Shops you don't go to anymore...

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libertychick Thu 17-Jan-13 22:26:55

Decided today Hobbs is off my list of shops. I went in and tried on several dresses, skirts etc. It all looked exactly like everything I have ever bought before from them. It's a bugger as it suits me, is appropriate for where I work and v gratifying as in several items in there I fit a size 10 (and I am not a size 10) but if I keep shopping there I will look the same way for ever...

Any other shops people have decided to abandon?

Mockingcurl Thu 17-Jan-13 22:34:39

Next. No idea why anyone shops there.

Reiss - overpriced, inconsistently sized tat
Karen Millen - occasional nice item but mostly a WAG graveyard.
Jane Norman - poor WAG's Karen Millen
H&M - narrow aisles too crowded with creased garments

PoppyWearer Thu 17-Jan-13 22:40:30

Anywhere that doesn't have a decent website if the size I want isn't in stock.

H&M for clothes for me, because the sizing is so completely random. I was at most size 14 in jeans a year ago post-DC2 but couldn't get in their size 20 jeans! Still use it for the DCs.

I used to lie in New Look and River Island as a teenager, but no more.

Also used to buy a lot in Debenhams, but can't be arsed anymore.

I haven't abandoned but wouldn't ever buy from:

Next (used to get shoes there about 20 years ago but it is beyond hideous now)

Jane Norman - slag clothes for teenagers

Fat Face - toddler clothes for adults

White Stuff - horrible thin fabrics, like a nastier Boden

Boden - used to have just one or two nice things but v overpriced and quality not great

Ted Baker -some of their things are nice but they are getting more and more polyesterish and they are so expensive for what they are (plastic shopping bags for £40 etc)

Zara - like a jumble sale, insane sizes and miserable if not outright rude staff

In fact, I'm surprised there's anywhere left.

New Look - full of scary people in leggings

Top Shop. Mainly full of hideous crap
Ditto Primark

Mantaray at Debenhams - explosion in a colour warehouse

Gingersnap88 Thu 17-Jan-13 22:46:06

Top shop- I used to live in there but now everything too short / too loud / too sparkly. I'm officially old blush

H&M- random sizing

Anywhere full of polyester, it irritates my skin..

ifancyashandy Thu 17-Jan-13 22:47:35

Dorothy Perkins. Cheap looking and nasty fabrics.
New Look. As above
Jane Norman. To be fair, never have...
Reiss. Too TOWIE.
Karen Millen. As above.
Monsoon. Toddler clothes for adults also. Over embellished and frumpy.
Next. Words fail...
LK Bennett. No desire to dress like K-Mid

Lakota Thu 17-Jan-13 22:57:10

I have almost run out of shops I like - never really liked Next, just horribly dull work clothes and no idea why people would want to get there at 5am just to save a fiver off some polyester trousers or babygro emblazoned with the shop's name. River Island is somewhere my Father in law's partner (who sees me once a year, maximum) buys me clothes from every Christmas. This is lovely of them, but challenging, and every year I have to return something odd and struggle to find something to exchange it for.

Croydon topshop is rubbish compared to most and appears to have closed down. Allders has shut its doors finally. Oasis no longer has a stand alone in town either, and we've never had a Warehouse (which I usually like), just concessions. And although I can always find tops there, they're usually viscose and say hand wash on them. Of course I don't do this, and they develop holes.

libertychick Thu 17-Jan-13 23:01:23

Gosh, this is making me realise how many shops I don't like! Agree with almost everything listed here apart from Topshop which I think is good for shoes and sometimes knitwear and I had given up on H&M but a new one has opened near where I work which is spacious and tidy and I am now rediscovering it - the sizing is totally random...great scarves and accessories.

Glad someone else doesn't like Zara Remus everyone seems to love it which makes me feel old as whenever I go in there I leave feeling hot, stressed and fat.

Any yy to not liking Next - why does anyone bother (apart from kids clothes) and the queues for the Next sales leave me totally mystified...

libertychick Thu 17-Jan-13 23:05:03

Just realised that I posted on the 'wearing it today' thread that I wore a Next jumper today grin - Christmas present from my mother! Washed once, worn about 3 times, it will be ready for the bin after one more wash I think.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 17-Jan-13 23:05:41

DP, Monsoon, Next, Reiss, Planet, Clarks is pushing it, Great Plains. In fact everywhere I used to buy clothes from. The White Co is the only shop that still has stuff I like.

I used to LOVE Reiss <sob>

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 17-Jan-13 23:06:47

Jaeger is still nice though, but pricey. I'm waiting for the sale on the sale!

