My new years resolution this year is to make more effort with my appearance. Who wants to join me?

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TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:30:00

I've never really worn make up, styled my hair or bothered with how I look. That was fine when I was young and fresh. Now I'm 34 (nearly 35) and I want to look good. I have just tried to curl my hair (and failed) and sorted out my make up, throwing out stuff that doesn't suit me.

LetsKateWin Sun 30-Dec-12 12:34:51

I'll join you Trampy. I have been terrible since DD was born. I recently bought 3 new dresses and actually liked what I saw in the mirror. I still struggle to know what to buy to suit my new figure. After I've eaten i look pregnant even 3 years on. The rest of me is about a size 10 so it's hard for me. I need Gok.

cardamomginger Sun 30-Dec-12 12:35:41

Yes! I have nice things. Just never find the time to wear them/put on make-up/bother with my hair..... All feels like too much effort since I had DD sad. So yes, I am in!!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:40:20

I need to get past "I'm only doing school run/going to town/doing food shop" mentality. Jeans are ace. But I have some lovely clothes. Time to look like the woman I can. Dh likes the fact that I'm low maintenance. But I'm starting to look scruffy rather than casual.

Karbea Sun 30-Dec-12 12:41:32


I'm in, I'm also in with any one who wants to lose weight, keep their house tidy, be fitter and be happier.

New Year, new me!!!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:48:01

Yes, more effort in general.

Today I am wearing jeggings and a cream slouchy jumper. It's not as scruffy as it sounds, I've teamed with ankle boots. And painted my nails.

cardamomginger Sun 30-Dec-12 12:50:20

We're potty training and I'm in old brown sweatpants and a zipper. It is as bad as it sounds sad.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 12:56:01

Ah, I remember potty training too well!

plaingirly Sun 30-Dec-12 13:00:00

I am trying to get into all the hair and beauty stuff. I just never played around with make up or hairstyles but want to look better.

I joined MFP and am losing weight but I want to make more effort with my appearance and feel prettier too! x

lunar1 Sun 30-Dec-12 13:02:50

I'll join you, I really need to make more effort for me. I do everything for
My family Never put effort into myself

CarpeJugulum Sun 30-Dec-12 13:07:14

I'm in.

I discovered a lump in my breast, and am awaiting a referral for a scan, and it's made me think about me as me and not me as mum if that makes sense? While I'm inclining towards it being a cyst (and the GP agrees) there is a chance it could be more serious ('ll kick its arse if it is) so I don't want to look in the mirror and think "fuck I look terrible" as well as dealing with the fall out IYSWIM!

So, resolutions for me are:
Vitamins, moisturiser, hair done, facial based applied and spots covered, clothes ironed. Slobbing only to be done after DS is asleep. Eat better.

That should do for now! wink

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 13:08:52

In the new year I'm going to get my hair sorted out. It's quite long with messy layers and a fringe. But it's red and is probably my best feature.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 13:12:15

Carpenter, fingers crossed. I've got a biopsy booked for the 8th and it's scary, but I'm sure it'll be fine. But sometimes a kick is good for you.

Lunar, you've hit the nail on the head. I love my family, but ds is 7. I can't use him as an excuse forever. Nor am I a teenager.

I'm in! I'm such a fat slob at the moment. Good luck with it Carpenter.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 13:14:58

Carpe. Bloody autocorrect

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Sun 30-Dec-12 13:15:58

I'm in. I don't need to lose weight but I do need to be fitter so I have joined the gym with the aim of going swimming once a week and doing a yoga class one a week. I also have to go cycling every Sunday morning as part of a thing I'm doing for work.

I have bought mascara and lipstick for the first time ever. I also have some moisturiser that i have to start using. On top of this I'm having a get dressed and do something with my hair first thing in the morning policy.

I need to feel better about myself this year.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 13:19:57

I have arthritis and fibromyalgia so exercise is pretty limited. I don't need to lose weight either, but I want to be fitter and feel better.

Karbea Sun 30-Dec-12 13:23:25

Carpe good luck with your results.

I'm looking after my DH and a sickness bug he has had for three days, and a sick cat, I've a sore throat and am hoovering up Xmas chocs and sweets.

Haven't had a shower, black jeans and gold jumper sounds better than it looks, no make up, need make up, red zit!

cardamomginger Sun 30-Dec-12 13:25:12

carpe good luck and fingers crossed.
stickem - impressed with the 'get dressed and do something with my hair' policy!
trying to back peddle from making myself out to be a complete slob - the one thing I do do right is skincare. Am very good about that and even do weekly masks. But other than that, it is all a bit of a disaster!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 13:35:03

Okay, first step, get up 15 minutes earlier to do make up.

Hair is fine in a ponytail or similar.

Karbea Sun 30-Dec-12 13:49:38

I never really get up at a proper time, so I'm always running late.

mrscogon34thstreet Sun 30-Dec-12 13:57:55

Ooh I'm in - I've had 18 months off being 'stylish' as have had DS1 this year, is now 10 months though and I'm going back to work and I'm back to pre pregnancy size/shape so I really want to feel I'm making the best of myself.

My wardrobe needs an update - I've started a pinterest board to get ideas. Anyone else use Pinterest?

Count me in!
I'm not too worried about losing weight - I'm assuming it'll shift once I stop eating the Christmas chocs. smile
But I need more core strength so was thinking of Pilates / yoga if I can find a suitable class nearby.

My hair is good - but better if I use a styling product. I don't atm.
My skin is ok - but I need to take more action to prevent wrinkles and I hardly ever wear make up as I can't be arsed taking it off at bedtime so I don't put it on to start blush
I also MUST be better with dental hygiene as my mum's teeth started coming out when she was about 5 years older than I am now. shock
I could do with more clothes too but that's £ dependent.

Off to google pilates classes near me...

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 14:19:30

I dont use pintrest, but I have a certain look in mind. I look dreadful in those skater/flippy style dresses so shall stick to pencil shapes. I have also bought a fan pair of skinny cords from h&m for £7 in burgundy. they make a good jeans alternative. I have to start wearing heels again. so that I dont do a fine bambi impression at weddings etc.

Whoknowswhocares Sun 30-Dec-12 15:21:45

I'm in. I'm feeling really low atm and need to start taking better care of myself. Typing this with a hair dye on waiting for it to take, so that's a start!

Don't really need to lose weight, but exercise has fallen by the wayside recently. Making an effort beyond jeans hasn't happened in a very long time and as for grooming regime, well errr, lets just say 'no, not for some time' and leave it at that.

My main aim with all if this is to feel happier in my skin tbh. I've deffo lost my way and need some proper goals to get back to a happier place

I'm in. I need to start using skincare, rather than just buying it and letting it sit on the shelf. No more doing the school run in jogging pants, get dressed properly! Lose some weight and maybe style my hair and wear a speck of makeup every day.

WoodRose Sun 30-Dec-12 16:05:16

I'm in. I have been paying more attention to grooming, skin care & wardrobe since September, but still find myself wearing jeans, fleece & no make-up more often than I should. Trying to get back into work after a 9 year career break, so any sort of boost to my self-confidence will be useful!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 16:07:56

fab! quite a few of us to cheer each other on. how about, we check in here every day (if possible) to say what we are wearing that day, what effort we have taken and what exercise/housework/whatever we plan top do that day?

CarpeJugulum Sun 30-Dec-12 16:20:25

Oooh, as a start, can I recommend Bobbi Brown BB cream. Got some as a pressie, used it just now (as a start as you mean to go on thing!) and it's brilliant! Used some primer first (slapped it on willy nilly) and then used the BB cream.

My skin looks smooth and glow-y but not made-up. And it literally took one tiny dab on my finger end.

Sooo chuffed - can see this being an easy morning thing!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 16:35:47

I love bb cream. I use the no7 and mix it with foundation if I need extra coverage.

Me please. I lost about half a stone a couple of months ago (all I wanted to lose) but since it got dark/cold I haven't been running so have put it on again - so that's my first target!

Also, I need to dye my hair more frequently and stop putting it off until it's desperate.

I'm happy with my make up, although I could do with a new foundation. I've been using the Garnier BB cream which was fine when I had a summer tan but is too dark now really.

Carpe - good luck re scan btw.

Today I'm wearing a jumper dress, opaques and ankle boots, plus a scarf and biker jacket. Make up done (Garnier BB / Benetint / Urban Decay Naked palette / MF mascara and Une lipstick). Hair a mess though, but at least I've now bought a hairdye!

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 17:11:13

Oooh, that sounds lovely. What colour are you going?

wickedfairy Sun 30-Dec-12 17:15:21

I'm in! DC3 is 8 weeks old now, so time to make an effort (which I didn't do before anyway)! This is my plan:

Will get my roots done more often
Wear makeup as I feel/look much better
Grow hair longer and "do" hairstyles
Pay attention to skincare
Sort out wardrobe and get rid of everything that doesn't suit or fit
Have a Pinterest board for outfit inspiration and use it!
Try and eat better and drink more water

Carpe - best of luck with the biopsy

Just brown. I've had it red for years but think it's starting to be a bit ageing and it's horrible when it fades.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Sun 30-Dec-12 17:40:17

Wickedfairy, I'll bet in a couple of months time when your dc has started grabbing part of your face and hair that you will be cutting your hair short again wink

I need to go back to the hairdressers, I last went in august so my bob is now shoulder length and due to my irritatingly straight and useless hair, looks shit.

PackItInNow Sun 30-Dec-12 17:41:13

Count me in too. I have red blotchy skin with big open pores around my T-zone and can't find any Anti-Redness serums to calm it down. I know my skin type is oily/combination, have tried Isotrex, Benzoyl Peroxide, and all sorts of lotions and potions, but just cannot find anything that works together.

So I look like the blush emoticon with the red cheeks and a red T-zone.

Does anyone recommend a good anti-redness serum that works and is under £10?

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 17:58:48

I use no7 skin polish and its lovely, great for pores.

MmeLindorNOTYET40 Sun 30-Dec-12 18:06:07

Yes, I am going to join you.

I was conned by one of those gadget wielding women in a dept store this week and bought a nail shiner buffer thing, with cuticle remover and hand cream. It cost a bomb but I have lovely hands and finger nails now.

spottymoo Sun 30-Dec-12 18:06:17

I'm in need to make more of an effort with everything i start a college course end of january and a new business venture is in the making which i'll be doing from home so don't want to get in the habbit of thinking well i'm at home i can wear legging and baggy t-shirts.

still have the school runs to do and town trips and i know when i make an effort i feel so much better in my self.

finally found a face cream that agrees with me - having my hair redone friday and then need to re-dye it nails are pretty good most of the time.

weight and exercise need addressing but i have a plan.

Have lots of lovely clothes in the wardrobe just need to sort through them all and see what works with what and make any purchasers good purchasers rather then a snatch a grab trip.

PackItInNow Sun 30-Dec-12 18:26:54

I have a voucher forhe No7 range so will use that toward the price and try the No7 skin polish. How much is it by the way? I also have a voucher for the make-up range, but because I don't wear make-up (except on the very rare occasion), I am crap at putting it on grin. I'm sure you can imagine a short stumpy clown walking down the road LOL.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 18:35:38

I think its about £10, very good though. Try the bb cream too, its fab.

icovetthee Sun 30-Dec-12 18:38:57

I'm in. I try to take care of myself but since becoming a mum I have been slacking. My make up is usually nice but my hair, skin and nails need work and my outfits need a complete overhaul. I have jeans that most definitely don't fit anymore but I'm saving for when I lose weight. I haven't lost weight in a year so I should really donate them and only but if I lose any.

I'd like to look young and fashionable but also dress for my size and in general look a bit more put together at the school gates.

icovetthee Sun 30-Dec-12 18:40:25

TrampyPants I have the same conditions so exercise is very difficult here too. I tried yoga, swimming, Pilates, walking etc like the doctor recommended and I just ended up in worse pain. Any tips?

mrscogon34thstreet Sun 30-Dec-12 19:05:40

Another fan of BB cream here - I've been using the Maybelline one since DS was born, even when he was 4 weeks old people were telling me how well I looked! Also it's only £8 instead of the £34 I used to spend on my YSL foundation.

I wore my new jumper (lovely angora) and black skinny jeans to lunch at MiL's and put make up on properly. Feel much better than normal.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 19:06:46

I'm relatively newly diagnosed, so I just walk as much as possible and do physio exercizes.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Sun 30-Dec-12 19:22:42

I'm in!


1 sort out my diastasis so I don't look pregnant any more. I've started doing the Tupler technique and can feel my (formerly brilliant, now non-existent) core strength gradually returning.

2 better grooming - I want to start using an oil on my face more regularly to help with keeping my skin soft. I have rose hip oil, but keep forgetting to use it.

3 dress properly - I haven't bought any clothes since DD3 was born 6 months ago because I can't bear to invest in stuff for my "new" (4+ years now) shape. I'm wearing old, ridiculous clothes that don't fit properly. I really need to sort this out.

Today I am wearing horrible pink cords I bought in M&S 5 years ago in desperation when pregnant with DD1 and feeling bloated and sick and just wanting trousers that didn't pinch at the waist. At the time they were a size too big. No longer sad

4 get a bit less fat - I'm breastfeeding, so can't do anything serious about losing weight right now, but will cut back again in January and stop the constant munching. Just started DD3 on solids, so the impact on my body metabolism should decrease soon.

What is BB cream?

Fingers crossed Carpe.

I will be stealing all your S&B knowledge guys, hope you know what you are talking about wink smile

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 20:17:46

Those sound really good!

Bb cream is serum, moisturiser, foundation and primer in one. Its nice and light and good for the skin.

DorsetKnobwithJingleBellsOn Sun 30-Dec-12 20:21:23

Oh me too, and going to give DD's wardrobe a makeover aswell. Just brought a fab skirt, and adding a shirt, top and trousers to start a capsule wardrobe. Have never rally waorn makeup so won't join in on that.

DorsetKnobwithJingleBellsOn Sun 30-Dec-12 20:22:17

Oh and hav eno need to dye hair as still happily strawberry blonde.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Sun 30-Dec-12 20:24:37

Thanks smile

On some forums women refer to their norks as BBs, so I had thought it was some kind of cream for the boob blush grin

GeorginaWorsley Sun 30-Dec-12 20:37:24

Back to MFP for me,lost half a stone from sept until nov without trying,put it back over last couple of weeks thoughblush
Ebay at least a quarter of my wardrobe and spend an afternoon arranging outfits and seeing what is actualay in there,instead of buying more....
Received lots of new make up for Xmas so willtry it all out.
Just bought Estee Lauder skincare gift set half price in Boots so will use,need to be more disciplined with night cream at my age..

redrobin Sun 30-Dec-12 20:58:31

Can i join too please? would love to look pulled together, instead of being pulled through a hedge. have got cropped hair at the moment, which i must keep getting cut regularly instead of just growing till i cant bear it and getting it shorn again - it means i look rubbish for months other than the first six weeks. Also need to get eyebrows sorted, i always think that makes me look more groomed, and stop biting nails. I'm getting on (45) so this is my last blast at having any youthful looks (who am I kidding!).

(ps i have 3 DCs between 7 and 3, so i have to try to maintain some fight against grannydom for the youngest's sake, i'm the oldest mum i know).

chanie44 Sun 30-Dec-12 21:19:47

I've been working on my appearance for a few years now and, through trial and error I've realised that, I prefer clean, simple lines that are comfortable. As much as i like pretty, feminine clothes, I know that I won't wear them. HOwever, I do make sure that my clothes fit well and are good quality (not expensive) and to me, that is half the battle as it stops me from looking scruffy.

Tigerstripes Sun 30-Dec-12 22:15:40

I'm joining in too. There's a girl at work who always looks groomed and put together and I aspire to be like her! I have recently bought some new smarter work clothes (not smart like suits,more like see through shirts (or whatever they're called) and pencil skirts). I now wear BB cream every day.

I aim to:
dye my hair more often (hate doing it so put it off).
Sort out my clothes
Do hair properly every day.

I'm in too! I use make up but I rarely do anything with my hair and I'm two sizes bigger than I was pre DS2 and he's nearly 11 months so barring bf'ing, there's no excuse for the weight.

I would love to find simple tops and dresses that I can bf in, but most shops seem to have high necked and tight fitting clothes.

My plans then

Lose weight
Overhaul make-up
Go through wardrobe, photograph outfits and stick inside the door for easy coordination
Find out what clothes suit me
Oh and sort my house out so I feel calmer and happier when here!

Viviennemary Sun 30-Dec-12 22:27:33

I have been thinking about doing this. I hardly ever wear make up even if I'm going out. And haven't had my hair done for totally ages. I do need to lose weight too.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 22:27:52

Tomorrow I am going into town go do a small food shop. Normally a scruffy jeans, jumper and dufflecoat outing. I shall put on make up. Even mascara. And wear skinny jeans, longsleeve tshirt and wedge boots with my new biker jacket. Probably won't bother with hair beyond a bunch though.

knitknack Sun 30-Dec-12 22:30:22

Tramps I've got long red hair and those two conditions also! :D I've GOT to get back to regular yoga this year - about 4 years ago I was bang on, doing it every day and I felt so STRONG! It felt good and I can't quite figure out why I can't get back into it! Are you taking anything? I'm on a very low dose of amitriptyline and I've found it really helpful.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Sun 30-Dec-12 22:32:01

Just bought myself some jeans and a sweater in the Mango sale.

I so need a new pair of jeans. This should help with the not wearing ridiculously shite clothing.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 22:37:47

Knit, really? Do have issues with lipstick and colours in general too? I look bizarre with lipstick on and have to be so careful wrt colours. Atm we are firefighting with painkillers (tramadol) and antiinflamms (vimovo) as well as vit d and can.I'm still in the too painful to move days, which is cack. Can't wait to see my consultant and get proper drugs/treatment.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 22:38:22

Sleigh, what are they like?

I have many resolutions this year, sorting out my appearance is one of them.

Someone I used to work with didn't recognise me the other day sad , no bloody wonder really, I was two sizes smaller, dressed in sharp suits, hair, makeup and nails groomed.
Now, I am chubby, overgrown hair, skin is in shit condition, clothes are bleugh.
I make myself sad.
Well, no more.
By march 2013, I will be looking fabulous.

knitknack Sun 30-Dec-12 23:00:05

Tramps I've got brown eyes, so may have different colouring to you but HAVE found two lipsticks, both bobbi brown that are brilliant (most lipsticks look weird on me too - if I look at lipsticks in boots they may as well be green for all the use they are to me! :D ). I just use soft neutral colours on my eyes and a pop of pink blush which takes me from 'dead' to 'hello!' in one sweep! Lips are 'nude rose' or 'blue raspberry' - the nude rose is better.

Pain wise, it was bad until I got diagnosed and then I started the Am, and gave up wheat and sugar and now I just have niggles and aches, but am a teacher and bounce around the classroom all day so I'm pretty happy with that! Interestingly I've been eating all sorts of rubbish this Christmas and I'm hurting today - its reminding me of the old days! So back to no sugar for me sad (google 'primal vlueprint' for inspiration - I do a sort of 'light' version, I still eat rice etc)

Good luck with you resolutions! I'm sure you'll feel tons better really oon smile

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 23:00:24

It's so easy to lose focus, isn't it? I've never been highmaintenance, or into hair/make up. But I want to now. I want dh to be proud to be seen out with me. And to stop wallowing.

Karbea Sun 30-Dec-12 23:02:10

Tramps I wallow about too. Needs to stop.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 23:03:49

I have bluey green eyes and olivey skin so reds/blue tones areout for me. I tried a lush pinky colour and it looked bizarre.

My diet is pretty good, I find that if I try to lift or push myself I'm worse. I have psa, so stress is a big deal.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Sun 30-Dec-12 23:05:18

Shit, Trampy, that sounds very cack indeed. sad

I got high waisted skinnies. I have to have high waists with my appalling tummy.

Also a cream over sized knit sweater. It's slouchy, so should hide my sad, empty bump grin

When I was 4 months pregnant I didn't look much different, but it was OK then grin

I know what you mean about looking weird with lipstick. I'm fair and anything bold makes me look like a crazy hooker.

TrampyPants Sun 30-Dec-12 23:11:04

That sounds brilliant. I love highwaisted jeans, I have bottle green ones that look fab. Inever show the waist though.

And thank you.

Valpolliandtheivy Sun 30-Dec-12 23:17:34

Right I'm in and kick me if I don't check in.

1 - lose fat off my middle. It's ridiculous. Am skinny fat and it is Pissing Me Off

I am planning to do this by eating better, hula hooping like mad and running/walkin g lots

2 - hands. Goodbye paper skin.

Handcreaming alllllll day

3 - Face. Olive oil loves you

Use it to remove make up as it is fab at doing so. Then slather some on before bed

knitknack Sun 30-Dec-12 23:20:18

That DOES sound cack! I think trying to honour your beauty in the way that you describe is a fantastic idea though - I think it shows that your love and respect for yourself is high and that can only be a good thing!

I think a soft coral would be gorgeous on you Like BB's 'nectar' or 'washed sea shell' - can you 'do' department shops? They'd try them on you free so no commitment if they didn't work...

MmeLindorNOTYET40 Sun 30-Dec-12 23:52:10

Am I being thick? Waht is this BB cream? Is it a particular brand

I've not read the whole thread (yet) but I'm about 600% IN if you'll have me.

Since doing pregnancy very badly, I seem to have lost the ability to make any sort of effort and it's really starting to get me down. DD is now 19 months and I really have to stop using her as an excuse for being 2 1/2 stone overweight, with crap hair, no make up and a severe lack of clothes.

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 31-Dec-12 06:01:14

Hello hello

Can I join too please? I have been really struggling recently and have let myself slip a bit....(echo the person up thread that has slipped from casual to scruffy) what i really need to do this year is get a new job.
But I think making an effort with my appearance would really help with that sort of down in the dumps feeling I so often have.


I need to eat better - I am just barely not overweight iyswim. Could do with some toning, but I run and am fairly physically healthy

I need to follow a skin routine

My hair is one of my better features and yet every day i scrape it back with a pretty band. More effort required.

I am thinking of trying to introduce a new good habit every day, so it builds ...

happy days and good luck all

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Mon 31-Dec-12 06:08:09

So today, in practice for tomorrow, it is dress down day at work so I'm in black cords and a cream fleece top with my walking boots as I'm breaking them in. Hair will be tied back in a ponytail to avoid that nasty straggly look it gets after 5 minutes. No make up because dh is collecting my order from boots later today. grin

Last night I shaved my legs (but it's winter! shock) and used the Soap and Glory body scrub stuff to exfoliate.

Tonight, instead of just brushing my teeth before bed I will floss and use mouthwash.

My outfit for today will probably consist of blue super skinny jeans, black wrap top, boots and blue necklace as we're just mooching round the shops.

I really don't know what to do with my hair- it's bra strap length so fairly versatile, but I'm not imaginative at all with it.

