Crepeys do Christmas...

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oldqueenie Sun 18-Nov-12 15:03:08

Will this fit the bill. Dull but seasonal?

bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 15:09:32


FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 15:14:40


Where are we meeting on Friday then, BTM?

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 15:15:28

How is that dull? The first thing that sprang into my mind was "Debbie Does Dallas." Which you all, being fellow hags, will remember.

oldqueenie Sun 18-Nov-12 15:20:22

is this your permanent new name mrs s?

bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 15:21:56

Debbie Does Dallasgrin

I was thinking that there are lots of nice places behind Bond Street tube in St Christophers place... any preferences? And what time would be good, do you think?

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 15:26:33

No, I will change back shortly, OQ.

How about 5.30? I should have finished by then. I will PM you my mobile number. We could go to Sofra? Or, indeed any of the bars round there.

oldqueenie Sun 18-Nov-12 15:57:18

do you think that was in my mind... I must say "Fuck Christmas" is how I feel at the moment... so perhaps thread title is fitting, for me at least grin. Very envy of all this talk of west end drinking of a friday evening. Have a large gin for me. is there still a plan afoot to drown post festive sorrows in the new year?

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 16:40:56

I love the lead up to Christmas, but I always feel the actual day is a lot of hard work and somehow a bit of an anticlimax. I am very rigid about our traditions blush and won't entertain a variation from the norm - so we wouldn't have goose rather than turkey, for example, for a change. It is compulsory to drink Champagne with the meal, and you have cream on your pudding, not brandy butter. We always eat Goulash on Christmas eve, although I may relax and have something else this year. And Boxing Day is always cold food and salad - cold turkey, ham, pickles, salad, coleslaw and mash. Oh and egg and bacon for breakfast. And any deviation from this is likely to turn me into a screaming harridan. And yes, you will eat Brussels sprouts with your dinner because it is traditional. With the option of tinned peas for children. Oh dear!

bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 16:52:11

Oooh yes, Sofra! And 5.30 is good for me too smile

I have just been making Christmas cakes (and mince pies for the freezer) and feeling very unchristmassy. And neither of the DC were here to stir the cake. Harrrummmph.

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 17:39:45

I've just put my mincemeat in jars and have labelled my chutney. Unfortunately I had no idea which chutney was which as I had just shoved it all in the cupboard together. Couldn't face making mince pies but did make some vaguely Christmassy spiced muffins and some Christmas Pudding Vodka.

bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 17:52:09

Oooh Christmas pudding voddy. Now that might help me feel more Christmassy!

CointreauVersial Sun 18-Nov-12 17:57:14

As long as you don't mix up your chutney with your mincemeat, MrsS. That would ruin Christmas lunch....

Very good festive thread title, OQ. Ho ho ho.

Blackduck Sun 18-Nov-12 18:51:52

Hi Hags, I too am envy at drinks on Saturday...
OQ I am too blugh re Christmas. Haven't bought a single present and have no ideas. I want to run away and hide.
Dining room looks lovely, but loft bedroom is a mess - the new paint has pulled the salts out of the chimney and it is an eyesore (and a re plaster job).

bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 18:53:43

DD has just appeared back from a shopping trip to Westfield with a few bags which she has rushed upstairs to hidesmile

motherinferior Sun 18-Nov-12 19:35:02

Ooh, did I miss something? Are we meeting on Friday? Or wot?


bigTillyMint Sun 18-Nov-12 19:37:07

Oooh yess MI, do come! And any other available crepeys - t'would be splendid!

herbaceous Sun 18-Nov-12 19:47:56

Oh I do wish I would. But I shall be holed up in Norfolk, enjoying such luxuries as a kitchen, and running water.

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 20:15:03

Oh yes, MI, please do come. Me, Strops and BTM so far. Plan to meet at Sofra in St Christopher's Place from 5.30. Are you up for it? grin


Grincherella Sun 18-Nov-12 21:29:38

Ha, found you lot in the all new and festive Crepey corner. Yes, drinks and stuff on Friday - hooray! Sofra in St Christopher's Place <makes notes> at 5.30. I shall be the one with straw in my hair, as usual. grin

Work is v. busy this week (seeing as we had a very quiet time in the first half of last month we are currently not saying no very often) so I shall have earned a drink or 2 by Friday.

I had my (much-dreaded) photo session this morning (this is for business use). Truly, I think I may have a bit of a neurosis about having my photo taken, I hate it so much. Some of the ones I saw didn't look too bad, so I am hopeful that when I get the CD on Wed, I will not scream and cry because I look like a turnip. Here's hoping.

Wonderwoman, good luck in your exam!

Grincherella Sun 18-Nov-12 21:36:54

Re: Christmas - I am trying to think useful thoughts about it and failing. I have bought a few small presents, but I am not yet really in the mood. Plus my children keep being loathsome, which is not helping me think joyous thoughts about buying them anything. Ds (7) made several 4-letter additions to this week's list of spellings for learning. I asked dh to do his best Victorian Dad impression and tell him off. I have never seen a more feeble telling-off in my life. I fear dh was secretly impressed at the extraordinary breadth of his son's vocabulary.

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 21:46:05

Best Christmas song ever:

Just for Now

Sums it up beuatifully.

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 21:48:09

"Pour me another...oh don't wag your finger at me..." grin

I discovered this on "Always Christmas" which I can sadly no longer get on the internet radio.

oldqueenie Sun 18-Nov-12 22:42:49

oh FW that is fabulous! <once I got over the shocking apostrophe misuse in hopelessness's>

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 18-Nov-12 23:00:50

Yes, I sucked my teeth at that too.

CointreauVersial Mon 19-Nov-12 00:08:46

I'm Mrs Smug of Smugtown, because I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping (apart from the DCs, but I leave that as late as possible because they change their minds so often).

Good song, MrsS, not as funny as the Asda Christmas ad, though. wink

Blackduck Mon 19-Nov-12 09:10:06

"Get me outta here" indeed smile
I think I will cancel Christmas - that will save all the problems... smile

motherinferior Mon 19-Nov-12 18:17:55

Argh. Had to leave work at lunchtime because DD1 has The Bug Going Round. Don't feel that brilliant myself. DP just rang with long and detailed explanation of exactly why he can't take any time off tomorrow. I haven't got that much on, except I just logged into the work email and it looked as if I do have to do various things....

And DD1 is really not well and driving me mad with irritation-

oldqueenie Mon 19-Nov-12 19:01:39

When I was working like a demon and the dcs were small and the nanny called at 7am to say she was unwell and couldnt come in dh and I would be having furious whispered arguments about whose job made it more impossible to take time off... hellish. sympathy MI.

motherinferior Mon 19-Nov-12 19:23:18

It would help if I didn't feel distinctly below par myself....

Blackduck Mon 19-Nov-12 19:34:40

I am the one who has to drop everything and rush back...I am currently on two/three short days and two/three long to cover dp's (variable) working pattern, then he drops a long weekend in Belgrade on me, and Erasmus dinners (he claims he has told me about)

bigTillyMint Mon 19-Nov-12 20:47:01

What are Erasmus dinners?

The arguments wouldn't be whispered in our house. Luckily they are teachers children and never illwink

CointreauVersial Mon 19-Nov-12 21:01:36

In this house I have the "inferior" job and am always on call for emergency childcare, but fortunately I have a healthy lot (DD2 now in Year 5 and yet to miss a day of school).

Hope you aren't copping the bug too, MI? Not the dreaded vom virus, I hope?

FuckingWonderwoman Mon 19-Nov-12 21:18:17

It is a true fact that if a man utters the words "I understand that your job is as important as/more important than mine and I will stay at home with sick children on this occasion" that his penis will shrivel and blacken and drop off, followed quickly by his testicles.

I used to dose DD1 up with calpol and despatch her to school because it was easier to leave work to go and collect her than to not go into work at all. This was with mild wheezing/low grade fever - never D & V, although I did get it wrong once and she ended up in hospital with double pneumonia. In my defence, she had no temperature, no cough, no wheezing and was only complaining of a "hurty chest". I'm afraid I now pander to her malingering which she inherited from her father and take her to the doctors.

Blackduck Tue 20-Nov-12 07:55:54

MrsS so true....I worked with a guy who told his dcs school to phone HIM in an emergency (he was a teacher and could get out more easily than his wife), guess what? They phoned her every single time....
This morning gave dp a lie in (he was tres late) only for him to tell me he was taking ds to childminder this am so mad panic.....
He does have this habit of treating me like his secretary. (Not that he's got one)
When's the awayday MrsS?

motherinferior Tue 20-Nov-12 08:50:20

I have taken today off <sigh> because to be fair to Mr Inferior although he has taken time off with sick children <does quick check of Manly Tackle> he apparently had 101 reasons he couldn't take today off. And I thought I could till I found out about this afternoon's meeting, which is precisely when Very Kind Friend can't cover either.

Acksherly I am being paid by the day now so I could just take today off and loll around with a book, but suspect appearing keen might keep me in better books with work.

And in reality there is a good chnace DP will return home in any case as he has gone into work distinctly sickly. To share the love, a friend suggests. He is doing that Martyr thing of I Am So Important I Cannot Take Time Off Even Though I Am Dying.

Oh well, I can bite the bullet and send my accountants a HUGE cheque of over a grand. Admittedly they've found a tax overpayment of over £400 so that sweetens the pill a bit...

FuckingWonderwoman Tue 20-Nov-12 12:40:05

Ugh, don't speak to me about tax. DH does our tax returns and he put the wrong figure on mine (less than half what it should have been) and I've been sent a bill for £9000! I estimate it should be about £1500 (still unpleasant but better). Despite having all of my tax docs (with the correct figure on) the tax office say I still have to write them an explanatory letter, with the correct amount and they will "consider" adjusting the bill. It is so clearly wrong, FFS, they adjusted some slightly wonky arithmetic, so why not this amount?

Awayday next week, I think. AB has demanded another meeting this pm. I can't do it and my colleague won't.

Blackduck Tue 20-Nov-12 14:36:44

Dp has been chased to class three NI contributions for years. His accountant has told HMRC that he does not owe these a number of times. Latest missive said if he didn't pay they would put it in the hands of the debt collectors.
Dp phoned expalining he didn't owe it (again), got letter back saying 'in this instance' they would not pursue the claim (big of them, didn't admit they were actually wrong) A week later, guess what, letter from debt collection agency threatening to turn up and take the TV if dp didn't pay up.... <head - desk>.

You think it is next week MrsS? Isn't it engraged on your soul ;)

motherinferior Tue 20-Nov-12 20:29:32

Well, work seems to have got its knickers in a twist over several Oh So Urgent things today...I'm going to charge for half a day [evil].

Grincherella Wed 21-Nov-12 09:57:44

Ha, I've booked my hotel for Friday. In town grin .

Re: dcs being off school - mine are clearly a bit sickly and feeble. When they were toddlers they managed 8 hospital admissions between them. This was no fun with deadlines to juggle and completely unforgiving clients. These days they are a bit more robust but both have a tendency to malingering, frankly. Perhaps I have done too much pandering because of all the hospital admissions (there was even one blue light job).

bigTillyMint Wed 21-Nov-12 10:37:23

We have had lots of A&E trips with injuries, but none of them serious (and some frankly phantom!), but thankfully no real emergencies.
We must have such an ingrained Protestant Work Ethic in our house (DH and I probably have had 10 sick days between us in the last 10 years, if that!) that the DC will not take time off, even when I am saying that they need one confused

Am looking forward to Friday, coming via Oxford St (hopefully) laden with bags of requested Christmas presents for the DC! I will PM you all my mobile no now!

Blackduck Wed 21-Nov-12 11:51:36

1. stop with the christmas presnet buying updates - I have done NONE!
2. stop with Friday news as I am envy
3. yes, yes to PWE - I crawl in on deaths door (I get it from my mother who used to send me into school all the time)
4. However, despite 3 above, I am going to the Drs this Friday re knee (how's yours MrsS?) and might even mention HRT as I can't take these hot flushes any more.....

bigTillyMint Wed 21-Nov-12 11:52:41

BD, I am on HRT - no hot flushes any more!

motherinferior Wed 21-Nov-12 21:23:27

I am mucho looking forward to Fri grin

FuckingWonderwoman Wed 21-Nov-12 22:34:59

And me. grin

Grincherella Thu 22-Nov-12 09:57:58

And me grin grin

<hops up and down excitedly at thought of Big City>

wilbur Thu 22-Nov-12 14:13:21

Aha! Here you are! Very envy of your drinkies tomorrow, crepey ladies. Although we do have friends coming over which will be fun and dh has already made v delicious-smelling beef stew so it should be relatively stress-free.

In style news, I am wearing my new boots which are making me very happy. They are here. My feet feel lovely and comfy and just a little bit fierce, which seems to be the crepey holy grail.

bigTillyMint Thu 22-Nov-12 16:50:12

Am liking your boots Wilbursmile

I am also looking forward to tomorrow night - just let's hope tomorrow day is less emotionally-charged (for my little students, not me!) than today <collapes in heap infront of computer>

bigTillyMint Thu 22-Nov-12 19:27:53

Omigod, DD has just commandeered my ancient and extremely rusty and dusty (got it for my 18thconfused) sewing machine for her art textiles homework. I can't bear to look...

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Nov-12 22:32:50

<<storms in>>

Christmas shopping and organising drinks without me angry envy

............ you needn't think the odd name change will fool me either.

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Nov-12 22:33:25

So - are you all ok then?

CointreauVersial Thu 22-Nov-12 23:05:26

Hey, Rubes, hey Wilbur - been busy?

I am well jel about your drinkies tomorrow. I just wish I could shrug off my domestic commitments, but it isn't going to happen. And DS has a late return from his "important" football match tomorrow (his Y8 team are doing rather well in the Schools Cup and he is off to Essex to do battle with their finest).

Nice boots, Wilbur. I bought a very similar pair from Clarks that were mighty comfy, but slipped off my heels when I walked, so they had to go back. There is a 20% discount around at the moment and I'm contemplating these for work.

BTM - my sewing machine was a 16th birthday present! And it was in action only yesterday, taking in some charity shop trousers that were a little too wide.

FuckingWonderwoman Thu 22-Nov-12 23:12:35

Well, I am exhausted and drained after my exam. I felt in need of retail therapy afterwards so went to Selfridges and bought a Very Large Bottle of Expensive Perfume. And lots of stocking fillers from Primark. grin

FuckingWonderwoman Thu 22-Nov-12 23:15:10

I have also been wearing my new Camper ankle boots. I suspect they are Mum Boots. They have given me a blister.

CointreauVersial Thu 22-Nov-12 23:29:40

Ooh, which perfume did you buy?

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Nov-12 23:32:41

Glad the exam went ok MrsS.

My daily boots are not Mum boots they are more Granny boots tbh.

CointreauVersial Thu 22-Nov-12 23:44:02

I can't believe anyone as super-glam as you has granny boots, Ruby.wink

This mum boot thing is a minefield! I need some heeled black leather boots, not too high, to wear under trousers for work, and it's a thin line I have to tread......

FuckingWonderwoman Thu 22-Nov-12 23:46:23

Your favourite, CV. grin

rubyrubyruby Thu 22-Nov-12 23:50:39

CV - yes, it's sad but true. Definitely warm and waterproof Granny boots.
I like those Clarks boots you linked to in the tan. I love tan boots but they are not my colour. I do ignore this fact of course!

Blackduck Fri 23-Nov-12 07:49:31

Happy Friday all! Been the journey from hell here this week what with all the rain!
I too am envy of drinks tonight, but have the folks up. AND I bought my first Christmas present yesterday! (One down, a zillion to go)
MrsS congrats on the exam smile
I need new boots, am loving the ones on conkers site, but also like a pair of El Naturalista...

bigTillyMint Fri 23-Nov-12 07:53:02

ruby! I was only wondering where you'd got to yesterday!

Well done on the exam MrsS - I will be trawling Primarni for stocking fillers later... And I have to get to Selfridges to pick up some trainers that DD has her heart set on - hope they hold onto them till I get there.

Am feeling mighty drawn to those boots wilbur. And there's a 20% off code ATM....

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Nov-12 09:34:45

BD - I love El Naturalista boots but have never actually bought any. There is so much choice I can never make a decision. I need a rubber dole these days!

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Nov-12 09:35:36

sole - ( on phone) in bed

CointreauVersial Fri 23-Nov-12 09:38:54

shock MrsS, does the perfume start with a C? In a big square bottle?? envy

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Nov-12 09:41:34

I was so bloody cross yesterday - I encountered some awful road rage out on the road with my trainees.. He was heading in the opposite direction or I would have got his plate number and got my colleague to run it through the police computer check.

Really aggressive and sweary just because we held him up for about 10 seconds! I smiled in the knowledge that he was unaware of the roadworks and massive jam he was about to encounter just up the road grin

CointreauVersial Fri 23-Nov-12 09:42:11

Ruby, I like the tan ones but it's black ones for work that I need. They aren't cheap but sound nice and (there's that word again) comfy.

CointreauVersial Fri 23-Nov-12 09:43:14

I had Secret Santa rage yesterday, in fact I might just start a thread about it.

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Nov-12 09:48:45

Gwaaaan CV!

rubyrubyruby Fri 23-Nov-12 10:38:30

and yes I have been busy but I have a day off today so I'm having a good clean. Taken on too much work but loving it and not wanting to cut back as I think my hours will probably reduce over the next few months.

DS2 has been sittings his mocks and we have been spending our evenings visiting 6th form colleges/schools. The other 2 are at the 'options' stage too so my days and evenings have been full!

rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Nov-12 07:38:57

You're not all still out drinking without me are you????!!

Blackduck Sat 24-Nov-12 09:19:16

I'm here! Folks up so off out when I can get p to move.
El Naturalista boots are fab (say she who has three pairs...)

rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Nov-12 10:01:08

Really BD? 5?

I love them but do they last?
And sizing?

rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Nov-12 10:02:45

5! - I meant 3.

You probably need 5 - that's why I was confused wink

Blackduck Sat 24-Nov-12 10:11:02

They last, and are good tempered. My current work ones have got soaked, muddy, stood on by the dog and are still fine ;)
Sizing - I'm generally a 3.5 (36) and fine they are fine - 4 is usually a tad too big, a 3 is fine (unless you wear thick socks). I am converting these. Currently wearing these to death...

rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Nov-12 10:24:45


Have a look on the Javari website BD. I'm on my phone but they seem to have more styles / colours than Amazon.

bigTillyMint Sat 24-Nov-12 15:34:39

Had a lovely time last night - thanks crepesters! Even managed to go to the gym before I went to meet a friend for breakfast - must have been all the iron in the steak!

Now we need to name a date in Jan - what abt Fri/Sat 12/19th???

Hope your voiceover thing went well Grinchy!

rubyrubyruby Sat 24-Nov-12 19:41:06

CV - the woman on the John Freida Frizz Ease advert reminds me of you smile

...... in her non frizzy guise of course.

CointreauVersial Sat 24-Nov-12 20:55:54

I've not seen that ad Ruby (or maybe I have, but zoned out due to absence of frizzy hair). I'll check it out!

I did some more Christmas shopping today (well, it mainly involved dragging DH around in an effort to find something for PILs). But I did bag an unintentional bargain for myself. I saw this (not in Wallis, but in a concession store) which I have had my eye on for a while, and it was marked 30% off. Hooray, I thought. It's a lovely colour and mighty cosy. The label was handwritten with the price £60, but the shop assistant rung it up at £62.50.

"Oh, it says £60 on the label," said I (thinking, well, £2.50 is £2.50).

"I am sorry madam. Of course, it's 30% off," said the lad behind the counter, and proceeded to give me 30% off £60. So my lovely coat was £41. What a shame I failed to check the receipt until I was out of the store. wink

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 08:05:06

Bargainous coat, CV. I have just realised that my winter coat is nearly 10 years old and still going strong.

I am indeed the owner of a bottle of Coromandel, CV. grin

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 08:28:26

What a bargain CV.
I've just realised I don't actually own a coat hmm

I have short jackets blazer/biker and a short puffer coat but nothing smarter/longer apart from a full length velvet one I've had at least 7 years and isn't warm.

May have just solve the 'what I want for Christmas' dilemma.

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 08:37:06

I'd like a digital camera for Christmas. I've wanted one for the past three years and have made this known. DH never gets me anything till Christmas eve, and it's always something last minute. sad I lost it last year and had a screaming fit and then burst into tears outside Galleries Lafayette, saying that it made me think that he didn't really give a shit about me, as he never put any thought into my presents. He had to take me into a bar to have a stiff drink to calm me down, as I had reached the point of crying where you have stopped with the tears and snot, but still sobbing. (This is really not like me - I am very calm usually.) I then went home and he went shopping for my present, armed with the name of the perfume I liked - Grand Amour (oh how ironic) by Annick Goutal and came back with Les Nuits d'Hadrien. Nice, but not what I wanted. Or asked for.

I have told him that he has to buy his family's presents this year, which means they will either get nothing at all, or something ridiculously overpriced, which was bought on Christmas eve. I'm not taking bets...

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 08:37:40

Alternative three: he says on Christmas eve "What did you get my mother/father/brother..."

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 08:56:21

That's a bit shit MrsS but typical of many men. DH is brilliant at presents and fortunately we have a secret Santa system with
the sibling adults in our family as there are so many of us.

Christmas starts next weekend for us with a family advent supper smile which unfortunately clashes with 2 other social events <<gah>>

bigTillyMint Sun 25-Nov-12 10:14:48

Baaaargin coat CVwink

Glad to see you arrived home OK MrsS. My DH is similarly useless. I stopped him from buying me presents when I had to return the pink stripy sweater he got me from Next that even your Grandma wouldn't be seen dead in. He just gives me money. Even DS commented on the absurdity of us both giving each other money from the joint accountgrin

We have friends visiting from New Zealand next weekend (and a few days after) with 8 and 5yo boys. I just hope the jet-lag isn't too bad this time - remembers 2 years ago, boys charging around the house at 5 in the morning hmm But it will be lovely to see them!

