Would you buy a Mulberry handbag off EBay?

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akaemmafrost Thu 24-Jan-13 00:13:12

It's looking increasingly unlikely that I will ever be able to afford brand new and perusing eBay there are some lovely classics on there that seem reputable. Would you risk it? Have you? Thanks.

Ponyphysio Thu 24-Jan-13 00:16:28

I bought a bayswater which turned out to be fake. And I only paid £100 less than what a genuine one would have been 😣. And the seller was no longer a registered ebayer when I complained. Gutted.

VBisme Thu 24-Jan-13 00:19:27

I wouldn't (sorry)

thisonehasalittlecar Thu 24-Jan-13 00:23:33

Watchdog or a newspaper bought 20 designer items off eBay a few years ago and took them to the designers to be verified--about 19 were fake. My mum got an LV handbag very cheaply on there a few years ago which looks fairly genuine, but I wouldn't know what to look for. If you can't afford a real bag, why not just buy a fake, and the at least you know what you're getting? Or just don't pay more on eBay than you would be willing to shell out for a decent fake.

thisonehasalittlecar Thu 24-Jan-13 00:24:48

pony out of curiosity, how did you find out it was a fake?

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 24-Jan-13 00:38:25

i wouldnt buy anything designer off ebay.

i stupidly bought some "tiffany" silver and sent it straight back....tiffany my arse.

DH bought me the real thing for my anniversary. its a risk buying anything like that off ebay - wouldnt ever do it again.

silver28 Thu 24-Jan-13 00:48:03

I bought one years ago, it was obviously a fake when it arrived.

I have since bought three (for special occasions, or using birthday/Christmas money) from their outlet shop at Cheshire Oaks. Each was around half price (still expensive but big savings) and they're all classic styles and colours (ie they don't just sell off the lime green ones!).

Rockchick1984 Thu 24-Jan-13 02:48:22

I bought a Chloe handbag on eBay years ago which I believed to be a fake (far to cheap to be genuine, brand new without tags) and when it arrived it was amazing - I compared it to a real one and couldn't find a single difference! I think if you buy an item for the price you would happily pay for a fake then you won't be disappointed, but may be pleasantly surprised smile

VestaCurry Thu 24-Jan-13 03:20:42


faustina Thu 24-Jan-13 06:07:39

all you need to do is visit the Purse Forum. There is a section where they will authenticate a listing on Ebay if you give them the details.

If you pay with paypal, you can ask for a refund if the bag turns out to be fake, or different to the photographs in the listing.

Alternatively there are several trusted sellers - I think someone called lovehandbags.com is one, and naughtpidgin (not sure of spelling - try google). They guarantee authenticity.

It would be certainly be worth visiting an outlet though. As silver says, they do often have classics. What are you after?

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 06:47:56

I wouldn't risk eBay. Maybe an online reseller like this one though. They offer money back guarantee too, so you could even get one properly authenticated yourself.

scarlet76 Thu 24-Jan-13 07:08:02

I posted a similar question to this just before xmas when I saw a lovely effie satchel on ebay. In the end, I decided I'd be gutted to receive a fake and so didn't go for it.
I think I will go to an outlet for something.

SaraBellumHertz Thu 24-Jan-13 07:13:35

If you actually care whether it is real then No no no no no!

But lots if people are very happy with a reasonable quality fake.

Remember that dust bags, carriers, receipts and care cards are no indication that the bag is genuine.

carlywurly Thu 24-Jan-13 07:21:10

I always look at other items the seller has sold, and often where they live - sometimes you can tell if its someone wealthy who's just bored with a genuine bag vs someone with thousands of feedback who sells piles of designer tat.

I bought a Tiffany necklace this way, and uggs years ago and it was fine. Am currently stalking a few bags grin

CHOOGIRL Thu 24-Jan-13 07:48:42

I have sold a few designer bags on eBay. Look at what seller has sold previously and feedback.

shopafrolic Thu 24-Jan-13 08:19:40

I have sold 5 Mulberry handbags on EBay but always sell with the original receipts.

maisiejoe123 Thu 24-Jan-13 09:39:50

I bid for a Chanel bag a number of years ago. I won, however the chap said he wouldnt be able to send for a week as he was in Thailand (where all the fake bags are!). TBH. It was £90 - a Chanel bag is 1000's so I course it was fake on reflection!