CarpeJugulum Mon 31-Dec-12 06:49:45

MmeLindor - BB cream is a "new" thing. It sits between tinted moisturiser and full foundation in terms of coverage.

While tinted moistuiser is good for me in the summer when the sun is out and my skin is clearer due to the sun, in winter my skin looks a little dull and dead, and I'm more prone to spots. I find BB cream enough to even out skin imperfections, and hide spots, but it doesn't make my skin feel as "heavy" as it does with full foundation on. As Trampy said, it's moisturiser, serum, primer and foundation in one.

That said, I still use my own moisturiser just after I get out of the shower, and I do apply primer as well as I have greasy T-zone and otherwise everything would slide off.

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 07:59:44

I'm in! Just marking place to catch up later...

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Mon 31-Dec-12 08:06:21

Did my Tuplers again this morning. I'm worried my tummy is looking bigger rather than smaller.

Anyone else done them? I hope I'm doing them right.

We're travelling home today after Christmas with my parents, so might dress for comfort, despite my new resolution. blush

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 08:06:46

Yes please!

I'm back at work in March after maternity leave with DS2, and want to look half-decent by then. Want to:

1. Lose a stone by cutting down on chocolate and crap and exercising more. No time though - so walking or home exercise DVD? The Shred?

2. Sort out wardrobe, see what I can still wear and get a few capsule staples

3. Get hair cut and dye it regularly. It's long, thick and wavy, had a blunt fringe cut last year which I love, but last cut was a disaster (layers too short) so need to get it back on track.

Skin and make-up ok, but want to get my lashes tinted more regularly.

Good luck everyone!

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 08:10:25

Oh, outfit today probably Uniqlo skinny cords, loose grey T-shirt, blue sweatshirt, grey biker boots. Still in PJs now though... Need to negotiate shower with toddler and baby!

thoughtsbecomethings Mon 31-Dec-12 09:24:05

count me in, in desperate need of help!

DancesWithWoolEnPointe Mon 31-Dec-12 09:36:23

Morning brew - I shall join you all, although I've been lazy assed about my appearance for 37 years and imagine it will be a hard habit to break.

I need to work on my hair - its by far my best feature but i'm so lazy with it. At the moment it is really badly coloured, badly cut AND forever tied up in a knot in my neck. I am determined to put more effort into it.

I also need make the effort to wear foundation every day if for no other reason than that my skin is going to shit

Today I am wearing indigo skinny jeans (not best fit but all my ibs bloated tummy will allow), grey and black stripe long sleeve Tshirt and a slouchy, short sleeve purple jumper.
I have also flossed and mouthwashed.

No make up as had to deal with a no2 accident from ds so got distracted and no hair product as have none! blush

Off out shopping to trendy city next to us - so will try and do make up and then buy some hair stuff while out.

Going to phone local secondary school (doubt theyll hve anyone in adult ed bit) to see if they're having another Pilates class in January.

DancesWithWoolEnPointe Mon 31-Dec-12 09:43:20

I am mooching around the house today as DDs are all unwell. So outfit-wise I shall still wear jeans (bootleg, don't start, they suit me) and a comfy jumper. I shall however dry my hair after I wash it and wear foundation. This is big for me

WoodRose Mon 31-Dec-12 10:03:18

Taking DC to the theatre today, so had intended to wear structured black Whistles dress, cropped cashmere cardigan, opaques and heeled boots. Unfortunately, the great British weather has other ideas, so it will be olive green skinnies tucked into my "posh" wellies, jumper, scarf and Barbour. Hair will be sodden and wind-swept. grin

Whoknowswhocares Mon 31-Dec-12 10:35:34

Well I've got jeans on again today, but at least they are my new ones which fit me. Day will be spent doing jobs and walking to shops in tragic weather so anything else doesn't really make sense! Will change later for family NYE 'do'. Possibly into a lovely jumper dress which I've never worn

Goals for today are to start small...... 5 fruit/veg, which I often don't manage
3 glasses of water, which I very rarely manage and pelvic floor and plank exercises, which I never manage!!grin
Will keep that up for a few days and then add some more

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 11:28:41

Me, me! I'll join! I've never been one to pay much attention to my appearance unless I was going out clubbing. Well, now those days are gone, so I rarely wear make up, and my clothes are chosen based on practicality and what's to hand. I grab a t-shirt and jeans, and then later I'm chilly so I grab a fleece, and I need to take the rubbish out so I put some trainers on, and then once I'm out and about I realise I'm wearing some ridiculous colour combination and my socks are showing.

I also had a mc in June and my hair still hasn't recovered, it's falling out in handfulls, and I have that beautiful halo effect of silly, fluffy new hairs. So yeah, I'm looking pretty hot right now. Not.

I did treat myself to some Clarins face gloop recently, as my skin is getting really dry patches, so I have at least made a start on some skin care.

I'm pg again now so new clothes are out, but I'm not showing yet, so could get some wear out of what I have. I don't have much that's decent to be fair, but there are some bits. I reckon a smidge of make up might be the key.

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 12:13:45

Hello all, just a quick check in, back later to do a proper post. Weather means skinnies, 3/4 sleeve jumper with ls tshirt under and biker boots. Hair is a state, but I am wearing make up. Mascara, lip gloss, blusher, the works. And dh told me I looked really nice. I need to drink more water.

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 12:27:25

Ok, just been reading back through the thread, and someone mentioned hula-hooping. DD was given a hula hoop last week, and I was stunned and appalled to find I can't do it any more! I thought it was the kind of skill you don't forget! I guess it must all be about flexibility, mine is diminishing and needs attention. I used to go to yoga but was never very good at it, it just seems so HARD! I would like to get back into it, but can't afford classes, and don't seem to find time to do it at home. Must work on that.

I'm also interested in this BB cream - I've never bothered with foundation, never needed it (blessed with clear skin) until recently.

MmeLindorNOTYET40 Mon 31-Dec-12 12:32:46

Thanks. Need to take a trip to Boots later to get some conditioner so will have a look for that.

I'm wearing normal scruffy jeans and tshirt till I've finished housework and prep for tonight, will change into something smarter later.

minimumthebare Mon 31-Dec-12 12:44:55

I'm in! Already working on keeping some beauty resolutions (and I've started a blog to make myself stick to it!) but clothes are a definite Problem Area, so I've chucked most of them out, and bought a few new bits and pieces. Today, I'm wearing proper make up, have blow dried my hair, used body oil after my shower and I'm wearing a new Breton stripe top (Boden sale blush) and jeans. Doesn't sound that revolutionary, but I've spent almost a year wearing giant jersey pregnancy tops even though DS is nearly 7 months and have received three compliments already!

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Mon 31-Dec-12 13:05:30

Argh Boots are having system issues and while they have my order in the shop, they can't hand it to me because they can't book it in or out!

I'm in too. We're going out to a kid-friendly new years party tonight so will see if I can make myself look presentable for that. Might even pop on a bit of nail varnish and make up too.

I'm in too. We're going out to a kid-friendly new years party tonight so will see if I can make myself look presentable for that. Might even pop on a bit of nail varnish and make up too.

salemsparklys Mon 31-Dec-12 13:12:38

I need to make an effort too, but with 2 horses, 3 children,15 mice,1 rat, 4 cats and 1 dog, plus live in the country all I do is stick joggers/hoody/trainers on and thats it. I am very good at buying the make up/hair dye, just never get round to using it as half the time I dont see the point.

redshoes Mon 31-Dec-12 13:23:03

Tramp, I've recently been diagnosed with PsA too. I also really need to join in this thread - just need a giant shove to stop wallowing! Are your meds having any effect?

CarpeJugulum Mon 31-Dec-12 13:58:17

Late check in from me due to work stuff. I'm officially on holiday, but they're already been on the phone 3 times! I sense a pay rise request coming on!

Anyway, I'm up, showered, legs (lower) shaved, a few stray eyebrow hairs plucked, hair done, moisturised all over and I have BB cream on with some blusher to make me look more alive. I've got on a clean pair of jeans and a fitted polo shirt as we're heading for the park later, so posh clothing is going to be a bad plan!

We're not doing anything for Hogmanay, so DS will be off to bed and DH & I will have a few glasses of something bubbly with nice nibbles and we'll catch up on Downton and I can give myself a manicure. See, I know how to live the high life! wink

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 14:13:30

I'm in. Had DC2 via csection 5 weeks ago, and the sleepless nights are taking their toll. I look grey!

My plan is to start exercising. This will probably be lots of double buggy pushing, but my new raincoat has arrived, so am up for that! And I'd like to go swimming weekly, once DS takes a bottle. I also plan to start Couch to 5K after my 6 week check.

Clothes are sorted. I have a very limited, capsule wardrobe (skinnies plus boots plus top plus scarf). A bit boring perhaps, but presentable and I'm reluctant to spend money until I'm at a happy weight/shape and no longer BF or getting covered in vom, poo or toddler snot far too regularly.

Make up - I often, but not always, use tinted moisturiser (I rate no 7), lipstick or rose vaseline and mascara. Need to do this more often, or just buy a brown paper bag.

Grooming - this is the disaster area! If I get my hair done, it looks nice for 12 hours, then back to scraggly ponytail. My nails are awful. Actually, everything is so have decided to do one task a night, e.g.
Sundays: home mani
Mondays: home pedi
Tues: tash and eyebrows
Weds: blackhead removal and face mask (Elemis papaya one is amazing, if a bit £££ for me).

etc. What grooming tasks am I missing? Maybe the other nights could be exercise? <groan>

Food - I'm skinny with a postnatal tummy and post-csection overhang. Attractive... Hope the exercise will work wonders, but we are also only eating meat twice a week - should also be good for a more frugal year. I need to stop mainlining junk food, but find I'm ridiculously hungry. Is this normal for BF-ing?

Right, off to read whole thread to get some more ideas.

sliceofcake Mon 31-Dec-12 15:17:58

I'm in too! Trying hard to step away from the 'comfy' clothes I've worn since having DD.
I went to John Lewis for a personal shopper appointment, and although I've heard mixed experiences on here, I found it brilliant. Lovely big private changing room, shoes to try on with outfits, water and dressing gown etc, and someone bringing you loads of outfits. I tried on stuff for work, and found a whole new style for myself for work, things I would actually have never picked but that suit me, and I look like myself but smarter if that makes sense. No obligation to buy, but I bought quite a lot.
I just need to do the same for out of work things, too easy to put on leggings, jeans at home.
Also need to do something about my evil dry old lady hands.

Okay. Today I'm wearing:

- black skinnies
- grey cowl neck jumper
- black ankle boots
- grey cable knit legwarmers
- greige scarf with black feather print
- grey peacoat
- grey cashmere wristwarmers

Make up the same as yesterday except a Soap and Glory powder blush instead of the Benetint. Hair still terrible though.

Bought some face oil today (Superdrug cheapo stuff) so will use that tonight and will paint my nails (greige). Hate NYE so will do pampering instead of partying!

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 15:32:51

I am very jealous of people going out tonight, we are staying in, in our pj's. However, tomorrow we are going out with my dad for drinks and weds is mil's birthday, so we are going out for lunch. I have bought a nice sheer top from next today and will do my eyebrows later. My wrists are v sore today so I'm tempted to put scruffs on and wallow, but I won't!

Welcome to everyone, it'll be great to see how this goes. I felt really good in town today, first time in yonks. Because I had tried.

MrsPennyapple Mon 31-Dec-12 17:48:42

Peppa yes, it's normal to be ravenous when bf-ing. Making milk uses a lot of energy!

I'm still wearing rubbish clothes, and my hair is tidy, but not pretty. My hair and I are not friends just now, there's not a lot I can do with it. On a windy day like today though, I'm not even going to attempt it.

I have to admit I am not remotely jealous of those going out tonight - traipsing from pub to pub to stand at the bar for an hour waiting to get served, whilst being elbowed by people, and then fight off drunk blokes who lunge at you with their tongue out. I told DP he's welcome to go out, I couldn't drink anyway so I think I'll stay in with my knitting smile smile smile Might start one of these jumpers for myself, I have very few warm-but-nice clothes.

Am also not jealous of anybody going out. I hate NYE. Both dds are going to parties, so dp and I are going to watch a film in our PJs!

Chottie Mon 31-Dec-12 17:56:55

Today I bought a new Bobbi Brown foundation, blusher and eyeshadows. The BB assistant was really nice and gave me a free mascara and foundation brush. I also had a free make up lesson smile So this post is just right for me. I'm another one who has nice clothes in the wardrobe, but usually wears 'clothes for doing housework in' whenever I am at home. I do dress up for work, but always change when I get in. I think it is ingrained to save clothes for 'best'.

Chottie Mon 31-Dec-12 17:59:49

I was in London today so was wearing Levis, Uggs, shirt and cardigan with a puffa and good handbag.

Now I am in jammies and it feels good smile I'm not going out tonight and I don't care, it's a foul night here.

MrsPApple I'm knitting too smile

Mockingcurl Mon 31-Dec-12 18:28:29

Can I join?

I stopped working 2 years ago and have lived in crap clothes ever since. I wear make up but don't bother with my hair, too much like hard work.

I too hate NYE and am in pjs knitting.

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 18:31:40

I hate NYE too. Here's to pampering, not partying wine.

I'm not going out tonight- all shopped out and have no one remotely near to babysit, so I will dye my hair and sort my eyebrows out I haven't done them since DS2 was born

Id love to learn knitting properly- I can knit but can't cast on or off, maybe I'll learn this year and start knitting winter jumpers. grin

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 31-Dec-12 20:12:45

Morning all. I am in central qld so out of sync with many of you

New year new me. Going to start with a run, then a pampering shower (shaving round the mosquito bites....urgh). Will be wearing a nice sundress (as opposed to scrufffy shorts ands a gap t shirt) and then I simply must 'do' my hair, I don't think I have dried it properly all Christmas break

actually scratch that have just heard the thunder, shred not run!

feekerry Mon 31-Dec-12 20:17:25

Hello all!!

I am joining!! i start a new job on wed after being on mat leave for a year. Everyone in my new job looks fab so i need to make an effort.

I need to lose a stone too. Dd is ebf but 9 months old now so a bit of gentle dieting won't hurt.
I have suffered from internal piles since having dd (yuk) so need to improve my diet massively.

Spent 4 hours in hairdresser yesterday getting my hair done for first time in 9 months. Quite enjoyed myself.

Went out today and bought new make up and nail varnish.

Got my face regime sorted with body shop.

Question to all you are you going to get you, your dc all ready looking okay and out the door on time???? I am struggling to see how i can do hair, make up, shower etc with a clingy 9month old dd lol!!!!

feekerry I shower and blow dry my hair the night before and try to put make up on while DC's finish breakfast, clothes are sometimes laid out ready the night before so I can grab them on easily.

I don't look my best atm, but I can manage to scrape my hair back, and pop concealer/blusher/mascara on and then the rosy vaseline as I head out the door

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 20:32:32

feekerry that is my predicament! Me plus toddler plus newborn leaves little time for beautifying. I'm going to shower and wash hair at night - bit skanky, but better than no shower at all! If time, will get busy with make up, sea salt spray and straighteners in the morning.

PeppaPrig Mon 31-Dec-12 20:33:14

Cross post grin. Big fan of rosy Vaseline here too herefirst.

feekerry Mon 31-Dec-12 21:07:03

Yes i need to put a plan in place. I struggle to get out the door by midday at the moment and still look like shit lol so how i am going to manage to get us both out for 8am and me looking semi okay i don't.know!

Used to have really long hair it chopped short so that should help. Also manages to rope my mum into coming round at half 7 for first couple of weeks to dress and give dd breakfast so i can finish getting ready.
New work resemble air hostess kind of look/perfection. I currently resemble leaky boobed, slightly incontinant, and something undesirable smeared on my clothes. Hmm. Lots of work to do!!

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 21:10:25

I bathe at night, its easier to style hair that isn't freshly washed (according to my hairdresser cousin) plus its good for my joints. I've just done a polish, shaved my legs and armpits and a face mask. Currently painting toenails.

I'll find it tough too, tbh. But I like lists and organising, so this is my new challenge.

Is it 2013 in oz now?

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 21:11:36

Congrats on new job!!

minimumthebare Mon 31-Dec-12 21:12:40

feekerry My plan is to keep on top of general maintenance stuff that makes a difference (haircuts, brow waxing, nails etc) so I can get out of the house after a very quick shower/make up in the mornings. On a practical note, DS is mainly FF now, but I've kept his morning BF going as he feeds much more quickly from me than he does from a bottle or a cup! Also aiming to sort my work outfits ready for the week ahead on a Sunday night, have them on hangers ready to go each morning.

Have a look at the routines bits here-I've managed a month so far, but it's all been test runs, as I'm back to work after maternity leave on Weds too! Oh, and my other top tip-get dressed in the morning for work, then put a coat or something over the top while you're getting the baby ready. Only take the coat off once you've dropped the baby off at childcare, or you will find yourself sporting trails of porridge/baby slime into meetings...

feekerry Mon 31-Dec-12 21:19:41

Thank you all.
minimum i think you are right. Major forward planning sounds like the way forward. Like the idea if having outfits all ready on hangers for the week

Think i will.switch to washing hair at night too. Can then just run straighter thru in morning.

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 21:21:00

Oh goodness feekerry I totally empathise. I'm back at work in March and am already freaking out about getting me, toddler and baby out of the house looking decent by 8am.

I plan to shower and wash hair the night before, lay out my outfit before I go to bed yeah right and probably do my make-up in the car at red lights...

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 21:26:31

Minimum, that's a good idea. If you have the basics in place it'll make everything else easier. Even on slobby days.

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 31-Dec-12 21:26:36

Ooh minimum going to read your blog now.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Mon 31-Dec-12 22:25:50

I wore a dress today and only because I wanted to make you all proud grin

Did not go for the lazy option of what I wore yesterday with new top.

It sounds like some of you have a lot to teach me smile

Peppa - I'm always starving while breastfeeding. And I find it impossible to lose weight.

Starting tomorrow I'm back to not always giving in to my hunger pangs.

Things that help - drinking loads of water. Often it's thirst that makes you feel so ravenous.

- snacking on nuts - go for protein rather than the sweet things you probably crave

Congrats re the dress, Sleigh. smile

I wash my hair in the evenings and either blow dry it or shove it into a wet ponytail. Then I either straighten it in the mornings or shove it into a messy high pony (am thinking of cutting it shorter so that I can't just fall back on the pony option).

Yes to sorting out clothes the night before. And I have my make up down to about three minutes, with the daily basics all out on the dressing table ready.

Karbea Mon 31-Dec-12 22:30:33

Evening all,

I body brushed... Wearing leather effect jeans and a grey top, and my new sale earrings.

New start tomorrow!

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Mon 31-Dec-12 22:42:24

Right, I bet you lovely ladies can help sort me out!
I have been off work for a couple of months due to a bad bout of depression.
I live my life in leggings and jumpers. I am now size 8 after losing 3 stone due to being ill and the side effects of my medication.
Nothing looks good on me at the moment. All my old clothes are massive and my leggings and jumpers just look tatty and shitty. As I am going back to work soon, I could really do with a confidence boost. (I'm a midwife and my uniform is a baggy nondescript mess) however, I wouldn't mind feeling good out side work.

For the past 2 months all I have worn is legging and tunics, or leggings and jumpers, if I was venturing outside I may wear a pair of too big jeans, that need a belt, and Naice top.

I need a reality check, however, I have actually managed to get dressed each day, which is an achievement.

I need to relearn what it is like to wear make up too sad

TrampyPants Mon 31-Dec-12 23:01:13

sleigh, well done. in fact, well done everyone. leather effect jeans? oooh they sound nice!

shaky, its tough, isnt it. baby steps are the key. what type of look are you aiming for?

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Mon 31-Dec-12 23:05:47

Tidy the not that I've just got out of the shower and chucked on the nearest thing in the drawers could be a starting point grin

I will make a point of straightening my hair and putting on a bit of make up in the mornings. I need to get into that routine ASAP

Karbea Mon 31-Dec-12 23:08:04

Tramps they're more jeggings from DP I recommend them!

Shaky I think we'll all be egging each other on, welcome!

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 31-Dec-12 23:51:35

Good for you shaky!

ElectricMonkBelievesInSanta Tue 01-Jan-13 03:12:06

This thread is such a good idea! My resolutions are:

1) Stop scratching my face when it itches (due to very intolerant skin), as it just ends up looking like it's about to fall off;
2) Eat more fewer sweets and far more vegetables;
3) Get dressed in "outside clothes" every day, regardless of whether I'm working from home or not;
4) Put my hair up at least twice per week.

So far I've failed on every count this year!

ColdWinterMorning Tue 01-Jan-13 08:46:44

Hello, can I join too?

I need to get out of the mindset that means I look scruffy on days at home. Ds2 is 1, so most of my time with him I'm sitting on the floor/getting climbed on. I've been back at work for a couple of months now, and am happy with how I look for that, but that is only 3 days a week, I need to get the other 4 days sorted.

For work, I wear full make-up (primer, foundation, under-eye highlighter, mascara, blusher, lipstick), but so I look more polished than normal, rather than heavyily made-up, if that makes sense. I do have to get up at 5:30 for this though, I leave the house by 7). I've also started dyeing my hair to cover the grey. For work, I dress smartly (dress, jackets, heels, etc.).

At home though, I've been wearing old bf tops (finished bf just before Christmas) which I really don't like. I also wear either leggings and a jumper dress (which doesn't look too bad), or old jeans and a scruffy top. I have nice skinny jeans, but I like to keep them nice. I know that if I kneel on the floor wearing them, the knees will go, then I won't have nice things. I need to get out of that way of thinking.

I haven't read all of the thread yet, so hope to catch up soon.

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 09:50:48

Morning all and welcome to new resolutionarys!! Electric, do you have allergies? Is there a brand that you can use? Cold, that's it, we have this "keep nice for best" ingrained. Why can't we look nice every day?

Today is rough. Joints are v bad and didn't sleep last night. I must get dressed though. I must.

feekerry Tue 01-Jan-13 10:28:52

Morning new ladies!!
It is really sunny outside today which makes me feel like i should make an extra effort. Going out to lunch so going to go for skinny jeans, new wool jumper and maybe some high heels. Not scabby trainers or flats.
Then the fun begins tonight with preparing everything for the rest of the working week.
Have fun everyone. Can't wait to check up on what super glam things you have done today...

I've started!!! For the past three days I've used skin morning and night. I've put a little bit of make up on and dressed properly. Yesterday my 11 yr old son told me I looked nice grin today I'm wearing navy linen trousers, white best top and aqua cardigan. Today I'm replacing cook books in kitchen with the low fat healthy eating ones. Thinking of doing weight watchers online but also on myfitnesspal if anyone cares to join me (username same as my mb name). Well done everyone who's started and everyone who's preparing to start. 2012 was a terrible year. 2013 will be the year of being fabulous smile

shaky would you feel comfortable going toa style advisor in JL or another dept store? They can help find things that make you feel good in and you can go from there. Well done for rising out of depression, its such a horrible demon.

