*sounds klaxon* 30% GA peel shizzle that you can do at home

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thought i ought to do a public service and announce it properly as hardly anyone seems to know you can buy this stuff to use at home - and it works out sooo much cheaper than having it done at a salon even tho it's the exact same stuff.

i've only used it once so far (for 3 mins) but have been properly amazed by the results - as i posted on another thread, my 11s have reduced by 50% [holy grail] and my skin generally looks brighter and more even.

you do it weekly, building up the time over 6 weeks and then have a break.

the magic goo is here: www.bravuralondon.com/glycolic-acid-30.html

don't forget to get the neutraliser (apparently just bicarb but maybe has crushed fairies' castles in it too hmm so your choice) and use sun block in the day.

anyone a veteran of the stuff and care to share your results?

p.s. i don't work for bravura and i'm a MN regular recently name-changed to separate my S&B chat with my over-sharing on other threads.

Bluebirdpies Tue 20-Mar-12 08:48:06

How does your skin look the next day? My friend did one and she looked dreadful for over a week- peeling, scabby and flakey.

really? after 30%?

mine was completely normal (but better!) - no redness, flaking or anything which seems typical from the couple of people i know who have used it.

i have microdermabrasion too (not at the same time obv) and i get more of a reaction to that (bit red, some flaking a couple of days later).

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:13:02

I have been reading this american dermatologists blog who recommends 15%

Suppose I could dilute the 30% if needed as I have sensitive skin

Love the thought of burning away those number 11s and it's cheap!

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:15:20

Seasonofthewitch- what sort of skin do you have , blog I linked to recommends higher % for oily skin. I have combo just to make it complicated.

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:16:44

and is your profile pic before or after the peel shizzle
you are younger and smoother than moi.....beeeatch smile

AnEcumenicalMatter Tue 20-Mar-12 09:21:43

Interesting. My friend lives abroad and has been having regular peels. She found out that you can buy the stuff here for home use and asked me to send her some. Is this what I'm looking for then? I'm far too delusional young and fresh faced to know about such things.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Tue 20-Mar-12 09:23:15

It claims to help with stretch marks - wonder if that's the case or will I fling it in the bin like everything else I've tried?
Also, do you reckon you could use it just on the area, ie blackhead-covered nose?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:26:38

I can vouch for this stuff. I've just completed my first six weeks. I'm using it to clear my heavily congested, blackheady skin.

It is quite drying, and after the last session, when I left it on for 8 minutes, my skin was a bit flakey for about four days afterwards, but not unsightly enough for me to want to stay at home. I just use some Clarins facial oil afterwards to keep my skin moisturised.

Am now 2 weeks into a month's break, and already itching to use it again.

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 09:28:13

Looks good! But I feel a bit scared to try it ?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:29:13

Best thing is, it's only £10, and I've only used about a fifth of the bottle, doing a six week course.

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:33:25

Test it on a patch of skin first, if you're scared. And only leave it on for a minute, the first time. Apply it to dry clean skin. I just put a few drops in my hand, then swipe it over my face, avoiding the eye area. Time how long it's on for carefully. It tingles a bit, which becomes more intense the longer you leave it on for, but not unbearably so. Then, when your time is up, you just apply the bicarb. You can actually just use water, because that neutralises it too, but less so than the bicarb. I then leave my skin with nothing on for half an hour. Am a bit red and tingly. Once that calms down, I moisturise with a natural oil.

fishie Tue 20-Mar-12 09:34:26

hmm I am tempted. Almost got some from america but couldn't persuade the site to take my card.

ecumenical begone fresh-faced beast, you are not welcome here. but in the interests of your less fresh-faced friend - it could be, did she say she wanted GA (there are different types of peels)?

ggirl it is an 'after the shizzle' pic grin i'd say my skin is oily-combination. was oily when i was younger but less so these days. i reckon 30% is about right for mine but yy, maybe 15% would be better for you, o sensitive one.

quinn that's interesting that you found it drying even tho you have oily skin - was that only as you increased the mins?

the only bit i found 'painful' was the neutraliser - bit of an ouchy few seconds then fine again. was just surprised as i hadn't expected that.

yy quinn i can not get over how cheap it is. i think i read it's 40 applications in one bottle. and costs about £40 (?) for the same hexing treatment in a salon.

shotgun i don't see why you couldn't just use it on your nose. might just end up with a beak that looks younger than the rest of you tho grin

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 09:42:21

Will it bring out all the lurking spots though? A few years ago I used a Neutrogena wash -which had a lot of salicylic acid (if i remember rightly) after a few days i had definitely cleared out my chin pores - looked a mess!

Amworried that this would do the same?

Other than that -may give it a go for a tenner!!

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 09:42:29

ah fuck it ..have ordered the 30% am gonna burn those 11s and blackheads

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:48:19

Yes, the dry flakiness only happened when I left it on for longer, but I did that on purpose. I kind of wanted to give my skin a really good peel, if you see what I mean. And that was only after using it a few times, and knowing what to expect.

can't use as breastfeeding, but used to use a glycolic acid wash and was told by someone working on commission that washes were more effective? hmm Can't wait to get back on a skin routine that works

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 09:49:18

Supernanny, it cleared up any spots I had, and I haven't had any break outs since.

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 10:05:16


Watch this space smile or face x

MissFoodie Tue 20-Mar-12 10:09:52

quinn sounda fba, so are you using the liquid gold every other night too?
I just started the liquid gold expecting something amazing to happen to pores on nose, skin feels softer but no major difference to these or capilaries on cheeks.....so def tempted to get the bravura 30%

my god, what would we all do without mumsnet s&B?????????


Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 10:31:14

Firstly, OMG @ your profile pic Season! Your skin is friggin luminous envy

Secondly, I must buy it now as ggirl has bought it and I follow her in all things make-up and skin related grin

<skips off to spend £ I don't have>

Levantine Tue 20-Mar-12 10:35:05

I feel a BBH moment coming on

Season, your skin IS amazing. And what lipstick are you wearing in your photo. I lurve it and I want it

MissFoodie Tue 20-Mar-12 10:36:15

how can you see profile pics???????

Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 10:37:22

I love the lipstick too!

Miss F, click on Season's photos on her profile

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 10:39:54

hey pinot! I thought I was always copying you !

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 10:40:54

I do want something that gets rid of the lines around eyes though
can I not burn them away too?

Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 10:41:08

grin We would be dangerous if we were let loose in a John Lewis together!

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 10:42:59

I know ...when I end my days I want to be laid to rest in the beauty dept of JL

MissFoodie Tue 20-Mar-12 10:44:52

jesus, she is GLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
am envious as hell now.............

Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 10:46:28

Phwoar yeah me too gg

hey thanks all! in the interests of full disclosure, i think some of any 'lume' i have in the pic is down to seasonal colour shit too. i only uploaded this pic i took of myself to show someone on another thread the teal (!) eyeliner i've been converted to since being draped.

and the lippy is bargainous Body Shop Red Gleam gloss.

i can't remember when i did my last peel - lateish last week so i'm dueish to do it again <wonders if bringing children's bedtime forward to 2.30pm would be v wrong>

have you all bought it?! I'm convinced that this stuff isn't another case of emperor's new clothes hard look in direction of the fine line that BE is collected in but can't to see if you agree.

can't wait to see

Pinot Tue 20-Mar-12 14:11:36

I have bought it!
I am an S&B sheep

Levantine Tue 20-Mar-12 14:37:20

teal eye liner eh? I've got the same colouring as you <trots off to body shop>

can't do the peel as am still bf my youngest

will watch with interest

Levantine Tue 20-Mar-12 14:38:06

should have added I do not have the same luminous skin though - unfortunately

jen127 Tue 20-Mar-12 15:51:58

Damm Mumsnet! I have just bought it! What do you use to apply it ? Do you need the brush as it is currently sold out ?

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 15:53:18

suppose any brush will do , or your hands ....will I have no fingerprints!?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 20-Mar-12 16:29:14

Bollocks, I've just bought someblush

God, I'm such a sheep! I've been using the Alpha H glycol acid stuff I read about in here, and I'm doing the OCM, still look about 90 thoughgrin

I had so much more money before discovered MN S&B!

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 16:30:35

I used a flat foundation brush a couple of times, and my fingers the other times.

I'm in.

(total S&B junkie)

supernannyisace Tue 20-Mar-12 17:20:24

Bum! I ordered it, but just been to derm dept about spots/oilyness - and got a prescription for Differin. so wont' be able to use this stuff too -or else my face may fall off.

It will keep I am sure smile

knitknack Tue 20-Mar-12 17:27:47

How timely I've just bought a 10% kit from eBay after having fantastic results with liquid gold! I am obviously a total wuss, so may get 30% soon (baaaaa). Is very cheap on eBay smile

Is anyone else using Emma hardie cleanser? We'll all have the same skin care routine at this rate!

hatcam Tue 20-Mar-12 18:02:50

Is this the real deal? A course of 3 glycolics here is approx £180. I know I'd rather pay less but am I going to mess up my skin? Can't work out whether I'd be a mug to buy this stuff or a mug to go to the salon?!

I currently use Dermaquest glycolic moisturising wash, serious sunblock and skinceuticals o.5% retinol night treatment. Touch wood skin is better than been for ages. Have been recommended glycolic peel by clinic who sold me the dermaquest.

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 19:10:18

It works for me. I'd say yes it's the real deal. I started off using Alpha H, and it was someone on here a couple of months ago who recommended the Bravura.

DinahMoHum Tue 20-Mar-12 19:32:52

thanks. Ordered!

DilysPrice Tue 20-Mar-12 19:51:45

I'm such a wuss - I want to try this but need a salon to hold my hand the first time before I DIY.

How do I find a good salon?

Chockiebiccie Tue 20-Mar-12 20:37:35

What are 11s? intrigued

ggirl Tue 20-Mar-12 20:53:03

11s are the two vertical lines between the eyebrows

FirstLastEverything Tue 20-Mar-12 21:17:28

Am so tempted. Doesn't look like bravura do the 15% though. Any other good suppliers?

Bibbob Tue 20-Mar-12 21:22:12

Aargh. Thought I had bought the neutraliser. But not so. Confusing website. If its just bicarbonate of soda, how do I apply that at home? make a paste? Dissolve it in water for a splash? Can anyone help?

Chockiebiccie Tue 20-Mar-12 21:23:23

I see! Thanks ggirl

I was wondering what 11s were too, thanks for asking chockie

so tell me what this GA stuff does then? And the liquid gold and anything else that will make me look younger and remove those blasted red capillaries around my nose area?

