Another celeb wedding dress - Victoria Coren

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squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 00:51:18


She looks radiant but I'm not a huge fan of the fishtail shape, plus it makes her look slightier bulkier than she is. They do make a good couple though.

Also, I have to say it . . . . . . . I love Claudia Winkelman, but why does she always wear weird coloured makeup?? I just want to wash her orange face.

PerryCombover Sun 18-Nov-12 01:33:17

Nah. I love weddings. Even Northern weddings are often fine once you've had a few drinks and the shrugs come off

She looks lovely, as does he.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 18-Nov-12 01:37:17

it's a shocking dress, but her hair and makeup is nice.

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 06:26:48

Shocking dress

Chubfuddler Sun 18-Nov-12 06:38:23

I like the top half, the fishtail at the bottom is awful not so much.

I love the bms dresses.

They look very happy which is all that matters. I am trying not to slag off wedding dresses anymore unless it's a fame whore as it's mean. I'm not sure my wedding photos would stand up to MN scrutiny.

fedupofnamechanging Sun 18-Nov-12 08:26:25

I think she looks beautiful. She has real sex appeal though, so i think she could get away with quite a lot.

Think she must hate her bridesmaids though - those blue dresses are awful. Very sack like and normally Claudia Winkleman looks beautiful.

SneezySnatcher Sun 18-Nov-12 08:33:35

It should have been meeeeeeeeee sad

Sorry, DH.

I love her and (obvs) I love him. I think they look so happy and, although it's not the most flattering dress, VC looks beautiful. I love the BM dresses.

Maybe a bit creeped out by the article where is says how obsessed DM was with VC before they got together.

I think claudia is orange because of the strictly at wembley. I like Victoria, nice to see an unashamedly clever woman in the papers.

Not like me too be so bitchy about a bride, but I think she looks a bit old for that frock.

Overdone hair and makeup too.

I'm sure she speaks very highly of me, however....

morethanalltheteainchina Sun 18-Nov-12 08:41:56

I think it's a gorgeous dress, I especially like the lace on her arms. Her hair and makeup is lovely too and she looks all happy and glow-y.

Howeverrrrr, I do think that style of dress isn't hugely flattering on anyone who isn't tall and quite lean looking. I mean, she looks gorgeous, but I reckon that underneath, she's a lot smaller than she looks in the photos.

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 08:49:48

The top is ok and she does look really beautiful. But WHAT THE FUCK with the bottom?!

Fuckitthatlldo Sun 18-Nov-12 09:19:08

Never mind the dress, it's all the frighteningly obsessive unrequited lurve confessions from the groom that have me worried.

I suppose she thinks it's all terribly romantic. But all I see is one huge red flag.

That is a man who imagines his partner to be responsible for all his feelings.

TheFallenMadonna Sun 18-Nov-12 09:22:38

You got all that from the Daily Mail?

twojumpingbeans Sun 18-Nov-12 09:26:22

Give him a break, red flags?!? You are aware that this article was in the mail aren't you? I think they both look lovely and very happy. So there wink

noddyholder Sun 18-Nov-12 09:28:19

I love this dress first sleb dress in ages I think I would look ok in. her natural hair etc is lovely and she looks happy not stressed

noddyholder Sun 18-Nov-12 09:30:41

My dp loves her ad swoons at that show se does on bbc4

JudeFawley Sun 18-Nov-12 09:34:28

Very unflattering dress shape, but she still manages to look lovely.

She always squeezes herself into some shiny atrocity on Only Connect; I suspect clothes are not her thing.

I wish David Mitchell had got rid of the beard for his wedding.

I bet it was a fabulous do.

VolumeOfACone Sun 18-Nov-12 09:35:09

I don't like that dress at all. To me it looks old fashioned and dull. But I feel the same about most wedding dresses! And I hate lace, even though I know it is quite 'in'.

HellothisisJoanie Sun 18-Nov-12 09:38:06

It was. A mate on twitter went. Speeches amazing.

MotherfuckingMorrisMan Sun 18-Nov-12 09:43:18

I love a good sleb wedding dress slag off as much as the next mumsnetter, but I think she looks absolutely lovely. The dress is really pretty. I like the fact that she looks like herself, hasn't chosen to wear her hair up in some tortured style. I like the fishtail bit of the dress as well.

David Mitchell, on the other hand, looks like he needs a good scrub, shave and hairbrush. Scruffy article.

They do look happy though, don't they.