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Tue 01-Jan-13 11:02:55

Good morning everyone. Happy new year!

I have got my backside into gear and done my hair, I have make up on and I'm wearing my best jeans and a nice polo neck, skinny jumper. I have perfume on, I've shaved my legs and I am looking GOOD, even if I do say so myself.

Thank you for inspiring me to smarten myself up grin

lunar1 Tue 01-Jan-13 11:03:43

Well I've started! Plucked my eyebrows, day 1 shred DVD done and have had a good healthy breakfast of egg and wholemeal toast.

WoodRose Tue 01-Jan-13 11:24:12

Dressed in my new "Sweaty Bettys" and ready to go for a run to reduce the chocolate mountain around my midriff. shock

SilverSixpence Tue 01-Jan-13 11:29:56

I'd love to join in, I want to get out of wearing black and feeling dull and frumpy especially as I turn 30 this year! I have lots of pretty colourful bits in my wardrobe but gravitate towards the boring stuff as its easy.

Also want to sort out my frizzy hair and wear makeup regularly, it makes a huge difference if i wear eyeliner and blusher and just takes a few minutes.

Karbea Tue 01-Jan-13 11:33:30


How are we doing?

So far, I've body brushed, showered, put a hair treatment on in the shower, scrubbed. Put slow tan moisturiser on and blow dried my hair properly.
I'm in scrappy clothes as cleaning today...

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 11:42:22

Everyones doing so well! I'm doing housework so have thrown on skinny cords, oversized jumper and converse for now, but my dad and stepmum are coming over and we are all going out for a drink so I will prettify myself later. Dark green poloneck mini dress tights and riding boots.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Tue 01-Jan-13 11:51:33

Good morning!

DH and I reclaimed our bedroom by moving DD3 into her own room last night.

This should make a big difference to my ability to dress myself, apply make-up and do my hair.

I've been locked out a lot because the baby was asleep in her cot. So ended up with bits in various bathrooms and having to wear whatever was not in the wardrobe yet.

Wearing my dress again with different top and tights. blush

ColdWinter - how useful did you find the breastfeeding tops when you needed them?

I've never worn one, but I wonder if it would be more stylish than all my layers and hoiking about clothes that don't even fit that well.

Toilet training DD2 starting this morning, so may not leave the house.

She hasn't done a single wee since 7.45 when her nappy came off!

Last night I dyed my hair- Im now a full brunette rather than semi-grey. I also put on a self tan moisturiser and body buffed in the shower.

Today I'm wearing ill fitting black trousers blush and a vest under a sheer floaty top. I'm cleaning today as we'll have guests visiting tomorrow and I'll scrub up for that!

MrsPennyapple Tue 01-Jan-13 12:18:22

Hello everyone. Today I am wearing jumper/dress thing and leggings, will put on boots when I go out to a family get-together later. Hair is just tied back for now, will hopefully do something with it before we go, but it depends whether or not it decides to cooperate.

I had a look through my clothes this morning thinking I could get rid of some things, and maybe condense it into some kind of capsule wardrobe. I bagged up some stuff for rags for the charity shop, and saw a few items I could ebay, but that's where it ended unfortunately. There are tops that are almost ready for the bin, but I figured that soon I won't fit into them any more so I may as well carry on wearing them until I start showing, and then bin them. After I've had the baby I'll be desperate for new clothes anyway so will replace them then.

CarpeJugulum Tue 01-Jan-13 12:38:24

Up, body brushed, showered, moisturised, hair dryed straight and make up on - usual BB cream and I've added in a bit of eyeliner and mascara - and I look like a more polished me, rather than scruffy me.

Clothing is still jeans and a nice top, but I live in jeans as I can't seem to find trousers that fit me (heavy of thigh think prop forward rugby player blush and short of height, which is a bad combination).

Dinner made and eaten (so DS gets to eat with us, even if he doesn't actually eat!) as well - a healthy slow cooked gammon with potatoes and loads of veg; it was lush, and I'm full despite not eating loads.

DS off for a nap, so going to catch up on Xmas TV on the sofa.

Oh, and I get up at 6am, DH takes care of DS while I dress and get ready, then we swap and he heads out at 7.30am. So I have about 45 minutes to get everything done.

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 12:39:26

Mrspenny, that sounds sensible.

Sleighbells, wow, good luck with the pottytaining. And congrats on the new room. I bet its bliss.

ColdWinterMorning Tue 01-Jan-13 13:18:27

sleighbells, I found the bf tops pretty useful with ds2. With ds1 I went down the route of just wearing normal shirts (with a bf vest underneath if I was going out somewhere), but I felt quite exposed with that. I didn't want to buy specific clothing as I didn't know how long I would be feeding for.
With ds2, I knew that I wanted to feed him for a year, and I got some tops from my sister, and others as last year's Christmas presents (ds2 is a December baby). It's no exaggeration to say I have lived in them the last year. They've been washed on a delicate to try to keep them looking better for longer.
A couple of them look nicer, but most of them you could not say they look smart. The majority did feel more discrete for feeding (apart from the ones that had a zip up the middle). They're going to a friend who is due shortly, and I won't be sad to see the back of them.

I've just been out for a walk this morning, but wore my nice jeans and a pretty cardigan, although it has now been smeared with ds2's lunch.

Karbea Tue 01-Jan-13 13:18:41

Forgot to say had porridge and blueberries from breakfast and now having tomato soup and oatcakes for lunch.
Have restarted using mfp smile

Karbea Tue 01-Jan-13 13:27:17

500ml water drunk.

YouCanCallMeBetty Tue 01-Jan-13 14:54:36

Hello everybody, and well done on all the heathy eating and glam dressing! Particular respect to lunar1 for doing the Shred - I did four days last year and gave up, but I WILL start again. Honest.

Today I'm just slobbing round the house and in the park with the DC, so wearing leggings and a denim mini (both maternity, despite DS2 being six months old blush) with a new chunky jumper from H&M.

I did, however, find time to Veet my nethers and paint my nails, so all is not lost...

I'm failing today. Woke up late, covered in blood - lovely. Have horrible heavy, painful period and a hormonal headache. I've had a bath (necessity rather than pampering) and have shoved a load of vege and some quorn mince in the slowcooker, to make a healthyish shepherd's pie for tea. And that's it. Am wearing faded skinnies with a hot water bottle shoved down them and v old baggy men's cashmere jumper.


Well done to all you lovely looking people. I'll start again tomorrow - don't intend to leave the house or see anybody other than dp and the dds today.

I'm also failing today Remus, woke up covered in snot. Am slumming it in comfy jeans, a big baggy jumper, a pile of tissues and a mug of lemsip. Will also resume making an effort tomorrow.

DrRanj Tue 01-Jan-13 15:33:28


heyelp Tue 01-Jan-13 15:38:02

Got 3 resolutions

1. Teeth whitened
2. Front teeth straightened
3. Eye laser surgery so can get rid of my glasses/contact lenses


I'm wondering though, in my bleary state, what I should aim to achieve this year - I think I'd like to drop a dress size (by no specific deadline), wear some of the bits and bobs I hang up i the wardrobe (rather than always going for tee-shirts stuffed into drawers), and maybe get some new make up. I currently have three lipsticks, a small pot of foundation, one nice nail varnish, and a very old mascara. Any suggestions welcome.

I might also try to wear a skirt more often this year, and cut my hair shorter. Am unsure whether to dye my grey hair as I'm not organised enough to cover the roots regularly enough (and actually I don't mind the grey too much).

Good resolutions heyelp. I know three people who've had the laser eye surgery and have been chuffed to bits with it.

heyelp Tue 01-Jan-13 15:55:56

Oh Jammy Splodger do you know where they had it done? That is the only thing holding me back slightly. I need recommendations. I saw an article about Vision Express and was going to pop in....

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 15:56:52

jammy, if you want make up, try cheapsmells and fragrance direct as well as boots no7 (esp when they have the voucher offers on)

I am exhausted. I have cleaned the house from top to bottom and my dad will be here in 2hrs. time to have a wash and sort myself out, I need to stay on top of this.

heyelp Tue 01-Jan-13 16:01:00

And Jammy make up tips....

1. Benefit Hoola - cannot live without is a bronzing powder with zero sparkle and basically matts the shine and give somes sun kissed colour. Tap the brush first so you just sweep a bit over your foundation.
2. Mac lip glosses. Yum. Have the Love Alert red one. Go for it! Colours like red and pink as a lip gloss are so much more fun and younger than mid pink blur....
3. Urban Decay glitter eyeliner - just a touch of sparkle - I have both silver and gold
4. Somebody did smokey eyes on me recently and I now try and do it when going out. Such fun. Got an Urban Decay Smokey Eye set that has a book with detailed instructions

Fun fun fun!

I'm not sure where they went heyelp but can ask, though I know at least two of them are on holidays at the moment. You could start a thread on it though - there must be plenty of other MNetters who've had it done.

Thanks Trampy, I'll get myself down to Boots sometime. There's one next door to a Next Clearence place so I might kill two birds with one stone.

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 16:04:03

oh, I love next clearance. Ive bought some fab stuff from the one in brum. a rug that was £75 for £8, clothes, shoes... lush. I need a new make up case, mines all over the dressing table.

Those so sound fun heyelp, I don't think I've ever owned bronzing powder, where exactly does that just get lightly brushed (cheeks, anywhere shiny)? And eyeliner right, is that just 'drawn on' along the lower eyelashes?

(daft questions but please bear in mind I grew up round lots of boys and have never seen my mum wear lipstick ever, so not very good at this)

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 16:25:38

youtube has some great tutorials, you will be better off with softer colours til you get used to it. or visit a make up counter (benefit are good) and ask for a tutorial. I use bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and my tzone. just lightly wherever the sun would naturally catch me.

heyelp Tue 01-Jan-13 16:57:22

I brush the Benefit Hoola very lightly all over as my daily powder. Note it is light! But also like trampy's idea of zoning it. It is such fun to get into make up - but do have some tutorials! That makes it even more fun IMO

heyelp Tue 01-Jan-13 17:00:18

Oh the glitter eyeliner I put on the top lid in a very fine line right next to my lashes. Not on the bottom lashes. I wear it with black mascara and nothing else. Just jazzes you up for the evening and will make you sparkle. Urban Decay has lots of colours - gold, silver, translucent, and all colours. It is not shiny eyeliner - it is literally glitter!

MmeLindorNOTYET40 Tue 01-Jan-13 17:09:53

Am coming back to this later but wanted to report that I bought the BB stuff and some nail polish.

Didn't posh up too much today cause we were out walking but will give my wardrobe a good sort out next week.

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 17:10:57

hey, I'm not a huge eyeliner fan (I have large round eyes that can go from doe to scary doll-woman v quickly) but I like no7's soft brown with a blender. I use it mainly in the corners and soften it. but I have a glittery one that I like for nights out.

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 17:11:29

oooh, what nailpolish?

spottymoo Tue 01-Jan-13 17:59:24

Didn't get up till 10.30 today so was late getting sorted.
Skinny jeans olive cashmere jumper and black riding boots today did my hair.
Applied foundation although I think it's the wrong one for my skin as on close inspection it looked quite heavy so going to look at the BB cream can anyone recommend a mid price range one please.

I'd also like a new winter coat although I have two I'd quite like a navy duffle coat for walks out into town but may wait for next winter for that.

Next purchase needs to be tops and new jeans as I'm rather low after havin a clear out

spottymoo Tue 01-Jan-13 18:00:17

Food wise today terrible but ill be starting ww once the kids are back at school

TrampyPants Tue 01-Jan-13 18:28:12

spotty, the no7 one. seriously, its the best I've used. no spots and good coverage.

Thanks, I'll look up some tutorials / maybe ask some mates who look like they know what they're doing (though quite chuffed I know what the T zone means smile )

Will also see if I can get some friends together for a night out, sometime when it would suit to glam up a bit, more than just on the windswept school run.

My other new year's resolution is to finish decorating the bathroom and our room, so will sort out some necklace pegs and somewhere near the hairdryer to leave some make up - DH got me some perfume for Christmas (plus a book on curry, yum) and it helps if that's right by the hairdryer, I actually use it most days.

Food-wise, so far all I've eaten = 2 slices of wholemeal toast and an orange. Healthy-ish tea is nearly ready. Hair is still grey and hair dye is still sitting on the shelf. Have done naff all today, apart from keep re-filling the hot water bottle!

Going out tomorrow, so will do better. I've bought a new warm and waterproof parka thing but will wear it with heeled ankle boots and a nice scarf!

Oh and another vote for Urban Decay eyeliners but I like the plainer ones. smile

qo Tue 01-Jan-13 19:07:15

I've just been considering this myself.

I used to take a real pride in my appearance until i got called "a vain dog" and then I just stopped. I dont wear make up anymore or bother with my hair (which is a wild, coarse, frizzy unruly mess)I havent even shaved my legs in as long as I can remember. I don't feel good about myself at all.

I get paid on Friday and I'm going to book a hair appointment

qo Tue 01-Jan-13 19:07:43

ooops posted too soon - I haven't had a hair cut in over a year and it's definitely my worst feature

Hello can I join you? I'm starting to look my age and I don't like it sad

I've already booked to have my long unstyled hair cut on Saturday and I've been shopping online and ordered some dresses for day time (sick of jeans) and a swimsuit. Its time to get fit and smarter up smile

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Tue 01-Jan-13 19:22:11

That's another thing I need to do, get a decent haircut. It was September the last time I had it done, my hair is a mid length, layered bob and it could really do with a good trim, it's grown loads and looks straggly now.

VerySmallSqueak Tue 01-Jan-13 19:30:56

heyelp I had laser surgery with Vision Express several years ago - it was very straightforward and I was really pleased with the results.
Bide your time and ask as many people as possible about their experiences

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 01-Jan-13 19:35:34

wow, everyone seems to have made a fabulous start. I'm off to work shortly, in short navy dress (forcing me to shave legs!) and lovely navy heels. Make up will be on, and hair straightened. No time to shred this morning (yet funnily enough have time to mnet!)

YouCanCallMeBetty Tue 01-Jan-13 21:17:02

Whoever was asking about BB cream - I use this one and love it. I found the Garnier and Maybelline BB creams made me a bit orange and shiny, and this one doesn't at all. It looks a bit grey when you squeeze it out, but blends really well, has good coverage and lasts all day.

Anyway, have had a hot bath and done a hair treatment, and now on the sofa with a few Christmas chocs (just to get rid of them, you understand).

soggycrockonboosh Tue 01-Jan-13 21:38:32

Hell yeah, I'm in. I am going to book appt with hairdresser and beautician. I want glossy hair and immaculate eyebrows and nice nails. I am going to drink a 2 litre bottle of water a day and eat much healthier to have a better complection. I may even join a gym to tone up and get rid of this spare tyre I have around my waist.

PeppaPrig Tue 01-Jan-13 21:49:34

Great blog, minimum. I've stuck to your daily routine today, and for my 'extra' mission, used Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

Been good today - maintenance, clothes, exercise, make up - but CBA to do it all again tomorrow grin.

mrscog Tue 01-Jan-13 22:07:50

Failed today - wore PJ's until 3pm as I was doing a spring clean - however got dressed and washed hair ready for tomorrow. Had fish pie for dinner and a glass of champagne from last night so that's at least healthy. Going to get a pint of water before bed now as all I've had today is 3 cups of tea!

spottymoo Tue 01-Jan-13 22:17:03

Thank you for the bbc recommendations ill do some research and purchase this weekend

Tomorrow is taking the tree down and a general tidy up so will be home all day but still going to do my hair and moisturise

Going to do a search for tips and jeans tomorrow as well ideally tops I can layer so their take me into spring smile

AuntPittypat Tue 01-Jan-13 22:22:14

Can I join you all too? I manage to get myself looking vaguely presentable for work (3 days a week) but on my non-work days I'm embarrassed at how I let myself leave the house! No make-up, hair just lankly hanging there and scruffy, 'comfortable' clothes. No excuse except laziness really. Need a kick up the backside!

Tigerstripes Tue 01-Jan-13 22:22:20

Today I've shaved legs and moisturised. Yesterday I went to Oxford street and made an effort with my outfit: grey hunter wellies, short black skirt, orange leather biker jacket with really long Woolley grey scarf.

Tomorrow I'm buying hair dye to cover the greys at my roots. I need to drink more water as well.

Shaky Tue 01-Jan-13 23:27:27

AuntPitttpat I know exactly what you mean, you sound just like me. I always feel that, if nobody important is going to see me, there is no point. Somehow, I forget that the most important people in my life, (ds and dp) ARE the most precious things in my life

Morning all!

Yesterday went well for me. Dressed well in skinniest jeans (which finally did up after ibs bloat went) and long length striped Tshirt. That lasted till about 3.30 when we had a DVD session so I put my trackies on. blush

What do you wear to be comfy and stylish while snuggling with the sc watching telly?

Today is back to normal so food shop in am and entertaining dc in pm. BUT my IBS is back again and I had bugger all sleep due to dd being awake and dh snoring. So today will be a comfy sweatshirt and slightly too big jeans day, and the trackers will probably reappear by lunch time unless my tummy shrinks dramatically again. Which it will when I feel better but that's unlikely to be soon. sad

I will be eating healthily today tho - no treats unless I have had something healthy/ water first.
Oh an I will be digging out my eye cream to see if I can stop looking so tired!

So last night, I washed my hair AND blow dried it. Did my nails - nothing fancy just a bit of hand cream, a quick shape with the emery board and a couple of coats of Sally Hansens nail hardener. Got my clothes out for tomorrow so no dressing in the dark.

Alarm went off at 5.30 this morning, first day back at work. I did hit the snooze button twice but still did my cleansing and put some make up on.

I was going to start drinking more water but that might be a bit much for this week. I'll add that in next weekgrin.

PeppaPrig - I used that elemis papaya peel for the first time this week. Was concerned that it would be too harsh for my skin but was actually quite nice and fairly gentle.

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 02-Jan-13 08:25:45

felt prettier all day today...thanks for the motivation! tis boiling here so have also drunk loads of water (and slightly too much coffee, cutting out caffeine is way down the list!). shred tonight and keeping my nose out of the leftover treats.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 08:29:02

Fab work!! Today we are going out for mils birthday lunch so I have put on make up and primer (used a free sample of clarins foundation, might have to bite the bullet and buy some - its fab) eyeline, mascara and am wearing sheer blouse, green skinny jeans, grey ankle boots (with heel) and my new burgundy suede biker jacket.

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 02-Jan-13 08:30:44

sounds like a super outfit trampy

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Wed 02-Jan-13 08:33:44

Today I have put my hair up in a butterfly clip and even found my hairspray to help keep it together. I also finally got round to sewing the missing button on my favourite work jumper so I feel less dragged through a hedge backwards today. Hopefully can pick up my order from boots today!

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 08:53:48

Sweetie, thank you, I feel really pulled together and "finished" iykwim?

Stickem, fingers crossed. What have you ordered?

YouCanCallMeBetty Wed 02-Jan-13 09:20:35

Sounds great Trampy - where's your biker jacket from?

I'm wearing olive green Uniqlo skinny cords and a gold slightly sparkly knitted top from Oasis - old but haven't worn it for ages. DS1 (3) said 'is that a new jumper Mummy? It's got pretty stars in it!' Ahh...

And wearing my hair down instead of chucked up in its usual messy bun.

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 02-Jan-13 10:03:36

all sounds lovely, I have winter clothes envy! where I live we have no real seasons just hot summer and cold summer.

have just pulled out my outfit for tomorrow, silky black and beige spotty dress with beige high heels. hair needs to be done nicely again as I think that makes the biggest difference, and make up is primer, hoola powder, blush and highlighter and dark brown lipstick. Miraculously my lash and brow christmas job is still in place so that makes it a bit easier. Now what I REALLY need to stop stuffing about and do the shred before it gets too late and I start making excuses. Must also book hair cut, was fantasising earlier about a lovely short elfin cut....but in reality I am far too fat for such things and I would look even more mumsy than i do now if such a thing were indeed possible

lunar1 Wed 02-Jan-13 10:15:07

I have make up on, I blow-dried my hair and yesterday I was under my calories on MFP! I even made sure I am in matching clothes and bagshock

Trampy your outfit sounds amazing- really not trampypants at all!
Stickem well done on sewing on the button, I've got lots of clothes like that which I need to attend to.

Today I'm wearing a faux wrap grey skater dress and black leggings and spotty slippers I need to tame my fringe and hair, put my face on and grab a scarf- maybe in dove grey.

Can anyone offer any advice here please?
I'm looking for some smart/casual trousers in a 34/35" inside leg, I am very chunky of thigh and I struggle to find nice stuff that fits.
Ideally it won't be too expensive as Im aiming on losing weight but for a pair of half decently fitting trousers id pay a lot smile

Hope everyone has a stylish day.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 11:10:09

Aw, thank you. I must admit, I feel really nice. Not inadequate and frumpy like usual grin the jacket was in the h&m sale, £30 to £15 and with codes down to £10, result!

Sweetie, that dress sounds lovely.

Lunar, we'll done!

Wewere, that sounds really nice too, I will have alook for trousers. Any particular shape? How do you like tapered/slim leg?

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 11:17:02
Panickingpanicking Wed 02-Jan-13 11:22:47

I'm in.

I am 37 years old and I am a scruff bag.

That jacket is lovely Trampy. It looks really versatile and I love the colour!

I'm normally in skinnies and leggings but I'll give any shape a whirl. Thank you for looking!

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Wed 02-Jan-13 12:04:52

I'm in. I got some good advice here over the summer about clothes after I'd lost weight, so my wardrobe's not too bad. I had my hair coloured before Christmas, it's a really great red but I look completely washed out. I now need to learn about makeup! I'll try one of the BB creams I think.

Nice jacket, Trampy.

I'm feeling much better today. Hair is washed and dried (but in a pony tail) and I've got make up on. Am dressed fairly casually in skinnies and a jumper but will put heeled ankle boots and nice new scarf on to go out for lunch later. It's raining (again - WHY did I have to be unwell yesterday, on the one nice day we've had?!) so I will put a sensible coat on instead of my biker jacket - but at least it is a new and fairly smart sensible coat!

I'm doing well at remembering to put handcream on - my hands are those of a crone lately.

Talisin Wed 02-Jan-13 12:44:42

Oh I got that jacket as well, Trampy, but in tan (I lusted after the burgundy one but none left in my size). It is lovely smile

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Wed 02-Jan-13 13:33:59

Nice jacket, Trampy smile

Panicking - 37 year old scruff bag? That's me too! smile

I don't even want to describe my outfit today, but it's trousers and a jumper. It's OK. Not one of my worst days.

I've started using face wash and toner again after Christmas when I didn't bother.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 14:57:02

Thanks all, got compliments at lunch too, which was nice. Although joints are really bad now (on train home) so I'll be in me pj's by 5!