On an important birthday my DH brought me a real Mulberry Baywater directly from Mulberry. Would never buy bags or straightners from ebay. When I brought my GHD's I registered them immediately. Apparently GHD using the reference numbers and the place where you got them from can confirm whether they are fakes or not!

joliejolie Thu 24-Jan-13 09:40:19

I've been thinking about selling my oak Bayswater on eBay, but this issue puts me off. I think all the fake bags out there just give genuine sellers a bad name and pushes prices way down. I sold a Marc Jacobs bag and I got a pittance, despite having all the tags and receipt.

noisytoys Thu 24-Jan-13 09:45:20

I bought a Tiffany ring on eBay that turned out to be genuine and it is beautiful. I have similarly bought a Tiffany necklace on eBay that looked like it came out of a christmas cracker it looked plastic

Chopstheduck Thu 24-Jan-13 09:57:02

joliejolie - there was a mnetter on a similar thread with the same problem, with a LV bag. I ended up buying it off her! It is gorgeous.

I really want a bayswater too, but too broke atm!

Slaymill Thu 24-Jan-13 10:03:50

I have a real unused Bayswater I don`t want Chopstheduck though I would be asking alot more than £100 for it.

I would be careful on ebay too, I have sold a heart keyring, bracelets and address book all Mulberry with receipts.

Ask a seller what shop she bought it from and no proof no deal. Mulberry keep records as I have spoken to the Somerset office, hi kate if your reading !

Be careful on any website too as my DP bought me what he thought was a real Barbour Vintage Troop Parka fakesville as the way I threw it in the bin.

wheresthecake Thu 24-Jan-13 10:32:02

I'd love a genuine bayswater if slaymillor joliejolie would like to pm me!

MadameOvary Thu 24-Jan-13 10:37:21

I would, but I've bought a few and they were fine. I was thinking about selling my chocolate bayswater but it is nicely battered and I think it is easier to tell that Mulberry bags are genuine if they are used, as they stand the test of time. A fake would fall apart.

Slaymill Thu 24-Jan-13 10:52:11

will pm smile

Annianni Thu 24-Jan-13 10:52:39

I bought a Prada purse off eBay years ago, and it was obviously fake when it arrived.

I did get my money back through eBay, but I also got abusive phone calls from the seller beforehand, which wasn't very nice.

As others have said, check what else they have for sale, their feedback and things they've sold in the past.

Have you looked on chic&cheap?
I've not bought from there, but they seem ok.

Annianni Thu 24-Jan-13 10:55:09


Yes I would. Only get it verified on the purse forum. Make sure it is in the uk. The ad has lots of photos so I'd tags can be checked etc. be careful and research. Hopefully you will be fine.

joliejolie Thu 24-Jan-13 11:13:15

Many people who buy off eBay use the purse forum to authenticate, but I'm not sure what exactly qualifies someone to have that job. Guess they just know their stuff.

carrie74 Thu 24-Jan-13 12:17:39

I sold a brand new oak bayswater last Xmas time on ebay (my H had won it in a work raffle - it had been donated by Mulberry - but it wasn't my style). In the end, it went to someone locally who I delivered it to and once she'd inspected it, she gave me the cash there and then. Both happy - I got enough to buy the Mulberry I actually wanted (Daria satchel), and she got her brand new Bayswater for less than outlet price.

Viviennemary Thu 24-Jan-13 12:53:19

I wouldn't take the chance. But check feedback as surely there must be quite a few genuine people. But handbags are a bit to open to fake.

faustina Thu 24-Jan-13 14:35:17

joliejolie I think they've been doing it for years, and they know all the tricks: the fake serial numbers used on the backs of the little discs, the "made in" labels, the zips used - all that kind of thing. They also have lists of sellers who have sold fakes before - oh and sometimes they even tell you if the photos used on the listing are photos from real bags belonging to other people! Even the receipts are faked sometimes.

MoodyDidIt Thu 24-Jan-13 14:43:04

no way, its full of fakes

MoodyDidIt Thu 24-Jan-13 14:46:37

i would LOVE a mulberry alexa ...... <sigh>

Glossynotflossy Thu 24-Jan-13 15:57:30

I have. It was a purse foruber sellinh it so i was able to chat to the seller about the bag and she had bought if off ebay and had tpf to authenticate it. Its a distinctive design of a popular bag

I wouldnt have normally though as there are too many fakea.