ArthurandGeorge Sun 18-Nov-12 09:44:13

I don't like the dress, just not very flattering and not very interesting. For once I much prefer the groom's outfit!

oh giles coren is her brother? i liked him on that programme with Sue thingy.

they look a happy couple, and I like david mitchell.

Fuckitthatlldo Sun 18-Nov-12 10:04:55

Oh dear. Perhaps five years spent working for Women's Aid has made me a tad over sensitive grin

DilysPrice Sun 18-Nov-12 10:09:43

I think she's lovely, and have been saying that those two should get married for years so feel vindicated.

Can only imagine the wedding speeches - Robert Webb, David Mitchell and Victoria Coren - arguably the best speech line up of any wedding ever - if only her father had been there too sad.

And what a weird day for Claudia. I can imagine the AIBU/S&B posts. "I have been asked to be bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding, but I have to compere a complicated TV show in front of a huge live audience in the evening. Can I get squiffy? Will I be able to do my fake tan in the taxi or should I do it before the wedding? Have been asked to say a few words on behalf of the bridesmaids but slightly nervous as groom and best man professional comedians. Don't want to drip feed, so have 3 small children with me and my DSis who will also be there, is a princess"

i just hope the couple stay happy and he isnt let down

tribpot Sun 18-Nov-12 10:18:12

LOL Dilys, love the AIBU. Don't forget 'have to pretend show is filmed on Sundays so must remember not to make any reference to having come straight from wedding. Or should bride and groom perform first dance at Wembley and get marks out of ten from Len Goodman et al?'

Hope they had a fantastic day.

Who are this couple?

Dress is ok. At least there is no mammoth boobage on show.

DontmindifIdo Sun 18-Nov-12 11:35:22

oh they both look so happy and I think she looks gorgeous! (He does have the look of a man who can't quite believe how lucky he's been to get this woman to marry him, this is a look I think all men should have on their wedding day)

Gregssausageroll - he's from peepshow, the Mitchell and Webb show, he's the 10 O'Clock show's host, he's regular on QI and Mock the week, and writes for the Observer. She's famously won a million playing poker (is a bit of an expert on gambling), hosts "only connect" on BBC4, hosted a programme on language and the dictionary on BBC2 for a while, also regularly on QI, writes for the Guardian and has officially been "the thinking man's crumpet" for a number of years.

Cherrypi Sun 18-Nov-12 12:40:25

I think she looks lovely. How I wish I was at that wedding...

I like the style of the dress but there is something odd about the way Victoria looks in it...

She is normally very slim but either the dress is unflattering and makes her look thick around the middle or she is pregnant?

She is 39 so if she and DM are intending to have kids, I suppose they'd be likely to be starting ASAP.

All of those folds of material across the front might be hiding a tiny baby bump?

CaroleService Sun 18-Nov-12 13:54:01

I suspect you're right Clara. Happy news all round.

curlypoo Sun 18-Nov-12 14:03:39

I thought she might be a bit pregnant too but more than anything I was absolutely blown away by how completely happy and smiley she looks. She looks like herself and not some primped z-lister pouting away like a gurning fish.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 18-Nov-12 14:05:07

oh now that would make sense of the incredibly unflattering waistline. she slagged us off once on HIGNFY or one of those types of shows, but then came on here and apologised and said she was just envious, truth be told. so i hope she is up the duff.

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 18-Nov-12 16:52:17

Hilarious thread - red flags indeed.

I thinks she looks incredibly happy and I love them both.

polyhymnia Sun 18-Nov-12 17:04:49

Agree with that last sentence. Dress not my taste but who cares. Lovely to see a couple who are clearly on same intellectual wavelength.

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 17:05:30

He looks as though he can't quite believe his luck.

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 17:08:29

I've just realised, yes I'm clearly a bit slow, that they're called David and Victoria. Wonder if they get lots of Beckham gags from their pals.

difficultpickle Sun 18-Nov-12 17:13:23

I nearly started a thread yesterday and I don't usually care about other peoples' wedding dresses. It is hideous. She is slim but it looks as if she's 6 months pregnant. Maybe she is?

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 18-Nov-12 17:17:22

Awful dress but she looks beautiful still. Love the colour of the BM dresses.

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 18-Nov-12 17:22:02

Yes the BM dresses are really gorgeous. I don't know marrying David and having Claudia as a best mate [not envious at all]

edam Sun 18-Nov-12 17:26:06

aw, I'm just really happy for them, they seem like lovely people. Dress isn't very flattering unless she's p/g, which would be great news after what she said on MN.