Blackduck Sun 25-Nov-12 10:32:05

I have to admit dp is pretty good on the present front (when we are buying - a number of years we have gone away instead) he buys artworks usually and so fab stuff.
MrsS that is true shite particularly when you have told him what you want...)

motherinferior Sun 25-Nov-12 11:33:40

I have just had yet ANOTHER row with DP. Ho well...

motherinferior Sun 25-Nov-12 12:02:51

...and also my job surrounded by glossy young things is making me feel quite grotesque. I feel like one of those minor characters you get in 17th century paintings, in the background looking hideous.

Blackduck Sun 25-Nov-12 12:51:00

Dp just grunts so no room for a row there....
And I am not doing his Christmas shopping - I laid that law down ages ago. His family, his problem. I do min which is hard enough...

oldqueenie Sun 25-Nov-12 16:03:43

Bloody hell. These menfolk of yours need to shape up (with the honourable exception of artwork buying dh). Dh and I had a VERY satisfying time last night combining x factor watching with red wine drinking and going through the box of unwanted / ungiven presents that accumulates in a cupboard... we found lots we could give away rather than buy yet more "stuff". Only problem is trying to avoid giving someone their unwanted gift back grin. Am immensely cheered by not having to contemplate massive present buying task... Cheers!

motherinferior Sun 25-Nov-12 16:12:09

Oh ffs. Mr Inferior and the girls just came back from Sainsbury's. I asked them to pick me up some basic socks from the kids' section (I have v small feet), the sort of close-fitting boys' socks I wear as a layer under thick woolly ones (I get very cold).

He's got me children's size 6-8. "I thought they looked the same size as the pair you gave me for comparison." I am actually quite upset by this. He nearly bought me size 20 pants recently too.

bigTillyMint Sun 25-Nov-12 16:18:48

MI - size 20 pants on you! grin

FWIW, I would NEVER, EVER in a million years send DH to buy me any clothing. Especially not underwear!

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 16:22:18

Sorry, MI, but that made me laugh. Size 20 pants? Even I don't wear size 20 pants! But I really don't see how he could think that baby socks would fit a grown adult. When my father died, DH had to fly back on his own with DD1 for the funeral. She was 3 months old at the time. I gave him a detailed shopping list, which included a small pink padded jacket, aged 3-6 months. He brought back with him a wool duffle coat, in dark red, age 2, which had been given to us by a friend. How he thought it would fit a small baby, I have no idea.

DD2's new bras from M & S are too small in the cup <sighs> and I think I have lost the receipt, so if anyone needs bras in a size 30C (I'm not suggesting that they would fit you, MI, but they might fit someone's child!) please let me know, and they're yours. They are slightly moulded/padded. Thankfully the sports bra (same size) fits her, and is, if anything, too big in the cup. You can't get regular bras here above a C cup, so not sure what I am going to do now - maybe take her to M & S here to try on?

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 16:23:09

clothing list, not shopping list.

Blackduck Sun 25-Nov-12 16:23:32

Size 20 pants MI?! That's grounds for divorce (if you were married).

motherinferior Sun 25-Nov-12 16:24:14

Figleaves? Ask a kindly friend grin?

Or indeed a trip outside Paris? Some French women, somewhere, must have bosoms???

The socks won't even fit DD2. And he's now huffy.

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 16:51:51

MrsS - did you buy them here? M&S don't require receipts for swapping only refunds. You could send them over and one of us I could swap them for you?

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 16:51:54

No-one does huffy like a man who was "only trying to help", MI...

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 16:54:42

grin at socks and pants shenanigans.

I have realised that deciding I would like a coat for Christmas was the easy part. I now have to find one - any suggestions where to look crepeys?

Blackduck Sun 25-Nov-12 17:23:39

Anyone been to marrakesh recently (dp and I went about 17 years ago) - goa is off this year, been put off Egypt, Mexico has stupid flight times/days, but five days in marrakesh is both doable and affordable...Pre Christmas treat!!

CointreauVersial Sun 25-Nov-12 17:36:29

See, if I dared to criticise DH for buying me giant pants or tiny socks (or indeed, for doing anything not quite correctly) he would have a giant flounce and say with a sniff, "fine, well, I won't ever do it again, then."

I'm not sure what I'm getting for Christmas, but I am dropping heavy hints about a dull but useful food mixer. If he buys that he hopefully won't make any expensive mistakes elsewhere.

More car shopping today; having settled down with the new Verso we have realised that DH's aging Saab is starting to suck up serious amounts of money, and is not pulling its weight as a commuter runaround. He fancies a Fiat 500, but I will have to resist the temptation to break into the Noddy theme tune when I see one.

News on my crash back in September is that the police are taking "further action" against the guy who hit me, so hopefully his insurance company will now admit liability and cough up.

bigTillyMint Sun 25-Nov-12 18:45:36

BDenvy We also went about 15years ago. A friend went in the summer.

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 18:48:09

I went to Marrakesh - um 27 years ago!
<<unhelpful>> will it not be bloody freezing BD?

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 18:50:58

....... at night I mean? Or have I got that wrong hmm

Grincherella Sun 25-Nov-12 19:36:18

What I want for Christmas is now a new suitcase, seeing as mine was nicked yesterday en route from London to Dorset. sad Southwest Trains had "works on the line", so had laid on a coach service from Southampton Airport to Poole. The driver absolutely insisted that we all put our large items of luggage in the compartment under the coach. And then apparently had no system for matching passengers with their luggage at each stop. Coach stopped at Bournemouth and two other stations. I then get out at Poole and find the luggage compartment is completely empty. So it's not that someone took mine instead of theirs, they clearly just helped themselves to something they fancied. I am glad that I did not manage to do more Christmas shopping than I did, but immensely fucked off all the same as I have lost some irreplaceable bits of mine of "sentimental value" and some medical stuff that will cost a large amount to replace. Have now got to waste vast amounts of time with the resultant admin and putting in claim to SW Trains. Useless fucking bastards.

I shouted very loudly and nastily when I got home as I then had to spend 2 hours cleaning out a fish tank that nobody had bothered to deal with even though 3 fish had died. Bed at 2 am. Not happy.

Other than that, the w/e was very nice. hmm

wilbur Sun 25-Nov-12 20:11:19

Oh stropps, so sorry about your stolen bag, how frustrating. Not surprised you had a rant later - entirely justified even without the bonus dead fish outrage.

Dh and I are buying each other an iPod dock/digital radio for the bedroom for Xmas so that's all sorted, phew. We're also hoping to get the dcs a joint present of a go kart, so maybe that will reduce shopping time too. Need to find a cart that's big enough for ds1 - must start looking. Have got fruit soaking in booze for both Xmas pudding and cake today - not quite full stir up Sunday but it's a start.

bigTillyMint Sun 25-Nov-12 20:33:37

Oh no Stropsshock that's terrible. I hope you put in a big claim.

wilbur, fruit soaking in booze sounds good.

DH has said he'd like an iPad for Christmas, but doesn't know which one and is not bothering to check them out ATMhmm

FuckingWonderwoman Sun 25-Nov-12 20:40:46

Bastards. But it may still turn up, Strops. I put dirty knickers on top of my case when I pack, which I always think might be a good deterrent, with crusty gusset facing upwards. grin

bigTillyMint Sun 25-Nov-12 20:50:00

ROFL at crusty gussets grin

rubyrubyruby Sun 25-Nov-12 20:54:42

Oh strops! What s fucking nightmare. I bet you are still remembering stuff that was in there. sad and angry

CointreauVersial Sun 25-Nov-12 21:03:32

Oh Strops, what a pain in the proverbial. You probably didn't think to have it all labelled up, seeing as you were expecting to get a train. It might turn up....we helped ourselves to someone else's case once at the airport baggage carousel, and only noticed when we were half way to the exit and it dawned on me that the bag I was wheeling looked a damned sight more decrepit than it did when I checked it in.

We also lost a case coming back from our honeymoon; DH left it sitting by the bus-stop outside Gatwick.hmm We were quite surprised to find it still sitting there when we returned a couple of hours later, especially as this was only a few months after 9/11.

Can't help on the Marrakesh question, except that DH went on business last year and found it quite a culture shock (he hasn't travelled much, poor thing). He was a bit put out to see people crapping in the street, and he didn't enjoy the fact that every salesman was apparently on a mission to rip him off. It wasn't what he expected. But don't let that put you off, no, really, don't (he really is a bit sheltered). I'd go like a shot (but I travelled in my youth, darling wink).

CointreauVersial Sun 25-Nov-12 21:24:09

DH is out tonight, so I'm fending for myself for dinner.

I got as far as putting some soup in the microwave, then thought, sod it, and shoved it back in the fridge.

I'm having cheese and red wine for dinner. grin

Well, it's low-carb(ish).

Blackduck Mon 26-Nov-12 06:57:38

Stropps angry for you. What a 'mare!
Ruby - 9 or so at night high teens during the day - a darn sight warm than here grin we really can't afford long haul in terms of time/stress/visas but are in need of some downtime and some sun. (Although I am not sure having ds with us counts as down time...)
Marrakech is on sleazy jet route (so cheap) and only 4 hours. So we are thinking cheap flight, nice hotel and a bit of sun for five days and then return to the full on festivities.
CV - do recall the haggling etc. will let dp deal as I get angry at all that grin alternatively if shopping use the govt dept craft stores - all priced up no haggling!

motherinferior Mon 26-Nov-12 20:00:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigTillyMint Mon 26-Nov-12 20:04:45

Oh MI what a shame. But at least you have spurred your current job on. I bet it will all work out in the end (easy to say when you have a permanent job that you love, I know!)

DD has had a melt-down over her art-textiles homework which is using a sewing machine on a ridiculously complicated picture.....

motherinferior Mon 26-Nov-12 20:06:31

I want fire and enthusiasm about work back in my life. Not necessarily for every bit of work that I do, but a general vigour about it....

FuckingWonderwoman Mon 26-Nov-12 20:38:39

I would like that too, MI. I deleted 700 emails today, on the grounds that if they were important, someone can resend them. And if I read them all, I won't have time to do any work.

herbaceous Mon 26-Nov-12 22:59:26

Strops, that does NOT ROCK. What a pain in the parts. And MI - BTM is right, it will all work out in the end, but all the wondering and worrying is very wearing.

Here we still are in North Norfolk, escaping the builders. The cottage is miniscule, with tiny furniture, but is spotlessly clean, and has a functioning kitchen, complete with washer/dryer in which we have cleaned all our clothes for the return. DS is in a proper bed for the first time, and is celebrating by coming into our bed most nights, and wriggling so much one of us has to give up and to into his bed.

S&B-wise it's all classy Barbours and Dubarry boots round here, with expensive-looking jumpers and an air of insouciance, as they mount their dirty 4x4s. Feel a right pleb. But it's spurred me on to buy a pair of proper, waterproof, grippy Merrell boots from Secret Sales for future bracing walks, or even just negotiating icy London pavements. They're my birthday present to myself.

Talking of which, we spent today trying to entertain DS in the Hunstanton sea life sanctuary. Hunstanton has to be the bleakest place on the planet, with acres of windswept concrete, closed-down amusement arcades, and desolate caravan parks. Just deathly. And DS utterly uninterested in marine life, preferring to sing his repertoire of 45 songs on a loop. That's £33 well spent, then. But we did swing by the utterly absurd Burnham Market on the way home for a cake.

CointreauVersial Mon 26-Nov-12 23:33:53

Nice to hear from you, Herbs - I bet you are the only holidaymakers in town at the moment.

FuckingWonderwoman Tue 27-Nov-12 07:30:47

I quite liked Hunstanton. blush We had a fab holiday there a few years ago, when we rented a house right on the front between Sunny Hunny and Heacham. It was like having our own private beach. It's probably only closed because it's winter.

bigTillyMint Tue 27-Nov-12 07:35:45

shock 700 emails!

Herbs, glad you are having a lovely British Winter Holidaywink
I have a pair of Merrell boots - must dig them out as apparently it's going to be getting freezing this week!

Blackduck Tue 27-Nov-12 08:28:36

MI sorry to hear job situation is a bit pants at the moment. I do commiserate with the feeling old, I catch myself and think 'how the hell did I get here?' Hardly the stella career and life I envisaged....
MrsS - wow, tad more emails than I get - is it awayday this week? Are you waiting with baited breath? (what the hell does that actually mean?)

On hol front I am a bit concerned that colleague who did Marrakech very recently got bad tummy bug - I can cope with self, it is small child that concerns me. She also thinks Egypt might be a better bet - couple of days in Luxor/Cairo perhaps (although the Gaza peninsula doesn't actually strike me as a good place to be at the moment).

On Christmas present news have bought another for dp (well, it actually goes with the first one...), but still done bugger all for anyone else. Am in Kent at weekend so may go to the hell that is Blue Water and try to blitz it there.....

bigTillyMint Tue 27-Nov-12 13:15:06

BD, we have been to Egypt twice recently - Sharm in the summer and Cairo/Luxor/Aswan 18months ago. All fine. Plus no sickness at all for any of us either time.
Our friends are going to Luxor over Christmas. Go for it!

And get to Bluewater very early if you go on Saturdaywink

CointreauVersial Tue 27-Nov-12 13:28:42

Now Egypt I do love - we went twice to Luxor back in the early 90s I think (although the massacre at Queen Hatshepsut's Temple the following year put us off going back). You do get the same North African hassle, but generally I found the locals very warm and welcoming.

I did get ill in Egypt, but it was tonsillitis. And while I was holed up in bed with a temperature of 103 degrees a procession of hotel staff came in to check on me - the towel boy from the pool brought me lemon tea, and the hotel recetionist tried to give me some "vitamin tablets" (which I politely declined). My brother was "adopted" by a local caleche driver, who invited us all to lunch. They were all rather lovely.

Blackduck Tue 27-Nov-12 20:54:20

BTM Bluewater is nearest hellhole shopping centre to inlaws so more than aware of its charms.... Needs most and all that. Dinner at la gavrouche to compensate...

CointreauVersial Tue 27-Nov-12 21:23:45

Oh, I heart Bluewater, BD. I can get there in 40 minutes with the wind behind me so perfect for a big shop-fest. I like the fact that it's triangular, so as long as you keep walking you'll eventually find the shop you are after!

The DCs used to love the creche there, but they're too big now, more's the pity.

Grincherella Tue 27-Nov-12 21:30:18

MI, sorry to hear you are feeling glum about work. I hope something upliftingly interesting comes along soon.

It looks like the course I went on at the w/e is likely to bring in some interesting but quite challenging work. The guy that ran the course contacted me today with a job inquiry. It means working a w/e next month and a certain amount of worry about whether I can cut the mustard, but hey, at least I should earn enough money to replace the contents of my suitcase. Am still angry at having the damn thing stolen, but have thrown enough punches at circuits to feel better. grin Will be lucky to see any compensation out of SW trains, but have filed all the correct bits of info in the correct places so far.
Dh is going for a check-up tomorrow. But he is carefully ignoring this fact and concentrating on his deadline...

motherinferior Tue 27-Nov-12 21:49:17

Oh good luck with the checkup!

I am contemplating new boots. One of my more reliable pairs of boots has definitely fallen to bits. I could get these (to be a cheapskate) or these

FuckingWonderwoman Tue 27-Nov-12 21:59:11

Get the kiddyboots, MI. envy

motherinferior Tue 27-Nov-12 22:05:59

You're just saying that to make fun of my feet, aren't you? grin

(DP and the Inferiorettes continue to insist those tiny socks looked just the same as the sample I gave them...)

Grincherella Tue 27-Nov-12 22:25:38

The tiny socks thing was truly ridiculous. And as for the size 20 pants.. Still, I suppose he tried. A bit. Or then again, maybe not. Dh can't even be arsed to buy his own pants, let alone anyone else's.

I second MrsS - you should get the kiddyboots. grin

herbaceous Tue 27-Nov-12 22:26:24

Gah. Had harboured fantasies of returning to a complete-ish kitchen, or at least a sitting room I could walk across. But no. As well as most of the contents of the old kitchen, the 'sitting' room now contains 120 pieces of ikea kitchen, two fridge freezers, two ovens, a hob, sink, dishwasher, washer/dryer and four meters of work top. And, when we got back, a load of tools and half an inch of dust over absolutely everything. Dispiriting doesn't cover it.

Still, lots of lovely presents were waiting among the rubble: a pestle and mortar, a lovely 'made' necklace, and my new Mariella bag, which is luffly.

Blackduck Wed 28-Nov-12 07:03:25

CV ALL shopping centres are hellholes as far as I am concerned grin

Herbs, how tedious - irate the two ovens intended, or is one the old one?

Stropps - good news on the work! And good luck to dh on appointment.

Ds had piano exam yesterday - sight reading not good, but lack of practice doesn't help smile

I am having a hellish time at work and feeling very stressed.

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Nov-12 07:10:13

Strops, great news on the job front and good luck to your DH.

MIenvy that you can fit into cheaper children's shoes

Herbs, grit your teeth...

BD sorry you are having a hard time at work. I can't believe that I am actually still holding up under the strain of working full-timesmile

herbaceous Wed 28-Nov-12 08:09:26

The two ovens are intended - one's a combi microwave, one a standard issue. The two fridge freezers are less intentional - one's the old one, currently in service, the other is the new one.

Girding my loins to weigh myself. A week of fish and chips, cakes and minimal movement I fear may have taken their toll.

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Nov-12 08:45:04

Herbs, you're a braver woman than me - i haven't weighed myself since before the summerblush

herbaceous Wed 28-Nov-12 08:57:50

A couple of years ago I had no scales and a stone crept on over the course of a year. I kept blaming clothes shops for making their sizes smaller, dry cleaners for shrinking my clothes, etc. When I eventually bought a set, and they told me the hideous truth, I packed them back up to return to the shop as they were 'obviously faulty'! It was only when I got on the public scales that the penny dropped.

So now I've gone the other way, and weigh myself most days to prevent pound creepage. Or, if not prevent it, be aware of it!

Grincherella Wed 28-Nov-12 09:37:11

Back from dh's appmt and the news is good! Blood test results indicate that things are doing what they oughta. So we remain optimistic. Hoorah!

Thanks for all the sympathy re: nicked suitcase. I am sure I am now going to spend 2 weeks frothing and seething whilst SW trains completely ignore all my communications on the subject. Dear God, I hate all the automated phone thingies and how you can't speak to an actual person any more, so you are forced to send them an email that they can ignore <sounds like own mother>. Will have to send a registered letter or somesuch, I suppose.

Herbs, much sympathy re: kitchen chaos. Gah, the dust and the way everything seems to take twice as long as the builders said it would.. We had our bathroom and extensive electrical work done 2 years ago and I was supposed to be redecorating the hallway, stairs and landing afterwards. I got about a 3rd done and then had to spend so much time clearing up after the electricians and bathroom installers that I couldn't cope with the thought of getting a plasterer in to sort out one of the walls. So it still isn't done and the walls are still only one third painted. By the time I feel strong enough to deal with it, we will need another new bathroom. grin

herbaceous Wed 28-Nov-12 09:49:00

It's grim. Even the bedclothes are covered in dust. So I wash my hands all the time, and they get dry, so I put on handcream, but that too is covered in dust. Gnnn...

They've drilled a hole in the wall for the hood outlet, rather than going through the ceiling. This is going to look shit. But to get them to re-do it will create even more mess. Have I got the energy?

And that's great news re DH and his tests. A weight off the mind, all round, at least for the moment.

herbaceous Wed 28-Nov-12 09:52:54

Oh, and in fat news, I've put on five pounds in six days. How is that even possible? It would mean consuming 3,000 extra calories A DAY.

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Nov-12 10:34:38

Great news Strops!

Not so great news Herbs - that is why I am not stepping on the scales till Jan!

wilbur Wed 28-Nov-12 12:45:17

Glad to hear dh's good news, stropps - that's great smile.

Herbs - many sympathies re the dust and general disaster area, have been through it several times and will do it again soon. I would say though, if you can face it, get teh builders to do the cooker hood properly - you're knackered an dfed p now, but in a few months you will look at the hood and think "WHY didn't I insist.....?) I speak from bitter and twisted experience.

MI - love both boots too, but the kiddieboots look uber comfy and you can buy yourself something else with the money you save.

I had a little shopping spree in local charidee shop this week and did v well. Got a navy Cos silk top with epaulettes (well it's a tunic and as Crepeys have established they are boxy, so I am going to shorten so I can tuck it in like a shirt), a John Smedley cardi, and one of those little sweaters with a shirt collar and cuffs attached which will be great for work and is from Anne Taylor in the USA which is my absolute fave clothes shop ever. All the above for £20. Bargain!

motherinferior Wed 28-Nov-12 19:54:37

Wilbur envy

I shall get the kiddiboots, though should point out they only have furry stuff round the top, not inside. Then I can buy a longer pair in the sales too.

I have suddenly realised the perfect storm of Things That Have To Have Time Taken Off For around Christmas (dur-urrrrr). I think my head is going to explode. One of these is a concert I'm singing in, too, and I really should do some practice blush.

FuckingWonderwoman Wed 28-Nov-12 21:36:04

I have to get another job application in this week. Wish me luck, because I will definitely need it.

CointreauVersial Wed 28-Nov-12 22:43:48

MrsS - good luck!

Strops - brilliant news about DH; long may things continue on the "up".

MI - you lucky swine having petite feet. I like both pairs of boots - I actually ordered on the Norley Wood ones; they were very comfy but slipped off my heel when I walked, so no good for me. I also need some flat comfy boots, as both my current pairs are knee-high, and I've gorn orf them. No chance of me getting my boat-like feet into a kiddy size.

Herbs - miserable, isn't it? We spent most of 2009 and a fair amount of 2010 living in a bombsite, but luckily we had a spare room to store the 7,000 boxes of new kitchen, so the living room stayed clear. But boy, the dust. We broke two hoovers. Look on the bright side - no pressure to have an immaculate house for the next few weeks.