In my local deparment store they have mulbs that are reduced from over a grand to just over four hundred pound. If you pm me i will tell you the store and what bags there were yesterday

They may post them out

EmpressMaud Thu 24-Jan-13 16:23:33

I wouldn't, as I'd be worried about buying a fake.
Though I have sold one of my old Mulberry bags on there, genuine of course. I supplied the code number on the internal tag, which I suppose my buyer may have checked before purchasing.

Ooh that sound like a good bargain, Glossy.

boodles Thu 24-Jan-13 16:24:59

It is so hard for sellers too. I have a mulberry bag I bought a few years back. I kept all the things for it, care card etc and I also still have the receipt but I am wary of selling it on eBay.

shine0ncrazydiamond Thu 24-Jan-13 16:29:49

Oh I wouldn't, no. Far too risky. Same for Tiffany, Uggs etc. I buy Mulberry from John Lewis < ok, my two mulberry bags are from there > , Uggs from Office and I have a pair of Elsa Perretti silver heart earrings that are much copied but I got them from Tiffany direct.

I'd assume anything on Ebay was a fake I think

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Thu 24-Jan-13 16:34:42

I have sold various Tiffany and Louis Vuitton items on ebay.

I always keep the receipts and include photos in my listing.

I think if you are very careful there are some genuine sellers on there.

CaroleService Thu 24-Jan-13 17:03:58

Blimey Glossy - what store is that?

PostBellumBugsy Thu 24-Jan-13 17:11:50

Yes, I would if I the seller had a good track record on other sold items. I have bought & sold high end items on ebay & not had a problem.

Genuine sellers will be looking for a good price, will list the item carefully, will note any flaws and will probably be sending the item registered delivery.

If the item seems very cheap - there is probably a reason for that. Also if you look at the ebay guides, there are quite alot of listings for how to tell if you are looking at a real or fake item. You could also check out spotfakehandbags.com for lots of useful tips on all the high end brands.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Thu 24-Jan-13 17:36:03

Post is right, i don't start them at 99p, without a reserve!

I only post recorded next day delivery because there needs to be enough insurance to cover the item if it goes missing.

Glossynotflossy Thu 24-Jan-13 17:40:40

Carole and akaemma i have dropped you a pm

CaroleService Thu 24-Jan-13 18:06:02


faustina Thu 24-Jan-13 18:09:09

you also have to be wary of chargeback if you sell something high end on ebay: for instance I sold a mulberry bag last week, and the paypal funds won't be released until she has either left me positive feedback, or ... something else - I can't remember exactly - perhaps a period of time has elapsed? There is some scam some buyers do where they pretend the item never arrived and they reclaim their paypal funds. To be protected you must send it with online proof of delivery

MadameOvary Thu 24-Jan-13 18:25:34

If anyone wants to know if a pre-Alexa Mulberry is authentic on eBay, PM me with a link. I have written guides to spot fake Bayswater and Roxanne bags.

joliejolie Thu 24-Jan-13 19:55:59

Im happy for mine to be authenticated when I list it, I'll probably even put a link in the auction. I have my eye on a pair of boots and dh said I can have them if I unload a bit, so the Bayswater is going.

DancingRoundTheKitchen Thu 24-Jan-13 20:16:27

I have bought & sold mulberry handbags on eBay. I would be very careful and get it authenticated on the purse forum.
Would also agree that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

ThisLittleP Thu 24-Jan-13 20:18:11

If you're careful, I would say go for it. I have sold high end designer items plenty of times on eBay. Just remember that if you 'pay peanuts you'll get monkeys'!!

Definitely authenticate the item you are interested in at The Purse Forum. You can provide a link to the eBay auction page for the item, and they'll let you know if you need to ask the seller for additional pictures, or if they know already if it's authentic or fake.
Check the seller's feedback, and see what items they have recently sold (and bought) and what else they are currently selling. This all gives a good indication.

There are also a few reseller sites, try:

Check them out thoroughly though, as I've not used them myself before, just heard about them.

Other than that, I am a Bicester addict. Can't recommend it enough, you can get some FAB bargains. My sis bought a Carter Camera bag from Mulberry last week, down from £850 I think, and with my VIP membership (and her tax-free saving as she lives overseas) she paid about £270...grin

Best of luck, hope you get a wonderful new treat soon smile

joliejolie Thu 24-Jan-13 20:28:23

Bicester sometimes has fantastic stock!!

