How do I look less haggard and worn out?

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MoonMagic Thu 31-Dec-09 01:49:02

I have aged 10 years in the past 5 years - I look stressed and worn. My face looks thin and baggy. I don't have "jowls" but that area is slighty baggy and I am rather sharp lipped too blush

The problem is mainly around my mouth and lower cheeks, I have a pained look, it's not nice!

I am a light make up wearer (tinted moisturiser and mascara), and do scrub up well - so all is not bad!


JacksmamaInAPearTree Thu 31-Dec-09 05:21:51

<marks place>

I have many more fine lines than I used to and my eyes have shadows under them... my face just looks sooooo tired. Would love suggestions.

purplepeony Thu 31-Dec-09 08:54:55

Suggest you get round thin lipped looked with some pump-up lip gloss- look at Benefit, Clinique, Soap and Glory.

You need to make more of what you have- so if you have good eyes, do more with those. Use some sort of warm, soft blusher to give your cheeks a bit of oomph.

Also, get your skin in great condition by exfoliating gently, using night creams, and using under eye concealer for dark circles.

Other than that- it's Botox ladies.

mafi Thu 31-Dec-09 09:05:53

do you think it might have something to do with diet? are you drinking enough water and eating plenty of veg? I am just asking because I recently did a detox (advised by nutritionist), and since then I have been looking less tired and my skin has improved dramatically.

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 09:14:28

You say that you scrub up well - I think the thing is, when you get older you have to scrub up MORE REGULARLY if you want to look better

Whereas it was once for Saturday nights, now it is for Monday mornings

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:18:26

Drink even 2 more glasses of water a more fish and fruit.take a good muliti vit and try to go to bed at 10 twice a week.Superdrug vit e cheapy glow moisturiser is good and go to boots and get a really well matched foundation.Any brand can be good as long as it is blended well.

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:19:00

the water thign and skin has been shown to be a myth

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:19:57

"Drinking two litres of water a day keeps your skin clear
"Our bodies are designed to detox the whole time – that's what our liver and kidneys are for – and there are incredibly sophisticated mechanisms in place to keep our water content balanced for the good of the whole body," says Emma Edmonds of the British Skin Foundation. "So you just need to drink when your body tells you to - when you feel thirsty.""

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:00

That surprises me as I took part in a water trial thingy in 2007 and EVERYONE looked amazing after only 9 ndays!

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:47

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:51

According to my docs you should rarely feel thirsty unless you have been exercising heavily.

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:22:38

more here
yes i only drink a glass or so aday
no spots here

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:25:41

Not about spots though!The body does regulate itself but if you feel thirsty it means the mucous membranes are dry and the ones you don't see are too.It doesn't need to be excessive but the organs do use water to function and if you don't keep it topped up it takes it from elsewhere and concentrates blood and urine which definitely makes you feel and look sluggish.

FlorenceandtheMincePieMachine Thu 31-Dec-09 10:32:05

A good foundation should do the job. I upgraded mine recently as one that looked gave me perfect skin five years ago suddenly didn't. I look years younger.

I also started wearing a good night cream (which I had always found too heavy when i was younger) and I am much happier with my skin now.

I think that the advice on what you are putting in to your body is also good. A mag I bought yesterday had a piece on skin supplements and the Boots one came out well and was very reasonable. My 40+ skin is the main reason that I am going on the wagon for much of 2010!

BelleDameSansMerci Thu 31-Dec-09 10:36:14

That Boots stuff is really good but can't for life of me remember the name of it. The one everyone was raving about when it first came out. I can't use it because it does give me spots but I have very oily skin (still at 44!). Boots No 7 has a foundation with the magic stuff in it too and I do use that. It's fabulous and no spots.

I do think what you put into your body and getting as much sleep as possible also makes a big difference.

cocolepew Thu 31-Dec-09 10:38:10

Put on some weight [helpful]. I've lost about a stone recently (not through choice) and I'd rather have a big arse than a lined face.

If you have a heavy or long hairstyle it can 'drag' your face down.

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 10:39:40

I look better when I am drinking more fluids, but then at the same time I am usually drinking less tea/coffee/wine, so tis chicken and egg.

The mother pucker lip gloss is great.

Don't wear shiney makeup - it sinks into all the creases and emphasises them.

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 10:59:33

I used that mother pucker lipgloss and it made my lips BURN

is that normal?

BEAUTlFUL Thu 31-Dec-09 11:16:23

What about those facial exercises to tone up your jawline?

I am reading this thread with RAMPANT INTEREST as I look like a washer-woman from a period drama who's had a particularly hard life.

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:17:03

I think "tingle" is what is meant MP

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 11:20:31

It felt like I was snogging a battery

is that right?

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:22:34

maybe not

(do you often snog batteries?)

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 11:23:49

It was like having a TENS machine on my lips

Why is it supposed to TINGLE? I don't like TINGLING

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:26:06

I am assuming the tingling is what makes em swell.

PirateCatintheXmasHat Thu 31-Dec-09 11:29:03

yes I've heard of that lip gloss enlarging your lips as u look in the mirror! like when edina in Ab Fab had that bad dream!

op, i have noticed the same. In the last say, 2 yrs I have aged 6. My skin is rubbish.
Have just had my hair cut much shorter tho and it's lifted me somehow. it's now mid cheek layered bob.

I have a NECK!!!

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