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 17-Jan-13 23:07:28

<disclaimer> I haven't bought anything from DP for about 30 years

YouOldSlag Thu 17-Jan-13 23:10:04

I used to love Monsoon when it was all boho and embellished and feminine. Now it's structured and overpriced and everything is sleeveless.

ifancyashandy Thu 17-Jan-13 23:11:13

LOVE Jaeger Boutique! And Zara (sorry!). Whistles is also great (although less so this season). Cos also lovely.

Also hate Oasis. Crappy fabrics. Hate Fat Face, Boden and anything like that. The colours are so self consciously 'muted'.

Monty27 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:12:54

Agree with ALL of the above.

I've stopped shopping. I'm wearing and wearing the nice stuff I've already got. it might be an age thing

YouOldSlag Thu 17-Jan-13 23:18:10

Once I went above a size 16 I stopped going to DP, River Island, Next, Topshop and Monsoon. they might do the sizes, but it's usually a bit short or skimpy or sleeveless.

Startail Thu 17-Jan-13 23:19:00

H&M adult sizes are hopeless,
DD1 is a 12, occasionally a 10, but a 14 in H&M

I couldn't get into an 18 (ok I'm not the smallest 16, I can't get into gap jeans. But every where else I'm fine).

Most kids stuff seems about right on DD2.

My bugbear is tops. Long sleeved, cotton, everyday tops. Not plain and not yet more stripes. And not mummsy flowery tunics.

M&S, next and debenham's used to manage it. These days it's more likely to be Sainsbury's.

There is no sense of occasion to doing your clothes shopping in Sainsbury's .

ZenNudist Thu 17-Jan-13 23:21:32

Have abandoned a lot if the shops in here, the rest I never went to, although after years if boycotting next I found some nice stuff there this year. Cheap so it doesn't matter as I'll have to chuck it next year.

I am annoyed at banana republic. Clothes looked great, if overpriced, got myself a whole work wardrobe after mat leave, one year on its all fallen apart, gone bobbly, stinks as is polyester etc, really bad quality suit rides up all the time etc, shoes unravelled at the front - they refused to take them back as they were too old despite me wearing all my other work shows for years and these ones collapsed in a year in a way no other shoe has ever done. Quality is appalling!!

Anyone else disappointed in BR?

Everywhere I go is a sea of bad quality polyester in terrible cuts and finishes. I tend to shop around John Lewis but even that's not foolproof.

cazza40 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:21:33

Karen Millen ... Nothing fits now
Lk Bennett .. Overpriced and pushy sales assistants
French Connection ... Overpriced
Topshop .. I still shop here but only online as I just feel so bloody old in there

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 17-Jan-13 23:21:47

Love Whistles esp their knit wear, but again too pricey if not in a sale, and they never are

Monty27 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:25:50

It's not my size that stops me (I'm an 8/10 and for unhappy reasons so not a stealth boast), it's:

The people
The mess
The noise
The overpriced goods
The crap service
The crap designs, there's nothing new
The crap public transport system we have
The crap parking we have

o I could go on.

My wardrobe is already full of stuff, stuff and more stuff and I'm determined to use it.

Might not just be an age thing. It might be austerity measures as well......

allagory Thu 17-Jan-13 23:37:15

No longer shopping at...
Hobbs - don't stock a size 18 in shops anymore any more
Monsoon - why are all the trousers flared?
Fat Face - random stocking of size 18 makes it too much like hard work. And it's very expensive and materials very thin.
M&S - poor quality, dubious styles
Next - lots of polyester
New Look /TK Maxx - takes too much time

justasecond Thu 17-Jan-13 23:40:01

Karen Millen, Reiss - both used to do nice stuff 10 years ago. Odd nice thing still but overpriced for what it is.
River Island aka syntheticsville.
Jane Norman - I used to buy trousers in there in the 90's.
Kookai - overpriced now
French Connection - used to do lovely quality clothes before the whole fcuk thing.
Monsoon - per una on acid

scarlet76 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:41:52

I have never liked:
Primark - jumble sale tat
New Look - cheap and nasty
River Island - nothing I like - ever
Debenhams - meh
Zara - poor fit and quality

I used to like:
Monsoon - now all frumpy
French Connection - all samey and expensive
TopShop - now only seem to get jeans - too old klaxon

I still buy:
M&S - mainly Limited Collection
Next - Directory and not shops as its easier to spot the odd good item
Boden - only with discount
White Stuff - scarves only

pippibluestocking Fri 18-Jan-13 00:23:20

Why has no-one mentioned Jigsaw - full of ridiculously highly priced clothes that look like dishrags stitched together, which will lose any shape they had after the first wash and develop holes by the 2nd. Their tailored suits are okay (though you need a bank loan to buy one) but you need to be at least 6 foot to wear the trousers.

