How do I look less haggard and worn out?

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MoonMagic Thu 31-Dec-09 01:49:02

I have aged 10 years in the past 5 years - I look stressed and worn. My face looks thin and baggy. I don't have "jowls" but that area is slighty baggy and I am rather sharp lipped too blush

The problem is mainly around my mouth and lower cheeks, I have a pained look, it's not nice!

I am a light make up wearer (tinted moisturiser and mascara), and do scrub up well - so all is not bad!


JacksmamaInAPearTree Thu 31-Dec-09 05:21:51

<marks place>

I have many more fine lines than I used to and my eyes have shadows under them... my face just looks sooooo tired. Would love suggestions.

purplepeony Thu 31-Dec-09 08:54:55

Suggest you get round thin lipped looked with some pump-up lip gloss- look at Benefit, Clinique, Soap and Glory.

You need to make more of what you have- so if you have good eyes, do more with those. Use some sort of warm, soft blusher to give your cheeks a bit of oomph.

Also, get your skin in great condition by exfoliating gently, using night creams, and using under eye concealer for dark circles.

Other than that- it's Botox ladies.

mafi Thu 31-Dec-09 09:05:53

do you think it might have something to do with diet? are you drinking enough water and eating plenty of veg? I am just asking because I recently did a detox (advised by nutritionist), and since then I have been looking less tired and my skin has improved dramatically.

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 09:14:28

You say that you scrub up well - I think the thing is, when you get older you have to scrub up MORE REGULARLY if you want to look better

Whereas it was once for Saturday nights, now it is for Monday mornings

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:18:26

Drink even 2 more glasses of water a more fish and fruit.take a good muliti vit and try to go to bed at 10 twice a week.Superdrug vit e cheapy glow moisturiser is good and go to boots and get a really well matched foundation.Any brand can be good as long as it is blended well.

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:19:00

the water thign and skin has been shown to be a myth

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:19:57

"Drinking two litres of water a day keeps your skin clear
"Our bodies are designed to detox the whole time – that's what our liver and kidneys are for – and there are incredibly sophisticated mechanisms in place to keep our water content balanced for the good of the whole body," says Emma Edmonds of the British Skin Foundation. "So you just need to drink when your body tells you to - when you feel thirsty.""

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:00

That surprises me as I took part in a water trial thingy in 2007 and EVERYONE looked amazing after only 9 ndays!

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:47
noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:20:51

According to my docs you should rarely feel thirsty unless you have been exercising heavily.

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 09:22:38

more here
yes i only drink a glass or so aday
no spots here

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 09:25:41

Not about spots though!The body does regulate itself but if you feel thirsty it means the mucous membranes are dry and the ones you don't see are too.It doesn't need to be excessive but the organs do use water to function and if you don't keep it topped up it takes it from elsewhere and concentrates blood and urine which definitely makes you feel and look sluggish.

FlorenceandtheMincePieMachine Thu 31-Dec-09 10:32:05

A good foundation should do the job. I upgraded mine recently as one that looked gave me perfect skin five years ago suddenly didn't. I look years younger.

I also started wearing a good night cream (which I had always found too heavy when i was younger) and I am much happier with my skin now.

I think that the advice on what you are putting in to your body is also good. A mag I bought yesterday had a piece on skin supplements and the Boots one came out well and was very reasonable. My 40+ skin is the main reason that I am going on the wagon for much of 2010!

BelleDameSansMerci Thu 31-Dec-09 10:36:14

That Boots stuff is really good but can't for life of me remember the name of it. The one everyone was raving about when it first came out. I can't use it because it does give me spots but I have very oily skin (still at 44!). Boots No 7 has a foundation with the magic stuff in it too and I do use that. It's fabulous and no spots.

I do think what you put into your body and getting as much sleep as possible also makes a big difference.

cocolepew Thu 31-Dec-09 10:38:10

Put on some weight [helpful]. I've lost about a stone recently (not through choice) and I'd rather have a big arse than a lined face.

If you have a heavy or long hairstyle it can 'drag' your face down.

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 10:39:40

I look better when I am drinking more fluids, but then at the same time I am usually drinking less tea/coffee/wine, so tis chicken and egg.

