Mn Vogue vol. 2

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MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 11:25:06

For anyone who likes to talk about style, nice stuff that they've bought and so on.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 12:08:43

Thanks Marsha! The use of "Vogue" is ironic of course - and our inaugural edition can be found here.

This thread is also a safe place for anyone who needs ideas for a style makeover - most of us have struggled with our style at some point. <voiceover over>

Have just had a glass of Chianti for lunch and am feeling drowsy. Bedroom does not look very nice after the guerrilla wardrobe purge - I could use about 20 new clothes hangers and need to find motivation and time to do the repairs, laundering and dry cleaning. But getting rid of things I do not wear feels good - the rest of my clothes feel much nicer sorted by type and color. Should repeat this some other day for the drawers (knits, t shirts, vests, underwear, socks, scarves) and in the children's room. Oh and I forgot our coat cupboard <exhausted emoticon>

Over to you - anyone else willing to indulge in style autopsy? grin

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 12:24:56

My wardrobe is like the mind. I only use 10% of stuff and can't bear to part with stuff. I have a good purge everyone so often and bags go out (I'm not motivated enough to ebay but probably should).

I saw quite a good movie the other day (meaning last year), Limitless. Where some guy took something and it made him use his whole brain. Was quite good. Can't remember if the whole 10% thing is an urban myth or not.

I'd love to use 100% of my wardrobe. Might be my new aim. I've so much stuff! Will see if I can do that analysis on my next clear out this week.

Yes I think we could simplify even more for the next one and drop the 'mn'. Love simplicity.

maisiebabe Sun 02-Sep-12 12:27:23

Am delurking after following Vogue part 1. After a HUGE wardrobe clear out I'm ebaying shoes, boots and trousers to pay for more shoes, boots & trousers I've already bought. Is that topsy turvy..? I have 3 pairs of suede ankle boots due to be delivered this week, ( all different colours btw): do I keep the taupe Ash jalouse or is £150 a silly amount of £ to spend on boots. And high maintenance light coloured, non waterproof boots at that. But so pretty! smile

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 12:37:55

Hi Maisie, welcome! Yes if you love them, do. Can you protect them in some way?

What other ones are you getting?

People do so well on ebay I should really do it too.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 12:40:20

Marsha the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule is not an urban myth - and it means that I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of time... It's also obvious I should use 80% of my clothing budget to buy the most frequently used 20%.

Merino, silk and cotton look good after years of use - a couple of viscose impulse purchases look droopy already after a few wears. Polyester lasts forever but I never feel like wearing polyester... A polyester Zara dress bought a few months ago already looks sad, dated and ready for recycling sad

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 12:45:42

Maisie sometimes you love an item enough to justify the faff of maintenance grin. <wish I had fewer suede boots>

Mymumsdaughter Sun 02-Sep-12 12:46:39

Dona that is what I try to do although it has been hard to be organiseed re colour and stykes that work together I am 18 months in to reordering my wardrobe to make it all work for me and it is becoming better Also I am using accessories
A lot more

maisiebabe Sun 02-Sep-12 12:53:30

Thank you! Re ebay, I really hope i can get the sales other people have but i never do. Its like the mad house prices a few years ago which passed me by too. Poor me wink.
Have the Ash boots under my bed guitily and try them on surreptitiously with new and old trousers while frantically searching for cheaper as nice alternatives- hence the Schuh tan ( and lack, to go with Zara blue animal print cropped jeans) purchase. Think can only really protect with spray but that's fairly useless in Scottish autumns & winter. Would end up carrying them around to wear indoors!
Other boots ordered are top shop studded navy flat suede boots. I really do need to learn to link.
Am sending back the Uniqlo grey cords- v comfy but wanted a deeper grey. The search for jeans alternative continues...
Would you know I was on maternity leave and existing on flat rate pay?! Spam and beans for tea all September!

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 13:17:34

Dona. Have pinned a lovely cream wool dress from French Connection on my printerest "things I am lusting after" board.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 13:26:55

Thanks Ants - t'is lovely! <giggles at artichoke color - surely they mean canned artichoke> A very strong contender, no synthetics and the shade looks just right. How would you style it? would wear mine with the mink stole obviously

Just found my Zara feather vest from last winter. Slightly moulty <cough, cough> but love it!

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 13:33:44

MMD I did the big purge in an hour <couldn't be bothered to get the clothes hanging box from the cellar though> but have been redefining my style for much longer (obviously making some mistakes along the way.

Maisie buying multiples always lands me in trouble - in the end I always love one over the others and the net result is sad almost unworn clothes and shoes - so be sure you really love all of them. If not, send some back?

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 13:44:40

Dona I have an ancient pair of conker brown boots. Or perhaps ash Jalouse? I'd probably add a scarf and killer jewellery.

Hopefully Sun 02-Sep-12 13:47:26

If you love the Jalouse boots, keep them (and spray protect regularly). If you don't absolutely adore them, send them back.

You know what, ever since I sent the Marant boots back I've been idly regretting it. I think, in hindsight, the cost of re-soling every couple of months would have been worth it, as I don't love either of the cheaper pairs I bought nearly as much, so they haven't been worn as much.

Dona The Pareto principle is exactly what i've been looking for to explain something work-related. Thank you!

Am loving having a purge of my clothes as I put them away. Am going to be equally ruthless with the boys clothes - will post on my process afterwards, as I am rather pleased with it.

Attempting to get the entire house unpacked and tidied away today so I can start work tomorrow. Wildly optimistic, but going better than anticipated due to DS1 & 2 both napping for two hours (DS1 hasn't napped for about a year. I think the house move may have slightly taken it out of him!)

maisiebabe Sun 02-Sep-12 13:48:03

dona I swear every season that I will only buy what I truly love and cannot live without. However, ( raises eyes to the heavens and fondles rosary) I confess many shoes, shirts etc etc are mouldering in drawers in a sartorial version of un played with Toy Story toys [sad face].
But! This season and this boot delivery it will be different! It will, it will....

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 14:19:15

Hello, thanks for the new thread Marsha smile.

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 14:31:01

Dona & Marsha, your musings on the pareto principle and wardrobes (and my ongoing thinking around interview styling) have me thinking. I AM doing a lot of thinking at the moment about my style and what I like to wear/need to wear/look good wearing.

This interview is an interesting litmus test for me, because it's a) slightly new territory - I have always worked in suit-light environments, while this org practically lives in them, and b) is coming at a time when I've been noticing a difference between what I wear for enjoyment and what I wear for different situations.

Dona, please tell me more about how you use red interviews. Dress? Blouse? I have been looking at LK Bennett but am not sure about the celebrated Davina, not because it doesn't work (it does) but because it's so highly discussed I'd worry about joining an army of Davina clones! I've also tried this on, with it's matching jacket - both very good fits, though it's always so dark in Ted Baker I couldn't really say if the colour works on me or not. Or if it's "red" enough.

Marsha, jury is very out. I am fairly uninsipired by my navy suit, although I know there's nothing actually wrong with it. It's just not feeling fun, IFYWIM.

marsha Thanks for new thread and dona for the disclaimer wink

I have now sorted and decluttered all my wardrobe and drawers. Packed up most of the high summer stuff already. Today may be one of the last summery days. Wearing top to toe Cos: navy dress and platform sandals. And silver MJ crossbody bag.

Welcome to all delurkers!

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 16:00:41

Yes I know what you mean Pop. I don't own a suit, but if I keep doing client stuff I will have to get something. I'm a bit allergic to suits anyway and prefer to mix it up a bit.

The last interview I had I adored the outfit - pale apricot APC jumper, mustard Bruno skinny belt, ecru Sandro skirt and Kors purple pumps. The colours were very unofficey and I felt great. Which is the key isn't it. Some of that marching confidence.

big wave to lovely names on here, and de-lurkers.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 16:06:38

Hopefully yes I feel like that about Marant. I wish I had bought the Poppy shoes. And the boots were lovely too. Are you in your new place? Congratulations!

Ants conker brown and scarf etc sounds perfect.

Fritzi great outfit.

Thanks for the Pareto principle Dona good to put a name to my wardrobe inefficiency.

Hi Pickled!

cheesesarnie Sun 02-Sep-12 16:12:22

after managing a wardrobe clear out a couple of weeks ago, i almost gave in and brought more shoes and bags on Friday!
i am doing well in keeping only what i really wear, not what i 'like'.

went out for dinner last night wearing a black shift dress and red ballet pumps. lovely place with lovely food and atmosphere. shame my children's good behaviour only lasted half way through the meal!

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 16:18:12

Marsha, your last interview outfit sounds gorgeous. I can think of a number of clients where that sort of thing would be perfect.

For my last interview (as a freelancer) I wore black cigarette trousers, a white silk shirt with a very subtle grey leopard print, a grey crew neck jumper and a black blazer with my coral suede loafers. I accessorized with this necklace, and I wore my hair up in a loose chignon. That's a very "me" outfit.

This suit business is all a bit different. It's all sort of more grown up that what I usually do. (Wibble.)

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 16:23:12

Oh yes that sounds really gorgeous too Pop.

I can see that it will be hard to leave the freedom to wear just that sort of thing to a suit. But there must be a way to enjoy it. A Stella M suit? Now that would be a fine thing. (I know, also a break the bank type thing)

Cheese sounds great!

cheesesarnie Sun 02-Sep-12 16:25:09

pop- that sounds lovely

Mymumsdaughter Sun 02-Sep-12 16:32:53

Well the elusive black cigarette trousers are still elusive I've found some lovley layering tops thanks to amber and Hopefully so am considering using budget for trousers on tops and then the trousers will appear - dilemmas

Fab shoes and undies that define yoyu help make suit wearing more you I find whilst allowing corporate look outside

Mymumsdaughter Sun 02-Sep-12 16:45:11

Sorry about typos on 'phone

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 16:50:22

Thanks, Marsha and cheese. Although looking back on it, I suppose black trousers and blazer are a "suit", though I was feeling un-suity in separates with my jumper, Wonder Woman necklace and bright shoes!

Mmdaughter, I like the idea of shoes brightening up a corporate look. Suspect for me undies will always be of the scaffolding type, though. (Sigh.)

Ants, I love the idea of a cream wool dress. I hate to think what my lifestyle (small children and commuting by underground) would do it, though!

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 16:53:38

Pop are you sure about suit? Does not sound like you at all. I work in Financial services which is suit fantastic and I have not worn one in a decide. My work clothes consist of DVF wrap dresses, pencil skirts in various hues and ciggarate pants. Like you I am a fan of jewelary and accessories. Love a bit of leopard print too - shoes, belt etc. Sounds like that is your style too. I think you may need to tone down your "look" a bit but I would not stray too far from it.

Popcornia Sun 02-Sep-12 16:57:52

Ants - I absolutely know what you mean, but would you dress the same for an interview as you would day-to-day? In my usual industry suits don't happen at all, but if you're in a suits-for-the-senior-people type of industry wouldn't you wear a suit for interviews?

(Oh help. Totally wavering now.)

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:01:32

Taking advantage of the last weekend this year when parking is easy in Rome - we drove to Ara Pacis, parked along the Lungotevere, had some of the best ice cream in town and saw an exhibition of Russian Avant garde art (think avant garde 100 years ago - Malevich etc).

City clogged with tourists. Usually the Tridente area is full of very sharply dressed people but today I saw more sensible shoes than I care to think about and the most horrific pair of bootcuts ever. Italian women are style conservatives and I saw also a lot of flares and bootcuts done right - floor length is the key. Many also wore boyfriend jeans. Skinnies are definitely not worn by the majority here. Saw also a woman wearing a cobalt top, white skirt and cobalt toenails - everything very understated and therefore superstylish.

We brought the cold weather and rain with us from the north: today's max temp was a positively freezing and drizzly 24 C. I have seen weak signals that sweatpants (think light gray marl) are making a major comeback - am dreaming of them just to envelope my legs in something warm and cozy.

Maisie dirt is white in Rome and the weather is quite dry - pale beige and pale gray are excellent boot colors here and leather soles doable. Not so sure how well pale suede works up north.

Hopefully words of wisdom! And yes I agree - two or three pairs of something you don't feel 100% happy with is often a poorer investment than something you will really love. Happy you have survived the move.

Popcornia my job is not supercreative or arty - hence I couldn't wear Marsha's exquisite things. I have a favorite red blazer over a black shift dress. In more casual settings I wear it over a navy tee or silk blouse and indigo jeans. Red color suits me, makes me stand out and gets people's attention, but also gives me some warmth. I tried on the Davina but it's too curvy on me. In fact, I do not feel powerful in dresses (they make me feel like a wedding guest or the wife - not the person in charge). I love structured, tailored jackets (have several pseudo Chanels and will eventually get an authentic one). But everyone has different preferences and body shape requirements: wear something that you feel confident and comfortable in. I feel powerful in red and black - navy and gray feel more submissive, and brown is not a good work color unless you want to channel your inner social worker. Oh and I use pinkish and coral and camel shades when I want to appear non-threatening and approachable.

Sarnie stay strong against mindless clutter wink Fritzi love you head-to-toe COS look, and great that so many of you found the new thread!

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:05:48

Sorry for scrambled super long message. In interviews I want to channel that I can do the job - and I also often need to talk about money with much more senior men. Being very girly and looking like a secretary won't do - hence the need for a hard shoulderline grin.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:17:57

Oh yes I should was for a very low key interview in a cafe. The first one to see if we got on type thing. So felt right for that.

But yes for strategy in boardroom I would wear a jacket. I only do it every so often, if I do it more I am very tempted to get a Stella suit. Because I imagine it would make me feel very good. I used some Marant heels last time, which worked. But didn't want to spend anything. If I do more I will.

I have to say I'm not really a Davina person either.

AntPants1 Sun 02-Sep-12 17:25:44

I wore a DVF wrap dress and jacket to my last interview. I suppose if I had one coming up I'd either wear that or wear a blazer with ciggarate pants and silk top. I just hate suits. For me they are a very male concept and I am a woman and I like a slightly more quirky, less conformist look. I know lots of people will now come on to say that they know loads of women who look amazing in suits but in financial services where I work I just see too many nasty ill fitting ones which scream no imagination....

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:27:52

Or Stella jacket. Something good in any case.

Yes I bet Ants.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 17:40:07

Dona your work style sounds great too.

It is just what works really isn't it. What makes you feel really good/ confident.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:54:23

Ants I totally see your point and DvF dresses are so lovely and flattering. Perhaps it's also a personal hangup - I wear dresses a lot when I'm the wife or the hostess - for me dresses signify a different social role (carer/listener/decoration/trophy - not the decision maker, not the most interesting person in the room).

Marsha none of my outfits would not work among creative, arty people grin - dress codes and subtle signals of status and power would be totally different among them. (Spent the summer in a neighborhood that has a very strong arty/designer/indie vibe. In fact I had a meeting with two fashion/creative people - the woman had her nose and ear connected by multiple silver chains and wore an elaborately layered black outfit; the man was was dressed in white and wore knee-length white canvas boots...)

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 17:56:12

So your take-home Pop - wear anything that makes you feel strong and confident. But if you get a nose chain and don't get the job, don't blame me wink

shopafrolic Sun 02-Sep-12 18:02:21

Pops head up to say hi on new thread!
I have always worked in quite 'suity' environments and always wore suits for interviews but usually trouser suits as agree with Dona re: dresses - I never feel as 'in control'.
I always tried to wear or carry something to remember me by. A pop of colour, a silk scarf in good colours, a fab bag. Managers male and female have always commented and I think it helps for you to stick in their mind amongst a sea of candidates. Good luck!

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 18:05:12

Ooh good one Dona. I don't do that type of thing anymore. I used to be quite out there in early 20s. My friends and I would wear all sorts of concoctions. Although always simple and very mild, not piercing etc. I don't have my ears pierced even!

But in the industry I'm in people have the finance sector or property or whatever can afford the services as their clients. So the men would tend towards very good suits. My favourite was a boss who always wore exquisite Prada suits. And I do strategy sometimes now, so it's all about directors etc so have to look presentable. So it's quite conservative, although nice conservative.

As for the very creative. Ah I'm kind of out of that scene and am in 'prep school creative'. A different kettle of fish! Marant leather, fur, APC and vintage abound.

Oh and where we go out is quite good. Yes different signals. Most definitely the winner is I don't care but I look awesome kind of LA-ish summer vibe.

Berlin was more like you say. I haven't seen that kind of dressing, real alternative, for ages.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 18:06:20

Hi Shop!

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 19:25:29

I'm a big fan of the "I'm pretending I don't care" look (on others) Marsha as it makes me smile and feel superior, whatever I'm wearing grin.

Ants, I love your style smile.

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 19:26:42

Oh and Marsha, meant to say, I just could not see you in a Davina, why is that I wonder?

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 19:37:42

It would be so wrong for me I think. If I tried one on I could probably say why. But then I can't do any LKB, not their shoes or bags. All wrong, wrong!

Yes Ants, very lovely style.

Actually I will amend that look I see to I don't need to try but I look awesome look grin

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 19:38:54

Try that much.. That is.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 19:45:51

Pickled I envy anyone who looks good in LA casual. I don't sad

Earth shattering news - it's official, I've found a new neutral. I look good in cream! (Have had an aversion of the color since I was 13.)

Lounging in a cream loose long-sleeved tee <shaking my head>

Have eaten about 5000 kcal today. Italian food is simply too good.

Oh and went out earlier dressed in the clingy cream floral dress, orange Stylesnob ballerinas and green Mini Gracie. Perfect example of how different cities require different styles - prissy chic is not a problem here wink

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Sep-12 20:37:29

Dang I just get to muck around with different parts of one city and what I wear. You get different cities Dona grin

Sounds lovely.

pickledsiblings Sun 02-Sep-12 20:50:39

Dona, my 13 year old neighbour came over tonight and she looked divine in a cream lace above the knee flared dress, gold thong sandals and a blue/grey waterfall cardi - sounds weird but it worked, complete with her Italian tan that is.

DonaAna Sun 02-Sep-12 20:57:14

Pickled cream did not work on me at 13 because it matched my pasty face grin.

Not sure what has happened in the meantime... I discovered blusher? The ozone layer disappeared? grin

notyummy Sun 02-Sep-12 22:42:56

Quick hello to mark my place. Family weekend so not posting much. Back next week!

mirpuppet Sun 02-Sep-12 22:47:39

Sometimes lurker here delurking to thank DonaAna for mentioning the folly of getting duplicates. I was just about to that; but I know she is right that only one will be worn all the time. Next up packing up summer clothes & reviewing & purging autumn/ winter items.

blue2711 Sun 02-Sep-12 23:00:41

Hello, marking my place too. Rather harassed by general DC demands right now but DS starts school this week and I have high hopes for there being a little bit more time for me in the coming weeks and months. Ready to wardrobe purge too and do a little new season shopping.

Dona I think / hope that cream suits me top. Have lots of lace / silk / knit tops in cream for summer which I've been wearing lots with sorbet coloured skinnies (peppermint / pale pink) and it's felt good and flattering. Would like some cream knits for A/W and a sweater dress sounds great. Unlike you though I always feel at my best in a dress. They feel likr effortless chic and I think because I'm so little they're better than separates really. Anyway, no real work right now for me (I say, rather sadly) so no power dressing necessary.

Really enjoying all the style chat, will be back!

AntPants1 Mon 03-Sep-12 07:45:13

Another cream fan here. Whistles is always good for cream based tops for me.

ReineDeSaba Mon 03-Sep-12 09:07:07

Am wrong colouring for cream I think but looks deliciously chic on the right one.

