I've warn it all day and now the band is really irritating me - are you saying I'll get used to this?

It was the only bra out of Debenhams, BHS, Triumph - which were too pricey anyway so I didn't really look and then ended up in M & S, that felt comfy in store and put it on at 4pm yesterday and it was fine when I went to bed. and with your fitting guidelines I felt it did the best for me.

and why are nearly all of them with scratchy lace, why not nicer more comfy material.

Bring on your fitting revolution and thank you for educating us, shame the top knobs won't listen.

It could just be that it's not a great bra quality wise. Sadly there is some crap out there and a huge difference in terms of materials.

Can you describe how it is irritating you? What were your measurements again?

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 20:55:46

I'm 36 43

and it's this one here

I literally tried on every bra in my size that was on the shelf of all those shops listed except triumph as I couldn't afford the prices in there. and the one I got was the only one I felt actually fitted me.

and not one shop assistant offered help in any of those shops

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 20:56:50

it's tighter than I'm used to and now it's 9pm I can feel the band that's been on all day

Why doesn't that surprise me (re lack of help)

A 36F does sound like the right size roughly. Apart from the irritation, how is the back on the bra? I'm half wondering if it isn't tight enough (sometimes people need a back size smaller)

Can you describe how it is irritating?

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 21:07:02

It just feels itchy

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 21:10:55

It feels itchy at the front where the wires are in contact with my body

Hmmm, what were you wearing before size wise? It could just be that your not used to the particular pressure points. It tends to take me a couple of wears to break in a new bra - bit like shoes!

monsterchild Sat 09-Mar-13 21:21:17

Where can I find large cup narrow chest nursing bras? I am a 36G and having no luck. I live in the states but am willing to try online shpopping for this!

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 21:23:24

38c blush

furball I suspect you have probably had wires sitting in entirely different places to where they belong so your body may just be going "erm, what, why is the bra there?!?!"

Monsterchild...Brastop and Bravissimo definitely deliver internationally and carry nursing bras. You could also check out Leia lingerie and my curves and me. I think Figleaves will also have a good selection. There are also some underwired nursing bras around, made by Anita I think.

Furball Sat 09-Mar-13 21:33:35

Thank you SC - thats what I thought

You have been so helpful and informative to all on these threads smile

Hanginggardenofboobylon Sat 09-Mar-13 21:45:24

Yay, found you!

My bravissimo order arrived today, less than 24 hours after ordering, v impressed!

Cleo juna fits perfectly but central gore too high and digs in - gutted.

Freya deco - perfect

Bravissimo Satine is the perfect bra! Had it on all day and not dying to get it off! - hurrah!

In my humble opinion it's the amount of your body that is to be encased in the cup that is (for someone wearing a big back, small cup for years) a bit disconcerting, I never knew it was all boob!!!

34D to 30GG - quite a result!

monsterchild Sat 09-Mar-13 21:49:20

Thanks SC I will do that!

I think that's what shocks most people hanginggardens...this sudden discovery that your boobs aren't just on the front! The Satine is lovely. There are a few versions of the Deco - the Taylor and the Ashlee to name but a few.

Sadly they don't fit me anymore (sob!) - really need to get ebaying!

Hanginggardenofboobylon Sat 09-Mar-13 21:55:03

I ordered the Satine in red though and it's a little bit slutty

grin at 'boobylon'.

I am lucky to have scooped since I was young, so don't have migrated boob, but I think so many women have genuinely changed their figure from crap fitting bra's. Awful.

Nothing wrong with that wink

QueenOfCats Sat 09-Mar-13 22:13:18

Oh I'd love a bra recommendation!

I'm wearing a 38 HH

Every time I go to bravissimo I leave with a panache PN53. Every bloody time.

I don't feel like I can go down any more on the back size, but the cup is making my boobs look squarish if that makes sense?

Even so, there is room at the top of the cup so don't feel like I can go up a cup either?

I have narrow shoulders and don't like too thin of a strap.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried any other brands?

Recent purchases of mine - Bravissimo Betty Bow (love this, upllift and support are fabulous!), Bravissimo Alana, Ewa Michalak S style, Freya Lyla. Also trying to get the fit in the Cleo range correct as there are some lovely ones in that range (it's a panache subsidiary)

Also planning to buy the Bravissimo Darling heart.

(I am also narrow shouldered)

RollerCola Sat 09-Mar-13 22:57:00

I was thinking about this today, much of this whole re-sizing thing is an enormous confidence boost to some of those who previously thought they had 'small' boobs and have been wearing A cups for donkeys years.

If only I'd known this a long time ago it would have saved me years & years of thinking I had abnormally small boobs and having zero confidence. I wore a 34A for years so on the shop system I must have measured 30 under and 34 over which means I should have been wearing a 30D. I actually cannot tell you the difference this could have made to me sad I was so lacking in confidence when I was younger it was untrue.

Hanginggardenofboobylon Sun 10-Mar-13 07:49:45

'Roller' sadly I suspect yours is a common story. hmm

I have to say though, I have <ahem> a good handful of boob at best yet I am a GG cup. The whole sizing system needs rubbing out and starting again. Those who are large of boob (ie bigger than me) are made to feel like freaks because shops don't stock anywhere near their size.

There are no doubt far more 32M's out there than 34A's

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Sun 10-Mar-13 08:58:47

But surely the label on your bra is just the label on your bra? Your boobs are still the same size now you have a DD as they were when you were wearing an A. When Mumsnet gets M&S and all the others to sort out their fittings etc then almost ALL the As will become DDs or similar?

Best to love you boobs the size they are, surely?

I will be back later (today hopefully) to address specific fit/styles issues that some of you are having. Please be patient- RL keeps getting in the way smile

Whilst it's true that your boobs won't actually have changed size there is a lot of pressure to be a certain shape and size so boobs both "too big" and "too small" have kind of negative connotations associated with them.

The number of stories I have heard of women who have been fitted in to AA/A cups by fitters who then follow it up with "maybe you could just wear a vest", "we have that size in the children's section" etc etc. It zaps confidence.

Then combine it with the fact that the 34A won't actually fit so will ride up, rub and gape constantly and you get women suddenly feeling like they aren't feminine enough because they can't fill the smallest bra size. A badly fitting bra forces you to think about it, but the right bra size will sit right, make the breasts look better and feel comfortable.

Ideally everyone would be able to love themselves for who they are but in our culture it's just not that easy, is it?

RollerCola Sun 10-Mar-13 11:17:39

Yes of course my boobs wouldn't have changed size at all, but when you're told that you're an a-cup you feel very small, the smallest end of the scale. And if the back of that is actually too big (which we now know) the cups can feel too big as well so you think that even an a-cup is too small and therefore freakishly small compared to others.

I remember thinking if only I could fit into a b-cup I'd feel better. I know now it's all psychological but god if only I'd realised that all I'd had to do is to try a smallest back size and a larger cup size. I only weighed about 8 stone in my early twenties as well, so there's no WAY I should have been wearing a 34 back all that time. I'm a stone and a half heavier now and only wear a 30 back now!

Saying that, has bra material changed a lot since then? Is that why this has happened? Or is it longer ago than that? (I'm talking 15yrs ago or so)

I don't think it's changed much since then RollerCola - I think the changes go a lot further back to when bras weren't the stretchy backed garments they are now (or not to the same extent anyway!)

It's just that now we have a few places doing it right and showing us how bras actually should fit. I think Bravissimo can't have started much after that as I know my friend went to them about 10 years ago and they had a few stores by then

lookout Sun 10-Mar-13 12:07:48

The top of one of my ribs is bruised from yesterday's wire. Surely that's not right?

This morning I tried my wired 36F on and though it feels more comfortable, the back fat is awful shock.

I am going wrong somewhere.

No, definitely not right. It does sound like you need the 34, but like you just have not found the right bra for you from a shape perspective. Have you tried anything from Freya? IME they are a shallower wire than either CK or Panache (and masquerade which as SF put it is posh Panache!)

Some people can wear any brand but most people tend to find some great and some downright awful.

lookout Sun 10-Mar-13 13:06:23

Thanks SC. Have not looked at Freya, but will do once this last lot go back. I am determined to get it right, because as painful as the CK is, my boobs look and feel great in it grin

CockyFox Sun 10-Mar-13 13:41:14

Hello, I just wanted to pop on here and say to everyone thanks for the interventions threads as they inspired me to go and get a fitting, I've been a bravissimo girl for a long time, in fact my very first bra was a 32DD age 14 measured in a department store that became House of Fraser. Anyway after wearing a 32GG for a few years I did the measurements and found I now have a 13 inch difference between the two. So off I toddled to Bravissimo and came out with a 30H so even I, an advocate of not adding inches (have forced friends and family to have proper fittings) was wearing a back too big.

Could you help me? I'm measuring 32 round and 39 over. I'm wearing 32DD. I've recently tried a balconette style instead of plunge and it's better, but still have spillage over the top of the cups. I'm not wearing the right size, am I?
I've only ever shopped in M and S so some recommendations of where to order from online would be appreciated too!

Try a 32F - you need more cup space. Brastop, Leia, Mycurvesandme, have some fab bargains at the moment too

F? God, really? I'll certainly try that size and those suggestions too.
thanks statistically

I suspect if you scoop properly in the 32DD you may find you have quadboob know that bit of fat that escapes over the top of your bra/under your armpit/over the backstrap/beside the straps at the back...yup, that bit. That's actually breast, and it needs to go in the cup of your bra.

I find this easier in front of a mirror. Pop your bra on, take your right hand and put it inside your left breast cup. Reach round under your armpit and yank scoop all of that escapage in to the bra. You may have to be quite firm. Repeat at the other side.

Stand up, look in mirror. You should now have a much smoother back/sides. But, you might now have 4 boobs cos once the whole boob is in the cup, most women discover their bra isn't actually big enough!

Evening all smile

I will try to address as many issues as I can in one hit- this may be an epic post!

Superbra, Masquerade and Cleo all owned by Panache. Pros- strong bras, firm fit, good shapes. Cons- harder wires which extend into the armpits on shorter torsos/higher rooted boobs.
Generally, Superbra rounded, good for asymmetry and full, wide boobs. Cleo, targeted at younger audience, 2 hook backs even up to J cup. Non padded styles have narrower profile so much more up front. Brilliant if cups are not usually deep enough for wires to sit back in centre in an otherwise well fitting bra. Despite target customer, really good for very soft breasts with little volume. Masquerade- pretty, sexy, more expensive luxurious fabric.

Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi (and a couple of others) all owned by Eveden. Pros- pretty, softer fabrics and wires. Cons- weaker wires mean poor fitting in larger cup sizes, unpleasantly thick straps on an otherwise delicate bra above many G cups.
Generally- Freya aimed at younger women with firmer/fuller breasts. Fantasie- for the more mature lady/softer boobs so more structured, fuller cups and deeper matching bottoms. Can push breasts apart unless a side support style. Fauve- luxurious fabrics/prices but often same shape patterns as other two if you look closely. Elomi- for curvier ladies, starts at a 34 band. Wider sides, rounder shapes, great for squishy people.

Eveden brands generally fit a lot looser/bigger than their Panache counterparts so be prepared to be different sizes. This also applies within the individual brands, style by style. It doesn't matter what size the label says, as long as it fits properly.


Bra digs into centre between boobs. Possible reasons- cups too big, wire too long/high, boobs naturally too close together to accommodate wires, centre wires too wide (Freya), brand is Cleo!

Wires digging in at outer side. Possible reasons- cup too small, brand too hard, boobs fuller at the side so wider wire needed.

Straps slipping off shoulder. Possible reasons- narrow/sloping shoulders, strap too loose, style wide set/balcony, straps slippery so no grip.

Bra strap rubbing between top of cup and shoulder. Possible reasons- strap overtightened, straps too wide set for body shape, root of boobs close to armpit/high so top of cup too high for body shape.