The mother pucker lip gloss is great.

Don't wear shiney makeup - it sinks into all the creases and emphasises them.

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 10:59:33

I used that mother pucker lipgloss and it made my lips BURN

is that normal?

BEAUTlFUL Thu 31-Dec-09 11:16:23

What about those facial exercises to tone up your jawline?

I am reading this thread with RAMPANT INTEREST as I look like a washer-woman from a period drama who's had a particularly hard life.

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:17:03

I think "tingle" is what is meant MP

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 11:20:31

It felt like I was snogging a battery

is that right?

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:22:34

maybe not

(do you often snog batteries?)

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 11:23:49

It was like having a TENS machine on my lips

Why is it supposed to TINGLE? I don't like TINGLING

Flame Thu 31-Dec-09 11:26:06

I am assuming the tingling is what makes em swell.

PirateCatintheXmasHat Thu 31-Dec-09 11:29:03

yes I've heard of that lip gloss enlarging your lips as u look in the mirror! like when edina in Ab Fab had that bad dream!

op, i have noticed the same. In the last say, 2 yrs I have aged 6. My skin is rubbish.
Have just had my hair cut much shorter tho and it's lifted me somehow. it's now mid cheek layered bob.

I have a NECK!!!

GeorginaWorsley Thu 31-Dec-09 11:43:43

Agree re over long hair.
Have just had my below shoulder length hair cut into shoulder length bob and I look much better,more 'lifted' grin

MrsSeanBean Thu 31-Dec-09 12:07:32

Regarding water, IME drinking 2 litres a day does make a dramatic difference to how good your skin looks.

It worked for me anyway, it did more for my skin than anything I put on it! And a lot cheaper, even though I got through gallons of Evian. (I don't like the taste of tap water in our area but that apparently works just as well.)

purplepeony Thu 31-Dec-09 12:33:32

Think about your hair too- maybe get some hi/low lights and a decent layered cut?

Also, longer term, think about sunscreen- you should use an SPF 25+ every day according to dermos even in winter.

Other no-nos are smoking and too much vino- both dry out the skin and make it leathery.

cocolepew Thu 31-Dec-09 12:42:52

I think water does help. I drink a lot during the day when I'm at work. I've noticed the difference since being on my holidays [dried prune emoticon]

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 12:44:07

yeah well you is al HImagining it

MUCOUS my arse

EdgarAleNPie Thu 31-Dec-09 12:48:49

agree re: booze & would add choccies and v. greasy foods v. bad for skin - (you can get that crappy combo of dry wrinkles and greasy spots after drinking heavily over your fish and chips followed by Mars bar)

i find fruit definitely helps - and water makes you feel less tired (even if you don't look any different.) i drink several pints a day, but then am PG.

a good walk also gets the blood flowing to bring skin alive...

and plenty of sleep. before 10 twice a week? Noddy you night owl - ten is late here.

agree also re: hair. lift and body to hair makes a better frame for the face. easier to achieve with shorter hair.

of course, you could always get PG again for that 2nd trimester glow..(a little drastic perhaps??)

ShirleyKnott Thu 31-Dec-09 12:49:54

another beauty myth
food affects it not apprently

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 13:30:17

Shirley you have been brain washed food and water levels have a huge effect on how you look.When I was on dialysis when there was excess fluid in my body I looked amazing as did the otehr patients.After dialysis if they removed too much water we all looked wretched and lined!Also had to follow a low potassium diet so no fruit and v little veg unless boiled to a pulp and we were all GREY!

mafi Thu 31-Dec-09 15:34:43

Well, I am no doctor but 2 litres of water per day, plus giving up coffee has made a huge difference to me. I must admit that giving up coffee "cold turkey" was horrendous, but after the first 3 days, I was so glad I did it. My skin is 10 times better than it used to be. Even my male colleagues have commented, and that's unheard of in my office.

noddyholder Thu 31-Dec-09 15:36:49

mafi that is a big factor.I only started drinking coffe again this time last year afyer years of none.I was very busy and some builders I was working with kept buying me coffees and I was soon hooked and it has def had an effect.No more from tomorrow but am dreading the first week!