The problem with dyeing your hair is that you need to tweak make up too, don't you? When I went from brunette back to my natural red I had to change all my make up around.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 14:59:33

Oh, and did my nails on the train. It saved me time at home. Used leightonb denny supermodel (a fab neutral mid brown) and used essie good to go topcoat. Made it touch dry in seconds. Now they feel really solid.

Tigerstripes Wed 02-Jan-13 16:51:23

I'm liking the sound of this primer that you all seem to wear. I don't like wearing foundation in the day as i find it too heavy so have been wearing BB cream but might branch out to primer as well/instead. Can anyone recommend a certain brand?

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 18:07:33

I love benefit pore-fressional. I had a free sample and its brilliant. Nivea do a nice one too and smashbox photo luminizer is also good, but the benefit is a fab allrounder imo.

mrscog Wed 02-Jan-13 18:44:05

Right, met my friend for lunch today - wore new jumper I got for Christmas (rather than thinking ooh better save this for best), and did my hair and make up before I went. Felt great! Also still have nails done from weekend so that helped too.

MrsPennyapple Wed 02-Jan-13 18:46:42

Hello all, I went into town shopping today so dressed in black cords and a long cowl-neck black jumper, left my hair down (even though it was a bit fuzzy and rubbish), and put eye liner, a tiny bit of shadow and mascara on. I was driving so wore my flat trainers, meant to take my boots to change but forgot. Oh well, the trainers look ok, not ideal but at least my socks weren't showing.

I was looking for some very natural-looking eye shadow but didn't see anything appropriate. Any recommendations?

I'm zero make-up today (my normal state) and probably will be tomorrow as we'll be out tramping across the moors, but ... I did get round to cutting my hair!

Did the MN haircut, but still leaving the layers very long, then tied it at the back then ta the front and took about 3 inches off. And did my fringe. I'm starting to get quite good at it now smile

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:01:05

Mrscog, misspennyapple, they both sound great. It really does make a difference to how you feel, doesn't it? I'm currently browsing cheapsmells for things to treat myself to.

Misspenny, Avon have a really nice one. So do MUA. My favorite is revlon white whisper colourways. It's matte and just light enough to brighten the eyes. And no7 stay perfect eye mousse in vanilla. It's more shimmery.

I need a good mascara if anyone can help me. Preferably clear or non-flake.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:02:19

Jammy, were you scared?

Bit nervous the first time but it was still long enough to disguise it if I made it too wonky.

And with my fringe I just decided hairdressers never quite did it right - it has a great kink in it (especially if I don't blow dry it or get caught in the rain) and if the centre is cut at a modern trendy angle, my grey streak sticks up and shouts 'look at me!' It took a bit longer to get right but I think I'm happy with it now.

I like that jacket by the way!

Ooh Jammy, what's the Mn haircut?

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Wed 02-Jan-13 19:14:46

I tried the mumsnet haircut once. It did not work. I had to pretend I'd let a "trainee-hairdresser relative" practice on me when I went to the hairdresser to get it fixed. blush

I have my boots order! I got a moisturiser (garnier youthful radiance day and night as they were buy one get one free), mascara although having tried it out I'm wondering if I just need some eyelash curlers instead as my eyelashes are long as they are. I also got a decent lipstick, which I think is actually very similar in colour to one my mum used to wear confused maybe that's why I was drawn to it? I'm starting with lipstick, mascara and moisturiser as I don't wear any make up or do anything with my skin (other than wash it) and need to build up my confidence with a little make up before experimenting a bit more.

I'll go and see if I can find a link somewhere. It can go wrong, especially if you cut it too short - I do it so my shortest layer is chin height, and tend not to tie it right at the crown. Off to look...

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:36:46

There's a magical halfhour when your fringe is the perfect length, isn't there? And thanks

Stickem, that all sounds perfect, I am such a cheapskate, I like playing with make up though. Working out what looks right.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 02-Jan-13 19:37:37

Can I join in? I'm guilty of having a 'uniform' for work of black trousers and a top - would really like to be a bit braver and try different things. Hopefully should be getting a bonus from work in March so planning to go to John Lewis for a personal shopping appointment to try some new things.
I've also got quite a lot of skin care products but am lazy at using them - they're never going to work if they're sitting in the cupboard!

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:50:13
feekerry Wed 02-Jan-13 19:51:37

Right. First day back at work following year mat leave is complete. I think i did okay appearance wise tho by 3pm i was flagging and looked it tbh.
Think i made mistake of going for full on made up face which looked great at first but difficult to maintain all day.
Also, had a typical scruffy me moment when put white trainer socks on with pump shoes. Total fail as looked like an idiot all day.
Off tomorrow so time to recharge battery.

How often do you change your nail colour or style?? I was thinking new colour every 2/3 days?? What do u think.

Also happy to report made it out door with me and dd all dressed by 7.50am.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:52:13

Always, welcome! We will help you shift your rut. grin

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 19:54:59

Fee, well done. You must be shattered. Next time try a bit simpler, use cheek and lip tint too, the Site is just linked to has some for 50p, holds up better than blusher and just looks a big fresher. When are you back?

Thanks Jammy will have a look, but seems too scary for me grin

Yay Fee well done! Id just go for a basic primer/concealer/blush or tint/lips/mascara, it should last well throughout the day.

AuntPittypat Wed 02-Jan-13 20:29:52

You lot all seem to be doing really well! I.... well, I managed to put on some mascara today.... Oh, and I put on some body lotion after my shower (winter always makes my skin so dry). And that was about it. Still, that's two things more than I usually do on my non-work days so it's a start! And I'm going to check out some BB cream next time I'm in Boots.

Love that jacket Trampy. If I see anyone wearing it now I'll assume they're a MN'er who's followed your link on this thread!

Ooh can I join please? Im 31 this year and dont think I take as much care over my appearance as I really could. Just a short message from me as my laptop battery is about to go blush so I'll see you all in the morning! grin

AuntPittypat Wed 02-Jan-13 20:35:01

I always feel that, if nobody important is going to see me, there is no point. Somehow, I forget that the most important people in my life, (ds and dp) ARE the most precious things in my life

shaky, I could have written these exact words. I feel terrible that I don't think it's worth making any effort for DP most days. I don't think DD cares yet - she's only 15 months! - but I hate the thought of being an embarrassment 'frump' of a mum when she's older.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 20:39:33

Aunt, little steps. It's fab that you put on mascara and lotion,it would've been easy to just skip it. And thanks grin I bought it from dh as my Xmas pressie. It's surprisingly warm

Guy, and anyone else I forgot, welcome to our little group. I was thinking of names, is "Grungey to Gorgeous - The New Year Cheerleaders" cheesy?

AlwaysReadyForABlether Wed 02-Jan-13 21:19:21

Back to work tomorrow after New Year break so I have properly cleansed and put on night cream, eye cream and lash serum. Have brushed teeth and flossed and put on foot cream, cuticle oil and hand cream. Not sure I'll manage all that every night!
Planning to get up a bit early tomorrow and do Shred for first time - eek!
Clothes overhaul will have to wait a couple of months so will focus on beauty routine just now. Hopefully I will have lost a bot of weight by then too.

TrampyPants Wed 02-Jan-13 21:30:38

I'm impressed! And that sounds like a really good plan. What type of look are you aiming for? I have realised that skater style skirts don't suit me, nor do bootcut jeans, so pencil skirts and skinnier for me.

MrsPennyapple Wed 02-Jan-13 22:35:53

Thanks for the recommendations, Trampy. I did feel better being out and knowling I looked ok, if not brilliant. Normally if I go into town I'd do my best to avoid bumping into anyone from my former workplace, as I feel like they'd be thinking "wow, she looks a state." It's a small town, you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know, so it's quite nice to be able to hold my head up.

So then, body lotion. Do you guys use it? I never, ever do. It always comes in gift sets and gets shoved in a drawer. It just seems like a lot of work. A body is a lot of area to cover, and I'm not sure what it's supposed to do. My skin seems ok without it, so I'm not sure whether I need it or not.

What do you guys use to get the hard skin off your feet? I use a teracotta pumice thing form the body shop when I have a shower, which helps a bit, but I'm wondering if there's any magic cream that just dissolves it away?

Flexitol foot cream is excellent (as, indeed, is their hand cream).

Body lotion - I don't get on terribly well with it and the ones that come in gift sets are usually too highly scented for me and make my skin sting (I'm talking to YOU Clarins!). I do like the Aveeno ones in winter though, when the skin on my lower legs gets horribly dry.

Lavenderhoney Thu 03-Jan-13 04:40:32

I'm joining! I was looking for a hobby for the new year and mine is going to be me! Grooming, exercise..My body is a temple ( of doom) as my old boss used to say.
I need to have a regime of grooming, and I plan to make myself a timetable as I will forget. I need to do it to make time for Pilates as well and I didn't think of hula hooping, dd has one so I will get it out later and see. Does it work? I have never hula hoopedsmile

I have never had a routine it's always been firefighting and because I am going somewhere special. It would be nice to look nice and smell fragrantly of summer meadows- and I would like dd and ds to think about taking care of themselves so it's a normal thing for them, not be like me and have to remember!

It's all about routine and planning isn't it? We should remember as well, that it takes something like 60 days for things to become habits. I headed to bed last night, dog tired. The last thing i really wanted to do was skin routine and clothes for work but I did both because I thought that if I don't do it once then it becomes easier not to do it again.

I hit the snooze button three times this morning blush but because I'd prepared the night before, I was still out of the house on time and looking fairly pulled together. I hadn't done my make up but when I embarked on this a the beginning of the week, I sorted through my makeup and made up a bag to keep in my desk drawer. So I'm not at work, make-up is on. In the past, I would have dragged myself out of bed, thrown on whatever was nearest to hand and pulled a hairbrush through my hair.

I'll never be a high maintenance glamour puss but there's a fine line between low maintenance and no maintenance.

trampy pants Jeggings are my new wardrobe discovery. I admit to being jegginist in the past and swearing I would never wear them but I bought a pair before Christmas, teamed with a fab jumper dress. Loved it so much just been out and bought a brown pair - need to find a slouchy jumper or dress to go with though.....

Morning all and thanks for the welcome smile Im enjoying reading this thread and picking up some ideas, its really helping.

Well Im one who washes their hair in the evening, I then find it more managable in the morning even if Im only going to pull it back into a ponytail! I try and moisturise my body after a bath/shower in the evening but I dont do it all the time.... Brrr I really dont want to be slathering on cold cream but once its sank in you do feel nice. I also only do this in the evening so I dont have to worry about sticky clothes etc

I may actually write a bit of a list for bits to do in the evenings - nails, eyebrows, the odd facemask, otherwise Id forget some things blush

Today Im in my straight leg levis (though I roll the bottoms up a bit), long black vest, thin stripey loose jumper, and currently with a bigger cardy over the top! Doesnt sound great but my house is cold! My hair is in a ponytail, and I have makeup on. My eyebrows are tidy. Will go and brush and floss after posting this.

Couple of things I need help with - footwear - I walk everywhere and so in the warmer weather I wear flats and Im happy with this. Its this time of year that gets me - when the weather is really crappy I wear rocket dog 'nokout' leather boots over skinnies, or the ones that are more like ugg stylee. I have a pair of french connection 'paddy' boots and Id like to wear them more but because the top of the boot is quite wide Im not sure if I look stupid blush Dh says I dont but what does he know grin Also I wont wear leggings with them because I dont think they work. So I really need a good pair of flat ankle boots...

Also - when I dont roll up my jeans an wear over boots, what would go with them?

Lastly (sorry!) - I have various items of clothing, but they dont get worn because I dont think I have the items I need to pull them together. Could anyone help with suggesting a few basic items needed? If we get a list going then I can take some notes and plan some shopping around it. Im really fed up having a drawer full of coloured skinny jeans but not wearing them because I really dont know what to put over the top!

Sorry for epic post, any ideas much appreciated smile

Well I've made an effort suitable for a playbarn (have scrapped the moors today). Have put on moisturiser, blow dried my hair nice (still happy with it from yesterday's cut) and am off to find a bit of foundation and mascara. Might leave it there though, I think I'm possibly a lipstick for work and parties only kind of girl, at least for now. Got a nice jumper out of the wardrobe though!

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 03-Jan-13 09:31:00

wow, fantastic everyone. Am so motivated by this thread. Re: Dry skin on feet I think the flexitol is good, but also so is rubbing lemon juice on your feet before pumicing. (Is pumicing a word?!), somebody told me that wearing vaseline + bed socks all nmight is a good softener, but presumably not if you are planning on having sex.

Yet again felt better today....water + vitamin pills helped as well as just feeling more put together. All the hairdressers I rang seemed to still be on holiday ... sigh (first world problems !) but I will book an appointment asap.

Like others I think trying to build a routine will help so Inspired to lift out tomorrow's dress, bright yellow and short sixties cut with a big grey flower print. Going with neutral shoes but think I should try and pick up some grey heels next time I visit the smoke. DH and I are off for a city break at the end of the month so hopfully will be able to squeeze in a couple of hours shopping then.

I know its probably a different thread entirely, but any perfume advice? I am currently using Liz Earle no15 which I LOVE but I picked it up last time I was in the UK so was wondering if anyone had any tips for something that is more widely available. but has that same sort of earthiness

time for the shred....

and thanks again all

Good morning everyone! Well today is going to be one for going to the park next to the beach as it's supposed to be dry- I am wearing a Joules navy and cream wrap dress and I've probably done a wrong 'un with it but hey ho.

I'm teaming it with black cable knit tights and my only pair of boots blush I need at least one other pair I think, so any recommendations welcome!

NoThankYouToSideSalad Thu 03-Jan-13 09:51:16

Wow! Everyone is doing really well!! smile I'm going to try and make more of an effort to wear dresses this year so I have ordered a selection of slim fitting tunic dresses from Hobbs and one from Karen Millen. I'm short (5 foot) and slim, but "well-endowed" (32E), so it's tricky to find dresses that fit and/or don't make me look pregnant or dowdy. I bought a pair of pied-à-terre shoe-boots in the JL sale to go with the dresses, but the heel is much higher than I am used to. I'm thinking of returning them, but wondering whether I am just playing it safe. Hmmm, maybe it's time to channel my inner Kat Slater....grin

CarpeJugulum Thu 03-Jan-13 10:13:44

Well, I've done my WAH job in my PJ's so that I don't have to rush anything, DH has taken DS out, and I'm planning a loooooong shower with a razor and hairy legs blush

I'm about to sort the washing, stick a load in and feel good in luxury; I'm almost at the end of using up all my old crap (the stuff that you buy on a BOGOF and then grow to hate!), but I'm going to dig out a nice shower gel (and then stick it away so DH doesn't use it accidentally!) to pamper myself.

So, washing, facepack and chill with a book, then shower, then relax some more. It's a hard life! wink

Mockingcurl Thu 03-Jan-13 11:37:38

Mrs Penny, the only body lotion that is worth bothering with,IMHO, is Palmers cocoa butter. Cheap as chips and is fantastic even on my Sahara like skin.

minimumthebare Thu 03-Jan-13 12:04:51

Thanks PeppaPrig (great name!) For anyone looking for a tip to keep on top of haircuts this year, I've just blogged about my genius idea here

Today I'm wearing a silk top from Pepperberry, fitted black cardi, black trousers and a pair of patent Fitflop ballet shoe wedges. I feel smart, but a bit boring-I'd like to start adding a bit more colour into my clothes, but have no idea where to start!

minimumthebare Thu 03-Jan-13 12:08:53

I'm also going to throw away all my old canvas shoes with holes in the bottom-if they're in the bin, I can't be tempted to wear them even just to nip to the shops blush

Alaska77 Thu 03-Jan-13 12:49:13

Hi Everyone, please can I join? I've read all the previous posts with interest and can identify with all of you! I'm soon-to-be 36 and I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes but always reach for the leggings. Not that there's anything wrong with leggings, of course, but when they're covered in cat hair and going baggy they leave a lot to be desired! DS is 3 now so no excuses for not having time to pull myself together. I start a new job in a month so it's a good time to start focusing on me a bit more.

Current outfit consists of black leggings (of course), black polo neck, grey batwing jumper and biker boots. Not bad but I can do better. Hair is brushed but not styled. BB cream and mascara on.

I'm going to start with daily body moisturising, looking after my nails and drinking lots of water!

Oh, and when the Hush sales starts online I'm going to buy some fabulous loungewear so that even when I'm doing the housework or being climbed on by DS or sprawled out on the floor playing trains I still look lovely grin

Lavenderhoney Thu 03-Jan-13 13:49:47

Sorted my make up, accessories, hair stuff, so it's all neat and tidy and easy to see. Hung all costume jewellery up in wardrobe, put away nicely all valuable jewellery. All has to be out of reach of dcsmile

Chucked out all manky shoes. Tidied shoe cupboard, cleaned and sprayed all the shoes. Even dh's.

Bought new handbag. Bought little bags to go in it so hand cream and handgel doesn't grunge over it. I will not put snacks and beakers in it. I have promised myselfsmile

Unfortunately df left to themselves have trashed the lounge in a wild game of spaceships.

Have to do closet tomorrow.

YouCanCallMeBetty Thu 03-Jan-13 15:58:20

Feeling far from fabulous today - water softener has broken so my scalp is all itchy and scaly. Slathered it in olive oil last night so look like a greaseball. Going to try washing it in bottled water later.

Just leggings, dress and my Nike Blazer high-tops today, which don't really fit with the fabulous new me and I'm probably about 20 years too old for but I love! At nursery pick-up the teenage nursery nurse said 'OMG your trainers are well funky!' grin

Hi all. Body lotion and handcream on; make up on; nail varnish on - hair still not dyed. I'm dressed reasonably well - just a jumper dress, opaques and biker jacket which was fine for a mooch around town. I bought some khaki skinnies from Topshop and was amazed that even having eaten like a seagull all though December, I still fit into a TS size 12! Hope to lose the half a stone I put back on v soon - will go for a run either tonight or tomorrow.

I looked EVERYWHERE for some long sleeve tops and a plain black jumper though and failed totally. I just want decent quality long body long sleeved striped tops and a black cowl neck three quarter or short sleeved jumper. Nothing. sad

TrampyPants Thu 03-Jan-13 16:06:09

Am also non-fab today. Arthritis is shockingly bad and hips are swollen so can't walk. Will do a proper post later (managed to do eyebrows though and a mask) but well done to everyone!

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Thu 03-Jan-13 16:27:42

I've been avoiding this thread today because I am totally letting the side down - wearing yesterday's clothes, no shower, nothing blush

I was awake half the night with DD3 and could not get going this morning.

Sorry you're feeling rubbish, Trampy. Seems like you're doing pretty well anyway.

For me this is a full year project, so as long as I keep doing my Tuplers and continue to eat moderately, I'm OK for January.

Daily showers and changes of clothes will be reinstated forthwith grin

Alaska77 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:55:49

Sorry Trampy and Sleigh that you're feeling rubbish. Onwards and upwards, here's to a more positive tomorrow.

Well done Lavender, sounds like you've really made a great start. You've inspired me to do the same! DH is out for a curry tonight so I may tackle my make-up and wardrobe!

Karbea Thu 03-Jan-13 17:13:00


I've not been very good sad

I haven't done any exercise, I'm eating leftover crisps and chocs but! I have tidied my wardrobe, clothes cupboards and shoes.

I reckon I'll be good to start exercise/healthy eating on Monday when DH goes back to work :-S

I did wear makeup and put my hair in a platt today. So a little bit of effort...

I went out, looked and felt good then got pooed on by a poxy pigeon. angrygrin Did a good half hours fast walking down the big hill to town and then to the seafront and ran round the park with DC's, it does count as exercise, doesn't it?

I must sort my monobrow eyebrows tonight and repaint my nails.

whiteandyelloworchid Thu 03-Jan-13 17:40:54

hi, i would liek to join, in fact i was thinking of posting exactley this, when i make an effort with doing my hair and wearing something nice, i do feel \ bit better, i also feel a bit guilty that looks shoule be important to me or others, but then again, people do judge and it effects how others are towards you, when you look good, people tend to be nicer and friendlier towards you

although must admit, i can be a terrible slob.

i swing from wearing sruffy baggy clothes, hair scrapped back, no make up

to bit of make up, hair done, nice clothes

i also want to start making more effort with my skin, but i'm not really starting until next week, when its back to school

Roasted pigeon for dinner tonight then, WeWere? Horrible creature.

Hope all those not feeling great today feel better tomorrow.

SO - what can I wear with my new jeans tomorrow, since I failed to buy a jumper?

MrsPennyapple Thu 03-Jan-13 18:33:45

Sorry you're having a hurty day, Trampy

Not looking great here either, also in yesterday's clothes, but with hair roughly tied back and no make up. (FWIW I don't feel the need to wash clothes after a single wear, I know some disagree but that's a thread of it's own right there!)

However, I have got BLOODY LOADS done in the house today, so I don't mind being a bit scruffy.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Thu 03-Jan-13 18:39:36

Quite proud of myself - did actually get up in time to do my Shred DVD before work. Although I was only in my PJs and when she started doing star jumps I realised I really need my sports bra!
Body brushed before my shower and used body lotion afterwards.
Still in work uniform of black trousers and a top. Smart enough but just very boring. Would really like to wear more skirts and dresses and more colours. Have to be smart for work but not necessarily a suit so separates are fine.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 03-Jan-13 18:45:59

Ok confession time. I'm actually terrified of going to the gym this weekend. I am planning on doing a yoga class on Saturday and swimming on either Saturday or Sunday morning. The closer the actual day gets the more terrified I get.

It's not helping that when I went to collect my membership card, dh's ex-gf was working there! Dh and her split up over 7 years ago (before he met me). We were all 16 at the time so I think she was a bit heartbroken about their split but seriously, to hide from me after 7 years? Just to clarify I have never done a thing to this woman, other than date her ex-bf. It's seriously putting me off going, which I can't do as I've already paid for it.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 03-Jan-13 18:48:12

Sorry posted too soon. The other issue scaring me is that I can't remember if I can swim or not. I used to be able to do a couple of lengths front crawl and backstroke but I haven't been swimming since I was about 14 or 15. Do think it's a good idea to go in there (when I pluck up the courage) with the goal of just two lengths. That way anything I do extra is a bonus and the next week I can aim for 3 lengths etc. Do you think that will work?

AuntPittypat Thu 03-Jan-13 19:09:16

Hi all,
Sorry you're having a bad day, Trampy. I'm impressed you still did your eyebrows and the mask!

And sorry about the pidgeon poo, wewere, it is supposed to be good luck though so maybe you should go and buy a lottery ticket tonight...