Wire not sitting back in the centre. Possible reasons- band too big, cup too small, longer boobs/deep sternum/cup too shallow.

Gaping at top of cup. Possible reasons- cup too big, cup too small! Style does not suit boob shape, loss of volume.

Digging on ribs under cups. Possible reasons- rib shape not compatible with wire shape or firmness, bra too tight, underband absent or not padded enough. Very slim or less padded frame, awkward bloody ribs (me!)

Enough for now I think grin

SorrelForbes Sun 10-Mar-13 22:18:19

Fantastic post married which I am going to cut and paste into the notes section on my phone for future reference!

Thanks again, it was your advice on a previous thread that led to me trying a balconette style, statistically. I'll try a bigger cup size.

Damn, I missed a bit!

Another reason wires dig on the outer side is that they are too long/ root of boobs too high bringing them virtually into the armpit.

I have at least 4 of the listed issues at any one time when trying on styles but please don't think I'm greedy grin hmm

Brilliant post married!

I am the same as you re issues - close set boobs which are also very high and very wide. Bloody nightmare combination for bras and I have long since accepted a bit of rubbing where armpit meets body. It's just not possible which is wide and high enough to contain the side of my norks without it also rubbing a little there, and then you factor in the centre gore stabbing me on many bras.... I tend to avoid wearing the same bras two days running, although it appears that Ewa may be the exception (I hope so!)

By the way, Leia is the retail arm of the Eveden group (see epic post for brands).

Jemster Sun 10-Mar-13 22:58:07

I'm finding these threads so helpful and for the first time in a year I am wearing a comfortable well fitting bra, thank you!

Could someone tell me when I am interested in a long thread such as this one, is there a way of me reading new posts from where I left off last time, rather than having to go through and try and find where I got up to? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm quite new to mn so still working it all out. Thanks

I don't think so Jemster

Marriednotdead that is so useful. I am copying it too. If you can be bothered to add to it when you think of new stuff and repeat the lot I think that would really help people. But a lot to ask I know!

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 06:05:27

Jemster Yes, if you are logged in, you can' bookmark' the post you've read up to. The next time you click on that thread it will open at the post you've bookmarked. To bookmark a thread, put your cursor on the bottom right hand side of the last post you've read. You see a Bookmark button appear. Click on it to save your bookmark.

The bit I want to do (but can't) is have pics of different shapes of naked boobs so that I can style match. 2/3s of women will fit in most shapes but the rest need specifics. I'm too crap at drawing to do it that way. Any suggestions?

Silverstar2 Mon 11-Mar-13 07:47:39

Ok, so my problem is that the only shape that suits me - according to Bravissimo, and I can see that they are right, is a full cup - the Andorra gives me great lift and shape - but after wearing my new one all day Friday it rubbed the skin away under in my arm pit and made me bleed!

So would Fantasie be better? I have looked, and I like the look of the Elodie and the Salsa. Are these lower in the wire under the arm? I have worked out that my boobs are wide set, with a lot of arm pit fat, which although I am scooping, is still there a bit and that is where the wires of the Andorra digs in.

Please help - I can't beleive I have have the right size (34GG) and shape, but can't wear it <sob>.

On another note, I have been urging my mum to get measured - she is a size 10/12, slim round the middle after weight loss, but still maintains she is a 36B, cos 'M & S says so'......... arghhhh! More like a 30/32 I would say!

Once I have been paid in April I am off out bra shopping.

18mths ago I was a 34 E/F, I got fitted in Bravissimo and have been wearing some Panache Tshirt bra's.

Since September last year I have been steadily losing weight, and I am now nearly 2st lighter than I was.

Yesterday I measured under my boobs for the first time in ages, and I measure 28 under and 35 across - DH assisted so I know that's right. grin

What size should I start looking at? I've not been so narrow under my boobs since I was in my 20's!

Don't panic! The Salsa is a bit hit and miss fit wise, and it's scratchy. Order the Elodie but in a 34FF. Trust me on this. If you like, you could also try the Bravissimo Pretty as a Picture too. You'd need to ideally order a 34G and 34GG and send one back as it is a bit borderline.

sparkle12mar08 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:02:24

Try a 28F mankyscotslass, and if that lower measurement wasn't pulled properly firm, you could possibly try a 26FF and 26G. Did you measure round the bust whilst leaning over? If not try a 28FF too, as measuring standing straight usually looses you a cup size or so. What's the cup size like in your current bra ignoring the back? Is it too big or too small?

Married I think that would be a really useful resource. Could it be done with quite simple line drawings do you think? I could prob manage it but I bet we have someone artistic on here ...

Thanks! The F cup I am in is too big in the cup at the moment.

I remember the nightmare I had in my 20's trying to get a 28 fit with a large cup needed. Is it still as difficult?

It's got better re 28s. Remember the f on a 28 is much smaller than the f on a 34 :-)

Silverstar2 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:12:48

Thanks Married - is that the Pretty as a Pin up you mean?

How does that and the Elodie come up on the band - although last week I fit the 34 in the Andorra, some others wouldn't really do up at all, so I may be between sizes........... I am a bit squishy! Today i am wearing a CK Emily in 36G - but new it is on the tighest hook, and I can see that the shape is not as good as the Andorra, but it feels comfy.

Right. Better get the kids to school and me to work!

In other news, I had a bit of a moment in Bon Marche. Before you ask, was buying something for mother. Their target audience is women over 80 50. I accosted a lovely manager to ask why their trousers were so short as length options were max 31 and as low as 25- not all old people are midgets!
Had a look at their bra selection. Found an assortment of 38-44 bands in B-DD, asked her why their size range was so atrocious. Gave me a mini catalogue, said there were more online and that they are going to be doing bra fitting soon and that she was about to go on their course <shudder>

I couldn't help myself, I asked what size she was wearing- 40C. Was about a dress size bigger than me. Told her my size, unzipped my coat to give her a better idea, and suggested she started at a 34FF. She was fascinated but delighted and dragged me over to 'do' her manager grin

I've told her to look on the Bravissimo website for fitting advice, and to stand up and object if they tell her to add inches when she goes on her course.

Bought mother a naice cardi and took the brochure home. There's a bra fitting guide in the back. Not only do they add 4/5, the overbust measurements start at 'add one equals B'.
Measured self. I'm a 36D apparently <stares dubiously at 32Gs>
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

That's the one! The Andorra, like most Panache bras, is fairly tight so I'd definitely start with a 34. The spotty one is probably tighter than the Elodie but see how you get on.

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 08:33:34

Ah, Bon Marche, doing their bit for mature bosoms everywhere! Tragic.

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 08:35:04

Their sizing obviously, not your intervention. grin

My mum is actually in their size range but she wouldn't be seen dead in anything they had in on that day!

Brilliant intervention. I wonder if that awful size guide is online. Will look later.

SC I'm not sure <scratches head>
Will have a rummage and see if I can find workable cartoon images online as a start. Would ideally need front and side views for each.

Just thinking mnd, would it be possible to do a combo for the bra/breast shape. So have line drawings for each aspect explaining which bras suit particular features then 'diagnose' a few real chests?

Would rely on finding a few willing volunteers though.

Not suggesting you do all the work btw!

ginandtonicplease Mon 11-Mar-13 09:39:08

New to bra intervention and it sounds amazing! Could you help me out? - I’ve measured as instructed and am 30 under and 38 bending down over widest

G&t, try a 30ff

I will PM you SC

nipersvest Mon 11-Mar-13 11:45:43

has anyone ever tried on the elle macpherson range? omg!! their sizing is tiny.

am a fantasie fan myself, currently wearing an elodie.

lookout Mon 11-Mar-13 12:28:10

Married, very helpful post thank you! My new 34 FF with wires, Panache and Curvy Kates, all dig in both between my boobs and into my ribs underneath. So would you recommend trying both a Cleo in 34FF, for I am soft of boob with little volume, and then perhaps a 36 E panache and see how I get on? Very difficult to do this online and not be able to just try them all on at once!!

Songbird Mon 11-Mar-13 12:45:39

Hi guys, I've found you again! I got my £900 worth of bras from Next (can't pay upfront for that many bras!!) and out of the 27 I tried, 1 fitted perfectly! This Elomi one - it's beautiful! And in a 36G, which I am delighted with (measurements are 37/49). I tried Curvy Kate, Fantasie, Freya, and Next own brand, in 36G/GG and 38FF/G. The most comfortable well-fitting one was actually a Next one. I barely knew it was on, but it didn't lift and shape at all. The Curvy Kate 36 bands were beautifully comfortable, and the G fitted nicely round the bottom of my boobs, but was sooooo gapey at the top - my boobs are wide and flattish (lovely hmm). Would going down a size in the Curvy Kates (such lovely bras) work, or are there style you know of that suit the less full-of-breast?

married I loved your post, particularly 'Elomi- for curvier ladies, starts at a 34 band. Wider sides, rounder shapes, great for squishy people.' as this seems to explain why the Elomi was the only one that fitted me grin.

For the poster upthread who said 'the label is just a label', no, it's so much more than that (as labels always are). Last time I was measured in M&S I was told I was a 42B - I thought I was a fat, smalled-boobed freak! And thought that because I was a fat, small-boobed freak, that was why I couldn't find a nice bra to fit properly. Not because M&S bra-fitters are fuckwits. Though I am still a somewhat frumpy size 18, knowing I am a 36G (and wearing a seriously foxy bra underneath my boring clothes) makes me feel rather fabulous!

TickledOnion Mon 11-Mar-13 13:10:47

This website looks like it might be what you are after marriednotdead

Bratabase is very useful once you are more confident with bras I think - will be interesting to see their breast shapes project once it's done. I must link to it actually.

withjamin Mon 11-Mar-13 15:00:42

Hello interventionistas. I've realised that I am going to have to buy a new bra or two - my very old and much-loved prima donna deauville's are giving up the ghost after a mere decade of service...
after BF two DC, and losing quite a bit of weight I'm back at a 32G (in the deauville) but norks are decidedly floppy, and as they were always more narrow/deep rather than wide/full this is proving to be a challenge, esp as I really hate bras that splay them out to the sides. I've tried a few panache/freya ones but they are really uncomfortable on my ribs. Are there any other brands that give similar shape/support as deauville with the price-tag, or shall I just sell one of the dc?

I haven't tried the prima donna so can't compare, but in terms of narrow wires and a very upfront shape then both Kris line and Ewa Michalak might fit the bill. The photos for KrisLine look a bit porny but the actual bras are good. I've only just started experimenting with Ewa. I have the s style and I would say the wires are definitely narrow than anything I have from Freya, Bravissimo or panache and it gives a very forward shape

CelticPromise Mon 11-Mar-13 16:13:52

Found you!

<marks place>

sparkle12mar08 Mon 11-Mar-13 16:53:08

Arghhhhhhhh! Yet another delivery in which nothing fits perfectly! I think maybe I need a bigger cup than ever I thought - anything remotely padded puts me at a 30HH it seems (tried a 30GG and 30H neither of which fitted). Think I might take a week or so off and reassess at the end of the month!

New to this thread. I went in to D'hams this morning on Oxford Street to have a bit of a bra trying on session.

I am small of chest and have been told 34 AA. I wanted to try a 28B and 28C. I asked if they had any 28 inches in and they said they start at DD!!

I don't get that at all confused

I've been looking through the Bravissimo website, I'll take a trip into Manchester next month and have a trying on session between there and Debenhams.

I'm wearing Panache bras at the moment, but looking around some of the Bravissimo own make styles look nice. Does anyone have any experience of them?

The last time I was this narrow under my bust I was wearing Fantasie bras, but I have had 3 kids and BF since then.

Hanginggardenofboobylon Mon 11-Mar-13 17:48:10

Manky - I like the bravissimo Satine, since my bra intervention it's the comfiest I have found.

