if you like fatface and white stuff??

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fluffles Thu 01-Apr-10 21:09:43

where else do you buy stuff?

i need casual stuff... like tunic tops but not as long as dresses and like knitwear...

any suggestions for other shops i could try?

Joe Browns?

EvilTwins Thu 01-Apr-10 21:18:09

Um. Don't White Stuff do knitwear and casual stuff? I have more of an issue getting smart things from there.

I have quite a lot of White Stuff clothes, a few bits from Fat Face and also like some thigns from Monsoon and get work clothes from M&S and sometimes Next. White Stuff is def where I get most of my casual clothes from though.

justallovertheplace Thu 01-Apr-10 21:23:55

Fat Face has been atrocious the last couple of seasons and I am finding White Stuff very samey too. I've bought a couple of really nice things from Great Plains recently and have been very happy with them

fluffles Thu 01-Apr-10 21:25:12

yes, they do but i need another shop or two... too much white stuff at the moment, i have either got or ruled out most of this seasons stuff.

also, their tunics this season seem to be knee-length on me - i don't mind my tops long but knee-length is a dress in my book, not a top.

PandaG Thu 01-Apr-10 21:27:13

Debenhams - Mantaray label - cheaper than FF too!

nowwhatdoido Fri 02-Apr-10 07:51:04


mojomama Fri 02-Apr-10 08:16:38

I find Gul really good - not just for Ladies but blokes too - www.gul.com/ - def worth checking out. Their wetsuits are also really good if you no anyone who surfs or fancy giving it a go - warm and as stylish/flattering as a wetcuit can be!
Quite a few shops in South/South West these days but online too. Keep an eye open for their killer sales too - amazing deals to be had!

Plink Fri 02-Apr-10 08:43:44

Mistral is superb (I love white stuff but agree Fat Face has been soooooo dreary the last couple of seasons, I think I have bought one top there in the last few years) but it's much better to go to their shops, they have great ideas up on show and much easier to mix and match/layer when you can see the colours properly. Unfortunately there isn't one near me sad

<really sad when remembers how fab Mistral is>

<cries a bit>

PuppyMonkey Fri 02-Apr-10 08:46:14

I've got some Mantaray stuff - s'ok. Getting a bit bored with WS myself now, never thought I would say that.

I bought a lot of quite nice casual stuff from River Island last week.

chimpsmostwelcome Fri 02-Apr-10 09:01:41

try Blacks - the website dosent look much but the stuff in the shop is nice

veryconfusedandupset Fri 02-Apr-10 10:05:34

Howies? their vist that is really a vest is nice.

cookielove Fri 02-Apr-10 10:06:56


fluffles Fri 02-Apr-10 18:23:53

thanks for the mistral and gul links - had never heard of mistral and never really thought of gul for anything except beachwear or wetsuits.

howies always disapoints me for ladies stuff (though i love the mens).

minko Fri 02-Apr-10 21:19:57

Hmmm, just checked out Mistral and loved the stuff, but when I added a couple of things to my basket found that they added VAT on afterwards (as well as P+P)!! I feel a bit conned...

minko Fri 02-Apr-10 21:23:33

Oh bum, just realised I've been a bit thick... (They don't actually add the VAT on...) Apologies... blush

mablemurple Fri 02-Apr-10 21:39:16

minko - the price shown on the catalogue pages includes vat - they just show it separately on the checkout page.

mablemurple Fri 02-Apr-10 21:39:52

cross posts, minko!

MyLittleBoyzee Tue 13-Apr-10 13:11:59

Message withdrawn

MyLittleBoyzee Tue 13-Apr-10 20:48:15

Message withdrawn

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