DonaAna Mon 03-Sep-12 09:46:32

Late morning all - am in full swing trying to get my Italian life back on track. (semi-SAHM mode - working from home so getting quite involved in domestic issues although I have full-time childcare - this is a good compromise solution but I do miss my independent adult life). School starts on Wed so like many of you we quite busy (among others, need to check that all the necessary pieces of uniform are washed and ironed, and figure out school lunches for an extremely fussy eater).

Lunch in the oven, just back from the supermarket - the oufit: Oslo skinnies, nude Castaners, white ruffled button-down shirt and green Mini Gracie - fit right in but could have worn something dressier shock And skinny jeans definitely too hot.

Our dear Nanny is 50+++ and wears roughly the same size than I do. She was delighted when I offered her some barely worn work clothes (Mirpuppet multiples of something I actually love and wear a lot) identified during my wardrobe purge that are clearly too mature for me (good quality stuff, pure wool). Our cleaner comes on Wed, she's younger than me and I'll check whether she'll want something. I think some of the party dresses will find a new home - she's getting married next summer grin.

I have a busy September workwise and am trying to get all the pieces together - DD1 in school, DD2 at home with Nanny, DH working a lot and going abroad twice (I have two trips coming up as well), need to find get the routines going and find some time for exercising (it gets dark much earlier now). I am not good at juggling different roles and already miss my office job and the lovely men there (particularly the cute 25-y-o) gringringrin

Someone somewhere said Sept feels like the real New Year. I feel the same, here are my New Year Resolutions:
*find time for daily or almost daily exercise
*find time for reading books
*find time for meditation/mindfulness/spirituality
*try to meet up with friends regularly, ideally once a week
*start a new creative project
*explore Rome with DC during weekends whenever possible
*apply Marshalogy when updating the wardrobe - not a total shopping ban but only good quality classics allowed - no to fast fashion - stick to a budget (this worked quite well in Aug)
*don't buy multiples grin

Anyone else in the mood for New Year Resolutions?
Waves to Blue, NY, Reine, Ants and other oldtimers, and all delurkers welcome! Where is Amber?

Delivery from Ash:

These hi-tops make me smile and will brighten up my rainy days.

The Nikitas are going back. Cut of my leg above the ankle and that is not a good look for me. Might try Jalouses instead.

Hopefully Mon 03-Sep-12 11:33:09

Interesting Dona about dresses. I love wearing a dress, but it has to be exactly right. I only own two dresses - one olive coloured silk shirt dress that I wear casually with chunky leather pirate belt and ankle boots and my Me & Em(s). Feel like somebody's mother in the Davina (obviously I am somebody's mother, but you know what I mean).

Ants well done for shirking the dull corporate suits rule. I bet you look much smarter than most of the dull women and more interesting smile

I have literally never owned a suit, but do have an idle craving for a matching trousers and waistcoat combo...

In exciting news, we have employed a nanny! She is lovely, very outdoorsy, sporty, confident, cheerful. Coped v well with my amazingly clingy baby of clinginess (I'm looking at you, DS2), played at the park, asked all the right questions clocked very quickly that DS1 prizes his train track above all else and played with him with it. I am living in fear that she will decide she hates us and not start next week grin.

Completely failed to completely tidy the house last night, but did get my studio all set up. It looks awesome, if I do say so myself. White table, comfy neutral chairs, big white mirror, plain white cupboards (Ikea expedit unit) for stock, chrome hand mirrors and other bits and bobs, giant cream ex window display Swatch watch adorning the wall, snack area, nice big area for all the testers etc. I may make DH sit in there and be draped repeatedly until my actual clients start coming in a couple of weeks grin

Hopefully Mon 03-Sep-12 11:34:17

X post Fritzi. Love the trainers! So you.

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 11:42:06

That sounds amazing Hopefully. How exciting!

Fritzi they are gorgeous and couldn't be more perfect. As if the designer was briefed, now do something for Fritzi. grin

Very warm. Am in indigo skinnies. Might have to change into summery stuff.

Last week of holidays!

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 11:43:54

Love your resolutions Dona!

Mine is carve a little bit more time for work and relaxing. Now that ds2 is nearly three.

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 11:45:07

And last one, very nice to see Blue, NY and Reine. smile

hopefully Your studio sounds fantastic. How exciting!

I thought the trainers might be a bit too blingy but I think the combination of trainer and embellishment plus my usually very bland neutral outfits might just hit the right note for my Ingenue Naturalness. <<will stop waffling now>>

After major wardrobe declutter, I have discovered that I need:
* one or two vests in blush or pale pink
* a strapless bra that is not too padded
* a pair of mid-heeled boots to run around in every day
* maybe a couple of basic short and long-sleeved T-shirts

blue2711 Mon 03-Sep-12 12:27:45

Great hi tops fritzi! I am literally unable to do casual, there must be something wrong with me. I can do flats but they must be gold or leopard print or patent etc etc. I have great intentions (have pairs of unworn supergas and converse lurking accusingly in the porch) and think casual stuff looks great on others but on me I just feel like I'm going to my school PE lesson (never happy moments for me!). It's funny how impossible it is to change one's style personality isn't it?

That studio sounds fabulous hopefully. Can you please use your insider knowledge to find me a midlands consultant as good as you??!

Portia4 Mon 03-Sep-12 13:22:27

Hopefully your studio sounds fab, best of luck with the business.

I love the runners Fritzi, I can just imagine you wearing them.

Wardrobe resulutions : no more multiples, no more fast fashion and a good clearout!

Today I'm wearing white roxannes, black tommy h blouse, chunky shell and wood necklace and black spikey heels - EA eat your heart out wink

blue You are probably a Something Classic and if it doesn't feel right to wear casual, then don't. Ebay the trainers and buy the stuff you really wear. Unworn things in your wardrobe are so draining.

portia Fab outfit! I remember when we first met and you tried on pairs and pairs of white jeans smile

DonaAna Mon 03-Sep-12 13:28:02

Fritzi I'm not usually a fan of the high top look but yours are simply amazing! They will look good on you - and that's a prime example of great accessorizing!
I saw a pair of the most artfully distressed Converse on a stylish Italian lady - spraypainted with what looked like liquid clay. Converse should look either pristine or like that - too many people choose the difficult middle ground...

Hopefully well done, your studio sounds lovely! My office at home is much less appealing - children's unfinished art projects, Christmas cards, my unopened mail and mountains of receipts tend to land on my desk. (Saving graces: a nice rooftop view and a Jacobsen Egg chair)

I managed to read 2/3s of Sept British Vogue on the plane (sorry if I'm approaching it like a textbook - but you know how big the Sept issue is - I got carpal syndrome just from holding it)... 1) The Clarins sister did not irritate me... Did not like the adulatory tone of the story but it can't be their fault if they are rich, pretty and well-dressed. That said, I did not find them particularly interesting either. 2) SamCam talks about office wear - she's almost citing you Ants saying "she likes to look smart but not corporate, and that's easier that it was in the Eighties when it was just about the Armani suit" In the pic, she wears a skirt, a structured blouse, cute and dainty pale yellow floral courts and a matching narrow belt and looks like someone's wife. wink

Blue I struggle with casual looks too. I look like a scarecrow in unstructured clothes but it might be my ENTJ (=Mrs T) personality as well. I think I understand her handbags wink

Fritzi I'm a huge fan of strapless bras and should replace a few. Calvin Klein and Maidenform are good and give a clean line under sheer or clingy clothes

blue2711 Mon 03-Sep-12 13:32:00

Thanks fritzi. Think you are right about Classic.

Gorgeous outfit portia.

Style Resolutions:

- a ruthless wardrobe declutter
- eBay whatever will raise some fun
- get colours done at HoC
- spend on daytime classics for A/W
- start doing some regular exercise
- start having regular facials

blue2711 Mon 03-Sep-12 13:32:34

Funds obviously, though they will bring the fun of spending!

Oh blue the regular facials sound good to me!

DonaAna Mon 03-Sep-12 13:44:02

Counted my blessings dresses - 13 going into storage, 20 remaining, at least 4 in another country, plus some on the laundry pile. This does not include my four sweater dresses shock.

I wear dresses a lot but clearly do not need any new ones. Ever.

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 14:10:47

I am not getting wool day dresses this year. I did a couple of years ago and not really into them as much anymore. Seem to be going through a skinnies phase. Maybe because there are so many more to choose from now. Skirts are good and I need more.

I'm probably half way between casual and classic. Can't do converse but also can't do too many classic accessories. It's like my hair cut I have a small window of opportunity.

Portia love it! And adore EA.

Blue great list.

Looking forward to Sept Vogue, which was suspiciously absent from Aveda last time.

ujjayi Mon 03-Sep-12 14:48:06

Hello all smile. Will also join you, if I may.

Was on hols when the other thread got under way so only read this one but everything is resonating loud and clear with me.

I think it was Fritzi who said that unworn clothes cluttering up wardrobes are so draining and stress-inducing and I couldn't agree more. I try and declutter twice a year but I do have a tendency to stubbornly keep things that I hope I may wear..only to find them still unworn at the end of the season.

I think my style is quite eclectic. I strive for that parisian style effortless chic with an edge. I alway accessorise with scarves and jewellery and wear my hair either in top knots or loose waves. At 41 I have returned to study (fashion, art & design) and have rediscovered my love for vintage and customising/styling and newly discovered a talent for illustration and life drawing.

Like DonaAna, I always perceive September as the real New Year. It starts with September Vogue and a new notebook and pencil!

I also have recently started to make time for myself and installed a beautiful leather armchair in my bedroom with a gorgeous throw and low table as a new reading space. I already work out most days and meditate/practice yoga regularly (hence my MN name ;) ). I also have a little "mani/pedi" basket near my bedside which has helped me create a twice daily routine of moisturising etc. I worked my way through all my existing lotions and potions over the summer so am now in the market for some new things. I have Clarins Tri Active facials every 6 weeks which are divine and worth every penny - leaving my skin glowing for at least a week afterwards.

My main aim for the coming season is to maintain all the above plus find some fabulous knitwear and currently seeking some everyday heels - definitely not boots at this stage - was perhaps thinking of black suede wedges but worried about the Mrs Cambridge association!

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 15:04:02

Welcome back ujjayi. Lovely post, great to be back studying something so nice. I like the sound of black suede wedges btw.

Hello All.

Like hearing the style resolutions. Mine are to buy minimally this A/W. I need no more jeans, just some knitwear and some sort of sweater dress. Oh, but I do need to invest in some tights and underwear. Mine really has seen far better days of late.

We will be moving into our new bedroom in our loft conversion soon, so I am planning a big de-clutter in preparation for my new wardrobe.

Hopefully Mon 03-Sep-12 16:50:21

ujjayi I am having lifestyle envy!

My style resolutions are many and various, but generally to think through my wardrobe gaps a little more before purchasing anything further (apart from loungewear, having prioritised leather leggings at 20% off over Hush order!).

Speaking of the leather leggings, irritatingly I forgot to change my address, so got a phonecall from my old DHL delivery driver this morning explaining how to arrange a redelivery. His opening line was "I thought I'd got rid of you" blush grin

GeordieVik Mon 03-Sep-12 16:53:20

Hi all, de-lurking!

I'm trying to restrain myself (really font need more jeans!) and only get a couple of long sleeved wrap dresses for work, and a pair of black knee high boots which will go with skinnies or aforementioned wraps. Had considered Fly London Mistry, but read thread on here earlier where lots of people said they are hopeless in any wet.

Clarks look like my next stop...

GeordieVik Mon 03-Sep-12 16:54:16

Don't, not font (!)

LeChatRouge Mon 03-Sep-12 17:00:06

Hello all - I'm new!

I turned 41 over the summer and feel its the ideal time for a assessment of my style. I also have left a huge global company where my role included presenting to an audience on a regular basis and lots of overseas travel, although we were able to dress in our own style; there was not a dress code as such, I did feel myself building a 'work' wardrobe. I am so so happy to have left, I feel free and like I can have a fresh start. I now look at my wardrobe and am reminded of my old job, so I have just had a massive clear out - four bin liners of clothes and 20 pairs of shoes, boots and sandals.

I am inspired by Kate Lanphear (I would LOVE to change my hair to hers - woop!) I like the rock chick look, a bit edgy, a bit grungy. I like studs, khaki, loose knits, black skinny jeans, leather jeans, blazers, monochrome stripes, glitter, sequins, camo print, flashes of neon, biker boots. I also like Emmenuelle Alt....she seems to be able to rock everyday items like a blue shirt and grey jeans with such style.

DonaAna Mon 03-Sep-12 17:23:33

Welcome all - love how vibrant this thread is;)
Hopefully grin - our doorman delivers all of my packages - mail, UPS, DHL, you name it blush.

I love the general vibe and different stories here - it's not just about buy buy buy and mindless consumerism. But there are a few times in your life when you have to update and reinvent too...

Chat clearly Amber (currently on hols?) is your woman...

Welcome ujjayi! <<throws arms around fellow yogista>>

Welcome to GeordiVik and LeChatRouge too.

hopefully Hope your leather leggings will find their way to you pronto.

dona Our DHL guy waves frantically whenever he sees me in town blush.

One of my new September resolutions is to cut down on time spent online. So I see you all tomorrow, mwah!

Hope amber is having a great time in the sun and gets to wear many lovely summer outfits. smile

AuldAlliance Mon 03-Sep-12 20:17:39

Lots of interesting ideas and principles on here. Wish I had headspace to elaborate a few of my own...

Those shoes are really nice, Fritzi, but I'd just look silly in them. I can't do embellishments, patterns (other than stripes or v simple ones), or anything other than boring plain styles, sadly.

Studio sounds excellent, Hopefully. My study at home is slowly drowning in toys, clothes and other junk. Must clear it out before the start of the semester.

Made it in to work today and collected redirected parcel from Hush. Nice "sand" cardigan, but the other 3 items are all cut way too unflatteringly wide and boxy, even in XS. Mad sizing, there is no way I am an XS. I think they must pin everything behind their twiggy models' backs to make it hang better, on their website... Worried about lovely red jacket, now.

DS1 goes back to school tomorrow, the class lists went up today and he has the teacher he wanted and his best friend in his class, so all is well with his little world. DS2 starts maternelle on Thurs. He's 3.5, and it's 8:30-4:30 every day. I asked for a timetable that allowed me to do school runs morning and afternoon, and it turns out I have one full of daft gaps and a Thurs morning early start that means they'll both have to go to before-school garderie, so they'll be in school from 7:45-4:30.
Gulp. Guilt.

mirpuppet Mon 03-Sep-12 22:31:47

What is Marshalogy?

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 22:39:25

Think it refers to buying less! A phrase by the lovely Dona! Probably because I don't buy much for ages then get something like a Celine bag and Lanvin shoes. More of a reflection on my income patterns than any great ability to save up for things.

I haven't splurged today but been quite sensible.

MiH Paris in storm. Really lovely colour and crop.

And Amber's A Wang I agree it is lovely.

Lechat EA is a big fave here. Good style!

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 22:40:38

Good luck tomorrow Auld
Hi Geordievik

MarshaBrady Mon 03-Sep-12 22:43:16

And big wave to MiM.

Although seeing Dona's phrase bolded there is making me feel funny grin

GeordieVik Mon 03-Sep-12 23:00:39

Thanks for the welcome ladies.

I bit the bullet (used a 20% discount code) and ordered Clarks Orinoco Jazz boots in black. Get excellent reviews, hope I like them!

ujjayi Tue 04-Sep-12 07:21:44

What a lovely welcome smile.

Hopefully your studio sounds great. Am assuming you are beginning a colour/style consultation business?

Fritzi Namaste wink. What form of yoga do you favour? I have mostly practised hatha but a few months ago started ashtanga which I love.

LeChatRouge you have just provided me with a whole new style crush courtesy of your Kate Lanphear reference. I am currently sporting long-ish blonde highlighted hair (which I am slowly allowing my natural white to come through) but Kate's hair style has given me serious short hair envy! I have always struggled to find shorter styles which suit fine hair without looking mumsy on me - i definitely cannot do the sleek sharp bob for example, but it looks like her hair is similar to mine so could possibly work.

Dona and Marsha I picture both of you with terribly glamourous lives. And Dona I have serious envy at your location.

shopafrolic Tue 04-Sep-12 07:23:10

Waves at Chat. I'm a relative newbie welcomed on the first edition thread. I just googled your style icons and found I had Kate Lanphear hair until 2 weeks ago so perhaps I am more stylish than I thought! Had to cut the fringe even shorter and add more texture so it was even more low maintenance with my toddler DS! Thanks for more style inspiration and welcome (olde newbie to new newbie!).
Hopefully remind me, was this HoC work and in Herts? Or am I getting confused with other old posts? Best of luck with it. Studio sounds amazing.
I keep looking at all my beautiful AW purchases and willing the weather to change so I can start wearing them. DH is away with work today and then off doing country pursuits with the boys next week for 3 days so I am home alone. Planning on watching lots of French films each evening and eating all the food he hates - can't wait!
Have good days all.

shopafrolic Tue 04-Sep-12 07:27:57

Fritzi and Ujjayi I am keen to try yoga (I currently do Pilates) but get v confused by all the different types. Where does a beginner start please?

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 08:07:46

Morning all lovely ladies -
It's rainy and gray in Italy grin. Well, no worries - I got plenty of practice for that in the north, so will just think what I would wear there. The problem: I left some key things, such as my thrifted denim jacket, my MJ denim jacket, my best sweater dress, waterproof jogging trousers, waterproof sneakers, my favorite wellies and my new Sixtyseven boots there for my next visit. Another problem is that everyone dresses much more practically and casually in Nordic countries - I would look like a hiker here in Rome grin.

Loving the New Year's resolutions - found time for a 5k jog last night and started this morning by reading Dalai Lama's "How to be compassionate" (cut slightly short by blood-curdling screams from the children's bedroom). Am also targeting some areas in the house for future guerrilla decluttering attacks (one more cupboard; dresser; my bathroom cabinet; nightstand).

Fritzi great resolutions, but don't limit your time online too much - we'd miss you terribly!
Auld re: maternelle & long hours, know exactly what you mean. DD2 is 4.5 and in school from 8.30 until 3.30 - the beginning was difficult as they did not endorse naps. Luckily I'll have DD2 at home still for another year <selfish grin>

A quick vocabulary -
Marshalogy: buying a few items that you truly love instead of bagfuls of tat. (Marsha is usually a few seasons ahead of the rest of us and she has been doing that for some time already)
CPW= cost per wear
HoC= House of Colour: many of us have found color analysis quite helpful
EA=Emmanuelle Alt
Pin=Pinterest - an easy way to share stylish finds and get fashion inspiration (feel free to follow me but do not sign up with your real name via FB - we sometimes link to Pin here!); I've also pinned up most of my wardrobe - great for having it on my phone for a quick reference.

Feeling optimistic and energetic despite the rain! (Must be Dalai Lama's smile...) Have just blow-dried my hair, still wearing a Bodas white short-camisole night set and my beloved Japanese nemaki (=a gauze-lined cotton kimono - the comfiest dressing gown ever)!

What are you ladies wearing today?

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 08:08:59

Shop yes, but in SW.

Had risotto for dinner last night and toast this morning (staying at a friend's and didn't think to pre-warn!) after a week of cutting out grains and I feel bloody awful this morning - bloaty, sluggish, uncomfortable. Not looking forward to squeezing into a pencil skirt later. At least it's jersey!

Have hair appointment tomorrow. Don't want to go particularly short, but am hoping new hairdresser will understand 'sharp, angled bob, not a classic straight bob' and actually give me a sharp angled bob, unlike my last hairdresser who after two good cuts suddenly started giving me incredibly classic cuts. Fingers crossed!

