Has anyone really changed their shape by doing Callanetics? Sounds too good to be true.

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naturelover Mon 12-Mar-12 14:11:55

Because I've bought the DVD because I'm ever hopeful!

I can't complain about my weight, BMI is and has nearly always been 22 and although I'd like to be thinner I realise that with my big bone structure it's never really going to happen. But I reckon that with the right kind of exercise I might be able to change my shape a bit (thinner thighs and flatter tummy would be good).

My youngest is now old enough that I should have long ago done something about the tummy - it's not huge but as I'm flat chested I feel a flat tummy would enhance my whole figure.

So has anyone done Callanetics and is it as effective as it claims to be? Or can you recommend any other good exercise for reshaping?


nethunsreject Mon 12-Mar-12 14:15:18

I did it and it buggered up my back, despite assurances that it wouldn't! Sorry! It isn't evidence based.
You sound perfect weight - build core stability and toning stuff at the gym maybe?

naturelover Mon 12-Mar-12 14:18:22

If I could afford a gym and if DH was ever home before the gym closed so I could go I would definitely go! I used to love body conditioning classes. But <sigh>, right now home exercise is the best I can manage.

I will proceed with caution re backs. Thanks for the warning.

madmomma Mon 12-Mar-12 15:47:44

I swear by callanetics and have done for years. It takes patience to learn to do the exercises correctly, but it completely changed my shape for the better.

naturelover Mon 12-Mar-12 16:58:49

Ooh madmomma that is exciting. Can I ask how often you do it and how long it took to see big changes? My worry is that I'll get bored of doing the same 1hr DVD even once (let alone twice) a week. Did you do other forms of exercise as well? In what way did your body change? I hope you don't mind all the questions!

madmomma Mon 12-Mar-12 17:06:12

Don't mind at all. Just manically fending off toddlers, but will come back tonight and give you the full low-down.x

Rolf Mon 12-Mar-12 17:54:26

The only person I know who does it (and swears by it) is a mother of eight and she looks fabulous.

4aminsomniac Mon 12-Mar-12 18:02:39

I did it after baby no. 2, and found it worked well for tummy toning etc. Agree that you need to learn the correct way to do each exercise, otherwise you will be wasting effort. Good Luck!

TheProvincialLady Mon 12-Mar-12 18:07:17

I am surprised that it hurt your back nethunsreject. I have done it on/off for twenty years and can't think how you would hurt it.

I have only used a book to do callanetics but I think it is great. I don't do all of the exercises, just the leg/bum/tum/waist/warm up ones.

It is basically pilates isn't it? You would do better to do a basic pilates course and learn about your core muscles under supervision. Then do the Callanetics at home and you'll avoid injuries like Nethunsreject (and me too, I knackered my shoulder just doing the warm ups first time as a teenager!)

nethunsreject Mon 12-Mar-12 20:40:34

It was the curling-your-pelvis-under thing which buggered my back. It can cause issues with t-spine area and is no longer considered good practice by physios apparently. It was the thing to do in the 90s though.

nethunsreject Mon 12-Mar-12 20:41:53

Oh, and yy, get some tutoring first, before you do any pilates type stuff. It is so easy to fuck things up by doing things a little bit wrong, as per me and SilkStalkings smile!

Rainydayagain Mon 12-Mar-12 20:47:27

It works, i did it through my twenties. I am back doing it. After two weeks my waist is back. ( couple of inches gone)

Just try the waist excercise you will be amazed. google it.

You need to follow the instructions to the letter, in front of a mirror to avoid injuring your self.

Apparently madonna and gwenyth do it.

GetOrfMoiiLand Mon 12-Mar-12 20:55:07

Christ I remember trying to do Callanetics from badly drawn pictures from an Elle book in the mid 90s.

Is it back? <goes off to amazon>

madmomma Mon 12-Mar-12 21:13:02

I did it to begin with because I'd hurt my back, and it really helped. If you follow her instructions to move in 'triple-slow-motion' you won't injure yourself. I used the book 'callanetics for your back'. I then started using the normal callanetics programme and it completely changed my shape. If you put the time in initially to learn the method (and you'll need the book to support this), it will pay off, believe me. If you do it properly for two one hr sessions per week, you'll easily go down a dress size in 8 weeks. Easily. And that's with no other changes to diet or other exercise. It pulls you in very quickly. I just started it again today, 11 wks after having my 3rd child by c section. I feel very excited cos I know it works so fast. After a few months you'll be able to do it without the video. Your arse will look amazing!

GetOrfMoiiLand Mon 12-Mar-12 21:18:47

What are you all reading? Are you using the old 9ps books or is there something new? I can only see NTSC DVDs on amazon and second hand books from back in the day.

madmomma Mon 12-Mar-12 21:45:53

the old ones. 80s-tastic.

Rainydayagain Tue 13-Mar-12 06:50:43

The video!!! It will drive you insane with her stupid voice, but you need the visuals to get how to do it i think. As above you will soon not need the vid.
Apparently it has now been copied to a dvd but that looks pricey.

There are a few free excercises on google if you wanted to dip you toe in t he water.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Tue 13-Mar-12 10:16:52

Blimey, Fergie used to swear by it in the late 80s - (the Duchess, not the singer). Who's revived it? Basically, it's pilates-lite - I would do that instead, that's what transformed my body.

TheProvincialLady Tue 13-Mar-12 10:37:22

Mine's an ancient book I got in a charity shop 20 years ago. If you can get over the constant boasting, it's a good book.