Wilbur - I heart charity shops. I shall be rocking a little £4.99 black velvet number at the office Christmas party, which I have just "improved" with a needle and thread.

Blackduck Thu 29-Nov-12 06:13:41

Good luck MrsS .... How was the away day?

bigTillyMint Thu 29-Nov-12 07:39:37

Good luck from me too MrsS and update us on the AwayDay!

CointreauVersial Fri 30-Nov-12 14:52:26

Crepey fashion update - my cream Guernsey from Woolovers arrived at long last. It is gorgeous - thick and woolly, just the right size, and perfect for the current cold snap and about half the price of similar offerings from Celtic Sheepskin and that ilk. I'm wearing it already.

I'm off out tonight with work colleagues (but client-sponsored, hooray). I've just painted my nails in silver-grey magnetic nail varnish, which looks very cool. And first outing for my coating black jeggings, possibly.

Any nice plans for the weekend, crepeys?

rubyrubyruby Fri 30-Nov-12 18:18:03

Thanks for the woolovers update CV. I'm in desperate need of some new things and finish work next week so must drag myself off to the shops smile

We have a family advent supper tomorrow. We have some family 'issues' atm so it could clear the air or ............ hmm and they are then all coming here on boxing day.

rubyrubyruby Fri 30-Nov-12 18:21:45

Oh - and I could do with some help with presents for 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl who I don't know at all hardly know.

herbaceous Fri 30-Nov-12 18:52:16

Ooh CV, I had my eye one one of those Guernseys. Is it nice and fitted? It looked a bit 'square' on the website.

Fatness update - it now seems I only put on a pound or two on hols, so that's not too hideous. DP is off away for the first few days of next week, so I shall get bizzy with the salad.

Weekend plans: avoiding builders, again, but this time without DP who is at a conference. Outdoor activities not appealing, due to cold snap. Then big birthday meal with my bestest friends. Hooray! Could involve presents. Sunday: recovery.

S&B news: wore my new Uniqlo coat and garnered many compliments. It's also toast-o-rama. V slightly tight across the 'bust', but this shall encourage sensible eating. Perhaps.

rubyrubyruby Fri 30-Nov-12 19:01:54

That's great you got the coat you were after Herbs and also about the weight gain not being so drastic! I'm with BTM on the rarely weighing myself plan and if I feel I've gained I lay off the carbs for a while and weigh myself after - just to confirm. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned amid the chaos. Is it your Birthday?

herbaceous Fri 30-Nov-12 19:30:00

I did a quick raid on the Uniqlo flagship store, just before singing in a concert off Oxford Street. It felt very exciting.

And yes - it was my birthday on Monday. Loads of people seem to have birthdays this time of year, which I realised the other day is exactly nine-and-half months after Valentine's Day - otherwise known as compulsory shag day. Ewww.

Blackduck Fri 30-Nov-12 20:06:53

Evening all. Went to dr re dodgy knee - general consensus age and fall not a good thing, but as I am not in agony/crippled leave it.
Down sarf tomorrow as dining at le gavrouche (I am not paying). Hoping can squeeze into clothes I have put out as I haven't actually checked. Tree up, advent Calendar at the ready.....

Grincherella Fri 30-Nov-12 21:33:56

Good luck with your job app, MrsS.

BD, tree up? Already? I have got out the Advent calendars and half-done a pre-Christmas dusting session so that the Christmas decs will not be covered in dust and dog hair. And I have placed a large online order with Topshop (that's dd's presents sorted). That's all my festive prep so far. grin
Had fitting for replacement dental nightguard (old one nicked with suitcase) today to stop my teeth crumbling to dust before the New Year. I really do not like having to wear An Appliance. It makes me feel especially aged. Still, having no teeth would make me feel even more aged.

Happy birthday for last Monday, Herbs. And many happy returns of jolly nice birthday meals with your best friends.

I have tentatively organized to go and see my bestest friend soon. For complicated reasons to do with jobs, geography and families, we have not seen each other for 7 years and I have missed her very much. When we talk on the phone, our partners occasionally time us. The longest recorded chat was 2hrs 40 mins and even then that was just scratching the surface.

Blackduck Sat 01-Dec-12 05:45:31

Stropps it was a case of yesterday, or's artificial (and on its last legs - some of the built in lights have died a death), and is squashed in a corner with the back branches up (was bought for a bigger house), but its up and Christmas is official open chez Blackduck....
The going away idea seems to have gone, so I might take a couple of days to blitz shopping and catch up with friends...

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 10:33:02

Happy Belated Birthday Herbs! And the coat looks fabenvy

BD, veryenvy at your meal out - I have to go to the dreaded gym disco/prize-giving tonight and then drive an hour to drop DD and 2 others at extra training tomorrow. Right at the time when our friends from NZ are arrivingangry

Strops, hope your plans to see your bestest mate work out - I am really looking forward to seeing my bestest mate for Twixmassmile

Blackduck Sat 01-Dec-12 10:52:07

Why does envy show up as a green heart?? envy
The way I feel at the moment I'd like to run away. Dp thinks it is sensible to spend 6 hours in London in our good clothes doing stuff ahead of dinner...blush

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 10:54:04

"In your good clothes", is your DH my mum, BD?grin

CointreauVersial Sat 01-Dec-12 10:59:18

Last night's evening out was fun, but I was very well-behaved and didn't drink much. A few of my colleagues went on to a club, but I really couldn't be arsed. Nice dinner, though.

The DDs just made blueberry pancakes for breakfast...mmmm....

Herbs - the Guernsey is straight up-and-down, as per the classic style, so not "fitted" as such, but it was just the right size and came to low hip on me. It depends what you're after, I suppose. But it is a heavy garment, so probably not cheap to return. I wore it yesterday with skinnies, long brown boots and my brown furry charity-shop gilet. I'm off to a Christmas Market later (my friend has a jewellery stall) and I'm contemplating wearing the same again today.

CointreauVersial Sat 01-Dec-12 11:01:05

"Good clothes" grin

In this house, that's what DH wears to creosote the fence, then he comes shopping with me dressed like a dustman. angry

Blackduck Sat 01-Dec-12 11:01:27

BTM grin
It is a bit hmm though. I either carry a full change of clothes with me, or turn up in my normal boots having changed my top. There's no talking to him...

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 11:05:52

BD, pack your evening outfit into a bag and make him carry it around. And then find a big loo to get changed in wink

rubyrubyruby Sat 01-Dec-12 11:19:05

Good clothes! Having checked my diary I'm rather disappointed that I appear to be going nowhere this Christmas that requires dressing up sad

Good news! DH has managed to locate the final 'limited edition' print we have been after. We saw it when we went away for our first anniversary (paper) we dithered and then it sold out. It's in Denmark so is being shipped over - the artist offered to meet us in London and personally hand it over!!!!! But we can't make it and I would feel like a sad groupie

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 11:48:15

ruby, snap! Well, not serious dressing upsad What's happening on the house front?

And MrsS. Has she survived the Away Day???

rubyrubyruby Sat 01-Dec-12 12:31:11

Still looking daily on rightmove BTM and slowly clearing ours of unnecessary tat. Nothing grabs me atm. Our house the same as ours a few doors up has come up for sake so I will watch that with interest wink

rubyrubyruby Sat 01-Dec-12 12:32:30

Bloody phone! A house the same as ours is up for sale.

Need a new house as nowhere to put new artwork!

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 13:21:29

grin am liking your thinking!

FuckingWonderwoman Sat 01-Dec-12 18:25:12

I've updated my awayday thread... grin

motherinferior Sat 01-Dec-12 18:41:59

I have a cheque from HMRC after a tax overpayment. I have realised I should spend it on a proper laptop. But also yearned for a nice pair of biker boots...before discovering all the size 3s had sold out angry

bigTillyMincePie Sat 01-Dec-12 19:17:52


Shame the fun activity didn't involve lobbing wet sponges at your boss, or something similar!

SantasBitch Sun 02-Dec-12 17:45:04

I have had an entirely unproductive day, apart from dull stuff like going to the market and new shopping centre. DH came with me to shopping centre, which ensured I didn't buy anything. I did get us oysters for lunch though, and some very good cheese from the market. I will don my lederhosen in a minute as we are having sauerkraut and kassler for dinner. grin

And have name changed for the season.

Blackduck Sun 02-Dec-12 18:58:03

^ give us a clue!!

Dinner was fab (if expensive!) twiggy was on the next table...and I got escorted to the loo (this is apparently because once a woman went in closely followed by a man so they stood a waitress at the door saying it was temporarily out of action and they actually had a basket for discarded knickers!!!)
I also <3 my MIL who has lent us her car as our has died (again) - I think this definitely means week away is off the cards....

bigTillyMincePie Sun 02-Dec-12 19:24:42

It has to be MrsS - who else would be having oysters for lunch?!

BD - Twiggy! Was she sporting a Per Una number?

SantasBitch Sun 02-Dec-12 20:22:37

I thought the oysters would give it away, so BTM wins the prize. When we move back to London, it will be jellied eels, I guess. sad

Surely Twiggy would have been sporting something from her own collection?

We have the biggest Emma Ness in Europe (outside of UK) 15 minutes walk from us. I am not sure what the French make of it, as it seems to be full of Brits and Yanks every time I go! They have pork pies...mmmm....

wilbur Mon 03-Dec-12 11:22:03

Had an exhausting weekend but quite productive and satisfying. Did 2 school Christmas Fairs on Saturday (following a lot of baking) - primary much more fun than secondary - and bought a few bits. One thing I saw on a stall, which I didn't buy but now wish I had is this which has nothing to do with s&b except that I heart it. Not sure what dh would say - I think he thought my Christmas decoration habit was under control. (No chance, not with a New House to Santa-up, oh no ho ho ho). Then had friends over for dinner inc BIL and SIL - SIL drank too much and then fell asleep at the table! The rest of us just talked over her grin. Sunday I did digging and a bit more garden stuff so I have one flower bed that should look pretty in the Spring - as long as I can keep the fecking squirrels off.

Am supposed to be working now so better go.

bigTillyMincePie Mon 03-Dec-12 13:30:03

Secondary school fair? Luckily our Secondary doesn't do PTAsmile The robin is quite sweet, but £20???!

Jellied eels? <boak>

herbaceous Mon 03-Dec-12 18:52:30

Off to Ikea on my twice-weekly run to pick up things left off the kitchen order. Have to work out how to fit a 270cm-long bit of panelling into the Fabia.

oldqueenie Mon 03-Dec-12 19:35:55

ooo errr missus. Your panelling and fabia talk reminds me of Frankie Howerd!
I have never been to Ikea. I long ago took a vow never to venture there... ditto Westfield.

SantasBitch Mon 03-Dec-12 20:29:58

I am steaming with rage at the school. Had to book DD1 a dermatologist appointment as she has a dodgy mole on her foot (we have huge family history of melanoma - it has seen off my grandmother, uncle and cousin so far, my aunt is terminally ill with it and my mother had it 5 years ago), and took the only possible appointment before the new year. Unfortunately this clashes with her string ensemble rehearsal and apparently she "has" to be there as it is the last rehearsal before the concert. What concert, I ask? This is news to me - still no date given for it, but is clearly going to be the week after next. I work full time and my diary is already pretty fully booked that week (including a dinner for 12 that I'm hosting). AIBU to think that schools should show a bit of consideration to working parents and understand that we don't all sit around on our arses all day waiting for the school to announce some marvellous event that we all have to attend, and give us a bit more notice?

Have told cello teacher that DD1 won't be at next week's rehearsal and will see what sort of whiny assed reply she comes up with. DH can, of course, take DD1 to the concert and watch her on his own, but that is not the point.

And breathe...

On the plus side, I got job application form in today plus revamped CV. smile

bigTillyMincePie Mon 03-Dec-12 20:42:12

God, I thought it was only the DC's infamous school that did this kind of thing. I am somewhat bolstered by the fact that it happens in international schools toosmile
Well done on the jobs front!

OQ, never been to IKEAshock You aint missing much at Westfield Stratford, but I haven't been to the West End one!

Blackduck Tue 04-Dec-12 06:42:16

Ds's new school is soooo much better than the old one for info (if you bother to read the weekly news letter which has a handy term calendar counting you down to things) which reminds me I am manning (womanning?) the tombola on Sunday.
Meanwhile old neighbour has moved! Took her 3/4 months and drove her mad - I told her she was a lightweight.
Congrats MrsS - hope its for a way better job than ABs so you can rub his nose in it.....

Blackduck Tue 04-Dec-12 21:37:17

Crepeys page 2!!
Dp has announced he'd like to do something political....I need to investigate more.
Meanwhile I am slogging through crap emails and appeals. Hope life is better elsewhere...

Grincherella Tue 04-Dec-12 21:55:22

MrsS, I hope your application goes down well. And I very much enjoyed reading the awayday update. grin

I think I have been to an Ikea 3 times. This was 3 times too many. Although I did like their lingonberry cordial. And the weirdy Swedish mustard. Is it possible that I completely missed the point of Ikea? But then I live far, far away from any Ikeas and must content myself with duff mdf shite from Argos and the like. <peasant> Or pay over the odds for ye olde wooden doodahs hand crafted by posh artisans. (Feh)

Jellied eels? Are they not .... disgusting? I mean, eels taste of mud anyway, so the jellied business is clearly a case of adding insult to injury, isn't it?

Grincherella Tue 04-Dec-12 21:55:55

BD, "something political"??

SantasBitch Tue 04-Dec-12 22:38:30

I lost my temper tonight (I never lose my temper and am not even due on). Full blown screaming, shouting, swearing and slamming doors. And then hysterical crying. DD2 was terrified, but it did have the desired effect of getting her to do something I'd been nagging her to do for weeks. I had a shit day at work, didn't get home till gone 7.30 (I live 10 minutes away from work), came in and had to start cooking. Only no-one had emptied the dishwasher from the night before, the breakfast stuff was all over the table, the sink still full of stuff that can't go in the dishwasher, the recycling bin had a precarious tower of crap on top of it, you couldn't get any more rubbish in the regular bin, the washing that I had put on this morning was still in the dryer and the washing from earlier this morning was still in the dryer.

So before I started cooking, I had to clean and tidy, or at least empty and restack the dishwasher and sort out the stuff in the sink. So I didn't start cooking till 8, and we ate late. The hall is full of shit that the DDs have been told to go through and sort out (this is what got shifted when I had my screaming fit). Something has to give here. I can't come in and cook from scratch every night - why can't DH cook a couple of nights a week? (Apparently he wouldn't know where to start... hmm) Why can't he unload the dishwasher when he is making the tea in the morning and shove the breakfast stuff straight in it? And why can't he do the washing either?

herbaceous Tue 04-Dec-12 22:49:24

Sounds like your outburst was long overdue, and that your DH needs a large kick up the backside. Either family eats easy to cook stuff they can do themselves, a few times a week, or if kitchen not in reasonable state to commence cooking, no cooking gets done.

Grincherella Tue 04-Dec-12 23:14:13

They are a bunch of lazies and needed a good shouting at. No excuse for them not being able to manage to clean and tidy all that stuff. You should have given them a no-frills cheese sandwich for supper and then ordered yourself a tasty something much nicer.

Blackduck Wed 05-Dec-12 05:46:38

Stropps - that's what he said 'something political' - we got no further in that convo so will pick up when he have some free time (when's that month of Sundays?).
Jellied eels are yuck.

MrsS I second stropps - cheese sarnies all round. But if you do find the answer to why a man can't empty the washing machine/dishwasher/take out the bin/hang up the laundry whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for his work from home cup of coffee could you let me know?
Sounds like meltdown was well overdue.

rubyrubyruby Wed 05-Dec-12 07:05:48


bigTillyMincePie Wed 05-Dec-12 08:12:59

None here, just horrid cold rainsad At least our kiwi visitors had good weather mon/tues!
Agree about the cheese sandwiches. And do you have a cleaner? It has revolutionised my life and its only once a week!

alto1 Wed 05-Dec-12 09:07:17

Hi all,

Struggling to keep up but have taken advantage of my cold to have a lie-in and read thread. Sympathies to those with builders, job stress and families who don't do dishwashers.

My dh had good news, or at least no more bad news, at hospital on Monday. Now it's passed I've realised how anxious I was about it. As often happens, the relief expresses itself in a stinking cold.

Too much on this week to be ill. Took two leave days to fit in concerts, rehearsals and scary speaking thing but still got clashes. And have to miss dd's solo at her Christmas concert (sob) but then she can't come to mine either.

Next year I swear I'll learn my lesson and not take on too much in December <crosses fingers>

Grincherella Wed 05-Dec-12 16:32:54

No snow here, but I found a random partridge wandering down our road earlier. Maybe he was searching for a pear tree. He was lucky to avoid being the dog's elevenses. grin

bigTillyMincePie Wed 05-Dec-12 17:53:02

A partridge <suitably impressed that you knew what it was> - don't get many of them alive round here!

So glad the DC no longer do instruments - no more concertssmile

herbaceous Wed 05-Dec-12 18:29:36

I hit a game bird of some description in Norfolk. Couldn't slow to avoid it, or stop to pick it up for tea, as being borne down upon by 4x4, as ever. It had a long neck, and was tan with black spots.

I felt v guilty. I was surprised it didn't fly off at the last minute, in the manner of Wiley London pigeons.

Grincherella Wed 05-Dec-12 19:55:43

Sounds like a dim-witted pheasant, Herbs. I think the partridge had taken a very wrong turn as even though you can see farmland from our windows, we definitely still live in what I would class as surburbia. Surburbia is not a good place to wander aimlessly about in if you are a plump little game bird. He might as well have had a notice hung round his neck reading "Pet food".

Alto, good news that it was good news for your dh. Hope your cold gets better very soon.

CointreauVersial Wed 05-Dec-12 23:52:46

Hey alto, long time no see. Sorry to hear about your ill-timed cold.

MrsS - the old melt-down is good for family motivation, I find.

We had some snow here this morning (we are quite high up); it stopped after an hour or so, and disappeared soon afterwards, but the DCs were already digging out snowboots and checking the school website for closures (yeah, good luck with that one).

This cold weather makes me realise how crap our central heating is. Every winter we think we must do something about it, then every summer we forget again.

alto1 Thu 06-Dec-12 08:08:49

I'm coddling the cold and rehearsing my talk in a tiny croak, easily drowned out by the dog scratching herself.

DH is not as easily tired, so maybe it was anxiety dragging him down.

The dog has gone into super-moult and we are ankle-deep in drifts of black hair. Or I am. They are invisible to everyone else.

And the cat has finally won over my mother, who has become her fawning minion. Triumph after a three-year campaign.

herbaceous Thu 06-Dec-12 11:57:30

I'm freezing my arse off. In study, with non-functioning radiator and gappy window (though covered in that window film stuff). Have heat-tech leggings and top, jeans, cashmere jumper, large hat, cat on lap, and halogen heater on high. And my hands are still frozen. Can one still get fingerless gloves?

Not helped by the builders leaving the doors and windows open, for some unknown reason. Other than being Polish and used to the cold.

It's DS's nursery play today. He is a reindeer. He's been singing all the Christmas songs to me for about a month, but I'd imagine will run screaming from the stage when the time comes. This is the first performance. I'm going next week by when it will no doubt be perfect.

wilbur Thu 06-Dec-12 12:26:09

You see, I read the updates from MrsS and am now hungry for a cheese sandwich (one of life's great simple pleasures IMO). Sympathies on non-multi-tasking dh and oblivious-to-chaos dcs though, I don't blame you for the meltdown. You could always try this. I'm tempted to give it a go at times but the thought of listening to the dcs bickering about who does what does my head in.

Herbs - I also have a Cold House and yes, you can get fingerless gloves - I have a cycling pair which have been v good. We are supposed to be getting a wood-burning stove but have left it too late for this year. smile re nursery play - enjoy! That stuff is the compensation for all the crap bits (as detailed above) of family life.

Alto - glad to hear dh's news was a relief and hope the cold goes soon.

wilbur Thu 06-Dec-12 12:31:19

Oh, and today I have an hour or so between finishing work and seeing a play in Shepherds Bush. Do I dare go to Westfield? If I do, where do I go when I am there? Have only been once before and was quite scared.

Blackduck Thu 06-Dec-12 12:41:50

alto1 - congrats on the good news.
I will join 'cold house' group too...(what do you expect living on a hill...)
Love the link wilbur - very tempted too! Trouble is dp can ignore piles of crap for the longest time - pretty sure I would crack first.

We are waiting on car news as that effects potentially going away - I have resigned myslef tot he fact it isn't happening.

I am doing the tombola at the school christmas fair and need to make buy a cake for it too. Other than that I intend to do bugger all this weekend.

On advent note - ds was most unimpressed by the £1 coin this morning - bad mummy, must try harder!

bigTillyMincePie Thu 06-Dec-12 13:19:39

Herbs, that is the one thing I miss about not having a small child - the Christmas show. I bet it will be luverlysmile

Alto, glad your DH is doing better and sympathy for everyone with colds/cold houses. Victorian terraced houses aren't too bad to keep warmsmile

BD, does your DS get a present every day? Mine just get the mini choccie! But a colleague found a fab advent calendar with little animals in it for his class. He's a really nice teacher and is taking the class skating next week at the Natural History museumenvy

herbaceous Thu 06-Dec-12 14:05:39

I am expecting to cry, embarrassingly. And have little prickles of 'competitive mum' regarding the quality of singing and cuteness of child.

DS will be sporting this hideous monstrosity from, natch, Sainsbury's. I did see at least one home-made costume arrive with the children this morning, so I do hope cats bums faces aren't coming my way.

Blackduck Thu 06-Dec-12 18:48:51

Hi BTM, yes, it is a chest with little drawers, and they have to be filled! We have done (in the past) socks, choc, notes, coins, lip balm, small tree gifts etc. but it is a pita! (My dad bought it!!)

bigTillyMincePie Thu 06-Dec-12 19:18:33

Herbs, so cuuuuteenvy

Yes, my DM made us a fabric pocket one. I only ever managed to get chocolates to put in it. They were Christmas ones though. Wonder where it is now...