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 08:12:57

Ooh, my leather leggings have arrived at the correct DHL centre, wonder if they'll go out with a driver today. An out at a meeting but will totally be insisting DH stays at home all day if they do grin

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 08:50:24

Exciting Hopefully - keep us posted!
Have finally dressed for the day. Black coated skinnies (Esprit), black Sweaty Betty tee (must get organized - where are my regular vests and tees?), an old but barely worn black Malene Birger cardigan with silver and gold shoulder beading, and leopard ponyskin ballerinas (Zara) on bare feet. Feel funny in an all-black outfit - I wore something like this for years and years, but after having discovered color this seems a bit too safe and dull...

hopefully You need to train your new neighbours to be available for DHL deliveries 24/7 wink. Can you take a picture to the hairdressers to make sure they understand what you mean?

GeordiVic Fingers crossed you'll love your new boots. Clarks' names make me smile though: Orinoko Jazz Boots!? hmm

dona Don't worry. I'm just trying to get a little bit more structure into my days rather than float around the Internet all morning and then getting into a panic because I don't have enough time to meet a deadline. I am an expert procrastinator. I think I'm your total style and personality opposite (INFJ) smile.

ujjayi I started with Iyengar 10 years ago but had long gaps of not practicing properly. Took up Ashtanga last year but it's difficult to find classes around here so I'm practicing mostly at home but I'm not challenging myself enough at the moment. Need to find a teacher.

shopafrolic You can do the different styles at any level really. But as a beginner I would say start with a basic Hatha or Iyengar class and maybe avoid "power yoga" classes. Are you in London?

Almost forgot: I'm wearing marl grey Me&EM ruched dress with big leopard print scarf and old black court shoes. Oh, and sunglasses grin

shopafrolic Tue 04-Sep-12 09:01:59

Fritzi mid Herts (J9 of M1). Need to track down a class and then see if I can manage the breathing correctly after 6 years of Pilates breathing.....

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 09:12:10

Love the sound of your outfit Fritzi.

Am going smart/casual to meeting today, so apricot jersey pencil skirt, coffee coloured silk shirt, oversized brown belt, suede ankle boots and bracelets and long necklaces to accessorise.

AuldAlliance Tue 04-Sep-12 09:33:28

Everyone's outfits sound great.
Not sure about mine: deep pink longline top (ancient White Stuff), cream sleeveless shawl-neck cardi (from yesterday's Hush parcel), black Gap sexy bootcut jeans, beigey/grey converse high-tops. Silver necklace, bangle & watch. Ginormous undereye shadows...
Working from home, trying not to be distracted by laundry, etc.

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 09:43:40

Fab outfit Hopefully!
Fritzi I procrastinate far more than I'd ever care to admit - in fact feel like a caged animal working at home: I love being surrounded by people and want to be Hillary when I grow up, only slightly more stylish.

If you are wondering what INFJ is, some of us did MBTI personality tests a while back - pop psychology but surprisingly enlightening. I've always thought my baby brother would make a great CEO (he's finishing uni atm) and yes, he is ESTJ (CEO personality) in MBTI. Understanding DH's personality and thinking style helps even more - he's an uberrational INTJ 'Mastermind' who respects systems and logic over everything else and does not understand Italy. I told him that he needs to start coming home earlier so that I can go jogging before the sun sets and it gets dark. He would never understand my irrational and frivolous desire to get out at night - but accepted the argument of sun setting earlier in fall and winter and showed up yesterday exactly 1.5 hours before sunset... shock

Wlll start working now. Savoring how chic and sophisticated a cream satchel looks against an all-black outfit...

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 10:23:24

Hopefully good luck in the hairdressers. Took me weeks to get over my overly sharp angled bob which was too dramatic for me. Finally it's all loose and unkempt again!

Dona sometimes nice to do black isn't it. Or monochrome. I'd really like to have one very good monochrome outfit. And thanks for lovely words! (cheque's in the post wink)

Fritzi, Auld and Hopefully really lovely outfits.

I like to roam and hate feeling trapped. But I have a thing about office/studio type environments. I think I like to work at about 10 degrees cooler than everyone else. And need lots of light and air. So I'd like to create my own space and set the rules! The last place I did some work for did not open the small windows, used blinds, air con and lots of shade. Couldn't stay for more than a meeting before having to get out.

My other work is solitary and lovely and I just need silence! Lots of gorgeous silence and space.

Ujjayi sometimes it feels very mundane (but ok), toast, dc, dinner, washing etc but then nice pockets of lovely stuff. Nearly got the balance right and feel like I can slide from one to the other completely now and use the part of my mind that I need to use pretty much immediately, used to find that harder to do.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 10:25:34

Also am wearing new MiH Paris in storm. Love the colour and always a good sign if you want to wear something new the next day.

With apricot APC sweater, which tbh probably isn't the best colour but need to work out what I've got to wear with smokey blue /grey.

And here's pin if anyone would like to follow, feel free.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 10:26:54

Oh and sent the Wang back, it just wasn't me in the end. Ok last one!

Portia4 Tue 04-Sep-12 11:22:41

Morning all!
Just had a quick look at the AT Somerset collection for John Lewis and rthe 50/50 lovers out there might be interested in these, nothing else really caught my eye.
Today I'm wearing white RL 7/8 chinos, navy heels, navy silk blouse with white dots, Massimo Dutti, navy singlet Berska.

ujjayi Tue 04-Sep-12 11:55:50

All gorgeous sounding outfits today.

I went out last minute school supplies shopping with DCs wearing white skinny ankle grazers, tobacco loose fit tank, chartreuse linen Chanel-esque jacket (has gorgeous frayed edge trim and was a charity shop find - the advantage of living in a village where women replenish their wardrobes more often than the larder), flat gold leather sandals, slouchy tan satchel and Monica Vinader Fiji bracelet. Now at home where the glorious sunshine is beaming down upon us so have changed in to cobalt slouchy shorts playsuit (i loathe that term...i am not 5 years old)to facilitate Lego and playmobil endeavours.

ujjayi Tue 04-Sep-12 12:03:17

Oh and shopafrolic a good yoga class always incorporates lots of breathing instruction. I began by attending classes at the gym but always felt something was missing. We got through a lot of postures but as time went on I felt it lacked a holistic vibe. I then luckily found an excellent yoga & Pilates studio and was astounded at the difference. In the hatha classes I practised far less postures but there was more emphasis on holistic practice which involved more attention to breath and meditation and the reason behind each posture. Ashtanga I love because it is so dynamic, is always the same series of postures practised and find I can just lose myself in the practise and zero out from the rest of life. It is the only yoga class where I am sweating after 5 minutes!

girlsofsummer Tue 04-Sep-12 12:26:22

popcorn split the navy suit up. Nobody wears matching suits at the moment they look dated right now except for certain exceptions which is probably why you feel this way. Wear the skirt with a tweed/boucle blazer and wear the blazer with jeans or over a dress.

I work in very suity environment. I would not wear a suit for a big meeting. I would wear a l/s blouse (classic style colour variable) a blazer and a pencil skirt. Maybe a belt because I love chain belts etc

Havent been on for ages so sorry if behind!

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 13:11:34

Waving to GoS - I always think of you when I pin vintage Dior and Balenciaga pieces! And so true about mixing it up - I have a few suits and cannot remember when I have worn the skirt and the jacket simultaneously - unless it's a super-formal occasion.

Ujjayi your Chanelesque jacket sounds fab. I have several with frayed edges and love the soft/hard contrast. Would love your charity shops too. (Have not identified any in Rome yet.)

Portia love some of the Edwardian pieces in the John Lewis / Temperley collaboration. I had a phase in my early 20s when I wore velvet hats and floaty skirts - miss it but will not attempt to do it this time round (but have to admit that I love the Marc Jacobs hats this AW).

If someone else is working from home and finding it too distracting and struggles with procrastination, I can recommend a few resources that have really helped me to focus. I use Leechblock to block my browser during allotted work times - I also love the Mytomatoes approach (have a tiny tomato timer on my computer - work for 30 mins, then a 5 min break, then back to work). And last, "The Now Habit" is a superb self-help book - compassionate and in-depth and written by a psychologist who knows his stuff. Following the approach explained in the book, I made a time chart of my domestic responsibilities and scheduled time for relaxation (I need to exercise, I need to be there for DC, I can't pull all-nighters) - after all this I have about 20 hours per week left for work, so need to use it as efficiently as possible.

Loving the outfits everyone is wearing today - Marsha I love storm blue and it's my best neutral (I often combine it with coral and vivid greens) but it looks good with camel, white, ivory and navy too. Also love MiH jeans - I'm sure they have scanned my measurements, their skinnies fit like a glove (if I could be bothered, I should alter my black coated Esprit trousers a bit - the thighs are a bit too loose fitting for my taste).

Ooops have used up the 5 min break - back to work!

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 13:16:25

Bloody bloody bloody leather trousers. Why the bloody hell do they have to come with a raw bottom edge? I don't want to find a tailor to take them to the right length, I want them to be the right length! Gaaaahhhh.

<first world rant over>

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 13:17:42

Also, since when did Joseph vanity size?

girlsofsummer Tue 04-Sep-12 13:30:37

Have been offline for ages Dona having a break from work and being online generally (which to me is a work related activity)...

Love your pins... need to shop my wardrobe and get back into the swing of things. Still haven’t bought any Dylon – anyone tried dying silk? Disastrous?

Bought that book the Now Habit but (typically) not sure where I put it – desperate to read!! Love your book recommendations.

Joseph don’t vanity size IME Hopefully maybe you are just a skinny minny these days?

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 13:40:26

GoS I haven't actually put them on yet grin. They just look quite generous. Probably they are a normal size and I am misjudging (more likely than me failing to notice I am a skinny minnie!)

ujjayi Tue 04-Sep-12 14:03:14

Really interested in the psychology of time management. Like Fritzi, I am also a procrastinator (and also INFJ). However, things turned around for me in June of this year when I switched my thinking. I wasted so much time thinking "if only I had the time to..." and realised that time management rather than time availability was the pressing issue. I am so much more proactive now. Not in a Structured timetable kind of way but more in the sense that instead of procrastinating and stressing about "how much i have to do" i will set myself a 15 to 30 minute goal to achieve it. As a result, I have more time to indulge in the things I am really interested in and time for me. I am happier, make decisions quicker, exercising and sleeping better. It has had such a positive impact on family life too.

Hopefully I have been coveting leather trousers/leggings for a while now (2 years ago Sept Vogue was awash with them accompanied with slouchy oversized knits and heels and I fell instantly in love and still think it is a gorgeously luxe look). My new approach to shopping will hopefully facilitate a pair this season (or at least persuade DH to buy for Christmas) so please let us know once they are on!

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 14:36:35

Yep Ujjayi you are really describing the same discovery with different words - Mytomatoes are basically 30min tasks and you are cultivating them - it's more a "watch things grow" approach than a "you didn't finish your meal - you won't get dessert now". For a long time, I tried to push myself to doing things I did not like doing (using various forms of lists, rewards, punishments and even peer control). However I find the "pull" approach - "When can I start? What can I accomplish now" - much more helpful and motivating.

My main problem is that I'm already producing a tremendous amount of stuff and could see the logical end result (the more I do, the more others expect = emails at 4 am = all work and no fun makes Jack a very dull boy). So I really need to schedule time for the fun things and to take care of myself.

Hopefully I had the same exact experience with a pair of high end trousers (on Outnet, Matches, somewhere) - know that in theory tailoring to the right length is best but am not motivated enough to find a tailor (and it's too difficult to do on my own). Things off the peg generally fit me really well so I really don't want the extra bother. But c'mon please try them on!

Gos I've lost various books too and even more irritatingly the black neoprene thingy that nestles my iPhone when I jog - I love to listen to NPR while exercising (love the meditative voice of Terry Gross on All Things Considered - she interviews brilliant people).

Sorry if this message is total shorthand and nonsense! Busy but enjoying a legit break - now back to tackling difficult work stuff. Still raining, DC tearing down the house, poor Nanny grin

shopafrolic Tue 04-Sep-12 14:47:07

Just popping in to say this little bargain arrived today and looks fab. Wore it with Jigsaw navy tee and skinny GAP jeans and pumps. Felt fab and received 3 compliments. This style makeover must be working!

Popcornia Tue 04-Sep-12 15:43:47

Hello all!

Hopefully, have you tried the trousers on yet? I am waiting with baited breath. If you find are too skinny to fit them I may feel inspired by your example to finally do some of the exercise I've been planning to do for, oh, a year. blush

Marsha and Shop, lovely bargains.

Dona, I'm interested in the Now Habit. I did pick up You Are What You Wear and have since been classifying my wardrobe into Formal, Night Out, Office, Casual. SUCH an interesting way to look at my wardrobe. It's sort of forced me to realise that my entire life is kind of a cross between Casual and Night Out, which I suspect is a direct result of working in not-very-formal environments.

Girls of Summer (and, er, pretty much everyone) - I think you're right in your comments about suits not really being me. Unfortunately, I've found a woman "on the inside" and she's confirmed that it's a conservative environment - "trouser suits or jacket-over-dress combos", according to her text. I could wear the navy jacket over my Sandro Ruffus - it's quite a short & fitted jacket, so it would work with the skirt shape. (Funny how "tomato red" the Ruffus looks in that pic - mine is actually quite a dark red.) I'll check it with her.

If she says no, it means I'm considering heading into a seriously po-faced organisation, doesn't it?

Oh, and Hopefully I tried the Davina on yesterday and I know what you mean about it. The quality and cut is good, but I felt like it aged me and not in a positive "handles-lots-of-responsibility-with-aplomb" sort of way.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 16:34:15

Thanks Pop and Dona thanks for good storm colours. A new one for me but really I love it and you are right with those. I agree about the fit of MiH it is excellent for me too. Might be my favourite now.

I am ok when without dc and can concentrate and get lots done. I have to. I have had two days a week 3/4 day to get some serious stuff done.

The harder part is not getting in the grip of I really want to be doing stuff when trying to meander round the park with dc. But this will get easier if I do another day as they get older.

AuldAlliance Tue 04-Sep-12 16:37:52

Dona that mytomatoes approach is just what I need. Do you have the software timer thingy? Am a bit wary of signing up online for random things, but will follow your lead if you recommend it.

Also, I think it was you who wears Pier One wedges - is that right? How wide-fitting are they? I've been contemplating these for work, though not sure how long-lasting suede is. I usually avoid it because it's so dusty here I fear suede shoes will somehow attract it and look shabby.

5 min break over now. <<wave to everyone else>>

Dauphin Tue 04-Sep-12 17:24:26

Hi. We are back to school already - can't believe the hols are over. I actually missed my little darlings (and lie in), but have had extremely productive day packing/sorting readiness for the move. Quite excited and have champagne at the ready for our first night.

I love pops of colour too Marsha...something unexpected always good. I wore mustard yellow Farhi top yesterday with indigo skinnies, leopard belt and emerald suede Bally loafers. Really liked the combo.

We have a few evening dinner events coming up so am conjuring up all sorts of images on how I want to look. I am currently imagining a silver grey satin silk dress, long, with draped low back...hmm...

DonaAna Tue 04-Sep-12 17:30:02

Done with work today (very good day - creative stuff, venturing into unchartered territory which always terrifies me) plus found the bits and pieces of DD1's school uniform for tomorrow...

Auld I just use the Tomighty application on my Windows system tray or My Little Pomodoro on my Mac - and have to confess that I also enjoy the stone age approach of drawing red tomatoes into my notebook. (Before discovering the cute tomatoes I used a kitchen timer on my iPhone - and I occasionally use the actual kitchen timer for decluttering). I've already figured out how much time I can dedicate to work and am quite organized (keep a running work diary in a notebook and keep my to do lists there) so the tomatoes are basically just golden stars that I get when I have focused on work. I had to completely rethink how I work and manage my time 4 years ago after returning to work from mat leave #1.

Re: Pier One wedges, I have long and narrow feet and they are normal width or narrowish. Left them at my mother's back North because Rome is full of white limestone dust atm. It ruins all suede shoes, even the taupe ones look dull and grubby.

DH is driving me crazy with his Neil Young CD on repeat. Need to get out...

LeChatRouge Tue 04-Sep-12 18:35:29

Hello all,

Thanks for the comments regarding my post; I will be watching myself with interest as I transistion into my next career path, and see if I become the sort of girl who can rock ice white cropped hair with chin length fringe a la Kate Lanphear.

Interesting topical discussions regarding procrastination, I have been working at home today and spent the morning flitting about on the net, but then suddenly got on a roll and spent four hours working without having to look up such burning questions as what-shall-I-buy-with-the-30%-Oasis-discount-code and what-is-the-latest-post-on-Suri's-Burn-Book?

Had a productive day wearing black Chelsea boots, skinny black jeans, long line dipped hem charcoal grey vest under black dipped hem short sleeve t-shirt, with chunky chain necklace with neon yellow droplets. Popped out to shops with checked shirt on top with sleeves rolled up to elbow.

One thing I like about this thread is the outfit descriptions....but without name dropping the brands, I think this is much better and more inclusive to everyone regardless of budget.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 18:48:36

Dauphin that colour combination is really gorgeous. Love it. And the grey satin silk dress, stunning. Makes me want to go to a black tie do and get something for it.

LeChat both are fine are think, but don't feel excluded! Honestly fine to say just what you are wearing with or without the label. I like it as I can link pretty much everyone with a designer that suits them and makes a nice visual image. But it doesn't matter at all.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 18:49:53

Designer or brand that is.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 18:50:50

Or vintage of course. The ultimate style!

Hopefully Tue 04-Sep-12 18:59:35

I love having brand names as it means I can steal everyone's style more easily grin

Have achieved lots today, but am having a serious case each day of not-achieving-as-much-as-I-want-to, which is tiresome. Think it's because I'm behind on a few things, so am over-optimistic about how much I can do to catch up, which leads me to be stressed, which makes me less productive...

blossoming Tue 04-Sep-12 19:23:37

Hi everyone, I've been reading through and finding your thoughts very interesting. I am working from home tomorrow and am also terrible at procrastinating. I work really well really early on, but have scheduled 5.45am for excercise, so after breakfast and school run, I will be able to start work at 10 and go on till 3. I like the idea of a timer: that is how I used to study as a student: 25 mins on, 5 mins off. Used to work really well.
Clothes wise, my coated skinnies still haven't arrived! Have been in work in an all black outfit: my favourite. I have been diagnosed 'dramatic classic' so sometimes I just take the easy option and wear classic, but all black!
hopefully, best of luck with your new venture, your studio sounds fabulous.

SilkInsideAChestnutShell Tue 04-Sep-12 19:47:03

hopefully Your studio sounds fab. One thing that made me hmm about my HoC consultant was the small, gloomy and dated room she used. I also expected a style consultant to have more of a thing for interior design, iyswim, and it did make me question her credentials. Also, it should be a treat, so the place needs to be pleasant. Good luck with clients (and leather trouser quest).

Inspired by this thread, I took a drawer full of clothes to the charity shop today. I'd kept them thinking they may come in useful post-natally. Useful perhaps, but hideous nonetheless, and as they won't make me feel good, they've gone. Got a smaller stash for ebay, but I find that such a chore.

shopafrolic Tue 04-Sep-12 19:52:16

I love seeing the brand names. Despite the fact that in the most part I can't afford such luxury it gives me ideas, and aspirations! As long as no-one minds when my descriptions are mainly GAP, Zara and the like! I love painting an image of you all in my head.

Thanks for the yoga tips ladies - that gives me some more detail to google! I really want to find a way to clear my mind and I couldn't get the hang of meditation at all.

Hopefully how are the trousers? I'm dying to know!