And why did I not know about this before now?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 21:33:47

Doesn't remove the capillaries, but does reduce the their appearance. Yup, just get some bicarb, add a little water to form a paste. Whack it on with fingers, when ready.

ah ok. Just before I got married my friend (who was a beauty therapist) did some capillaries on my nose that had burst with an electric zappy thing. Disappeared them like magic.

Had a look in salons lately (this was 15 yrs ago) and cant seem to find anywhere. Is is electrolysis I am looking for?

QuinnFabray Tue 20-Mar-12 21:59:01

GA is a gentle chemical exoliant derived from plant sugars, I believe. It removes the surface layer of skin, to reveal what's underneath. Very good if you have blackheads, open pores. Helps even out skin tone and just makes you look fresher. I can't say it's done much for my fine lines and wrinkles, to be honest, but it's really helping with my oily congested skin.

to all ye who are scared i really don't think you need to be. you can always do just 2 mins and see what you reckon. it's not one of those super duper 10 years younger face falling off stylee kind of peels, honest! smile

oh i i just used my fingers to put it on, didn't bother with a brush.

rusmum Tue 20-Mar-12 22:08:43

Why Do i keep lurking on s & b? Bought! Lol x grin

lurkingaround Tue 20-Mar-12 23:03:45

Was having a lurk around, and clicked on to your profile pics season.
You look amazing!! What the heck! Luminous indeed. Do you have an entirely stress-free existence, sleeping children, an extraordinary diet, and have you never seen the sun? Or is it just the GA?

<laughs forever> you are very kind but hell no on all counts, aside from maybe the extraordinary diet if a vegan one with shitloads of cake counts?

otchayaniye Wed 21-Mar-12 11:19:00

i've held off buying this as am bfeeding, but will be for years if second is
like first.

i mean realistically, how would a 30 pct harm the baby?

otchayaniye Wed 21-Mar-12 11:19:17

anything i could use?

jbg Wed 21-Mar-12 12:47:48

I did a Bravura glycolic peel a couple of years ago to get rid of brown patches on my forehead and cheeks (from sunbathing yrs ago). I did a peel as recommend once a week. I think it took a couple of months to complete the course and the results were amazing. Completely got rid of my darks patches and despite me living in Madrid, haven't returned.

I now use Paula's Choice aha serum plus retinol serum/moisturiser at night to keep skin looking fresh and La Roche Posay Vitmin C moisuriser, spf 30 for daytime.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bravura. Also if you have any questions they're always quick to answer - in my experience.

jbg Wed 21-Mar-12 12:55:58

I forgot to say I adhered to the timing really strictly and also i think i only used 10% strength. I didn't notice any flaking or redness and had no bad reactions at all.

Not only did the dark patches disappear, never to return, but my skin looked fresher.

NotMostPeople Wed 21-Mar-12 14:02:01


Can I continue to use the Alpha H or would that be too much?

QuinnFabray Wed 21-Mar-12 15:56:37

I used the Alpha h maybe once or twice during the week between peels. Am now now on my months break, after the six weeks of peels, and am using Alpha H normally again to maintain.

otch i'm in no way medically trained and please don't take this as fact but i can't believe it would harm a bf baby at all.

i know thru an issue i had when pg and needed to take antibiotics having spoken to tons of doctors and consultants that with lots of things stuff they list them as not suitable for pg and bf because they've not been tested in those conditions (because why would you test the safety of something on a pg woman unless you have to?)

if it's safe to put on your skin without any damage then how the hell would it make its way into bm in a sufficient quantity to do any damage to the baby confused

personally, i think it's a non-issue but it's your call smile

oh and i did a 4 min peel last night. my skin looks like it's been a bit bleached (in a good way!)

no redness or flaking or anything.

what sun block are you all using/planning to use?

oooh, good point season grin

otchayaniye Wed 21-Mar-12 19:58:08

thanks season. i have a fairly loose and relaxed attitude to risk (dyed all my greys thru both pgs, i drink regularly bfeeding etc etc.)

and yes, i've heard very good things about bravura and their service. i have bought a dermaflannel from them.

otchayaniye Wed 21-Mar-12 19:58:29

re sunblock i rate anthelios

ggirl Wed 21-Mar-12 20:19:03

yes sunblock ,I need a good one

where did I read that la roche possay spf 30 is good?

I need an oil free one preferably

ggirl Wed 21-Mar-12 20:19:34

arf I thought anthelios was a typo..never heard of it

hatcam Wed 21-Mar-12 20:24:27

I work outside all year and swear by Dermaquest Zinclear factor 30. I use it instead of moisturiser and it doesn't do that weird claggy/pilling thing when you put makeup on the top. The zinc is really healing too so if you have awkward skin it's lovely. Doctors recommend it if you're having full on peels/treatments.

More budget the neutrogena sheer dry touch is good also.

NotMostPeople Wed 21-Mar-12 20:24:46

Thanks QuinnF that sounds like a good plan.

I've got a Mac 50 spf primer that I bought last summer I think that'll do the job nicely.

MissFoodie Wed 21-Mar-12 21:15:32

which anthelios is good? is the 50 really white on the skin?

lurkingaround Wed 21-Mar-12 22:29:58

I find the anthelios 50 quite white on my skin. Bit of a nuisance. La Roche Posay also do a tinted one which is v handy, and quite a good colour I think. And you can buy it for dry or combination/oily skin. It's a very reputable product, good sun protection I think. I think you need at least factor 30. A lot of dermatologists recommend 50.

QuinnFabray Wed 21-Mar-12 22:33:52

I use the MAC spf 50 primer. I use it every day anyway, regardless of glycolic acid use. It's the only primer that stops foundation from sliding off my oily face. Great stuff.

cybbo Wed 21-Mar-12 22:37:27

Oh heavens

There was me thinking S and B had died and gone to the dogs (in that order) when this thread comes along

Might put Botox on hold (was just revving up to make first appointment call for number 11's) and if this will fade the Bisto patch on my left cheekbone I'm gonna go for it


OP you have lovely skin

<coughs> bitch grin

ggirl Wed 21-Mar-12 23:02:44

cyb -about time woman!

cyb shall i post my 'Should I buy this dress' thread now? wink

deffo try this 30% shiznit before the 'tox. my 11s are a candidate for the latter but i haven't wanted to do it so have been looking for an alternative. it's obv not going kill off the fuckers entirely but i'm hoping i'll be able to make my peace with them in a diminished form.

and thank you for the compliment

<under breath> bitch grin

so... the splendiferous Sali Hughes - she reckons she doesn't need to use peels 'that often because i do ocm' [i'm paraphrasing]. i do ocm and it's good but not a freakin' miracle. She does have jolly nice skin tho, do we know how old she is (and if she's a MNetter)?


(this ain't peel porn btw, just her chatting about peels)

Pinot Thu 22-Mar-12 09:48:28

Sali is the same age as me - 36 and lives 20 mins away from me. I sound like her stalker grin She doesn't do ocm, she does HCC (hot cloth cleansing) - have chatted with her on her FB group about ocm - she likes but finds it too messy.

I call my 11's my "Oi!" lines as they show up when I shout at the kids blush grin

CrispyHedgehog Thu 22-Mar-12 10:12:56

I'm so bloody gullible grin

Haven't been on for months and my first venture into S&B results in me spending again!

Can't wait for this stuff to arrive

catinboots Thu 22-Mar-12 10:52:52

I burnt my face sad

I read this thread yesterday and dug out a bottle of 30% GA I bought about a year ago and never used. Put it on with cotton wool, it started stinging straight away but I waited 3 minutes. I washed my face in water and bicarb, then water and soap about 10 times. Face looked really red last night.

Today it's all tight, bumpy and red - like it's going to peel.

First the MN haircut, then this. sad

What did I do wrong???

MissFoodie Thu 22-Mar-12 10:56:25

oh no!!!!!!!!!! you poor thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suspect you're supposed to start with a lower %, eg liquid gold, then build up to the 10% and then the 30%........
was it Bravura?

QuinnFabray Thu 22-Mar-12 11:16:58

Step one: do a patch test.
Step two: Leave it on for one minute.
Step three: Wait at least four days ( they say one week, but I've read four days is okay, if skin is okay ) then leave it on for 2 minutes.
Step four: increase length of time by about a minute, each time you do it.
Step five: after 6 peels, wait a month before you do it again.

The Bravura stuff is just glycolic acid. Any 30% GA that you buy is much of a muchness, so the brand is irrelevant.

QuinnFabray Thu 22-Mar-12 11:20:21

catinboots. Keep your face well moisturised with a natural oil, or very gentle moisturiser. Looks like you had an adverse reaction to it though, Or just did too much too soon. Hopefully once your skin settles back down in a few days, it will look wonderful.

JustHecate Thu 22-Mar-12 11:22:11

I must lodge a formal complaint.

I feel this is a misuse of the call to pusporners Klaxon.


poor cat but as quinn says you'll prolly look amazeballs when your skin has settled down and we'll all be searching ebay for year-old bottles.

And now for the science bit....

I wonder if the ph could have changed over time, making it more acidic?

<ignores allegations of misuse of klaxon as felt within rights to use it as was in public's interest to know about this stuff>

MissFoodie Thu 22-Mar-12 11:56:09

or maybe it was a dodgy one off ebay and not the bravura?
or maybe they do go off after time?
still not put off getting some

catinboots Thu 22-Mar-12 13:47:34

Ah patch test. That would have been a good idea.

Slathered my face in Waitrose Bottom Butter then caked myself in make up for work.

I hope you're all right that my skin will be fabbo when it heals

Maraki Thu 22-Mar-12 13:55:53

Catinboots: your skin will definately be amazing when it heels, have you not watched '10 years younger' where they literally burn the poor (victim's) face off to reveal amazing skin?

I ordered mine today, but will not skip the patch test now. Oh the power of mumsnet: they have run out of the stuff and expect a new delivery tomorrow :-) I wonder how many people bought this as a result of reading it here?!

Whizkidwithacrazystreak Thu 22-Mar-12 13:59:23

Sounds interesting and much more cost effective but do you know the PH levels of these products. I do know that it is so very important for them to have a low PH number for them to be effective.

Here's a little information on the matter http://truthinaging.com/ingredient-spotlight/glycolic-acid-and-ph-levels-getting-the-balance-right

cybbo Thu 22-Mar-12 16:31:25

I reckon EVERYONE has peels in the public eye, I know Lisa Eldridge the make up artist swears by Lactic Acid as a facial treatment

Pinot Thu 22-Mar-12 16:34:21

lactic acid?


