What do I wear to a Dinner Dance?

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Numberfour Sun 14-Feb-10 20:00:36

The dance is in aid of fund raising for DS's infant school. It is unlikely to be a hugely formal affair, but i am stumped as to what it is that people wear to these things!

I have not been to a Dinner Dance in about 12 years and then it was on another continent and not in England.

And on top of that, I am lllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Any ideas please? It is going to be held in May at a local chain hotel (yuck)

Cyb Sun 14-Feb-10 20:03:04

I would say a party dress. I was supposed to be going to one this weekend and had planned a grey beaded number and silver heels

Numberfour Sun 14-Feb-10 20:05:26

thanks, Cyb. i have been looking on ebay and some of the dresses are very bridesmaid / prom which I do NOT want!

sorry you missed your party.....

Cyb Sun 14-Feb-10 20:09:03

Ach, its alright, dh was ill, it was about 3 hours drive away so not that fussed....

have a look on Debenhams and Monsoon website too

Numberfour Sun 14-Feb-10 20:16:36

thanks, will do.

cahu Sun 14-Feb-10 21:24:36

How about


Numberfour Mon 15-Feb-10 13:30:38

cahu, i love that! but I am on more of an ebay budget and more of a circus tent size!! sad

cahu Mon 15-Feb-10 13:36:45

What size, colour etc. More info needed!!!

HelenSouthcott Mon 15-Feb-10 13:43:15

Just go for a dress, in black.

If you're worried about the curves, go for something that has pleats starting around the waist area.


cahu Mon 15-Feb-10 13:50:54

Is this something you would wear


ChickenInABasket Mon 15-Feb-10 14:12:36

We went to a dinner dance last weekend, DP wore smart trousers and a shirt, I wore a Monsoon "party dress" I got in the sale with a little black cardie/ shrug thing and heels.

My dress looked a bit like this:

Numberfour Mon 15-Feb-10 16:45:30

i am size blush 20 and would prefer black. cahu, i love that dress from Simply Be. Really really like it! thanks!

I have a black dress from Monsoon (will photograph it and upload it a bit later) and while it is sleeveless, i have a lovely bolero type thingy to wear with it.

Chickeninabasket, I love that dress too, but it is not a style I would wear. But it is good to see what others would wear to such a do. I don't really want to ask the other mums what they will be wearing.

TeaOneSugar Mon 15-Feb-10 17:44:23

I've got a black empire line dress from Wallis with a cross over top, a very flattering for a size 20.

a bit like this but black.

They do some really nice party dresses, and not too expensive, might be worth a look.

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