Prince - they clearly don't know their own stock my local one had 28's in lots of sizes - in the sale rail

MankyScotsLass I Have quite a few of the Bravissimo branded bra (and more of them in my wish list). I think the Satine is very good, I recently got the Betsy Bow which I adore, Alana is a regular too. Plus many many others

Oh good, I'll give them a go when I go shopping. Thanks. smile

Silverstar2 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:22:27

Ok, following Married's advice, I have just ordered a Fantasie Elodie in 34FF, from Uplifted Lingerie, which have free deilvery at the moment and a sale too.

Fingers crossed!

withjamin Mon 11-Mar-13 18:29:49

thanks statisticallychallenged i will dabble on google and that bratabase site.

Chickengirl Mon 11-Mar-13 18:35:55

Prince, I've found the same problem. 28b or c just doesn't seem to exist outside the teen bra ranges and even there are rare. I have, however tried some 28d's mail order and was surprised how close I came to fitting them. I am hopeful I may yet find one to fit if I try different styles. In fact I'm trying to work up the courage to take my teeny breasts into Bravissimo tomorrow in the hope they'll have more of a range in that size. It's the smallest they do. It was also the size I was told to look for by a fitter in House of Fraser at the weekend due to a lack of 28c's on the market.
Will report back if I brave it!

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 21:03:08

Found you! Currently wearing 36HH. Just off to measure.....

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 21:20:40

Ok. Like I said. Currently wearing a 36HH. Measured just now - 37 underneath the boobs and 47 leaning forward at around 90% (is that right?).

Am I pretty much wearing the right size?

BertieBotts Mon 11-Mar-13 21:21:21

I have a question about the bending-over-boob-droop measurement.

How do I know I have the tape straight around my back?

Are we supposed to be measuring around nipples/the lowest hanging point? (Same for me) - on the picture it shows just under them?

And how tightly to pull the tape measure.

<tries not to think about pervs happening on this thread>

<flicks middle finger at any pervs>

Just try to get the tape as level as you can (i do it in front of a mirror) And yes, the tape measure should be around the lowest hanging point, I will try to redo the diagram (haha, right!)

For the standing up underbust, tape measure tight. For overbust, not tight - it shouldn't be moving your breasts if that makes sense

CelticPromise Mon 11-Mar-13 21:45:15

Yep harry, measurements put you at a 36H. Are you comfy?

Yup, you're fine Harry. IME a lot of people who want reductions (not you) are wearing the wrong bra which you will know yourself does seriously increase the breast related issues. I've helped a few ladies who have wanted reductions due to back/shoulder pain which has been virtually eliminated when the bra is right.

That sounds like I have issues with reductions - I absolutely don't, I went with my best friend for all her consults. I just hate the idea of women feeling they need to have surgery if it's due to issues that are fixable in a less intrusive fashion -i.e. they've got pain because M&S fitted them ;)

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 21:53:47

Thanks Celtic. Well, apart from dreaming of smaller boobs I guess I'm comfy. An awful lot depends on the bra I try. There's a huge difference in cut. The shape of my boobs are very 'round' like beachballsgrin

Thanks for reassuring me the size is ok.

BertieBotts Mon 11-Mar-13 21:57:39

OK thanks for the clarification smile I told my mum about this thread the other day - she's a size 10 and wearing a 34B! I have directed her to Bravissimo grin turned out my sister had read something on the internet about bra sizes and changed hers too and was much happier so we had a bit of a boob-related discussion which bored DS (4) so much that he went into another room and closed the door blush

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 21:58:51

Thanks Statisticallysmile No you don't come across at all as anti reductions. It would be madness to have major surgery if it's not needed.

In the back of my mind I was hoping someone would say I was wearing the wrong size and I could try on a 'magic' size that made me feel way bettergrin damn!

M&S need 'outing' for their awful measuring. Most people I know completely trust them. They've never measured me properly in all my life. Thank god for Bravissimo and the patient ladies on end of the phone!

Notgoingtotakeitanymore Mon 11-Mar-13 22:00:41

Another 36A to 32D here - with help from M+S in Oxford - she didn't measure me - but did confirm that the 32d was a good fit.

We're working on outing M&S - check out, facebook and the blog

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 22:05:13

Oh yes! I'm followinggrin I'll go and read the blog though, thanks.

We're planning more work to the blog. If we can manage to illustrate it I think we are going to try and do a post describing which bras fit which breasts shapes. Trying to add more info to it slowly but surely!

CelticPromise Mon 11-Mar-13 22:18:00

Yes harry I think finding the right style of bra is as important as finding the right size, and that should be something fitters can advise on too.

I wish we could get M&S bra people on for a webchat...

I think we'd end up banned Celtic!

harryhausen Mon 11-Mar-13 22:21:41

Well, M&S don't even stock my size so I'd like a word.

As much as I love Bravissimo (who package up my bras like they're sexy/pretty therefore making me feel sexy/pretty - it would be nice to walk into a shop a try on a good few to check the style/size/fit etc.

Wish there was a Bravissimo shop near mehmm I'm in a major city too.

CelticPromise Mon 11-Mar-13 22:21:57

I'd be very polite, honest wink

I could just send them a pic of me in my 38E. That would learn them!

well we've seen my back in a 36 and we know that ain't pretty!

Join us in harrassing them on facebook Harry - I think they may have our twitter ID on ignore ;)

It sounds as if you need some padding under the wires or a slightly looser band. Yes, try the Cleo Juna but am a bit concerned about the digging you're describing between your boobs. Am wondering if a Freya Deco would work...

Thanks for the Bratabase link TickledOnion, I shall have a browse when I get a chance smile

The digging in between sounds a bit like me...I actually found bras harder when I was a FF/G as a lot of them were sort of half height and dug in like crazy. The Deco worked on me from that perspective. I also like the Wonderbra T-shirt bra and the freya retro basic (which I think the lauren plunge might be based on)

Commiserations- nothing worse than being stuck with the same old thing!
I'd suggest trying the Panache Andorra, Bravissimo Aleya and their Pretty as a pin up, all in a 38J.

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 22:42:08

Evening all. Sorry I have been a little bit absent from these threads. RL getting in the way. Sterling work as always ladies grin.

JoA19 Mon 11-Mar-13 23:02:19

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention! I am wearing the most hideously fitted 36D (measured by M&S). Seriously, you should see it! Based on your measuring advice I have estimated myself to be a 30GG so with a lack of better options in my town I trotted down to M&S yesterday to find one. I could only find a 30G but I just couldn't do it up so I tried the 32G. It wasn't perfect by any means but it was a total revelation compared with my horrible 36D but I have a huge problem that one boob is quite significantly bigger than the other!! How embarrassing! There was major gape at the top of one of the cups. I am currently breastfeeding and I know that I do favour using the left boob (keeps my right hand free to eat, write type etc!!) so that one is now quite a bit bigger! What am I going to do ladies??? Thank you!

CelticPromise Tue 12-Mar-13 07:21:56

Good morning Jo. Congrats on your new size! Did you try the 30 on back to front without the cup? Sometimes if the cup is too small it makes the band feel too tight.

marriednotdead has written a great post about asymmetric boobs, if you search on her posts you should find it. Basically you fit the larger breast and there are clever things you can do with the straps to disguise the smaller, or pad it if necessary.

AgathaF Tue 12-Mar-13 09:13:22

Jo if you are stuck by lack of shopping options in your town, could you order a few sizes around the 30GG online and try at home? I'm not sure the shape and fit of M&S bras for bigger cup sizes really works. Brastop's service is good with free returns and often free postage.

juneybean Tue 12-Mar-13 10:12:13

I find with M&S that if you're smaller than 34 and bigger than DD, you must be nursing hmm

JoA19 Tue 12-Mar-13 12:08:32

Thank you very much for the replies ladies smile. Yes I did try the 30 on back to front and I couldn't do it up on the tightest hooks. Should I have tried looser ones? The 32 I could pull away from my body more than I think I should've been able to! I just went to M&S really to see if my measuring might have been accurate before ordering online. From the recommendations here I might give Bravissimo a call. They sound good. I've been telling everyone u know about this and sending them to the website. One lady I spoke to today thought she was a 34A (M&S again) and then measured herself according to your instructions and she's a 30DD! She was so happy. Thank you very much for all your help smile

Hello. I have another problem.

I put my shiny new bra on.

As far as I can tell it passes all the fit tests...gore fitting flat. Band tight. Back horizontal. No overspill. Vigerously scooped. Fits lovely. Looks lovely. Its smooth under clothes. No problematic lumps or bumps. It is a cup size smaller than this method measures me at but the measured size gapes and I appreciate it is only a guide.

Brilliant. I'm a happy big boobed girl within seconds. Completely happy ive selected the right sized bra.

I put shiny new bra on. I wander around the house for half an hour. And now I have overspill. What's gone wrong? (Bra is a moulded cup plunge but not overly plungy. I would have said it was a bog standard tshirt bra except cups are lace covered if that makes a difference and we are talking about 32D/DD sized boobs)

CelticPromise Tue 12-Mar-13 12:14:37

Hi again Jo yes with a new bra you should fasten on loosest hooks then as the bra stretches with wearing and washing you can tighten it up.

Bravissimo definitely worth a try. Brastop also highly recommended.

CelticPromise Tue 12-Mar-13 12:16:42

I suspect a style issue Edwinia. I always get overspill out of the middle of a plunge and moulded bras don't suit me at all. My boobs are soft and bottom heavy and just work their way out of the middle. Try a balcony style to keep them in check?

The point of my post being that what I think is the right bra in the fitting room is all wtong after 30mins

I can obviously see that I need the bigger cup. ..but how do you avoid fitting room inavcuracies (without ordering online)


Ive never got on with balcony as ive found the cups to wrinkle and straps to irritate near the armpits. Tbf that was in my old size so I will try again.

I feel long, saggy, squishy and bottom heavy too.

lookout Tue 12-Mar-13 12:49:49

married, have noted them down and will try both. Back in a Panache support and though the 'lift' isn't there, it is beautifully comfy grin Thanks for the advice.

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 12-Mar-13 14:49:12

Well I'll be blowed.

I posted on one of these threads a week or so ago, but I've only just been able to get to a shop. I've worn a padded 36A for a few years. I measured myself before posting a week or so ago, and my measurements were 31.5" under bust and 35" on my bust. You lovely ladies suggested that I try a 30D, 32C and 32D. Which I did today in M&S.

I am simply gobsmacked that I am filling the 32D. My little boobs! They're really very small (I look like I have a very flat chest), though they are wide blush. I didn't buy the bra though - it was a plunge type padded one which is the same style as I always wear. The reason for this was that it was so incredibly uncomfortable. All over - the underwire, the top of the cup, the whole of the back - it gave me enormous amounts of back fat blush and left horrible deep red marks all over my back. I just had to get it off.

Any ideas or advice please?

nipersvest Tue 12-Mar-13 14:54:22

edwina - i get overspill in anything other than a full cup. just can't do balcony or plunge, guess they just don't suit my shape. have you tried non padded, like fantasie elodie?

Happy as em, did you scoop? You might faint here but the backfat etc needs to be scooped in to get cups. Combined with what you said re wires and top I think you need a bigger cup and major scoop

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 12-Mar-13 16:01:34

SC I did indeed scoop. I scooped and scooped. But its hard to scoop from the middle of your back into the cups isn't it?! Or is it just me? I am a bit podgy. I am baffled. I am afraid of going somewhere proper like Rigby & Peller in case I need a second mortgage.

KatieScarlettOHooligan Tue 12-Mar-13 17:53:29

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Statistically and Sorrel. Don't suppose you'll remember but I had a hideous bra experience in M&S in York. Today (my birthday) I gathered my courage and my credit card and ventured into Bravissimo in Glasgow. The experience was totally different and I feel like a new woman in my 36FF and 38 brassieres!! I have boobs...and they are actually OK. Sounds so shallow, but it's made me very, very happy. I am now bra hunting on line in a frenzied obsession!

Thanks so much you wonderful people.