MissFoodie Thu 22-Mar-12 16:50:18

lactic acid is what you get in yoghurts or mixing milk/lemon juice, so, remember all those tips about home made face masks using yogurt and lemon juice.........?

reikizen Thu 22-Mar-12 16:58:37

when I've had GA peels at a salon I was told not to put water on my face for at least 12 hours as that would cause burning and peeling. Anyone else been told this?

laptopdancer Thu 22-Mar-12 17:17:39

i used to use lactic acid peels about 15 years ago..quite good

catinboots Thu 22-Mar-12 17:59:43

Sides of nose scabbing up a treat.

I better emerge from this crust as a glowing pearl of youth

ah scabs - deffo a good sign cat

reikizen with this one, you wash the 2nd neutraliser off with water and then just leave it without any product on overnight (you can use oil if your skin is dry)

cyb i so agree. makes me a bit angry thinking about those slebs keeping it for themselves all this time. that lisa eldridge, a right selfish creature if ever there was one.

so year-old bottles aside... has anyone else got it yet?!

ggirl Thu 22-Mar-12 19:41:35

still waiting for mine to arrive

cybbo Thu 22-Mar-12 19:43:47

I ordered the Mac primer spf 50 too. What a total sheep

Hope I don't end up looking like The Singing Detective

catinboots Thu 22-Mar-12 20:08:52

The Singing Detective

That's me that is


catinboots Thu 22-Mar-12 20:16:19

Sorry not meaning to put anyone off grin

It's my own fault I've ended up like Freddie Kruger. I'm still optimistic about the results....

niknakpaddywhack Thu 22-Mar-12 20:18:27

There, there catinboots, just think -you did a good thing reminding all of us stupid sheep that we need to do patch tests with our new beauty products.

savy57 Thu 22-Mar-12 20:35:58

just looking at this website and it says its good for scars and stretch marks, has any of use tried it for this yet? what were the results my stomach is covered in stretch marks wondering if this will help any

JasperJohns Thu 22-Mar-12 23:17:50

aaagh - I want some but website is driving me nuts!

I said 'yes' add neutraliser but then it disappears from summary and the price ends up less than it started for just the peel alone.

MissFoodie Fri 23-Mar-12 10:00:34

omg feel awful but between this thread and the burnt fanjo one, I can't stop laughing......

JasperJohns Fri 23-Mar-12 11:13:40

I have ordered some <can we have a sheep emoticon?>

I hope it helps with my hyper-pigmentation which I have had since I was pg the first time.

I have just watched Sali Hughes, she chunters on a bit!

MissFoodie Fri 23-Mar-12 11:20:00

does anyone know what the % of GA is in that sanctuary peel kit?

LtheWife Fri 23-Mar-12 12:09:31

On the subject of Bravura peels, a quick shout out to all those suffering from blackheads, spots and acne etc. Try the salicylic acid peel. Glycolic acid is great at treating surface problems, but it's water soluble. So it will help congested skin in that it breaks down the dead skin that caps the pores that causes a sebum build up. But salicylic acid is lipid soluble so aswell as breaking down the dead skin 'cap' it can also penetrate through the oil and break down the nasty oily crap that's been trapped inside AND is anti inflammatory. And as a bonus it does all the other things that the glycolic peel does too.

As someone who's suffered acne for over 15 years and whose last hope was roaccutane from a dermatologist (which I wanted to avoid as it's nasty stuff) it's been truely life changing. My acne is gone, i only get a few blackheads in the most stubborn areas, my pores appear tighter, my skin looks more even and on the rare occassion when I do get a new spot they are now much smaller than they used to be and disappear overnight with normal spot creams. Once the last of the scars have faded I'll even be able face the world without foundation for the first time since childhood. I used a cheapy from eBay, but it's all the same stuff really.

MissFoodie Fri 23-Mar-12 12:20:50

do you think you can alternate salycilic with GA? or do you have to stick to one or the other?

the SA sounds fab!

no expert but i reckon you'd be better off alternating a 'course' of one then the other rather than alternating every week. no basis for thinking that tho tbh.

we're all gonna end up with wardrobe of acids at this rate hmm

LtheWife Fri 23-Mar-12 12:31:49

There shouldn't be any need to alternate, salicylic acid does everything that glycolic acid does PLUS has the benefit of penetrating deeper into the pores and being anti inflammatory. SA (a beta hydroxy acid) is much stronger than GA and the other alpha hydroxy acids though, which is why it's sold in lower concentrations.

As to whether or not you CAN alternate, I've no idea. Unless someone can come up with a definitive yes on that one I'd suggest completing a course of one, taking a break, then trying the other just to be one the safe side.

Word of caution though, SA shouldn't be used by those who are allergic to asprin.

MissFoodie Fri 23-Mar-12 13:51:04

no aspirin allergy smile

NotMostPeople Fri 23-Mar-12 21:05:04

Isn't SA the stuff that's in veruca gel?

lurkingaround Fri 23-Mar-12 21:33:22

Lthe What percentage of salicylic acid do use?

DingbatsFur Fri 23-Mar-12 22:17:43

Have you folks ever heardof the aspirin mask? Basically you crush about 5-6 tablets, mix with enough warm water to form a paste and then apply until it dries (5-10 mins?). Happy peaceful skin almost immediately afterwards and no dangerous scaley snake skin bits afterwards. Soluble aspirin works best. Very very cheap skin care.

LtheWife Fri 23-Mar-12 22:21:39

SA is in all sorts, from face washes and teen spot cream, to yes, verruca treatments. Used because it speeds up the cell renewal process of the outermost layer of skin, just like GA and all the other popular AHA's.

I use a 20% SA because I'd previously used 30% GA peels without a problem. It definitely tingles more/gives more of a warm sensation than I ever experienced with GA though but I only get a tiny hint of pinkness that calms down within a few minutes. If you've not used acid peels before I believe its recommended to start with 10% SA and work your way up if needed.

dyspeptic Sat 24-Mar-12 10:34:18

Really Lthewife, it is that good? Am excited at the thought as another who never faces the world without foundation. Which actual product do you use?

QuinnFabray Sat 24-Mar-12 11:20:17

Right, having used 30% GA for a six week course, and pretty happy with the results, I'm going to give the SA a go, to see how the two compare. SA is supposed to be better for oily congested skin, isn't it?

TracyK Sat 24-Mar-12 11:26:15

Do you need to use sunscreen with SA as well as the GA?
I'm scared of using my GA now the sun is here cos I sure love to sit in it!

LtheWife Sat 24-Mar-12 12:15:01

As with everything I would expect it won't work for everyone dyspeptic, but I'd say it's worth a try! For me it's been brilliant and has achieved what over the counter products and several years on antibiotics, prescription topical treatments, dianette etc promised but couldn't deliver. For instance, last night one of nasty, deep cyst type spots appeared. Previously they would swell up over the course of a few days, never actually form a head, the skin would get irritated and weepy, go all crusty and generally stay crusty and swollen for a couple of weeks. Once it eventually healed I could guarantee it would reappear in the exact same place a few weeks later. Last night I put some freederm on the new spot, this morning the swelling isn't at all visible and I've had no weeping or crusting. I can still feel a small lump under the skin, but I expect it will be gone completely by tomorrow. A huge improvement!

The one I use is from eBay seller Forever Young, they have a guide to which peel to pick here. I bought the 20% lactic/salicylic combination peel because I was concerned about SA being stronger and the combination is supposed to be better for sensitive skin, but it's the SA that is making the difference for me (I've used lactic acid before without an improvement in my acne).

TracyK yes, still need sunscreen with SA I'm afraid

TracyK Sat 24-Mar-12 13:28:42

I might just skip the peel stuff till after summer. Will give the crushed asprin paste a go though!

PooPooInMyToes Sat 24-Mar-12 13:38:08

Im interested in trying one for fine lines and generally perking up my complexion. Which would be best? I have dry skin with an oily nose! Can't say my nose is the problem though.

Its also making me wonder if i should try it on my arms as i have the skin condition polaris Keritosis. Sp?

supernannyisace Sat 24-Mar-12 13:48:55

Mine arrived in the mail this morning.

Was a teeny weeny bottle - (and the neutralising stuff).

May give it a go tomorrow!

Fingers crossedx

LtheWife Sat 24-Mar-12 14:12:25

PPIMT SA is supposedly best for combination skin/oily T zones and is recommended for keratosis pilaris too! Perhaps take a look at the previous link I posted, it lists different skin types and complaints and suggests which acid in which concentration can help along with how often to apply.

TracyK Sat 24-Mar-12 20:04:07

when did you order yours supernanny?

supernanny i found it best to use at night so i could go product-free overnight. hope it goes well.

<does good acid vibes air-stroking over supernanny's post>

LtheWife SA isn't drying then?

I still can't believe how much difference the GA has made to my skin, it looks so even and bright and i'm sure my pores look smaller. i'm desperate to know if anyone else finds the same. i've only done it twice so far, can you freaking imagine it after the whole course?!

i would post a new pic but you'll all hate me grin

LtheWife Sat 24-Mar-12 22:18:02

Sounds like youre having some pretty amazing results there Witch!

I haven't found SA at all drying, but I don't know if that's because I've used it as a combination peel with lactic acid too. I do know that the dry patches I did have previously (very much combination skin) are now lovely and smooth though and everything seems much more even.

savy57 Sat 24-Mar-12 22:52:27

has anybody tried this on stretch marks? did it work

no but i used it on an old burn scar on my hand <clumsy cook> and it's def already faded a bit. i'm going to try it on my c-sec scar too altho i realise that's so deep it prolly won't do much, i'm just keen to experiment!

...hell, i'm prolly going to end up trying everywhere but my actual irises wink

QuinnFabray Sun 25-Mar-12 09:33:42

I found the GA quite drying, which I didn't like. All the oil in my skin must have been keeping it plumped up and moisturised, so once the GA got rid of my oiliness and blackheads, I felt I looked older. Older with clearer skin mind!
That's why I'm going to give Salicylic Acid a go. It's supposed to be just as effective, but gentler.

will be great to hear your comparison quinn

so far the GA hasn't been at all drying for me but that might change as i up the minutes.

supernannyisace Sun 25-Mar-12 18:50:59

Tracy K

I ordered mine last Tuesday - it arrived Saturday morning.
Are you still waiting?

supernannyisace Sun 25-Mar-12 18:51:40

I shan't be trying it tonight - as have been sat in the sunshine all afternoon - and have a rather rosy face! better leave it a couple of days i think!

sobenobu Sun 25-Mar-12 19:15:09

Can't remember who posted about the MAC, but isn't the SPF in creams supposed to halve about 12 months after opening a tube/bottle?
Tinted La Roche Posay to me feels like slathering thick butter on my face which doesn't melt, still the best one I've tried though as the MAC somehow makes me go a rather pretty violet colourhmm

I always buy new every year.