CocoK Thu 31-Dec-09 15:55:34

Try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - it is magic for tired, dull faces. Get a good haircut and colour, blow dry your hair whenever you have time, and get some good make-up advice at a department store (just don't let them trick you into buying any products you don't need/already have). A good self tanner for the face can also be great.

JaneiteIsTrite Thu 31-Dec-09 15:56:15

Yes to BFB. And blusher.

BadRomance Thu 31-Dec-09 15:58:30

Mineral Makeup

Benefit flash balm

Cream blusher (never powder)

Good haircut (pay a fortune for a good cut that suits your face, get it trimmed in cheaper places)

Never wear black unless you are under 35

brimfull Thu 31-Dec-09 16:01:37

tis all genetic

nowt you can do except put on a bit of weight and hope it puffs up your face a bit

or go for surgery

said Thu 31-Dec-09 16:08:18

You get your water from food and other drinks as well. Just drink when you feel thirsty but it doesn't have to be water - tis indeed a myth. As is teh whole detox business. That's what your liver is for.

MoonMagic Thu 31-Dec-09 16:20:15

Thanks for all the advice!!! I am just looking shite due to 2 x DSs, DS2 10mo who doesn't sleep all night, wakes frequently, I am really stressed, never get a break or a rest, and on and on and on.

I feel as shit as I look sadly.

New Year -
Flash balm sounds good (but what IS it????
New haircut (think I'll get more off the length, long face and long hair may not be good for me I suspect)
New clothes (hard this, cos I don't really like anything oops...)
My face is rather baggy, and I could do with some added weight to face - more pies, but also more fruit, veg and water wink

Now over to sleep thread to find out how I can get DS2 to sleep all night instead of waking 7 or 8 times hmm

Then to relationships thread to find out if and how I can resurrect my relationship with DP... sad

MoonMagic Thu 31-Dec-09 16:22:23

PS - I have had lip plumping gloss, it tingles but doesn't actually DO anything - or is that just me?

cornsilkcremeeggspotter Thu 31-Dec-09 16:32:29

I have a clarins exfoliation thing which plumps up my lips here
My skin always looks better when I have exercised. Drinking water makes a difference to my skin as well - don't know why, maybe I'm dehydrated. I swear by beauty flash balm under my tinted moisturiser. Decent face creams as well.

smallwhitecat Thu 31-Dec-09 16:46:31

I recently purchased some hyaluronic (I think) face cream from Holland and Barrett and since then I have been (a) told I look too young to have 2 kids (b) tol I look like I'm in my 20s and (c) asked for ID in tescos when buying booze (this has not happene since I was about 14). I am 35. I cannot prove a causal connection between the use of the cream and the occurrence of these events but I do think it has made me look younger.

cornsilkcremeeggspotter Thu 31-Dec-09 16:47:42


Bonsoir Thu 31-Dec-09 17:06:36

If you feel worn out as well as looking worn out, that's a good sign - you can remedy both the feel and the look by getting more rest (and following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water).

The really worrying stage is when you feel fine but just look like shit! Then there is little more to be done...

smallwhitecat Thu 31-Dec-09 17:35:32

I can't do links - it is hyaluronic acid soothing facial cream and it comes in abig white tub and costs about £7 I think (I got it on special offer). If you go into H&B and look at the beauty products shelves it'll be there. I'm using it on my hands too which look about 15 years older than the rest of me with v pleasing results and I also hear it's good for crepey tummy so am going to start using it there.
While I'm on the subject I'll tell you what dh said when I told him about the man asking me for ID in Tesco. After a long pause he asked "was he drunk?" biscuit

CocoK Thu 31-Dec-09 18:13:12

The flash balm is just a cream that you put on before or over make-up, or blend into your day cream. It tightens up your face and makes it look brighter somehow. It says on the tube that it 'brightens and tightens' and in this case it really does what it says on the tin. Have a look here - you can get it cheaper on ebay.

ThingumyandBob Thu 31-Dec-09 18:27:05

Laugh good and proper, whenever you can, especially with other girlfriends.

Cut down on sugar (apparently it does something bad to your skin, I don’t know all the in’s and outs)

Have 2 caffeinated drinks a day max.