DH is insisting we get our tree on Sunday, BEFORE his birthdayshock

herbaceous Fri 07-Dec-12 16:16:05

I'm off Up West this evening. Some friends have a spare ticket to the Mikado at the Coliseum. Set in a Marx Brothers' style 1930s hotel! Should be larks. I dread to think how much the ticket is, though. They're not known for their frugality.

I was out last night, too, at a meal with my choir at the local catering college. It was cooked and served by the students, and we sang carols to them (in four-part harmony, natch) afterwards. Good fun. I got quite drunk, and made masterchef-type comments about the food. I'm addicted to Michel Roux.

oldqueenie Fri 07-Dec-12 16:55:16

hands off herbs, he's mine i tell you, miiiiiiine.

motherinferior Fri 07-Dec-12 20:49:02

Hello my lovely crepuscular friends! I am COLD (I think our heating isn't working very well, which is a bit worrying as we had highly expensive new boiler installed recently) but at least getting into swing of seasonal purchases. Including, ahem, yielding to this little number which, yes, has buttons but is rather fab IMO, if sadly twice the price of its not so nice woolover equivalent...

rubyrubyruby Fri 07-Dec-12 21:24:25

I do tissue paper with ribbon parcels and a gift tag date for mine.

Mostly chocolate, the odd pound coin and increasing size in the days leading up to Christmas. smile

I have poured wine and just about to open the school reports

rubyrubyruby Fri 07-Dec-12 21:25:18

Oh - and I finished work today!!!!

Blackduck Sat 08-Dec-12 07:05:57

Ruby I hate you...

Car is repaired, another £700 so there goes any thought of sometime away before Christmas. I have had NO holiday this year, I am fraying at the edges.....

I NEED some down time crepeys...........

And I still haven't done any Christmas shopping.

bigTillyMincePie Sat 08-Dec-12 14:16:51

MI love the jacket!

Am feeling rather smug as I have manafed to find two lovely prezzies for my two lovely colleagues in the local market. There does seem to be a plethora of crafty markets round here this year - all very tempting!

CointreauVersial Sat 08-Dec-12 23:50:03

All this talk of inventive and crafty advent calendars is making me feel inadequate as a mother. Mine got chocolate advent calendars from Poundland this year.blush There have been no complaints.

Sympathies on the lack of holiday, BD. If you are after a quick and cheap break, have a look at Premier Inn, who are doing rooms for £29 a night. If you pick somewhere random a couple of hours drive away you can have a relatively inexpensive three day / two night break, which might be enough to recharge your batteries. We have booked a night away between Christmas and New Year (which is always a bit of a dull time); we stuck a pin in a map, and we're off to Bristol, woo hoo.

herbaceous Sun 09-Dec-12 09:06:13

I haven't got an advent calender at all - chocolate or crafty - so feel uber-inadequate. I've been finding it hard to get into the Christmassy spirit, with nowhere to put a tree or cook nice food.

And, get this. The builders are now cracking on apace with the kitchen. Five of them here yesterday, with one fixing all the worktops in place. Worktop of very very expensive iroko, carefully measured to fit the space. They somehow managed to totally ignore both my instructions and common sense, and cut four out of five pieces of worktop too short, so they are all useless. That's about £700-worth.

I am FUMING. The builder is, oddly, not answering his phone. I wanted this kitchen finished by Christmas. It was supposed to be finished by 1 December. AAAGGG.

bigTillyMincePie Sun 09-Dec-12 10:55:50

Herbsshock Surely the builder is liable for the costs if it is them that have f'd up? But if he's not answering his phone....

<<off to google iroko>>

SantasBitch Sun 09-Dec-12 12:25:55

I have had an awful week, which among other things, involved the death of a friend (he died in May and we have only just found out, as we have no mutual friends). Went out last night to a friend's for Christmas drinks/housewarming. Due to my lack of gall bladder, sometimes I don't need to have much to drink before throwing up (eg four regular glasses of wine and no drunk phase - which is all it took last night) and it comes on unexpectedly. I managed to cover their nice new bathroom in puke and block their sink. It was awful. DH is decidedly unimpressed with my behaviour, particularly as I still feel sick, and he wanted to go shopping this afternoon. And apparently no-one else is capable of making lunch...

herbaceous Sun 09-Dec-12 13:21:51

Oh Mrs SB, that's awful. And not just the puke-blocked sink.

Further builder joy. Miraculously, boss builder agreed to pick up the tab for the worktop, and to re-do it.

The one piece that was actually OK is where the sink is going. Carpenter wanted to know if sink drainer was on left or right. It's obviously on right, as tap holes are at the back. DP tried to call me to ask, and told carpenter to wait. But he cut the hole anyway, for a left-hand drainer sink. With tap holes at the front. So now every single bit of worktop is wrong.

FFS. angry

CointreauVersial Sun 09-Dec-12 14:28:51

Aargh, Herbs, what a fiasco. Strangely, the worktops were the easiest bit of our kitchen; the granite people were in and out in a matter of minutes, and they supplied the sink too, so no holes to get wrong. Our main kitchen "challenge" was the apparent inability of the kitchen designer to take accurate measurements; the wall cupboards (if put up to his design) would have overhung the window by about 10cm; thank heavens we had a wonder chippy on site who managed to remedy the situation. There were also lots of random gaps that shouldn't have been there, but he cleverly created a towel alcove and a little space to stack trays and chopping boards. Strangely, the designer could not be reached once the kitchen had been delivered.....

But if you're onto worktops you must surely be in the home straight?

SantasBitch Sun 09-Dec-12 15:02:17

Herbs, what you are going through is my nightmare - if we are moving back to London next summer (which is looking increasingly likely) we will need a new kitchen, as ours is 25 years old, plus new bathrooms. The pound signs are flashing before my eyes as I type. On the plus side, at least we will get rid of the hideous beige suite and gold taps in the en suite...

herbaceous Sun 09-Dec-12 15:02:47

V much home straight, yes. Just lights, plinths, cupboard doors, hood ducting, trap for the sink, plumbing for washing machine and dishwasher, and of course worktop.

Bugger me.

Blackduck Sun 09-Dec-12 19:11:27

Oh MrsS sorry to hear....why was DH so huffy - not you fault surely?!
I have done school fair, tombola was under siege and we finished in an hour and 20 mins having sold every single ticket!! There was one prize they all wanted and by coincidence the winning ticket was in the last 10!!!
CV I am planning a couple of days with a mate - Christmas shopping, nights out, lots of chat....

rubyrubyruby Sun 09-Dec-12 21:12:52

Oh god MrsS - that sounds awful!

Glad you are getting away for a few days BD. We are looking to book a few days between Christmas and New Year too CV - probably coastal as I love a winter beach.

Herbs - you are nearly there!

bigTillyMincePie Sun 09-Dec-12 21:33:18

SB, sorry you had a crap week and are still feeling sick.
Herbs, BD is right - you are nearly there - hang in there!
BD, CV and ruby envy at your twixmas breaks - we often do a couple of nights in a nice hotel courtesy of Tesco vouchers with our good friends, but owing to not having enough this year, they are coming to us. Which will be lovely, but not quite as relaxing as a nice hotelsmile

DC's decorated the tree, played with the nativity sethmm and are now watching X-Factor final...

SantasBitch Sun 09-Dec-12 21:35:17

Oh apparently I shouldn't drink with the tablets I am on... as it can cause severe vomiting. So there's my answer. Have erred on the side of caution and have had neither alcohol nor tablets today, but pain has come back with a vengeance. <Sighs heavily>

Had the usual cheery conversation tonight with my mother. The neighbour of one of her friends (so not someone she knows) had a massive heart attack and died while delivering Christmas cards. Her sister's cancer is terminal. Her brother now has cancer too, but she doesn't think it's serious (she sounded almost sorry). Told her about friend's death (she had met him), but she brushed this away as unimportant. Got tirade about "those Asians in the post office" overcharging. I decided at this point that I really didn't want to hear any more, so told her I was having an early night and would call her in the week.

DH and the DDs are being a pain. I think I'll just leave home...

Blackduck Tue 11-Dec-12 07:17:31

MrsS sorry life is a bit crap at the moment. Did you get your knee sorted? I was told it was age! Although the knock didn't help. Had it x-rayed yesterday.
One of my reasons for going to a mate for a couple of days (who only lives in the city I work in) was because I just want a couple of mornings not dealing with lost socks, dirty kitchens and mislaid end homework. And a few evenings not thinking about cooking....otherwise I will be running away with you.

Blackduck Tue 11-Dec-12 07:17:38

MrsS sorry life is a bit crap at the moment. Did you get your knee sorted? I was told it was age! Although the knock didn't help. Had it x-rayed yesterday.
One of my reasons for going to a mate for a couple of days (who only lives in the city I work in) was because I just want a couple of mornings not dealing with lost socks, dirty kitchens and mislaid end homework. And a few evenings not thinking about cooking....otherwise I will be running away with you.

rubyrubyruby Tue 11-Dec-12 08:09:07

I'm sorry too MrsS - and BD, it will be lovely to see your friend, a few good days downtime can feel like a week.

My first day off involved sorting work paperwork (risk assessments etc) taking friend to hospital appt. taking niece to interview and picking up DS1 from the airport although I did squeeze in a lunchtime wine and soda hmm today is kicking off with taking DD to doctors and paying bills.

rubyrubyruby Tue 11-Dec-12 08:22:30

...... and having allowed DD a lie-in she is now moaning at me because she is missing drama.

Blackduck Tue 11-Dec-12 12:12:49

oh yes, and dp can deal with the darned advent calender...

I was not a happy bunny this morning, I came in to find my office had been Christmasfied, bloody santas everywhere, tinsel (yuck, the stuff makes me itch) and pictures all over the wall. I am afraid the red mist desended and I took it all down. I like Christmas, but not all over my office walls thank you very much......
It's like when they decorate your desk on your birthday - makes me want to run a mile.

On a happier note, ds's group at school won the design a choc bar competition (judged by a man from Canbury - hope they patented it ;) )

Grincherella Tue 11-Dec-12 21:52:44

MrsS, I do hope that things will look up soon. Sorry to hear you are feeling crap. I'd imagine it will help when you all know definitively where you will be off to next year.

BD, enjoy your days off. Sounds like a good plan. However, Ruby's first day off didn't sound very restful grin . I did have to snigger at your DD moaning because she missed Drama because of her lie-in, Ruby. We can never do anything right, can we? grin

This time of year makes me feel a bit "meh", but I will perk up once we get to actual Christmas. Dd and Ds are both being over-wrought and unreasonable and Dh is doing his normal "What d'you mean, it's Christmas soon - are you sure about that?" routine and flatly refusing to do anything remotely seasonally constructive such as write Christmas cards to his 1.5 remaining relatives. My mother is in her usual Yuletide fussing mode, although seems to be significantly more in need of support that she was a few months ago, which is beginning to worry me.

I think I have all the present business reasonably under control, although ds's Christmas list was astoundingly over the top and is destined to lead to disappointment. I thought we had by-passed the myth of FC having infinite resources and boundless generosity, but apparently not. Har bloody har to that list, ds.

Grincherella Tue 11-Dec-12 21:59:18

Oh and I just need to admit that I LOVE tinsel. I realise it is probably naff and ghastly, but I love it and stick it all over the place. Gold, red and green. I like twinkly lights and tinsel.

One year I tried to go all tastefully natural at Christmas. I had a real Christmas tree in a big wooden tub in the garden that I had been nurturing for years, having grown it from seed; I collected ivy and holly from the garden (we have lots of both) and brought all of this into the house. Unfortunately, I didn't clock the fact that the dog had been lifting his leg on the Christmas tree tub for years, so when I brought it into the house, he kept pissing on it. And every bug in the country was apparently hibernating in the ivy. I had a sitting room full of dog widdle and confused ladybirds.

I've gone with the tinselly tat ever since. And an artificial tree because the dog sees no need to water it.

SantasBitch Tue 11-Dec-12 22:10:57

"A sitting room full of dog widdle and confused ladybirds" gringringrin I am laughing like a loon at that. We must be twins separated at birth, Stropps, as I go for the full blown Santa's Grotto look, with silvery paperchains (the more the merrier, bought from the market or the pound shop - classy), fairy lights a go go, tinsel, baubles, all colours, get em all up, silver, red, gold, green, blue, pink, purple. Christmas is no time for good taste. I also love a nice cheesy Christmas fillum.

I was told today - informally - that I have been shortlisted for interview for one of the jobs I've applied for. grin Keep your fingers crossed for me, as AB will be like this envy if I get it, and I'm pretty sure the fact that I've been shortlisted will piss him off no end.

SantasBitch Tue 11-Dec-12 22:11:36

But I've done my back in and am hobbling round like I've just shit myself.

Grincherella Tue 11-Dec-12 22:17:58

Woohoo, MrsS! You go and get that thar job. And may AB choke with suppressed fury grin

(hope the back's better before the interview)

rubyrubyruby Tue 11-Dec-12 22:41:53

Strops grin you for make me laugh!

Go get 'em MrsS

It dawned on me today that I have not bought one single Christmas present yet and I should probably be worrying about this fact. I am however, off to get my hair done tomorrow.

CointreauVersial Wed 12-Dec-12 00:33:30

grin at dog widdle and ladybirds.
shock at Ruby's nonchalance about grievous lack of present-purchasing.
smile at MrsS being shortlisted (yay!)
shock at BD being an office grinch. Embrace the tinsel! I'm admiring my new turquoise and silver glittery reindeer "statuette" as I type.

Have just wrapped the Ireland presents and booked a courier for £16 to transport the hefty box over the Irish Sea (way cheaper than Royal Mail, believe it or not, and no queueing in the PO for 30 minutes). 90% of cards have been written (I lost the will to live at around T in the alphabet), and I'm pretty much done on the presents. Mrs Smug of Christmas Smugtown. wink

Blackduck Wed 12-Dec-12 07:15:57

<hands up to being the office grinch> but if you can live with 30 odd pictures of dogs and cats in Santa hats, Santas grotto written across your wall, 20 plastic santas dotted around and your screen festooned in tinsel you are a better woman than I. In my defense I left the decorated fig tree and may I point out I was the first one in the office to have their tree up at home!! They all were a tad shock at how quickly it came down and now I have a wall that is missing lumps of paint.

Stropps grin at dog piss and ladybirds - I dispensed with real trees sometime back because the lower branches would be denuded within a day or so as the dog would dive underneath and walk round, emerging covered in pine needles which he would then deposit all over the house.

MrsS fingers crossed for job - any idea on interview date?

I have packed for my couple of nights away, I am looking forward to not getting up early and not worrying about dinners. I intend to join CV as Mrs Smug having done all my Christmas shopping (sets self up for epic fail) smile

bigTillyMincePie Wed 12-Dec-12 08:52:38

So glad I don't have any petssmile We have a lovely real tree <ignores the bare branch at the bottom as DH and DC chose the tree> and several sets of fairy lights draped around the house.

MrsSB, good luck - can't wait to hear about AB's reaction!

BD, am very envy of your mate-break - I could so do with that.

DS went off to school clutching his volcano cake (yes, that bloody Y7 project) - hope it didn't erupt on the bus!

herbaceous Wed 12-Dec-12 10:03:16


I haven't done any Christmas shopping, put the tree up, or sent any cards. Yet. My excuse is that the sitting room is STILL full of ikea cabinets, so there's nowhere to put a tree, and I can't even envisage cooking in the kitchen at the moment. However, this doesn't not excuse the lack of cards or presents. I'll have an online blitz this evening. Though natch not via Amazon.

Bloody bloody builders. So thoroughly sick of having them here, cocking stuff up then trying to blame me. The kitchen was supposed to be finished 1 December. Still not. And boss builder is making out that it's my fault for choosing an Ikea kitchen. No, it's your fault for employing FUCKWITS who can't put flatpack furniture together. Rather than gathering all the boxes together to make a cabinet, as per the handy list, making the cabinet, then moving to the next, cabinet-making moron just opens loads of boxes, fits some bits together, than asks me 12 times an hour where this or the other bit goes. I don't know. It now no longer has a serial number on it. GIBBER GIBBER.

Blackduck Wed 12-Dec-12 10:12:25

Oh Herbs, sounds ghastly.....
Surely you should get some money off the bill for the cockups/delays/fact they are treating you as unpaid labour?

bigTillyMincePie Wed 12-Dec-12 11:19:02

Oh Herbs, it sounds like you have got a rum band of builders - do they have a braincell between them? The guys who put in our kitchen/bathroom didn't ask us anything - they advised us on what they would be doing!

CointreauVersial Wed 12-Dec-12 13:22:03

Nightmare, Herbs.....

Make it easy on yourself - buy everyone vouchers for Christmas and forget about a tree for this year (just drape some tinsel over the Ikea boxes).

I would have suggested you spend the next couple of weeks prevailing upon the hospitality of friends and family (i.e. leaving the fuckwits alone with their instruction leaflets and the Ikea Helpline number) - that's what we did - but it does sound as if you'd come home to upside-down cabinets and wonky worktops if you left them to their own devices.

All very stressful indeed.

motherinferior Wed 12-Dec-12 14:28:36

Lovely friends, I may need to pick your brians for a quote with pic (you'll get a tenner's worth of vouchers out of it) for something - poss S&B related, poss exercise - that you 'gave a go' to...

...and my mum has just emailed to say that the Christmas presents for the girls for which I sent her easy-click links THREE WEEKS AGO have all sold out and 'please suggest alternatives'. ARGH.

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 14:53:08

Herbs, my sympathies. This time 2 years ago we were supposed to get a new bathroom. This was timetabled to be a week's work for the installer chappies and all done and dusted (ho ho) by Dec 12th or thereabouts. It was actually finished on March 13th. We had a very cold and drafty Christmas and had to flush the loo with a bucket and if you were brave enough to get in the bath, a piece of the wall usually joined you in the tub.

That's probably not cheered you up, though, has it? grin

bigTillyMincePie Wed 12-Dec-12 18:05:06


MI, is it a pic of us <shudder - that Boots one was terrible!> or an S&B product? Money is the ideal alternative!

On an S&B note, have found these beauties on sale locally. They are nearly up to my knee (usually impossible to find them long enough) and I really like them, but I have rather a lot of pairs of boots and I chickened out of getting them after cake and coffee with the DC this afternoon, but now I NEED them. Should I ring the shop and ask them to save me them till I get out of work tomorrow?

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 18:15:58

BTM, those boots are your destiny. You must have them.

<The oracle has spoken>


bigTillyMincePie Wed 12-Dec-12 18:16:47


Good answer Strops!

herbaceous Wed 12-Dec-12 18:29:44

Get the boots, and stuff Amazon into the bargain!

Latest fuckwittery. Builders sent me back to Ikea (fifth time in ten days) to return the carousel pull-out, which they said was the wrong way round. Turns out they'd assembled it upside down. The instruction leaflet is perfectly explanatory. Honestly, the guy doing the cabinets is educationally subnormal.

Another two hours wasted.

And the one builder who seems to have even a tenuous grasp of arse/elbow differentiation is flying back to Poland on Sunday for four weeks.

CV - it's by leaving the house that the fuck-ups occur. I am keeping a list, so big boss man will get an entirely correctly catalogued tirade as to why none of the delay is my fault.

MI - count me in for any trials!

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 18:37:25

Herbs, maybe they need the instructions in Polish.

BTM, you know you deserve a reward for that first term back in full-time.

bigTillyMincePie Wed 12-Dec-12 19:16:45

Ooh yes Stropswink!

Herbs, I have to admit that I am a prolific Amazon buyer - out of lazinessblush but not clothes!

Oh, Herbsangry on your behalf. Not good and certainly not funny.

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 19:32:53

Herbs, I hope that when you tell people about the dreadfulness of your builders no one says "Oh, but it will be lovely when it's finished." I swear I nearly killed several people who said that to me. "Yes, indeedy, it bloody better be lovely when it is finished, but it was supposed to be finished last week and I'm beginning to suspect that it will never ever be finished to my satisfaction" was what I remember thinking.

Give 'em hell. And keep a record of absolutely everything.

herbaceous Wed 12-Dec-12 19:45:14

Grinch/Strops - that is EXACTLY what everybody says. And that is also exactly what I think. It had better buggering well be lovely when it's finished, because it's aged me by about 10 years. My jowls are another couple of inches lower and more pendulous from all my grimacing.

AND ANOTHER THING. Despite me asking from mid-November onwards to fit the cat flap in the wall, nothing has been done, barring making a massive hole that lets in a howling arctic gale. I even sourced a couple of pound shop buckets to act as a tunnel. I have tried to impress upon them that while the cat can't go out he spends his life tormenting me, day and night, and shitting in a litter tray in the hallway, something that is ideal for no-one.

On the plus side, there are splashes of water in the sink, so it looks like we could have running water downstairs in the next couple of days. A true luxury.

Sorry. I'll stop going on now.

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 20:19:25

And the other thing is (sorry, am now on a roll of horrible memories grin ) that if you are a freelance, you just keep thinking "If I gave my customers this kind of appalling service, I would never work again - so how come you lot are still in business?" Ah yes, the boundless joy of shit builders - NOT.

Grincherella Wed 12-Dec-12 20:26:59

One more: it really is best never to leave the house when the fuckwits are there. I once went out for the afternoon and came back to find that they had decided to put the loo in a place other than that specified (why??) and it was then impossible to get in or out of the bath without treading in/on the loo. True story.

And the people we employed couldn't even hide behind a lack of knowledge of English.

<scarred for life>>

Blackduck Thu 13-Dec-12 09:14:48

Ladies all these stories of crap builders is not helping...we HAVE to do our bathroom at some point (it's a case of it goes, or I do)....
I am on day one of short break with mate, I am hungover and off to shop god help

rubyrubyruby Thu 13-Dec-12 11:53:20

You lot are certainly encouraging me to move and NOT extend!