Abra1d Tue 13-Mar-12 10:42:55

'It is basically pilates isn't it? '

It is much harder. More like ballet, in some respects. I have done Pilates and Callanetics. Callanetics does work, especially the stomach exercises.

Rainydayagain Tue 13-Mar-12 12:10:28

Totally agree much much harder than pilates! Nothing wrong with either but callanetics look so easy when they work you hard.
They do originate from ballet and thats why ballerinas look so good.

naturelover Tue 13-Mar-12 13:17:03

Well last night I did an hour of the Ten Years Younger in Ten Hours DVD and it was hard work and today I really feel my muscles have worked. I suspect tomorrow I'll be unable to walk downstairs!

I'd settle for 5 years younger (ie pre-DC). I'm going to make a note of my measurements and do 10 hours over the next 5 weeks and report back if you like.

I've never done Pilates so can't compare.

itdidntworkout Tue 13-Mar-12 15:43:35

I remember doing the video workout 20 years ago and to this day I can still hear her say 'squeeze those inner thighs, you don't want them to wobble down the supermarket aisle' (or something like that). I do occasionally, put my legs either side of a chair and squeeeeeeze.

Rainydayagain Tue 13-Mar-12 16:21:34

Nature lover great idea i will join you.
32" 29" 36"
Thighs 21"

I'm not wanting to loose weight just sculpt the last of the baby weight off and fit into a stunning dress for a wedding in june! ( can't buy a new one) flat stomach or at least remove the baby pouch would be lovely. I have already been doing for a couple of weeks.

naturelover Tue 13-Mar-12 16:44:55

Rainydayagain thanks for joining me!
I'm currently 34.5" 30" 39"
thighs 22"

I never know if I'm measuring at the right point so I aimed to measure widest point (for hips this seems much lower than my hip bones - I guess that's saddlebags for you!)

Interestingly I wrote down my measurements 6 years ago upon return from a holiday when I lost weight and felt really good about my body - and I'm reassured that I only have to lose an inch or so to reach those measurements again. I think muscle tone is key - especially tummy, that has inevitably disappeared after 2 DCs.

Good luck!

SootySweepandSue Tue 13-Mar-12 16:46:43

A low carb diet really minimises stomach bulge.

TheProvincialLady Tue 13-Mar-12 17:07:59

Can I join too please? I need motivation (today have eaten 2 chocolate bars, a packet of sweets and 2 mini rolls as well as endless toast and cheese).

32.5", 26.5", 35.5" thighs 20"

I am not overweight at all but just want to tone up my arms, middle, arse and thighs. I have been thinking about getting back into callanetics and if that hip measurement (widest part) doesn't spur me on, I don't know what else will. I am only 5'2" and don't want to look like my grandmother yet, thanks!

willybreeder Tue 13-Mar-12 20:17:28

I agree the exercises really really work, but the video is super annoying. Once I got the hang of it I switched down the volume and put my own music on. I've not done it for years, think I need to get into it again. smile

Rainydayagain Tue 13-Mar-12 20:39:58

Im commiting to one hour now...just going upstairs.

All my measurements are widest point including thighs which is actualy where legs meet at the top.

No way i could ever cut out carbs!

naturelover Tue 13-Mar-12 21:52:56

I have never understood low carb either. How can you have the energy to do anything?

Surely it's fine to eat brown rice, pulses, wholemeal bread etc - they contain plenty of nutrients and fibre after all.

Everything in moderation.

MissMacross Wed 14-Mar-12 11:09:15

I've been low(er) carb since last September. I haven't had a problem with lack of energy so far. smile

I've ordered the AM/PM DVD so I'd like to join you ladies (and we'll see if I keel over for lack of brown rice!). My measurements as of today are:


I'm content with my weight since starting my low carb eating, but am in need of toning. And I'm intrigued by the idea of target-sculpting specific bits of the body - in my case, my waist and my upper thighs.

BettyBathroom Thu 15-Mar-12 07:18:36

Low carbing does work very well for losing weight and what's more I longer crave carbs like I used to and that in itself is enough reason for me to continue. I exercise intensely 3 times a week and I have not found myself feeling hungry or lacking energy.

Callanetics looks interesting I could do with some target based training.

Llareggub Thu 15-Mar-12 07:23:46

I remember my mother doing callanetics in the 80s. She used to get me to hold the book for her. I wonder if she still has it? I remember searching for a DVD of it on amazon a few years back, I'd love to do it again.

MorrisZapp Thu 15-Mar-12 09:01:58

There's a callanetics studio round the corner from my house (morningside, Edinburgh)

Eliza22 Thu 15-Mar-12 09:18:37

Callanetics, of which I was a huge fan at one time, completely buggered up my hips, IMO.

Rainydayagain Thu 15-Mar-12 12:46:25

Cutting out the wine works best :-) but who wants to do that!!!
Im all for moderation and balance.

Today i have dug the garden for an hour (children collecting worms) ready for the veg.
This evening i will do an hour of callanetics followed by bath pamper night ( glass of wine)
I'm not going to re measure until i have done five sessions. Have to say when i did my last session earlier in the week, i slept very well.