Bravura here I come!

cybbo Sun 25-Mar-12 19:18:22

I'm on the verge of botox for my no.11s so have bought the peel and the 15% night cream to try first to avoid singing detectiveness.

Sootie Sun 25-Mar-12 19:38:04

Can I ask if GA peel treatment is good for evening skin tone? I have a permanent pregnancy mask around my upper/lower lip and forehead that never went away after my first pregnancy. I've tried everything to get rid of it, but still there. I also have open pores...should I try this? I also have olive skin so sometimes look like Homer Simpson without makeup!!

cybbo Sun 25-Mar-12 19:59:18

Miss Behive I am on the precipice of Botox too.

Cant stand this angry line betwixt my brows anymore, it gets all crapola stuck in the giant pores that lie within.

Want the whole lot smoothed away

Oh, I know what you mean cyb and let's face it, there's only so much a fringe can do grin

<links arms in a comradely fashion>

cybbo Sun 25-Mar-12 20:32:05

My local place does 2/3 area for £150 which is good, so I'm told

dyspeptic Sun 25-Mar-12 20:41:18

Cheers for the links ltthewife, am amused that I fancy this as am the most ultra low maintenance woman ever. I have no idea how I ended up on s and b but am delighted that I may be able to make my craggy canvas less pittedsmile

honestly cyb and MissBee - try this first. i was getting so hacked off with my 11s but they're now bearable just after 2 peels. they're obv not frozen and gorn like they would be with botox but i NEED the weapon of the death-frown so this is a good compromise.

sootie it's deffo evened mine tho not sure if it would a pg mask. try it!

NotMostPeople Sun 25-Mar-12 21:08:24

Baaa again have now bought the SA as well as the GA and I ordered a clarisonic this week if I don't look better i'll just have to give up.

Thinking of getting this after payday just wondering, I currently use Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream SPF 30 and then use a primer with SPF 15 and a face powder with an SPF 15 too, will this be ok for sun protection or would one really high SPF be better? I'm quite fair.

cybbo Sun 25-Mar-12 22:11:48

Oh yes I am def going to try this first

Then will upgrade onto Botox once I've burnt all my skin off

Arf@ Cyb

I might take before and after pictures so that I can spend hours checking them obsessively for any sign of turning into Sarah Parish improvement.

PerryCombover Sun 25-Mar-12 23:11:27

i use a daily 10% Glycolic it's amazing

MrsBovary Sun 25-Mar-12 23:27:36

I might try this, but am waiting for a few more people to try it first <cowardly> Marking place in readiness.

catinboots are you looking all smooth and beautiful now?

LtheWife Sun 25-Mar-12 23:37:34

Sootie I've not tried it myself, but Mandelic Acid is supposed to be good for hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and melasma (mask of pregnancy). It's also the recommended peel for people with darker skin as others can actually cause hyper-pigmentation (particularly Asian and African skin tones).

catinboots Mon 26-Mar-12 03:58:58

Yes!!!! gringrin

My chin is still a bit crispy but the rest of my face is all lovely and smooth and looks more even.

I was tempted to do another peel last night but am holding off until I buy some new GA.

So when was it I burnt my face? Was it wednesday night? I had 3 days of angry skin really but it does look good now. I have some hyper pigmentation on my jaw line that I want to tackle next.... grin

annh Mon 26-Mar-12 09:57:24

Have read the whole thread, taken the plunge and ordered! I am currently in the middle of teeth whitening so I expect to be a Grecian goddess by the time all this beautifying is finished! Well, I can dream ....

Shall I go for GA or SA? I'm 26 with combination skin. I used to get lots of spots as I had a dry crusty layer of dead skin that oil got trapped under it only went away if I did something like microdermabrasion but only for a few days.

Based on the wonderful advice from here I got a clarisonic and some elemis tri-emzine (wash, peel and mask). My skin has never looked better and the crustyness has gone however I still get a few spots on my chin and have blackheads on my t-zone. I also have some light scaring on my cheeks and some bumpy areas (nothing to be seen but I can feel it). I started using Liquid Gold last week and I'm happy that it makes my skin soft and more glowy but it hasn't made a difference to scarring or blackhads yet. I think I need somethime more hardcore. Please help!

NotMostPeople Mon 26-Mar-12 16:27:44

Right my GA has arrived and the Clarisonic, do I go ahead with the GA or wait for the SA which I think is better suited to my combination wide open pored skin?

cybbo Mon 26-Mar-12 19:17:28

Watch out for Clarisonic type cleansers, I used mine morning and night and it made me flaky. have cut back dramatically

HandMini Mon 26-Mar-12 19:47:29

Ok, I just bought it too, total sheep but I'm constantly looking for something to make me smoother and brighter and OP's profile pic sold me!

So can someone do a quick step by step guide for idiots those new to the product who might not read the side of the bottles properly

perceptionreality Mon 26-Mar-12 19:53:48

I have Alpha Beta peels - is this the same?

savy57 Mon 26-Mar-12 20:15:34

mines was dispatched today im hoping it will help with acne as well as tackle the stretch marks on my belly i have everything crossed it works

PerryCombover Mon 26-Mar-12 21:12:24

Nowt works on stretch marks except perhaps laser treatment and even that's not a full solution
consider them baby tattoos and note to self how badass you are for rocking them

perceptionreality Mon 26-Mar-12 23:59:03

You can't get rid of stretch marks, but you certainly can improve the look of them, patricularly if they still look red. Some salons will do a combination of microdermabrasion and micro current which can work well to improve the look. The skin is stimulated to repair itself.

i have to say, having read about the SA, it does sound like it could be better than the GA: www.bravuralondon.com/skin-peels/salicylic-acid-10-10ml.html

i'll complete the GA course anyway but will order SA next time <acid junkie>

I've just uploaded a pic of my skin after the second peel - it's not the best pic but does show my skin quite well.

I'm planning to do my next peel tonight so will take a pic again after that. I can not believe how excited I am at the prospect of dabbing acid on my face again hmm

aside from the brave and beautiful catinboots has no-one else tried it yet? there's no room for bystanders here - get peeling, ffs.

PerryCombover Tue 27-Mar-12 09:53:29

perception i disagree
I think that ultimately nothing removes the stretch mark as it is an actual internal tear... some evidence that laser can make a difference and also prescription retin a...but both are expensive and nothing completely repairs

unsure that a home peel will make a difference on any level and ditto microderm,
perhaps to colouration to an extent

perceptionreality Tue 27-Mar-12 10:39:09

Have you had it done then Perry? (genuine question). Yes, stretchmarks are hard to repair because the tearing starts in the dermis. Microcurrent has healing properties and it encourages the fibroblast cells to produce more collagen which helps to repair the damage. You can't make them disappear but you can improve the appearance and make the skin feel smoother.

PerryCombover Tue 27-Mar-12 11:00:16

Shamefully and pointlessly I've spent a fortune on my stretch marks.

Eventually after trying every cream, beauty treatment and anecdotal idea going I consulted a dermatologist <as at this point I was seriously considering forking out about £2k for laser treatment> to get a second opinion.
Answer was... retin a, a little impovement. Serious medical peel, a little improvement. Laser... a better improvement but not by any means fixed and iho not worth the money but ultimately up to me.
IHO after discolouration, we get used to their appearance and unfortunately that is the necessity as nothing does other than make a very slight improvement. Wishful thinking has cost me £££££

Pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 11:28:47

I quite like my stretch marks. Am I weird? Meh.

PerryCombover Tue 27-Mar-12 11:29:57

i've made my peace with them now

Pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 11:32:43

smile perry

come on then, who else is gonna peel?

catinboots Tue 27-Mar-12 11:34:27

I'm going for round 2 later grin

ggirltwin2pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 11:35:57

I'm still waiting for my acid to arrive! No dispatch email either , think mn may have sent them into a tizzy.

PerryCombover Tue 27-Mar-12 11:40:15

I'm up for a bit of SA action, already use GA

Pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 12:30:54

well twinggirl, come over mine as mine is here! woooop! just arrived - dispatch email only sent yesterday. is 1st class recorded shizzle.

I like the look of that Ebay seller Forever Young - super cheap and great feedback.

Hubba hubba.

CrispyHedgehog Tue 27-Mar-12 13:58:19

Mine has arrived, so I'll wait and do it tonight


ggirltwin2pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 14:02:43

aww where's mine ??!!

did you get yours from barvura??

docket Tue 27-Mar-12 14:08:52

ahem, what are '11s'?!

perceptionreality Tue 27-Mar-12 15:08:50

Ah I see! I've never had any treatments on mine except a cream I used when they were still fresh and that seemed to make them look a little improved. I am not too bothered by mine though.

PerryCombover Tue 27-Mar-12 15:33:44

I have bitten the botox bullet. WORTH EVERY PENNY

catinboots Tue 27-Mar-12 16:01:18

I couldn't agree more Perry.

Pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 16:04:45

Yep from bravura. Tis blatant favouritism wink

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 27-Mar-12 16:08:32

Mines arrived but I'm too scared to use itblush

I'm on nights and I can't face going in to work looking like I fell asleep in the sun so will wait until I'm finished and functioning a bit better.

Might do a skin test though, does that have to be in the face and if so where?

cybbo Tue 27-Mar-12 17:44:42

Mine's arrived! Its throbbing in the kitchen like a bottle of radioactive waste as we speak. I bought the neutraliser too so if my face does start to melt at least I've got the equivalent of a fire extinguisher

It blah blah blah' s on about a patch test but in my usual gung ho style I will slap it on tonight if I get a minute

cybbo Tue 27-Mar-12 17:46:15

Perry tell of Botox

winefairy Tue 27-Mar-12 18:09:32

Mine has arrived but I was out and they have taken it off to the edge of nowhere to await collection. Will despatch DH to retrieve said acid tomorrow which means I can sit and watch all you other lab rats ladies try yours first.

I'm so tempted by Botox. Family member has ultra-popular clinic in London so could have free Botox, theoretically. Still a little apprehensive though. I suspect she despairs of me.