Have good sex, often. (apparently people who do this look younger than people who don’t…I guess, er, going solo counts too…)

Use good skin cream with a hi SPF

Put Clinique air brush concealer under your eyes, works a treat.

Keep hydrated, try and drink a good amount of water or herb tea.

If you can run to it get that Estee Lauder night repair stuff in the brown bottle too.

Get a good hair cut and colour, nothing too flash that needs a lot of upkeep, just so you can leave the house looking smart.

Don’t stress, feel guilty about mistakes or hold grudges or regrets…it will show in your face.

Keep life simple.

Do yoga or something if you can.

Seems to work…

morningpaper Thu 31-Dec-09 18:28:02

> The really worrying stage is when you feel fine but just look like shit!

lol - how true ....

UndomesticHousewife Fri 01-Jan-10 08:02:22

I have lost quite a bit of weight and I look so old now, my eyes are so wrinkly. I never had this before when I was 2 adn a half stone heavier. My body looked not so good but I was asked for ID buying a knife in M&S - I was 33 grin

Also my lower face has dropped, and the lines on the sides of my mouth are more pronounced, I really can see how people get fillers and botox because it's v depressing.

Probably doesn't help that I drink no water at all, but have about 5 cups of coffee a day, sometimes more if friends come over.

So this year I'm going to drink lots of water (I'm on 2nd cup of coffee already), I'm going to exercise as at the moment I do nothing.
Would like to take up running but I heard that it can cause your face to drop too, is that true?

I don't have a skin care routine at the moment either, because I used Roc Retinox for a while but while it seemed to sort out any spots etc, it started to burn like mad and gave me eczema patches and my skin has been dry and itchy which hasn't helped the whole youthful plumpness I'm striving for.

Earthstar Fri 01-Jan-10 08:42:01

Running is bad for your face. The women I know n their 30's who run are lovely and slim and energetic but their faces look more than 10 years older than their real age

morningpaper Fri 01-Jan-10 10:19:09

It's either FACE or BODY

or be in-between and just be crap all over

rimmer08 Fri 01-Jan-10 11:03:10

exercise regularly
cleanse tone and moisturise
dont smoke
drink in moderation
enjoy your food
invest in a decent face mask/ exfoliator- i use lush and it works for me
decent under eye cream- origins is good
wear light make up most days but give the skin an odd break day
dont forget to take your make up off every night
buy an amazing rede lippy- lifts your face!
lots of sex

rimmer08 Fri 01-Jan-10 11:04:40

good exercise-

brisk walking
davinas dvd- its amazing
pilates- relaxing and does change your body

morningpaper Fri 01-Jan-10 11:04:40

yes lots of sex v. important

then when you see groups of perfect teenagers hanging around the garage you can think HAHA! I might be old but I'M the one getting laid

this is a cheering thought I always find

noddyholder Fri 01-Jan-10 11:04:42

grin morningpaper!

rimmer08 Fri 01-Jan-10 11:08:47

OP if you want to try some flash balm i have some that is a duplicate froma gift set i got- it does work and you can have it if you want to try it

What is Flash Balm and where do you put it?

<out of touch emoticon>

I don't think running makes your face drop.

I think more that the runners have been exercising outside and have been battered by the elements and not wearing SPF maybe?

I am a fairweather jogger and ashamed to say I have not run in about five months, but when I was running twice/three times a week my tummy was flat and thighs so much better.

Must dust off the asics.

Pannacotta Fri 01-Jan-10 12:31:55

Flash balm = Clarins beauty flash balm (I presume), you put it on your face, supposed to be a tonic style cream for the face.
I have some I've had for ages and it doesnt have any real affect in the fight against looking tired and haggard....

FunnyLittleFrog Fri 01-Jan-10 12:35:45

If beauty flash balm did work surely it would cost more than £25? grin

It might have been said already but two of the best things to do are get a decent hair cut and think carefully about the colours you wear near your face. I look ten years older in black, yellow or green.

purplepeony Fri 01-Jan-10 13:39:46

I got a sample of Clarins BFB and TBH don't rate it. It helps your make up go on smoothly, but bar that- nothing. My gran used to swear by egg white and BFB does just that- makes a kind of tight skin on your face! The assistant told me not to rub it too hard when you apply it- if you do, it just flakes off.

