What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe?

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babooshkadoll Sat 29-Dec-12 17:35:14

Velvet pea coat brought out every Christmas bought in a Next sale around 1995.
Older than my DCs still complimented on it.

SuoceraBlues Sat 29-Dec-12 17:39:24

Dress from 1884

Worn I when teenybopper. And due to AlItalia running off with my sister's luggage and my having to lend her my skirt, I wore it for my wedding in....what year was 8 years ago?.....2004!

It's just a simple black dress. Stretchy. Which was good cos it had to fit teeny bopper and not so teenybopper version of self.

ggirl Sat 29-Dec-12 17:41:12

nightie t-shirt thing that dh bought me 25yrs ago

notMarlene Sat 29-Dec-12 17:51:53

An excellent LBD I bought when I was 18ish. Still looks fab.

cathyandclaire Sat 29-Dec-12 17:52:45

Vivienne Westwood black velvet corset and monsoon velvet skirt both given to me by my parents for my 21st....in....ahem... 1988 (now I feel horribly old) and still worn sometimes (although I tend to push my boobs down now rather than hoicking them up like I used to!!!)

SuoceraBlues Sat 29-Dec-12 18:01:48

19 84

Fecking keyboard trying to age me.

A 'Three Men and a Little Lady' t-shirt which my mum sent off for me when the film was out, so early 90's. Not bad considering I was born in 1982 grin

yellowdomino Sat 29-Dec-12 18:12:26

A paisley flare-sleeved blouse bought from Miss Selfidge when I was 14 (so 1997ish).

We lived on a council estate, poor as church mice and yet somehow I developed an obession with Pucci prints, when I saw this top I decided it was the next best thing and saved up my pocket money to buy it. I'd say it was my first proper fashion conscious buy - I keep it partly because it still fits but also because of what it represents. I was teased so much for it at the time (all my friends wore tracksuits!) but didn't care, loved it then still love it now!

A 10 year old Armani suit, I still love it although I can't fit my norks in it at the moment sad

DonaAna Sat 29-Dec-12 18:48:51

Lots of vintage shoes and fur from my mother - also used to have 1950s and 1960s dresses and jackets.

Oldest item in frequent use is a wool coat from 1995.

MrsWolowitz Sat 29-Dec-12 18:53:07

A babygro that I had as a baby.

Aside from that, a pair of skinny jeans that I've had for about 10 years. I kept them as motivation to lose my baby weight and now that I fit back into them, I live in them!

A grey fleece from French Connection that I bought as a new mum in 1998.

I wouldn't be seen dead in it, but to me it symbolised my new motherhood, and I wore it to post-natal aerobics.

I'll be buried in the fucker. Would never part with it.

Bit of a contradiction up there.


I meant <wine>

<gives up>

A pair of black velvet trousers that I bought when I was 11 (in 1992), that are a lovely drapey material. They used to be turned up, but subsequently let down to full length. I've worn them most years on Christmas Day, they're ideal as they look smart, but are sooo comfy. Still get complimented on them!

TessTing123 Sat 29-Dec-12 19:01:39

A pair of cotton trousers given to me for Christmas when I was 13. They were beautiful, rich, warm colours - maroon and navy and lilac, and the very first time they went in the wash they accidentally got bleached to a nasty dishcloth grey. I dyloned them green and they are still in service as slobbing trousers now. I'm certainly not the same size as.I was then so they must have grown with me.

RandomMess Sat 29-Dec-12 19:02:56

60's top that belonged to my mum

LilyVonSchtupp Sat 29-Dec-12 19:03:39

DS sometimes wears an embroidered Afghan waistcoat that my great aunt bought for me in hippy trail pre- Soviet invasion Kabul in mid 70s. He says it makes him look like a pirate.

harbingerofdoom Sat 29-Dec-12 19:04:34

A black wool Edwardian cape. Beautiful frogging(?),black ribbons and grosgrain details. Looks very sorry for itself. Actually wore it in my rock days grin

FrancesFarmer Sat 29-Dec-12 19:06:16

70s black velvet jacket from my mother.

I still wear it occasionally.

whistlestopcafe Sat 29-Dec-12 19:06:53

I have a pink flowery cardigan bought from Miss Selfridge in 1988. I also have a black and white Chanel style blazer from Benetton 1992. Neither of these items have dated.