Season Please stop taunting me with your dewy skin. grin You have the exact skin I want. Which actually sounds incredibly creepy. <"It puts the lotion in the basket">

do it now ya'll! i didn't even have a hint of pinkness the next day. i think only year old bottles give you the burn, baby.

i didn't do a patch test either - i didn;t actually think about it, i was so excited to slap it on. i'm obv not actually an expert or recommending that you don;t patch test.

<puts forcefield between winefairy and skin> grin

Slap it on Cyb, if you end up looking like Freedie Krueger I'll be sympathetic.

tyaca Tue 27-Mar-12 20:00:47

mine's here. have patched tested <<bit square>>

but now am tempted to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. patch was done a few hours ago and looks fine.

tip to anyone who has bought the bravura neutraliser - take lid off neutraliser before applying acid. took me twenty panicky minutes.

cybbo Tue 27-Mar-12 20:45:15

winefairy, are you looking for a new best friend?

<flutters eyelids before they go flaky>

Am going in tonight. Will advise of baby-faced-ness tomorrow.

ggirltwin2pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 21:16:28

I have a doozy of a broken vein on my cheek..do you think the acid may rupture my vein and I will end up with bloodbath? hmm

i must get round to getting it zapped...and get a sneaky bit of botox at the same time

cybbo Tue 27-Mar-12 21:19:49

Stop finding excuses not to do your acid peel

You go first,. then let me know if I should do it

<hides behind gg's culottes>

tyaca Tue 27-Mar-12 21:44:08

done. was a bit worried cause have caught sun today. neutraliser stung a lot. will report back tomo with verdict.

ggirltwin2pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 21:49:10

oooh wel done tyac
mine hasn't arrived yet !!!!!!!!!!

cybbo Tue 27-Mar-12 21:52:44

Yours has got lost. Mine came today

top marks tyaca! can you see any difference now or not?

ggirl it won't rupture the vein, i'm almost certain

ggirltwin2pinot Tue 27-Mar-12 21:59:30

so if my postie turns up looking like the singing detective...

I have ordered Lactic and SA combination, from here...http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400115625986#ht_3572wt_683

hoping it will make a difference to my spots that seem to be stuck under my skin, plus blackheads etc...I had Microdermabrasion, but it didn't make a huge difference.

I couldn't see neutralizer though, what can I use instead? just water? Do I need to wait for a day when it isn't going to be sunny, and what about swimming, would the chlorine be a problem does anyone think?

I am stupidly excited.

Ooh, hang on, it comes with! Now I am ridiculously stupidly excited, have also ordered this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370503249108#ht_2466wt_683

Someone stop me. Will try to post pics of mine (won't be as stunning as season though envy

CrispyHedgehog Tue 27-Mar-12 23:59:15

I did it about 5 hours ago.. my skin is lovely and soft to the touch but looks the same as before sad

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 00:03:54

Mine came today. Will do it tomorrow <ignores patch test advice>

I have bloody cold sore on my chin, I hope it burns the fecker off.

CrispyHedgehog Wed 28-Mar-12 00:09:09

patch test? pah! lol

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 00:13:50

I had Botox for first time in Oct so am currently wrinkle free but I want to get rid of some brown patches on my cheeks.

peel 3 is under my belt (not literally. ew!)

winefairy Wed 28-Mar-12 08:01:19

cybbo Absolutely. BFF. Now when are you free for lunch and Tox, dhaarling?

I should do it though, shouldn't I? DH finds it hysterical that every one of my family are startling similar facially. All a little 'perfect' but in a very, very good way. All quite addicted to the Tox and fillers and such. They look fantastic and I am in awe but such a chicken. I just shuffle behind them like something they usually keep locked in the attic.

'Tis the fact that they are in London and I am not that saves me. There's at least 300 miles between me and that needle.

fluffylegs Wed 28-Mar-12 08:19:29

Missmakesstuff can I be cheeky and ask you to repost your links - I'd love to see what you've got!

right, this stuff is officially the shiznit.

did 3rd peel last night for 5 minutes which seemed rather serious and a teeny bit stingy but there were no Face/Off effects, happily.

status report: i don't think i have a blackhead left and my pores seem smaller - tho not sure if it's just that they're cleaner. i don't really notice my 11s in the mirror anymore whereas previously they'd become the only first thing i saw. and it all looks so even, clean and bright.

crispy and tyaca how's your skin looking this morning? oh and i agree about taking lid off neutraliser beforehand - and do it with a relaxed hand and a song in your heart.

i am desperate for someone else here to get the same results before i get barred from MN for false advertising.

i've just bought this as i'm feeling that using the DCs spf 50 on my face is a road riddled with block pores: www.paulaschoice.co.uk/extra-care-non-greasy-sunscreen-spf-45-269.html

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Wed 28-Mar-12 09:44:24

Oh, I've just realised it's you who's the fellow 'ingenue!' I have to boast here that I did think that when I looked at your profile at the start of this thread.

Okay, you're looking fab - but is this stuff okay on sensitive skin? And do you have to, like, completely avoid sunlight afterwards like with micro-dermabrasion?

ha ha shotgun - takes one to know one! you're a fan of ickle bickle pom poms, lace and shit too, eh? grin

thank you! i would say it's worth trying on sensitive skin as you can start with a patch test and if ok then do the full peel for 2 mins and see how that goes. my skin isn't sensitive but i've had zero soreness, redness, flaking etc afterwards so i can;t think it's that ferocious. it seems to be effecting me less than microdermabrasion does anyway.

just wear sunscreen. i wouldn't go on hols somewhere v hot whilst doing a course of peels and i'll prolly lay off in the height of our 'summer' here but in this country, at this time of year, a sunscreen should do the trick.

My finger is poised over the buy now button, What shall I get SA or GA?? I described my skin upthread but you all ignored me


QuinnFabray Wed 28-Mar-12 10:40:23

I really like the glycolic acid. I did the six week course of home peels and it made more of a difference to my skin than anything I've ever tried before. However, it is not a cure all for me. It didn't blitz my black heads completely, which is what I was hoping it would do, and I found it quite drying, despite having oily skin. In turn, I used a heavier moisturiser than usual to combat the dryness, which reclogged my pores again. My skin generally looked clearer and brighter than it has in a very long time though.

Anyway, my Salicylic acid from Bravura has just arrived. Will do my first peel tonight, and report back. . .

sounds like SA might be better for you whiter

veh excited to hear your comparison quinn!

TheWisdomOfSolomum Wed 28-Mar-12 10:57:08

My GA has arrived! I'm tempted to phone in sick to work so I can try it but I'm also a bit scared. My face might melt off!

I will buy some aloe vera gel first - just in case.

Yes but the advantage of this weather is if it goes wrong you can say you got sunburned grin

MissFoodie Wed 28-Mar-12 11:58:04

season was it GA or SA?
am about to order the SA, not seeing much improvement with liquid gold...

NotMostPeople Wed 28-Mar-12 11:58:15

I still haven't done my peel but that's only because I wanted to try out the clarisonic first, which I did last night and this morning. I'm now ready to go for the peel this evening and hope the sA arrives today but if not I'll use the GA. I've been using Alpha H liquid gold for about three weeks on alternate nights so I'll lay off it for a day or two after the peel but how long should I leave the peel on for?

niknakpaddywhack Wed 28-Mar-12 12:11:00

Just collected my GA from Post Office. Will do patch test today <good girl emoticon> then do my first peel (eeek!) Friday evening. Quite excited!

JasperJohns just seen on leaflet not to use if you have an active coldsore, doesn't say why.

OK I've ordered I got the 10% SA and the night cream too. I'll be back to keep you updated.

2-3 mins notmost

i used GA missfoodie

MissFoodie Wed 28-Mar-12 14:34:02

just ordered SA 10% - the liquid gold GA has made not much diff to pores on nose, so thinking maybe SA will work better....

ggirltwin2pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 14:37:17

ok getting annoyed now , post has been and gone and no acid to be seen...where the buggering hell is mine !?!?

Pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 14:39:22

have you had your despatch email twinny?

I did it!!

Was absolutely fine, no crustiness, stinging, etc..

Cant wait till next week.

Pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 16:17:48

how do you look?! luminous? <<excited>>

After neutralising and washing off the gunk the following was immediately obvious.

1 - my pores were smaller
2 - my skin was dewy (as you know I am long past dewyness)
3 - My dark circles were visibly less dark.

Now If that is after one 5 min application, I am v looking forward to 6 weeks time..

Pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 17:30:41

Did you put it on your undereye circles then? COR!

I'm hardcore, me.

<skin like a rhino>

Ooh, mine arrived today. I'm trying the nightcream tonight and doing a patch test with the GA before slapping it all over <scaredy cat>

5 mins as a virgin katie? shock i've only built up to 5 mins on week 3!

and i'm not sure you're supposed to put under your eyes! <acid monitor>

but otherwise <high five> i'm so relieved pleased that someone else has had super results.

I know but I have seriously tough as old boots skin.....

......for now


tyaca Wed 28-Mar-12 19:00:11

okay fellow acidheads, here's my verdict day after peel number one.

well it's strange, elevens the same, and close up my skin is still basically rubbish, bumpy, blackheady, pores etc etc. BUT i look really very very fab today. now, there could be any number of reasons for this. have caught the sun, am rocking a new frock, maybe a general bounce-placebo type thing, who knows?

keen to see what happens after peel number two.

TheWisdomOfSolomum Wed 28-Mar-12 19:03:02

Apologies if this has already been asked.

I had a look at local salons to see what they charge for GA peels (megabucks) and it says you have to gave a six week skin care prep before the peel.

Does anyone know what this prep is? And why it is needed (other than getting more megabucks from customers)?

Thanks smile

cybbo Wed 28-Mar-12 19:09:51

winefairy if I had a free Botox connection , I would be in there like a shot

I'm so chuffed with the results my Dermalogica lactic Acid cleanser has had on my skin, I can't wait to do my peel. Might do it tonight.....

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 19:17:04

My coldsore is on its way out, so I am going to do it this evening when I stop the schlepping all over town with pesky kids.

It took me ages to get the lid off to look at the bicarb neutraliser. I laughed at the thought of tyaca and her twenty panicy minutes!

tyaca Wed 28-Mar-12 19:30:11

it wasn't funny jasper, it was really quite nerve-wracking wondering what would happen to my inner wrist if i couldn't get that lid open.

i have just re-read my last post and think i should restate the bit about me looking ace. really, it's quite spooky but quite hard to pinpoint the reasons. i wish i could state it was def the skin, but i might just be having one of those increasingly rare good days. dh just popped in and commented a lot in how good i look and think he is considering the peel too.

cybbo Wed 28-Mar-12 19:36:17

tyaca - it MUST be the peel, surely?