Stickem, you'll definitely be ok in the pool. I don't think swimming is something you forget. Maybe start with a length of breaststroke though and see how it feels before diving straight into the fast lane! And just ignore DH's ex. After 7 years you'd expect her to have moved on and, if not, well, it's totally her problem and given that she'll be working she'll have to act professionally anyway. Did she act weird when you collected your card?

I made more effort make-up wise today and definitely felt more confident. I hate that it takes make-up for me to feel properly relaxed when chatting to strangers! And, as DD's in bed and DP's not home yet, I'm currently luxuriating in a bath with my usually-reserved-for-special-occasions Jo Malone bath oil, and a Clinique moisturising face mask. It's bliss. (Just hope I don't drop my phone...!)

Hope you all have lovely evenings, and Trampy, hope you feel better tomorrow.

StickEmWithThePointyEnd Thu 03-Jan-13 19:29:51

Yes, I was at the desk talking to a member of staff when she came round a corner and started walking towards the desk. She saw me and literally ducked behind a table! I'm telling myself that she is clearly more put off by us meeting than I am (I'd have been nothing but friendly to her had we spoken).

I don't know if anyone else does this but I feel like I have two public personas; the one I have had to develop as a parent and professionally which is someone who will try anything, be brave, be confident, be assertive. And then I have the persona that is afraid of drawing attention to herself or wearing makeup and wouldn't dream of striking up a conversation with a stranger or walking alone into an exercise class for the first time.

In the role of mum or professional, I can do these things and more no problem, but when I'm just being me, with no ds and no job to do then the "me" part of me is terrified!

XBenedict Thu 03-Jan-13 20:03:01

I'd like to join! I desperately need to take some care of myself, feeling increasingly frumpy and have done for a couple of years now. The children are getting older and so I have a little more time to myself - I can have a bath in peace now!

BUT I need a check list a bit like fly lady for grooming. Which products, what to do, what make up to buy/wear......

What's your lifestyle like, XB? Do you need work clothes? Just casual? Both? Do you go out a lot so need more 'dress up' clothes?

What make up do you want?

I'd start with a foundation, blusher and mascara.

XBenedict Thu 03-Jan-13 20:48:24

I have 3 children (2 at school one pre schooler). I am 42 (almost 43). I have just finished a course and am hoping to get a job/looking for a job once my PIN number is active in Feb and will probably be wearing a uniform (I am a nurse).

Karbea Thu 03-Jan-13 21:04:35

xbenedict tomorrow empty your lingerie drawer on your bed. Wash out the drawer and spray in a squirt of your favourite perfume.

Go through all all your bras and throw away any that don't fit. Do up all the remaining ones at the back and either lay them in the drawer one by one (slightly over lapping) or fold them in so you have one cup showing and put them altogether in the drawer.

Now look at your knickers, throw away the ones you wouldn't wear on a first night of lust with a gorgeous man (think back to the first night with your DH smile ), keep five pairs of black ones (or not so nice ones) for "that" week once a month. Now fold them up and put the in piles of knickers, throngs etc, I also order mine by colour, so it's easier when I get dressed to grab the right ones.

That's your "clean your sink"! smile

I'll do the EuromillionsAuntPittypat and if I win I'll share the cash with group grin.

I think I'm going to have a bath in a moment,my first in 15 months! I have housework to be doing but feeling good in myself is taking the front seat tonight. I just want to relax.

Hope everyone who is feeling unwell feels better soon.

Stickem I understand that! When I worked I was very confident, I was superwoman, yet outside of work, I was the one to shy away from everything and everyone, I tried to blend into the background.

Can I join please, I am currently sat watching celeb bb feeling crap so I am taking inspiration from you lovely ladies and going to give myself a huge kick up the butt. Going to shower shortly will apply a body oil then will sort nails snd straighten hair ready for tomorrow.
I'm at work tomorrow but when I finish I will go to boots and invest in this bb cream of which you all speak of.

Loving the underwear advice. smile

XB - I am exactly the same age as you (43 in Feb).

This is what I currently mostly use for casual wear (but I work full time, so need less than you probably would want) -

3 pairs skinnies - one indigo, one black, one khaki (have grey too but they are not perfect, so don't get worn much)
one pair black ankle boots, low heeled
one pair tan ankle boots, higher heeled
one biker jacket
one grey jumper
one black jumper
one red jumper
two jersey dresses - one black and khaki / one grey
various tops for layering under the jumpers
one black column maxi skirt
grey peacoat
lots of scarves

I could do with some more t-shirts and at least one more jumper to make it all work better.

whiteandyelloworchid Thu 03-Jan-13 22:48:19

karbea, excellent advice, not sure why but i normally wear white pants when i'm on my period, which is v daft really
but ive never ever thought about that before, i shall get some cheap cotton black ones pronto

ive started tonight,cleared out my hall way and ended up trying on about 5 coats, one is massive and messes my haor up so thats going ot the chairty shop asap

where else shall i satrt next

After I've been through my underwear drawer I'm going to go through my bathroom cabinet.

It's full of crap and testers I've forgotton about, free things I've never used and it's a mess.

I'm sure if I could find my tinted moisuriser, lipstick & mascara on a shelf every morning I'd use them more than scrabbling around in the detritus for them.

whiteandyelloworchid Thu 03-Jan-13 22:54:00

is everyone starting on the underwear draweres first?

That's what I've done, PencilCase. It makes life much easier and also means I'm actually using a product to the end of its life and then replacing, rather than having zillions of things on the go and not really using any of them properly.

I did my underwear drawer today (do it every couple of months) but this time I was even more ruthless than usual. I now need new pants though, as I've thrown so many away. smile

Oh yes, haven't purged my underwear drawer in ages!

Only just remembered the other day, before the kids came along, in our more romantic days, DH and I used to ditch each others past-it underwear. I used to be quite ruthless!

VitoCorleone Thu 03-Jan-13 23:04:35

Hi ladies, mind if i join?

Ive never been very fashionable, i live in tracksuit bottims, trainers and t-shirts, because i just like to be comfortable.

But my new years resolution was to give my life a bit of an overhaul, i want to get organized and make more of an effort with my apperance.

I wear make-up every day, but i never do anything with my hair (its waist length and bleached blonde but i dont get my roots done as often as i should) and the only hairstyle i "do" is down and straightened, i never wear it up, never curl it or anything, it just hangs there.

I dont usually wear nail varnish because once it starts chipping i cant be arsed to re-do.

I used to fake tan all the time as i am incredibally pale and always looked better with a tan, but i just havent bothered with it, got too lazy.

Im completely clueless with clothes, i never know what goes with what, and if it doesnt look good with trainers i give up.

Well this all needs to change! I need to get my arse into gear and take a bit of pride in my apperance!

Getting my roots done on saturday, going to get my tan on and do my nails tomorrow, and i need to start buying clothes and shoes!!

What is pintrest by the way?

Oh god if I had to ditch all the past it, illfitting and unsexy undies id be totally commando under my clothes shock

I need to find some nice undies and a well fitting bra asap!

MrsPennyapple Thu 03-Jan-13 23:25:31

Just checking in to say hi, it's already later than I wanted to be going to bed so I'm about to go now. Just going to jump in the shower first, and who knows, I may even use some body lotion! I may come back to you a changed woman tomorrow. Night all.

So I have showered and applied oil all over, I have a garnier 2in1 cleansing milk and toner I have used, cleaned all chipped nail polish off and got work clothes ready for tomorrow. Having a glass of water and painting nails before bed.
I can see this being expensive you've got me wanting to shop for new knickers as well as bb cream and rosy vaseline so far smile

MrsBonkers Fri 04-Jan-13 01:16:49

I'm in!
I've just started another thread in seach of inspiration too.

How the hell do I get out of the 'I just can't be arsed' mindset????

echt Fri 04-Jan-13 01:45:26

Me too!

As a teacher I have to dress up every day, and do so. It's the weekends that do me in. The urge to slob out is well-nigh irresistible. I'm not a total scruff bag but...

Good things:I've managed to only once in my life break my rule of never wearing trainers unless I was going to/returning from a run. Tick.
I keep my toe nails painted during sandal months, which is a lot in Australia. Tick.

Now I have to work on wearing the nice clothes I have; not all at once, obviously, but bearing comfort in mind, to be presentable around the house. The test is: would I panic if someone rocks up unexpectedly? Hmmm.

For me the big comfort thing is bras. I've gone up a size, bought new bras and feel all the better, but am I on my own here in whipping the damn thing off as soon as I walk in from work?

A concomitant of the good weather is bare arms, so 15 half push-ups a day, every day is needed to hold off the dinner lady's arms. I didn't do them this winter, and it shows.

The knicker drawer beckons for a clear-out having read this

ElectricMonkBelievesInSanta Fri 04-Jan-13 01:58:40

Today was a bit hit-and-miss. The positives were that I wore make-up and dressed well (grey ombre fitted jumper with a-line leather miniskirt, black opaque tights and my black patent 8 hole Dr Martens with new black and silver laces, plus posh watch and lovely black pearls), even though I was only going to B&Q...

As for the negatives: I'm not even close to breaking the scratching-my-poor-itchy-face habit so it's looking a bit sorry for itself, and I need to neaten up my eyebrows. Also, my hairpins etc still haven't arrived, which my parrot is infinitely pleased about as it means that she's still able to groom/burrow through my hair to her heart's content!

chickensarmpit Fri 04-Jan-13 02:03:05

Can i join? smile
I am determined to make myself look better this year, i just need the confidence to do it.

Lavenderhoney Fri 04-Jan-13 03:00:52

I hope those not feeling so good are better and in a lot less pain.
Echt- Is it on too tight? Or is the style of bra? My more lacy ones that dont support very well arent all that comfy. Or I only feel like that if I am not well and dont want anything too tight and annoying me.

I motivate myself by a)glancing a myself in a mirror very early after no sleep with dc and recoiling in horror ( its my Dm!). B) wanting dh and dc to be proud of me and encourage dc to care about their appearance. People do judge on first appearance so C) if you look nice people are nicer to you and you will feel better. D) an interest in clothes and makeup makes you look after yourself better so you look nicer, stand up straight, exercise..

Next I am going to rearrange my bathroom stuff including nail polishes. that is annoying me more than my pants drawers!

It can get expensive with the stuff you need to take care of yourself ( Beauty is time and money after all at my age) but I make my own face oilsmile its pretty good. Been doing it for a few years now and it's fine. I use almond oil for cuticles, Vaseline is good for lots of things too, a good slathering and cotton socks on whilst you clean the house or sleep overnight will cause miracles with your feet. Miraclessmile

Good morning all!

I've found that you don't need to spend a fortune to start on a beauty quest, I try to never buy anything that is full price and buy one or two bits a week and use what I have already if it works for me.

I'm on a fail for style AND beauty today. Ill-fitting black trousers and a huge blue top as I've just come on and I'm all bloated and hideous. The skirt I wanted to wear today looked awful so the only option left was these trousers. Currently have no make up on and my hair is wild. blush I look as bad as I feel <slopes off to naughty corner>

putyourhatonsweetie Fri 04-Jan-13 09:21:06


Sounds like everyone is doing well - and hope those of you under the weather get better soon. I had another better day, felt pretty again - woohooo and got a couple of compliments about my frock - which really helped me walk a little taller!

Have come in and swapped shred for red wine. But do you know what I think that is okay. every year I do a manic diet for a few weeks and its great, but its always punishing. This year I am going to use my test of whether it makes me feel better - so healthy eating is good for me and makes me feel good, but so does breaking that routine on a friday night!

Also had a quick look at my pants drawer - and found a voucher for 25 bucks for an underwear shop. Had forgotten all about it. So proper knicker sort tomorrow and then I am going to hit the sales and spend far far more than 25 dollars!

happy days

Morning! Today Im wearing black skinny jeans, a long sleeved long length black top, and a 'square' baggy type sandy coloured 3/4 sleeved top over it. Silver pendant, silver cuff bracelet and biker boots. Makeup wise I went for no7 primer, a touch of foundation (dont usually wear it as I have clear skin but today I fancied it) body shop cheek tint, mascara. I'll put lippy on if I go out (usually a mac red or orange)

I got rid of 2 binbags of clothes recently and feeling so much better for the purge! It pays to be ruthless really, Id had some of that crap for bloody years! The time came to say 'enough!' Half of it Id never even worn!

I bought a pair of carvela shoes in the sale, should get them today but I may return them and spend the money on a new milder weather jacket and a few basic bits from h an m.

Last night I removed the glittery red nail polish Id painted my toenails with for the festive season, and gave my nails a good tidy up. Theyre bare at the moment, I may paint them a nice nude later.

Morning all, so I am excited today as I'm picking up some snakeprint shoe booty things I fell in love with. After work I'm picking up some bb cream and some rosy vaseline in boots, I have sorted my underwear drawer and have had a serious purge of my wardrobe this morning. Make up on (tbh I do this part anyway) just got hair to sort. Nothing exciting about what I am wearing as its just work uniform.
Keep up the good work I'm loving this thread.

So today I'm wearing brown skinny jeggings (5 button m+s), a floral long line top, suede ankle boots and matching bag. I've put make up on but put my hair up in a twist held with a butterfly clip. Only going to the supermarket but there you go. Hubby just asked me what I'm glamourised for wink.

Going to clear wardrobe out ruthlessly this weekend. Half my problem is that I don't know what I've got so some serious pruning needed.

Keep it up everyone. We're all doing so well.

Alaska77 Fri 04-Jan-13 11:32:04

Good morning everyone! Feeling knackered today but that's because I was up until midnight clearing out my wardrobe after being inspired by all of you. I've got a large bin bag worth of stuff. I'm even going to invest in some new hangers so they all match and everything hangs at the same height. Is that a little bit OCD? blush

Guy your outfit today sounds lovely. I have to say I really enjoy reading what everyone's wearing! So if anyone's interested I'm wearing grey leggings and a grey long sleeved t-shirt with a navy silky dress layered over the top with flat Blowfish pumps. Not particularly smart but as a nod to my new self I have got eyeshadow on, managed to do a boho-style plait in my hair AND used body lotion all over this morning. Ooh get me....

minimumthebare Fri 04-Jan-13 11:51:38

Can anyone who knows about clothes help me please? I'm tired of looking like I got dressed in the dark, so I've chucked most of my clothes out and want to create a bit of a uniform till I get the hang of dressing myself properly! Post is here and I'd love any suggestions. I'm in my thirties and love beauty stuff, but know nothing about style sad

minimumthebare Fri 04-Jan-13 11:54:36

Lavenderhoney how do you make your own face oil, please?

Lavenderhoney Fri 04-Jan-13 12:22:32

Minimum, my recipe for face oil - you need a small pot ( I use an old almond oil fancy jar) and some very good of the best quality you can find almond oil. You need some pure lavender oil as well, the best you can find. Fill the jar mostly with the almond oil, and pour in some lavender oil, you don't need much maybe a 6th depends on your skin. Shake. It's readysmile just give it a Shake before putting it on. Lavender oil is very good for mosquito bites too. I use it at night only, and i put it on my decotellage toosmile

I read somewhere recently that the new thing with supermodels is a sudocreamsmile apparently they smear it lightly over their faces once a week and it gets rid of any blemishes. I knew it was magic but not that magicsmile

I looked at your blog ( enjoyed it) and I think what I do is look at as many fashion magazines and online shops as you can. Look at how the clothes are put together and what you like- what you could envisage wearing and would suit you, also get a trinny and susaanah out of the library. Write down the styles and you should see a pattern. it take ages at firstsmile

I did my eyebrows today, and made sure my face didn't have any rogue hairs. For those interested I am in Birkenstocks, flared jeans, floaty strappy top, with a flower clipped int my hair. Plan to do a boho plait fr tomorrow. How easy is it? Alaska77?

Bought some blow dry creme from Toni and guy boots and it's magical. Much better than that frizz stuff, then I squirt it with coconut oil - smells like a summer holiday to mesmile

Hi all. I've been for a run so am feeling very proud of myself! Still in running stuff at the mo, as dp got to the shower first, but then I'll get dressed. Will probably wear a black longline jumper, with a snakeskin print chiffon shirt peeping out of it, khaki skinnies and tan heeled ankle boots.

minimumthebare Fri 04-Jan-13 13:30:00

Almond and lavender oils together sound lovely, I'll give that a go, thank you! Also thank you for the clothes ideas-would something like InStyle be a good start, or is that for really high end stuff? I just want normal clothes smile

not about this thread but might come in handy if anyone is feeling under the weather, and lavender oil reminded me I read a tip on here somewhere that if you were feeling coldy or fluey, to rub lavender oil onto lymph nodes (neck, back of knees, underarms etc) then get into the hottest bath manageable for at least 20 mins, then to go to bed afterwards-think the heat opens your pores and as lavender has antibacterial and antiviral properties it can start fighting off the bug while you sleep. I did this the other day when I got a horrible headache and my throat started feeling all dry and scratchy, and it really worked for me!

Alaska77 Fri 04-Jan-13 13:38:49

The face oil sounds lovely, I will give it a gol

minimum why don't you try going to one of those stylist sessions at John Lewis or similar? I know it's not for everyone but it might give you the Gok/Trinny & Susannah treatment you need to get you started with what suits you

lavender re the boho plait, I basically took a narrow stretch of hair round my forehead, tied the rest back so I could work with the small section and dida little french plait going round my forehead from one side to the other which was a bit fiddly but looks quite nice and works with the floaty silk dress get-up I'm wearing today. Someone's already commented that my hair looks nice which gave me a boost. However, I've come across some tutorials on hairstyles on YouTube. There's loads on there but this one looks quite good. FWIW my hair is only shoulder-length and I think I could manage most of them.

milk Fri 04-Jan-13 15:31:49

I'm in! I went clothes shopping for the first time since June 2010 (after having 2 DC). It was super fun grin Bought a dress and going to wear it when DH comes home smile

Alaska77 Thank you thats really kind of you! blush (You can tell its been a while cant you grin ) You're sounding gorge today I must say!

I want a black long jumper, I have one but I was bigger when I bought it (something else Ive had in the wardrobe for ages) and now its too baggy. Hmm. Im going to have to get up early and go into town tomorrow, I think its this confusion that puts me off - Ive mentioned up thread that I have various bits but then never know what to put them with. confused

Alaska77 Fri 04-Jan-13 15:59:56

Aww thanks Guy. Have you tried Hush for a long black jumper? Their sale is coming early next week. I love their stuff because it's great quality and you can mix and match their basics. I'm wearing their Michelle dress today.

Disclaimer - I don't work for Hush, I promise!

Hush are doing a preview sale smile

Well done on the run Remus, I've plucked up the courage to join a group of friends playing tennis once a week, haven't played (badly) since school but I have a mice pie or two that could do with shifting. That and the chocolate cake in the oven (for sharing, not just for me) to cheer me up after friends blew us out. Have realised a may be guilty of comfort eating.

Alaska77, I like the idea of matching hangers, I've never bought any, they're all just from random shops.

I've decided too to thin down my jumpers (including any of DH's I've adopted) as they're just all bundled together at the bottom of the wardrobe. I may well cull the ones I bought for my hateful last job, they just remind me of not nice people and bring my confidence down, so they can go to a better place.

The model on the main page of that Hush lik has made me think too - I haven't really got a stylish hat - I have woolly hats for the hills but nothing everyday for when it gets cold.

Any suggestions? Especially for high street shops as I haven't a clue what would suit me and suspect I'd need to try lots on.

Id never even heard of Hush blush Bit past my price range Im afraid.... The clothes look really lovely though. Im with you on the hangers - I chucked a load of crappy ones a while back grin

Im hoping h an m will have some basics that will get me by and not look so bad. Things are going to be much tighter in this house from next month or so unfortunately so thats going to be as far as I can stretch.

Hat opinons please...

white beret

Chocolate bucket hat

[[ Waterproof hat with flowers not so sure about this one but it rains alot here]

Nice cloche hat, not sure if it would suit the school run

I'd probably still get something from the high street (as my head is a little large and most hats don't seem to fit) but opinions on styles would be welcome, and where I might find them.

That Hush stuff looks lovely - will keep an eye out for the sale. I'm also desperate for a new black jumper but nowhere seems to be doing what I want. I schlepped all around town yesterday but failed in my quest.

I can now recommend Topshop's high waisted skinnies though, if anybody is after some skinnies. Good thick fabric and a lovely snugly high waist!

Tigerstripes Fri 04-Jan-13 17:47:05

Yesterday I bought one of those Ombre hair dye kits that have been advertised and dip dyed my hair. Had dip dye done at the hairdressers twice when I had long hair but then cut it so lost the colour. Have been missing it but am skint so thought would give it a go myself and it actually looks really nice!

I also straightened my hair last night even though I wasn't going anywhere today.

Hya everyone, lavenderhoney I'm going to give the face oil a go I already have the almond oil (would I be able to try rosehip with it?).
Picked up my boots and also a pair of trainers I was in desperate need of so now I have no excuse about starting to run again. Trying really hard drinking plenty of water carried a bottle around at work with me today.
Hmmm got all confused about bb cream ended up with a nivea tinted daytime moisturiser with spf however I did pick up some rosy vaseline.
Hope everyones had a day of feeling better about themselves.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Fri 04-Jan-13 18:49:10

Didn't get up in time to do my Shred DVD this morning. But I did walk from my car to the office and back instead of getting the bus - about 20 minutes each way.
It was dress down day at work today so wore jeans and a brown top with a small flowery print on it. Thought it looked okay than caught a glance of myself in the mirror and decided I looked awful.
Will need to look for new casual clothes as soon as I can too.

Karbea Fri 04-Jan-13 21:14:33


For all of those who are after a fly lady version of this smile

Hopefully today you will have worked on your lingerie drawer, it'll be lovely in the morning when you open the drawer and see all of your hard work smile

For tomorrow you need to find a little container to put on your bedside cabinet, this can be a jar, an pencil case, a pretty make up bag, or like me an empty for forrero Roche plastic box.

In your container you need to add a small tub of Vaseline - you will dab your fingers in this and gently apply a small amount to :
a) your eyelids and eyelashes
b) your lips
c) your fingers starting at your cuticles, and moving up your fingers

before you go to sleep.

This is the beginning of your bedtime routine. smile

Another tip is to put tubs of handcream all over the house. Eg I have one on my computer desk and one by the side of my bed - this guarantees that I remember to use it at least a couple of times a day. smile

XBenedict Fri 04-Jan-13 21:30:04

karbea this is fab! Loving fly lady style and beauty stylee!

AuntPittypat Fri 04-Jan-13 22:32:17

Agree, great tips, Karbea. Keep 'em coming! One question though, why Vaseline your eyelashes?

I found some free samples of Superdrug BB cream in the bottom of my drawer today so tried it out. I think it definitely gave my skin an extra something, although I couldn't put my finger on exactly what that something was... It just looked more healthy, I think. I'll definitely be buying some, although I'm going to ask for samples from other brands first so I can find one that works best with my dry and sensitive skin.