I have good news and bad news

DS1 is in love smile
She is not from the UK and is going home sad

I think he may be leaving us. He told me last night and I was excited for him but it's a secret in RL and now I've written it down here I'm welling up.

herbaceous Thu 13-Dec-12 12:16:58

At the moment I feel I never want to do any building work ever again. But I reckon it must be like childbirth - within a year I'll have forgotten the pain and be itching for another project.

Ruby - your post made me well up too! He'll always be your little boy...

CointreauVersial Thu 13-Dec-12 13:22:04

Awww, Ruby.... young love. smile

DS keeps his love life very close to his chest, although he was caught out recently after a 240-message text marathon with "Kelly" one evening that blasted through his monthly allowance and drew the unwelcome attention of his phone-bill-paying parents.

Nice boots, BTM. I have a very similar pair that are my oldest surviving long boots. Not quite pre-kids, but almost. Nice sturdy Clarks pair.

I have to say, I got off very lightly home-improvement-wise, but largely because we have a very good builder/chippy friend who project-managed everything and found us reliable people. He can read instruction leaflets too. We also have a good plasterer (a school dad) and an electrician who we have used several times and trust implicitly; honestly, it makes all the difference. I'm still hunting for the perfect plumber, though.

But don't worry, Herbs, it will be lovely when it's finished. wink

bigTillyMincePie Thu 13-Dec-12 13:25:41

Oh rubysad

You will have to get up-to-scratch with skype, etc. And go for visits/maybe pay for their tickets home?

We are all done with big building projects, but the garden needs doing and virtually the whole house needs redecorating. And I would like a new kitchen cabinets and worksurfaces in the not too distant future. How often should one renew a kitchen?

bigTillyMincePie Thu 13-Dec-12 13:26:31

We have the perfect plumbersmile

Blackduck Thu 13-Dec-12 13:41:52

My childminder's dad is a builder and he's fab (but always booked up) and I have the most wonderful cabinet maker who is going to do my window seat. I need a plasterer to deal with my damp issue...

Grincherella Thu 13-Dec-12 14:35:40

Good grief, dh has just upped the ante in the "being useless at Christmas" stakes: I forced him to write some Christmas cards to some customers and he sits there pathetically with the pen in his hand, saying "What do you write in a Christmas card?" FFS. Oh, let's see, shall we? How about "To X, from X and X". And maybe you could write 2013 after the bit about 'Happy New Year'? He says "Is that what people do? I've never really noticed." FFS x 1000.

OTOH, this does rather indicate that I might be right in my secret belief that that most Christmas-card-writing is a total waste of time, effort and money. I rather doubt that dh is the only person who takes no notice of them whatsoever. Ds made a Christmas poster for his class this year instead of solemnly writing out 30 cards. And I am pruning back my Christmas card list drastically. I have decided that the reason I have not seen quite a few of the people on the list for 20 years is because we probably didn't like each other much in the first place anyway and I will not in the least bit miss their boring shite round robin.

<<dons Bah Humbug hat>>

herbaceous Thu 13-Dec-12 16:32:09

I have a good carpenter, plasterer and plumber. But none of them were on this job.

It's all beginning to look good down there. Plinths are in, water is on, dishwasher and washing machine are plumbed in. Not everything is entirely straight, but I'm hoping that's down to tightening up some hinges, etc...

rubyrubyruby Thu 13-Dec-12 16:39:47

I don't know how often kitchens need re-doing. Ours is years old - think 20+ but we have renewed tiles, work tops, sink, taps, handles and flooring so it's ok.

CV - it's not that young love, he is almost 26.

I have bought a Christmas tree 50 bloody quid and taken our picture to be framed.

Grincherella Thu 13-Dec-12 17:53:19

Ruby, I was going to make a quip about you getting close to entering grandmother territory, but then I remembered the girl in dd's year who brought her baby to the Y10 parents' evening last week and my blood ran a bit cold. So I'm sayin' nuffink. smile
Except I hope the course of true lurve will run smooth in your ds1's case.

SantasBitch Thu 13-Dec-12 22:38:36

I thought I was dying last night (hypochondriac alert) as I "came over all funny" and was drifting in and out of consciousness. Found out this morning that I had taken double the dose of one lot of tablets, and had eaten another lot on an empty stomach (which accounts for all the puking) and I should be taking another lot of tablets before that lot. Are you still with me? I have different tablets to take before I go to bed, but cannot take these within x number of hours of one of the other types. I am almost inclined to just suffer, but Kind Friend Who Is Nurse has written it all down for me In Case I Get Confused Again.

Strops - we appear to be married to the same man too. I get "Have we sent a card to <insert random name of "friend" I have never heard of or met>?" I always reply, if they are in my address book, they will have been sent a card. If not, you should send them one, and add them to the address book so that I can send a card next year. Then we get the Which Card? dilemma, and the What Should I say? dilemma, which is followed by Have We (yes, the famous "we" again) Got Any Stamps?

I am now waiting for the question "What have we bought my mother/father/brother/SIL/Random Person?"

Blackduck Fri 14-Dec-12 07:59:51

Ladies 'what have we bought my mother?' Should be resounded to with 'I don't know, what have you bought your mother?' Years of training and dp knows not to ask this one, although he will run any ideas past me just to double check I.e. 'I was thinking blah' 'no light of my darkness, they have several blah' (open your eyes for gods sake).
Likewise Christmas cards I write mine he (doesn't) write his.

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 08:04:01

Listen, Crepeys, at least your DH's ask - my DH couldn't care less if we send/don't send, buy/don't buy. It doesn't even remotely hit his radar. Luckily we only buy one present for his side of the family - for his brother, but as he didn't even answer me when I asked what he thought "we" should get, he won't be getting a present this yearconfused

Blackduck Fri 14-Dec-12 08:04:39

Oh on mini break update, did loads of shopping, lots of nice little gifts for people and an angry bird hat for ds (he requested it) then crashed out in front of mates log burner and read cookery books grin was in bed by nine and have a fab nights sleep. More shopping/poodling today and out to dinner with friends tonight. It has been just what the doctor ordered!

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 08:05:45

Oooh, and I got those boots - was thinking of you, Strops, as I staggered from work to the shop - I definitely have earned themsmile

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 08:06:36

BD, it sounds fab!envy

rubyrubyruby Fri 14-Dec-12 08:13:27

Yes! no 'Granny' jokes please. <<moves swiftly on>>

BD - mini-break sounds great smile and just what you needed.

DH is great at Christmas, does most of his family presents and my present and we do DCs together. He finishes today! <<does a little dance>> and he also cooks Christmas dinner, although I do swoop in at the end to take some of the credit sort out veg and timings. However, I started doing my Mums shopping for her when my dad was ill and appear to have just carried on which is rather frustrating! although it does mean we all get what we want.

I'm off for a Sanctuary Spa today with a voucher I had last Christmas and then hitting the shops. Off to see Jo Brand tonight which should be a hoot!

rubyrubyruby Fri 14-Dec-12 08:15:15

That should be Sanctuary Spa massage - I'm not there all day.

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 08:42:56

Oooh, ruby, the free Sanctuary facial I had c/o MI was lovely! And Jo Brand is a local - love her!

rubyrubyruby Fri 14-Dec-12 08:45:33

I had a facial there back in the summer - very nice.

Good day eh? grin

herbaceous Fri 14-Dec-12 10:04:24

To paraphrase Monty Python, ruby, 'you lucky, lucky bastard'. And you, BD.

I am working, again. The kitchen isn't finished, and the builder has 'hurt his back' so won't be in again. He's flying to Poland on Sunday. However, boss builder is going to sort it.

Boss builder tried to blame some of the two-week delay on changes I'd made.
Me: 'OK, I did order those new drawers, but they only took a couple of hours to assemble. What other changes did I make?'
Him: <gazes hopefully around room> 'Er... none'.

Ding ding, round one to me I think.

Anyway, we now have a functioning sink and washing machine. Though the dishwasher seems to be dead.

DS's play passed without me blubbing. He was near the back, apart from for his song - 'reindeer, reindeer', to the tune of 'horsey, horsey' - which naturally he did with great skill. Then dutifully trotted off again to the back.

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 13:22:35


herbaceous Fri 14-Dec-12 14:45:03

These things bring out the worst in people, including me. Jostling for position, blocking others' views with phones, etc, and getting cross that one's Little Darling only gets one go to sing a song, when he is plainly the best singer, while others get two goes.

I am counting my blessings regarding DP and his Christmas competence. He even bought the cards this year. And stamps. And is entirely in charge of presents for his family.

SantasBitch Fri 14-Dec-12 16:26:04

Have just had the formal notification that I've been shortlisted for interview for the job I really, really want. They are interviewing three people, and the interviews will take place in London, in January. Let's hope that they really, really want to employ a fat middle aged woman as much as I want the job! Feel v pleased to be in a short list of three though - not bad? smile

Took today off, and think have now got all the dosing right, as am feeling much better, no longer puking or feeling nauseous. Still a bit dizzy, but not as much as before.

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 16:34:01

Wooo Hooo SB! I'm sure your enthusiasm will shine through smile

herbaceous Fri 14-Dec-12 17:12:53

Yay SB! Imagine the resignation speech you can give to AB! And you'll have to have a cheering post-interview drink or five with the crepey crew!

One thing I'd forgotten to tell you ladies: my niece has rather worryingly started having seizures. Started about a month ago, with one or two a day, on one side of her body, but have got lots worse in the past week, with about 20 a day. She's had a CT and MRI scan, and they can't see anything in her brain, which was the big fear, so assume it's epilepsy, but controlling it seems to require massive doses of strong drugs. She's only 5. It's all very worrying.

Blackduck Fri 14-Dec-12 17:31:30

Oh MrsS fab! When's the interview? My birthday in Jan and seem to recall other crepeys around the same time, perfect excuse for a meet up!

bigTillyMincePie Fri 14-Dec-12 17:34:43

Good thinking BDwink

Oh Herbs, that's worryingsad

rubyrubyruby Fri 14-Dec-12 18:14:51

I'm up for a meet up!

Well Done MrsS.

Herbs - awful news and very worrying. My niece had severe epilepsy controlled by strong drugs. She had an operation 5 years ago and it changed her life. No more seizures and she has just started at Uni in Brighton.

motherinferior Fri 14-Dec-12 18:16:59

Oh Herbs. But at least not a brain tumour, so that is the good bit...if you know what I mean sad

I am supposed to be conducting a phone interview. Either he's given me the wrong number or he's gone AWOL. Have been phoning, and told 'it is not possible to connect your call'. I really, really do not want to do this interview later tonight. It is a FRIDAY. I do not madly want to do it over the weekend. Other specialist who said he'd be available has also gone AWOL. I am ANNOYED.

CointreauVersial Fri 14-Dec-12 20:20:21

DH is middling in terms of Christmas usefulness. We divide the card list up, and he does his (although I have to seer him away from the 99p budget boxes of cards - you know, the ones with naff Santa cartoons, made of paper so flimsy they don't actualy stand up). He doesn't exchange gifts with his siblings so it's just his parents, which usually means a quick dash around Bon Marche or Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I'm not sure if anything would be done if I didn't kick it along, though.

Worrying about your niece, Herbs. I suffered very badly from epilepsy as a baby, to the point where they told my mother not to expect me to make it to mainstream school etc, but luckily after a few months of steroids the fits eventually stopped and never came back.

YY to Jan meetup! Best not get MrsS legless the night before the interview, though....

Grincherella Fri 14-Dec-12 21:44:03

MrsS, hooray hooray!! And toi toi toi! Also, make sure to give yourself a bit of tlc over the Christmas break - sounds like you need it. Btw, if you need a short-term stand-in for MrS, you can certainly borrow MrStrops: he is undoubtedly older and shorter than what you are used to, but other than that you will probably not notice much difference. grin

I have work from two sources this w/e, so dh and I will be working in shifts, although I have already taken some time off to neck some sherry and put the placky Christmas tree together. Am now going to throw some decs at it. I have still not written any Christmas cards. I bought a panforte for the Christmas comestibles pile, but then I ate it (well, most of it). I am soon going to be able to rival dh in "being crap at Christmas". <<proud>>

Blackduck Sat 15-Dec-12 08:31:28

Oh Herbs that is worrying.
I finished mini break with a girlie curry (round a friends as she has had her bunions operated on and is currently housebound) 'twas lovely. I am off home this morning to see what mess has been left for me. Ds only just made school yesterday as dp didn't wake up until 8.35 - luckily we live literally five mins from school.
I have written cards, just not posted them - does that count?

herbaceous Sat 15-Dec-12 08:51:09

Tree to be bought today, after I sing carols in the town square to put me in festive mood. We went through the Christmas card list last night, adding and crossing off. However, we don't have addresses for most of those we want to send cards due, what with the modern age of Facebook, email, etc.

How do you all display your cards? We run out of horizontal surfaces pretty fast round here...

SantasBitch Sat 15-Dec-12 09:42:17

Stick 'em on the hall wall with a bit of blu tack, Herbs.

motherinferior Sat 15-Dec-12 11:51:10

Buggering buggering arseholes, the jumper I bought - with 15 per cent discount admittedly - less than a week ago is now on sale for rather less angry

Blackduck Sat 15-Dec-12 12:20:24

Oh MI I feel your pain, I HATE it when that happens....

motherinferior Sat 15-Dec-12 12:39:57

Admittedly I did wear it solidly after last freezing weekend...

rubyrubyruby Sat 15-Dec-12 14:26:46

MI - can you not buy another and then return it with the other receipt?

motherinferior Sat 15-Dec-12 14:28:37

Think it would all get fairly complicated. There's only eight quid in it, so I'll stick with it...

Grincherella Sat 15-Dec-12 15:21:18

Re: displaying Christmas cards - I have an old whip rack (ahem, no really, I do) which I put gold string on and have lickle gold clothes pegs holding the cards on the string.

This probably tells you all you never needed to know about our eccentric home decor grin grin

rubyrubyruby Sat 15-Dec-12 16:34:52

I go down the blu tack route.

Just laughing at another thread about Christmas dinner - some people have weird ideas about nutrition.

Blackduck Sat 15-Dec-12 16:38:45

Get much use outside of Christmas Stropps? wink

I got call from drs re bloods - apparently red count is low and cells abnormally large, so doing B12 test. Might explain my extreme fatigue.
My two day break was fab, but I so don't want to go to work on Monday...

bigTillyMincePie Sat 15-Dec-12 16:41:59

Oooh BD, I have abnormally large red blood cells too! Have been under the very nice consultant for a few years now... Am also low on iron!

motherinferior Sat 15-Dec-12 18:12:22

I was rejected for insufficient iron when I tried to give blood last Sunday, did I tell you? Got helpful leaflet all about the stuff. Then they asked what I did for a living...

Grincherella Sun 16-Dec-12 22:39:31

BTM, glad to see you got those boots grin

I still haven't written any Christmas cards or done as much as I should have (tomorrow will be a long day). However, we did go out for a nice lunch today, courtesy of points collected from Tesco. And then I made cranberry muffins, which were not too bad at all considering my rubbish baking skills.

Had a long discussion with my cancer-afflicted cousin about how he is not doing Christmas at all EVER again, because now he has re-evaluated his priorities he feels he must stand up for his right to hate Christmas. This conversation did not cheer me up much, but seemed to cheer him up quite a lot. hmm

Then I had quite a lot of wine ...

herbaceous Sun 16-Dec-12 22:49:10

Christmas prep inching forwards. Bought tree today, for what seemed an extortionate price, then spent a merry hour hefting bits of ikea kitchen out of the sitting room, repackaging it for return, etc. Then into loft for decorations and tree stand. Then back into loft for legs of tree stand. Then back to tree shop for new tree stand, as original stand only has three of its for legs, and no little thing to screw in to stop it falling over.

Hurriedly assemble new stand and tree, bung lights on, in attempt to entrance DS in the way they do in the films. But he just wanted to watch his DVD.

Went off to play bassoon in carol concert, and decorated tree as I saw fit upon my return.

alto1 Mon 17-Dec-12 18:10:43

Hello everyone, have dipped toe in but put off posting because 1) can't type properly on new phone 2) no Christmas preparations to report.

Now,though, have watched dd put up Christmas tree, baked 3 cakes and bought presents for a few people (not buying many, we have a charity pact).

The last two years' Christmas cards were written at dh's hospital bedside. Haven't wanted to do it this year - think I may let myself off. It used to be my favourite job.

Sympathies herbs re sick niece - very scary

bigTillyMincePie Mon 17-Dec-12 19:38:50

Hi alto!

Is the not wanting to write Christmas cards another sign of encroaching crepeydom? I am planning not to send any next year (apart from to the real oldies) and have cut back majorly this year. I have got better things to do with my time. Like MN and sleep and wine

rubyrubyruby Mon 17-Dec-12 22:01:13

Alto - do you think you now associate writing the cards with DH being ill?

DH and I hit the shops today and grabbed a lovely lunch too smile
Had a bit of a quandary this afternoon as work phoned and asked me to work for the rest of this week! I said no.

DD is feeling rough with a cold so may be off school tomorrow but we may abandon her and still go shopping.

Blackduck Tue 18-Dec-12 06:21:49

My card writing is down to a minimum too - have written them, but haven't posted yet!
I am feeling rough and expect that as soon as I stop I will come down with something - boo.
Dp, in an attempt to boost my b12 fed me a shellfish supper (yum) didn't have the heart to tell him that if I have a real issue eating it doesn't really help as you don't absorb it.
Good on you Ruby for saying no - I am thinking about taking some time off as I still have loads owing.

motherinferior Tue 18-Dec-12 20:10:25

I am officially Losing the Plot. Which is, obviously, seasonal. DD1 was off sick yesterday and today - I was working from home yesterday, friend had her today; I have been dashing around like a blue-arsed fly trying to do my mum's Christmas shopping for the girls as well as my own; I have no idea about when I am going to wrap any of this lot (DP has bought his own, very extravagant generous, bunch of presents for absolutely everyone including my sister and her partner), there are various things I have to pick up from generous friends (one knitted DD2 a hat shock which she will adore, and the other has used her staff discount to buy a selection of luxurious objects ) and I have to interview various people who can't be interviewed during staff hours or whom I'm interviewing for freelance stuff. Including a thoroughly suspicious eye specialist who insisted on grilling me about my credentials for interviewing her angry

Blackduck Tue 18-Dec-12 20:41:43

My childminder's father, who is only in his 50s died of a heart attack this afternoon - we are all in shock. He wasn't ill, had a pain and came home or some tablets and collapsed.
We had no idea (just a text from school saying she wouldn't be able to collect nd the school would hang on to the children she was collected until parents could get there), another parent popped round to offer to collect ds this week for us and told us the news. Really a bit stunned.

motherinferior Tue 18-Dec-12 22:02:51

That's absolutely terrible. I'm so sorry.

SantasBitch Wed 19-Dec-12 10:05:27

How awful, Blackduck. Really sorry.

I have the day off today and am wrapping presents and doing a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.

Blackduck Wed 19-Dec-12 10:43:40

I think the scary thing is he wasn't ill, and he was not really that much older than us.. Certainly pause for thought. There is now talk of getting a defibraltor in the village and getting people trained. Don't know if it would have helped in this case or not.

alto1 Wed 19-Dec-12 12:07:06

So sorry Blackduck. Getting people trained can only be a good thing - still shudder to think what a close call dh had.

I seem to be getting v low & tearful. And irritable. Just as I was ready for a gentle slide towards the break I've acquired a mountain of new work. No time for card writing even if I could face it. Only on MN now because client is late.

Yes, Christmas for me now just brings back all the terrors of the past 2 years.
Need to build a new set of associations. And of course, need to do it cheaply!

rubyrubyruby Wed 19-Dec-12 12:24:40

Awful BD sad the next village to us has a defibrillator in a disused phone box. There is an emergency number to call to get the code to open it and someone then talks you through how to use it although there are instructions too. The village bought it with money raised/donated.

Sorry alto - my Dad was very ill for a number of Christmases and it made me anxious for a long time at this time of year. He spent one Christmas day on life support, I left the hospital at 5am to get home to see the DCs open their presents (tough call leaving my Mum there alone) and honestly thought he would be gone when I went back later that morning. Hope this Christmas is better for you xxx

bigTillyMincePie Wed 19-Dec-12 13:06:25

Oh BD how terrible. So young. sad What a good idea to get a defibraltor - how far is the nearest hospital?

Alto, make this Christmas the start of happy and relaxing memories - sod the cardssmile

Grincherella Wed 19-Dec-12 13:30:58

BD, what a horrible shock for your childminder and indeed everyone.

alto, I hope you have a few days' break over the Christmas period and manage to relax.

Blackduck Wed 19-Dec-12 13:31:07

Thanks all and alto, sorry to bring back bad memories.
BTM the phone box idea is a good one, I will try to remember that. Nearest hospital is only a minor accidents place, it's then about a 20/30 minute drive to the nearest (guess the blues could do it quicker). I really don't know whether it was instantaneous, or what, have no real update.
I am pretty sure the village would raise the money - the family are lovely and a real heart of the place hence the reason why it is so sad.
School have been fab, opened early for any parents who had no childcare.

Oh and sod the Christmas cards! (I have finally posted mine and have one more to write that I had forgotten about, but the rest can go hang. Have just done last of present buying - except one that has to be done on Christmas eve. Wrapping left to do.)

alto1 Wed 19-Dec-12 19:03:48

Thank you all for kind words of encouragement (especially ruby, hope you're having better Christmases now).

I really do hope to make this the start of a new lot of happier Christmas memories. 'Sod the cards' seems a good way to start grin.