LtheWife Wed 28-Mar-12 19:40:43

Solomum Salons want a skin prep so they can flog you more products as they do a full length treatment straightaway. When doing home treatments you slowly build up adding one minute to each treatment over a number of weeks to give your skin a chance to get used to the acid and lessen any unwanted side effects like your face melting off

Someone asked me to post the links to the ones I am getting from ebay:

acne Serum

lactic acid and SA peel combo - with the neutralizer!

I think it looks like a great deal, they have excellent feedback, and they have lots of factsheets on that linky too. Have paid today, hoping it arrives quickly!

I had microdermabrasion, so people who have had that - do you reckon it's no more harsh, but better?

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 19:51:06

Sorry, tyaca! I wasn't really laughing blush.

So can I do it with my fingers? I don't have a suitable brush.

yy what LtheWife said about salon treatments.

missmake i would say it's less harsh but better actually - might get harsher as you up the minutes i suppose.

i have a few treatments left on my microderm course but not sure i'll bother to renew it again as this is waaaaaaay cheaper and far more effective.

yy jasper i used my fingers

tyaca i've had so many 'good' days since i did the first peel so i reckon it was that for you too! <squeal>

ggirltwin2pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 20:01:47

wll fellow acidheads I am still waiting for the buggering stuff and no despatch email either
have just spent an anxious hr trying to change the tv cabinet over to my new one and dh nearly spontaneously combusted trying to get the skybox working again...now settled and watching the footie so calm again.my 11's have had a goood work out!

Right, just done a patch test (on face) for 2 mins as I have sensitive skin and it was fine. The patches feel very smooth so I'm excited about slapping it on all over.

Pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 20:05:44

<waves my GA @ ggirl>
<runs away>

ggirltwin2pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 20:06:26

<<hopes my twins face falls off>>

Pinot Wed 28-Mar-12 20:07:15

heh heh grin

cybbo Wed 28-Mar-12 20:11:50

Miss Beh did you neutralise the acid during your patch test? or just wash it orf?

No, you neutralise it twice during <pins on Brownie Badge for Chemical Peels>

cybbo Wed 28-Mar-12 20:24:50

Heh? <confused>

I thought you slapped on the acid, slapped on the neutraliser and looked like Helena Christianson

Slap on acid
Wait 2/3 mins
Slap on neutraliser (Having removed lid and mixed some up first)
Wait 1 min
Slap on another coat of neutraliser
Wait 1 min
Rinse whole lot off
Regard Helena Christianson- like visage

cybbo Wed 28-Mar-12 20:35:32

Roger Wilco

OK, WHAT are 11's? confused

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 20:43:19

Vertical lines between brows.

I had major ones pre Botox!

NotMostPeople Wed 28-Mar-12 21:09:17

I had Botox for 11's last year, had to stop due to budget cuts but don't forget the Botox won't fill them in so if yours are deep (like mine) it takes a long time for them to go if at all. I'm hoping that the peel will help but if not I'll go back to Botox when funds allow.

TheWisdomOfSolomum Wed 28-Mar-12 21:20:43

LtheWife Thank you smile

JasperJohns Wed 28-Mar-12 21:21:08

Mine were deep (I thought) and it has got rid of them.

I now need a bit of luminosity!

Oh! I've got a 1. just one side. very annoying.

mine were are like '1 and then a load of _ _ _ above them

cyb my bisto patch has almost gorn so should work for you

annh Wed 28-Mar-12 22:13:30

Very exciting, my GA arrived today, was taken in by the neighbours so I only realised when they gave it to ds about 6. Naughty postman hadn't left a note in the letterbox! Rushed upstairs to do a patch test immediately, did both wrist and face at same time, so far so good! Is there a trick to getting the chuffing lid off the neutraliser?! I tried for ages before applying the GA, eventually gave up and got some bicarb out of the baking cupboard but would quite like to use the real stuff now that I have paid for it!

To whomever else is waiting, I only ordered Monday and didn't have a dispatch email, it just turned up!

PerryCombover Thu 29-Mar-12 00:08:53

I am using the 10% snizzle GA twice a day now
I had botox and my forehead is brill and my eyebrows are not a la Fiona Bruce

Shamefully I have only really starting to use a proper sunscreen now

I am about to start the Retin A

PerryCombover Thu 29-Mar-12 00:10:43

I'll be an embryo soon

JasperJohns Thu 29-Mar-12 00:42:41

I have just done my first one!

Face feels very smooth. It did sting a tad!

cybbo Thu 29-Mar-12 08:06:56

Wow perry sounds great!

CrispyHedgehog Thu 29-Mar-12 09:02:34

ok.. I thought it had no effect but

my dark circles are greatly improved
pores are less noticeable
face feels very soft and smooth
make up sits on my face better
I don't get all shiny anymore - and I spent last night dancing in a karaoke bar, so it should have been shiny face central but wasn't
People have commented that I look much less tired

Roll on the next one!

CrispyHedgehog Thu 29-Mar-12 09:13:56

what would happen if one didn't wait a week to do the next one?

sansucre Thu 29-Mar-12 09:20:29

Ok, so I also purchased the Bravura GA grin (Purchased last week, got a dispatch email on Saturday and it arrived on Monday, patch test same night and 1st peel last night, should anyone be interested!)

Fairly mixed resulted tbh, skin definitely looks fresher and glowier, and feels much smoother too but the peel seems to have revealed a multitude of blackheads - I now seem to have far far more than before, something that has made me rather depressed. (I don't know, maybe they were lurking under the layer of skin I've just removed hmm )

Am hoping next weeks peel addresses this issue although am wondering what to do about them in the interim.

sansucre Thu 29-Mar-12 09:21:39

Like CrispyHedgehog I am also wondering the same thing about waiting a week to do another application..

MuslinSuit Thu 29-Mar-12 09:55:58


After you've slapped the acid on to clean dry skin, and then whacked the neutraliser on, can you use moisturiser or not? My skin is dry and I'm not sure about leaving face overnight with no moisture on it. Can I slather in E45 or something?

PerryCombover Thu 29-Mar-12 10:59:41


whoever said that they now see how crap their skin is .... blackheads etc
i was like this with both blackheads, pot hole pores and thread veins <turns out that that the threads were the "rosy" element of my light yellow skin... shame> once I started in this path about 6 weeks ago

but using a decent bha and then working up to the ga daily has left it completely different
I bit the bullet and had botox which was brilliant but the GA also seems to be sorting the surface out

Retin A next to try to blur the fine lines

I know this is madly vain

Pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 11:10:32

So you're all putting it right up under your eyes? <<<<scared>>>>

LtheWife Thu 29-Mar-12 11:22:16

As I understand it from the research I've done, at home peels work on a three day cycle. It's all to do with the acid speeding up the sloughing off of dead skin and the cell renewal process. Using other products containing chemical exfoliants during that 3 day process takes you back to day 1 of the cycle rather than intensifying the treatment. Short and simple version, it's an irritant and the skin needs at least 3 days to heal between treatments.

So I'd say use a peel no more often than once every 3 days and lay off the other products such as liquid gold etc during that period too.

Woo hoo, got my dispatch email today. Having it delivered to work as nobody is in to sign for it and the sortig office is shut by the time I get home. Really hoping it comes tomorrow so I can do it over the weekend.

LtheWife Thu 29-Mar-12 11:29:29

Having said all that about the 3 day cycle I'd be wary of using a peel that frequently early on. The reason you start off with short treatment times and build it up is to give your skin a more gentle chance to get used to the treatment to avoid unwanted side effects (hence the low concentration prep products you have to use before a salon peel).

But if you really can't resist using it more frequently in the early stages I'd suggest only increasing the treatment time every second peel just to be on the safe side.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 29-Mar-12 11:36:14

I've done it....my face hasn't fallen off but I look pretty much like I did before like shit in other words

I'm not sure that any amount of skin peel stuff can compensate for the lack of sleep and poor diet that is the consequence of 4 crappy night shifts!

It was quite stingy, and pretty disgusting fizziness when I stuck the neutraliser on. My skin does look a bit better I think though, smoother and a bit tighter. Can't wait for next week.

I put on jojoba oil after and then had to slap on some sun screen to venture to the shops.

MissFoodie Thu 29-Mar-12 12:19:52

my SA has been dispatched, hoping it arrives tomorrow in time for w/e application smile
has anyone else tried the SA 10%? or are you all on the GA?

tyaca Thu 29-Mar-12 12:34:22

i'm on GA. i agree with others who think they're skin might even look a teeny bit worse and blackheads and bumps and lumps more visible. close up my skin is def quite grotty. a couple of paces back and i look radiant though. strange. going to wait til next week to do peel two, but might do my decollage [sic] before then though. the skin there is awful, lots of white spots and bumps (not whiteheads) and just aged looking.

Sootie Thu 29-Mar-12 13:57:53

Does anyone know why you can't use skin peels when you are breast feeding? Does it get absorbed into the body or something?

NotMostPeople Thu 29-Mar-12 14:09:05

ARghhh, I was all set to do it last night just before bed and then noticed that it said that you should leave it 30 mins after cleansing and it was just too late at night for me to wait. I did a patch test on my hand and all was fine.

Then this morning I used the Clarisonic that I got a couple of days ago, which feels a bit scratchy tbh. I got back from the school run to find that I have huge red welts on my neck and they are still there now at 2pm. This can only be from the Clarisonic. So there's no way I can go throwing acid all over myself tonight as planned.

rusmum Thu 29-Mar-12 14:20:01

Mine us here? Sp I do 2 minutes a day for 6 days?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 29-Mar-12 14:43:21

No!! Once a week rusmum.

I started with 3 minutes, face a bit sensitive but no redness or sore bits. Build up the minutes as the weeks progress. Stop after 6 weeks for 2 weeks....I thinkconfused

cybbo Thu 29-Mar-12 17:39:53

NotMostPeople I foudn the sonic cleanser was a bit tough on my skin so have cut donw to once a week. I went flaky with mine- which shows it works but is a tad harsh for every day

NarkedPuffin Thu 29-Mar-12 18:06:24

You've dragged me into S&B with this thread.

I have old scarring on my back. I have ordered this to see if it helps.

If my back falls off I'm blaming you lot

<beady eye>

ggirltwin2pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 18:10:59

wherre the fuck is mine..am going to email the bastards

NarkedPuffin Thu 29-Mar-12 18:35:52

An unexpected surge in demand? grin

Mine took over a week to arrive and appeared on a day when I was unexpectedly off and could actually get it delivered They must have known.