Pseudonymity Fri 18-Jan-13 04:36:26

Shops I don't go in any longer:
River Island
LK Bennett

Shops I've been pleasantly surprised by:
Dorothy Perkins

Shops that I like but never have anything quite right:

Shops I've never really used:
Jane Norman

Shops I buy from a lot:
American Apparel
The Kooples

FunnyLittleFrog Fri 18-Jan-13 06:35:43

Used to shop a lot at:
River island
But never do now.

Still like stuff at:
Some H&M

Never did:

Flirted with when first became a mum (arggh! took about three weeks to realise I didn't have to dress like one because I was one)
White Stuff
Fat Face
Mantaray blush

Decameron Fri 18-Jan-13 07:01:47

Used to love Karen Millen, LK Bennett and Reiss, but rarely buy anything there any more. Oasis, Topshop and Warehouse make me feel old.

Never liked Debenhams, Monsoon, Next, New Look or River Island.

I still like Whistles, H&M for tops and some Jigsaw. I don't have much luck at Zara as I'm tall and it's all just a bit too short on me, though did get a great pair of skinny jeans there recently.

higgle Fri 18-Jan-13 09:37:45

I used to think that as you got older your taste refined and you found shops that suited you better. I now realise that as you get older most of the shops become so crap that there are only a few left to go to. Next Petite jeans fit me well, so I do buy them but otherwise I'm now left with Whistles, Warehouse, Jigsaw + Toast and Brora in the sales.

EmpressMaud Fri 18-Jan-13 09:51:47

Next - though was 20 years ago it was any good, now just looks cheap, and poor quality.

Monsoon - poor fit, quality

Fat Face - had some, few, nice vintage style items a few years ago, but not so much nowadays.

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 18-Jan-13 09:55:45

god yes Jigsaw. They used to be good in the 90's but went right down hill not long after.

MarshaBrady Fri 18-Jan-13 09:58:17

All of these

But most in need of a mention
Hobbs- don't need work clothes
LK Bennett - wrong for me
Zara - website looks good, in store a shambles
Karen Millen

Eek and so many more, list will be too long

chanie44 Fri 18-Jan-13 10:09:28

Zara - I have bought two coats from there which have fallen apart within a few weeks.

H&m and primary - don't like the jumble sale feel of the shops. Plus the clothes are poor quality.

DoItToJulia Fri 18-Jan-13 10:26:53

Tee hee at per una on acid!

alemci Fri 18-Jan-13 10:48:14

Quite a few of the above - particularly Next. Didn't really like New Look or Primark. The odd thing is Monsoon is ok.

I noticed that as a rule of thumb the quality of clothing has gone down e.g. jumpers with hardly any wool or are acrylic and really dear. Tops that go into holes.

I only ever tend to shop in sales as everything is overpriced.

Everything bobbles even if you buy a 'good' make e.g.phase 8
I still buy Boden but I think it isn't such good quality as it was 6 years' ago. Still have a coat from then which is great for the snow.

Still like the odd bit of White Stuff but the concession has gone from our local John Lewis.

Corygal Fri 18-Jan-13 10:53:14

Topshop - have you SEEN the prices? Dodgy jackets for 150 quid. Yep, same price as Cos, Hobbs or sale Jaeger. Get over yourself, Toppers.

New Look and DP use the same suppliers as Primark, simply tripling the prices. Fail.

Corygal Fri 18-Jan-13 10:56:47

Forgot I'd already forgotten about Jigsaw, the land where boho never died.

permaquandry Fri 18-Jan-13 10:57:05

Karen Millen & Oasis.

janmoomoo Fri 18-Jan-13 11:08:52

Next, topshop, H&M, Oasis, Zara, New Look, River Island - all a mess flogging cheap rubbish.

There is now no shop which is my fall-back that I know I can always get something in. Judging by the comments above it is a wonder we get any clothes at all. No wonder so many shops are going bust, need to up their game.

lurkingaround Fri 18-Jan-13 11:20:51

They do really need to up their game.

Cannot believe the amount of synthetics in Reiss, you'd be hard pushed to find any natural fabric. Not unusual, but at those prices...
New Look, never got it
DP, like-wise
River Isalnd
Much the same as everyone has already said.

Still look (and carefully buy) in H&M, Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti (but it annoys me a bit for some reason, I think it starts with that awful perfume they spray everywhere), Cos.

I hat accepting that the quality is so awful.