SorrelForbes Tue 12-Mar-13 18:21:09

Aww Katie, you are so welcome. I'm so glad to hear that you've had a boobtastic birthday! I bet you feel so much perkier now?

Awww thanks Katie! I've been to that Bravissimo a few times and they are really lovely.

KatieScarlettOHooligan Tue 12-Mar-13 18:27:28

I really do Sorrell. I'm not sure how this works but I also splashed out on a new top while sporting my perkier bosoms and I needed a size smaller than usual. Like a dream!!
They really were fab Statistically, I was perfectly happy flashing these puppies to the wonderful fitter and I honestly never thought that would happen in this lifetime.

I have just tried on 10 bra's and they were all hopeless. Granted, they were only from 3 different brands.

Curvy Kate Romance non-padded in 30E - right band size, cups too close together and too much on the front (didn't go back far enough under arms) gaped and wrinkled at the top, arm fat at the side. Horror.

Wonderbra strapless in 30E. Nearly injured myself putting it on, and it was like an instrument of torture. Could not get it comfy, or get the plastic bits to sit flat like it looked like they should.

Panache superbra tango balconette unpadded in 30E. Band size correct, cups not too awful, but gapey at the top, similar to curvy kate.

Conclusion: I am definitely a 30E, but need some padding. Boobs are wide and shallow blush.

The rest were all Gorgeous own brand in 32DD, and they must have changed their fit, because the bands were all huge - could pull away a good 2 inches, even on tightest hooks. Bit annoyed I didn't order a 30E to try as well.
The balconette style like this one was the closest, but the top lace bit dug in, so I had quad boob upon scooping. They were also not really wide enough underneath.

Back they all go. Sigh.

Any recommends for a wide-spaced cup bra in a 30E, padded balconette style, non moulded? Central gore not too narrow but height doesn't matter. Most important thing seems to be that the cup goes right round under the arm.

Help me, experts!

Was it the Wonderbra Ultimate (the one with plastic fingers instead of wires?) - if so almost everyone needs to go up a band size in that but once you get the size right it's ace.

Hmmm...Cleo Juna?

SorrelForbes Tue 12-Mar-13 20:47:04

Yep, I was going to suggest the Cleo Juna. I don't think my noobs are particularly wide set but it is a great, unmoulded tshirt bra.

Yes, the weirdy fingers one. Did actually do it up, but not comfy. Will try the 32 then. Is the band supposed to be horizontal?

Just googled, and Cleo juna looks a good shape for me - really similar to the M&S limited collection ones I've been wearing which are a great shape but just too big now. Had assumed they didn't come in a 30 back, but actually this one looks like it is worth a go.

Thanks thanks.

The Wonderbra is a bit special really as the lack of wires make it feel very different when it's on. I have a 32G which fits fine and doesn't really ride up I don't think.

I am not doing so well - need help as I despair at the amont of bras I order and then just find are not a good fit within an hour or two - too late to send back.

I measure 33 under and 44 over, have worn a 32/34 H or HH for a while with no problems, but my current comfy bras that fit are falling apart and aren't giving any support, they are from bravissimo and are a panache tango 2 in 34gg and another that is so old the label has gone, think its a freya and is 32H. I have another which is a half cup style, bought for a particular dress, gives me amazing boobs but does rub a bit and the ladies aren't contained too well - it is a SB04 from bravissimo and is 32HH.

Currently wearing an old saggy nursing bra as my boobs hurt so much from the ones I tried today.

I ordered a Cleo meg balconette, a Cleo natasha balconette and a panache eliza and panache tango classic. The meg and natasha poked me so hard in the boobs I am in agony - the eliza in 32HH is much better, wires sitting closer to the chest but they are crossing over in the middle, they just seem too close together. The underarms seem to be very high too. The fit of a 32 band is perfect, the cups on a H in the meg seem to fit ok, but do gape at the top a bit, but after a day of wear the wires just pull away from my chest, poking into the sides of my boobs. I am going to have to send back about 10 bras again.(stupidly wore the matching knicks too so will have to keep those.)
The tango in the same size as my other one was just weird, felt it would create 4 boobs in no time at all. it isn't a plunge though, the other one I have is.

Have to send them all back tomorrow, tried the website but nothing much left in a bigger size to try. I think my boobs are just too close together, or I am wearing the wrong size really.

Just don't to have to wear plunge bras all the time, they seem to be the only ones that don't pushoutwards and simultaneously push outwards into my boobs.


Sorry just realised that is a massive post! Also, just tried the 34 H I thought might work and it is massive in the band (I can pull it away and put two fingers under - so not right I think? and the H cup was miles too big, which made the wires stick in lots more.

Maybe I am wearing too big a cup? just fed up with buying loads of bras and having to second guess all the time then send back.

House of Frazer nearby, were rubbish at fitting, also have bluewater nearby which has a rigby and peller - but too big £££ for me. These bras were bargains which is why it is so annoying that none fit.

Hanginggardenofboobylon Tue 12-Mar-13 21:22:02

Got the Freya Lauren and the Panache superboost delivered today, really odd but the cups were massive despite other styles in same brand fitting perfectly cup wise, are these known for being a bit odd sizing wise?
Oh and the Lauren has a single hook! What's that all about in a GG bra?!

I tried the full cup freya lauren and it sucked!

missmakesstuff- trying to figure out your boob shape. Are your boobs quite high on your frame (so the armpit tissue is literally at the armpit, breast tissue starts close to collar bone etc)? And also quite close set - I.E> not much of a gap between them in the middle? How are they width wise - would you say the root of them is narrow (i.e. all at the front) or quite wide (lots round the side!)

God, never thought about my boobs this much!

I would say maybe lots round the side and at the front! but mostly round the side, I have a narrowish ribcage and if no bra on they are as wide as my hips looking at myself and I guess close together and quite close to the collarbone, not more than 2 or three inches till they begin, as such...

Hope that helps! (feel you may know me too well now...)

I might re measure as I did it last time just before my period. Hang on. actually 32 and 44. They are close together at the very top and then space out a lot to the sides. I would say definitely quite a lot of boob into my armpit.

missmakesstuff OK, it actually sounds from that like your boobs are kind of similar to mine and it is a bit of a tricky one. You need a lot of width in the cup, but too much height hurts. And then there's the central gore. Really low is ok, anything modest height is hellish, and then really tall works but only if it is in combination with quite a full cup so stop my boobs trying to expand over the top of the gore.

These work on me: Freya Jolie, Freya Lyla/Eleanor, Bravissimo Alana (size UP in the cup!), Bravissimo Betsy Bow (size up in the back, same cup), Ewa Michalak S style (normal size for me), Kris Line Sheryl (back is snug so if in between go up and ignore the porno photos)....there are a few variants of many of these these, and actually the Bravissimo Dotty Spot (which I think might be the Laurel shape) is ok too. The Satine isn't too bad (can be sore if I wear two days running but I am VERY close set)

Disaster zones: Panache - the wires are just too high at the armpit and the cup is too deep. I'm waiting on a replacement Cleo Meg to work it f I can wear it. The bravissimo half cups - gorgeous but whilst the gore itself doesn't hurt the lack of fabric above leads to my breasts making a break for the middle, giving me mini quad boobs!

It sounds as if plunge styles are better for you. Some people just don't have enough space for a centre wire.
I'd suggest trying a Bravissimo Starburst or Dixie (same shape), or Satine if you prefer a little padding. You may need to size up one cup in that one but start with your SB04 size.

Thanks so much Statistically what you said there totally rings true. I like the bravissimo one I have that is much higher in the centre but is a half cup, so I feel that they will escape! I was put off by the Kris line ones, but will have a look. The Meg balconette was lovely but just too poky.

Am I looking at the right size at 32HH do you think?

justabigdisco Tue 12-Mar-13 21:59:42

Can I join please? I've been lurking on these threads thinking I must be in the wrong size as I was measured at 34DD by M&S many moons ago and have been wearing it ever since. Well, today I went and bought a tape measure and, surprise surprise! I'm between 30-31 round the back (prob nearer 30) and 36-37 round the fullest part. What does that make me, oh wise bra ladies??! blush

MND I struggle with plunges now sad When I was <G, I used to wear things like the old Retro Basic or even the Gossard bras where there is a very very small amount of fabric in the middle and it's extremely low. Now that I'm in an HH/J, even the Satine is tall enough that it stabs my boobs with the end of the wire/gore sometimes.

<wails> tis not fair I tell you!

Thanks too married lots to try! will start with Bravissimo as they have the free returns, just about to send a parcel back to mycurvesandme, not looking forward to the postage...

justabigdisco start with a 30E and 30F

justabigdisco Tue 12-Mar-13 22:09:00

Hooray thank you! Although it may be a curse, as its hard enough to find 34DDs in styles I like.... Will report back!

Thanks so much - have just ordered most of those bravissimo ones to try. none in the sale though, boo.

SC I think your issue is slightly different. I'm guessing that between your boobs is quite fleshy so the tissue bulges over the top of the centre gore? The best fits for that shape I've found always seem to be Freyas- their wires don't sit back far enough on anyone else in the bigger cups. I think the Meg will be agony- sorry! Have you tried the Freya Gem and Ivy?

Beksybob Wed 13-Mar-13 08:17:46

Morning all!

justabigdisco I have the very same measurements, only I was wearing an M&S 34AA confused. I think some of my extra inches must come from my ribcage getting bigger as it goes up and not my boobs!

It's more that there really is no gap between them married. Kind of like this lady but if anything even closer - my "line" isn't even that defined and I think the point where they meet starts lower down towards the base of my breasts. I may have to take a couple of in bra shots. I do wear Freya sometimes - I had a Jolie on yesterday but the blinking bottom of the bra (under the gore) was digging in. And that is just flesh, I confess ;) and the shape was just kind of meh.

On the plus side it does make for seriously impressive cleavage!

I suspect the Meg won't work but I tried it in a HH (which was too big) and strangely the wires didn't bother me, I think because they were so tall. I'd love if Cleo could work.

I think, central gore wise, the best I have so far is the Ewa S Style. It's really very narrow, I think I read somewhere that she crosses the ends of her wires over possibly? It's slightly narrow in the cup at the side (shape rather than size issue) but with mega scooping it still works and it's so good elsewhere.

lookout Wed 13-Mar-13 10:32:54

I think I've worked out that my boobs are very close together, so anything with a high wide central gore just doesn't work. I'm wearing a masquerade today and its agony, I'm gonna have to take it off. Any recommendations? Or should I just try any plunge?

sparkle12mar08 Wed 13-Mar-13 13:22:38

At last! I think I might be having some sucess! I'm trialling a Cleo Juna today and am rather loving it. It's a fabulous shape and the fit is nearly perfect. Band is great, the side wires extend just that bit too far round my ribs to be ideal but do fully capture all the breast tissue and don't sit too high under the arm pit, the central gore is very narrow (brilliant for me) and rather high - higher than anything else I've tried. There was an awarenes of it for the first 15 minutes or so but I wouldn't know it's there now. Vigorous scooping ensures I fill the cup nicely, the only issue there is that the lace trim on the top of the cup gapes a little because it doesn't have the stiffness and form of a proper fabric. I suppose I do feel a little exposed as there's less coverage than I'm used to and there is a certain degree of wobble on top because my breasts are very fleshy, but overall I think this might just be a keeper.

I really, really want to try a Ewa, because from everything you've said Statistically they sound perfect for my tastes and shape. I'm just very nervous of ordering from abroad incase it doesn't fit. Is there anywhere to get them domestically?

Unfortunately not sparkle - what size are you again?