Glossynotflossy Thu 24-Jan-13 21:13:10

Ooh i love thw carter bag. I may need to make a call

Chopstheduck Fri 25-Jan-13 07:18:05

I love Bicester, got a few of mine there. I usually pick them up on holidays in outlets too. Got my Gucci in a swiss outlet for about 1/3 of the UK price.

janmoomoo Fri 25-Jan-13 13:13:41

I bought a mulberry bayswater off ebay. It checks out against all the things it is supposed to have and look like and I am pretty sure it is genuine. You just need to be careful and know what you are looking for the signs. If you google it you will find some info about what to look for.

Agree with previous post that buying a well used one is better as not only is it nicely worn in but more likely to be genuine.

Having said that I don't use mine as much as I thought I would and am considering selling it but am worried I wont get much for it on ebay as people will think it is fake. Bah.

janji Sat 26-Jan-13 00:23:28

I always buy my mulberry bags in the online sales or from the York outlet.

Mishahrouri Mon 01-Apr-13 14:14:45

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Penny21 Thu 13-Jun-13 20:02:00

I wont list the bayswateri have for sale on ebay as there are so many fakes sad i do use TPF if i ever see a bag on there but i use the outlets alot, if you know anyone whos interested in buying a genuine mulberry bayswater let me know smile

lateSeptember1964 Thu 13-Jun-13 20:13:10

I have bought and sold Mulberry on Ebay. I checked out with the Purse Forum prior to bidding. I usually look for bags where there is a receipt and where you can have some dialogue with the seller.

MoodyDidIt Thu 13-Jun-13 20:52:51

if you take it to a mulberry shop and they say its fake ebay will refund you the money, they are really hot on this and will always rule in favour of the buyer

i imagine there are lots of fakes on there though that no one bothers checking out once they have bought them. although otoh it means you can get a real bargain thats genuine, i did (see other thread lol)

seizetheafternoon Thu 13-Jun-13 23:16:40

Well this thread answers my question about whether to try sell my old Mulberry bag on ebay! Guess not.

MoodyDidIt Fri 14-Jun-13 08:30:13

pre loved is good for selling designer bags seized

and i would still try ebay, its worth a go and the audience is huge

what mulberry bag have you got, erm, just out of interest blush

ilovewoody Fri 14-Jun-13 09:15:57

I've got a Mulberry messenger bag that I've barely used so was going to sell it on eBay but not sure now. I can see it from the buyers point of view that you would be worried about fakes. Not familiar with pre loved so will check it out

Tweetinat Fri 14-Jun-13 15:08:38

I can vouch for the authenticity of the bags sold through Labels Most Wanted. I have known the owner of this site for the last 4 years and have bought genuine products from her before.

Mummynotmum Fri 14-Jun-13 15:52:28

Desperate for a black bayswater if anyone is thinking of selling one! wink

seizetheafternoon Fri 14-Jun-13 18:07:08

Oh OK Moody. I don't know what mine is called. I must have had it for about 15 years at least and used it about 3! It's black, sort of crocodile, shiny leather with a longish leather shoulder strap. It's oblong and quite shallow depthwise. You could get a brolly in it and a purse/bit of make up, keys etc. I don't have a camera or I could post a pic. I don't know why I've never used it because it's really plain and very nice. But I just haven't. I remember I got it in either Harrods or Selfridges in London when I was feeling v flush smile

andadietcoke Fri 14-Jun-13 19:11:08

I'm another one that was previously considering selling 3 or 4 bags on eBay to fund imminent twin arrival and will now look at selling through a third party. I have receipts for everything and dust bags etc but I don't want to risk someone deciding they're fakes if eBay always side with the buyer.

BellaVita Fri 14-Jun-13 19:14:09


MoodyDidIt Fri 14-Jun-13 22:42:11

omg, that labels most wanted site! <sigh> at beautiful bags

<sits on hands to avoid making any rash purchases>

sleepdodger Sat 15-Jun-13 07:42:13

thislittlep I am so envy at the carter
I made dh detour via somerset shop on way back from hol because I was after one
It was 850 to 750confused so didn't get it

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