SantasBitch Wed 19-Dec-12 19:25:49

May I bring you some light cheer in the form of my mother's reaction to her presents? grin She phoned me up to say that she had received the earrings from the children (we had a huge row as she said they were "screwed up in a bit of tissue" - they had been wrapped by the designer and she had put one of her stickers on the (admittedly tiny) parcel. She denied seeing any sticker, and said that the earrings had "fallen out of the card because they were so small") and several books from Amazon from me and DH. "Is that all?" she asked. grin I said, rather irritatedly "What do you mean, is that all?" And she said "Well I wasn't really saying it wasn't much, but it is just some books and some earrings."
FFS. Oh and this is the woman who has delegated her present buying for me, DH and the kids to me... "because it would all cost too much to send."

motherinferior Wed 19-Dec-12 19:32:25

What the actual eff, SB?

Your mother and your boss are both...^incroyable^, innit.

Grincherella Wed 19-Dec-12 20:26:55

Good to hear Granny Doom is on her usual top festive form, SB! grin

SantasBitch Wed 19-Dec-12 22:39:42

At least I haven't got her this year, Stropps. She is going to my cousin. We have, instead, as well as PIL and FIL's mate, BIL and his GF who are, apparently, looking forward to a lovely relaxing Christmas not doing anything. hmm

SantasBitch Wed 19-Dec-12 22:40:16

And we have them for just shy of two weeks. I may go back to work between Christmas and New Year.

CointreauVersial Wed 19-Dec-12 23:13:39

The bastard mice have got the Christmas chocolate!

Last year I put the choccy coins, all ready for the DCs' stockings, in a box in the loft, and all that was left by Christmas Eve was a pile of shredded foil.

This year I thought "aha, you're not catching me again", and wrapped them in a plastic bag in my wardrobe. The little blighters have somehow found it and eaten it. This means (worryingly) that we have mice in the house. angry And no, it wasn't small children, unless they nibble holes in bags.

Blackduck Thu 20-Dec-12 05:36:04

MrsS I love hearing about your mother, I am just glad she is not my mother. And I bet if one of you dcs had said anything approaching that she'd have said 'don't be so ungrateful' smile and make the rellys do something!
Cv - I bought ds a kinder surprise for his advent calendar today, stupidly I left it in a bag on the floor...the 'surprise' is no chocolate as I had to prise the plastic canister out of the dogs jaw ....
Two more working days, one more team meal.........

herbaceous Thu 20-Dec-12 09:40:47

Mrs S, your entire family sounds tres malhereusement.

Cards written, mostly addressed, some have stamps, but all are as yet un-posted. Must get finger out.

Exhausting couple of days. Non-appearance of builders on Tuesday, making me blow a gasket and almost telling them to shove the rest of the work up their arses. DP's works do on Tuesday night, involving delicious meal then karaoke. Marvellous. Then awake most of the night, as is so often the case after food and wine in any quantity.

Then yesterday tube with DS from Walthamstow to Tooting to see sick niece, who is now in hospital, back to Vauxhall for another works xmas do, then home. Then DS awake half the night, and up at 6. Gah.

On an S&B tip, bought some BARGAIN Levis curve skinny jeans in TK maxx for £29. They're so marvellous. Thick denim, yet super-stretchy. Also, my Merrell Dauphine boots arrived yesterday, bought on a whim on a discount site. They are so incredibly comfy, I can't wait for some icy conditions. Makes me realise what quality footwear actually feels like, after wearing pleather Tesco boots all yesterday.

Blackduck Thu 20-Dec-12 09:49:19

Oh nice boots herbs....

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 09:54:38

MrsS, were you really, really bad in a previous life? Can you not get work to send you on some kind of emergency trip between Christmas and NY? grin

CV, oh dear, mice in the wardrobe - they have a terrible tendency to chew all sorts of things not just scoff chocolate. DH is currently moaning because the mice in our garage (they move in every winter) have chewed one of his speakers. Last year they ate a hole in a hoover hole and made a big nest in a box of packaging materials. I have repeatedly told dh that if he tidied the garage so that the dog could access all areas, the problem would probably be solved quite quickly.

This morning I arrived at my desk to find a bulging envelope addressed to me. Inside was a 6-page closely typed treatise by dd on the subject of why she should be allowed a hamster. I have to give her A* for persistence, as this campaign has now been going on for over 7 years. We have had the screaming, the cajoling, the emotional blackmail, the shouting, the wailing, any amount of frankly outrageously over-the-top behaviour to try and get her way. Now we have the "I am so grown-up and mature, you can see that I am now ready for the responsibility and will not ever neglect the hamster the way I neglected the fish and I will hypnotise the dog and completely change his character so that he will not spend the rest of his life trying to eat small furries" phase. It is now clear why she suddenly cleaned out the fishtank (home now only to a few) without being asked last weekend and why she has started to tidy her room. Of course, the fact that she did these things during the last week is supposed to cancel out the last few years of not doing them. hmm Jeez, I hate having to have the same bloody arguments all the time. I mean, it's not as if we don't have a pet FGS. And the dog sleeps in her room which would not be able to continue if she had a nocturnal rodent living in there FFS.

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 09:59:09

X-posts, herbs. So sorry to hear that your niece is now in hospital. Is there any definitive diagnosis yet?

Nice boots. I seem to be living in my wellies at the moment...

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 09:59:47

Wah - hoover hose

herbaceous Thu 20-Dec-12 10:08:31

She'd got to the stage of having 20 seizures a day, so she was admitted to hospital for observation and to try out various drugs on her. She's on some pretty hefty drugs now, with some nasty side-effects, but they are working to reduce her seizures. There's no definitive diagnosis yet - one of the neurologists doesn't think it can be epilepsy, as it's come on so suddenly, and got worse so quickly.

But of course my poor sis has to sleep with her, on the open ward, with nurses bustling about all night, machines going 'beep', etc etc, so hasn't had a decent night's sleep for about six weeks. And of course the worry is so exhausting too.

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 10:11:37

Your poor sister. It sounds harrowing.

bigTillyMincePie Thu 20-Dec-12 11:55:22

Oh Herbs, that sounds horrendous sad But hopefully the hospital can get it sorted.

I have some Merrell boots - furry inside and really cosysmile

Grinchy, we had a hamster obsession in our area when DD was in Y2 or 3. We managed to avoid getting one (well, flatly refused!) and after a month or 2 DD saw why - her friends had all lost interest in them and the parents were having to look after them! However, the plus point of hamsters is that they only live for about 2 years wink

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 12:31:31

BTM, yes, dd has had this bloody hamster/small animal obsession since Y2 and given that she is in Y10, this subject is getting a tad ... old. We have had some spectacular rows about this over the years. You'd think after 7 years of me saying "NO!" she would give up. Approx every 3-4 months the subject is broached again. Drives me bloody mad. Mind you, she did bang on and on for a couple of years about getting a cat until one scratched her. Maybe I could find someone with a really vicious and misanthropic hamster and borrow it for the w/e.

I wouldn't put it past her to have cooked the whole thing up with a friend this time, as I am getting the impression from her essay about why she should have the bloody thing that there is someone else involved. Someone with a bunch of baby hammies on their hands, maybe. The thing is, dd has done some pretty baaaaad things over the years in her seemingly never-ending quest to get a small furry (that she will be bored with after a week and leave me to look after and foot the vet bills for): such as last summer contacting a guinea pig breeder and pretending to be 18, getting 2 damn animals, bringing them home in a shoe box and letting them loose in one of the garden sheds. Dealing with that shituation was a right performance, I can tell you.

herbaceous Thu 20-Dec-12 12:50:09

Strops! She shows remarkable persistence. I fear the only way to cure her obsession is to get one of the infernal beasts, then rehome it once she gets bored. Or, indeed, get one to bite her. That blasted well hurts.

Having some jowl-based despair. They seem to have got more pendulous and unpleasant since the onset of builders, no doubt down to my permanent grump. Has anyone found any uplift from creams or exercises? Or is minor surgery (or elastic bands from ear to ear) my only hope?

bigTillyMincePie Thu 20-Dec-12 15:27:28

Bloody hell Strops, she IS persistent!

We looked after DS's friends' hamsters a few years ago and one snuffed itshock DS was a brilliant undertakergrin

Herbs, I feel your pain - DS calls mine a froggy!

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 16:13:08

Herbs, I have a terrible neck wattle and lop-sided jowls (one side is dropping faster than the other). The only things that help are: cowls necks, v. large scarves and smiling like a loon all the time. I have found the last to be somewhat counter-productive as it causes people to avoid you anyway.

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 16:14:02

cowl necks, ffs. Bad fingers.

herbaceous Thu 20-Dec-12 16:35:10

My cowl neck would need to come up to my nose to hide my face droop.

rubyrubyruby Thu 20-Dec-12 16:46:26

I love reading this thread smile
You lot have really kept me going this year xxxx

Grincherella Thu 20-Dec-12 16:56:38

Balaclava? grin

herbaceous Thu 20-Dec-12 17:00:25

With reinforced chin area?

bigTillyMincePie Thu 20-Dec-12 17:04:23

wine - if you have a couple, you'll forget all about your jowls wink

Blackduck Thu 20-Dec-12 17:17:43

I won coffee beans and cafeteria at staff lunch - I never win anything. I don't drink coffeegrin Although I may need to in order to get through tomorrow!
All the neck talk makes me grin

CointreauVersial Thu 20-Dec-12 18:14:56

BD - I came home from work today with a pepper-and-salt grinder (from the secret santa) and a bottle of export-strength vodka (from the charity raffle). I need to hunt out Christmas-vodka recipes (probably involving toffees and dishwashers).

I think my neck is just about OK, but I have stupendous jowls and a permanent "11" between my eyes. No amount of make-up will make me look young and beautiful for this evening's office Christmas Party, planned by yours truly; I shall be first at the bar to blot out the stress of ensuring 36 hopeless and demanding people get to the right place at the right time, and have somewhere to stay/go afterwards.

Regarding small furry critters - some years back a lot of my excess "stuff" was stored in my Grandpa's garage. One day, I went to collect my ski-boots only to find them half full of peanuts. Grandpa and I were scratching our heads until we worked out that the squirrels had been nabbing nuts from the bird table for months, and putting them away somewhere safe for winter. Not safe enough, as it happened. grin

bigTillyMincePie Thu 20-Dec-12 18:42:01

CVenvy - the SS prezzies, not the 11 (I already have that, and DD was born frowning in exactly the same way!)
Re: Secret Santa's, DS's tutor group are doing SS - he said it's £1 each, so DD sold him some of her spare Christmas choccies and he has taken them in ready, unwrappedconfused He says he knows who his SS is and they are giving him an xbox gameshock

oldqueenie Thu 20-Dec-12 19:00:58

seasons greetings, my crepey friends...
Am nearly done with all the usual grind, last commitments til 08/01 finished by lunchtime tomorrow. Have spent the week feeling VERY unfestively grumpy with dh. Both dss on holiday since last friday, my week involving all usual commitments AND having to organise dss (who are old enough to fend for themselves for a good few hours at a time but need nudging / reminding / overseeing) as well as buying ALL christmas presents etc etc etc. I honestly don't think he even thought for a single minute about dss being off school and what that might mean in terms of what needs doing and I really resent feeling that it is all my responsibility. When I finally boil over (last night I came up to bed at 1.00 and he was complaining) and pointed out that I was up so late as wrapping presents for dear cleaner (last day today) he said I should have asked him sooner if "I needed his help" FFS. AAAAAGH! etc. <and breathe>

I bloody hate Christmas <grinch emoticon>.

oldqueenie Thu 20-Dec-12 19:03:08

ps. Hamsters are the devil's work. Revolting and nasty buggers. And don't be lured in by the idea they don't live long... I still have a traumatic childhood memory of "Fang" (because he bit us so viciously) who lived to the grand old age of 6, by which time he was almost bald. EEEEW.

Blackduck Thu 20-Dec-12 20:32:30

In the very first photo of me (about 6 weeks I think) I have a wicked frown....nothing has changed really....
OQ - sorry to hear it is stressful. I guess in that respect I am lucky - dp really doesn't care all that much.
Tomorrows advent kinder surprise has been safely stowed out of dog reach.....

alto1 Thu 20-Dec-12 21:55:45

Strops, all hamsters are vicious and misanthropic. I still have horrible memories of my sister's, which had only one eye but still managed to bite us all. It also smelt horrible.

My nephews had rats, they were lovely.

CointreauVersial Fri 21-Dec-12 20:11:39

YY Get a rat, Strops! They are lovely, smart, funny little critters. You might fall in love with it yourself.

herbaceous Fri 21-Dec-12 20:58:02

Degus seem to be all the rage at Pets at Home. A kind of new fangled gerbil. Seem a bit more interesting than hamsters, but less... Ratty... Than rats.

rubyrubyruby Fri 21-Dec-12 21:37:37


I think CV may have a couple of mice you can take off her hands grin

bigTillyMincePie Sat 22-Dec-12 08:06:43

CV, I can't believe you are recommending rats when you have a chocolate-eating-mice problem!

Have woken up with NO hangover, despite having drunk my bodyweight in gin yesterday at our Christmas Do. (why are Wetherspoons so cheap?! Classy us lot!) - must have been the monster Christmas dinner and pud and the 3 pints of water I gulped down when I got in.

Happy Holidays, Hooray!smile

rubyrubyruby Sat 22-Dec-12 08:11:20

Happy Holidays BTM x

My body appears to be resistant to gin these days too grin at Wetherspoons.
We had my works Christmas do on Thurs. country pub, roaring fire, barrel of ale, a large vat of chilli and a quiz grin It was great and DH drove

Blackduck Sat 22-Dec-12 09:14:50

I finished yesterday - hooray!
Local singing group (including mother of my childminder - whose dad died on Tuesday) do carols in the pub, place was packed and she and the children all turned up. He was fantastic, and emotional and a real sense of community with everyone offering support and condolences. I am in awe of her turning up at all.

motherinferior Sat 22-Dec-12 12:42:54

Dear Santa, thank you SO much for the tummy upset, it's the gift that keeps on giving. You really shouldn't have angry

Blackduck Sat 22-Dec-12 12:52:35

Oh MI sorry to hear it - hopefully you will be better by Christmas AF has decided to show up after an eight month absence! Thanks for that, just what I wanted!!

motherinferior Sat 22-Dec-12 12:58:53

Wonder if I can risk a glass of wine...

Blackduck Sat 22-Dec-12 13:02:38

How bad could it be?!

motherinferior Sat 22-Dec-12 13:04:40

Well, quite.

DD1 has just spotted the DMs bag. Fortunately she is very happy about it wink

CointreauVersial Sat 22-Dec-12 15:35:13

Not the dreaded noro, I hope, MI?

There are still a couple more days for me to fall foul of some hideous festive lurgy. It wouldn't be the first time.

I'm just contemplating when would be the best time to tackle the dreaded Christmas Supermarket Shop. I didn't manage to get a Tesco delivery slot this year (as they now reserve them for the VIPs who pay upfront for unlimited delivery). Having said that, our local Asda is actually open 9-5 on Boxing Day, so it's not as if I need to stock up for a siege.

BTM - mice are stinky, stupid, nippy little things who run around my house uninvited. Rats are so much nicer (except for the one who found its way into my kitchen in the old house and helped himself to a banana out of the fruit bowl, leaving the half-eaten evidence on the living room floor. He had to be Exterminated).

motherinferior Sat 22-Dec-12 15:39:29

Not quite noro. You don't want the details, really you don't. Am faintly better.

bigTillyMincePie Sat 22-Dec-12 19:00:48

Just back from our annual Christmas pizza/theatre trip. It was Billy Elliot and totally fantastic smile

I have a delivery coming tomorrow eveningwink

Rat in the kitchen... seem to remember that one!

Blackduck Sat 22-Dec-12 19:44:35

My niece danced in Billy Elliot.
We are off out in a bit. Have done the wrapping up and just need to haul everything together ready to go home. My birthday present from dp's mum is breakdown cover - ho hum...

bigTillyMincePie Sat 22-Dec-12 20:26:04

BD positive wow for niece, negative wow for MIL grin

Grincherella Sat 22-Dec-12 20:35:51

Oh I am quite the rat expert, having kept several in my time - they are social beasties and really need to be kept in pairs. I am very fond of rats and rodents in general, but I also know that hamsters (I also had 2, but not at the same time) are generally destined to be a disappointment. Pets at Home is an evil place, imo, as they do not care about the animals they sell at all. Grrrr.
Rats need bloody enormous cages, plenty of running about time outside the cage and you cannot keep rats and terriers in the same house unless you have very good security measures. Plus, it's actually really unfair on a dog bred purely to exterminate critters to expect him to live in harmony with any small squeaky things. Trust me, in a previous life, I tried. I ended up with a three-zone house: rat zone, enraged terrier zone and baby zone. Not to mention the hassle I got from midwives and health visitors. Ho hum. Yes, everybody survived, but it was a bit stressful. One of the rats eventually succumbed to a heart attack - but then that could have been down to an excess of peanut butter and digestive biscuits (he was a particularly greedy little so and so).

Moving on: a hamster could possibly live very high up on top of a cupboard in dd's room. Negotiations are in progress. (damn and blast, but I have to be seen to be reasonable on this).

Have done no wrapping and have done no Christmas cards at all and am currently feeling no need to do any. I got up at 6am to be in Tesco by 7am and it was already busy. And the day has not necessarily got much better since. <grumpy>

Happy w/e, crepeys - and try to keep dodging the germs. (Hope you are feeling better v. v. soon, MI)

CointreauVersial Sat 22-Dec-12 23:56:18

I had a lovely rat when I was a student; I trained him to sit on my shoulder.

Strops - I've discovered the secret of stress-free Christmas Supermarket shopping - go when the Strictly final is on TV! Barely any shoppers, but had to dodge zillions of staff wheeling steel cages and forklift trolleys around, stocking up for all the bleary-eyed folk who will be queuing at the door tomorrow morning with elbows at the ready.

Blackduck Sun 23-Dec-12 08:07:48

CV good thinking! I have one last piece of food shopping to do at the local deli on Christmas Eve. He opens at 7.30 and a glass of champers will greet the early risers! We are off down south so will swing by on the way.
Tres windy here today.

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 11:08:23

My favoritest-ever rat was a giant thug who liked drinking cider and disliked my first husband intensely. grin

I am about to force my entire family to go for a bracing hike up a very muddy hill and then do sit-ups and press-ups. It has actually stopped raining and the sun has come out. Obviously, this state of affairs is not set to last, so we must go out for some non-soggy fresh air whilst we can. Equally obviously, I am the only person in the household who thinks this is a good plan. grin

(They are a bunch of lardy slackers)

bigTillyMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 11:13:52

All this talk of rats and other small furry creatures is making me shiver... And how can you tell if a rat likes or doesn't like someone?confused

I have just hauled my lardy body to the gym <polishes halo> and we are off skating with my small goddaughters family later. Is that active enough?smile

herbaceous Sun 23-Dec-12 11:16:07

I've been endlessly unpacking boxes to repopulate semi-finished kitchen, and will shortly go to Waitrose/Sainsbury's to purchase Christmas fayre. Not v active, but I don't cayre!

Had hideous stomach complaint last night. Not sure if it was the hot dog I ate at lunchtime (at local kiddy screening of Arthur Christmas) or the many glasses of cava in the evening.

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 11:17:14

We have a dog, currently wearing a Christmas scarf and antlers, and 2 goldfish that are on a shelf in the utility room so everyone, except me, has forgotten about them.

I don't do furry or feathered things in cages.

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 11:18:54

I may wander down the local pub shop later - is that active enough?

bigTillyMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 11:18:59

Is it finished, Herbs? Hooray!!! Will you be posting piccies?

ruby, that's dog-abusegrin

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 11:24:44

I must remember to remove the scarf Boxing Day as my darling great-niece [old emoticon] is visiting and will probably strangle her with it.

The dog that is, not GNiece.

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 11:44:08

Rats are v. expressive little creatures. It has recently been proven that they laugh see this . I want a job as a rat tickler grin . Husband 1 had a favourite chair positioned in front of the TV for maximum armchair sport enjoyment and when he went to sit down on it, ratboy would get up on to it quickly and sit in the middle of it and then not let him sit down. H couldn't get him off it because ratboy would just squeak crossly and try to bite him. I would have to go and remove ratboy. Aside from the rats, I also had a free range magpie at the time. Which liked to nest in H's hair. H didn't mind that. Except when it pooed on his shoulder.
Ahh, happy days. I can just imagine what DH would be like if a bird tried to nest in his hair. Oh well, everyone has their different plus points. grin

Still not feeling festive and still not wrapped any presents. Maybe I should eat some mince pies...

bigTillyMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 11:49:59

OMG Strops, I would literally die if there was a rat AND a magpie attacking me - Not only do I hate small furry creatures, birds are a total phobiashockhorror!

I wrapped the prezzies last Saturday when everyone was out... so I wouldn't have to do it todaygrin

Blackduck Sun 23-Dec-12 11:50:09

Our dog has happily wandered around in reindeer antlers, but bulked at the red nose...
We have a long dog walk and pub lunch planned. Then carols by candle light tonight....enough exercise Stropps?

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 12:17:23

Yes, BTM, I found that this was the problem with keeping slightly unconventional pets free range. An assortment of friends and relatives were found to have phobias.

BD, oh yes, gold star. grin

Am just waiting for dd to finish prettifying herself for our expedition. Just in time to get soaked, methinks. The dog will be pleased to go up the muddy hill at the bottom of our road , though.

herbaceous Sun 23-Dec-12 12:54:29

Kitchen is kind of finished. Worktops need re-installing, tiling done, shelves erecting. And the rendering finished off outside, as it's currently letting rain in. We also need to get a dresser type unit for plates and glasses. I've got my eye on this, to go with our Ercol chairs and table, but DP is goggling his eyes at the price. I fear it won't be in the sale.

Also vexed by my drawers. Matron. Ikea sells drawers that are only 37cm deep, but not the corresponding inserts. So my pleasing cutlery storage ideas are as yet not happening.