A couple of previous posters have recommended having eyebrows shaped professionally. I'm thinking about doing this tomorrow, although have never had any issues with my brows. They're pretty inoffensive really! So, I'm not sure that having them done will make much difference... Has anyone else thought that and subsequently been amazed?

Karbea Fri 04-Jan-13 22:40:46

Because I want to keep things simple at first for us all. If we only have to use one product initially I think we are more likely to use it. Plus not everyone will have eye creams/eyelash gel etc, so trying to keep it cheap accessible to all smile but if you've other products definitely add them to your box smile

MissNJE Fri 04-Jan-13 23:24:38

I am joining as well. I wear make-up at the weekend and manage that my hair looks okay but during the week I look awful. Definitely try to make more effort this year.

AuntPittypat Fri 04-Jan-13 23:43:34

I meant what benefit does Vaseline have on eyelashes? I get why you'd put it on skin, but I've never put anything on my lashes before except mascara... Sorry if I'm being a bit dense!

Karbea Sat 05-Jan-13 00:11:22

Vaseline helps towards softening and conditioning the eyelashes which may prevent breakage, allowing the eyelashes to grow to a longer than usual length.

But only use a little and avoid getting it in your eyes as it'll kill!

putyourhatonsweetie Sat 05-Jan-13 07:02:30

Karbea, love the idea of doing it flylady style.... one habit a day being added to my routine. thank you.

RE: eyebrows...mine are inoffensive also but a shape and tint helps frame my face

It was family day for us today ...zoo and gallery. wholesome activities all round. I would normally have thrown something on and got out.... but cos of you lot am wearing new trendy shorts and t shirt, bangles, shoes instead of flip flops, full makeup and nice hair. Thnaks again.

Morning! Im off into town shortly to see what I can find. Im wearing a black a grey stripy thin jumper dress, black leggings, black biker boots. Black jacket, black scarf.

I like black grin

Hair in ponytail, usual makeup on. Will prob wear an orange lipstick.

Have a great day people smile

Lavenderhoney Sat 05-Jan-13 09:52:26

Auntpittypat, the best thing is to get your eyebrows threaded. Find the best salon/ spa you can and book it insmile then you can just use a magnifying mirror after and tweezers from tweezerman. Having them threaded will make a it difference, just get them shaped and the long hairs trimmed. They might even thread your upper lipsmile

For face oil, I use lavender oil as I like it and it suits my skin with the almond, but you can use rose hip I guess? You could try googling as I expect lots of people do or a separate thread of style and beauty as those ladies know everythingsmile

Not much done today on the Beauty front but I went to bed vvv early last night.

karbea love the flylady beauty idea I have applied my vaseline to my lashes and lips last night, I have a different hand cream though.
Another work day here so uniform again but still paying more attention to my hair and makeup than I usually do.
Think tonight I am going to organise my clothes in outfits, I have already had a good clear out so shouldn't be too hard.

chubbymomie2012 Sat 05-Jan-13 10:19:03

Count me in! I have a million kids(4) and aleays used this as an excuse for looking poo. but after a family christmas at my inlaws i saw my sister inlaw looking amazing and she has 5 kids! so i have invested in some good Lancome skin care and im going to do my hair etc but am torn about the make up. was chatting idle chat stuff with my partner and mentioned i want to start wearing make up. he says he likes me with out. But id like to go get some natural make up so i look more polished any one recommend a counter where i could go for advice and to buy basics please.

TwllBach Sat 05-Jan-13 10:41:29

Can I join too?

I have over the past year tried to sort myself out. I wear make up now (Barbara daly powder foundation, Barbara daly blusher, curl my eyelashes and wear mascara) but I often forget to moisturise and I really need to.

My hair is ok, I treated myself to highlights and a proper cut recently, so just need to maintain that.

It's the clothes that are the problem. I have no idea how to dress myself and it really gets me down. I'm a teacher and tend to wear dresses as flat shoes/boots but then cover myself in big slouchy cardigans. I've recently lost a bit of weight and my top half looks ok, but I need to buy better fitting bras and find some cardigans/top layers that are waist length or cropped because otherwise I wear the big ones and they make me look ten times bigger than I actually am. Does anyone have an idea of where I can buy decent cheap ones?

I've also just been diagnosed with PCOS and will, after starting a thread here, try to cut out all sugar starting Monday. I have a feeling this will help get rid f my fat bulbous stomach quite quickly!

I've also been prescribed vaniqa cream for the 'excess abnormal' hair and will be smothering it on my chin/nipples/snail trail with gusto and hoping that makes me feel better and less like a horrendous excuse for a female.

TwllBach Sat 05-Jan-13 10:46:21

Ooh I like the fly lady thing! I sorted out my rights drawer yesterday, but I will do my underwear drawer now and then find a pretty pot for my bedside table. It won't be baseline though, it'll be lipsil and hand cream. I've got some lovely burts bees stuff tucked away in a drawer that I don't use because its greasy for a while, but if its by the bed it doesn't matter because I will be off to sleep!

Does anyone have any tips for nice, cheap underwear? I used to buy my knickers from la senza on the five for £12 but it's disappeared and I haven't bought any new knickers for three years...

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 11:39:28

Hallo my lovelies! Sorry I've been awol. Thought I had a migraine from meds and turns out that I have sinusitis instead. But I am going to have a bath now and put the washing on. My new clarins make up has arrived (and is lush) so I might give it a go.

Then food. Didn't eat at all yesterday, and day before only had dry toast.

Epic fail last night!! Started watching the Margot Fonteyn documentary. Little realising that it was on till 1am!! Fell into bed with all of my makeup on. Slept in this morning so only cold cream to remove the remnants. Still my hair is brushed and I'm in skinny jeans and a white shirt so I've salvaged a little........

Keep going lovely ladies!!!

Oh Trampy hope you're feeling better soon sad

Twll I'm on the hunt for new undies too, my local La Senza has closed down its now an evil Hollister and there's no choice here barring M&S, Primarni and Ann Summers grin Not the best choices here so I'm off to hunt online.

Todays outfit is Grey dress with cream cardigan and grey belt, leggings and black boots. I've got my usual primer/concealer/bronzer/mascara on and my hair is clipped back.

I waxed my lip last night so I am now moustache free grin

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 15:01:07

Illness will not defeat me (but thank you) I have had a bath, changed sheets, put on my new foundation, cheek tint and lipstick clarins rouge appeal in cappucino. Dried my hair into a sleek tonytail and slathered myself in lotion. Raaaar.

La senza has reopened, hasn't it? Figleaves outlet is pretty good for undies.

I know you can shop La Senza online now? Where La Senza was in Bath its now a Boux Avenue which Im pretty sure is the same so they may do the 5 knickers for £12 thing. I was meant to look in there today but forgot blush

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 15:10:37

I love m+s 3 for £10 seamless kinckers and 5 for£10 basics.

TwllBach Sat 05-Jan-13 15:32:49

I did just have a look and found la senza on line, but they're all 'snazzy' colours! I just wanted plain black ones. I bought a pack of ten, plus a bra that (fingers crossed) will be the right size, plus a pair of black boots from k and co though, so all is not lost grin

I organised my knicker drawer and reorganised my tights/socks drawer and sorted perfume in like the poster above said - I'm ridiculously pleased with myself grin

Another vote for the M&S 3 for a tenner knickers. I buy the black lace trimmed ones in a silky-ish fabric and they are lovely. Pretty but comfortable - I hate scratchy pants!

Make up on and hair styled-ish. Bought myself a new lipstick today - a Soap and Glory one, which seems really nice and was on offer in Boots. Also bought a new Max Factor foundation and some Philosophy cleanser.

Am wearing a black jumper dress from M&S Autograph, black sucker inner 100 denier opaques and leopard print ballet flats.

chickensarmpit Sat 05-Jan-13 15:48:19

Does anyone know how to help with eyebags?

Karbea Sat 05-Jan-13 15:51:44

remus outfit sounds nice smile

Just a quick flyladyesque from me tonight as I'm off out in a bit... But I do have a plan for this and will spend some time on it on Monday when DH is back at work.

Ok for tomorrow... We are going to start on our morning routine.

As part of your breakfast have a portion of fruit, I like 100g of berries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries etc but any fruit will do. Have this before your normal breakfast as fruit digests the quickest. If you normally don't have breakfast just have the fruit.

Beauty comes from within ;)

PeppermintBark Sat 05-Jan-13 16:01:36

I'd like to join in too, please.

I have absolutely no excuse not to make more of an effort as I don't work (I am a trailing spouse and gave up my job in the UK years ago to move for my DH's job) and therefore have the time, but I find a lot of the time that I simply can't be arsed to bother unless I am going out for the evening.

Before Christmas I did take myself in hand a little and had a good haircut and bought some Stila tinted moisturizer. My hair is my biggest issue - since having children it is so fine and to me always looks a mess. I have been anaemic, though it seems, for a long time and I am taking iron tablets which seem to be working - I have proper eyelashes rather than stubby little efforts for the first time in years! Hopefully my hair will perk up too.

I also need to lose some weight - I have a ton of lovely clothes that are too small at the moment and am loathe to buy new stuff unless I have to.

So, my intentions are to: exercise every day in some way; not eat because I'm bored; keep my hair looking tidy; slap on the tinted moisturizer, mascara, blusher and some sort of lippy if I go out. Oh, and pick up some tips from here!

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 16:06:20

Cheesearmpit, camomile teabags are meant to be good. I use clinique roll on stuff that's pretty good and reduces puffiness.

Peppermint, welcome. Have you tried the big hair? I've heard fab things about it.

I must start eating breakfast, I find if I eat breakfast I'm more likely to have lunch. And this is the year that I get on top of my warped eating habits.

Thanks Karbea.

I had a yummy breakfast yesterday - I zapped some frozen raspberries in the microwave, then topped them with Greek yoghurt and granoloa. Gorgeous and filling too.

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 16:08:56

Oops and outfit is back to trusty cords and jumper. But for 2 days I've been in pj's in bed, whimpering. The make up is a win.

Remus, I have those pants. I tend to get the shorts ones but the lacy bum ones are lovely and look expensive. Gret for under dresses.a

cjbk1 Sat 05-Jan-13 17:18:23

I think it's time for me to de-lurk and say "hello" ! as I said on another thread this resolution is actually a re-hash as last year I had eczema on face and scalp plus was pg and new mum so I looked terrible! my worry is that I'll out myself but worse things happen at sea x

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 17:22:07

Hi cj, do you use anything in particular for your eczema?

cjbk1 Sat 05-Jan-13 18:08:09

hello I'm under care of consultant dermatologist and taking 'neoral' to calm the last flare-up and use dermol 200 wash, epaderm, cetraben emollient, aveeno plus fucibet as needed and something for scalp (not cocois) can't find it now...aveeno is the most soothing thing I find and I swear it has a cumulative effect on my face tho I know some it doesn't suit everyone wink

cjbk1 Sat 05-Jan-13 18:25:17

did I mention oilatum? the life I lead....

TrampyPants Sat 05-Jan-13 19:08:20

Oh, I love aveeno!

Aveeno body lotion is excellent. I also really like their face wash.

PeppermintBark Sat 05-Jan-13 19:14:34

Trampy Don't think the Big Hair thingy is available where I live.

Have done 15 miles on a stationary bike today, after showering I took the time to blow dry my hair. Inside day, no make up but lots of face and body moisturizer (house is heated by hot air, so very drying - I can imagine myself as Cassandra from Dr Who, permanently yelling 'moisturize me')

I am wearing yoga bottoms, but in my defence am about to start taking down all the Christmas decorations, so want to be super comfy.

happynappies Sat 05-Jan-13 20:43:25

Can I join in? My New Year's resolutions include taking better care of my appearance. Have always worn make-up, although year on year I seem to be reducing what I put on, now down to tinted moisturiser and blusher. It's my clothes that I need help with. Have been pregnant for three of the last six years which hasn't helped, but now seem to own one pair of dated boot cut jeans and about three long sleeved t-shirts which I tumble dry and wear again. Wear same jeans all the time. On mat. Leave but when I'm at work I have one pair of black trousers.

Last year my resolution was to wear more skirts and dresses, but I get stuck on footwear. I only own one pair of plain boring ankle boots and a pair of flat 'comfy' Clarks shoes for Summer. I tell myself I can't wear more modern styles of trousers because I haven't got the right boots, and don't know what shoes to wear with skirts or dresses. Don't have money for complete new wardrobe plus umpteen pairs of shoes... Have toyed with buying things from e-bay but no real joy as I don't know what to look for. I buy one New long-sleeved top a year, from Next or somewhere, and that is it for me. Completely stuck in a rut, feel awful about myself and very sad writing this but need to take action so am hoping to learn from everyone here. Am going to set up a Pinterest board so I can gather ideas initially I suppose. Anyone else completely at a loss with clothes?

XBenedict Sat 05-Jan-13 20:58:52

Thank you Karbea - just checking in for my daily to do wink

Shower, oil all over, hair washed and conditioned, tidy nails all done.
I have got frozen strawberries that I will have for breakfast in the morning with a vanilla yoghurt.
Thanks for the heads up about using almond oil on my face, it has made the world of difference my skin felt great today no dry spots. I think I will only use it as an overnight one though.
Had a sort out of my wardrobe and have put a few outfits together ready for wearing. Tomorrow I'm going to organise all my costume jewellery maybe a clear out ready for some nice new pieces.
I have to say I'm loving this thread it really is getting me motivated just got to keep it up and not ket any of it slide.

happiness I love pinterest, its great for ideas. If your feeling so low start with the small things wrapping a scarf with a great pattern on it, take some time out to try on loads of jeans, see them as an investment buy and get the right shape gor you. I have straight leg and skinny although I think I suit the straight leg slightly better.
Good luck

AuntPittypat Sat 05-Jan-13 22:02:16

Glad to have you back with us, Trampy, and hope you're feeling much better soon.

Really loving your tips, Karbea. I only have breakfast when I'm not at work and that's always a bagel or toast. Considering I then usually have a sandwich for lunch and often crumpets or soup and bread for dinner, it's a lot of bread! I'm going to make a huge effort to have fruit from now on. I used to be so good at making sure I got my 5-a-day but it's completely fallen by the wayside recently. Along with exercising, drinking enough water etc etc etc!

I did go and get my eyebrows done today, at a ?Shavata? counter in my local House of Fraser. They're not hugely different, but do look neater and more groomed so I'm happy! DP thinks I'm mad. Tomorrow's 'to-do' for me is to give myself a manicure and paint my nails with a lovely grey/beige colour that I got for Christmas. Then I'd better dig out my work clothes as it's back to the office on Monday after a lovely 3 week Christmas break. Sigh.

happynappies, could you wear your ankle boots with skirts/dresses? With thick tights, I think ankle boots can look really cute and a bit funky with dresses. Could you also book yourself a personal shopping session at your nearest big department store? Not to buy stuff necessarily, but to get someone's professional opinion on styles and colours that suit you... and then you can go home and search eBay for it all. (Plus, some of the larger department stores offer you champagne with your personal shopping so if you have the chance to leave the DC with someone for an hour or so, you can really make the most of it!)

Why do my posts always end up so long and waffly? Sorry!

TwllBach Sat 05-Jan-13 22:34:48

hapynappies I am hopeless with clothes too. I just don't even know where to start! When I was younger and thinner, it was all about it being as low/as short/ as tight as possible but I can't pull it off anymore. Now I don't have a clue and the prospect scares me.

Morning all, I have taken karbeas advice and have had strawberries with yoghurt fpr breakfast. Another work day so lovely uniform again however I had a sort out of my pjs etc and have now took to wearinf my soft touch ones they are a bit like luxurious lounge wear. I have done exercises for the last 2 nights.
I'm having most trouble remembering to drink enough water.
Looking forward to wearing normal clothes tomorrow.

TwllBach Sun 06-Jan-13 11:03:05

Morning grin
I had quite a good night last night, I moisturised my face, neck, arms and legs with some almond and milk body lotion (that is lush by the way - a Christmas present from one of my pupils!) then did my physiotherapy exercises whilst reading a book, as well as some abdominal crunches!

I will struggle with the breakfast thing though...

Karbea Sun 06-Jan-13 11:54:37

aunt just grab a banana or apple on your way out of the door smile

I shared a lovely pink grapefruit and some blueberries with DH this morning.

Karbea Sun 06-Jan-13 11:56:09

twill just think how good you'll feel on the days you do manage to have some... Baby steps!
Why do you think you'll find it tricky?

TwllBach Sun 06-Jan-13 12:03:22

I used to find that if I ate breakfast, I would be more likely to eat during the day.

Mind you though, I know that I have a terrible relationship with food, so if I could break my bad habits and have something healthy for breakfast, it would be a start wouldn't it? My current eating habits obviously aren't working very well <looks down at extra three four stone of flab>

I will go with a banana in the morning! Then I don't have to get up any earlier...

Twilback, I find the same. It's like once I start eating I can't stop!!! I can go till lunchtime without eating but if I have breakfast, a couple of hours later I'm hungry again. I hate porridge, eggs and most cereals so breakfast tends to be fruit and yoghurt or toast (when I have it). I know it's healthier to have breakfast but what to have?

TwllBach Sun 06-Jan-13 12:44:16

That's exactly it dazzling! I started a new job in September, and I was literally too busy to eat, Monday to Friday, until I got home. Then I would have a 'proper' dinner.

Thing is though, I dropped a stone in seven weeks doing that, and then eating normally at the weekend. I never felt hungry, either. I think there is a diet around that is similar - the intermittent diet or something? It involves fasting for two days a week or something...

I would quite happily continue like that I think, but then it gets to a half term and my bad eating habits resurface. And, also, I would like to have DC in the futuure and I would like to be able to set a healthy eating example to them - I wouldn't want my teenage DC, for example, fasting during the day, IYSWIM?

So I'm going to give it a good old crack.

Could you not just stick with fruit and yoghurt? Or do you not like that really, either?

Hi all.

I've just sorted out all of my clothes and got a pile of stuff ready for the charity shop. Every time I do the wardrobe sort I realise that I have far too many skirts and not enough tops. I think it's because I like my legs and hate my norks, so I don't like buying tops as I'm so self conscious about my top half. So I'm now on the hunt for plain, go with anything, tops in good quality fabrics. I currently seem to rotate three plain black ones from Hobbs that go with just about everything I ever wear.

Lavenderhoney Sun 06-Jan-13 15:06:07

Bobby brown counter is good for the natural look, and generally they don't push you to buy. You could get the book also.

I was coordinated today - in a shift dress instead of jeans/ t shirt and I put perfume on which I love and often forget. The dress I wore was one dh got me and he said he would buy me moresmile

Am doing the low carb boot camp and as well as the shred starting tomorrow so I am expecting a whole new me by the end of the month.

I am not keen on breakfast either, but before dc and working I used to have green tea whilst I did my Pilates then some brazil nuts. This is a distant memory now what with peppa pig, snack boxes and a dh to get off to worksmile

I do like the fruit and yoghurt. It's just sometimes I fancy a change. I guess I could do Parma ham and melon or avocado. I think I'm just not a breakfast person smile

MrsPennyapple Sun 06-Jan-13 20:48:30

Hello, I had a bit of a fail today, I'm afraid I reverted to my hoodie and jeans. It was cold and I don't have a decent warm jumper that actually looks nice. I was planning to knit one but then remembered that I'm pg, so by the time it's finished it won't fit.

I have been eating fruit though! Except I had it with cream to trick myself into thinking it was pudding. Still fruit's fruit, right?

Karbea Sun 06-Jan-13 21:26:55

Ok ladies, glad to hear you are giving the fruit a try, hope you are remembering to use the Vaseline (or equivalents) and your lingerie drawers are all still neat smile

To start the new week your task for tomorrow is 20mins exercise. This could be a walk at lunchtime or a gym class, whatever you like.
I'm going to try for 10 mins jog, 10 mins run.

Good luck ;)

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Sun 06-Jan-13 22:15:28

Hello ladies, can I join you? I'm really enjoying this thread and feeling inspired by your steps to make yourselves feel more gorgeous. I've got 2 DCs and after number 2 was born, I spent the first two years of her life in a sleep-deprived fog. All grooming and self-care went by the wayside, and I looked and felt shocking. A year ago I started doing a few little things, so I thought I'd share the things which work for me:

First thing every morning I chuck a fizzy multivitamin with iron into my bedside glass of water, and drink it before I get out of bed. That way I've had a pint of water and some nutrients which help to make up for the fact that I'm not great at remembering to have breakfast during the morning flurry of work / school /nursery. This has helped a lot with my frequent migraines.

I'm a nailbiter at heart and although I've grown them, I still pick the skin around them and this looks grim. In a bid to stop this, I've been putting loads of vaseline on last thing at night, so I agree with the suggestion up the thread that this helps. Thanks to another post on Mumsnet, i've discovered Mavala Scientifique, a nail strengthening liquid which works like a miracle. Now my nails are less shameful than before.

Coloursport 30 day mascara (eyelash and eyebrow dye) is also a brilliant invention. Makes a huge difference to how awake I look, especially on those days when the morning chaos means I barely have time to wash my face.

Keeping my bottle of perfume on the shelf by the front door, with a nude lipstick, means I can leave the house feeling slightly more put together.

So those are my top tips. Looking forward to reading yours.

TrampyPants Sun 06-Jan-13 22:33:57

Hello chickadees. Had another rough day but antibiotics and painkillers are kicking in so tomorrow I will be fabulous. I know I'm ill because I have a spot the size of the wrekin on my forehead.

I did, however, have a bath, shave all of my legs (not just my calves) used my soap and glory body scrub and covered myself in matching lotion. In fact, I am using "collections" rather than just random stuff, where possible.

Tomorrow I will do my hair. I am debating whether to buy a dress on Amazon that I have my eye on. It fits in with me. I'm not particularly glam and elegant. I am, however, quirky.

TrampyPants Sun 06-Jan-13 22:35:06

Ambassador, welcome. It sounds like you have a great routine. Themultivit thing in particular sound brill

TwllBach Mon 07-Jan-13 07:11:44

Right! Good morning everyone grin

Already had a good morning (for me) I'm up and dressed, nails painted, face moisturised, hair conditioned, make up on. Ie got a bottle of water ready to go to work and I'm hoping that I might get a second to do my physiotherapy exercises before the hoards descend grin

putyourhatonsweetie Mon 07-Jan-13 09:15:56

hola all

after such a strong start I had a bit of a grotty relapse last night and ended up sleeping in my clothes and not taking my make up off grrrrrrrrr. Managed to make an effort this morning but still feel horrible inside (toxic boss and just sometimes it takes more than clothes and make up) BUT I have an interview on Friday so if nothing else at least I have a focus for grooming! Have also eaten really badly but again, if this year is going to be the different one I need to dust myself off and start again. Onwards...

qo Mon 07-Jan-13 09:28:58

Well, I DID have my haircut and actually wore some makeup to work yesterday. Not sure I will bother today as I'm being -- lazy-- running late.