JumpHerWho Fri 18-Jan-13 11:48:46

Ooh interesting re Reiss, I haven't been into one for ages and generally think of it as out of my price range unless there's a sale on, but I always loved their stuff - I have a gorgeous oversized charcoal silk shirt from there - a few years old but something like £140 down to £29.

I do like River Island for jeans and shoes, and basic tops. Same prices as other high st shops but often with good detailing and more interesting / edgy shapes. Just avoid all the slutty stuff!

My no longer go to list:

Next - but mum always gives me vouchers for Xmas so I'm one of the 5am sales people blush in my defence it's 50-70% off so I can usually find something, but the good stuff does go early.

Debenhams - their own brand ranges and the 'designers for Debenhams' ranges are hilariously tacky and low rent, and overpriced.

Ted Baker - loved it when younger but it is polyester central and v overpriced.

Oasis - just lazy efforts at obvious trends, insultingly bad quality.

Faves on high st:

Cos for investment stuff
Uniqlo and Gap for basics
Zara for fashiony stuff - can't beat it IMO

alemci Fri 18-Jan-13 11:56:11

yes, perhaps we should all stop buying anything and have a serious look in our wardrobes. I am always buying stuff and then I don't wear half of it very much.

I forget about some of it.

the quality of most clothes has deteriorated. I think alot of the raw materials such as cotton has become more expensive plus the way the wool is spun or produced makes it bobble. None of my jumpers from the 90's ever did. Now they bobble even before you wash it especially on the arms.

EbbNFlow Fri 18-Jan-13 12:10:54

Gap. Just awful and urgently need to get with the 21st century.

H&M - occasionally buy online, but hate the way they lay out their shops. So cluttered and bad merchandising. Makes me feel stressed.

Mintyy Fri 18-Jan-13 12:15:11

Startail - for long sleeved cotton tops you need Uniqlo.

overbythere Fri 18-Jan-13 12:41:02

I have never ever found anything in Gap. Zara is well overrated, don't know what the fuss is about. There is not a single thing in the Next directory I would buy this year. Shops like River Island and Top Shop are for teenagers. And I can't afford shops like Jaegar or Reiss or Whistles or Hobbs so don't even go in them. Which occasionally find something in Debenhams online when they have their sale, occasionally Monsoon and tbh if I am given long enough I can always find something in M&S too.

GeorginaWorsley Fri 18-Jan-13 12:41:15

Never buy from
Jane Norman
H and M
New Look

Occasionally buy from

Primark,only scarves
Dorothy Perkins,bought some jeggings/skinny jeans
Oasis,used to find dresses here but not recently
Warehouse,as above
River Island,rarely
White Stuff/Fat Face
French Connection,but has got v expensive

Usually buy from John Lewis
Phase Eight
Occasional Marks,especially 'jeggings'
Some Boden,not as much though
Mint Velvet
Whistles,not much
Independant boutiques
White Company

GeorginaWorsley Fri 18-Jan-13 12:43:08

Oh never find anything in Zara either.
Like Cos but none nearby and sizes hit and miss.

eagerbeagle Fri 18-Jan-13 12:44:35

Places I no longer buy anything from (I still go in from time to time and walk out again):

Next - boring, frumpy, crap fabrics
Monsoon - used to love it but its mostly overpriced frumpsville now and very samey
Gap - boring and overpriced
Marks & Spencer - still get tights from here but have failed to be inspired by anything recently. I used to find the odd gem in Autograph or Limited Collection. Per Una has made me me irrationally stabby for ages.
Fat Face - too frumpy. I had a fab pair of cords from there and want to replace them but they never have any.

Get a lot of new gear online now. I have bought a fair few work pieces by Nougat London and Fever (via Brandalley) and Mary Portas via HoF (in the sale). Also like Charli (via Brandalley).

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Fri 18-Jan-13 13:12:39

I never go in Dorothy Perkins, Primark or Next. Other people seem to come out with nice things, especially from Primark, but if I go in its like a horrible market stall!

EuroShagmore Fri 18-Jan-13 13:37:22

I no longer buy from:
Topshop (too old)
River Island (ditto)
Next (used to be high end high street and good quality, now it is just nasty)
M&S (getting frunpier)
H&M (jumple sale - I don't have the patience).

Never had any interest in:
Fat Face (just not my style)
Phase Eight (ditto)
Monsoon (ditto)

I agree with what someone said about disppointing quality from Banana Republic. And at one point I used to buy about 90% of my work stuff from Reiss. Now it is all a bit fashionista for the average office.

skaen Fri 18-Jan-13 14:24:54

I used to get most of my work clothes from Next and Jigsaw. I went into Next recently and it was horrible, awful lighting, messy and everything was synthetic. River island and top shop don't seem to work for me.