CointreauVersial Sun 23-Dec-12 13:18:45

Yay for the (almost) finished kitchen! I can't believe the inserts problem - I though Ikea had a storage solution for everything. That dresser is fabulous, and really not a horrendous price for a solid oak item. You'll have it for years, and look at it every day, so I'd say it's worth it.

Strops - my fave rat (Harry) liked pretty much anyone, even my grandfather who, having been a farmer for his entire working life, declared whenever he saw a rat he had to fight the instinct to grab a shovel and whack it over the head. Harry would lie on his back for a tummy tickle, and if you dared to stop he would nose/lick your hand exactly a a dog would do. And he would go mental whenever I opened the fridge, jumping about and chattering his teeth, because he knew that food was in the offing. Aah, he was lovely.

I'm not sure he'd be 100% comfortable being asked to wear antlers, though. Ruby - has your dog got that long-suffering "oh, not again!" expression on his face, or is he carrying off the festive look with confidence and aplomb?

I'm impressed by all of you managing to get your DCs out walking. Mine would sooner stick pins in their eyes. Mind you, I was the same at their age.

SantasBitch Sun 23-Dec-12 13:19:54

I have a Christmas dilemma, hags. My knee is very hurty again - do I zap with painkillers cocktail that I can't drink with or drink and ignore the hurty knee for a few days?

I am also exhausted, having been up at God knows what time to go to the market. We are about to have a very late lunch of oysters, pate, rillettes and Nice Cheese. Oh and Nice Ham and bread.

The cats have managed to pull the Christmas tree over already, with a few casualties and Big Pussy Boy ate rather a lot of tinsel which resulted in a large pile of festively glittery vomit.

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 13:43:52

Yay for the nearly finished kitchen. I have a beautiful solid wood dresser in my garage that is waiting for me to move into a house big enough to have it.

I would drink and ignore the knee MrsS - but that's easy to say when you're not in pain.

DS2 and 3 are clearing out their rooms but DD is lounging around insisting that no-one is allowed in her room ever so why bother.

I just heard DS2 (15) say ' I love hoovers, they're good aren't they?' hmm

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 13:44:43

DH is making the gravy for Christmas dinner.

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 15:32:00

grin @ "I love hoovers, they're good aren't they?" How long is that going to last??

I was as good as my word and marched them all up hill and down dale and we had a festive family keep fit sesh on our return. The dog thought it all most hilarious. Dh not so much. Dc's enthusiasm levels somewhere in the middle.

CV, awww, I remember the excited teeth chattering smile My mother also had to fight the urge to hit my rats with a shovel, but she did look after them once when I was on holiday. She fed them salmon (!) and let them stay up late to watch TV grin.

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 15:33:08

Herbs, sounds like your kitchen really will be lovely soon grin

Blackduck Sun 23-Dec-12 16:23:49

Dog walked - very muddy but great! Now I am watching The Big Bang Theory with a background sound of Sellotape being wielded (dp wrapping up)....
Need to pack and collect together stuff.
Herbs - kitchen will be great!!

bigTillyMincePie Sun 23-Dec-12 17:45:16

Back from the ice-skating - managed to avoid falling over, unlike my friend who got wiped out by a 5yo and his penguingrin Now have to juggle Tescos delivery and last minute meet-up in pub with friends...

Herbs the dresser looks very on-trend and not at all dresser-likesmile

Am very inpressed with your walk and keep-fit sesh Strops - there is no way we would get ours marching up a hill (unless there was a cafe at the top!)

rubyrubyruby Sun 23-Dec-12 18:35:32

For various reasons I am feeling rather emotional about Christmas although it could be the vodka I slipped in my coke earlier

It's been a strange year and I am emotional and anxious.

motherinferior Sun 23-Dec-12 19:06:24

<sweary rant alert>

We have been to see my parents. I am in even more of a state than I usually am when I’ve seen my parents. They kept talking about going ABROAD and various literary fucking festivals my mum is speaking at and have I been to Jaipur and when did I last go to India and have I ever been to the US and I feel like why don’t they just fucking say “you really are a fat failure, aren’t you”. No, I am not going any bloody where EVER. I am stuck penniless in south east fucking London even though my partner earns absolutely squillions, because our house eats money, and I am bashing away at my dead end bloody job on a client magazine because (a) we are in the biggest recession the world has ever known (b) I am, also, a talentless bloody failure whose book no bloody agent will ever touch, let alone publishers. Do go to Jaipur and Chennai and Crete, won’t you. Don’t mind me. I’ll just plod porkily on my way….

Blackduck Sun 23-Dec-12 20:36:31

Oh ruby you okay?
mI big unmumsnet are not a failure, far from it. But sometimes we end up somewhere other than we expect or intend either by circumstances or accident. Don't let your mother put you down.
I have spent so much of the year on the move that I have lost all sense of direction and purpose. I need to get it back.

Grincherella Sun 23-Dec-12 22:20:16

Ruby, it's been a strange year for us too. I feel both somewhat flat and a bit peculiar. Not in tune with Christmas At All.

MI, a squeeze from me. You aren't even close to being a failure. Not even a bit. Ignore the vibes from your ma. Easier said than done, I know. And whaddya mean "fat"?? Eh??

Now if you would like to see an example of real failure, look this way <points at self>. Rat keeper, fruit loop and sad loser extraordinaire. <bows>

I hereby celebrate my loserishness and my power to survive in spite of it.

Blackduck Sun 23-Dec-12 22:43:26

Hey fruit loop, you ain't so bad either smile

CointreauVersial Sun 23-Dec-12 23:20:46

Aww, c'mon people, you are all wonderful and lovely, and have no business feeling down and depressed, especially at Christmas.

alto1 Mon 24-Dec-12 08:10:29

MI, I'm coping better with my mother's constant devaluing of me since a therapist pointed out the envy and disappointment behind it. Helps me to contain myself when she tries to do the same to dd as well.

I stifled my misgivings and came oop north for Christmas with my sisters and families, only to be enraged the moment my BIL opened the door. I am too tired and frazzled for this, all I want is home. But dd is desperate to see her big cousins.

DSis has turned into panto character since her PFB announced he'll spend his first Christmas since leaving home in a cottage with his girlfriend. I had invited them all for New Year but doubt if DSis and said girlfriend can be under same roof (ever?)

Meanwhile they behave as though my dog is some ravening destructive beast while doing everything possible to wind her up and over-excite her. So yesterday, after a sleepless night and a five hour drive, I spent hours walking the streets with her and phoning round kennels looking for an emergency space (no luck) sad

Now weeping into a disgusting coffee at the Holiday Inn. Repeat a hundred times: At least we're not flooded, At least we're not flooded, At least...

Blackduck Mon 24-Dec-12 08:44:37

Morning all. Raining here. Have loaded car for drive down. Dp wanted to avoid motorway however having encountered a flooded road he's thought twice on that one. Ruby, MI and Stropps hope the world is looking better this morning.

Blackduck Mon 24-Dec-12 08:46:59

Oh alto that sounds absolutely rubbish. I'd be heading home.

bigTillyMincePie Mon 24-Dec-12 08:52:13

Oh fellow crepeys, feel sad for you all. Alto, how crap for youangry
As BD says, hope you get to feel a bit happier today.

Have just collected turkey and gubbins, but as the cheese shop and bakery weren't open yet, will have to trek out again...

motherinferior Mon 24-Dec-12 09:45:37

Alto, that sounds absolute PANTS.

DD1 and I are sharing the love that is the tummy upset today grin. DP is feeling distinctly off-colour but has ventured out with DD2 (in health so rude it should be given its own ASBO) to get 'last minute things' from Sainsbury's. As we're eating with friends tomorrow, and then going to see my sister (who IS very nice) on the 27th, I fail to see what these 'last minute things' are, but as he's cooking today it's up to him grin

The really maddening thing about my mum (bear with me, my friends grin) is that everyone tells me how proud she is of me, and she is actually very nice to me these days in many ways. Which rather undercuts the bloody decades in which I was told I was too fat and clumsy and the very clear message that I'd never be anything like my beautiful underweight slender mother (this wasn't unique to me: my sister just went the whole hog and became anorexic). I realise she had a very, very crap childhood. I realise my father's aspie qualities produce drawbacks in some of his parenting (this isn't about Asperger's in general, please note, but is peculiar to my father). But when people tell me how proud she is and how much she loves me I think, well, it's not fabulous to say things like "oh darling, I don't want to boast but it was nice when I'd walk into a room and it would fall silent" or "oh darling, I've sent photos back to India - don't worry, the ones of you are just from the neck upwards". Er, am I the bonkers one here grin?

SantasBitch Mon 24-Dec-12 09:52:37

I am hiding in the bedroom. DH's family are all so loud. I will creep out to the shops later to get more wine and beer as DFIL and his mate drank most of the supplies for Christmas last night... Am exhausted and tired of cooking already. DH becomes a PITA around his DF and DF's mate - very "women in the kitchen know thy place" and we had Words last night, when I said to him "Can you get your parents' bed ready?" and he said "I'm having a drink, why can't you do it?" Because I've spent all evening cooking and clearing up the kitchen while you sat on your arse drinking, so pull your finger out and do some work - it's your family after all. DF's mate is of the opinion that women should only have "little jobs" and there was a nasty, shocked pause last night when - and I am not sure how this came out as I wasn't listening to the conversation - DH admitted that I earned significantly more than him. grin DSIL and I laughed.

motherinferior Mon 24-Dec-12 09:56:05

Could you actually kill them? It would be kinder, really. Think of the big picture.

motherinferior Mon 24-Dec-12 09:56:57

And how much, good grief, did they drink? I would imagine seasonal supplies chez Schadenfreude are, ahem, not meagre...

SantasBitch Mon 24-Dec-12 10:00:11

Alto - that is truly crap. Can you at least go somewhere for a Nice Coffee?

MI - what is it about mothers? A friend of mine once said to my Mum "Oh you must be so proud of Mrs S and her career." My mother sniffed a bit and said "She was a really horrible child." And has always told me I am fat. I was looking at photos of me from my teen years the other day, and the realisation struck me that, I wasn't fat at all then. I actually had rather a good figure. Unfortunately this is no longer the case and I have ended up like "Alouette" with her double chin, swinging tits and big fat belly (I am not thinking about her "channel tunnel" at this point). grin

SantasBitch Mon 24-Dec-12 10:02:24

All of the beer, five bottles of red and one of white. Not quite all of the supplies, but half of the red. I got in extra gin for FIL, but he had a "bad experience" the other month and no longer drinks it.

I am now thinking that the champagne is not going to last for both Christmas and new year...

Blackduck Mon 24-Dec-12 10:14:33

MrsS I think I would have hit dp if he treated me like that. Can't you go out for the day - for essential supplies a la Mr MI and hole up in a nice cafe with a glass bottle of red?
My two days with folks is looking pretty reasonable in comparison with other people's traumas.

bigTillyMincePie Mon 24-Dec-12 10:46:05

Oh my! Christmas is a time of such good cheersmile

I am hoping the "men" of the Schadenfruede household are nursing very nasty hangovers todaysmile

Grincherella Mon 24-Dec-12 11:50:25

Any one for a special crepeys-only Christmas somewhere hot next year? grin

Blackduck Mon 24-Dec-12 12:10:01

Sign me up!!

Cremolafoam Mon 24-Dec-12 12:12:27


Have had such a hectic few months but have missed you all
all the best to everyone!smile

bigTillyMincePie Mon 24-Dec-12 12:22:37

Happy Christmas Cremolasmile

Grincherella Mon 24-Dec-12 15:08:09

OK, this is not a whinge, I am genuinely laughing at this classic from dh:

"Don't expect too much in the way of presents. I mean, I have got a couple of nice little things, but y'know, nothing really exciting."

Me: "But didn't you go shopping with ds on Saturday?"

dh: "Well, I did, but then I saw The Hobbit was on and I took him to see that. I didn't realise it was going to last 3 hrs and when we got out the shops were closed."

Me: snorts and rolls eyes.

Grincherella Mon 24-Dec-12 15:10:39

And a big Happy Christmas to all crepeys. Hope it all comes good!

Hey Cremola, how are you doing?

orangina Mon 24-Dec-12 15:19:08

Have just popped my head in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas....

(and extra special wishes for those dealing with special mothers and in-laws......)


Look forward to catching up on the thread soon and what about a post christmas meet up?!

Blackduck Mon 24-Dec-12 16:12:13

Stropps I genuinely snorted at that!
Dp announced - I just realised you already have one of the things I bought you... grin

rubyrubyruby Mon 24-Dec-12 16:49:08

Good god MrsS!

I'm fine - honestly smile just a strange year and I always get slightly weird at this time of year. It has actually been a really good year for us but quite stressful as we have been surrounded by sadness and uncertainty. I don't post much personal stuff on here and tend to stick to inane drivel.

rubyrubyruby Mon 24-Dec-12 16:53:01

There has also been some massive family fallouts. We have kept out of it and as it was decided that we should host Boxing Day celebrations this year we have remained neutral and invited everyone.

They have all accepted - it could be new beginnings or it could ...... um - not! hmm

SantasBitch Mon 24-Dec-12 19:46:50

I have a friend who stays here quite regularly. I could ask him to rent it for us? grin

I have bought more wine. I am cooking curry and have made mince pies. DFIL's friend bought the Christmas pudding. It seems to be rather elderly and has dried out somewhat, so I went to Emma Ness today to get a new one. They were awash with the bloody things two days ago and now have none left. So do we eat the dried up offering or what? I could knock up a quick one in the microwave tomorrow, but to be frank, I feel like I have done enough cooking. Or we could just have Christmas cake and mince pies for pudding.

Oh and the vegetarian who eats chicken (don't ask) has said he will eat lamb curry...

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 25-Dec-12 07:00:43

Merry Christmas, Hags!

Blackduck Tue 25-Dec-12 08:35:57

Merry Christmas MrsS and all crepeys

motherinferior Tue 25-Dec-12 11:18:35

Happy Christmas one and all grin

WE are eating lunch chez friends. Was going to go over early and quaff fizz help peel spuds but without going into details, suffice it to say I am best kept apart from food preparation at the moment so have offered child labour instead grin. It may be time for a small medicinal sloe gin...

Blackduck Tue 25-Dec-12 11:26:48

We are on M25 in transit from one set of parents to the other. One lot of presents opened, wearing christmas jumper grin Just realised have left dog food behind...

alto1 Tue 25-Dec-12 11:37:42

Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all get some love and peace and appreciation.

DBIL has remembered how to behave around dogs and DDog is good as gold, having been walked off her legs in the pissing rain (her favourite thing!)

Had lovely day with friends yesterday (including excellent coffee) then nine lessons and carols in York Minster, with DD and friend and my friend singing like angels beside me. The organist did some thrilling improvisation, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how he would get back to the home key in Hark the Herald.

Dd having a great time, delighted with her (very modest) presents.

I've had a good night's sleep and got some sense of humour back. Sorry about my rant, enjoy the rest of the holiday everyone. Would love to meet up and compare notes in New Year

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 25-Dec-12 11:56:29

This will amuse you, Crepeys. grin Rang my cousin this morning, had a long chat with her, then passed phone to my mother. She was fine and reasonably cheerful, apart from worrying how to get home from my cousin. She clearly didn't understand how to hang up the phone so I heard her say "Right, that's that out the way..."

CointreauVersial Tue 25-Dec-12 17:23:31

Happy Christmas all. I'm feeling stuffed and slightly sozzled and about to embark on large pile of presents under DSis's tree. Happy to report no rows, lost dogfood or tactless parents here. Enjoy the festivities crepeys!

CointreauVersial Tue 25-Dec-12 19:38:51

Eeee! DH bought me a tablet for Christmas! Was expecting something much more dull.

The DDs and their cousins are running around in matching Christmas onesies, BIL is just digging out a board game for some family fun. Happy dayswine

motherinferior Tue 25-Dec-12 20:25:08

Happyg Christmas eferyone [grin ] [hic] [slurp]

rubyrubyruby Tue 25-Dec-12 22:36:23

Happy Christmas Crepeys!

Glad things have got better Alto.
All had a lovely relaxing family day here
........ the calm before the storm!?

grin I may have a baileys

rubyrubyruby Tue 25-Dec-12 22:38:40

Ooooo DS has just got the cards out.
Rumy anyone?

Blackduck Tue 25-Dec-12 22:42:02

We played 'who am I?' Glad to say I actually guessed mine right!! I have drunk too much wine, but over about 10 hours so just tired now grin

oldqueenie Tue 25-Dec-12 23:58:01

happy crimbo crepeys. Survived the day here... as dh said at intervals, "it could be a lot worse". No one behaved too badly in front of grandad, food was lovely and some great presents... (perhaps I won't mention grandad staying faaar toooo looong, dog being a pain in the arse and the endless catering..). Am rather tired now! Will have another glass of sauternes and a delicious salted caramel and bed i think....

oldqueenie Tue 25-Dec-12 23:58:45

it was pre and post dinner scrabble here. And the Royle family on telly. Lovely.

CointreauVersial Wed 26-Dec-12 00:28:23

Have been playing a few rounds of Pit with the family - most entertaining and very noisy! And I won.grin

Just wondering when the DCs will go to bed. Also whether there is any more port in the bottle...

herbaceous Wed 26-Dec-12 08:10:37

No rousing board games here. Just watching DS open endless presents, cooking dinner (not turkey) in the new oven, which was nail-biting stuff, and wandering around to see some friends. I always feel Christmas Day should be at the end of the festive period, not the start, as by the time you get in the mood it's about 28 December.

Blackduck Wed 26-Dec-12 08:12:00

So today it is load everything in the car and drive home. Ds has loads of Christmas money and a lovely Christmas jumper grin dp and I got lots of practical presents (including the breakdown cover), dog got to hump SILs posh dog and folks all happy to see grandchildren.
Now I want my own house and bed grin
Have a good Boxing Day crepeys

oldqueenie Wed 26-Dec-12 09:25:57

we're doing the bit of christmas that I actually like... things always perk up for me once the 25th has been survived. off to suffolk for a week which will be heavenly. Just ourselves and the dog to please, easy peasy.

rubyrubyruby Wed 26-Dec-12 09:29:00

That sounds lovely OQ.

We have 22 for late lunch today. I'm still in bed so better get a wiggle on!
Hope peace and goodwill is maintained.

Blackduck Wed 26-Dec-12 09:55:57

OQ that sounds lovely. Ruby hope all goes well. We are heading home to be anti social on a hill...

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 26-Dec-12 10:23:53

I am off to Monoprix to get more wine. I am going to get some of the 2.50 a bottle stuff as quantity is clearly more important than quality. Really pissed off with DFIL's friend as he complained - loudly - about the wine I had bought. I had consulted with the caviste as to what wine would be best for people who like Australian wine, and we agreed on a Languedoc. It is clearly not good enough - but despite complaining about the "nose giving more promise than the taste" and "it tastes funny... a bit musty", it all got drunk. DFIL's friend also bought some fizz which he and DFIL appear to have consumed on their own as I wasn't offered any, and nor was DH - we just saw the "foreign" bottles in the bin.

herbaceous Wed 26-Dec-12 10:58:49

Christ, Mrs S. Your Christmas guests take the proverbial biscuit. I'd be tempted to tell them to shove the 'musty' wine where the sun don't shine, large end first.

In a laughable act of inevitability, our boiler broke on Christmas eve. So we've had no hot water or heating since then. I am in desperate need of a hair wash, but can't bear it in cold water. So, off I go to Ilford to buy the requisite part, so our boiler repair man can fit it for us.

Later on we're going to some friends, where we shall partake of a buffet and a shower.

Blackduck Wed 26-Dec-12 11:18:00

MrsS wow what a cheek! Buy yourself something nice and drink it in the kitchen.
Oh herbs sorry to hear it.

motherinferior Wed 26-Dec-12 12:13:36

MrsS, you really ought to disown them all, oughtn't you. Herbs, that really is pants upon pants. Gawd.

I have a slight hangover blush but must make various pates and a cake to take to my sister's, as am determined not to be one of the MrsS' inlaw-stylee guests who expect to be catered for.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 26-Dec-12 14:15:29

They have all gone out now, so the DDs and I are going to watch yet another a cheesy Christmas film and I am going to have some Champagne. grin I have stocked up on very cheap wine from Monoprix. DH said we should decant the "musty" wine and see if DFIL's friend will drink it then. I said, fuck him, we will drink the expensive stuff when he has gone and he can have the cheap stuff.

rubyrubyruby Wed 26-Dec-12 14:53:11

What an arse MrsS. Absolute arse!

Things are hotting up here. We have already had someone drive here (2 hour journey) drop others off and go home again. I am smiling lots and getting quietly sozzled

motherinferior Wed 26-Dec-12 15:08:21

I have got over my hangover so think it's probably time to start drinking again grin. Am making that very nice orange/almond cake Nigella nicked off Claudia Roden, which takes virtually no cooking apart from a long, fragrant (ooh get me) simmer of oranges.

rubyrubyruby Wed 26-Dec-12 15:40:39


motherinferior Wed 26-Dec-12 15:52:08

'Zup, honey?

Blackduck Wed 26-Dec-12 16:04:13

Ruby? You okay?

rubyrubyruby Wed 26-Dec-12 19:03:18

Urgh - sorry.
Just mil extended family dynamics.
And DH is ill - because he has worked his butt off and spent a fortune to make Christmas special for all of them. The problem I have is that I'm not sure it's appreciated and it erodes away any time we have to spend with our own DCs.

alto1 Wed 26-Dec-12 23:13:24

Maybe we should write a novella, or a playlet. We probably have plenty of material between us, just from the last three days.

I'm relieved to be home and have symbolically (but also literally) lit a huge fire grin

rubyrubyruby Wed 26-Dec-12 23:34:44

<<sshhhh>> they've all gone, apart from a stray child that appears to have been left behind to sleep on the top bunk.

I have drunk half my bodyweight in Baileys and we have enough food over to feed a small army.

All calm now - until tomorrow when we start all over again at my brothers.