MiniLovesMinxPies Sat 29-Dec-12 19:18:35

My Gran's mink coat from the 1920's. I have worn it in the past but not recently. I also have a rabbit fur short cape, which I think is circa 1920-30. I love it but I would feel a bit conspicuous. Can't face parting with either but will probably never wear them again.

HappyJustToBe Sat 29-Dec-12 19:23:08

A faux fur coat my Grandma bought in the 60s.

Megsdaughter Sat 29-Dec-12 19:26:12

well this afternoon, it was me, I was clearing it out grin

DrRanj Sat 29-Dec-12 19:28:07

A jersey pencil skirt I bought from warehouse in 1999! It is the comfiest most versatile piece of clothing I have ever owned, it is still going strong and I can find anything to replace it! I even wore it as a work skirt all through my pregnancy!

MorrisZapp Sat 29-Dec-12 22:53:06

Brown leather jacket, single breasted, blazer type shape from River Island about 18 years ago. DP calls it the 'Donnie Brasco'. Has been scrunched up, danced on and generally abused in every pub in Edinburgh. Doesn't fit any more but I will never part with it.

MushyPeace Sat 29-Dec-12 22:58:12

Ex boyfriend in a suitcase.

Don't tell anyone though please.

GreatCongas Sat 29-Dec-12 22:59:08

Some 70s stuff of my mums
Not over the top stereotypical stuff more what normal people wore.

A black silk beaded halter neck dress from Portobello Road about 1988. a bit tight now...

A navy and white striped bodycon dress from H&M circa 1992. DD wore it on holiday this summer.

Other than that, there's a cream beaded purse/bag from a jumble sale in the early 80's. I bought it for no reason other than it being beautiful and used it on my wedding day 20+ years later.

GreatGardenstuff Sat 29-Dec-12 23:23:09

Frankie says t-shirt. I still occasionally wear it smile

fanoftheinvisiblebigredman Sat 29-Dec-12 23:25:38

A 1960's black leather jacket I bought in 1993.

HappyNewSkyebluesapphire Sat 29-Dec-12 23:27:26

Cannot fit into any of this, but have a pair of skin tight leopard print jeans from 1986. An "I Ran the World" t-Shirt (Live Aid) 1985/86. and a black denim minidress from 1987.

Will never ever fit into any of these items ever again, but still cannot bring myself to throw them out...

Oldest wearable thing in my wardrobe is a black sparkly skirt and top that I have been wearing for 12 years, drag it out once a year around Christmas time.

ballstoit Sat 29-Dec-12 23:46:07

Just had to get out of bed to have a look...is a checked shirt that used to be my Dad's.

Can remember him wearing it, and he gave it to me for decorating when I moved into my first house, so it has splodges of paint from every room I've ever painted on it.

Corygal Sat 29-Dec-12 23:53:13

Lovely squishy 'beaver' sheepskin coat from the 40s. Weighs more than I do, still heavenly warm tho'.

My mum's wellies, which date from the 60s. Not deliberately vintage, we're just tight.

TheFarSide Sat 29-Dec-12 23:57:18

My SHE magazine T-shirt, early to mid-1980s. Also my "Durex = Safer Sex" T-shirt, same era.

LilyVonSchtupp Sun 30-Dec-12 00:06:39

This thread has just made me sad that I gave a black wet look body-con dress from Warehouse to charity shop a couple of months ago. I bought it in mid nineties and wore it to Hacienda.

IsawFoofyShmoofingSantaClaus Sun 30-Dec-12 00:08:11

My black knee high boots. From Next in 1997 so just 15 years old. I wear them and still love them.

The next oldest thing is a beautiful black halterneck, handkerchief hem dress bought for my stupid hen night in 2000. So 12 years old. Unfortunately it's too big for me. I keep it cos I love it.

curiositykilledthekat Sun 30-Dec-12 00:23:42

60s hooded cardigown. Knitted, fair isle style. Nicked it from my Mums wardrobe a few years back much to my sisters annoyance. I always get asked where its from. I love it and its a staple of my winter wardrobe! Not doing too bad considering it's nearly 50 years old! Blimey!

ABBA tshirt from 1980 the photo on it is from the Arrival album my dcs like to wear it. A 'I am 5' nighty from 1978 which I wore until i was about 10 and still keep in my pj drawer. A black turtleneck from 1990 that I wear all the time.