Jigsaw seems to be baggy, shapeless and £££££. It is not designed for people with waists as far as I can see.

I like Hobbs and l k Bennett for work but only in the sale; banana republic does the best work trousers I've found. Uniqlo for jeans and knitwear.

French connection has good sales but is also £££.

harryhausen Fri 18-Jan-13 14:42:40

I hardly ever go shopping anymore. I have 34HH boobs and have virtually given up trying to find things that fit, without spaghetti straps or polo necks.

Shops I never go in...for myself

Top shop
French Connection
too many to mention in fact.

Places I've some surpisingly good pieces in (for me and my boobage)

Fat Face
White Stuff.
Bravissimo (mail order, but you have to wade through the frumpy stuff).

ballroompink Fri 18-Jan-13 14:49:35

Never buy from:

New Look
Dorothy Perkins
River Island

Never went in while I was pregnant last year. Now I'm not I've started to look occasionally but all the stuff is awful.

Eliza22 Fri 18-Jan-13 15:13:41

TkMaxx. It's like a jumble sale. And who wants to buy body lotion where the top's all sticky from people trying it? Or, crap shades of eye shadow/lippy/whatever that they're selling cause they're not the shades that sell by themselves, at the counters. The last time I DID shop there, I bought some wool tights for winter. Got them home and they must have been seconds 'cause the ankle bit was on the front, IYKWIM! Two bloody seems at the back and a deformed foot .... £6.99. What a bargain!

Zara. Overpriced tat and seriously bored looking assistants. Note to Zara Sales Assistants: you are there to assist/to enable your customers. Treat them badly, they'll go elsewhere, eventually.

M&S - unless for knickers.

WhiteStuff.... The quality is crap.

Eliza22 Fri 18-Jan-13 15:14:29

Seams blush

YouOldSlag Fri 18-Jan-13 15:42:58

I don't go in the Body Shop any more. It used to be great in the 80s and 90s, They really were doing something that nobody else was doing, and it was reasonable for even then-students like me to buy stuff there.

These days it is massively overpriced and the sizes are minuscule. The other day I saw a hand wash duo that was £18! It did have a half price sticker on, to be fair, but it just seemed like a ridiculous price.

It's more like a boutique now, and so many other suppliers are doing what they do for much less.

I even went in to try the perfumes recently (£14 a bottle) and after half an hour, it had faded completely.

I long for the days where you could home with Raspberry Ripple bathing bubbles, Elderflower Eye Gel and Banana Hair Conditioner and still have change to pay your rent.

williaminajetfighter Fri 18-Jan-13 16:14:13

Agree with everything that previous posters are saying. So many of the shops - Next, H&M, Primark - are a complete MESS, a total jumble sale of tat and everything looks like it just came out of a sub-standard factory in China. In fact it's like they all came out of the same factory...

I hate the way people scramble about and throw stuff on the floor and how it's generally a mess. I personally feel that this move to lower quality but cheaper clothes has an impact on all the high street shops although quality is going down the price isn't!

Other ones I now avoid are Monsoon (getting too Per-Una-ish!), M&S (blah), Debenhams (their Designers line is utter tat and they desperately need a brand and in-store overhaul). I never go into Oasis, River Island etc.

For work I now buy most of my stuff from Jaeger (great sales, good consistent sizes, really good quality), occasionally Hobbs, JL brand and Cos. Hobbs do great shoes and boots that last though. For casual White Company. I love TOAST but very pricey and everything is a 'tunic' style with no waist - I'm convinced that the owners/designers for the company are flat-chested tall beanpoles who can get away with high neck sleeveless tunics... most of us cannot!

Gosh I sound like I'm old because I am!

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 16:17:30

You lot are dull.

Never rule out a shop.

Always open to new ideas.

Beaverfeaver Fri 18-Jan-13 16:18:52

Fat face

Those are the mainly two that spring to mind.

Il stick to river island. All saints and Zara for main wardrobe bulk

williaminajetfighter Fri 18-Jan-13 16:28:45

Maureen who has the time to trawl through every high street store hoping for a gem amongst the crap? If after numerous trawls you've decided that the shop is crap and the clothes too, what is the point?

Mumelie Fri 18-Jan-13 16:52:49

Next - is total pants!

And anywhere at 40 that's too young for my curvy body shape me (TopShop, Miss Selfridge, River Island, etc)

prelim29 Fri 18-Jan-13 17:02:46

I used to work for Hobbs in the 1980's - a very different company when it was privately owned. I never go near the place now. Also used to like:
Karen Millen
White Stuff.