CointreauVersial Thu 27-Dec-12 01:00:23

I'm lying in bed (my own, thank goodness) with my new best friend lovely tablet, about to crash after an exhausting day of being the hostess with the mostest. We got back from my DSis's house a bit late this morning, leaving me with about 30 minutes to rustle up lunch for 11 assorted family members, and I've been scurrying around like a deranged waitress all day.

Is it wrong to stay in bed tomorrow until they've all gone?

I'm looking forward to a spot of Toy Cupboard Tetris tomorrow as I attempt to shoehorn all the new Christmas goodies into the frankly inadequate storage unit in the playroom. The good news is the DDs were given Wii Just Dance 3 and 4 by DB, so I won't hear a peep out of them til the new year.grin

Blackduck Thu 27-Dec-12 09:34:17

You have a playroom?! Feels dose of house envy coming on (suffering from a lot of that lately)....
We did four (five?) episodes of Game of Thrones, pizza, more present opening and wine. I intend to do nothing today.

oldqueenie Thu 27-Dec-12 11:27:55

Am in lovely Suffolk. It's pouring with rain but I don't give a hoot. Just the four of us (and the dog) to please and no mass catering, hooray. Plan to watch DVDs, sip gin slowly but steadily, play board games with our friends round the corner and read my new books that I was given. Ds1 is glued to a desk revising for his mock gcses, taking it so seriously that he doesn't have time to provoke and fight with his brother, so double result there. Am thinking up alternative plans for next Christmas next year while the delight horror of this one is still fresh in my mind. Think it will involve a strict limit on present buying and lunch in a Malaysian restaurant (strokes chin thoughtfully).... Or possibly leaving the country altogether. Do I remember talk of drinking meeting in the new year??

MrsSchadenfreude Thu 27-Dec-12 11:34:30

Off to Monoprix again for more of the "bloody lovely" 2 euros a bottle wine...

Blackduck Thu 27-Dec-12 11:43:21

MrsS grin
I might get up and cook in my pjs, on the other hand, I might not .....

rubyrubyruby Thu 27-Dec-12 12:48:17

I was hoping to escape to Norfolk for a few days between Christmas and New Year OQ but it hasnt happened. We have so much food and drink here it would be ridiculous to go tbh.

....... the partying continues today.

rubyrubyruby Thu 27-Dec-12 12:49:21

I'm also up for a New Year get together smile

oldqueenie Thu 27-Dec-12 12:51:35

We brought the truckload of food with us ruby!
Still raining. Still don't care.
Am lying on a bed with dh's iPad... Is that bad?

rubyrubyruby Thu 27-Dec-12 13:15:15

Noooo - I haven't been up long. Just rearranged the fridge but still on my jamas. What with going out again today and party NYE I didn't think it was worth uprooting everyone.

Looking forward to a weekend if walks, doing nothing much and eating leftovers.

bigTillyMincePie Thu 27-Dec-12 15:12:21

Just caught up - think you're right about the novella, alto - I wonder who would play us in a playlet?grin

MrsS am loving that the 2euro's a bottle plonk is going down so well!

Just back from 6 hours of shopping with DD who couldn't find anything to buy, till we got to the last shop -which was actually the first, where she had spotted the brothel-creepers - and she bought said creepers and two tops, one with a moustache on it to go with her moustachioed leggingshmm

Now very much looking forward to our lovely friends arriving tomorrow - fingers crossed Grandma doesn't have a relapse. Off to boil the ham in coke...

CointreauVersial Thu 27-Dec-12 23:54:06

YY to New Year meetup!

We are off to Bristol tomorrow and I rather wish we had another day at home; I'm feeling very underprepared.

DS is having a major sulk; his iPad Mini didn't arrive in time for Christmas and when he went out today to spend his Game vouchers on the new COD Xbox game he discovered that had sold out as well.grin Then I ordered the wrong topping for his Dominos pizza. Poor lamb, sometimes life sucks.

motherinferior Fri 28-Dec-12 15:24:34

I am staying with my sister. This is lovely in many ways but I got slightly pissed ended up tearily grumbling about our mother last night. Ahem.

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 29-Dec-12 11:49:59

Right, the old drunks have gone, boasting about how much wine they drank every day they were here - 5-6 bottles between the two of them, if you're interested (and that doesn't count the spirits...). DFIL (who is known for his tightness) offered to take us out for lunch "somewhere cheap" yesterday, so we went off to the Latin Quarter as there is nowhere cheap enough where we live. The bill came and he attempted to split it between us all - I said, rather coldly, that I had thought it was his treat. He got his mate and DBIL to go thirds with him, which pissed everyone off, but he was on the verge of making a scene, and we needed to leave the restaurant before he got any worse.

I would now like DBIL and DSIL to go out on their own, and leave me in peace.

Oh and the kitten has an upset stomach and has wiped poo everywhere, so up early washing floors and our bedding. Washed cat, trimmed her fur and now bearing the scars.

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 29-Dec-12 13:04:09

I am a bit fed up actually. I seem to have spent my entire Christmas shopping, cooking and cleaning. Yes, I do like cooking, but you can have too much of a good thing and I am tired of fussy eaters. I wanted to do pasta tonight as it is quick and easy, but DSIL doesn't like pasta and DBIL (who has happily chomped his way through lamb, turkey, ham and bacon) won't eat it if it has a meat sauce. It is probably easier if we just go out. I feel like I am running a hotel, as I've had virtually no help at all. sad <awash with self pity>

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 29-Dec-12 13:05:06

Though DH has washed floors and DMIL did do sprouts for Christmas day. That's still a bit crap, isn't it?

alto1 Sat 29-Dec-12 14:39:50

MrsS, you're right, it's crap. You've been amazingly patient with your FIL and his friend, I'd have been spitting nails.

I can't complain as I haven't done much, yet (visitors arrive tomorrow) but I have done everything that has been done.

I've been back to work for two days but in that time no cleaning, tidying or useful shopping took place, so we are out of all staples. I had to shop for and cook last night's dinner and today's lunch and not a dish has been put in or taken out of dishwasher.

But I know if I say to them 'right, here's what needs to be done, which bits are you going to do?' they'll help. It's just initiating stuff that they find difficult.

MI that's what sisters are for. I couldn't manage without ventilating to mine since DM came to live with us.

Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 14:45:47

MrsS I really don't know how you do it. I would have run away! Tell DBil to go out, refuse to cook anymore. I was brought up to not be fussy in someone else's house, either eat what you are given, or starve smile
We hiked over the hill yesterday, and back, nearly killed us all. Then I cooked three curries, and beat everyone at pictionary - smug - I am now slumped on a bed with a hangover and it is pasta for tea tonight unless someone else cooks....

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 29-Dec-12 14:52:35

They have gone out on their own. grin DH has suggested that we go out to eat tonight rather than me having to cook, which is fine, but I will end up paying as DBIL and DSIL are "broke." I am starting to get a bit resentful, I think, which is not good.

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 14:59:31

I don't blame you for being resentful MrsS.

I would be serving Turkey stew with crusty bread I think.
Currently have ours on the hob but made a turkey pie for this evening with leftovers and a packet of pastry .

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 15:00:49

The DCs are all out and about and DH appears to be having a Lord of the Rings film fest <<yawn>>

Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 15:04:46

Point DBiL and DSiL at fridge and you and DH go out. Say DH is treating YOU and you alone....
Ruby - sounds like fun (not)
Having got Christmas out of the way, I now need to come up with a Birthday present for dp. Who has a birthday on 3rd Jan for heavens sake!

motherinferior Sat 29-Dec-12 16:40:35

I bought a pair of boots in the DM sale today. grin They are extremely solid and will last and last, I rather hope...

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 16:44:34

I bought some boots today also MI - online El Naturalista ones.
I wish I had a sister sometimes. I have 4 SIL's instead.

Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 17:03:56

Oh Ruby - link?
No sisters here either....

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 17:23:56
Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 17:26:21

Very nice... I am still trying to decide whether to splash out on a pair or not (shouldn't really...)

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 18:07:39

I'm so angry with DS2.
I struggled to find ideas for relatives to buy him for Christmas do reluctantly went down the cash route.

He went into town this afternoon and has spent most if if on his GF !angry is nowhere near how I feel. I have made a turkey pie and feel like chucking it at him.

rubyrubyruby Sat 29-Dec-12 18:08:50

..... and now I hate her too.

beachyhead Sat 29-Dec-12 18:13:02

Happy Christmas Crepeys.... it's been pretty peaceful here, no really annoying houseguests, no massive dinners to cook, only us on Christmas Day (which was a first) so we headed to the beach in the camper van and cooked sausage sandwiches.....

I've just found my very favourite item of clothing on sale at Zara, so I've splashed out and bought two... My existing one has one of those indiscriminate holes in it, that appear around the belly button area (and no-one knows where they come from. It's here

I'm up for a New Year's meet up...

We are also mock GCSE'ing here as well, in fact she's off on a revision course this weekend. I am such a horrible mother for sending her, but she seems to be enjoying it, strange girl.

beachyhead Sat 29-Dec-12 18:15:27

Ruby, that is very annoying......

Blackduck Sat 29-Dec-12 18:21:00

Hi Beachy, sounds fun.
Oh Ruby how annoying. I guess I have all that to come. Currently the biggest issue in ds's life is his fat thighs (he's 9 fgs and built like a whippet, where do they get this nonsense from?)

CointreauVersial Sat 29-Dec-12 23:38:41

Back from Bristol, but appallingly all the DCs wanted to do was shop, so I'm not sure why we bothered trekking all the way down the M4 and staying in a hotel; we could have gone to Guildford FFS.

It wasn't all bad; the hotel was opposite what must be the biggest Primark in Britain, so that's my Spring wardrobe sorted.grin

bigTillyMincePie Sun 30-Dec-12 10:09:30

OMG! Just clicked accidentally on Yahoo calendar, and my phone calendar popped up! I am so old and crepey and out of touch - I had no idea the two were syncd confused

In the middle of an eating/drinking fest with our bf's who are staying. However, they are more than happy to eat out, so it's not the trauma of poor MrsS's Christmas! Beachy, your Christmas Day sounds fab - I guess you didn't have torrential rain where you were?grin

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 31-Dec-12 09:38:33

Happy New Year Hags. What are you all up to tonight? I have 12 people for curry and champagne, and after this, that is me done for entertaining for a while as I am getting heartily sick of cooking.

Blackduck Mon 31-Dec-12 09:58:48

Happy New Year all.
We might go down the pub for a swift half, but that's it (not a big NYE fan).
Tree coming down today and tomorrow getting ready to go back to work. (Eyes laptop that hasn't made it out of the bag....)
Have a good day/evening ladies

herbaceous Mon 31-Dec-12 10:47:56

Crikey Mrs S. With the catering hell you've been stuck in, I'm surprised you're even contemplating serving yet more of your delicious food. You are a saint - sod feeling resentful, I'd have been feeling full-on murderous.

We're going to have an odd NYE. I'm going to see my bestest pals, for champers and possible bad dancing to Jools Holland, while DP will stay in with DS. He honestly doesn't seem to mind. And tomorrow we're going to see some friends for lunch, so I mustn't get too wasted.

Have managed to put off doing the school application form, and it has to be in on 15 Jan. Better get my finger out.

Builders now totally awol. Water is coming in around the French doors where the rendering wasn't finished, and loads of other stuff hasn't been finished. Boss isn't answering the phone. Their review on Rated People, where we got them, is not going to be glowing.

bigTillyMincePie Mon 31-Dec-12 11:26:54

MrsS, you deserve a holiday! Let's hope tonights guests are more appreciative of your efforts. We have just waved our favourite friends off <sniff> having had them to stay for 3 nights has been fab, and hardly any cooking as we ate out twice!

Herbs, good luck on the lunch tomorrow, though I guess a hair of the dog might helpwink I can't believe your DS is old enough for school applications nowshock

We are off to a friends for a smallish party - thankfully only round the corner, so we can slump into our own beds tonight!

Blackduck Mon 31-Dec-12 11:43:07

Actually MrsS if you invited us lot for Christmas we'd be a lot more appreciative than your recent guests, AND we'd do the washing up ;) smile

herbaceous Mon 31-Dec-12 13:22:39

We might even rustle up a meal for you, mrs s, paltry tho my efforts would be.

BTM - I can't believe it either. He's still a baby to me, but as he'll be 4 in July, will be off to school in September. Mercifully, both our closest schools are pretty good, so the ordeal isn't too harrowing.

CointreauVersial Tue 01-Jan-13 00:56:32

Happy New Year, crepesters!

I'm currently slumped on the sofa watching Jools with half an eye; we have our best pals and kids over for the evening (curry and champagne here too, Mrs S, followed by card games). The youngest of the six kids has flaked, but the others are still showing no signs of wanting to go to bed. My foot is throbbing after a precariously balanced beer bottle dropped out of my over-stuffed fridge straight onto my toe earlier on, and it has gone a lovely shade of blue. More champagne needed, I think.

rubyrubyruby Tue 01-Jan-13 06:18:01


Blackduck Tue 01-Jan-13 08:54:56

Happy New Year all - hope 2013 brings you all you desire (in Herbs case that will be a completed kitchen ;) )

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 01-Jan-13 11:02:50

And my desire is not to spend so much time in the kitchen...

On the home straight (should that be "strait"? I think "straight" is right as it refers to horse racing but it looks odd) now. One last dinner tonight - we are having roast capon with gratin dauphinois, broccoli, carrots and peas and cornbread stuffing if I can be arsed. And tipsy tart and chocolate brownies for pudding (already made).

Washed down with either that nasty, musty wine or more champagne. grin

herbaceous Tue 01-Jan-13 11:29:02

Happy new year hags! May all our jowls be perky, and our gunts contained.

Good grief Mrs S. You are a glutton for punishment.

Last night was ace. Spent it with my oldest pals, champagne, lovely chicken pie, tarts and cheese. Paying for it now, however. Didn't get to bed until 2, didn't sleep well, then DS came into bedroom before 8. DP didn't allow me a lie-in, as 'it was my choice to go out' (he stayed in). Not sure if this is fair or not.

Have been lying on sofa watching reruns of the Great British Bake Off - inspired bit of scheduling - and now about to set off for lunch at more friends'. Looking forward to bedtime.

bigTillyMincePie Tue 01-Jan-13 12:00:29

Oooh MrsS, can we pop over to yours for dinner?smile

Happy New Year Crepeys!

All is quiet here - the DC are still in bed following yet another late night, and I am feeling quite perky now the paracetamol have kicked in! I have taken down all the Christmas lights (which were many) but DH is begging me not to take the tree down yet...

Got to trek up to the Spa place we went to on Saturday later, as I left my credit card thereconfused

wilbur Tue 01-Jan-13 14:18:21

Happy New Year, crepey friends! Have been out of touch for a bit, although I did type a nice long post just before Christmas which for some reason disappeared before reaching the thread - we have been having intermittent internet failure here angry and it has meant some things not getting through the ether, including my Lakeland order which included stocking chocs to replace the ones the mice got (our mice clearly penpals with CV's mice) and teh Christmas crackers. Only realised late on Xmas eve as I was laying the table that order had not arrived. Had lovely Xmas though, quiet with just us and then MIL and FIL joining us for lunch. Unfortunately, it then got quite rubbish as my back gave out big time and I have been living on solpadeine and nurofen ever since sad. So frustrating as for once DH had all the time off between Xmas and New Year, which has never happened before apart from when he was redundant, and we were unable to take advantage and do the 8 million house jobs and visits to museums/cinema that we planned. Sigh. Was hoping to start 2013 both relaxed and with a marginally shorter To Do list, but it was not to be. Still, am feeling better today and had a nice time with lovely friends last night - kids were invited and all managed to make it to 12 so we had our first family NY midnight together smile. Dh was then overcome with luuurve for his family and promised the kids pancakes for breakfast and so, on cracking open a single bloodshot eye this morning, he found three little expectant faces brandishing maple syrup and demanding that he get busy with the frying pan. Mwahahahaha.

CointreauVersial Tue 01-Jan-13 17:30:47

Hi Wilbur, long time no see. I'm chuckling at the thought of your DCs waking you up at sparrowfart for pancakes. Mine didn't surface til 10am thankfully.

I have done naff all today, which has been very therapeutic.

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 01-Jan-13 18:23:45

I have spent a lot of today in/on the bed, slumped with the cat, either reading or emailing/perusing sales on t'web. I shuffled out for a bread and cheese and wine lunch, slumped a bit more, and have since shuffled into the kitchen to shove Monsterchicken in the oven. I have decided not to bother with the stuffing (why create work?) and will shove some chipolatas round the bird.

I am up for a January meet up but it will have to be after my interview for Dream Job (should know the date this week). I have tentatively arranged to see Groucho Friend beforehand, which is possibly not a wise move.

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 01-Jan-13 18:25:26

LOL at Wilbur's DH and the pancakes. DH has done this before, and has been met with plaintive cries of "but Daddy, you said..." at some ungodly hour.

herbaceous Tue 01-Jan-13 22:07:23

Crikey, I'm bushed.

Mild drama today. Had lovely fish pie at friends' house, then DS started saying his mouth hurt. Then that his throat hurt when he swallowed. As he was fine otherwise, I assumed he'd got a tiny fish bone stuck somewhere and gave him dry bread, water, etc to try and dislodge it, while we knocked back more wine. Still mildly whingey after a couple of hours, so reluctantly took him to A&E.

We were seen super-swiftly, and the ENT woman extracted a vast bone from his throat, that had been half embedded in his tonsil. It must have been so painful! Feel most guilty.

alto1 Tue 01-Jan-13 22:26:02

Herbs your ds sounds like my dd. She never fusses. If she complains at all, there's always something wrong. When dh was in hospital with critical heart condition, she asked me to look at her sore side. I couldn't see anything and forgot about it. Two days later she threw a typical shingles rash blush

Wilbur, sorry you were laid low, so was I. Think it may be a bodily rebellion. Working through the to-do list is maybe not what the break was for?

CointreauVersial Tue 01-Jan-13 22:30:14

Aww Herbs, your poor brave soldier.

That reminds me of a family BBQ a few years back when I was too busy with my wine glass to pay any attention to DS, who was trying to tell me that DD2 was about to fall off the ride-on tractor they were sitting in. Cue headlong tumble onto concrete and subsequent possibly-slightly-over-the-limit dash to A&E for stitches.blush

motherinferior Tue 01-Jan-13 22:53:16

We are back from Newcastle. DP threw up on the way back, though thankfully within the discreet privacy of a National Trust loo and only once, rather than with the copious repetitions committed by DD2 on the way there.

I actually managed to have a rather lovely time, not least because I bogged off and visited various other friends in the area grin. DD1 was also in heaven because she adoooooooooores my sister's DS1 - they are so similar, it's hilarious.

MorrisZapp Wed 02-Jan-13 00:27:23

How old are these adoring cousins? I love the idea of cousins being pals for life, mainly because my DS is an only child but has cousins by the dozens. Do cousins still like each other as teens and beyond?

Blackduck Wed 02-Jan-13 07:12:49

Oh MI your driving or the dreaded nuro? Hope he is okay.
Off to work here, trousers feeling a tad tight, eyeing up BIWIs latest low carb thread and wondering if I dare....
Dog is the only one who appears not to have gained weight - indeed seems to have lost some!

bigTillyMincePie Wed 02-Jan-13 11:09:44

BD - @MI - your driving? grin

I was going to start to shred this morning but woke up too late. As we are now on the train to outlaws, I fear the diet/shred will be even more needed on our return!
However, the train is a pleasant change from the car (which is sick at the garage) apart from having to shoehorn DD out of bed in order to get there in time....

wilbur Wed 02-Jan-13 13:38:16

Am I a bad person to wonder whether a touch of noro might be a good thing since I got on the scales this morning and nearly fainted at the number? Although, I once got proper dysentery and only lost about 3 lbs (dh lost over a stone with same bug) so it's probably not the route to weightloss I should pursue. On an S&B note - I did get one v good sale bargain in the Aubin & Wills closing down sale but I can't find the link now, so maybe they have gone completely. Anyway, it's a pair of mod-style red/black fine stripe trousers and I'm v pleased with them, despite the Christmas flub over the waistband (they are a little low in the rise).

alto1 Wed 02-Jan-13 14:02:52

Happy New Year everyone

wilbur Wed 02-Jan-13 16:43:59

Alto - I think you're maybe right about the bodily rebellion thing - I definitely over-schedule and over-plan life and probably some enforced sofa time is an occasional good thing. Not sure how I can let go of the sense of So Much Stuff To Do, Can't Relax feelings that are constantly present though. I think that's my next step on the personal development path...

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 02-Jan-13 17:03:25

Morris - I am an only child (if I can be described as such at my age), and have several cousins that I am close to - we speak/email quite regularly, and one of them even had my mother to stay for Christmas (we were hosting the outlaws and my mother was so rude to them at our wedding that they haven't seen or spoken to each other since).

Wilbur - I also have those Can't Relax feelings and So Much To Do - to the extent that when I spent a day at a spa, I spent most of my time thinking of things I could usefully be doing instead, so it wasn't a very relaxing day! I do feel like I need a holiday to recover from Christmas now though..

Blackduck Wed 02-Jan-13 19:22:54

I am usually of the long 'to do' list too, but seem to have developed a case of 'oh bugger it' this holiday. I actually like being out of a big city - I felt no compulsion to do the sales grin
I am at a friends tonight - he is nearer work and as dp and ds are still off I thought I'd let them have a lie in. Dp's birthday tomorrow...
MrsS just reading about your Christmas makes me come over all faint smile
What did your mother say that was so rude??

motherinferior Wed 02-Jan-13 19:40:26

Morris (and hello!) the order of children goes: DN1 is just 13, DD1 is nearly 12, DD2 is nine and DN2 is also nine (a few months younger than, and therefore a whole school year below DD2). The youngest two look scarily similar, like slightly deranged twins.

I am now good friends with a couple of my very nice adult cousins too...