Transpires that after two children ( one c section) i have NO stomach muscles. One of the deep sretches which i loved in my twenties, i can't even get my leg onto the floor.....Scary.

naturelover Thu 15-Mar-12 13:18:41

I've done two hours so far - I'll measure after 10 sessions. I can definitely feel some muscles have done some work, but I'm not suffering like I thought I might smile
I found it very good for stress to focus on something for an hour and just have some "me" time. I would have slept beautifully were it not for a feverish child.
Good luck!

thenightsky Thu 15-Mar-12 13:21:28

I did Callenetics back in the very early 90s after having DS. It got me from fat wobbly blob to toned size 10 in 3 months! I was very strict about doing it every single day (not weekends) though.

Abra1d Thu 15-Mar-12 13:52:16

The one I find a killer is one of the pelvic bellydancer ones where you scoop back nearly onto the back of your calves and then, without quite touching them, scoop back up again.

Rainydayagain Thu 15-Mar-12 13:59:18

Wow after checking my measurement to the dress i want to get into ( june) i need to loose three full inches from my waist!!!

Its amazing.

herbaceous Thu 15-Mar-12 14:18:42

Aha! I've kept this book from the 80s on the offchance it would come back into fashion. However, simply reading it on the sofa last night doesn't seem to have reduced my huge girth measurably.

I just tried the easiest stomach exercises, and managed about 20. She says you should do 75 then do it all again! Then the ones with the legs off the floor! Egads!

Also, an hour a day seems an awful lot of quite boring exercises.

I'm not posting my measurements. They're too shaming.

Rainydayagain Thu 15-Mar-12 14:35:53

Just post your reduction then :-) when i had my first baby i gained about 5 stone!!! So i know.
I do about twenty ( badly) of the stomach excercises i am wroking my way up to the 75.

Abra1d Thu 15-Mar-12 19:04:04

You don't need to do an hour a day! In fact, she says not to do this. An hour twice a week is what she recommends, if I remember right. Or do 20 minutes a day. But not the full hour.

changeforthebetter Thu 15-Mar-12 19:12:09

Callanetics - blimey, that's a blast from the past grin

I did it in the late 80s and it did work but I was a size 10 anyway so it just firmed stuff up, I had loads of free time and no money worries/kids/endless fucking housework/laundry grin

I probably still have the VHS somewhere but no VHS player to view it. Her voice was dreadful and the music was vile too. Happy days!

Abra1d Thu 15-Mar-12 19:12:43

There are a few callanetics exercises on Youtube.

herbaceous Fri 16-Mar-12 16:48:51

I did a few of the exercises last night, and feel tighter already! And yes Abra - you're right. It is only an hour, twice a week. I was panicking!

I looked at the 'advanced' bit at the end, which is pretty impressive. Old Callan doing some pretty impressive dangling on her bars.

coffeeinbed Fri 16-Mar-12 17:08:24

I probably still have those somewhere.
With my old DrMartens.
I'm tempted go give it a try again.
It'll probably kill me....

Rainydayagain Fri 16-Mar-12 17:22:17

I have done two sessions, i have the 20 min work out book. I am not doing all of the excercise ( stomach ones particulatly, and that awful belly dancing one) i extend the excercises for the problem areas, tum and thighs and it lasts about 45-50 mins.
I added in a new stomach excercise last night. Killer.
I am much tighter, im desperate to measure but won't.

I don't find them boring, i did in my twenties. now its a luxuary to have the time to myself ( not in front of the box) god i'm sad.

Abra1d Sat 17-Mar-12 10:36:42

'And yes Abra - you're right. It is only an hour, twice a week. I was panicking!'

I'd be in a quivering heap on the floor if I did it every day. A very toned heap, mind. And much as I love the results, I think I'd be bored stiff as well. Always my downfall, boredom.

I try and do some of the exercises every day. In fact there are other books/tapes, etc, that split them up for you.

Today is supposed to me my least favourite: pelvis and some of the stretches. I actually don't mind the hip/thigh exercises and the stomach ones.

Waist is a killer for me, too, but it really does work. Perhaps i'll try and do those today as well.

silver73 Sat 17-Mar-12 15:22:01

I am a huge fan of Callanetics as it is the only exercise that ever gave beautiful slim legs. The exercises are brilliant for stomach and bottom too. I am just re-starting and going back to my daily Callanetics. I use three DVDs (Quick Callanetics for bum, stomach and hips) which are about 20 minutes long each so breaks it up.

I find that within 5 hours you can see a real difference and after 30 hours the results will be amazing....

OlympicEater Sat 17-Mar-12 20:23:47

Oh dear, I'm such a sheep, I'm looking on ebay for a DVD now

changeforthebetter Sat 17-Mar-12 22:06:35

Stop it! I will be e-baying too at this rate. I am quite slim again but flabby........... <deludedly envisions return to early 20s lithe-ness>

Rainydayagain Sun 18-Mar-12 08:34:29

Buy it, join our flock! :-) these excercises are bloody effective.

Just done 20 mins, my legs are looking amazing today ( legs were already very good, i walk a lot) and my bottoms a bit more difined.

I can without doubt see less mush around the middle.

Two and half hours done. Same again and i can measure.

herbaceous Sun 18-Mar-12 08:51:36

My legs have always been horrific, so anything that could improve them would be great. But the only exercises for them in the book seem to be mild squats with pelvic tucks now and then. Have I missed any?