AbbyLockhart Sun 30-Dec-12 00:32:31

A pair of knickers grin from Dorothy Perkins, they are over 15 years old and still look good enough to wear on a first sleepover!

VestaCurry Sun 30-Dec-12 00:45:47

1920's beaded flapper dress. Totally sheer silk crepe de chine, with tiny bugle beads sewn all over. Too delicate to be worn now, but I wore it to a roaring twenties themed party in a very naice London hotel many years ago. With a slip underneath naturally, for modesty. It was a real talking point because it's clearly original. I had 20's style satin shoes dyed to match it. It was a lot of fun walking down a grand staircase, making heads turn!


flibbergibbet Sun 30-Dec-12 00:52:44

My school shirt worn on my last ever day of school in 1995. It is signed by all of my classmates. One of them died this year so it makes me a bit sad to look at it now but I would never part with it.

icovetthee Sun 30-Dec-12 00:58:12

A gold and black 'tiger' striped sheer blazer/open shirt kind of jacket. It's older than me and was bought by my nan in a designer shop back in 1982. I wear it out even now with a LBD and heels.

GreyTS Sun 30-Dec-12 01:07:27

Tonight I wore a pair of Marc Jacobs boots from about 8 years ago, black suede, almond shaped toe kitten heel, haven't worn them in years. I reckon they are the oldest item of clothing I own. There are so many things I wish I had kept, but I travelled a lot and can't bare clutter.

noddyholder Sun 30-Dec-12 01:24:53

Have an old v Westwood sedition aires t shirt never wear am keeping for grand kids! Also a 29 yr old pair of Levi's which are minute and will never fit e again.

scripsi Sun 30-Dec-12 01:35:15

I have a yellow short swing coat from the early 60s which I inherited and wear very often, it never fails to cheer up a dark winter day.

Very jealous of your V Westwood t-shirt noddy envy

lisad123 Sun 30-Dec-12 01:37:07

I rely wish I could have been first to post, then I would have said "my husband" grin

lisad123 Sun 30-Dec-12 01:45:11

Vintage red floor length 1970s dress I brought

SchnitzelVonKrumm Sun 30-Dec-12 20:38:41

Two Agnes B silk ribbed long-sleeved t-shirts that I bought in about 1994. Still look like new despite regular wear.

canyou Sun 30-Dec-12 20:41:16

A skirt slip/petticoat I had for my first communion in 1987 It still fits me/I can wear fshock] grin

sunshine401 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:45:00

My Grandmas wedding dress smile

MadAboutHotChoc Sun 30-Dec-12 20:45:37

A black full length halterneck vintage evening dress that was given to me by MIL.

A charcoal grey fleece jumper, purchased in 1994

Beaverfeaver Mon 31-Dec-12 00:50:40

I still have some bras from when I was 16!

harbingerofdoom Mon 31-Dec-12 20:09:01

Oh,and a bridesmaids dress my mother wore to one of her sister's wedding. Must be about 70 years old, immaculately made, by hand and a hand machine I would think. My DM still has her wedding dress smile.
I was given loads of coats Jaeger,Aquascutum,Crombie plus others and I have no idea what to do with them sad.
Perhaps I'll end up wearing them when the economy really goes bust.

CMOTDibbler Mon 31-Dec-12 20:32:25

I've got a few things from the early 90's, but the one in regular wear (circa 93) is a M&S microfibre slip that I wore as a 'dress' out clubbing and now wear sedately as an actual slip, and it still looks great

HappyNewSkyebluesapphire Tue 01-Jan-13 03:12:09

Wore my Etams trousers tonight, god knows how old they are ?!

mathanxiety Tue 01-Jan-13 06:32:56

An astrakhan jacket my sister bought second hand in Dublin in the late 80s -- don't know how old it is. Plus a box of all sorts of 80s clothes that the DCs raid for Hallowe'en, and boots of the same vintage. I also have two fine wool dresses I wore as a toddler. They were originally bought or maybe even hand made in the US and were at least third hand to me when I wore them in 1965/66.

Rebecca54 Tue 01-Jan-13 09:58:15

A dark grey wool coat which comes out for funerals etc. It must be 20 years old!

higgle Tue 01-Jan-13 14:54:37

1962 wiggle dress and jacket bought by my mother for a wedding. Of my own stuff a French Connection white broderie anglaise (?) top I bought in 1982, worn once or twice every summer ever since.

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