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 20:22:36

Gap, Zara, Cos all faves on here too Shop. Mmmm at the cakes on gbbo.

MarshaBrady Tue 04-Sep-12 20:24:16

Hi Silk! Yes agree I'd want a space like Hopefully 's.

ReineDeSaba Tue 04-Sep-12 21:12:23

The 25 minutes work 5 minutes break is a great system,thanks for reminding me Dona

Am mid huge declutter too,am tired of the headspace unworn clothing is taking up!

Wore another wrap dress today as still trying to hide pesky holiday lbs.Next year The Shred is coming on holiday with me.

I need to try the tomato-timer. smile

Weather a bit cooler today. Wearing indigo skinnies, navy tank and Zara jacket with frayed edges and Cos platform sandals. On my way to an art exhibition. Will change into shorts and T-shirt later to mow the lawn. wink

notyummy Wed 05-Sep-12 08:56:28

Morning all.

Back after an idyllic break away - we had great weather and Whitby/North Yorkshire coast really is stunning in the sunshine. Managed a couple of long runs along the cliff top path that links Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay. Utterly stunning and easily the equal of the other lovely runs I have been lucky enough to do this year in Paris and various locations in Australia. I love exploring new places by going running - it means I can go exactly where I want to without pleasing DH/DD and I get the fitness boost too! Am off to Budapest for a long weekend with friends later this month and will do the shame, although DH has been pursing his lips about it. He visited Budapest last year and was a bit aghast at the number of strip bars etc and seems convinced that some white slaver is going to carry me off.....

Whitby is great for people/clothes watching. Mixture of families holidaying and goth/emo/indy types (of all ages!) Some great clothes on display in the evenings.

Have ordered some new skinny jeans that are supposed to be especially figure flattering (as well as sub £30...) We will see. Will link when I get them. I also saved (for shame....) the Mail on SUnday magazine as I really liked the look of some of the stuff in there. That said, I am not sure when I will get the chance to track any of it down. New trainers beckon, and a trip to Zara.

DonaAna Wed 05-Sep-12 10:21:50

Late morning all!
Day 1 of school for DD1 and our cleaner came back for her hols. The house is a-buzzing with busy women, and I got sucked in and finished two tomatoes’ worth of decluttering! Took the extra clothes from my wardrobe down to the cantina (scary – I almost got accidentally locked in there by the doorman).

Also had a brainwave: I have an amazing empire-waisted sleeveless silk party dress from Zara in lush moiré colors (raspberries, purples, whites) from circa 5 years ago. The dress has never really looked good on me: the bodice is slightly too loose and empire waist makes me look pregnant, but I love the colors and material. I have admired this Dior skirt many times over and this morning I realized that I can alter the Zara dress by cutting off the bodice and by adding a new broad waistband (aiming for this look). Am excited because would love to have a plissé midi dress but not keen on polyester… (Wonder whether Verity is still reading this thread - she does a lot of things like this.)

Silk I think designer and brand names have been mentioned a lot on this thread because this used to be a shopping thread (pre-Pin we had to link directly to stores and designers). Personally I could easily do without but have to say that through you I have discovered many things that I like – for example Splendid, Sandro and Maje. I love both street style and runway looks: for me A Wang, Marni and Valentino are shorthand for completely different esthetics. That said, I don’t think the purpose of this thread is to make people overspend or feel bad about themselves! Most of us have a lot of H&M, COS and Zara in our wardrobes and I’m always happy to tell about my thrifting finds. I think the more price points are represented here, the better – that’s actually what’s lacking from the actual Vogue, how many of us would shell out over 6000 GBP to buy an Edwardian coat or over 3000 GBP for a leather blouse even if we had the money? I think what we all are after is good-quality clothes and accessories that are both stylish and affordable. It's not always easy to achieve this and that's why we keep sharing ideas!

Another thing I love here is that people here do not represent just one cookie-cutter look. Hopefully and Everything and many others have talked about personal style analysis – we have ingénues, gamines, classic dressers, dramatics and edgy visionaries among us. For me this is eye-opening and something that most fashion magazines seem to overlook.

Pop am happy that you got inside info for your interview. I love the Sandro Ruffus dress but you should ask what she thinks and also try it on with the jacket to see how it looks and feels. Some dresses work with jackets, others don't - you don't want to think about creasing and bunching and lapels popping open the wrong way when you are focusing on the interview. As for whether you want to work there or not, decide that after you've been offered the job wink You can always start tweaking the dress code from the inside...

NY your vacation sounds lovely - I love mixed crowds and used to love visiting run-down resorts on Jersey Shore.
Like your look Fritzi and love the art exhibition (I must catch an Andy Warhol exhibition before it ends later this week).
Reine I need to get back on track with exercise too. 5k on consecutive nights but Lindsay Brin's Bootcamp2 is still in its shrink-wrapping confused
Shop mindfulness is another thing for you to Google - I love the approach (am too ADHD for yoga).

Wearing today: sky blue baby bootcuts with a watermelon ruffled tunic and black low-cut satin ballet flats (7FAM, Maxmara Weekend, Zara).

Hopefully Wed 05-Sep-12 10:58:03


Full leather trouser report coming as soon as I have time to play with them, have been too busy, boo.

off for a haircut today, need to look good so they realise I want an interesting haircut, but lacking in clean clothes due to DH neglecting his housewife duties wink, so wearing TS striped maxi dress, TS gladiators, big pendant and linen biker jacket.

girlsofsummer Wed 05-Sep-12 13:51:49

My cleaner is away – really notice it!

Have ordered 3 dylon dyes and am going to try to dye some things this weekend – excited!!

Wearing mustard silk slash neck blouse with 3/4 sleeves, navy pencil skirt, double chain belt and blue patent pumps.

GeordieVik Wed 05-Sep-12 14:02:03

Ladies, I started a thread yesterday asking how I can work out what I can put together as outfits, haven't had many replies; I have no imagination, is it worth saving up & getting a stylist to come & rifle through my wardrobe?

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 16:20:05

Hello all. Back after some loooong days at work plus on calls. Today I am wearing a new Stella McCartney contrast stripe sweater, sloppy and perfect for pulling over my chilly wrists. I am wearing it with a pair of burnt orange wool flannel shorts that I bought from 'Merci' in Paris a couple of years ago, woolly Pointelle patterned charcoal tights and an old battered pair of Miu Miu loafers in a dull burnished gold. DH calls them my 'off duty' Nun shoes. I made a vow to wear more colour and as you can read, I am keeping it.

What do you all think of Mary Charteris's wedding dress? I just do not know quite what to say.......shock. Good job she wasn't marrying Marco Pierre White who said his wife's wedding gown was 'slutty'. It was demure compared to this one......Pam Hogg made it. i don't know whether I am becoming the fashion conservative in my old age but I just do not 'get it'. It looks like it is made out of cheap 'Disney Princess outfit' nylon and god help her if she stands too near a fire......,r:0,s:0,i:74&tx=55&ty=63

These I think, will look great with all those Autumnal bosky trouser


and I love this

This is a great A/W satchel type bag -

This shirt may make some of you go 'blind' but with the right trousers, I think it'll work-

This blouse reminds me of Holly Fulton's designs -

These are my Outnet picks - - still a good Autumn colour and the stores are full of these little wool jackets - I have just ordered these for winter walks. - Pants that will be a real investment - sorry, another grey sweater! I really really love Vanessa Bruno's two ranges, the eponymous one and 'Athe'. and a grey/charcoal evening dress that will not date - a good classic cut as are these too in a fashionable A/W shade -

and these I have ordered as I want to move to a looser legged pant -

I love a dress with a twist and I cannot imagine any place where this dress wouldn't be appropriate so I bought it-

What do you all think of this Bottega Venetta top? I'm not sure.....

Now for shoes....These will be great for warmer weather...

This is a new brand and a cheaper alternative to Penelope Chilvers -

I'm not normally drawn to any of the Versace 'stable' even though I do love Christopher Kane (who designs 'Versus') but I have ordered these as a Winter pop of shoe colour -

I have a penchant for what I call 'Fugly' shoes and these Marni's fall into that category - sort of sexy clerk -

and the ultimate 'Dorothy' shoes - I have to have these!

I would wear these to the forthcoming David Bowie exhibition at the V&A -

I have a lot of Miu Miu shoes and these are the ones in their press campaign - they have a glitter coated heel hidden on the inside- lovely! These I must have to make work just that little more glitzy -

Has anybody read the September edition of U.S Vogue? It features several pages on Lauren Santo Domingo's Paris apartment. It is very elegant although much of the furniture is loaned and they do not have anything to cook with or eat off which is rather skewed I think. The dark grey stained parquet flooring is to die for. There are some photo's here -

These photo's of her NYC apartment are interesting. Check the Hippo cocktail cabinet out but apologies for the site's musical accompaniment!

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 16:25:16
shopafrolic Wed 05-Sep-12 16:44:41

LOVE the Athe sweater! And the Lam dress mignonette. Not sure about the Bottega Venetta blouse - I think those Victorian collars remind me of trends back when I was significantly younger so I tend to avoid now!
I too thought the wedding dress was v odd and looked cheap - it struck me that she was trying too hard?

Geordie I am very biased at the moment re: stylists as I have just been fortunate enough to have a wardobe edit and a shopping day with a stylist which has transformed things for me. She spent several hours in my home going through my wardrobe and recommending new ways to wear old clothes as well as clearing out things that I have hung onto forever in the hope that one day I might wear them. As a result I have fewer clothes, but good clothes that truly suit me and new ideas about how to style them. I have to say though that if money is tight a stylish friend could help you just as easily and the links to Pinterest boards on this thread should give you lots of ideas about ways to wear things. These MN Vogue ladies have been instrumental in helping me become more confident about my style choices. Good luck!

shopafrolic Wed 05-Sep-12 16:48:11

While I am here can anyone recommend good places to buy belts? I am really struggling. I am looking for a fairly classic tan belt with gold clasp. Something like this
which they don't have in my size.
I went round most of the department stores yesterday without much success.......

DonaAna Wed 05-Sep-12 16:54:01

Mignonnette please join us on Pinterest - would love to follow you!
Quick commentary:
Love your eye for quirky print mixes and fugly Marnis. And the Derek Lam dress.
The Bottega Veneta top is very dreamy and romantic, would be lovely on someone - perhaps on an Alexa or Frida Beha type, but not me am too pale and pasty.
Like the Balmain trousers (wear crazier Balmain stuff in my dreams). And wear my 7FAM Roxannes nearly constantly now almost abandoning them a year ago.
I like Vanessa Bruno's esthetic, but the Athé line has quality problems! Binned an Athé wool mix sweater yesterday and a white top I bought from them was the nastiest see-through viscose piece ever. So proceed with caution!

Have been meaning to get Sept US Vogue for the LSD story (like her Pins and follow what she wears) - do not generally like US Vogue - UK, Italian and Russian are much more interesting grin.

School yard style report: narrow bootcuts and serious ballerinas (nude patent leather, velvet with gold embroidery, turquoise silk) and cap-sleeved tops. Isolated skinnies. Great tans.

Feeling frumpy in a wrinkled in jeans and viscose top. Will burn the latter wink

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 16:58:44

I haven't looked caught up properly.

But I really need to get some serious ballet flats Dona!

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 17:07:18

Looked at links yet I mean

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 17:24:14

Thank you DonaAna for your feedback. I will proceed with caution re Athe.

The worst quality control I have experienced lately was with a black leather studded Michael Kors shopper/tote I bought for a midweek trip to Paris. The straps broke after five days. Outnet were fabulous though in their customer service.
I agree that European Vogues are edgier. U.S Vogue is very WASPY and rarely reflects a non Caucasian aesthetic. If I see one more editorial with black models wearing either a) safari, b) animal prints or native American, c) location shot in Africa/a jungle/ a desert island beach d) other 'ethnic' attire...I'll have a meltdown.

Have vetoed the Bottega top. You are right, I am not in a merchant Ivory film and lack that ethereal character to pull it off. Plus my cat would shred it to bits.

This is my dream dress of the season ......I love it so much that I'd wear it as a wedding dress if I had my time again. I love Kruger's style choices and Kate Bosworth's.

I have started up on Pinterest but so far I have only pictures of moss, lichens and weird patterns/shapes (I have a thing for their textures and colours and would like to use them as inspiration for an haute jewellery collection).

I will join you all once I have collated my collection of images into some sort of coherency!

The LSD apartment article is sumptuous but I would admire her more if she weren't just born into money/married into money, used connections made therefore to create Moda Operandi. I admire more those who have made their way without such humunguous fiscal and societal advantages.That's not to say she doesn't have great taste! I love the Catroux conceptualised paint finishes in the Hotel Particulier they live in (below super rich MIL!)...

Shopafrolic Try the Outnet....There are some good Acne and Dsquared belts here. Also google leather workers in your area and for a really reasonable price you can design your own. Local design schools may help too, Cordwainers is the shoe design school but is there a leather goods course with students eager for commissions? I attend grad shows for art students and other disciplines such as silversmithing and have commissioned some lovely items. That's how we got our wedding rings!

Hopefully Wed 05-Sep-12 18:53:40

Geordie did I already go on your thread and bleat about colour and style analysis? totally recommend it for helping put outfits together - a few of us have had it done on here.

Agree Mignongette, the Charteris dress is awful.

The Bruno athe sweater is lovely, shame about quality if that's the case though. Stripey loafers also rather cool.

Have a fun evening ahead sorting the DS's clothes and placing a Boden order for any missing bits. Thrills and spills chez Hopefully tonight grin

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 18:59:35

I think it was marsha who bought a pair of those striped loafers too.

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 19:06:06

yy Mignonette I tried the leopard ones.

But felt a little like I was tipping backwards (I really need that in built inch now)

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 19:07:51

I did a big clear out today. Felt good. Old jbrand leggings and acne skinnies plus a whole pile of things I just do not wear at all. Out out out!

LeChatRouge Wed 05-Sep-12 19:21:17

Hello all,

Been setting up my new office space today, am truly delighted at the space and light, and also the location works well for me. Feeling very motivated.

Have been bossing people around (!) in grey skinny jeans turned up to 7/8 length, flat charcoal grey patent sandals with shiny silver discs down the front; grey vest covered in dull grey sequins over neon yellow vest and a linen loose grey long sleeved top for the commute. Oh, also my grey leopard print oversized cotton scarf.

DonaAna Wed 05-Sep-12 19:42:07

I think I figured out why Italian women love bootcuts.
Most of they have classic amphora-like hourglass shape.
Bootcuts balance out their proportions - many middle-aged women look very sharp in them, whereas much younger women who wear skin-tight denim or leggings and have Venus of Milo bodies look slightly dumpy. And I saw lots of extra-long bootcuts - just touching the asphalt (even when the wearer wore platform shoes).

Lots of Porsini and Repetto ballerinas - plus a serously high end swirly silk satin type (worn by the socialites) - no idea where from. Hand sewn by great-uncle Valentino??? Plus lots of earth-toned sparkly Converse.

Marsha clearouts feel goooood grin
Geordie listen to Hopefully! Much easier to proceed when you can exclude lots of things.
Chat love a touch of neon!
Mignonnette loved the belt link - the Alaia is mesmerizing.

Resolutions recap: Spirituality 0. Exercise 0. Books 0. Creativity 0. Exploring Rome: does Euronics count?
Meetup with friends: coming up soon.
Am such a Stepford wife confused

Exhausted, hitting the red wine.

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 19:47:12

Trouble is whenever I start rooting through all my packed away clothes and the Mariana trench that is my closet, I end up surrounded by piles of clothes as i happily reminisce about each and every forgotten piece.

And it all comes back or I know that one of the younger females in my family will love it like her own one day.....

Case in point - I have just resurrected an ancient Jaegar camel hair skirt, with a slight A line and inverted front pleat to just on the knee. It is immaculate still and perfect for this A/W. I had forgotten it. I have also re-found an old TopShop 2002 kilt/skirt in Indigo denim type fabric that has a half tier of bias knife pleats and is fastened with leather straps. It is just what I needed as have been eyeing kilt style skirts in the magazines. I could tell myself it is a Jean Paul Gaultier, it is so reminiscent of his 'look'.

I still mourn clothing of old, thrown away, lent or lost in the mists of fashion time -an A.P.C skirt, A Chanel frayed edge tweed classic jacket, mint green Converse (when will I learn not to give stuff to DS's girlfriends? The relationships do not last!), A Sportsmax black coated cotton crombie style coat, my 2 Katherine Hamnett T shirts from the 80's plus pairs of BodyMap leggings, John Richmond trousers and a Betsey Johnson 'tattoo' print bodycon miniskirt, an ancient yet presentable bamboo handled Gucci bag found in Notting Hill Trust charity shop and red/green/white striped Gucci belt....It goes on and on.

What has been Mners great losses?

Hopefully Wed 05-Sep-12 19:52:38

My greatest 'loss' - albeit not an actual loss - was letting my mother eBay her vintage Ossie Clark and CK. she asked if we (my sis and I) would slim into them, we said no, she sold them. I would get into the Ossie Clark now angry (at myself, not her!)

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 19:54:12

That is a loss worthy of a National Day Of Mourning.

Puts my list into perspective. Doesn't bear thinking about who might be swanning around in your Ossie!

Hopefully Wed 05-Sep-12 19:55:36

It was a Celia Birtwell print too sad

Hopefully Wed 05-Sep-12 19:55:55

And the CK was a classic sheath sadsad

Busy day today and no time to click on all links.

LeChatRouge Love your outfit!

dona I have zero points in the work category today. Lots of fun walking around town and with DD this afternoon.

marsha Decluttering is great.

mignonette Have never ever regretted anything that I have thrown away. But I have never had high-end clothing/bags/shoes.

DD chose this, this and this at Zara today. I was a bit surprised because she usually goes for really colorful stuff and her school uniform is blue/grey/red. Oh well...

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 20:02:16

Oh gawd I just took the two things I mentioned out of the bag next to the door, clearly playing on my mind. There's loads left in there. But what if they are good with riding boots? Am the absolute worst de-clutterer aren't I. Will sleep on it.

Oh what a shame Hopefully!

I don't think I've actually got rid of that much at all that wasn't completely defunct (see above). So by the time they go with holes etc not even good for the charity bin I don't mind. Although some moths destroyed a mustard Bruno dress before its time.

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 20:03:02

Oh what lovely stuff Fritzi! So divine, the colours!

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 20:05:54

I've thrown away/lost/had stolen plenty of High Street items also, Fritzie. Many of my higher end items are bought on sale, are vintage, obtained via sample sales or through connected friends so some High St stuff has cost me more in pounds than named items.

I don't know why I left out descriptions of High St items from my 'lost' post. I hope I don't appear braggish or snobbish.

I have had some treasured cosy sweaters stolen from wards especially when I was working a late/night shift and left said item slung over the back of my chair whilst attending patients. I'd sometimes forget to retrieve them after shift end and low and behold, the next day they'd have vanished. They were nearly all cosy Gap type knits, selected for their all round warmth, comfort and cuddliness during those long hours between 4-30 and 6-30 a.m when you are at your lowest ebb, cold and stiff limbed with burning eyes.

Hopefully I really, truly could weep for you. They are such design history.

mignonette Wed 05-Sep-12 20:08:42

Am wondering If I could fit into the 164cm size of that gorgeous pale cardigan with rose applique. It's to die for. Totally comforting. I used to buy and wear the largest size childrens cardigans from Monsoon -all fluff, wool and pastels. Now I feel too old!

LeChatRouge Wed 05-Sep-12 20:31:52

mignonette I buy the largest girls size in clothes from Gap, H&M, Zara and Monsoon. One of my very favourite dresses to wear to weddings is Monsoon, from the girl's range.