Rainydayagain Sun 18-Mar-12 09:36:32

Yes there are some sit down ones and leg lift ones will check book later when fed hungry mob.

changeforthebetter Sun 18-Mar-12 14:20:16


Even better! Have had a dig around in the loft and have found the old VHS tape plus the old player. Result! For the cost of absolutely zero grin

It is all rigged up in my room now and will have a go later (inconvenient thing called work getting in the way right now wink)

I was in a similar position, quite flabby but slim so will be interesting to see how/if it helps. Of course, these days I do have a slightly better diet than black coffee and fags blush

coffeeinbed Sun 18-Mar-12 15:10:01

I had amazing results with Tracy Anderson, it's bloody long though, can't fit it in.
This seems more doable, time wise.
I remember it being very hard to do, and I was considerably younger...

Fruitdrop Sun 18-Mar-12 15:28:59

Ooooh, I did this back in the day too, when I was a "fat" 9st and size 10 hmm
It did work on big bum and thighs, definately toned me up.
I used a pull out from a Sunday paper, then bought the book. And I wish I still had it now I am a genuinely fat 13st and size 16-18!

Rainydayagain Mon 19-Mar-12 20:07:36

Herbaceous did you find the leg excercises? I have about four in mine. One where you sit and roll pelvis fw, a similar one with leg lift, one where lift leg like a ballerina...

Two hours of hard digging in the veg patch have left me very achy today.

Off to do 45 mins of callanetics to see if it helps ease the pain that i feel everywhere.

Anyone near to measuring yet? I can see my hip bones a bit more now but stomach is looking more prominant, need to increase those excercises i think.

naturelover Mon 19-Mar-12 20:14:43

Well I've done 3 hours so far and everything feels a bit tighter I have to say. I'm not going to measure yet though!

Those side leg lifts are hard - bizarrely they are much harder on the left than the right - I guess it's normal to favour one side a bit.

I am increasing my cardio alongside which might skew the results but the fact is that I want to be fit as well as toned.

Rainydayagain Mon 19-Mar-12 20:21:28

I doubt it will skew it too much. I did lots of walking and cardio before starting callanetics again, it didn't touch my mushy middle. :-)

Rainydayagain Mon 19-Mar-12 20:22:01

I doubt it will skew it too much. I did lots of walking and cardio before starting callanetics again, it didn't touch my mushy middle. :-)

naturelover Wed 21-Mar-12 10:12:26

I'm finding it quite addictive! I've done 3 hours but am feeling so much tighter. I'm so keen to see the effects of 10 hours that I've upped it to 3x a week instead of 2x. I'll report back!

It has prompted me to do bodybrushing every day. I think the spring weather is also helping to motivate me.

naturelover it sounds like you are doing them right! Keep it up.

I have done callanetics on and off for over ten years now. Sometimes I go through fases of doing the 1 hour programme every day and my body looks fantastic, then I slip a bit, go down to three times a week, still look exactly the same, and then get lazy and stop for a bit. When I feel I'm starting to loose my tonedness I start up again. I need to start up agian now, I haven't done it for over a week. Tonight I will.

I have had a completely flat stomach for years and even the merest hint of a bulge there gets me back to callanetics.

It really works too, soon enough the exercises won't even be har. I do double what it says in the book now for a lot of them, because I can.

I love the open and close, and can do up to 30 in one sitting.

The bum ones are hardest I remember, but once you get a strong bum they will be much easier and more comfortable to do. I can do them now without actually holding anything for support, although I tip over after a while grin Usually I just sit in front of the sofa holding the sofa front.

The leg ones where you go up on your toes and then bend your legs down and out I can also do with hands on hips now, instead of holding the back of a chair. Good stuff.

naturelover do it every day, not three times a week. Results will be so much quicker.

Rainydayagain Wed 21-Mar-12 12:51:26

Lol very addictive, i' m off to do an hour while LO is asleep.

I have done a couple of hours now ..nearing measurement time:-)

I might try the dress on this evening see just how far off fitting in it i really am.

jamaisjedors Wed 21-Mar-12 13:43:16

People who do exercises every day, when do you do them?

I would like to do a bit of Pilates/yoga every day but can't seem to fit it in.

Before breakfast? Seems a little too hard-core to me!

Heyyyho Wed 21-Mar-12 13:48:42

Callan just recently died sad

I loved Callanetics and they worked wonders for my figure, but that was BACK in the day I was just past teenage years.

Might have a revival...

Rainydayagain Wed 21-Mar-12 13:54:56

Hi when baby sleeps and lo at pre school or evenings when Dh out or 20 mins before bed. ( can't let husband watch he comments - very annoying)

So news flash i got into the dress and it zipped up!!!! Its not perfect bit of overhang at top ( straples) and felt tight but im in it!!

So waist measurement ( couldn't resist ) is now 27.5 that is a loss of 1.5 inches. No loss anywhere else but i have really focused on that area.

In total just short of three hours callanetics plus three hours hard digging in the garden.

Absoloutely thrilled, will be trying to increase sessions now. Stomach still flabby but i can at least feel the muscles once more. ( c section and total loss of core muscles with babies, resulting in not being able to stand on one leg, so bad)

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 14:02:36

The one I find a killer is one of the pelvic bellydancer ones where you scoop back nearly onto the back of your calves and then, without quite touching them, scoop back up again

I remember that one! I can still do it - just!

I need to do this again, I used to do lots back in the day, I am very wobbly now.<searches Amazon>

Jamais I usually do mine in the evening after DS has gone to bed, so sometime between 8pm and 9pm start. Sometimes on the days I get home from work at 4pm I do them sometime between 4 and 6, before supper, in amongst doing other chores grin

It's only an hour, I could just as easily be watching TV for that hour in the evening, if I had a tv.

