I've found a good cheapo coat, what colour should I get?

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FayeKinitt Sat 06-Oct-12 20:45:40

I don't have much money for a coat but thought this one from Asda looked bargainous

I like the pink but I'm really not good at matching colours. Could you lovely MNers help me? I own two pairs of jeans that I pretty much live in, one blue and one black. And I have two pairs of boots, one black and one dark brown.

Would pink go with black jeans? Or brown boots? Or should I just get the grey version?


Gimblinginthewabe Sat 06-Oct-12 20:52:27

I love ASDA coats! I bought one (bright blue!) when I was pregnant and when I lost the weight I bought the next year's style (in tan) because I was so impressed.

I think pink would go better than the grey. (But i'm not great at colour matching, I like the grey one personally, but not keen on grey and brown together)

Asda coats are brilliant value :-)

Gimblinginthewabe Sat 06-Oct-12 20:55:01

It also comes in red, red might be better, and very glamorous :-)

ujjayi Sat 06-Oct-12 20:56:18

I like the pink. I have a magenta coat that I bought 4 winters ago and was initially worried about what it would go with. However, the best thing about having a bright coloured coat is that no matter what you are wearing beneath you always look put together and groomed smile.

Natnat29 Sat 06-Oct-12 20:57:40

Like the pink one gonna get that myself smile

CuriousMama Sat 06-Oct-12 20:58:22

Fuck that's cheap!! off to Asda website

What colour's your hair?

FayeKinitt Sat 06-Oct-12 21:01:19

Thanks for the replies!

Yes I like the red one too but I've had a couple of red coats in the past and fancied a change!

My hair is mid brown Curious smile

CuriousMama Sat 06-Oct-12 21:06:41

Well then you can have any all of them wink

Go for pink.

lisad123 Sat 06-Oct-12 21:08:58

Just ordered a green coat grin

Kormachameleon Sat 06-Oct-12 21:14:04

Link just takes me to home page ?

Which one is it I'm looking for a cheap coat

CuriousMama Sat 06-Oct-12 22:04:12

It says 'we love coats' and there's the grey one on left,pink right.

CuriousMama Sat 06-Oct-12 22:05:24
QueenieLovesEels Sat 06-Oct-12 22:50:05

I would go with the grey and use scarfs etc to add colour. The pink is very nice mind tries not to encourage to get both

FayeKinitt Sun 07-Oct-12 07:26:56

Gah! Don't know why the link is misbehaving now! If you go on the homepage theirs a big advert in the middle with the grey coat on one side and the pink on the other. They are £19 each.

I'd love to have both but I'm trying (and hugely failing grin ) to be a bit more careful with money!

FayeKinitt Sun 07-Oct-12 07:28:31
CuriousMama Sun 07-Oct-12 13:20:19

Queenie does have a point about grey and scarves. I love using them to add colour.

usualsuspect3 Sun 07-Oct-12 13:22:54

I was tempted by that coat in Asda on Thursday. I couldn't decide which colour to get either though

hlipop Sun 07-Oct-12 13:32:52

love it!! but is it water proof =s i cant tell from the internet...

Kormachameleon Sun 07-Oct-12 13:34:38

Oooh thanks

I actually have the black version of this that is about 5 years old

It still looks brand new despite being thrown in the washer a few times

Think I'm gonna get the red one

And I quite like the duffle coats

CuriousMama Sun 07-Oct-12 13:41:06

hlipop I doubt it's waterproof it would say.

hlipop Sun 07-Oct-12 14:00:26

hmm true i want a rainproof coat that is like this =[

October1st Sun 07-Oct-12 14:07:09

The Pink would still look very nice in February/ March as well when we are starting to think of Spring but it is still baltic

SecretCermonials Sun 07-Oct-12 14:09:34

Would be great if u could Actually buy them??? Get as far as checkout and it says none available!! angry

CuriousMama Sun 07-Oct-12 14:12:47

nice coat hlipop bit small though wink

CuriousMama Sun 07-Oct-12 14:13:54

SecretC I blame MN grin

I didn't buy one though, I have a pink coat I got from Very but it's wee bit to tight so think I'll sell it? Never even worn the bugger!

SecretCermonials Sun 07-Oct-12 14:28:50

I do too grin although could just as easily be asda!! I shall look from work tomorrow and every (work) day until I can get one, i want the mustard or red duffle!

purpleflower123 Sun 07-Oct-12 14:36:05

I got the £19 charcoal duffle coat. I've had loads of compliments so far smile

SeveredEdMcDunnough Sun 07-Oct-12 14:37:57

It's odd but when I saw this in the shop (and liked it) the pink was much lighter than it looks on there.

It's pretty IRL.

I was in asda yesterday and saw them but didn't buy one. The pink was lovely - not a bright bright, but quite a flattering dusky-ish pink. Would look great with everything you've described and cut quite the dash.