I think you should definitely try that pale grey cardigan, I can picture many ways to wear it.

Hello, I'm a long-time lurker on all of your threads & love what you all have to say.

Mignonette, I love that dress, I had a very similar one as my wedding dress except in midnight blue, original 50's Dior New Look style, unfortunately I trod on the hem whilst crouching down talking to a small child & seriously compromised it, it's currently in a box waiting for a sympathetic seamstress to bring it back to life (it definitely has a future as a cocktail frock).

May I join? Sadly I can't bring glamorous reports from the front-line these days, I find myself lusting after ridiculous things & going to my wardrobe & stroking a bit of Miu Miu or Prada from when I had a life that justified such joys (they're staying for when DD may or may not want them - my justification for the wardrobe space that take up in one of the guest rooms).

As a heavily rural (think mountain rather than leafy Surrey) SAHM I have to keep to a very casual aesthetic so APC, JCrew, Paul & Joe Sister, 7FAM, & Toast seem to feature heavily.

I do prefer a very pared down look although Sonia Rykiel seems to worm her way into my wardrobe on a regular basis.

I have a sneaking feeling the farming mothers see me as a deranged flibbertigibbet.

MarshaBrady Wed 05-Sep-12 20:58:01

Hi Lastnight sounds like a lovely style! Welcome smile

Children's sounds like a great idea, if you can work out the sizing.

lastnight Welcome! Can I just say that the word "flibbertigibbet" made my day? Love it! grin

Thanks for the welcome, I wish I could fit into children's clothes, my sister can, I guess she's a gamine at 5' & 6.5 stone, I always feel like the hulk next to her (5' 8", 9 stone 11).

Having said that, I seem to spend my whole life railing against the clothing choices offered to my four year old DD & end up buying boy's clothes for her more often than not, she's not a girl that rocks a sequin (or maybe I'm projecting...).

& on the subject of loss, my mother had tons of Mary Quant & Biba that she used to let me wear when I was a sylph, she asked for it all back then promptly charity shopped the lot before I could get to it.

I still get a little teary when I think of it.

shopafrolic Wed 05-Sep-12 22:07:33

Mignonette there is a SandB thread with your name in the title. You are being called.......

DonaAna Thu 06-Sep-12 07:08:51

Lastnight anyone who mentions New Look in a post automatically belongs here!
Mignonnette I regret most losing lots of clothes sewn by me at age 18-22. Believe or not, the first thing I made was a tweed peplum jacket grin
Fritzi your day yesterday sounded lovely - I had a really poor work day for much more boring reasons: distracted by decluttering, cleaning, 1st day of school etc, will try to do things differently today.
Marsha sometimes it's worthwhile to keep a part of the cull in "purgatory" - you may change your mind. The moiré silk dress from Zara was one of the things I had decided to get rid of but now I'm thinking it will get a new life as a skirt. Also enjoying how fresh a TS prom skirt looks with a Cavalli bolero/cropped jacket - both were headed for the cantina before the accidental mashup.
GoS love your Dylon dye post - I'm going to black and cobalt blue batches soon.
Bloss envy your ability to wear all black! I love the simplicity of it.

Am struggling with my style grin My Nordic outfits look a bit too blunt and plain here. Italy requires more ladylike touches somehow and I have already forgotten how to do that. Will be easier when I get my favorite clothes out of the wash too - am really missing my plain white shirts and vests.

notyummy Thu 06-Sep-12 08:12:45

Morning all.

I don't think I have anything to mourn quite like Hopefully and her mum's wardrobe! Have been racking my brains but I do tend to hang on to stuff so not that much to regret. I am still wearing the odd thing from the early/mid 1990s, but all my stuff before that has all gone.

Today the sun is shining and I am wearing a floral Zara sheath skirt with a purple long sleeved top and surprisingly sexy M and S navy heels with zips up the back.

shopafrolic Thu 06-Sep-12 09:32:02

Morning all! The sun is shining and I have just dropped DS at nursery so I have a whole 3 hours to myself!
So as I head to the supermarket blush I just wanted to link to this stunning little number and dream of when I would every have a reason to wear it (not that I can afford it!). Have good days all.

shopafrolic Wow, that is some robe!

On a more practical note: Have found this lacy peplum top on TS website. Now I can't wear black but think it would look great with jeans and heels for a night out.

MarshaBrady Thu 06-Sep-12 09:57:16

Yy Dona have put them in purgatory (no wonder I have stuff from 1992 still there!)

Also took out a hand-knitted by me baby jumper with chicken. I do one for each dc (a tradition, of two) and although it's kind of ruined it took ages so will keep for a bit longer.

They are lovely Shop and Fritzi.

ujjayi Thu 06-Sep-12 10:30:51

Morning everyone!

Gorgeously sunny and fresh here. DS2 went back to school today and the house was so quiet when I got back from the school run that I had to take dog out for a walk to escape it.

shopafrolic that dress is divine. I need it. Just to try on occasionally grin

Fritzi - I keep looking at peplum tops but can't quite get my head around the idea that something that flares over the hip allegedly making them look slimmer. Fabulous for hourglass I should think but anyone remotely pear should steer clear IMO.

My "one that got away" was a Dior New Look evening dress - peacock blue with the most exquisite embroidery. I saw it in a vintage store in Notting Hill when searching for a wedding dress. The store assistant was quite sniffy about letting me try it on, insisting it was "very small", (I was then a size 6 so not remotely large myself!) but it fitted like a glove and was so divine that I ache with longing for it even big sister persuaded me that I would regret not wearing white so I left it there in the store.

I do own one piece of vintage Dior, however. DH found a beautiful black satin New Look dress with lace shoulders for my birthday this year. He has never revealed his source nor the cost (probably for fear of my "sourcing" a few more!). It is gorgeous and just makes you walk and carry yourself in a far more elegant manner.

For those of you who love vintage and can sew, Vogue do a fabulous vintage sewing pattern collection which is worth investigating.

Today I am wearing Gap khaki chinos (rolled at the ankle), a much-loved yellow loose fit racer back tank (which has a knot at the top of the T shape, iyswim), strappy flat leather sandals and a delicate (3mm) herringbone gold bracelet.

MNing over for now. Project work to finish........

Hopefully Thu 06-Sep-12 11:14:38

Joseph leggings report:

Am backing and forthing on them, TBH.

(a) they are a TINY bit more straight cut than I wanted (I wanted more legging than straight-skinny leg trousers, and these verge on the straight-skinny). I could get them tailored when I get them hemmed though.
(b) They are a fraction lower rise than I wanted, which means they ride down a little bit, as low-rise trousers do when you're leaping up and down and crawling around with kids
(c) they fit right now, and I am at the absolute top end of my 'normal' weight. I suspect that if I lost they would be a bit baggy on the waist and lower thigh (although not upper thigh, thanks to my muscly thighs!). Also I am assuming that, being leather, they will give a bit over time. However, I think I would struggle to get into an 8 (the model in the listing is wearing an 8 and I am rather wider than her!)
(d) I'm not sure that I absolutely love the colour - they are not quite olive green and not quite brown.

(a) they are gorgeous, gorgeous leather, and a sensible thickness to give fat pant effect without being too heavy
(b) Along with the Drome leggings I tried last month, they are the only nice ones in my colours that seem to be about this season.

The Drome ones are slightly slimmer of leg and higher waisted. However, they have a hidden zip which I really didn't want - just want straight forward pull on - and are slightly thinner leather. Both have a raw bottom hem, I am assuming this is standard.

You know, I think I've just talked myself out of the Joseph ones sad. The thing is, do I re-order the Drome ones, which I originally sent back largely due to raw bottom hem, but it appears that i am stuck with that. I may start a thread to see if anyone has come across any other not-black and not-burgundy leather leggings.

girlsofsummer Thu 06-Sep-12 11:23:28

Hopefully I love the totally thorough way you approach clothes buying... leather will stretch and bag its what it does over time but personally i think you are much better to buy trousers that you can wear at any part of your weight spectrum not just your real “ideal” otherwise, if RL gets in the way of best laid eating and fitness plans, they will languish for much of the year. Personally would rather have something not too tight on the waist.

girlsofsummer Thu 06-Sep-12 11:25:07

Zips (assume hidden zip at side or at back?) much more likely to break on a very tight fitting pant. IME better to have slightly roomy fit.

Hopefully, I think for the cost of the Joseph leggings you have to absolutely love them or they won't get the wear that justifies the expenditure I'm guessing you've seen these, not sure about the colour though, my monitor doesn't show true.

(Am now lusting after a life that can encapsulate a pair of leather leggings).

Popcornia Thu 06-Sep-12 11:30:34

Morning all. My elder two children have been packed off to their first day of school and the toddler is out with our nanny, so I am MNing as procrastination before getting back into looking for my next contract/back up for next week's interview not working out. (Er, perhaps I need to look into Dona's tomatoes..)

Mignonette, those Balmain trousers are fabulous. I like the Bottega Veneta top, but would caveat that it seems to require a very slim figure for that high Victorian neck and floaty bodice - small breasts and slim hips, preferably with slightly bony shoulders. (Which may well be you, but it rules me right out!) I can best picture it with either very slim trousers/leggings and a sharp blazer OR with an Alexa Chung style rolled chino and brogues. It needs to be toughened up with contrasts, IYSWIM.

Fashion losses - around 10 years ago I once had an Alexander McQueen sample skirt (must have been a rare enormous sample) that didn't have a zip in the side, as it had been sewn onto the models. I now look back and wonder why I moved it on.

I am gently fascinated and bemused by the discussions of successfully shopping the larger sizes of children's lines - some of you are very sylph-like. It's a foreign concept to me, as I'm 5.10" and approximately 70% T&A. It can be interesting dressing me, as I love Emmanuelle Alt's style but would probably better served channeling Joan from Madmen.

Popcornia Thu 06-Sep-12 11:38:04

X-posted with Hopefully's the leather leggings report! For me, leather leggings would be a bit of an investment purchase, and my rule for those is that I have to feel smug about owning a piece to make it worth the investment.

If you don't feel smug that they're in your possession, send them back. If you still find that you're thinking of them, wait and see if they come up in the sales. I have a leather dress I bought last year that was reduced by 2/3rds by time I purchased it, and I found "the smug" was triggered by getting the almost-perfect dress at the VERY good price.

notyummy Thu 06-Sep-12 12:03:32

popcornia - I am in the same corner as you! 5 ft 10 and a size 10 (but not a small one) and fairly athletic. I struggled to wear children's sizes when I WAS a child, as I was this height at 13! Most of the time I like my height, but a lot of the high street dresses just seem too short on someone of my height who is not a stick insesct and isn't too keen on her knees....

Portia4 Thu 06-Sep-12 12:20:36

For those on the prowl for leather trousers, not quite leggings not even sure if I'd call them skinny but may be worth a look

Hopefully Thu 06-Sep-12 12:28:25

Popcornia I love it! "the smug". Perfect expression, and how I feel about many of my clothes, but not these leggings. Up there with the Roxy test. I will not be tempted into panic buying hugely expensive leather trousers smile

Will check out other links shortly, phone is playing silly buggers...

DonaAna Thu 06-Sep-12 12:42:55

My day so far:
4.5 tomatoes worth of solid focused work.
4.5 tomatoes pureed with bread, garlic, olive oil, balsamico and salt for lunch. <yum, gazpacho>
1 Burberry dress shrunk to a toddler size by yours truly hmm
It's tencel, the label says professional cleaning only - I did a 40C delicates wash. Am secretly relieved - it was a sales find but slightly too mature and boring on me. Can now either bin it or give it to DD1 grin

Hopefully I'd return the leggings - if you want to feel good in your clothes, they must pass the 'smug test'! The downside of only shopping for what you really need is that it's often difficult to find what you really want (although I've come quite close, I still haven't found The White Shirt - have you Always?)

shopafrolic Thu 06-Sep-12 13:02:51

Love this - from now on I shall use "the smug" whenever I try things on!

MarshaBrady Thu 06-Sep-12 13:44:47

Love Pop's shop pop. (ie analysis grin)

And for me will add light headedness, slight nervous funny feeling or fit of the vapours.

Just did an a/w recce in Matches. 2 double espressos, attentive staff and fast music made me speed look and feel rushy and I'm not buying anything yet. Gorgeous stuff in there.

Hopefully Thu 06-Sep-12 13:49:23

Whoops *Dona! At least it wasn't a favourite dress grin.

Have put the Josephs on and off approximately four times more with different shoes/tops/accessories and have decided that they are definitely going back. I want legging leggings, not almost-trousers-leggings. They need to have a slim ankle and be not-too-low-rise. The Drome ones would be perfect but as gos says, I think a concealed zip in tough leather leggings is not a clever idea, and suspect they will not be 5 year trousers.

The hunt continues...

girlsofsummer Thu 06-Sep-12 13:54:39

Dona another reason to love my Miele washing machine – it has a proper “cold water” delicates cycle.

gos I wash all silk and cashmere at cold delicate cycle too.

Just back from an overdue pedicure. Toe nails now painted in Chanel Diabolic

I meant to ask: Has anyone tried the new Lyn Harris for M&S perfumes yet? Have been raved about in all beauty sections of magazines.

notyummy Thu 06-Sep-12 14:49:19

Fritzi- shoe link doesn't work unfortunately.

Another one who washes silk etc in cold wash. Always worked ok thus far.

gypsyfloss Thu 06-Sep-12 15:57:42

Hopefully I read before that you dyed a Me and Em modal jersey dress? I have the black Martini dress which I love and the antique heather that I'm not so keen on. Rather than send it back I wondered about dying it. Do I need to stick to a similar colour ie raspberry or could I change it to teal? And what is the best method.I've just got a new washing machine and am a bit loath to use dye in it but will if that's the only way to do it.

Hopefully Thu 06-Sep-12 19:02:43

Gypsy for best results I would stick to something broadly similar (e.g. raspberry, a mid/dark brown or a dark red), partly because it takes better, and partly because the thread won't dye, so anywhere there is visible thread (such as on the label at the back of the neck, and i think there's a bit visible somewhere else but can't remember off-hand) a greater contrast will stand out. The trouble with dying it something like teal is that the underneath colour will slightly come through, which in the case of a blue/green will just dull the colour down and make it less vibrant, and possibly a bit muddy. I wouldn't use a colour stripped on the Me&Em because of all the ruching - it is v hard to make sure it strips evenly. I have found it hard to get even colour removal on just a flat piece of fabric, never mind something with wrinkles and creases.

Am in a leather legging fug. I never would have thought that brown/green/teal leather leggings would prove so troublesome. I think I may need to step away from the quest for a while (is this reminding anyone else of my 3 month ankle boot quest in the spring?)

DonaAna Thu 06-Sep-12 20:00:40

Fritzi nail envy! I really should book regular pedicures (but don't like them - they always seem to hurt a bit) - should paint my toenails with Essie Ballet Slippers but never get around doing it...

Hopefully, that really is the dilemma of the mindful shopper: I always find that if I am looking for a certain item, won't find it and will never be really happy with the compromise solution sad <sending you good sales karma that will send bargainous ones your way sooner or later>

I like the look of black leather leggings and they would be a great pairing with some of my clothes, but didn't find the right pair (the ones I tried on were slightly too big and made me look somehow really sad). So I'm wearing coated skinnies instead. Roughly the same look, with seams that I can alter, and not a lifelong commitment (if knee bags emerge).

A good day. Great and inspiring workwise, 2km walk (school run) with a pit stop in a cafe with DD1 on our way back, 5K in the evening. Have a date for meetup with friends - and weather is summery again. Even the Burberry stretched back to its previous length [hmmm] Still have a few hours for reading and relaxing. Am happy and content.

MarshaBrady Thu 06-Sep-12 20:45:03

Sounds really lovely Dona.

ujjayi those dresses sound lovely.

mignonette agree with pop on the Bottega V top and the best shape for it (and how to wear it).

My only one that got away, was one that I didn't buy and that was an Alaia in NYC (that I have mentioned). 22 years old, the right shape and age and city. On sale. Should have done it.

I had a great day too. Although traffic in central London was very bad today so it took ages to get around and I didn't get everything done.

But it was such a nice day. Had coffee and ds had croissant and cake(!) in the morning together and he's the last back at school so everything is very, very quiet near where we live. Which is great with the lovely weather.

AuldAlliance Thu 06-Sep-12 20:51:47

Ooh, my Hush jacket has been dispatched, apparently. Will see how long it takes to wend its way to my locker at work, and report.
Mayhem here, far too much work, mad juggling act with the kids, house, etc. and am not coping at all.
Good news is that DS2 had his first morning at school, came running out shouting, "Mummy, j'ai pas pleuré!!" (I didn't cry) and the teacher said it had gone really well. Phew.
Haven't had time to read everything and open all the links. Curious re outcome of the leather breeks quest though!
Sorry for posting & running...

MarshaBrady Thu 06-Sep-12 21:11:00

Oh that is soo cute Auld. Gorgeous. Hope things calm down a bit.

gypsyfloss Thu 06-Sep-12 21:39:43

Thankyou Hopefully. I'll have a think about it...suspect I'll just send it back and hope they get another small navy one back in instead.

hopefully Pair of waxed teal skinnies here. Maybe worth a try until you find "the ones"?

And I love this jacket!!!

DonaAna Fri 07-Sep-12 08:16:00

Lovely jacket Fritzi!!!

Outfit of the day: simple belted, cap-sleeved black button-down dress that has a narrow vintagey Dior-like silhouette (Calvin Klein). Waist cinched with a black patent leather belt (Marni). Ponyskin leopard ballerinas (Zara).

Have done a lot of naked eyes + bright lipstick during summer. Now transitioning to fall. Have rediscovered how chic pale silvery taupe or golden light khaki eye pencil look on upper lids. Very subtle definition, polished but not overly made-up.

Finished 'You are what you wear'. Love the wardrobe self-analysis part. Will perhaps do some of the self-evaluation suggested at the end of the book over the weekend. Over last year, I've gradually gotten rid of clothes that make me feel bad. Now it's time to concentrate on things that make me feel particularly good grin. Also will try to elicit a capsule wardrobe (for travelling) out of all the things I have following the instructions in the book.

How do you ladies organize your wardrobe (the hanging part)? By color, by item type, by most worn, by some other principle?

shopafrolic Fri 07-Sep-12 08:30:05

Morning Dona. Since my wardrobe edit my clothes are organised by type. From left to right - tees, tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, knitwear, jackets. Within those they are then sorted by colour. It makes getting dressed in the morning as I work left to right through until I'm fully clothed! Shoes the same - grouped together by type. I've downloaded lots of info about mindfulness which I'm hoping to get to this weekend - thanks!

notyummy Fri 07-Sep-12 09:31:07

High street stuff I am eyeing up:

Too many unatural fibres, but I like the idea.

I am really, really liking a lot of stuff from Mango this season. You need to be careful with the material, and I find a lot of the skirts/dresses a bit short for me, but overall there is a lot of nice stuff!

Pure silk maxi from Mango. Not my colour, but could be great for a special occasion.

Great basic.

girlsofsummer Fri 07-Sep-12 10:32:04

Ooh nice silk dresses at Mango thanks Ny.

Great links Fritzi!

Am wearing navy pencil skirt qith this pink silk top tucked in, a dusky pink blazer (charity shop find) and coral patent courts < cheap>

With looped pearls.

Mymumsdaughter Fri 07-Sep-12 10:48:37

Am wearing blue skinnies with black tee and brogues. My seasalt order arrived and is gorgeous loving the Trimble knit and seagull skirt.

girlsofsummer Fri 07-Sep-12 11:02:27

Love this blouse perfect colours but way too £££ to even consider spending on a blouse to me.