Never really liked:
Fat Face
French Connection
Laura Ashley
Phase Eight

Now I tend to buy at:
Boden (mainly send stuff back due to poor quality but one or two things are sometimes ok).
White Company
TKMaxx (when I have time to rummage).

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 17:07:02

You use shop style. You foolz

YouOldSlag Fri 18-Jan-13 17:34:24

Maureen, you won't win anyone round by calling them "dull" and "fools".

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 17:51:00

Lol. I thought you'd typed dur brains.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 17:53:28

I'm with you maureen.

River Island is good for jeans.

Hobbs - lovely bags and some nice jersey tops.

Topshop - odd nice bit

Agree that Topshop has the odd nice thing. I didn't go in there for years but, having teenage dds, have now discovered it anew. Some good jersey bits in there and some half decent shoes (but only in the sales for shoes!).

aperfectday Fri 18-Jan-13 17:58:38

I'm with Maureen too.

No, I'm sorry, I know that I won't find anything in New Look, Dorothy Perkins or Next. I just know.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 18:31:49

Next do excellent skinny jeans for girls and boys and offer a slim fit which is good if you have slim children.

New look also has the odd nice thing - god, I loved my pleather jacket from there a few years back and the skinny chinos they did.

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:34:46

No. You need to look.

I goer Bargainous evening clutches at nl

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:36:03

Got lovely heavy "lace " (was cotton ) black mini from next. Wear with heels opaques and leather jacket with big knitted scarf.

Very gothic

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:36:28

Ooh also their shit looking but ace black lace tshirt

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:38:03

New Look - I've tried; really I have. But no. And it makes me want to hurt people too so, being a pacifist, I cannot go in there!

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 18:40:23

I have bought a few things in jane norman grin They have some navy skinny velvet trousers atm I am tempted by. Wag that I am

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:41:19

I got lovely pencil sequin in there. Gun metal grey.
Plus wedge trainers in their limited range.

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 18:41:59

New look bad quality. Next i never go in just don't like.

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:43:07
MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:43:48

Mind you i do a lot online.

Oh god I get loads for the kids in Next mrsCB! And actually I did get those Dicker-alikes from NL, so I will concede that one (but that was only because you linked them MrsCB). Not Jane Norman though, no, never. I think you have to have an eye in places like NL, I just get blinded by ugly polyester shit and start to panic!

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 18:47:21

I bought stretch pleather leggings in JN 2 years ago. Everyone loved and they were great quality. Jn not all bad actually Have cashmere jumper from there and have had years. Those dolly birds like a bit of quality innit

alemci Fri 18-Jan-13 18:48:08

I used to love the Principles shop as oppose to the Ben de Lisi concession in Debenhams. The stuff was reasonably priced and the quality wasn't bad. I still have quite a few bits. I was upset when the shop shut down.

I also quite like Laura Ashley but the shop locally disappeared and it has become very expensive. Again the quality isn't too bad.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 18:48:19

New look best done online I think - although there is a big one at local retail park which I tend to pop into when doing m&s. In fact I love a retail park - nice rummage round trevor island, new look and outfit blush

SoldeInvierno Fri 18-Jan-13 18:48:54

I NEVER go into Primark or Next. The rest I generally give a try as you never know when their designers have been inspired and they've come out with something wearable.

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 18:49:40

There aren't many shops I couldn't find something in tbh.

I god I hate retail parks, the only thing I like at the local one is TK!

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:51:23

Matalan always a push.

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 18:54:34


IsabelleRinging Fri 18-Jan-13 18:55:09

In days gone by I was always in Oasis, Warehouse, River Island, etc.

I don't even know where I shop now!!!!!! I am lost a pre-middle-age desert of retail drought.

MK one? Bay trading?

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 18:57:16

Have only been to matalan once and it smelt funny.

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:58:28

We don't have peacocks.

Even BHS has cheapy swim accessories. Like cotton kaftan throw ins and mini stretch beach skirts

MaureenShit Fri 18-Jan-13 18:59:14

I think Hobbs is dull. Never bought anything there.

LittlePandaBear Fri 18-Jan-13 18:59:42

I try to shop in the best places I can afford (which isn't too much these days!) or the sales, but as others have said, I can find something I like in most shops, just not necessarily full outfits.

I don't believe that clothes need to last forever though, don't mind some polyester if that's what I can afford. If it lasts one season, that's fine, I will be bored of it then anyway and want something new!

I agree about jumble sale shops - I won't bother looking in primark or tk maxx but will go to New Look and H&M if it's at a quiet time!