That's sad that Callan died sad
Well done rainyDay for fitting into your dress, great that you're seeing results already! grin

RainyDay my DP has got so used to seeing me doing them he doesn't even blink an eye, just goes about his evening, dodging me or stepping over me, sometimes annoying me by trying to hug me while I'm doing the sit ups grin. He tried them a few times with me and found them so hard (he's a fit man too, not a fat wobbly one, he has muscles) but he really struggled to have the small controlled movements, so now he has respect for my callanetics and wouldn't make fun.

Same with DS. I would hate to feel self conscious while doing them. I look silly. I know it.

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 14:26:10

She died???? shock how? sad

naturelover Wed 21-Mar-12 14:40:19

I feel even more motivated now!

It's amazing that something so effective has lost popularity. I wonder why?

My mum had the book in the 80s and I intend looking for it at her house. I will probably get bored of the DVD plus it will feel easier as time goes by and I'll need a challenge so I'll see what other moves the book has.

I exercise between DCs going to bed at 7 and DH getting home from work at 8.

naturelover Wed 21-Mar-12 14:50:26

My goodness, she died literally 3 weeks ago. I wonder if Callentics will make a resurgence.

Ok tell me exactly which book and/or DVD to buy to slim my blasted thighs down. Have reached a good weight but my thighs are so chunk still! Thanks

naturelover Wed 21-Mar-12 14:51:40

I'm doing the 10 years younger in 10 hours DVD, which is a one-hour session. I haven't used any others so can't compare I'm afraid.

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 14:52:59

Expensive on Amazon! I chucked out my big Callenetics books when we moved <sigh> sad

naturelover Wed 21-Mar-12 14:55:01

It is expensive, but cheaper than a personal trainer or gym membership (my logic anyway!)

coffeeinbed Wed 21-Mar-12 15:00:42

I have some VHS tapes. &#1040;nd a player, which is a bit embarrassing, might give it a go again, it will kill me though.

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 15:01:03

I will scour the charity shops forthwith!

Rainydayagain Wed 21-Mar-12 15:23:21

I would look in c shops, i had the video once but that and the player are long gone.
I use the 20 min workout book.
I think the vid is very good to show you how to move, but you can see some stuff on you tube!
I think it is popular again because madonna a gwenyth have admitted to doing it.

You could ask friends or on free cycle...

Im going after thighs next, all the books have a good selection of excercises, well those i have seen.

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 15:23:58

Oh I need the 20 min book!

Rainydayagain Wed 21-Mar-12 15:30:27

Yes 20 mins is enouh, i just extended the problem area and it takes about 45 plus 15 staring in mirror LOL

Sad she died they are very effective.

It doesnt have the great before and after photos the big book has. Plus mines a bit musty ( charity shop)

Rainydayagain Wed 21-Mar-12 15:32:51

Oh its called callanetics countdown 30 days to a beautiful body.

Thats 30 x 20 min workouts!

Fab will have a look for those thanks.

I just ordered the Quick DVDs on Ebay. I have problem thighs and butt and a bit flabby on the tum. I've started running again, but need something else for toning. Hoping I will be presentable in togs this summer and hoping it will help with the cellulite ponders what dh -sees-- in me

valiumredhead Wed 21-Mar-12 18:29:46

How much was it on ebay please?

herbaceous Wed 21-Mar-12 19:10:16

I've been doing about 20 minutes a day - stomach one day, arse the next, weird pelvic moves another, and I think I can see a difference in the arse area.

My stomach is sticking out more, if anything, but I think she said somewhere in the book that this might happen. Hmmm...

I cannot do a single 'open and close' unless I drag my ginormo tree-trunk legs across the carpet. But I shall persevere!

coffeeinbed Wed 21-Mar-12 19:19:34

Please remind me, what was the open and close?
It's been years in my case.

herbaceous Wed 21-Mar-12 19:34:55

'Open and close' involves hanging on to something above your head - mantlepiece, or the like, if you don't have Callan's handy ballet studio – raising your legs off the floor a couple of inches, and opening and closing them. It's a bugger.

lol at "it's a bugger". It gets easier, I promise.

I don't have anything high enough to hold on to, so I sit with my back against the sofa and hold on to the bottom of the sofa. It's enough to keep me balanced. I tried hanging off the chin up bar and attempting it, but that was a bit too over-ambitious grin

I have the big old book, complete with before and after photos and the advanced exercises that I try to do now.

Am off to do my hour of Callanetics now, first time in a week..

coffeeinbed Wed 21-Mar-12 19:42:03

Oh yes!
Recall exercise now, not sure if I was ever able to do it...

valiumred They were US$18.99 each with about $6 shipping for 3 (to Canada). I think shipping to UK I checked was around $6 for the first, then a bit less for the next item.

Callanetics Quick

valiumredhead Thu 22-Mar-12 11:48:04

Thanks! She was 72 when she died but I can't find out how by googling.

coffeeinbed Thu 22-Mar-12 11:52:48

Found mine.
It says original callanetics.
And I also discovered my old copy of Lose Inches with Lotte Berk.
That was a killer.

Rainydayagain Thu 22-Mar-12 12:28:17

She died of cancer :-(
I did another hour of digging last night off for a 30 min callanetics work out now. ( before i have to play lego)

My book did say your stomach may stick out, also that the goosh moves up to your lower back before dissapearing...nice.

Open and close, not in this book but i do remember the horror. Is it an advanced or is she expecting you to drag your legs for a while?