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 17:30:16

What did she say on MN?

msrisotto Sun 18-Nov-12 18:33:41

She's my celeb twin :D
Now, not just for that reason, I think she looks so lovely, so happy, so smiley, I love weddings. He could have shaved though! Looked a bit like a yeti.

Badvocsanta Sun 18-Nov-12 18:46:26

She looks lovely.
Shame he didn't shave, mind

MarshaBrady Sun 18-Nov-12 18:52:59

She looks lovely. Would have just changed the very bottom bit of the dress.

Pancakeflipper Sun 18-Nov-12 19:25:08

I wish there was a transcript of the speeches. Bet they were brill.
Though lt she looked perfectly bridal.

edam Sun 18-Nov-12 19:27:09

she apologised for being mean about MN on telly and said it was because she was a bit jealous of mummies, IIRC.

mignonette Sun 18-Nov-12 23:37:36

She is always appallingly dressed on 'Connect' in clothes that show every lump and bump. Why her wedding dress would look any different I do not know.....

But her brother Giles Coren has a tendency to run to fat also (he is looking very portly and porky lately) so her genes are clearly not her friend........

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 23:39:29

Giles Coren is my pet hate.

DilysPrice Sun 18-Nov-12 23:46:20

Oh but mignonette do you not remember how she used to dress in season 1 of Only Connect? The C&A trouser suits! My eyes shock. She had an entire wardrobe of the bastards, and every single one of them unflattering as hell. The new fitted frock look may not be perfect but it's infinitely better.

mignonette Sun 18-Nov-12 23:48:15

Yes it is an improvement I suppose in that it at least looks as if it is made out of a fabric with some natural fibre in it! But my god she is badly dressed but then again, so is her brother.

Rindercella Sun 18-Nov-12 23:53:42

She was lovely when she came on here. Iirc, someone claimed to have known Giles in his uni days and was really vile about him. Victoria handled her with grace & wit. She went up in my estimation hugely after posting on here. She also realised the addictiveness of MN and I think forbade herself from posting her again, lest she get sucked in.

I think she looks lovely. And it's so nice to see a sleb bride who isn't stick thin, orange and with a huge pair of boobs struggling to be contained by a couple of threads of fabric.

<realises I am getting old>

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 23:55:34

I like the happiness radiating from the photos. I bet dinner at their house (or would they have supper?) would be great fun.

squoosh Sun 18-Nov-12 23:57:03

But why is Claudia so orange/jaundicey looking?

Why, Claudia , why???

<Claudia fan>

MardyBra Mon 19-Nov-12 00:09:12

I think she looks lovely and natural and happy.
I think he could do with a good scrubbing and a shave, but he looks happy too.

No wonder she slags off MN if half of you are going to bitch about her dress. I think there should be an amnesty on wedding dress bitching, and we should collectively decide not to mar celebrities' big days with negative comments (unless we collectively agree that they are nasty horrid people).
Poor old Dermot's wife got slagged off too recently. There's no need. I mean it. [hard stare]

CointreauVersial Mon 19-Nov-12 00:15:11

She looks gorgeous, glowing and happy, and I think they make a perfect couple. You lot are big old meanies.

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 00:18:06

Amnesty on wedding dress bitching?

Crazy talk. She's a tough lady, she can take it. Plus it's been pretty feeble bitching!

MardyBra Mon 19-Nov-12 00:22:43

We could make an honourable exception for Katie Price or any Big Fat Gypsy Weddings squoosh.
I'm a tough bird too, but I would have been upset if MN had a thread about my big fat 90s meringue wedding dress.

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 00:24:08

Wait 20 years and your 90's meringue will be the height of chic again!

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Mon 19-Nov-12 00:33:03

bollocks. that was a TERRIBLE dress that dermot's wife was wearing. really, if you've got all that money...

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 00:36:01

Mrs Dermot's dress was awful. Although as a couple, the seem lovely.

I don't really get the Wedding Dress Amnesty thing.

CelineMcBean Mon 19-Nov-12 00:41:27

Aw they are both so happy! Not hugely enamoured with the dress - love the top but from waist down not so much. I think her hair colour looks great and make up is flawless and she has v v v white teeth. He could have has a shave and brushed his hair but I don't really care. He loved her, persued her, pined quietly, then persued her again and they fell in love. Reminds me of dh it's the only time he's been right and I've been wrong I hope they are very happy together smile

Ms Winkleman's streaky fake tan and umpalumpa face is too much though and I am a fan of hers normally. The shot of her with her hand outstretched shows a palm of a completely different hue to her arm. Shame as otherwise she looks fab.