Mrsap Wed 13-Mar-13 13:47:58

I have been reading this thread on and off with interest, as I always have trouble getting new bras. Just thought I'd try the scooping in my current bra and I actually can't believe the difference. I am now bursting out of my bra!! Hope no one saw me through the windowgringrin

Pls can someone point me in the direction of an idiot's guide of how to measure and what I should be looking for in terms of fit?


take a look here mrsap as a starting point for measuring (the fitting guide tab at the top although there is other useful stuff on there too]]

Mrsap Wed 13-Mar-13 13:56:02

Ohh thx statistically. I will give this a good read tonight and c if I can Work it out. I'm sure I 'll be back on this thread tomorrow with some other random questions. smile


sparkle12mar08 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:15:48

Statistically - size wise I'm definately a 30 band unless a make runs very very small, cup wise I'm mostly fitting 30GG's unless the cups run small or big, or the padding is heavy - eg Curvy Kate's I seem to need H or HH in their padded balconies but GG in the sheer ones. This Juna is a GG too.

That should mean there are Ewas which are standard rather than special which means they can be returned. The postage isn't too bad - I think it cost just under £5 for me to return two (in quite a big box) to them last week.

issimma Wed 13-Mar-13 14:39:00

Can I just check something? If a 34D gives me quadraboob and is too loose, I need to try 32E, right? It's the bravado bliss nursing bra, so sizes are DE and FG. The 34DE doesn't fit properly.

Any other tips for nursing bras that also boost?

Silverstar2 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:58:58

Ok, my Fantasie Kara full cup arrrived today, and the 34 band feels great (have gone down from 36, although originally wearing 38!) and although the GG fits, the centre gore is VERY high -it is not uncomfy, but I will only be able to wear it with high tops. But it was only a tenner from ebay so may hang onto it. Doesn't give me the shape as the lovely Andorra <sob> but I have sent that one back as I still have the scars from it!

Still got the label on at the mo, will see how it goes. The high centre may be the deciding facotr - I am not keen. I also have an Elodie on order, should be here soon, will see if that differs.


AmazingDisgrace Wed 13-Mar-13 15:58:50

I also had armpit escapage with the Curvy Kate Romance but I think i just needed to go up a cup in that as I did have a wee bit of quadraboob in it. I'm hanging on to it though as its pretty and gave me a lovely shape, you couldn't tell the overspill under a tight jersey dress.

I've ordered the Fauve Lucia in a 32F and 32FF. One of them will fit ...glares hard at rebellious boobs grin

I think the Lucia is the same shape as the Emmanuelle and the Mia maybe? If so i may be onto a winner if the Lucia fits as I love all of those.

Itsafineline Wed 13-Mar-13 18:21:29

This is a fascinating thread. I thought I had it right - but on reading this, I think I don't. I go to a lovely independent lingerie shop, and she always puts me in 30E or 32DD. I have a vastly expensive Marie Jo bra which I never wear because the cups are too small and the band is too big. It is 32D. My best fitting bra atm is a Chantelle balconette, in 30DD. I can't find another and have made lots of bra mistakes, and reading this, I think I can see why.
My underbust is 27, over bust 35. I am wearing a Fantasie Rebecca with strange stretchy cups, in 30E and I look absolutely dreadful - squashed and wide and droopy all at the same time.
Please, I need your help.

CelticPromise Wed 13-Mar-13 18:36:24

fineline I would try a 28F for starters. Panache are rumored to be bringing out a 26 which might be worth a try for you too in an FF.

AmazingDisgrace Wed 13-Mar-13 18:36:47

Itsafineline 26FF or 28F as a starting point but the pro's will be along soon with more advice. From other posts I think 26 bands are like hens teeth

Itsafineline Wed 13-Mar-13 18:50:47

Thanks Celtic and Amazing. I had not heard of Curvy Kate, but I have found her on ASOS, and put 28F & FF in my bag - safe for the next hour! Yes, I have not seen a 26, and I cannot imagine how I would fit into one - but I have read everyone else's stories, so I know I must try.

BirdStrike Wed 13-Mar-13 20:04:07

Hi bra experts, I am in need of a bra intervention for my dd. She's only 12 but very tall and very booby. I have just measured her and she is 35/43. At the moment she is wearing 34DD soft bras from Debenhams that give her a bad case of quadraboob. What size would you start with?

I was thinking of getting her a non-wired Deco, but am wondering if she needs to wear a wired bra? She definitely needs the support.

Thanks in advance!

sparkle12mar08 Wed 13-Mar-13 20:15:45

Right have trialled the Cleo Juna for a couple of hours and am now trialling the Curvy Kate Smoothie - I think I like this even better! The side wires sit in a better position on my ribs and the central gore isn't quite as high - it's billed as a semi plunge I think - though it's marginally wider than the Cleo. The subtle faux leopard skin black on black print is genius! It's moulded so won't be to everyone's taste but I think I really like it - familiar (my current and indeed only bra is an ill fitting moulded one) but in a much better size. I think the cups possibly run slightly large - the 30GG fits well but there is ever so slight gaping at the top and a smidgen of empty space in the very bottom of the cup. I'm going to try a 30G as well though I suspect that will be too small overall, and that those are shape issues. I ordered a 30H as well and there was a massive leap in space from the GG, certainly more than a single cup size in my opinion. I don't know whether that was a one off abberation or a genuine feature of course, but the difference was incredible.

I think I'm getting somewhere!

sparkle12mar08 Wed 13-Mar-13 20:18:27

BirdStrike - she almost certainly needs a (well fitted) wired bra, and start looking at sizings from 34FF, 34G, and possibly 36F and FF.

BirdStrike Wed 13-Mar-13 20:29:07

Thanks Sparkle, I'll start with a 34FF then.

I'm in two minds about getting a wired bra for her as she is so young and it is not recommended at that age. On the other hand, there isn't much choice in non-wired for her size, and it would give her better support.

sparkle12mar08 Wed 13-Mar-13 20:53:02

As long as it fits well I don't think age matters - badly fitting wires do damage regardless of age, and well fitting wires don't.

I think a lot of the reason that wired is often not recommended is for the same reason it isn't with pregnancy/breasfteeding i.e. that a wire sitting on breast tissue isn't good for it. But as long as you keep an eye on it and know what a good fit looks like so this doesn't happen I believe it is ok. At a 34FF she is going to struggle to get enough support without a wire really.

The Deco, even non wired, is not age appropriate IMO, it's very 'booby'.

I'd suggest a Cleo Juna, a Fantasie moulded T shirt bra or a even a Fantasie Serene if you want more coverage. She may feel more comfortable with padding/moulding as it will avoid nipple show. If the Juna works, there are fashion versions of it such as the Cara

It would be worth trying some of the cheaper brands such as Debenhams Gorgeous range as she may not be that size for long.

By the way, I agree with the 'wired as long as it fits properly' school of thought. She is not in the 'training bra' size range.
Perhaps you could look at the fitting video on the Bravissimo website together. Teaching her how her bra should fit and the right way to look after her breasts now is doing her a huge favour in terms of her future self image. <applauds mummy Birdstrike>

BirdStrike Wed 13-Mar-13 21:23:23

Yes I do see your point about wires.

And yes, the deco is very "booby" as you say.

I guess we'll have to try wired bras then. The ones she wears now are slightly padded, so I'll look for the same kind of thing.

Thanks for your suggestions. Off to google!

BirdStrike Wed 13-Mar-13 21:24:42

fitting video you say? I didn't know there was such a thing, I'm going to check it out, thanks!

BirdStrike Wed 13-Mar-13 21:33:34

I think I'll take her to Bravissimo so she can try a few different bras. Otherwise by post it's going to take for ever...

lookout Wed 13-Mar-13 21:58:27

sparkle very interested to hear the cleo juna is working for you - I'm waiting on mine. Re-tried my Curvy Kate after the disaster which was this mornings Masquerade Persia (ouch), and thoguh the central gore still wasn't great, it was a vast improvement on the other. Am waiting on the Freya that married recommended upthread, and my Cleo Juna. Keeping everything crossed that at least one of those will be comfortable!

SpringyReframed Wed 13-Mar-13 22:45:06

As a long time lurker on these bra threads I am going to delurk to tell you I have a fitting appointment at Bravissimo on Saturday and I'm very excited! This thread has really inspired me to get on and do it.

The one thing I am worried about is being recommended a moulded bra. I hate them. Am I peculiar? They look so ugly in a drawer or suitcase and feel like armour when on. I just want tiny breasts that I can cover with a pretty bit of lace. sad Sadly it doesnt look like that is a service in Bravissimo..............

AmazingDisgrace Wed 13-Mar-13 22:58:39

Does anyone with more top volume than me want my 32FF Masquerade Delphi? It's the black with cream embroidery. Worn for 4hrs but I just can't fit into it properly

monsterchild Wed 13-Mar-13 23:08:24

Bra update. I just recurved two nursing bras new size us 34H, and my goodness are they nice and comfy! One is the double plus, the other is a super support and I like them both so far.surprisingly my snug flannel shirt actually fits better with the larger cup bra! Amazing! Thank you MN and sparkles!

dinkydoos Thu 14-Mar-13 14:10:26

Sorry if it's been asked before but what are the recommendations for bras to be worn under t shirts? Normally wear fantasie bras ( can't remember type) but I get the seam lines showing when I wear plain t shirts.
Stupidly bought 2 moulded bras at vast expense, but felt like I was Hattie jaques , they are just so, well, vast! Make you feel like you are wearing armour. Plus, took up half a bleeding suitcase...
Any good recommendations for bras that don't show seams through?

SorrelForbes Thu 14-Mar-13 14:23:22

I'm not a huge fan of moulded t-shirt bras for the reasons you've listed plus they don't tend to suit my shape and gape quite badly.

I'm currently a fan of the Cleo Juna which is smooth. There's also the Curvy Kate Smoothie.

I'm sure Married or SC will be along with more suggestions.

Chickengirl Thu 14-Mar-13 14:37:34

In my continued quest for smaller bras I decided to contact Panache to ask about the rumoured 26 back. Unfortunately they've just replied to say they have no such plans and wonder if I'd got the wrong brand. Google searches show it was rumoured on various blogs, but seems they were wrong. Quite disappointed as was holding out that there were some coming I could try without custom ordering.

SorrelForbes Thu 14-Mar-13 14:56:24

I would try a EM 28 in a CH Biszkopty or maybe an S shape. The backs come up small. I wear a 30 in all brands but need a 32 in the CH

HazleNutt Thu 14-Mar-13 15:04:39

dinky have you tried Fantasie Rebecca? It does not have seams, is moulded, but the material is very soft, so nothing like the usual scaffolding.

hellyd Thu 14-Mar-13 15:55:53

oh chicken, i'm disappointed too, was hopeing for a 26" off the shelf iyswim
am waiting till payday then going to order a few 28's in the hope something might fit without me spending all day hoiking up the straps!

Silverstar2 Thu 14-Mar-13 17:38:16

The Fantasie Kara bra I got off Ebay was from a company called Belle Lingerie - they have good prices, offer discounts and free delivery in the UK - worth a look.

Silverstar2 Thu 14-Mar-13 17:40:24

Oh I just signed up for their email and now get 10% off my next order over £30........

fififolle Thu 14-Mar-13 19:23:27

Thank you so much for all the helpful information that I have gleaned whilst lurking on these threads. I am wearing an M&S 32c blush but was expertly fitted today in John Lewis as a 30 D/DD smile
It's gonna be expensive replenishing my matching set collection!!

Dinkydoos What size are you and what sort of boobs have you got?!

dinkydoos Thu 14-Mar-13 23:01:39

hazelnutt just looked at the two ginormous bras in drawer and they are fantasie Rebecca!! Tbh , I was trying to wear them when I was around 10 pounds heavier than normal so maybe they didn't work cos of that, and I should just try them again now I've lost those pounds. Even so, they still look huuuuuuuge!
marriednotdead by boobs are pert and have no stretch marks. Oh. No that was another life, pre dc's .... Anyway they are sort of empty at the top, saggy and current size is around 34 ff. but prob need to do the new measuring method to make sure, but think that is correct. Any ideas?

dinkydoos Thu 14-Mar-13 23:03:45

And thanks sorrel , will try the juna and curvy Kate. Hopefully they will stock them in local bravissimo

HazleNutt Fri 15-Mar-13 07:05:06

Ah sorry dinky, they are still big, but still an improvement from the normal moulded ones, honestly.