Anyone measured yet?

naturelover Thu 22-Mar-12 13:16:53

I haven't measured yet but my jeans are noticeably looser after only 4 hours. It's very addictive!

PostBellumBugsy Thu 22-Mar-12 13:31:11

Oh, just seen this. I'm a huge fan. Have an ancient VHS tape & try and do it a couple of times a week. I think it is amazing. I have a very bad back - and one ruined knee and Callanetics works so well for me, because it is zero impact & because it is so good for core strength, like Pilates.
It definitely makes a difference to my hips & thighs - elongates the muscle & makes them look so much smoother.

valiumredhead Thu 22-Mar-12 13:36:29

I need to do this again, I had a really bad accident a few years again am now the unfit test and most untoned I have ever been sad

changeforthebetter Thu 22-Mar-12 20:20:42

Woo hoo! Love finding this again. Mostly because I have been waking up with a stiff back and since doing an hour the night before last, my back has felt easier in the morning. I can feel the stomach muscles I worked but they don't hurt. Am just so pleased I found this thread and then found my tape (isn't VHS quality shit? grin)

Rainydayagain Fri 23-Mar-12 07:00:29

I went swimming yesterday, i literaly stood gawping at myself in the mirror.

I think because i did these when i was already a tiny size 8 ( in my twentys)
I am a bit amazed at just how fast it can transform a body. Im approaching an 8 again and a actually feel so much better about myself.

Also need to know if the hard labour digging has had an impact so can someone else measure pls....pretty please.

Vhs im sure its very bad :-) i remember dirty dancing went grainy from excessive use.

rookiemater Fri 23-Mar-12 13:59:20

I have just ordered the DVD after being out shopping, I have been doing Body Pump twice a week for the past 2 months and whilst my upper body and legs are firmer my tummy is still like mush and the extra muscles appear to have made my body bigger shock

bellastella Sat 24-Mar-12 21:09:28

ok i am intrigued... looked her up on wikipedia and found that she wrote 10 books and made 8 videos. do you think the first book and video '10 years younger in 10 hours' is the biggest volume? would it be the best one to try and get?

FoxPass Sat 24-Mar-12 21:39:16

Ooh just saw this thread. I love Callanetics smile I started doing it as a teen, forgot about it and started again after having the DCs.

Between DS1 and DS2 I was in the best shape of my life, as I was doing the video and also going to Callanetics classes. Google and find out if you have a class near you, technique is everything and it is the best way to learn it. You work much harder and see results faster if you do a class a week as well as the videos. The have the wall bars at the classes, so you learn to hang which feels amazing.

So sad to hear she died, I had just bought one of her books off Amazon and read it online the next day.

Gincognito Sat 31-Mar-12 09:09:06

Baaaa baaa

Just bought the 10 years younger in 10 hours DVD and book. I really need the help!

Noisily bumping this thread to hear more wondrous tales of transformation envy.

What is the goosh?

herbaceous Mon 02-Apr-12 08:51:46

I think 'goosh' is the flabby spare tyre, that occupies from my hips to my waist. At least, that's what I hope.

Anyone else find the leg exercises - the plié-type ones with pelvic tilt - just KILL their knees? My left knee especially hurts for days afterwards, if I do anything as mild as changing gear in the car, or sitting down in a chair.

It's vexing, as they're really the only leg exercises in the book (apart from the stretch ones on the barre), and my legs are a particular source of angst for me. I wanted to sort them out!

Thanks Herbaceous. I have ordered the 10 years younger dvd, I have the shred one (still in cellophane) so I'm thinking that I will do them on alternate days mon-sat.

naturelover Mon 02-Apr-12 13:15:16

Yes I do find the plies hard on the knees, so I tend not to turn my toes out so much, and I proceed with caution.

I've done 6 hours so far over the last 3 weeks and I can see a definite improvement. Everything is firmer and higher! But I haven't measured anything yet.

How is everyone else getting on?

rookiemater Mon 02-Apr-12 21:41:34

I'm hoping the osmosis effect of actually owning the DVD will miraculously reduce my belly pooch blush

Rainydayagain Mon 02-Apr-12 21:57:33

Herbaceous your technique may not be correct. These are designed to be gentle on your knees.
Are you working from a book or vid? Can you check by googling the excercise.? Also do you use a mirror?

No callanetics in the last week, too much going on :-( tomorrow i will try but schools out ( curse teachers :-))

herbaceous Tue 03-Apr-12 09:10:07

Rainyday - I'm using a book, which isn't ideal, and no, I haven't got a mirror. But by altering my technique - thanks for the tip naturelover - they do hurt less. It just seems less effective on the thighs to have the knees not sticking out to the sides.

I'm loving the pelvic exercises. Feel all strong and 'held in' after doing them...

lowercase Tue 03-Apr-12 09:56:59

for gincognito
i used to do callanetics 3 times a week, within a few months, they have the effect of pulling up a pair of tights, except said tights are your skin and flab.
i havent done them in 5 ish years, have the dvd and am aiming to start (have been aiming to start for a year grin)
i remember crying before beginning a session once shock
you can learn how to do them, but they never get easy...but they do work, rapidly, increase your strength rapidly and your posture beautifully.