I starting using the nightcream last night which was quite good. I'm going to Cilit Bang peel my face tommorrow night so if it all drops off at least I won't have to go into work.

ggirltwin2pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 19:10:00

ok so a bit of investigating and I know why it hasn't arrived

they've emailed me regarding my address but sent email to dh who neglected to read or inform me ...clearly he needs whipping angry

NarkedPuffin Thu 29-Mar-12 19:14:44

Get your own email address woman!

Hairytoes Thu 29-Mar-12 19:25:14

I have had an email regarding my address too. Have tried to reply but am having no luck ggirltwin, will be interested to see if you have a reply.
I am going to ring them in the morning.

ggirltwin2pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 19:29:07

NarkedPuffin- i do have my own email address,..aksherly, but they used the one linked to our paypal acct.

NarkedPuffin Thu 29-Mar-12 19:43:24

Smeggin' paypal

Pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 19:59:09

<flicks twins DH right between the eyes for not passing on fecking important email>

oh pinot, divorce-grounds fodder, non? angry

sorry can;t remember who asked about using moisturiser afterwards but the answer is no - just put decent oil on like sweet almond oil or jojoba oil etc.

i'm riddick excited that it's working for some of you. i def reckon all ye black-headed ones will see an improvement with the next peels.

my new skin has put a proper spring in my step despite no bloody sleep of late. i have to be conning myself but i even think i look less micro-jowly.

i'm too scared to do the under eye thing tho. i always thought it was different skin there somehow hmm

Pinot Thu 29-Mar-12 20:37:16

I'm too scared to do eyes. It's thin skin there innit. It's a no from me <dragons den>

JasperJohns Thu 29-Mar-12 20:43:12

I did it last night, yy too scared to venture under eyes.

I has a coldsore on my chin which it seems to have annihilated; it has almost disappeared!

I'm dying to do it again. May try my décolleté in meantime.

yeah - thin skin that's it! knew there was something about it grin

i'm not mega-liney under the eyes (for my antiquity) any way so think i'll manage to resist trying that.

but yeah i'm with you jasper, fuck the 3 day cycle thing, i'm itching to do it non-flipping-stop but am being veh good and doing it Tuesdays only

am going to do backs of hands and summat tonight.

oooh necks - are we doing necks?

WeesaD Thu 29-Mar-12 20:58:19

I stumbled across this thread whilst doing a search on clarisonic, and am so glad I did!
Can I join? Please? Can I??grin

But, glycolic or salycilic? Which to start. I have just got normal, ageing skin with fine lines canyons and a bit of hyperpigmentation

JasperJohns Thu 29-Mar-12 21:08:21

Backs of hands! Genius.

I have the start of what seem to be liver spots! <weeps>

fluffylegs Fri 30-Mar-12 07:45:48

Weesa I read all the gumphf about the salycilic acid on the links that makesthings kindly posted and decided to go for the saly/ lactic acid peel as my skin is oily and fine liney ( the main thing I want is for all my blackheads to go and S acid is better at loosening dirt apparently

MissFoodie Fri 30-Mar-12 10:12:14

fluffy, me too, I've ordered the 10% SA, due to arrive today.....
have been using liquid gold and it's good, but hasn't made any difference to my pores really

fluffylegs Fri 30-Mar-12 10:21:56

Yes I like liquid gold and now I understand things a but more i would get it again for every (other) day use to maintain my amazing new skin that is waiting to be revealed!
This thing about breastfeeding and acid peels- if I wait I'll be waiting forever...

Sootie Fri 30-Mar-12 16:04:00

fluffylegs - are you breastfeeding? I have ordered mandelic acid (someone mentioned it on here) for my permanent pregnancy mask from ebay, but I'm exclusively breastfeeding. Don't know if I should use it though.

I told my DH about this thread and he says he wants to try it too!

ggirltwin2pinot Fri 30-Mar-12 18:56:59

well lovely Faith from bravura has emailed to say my GA will be here on saturday, so roll on singing detective weekend!

WeesaD Fri 30-Mar-12 21:14:46

Whats liquid gold? That's what I always called my breast milk! grin

rusmum Fri 30-Mar-12 21:21:41

done it ! cant see any difference at all, but it is only the first one. left it on 2 mins

savy57 Fri 30-Mar-12 21:42:30

im just about to do my first one im a tiny bit scared blush i done the test patch on my wrist on wed night left it on for 3 mins and its been fine so will leave it on my face for the same im really hoping it get rid of my acne once and for all been using dermalogica products for weeks and its done nothing to help

have use all been putting make up on the next day and face creams as usual or have u been leaving it a few days?

Purchased - impatient already

savy57 Fri 30-Mar-12 22:11:03

done my first one, was rather stingy probaly something to do with the amount of spots but was bareable hoping it does some good smile

kaumana Fri 30-Mar-12 22:20:31

I have been following this thread with interest and have finally given in and ordered ..I should really stay away from this board as it is proving very expensive but I am loving the results!

fluffylegs Sat 31-Mar-12 09:15:29

Sootie yes but not a newborn so I'm sure it'll be fine! Not heard of that mandula business

so what results are you all seeing?

i'm tempted to bring my next one forward to tonight or tomo as would be more convenient than doing it on Tuesdays <addict>

and necks. are you doing your necks or not?

ggirl do you have the Fluid of Youth in your mitts now?

hiviolet Sat 31-Mar-12 10:00:55

Bought some and can't wait to try it, but I've not used it this week because I have a wedding to go to today... just in case grin

Have used Alpha H 15% glycolic mask with no probs so I'm sure I'll be fine. I used to dream of having a chemical peel (you know, one of those proper scab up and skin falls off peels) to get rid of acne scarring, but this is the closest I'll ever come to that kind of treatment I reckon.

I did my first one last night - 2 mins. So this morning my skin is much smoother and feels tighter and looks less patchy. And it also seems to have had an effect on my fine lines which seem less obvious. Not noticingmuch difference on my 11's but then this is only week 1 smile

I have the night cream so will be slapping that on inbetween peels.

Overall - very pleased.

blobtobetter Sat 31-Mar-12 10:21:21

Which would be best for me?

I get spots (yuk) but even where my skin feels smooth it looks like my pores are full of stuff. Facials and exfoliating haven't cleared them out.

I can't leave the house without foundation as my pores are really obvious on my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks near my nose.

bigkidsdidit Sat 31-Mar-12 10:30:10

Mine arrived this morning - will do this evening. Can't wait!

As well today I have oil cleansed and used my BBM and am wearing my mn scarf. I am such a sheep blush

ggirltwin2pinot Sat 31-Mar-12 10:30:25

season am waiting for post to arrive
can I leave it on for an hr?

cybbo Sat 31-Mar-12 12:08:36

blobtobetter do you double cleanse? Cos that has cleared my mucky pores out amazingly well

Also .what cleanser do you use?

cybbo Sat 31-Mar-12 12:09:18

Huzzah for you Miss B!

blobtobetter Sat 31-Mar-12 12:23:44

I am currently using Liz Earle - don't double cleanse though.

Even after a face mask or facial the pores look grubby. I have blackheads too. I don't remember my skin ever being really clear.

I have a clarisonic which makes my skin softer.

laptopdancer Sat 31-Mar-12 12:31:30

I am wondering if anyone would give me advice on my help, my skin looks atrocious using...thread ?

Its about the clarisonic and liquid gold

ggirltwin2pinot Sat 31-Mar-12 13:11:11

Acid has been dropped !! woo hooo!

Have you done it yet Cyb?

blobtobetter Sat 31-Mar-12 20:29:32

Just ordered 10% salicylic acid ..... really wanted to order 20% but was scared I would burn my face off. Tend to jump into things!

cybbo Sat 31-Mar-12 20:39:34

No havent done it yet, have had inlaws up all day and need to calm down

cybbo Sat 31-Mar-12 20:40:16

blobtobetter The Dermalogica Skin resurfacing cleanser is amazing on cloggy pores

blobtobetter Sat 31-Mar-12 20:43:18

Is that the dusty type one?

Think it was microfoliant that I tried.

cybbo Sat 31-Mar-12 20:46:11

No this isnt grainy like an exfoliator, its a cream but has lactic acid in it and it really does gobble up the crap in your pores. I use this after my hot cloth cleanser. LOVE IT

What better way to relax than peeling your own face off?

blobtobetter Sat 31-Mar-12 20:55:00

Might have to try that!

Will give anything a go - hate how my pores look.

Tried facials, microdermabrasion and a clarisonic - still have these weird blocked pores. Can never get anything out of them!

savy57 Sat 31-Mar-12 23:07:12

results after first one the days after - i had loads of (saggy skin) not major but around my noes you could see the skin really starting to sag downwards the left hand side has practicaly dissapeared and the right side is much better no improvemnt else where looking forward to my next one

SeasonOfTheWitch i done my kneck along with my face and chest again not seen any difference but its only my first one and my neck is a lottle itchy today

CutMyEggs Sun 01-Apr-12 08:20:04

Anyone used the mandelic acid one? I have bought it from forever young in the hope of reducing my terrible chloasma marks (due to the pill and being pregnant and loving the sunshine blush)
Would love to hear a success story!

bigkidsdidit Sun 01-Apr-12 09:05:54

I did 1 minute last night and think it was ok but not amazing - need longer I think! I put almond oil on afterwards and it does feel lovely and smooth this morning but doesn't look massively different. Looking forward to next week's 2 minutes!

ggirltwin2pinot Sun 01-Apr-12 10:23:45

well have done a tester on my jawline as i have stupidly sensitive skin
so need to wait 24hrs..or is it 48hrs?
anywya no noticeable tingling or anything ye..30 mins in
surely there would be a reaction almost immediately if there was going to be one?

Pinot Sun 01-Apr-12 10:26:08

dunno twinny, when I used panaxyl to nuke a spot it was fine for a few hours then went all angry and red and itchy. Sooooo attractive hmm

Sootie Sun 01-Apr-12 10:28:47

CutMyEggs - I have bought the same mandelic acid from ebay. I have a permanent pregnancy mask around my lips and forehead and neck. I used it for the first time yesterday, can't really see a big difference on my face, but it does feel smoother. My neck though looks pretty amazing after one peel.

ggirltwin2pinot Sun 01-Apr-12 10:30:19

what is panaxyl?