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 19:02:27

I love bhs. Friend bought black velvet cocktail dress for a tenner I couldn't believe it but it did look good on her

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 19:02:44

Navy simone top from hobbs has been great. And found that via shopstyle as not a shop I'd generally go in.

notyummy Fri 18-Jan-13 19:04:41

Only go in Next for kids stuff. Even before they became as naff as they are now, the cuts never worked on me.

New Look - fab, fab handbags. Amazing array of clutches etc for every occasions. Clothes - not so much.

Some places I will buy clothes from online but not so much in person as dont like the store - Dotty Ps for example (or most Dept stores...HOf, Debenhams etc.)

Bunbaker Fri 18-Jan-13 19:06:50

Top Shop
River Island (didn't it used to be Chelsea girl?)

I wish we had a Uniqlo. I keep seeing threads on here praising them.

ZenNudist Fri 18-Jan-13 19:13:18

Interesting thread. Posted once and now interested in where people do shop. It seems there really is a gap in the market but how anyone fixes it I don't know . It's impossible to find reasonable quality at a decent price.

Wish I lived near a kos. Someone else mentioned the kooples, might give it a go. I still stand by that next has recovered somewhat if you don't mind one season only wears.

It seems you really have to trawl the shops if you want to get a decent wardrobe. I tend to do 2-4 main shopping sprees a year, with my September/October and may/June ones keeping me going for the rest of the season. It's hard work dressing even slightly ok.

orangeandlemons Fri 18-Jan-13 19:15:18

Thee seems to be nowhere to buy anything atm. All the shops are full of overpriced polyester tat. Surely it can't last for ever.....can it?

Next...please please explain to me the demographic of this shop. I was in today taking something fo d back. Blue shiney nylon trousers like tracky bottoms described as jaquard (my arse). Who buys this crap? I really do not understand this shop. And yet they keep pulling in the profits shock

noddyholder Fri 18-Jan-13 19:20:42

Cos and gap are my staples plus charity shops

The Kooples have lovely things for tiny people with no norks and lots and lots of money.

I went into Cos last week. Lovely bracelets etc but I didn't like any of the clothes and they seemed v expensive for thin and shapeless things.

MrsCampbellBlack Fri 18-Jan-13 19:32:23

I am put off the kooples because of their adverts with the grubby looking Pete Docherty

akaemmafrost Fri 18-Jan-13 19:33:45

Dorothy Perkins, used to love it now everything is cheap and chatty.

Next last spring was abominable, not one garment I would even have used as a duster. It's a bit better this winter.

M&S, I used to buy quite a lot of stuff there, I might go back when I am 65 should just about fit their demograph then.

akaemmafrost Fri 18-Jan-13 19:34:58

Uniqlo is wear I shop now. If I am going out then it's Mango or River Island.

akaemmafrost Fri 18-Jan-13 19:35:44

Where! Not wear obviously, though I suppose not entirely inaccurate given the subject matter.

drjohnsonscat Fri 18-Jan-13 19:43:49

Can't shop in:

Next: polyester central
LK Bennett: overpriced sloaney stuff
Jigsaw: still doing those drab colours...

Occasional success in:
M&S Autograph or Limited though quality has gone downhill
John Lewis first floor, not own brand

Usual haunt:
Hobbs: although I have enough navy linen and jewel coloured dresses to wear to summer weddings thanks
Jaeger: sale only but the odd lovely thing.

Bunbaker Fri 18-Jan-13 20:25:40

Does everyone else think that clothes these days are too thin? You can read a newspaper through most tops and blouses that you can see in the shops.

libertychick Fri 18-Jan-13 21:21:55

I think some of the issue with Primark, H&M etc is the timing - I find stuff there when I go in at 9am on a Monday and it's quiet and the place is tidy. But working full time means I usually can't do that - one of the reasons why I love S&B is effectively getting a style edit that beats any magazine or fashion blog.

Good tip re River Island jeans MrsCB - I shall take a look. It's one of those shops that scares me a bit as it looks from the window like it will only work for the super skinny.

Corygal Fri 18-Jan-13 21:24:24

The new 'dry' polyester, which is hilariously boasted about as 'fine crepe' is skinny and transparent - It's also violently unflattering.

FreePeaceSweet Fri 18-Jan-13 22:57:27

I don't go in the Body Shop any more. It used to be great in the 80s and 90s, They really were doing something that nobody else was doing, and it was reasonable for even then-students like me to buy stuff there

Yep. Thats before L'oreal got their mucky paws on it and took its originality away. I used to love the Bodyshop..