Still feel grotty from flu as well, think I will get into the spirit a bit more once I'm back to firing on all cylinders

Alaska77 Mon 07-Jan-13 09:57:00

Hi All, checking in after a weekend absence. Good to read all the updates.

I had an OK weekend and tried to pull myself together a little bit. I thought I was doing OK until I went to visit a friend with a newborn and she looked amazing! All skinny jeans and floaty tops and luscious hair and a bit of make up and even jewellery. Hurumph!

Anyway, I've been religiously body moisturising every day and have been putting Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips and cuticles before going to sleep. I'm also getting through more hand cream than I ever have in my life, but my hands are thanking me for it. I've also used a cranberry body scrub in the shower which has been sitting there looking at me for a while. I don't know why I haven't bothered before, it's not like it takes more than 30 seconds to whizz it all over in the shower! Lazy me.

Also today I have bothered with my work outfit and am feeling very pleased with myself. I have a light brown tunic/dress type thingy, chocolate brown tights, brown boots and a leopard print scarf. I even have eyeshadow on. And actually, I feel a lot more ready to face the day than I have in recent weeks. I'm already starting to think about tomorrow's outfit.

Hair is clean and brushed, though not really styled. Oh well, that's something to work on another time.

Thanks everyone for the continued inspiration and updates, I really enjoy reading them smile

Alaska77 what you're wearing today sounds lovely.

Im letting the team down today - horrible drizzly weather here so leggings, long cardy and a vest top, purple boots. I dropped the kids off to school, stanked home and cracked on with the housework. I shouldve also done the shred dvd but I cant be bothered right now, I feel so tired! Hair is clean and tied back, and I have a bit of makeup on (powder, blusher, little mascara).

Im really missing my little ones today, so Im having an easy day. smile

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 10:56:23

twll, oooh get you grin thats ace, well done!

putyourhatonsweetie, thats horrible. fingers crossed for your interview. some people are just twats horrible.

qo, I'm in exactly the same boat. flu/illness has put me on the backfoot. luckily I had quite a strong start, but I feel utterly rotten. even if my skin is buffed and my hairy is conditioned.

Alaska, that sounds lovely and awww to newborn cwtches. I need some 8hr cream. its on my birthday list. along with a zillion few other bits. I admire your ability to wear a scarf, I look really odd in them. apart from wintery wooly ones, that is. or maybe its just me feeling self-conscious.

today I have had a lie in, ds goes back to school tomorrow, so am about to get dressed. black leggings, pull on boots, camel and black stripey jumperdress with a bow at the collar. my new clarins make up and perfume.

raaar, begone slovenly tramps.

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 10:59:12

Guy, that sounds great. its not about always looking polished, etc. Id look daft in hobbs dresses and high heeled boots all the time. its about finding a way to enhance what you have and do, and just put a bit more time and effort instead of thinking you arent worth it.

as an aside, I love loose cardigans.

Alaska77 Mon 07-Jan-13 11:43:48

Thanks everyone, I do feel rather fab today blush but regarding the scarf thing, I'm not really sure I pull it off very well as I feel a bit bunched up around the neck, but chic people seem to wear scarves so I thought I'd give it a whirl! I looked at a couple of tutorials on YouTube about how to tie a scarf so I've got a twisty loopy thing going on. I'm sure I'll spill my lunch down it soon and have to take it off again!

Ooh! And as part of the new me, I've signed up for an adult gymnastics class! I took DS to a trial kids class at the weekend and saw a flyer about adult classes so I decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it a whirl. I start next Thursday. I did explain to the coach that whilst I did a bit of gymnastics as a child, that was a LONG time ago and I'm beyond rusty, but he didn't seem to think that was an issue. Wish me luck!

And FWIW, I also love loose cardigans. Lovely and snuggly smile

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 11:47:14

I'm sure you look gorgeous, gymnastics? shock <impressed> thats brilliant. I am v jealous.

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Mon 07-Jan-13 11:56:23

Wow, gymnastics? That is very impressive (and so scary for me, with my total lack of coordination).
Today started with a run which hopefully will help to even out the damage from Saturday night's festivities grin.
Instead of putting on body cream in the cold winter, I use some oil (any, even olive will do) in the shower, then just pat dry with the towel, and bingo, the body is all moisturised without faffing about in the cold.
Am working from home but in the spirit of this thread, I actually got dressed in clothes (cords, cardi, stripey top and scarf) instead of pyjama-esque things. Thanks for the inspiration.

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 12:39:07

Ooh, ambassador, thanks for the tip. I tend to have a bath in the evening (helps my bones) but I love using oil. Outfit sounds a lot likr mine. I looked longingly at my baggy jeans and jumper but resisted and am in skinny burgundy cords, vest with long-sleeved top layered over and slouchy stripey cardigan. Make up (inc lipstick) and jewellery

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 12:41:16

Hairt is a bit meh though, I can't wait to get it sorted.

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 13:14:46

OMG! I'm very jealous of gymnastics!

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 15:17:09

who was looking for nice basic tops? found these from Hobbs that are pretty bargainous

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 15:18:56

Ah you lot are nice to me grin

Ambassador I admire you for going out running today! I made myself go out on the 1st blush but I cant stand going out in the dark when its early or teatime, and during the day when kids are at school I feel self conscious! I like it in the spring when its already light by 5am and I can go out and be back by 7! <full of excuses>

I hate these leggings though, theyre from bhs and the mil got me a couple of pairs for xmas. So gutted theyre not quite right though - theyre a 10 but couldve done with sizing down with these ones cos Ive been hoiking them up half the day, and the waistband is close to my norks blush I figured theyd do for bumming around the house but theyve really wound me up today grin

<checks theyre not maternity leggings>

Ooh - Id like a nice and cheap body oil to do what youve suggested on here. Any recommendations?

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 16:18:33

guy, my favourite leggings are from primark. they are sucky inners and sort of really thick tights. they have a slight sheen so look quite smart these are the ones only £4 too.

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 16:20:52

ooh, and I have just booked the hairdressers cut, dye and blowdry for the 17th.

Trampy - ah yes I think Ive seen them in there. I'll have to check them out smile

Ooh hope you enjoy the hairdressers! I love having my hair washed by someone else, feels so nice! Ive recently made friends with a hairdresser.... grin

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 16:36:46

they really are brilliant. they last forever too, no bagging etc. I am always a bit funny about hairdressers. I had a butcher a few years back who instead of trimming my lovely louise brookes bob cut my fringe on a slant and hacked at the sides. it looked like I had a helmet on. I ended up with a crop to sort it out.

now my hair is long, and its staying that way!

TwllBach Mon 07-Jan-13 16:37:59

You all sound like you're doing so well! I bet you're all looking fabulous grin

First day back in work for me and it has buggered my back so I'm feeling very sorry for myself. I've taken straight to bed to give it a rest, but I'll get up to go supermarket shopping for five with a friend. I've taken my lenses out so I'm already feeling scruffy because I'm wearing my glasses, and I'm wearing black tights (had black ballet flats on earlier) black cardigan with a hole in and a blue tunicy smocky type dress.

I have, on the other hand, just restocked my knicker drawer from the drying rack. All folded neatly and I love the tip about the perfume, I smile every time I open it now!

In terms of housework I am trying hard to keep on top of it, button favourite thing at the moment is to try and make sure that the cushions are straight on the sofa every night before I go to bed. It's just a tiny thing but it means if I glance in the living room it appears tidy grin

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 16:40:08

oh no, sympathies on your back. does a bath help? IKWYM about glasses. I have a "smart" pair that I have lost so end up wearing my plastic comfy ones. I darent try lenses.

motherofvikings Mon 07-Jan-13 16:50:02

Everyone sounds like they're doing so well! smile

Oh I've name changed - I was whenisitmysleepytime up thread.

I've been doing pretty well, wearing my 'good stuff', keeping up dental hygiene, taking more care of skin. I've also signed up to a Pilates class to start week after next.

What do you wear to Pilates? I have jogging bottoms but they are huge and will probably fall down if I bend/ stretch too much! blush

Alaska77 Mon 07-Jan-13 16:57:04

Great tips on the Primark leggings, I will take a look at them.

mother I guess if jogging bottoms will be too flappy you'll need some leggings for pilates. If you have issues with your top becoming separated from your bottoms leaving lots of gaping midriff when you're stretching, try a Haramaki. I have a pack of 3 from Nukunuku and they're cosy and add another layer in that area.

As for me, I've eaten healthily (so far) today and I'm going to try not to raid DS's snack box in the kitchen before my dinner tonight....

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 17:12:27

well done mother, Im considering pilates, need to discuss it with my gp though. I agree with alaska, leggings and a longline top should do the trick.

Alaska, well done. I love those leggings. I bought mine 3y ago and they are still perfect. might get another pair, they are so flattering on the legs.

I posted the Hobbs Simone tops on another thread - I really rate them.

Back to work today and doing lots of unpacking and moving stuff around, so now feel dusty and a bit blurgh. I was tidy this morning though! Have also broken three finger nails - grrr.

No work to do tonight, other than dinner, so I will re-do my nails etc.

Clothes too boring to post today but I did wear my nice new scarf.

XBenedict Mon 07-Jan-13 17:40:34

Loving the tips - bought myself a very nice make up bag for beside the bed today. Nearly bought extra creams etc but as I know I have a bathroom full of them I've decided to come home and find them and fill my bedtime bag! grin

I ordered a Davina exercise dvd that arrived today but as the DCs are not back at school until tomorrow I will leave trying it until then. Pedicure for me tonight - nice deep purple colour or deep red not sure! Might even do a manicure too but I find I chip it so easily sad

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 18:03:06

Hello All,

I'm so happy to see us all doing so well. This morning I jogged/ran for 20mins then I had some scrambled eggs for breakfast and then chicken soup for lunch. Just had some crisps sad oh well can't be all good!

Today I wore Blue Primark skinnies, White Primark vest, White Zara Linen T, Long brown boots and a Jigsaw cream jacket and animal print scarf, looked ok smile

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 18:30:40

I've been a bit of a busy bee for us today - let me know your thoughts smile I'll go through everyone posts eventually and include in all our ideas smile

Here's for today's "More Effort Task"...

Today is Monday - Weekly I love myself hour.

This week we our focus is our face.

Our new resolution for January is to have a lovely lingerie drawer.

*Morning Routine

One portion of fruit for breakfast
30min exercise

*Evening Routine

Moisturise lips, eye lashes and cuticles/hands.

Very clever! I don't know who Taylor thingie is though - do I want to?

TwllBach Mon 07-Jan-13 18:55:31

Is that your blog Karbea? it's amazing!

I'll probably move the "I love myself" hour to Sunday, if you don't mind? I sometimes treat myself to a bath on a Sunday anyway, to set me up for the week.

I will definitely focus on my face this week. I'm got dark hair and olive skin and Bangladeshi heritage as well as PCOS. My eyebrows are often a mess and I don't keep on top of moustache and I often mess beard hairs... Don't I sound attractive.

I think I will keep the exercising until the evening as well - sorry to mess with your hard work!

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 19:06:36

You can replace Taylor thingy with any hot man/woman you like ;)
Taylor is the werewolf in Twilight.

twil yes, I've only re-started it today, I had some really similar stuff uploaded before, but I'm going to really concentrate on this format now as I'm a big believer in making one small change and habit/routines. Glad it's helpful ;)

PeppaPrig Mon 07-Jan-13 19:07:20

Fab karbea. A beauty version of fly lady grin

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 19:07:43

twil of course you can do it on Sunday smile

I just wondered if this was somebody handsome enough for me to want to check out! No though - I thought he was really badly cast. I'll substitute for hot young dwarf in the new Hobbit film!

cjbk1 Mon 07-Jan-13 19:47:18

Oooh i'll have been going to Pilates for four years come February do I get some 'points' for that?wink I wear some kind of soft track suit over a long vest (so i don't flash tummy when stretching) and trainer socks...I looked ok today but problems with dd1 at school first day back hmm

justcrazy Mon 07-Jan-13 21:07:05

Ladies after reading through this thread last night you have spurred me onto making an effort. So today I did my hair, put on bb and mascara as well as making an effort with the clothes :-) felt fab all day. Even got comments on first day back at work about how well I looked. Lets see if I can keep it up

motherofvikings Mon 07-Jan-13 21:15:30

Right I have ordered some leggings and a long-ish looking Tshirt and hoody for Pilates from sports direct. All super cheap. Not super stylish but I don't think I'm going to look stylish doing exercise! confused
I decide not to go for soft comfy trousers as
A) I'm a short arse and they'd drag on the floor.
B) I'd live in them if they were that comfy. blush

In other news I have a whole day to myself to shop on Saturday! grin
Any suggestions for easy stylish things that are not too £££

TwllBach Mon 07-Jan-13 21:33:48

Breaking news -
I have bought (and fit in to) a 32G bra!
I also bought some new black leather boots, which are quite nice.

Will someone report back on the Pilates? I'd love to know how it makes you feel without any hard work

happynappies Mon 07-Jan-13 21:51:10

Evening ladies, wow this is an inspiring thread... Karbea I love your blog, I've been reading a similar style one about more mundane de-cluttering and household organisation, I should think people will love the ideas you have.

I decided to launch my 'new me' programme by plucking up the courage to visit a local clothes shop that sells quirkier clothes than I usually look at. There was a 50% sale so I bought two tops. I literally wear the same jeans and tops all week, weekends and whenever I go out, so my thinking was these tops would help differentiate between my workaday mum clothes(which still need updating) and going out. Next job for me: sort out a pair of boots and pair of shoes so I can buy more modern fitted trousers/leggings. Haven't worn leggings for about fifteen years, not sure I can carry it off but then lots of people I see at the school gate of different shapes and sizes wear them... I had a look at the lovely stuff in the Hobbs sale, still v expensive for me but some ideas to get me thinking... Thank you for the encouragement everyone!

Woo Twll!! Isn't it great finding your true bra size and having a bra that fits!

Karbea your blog is awesome, I will follow it and use it well, I work best being told what to do (Tis why I like flylady style).

justcrazy Well done on the effort, it must be a real boost to get complimented!

I'm having a real wardrobe crisis, nothing bloody fits and i feel awful in just about everything atm and to top it off my fat arms have ripped the sleeves on my new dress. sad I'm going to have to cut the crap foods and start on the UFC trainer DH tells me to do...

Karbea Mon 07-Jan-13 22:19:45

Wow I'm so excited you like it smile

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 23:10:27

Evening all, welcome to justcrazy.

I can't believe how well everyone's doing. A week into January and we are all still fabulizing, awesome grin

Back to school tomorrow, best intentions. PE bag, book bag and violin by the door, uniform is hanging on his door. I have de-cuticled, painted my nails a lovely nude (and my toes bright orange) super-conditioned my hair, bathed, optioned and scrubbed my lips. The clarins lipstick I got the other day is wonderful, it's so soft with none of that gunky buildup and stays put without drying. I shall get another colours I think.

Undecided about tomorrow's outfit. Jumper dress with biker boots and thick brown tights, or recycling last weds' outfit of green skinnier, sheer blouse and flat ankle boots.

TrampyPants Mon 07-Jan-13 23:12:39

Karbea, your blog is ace

whiteandyelloworchid Tue 08-Jan-13 00:00:48

Hair done today make up done, felt better for it allday worth getting up that bit earlier for

whiteandyelloworchid Tue 08-Jan-13 00:01:13

Also bought new nightie and pjs

TwllBach Tue 08-Jan-13 07:18:33

Good Morning grin
Last night I moisturised, flossed and did my exercises - tick.
I am back to sleeping badly now that I'm back at school though - the sort of sleep where you dot ever I deep under, you're sort of hovering between sleep and wakefulness and mulling things over in your head IYSWIM?

Then this morning - face moisturised, make up hair fully dried and brushed (!) new bra on.

Good luck for today grin

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 08:17:49

Twll, I couldn't sleep either. Was obsessing about everything from money to decorating. Have a good day.

Good luck to everyone, esp my fellow back to schoolers. Don't let the bastards grind you down!

God, I'm tired!

putyourhatonsweetie Tue 08-Jan-13 09:49:58


I think you all rock.... my diary for today was a desk day and I ended up having to be out and about for the whole afternoon....but because of you lot I had on a super dress, nice make up, straight hair, trendy shoes. No worries!

Thanks for the blog Karbea


TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 09:53:56

thats awesome! well done.

todays outfit: stripey jumperdress, brown opaque tights, brown biker boots and my suede biker jacker. make up took me 10 mins, inc primer. I'm getting good at this...

Alaska77 Tue 08-Jan-13 10:31:30

trampy your outfit sounds great! I love jumperdresses, so versatile.

Twll I also couldn't sleep last night; I had a restless toddler who kept yelling and I've got lots of work stuff going round in my head. However, at least I had moisturised lips and cuticles [grim]

So, today's outfit is a bit of a risk. It's an all-in-one smart jumpsuit in navy blue with a brown belt which I'm wearing with navy heels (I work in an office). I've had the jumpsuit for a few weeks but haven't really had the nerve to wear it because I'm not sure I'd get the balance right between chic-and-trendy or looking like I'm wearing a boilersuit and about to service a car hmm

On the beauty front, my extra bits and bobs are starting to become routine. So BB cream on, swish of powder, eyeshadow, light mascara and lipgloss. Unfortunately I forgot perfume and this week I have only managed to brush my hair rather than style it in any way but I'm OK with that.

And I've just taken delivery of some rosehip oil which I'll incorporate into my bedtime routine. If it's good enough for Miranda Kerr it's good enough for me smile

Hope you're all having fabulous days. Keep the posts coming.

cjbk1 Tue 08-Jan-13 11:59:42

twllbach I do find Pilates quite hard work and sometimes look at the clock to see if its time to go home yet! but I feel good for doing it and I do a few exercises at home to protect my back and get my abs back in working order

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 12:59:13

Thank you, right back atcha. I love jumpsuits but am too small to wear them. I know what you mean about the extra bits becoming routine. It doesn't take as long as it did last week to get ready now.

Today I have bought myself some flowers. They have really cheered me up. And dh told me that I look really nice too. I'll never be glam and whitwhoo-ey, but I look like a better, more pulled together version of myself, which was my aim.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 13:33:57

For my outfit of the day i've done a ootd blog - haha! I'm bored can you tell!

I ran this morning and have porridge with raspberries and blueberries. My Hello Fresh delivery has just arrived so something nice for dinner.
Oh and just had my gels taken off, so that I can get my nails in better condition.

Will post the flylady thing later.

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 13:48:52

Ooh, lovely. How do you find gels? I thought about trying them but I like to tailor my nails to my outfit. Downside is weak nails.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 13:52:54

I like them because as soon as they are done they are dry, so I can't smudge them and they look good all the time. I'm constantly washing cleaning and they rarely damage. But my nails grow pretty fast and I get bored with the colours. I don't think my nails are really any weaker tbh, but I think it's good to have a break... plus I think DH wants me to cut back, but hasn't actually said... so i'm trying to do my bit.

Anyway I need to go clean. sad

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 14:06:26

sad I use Essie good to go topcoat on mine. It makes polish touchdry vv quickly. Cheap from cheapsmells (awful name, fab site)

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Tue 08-Jan-13 14:36:33

OK, so I went to the gym before work this morning (halo) but forgot to take any make-up so have looked pink and shiny most of the day! Have booked a pedicure for the weekend and have just sorted out my bikini line - TMI?! Not sure why, since the chances of me actually wearing a bikini are below zero. Well below.
Loving reading what everyone's wearing, tho I'm not in the UK so will have to save the ideas for our winter!

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 14:45:32

Think, no such thing as tmi. I should tidy mine. Intact, that's my next job. Well done for going to the gym, can you do a small "emergency" bag for your gymbag? With samples of make up, etc. I save all mine for nights away, etc. I have an emergency make up bag in my suitcase.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 14:49:24

I just cleaned out my handbag of receipts and pens and rubbish.
I booked a bikini wax whilst I was at the beauticians too.

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Tue 08-Jan-13 14:50:18

Well done everyone. I love the idea of being 'whitwooey'!!
For anyone worried about exercising outside in daylight and feeling exposed, I recommend a running jacket. I got one from Sweaty Betty in the sale. It covers my bum because its also for cycling, and has a tie belt, so helps me have a waist and not show my substantial rear to the general public. With black trackky bottoms and this jacket, I look more 'dressed down in mac' and less 'unfit bird in clearly never-used sportswear'.
Happy grooming everyone and keep enjoying those compliments. X

Alaska77 Tue 08-Jan-13 16:05:07

Ha ha, ambassador your post made me laugh out loud! Love the sound of the jacket, though.

karbea loving the OOTD blog - keep it going!

Anyone got ideas of what I should wear to my first gymnastics class next week? Apart from a cycling helmet, perhaps grin

Clearly a leotard is very very very much out of the equation grin

So I'm still undecided on the jumpsuit I'm wearing today. I've felt smart and a little bit trendy but I've had a couple of hmm looks walking the corridors at work so perhaps I'm not pulling it off! Never mind.

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 16:13:39

I think it sounds fab. Are you wearing any jewelry?

Day off from wearing uniform yesterday, chose a charcoal silky blouse thats a little pinched in at the waist, black leggings, grey slouchy boots from clarks and I teamed it with a cream lace scarf, leather jacket and new accessorize animal print earrings. Keeping up with routine karbea posts, new trainers are getting used with the excercise (I have started the running although not managing much). I have a little locker at work where I have left hand cream, rosy tint Vaseline, a hairbrush and body spray, so I can keeo making an effort at work.
Sounds like a lot of people are enjoying this thread.

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 16:20:10

Wornout, that sounds really lovely. And the emergency supplies are a good move. Those boots sound lush.

I am really enjoying it. Will be starting a blog too, I think.

Alaska77 Tue 08-Jan-13 16:36:27

I agree that the boots sound lush. I wanted some Clarks boots and waited for them to go in the sale and no sooner did they get reduced, they flew off the shelves and I missed out sad

Trampy no jewellery apart from wedding/engagement rings and normal day to day earrings. I'd love to wear more jewellery, actually, but I'm just not very good with accessories. I tried yesterday with a scarf and got on OK, but I either never get round to putting the accessories on, or I feel overdressed. Plus at work I have to wear a god-awful security pass round my neck all day so any necklaces get 'lost'

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 16:50:23

Maybe next time try with a long pendant or wooden beads and a bangle? Just to dress it up a bit. I have a very specific image in mind. Will see what I can find.

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 16:59:13

this type of pendant I love chunky jewelry with jumpsuits and androgynous clothing.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 17:13:13

I used to hate accessories but I love them now, it's funny necklaces/bracelets etc tend to get more compliments than anything else I ever wear.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 17:17:14

Here's for today's "More Effort Task"...

Today is Tuesday - Weekly let's get organised.

This week we our focus is our face.

Our new resolution for January is to have a lovely lingerie drawer.