CutMyEggs Sun 01-Apr-12 10:32:49

Thanks sootie. I will let you know how I get on when mine arrives
<expects miracles>

Pinot Sun 01-Apr-12 10:41:09

panoxyl - I spelt it wrong Nukes spots but vair drying after a day or two. For emergencies though, tis the mutts nuts.

MissFoodie Sun 01-Apr-12 19:54:41

Has anyone else tried the SA 10%?
I did 1st today, left on for 3 mins, stung round nose (where worst pores are), otherwise fine, face looks same........can't wait to do 2nd run.....do I have to wait a week??????????

NotMostPeople Sun 01-Apr-12 22:58:50

Ooh I've finally done it. I laid off the Clarisonic this weekend like Cybo said its made my very oily skin quite dry (but pores are much improved). It did sting a fair bit so I only did two minutes and wasn't expecting it to feel hotter when the bicarbonate went on. I feel a bit stingy now 20 minutes later but I'm not red.

I'm going to have to put some oil on before I go to bed.

6 minutes last night. felt pretty hardcore but no adverse effects tho the neutraliser properly sizzled when it went on shock

overall, my skin looks like i've reversed-aged 5+ years. My eyes are the only sign of the last 4 years of no bloody sleep. i can not believe such a cheap and easy to use product has done this.

my pores look miles better but i might do SA on the next course to make sure everything is squeaky clean

i'm using Paula's Choice spf45 non-oily sunscreen which seems great. much more lotiony and light than most.

missfoodie i think it was LtheWife who said something v convincing and sciencey about the skin needing 3 days to recover between peels otherwise it'll harm it rather than improve it.

ggirl you doing it today?

MissFoodie Mon 02-Apr-12 09:36:35

so what about longer than 3 days but sooner than 1 week?

lubeybooby Mon 02-Apr-12 09:53:16


Ok you lot convinced me. I have ordered it

I have:

Crap skin

Pothole pores



Fine lines


Sun damage

Crepeyness on one side under my eye where my face squashes into the pillow

Uneven tone/darker patches

If this helps out even one or two of those I will be overjoyed

cybbo Mon 02-Apr-12 09:57:55

lubey you have described my skin to a t

I ahvent done mine yet. Cant seem to find the optimum time.

BUT have been v pleased wth cleanser results and Clarins extra firming night cream. But its £48 a pot, the bastard!

cybbo Mon 02-Apr-12 09:59:25

Season arent you meant to do it weekly?

jen127 Mon 02-Apr-12 11:44:13

I did my first one last Thursday - just for a minute but I am not so amazed yet! Might need a more industrial form of acid !
But I have done it on the back of one of my hands twice - Just to see if the difference is there and perhaps just to subtle on my face. And I have to say I am impressed !
So tempted to do it again on my face - do I really need to wait a week ?????

jen127 i did mine for 3 mins on the first go so prolly why i saw immediate results

cyb yy, the instructions say weekly but LtheWife replied to someone asking if they could do it sooner by saying 3 days is the minimum. i only left 5 days between mine this time as i wanted to move the day to the weekend

I'm still waiting for mine (bastard Royal Mail). Got the SA and the GA night cream coming. Can't wait to do it but I've read SA takes a little while longer to see results. Persuaded my mum to use it too so she's going to order the GA on Thursday. Has anyone tried the body lotions? I have a few lumps and bumps on my back and chest I thought it might sort out.

MissFoodie Mon 02-Apr-12 15:30:41

so, guess I should just be patient then...Whiter, did you get 10% or 20% SA?

I got the 10% really wanted the 20% but my skin can be a bit sensitive at times so I thought I'd build up to the 20%. Anyone getting the 50% GA?

MissFoodie Mon 02-Apr-12 16:28:30

me too - used it yesterday for first time, no problem, but no difference at all...so hoping the 2nd and 3rd times will make a bit of a difference!

blobtobetter Mon 02-Apr-12 17:16:21

I am such a sheep!

Would this work along side the oil cleansing method?

My skin is really bad but I don't want it to fall off!

supernannyisace Mon 02-Apr-12 17:19:55

I haven't used mine yet.

Might try it out on back of hands tonight though first.

All the lovely sunshine last week prevent me doing it - but now I am brown and even more gnarly of skin I will give it a go.


Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 02-Apr-12 19:24:26

I'm doj g the oil cleansing method too blobtobetter, it's fine.

Skin still not transformed but subtle improvements definitely.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 02-Apr-12 19:24:48


I do OCM too

*whiter i'd just use the 30 or 50% on my body - far cheaper and quicker than a body cream

ggirltwin2pinot Mon 02-Apr-12 19:50:44

right girls ..i think i may be ready to sizzle
patch test is fine no reaction at all , i did it on my jaw line

so ama tad knackered but as i have tomorrow off work I will give it 3mins sizzle time
i so wish we could use it under the eyes!!

blobtobetter Mon 02-Apr-12 19:57:48

Might have to try both then!

Just got an email saying my acid has been dispatched!

I have never had nice skin. I really hope that this works so I can leave the house without foundation!

WeesaD Mon 02-Apr-12 20:03:05

Ordered! Plus the cleansers and moisturisers, figured I'd go the whole hog!

enjoy the burn ggirl grin (don't forget that it does sting a bit when the neutraliser goes on)

drcrab Mon 02-Apr-12 20:12:16

Ok I've been looking at this thread for ages and I'm finally posting. smile

I'm nearly 39 and have acne scarring. No spots (well maybe one or two but no big deal). Oily but dehydrated skinhmm such that face looks shiny and greasy by lunch and make up needs blotting by then too.

Can this help??!! I'm breastfeeding though (dd is 18 months old). What's the link between breastfeeding and this? Will it go into the milk?! Thanks in advance.

ggirltwin2pinot Mon 02-Apr-12 20:36:05

woah!! it really does sizzle doesn't it!?

i left it on for 3mins, def felt it sizzling away

must say i do notice an effect .my skin looks fresher
need a better mirror and light to be ultra critical about the effect but so far impressed
do i really have to wait a week to do it again?

cybbo Mon 02-Apr-12 20:53:17

ggirl did you do the double neutralizer thing

ggirltwin2pinot Mon 02-Apr-12 20:54:03

yup sure did!

tyaca Mon 02-Apr-12 20:57:19

wd ggirl - thought you'd never join us.

sorry drcrab, no idea re breastfeeding grin

just did peel mark two. five days after first peel. then i did two minutes, this time i did four min and also did cleavage.

TIP for those of you who have only done one peel - do not assume that just cause you managed to open the neutraliser tin first time round that it will be any easier second time. give yourself a good half hour and then DECANT IT.

general update: i have been looking really ace since last peel, though as mentioned before, i am not prepared to say this is cause of peel. tan, eyebrows done, hair being okay could all contribute. but, def been feeling like my skin is more attached to my face IYKWIM. My skin has been drier, but that could be down to fact that i have started cleansing and using a serum (never really done either much before [shame]).

it's been half hour since peel and my skin really does feel dry, but quite clean, keen to see results tomo.

re neutraliser lid... i like to play chicken and wait til i have the acid on grin

tyaca the aceness is exactly how i've felt since the first peel. i keep thinking it can;t just be the peel but i think it has to be as i haven;t changed anything else. the thing that's really surprised me is that it does seem 'more attached to my face' too, not just smoother.

my skin feels tight after the peel - i put a bit of sweet almond oil on and so far it's not been dry

ggirltwin2pinot Mon 02-Apr-12 21:45:55

christ yes neutralizer lid is a bugger!
anyone tried anything for doing the skin in the eye area that is so bloody precious?

supernannyisace Tue 03-Apr-12 08:01:11

I did a patch test last night. But just on the back of one hand.

The flippin' 'neutraliser' lid was a bugger to get off. when I finally wrenched it loose, I spilt about half of the stuff on the kitchen worktop. (scooped it up though and put back in tin!).

I think will try face tonight. My hand hasn't fallen off so may beokay smile

cybbo Tue 03-Apr-12 09:14:54

I have a sore red patch in betwixt my brows where I have been picking treating some open pores so I darent splash neat Cillit Bang on it just yet

AS you can see, I take very good care of my skin

<hides dirty tweezers>

Woo, mine's just come going to pop to the loos and do a patch test. If all is OK I'll do it tonight. (I know it says 48hrs --but I'm wild--)

MissFoodie Tue 03-Apr-12 10:26:59

jealous of you lot and your sizzling.........!
I did 1st SA on sunday and no major difference, but today had some peeling on nose, so maybe a slower reaction than the GA?

Just did patch test.on a scar on the back of my hand. No problems so for, a minute seems really quick though. I got the glyolic night cram too and rubbed in on the back of my hand and it felt lovely.

NotMostPeople Tue 03-Apr-12 13:10:50

My neutraliser lid is perfectly behaved. I took some very scary before photos I'm hoping to see a difference after 6 peels.

AmazingDisgrace Tue 03-Apr-12 16:10:53

Just ordered the salycilic peel and the aha moisturiser. I'm blaming you lot if I look like the Singing Detective

SirCharlieStinkySocks Tue 03-Apr-12 19:58:05

Hi all, got mine today ga 30% and about to try. Quick question, after the event I have no natural oils as such except coconut oil, can I use a bit of that or would I be ok with my Liz Earle moisturiser?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 03-Apr-12 20:14:49

Coconut oil would be fine I'm sure, I use it on my skin a lot for oil cleansing, it feels lovely and smells divine.

kaumana Tue 03-Apr-12 20:26:36

I've just finished sizzling and have used pure coconut oil and all seems fine so far!

blobtobetter Tue 03-Apr-12 20:29:08

My SA arrived today! Such quick delivery!

Did a patch test on my wrist and that seemed ok so (common sense ran away) tried it on my forehead too which feels sort of smooth I guess!

I really want to do my full face! Guess I need to wait a few days yet.

Would it be a bad thing to do the SA rinse it off and then go in the shower? Don't know what the hot water would do.

SirCharlieStinkySocks Tue 03-Apr-12 20:33:46

Thank you, just done it now 2 mins very tingly when it went on, scary fizzy neutralizer then dh insisted on using bathroom when I was about to slap second lot of neutralizer on. Skin feels a little dry now so may put coconut oil on bit later. Keep looking at my face rather suspiciously but haven't turned into Cameron Diaz yet

Stangirl Tue 03-Apr-12 20:36:36

OK - joining in. Am just off to do patch test with 30%GA.

Is it ok to use sweet almond oil as the after oil?

I'm going to do mine in about 10mins. Would bio oil be Ok afterwards?