The grey was nice but just a bit indistinct.

<disclaimer, no idea what your colouring is!>

I want this in grey, and then the red duffle.
Will purchase on Wednesday.

FayeKinitt Sun 07-Oct-12 17:33:43

Met with my friend today who says they have the coat at our local Asda. She said they also have other colours available not on the website! As if I wasn't dithering enough!

She was going to buy the pink one herself but now I've said I'm getting it she may go for the red or a mustard colour version she saw so we don't look like complete twinnies! I can see it's going to be common as muck but I don't care grin

travail I'm pale-ish with lots of slap on and have mid brown hair and grey roots

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Sun 07-Oct-12 17:36:33

Pink It goes with lots and looks cheerful. Plenty of time for grey when you're dead I say!

Sunflower6 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:23:36

I saw the pink coat at my local asda today and am going to go back and get It tomorrow - I love pink but thought it was a lovely coat - I liked the red version too if you're not a fan of pink

HoopDePoop Sun 07-Oct-12 20:01:02

I quite fancy the military coat in plum, has anyone seen it in the flesh? Looks just like
A French Connection one I had when younger.

Just ordered the red duffle.
My friend has it so I know I like it in the flesh.
The grey is sold out in my size, but might go up there later in the week to look at the others.

Thanks for this op. I went in today and ended up buying the plum military coat. It was a much more flattering colour and shape on me than the others. The pink one is lovely, but wasn't a great shape on me. I also loved the red duffle coat but 1yo dd2 is currently wearing an almost identical one!

Dillydollydaydream Mon 08-Oct-12 16:19:02

Ooh I like the burgundy duffle coat.

I love the mustard duffle coat, I'm not sure if it would suit my colouring tho, blonde with quite a pinky skin tone?

HoopDePoop Mon 08-Oct-12 21:52:53

Grr the plum military coat is out of stock in 8 and 10 now <glares at MN>

lisad123 Mon 08-Oct-12 22:06:42

I have green military one ordered and should be at local store tomorrow grin

lisad123 Mon 08-Oct-12 22:08:37

I also brought the grey military style last winter and it still looks fab but because I lost so much weight it now looks like a sack of potatoes on me blush

FayeKinitt Tue 09-Oct-12 06:41:41

Well I went yesterday to get my pink one and they didn't have my size, I was gutted! I tried the next size up and although it was too big I can tell it'll be a good one for me to wear. I may consider going to the big Asda Living today to see if they have it!

AnnaBegins Tue 09-Oct-12 12:20:03

I have it in red, it is gorgeous! Bought it in store so don't know about online availability. Have been making people guess how cheap it was!

So glad it has the MN seal of approval smile

Good luck finding the pink one!

issimma Tue 09-Oct-12 13:27:16

Taking dd to Asda when she wakes up grin. Will be great for spring (doesn't look that warm sad - polyester, but I guess that's why it's such a bargain!).

FayeKinitt Tue 09-Oct-12 13:35:08

issimma It feels like thick felt is the best way I can describe it! I think with layers it could be pretty warm.

Thanks anna I possibly shouldn't have mentioned it, then they might have had more stock! < eyes size 14 MN'ers > hmm wink

issimma Tue 09-Oct-12 13:37:20

faye you enabler! grin

Ohh i lke the red duffle one.
I'll have to go and have a try on as I vary in coat sizes.

FayeKinitt Tue 09-Oct-12 13:51:04

issimma Go on... You know you want it... Treat yourself grin

AnnaBegins Fri 12-Oct-12 15:25:21

A size 14 in pink was in stock in my local asda yesterday... if you are in the midlands Faye I could share this top secret info grin

NettoSpookerstar Fri 12-Oct-12 15:27:15

I got the red duffle earlier in the week but the 8 was too small so I've sent it back.

Startailoforangeandgold Fri 12-Oct-12 15:30:52

DD1 has a Sainsbury's cheap ladies coat, I think this it's third winter. It's done ridiculously well.

I got it in a huff because she's allergic to the woll in her expensive next one, and wouldn't wear it even with a scarf.

I got the navy duffle coat a few weeks ago. I love it but not sure how warm it's going to be in the depths of winter.

FayeKinitt Fri 12-Oct-12 19:23:07

Anna Thank you but I managed to get one on Thursday! Only just mind! They didn't have any on the rail. I got in a huff and stomped around all the clothes and there it was, hidden behind some jumpers. I reckon someone had hidden it for later. Well finders keepers grin

MissRee Fri 12-Oct-12 19:28:45

I bought a mahoosive one in red when I was pregnant (January baby) and loved it. I'm donating it to SIL who is pregnant now. It's affectionately known as the hippo coat in our family grin

I loved the pink one when I saw it in asbo's the other day!

<hides phone to not text DP who is currently in asbo's with DS buying onesies>

AnnaBegins Sun 14-Oct-12 21:06:22

Hooray Faye success smile

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