*Morning Routine

Check for and remove any random hairs
One portion of fruit for breakfast
30min exercise

*Evening Routine

Moisturise lips, eye lashes and cuticles/hands.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 17:18:25

The "face" task is new today, the monthly resolution is the same from yesterday smile

I'm annoyed, our architect has sent over drawing and they haven't included my changes arghhh!

Lavenderhoney Tue 08-Jan-13 18:11:59

Been lurking - but have tidied out all my bathroom drawers, washbags etc. did a bit of waxing ( legs) home pedicure and manicure.

I'm very impressed with everyone on this thread, I am still forgetting to put make up on but I do remember the perfumesmile

Oh, and my hair needs attention, but it will have to wait a bit. I am too tired to fiddle about with straightners!

Evening all! I've been a bit lax just recently- think it's a mix of getting back into routine and DS2's complete inability to sleep that's knocking me back.

Karbea the organisation post is spot on for me, I am awfully bad at keeping up to date with making appointments for myself. Although I did have an eye test today and bought some new glasses to change my look as I am a contact lens wearer normally.

Todays outfit was black floaty top, with fitted mini skirt, tights and boots. The only colour was the dove grey scarf.

I woke up this morning to a half-'tache so had to pluck that. My hair growth has gone into overdrive since DS2 was born, I've never been quite so hairy!

I need to take my nail varnish off and dig out the nail strengthener, my nails are so flaky atm.

Everyone seems to be so stylish, it's great!

Ooh I like the idea of a little emergency drawer at work. Will pinch that and will add healthy snacks to it, too.

Had a bad night last night (another teacher unable to sleep in the first week back) and a bloody awful day today, which ended up in me having to re-do four hours' worth of work because of somebody else's silly decision. I feel as if I've gone backwards and am thus completely unprepared for the work I need to do next. Agh.

Casual dress again today, so a denim mini, navy opaques, navy and white Breton, tan boots and dusty blue slouchy cardigan. I'm going to do a face mask tonight and tidy up my nails, then try to get an early (and hopefully restful) night.

AlwaysReadyForABlether Tue 08-Jan-13 19:00:46

Loving your blog karbea although it doesn't look to me like you need to make more of an effort - you looked pretty together to me.

I have spent the last day and a half lounging on the sofa in my pyjamas. I do have an excuse though - I had to come home from work early yesterday after throwing up and having a terrible headache. Feeling better today so will be back at work tomorrow. Did have a bath to help relax so shaved my legs - horrified at how hairy they were!

Have been putting my nail oil and hand cream on every night before bed. Just need to get into the routine with foot cream too.

Have been doing some internet browsing for work clothes too - just to get some ideas for when I have some money.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Jan-13 20:18:54

Hi y'all,

What a great thread with some fab tips <marks place>

Can we just add a small friendly reminder about linking to your own blog, it is considered as spamming and against the rooles so please don't do it.

If you want to link to your blog in our Blogger Talk topic then feel free to have a look at our Bloggers network and info on how to join

If people continue to link we will remove the posts.

Happy New Year all

TwllBach Tue 08-Jan-13 20:24:59

*Remus8 I feel your pain - I spent such a long time over the holidays coming up with lovely lessons all set to go for the next couple of weeks, give or take, but we've just been told we have to add something extra in to our week, for an hour a day and it's thrown me because it's nothing I've been trained in, plus I'm an NQT and I am starting to feel a bit inadequate!

My awake-sleep consists of me running over and over in my head how I am failing 28 children <sigh>

I have never tried Veet-for-the-face... I have always just erlied on Jolen as that's what my mother used, but if I'm being honest, it just doesn't do it for me. My skin is too sallow and my hair too dark for me to be able to bleach it really, and even for the few days where the roots don't show I'm sure that the bleach has lightened an area around my top lip! Does the Veet-for-the-face work?

TB - teaching is getting more bonkers by the day. I used to love my job so much and now I seem to be permanently fuming, except when I'm actually in the classroom (thank goodness I still enjoy that). Here's to better days for both of us tomorrow, and better sleeps tonight!

TwllBach Tue 08-Jan-13 22:00:05

I have just pilfered as much as I possibly could from the internet on teaching phonics <sigh - not even Foundation Phase> and am contemplating spending nearly £50.00 on some schmaltzy reading scheme even though I have seen the 'lessons' and could probably knock my own ones up but I'm lazy

I am about to commence the night time routine, thusly:

Dog out for a wee - clean sink in kitchen.
Dog in, treat before bed, grab cat food.
Say good night to dog and shut the kitchen door. Feed cat.
Tidy cushions on the sofa.
Lock front door.
Brush teeth/have a wee.
PUT CLOTHES BACK ON HANGERS/IN WASH BASKET <I massively fail at this one, they generally are dumped on the floor>
Find something to watch on iPlayer as I moisturise my legs, arms and face then do my physiotherapy exercises.
Pretend to sleep.

I have also been given a water filter this evening and have tried it out - the difference is amazing. It shall be my new bedfellow <shoves plastiv jug off bedside table>

I shall see you all on the morrow grin

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 22:10:17

See you all in the morning, sleep well.

I am trying to persuade dh that I need new handcreams from l'occtaine, not asda. Wish me luck. Tomorrow is a house clean day. Eek.

justcrazy Tue 08-Jan-13 22:39:59

Hi, have just finished planning and preparing resources for work so apart from the basics I have failed on my keep the house tidy resolution lol but did get comments on my outfit today mainly I think it wasn't all black which is my usual work wear wardrobe.

Did make an effort with hair and make-up again but after doing swimming with my class today I have noted that I need to purchase waterproof mascara!!

Any tips to improve my nails please, I am trying not to bite them but they are week and when I try to grow them they flake/split which doesn't help the temptation to bite them :-(

TrampyPants Tue 08-Jan-13 22:52:26

Oooh mavala do something,can't remember the name but will find it for you. I use avons 24ct gold nail strengthened. It's really very good.

Karbea Tue 08-Jan-13 23:33:41

No more blog posts then... I'll still update it but just won't link here.

The best nail strengthener I've found is nail magic.

YouCanCallMeBetty Wed 09-Jan-13 07:03:50

Morning all - haven't checked in for a while, been a bit busy, but I have joined MFP and have started eating 1200 calories and walking 60 minutes daily this week.

Also got a new water softener, so my dandruff has cleared up and I'm not too embarrassed to see the hairdresser now, so will make an appointment.

Loving all the tips, especially from karbea - sufficiently inspired, today I shall:

- make an eye appointment
- sort my lingerie drawer
- wear perfume
- use loads of handcream!

Have fabulous days everyone.

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Wed 09-Jan-13 08:16:18

The Mavala stuff is called Mavala Scientifique... green runny liquid which works wonders in strengthening the nails.
Am dressed in my morning gear of running kit, blue running jacket, hair in 80's pineapple (can you feel the glamour just oozing off me?) but once I've done a post-school drop off run then I'll aim to improve the groomed look a bit. Got an appt for a bikini wax (she'll need a Black and Decker to sort it out, I'm sure) but at least its another job off the list.
Have a good day you beauties. x

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Wed 09-Jan-13 08:34:34

Thanks Trampy - made up an emergency make-up bag last night! I've got tons of eye cream samples for some reason, so I should look wide awake if nothing else.
Have booked pedicure and eyebrow/lip waxing for Saturday. Lip desperate - I look as if I've joined in Movember.....

TrampyPants Wed 09-Jan-13 09:43:11

everyone's doing so well!

youcancallmebetty, does a water softener make that much difference? we are on the welsh border so the water here is quite soft.

Ambassador, THATS the stuff, it was driving me nuts. good luck for today, rather you than me <eye water>

thinkof, no prob. I also have a zillion samples. I also have 3 separate eye lotions, but only really use clinique.

karbea, I will bookmark your blog and link to it from mine, if thats ok?

slobby day today. a day of cleaning and sorting. DH has the virus Ive had, and of course, soooo much worse than I did hmm wink so I might deposit him on the sofa with the laptop and go upstairs with my tablet and do my blog post. I'm shattered today though, we overslept. again. but the mountain on my forehead has all but gone.

todays outfit: topshop bootcut jeans (indigo) teal chunky jumper with a green vest underneath and my beloved blue gola hi-tops. they are so retro and comfy, I love them.

make up, no7 bb cream, ccuk lip and cheek tint, revlon ivory eyeshadow and dove shimmer lip balm. nails have a treatment on.

YouCanCallMeBetty Wed 09-Jan-13 10:24:08

It does for me Trampy - I suffered from dandruff - really thick scales, nice! hmm and unbearably itchy scalp for years, tried all the shampoos on the market, nothing really helped. Then we moved to this house which had a water softener, and it pretty much disappeared overnight. Now I can tell when the salt's running out because the flakes and itch comes back. I live in a very hard water area, so not sure if it's an allergic reaction to the high levels of calcium and magnesium or what.

Alaska77 Wed 09-Jan-13 10:32:22

Thanks Trampy for the link to the chunky jewellery. It definitely would have snazzed up my jumpsuit. One of my next jobs is to do a clearout of the random storage cupboard in my bedroom which has a few bits of wooden jewellery in there somewhere so I'll have a rummage through and see if I can recycle any of it with my outfits. I also have a stash of free samples of eye cream, foundation etc from magazines so I'll pop those in an emergency bag as some people have suggested.

Sounds like a few of you are doing household-y jobs today so good luck with that.

I'm at work today but feeling a little bit fabulous because it's my birthday grin And DH has obviously been listening to all the little hints I dropped because he bought me exactly the present I was after!

On the style front, I'm wearing a silky black playsuit from Aubin & Wills which has a sort of starburst pattern on it (not in a razzledazzle way, just a small repetitive pattern), super-thick black tights and black shoe boots. Basic makeup done (BB cream, little powder, beige sheen eyeshadow, lipgloss) and today I also remembered perfume! Plus I did my usual cranberry body scrub in the shower and used a body butter afterwards.

TrampyPants Wed 09-Jan-13 10:44:32

Youcan, it does sound like some sort of allergic reaction.

Alaska, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Your outfit sounds fabulous, what did you get?

putyourhatonsweetie Wed 09-Jan-13 10:52:27

hey hey

wanted to jump in, am fsay i am reading if not always posting am flat out with interview prep and going camping at the weekend so ltd style opportunities there! Doing basics of hair make up and nice clothes and will pay closer attention from next week when I am not under quite so much pressure.

Have chucked all manky shoes this week....big bonus because I can now see what I own...hurray.

slightly odd question but any tips on toenail growth? I regulalry lose mine running, which means I don't paint them for fear of drawing additional attention...attractive.

Alaska77 Wed 09-Jan-13 12:31:08

Welcome sweetie and well done with the shoe clearout. No tips on toenail growth I'm afraid. Perhaps someone else will be more useful!

Trampy I got an iPad mini, which I've been banging on about long before they were released. Can't wait to get it all set up, then I can MN all day long grin

TrampyPants Wed 09-Jan-13 13:42:33

sweetie, well done! Thats on my to do list. no advice on the toenails I'm afraid, but ouch!

Alaska, thats ace! I am v jealous. I got a blackberry playbook for xmas, which I love.

Karbea Wed 09-Jan-13 13:51:08

Sweetie - the same happens to me, the only thing I can say is to keep them short and cut fairly straight.

Trampy - yes of course you can.

Today i'm wearing animal print shirt (leopards heads) from Zara, Black skinny jeans from Miss selfridge and Lilac slippers, the white company. Necklace from Mango and a ring from forever 21.
I've left off the make up today - which is bad, but my skin looks rank :S

I ran for 30mins this morning and i've been drinking protein drinks today rather than eating - i'm sure this is bad for me, but I will eat a proper dinner.

Alaska77 Wed 09-Jan-13 14:47:06

karbea have you updated your blog with OOTD?

Karbea Wed 09-Jan-13 15:51:59

Yes did one just for you ;)

and i've done a lttle taskette blog too.

munching almonds :angel:

Alaska77 Wed 09-Jan-13 17:02:22

Ooh liking the outfit karbea, especially the slippers! White Company is the nuts for cosy slippers

julz09 Wed 09-Jan-13 18:48:44

Hi can I join too? smile. I moved from living in suburbia and the city just over 3 years ago to a very rural location where the only people I see are at tescos or on the school run (but none of the other mums speak to me) spend most of my time looking at fields and sheep. As a result my appearance has gone out of the windows and I have piled on the weight. I have been surgically attached to my uggs, baggy jeans and chequered shirts sad. As of Jan I have thrown out a lot of my shapeless clothes, and bought some nice new shoes in the sale to get me out of those so comfy but hideous uggs and have joined a running group (first meet tonight) Really need to get my hair sorted too it looks awful. I find it hard to get the motivation some days when I can go days before speaking to anybody apart from dh who is away 12 hours a day working (he is less than impressed).

Hi everyone, well at work again so I have been wearing all black, we can wear what we want within reason it has to be smart, black but practical as my job is physical as well as customer facing. I think I am going to have to invest a little money into it.
Great blog karbea loving the slippers.
Welcome julz09 hope you find this thread as motivating as me, its great.
Today I curled the ends of my hair, it has stayed bouncy all day and have had loads of lovely comments from my work colleagues. Its really spurred me on, I'm going to have a bubble bath tonigh (complete with a glass of wine and a book) going to follow by redoing all nails and applying a body oil all over.
Off work tomorrow so going to drag dh out for a run I think.

Happy birthday alaska77 hope you've had a great day.

Happy birthday, Alaska. smile

Boring clothes here today as still casual, but my jumper was admired twice! smile

'Proper' clothes required tomorrow though. Which of these combinations do you think I should go for? :-

a) leopard print pencil skirt, black silk t-shirt, black blazer, seamed stockings, black cone heeled DM Mary Janes

b) black very fitted (and quite short) military-esque jumper dress with beige trimming, beige blazer, black opaques, tan heeled ankle boots or tan wedge 70s style shoes

c) Westwood tweed skirt, black cowl neck top, cropped military blazer, lace tights, black platforms

d) something else which I haven't considered yet?

TwllBach Wed 09-Jan-13 20:13:38

Happy birthday, Alaska grin I love the sound of your outfit!

Remus your options sound amazing! Are you secondary? I definitely think you should go for a... just because I would love to have the nerve/figure to wear a leopard print pencil skirt grin

Kept up with the daily eyebrow/chin thing. My moustache is not goign as planned. I have eaten less than I did yesterday and I am still loving the water filter.

The new boots I boguht have a fleecey inner layer, which was a wonderful bonus this morning in the freeeeeeeeeeeezing weather - and one I hadn't even noticed! I was also in all black today - boots, tights, dress - but I did not wear an all consuming cardigan because I forgot it I am learning! I also wore a thin lime green scarf with largish white spots, as well as my ring and a lovely locket that I never normally wear. Hair and make up as normal. But one of my little girls told me I looked really pretty today and she loved my dress, so that made me feel good all day!

I suspect I'm a similar size/shape to you tbh, having seen your denim dress pic. I'm a 12-14 on top and 10-12 on the bottom, just about hourglass shape.

Yes to secondary. I try to be smart and wear heels sometimes, but I usually end up taking them off and trolling around class in my stockinged feet!

I like the sound of option A Remus although the military style jumper dress sounds lovely.

Option A it is! What's wrong with Option C?

TwllBach Wed 09-Jan-13 21:02:36

You bloody well are not a similar size to me grin my hips are still huge, my waist is just comparatively smaller!

I liked Option C too - I think I got distracted by the lace tights though.

Could lose the lace tights - but they are quite subtle ones, honest! And I'm still a bit of a goth at heartsmile

Your sartorial challenge this week is to go and try on a leopard print pencil skirt. You may be pleasantly surprised! Just wear it with your most flattering (and v plain) shaped top.

TwllBach Wed 09-Jan-13 21:10:26

I wouldn't even know where to find one <goes off to search her catalogue grin>

TwllBach Wed 09-Jan-13 21:14:40

this one but it doesn't look very flattering

this one

or this one?

I know it isn't leopard print but it is slightly less scary for me to contemplate. I have always gone with A line because I thought it suited my shape better, but I am up for a new challenge!

Karbea Wed 09-Jan-13 21:45:29

Those links don't work for me.

TwllBach Wed 09-Jan-13 21:50:26

And now I can't get on the site either.
I might try again in the morning, but I am going to have to go to bed now - I am beyond shattered. I will be carrying out my routine, I just might be moisturising with me eyes closed grin

frazzled74 Wed 09-Jan-13 21:50:55

can i join you glam ladies? my youngest dd is 4 months and i will be going back to work next month so have 4 weeks to lose a little weight and get myself looking better groomed and my wardrobe revamped. I have 2 jumper dresses which i can wear with thick tights and boots, m and s jeggings and a handful of flattering tops, everything else is baggy, too big and shapeless or too tight. I need to buy - leggings , underwear, a couple of dresses to wear with leggings, cardi to wear with dresses and leggings, a pair of lovely but cheap ankle boots, maybe some leg warmers? any llinks or recommendations for these would be good please?(bearing in mind that money is tight) also im a size 16, 5 ft 7, will i get away with a pencil skirt? and if so what tops do i wear with it? what can i use my boots no7 voucher to buy? and how easy is the mumsnet haircut to do? and will it help my fine long hair? I have begun my quest this eve by sorting out my masses of unused make up and moisture creams , i now have a nice neat makeup bag that i might actually use.

justcrazy Wed 09-Jan-13 21:53:42

Trampypants and spoilme thank you will be going shopping at weekend and ask girl at work for an Avon book.

julz09 hope you enjoyed the running club and met some nice people

Happy Birthday Alaska hope you've had a fab day.

Wornoutbutstillwonderful, black is my normal colour for work and home but have been trying to be brave and add some colour like blue and purple. I have had lovely comments from colleagues about how nice I look!!

Have a good evening everyone

Links not working for me, Twll. Night night though!

Welcome to the newbies btw.

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Wed 09-Jan-13 22:56:34

Happy birthday Alaska. I'm in awe of the jumpsuit wearing.. I would DEFINITELY be asked to change a tyre if I dared to don any such item in public.
After my run today (7.8km, am feeling quite chuffed) I left home in black jeggings, black cowboy / biker type boots and a long red t-shirt dress with boiled wool cardi / jacket thing. Felt quite chirpy in it, and the ancient and slightly blind neighbour thought I looked well... (Never reject a compliment, I say).
Bikini wax was grim, and the remaining wax sticking to my clothes all afternoon while I was at playdate / swimming lessons etc was like having the waxing session on repeat.
No make up but yes to perfume so not too shabby. Am also trying to keep the nails looking good without picking the cuticles.
Onwards and upwards. x

TrampyPants Thu 10-Jan-13 09:39:48

morning all! how is everyone? wow, you were chatty last night! welcome to new recruits, I hope you find this thread as helpful and inspirational as me.

Remus, what did you go for? I love the sound of the leopard print. I also love patterned tights.

Julz, have you made many friends where you are? you sound really lonely.

wornout, you have inspired me to try to get a grip on my hair tools today, wish me luck.

twll, awww, that does sound fab though.

frazzled, what sort of shape are you? what kind of place do you work at? <flexes googling fingers>

justcrazy, I LOVE avon.

Ambassador, that outfit sounds fab and just the thing I would wear boo to waxing though. I'll stick to the veet! wink

last night I tidied my eyebrows, it only took 5-10 mins, and they look awesome again, painted my nails in essie bobbing for baubles and scrubbed my face raw before bed. todays outfit is one of my faves blue skinny jeans, grey striped l/s tee under a cream 3/4 sleeve cable jumper these boots which are the comfiest ever (and fleece lined) with red and white wooly socks peeping over the top. I'm so warm and cosy.

full make up, I cant recommend the clarin lipstick enough, it looks fab, lasts forever without drying or gunking and softens my lips.

Alaska77 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:11:43

Hi All and welcome newbies! I love logging in of a morning and reading what everyone's been up to!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes; I had a lovely (but not very exciting day). Unfortunately DS was up overnight yelling and crying (bad dreams? He's 3) then spent the rest of the night in my bed so I'm knackered this morning.

But, onwards and upwards and feeling good thanks to a lovely new dress . I'm wearing it with thick black tights and black heels (but will switch to biker boots later when I have to leg it to the train station).

My new morning routine is also complete - shower, body scrub, lotion all over, BB cream, light powder, beigy sheen eyshadow, mascara, lipgloss and perfume. Phew!

Anyway, keep up the good work everyone, I love hearing the updates and imagining all the outfits.

By the way Remus which outfit did you go for?

TrampyPants Thu 10-Jan-13 10:28:44

oh god, how much do I love that dress?! that sounds fab. glad you had a good day, but boo about poor nights sleep. ikwym about the routine being in place, its lovely!

putyourhatonsweetie Thu 10-Jan-13 10:31:53

hello hello

Felt lovely today in this dress with soft makeup, mary janes and pink earrings.

still on basics until next week, but game offficially raised and looking forward to it continuing

happy days all

TrampyPants Thu 10-Jan-13 10:37:05

ooooh, i LOVE it!

TrampyPants Thu 10-Jan-13 12:42:27

alaska, your dress inspired my blog post for today!

PeppaPrig Thu 10-Jan-13 12:52:01

trampy please pm your blog.

Just bought a stash of make up, and last night did face mask, foot cream, hand cream, eye cream and tidied nails. Still look like a monster thanks to non-sleeping baby..

TrampyPants Thu 10-Jan-13 12:57:35

no problem grin where did you get your make up from? I'm such a tightwad. how old is baby? was it teething? but well done on the pampering!

tonight I shall save my camomile teabags to put on my eyes in the bath.

MuntyCakes Thu 10-Jan-13 13:16:58

Can I join too? I have two sons, three years and nine months, and have lived in breastfeeding tops and tracksuit bottoms/maternity jeans for much longer than necessary! I'm only feeding at home now my youngest is on solids so don't need special tops. I have gone through my entire wardrobe - all the bf tops and maternity clothes (apart from one cardigan) are bagged up and ready to go to bf/pregnant friends and relatives. I felt really good hanging up all my nice old clothes again - I relegated them to the depths of my wardrobe when pregnant as I didn't want to be reminded of all the things I couldn't wear. I'm crossing my fingers that I can still fit into them! I'm even thinking I might change the horrible buttons on the maternity cardigan so it looks smarter...I don't think I'd have even considered it before reading this thread!

Today I am wearing a dark red and white jumper dress (a Christmas jumper type thing - looks better than it sounds) and black leggings, and I brushed my hair just before leaving the house! So I feel like I'm doing quite well. I'm also determined to curl my eyelashes more often and maybe investigate this BB cream everyone raves about - I don't use make up very much and hate heavy foundations, so think it might suit me.

I'm off now to drink some water, eat some fruit and feel virtuous!

PeppaPrig Thu 10-Jan-13 13:18:45

trampy MUA at superdrug - lots of things £1, will report back on quality but have heard Good Things. Baby is 6 weeks so it's early days...