Another seamless options I've tried would be
Those are both still quite huge, but non-moulded (even if the description of Esme claims differently).

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 10:31:42

I'm bra shopping again after the last 2 ordered still didn't fit!
So I'm looking at [[ this one]] (on mobile so hope link works!)

I need to understand what size to try if the recommended in here size36GG doesn't fit. Last 2 it was the cup that was too big.
I really need this to be my last attempt and a successful one! grin

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 10:32:09

Poo, it didn't work!

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 10:32:48

Panache tango lux on Bhs website!

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 10:34:42

Hmmm, not a Panache expert at all as they don't seem to work for me (apart from the Cleo range). Have you tried this particular bra before? What sizes?

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 10:38:07

All the bras I've tried have been 36GG.
Can't remember what I've tried and what I haven't lol!

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 10:46:05

Ok, if the back feels okin a 36 on this bra then stick with that. Try a GG but maybe take a G and an H in with you. Make sure you scoop, scoop and then scoop again!

I can tell by looking at this bra that I wouldn't find a perfect fit in it as the cups are too high for me and I would get bulging in one size and gaping in another! I get this anyway in a couple of my bras and choose to accept a slight gape/bagginess as opposed to the bulge. It never shows under clothes.

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 10:53:14

Thank you smile .
If 36 back doesn't fit what do I change cup size to?
So 38 something.
I needed to be armed with all info needed before I hit the shop!
Only Bhs and M&S in nearest town or Matalan & Tesco!

Any interventionalists doing house calls? grin
After my disaster with Bravissimo I feel like I can't go back there & just feel too disheartened to try anywhere else!

So...I want to try on some 32DDs before ordering some nice ones from bra stop with all these lovely names you keep mentioning.

But...I only have a very small m&s, next, dp, new look, primark and supermarkets to choose from. I was going to try m&s as I dont think the others are going to have the DD. But what are their bras actually like????? Is it even worth it or should I wait until I xan get to the city?

what happened mrshels?

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 11:49:59

Tortoise If the 36 is too tight (tried on back to front, don't worry about the cups at first), then try a 38G (sameish cup volume as a 36GG). If the 36 feels fine on back to front and then too tight when turned round and put on properly, then go up another (or more) cup size. Don't be tempted to go up a band size and that won't really work. Get the back right and the rest will follow.

I'd take in a 38G, 38GG, 38H, 36G, 36GG, 36H, anything around that really. Be very critical, scoop a lot, don't have the shoulder straps too tight.

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 11:53:17

EdwiniasRevenge It's hard for me to comment on M&S bras as they don't usually stock my size! However, I think others on these threads (anyfucker for one) has found some nice ones in there in a similar size to the one you're looking for. I think they tend to not have enough support in larger sizes (F+ for example) so you shold be fine in a DD. Don't be surprised to find very few 32DDs though.

Personally, I find M&S bras to come up quite small in the cup but that's just my experience. They jump sizes from an F to a G so it's hard to gauge!


It is actually a tiny tiny food store wiyh a tiny lingere section so I'm not holding out much hope. I have to go in there anyway so might as well look.

I went to Bravissimo & was measured as 34DD/34E but still had loads of back fat spilling over the strap at the back. The girl fitting me said we all have it, but I don't want to look all lumpy. I accept I have a few excess pounds but even so...
I ended up taking everything back. Also my norks still looked fairly flat, I guess my expectations were too high hmm

hmmm. sone back fat is kind of normal but it gets better in a good bra if scooped-have you seen the blog post on it?

HazleNutt Fri 15-Mar-13 13:40:35

the flatness is usually due to shape of the bra. If you want a very booby, in your face grin look then I've found some Curvy Kate bras excellent for that.

pocketandsweet Fri 15-Mar-13 14:02:53

Please help. I'm in a M&S 38B. I am 33 at band, 39 around ( 40 if leaning forward). I feel like I've gained a lot of back fat post-babies and breasts are a bit softer less perky after Bfing two babies. ideally I need a couple of everyday tshirt type bras and then something more structured. Where do I start?

CelticPromise Fri 15-Mar-13 14:08:49

pocket start with a 32F (and E and FF) or 34D and sizes around. 32 will likely give you better support.

38B! Another M&S bra disaster.

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 14:09:10

pocketandsweet Try the following sizes: 32F, 32FF, 34E & 34F as a starting point. Follow the advice on the Better Bra Campaign blog about fitting and getting the band right before tackling the cup size.

Balconette styles are often good for softer boobs. Freya Deco is a very popular t-shirt bra but it is moulded which doesn't work for everyone, especially if you have bottom heavy boobs. The Cleo Juna is a nice simple bra for everyday wear.

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 14:09:28

Afternoon CP grin

CelticPromise Fri 15-Mar-13 14:10:27

A better fitting band is likely to help with the back fat.

CelticPromise Fri 15-Mar-13 14:11:20

Afternoon Sorrel. The M&S stories aren't getting any better are they?

pocketandsweet Fri 15-Mar-13 14:12:50

Good Lord what a difference! Thank you.... The search begins.

CelticPromise Fri 15-Mar-13 14:32:12

Just spotted my typo, I did mean 34E!

Tortoise Fri 15-Mar-13 14:45:10

Thanks Sorrel smile .
Hopefully will return home tomorrow and bin the terrible bra I'm wearing! grin

SorrelForbes Fri 15-Mar-13 15:58:32

CP - Not they're not. I don't know what is more depressing, the bad fittings or their refusal to engage in a meanigful discussion about their service.

Tortoise Good luck!

The M&S Stories are not improving at all. Someone on twitter suggested making up template letters?

A little more advice if you please ladies. I'm happy enough with the feel and fit of my new 36E bras BUT I can still pull them quite far away from my chest. Should I be looking to downsize the back before I invest in any more new bras? After magically somehow losing inches instead of weight, I'm measuring at 35.5 under and 42 over. thanks

JennySense Fri 15-Mar-13 18:43:40

I get my bras fitted by the wonderful T-J at She can size you on sight! I know she does fittings via skype and she also has a network of trained fitters that come to your home.
I'm rather well endowed with my norks and her service has been a godsend for me.
Found her when I was pg but she does do "normal" bras as well as some specialist ones too iyswim

If you can still pull them quite far (I presume you mean you can actually pull the wires away) then I would maybe consider trying a 34F/FF just to see.

I can pull the central half of the wires away from my chest if I pull at the centre of the bra. Does that make a difference?

That does often suggest too big a back if you can move them much

I shall try a smaller back then thanks

BirdStrike Fri 15-Mar-13 19:23:00

Back from Bravissimo fitting with DD, she's now got a Fantasie Elodie and a Shock Absorber in 34F. She's delighted with her Elodie, as her previous bra was kind of squashing her boobs together (as well as giving her a quadraboob).

After an hour or so trying on bras we went to Patisserie Valerie for some cake and hot chocolate so that was an afternoon well spent! smile

I could have sworn I added a message but can't see it.... Anyway, are M&S bras ok as bras, i.e. it's the sizing that's rubbish, or are they generally rubbish?

Depends on sizing - they seem to be a bit lacking in support/strength in bigger cups.

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Sat 16-Mar-13 08:08:54

Can I request some help for my utterly horrid boobs?

32 under, 34 I right in thinking that make me a crap 32b? blush. I have nothing to 'scoop' but whenever I've worn a 32 before (and I've worn a myriad of teeny tiny bras) its felt really tight?????

Thank you muchly

That would suggest a 32b as a starting point - do you have any in or around that size that you could pop on and maybe describe how they fit? Might help us to narrow down what size you actually need?

AmazingDisgrace Sat 16-Mar-13 09:10:51

My Fauve Lucia in ruby red is arriving today! I am beyond excited grin

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 09:17:47

Is it the balconette or half cup?

kissyfur Sat 16-Mar-13 11:49:22

Hello, hope I'm posting on the right thread. Was looking for some advice on size please? My measurements are 35 underneath and 42 on the dangle! I am breastfeeding at moment and probably will be for a good 6 months yet. Have a range of sizes in feeding bras from 34G to 38DD, none feel particularly comfy and I desperately need something new and prettier to boost my confidence! Your help is v much appreciated smile

Kissyfur I would say start with a 34F/FF. You may also want to try a 36F but they 34 is more likely.

There is a company who do underwired nursing bras - I think it's Anita. Panache do a few too which have been quite popular on these threads.

Fyouimfabulous Sat 16-Mar-13 12:04:51

Hi, I'm a 33 under and a 41 over, currently wearing a 34f from asda but feel as if I could have more cup to it, there's a little overspill! What size would you recommend oh mighty bra geniuses!?

Start with 32G, 32FF, 34FF and 34F based on measurements but if you have a little overpsill it's more likely to be the 32G/34FF and you may even want to try a 32GG/34G

Fyouimfabulous Sat 16-Mar-13 12:08:55

Thank you, I'll give them a try, sadly Asda seem to have stopped stocking 30 ( for my friend) and 32s in local store, shame as I really like their balcony bras!

kissyfur Sat 16-Mar-13 12:26:44

Thanks v much, going shopping later so will give those sizes a try smile

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sat 16-Mar-13 12:59:25

Edwina you should be ok finding a selection of DDs in m&s, their "standard" ranges are A to D or A to DD then their plus are DD to G.

Just don't let them fit you grin

Teclo Sat 16-Mar-13 13:10:51

I've registered especially to say thank you - I've been reading these threads with interest and finally plucked up the courage to take my very modest boobs into Bravissimo yesterday (expecting to be laughed out the shop). Walked in a 34B (thanks M&S) and out a 30DD! And for the first time in my life I have a cleavage! I''d never been able to wear balconettes before as the wires used to dig into the sides of my boobs (of course now I know why) - the Cleo range fits me like a glove. I'm fortunate to have pretty pert boobs already, but my new bras have also made me look narrower and slimmed my waist - never would have thought it possible. I look and feel a million times better. So thank you ladies - I will spread the word!

AmazingDisgrace Sat 16-Mar-13 13:22:41

The Balconette Sorrel, I couldn't find the half cup in my size anywhere

Vagazzled Sat 16-Mar-13 13:34:51

Could I have some help?
Been wearing a 34e for years! Have always had slight rubbing under my arms, never had a bra lie flat in between cups etc.
have just done my measurements (do I have to take a deep breath? It added 2 inches then the tape fell down when I breathed out!) and was a 29"-30" under bust and between 36"-39" when I bent over. My main question is, I have empty saggy breasts so when leaning over do I pull the tape tight? There's a big gap between them when I lean. Or do I measure loosely around? I tried measuring the fullest part when stood up and got the 36" measurement, the 39" was from measuring loosely when bending over blush
Thank you!

Vagazzled I tend to breathe out when taking my under measurement. If your breasts are very soft the leaning over measurement can sometimes be a little too large, but generally the standing up one is too small! However, the 34E suggests that you are more likely towards the 39" end of the scale especially as it sounds a bit small in the cup.

For 29" under, 30" over I would say to start by trying a 29GG, 28H, 30GG and 30G.

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 14:16:51

Teclo Excellent news. I love a bra success story! Please do spread the word around. How long ago was your M&S fitting? Would you be interested in writing it up for the blog?

Teclo Sat 16-Mar-13 15:33:55

SorrelForbes - to be fair to M&S it was aeons ago (at least 5yrs), but my weight/shape hasn't really changed in that time (I'm early 30s and childless). I'd suspected for some while that it wasn't right as I'd been finding it really hard to find bras that gave me a good shape or were comfortable, and had tried some Elle Macpherson 32Cs which were better, but I was still getting home in the evening and removing my bra because it was uncomfortable (shifting around, straps falling down). I have a broad ribcage and back (shoulders wider than hips) so it never even crossed my mind that I should be wearing a smaller band - indeed I thought that a 32 was probably too small for me and that's why I was having problems. I have far less back fat in a 30 than I do in a 32.