As a big lass I'm restricted as to where I can shop so i tend to stick to Evans, New Look, Yours, and Simply Be (some nice stuff but very expensive) so don't really have the luxury of chopping and changing. I get jealous when my sister turns up in her £6 pants from Primark and I'm there in my sale rail £25 jeans from Evans. grin

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 19-Jan-13 08:27:49

Amber - the amelie are really good and at £30 - if the knees go because you're spending time on the floor with toddlers - its not a big deal

Deathwatchbeetle Sat 19-Jan-13 09:37:45

Never mind boggin' polyester, it is smeggin' viscose that I hate. It is EVERYWHERE! Brings me out in a sweat! Have limited choice due to being 18/20 (yes, I know a lot of shops now cater for 'plus' sizes but not everything fits). Plus, fed up of everything being for those that want to show ALL.

Amazingly, found some long sleeve t's in Primarni that were not viscose. £3.99 Woohoo!

marriedinwhite Sat 19-Jan-13 09:47:08

Agrees with all of the above and adds Phase 8. Used to love it.

I think we need something new. Adds, Laura Ashley seems to have reinvented itself a bit and I have been buying things from there quite often. It isn't cutting edge but it's nice and it fits and is about what I want to pay for day to day stuff - helps that it's a three minute walk from our hous.

SilverAndSparklyKat Sat 19-Jan-13 09:47:27

I am fussy about fabrics. I want to wear cotton please, and wool, otherwise my skin goes weird. Therefore I do all shopping online, order loads and send loads back again.
On ebay you can select by fabric, and then loads of random stuff comes up- some of which is lovely, some of which is utter shite.
I almost never buy on the high street, and wouldn't even consider buying full price on the high street. Although I do love an hour or two alone in TKmaxx with nothing in particular in mind grin

Bunbaker Sat 19-Jan-13 10:18:22

Yes to natural materials. I also want to buy jumpers that have full length sleeves, not those stupid 3/4 length ones that mean I have to wear a cardigan over them. And tops that aren't so ridiculously low cut that I have to wear another layer underneath.

AndiMac Sat 19-Jan-13 11:21:26

I used to love shopping at Next, because I knew I could find something I liked and it would fit. I went in during the fall and was astounded at the frumpiness of all the clothes and looked around me to see most of the other shoppers were at least 60. I left as quickly as I could, before I aged another 20 years simply for looking.

I've never understood the appeal of fat face, I agree with the assessment of it being toddler clothes for grow ups.

SueFawley Sat 19-Jan-13 11:27:50

About 10 years ago I had three favourite places and bought maybe 75% of my clothes there. They were Boden, Monsoon and M&S. I no longer buy from any of them, except M&S for knickers (and food). My clothes shopping now is a stressful and random exercise, not something pleasurable.

It's been interesting to read this thread, as I had assumed it was just me that was struggling. I thought this was part of being 50 - nowhere suitable to shop. So it's clear from the thread that my age has very little to do with it and has everything to do with the shops themselves.

Sonotkylie Sat 19-Jan-13 13:39:36

White company - like OP and Hobbs, not because i don't like their stuff but (unlike OP) because I look rubbish in it even when I have carefully chosen to suit my shape, life etc and feel very demoralised.
Shop less at Next (and expect to send a lot back but the odd gem), Boden (ditto but no real gems now I think about it) m and S (pants only). Never really shopped at Wallis River Island, or New Look or T K Maxx and find them off putting. Discovered H and M and Tops shop but ONLY online ... Body shop - have odd bits I buy but only online as the offers can be insanely good eg 50%off and free postage if you spend £5... I kid you not. Why would I bother driving there?

survivingwinter Sat 19-Jan-13 14:12:32

Totally agree with others that something new is needed or retailers do need to make some significant changes (or reduce their prices for what is mostly cheap tat)

I'm a basics kind of person and still quite like GAP and FF but only in the sales.

Other than than that I've stopped even bothering to look in most shops I used to buy clothes from and wish there was more choice - loved Old Navy when we were in the States!

lalalonglegs Sat 19-Jan-13 14:58:25

I used to buy tons of stuff from French Connection (they made stuff for tall people) but now never see anything I want to try on much less buy.

I've always had a problem with Jigsaw in that the clothes can look nice on the hanger but never seem to hang quite right on the bod. Zara is made for midgets with no rib cages in my opinion. TopShop started getting seriously expensive about five years ago which meant I didn't see the point any more. Haven't seen anything I like in Gap for about two years. I never liked Next/Monsoon/River Island/M&S.

Thank the Lord for Cos and ebay.

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