MarshaBrady Fri 07-Sep-12 11:20:08

Very nice. There is a lovely polka dot one too by Chloe.

Agree on prices I usually find aw ridiculously high after summer sales.

MarshaBrady Fri 07-Sep-12 11:23:57

Lovely links NY and outfits. I am in garden in bikini I know I know almost indecent in Sept when should be Doing Things. Last of summer sunshine.

Mymumsdaughter Fri 07-Sep-12 11:25:58

Girlsofsummer - lovely blouse - I like the look of the skirt it is styled with - agree way too much for me to spend on a blouse.

girlsofsummer Fri 07-Sep-12 11:27:55

Make the most of it Marsha yes you are very lucky to have this time so no point spoiling it by feeling guilty !!

MarshaBrady Fri 07-Sep-12 11:32:54

Hehe thanks.

ReineDeSaba Fri 07-Sep-12 12:12:25

Good question Dona I am still immersed by the 'declutter to end all declutters' (I wish) just about to tackle the dreaded wardrobe but will probably carry on with system of colour coding within each group of clothing.i.e all coats together,then split into colours etc,etc..

marsha sounds wonderful..just say no to mother's guilt.

gorgeous blouse gos but am with you on 'too much for a blouse' ..perhaps you'll get lucky in the sales.

lost items of clothing still missed..why did I charity shop Kathryn Hamnett bustier?of course I couldn't get my arm into these days it was so teeny tiny but DDs could have fought over it!

girlsofsummer Fri 07-Sep-12 12:48:56

Reine I had a huge declutter when I was off over Xmas it was life changing. For me I put party “going out” dresses in one place in wardrobe (which for me is too short rails one high one low, in an alcove). Then work blouses (they get hung up). Then work dresses, then day dresses. Blazers all in one place, suits in another, coats and jackets which are not currently on coat rack in another. Jumpers in a box. Tops in drawers (one casual, one work). Nightwear in a drawer. Jeans and random dresses not suitable for hanging up in another huge drawer (the least organised always gets massively overstuffed).

I find if my actual wardrobe gets messed up (which it does as I am a bit lazy sometimes with hanging up) it takes me MUCH longer to get ready.

The key for me was not overstuffing wardrobe – I got rid of tonnes of stuff I just was never going to use so liberating. So much easier to find what to wear when everything is not fighting for a place and you can see things. Still probably a bit too crowded and terrible shoe storage system. I used to split winter and summer stuff and store it elsewhere but have gone off that, too much hassle. Provided I am vaguely disciplined i can keep my wardrobe just about uncrowded enough to be usable.

I think you do same as me re keeping box of stuff for your DDs? Mine is under my bed. A lot of it is cheap but fun the sort of thing I imagine they will like as teenagers.

girlsofsummer Fri 07-Sep-12 12:50:39

"two short rails" not "too short rails"... !

DonaAna Fri 07-Sep-12 13:30:52

NY Mango looks fresh! Got a good belt from their sale for 2 or 3 euros, really like it.

MMD brogue envy. They do not look good on me but I envy anyone who can pull them off <wearing burgundy oxfords in my dreams>

GoS I got lots of 1950s, 1960s and 1970s vintage stuff from my mother and my aunts - and have two daughters, so definitely need to remember that grin

Not overstuffing the wardrobe is really important - before the vacation my wardrobe was bursting at seams and that really is no good. Loved how easy it was to flip through my holiday wardrobe. Thanks for sharing your organizing tips. Shop and Reine, my clothes are currently also sorted by type and within type by color, but perhaps I have still too much stuff, I find that building outfits is still difficult. I'm thinking of splitting the space in two 1. "Rarely used / do not love" and 2. "Favorite items / capsule wardrobe" - then organizing within that either by color or type. Then I can make an effort to wear something for the rarely visited side when I have time to think about my outfit and can just grab things or stuff my suitcase quickly from the capsule side.

Need to continue decluttering over the weekend. The drawers side is so messy I couldn't find any knickers this morning...

Marsha enjoy the sunshine. The weather is wonderful here too and I could step out to the roof terrace - but never get anything done there. I have a telecon at 3pm, am working like crazy (7 tomatoes already). The funny thing is that once I get started work stuff is actually very absorbing and exciting. But need the short breaks too...

Am strangely in love with Marni necklaces. Not all, mind, but love the more chunky and architectural ones. Saw yesterday a woman on the street wearing a very simply outfit (simple shoes, indigo cigarette trousers, flowing white blouse, a stunning necklace) and think I might need a few statement pieces. Assuming I find a good top first. Am dreaming of a batwing heavy silk blouse...

shopafrolic Fri 07-Sep-12 13:44:10

Dona the organisational freak in me (that I have become since my wardrobe edit) would say that the "barely use / do not love" side should be got rid of! smile Feel free to pass any of it my way grin

cheesesarnie Fri 07-Sep-12 13:50:55

I also got rid of 'barely use/do not love' bits. Not missed any of it yet!

Agree that it is liberating!

ujjayi Fri 07-Sep-12 14:54:31

Agree with shopafrolic and cheesesarnie re binning the "do not love" elements. Why not try vacu-packing it for a while and seeing if you miss the items?

I switch my wardrobe according to A/W and S/S. I have all tees, jeans and knits folded in a cupboard; trousers, dresses, jackets, blouses and skirts all hanging in the wardrobe. A chest of drawers for nightwear, loungewear, scarves and underwear.

Just a quick pit-stop here today. Am pretending to be crazily busy with research........thankfully my research requires me to read October's Vogue grin

Currently sporting a bikini (Michael Kors) but wearing a high-neck halter neck dress for the school run (Hilfiger).

Hopefully I have no idea about your budget for your leather leggings but according to Sarah Harris these are the absolute creme de la creme.

Mymumsdaughter Fri 07-Sep-12 14:56:02

Dona I have vintage clothes which I'm keeping for dd and also some more recent ones. She has taken to vetting my wardrobe for items she wants to inherit when she is a teen. She already has a great love for boots and bags.

DonaAna Fri 07-Sep-12 16:29:29

Rearranged my clothes rail (took 5 minutes). Hyper revealing:
*I love and wear all the time sharply tailored clean-lined monochome clothes that are white, camel, coral, red, emerald green, cobalt blue, smoky blue or black. This is 2/3 of the rail.
* I do not wear the remaining 1/3 of clothes. That is, anything with pattern, anything heavy on synthetics, clothes that do not fit perfectly (v. fussy about fit!), clothes that crease easily or are very impractical (short-sleeved cardigan). I do not wear very thin, chiffony or translucent fabrics even if they are good quality natural materials.
That's it shock! Very simple really...

ReineDeSaba Fri 07-Sep-12 16:38:25

Job done..have divided a la gos into 'working' wardrobe,i.e day to day and going out.will be so much easier to work out outfits and especially now the overstuffed aspect has gone!

Do indeed keep things for the girls but same as you fun stuff rather than Chanel handbags I'm afraid.

DonaAna Fri 07-Sep-12 16:50:39

Did the same to my shoes. Easy peasy.
Love and wear all the time: lined out in the hallway - 15 pairs. Ballerinas, sneakers, Havaianas, pointy flats, platform wedges, Hasbeens.
1st tray in wardrobe, the workhorses. All black! Dressy shoes, courts, ballerinas. Shoes that I wear parties.
2nd tray, statement shoes: nude and tan shoes, platform shoes, some beaded ballerinas.
3rd day, have not used in more than a year: flat open sandals, mules, sneaker courts, patent loafers, white shoes, red shoes, too-small Chie Miharas, old worn but dearly beloved high heel courts and slingbacks.
(Can't be bothered with winter stuff today).
shock shock shock

ReineDeSaba Fri 07-Sep-12 16:54:41

I feel your pain dona it's a project and a half!

MarshaBrady Fri 07-Sep-12 17:04:21

I need to do that too. Well done Dona and Reine!

Ujjayi funny was thinking about Hilfiger the other day. Saw a huge advert in Regent St for new store and liked the tweed.

pickledsiblings Fri 07-Sep-12 18:51:16

Wow fashionistas, I am v.v. impressed with all the decluttering and categorising that's going on. Now, if you were all to post pics I could be shamed in to doing my own. I tend to live in about the same 4 outfits that mostly consist of J Brands and linen tees/fitted cotton shirts with a varity of footwear - I should be kicked off the thread, shouldn't I?

I am finding it ridiculously hard to shop atm as it is getting ever more difficult to flatter my aging body. I did see two lovely items of clothing in...wait for it...The White Stuff. Don't worry, I won't link but one was a taupe coloured jumper with a large pale grey star on it and the other was a peacock blue coloured tunic with trees on it that would work as a dress on me.

Sorry to lower the tone grin. Glad you're all enjoying the sunshine.

DonaAna Fri 07-Sep-12 19:24:12

Picked minimalism is admirable and you can link anything.
Dressing the ageing body is indeed something to mull over. I used to be very girly (not in a Hello Kitty way) and growing out of the miniskirts was and learning new ways has been a process... YAWYW says you could start by wearing that fits and flatters the narrowest part of your body. And wear anything that emphasizes the good parts (could be hair, eyes etc as well). Living in Italy is great in the sense that the mature ladies look better than young girls (need to study them more) grin check out Advanced Style too.

Very happy with this day. A full day of focused and fruitful work. Ate well - gazpacho from fresh tomatoes and orecchiette with homemade pesto - and managed to do my 5K, plus a burst of extremely satisfying organizing.

Oh and felt pretty stylish running wearing the demoted Vanessa Bruno Athé top. In the dim light the tatty viscose looked almost okay.

ReineDeSaba Fri 07-Sep-12 19:31:15

pickled the jumper and the dress both sound lovely.don't panic about the declutter I won't be doing one again for another 5 years!

shopafrolic Fri 07-Sep-12 20:08:19

Dona I plan to buy the Advanced Style book for my mother for Christmas - thanks for the tip! A good day here. The declutter is rubbing off. My mother in law is having a major clear out and 2 of my friends have asked for the stylists number. Perhaps I should have kept her to myself grin

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 08:42:35

That's great Shop! Best result friends wanting to use her too.

Glorious day! Love summer sun in September.

Sandro skirt and loose knit aqua top.

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 08:53:27

Dona and anyone else: Style/Wardrobe books. Hit me with the titles please - I have clocked and others mentioning them, but I am rewarding myself for sending back the Joseph leggings by buying a couple of books, I have decided.

Speaking of leather leggings, I have found some good looking Vince dark brown ones, but only on US sites, and they are over-budget. Maybe if I have a good month...

ujjayi those are gorgeous leggings, but I am on a non-black legging mission, which makes it approximately 1 billion times harder.

Silk shirt dress, how can I style it for winter? I really like it and haven't had much use out of it yet. It is olive green, quite casual.

Had a lovely day at the zoo yesterday, DS1 underwhlemed with most of it but we finally cracked him with (a) a display of talking parrots (who could also take a coin from your hand and put it in the donation box. Awesome) and (b) the giraffes. I find zoos really difficult - on one level I hate seeing those animals in captivity, but on the other hand I love the opportunity to see them at all (the rhinos were incredible, so massive and predatory looking), but on the other hand they raise awareness so much, and have great breeding programmes to save endangered species. It's difficult. I think places like Longleat are best, but obviously require vast swathes of land.

Right, loads of work to do today.

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 08:55:10

Ooh Shop what a nice present idea!

Perfect morning in bed. DH took care of the children, I got to stay in bed.
Needed a new fashion book (blush) so got Nina Garcia's The One Hundred. Perfect for a Classic - she lists one hundred classic fashion items, briefly tells the story behind them, and gives great recommendations where to look (am already contemplating purchasing a few). Witty writing and things like cable knit sweaters, cocktail rings, clutches, cowboy boots... She gives great shortcuts (sorry am keeping the best nuggets of info to myself - am watching a few items on eBay). Will also help to appreciate what I already have. Plus I follow her (or her assistant) on Pin and love her style.

Still thinking about Marni necklaces and cuffs. I am tall and have a long neck and long fingers. Need big, dramatic costume jewellery, simple pieces. In Brazil I wore a big cuff (had a collection of them) every day - loved the look. Would like to do more of that...

Coming up: a glamorous trip to Lidl in the outskirts...

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 08:58:51

Hopefully, 'You are what you wear' is a great book and you'll need the wardrobe analysis skills in you new line of work. If you already know everything in it, you can always loan it to clients. Really recommended!

Silk shirt dress - leather leggings or mink stole? wink Sorry can't find solutions, Italy still in summer mode...

Popcornia Sat 08-Sep-12 09:09:44

Am in the midst of Saturday morning busyness, but very quickly for Hopefully - would brown leather leggings do? (Although the colour is described as Framboise, I must say it looks like a nice rich autumnal brown to me.)

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 09:11:18

I follow Nina Garcia too Dona grin. I loved Project Runway (I know pretty cheesy tv) didn't agree with last winner I watched.

Also saw the UK one with Gareth Pugh (who should have won). He's doing very well now.

Hopefully I know what you mean about zoos. I've gone off them even more lately. Will think about silk dress ideas.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 09:12:53

Also Dona yes to Marni for you. Really pretty Marni in Paris pin, which you most probably saw.

AntPants1 Sat 08-Sep-12 09:53:32

Thanks for tip Dona am now following!

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 10:00:29

Good morning all. Having a delicious lie-in whilst DH being all house-husband-y and attending to the ironing (probably just his own of course but every little helps).

On the subject of husband is definitely more innately more stylish than I. Maddeningly, he has that nonchalant European thing going on (he is Dutch), wears a lot of subtle colour, doesn't buy a lot of clothes but spends a lot per item, is especially choosy about shoes and just seems to get it right. There is an article in Vogue October edition about menswear do's and don'ts which is a great guide but which he read and said "yep, why is this news?"! So I was wondering how your DHs measure up, sartorially?

Thanks for the book recommendations: just ordered the Nina Garcia book together with the YAWYW book. I completed an online quiz this morning and confirmed what I suspected which is that I am a romantic with a blend of creative and dramatic. I am now going to relax in the garden creating a mind map of my life and the the things I would love to wear according to situation and weather. Does that sound a bit mad? It's purpose is to give me a stronger view of my current wardrobe and to help me declutter and then to fill the gaps with purchases I actually want and need day to day rather than my current spontaneous shopping style.

trixymalixy Sat 08-Sep-12 11:33:50

Morning all, I have been lurking rather than posting again. Mostly because I have been very busy, was up at 4am and back at 9pm for a very long and dull meeting yesterday on top of a week of rushing around taxying kids, so I'm done in. Next week is looking like it will be ultra long and dull too, feel knackered thinking about it!! I love my job normally!!

My Sorel boots arrived from the US and are lovely, can't wait for some snow and skiing! My Dune Prowler D boots arrived, but were huge and got sent back and no stock in a smaller size. Annoyingly I had ordered some bargain Sam Edelman boots as a replacement, but the money has been refunded with no communication or explanation so back to searching for Chelsea boots. sad

Things not being available in my size is the story of my week as I went to try on Shopafrolic's Whistles dress and they didn't have it in my size. I tried on the size up and it looked like it would be lovely on.

Now to peruse the other lovely links on the thread.

I can't remember who said it, but I like to hear the brand names of the clothes you are wearing/buying so I can google. It's nice to hear about the stuff in my budget too though!!

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 11:50:03

Überglamorous trip to Lidl over. (They stock some things Italians don't appreciate and we Northern Europeans absolutely need.) Think am finding my Rome style - felt that got the balance right in chambray Darel dress, red Hasbeens and my red python Dior bag.

Ujjayi my DH is a bit like yours, he gets most of his work clothes made and bulk buys his leisure time stuff whenever we go to America. He is also very loyal to certain brands of shoes and does not mind spending upfront because he will wear them forever.

Trixy imo the savviest approach to style (even when money is no object) is to combine high street with high fashion, so I always keep an eye on Zara, COS and even H&M. Oh and I saw a piece in Per Una that I like shock

Ujjayi can really recommend the self-analysis. For me, the biggest revelation has been that anything Natural is the antithesis of me and makes me feel frumpy and ugly. And because I love classic tailoring I can start slowly accumulating things that will be stylish forever (so can spend on, say, expensive minimalist Calvin Klein Collection pieces). Avoiding pattern is a new insight.

Sorry need to get the lunch out of the oven...

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 12:02:05

Dh looks good but doesn't spend loads.

I do that mix of high and lower budget except usually stick to the outnet for lower. From £20 to £70 it's about the same in price.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 12:04:07

Ujjayi sounds lovely how's the mapping in the garden going.

Trixy argh bad luck on sizes. Hope you find some soon.

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 13:12:52

Marsha fully agree that Outnet is a good alternative to high street. Right now they have lots of tempting basic things for AW - I don't need anything but always keep a few items in my basket just in case.

Loving Nina Garcia - she says every girl should have a fur stole. All is forgiven...

trixymalixy Sat 08-Sep-12 13:18:51

What does your DH wear Marsha? Particularly shoes. DH always buys the same kind year after year, but I would like to persuade him to try something new but not sure what!

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 13:25:35

Trixy hope your luck improves soon. And totally agree with Dona about mixing it up with regard to labels and costs. My wardrobe has everything from Marc Jacobs to H&M, with probably my favourite pieces coming from charity and vintage stores as I love clothing with a history.

Marsha mapping going well. It is so relaxing - why have I never done this before? Actually, I did do this before I packed for our summer break this year and it made a huge difference meaning I didn't overpack/panic pack and I wore everything. DH is incredibly impressed with my logistical approach. I have all my roles mapped out, together with the vibe I want to create and the palette.

This arrived this morning and looks far more gorgeous than it does on the website! I plan to wear layered over long sleeve tees and either with merino tights/leggings or over skinny jeans.

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 13:47:46

Trixy whistles had free delivery online the day before yesterday if you still fancied trying the dress.

Ujjayi do you have a link for the style analysis?

Very poorly DS last night and today so am just dropping in while he naps. Am head to toe GAP today - red jeans and striped vest - couldn't muster anything better after a broken night's sleep.

My DH is not a stylish man (he'd be the first to admit). He is outdoorsy, shoots and has gundogs so day to day he rocks a scruffy, tweedy look! When we go out he scrubs up beautifully and is very classic - straight leg jeans, tailored jackets, lovely shoes....but he usually asks me to pick his outfit for him blush

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 13:58:11

I'll try and describe it Trixy but might not translate well. He looks the best in an off white summer linen blazer, perhaps over a v neck jumper and shirt (less in summer). Slim fit cords or skinny ish, not tight not loose. He has olive colouring and dark hair and looks best in something that suits this, so bright colouring. Shoes are usually low key brogue type things or suede lace ups. He wears high/low Paul Smith, American Apparel and will do an online order every now and again.

Hope that doesn't make him sound horribly dressed, I could sketch it better! The most important thing is that nothing is too loose / baggy (not too tight). He has an old P Smith suit I hate as black and too big now.

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 13:58:40

Ooh I like the scruffy tweedy look Shop! hope you'll get some rest at some point - broken nights are awful.

Have been scouring eBay with Nina's guide - some classy and permastylish accessories there are very inexpensive, on par with high street. Hmmm, this may really influence my AW spending...

Ujjayi keep us posted about style self-discoveries. It's really fascinating to hear about it! Ok, time to take DC to park. Will do it a bit more glamorously and hang out at the carousel in Villa Borghese I think.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 14:03:19

Shop the scruffy tweed look is great!

Ujjayi sounds fab. Logical thinking on style fits in neatly with what you are doing these days too I suspect!

Sadly working in Covent Garden predc meant we all wore too much of those brands there. But do love a good bargain. Yy Dona at outnet basket.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 14:04:32

Xpost see scruffy tweed is much admired grin

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 14:07:10

That looks lovely Ujjayi!