I realise I'm fortunate that my breasts themselves have never given me any discomfort (it was the bras that did that!) but there must be lots of us relatively small-boobed woman wearing small-cupped, big back bras and wishing they could feel a bit more feminine, when all we need is the right shape and fit. Really can't thank you enough!

leelteloo Sat 16-Mar-13 16:29:57

Hello to the fabulous Magic bra ladies.
I have finally visited Bravissimo and I am now the very proud owner of 2 size 32E bras! In your face M&S!!!
My next course of action in to return the two size 36c bras to the MD of M&S asking for an explanation and for my bloody money back!
My new bra is really comfy and my boobs look great. Thank you sorrel and statistically and all you other wonderful bra gurus grin

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 18:13:45

Teclo Yes, I guess 5 years might be too long a gap!

leelteloo Another success story. Fantastic. Please do report back on any response from M&S.

Was in my local Sainsbos superstore. They're stocking some branded bras up to at least an E (Charnos I think) and say that some of their own brands go to a G. Great. Look at the size listings on the back of the hanger and it goes from F to G with no FF inbetween so no point me even looking for my size.

Spoke to lovely lady on the fitting room who didn't know that FF was a size, but said she would feed it back. Also said they're planning to do bra fitting soon hmm

Left a short rant note at customer services, with my name and number. Told them I'd heard a rumour about their future fitting service, and added that I hoped they wouldn't be adding 4/5 because it was wrong! Wonder if they will call back? I will let you know grin

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 18:52:13

Wouldn't it be amazing if they did contact you? We've got a fairly big Sainsbury's here but I haven't looked at the bras for ages. The last time I checked they only stocked their own brand (TU?) in a 34 band and up. I shall make sure I go and have a look at their selection to see if it's improved.

I wouldn't mind a job bra fitting at Sainsbury's handy for parking and the cafe

It would be kind if a company, any company, gave a damn!

kind of nice if*

Tortoise Sat 16-Mar-13 19:17:31

I tried a few on in Bhs today but there were nothing above G in store so none quite fitted.
Then tried more on in M&S and found one that fits ok. Wasn't a particularly nice looking one but bought it anyway as I can't stand wearing the other one anymore!

I did see quite a few names on the M&S appointment list for fittings. shock

AmazingDisgrace Sat 16-Mar-13 19:21:57

oooh they sent one of my Lucias in the half cup. They are both beautiful but the band is huge! Might have to order in a 30

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 19:28:25

Tortoise When I went to M&S the other saturday for my 'fitting' their appointment sheet was full for all three fitters! Those people poor women. I felt sorriest for the teens walking to their doom clutching their 36AAs to try on. Very frustrating not being able to say anything.

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 19:31:59

I have the Lucia half cup in a 30. I'd say that it's a comfy fit, about the same as my Cleo 30s. Lovely bra.

Mine was the same Sorrel - I also caught sight of the "results" and they had not fitted a single person in less than a 34 all day. This was at 6 on a Saturday!

AmazingDisgrace Sat 16-Mar-13 19:52:47

My other bras that fit are a 32 but I can do the Lucia balconette comfortably on the tightest hooks. The half cup on the middle...I'm sending the balconette back anyway as its too small in the cup.

I cannot believe that I scoured the net for weeks looking for the half cup in ruby and Simply Be accidentally sent it instead of the balconette in a bigger cup. Clearly it was meant to be for me and the half cup. I love it hugely

AmazingDisgrace Sat 16-Mar-13 19:55:07

..forgot to add the fit is perfect, no gaping no quadraboob. Just perky gorgeousness.

changeforthebetter Sat 16-Mar-13 20:21:18


Got the 28j bravissimo and 30j bravissimo satine.
Band of 28 is right but cups are too small. (Sideways bulge) 30j a band i can comfortably fit my hand under and the cups are too small. lovely back fat too angryseriously, I despair of finding a bra that effing fits, never mind looks ok. I am stuck in Dante's Tango Circle of Hell where the only bra that sodding fits is the one that slides off my narrow shoulders.

I am sick, sick sick of this confused

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 21:24:48

AmazingDisgrace Sounds great! I've got two Fauve half cups styles in a 30G which are both a comfy fit, band wise. I could probably do with a 30GG though so that may be why the bands don't feel as loose. I'm a 30 in all brands I've tried to date with the exception of some Ewa CH styles.

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 21:27:09

changeforthebetter How frustrating. Have you found any that are a good/great fit?

I think the satine comes up small in the cup. I know that the Bravissimo Mademoisele I had in a 30H was still too small for me and I'm usually a 30GG.

Have you tried any 28JJs?

Champagnecharleyismyname Sat 16-Mar-13 21:50:00

Well I've worn a 34B for over 20 years and when I put my measurements in the lovely experts on here said 32DD, ha I thought no way. I used to be called the girl with 2 backs. Anyway I tried on a 32D today and it felt comfy round the back but I think I do need a DD.

I've always bought cheap from supermarkets so please can someone recommend a good make? Also is the bravissimo telephone measuring worth a go and where is best to go get properly measured? I am not near a bravissimo store.

Thank you.

Silverstar2 Sat 16-Mar-13 21:55:05

Evening ladies. I am wearing my Cleo Juna today in 36ff, but it is not quite right. It is done up on the tightest hook, quite easily for starters. Also, I am getting a little digging in from the wire at the side/underarm - not much, just a bit on my smalled side. I am thinking of trying a 34, but will try the ff and g, as the cup seems to gape a bit at the top - I realise this is on my smaller boob, and maybe due to style. It fits the other one perfectly! I do like the shape it gives, and the softness.

My order both sizes and see.

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 21:55:28

Champagnecharleyismyname Debenhams can be good for fitting but can be a bit hit and miss! Avoid M&S (obviously), Boux Avenue, VS and La Senza. HoF and JL might be OK and there are some very good independents out there.

There are loads of good makes of bra: Freya, Panache, Bravissimo, Curvy Kate, Ewa Michalak to name but a few.

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 21:56:33

Silverstar2 The 34FF will be a smaller cup volume than the 36FF so might be too small on one boob!

Champagnecharleyismyname Sat 16-Mar-13 21:58:57

Thank you, I have a debenhamd near me and I think I will order a 32DD and see how it fits. Is there anything specific to look for in the fit or is it just comfort and shape?

SorrelForbes Sat 16-Mar-13 22:01:04

Champagnecharleyismyname There's some really good info about fit here

elpth Sat 16-Mar-13 22:18:09

Inspired by these threads (and ticking every box on the "things that mean your bra fits badly" list), I've tried measuring and getting fitted but am still not quite there. Please help!
I've been measured at M&S for years (oops!) and they've always said 34 back. Cup has gone from C to D. When I got pregnant my breasts got bigger and I went to be fitted again. They said 36D.
When I read your thread and list, it seemed so obv that the bras didn't fit and certainly didn't support anything that I wondered why it took me that long to notice. Measured myself as 31-32 dep on how tight I pulled it and 40. Tried a 32G on and thought it wasn't too bad a fit but didn't like the style and my daughter was crying so gave up.
Decided to phone Bravissimo. They said 32F. Thought that I'd go into the store so I could get a really good fit. The Edinburgh Bravissimo sent me away in a 34DD which seemed fine at first tho I was surprised it was so different size wise to the other suggestions but they had seen me in person. They also over charged me because I was paying in a hurry as again my daughter had started crying!
I've been wearing that bra and it's not that comfy anymore (less than a week). I'm sure it's riding up, which would tally with back size being too small. But it also feels stretched tight at the front (band pulling thinner). So now I don't know what to do! Inclined to go back to Bravissimo store (and get the overpayment sorted too) but it's a right old trek with a small baby.
Oh and this is a nursing bra so my breasts do change size during the day! Excuse the essay but I'd love some advice please!

Ring their customer services first and complain. They may be able to refit you over the phone but it would be better to go into the store. As they fitted you, they will exchange the worn bra.

Am guessing it's a Royce nursing bra?

elpth Sun 17-Mar-13 04:12:14

Yes it's a Royce nursing bra!
Think I will need to go into town again, just v annoying. Could phone first though and see what they say, hadn't thought of that for some reason.
Does 32F or G sound more realistic from my measurements?
Thanks x

The Royce ones come up fairly tight in the band but that still sounds wrong on you. Not always the most pleasing shape either, especially in the wrong size!

I'd suggest trying it again in a 32E or F, but alternatively the Panache Sophie is much more comfortable and flattering on most people. It's sizing is looser in the band and smaller in the cup so you may end up in a 32FF or even a 30G.

Definitely go back Elpth. The Edinburgh Bravissimo are normally pretty good at sorting out their mistakes (I have heard of a few) and that bra doesn't sound great for you TBH.

elpth Sun 17-Mar-13 09:26:09

Thanks guys! I'll go back this week.

SpringyReframed Sun 17-Mar-13 10:44:05

Dear lovely bra interventionists, I've followed your advice and been to Bravissimo and I am now wearing a Fantasie Elodie in a 32F from 34DD very comfortably although it does seem a bit weird after clearly allowing my breasts to try and escape round my back for a while. I look a stone lighter as am only 5'2 and short waisted. My waist has returned and you can see my ribcage. I have no back fat! Thanks so much for constantly posting on this thread and being inspiring. thanks

I also bought their own brand spotty Pretty as a Pin Up bra (apparently it is their Melrose shape) which I needed in a 32FF which shows how difficult it really is to shop bras mail order which I usually do as Bravissimo means a trip to London for me.

There was no hard sell in Bravissimo. In fact I would have bought another bra had I been encouraged in any way.

My question is if these are the bras that suit me what does this say about my shape and what should I try next? I could do with a t shirt bra but I dont like thick foam. I also need a sports bra and something a bit sexier than the above I bought. Would a balconette ever be suitable? I used to love them.

And please could someone explain what all the different shapes mean & do? E.g. Balcony, plunge etc

I am sitting here also wearing an Elodie smile
It sounds as if fuller styles suit you, with a bit of side support to stop your boobs from spreading under your arms.
For a tshirt bra I'd suggest the Fantasie moulded which appears a bit hard and scary but is actually a really good fit. You would probably need it in the same size as your Elodie as most Fantasie styles run a cup big. If you would prefer one that just has the usual material cup, they also do a non foam version. Bravissimo sells both.

As you are short waisted, many bra styles will either have too long underwires or a strap that catches the side of your armpit at the top of the cup.
From the styles you have mentioned, I would say your core size (start point) would be a 32FF.
Many of the other own brand Bravissimo styles may be suitable, although they often run small. I'd suggest starting with the Aleya in a 32FF and the Alana in a 32G.

So, I have been looking and trying on my bras and my 36E bras, I can easily do up on the tightest set of hooks. I am definitely going to take the advice from further up and try a 34F. So glad I didn't go mad buying bras and can wait to try some more on before I commit to buying any more of them.



Balconette- Medium height centre, curved accross the cup towards the armpit, straps set to the outer edge. Think sweetheart neckline. Suit most people unless they have very narrow shoulders or round or close together boobs/something that makes a centre wire painful.

Full cup- as it sounds! Higher centre, fuller coverage at the top of the cups, shoulder straps closer together. Good for maximum coverage/modesty or very soft breasts. Many non wired, less modern styles are like this.

Half cup- also sometimes called balcony. The upper part of the cup is uncovered so an 'eggs in an eggcup' look can be created. Good for very rounded breasts. Also a way of presenting softer breasts in a more flattering manner than a plunge.

Plunge- varying degrees of a deep V shape so very low in the centre front. Good for lower necklines. Breasts that are too soft will slump into the centre leaving unsightly overflow there, whilst gaping at the top near the strap.