Rainydayagain Tue 03-Apr-12 19:44:31

Glad your finding them less painful.
I do mine in front of a full length mirror, it motivates.
Off to do 45 mins now. Mini me was very sick today, im a rubbish nurse :-(

bellastella Thu 05-Apr-12 15:16:05

Ooh just found the first book ...ten years etc... in the charity shop for £2.75! i'll get reading :-)

purple15 Thu 05-Apr-12 18:32:11

same here, i hit the charity shops, it was like finding treasure when I spotted the Callanetics book on the shelf. I was quite into it 25 years ago. Then on and off since then I have been doing yoga. Iam very curious to see if it will make a difference. By the way it was £1.50, buy one get one free!

I'm into week 2 of the Quick Callanetics, and I think I see changes esp in my legs. However I'm finding it tedious to do it every day. I'm wondering if it is better to do the 10hr one 2x per week, thinking Wed (as DH is at work late) and Sat getting up early <laughs at self>.

I need to incorporate running into my week as well to shed the fat and can't be spending the whole evening after work on exercise, especially if DH is working late (frequent), as I have the DC to care for.

I was looking at old photos, from about 3yrs ago, and I looked so slim, it was down to the running I was doing, so I MUST get back into it. It's the only thing I've found that has slimmed my mahoosive butt down and my thighs.

naturelover Thu 12-Apr-12 19:57:56

Well I was thinking yesterday that I should report back because I did start this thread and I have now completed 10 hours of her "Ten years younger in ten hours" DVD!

I haven't got out my measuring tape because I have PMS bloating. But I will next week.

But I do feel overall that it has made a significant difference. Everything feels tighter and higher and firmer. My thighs feel like I'm wearing tights that suck you in - all the time! I feel more confident in a swimsuit. My legs are more shapely. My tummy is flatter. My hips have definition.

I will definitely continue. Twice a week is do-able, for now.

StyleGuile Thu 12-Apr-12 20:04:39

I swear by the Tracy Anderson 30 day method - literally!

PerryCombover Thu 12-Apr-12 20:11:51

Me too with Tracy Anderson but it is.....not for all

coffeeinbed Thu 12-Apr-12 20:18:27

Another Tracy Anderson devotee here.
Muffin top gone, bum def. higher, arms slimmer. Two weeks, after a few months of lazying on the sofa.
Except I/m getting bored with it.

willybreeder Sat 14-Apr-12 22:25:20

Well I read all the stuff on Tracy Anderson and thought it sounded similar to Callanetics so nipped off to buy the DVD, was clearly too excited and picked up the wrong one - its a dance DVD, only suitable for experienced dancers I reckon. Pah !!

coffeeinbed Sun 15-Apr-12 11:11:44

Willy, you need the Mat workout.
Have a look at YouTube, there's plenty of teasers there.

purple15 Sat 21-Apr-12 17:58:05

Have been doing the book, nearly every day for 2 weeks. The results are amazing. The difference I feel most is on my legs, the defination in them is amazing. Iam struggling with my stomach as after having 3 children I have no muscle control at all. Every one I meet I am singing the praises of Callentics. I am so grateful for this thread!

Spamspamspam Sun 22-Apr-12 14:21:49

How exciting! Just bought the 10 years DVD will update a few hours in

naturelover Tue 24-Apr-12 13:04:54

Right, I have finally dug out the tape measure, after 14 hours of callanetics over the last 7 weeks.

I have lost 2 inches off my waist, 1.5 inches off my thighs, and 0 inches off my hips.
everything is noticeably firmer, higher and smoother. I think my hips might be unchanged because my bottom is higher - though not yet like the "peach" that Callan promises!

I will definitely continue, the results are really showing and I feel I'd be very happy to wear a bikini now that my tummy is flatter than before.

I will probably buy the Super Callanetics dvd in a month or two, to prevent myself stagnating.

Can anyone recommend a pilates dvd? I might like to give pilates a try as well.

The other dvd I've read about is the Ballet Beautiful one - has anyone tried it?

I have always hated leaping-around-sweating exercise, and so callanetics is really great for me. It's hard enough to feel effective with no sweating at all. I'm a convert.

Spamspamspam Tue 24-Apr-12 13:43:13

Okay just about to start and have skimmed through the dvd and it was exactly how I remembered from all those years ago however what does everyone do about using a bar? only thing that looks high enough is the dining room table and that is not in the same room as the DVD player....windowsills in lounge are low as is the only coffee table in the room...pondering what to do.

naturelover Tue 24-Apr-12 14:28:54

I use the back of the sofa.

smallmole Wed 25-Apr-12 22:43:39

Well after your recommendations I've bought the book (10yrs in 10hrs) and I don't think it's working. I've only done about four hours so I wasn't expecting massive changes but from reading people raving about it on here I was hoping to notice something at least. Nothing.

I am finding the book quite hard to follow - the pictures aren't great and there's not a huge amount of instruction. Am I expecting too much to see some changes already or am I too fat (size 16) to be able to see the changes to the muscles underneath? I'm quite disheartened with the whole thing and I had such high hopes that Callenetics would give me back my pre-babies shape.

I'm doing them wrong, aren't I?