Topazandpearl Sat 08-Sep-12 14:20:45

Hi everyone, I've been keeping up and been busy decluttering. I am really enjoying YAWYW Dona. Having identified the gaps in my wardrobe, I went shopping today. I bought this top as I needed a top to go with my black work trousers. The colours are much nicer than in the pic, more greys and cream rather than black, grey and white. Previously, I would have bought a couple of synthetic tops from Next, which I wouldn't have loved. I love this! (Yes, it passes the smug test Pop smile).
I have a stone coloured jacket that will go over it, and as well as wearing it with black, it will also go with skinny jeans and a blue-grey long knit that I have.

Topazandpearl Sat 08-Sep-12 14:24:36

Btw although the top is meant to be dry clean only, the sales assistant was wearing it and said that she gives it a careful, cool handwash. I have other silk tops that wash fine this way so I'm confident!

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 14:32:05

Lovely Topaz! And love the outfit too.

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 15:13:29

Quick Style Personality Quiz . Not terribly scientific and just for fun - ignore the bit at the end if it tries to get you to link results to FB - just click for results.

DH is bored and has decided he must mow the lawn immediately hmm hence me escaping from the noise and MNing when I should be bikini-ing.

Tweed looks are great. Personally, I think very few men can rock a high fashion look and I much prefer the casual but expensive look. When walking the dog today I spotted a young chap in a very low v-neck tee which despite his very well maintained pecs just made me wince.

Topaz - I love that top. Agree that silk can usually always survive a cool hand wash. I once made the mistake of trying a much-loved navy silk blouse from Jigsaw through a delicates cycle on my Miele. It lost a good deal of the colour sadly and although it isn't faded by any means it has lost that gorgeous "indigo" glow that expensive navy dye has to it.

It is interesting the different takes we could take on exactly the same item. I would wear that silk top with boyfriend jeans or skinnies, tan ankle boots and possibly a long sleeve tee layered beneath if cool. However, I could also see it tucked into a knee length pencil skirt with heels. Fabulous choice!

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 16:06:43

DH will be thrilled that he is such a fashionista! I laugh as I type this as he is currently outside wearing brown cords, green converse, no top, belly out - hulking wood around! V manly!
Ujjayi link doesn't work unfortunately.
My little DS is still poorly although no temperature now but a strange rash all over the fronts of his legs. Have done the glass test and all ok. Guess we'll have to see how the next 24 hours pan out.
Love the top Topaz - very versatile

Topazandpearl Sat 08-Sep-12 16:06:46

I like your ideas ujjayi! It's a long time since I've been so excited about a single purchase smile.

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 16:21:10

Shop hope your DS recovers soon. Meant to say, thanks for leather link, they look gorgeous but are shown as unavailable (if my GCSE french is to be believed). Maybe they will become available at some point.

Have ordered YAWYW, Overdressed and The One Hundred (I know that the latter is unlikely to right for me, as I tend to look awful in pretty much anything described as 'a classic', but I always enjoy coming up with 'my' version of things like that.

Have decided that, although brilliantly capsule, my wardrobe is actually a little sparse, so am hoping that this lot will help me decide what I need to get to have it functioning at full capacity, iykwim.

Loungewear is definitely an essential, but am unsure about some of the hush stuff. Anywhere else that does loungey type clothes? I want trousers that are not leggings or pyjamas and some sweaters/cardigans and vests. Would also like to find a vest with built in support.

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 16:50:26

Shop your poor DS. It seems to me that our DCs all seem to get awful rashes with viral infections and coughs/colds etc. Always alarming though and glad to hear glass test was negative.

Sorry about the link - will take a look again later and see if I can get it to work. I googled "Clothing personality quiz" and clicked on the link to Proprof site it that helps at all.

Hopefully - I have loungewear on my "map" that I made this morning. I began buying items from Hush a couple of years ago and loved them but am not so inspired this season (although their navy henley dress was my fall back option if I didn't like the Celtic Sheepskin dress which I received today). I'm not sure whether Wrap is an option. Seems a bit Per Una for loungewear at times! Have you tried Sweaty Betty? Some of the yoga wear could be a good bet for you.

Topazandpearl Sat 08-Sep-12 17:23:21

Shop hope your DC is better soon.

Hope Lovestretch seem to have good yoga type clothes. I have ordered from them a few times (there were some very good reductions in the sale). Delivery is free but you do have to pay postage on returns.

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 17:26:16

I can't claim the leather link Hopefully - someone else's
Thanks for all the good wishes. DS better in himself but not eating, no temp, rash spreading. Have NHS Direct on speed dial!
Have ordered 1st chapters on kindle of YAWYW and 100. So much to read since I 'met' you all - it's lovely!

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 17:33:19

Ah, it was popcornia, thank you!

Topaz ooh, lovestretch have lots of stuff in my (autumn) colours. Might be placing an order with them, thanks! Can see a mix of lovestretch and hush filling my loungewear gap rather nicely.

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 18:21:11

Have just finished my workout (Tracey Anderson Mat Workout - a killer but effective) and am off to pamper before prosecco.

<<scuttles off to quickly search for lovestretch first though>>

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 18:25:10

Am walking home after a glorious day taking dips in nice pool. Excellent sofa bed strategy by dh and me (like gold dust).

Gorgeous light and warmth.

Shop hope your ds is ok very soon.

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 18:58:36

Ooh ujjayi I bought the mat workout a few weeks ago as a quiet one to do in the mornings if I won't get time for a workout during the day. Haven't needed it yet as DH not at work till mid-month. Am I right in thinking there's no loud leaping and thumping?

Marsha we have had mist here every morning this week and I love the light as it clears, really pretty. Different to evening light, but nice smile

DonaAna Sat 08-Sep-12 18:59:58

Shop hope your son gets better soon.
Marsha your day sounds glorious...
Ujjayi I need to do that quiz!
Hopefully I understand your capsule woes. I'm not binning the 1/3 of my clothes that are rarely used - for me, they contain an element of risk-taking and fun.

Have been building in my head an outfit consisting of a black leather pencil shirt, chambray shirt and granny pearls - no idea whether it will really work but sometimes exploring something new feels much more stimulating than wearing the safe, easy pieces.

Topaz am so happy you enjoyed YAWYW - and hope that everyone else who is reading style books is inspired by them!

Lovely early evening in the park, the passeggiata and people watching on weekends is something I really love. Then bought some more fresh vegetables (love bietole and rape), and had a lovely supper of fried slivers of calf liver, gnocchi, fresh figs, prosciutto crudo and an excellent aromatic Trentino wine (from Lidl! shhh, don't tell anyone - among lots of duds they have a couple of really decent wines). We are enjoying this quiet weekend before very busy weeks, I'm going to Florence on Sat and DH has to travel abroad for work - and after that I'm going to Portugal.

Shop I love test-reading 1st chapters on Kindle - it gives a reasonably good idea whether the rest of the book might be worthwhile. I also love having my Kindle books always with me via iPad or iPhone - was stuck watching children on carousel earlier today and started Justine Picardie's Coco Chanel biography (am not really sure whether I can recommend).

If Bloss is anywhere around, am eternally grateful for the Sweaty Betty recommendation. I don't do loungewear but their tops and tights are stylish and multifunctional. I need a bum bag / belt bag for running - the only one I have seen that appeals to me is this one (would prefer silver hardware) grin - any recommendations? Italians, like you know, take this to another level. Saw a man wearing a LV fanny pack and another carrying a Prada shoulder bag today shock

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 19:03:41

Dona I have been toying with leather pencil skirt idea (in brown), but like my skirts really form fitting and worry I would look like a slapper.

Have seen a potential (off) white cotton shirt for myself in Isabella Oliver (or Baukjen or whatever it's called now), will wait for a code though I think.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 19:13:28

You are making me want to travel Dona! Sounds so nice. Although I actually am soon for thing! And someone else is doing all the organising tickets and hotel which I love.

Yes I'm keeping the 1/3 too. Even if I wear it twice sometimes it's a very good twice. The holey old stuff can go. Love the sound of leather pencil, chambray and pearls. It brings such a strong image I wonder if I have seen it somewhere... or maybe not!

Hopefully oh that does sound pretty, you have slotted into your new life so well. Is it fab being in a new place?
You would also look great in a leather pencil skirt btw, I think you should give it a go.

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 19:15:23

Can I ask? How many of you actually know each other in 'real' life?

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 19:17:19

About half I'd say shop. I've met lots on here I think. But many have joined too which is great.

cheesesarnie Sat 08-Sep-12 19:38:44

I know one in rl!

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 19:43:46

It was quite a lot on the 'old' thread, but I think far fewer now, probably around half as Marsha says.

I have just bought (and I'm so sorry about this) a Sloggi crop top blush blush. I like the support of support camisoles, but most of them are (a) black or white, (b) lacy and (c) crap quality jersey (or really expensive, like Hanro etc). I thought a crop top might give me the teeny bit of support that I like for sleep while allowing me to wear nicer pyjamas.

You can throw me off the thread now.

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 19:49:39

Aha - explains why some of you seem to know what suits each other so well!

Hopefully Sat 08-Sep-12 20:12:51

Shop the colours and style personality that some of us have done with house of colour really helps too - if you know someone is, for instance, an Autumn Natural Dramatic (which is what I am), and know that it means, in my case, rich autumnal colours, large scale prints, angular accessories, nothing remotely 'pretty' or classic, lots of natural fibres, it's a lot easier to spot something suitable. Quite a few of us have had it done, although I think some haven't been back here since the crap at the end of the W&A threads.

Also with someone like Dona she posts lots of details about her outfits, so it is easier to imagine whether something would be 'her' or not.

Grrr, MN lovestretch code is not working. have emailed to find out why.

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 20:20:24

Also after a while you just get used to the same brand names coming up and it gets easier to link with each name <all budgets welcome>

shopafrolic Sat 08-Sep-12 20:22:51

I got told I was a classic dramatic but I need to investigate what that means (my colours weren't done by HoC) but I do know I am warm Deep autumn.....
This is a whole new journey for me and I'm loving it!

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 21:07:37

Just sneaked a peek on here as supposed to be watching X-factor now with DCs (after a blissfully quiet supper with DH in the garden.....filet steak & Chilean carmenere - a grape I've never tried before but wholeheartedly recommend - FairTrade from Co-Op [oops])

Marsha - I have no idea about the demise of the W&A threads and clearly there is no need to re-hash here. Just seems a shame since I lurked regularly and posted very occasionally (once asked for advice for Maldives holiday wardrobe advice wink under my old MN name) and it always seemed a lovely thread to be involved in.

I have never met anyone here IRL, to my knowledge.

Dona - I have huge lifestyle envy. I want to people watch in an Italian park at dusk on a regular basis <<sigh>>. Oh and as for the Lidl reference: I live in posh part of Bucks and the nearest Lidl is always packed out with Range Rover drivers <<taps side of nose, knowingly>>

I have never had my colours done. It has been a process of trial and error (ie navy makes me look glowing, black I can just about get away with as long as I have prepped with Chanel's Vitalumiere and Rouge Orage).

And I agree with Marsha about budget. I think some people feel intimidated by a few designer label mentions which makes me feel rather sad. I don't have a designer label budget and even if I did I cant imagine wearing head to toe designer as there are elements of the high street and vintage/charity shop buys that I adore far too much to turn my back on.

ujjayi Sat 08-Sep-12 21:08:26

that should have been blush rather than "oops"

MarshaBrady Sat 08-Sep-12 21:39:51

Ujjayi Maldives, I like your style. (lots are on fb now. so still going really). Btw do you use pinterest?

Re budget yes no one should feel bad. Just good about what they buy. Whatever it is. I love a good bargain, so the outnet is one of my faves.

But it doesn't matter at all.

Shop really great that you are enjoying it!

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 09:57:35

Now there seems to be a New W&A thread for people who don't do designer...

I don't want to be the person who creates label frenzy and label envy. For most of my life, I've happily worn anonymous high street and deparment store clothes. However, of late, they have almost stopping making clothes I want and need - I want cotton, silk and pure wool. As a classic dresser, I'm tired of trend-driven poor quality tat. A few years ago, you could get pure silk and cotton dresses at Zara. Now most of them are made of polyester or viscose. End result: I am more willing to buy great quality clothes 2nd hand or save up for some time and then invest. My body shape changed after having children (from size 10 to 12) so I've had to redo most of of my clothes over the last two years.

I'm not a supermodel but I love fashion and people often compliment my outfits. I'll try to explain my clothes buying system. Please do understand that I'm a classic dresser and wear many of my clothes for a decade...

* Dresses (solid color plain black and navy and red) from wherever I find great quality-price ratio. Recent purchases - COS; Esprit; Gerard Darel; Celtic Sheepskin; Escada Sport on sale; Burberry on sale; Maxmara Weekend on sale; Calvin Klein from US outlets. Price per item usually about 100 GBP or less.
* I loved H&M maternity jeans. After experimenting with H&M denim post pregnancy and never finding a good fit I've realized I get much better fit and longer life from higher quality jeans. Two makes, 7FAM and MiH, fit me perfectly. Both can be had from Yoox, other discounters and boutique end of season sales or eBay quite inexpensively - I've gotten mine for about 60 GBP per item and my oldest pair will be 10 years in January (and is perfectly on trend again).
* I love structured jackets and blazers, especially the collarless Chanel type. I've worn the two oldest I have for about a decade. Spending some money on these is smart because I will get lots of wear from them. My priciest ones come from Tory Burch, D&G, Tara Jarmon and DAY Birger Mikkelsen (nearly all on sale), but I also have a great one from Zara (20 GBP on sale) And a lovely black leather one from Vila (about 50 GBP). Plus I wore three black cotton/linen blazers from H&M for almost decade - they were extremely well-made at 30 USD each Don't do suits any more, have just one left. Have found two grat jackets in thrift stores recently.
*Skirts. I used to love them - have lots of quirky prints from indie labels in New York, Brazil and Scandinavia plus one superb quality dark denim one from from C&A.
*I've struggled with tops and blouses. I used to do high street but never found ones that looked good - like structured ones. Have recently found great ones from COS, Matches sale, the Outnet plus have bought two for full price from Marc Jacobs. My all-time favorite top is a white tuxedo shirt found for about 20GBP in C&A in Brazil. Still going strong after 5 years of constant use.
*cardigans, sweaters and twinset - I have a selection of good merino and cashmere and supima cotton ones, for a maximum of 100 GBP per item. Best ones were bought from Benetton in 2000 - moths ate them when we lived in Brazil grin
*coat dresses: amazingly versatile items, perfect for fall, spring and cool summers. Two from Marni Outnet), one from Anna Sui (5 years of heavy use)
* party dresses: Zara, Outnet, US outlets, Matches sale.
* I buy T-shirts and vests from H&M, sometimes from the Outnet.
*I buy underwear from high street and department stores (Calvin Klein and Maidenform fit me best) - and Lidl. Latin America is great for knickers, women there are obsessed with looking good on limited budgets - my faves are from street markets in Mexico and small stores in Argentina, less than 1 GBP apiece and they are excellent quality.
*I buy sheer tights from a local supermarket and Lidl, opaques from department stores. Am not convinced Wolford and Falke are worth the up-front investment.
*Coats, various sources including an inherited mink coat and hand-me-down vintage wool coats. Best coat: a full-length black wool coat from circa 1995.
*I don't do designer shoes. Zara has been a good source, also love Vagabond, Stylesnob and Castaner, plus Ilse Jacobsen for rubber boots.
*have both non-designer and designer bags (classics - I don't do it bags). Best quality bags I've ever found were leather bags from Argentina - incredible quality for about 80 GBP per item. My current favorite bags are inexpensive Zatchels.
*jewellery. I have a lot of silver brooches and cocktail rings purchased as souvenirs from various countries. I love big pieces and colorful semi-precious stones and wear a big cocktail ring every day. Also have a thing for pearls. No earrings and no diamonds.

Had a look at eBay yesterday. If you know your style and what you need, you can get Alaia, Pucci, Missoni or Erdem for below high-street prices (I collected a basket full or items - none of them would be over 100 GBP). Personally, I would rather buy Pucci than Jigsaw, but this does not mean others should do the same. We all have different preferences and tastes and it's fine.

Sorry for the monster Behemoth post - now that's all in here I'll omit labels from my future posts - but can we really do Vogue without labels? grin

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 10:05:02

Labels are fine. It's just a place to be excited / happy about stuff. Old, new, vintage, NaP, sales bargain whatever.

And to talk about style. No one should feel bad no matter what they spend. Just enjoy it I say.

Another glorious day. School tomorrow labels to sew <last minute>

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 10:19:00

And I love all the lovely life in other cities/ doing different things posts too, so much more than labels. Dona great list!

AntPants1 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:28:06

dona and everyone else please please keep posting the labels and the links. I love seeing them. Frankly it is up to me whether I buy a designer item or use it as inspiration on the high street. I'd much rather hear about a named jumper from Pure or crumpet than read endless anonymous reports about "lovely jumpers" people have spotted!!!

So in the spirit of linking to actual clothes here is what I bought yesterday

dona purchase was inspired by discussion of chambray shirts recently x

AntPants1 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:28:54
ujjayi Sun 09-Sep-12 10:36:21

Personally I have no problem with labels: Like Dona, I love a good bargain and agree it is only a bargain if the quality is excellent, natural fibres rather than synthetics and you adore it. I've also become very despondent about high street shopping because I loathe polyester and yet it seems every store is awash with it. Don't even get me started on the ridiculous cost of acrylic knitwear.

I also loathe the way in which fast fashion has taken over. It's as if we don't care how long clothes last - from either a style or quality perspective - as long as we are being fed this constant diet of fad over function & true personal style.

Dona (and anyone else reading this) please don't feel that you cannot mention labels. During my time posting here I have mentioned everything from Dior to <<sharp intake of breath and whispers>> Boden shock. There is no need for anyone to feel that they cannot join in or to feel somehow "inferior". I don't feel inferior when I flick through Vogue, why should I feel inferior or unwelcome on here?

It makes me sad. Fashion and style is just fun - an extension of yourself and should be frivolous and light. Let's not make it anything other.

AntPants1 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:44:51

Also bought this in local boutique yesterday. Had never heard of label but I did a handbrake turn when I saw this in the window and now it is mine!!!

trixymalixy Sun 09-Sep-12 10:52:51

No no no! No one should be embarrassed about how much or how little they spend!! Please keep posting the labels and lovely links. There are plenty of threads in MN with high st links. I like this thread for the links to items that are over budget for me!!

Popcornia Sun 09-Sep-12 11:17:19

I certainly don't dress in designer labels. I have the (very) occasional designer piece from the sales, but most of my wardrobe is mid-range and high street.

With that out of the way, I have to say that for me the whole point of following fashion involves being aware of the "key texts." Now, if someone's style tribe is all about the retro 40s/50s look, then I would expect their key texts to be the costume designers for old Hollywood films, the original Dior/Chanel/Chloe designs, and so on. For those who are interested in modern or current fashion, the interest will be in current designers. Somewhere, some label (probably Zara, Topshop or Primark) will be knocking off the designer ideas at a cheaper price point, and knowing a bit about the key texts will allow you to understand whose knock-off you're buying and how to use it stylishly.

To me, only being interested in the knock-offs is a bit like saying that you're really into art, but refuse to go to a gallery because you can't afford the works. The affordable works in IKEA are probably either prints of originals or inspired by them, and there's nothing wrong with buying them. But there's a world of difference between finding something you like in IKEA and putting it on your wall and finding an IKEA print that reminds you of a Mondrian and putting it in your minimalist bathroom.