CelineMcBean Mon 19-Nov-12 00:44:49

confused no wedding dress bitching??!! Nooooooooo! Bitching about things people can't help = not on. Bitching about things people have chosen = fair game

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 00:54:18

That must be David Mitchell's brother behind him in the specs. He has the same, ummmm, 'academic' look.

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 03:48:56

I think she looks beautiful, and her hair, make-up and veil are lovely BUT the dress is a bit meh.

It's too bulky - all those folds make her look big, and she isn't. She still looks lovely though. Happy brides always do.

Chubfuddler Mon 19-Nov-12 08:46:25

Next fame whore to get married gets both barrels I promise.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 19-Nov-12 09:53:38

I see where you're coming from Mardy but Dermot's wife dress - god it was truly awful.

dexter73 Mon 19-Nov-12 10:02:32

Is Mrs Dermots dress that bad? It's not what I would choose but it's not that bad is it?

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 10:05:47

well i haven't looked at any photos of it in a while but it is etched on my memory as a bit of a fright, yes. AS I remember it, she was wearing two tops, one over the other. Either one would have been fine but together they were tragic.

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 10:06:16

ooh. You linked. Hang on....

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 10:10:05

Yup, I was right the first time. She should have lost the lace around the neck and lost those godawful chunky straps, and just had lace sleeves stitched under the arm to the crumb catcher bodice. Fine.

Or, she should have dispensed with the crumbcatcher thing, and the godawful straps and just had a plain fitted bodice, with the lace sleeves and high neck under it. It was all a bit much. And it had godawful straps.

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 10:11:30

I feel mean now. blush But she was beautiful, in spite of everything.

FunnysInLaJardin Mon 19-Nov-12 10:19:15

fab couple. David needs to lose the beard though. Apart from that I'm happy. Plus I love that the brides occupation is professional poker player. I mean how cool is that

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 19-Nov-12 10:41:31

Christ no to an amnesty on wedding day bitching. MN is not that important, it's not as if they will know that a bunch of women are making bosom-hoisting comments about lace sleeves or whatever.

I remember rinders when VC was on MN and some moron was being ghastly about Giles and his wife. Really unnecessary personal bitching of a vile nature. Made MN look like a bunch of arseholes <ahem>

dexter73 Mon 19-Nov-12 10:50:28

I have put a couple of pictures of my meringue wedding dress on my profile - remember it was 1995!

TheCraicDealer Mon 19-Nov-12 11:38:19

dexter, you looked lovely! I love how you pre-empted K-Middy's choice of flower girl dresses grin

dexter73 Mon 19-Nov-12 11:45:59

She has good taste wink!!

Furoshika Mon 19-Nov-12 12:00:14

It's a lovely dress and she looks fantastic. Not everyone famous is straight up and down!

Furoshika Mon 19-Nov-12 12:03:56

And she doesn't look pregnant. Sheesh, you lot. (It would be lovely if you are, Victoria.)

HellothisisJoanie Mon 19-Nov-12 12:05:13

i married in 96 in a slightly full princess line - still would wear it now

GreenyEyes Mon 19-Nov-12 12:05:33

I think she looks great actually AND I prefer him with the beard.

On the downside, if those really are true excerpts I won't be picking up David's autobiography any time soon

Furoshika Mon 19-Nov-12 12:08:28

I read an interview with him (Grauniad? probably) where he said he had fallen for her, they'd seen each other a few times, but her dad had just died and she wasn't up for a relationship.
She does seem quite ace, why would he not be sad at that? I am fairly sure he didn't actively pursue her and grind her down hmm

noddyholder Mon 19-Nov-12 12:10:18

I love the stiff structure of the dress thats what makes it, it is not compulsory to look as thin as poss in any given outfit!

I love them both and I love the fact she doesn't hide her brain.
Would very much like to be in that crowd. I think they both look fantastically happy and wish them lots of great stuff.

noddyholder Mon 19-Nov-12 12:15:12

I much prefer a fuller shape

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 19-Nov-12 12:46:36

To be honest, she looks so happy and pretty you don't really notice the dress. She looks absolutely thrilled, they both do. Nice to see.

MardyBra Mon 19-Nov-12 12:56:00

I was married about the same time as you Dexter. I also had leg'o'mutton sleeves, fitted bodice and full skirt. Did you have a big bow on your bum too?

I love VC's flowers. Very elegant. Like her dress.