Ruari888 Sun 17-Mar-13 18:15:37

I love callenetics and yes it can change your shape. I lost 3 stone of baby fat using callenetics and it toned me really well. I wouldnt hesitate, its really relaxing music and exercises you can do when the kids are in bed or napping and not something to have to drag yourself out to do. Have funsmile

Ruari888 Sun 17-Mar-13 18:17:48

ps you can improvise in the living room by using the sofa back as the bar or a side cabinet anything is possible with improvising.

gracelesslady Mon 18-Mar-13 14:05:26

I've just bought a book.... I'm hoping for a pert backside in a few weeks ;)

sair1234 Tue 25-Jun-13 10:21:26

I am starting today am/pm dvd, 5 weeks until my hold abroad. I used to it years ago and it really worked lost 3 inches from my hips!

sergeantmajor Tue 25-Jun-13 11:56:34

Nostalgic joy! Is Callanetics really back? I remember that "wobbly thighs" comment itdidntoworkout! (in fact it has haunted me down the years wink). Callanetics was how I spent my skinny teenage years, convinced that my tummy stuck out, when it didn't. I would try it again now, as long as I don't have to wear the frosted eye make-up to match.

CambridgeBlue Tue 25-Jun-13 11:57:40

I'm quite keen to try this as I've lost a lot of weight over the past few years (around 4 stone) but still really need to tone up. Which DVD do we reckon is the best one to get?

JazzDalek Tue 25-Jun-13 12:42:43

Impulse buy. Have just ordered the DVD. Am slimmish but have noticed thighs and bum really starting to go downhill the last year or two blush

Cambridgeblue I ordered this one:


sair1234 Tue 25-Jun-13 13:23:16

I have got the am/pm calanectics dvd, but used to use the original calanetics on video used so many times its worn out!! That was the one that toned me up. Will let you know how I get on with the am/pm, but if anyone has used that one please let me know if it works?

SirRaymondClench Tue 25-Jun-13 13:44:21

God I love Callanetics! I must get back into it!
The answer to your question Op is yes, I did.
Callan Pinkney died last year which was very sad, but her DVDs are ace if you can overlook the 70s porn star men and frankly odd looking people in her videos.
Sandra Hannah has taken on the baton and is a bit more modern and I used to do a combination of both of their videos. You will like some of both of their vids and I found it more enjoyable to do that.
It's very meditative too.

sair1234 Tue 25-Jun-13 14:13:22

That is really sad, I had no idea she had died! Thanks for the information will try that. had to laugh about the porn star comment!!

SilverSixpence Tue 25-Jun-13 16:30:20

how often do i need to do tracey anderson for it to work?

SirRaymondClench Tue 25-Jun-13 20:04:23

By the way you can find Sandra Hannah on Facebook and ask any questions about technique there, also read any previous questions.
Also it's worth knowing that you are supposed to life your pelvic floor while doing the exercises.

fedupofnamechanging Tue 25-Jun-13 22:13:08

I have just bought the beginning callanetics DVD - I remember my mum doing the video in the 80s, so feel all nostalgic! I find yet voice quite soothing. Really hoping it works for me because I high impact stuff - I get really breathless because I am so unfit. Feeling quite excited at the possibility of being toned!

MoodyDidIt Wed 26-Jun-13 10:30:32

ooh this sounds amazing....have read first few posts and am marking place to return to later!

Abra1d Wed 26-Jun-13 10:36:09

This zombie thread (dead for a year and then back to life) has reminded me that I need to do the Callan hip and butt exercises.

SilverSixpence Wed 26-Jun-13 10:42:37

Didn't realise it was a zombie thread! looks like its been revived a couple of times smile

anyway, it inspired me to do the TA Mat DVD I've owned for 3 years according to Amazon!

Funnily enough my friend has just started doing Callenetics again and is raving about it, says its the best thing for toning and saw results very quickly. I`m having a little think about having a go, but am doing weights and squats at the moment and thats killing me.

Abra1d Wed 26-Jun-13 12:20:28

Yup--we can always do with reminders to do more hip and thigh exercises and open-and-shuts, etc. Good ol' Callen, RIP.

FoxPass Wed 26-Jun-13 13:00:09

"Just picture your thighs jiggling while you walk, and you'll squeeze all the harder" grin

Back on the callanetics train, have done it off and on since I was 18. Always come back to it and I can do the orignal workout in under an hour so can fit it in even on busy days. On session 5, so currently wondering if I now look 5 years younger grin

naturelover Wed 26-Jun-13 14:57:36

I'm the OP and I did the Callanetics DVD quite religiously twice a week for a few months last year, lapsed a bit, but started again this spring, once a week. I definitely feel the benefit when I'm doing it regularly, in terms of flatter tummy, higher bottom etc.
But I confess I am getting a bit bored of it now - inevitable I suppose. I wonder if I should invest in the "super callanetics" DVD for a bit more of a challenge.

FoxPass Wed 26-Jun-13 16:14:33

Super Callanetics is great and definitely a good idea if you've mastered the original and want to mix it up. I find it quite useful to mute the sound and play music too, helps with the boredom!

Abra1d Wed 26-Jun-13 17:23:15

Oooh, must look at Super Callanetics. Yes, boredom can be the killer. So many repetitions and variations of repetitions.

CambridgeBlue Sun 30-Jun-13 08:19:25

I managed to find the book yesterday after searching every charity shop in town. It'svery 80s (the same one I had back then in fact!) but if it works - which I might if I actually do it instead of just looking at the pictures - then I'll be happy.

pootros Thu 01-Aug-13 22:23:47

Have just had a blast from the past with my callenetics DVD. (10in10). Am 8 weeks after baby2- have been gagging to excercise for ages as have been a blob of untoned wobble since the 1st baby. Love those 80s leotards!
I used to love Callenetics -just used to use the book. i was wondering if anyone who shared their measurements at the start of the thread fancy a little boast to inspire me to continue?

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