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 11:19:33

Excellent Ants! Love the dress, will look great on you. (Gap's not loading on phone for some reason).

Popcornia Sun 09-Sep-12 11:19:54

I should add that I would think the "alternative W&A" members could just as easily post here. I do not imagine myself in leather leggings either, I don't mind chatting about clothes with people who do!

Popcornia Sun 09-Sep-12 11:20:35

Ants, the colour of that dress is gorgeous.

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 11:26:06

Lovely posts Pop Ujjayi and Trixy. Am out so just reading.

Hopefully Sun 09-Sep-12 11:35:39

popcornia I thought the same - I love the mix of budgets and styles on here. I think maybe people forget that 90% of links/purchases on here are Zara/Topshop type prices, a bit of whistles/Hobbs price, and very occasionally insane designer prices for special treats and/ogling smile

Ugh, off to do a workout.

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 11:43:03

Yep ladies - this is all about having fun, feeling good, sharing!
And a great bargain triggers my hunter-gatherer instincts...

I have no problems with work and formal looks but struggle with casual / SAHM outfits and need your inspiratin for getting them right. Have enjoyed this thread and its predecessors - have learned so much and love the feedback. (Definitely investigating chambray/leather/pearls).

I've done the all-supermarket look too (during cash-poor student times maternity leave). Some people are able to rock it, I wasn't. Except that Lidl knickers and tights rule... grin

Almost finished with Nina Garcias's book. Have realized that must be doing something right because own most of the items mentioned there - but very intrigued by Army/Navy stores and lucite jewellery... grin Also, have found some amazing suppliers by googling her hints <squee difficult to contain excitement> Will really know where to shop when it's time to replace some basics.

Oh and love the vintage vibe here too... Ujjayi and others keep telling about your finds!

Ants love the necklace, very sophisticated.
Marsha enjoy the labeling madness.

Outfit of the day: bare feet and legs, sleeveless Mondrian-print cotton dress, red lipstick, toenails finally printed with Essie Ballet Slippers (Nina Garcia likes it too!)?

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 11:53:10

Sorry, atrocious copy editing...
Ants absolutely stunning dress!
Popcornia your post should be the motto of this thread... Apropos, the dress I'm wearing right now is high street but inspired by iconic 1960s YSL looks that were briefly revived a few seasons ago. YSL was inspired by Mondrian, a painter who started with landscapes and gradually simplified them and ended up colorful grids. My dress makes me think of all this. And it is beautiful and timeless...

ujjayi Sun 09-Sep-12 12:14:19

About the supermarket look: I have a black jersey grecian style one-shoulder dress which I wear wear with either flat gold leather sandals (on holiday) or gold or tan strappy heels (UK). It looks like Halston, gets so many compliments (the latest from an incredibly chic label-adorned Italian lady) and yet.........cost me £8 in Tesco. Yes. Tesco.

My other great evening wear purchase was a stunning red strapless jersey maxi which I first wore to a fundraiser organised by some very wealthy friends of ours. It was like walking through Harvey Nicks, ticking off label after label (am convinced even the waiting staff were clad in Gucci, they were so sharp). And yet the hostess told me that everyone wanted to know who was the woman in the strapless red maxi and I gracefully accepted many direct compliments that night too blush. Twas a bargainous Dorothy Perkins purchase at a mere £18. I still own it and wore it for my 40th.

Dona is absolutely on the nail when she describes the process of inspiration with designers. Few ideas are true original thought. Rare is the moment when a designer simply takes pencil and sketchbook and plucks an idea from thin air. All design calls on inspiration from other sources: art, music, architecture, vintage or historical fashions, soft furnishings etc. For an insight into how this works there is a beautiful book by Christian Lacroix called Diary of a Collection. It takes you through his process from a painting to the runway.

As an aside, a little bit of trivia: Lacroix is unable to create using his own name now. He always ran his business at a huge loss despite his haute couture and RTW always being in demand - but the cost of design and development far outweighed the income from sales. As a result, the label was bought. He now collaborates with other designers and labels and produced a gorgeous collection for Desigual under the name "Monsieur C Lacroix". Imagine not being able to use your own name!

trixymalixy Sun 09-Sep-12 12:16:18

Yes the leather leggings are not for me, I wish they were, but size, budget and opportunities to wear them mean they wouldn't be a wise purchase. However I do like the look of them on other people and the styling of them and living vicariously through those that they are for. I'll just wear black skinnies in their place!

Off out to see a friend's new house and for lunch wearing petrol skinnies, black Oasis vest and the Zara leopard cardigan I pinned. I think I need some accessories though. Maybe a cuff as the sleeves are 3/4?

trixymalixy Sun 09-Sep-12 12:18:50

Love that dress ants. Bet the smug factor was pretty high that night ujjayi, that dress sounds like a major bargain!

ujjayi Sun 09-Sep-12 12:19:05

oh and today I am wearing:

Michael Kors bikini (TK Maxx bargain)
White kaftan which totally channels Jade Jagger poolside in Ibiza (Tesco)

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 13:18:17

Ujjayji supermarkets are clearly getting better! Sadly no Tesco or Primark near us. And yes, my mother has always looked stunningly stylish in very inexpensive clothes - she taught me to sew, dye, thrift, shop in outlets and scan cheap and unlikely places. But she also bought designer shoes in 1970s when it was not a mainstream activity. And I've seen her in Givenchy...

My supermarket looks were pretty tragic: ill-fitting clothes slightly too big, ugly shoes plus endless ribbed turtlenecks and long-sleeved tees that got more and more formless with each wash confused

Designers, particularly the diffusion lines, use a lot of atrocious materials too. I used to love RED Valentino but over the past seasons it has gotten too synthetic - am not interested in an acrylic sweaters at any price point. This is why I am scanning more and more charity and consignment shops.

Poor Christian L! He made an entrance to high fashion when I started reading Vogue - I've always liked his over the top looks (and wore balloon skirts; one of my early fashion creations was inspired by him... I bought a pillarbox red longline knit blazer in a thrift shop and made a red balloon jersey skirt to match and sewed them together. One of the lost pieces I miss...).

Trixy I'm not stepping on the leather legging train either. I'm no good with lambskin, can see the kneebags, olive oil stains and snot marks...

pickledsiblings Sun 09-Sep-12 13:40:22

Just wanted to say that my not wanting to link to the White Stuff items that I like was mainly said in jest and was a nod to a historical thread reference. Wouldn't want you all thinking that I am intimidated by the labels, I'm not, but I am however intimidated by ... Primark.. smile. Dona, I'm with you on the natural fibres.

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 14:03:05

Scored a Marni necklace... Oops no labels, scored a necklace from H&M grin. Have been wanting it since the Marni collaboration was announced but was too lazy to queue.

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 14:18:08

Woohoo Dona!

Love that one! Think it's the one from Marni in Paris pin. Gorgeous.

Love the chat back later to catch up.

shopafrolic Sun 09-Sep-12 15:04:12

Hi all. Just checking in after a fraught time with DS and have to confess to someone......... temperature, breathing difficulties on Friday night were genuine enough and I think due to teething as 4 teeth had broken through by Saturday. But I think the rash is down to a new bubble bath! Bad mummy! Anyway - the good news is he is much brighter today - eating and sleeping so v relieved.
I saw the W&A thread and felt a little sad as I can hardly claim to be a designer queen. I am lucky enough to have some classic Mulberry handbags (like Dona I don't do statement bags) - my first Mulberry was bought in 1993 pre hype! Because of my shape 7FAM jeans fit me best but again - i have never paid full price buying in the sale at HoF or from Bicester. Day to to day I also wear lots of GAP skinnies as they are cut well and more importantly, long enough for me (I take a 33" leg).
I have one pair of Gucci shoes which I was bought for my 30th birthday - classic black courts which I adore and still wear, and my GINA wedding shoes but no others.
The majority of my clothes come from French Connection, GAP, and a label called Selected Femme which I discovered in Anna and seems reasonably priced:,en_GB,sc.html

I own a beautiful MaxMara coat which I got last year again from Bicester with a tax rebate cheque (DH was fuming!)
Whistles and Jigsaw were always treat purchases for me!
Since coming on here I have rediscovered Zara, and H&M for vests (thanks Dona) but more importantly I have 'met' genuinely warm, witty, creative, inspiring women who have reinvigorated my appetite for fashion.

Anyway - apologies for the long winded / slightly emotional outburst but I am genuinely feeling like a new me because of all of you. Gush over! blush

shopafrolic Don't be too hard on yourself. How could you have possibly known that a bubble bath would cause any problems? The important thing is that DS is better now.

ujjayi Snap! Soaking up the last dregs of sunshine in grey Seafolly bikini on our terrace. DH has taken DD into the craziness of a local fete for face painting etc.

How anyone could ever think the Vogue thing in the title is anything but wink is beyond me. Let's all be merry and keep sharing links and outfit details from wherever. smile

Hopefully Sun 09-Sep-12 16:00:41

Dona that Marni necklace seems really you, good find. Also, meant to ask, will YAWYW help me identify all gaps in my wardrobe? Have come to the conclusion that I am in a slight style rut (skinny jeans with a variation on the theme of racer-back vest and cardigan, anyone?) and need to rejuvenate a bit. But can't quite decide where to start since there are no BLOODY brown leather leggings on the face of the planet. I think some cheapo alternative - ponte leggings maybe? - might help meanwhile, for wearing with big knitwear and shirts.

Hopefully Sun 09-Sep-12 16:01:39

Oh dear shop! Glad your DS is better though.

Hopefully Sun 09-Sep-12 16:10:13

Can anyone arrange to throw a black tie dinner and lend me £2k to buy a dress? Loving this one

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 17:03:02

Shop my DC wear perfume all the time... Being a good mother is too dull wink

Hopefully YAWYW will help you to identify if you are stuck for some reason. It is not a checklist of clothes and styles. It goes much deeper - it helps you to see why you might be stuck and helps you to take steps to explore new things. The Nina Garcia book is a list of 100 classic clothes and accessories - it helped me to identify a few gaps, but most of all gave me confidence to keep doing my own thing.

Personally, the skinnies-top-scarf Holy Trinity bores me right now. Wearing bootcuts or flares with a white shirt or a vest and a fitted jacket is much more satisfying. I also love the simplicity of any type of dress (bodycon/fitted, full-skirt, minimalist A-line). My favorite transitional combination is coat dresses over skinnies or pseudo leather leggings. Also look forward to wearing my feather vest and fur stole with sweater dresses. Oh and leather jacket over chiffon prom dress...

Shop & all others, wanted to mention that Selected Femme / Vila / Only / Pieces / Vero Moda is a Danish high street conglomerate really worth exploring. Vila and Selected Femme are aimed at our age group - Only is more teen and 20sth territory. I supplement my wardrobe from them - if I need cheap and cheerful non-tatty clothes that are not a huge investment, I often find something from them. Have a great leather bag and leather coat and a sweater dress and a summer coat and a few belts and some other things from them. Quality is variable but almost always better than H&M and Zara. Unfortunately polyester is making big inroads there too.

Mellow early Sept weather. Hot and sunny during the day - evenings lovely and nights bordering on cold. Sitting on roof terace, DD2 playing with water, the sky is perfectly blue and buildings around us warm ochres and yellows.

After a lunch of risotto ai funghi with a dessert of fresh figs, cheese, poppy seed rolls and great Trentino wine, we went to Galleria Nazionale di Belle Arti to see the last day of the Andy Warhol exhibition. The museum is really nice - lots of internationally unknown artists, particularly enjoyed the over the top symbolists and Italian 19th century realism - magnificent canvases. I also love 1920s and 1930s art and architecture, some very interesting things plus lots of room for DC to run around. Wore the Mondrian, black ballet flats and my red python bag.

Have seen a few Italian women looking really good in deep red polo shirts and dark floor-length flared jeans. Not boring "I play golf and am stuffy" but somehow really effortlessly good. A surprise, am not a fan of polo shirts...

issimma Sun 09-Sep-12 20:00:35

It's a shame that people feel the need for a W&A non-label spin off thread. I love reading all the links in one place, and seeing amazing high street bargains nestled amongst Things I Will Never Afford.

I tend to go for solid brands on ebay (not particularly high end - Whistles, Reiss, etc) rather than Primark and co. Partly because I feel they offer better value for money, and partly because it fits my worthy Guardianista attitude toward wasting resources...

Tomorrow I'll be in - prepare yourself - Gabor, tall, flat, chestnut boots (perhaps a Granny brand, but on third winter and so comfortable and hardwearing, just needed reheeling this year), M&S indigo jeggings and jumper/top tbc. Will also wear a trench if it doesn't make me look too corpse-like (I'm a Summer).

Itsgottabebags Sun 09-Sep-12 20:19:37

I love dipping in to this thread and hearing about what people are wearing.

I bought a fab Missoni scarf at TK Maxx the other week that I can't wait to wear and wanted to tell people on here about!

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 20:21:20

Yes I can't do silk scarves, small ones in particular. But I do like skinnies, especially the MiH Paris. I love putting them on for the fit alone. I would love some very dark long tiny flare ones but they do need non-flat shoes which I don't have yet.

I do need quite a lot of stuff. But am waiting for the weather to turn before thinking seriously about what it might be. Then will do some more wandering around the shops before committing to anything.

I'm glad you're all staying to keep posting as you do. This thread is lovely.

Poor Lacroix. A lovely name.

Ooh Missoni itsgottabebags, is it a wool one?

I'm baaaaack.... Miss me?

Shit, guys, I'm going back to work on Tuesday... Ah, well. At least the wardrobe is sorted. Hopefully, how are you finding your v-neck me&em? Too sexy for work? I think I'd like a nice comfy jersey dress for such a purpose...

Have been fiendishly unstylish this week, outfits mainly consisting of terry shorts, Vince/Acne/American Vintage vests and sandals/Havs. Or the red Violet Lake. Maxis in the evening... Looking forward to flaunting my tan in a White shirt in the office!

Hello to all the newcomers! Will try and catch up properly...

MarshaBrady Sun 09-Sep-12 20:29:18

Yes! You've been missed!! Welcome back.

That sounds very stylish to me, terry shorts are the bomb. Good luck for Tuesday. And well done on the tan. (I have one but it's a bit one sided.)

Portia4 Sun 09-Sep-12 20:50:00

Evening All!

Autumn has arrived and the weather changed today so am wearing raspberry DKNY cosy, navy singlet, grey long sleeved t and navy Armani cargoes. I drove in to town especially today to get the navy Ash Jalouse but they are sold out, the 39 in black is quite large fitting, do they generally come up large as I would like to order them online.

Welcome back Amber, glad the hols went well.

Itsgottabebags Sun 09-Sep-12 20:50:56

Marsha no.

I do have one several Missoni scarves that I got new for less than ten quid about seven years ago that is wool. I also have a very long chunky wool Missoni scarf that was a bargain and just under 15 pounds new!

I try and buy clothes that will last and dress up with cheap or investment accessories.

cheesesarnie Sun 09-Sep-12 20:52:27

I mostly shop on the high street, second hand or markets (adore markets! As in I could weep as I get to brick lane grin).

issimma- boots sound lovely! I need to replace mine sad but am saving for my perfect pair. Will link in a minute and do not care what anyone thinks grin I love them! They are the only boots that don't look like wellingtons around my calfs!

portia my Jalouse are big, and I find Ash size large generally...

cheesesarnie Sun 09-Sep-12 21:21:01

forgot to ask....

I'm in desperate need of a manicure but really can't afford one at the moment, so top DIY manicure tips?

issimma Sun 09-Sep-12 21:21:26

cheese that's why I chose them - skinny calves here, and they have adjustable buckles. I also want Ash in navy and uggs.

DonaAna Sun 09-Sep-12 21:25:19

Amber happy you are back. You've really been missed! Good luck with starting work. I loved going back (could eat lunch at the canteen and could go to the bathroom alone).
Issimma Gabor do good shoes. Usually the best shoe is something in which you can stride confidently wink
Marsha I would love Paris but my spider legs can't handle it. Vienna and Oslo are my cities grin. If anyone is interested, bargainous Viennas on Outnet atm. eBay can be good too.
Bags I love a good zigzaggy scarf (eBay good for finding them). Nina Garcia mentions them in her book. They really do wonders to an otherwise boring outfit.
Sarnie I have a stylish friend who only shops at markets. If your natural style is bohemian, they are the best place.
Portia love the sound of navy Jalouse - might get them if I already didn't have three pairs of navy ankle boots.

Ladies, I've lost my mummy tummy shock. 5 years post 2 DC, I finally have a firm flat stomach. The cottage cheese wobble is gone! Thank you mother and father for good genes... Thank you NPR for good podcasts that make me want to go out for a run. And special thanks to the French Women Diet book and Mindless Eating... (Have been able to continue eating everything, including carbs, cheese and chocolate. Have just cut out the mindless parts.)

cheesesarnie Sun 09-Sep-12 21:25:40

ooh really! can you link?

these are the ones that I had before- and want again!

issimma Sun 09-Sep-12 21:30:23

Here. I paid £100 in the sale three years ago. They have lasted well and been worn loads. I love my granny boots! Apols for poor link, on phone.

cheesesarnie Sun 09-Sep-12 22:19:17

oooh nice! for some reason I can't do buckles but I love them.

Millie1 Sun 09-Sep-12 22:32:55

Ujjayi, a quick question re your Celtic Sheepskin purchase! What's the sizing like - would a small fit a size 10? And, is it very clingy <thinks of a tummy which certainly isn't flat>?

Whilst I'm here, does anyone have this Aigle jacket? Wondering what you think of it?

Thanks smile

blue2711 Sun 09-Sep-12 23:00:03

Hello. Enjoying the thread still although haven't been posting much. Yes yes to the links from all places and just enjoying whatever makes you feel good. I love certain high street places with a dash here and there of pricier items that I know I will cherish for years. Typical me is Topshop skinnies (because I am tiny and they fit just as well as J brands and hey EA rates them too), a Whistles top and a Mulberry or AH bag. And I admire stylish women wearing top to toe H&M just as much as those wearing Marant or whatever.

Wanted to tell you dona that I have made my first thrift shop purchase, a 'silver' sparkly four leaf clover necklace. For 50p! So sweet.

Outfit today a loose white cotton embroidered dress, leopard sandals, cobalt blue Gracie and shrunken denim jacket. Gorgeous summer day (but feels like that's it now, roll on autumn!).

I am firmly on the leather leggings bandwagon and have ordered these from Zara to try. Trying not to get hopes up though. When I do find the right pair (soon I hope!) I plan to wear them with ankle boots, loose knits, chambray, maybe my new Zara pink boots?

Lovely to see you back amber.

DonaAna Mon 10-Sep-12 07:32:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Right, style challenge: have hen do this weekend - theme is 80s, don't want to look like a total dick in a neon tutu. What to wear?

DonaAna Mon 10-Sep-12 07:35:45

Sorry wrong thread <need coffee>
Blue love the necklace and you and also should feel smug that TS fits you. I may have to try on the Zara leather leggings (have been looking for them twice instore but they didn't have any).

shopafrolic Mon 10-Sep-12 07:53:47

Selected Femme had leather leggings on their site too but only black (and v cheap!)
Hen do - Madonna? Oversized jacket, bustier, pearls, lace gloves?

amber Welcome back! We missed you.

The very last day of proper late summer heat here today. Wearing White Company light grey linen dress (belted) and light suede Castaner wedges.

notyummy Mon 10-Sep-12 08:56:08

I am def not a leather leggings person due to my body shape (my legs and bottom half need nothing that could possibly emphasise them making an appearance grin) I can happily admire them on others though and am still on the mythical quest (think Arthurian legend...) for coated s