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 13:08:52

Awww Dexter, you look lovely, wedding dresses from the 90s were largely fine, it's the eighties that were a bit grin
Actually your dress looks very like Duckface's dress in Four Weddings and a Funeral!

Why did they put big bows on bums? To indicate the bum as a wifely gift?

Furoshika Mon 19-Nov-12 13:11:18

Can anyone link to her web chat? I can't seem to find it!
<unashamed girl crush>

FunnysInLaJardin Mon 19-Nov-12 13:15:53

Dexter you look about 12 in your wedding photos grin Plus very much like my SIL who got married in 1992, twas the fashion in them days. My BM dress was very similar, only pink floral

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 19-Nov-12 13:18:11

It wasdn't a webchat, it was just a normal thread. Probably in chat so has disappeared.

Furoshika Mon 19-Nov-12 13:19:00

Ah that explains it. Is she a MNer normally? <boggles>

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Mon 19-Nov-12 13:20:46

No, the thread was started after she made some slightly derogatory comments about MN - she found out about it (perhaps someone tweeted her) and she came on. She was really nice. But some tosspot spoiled it by making comments about her family.

EuroShagmore Mon 19-Nov-12 14:07:07

I think she looks natural and happy, but I don't like the dress, it was in no way flattering. And David looks like he had been pulled through a hedge backwards! But they look ecstatic, which is how it should be.

Pinot Mon 19-Nov-12 14:18:00

It was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that started the slagging off of Dermys wifes dress hmm

And I stand by it. I was criticising a dress - a piece of fabric, not slagging off homeless children in Uganda FFS. And the thread, like this one, was in Style and Beauty ergo, I felt then and now that I am allowed to comment on the Style of something.


Vicky C looks be-yoo-ti-ful and their kiss was lovely and natural. I quiate laike a mermaid tail <still heart the 90's> I loved the flowers too. She has tremendous norkage and it looked well contained, unlike mine on my wedding day. I went strapless. The mind boggles as to why.

I think the wedding was on Friday, the day before Strictly. I was at Wembley for the show and Claudia was there from 4pm (saw her in rehearsals).

Bongaloo Mon 19-Nov-12 14:24:45

It wasn't a webchat. She came on to clear up any misunderstandings after she'd said something horrible about MN on HIGNFY the night before.

FellatioNelson Mon 19-Nov-12 14:53:25

I got married for the first time in 1986 and I had a mahoosive great bow on my arse. hmm

Then I got married again in 1992 and I had a mahoosive great bow at the base of my cleavage. hmm

Some people never learn. I'm hoping to divorce my husband eventually just so I can do it again without the bow.

squoosh Mon 19-Nov-12 14:55:21

When you look back at the pictures do you still like the dresses or do you find it hard to see what you loved about them originally?

I think she is beautiful and would snark something witty about people bitching about what she looks like, her being so bloody fantabulously intelligent.

David was my secret geeky crush, him and Giles Coren - could have dirty if familial sandwich with them now!

schnauzerfan Mon 19-Nov-12 14:58:14

Gorgeous dress and couple.

diddl Mon 19-Nov-12 15:02:21

I think she looks lovely-she looks so happy.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Mon 19-Nov-12 15:07:02

nobody's saying she herself looked anything other than lovely, though. but the layering of the dress is definitely unflattering, it just adds so much bulk. (or does it?)

herbaceous Mon 19-Nov-12 15:20:02

I'm somehow faintly disappointed that David Mitchell chose her. She's always had a slight air of 'thinking she's good', as a friend of mine would say.

Quite what David Mitchell's choice of bride has got to do with me, I don't know.

noddyholder Mon 19-Nov-12 15:22:46

Whats wrong with thinking you are good?

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Mon 19-Nov-12 15:26:07

she is good, though. she'd better be, with those parents and all the advantages they brought her. she's a depressingly refreshing change from all those 'i'm pretty, but don't worry, I'm not bright enough to threaten the boys' giggling female tv presenters, imo.

Rindercella Mon 19-Nov-12 15:28:35

Aitch grin you really are hoping that she is pregnant, aren't you?!

Hope all is well with you btw smile

FunnysInLaJardin Mon 19-Nov-12 15:43:11

I think she's great. She just seems so much more real than most female slebs. She doesn't apologise for herself.

MardyBra Mon 19-Nov-12 17:04:13

Now I've been nice to them on this thread, do you think they'll adopt me as their new friend and invite me round for regular "kitchen suppers" and witty banter.

Pinot Mon 19-Nov-12 17:12:24

I had a bow too.