Side support- a side sling is stitched along the outer edge of the cup from the bottom, joining onto the strap at the top. This helps to pull in the breast and create a narrower profile. Usually on either full cup or balconette styles.

A good start. Be aware that as the bra gets closer to your body, the amount of boob that has been hiding in your bra may become apparent! Be prepared to go higher than an F, to FF or even G. And to then find that as you finally give your boobs all the room they need, that you may even need a smaller back.
Persevere, it's worth it smile

SpringyReframed Sun 17-Mar-13 13:55:02

marriednotdead, that's brilliant help, thanks.

I've just had a look at those and am really pleased that I am going to have great colour choice. It is invaluable to understand what my core size is!

My gym had one of those charity bra boxes a while ago. I filled it then and need them to bring it back to fill it again.

Tortoise Sun 17-Mar-13 16:11:39

Aaarrrgghhh new bra is digging in more as the day goes on sad.
The underwires at the front keep crossing over each other. Ans its digging in under one boob.
I can't stand the thought of more bra shopping!

sad angry Tortoise

Limelight Sun 17-Mar-13 17:00:25

So I was a 38/40 D depending on which ancient bra I was wearing.

I measured myself as a 36F based on lovely Sorrel's advice. Bought some bras from M&S which seemed to fit but still felt slightly strange.

So today I've been to Leia and I am in fact a 34E! Clearly I wasn't being firm enough with the tape measure!

Totally thrilled with my new boobs! grin

SorrelForbes Sun 17-Mar-13 20:37:58

Limelight Excellent news!

lookout Sun 17-Mar-13 21:11:16

Tortoise exactly the same problem I am having with mine. It's frustrating. Have you tried any Freyas? They're the only ones so far that are even halfway comfortable. The one I have is also a half-cup (balcony) so the central gore is a bit lower. Hope you find one that suits soon - I know how annoying it is!

JambalayaCodfishPie Sun 17-Mar-13 21:55:32

Bra ladies,
Am I in the right place to ask my size? 33 underneath, 40 around. smile

Jambalaya start with trying a 32F, 32FF, 34F and 34E. 32 is more likely

JambalayaCodfishPie Sun 17-Mar-13 22:01:27

Really? Really really?grin

I've been following these threads but couldn't find bloody tape measure. Will order and try- excited!!

grin what size are you wearing just now Jambalaya?

JambalayaCodfishPie Sun 17-Mar-13 22:31:06

36B. Pretty much always have done, even throughout my pregnancies.

JambalayaCodfishPie Sun 17-Mar-13 22:32:15

Must admit I've never been fitted though. Im starting to think I plucked that number from mid air years ago.

Tortoise Sun 17-Mar-13 23:20:13

Lookout I don't think so but tbh I can't remember anymore what I've tried and what I haven't sad .
Will look into buying some when I have some money spare.

lookout Mon 18-Mar-13 09:00:01

Tortoise I'm in exactly the same position - I spent £200 on bras on internet orders and ended up with only two support bras that I could wear. No wires = no lift. They are comfy but that is about it. This Freya (Ginny - 'twas the cheapest one I could find on t'Net as was on special at some obscure regional department store grin) is actually not too bad.

I've run out of money too but want to try a Cleo Juna as I'm told they might be ok too. So I can give you the two recommendations that I've been given, seeing as we seem to have one of the same problems: Cleo Juna and Freya Deco. Good luck smile

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Mon 18-Mar-13 09:38:49

Statistically...I posted upthread about myself. I went bra shopping yesterday. We agreed 32b (how depressing) was a starting point. In JL the 32 felt pretty tight, verging on uncomfortable, the b cup seemed slightly too big. In la senza the 32b felt very tight, the 34a seemed like the best fit, though I found a balconette style in 34b fit fairly well. Probably my best fitting bra is a random 34c from top shop, just a lightly padded t shirt style bra. Help!! Will I ever look/feel nice in a bra?

SewCrafty Mon 18-Mar-13 12:47:35

I took the plunge today and tried on the "correct size" bra. And went from a 36A to a 32DD. I tried Matalan (not good selection over D) and Sainsbury's. I'm now wearing one of their pretty tshirt bras for £6. Can't stop looking at myself in the mirror!! Thanks all.

Rocksie Tue 19-Mar-13 16:55:57

I need help!
I had to go bra shopping today to replace my stretched 32D bras. After reading this thread I measured myself and the outcome was a 30E (30 back and 35 bust).

Went to the dreaded M and S. (This was after a trip to Debenhams where the woman couldn't care less). I picked up a few styles in 30E and a few 32D. I just about manged to do the 30E up and it was really unbearable so tried the 32D which fitted - great!

Now after 3 hours of wearing the 32D it is quite uncomfortable round my ribcage and is making my back ache. Any idea where I'm going wrong? I haven't brought a bra in over 2 years as I never seem to find the right one sad.

After further experimenting with my newest bras, I have determined that they easily fasten on the tightest set of hooks AND that they don't hurt me like they were doing when on the loosest hooks. I have measured my underbust again today and I have gone down to 35 inches so I guess that means I really do need to get some 34 backs. Still measuring at 42 inches on the actual bust so I'm now looking for at least F cups. Any recommendations on styles that suit a slightly.....deflated pair of boobies? I don't have much weight at the very top ( I have a slightly deformed ribcage and collar bone area so my norks start quite low down) Cheers ladies thanks

Rocksie - can you describe how/where the 32D is hurting? Also, did you scoop firmly in to both it and the 30E?

On your measurements I would have said you are more likely a 30 however I believe at least some M&S bras have quite tight and narrow bands.

Onelittlelady - definitely try the 34F/FF. In terms of style, you probably won't get on with styles like the Freya Deco which are moulded and come quite high up at the sides. You'll probably find they gape. What about half cups or balconettes - something like the Cleo Juna?

Will look at more balconette styles, they always used to be my go to, they made me look a lot fuller at the top than I really am.

Hanginggardenofboobylon Tue 19-Mar-13 19:41:20

Can you recommend a slightly padded balconette with straps not too wide set and a low gore. Cleo juna just too high in the middle.

Oh and do thin straps exist on a 30GG?

Rocksie Tue 19-Mar-13 19:48:12

Since reading this thread I now scoop! I did with the 30 but was painfully tight.

Um, well it mainly hurts where the band is at the front where the cups meet and where the notches are at the back. It was on the tightest hook but I have since moved it to middle.

I have indentation marks all around!

OK, a new bra should always be bought on the loosest hooks - this gives you room to tighten it when it inevitably stretches in the wash. A mark in itself isn't a problem but it sounds like this is not the bra for you tbh. I would suggest trying somewhere with a wider range of brands and styles - it's annoying that the lady in debenhams was so unhelpful as they generally have a good variety. DO you have a Bravissimo locally?

Hanginggarden...hate to say it but that sounds kinda like an Ewa Michalak S-style to me.

Rocksie Tue 19-Mar-13 20:34:28

Thanks for your help Statistically. No, not a bravissimo near to me. I guess will just have to keep turning up at Debenhams until there's a different lady on shift smile

Hanginggardenofboobylon Tue 19-Mar-13 20:35:34

I knew you were going to tell me it doesn't exist on the high st! Is returning to Poland pricey?

Not hugely - I think it cost me £5 to post two back?

I have the reddish version of the s- the Wisniowska? and I would say size wise for that particular one my Freya size is pretty accurate.

Hanginggardenofboobylon Tue 19-Mar-13 21:50:07

Ewa Michalak order placed -eek!
Have ordered an S and a PL as my comfiest bra is a plunge. Just wish they offered other colours in each style on a standard order it's a bit limited for some shapes.

I have now placed a special order. They actually did the S in my size so I ordered that, and a CHP and a PL in the closest sizes to get a feel for the sizing. The CHP and the PL went back and I am now waiting for a CHP Milady, an S Fresh and an SM Trefl to be made for me. Why won't they hurry up!!!

AmazingDisgrace Wed 20-Mar-13 00:40:16

I know I shouldn't really be keeping the Lucia half cup in a 32FF since (on middle hooks initially) after one wear I need it on the tightest hooks but I will not be parted from it and I can't find it in the ruby in a 30G.

I'm going to try the balconette in a 30G though. I'm utterly bemused that the band fits so big on me as I measure 33 and I've rechecked this. In any other brand other than Curvy Kate I definitely need a 32 on the loosest hooks.

SorrelForbes Wed 20-Mar-13 06:57:50

I'm baffled too AD as I have that bra in the chocolate satin for over three months and it hasn't stretched at all. I have a 30G and it fits very true to size. What does yours measure stretched and un stretched?

upjacobscreekwithoutapaddle Wed 20-Mar-13 10:30:09

Sorry to jump in again, just wondered if any of you experts had any suggestions to my (non) boobs problems...see above. Thanks!

sparkle12mar08 Wed 20-Mar-13 11:17:46

I've found that Curvy Kate's padded anythings are so stretchy it's unbelieveable - I posted on another thread I think about having to buy a 28 because there's an 8 inch stretch in the band!!!

Silverstar2 Wed 20-Mar-13 19:50:25

well my Cleo Juna's arrived yesterday - 34FF and 34G - and so far, fingers crossed, I have worn the 34G for a day and a half and no pain! It has not gone bad!

I will give it one more day, and then keep it.

Woo hoo! One sorted, just waiting for my Fantasie Elodie now, in a 34FF as recommended by marriednotdead. I really want a non padded one too. The Fantasie Kara is ok, but the central gore a little high and shows under a lot of my tops.

The Juna is great, I know a lot of people here have tried it, well worth a go if you haven't! I just wish it came in more colours, seems to be nude, black and white only.


Yey silverstar! I have seen Juna in Pink here

You sound as if you are going to be one of those people that has to try many styles until you find what's right for you. Have you worked out what kind of shape suits your boobs yet? If you want to add/boost a bit more, there are many styles that have padding in either the bottom or outer edge of the cups, but that is a personal choice for you to make.

Although your boobs are not as big as some of the other ladies on this thread, it doesn't mean that the right bra for you will be easy to find. What it does mean though, is that you have more options to chose from in the shops. Depending on how close together (or not) your boobs are, you may find that the bigger or smaller band will have a better position for the cups.

Juna also comes in different guises with other names! Poppy, Ellie, Darcy and the latest, Cara, are all incarnations cut on the same pattern. Because the fabric used varies a little, so does the firmness of the fit. Cara seems to be coming up a little small, so if there's not a dot of extra space in your current version, you may need to go up a size.

AmazingDisgrace Wed 20-Mar-13 21:15:43

Sorrel, when measuring the band do I just measure straight across from edge of hooks to the other edge...right across the cups or do I measure around the base of the cups?

I'm sure this is a daft question!

SorrelForbes Wed 20-Mar-13 21:37:26

I think I would measure straight across?

AmazingDisgrace Wed 20-Mar-13 21:45:24

In which case its 28" and 33.5 stretched. For comparison my snug fitting band in the Delphi is 26.5 and 32.5 stretched.

Hmmm could SimplyBe be getting Fauve to vanity size for them? Its not just a one off as the balconette was the same fit if not a little looser

AmazingDisgrace Wed 20-Mar-13 21:49:03

Oh and I have tweeted @SimplyBeUk as according to their online bra fitting guide we add 4inches or so...I'd be in a hilariously wrong 36 or 38 cup according to them angry

I tweeted simply be before about their fitting guide. Add them to the "no response" list. Might have to tweet em all again soon

SorrelForbes Wed 20-Mar-13 22:15:46

OK, I've just measured my Fauve Lucia half cup in chocolate brown in a 30G.

26" and 31 stretched.

Quite a difference.

As a comparison, my Cleo Juna in a 30G is 25" and 30".

AmazingDisgrace Wed 20-Mar-13 22:18:34

Mine feels more like a 34 band...but in both of them that I ordered?

My Fauve Lucia (the balcony/plunge) 30GG definitely feels like a standard 30 on. Haven't got tape measure to hand but I tried it a few days ago