AitchTwoOhOneTwo Mon 19-Nov-12 17:37:15

i really am, rinders, it's the only reasonable explanation for all that tulle. all well here, will be even better once i get the cast off my leg... grin

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 19-Nov-12 18:05:10

Dexter you are so pretty and the dress is a classic of its time.

dexter73 Mon 19-Nov-12 18:08:10

I offered to keep it for my dd a couple of years ago but she looked at me like this hmm so it went to the charity shop!

dexter73 Mon 19-Nov-12 18:09:51

Thank you MrsCB - I was 22 then so not quite so pretty now (39)!!

ToffeeCaramel Mon 19-Nov-12 20:40:04

She looks nice but David Mitchell might have made more of an effort. He clearly got out of bed 5 minutes before the wedding was due to start!

Pancakeflipper Mon 19-Nov-12 20:51:31

I reckon Victoria fancies the pants off him with that stubbly growth. I think she stipulated that for the wedding.

tribpot Mon 19-Nov-12 20:59:56

Has anyone posted a link to the lovely pic she posted on Twitter yesterday?

He looks better with a scruffy beard (less like a 10 year old! Which is always nice when you're getting married ... )

The dress was definitely a bit more structured than I would have chosen (you know, if I was Victoria Coren and not me) but they both look fab.

chipstick10 Mon 19-Nov-12 22:23:00

Does that dreadful woman never do anything different with her hair? The dress is awful

diddl Tue 20-Nov-12 07:34:31

"nobody's saying she herself looked anything other than lovely, though."

I suppose I mean that she looks so lovely & happy that I don´t really notice that the dress perhaps isn´t that great.

Pancakeflipper Tue 20-Nov-12 08:16:42

Oh Tribpot - don't they look happy. Got similar noses.

noddyholder Tue 20-Nov-12 09:03:07

They look great in that link.

JuliaFlyte Tue 20-Nov-12 09:43:17

Ah Tribpot that photo is gorgeous, it nearly made me cry

Eliza22 Tue 20-Nov-12 09:58:49

This couple are MADE for each other. They look wonderful. Two very clever people and she looked beautiful.

theoriginalandbestrookie Tue 20-Nov-12 10:08:01

You know I didn't notice the dress when I saw the pictures, I remember thinking that her hair looked a bit messy for a wedding, but the two of them are just shining they are obviously so in love ( sorry to be a soppy git but it is true)

Now that you mention it, the dress isn't great, makes her look bigger than she is, but hey I bet he isn't complaining.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 20-Nov-12 10:22:45

NOT that i am stalking her or anything but if you continue down the photos on her twitter there's one where she says 'the beer's his', referring to a beer on a table. (mind you, i wasn't paying attention to the dates so god knows it could have been from yonks ago).

squoosh Tue 20-Nov-12 10:24:38

I like his beard. Without it he can look a tad like a scout leader circa 1927.

dexter73 Tue 20-Nov-12 10:25:57

'the beer's his' pic was taken 560 days ago!

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 20-Nov-12 11:11:40


you checked.


dexter73 Tue 20-Nov-12 11:14:27

the restraining order doesn't cover twitter!

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Tue 20-Nov-12 11:15:59


noddyholder Tue 20-Nov-12 11:28:11

Love her hair hate over done hairdos

edam Tue 20-Nov-12 22:56:18

Yeah, I liked her hair - she looks like herself, not like some mad hairdresser with shares in Elnett and a fixation with 'wedding hair' got hold of her. Lovely pic on her twitter page, they both look gorgeous and so happy.

Eliza22 Wed 21-Nov-12 08:29:26

I agree with the gorgeous hair comments. So often these days, you see celebs with tatty looking tresses one day and the next, they have amazing, shiny, cascading locks which you KNOW is someone else's hair, sown into their head! confused

Case in point.... Cheryl Cole's current ad for Elnett. It's NOT her hair. Someone else sold their tresses and Cheryl's wearing it. What a bizarre world we live in!

emersonkelly Wed 21-Nov-12 09:21:52

Dress is very attractive and she looks gorgeous in that dress!!

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Wed 21-Nov-12 09:28:20

What an absolutely lovely picture of them (the one she tweeted).

JulesJules Wed 21-Nov-12 17:40:16

I think they both look great - I love the pic she posted on twitter.

I can highly recommend her book For Richer For Poorer - (about poker, not getting married) she certainly does not come across as "thinking she's good".

Hendersaq Thu 27-Dec-12 09:08:52

Love her lace wedding dress.

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