KristinaM Fri 01-Jan-10 14:16:47

Happy new year to you allsmile

I like morningpaper's suggestion and intend to add it to my list of new years resolutions. Must inform DH

JaneiteIsTrite Fri 01-Jan-10 14:20:03

Yes - am liking MP's suggestion (in Torquay mebbe, MP?). Not sure if dp will agree though as he never seems to come to bed until I'm asleep.

Re: the BFB you sort of pat it on to your face and then put foundation on immediately. I find it gives me a bit of a glow that i certainly don't have otherwise. The nice lady in Clarins gave me a good sized sample and then I bought it on the basis of that. They had a set out just before Christmas that was a red bag with a BFB, a handcream and various other bits for 40 squid - since BFB alone is about 24 pounds, it was a good deal.

JaneiteIsTrite Fri 01-Jan-10 14:20:23

Yes - am liking MP's suggestion (in Torquay mebbe, MP?). Not sure if dp will agree though as he never seems to come to bed until I'm asleep.

Re: the BFB you sort of pat it on to your face and then put foundation on immediately. I find it gives me a bit of a glow that i certainly don't have otherwise. The nice lady in Clarins gave me a good sized sample and then I bought it on the basis of that. They had a set out just before Christmas that was a red bag with a BFB, a handcream and various other bits for 40 squid - since BFB alone is about 24 pounds, it was a good deal.

JaneiteIsTrite Fri 01-Jan-10 14:20:45

So good I posted it twice!

thelunar66 Fri 01-Jan-10 14:38:03

Anusol is apparently the thing for ironing out your wrinkles.

MayorNaze Fri 01-Jan-10 14:53:16

is this estee lauder potiony thing pore clogging? i would love to look not shit first thing in the morning but am spot prone

foxinsocks Fri 01-Jan-10 15:01:25

apart from putting the children up for adoption, I can't think of anything that really works

my bags under my eyes have their own bags who in turn have their own bags - it would be quite impressive if it wasn't so bloody depressing

I think it's genes. Well I'm telling myself that so I can eat what I like and drink a bit more tbh because I might as well feel happy even if I look like shit grin

foxinsocks Fri 01-Jan-10 15:02:25

also I don't know if anyone else has noticed this as they age - the skin on my face seems to be becoming more see through (if that's possible). I swear you'll soon be able to see every blood vessel.

misshardbroom Fri 01-Jan-10 16:45:28

MP, the Soap & Glory plumping lip balm really does make your lips burn, it's not just you!

I've had to wipe it off in the car before now following an extra vigorous application.

However, I've come to the conclusion that that's how you know it's working. DD (6) pinched it and slathered it onto her own little rosebud mouth before I could stop her, and then didn't mention any discomfort. Which, considering it wouldn't have had any work to do there, proves my point grin.

poshsinglemum Fri 01-Jan-10 16:55:14


Have you heard of the pericone diet? Stars such as Kim Catrall follow it. Apparently it involves eating lots of oily fish such as Salmon and veg. Can't hurt even if it dosn't get rid of wrinkles.

Protect and Perfect is good.

Good diet and water is also essential.

Get a good night's sleep.

LetThemEatCake Fri 01-Jan-10 17:57:47

Regularly threaded eyebrows. Instant face lift.

Cut out wheat
Limit meat

SpanishCYBILwar Fri 01-Jan-10 18:03:36

Yes to blusher

yes to positive thought and a ready smile

Yes to lip gloss

Thats what gets me by, anyway.

said Fri 01-Jan-10 18:05:27

I'm sure I read than running sort of causes teh skin to loosen and become slightly detached from the muscles of the face. Hence why runners look older. Hope that's true anyway <looks at "running" shoes worn twice in nearly 3 years>

troublewithtalk Fri 01-Jan-10 18:07:44

Clarins flash balm is v good (not for everyday but great on jowls and eye lids) and the body shop vitamin C scrubs are great for skin brightening.

domesticslattern Fri 01-Jan-10 20:17:32

Never got on with Clarins flash balm here- can't see a visible difference <feels robbed>

Another idea is always to wear a pair of earrings, even if just small sparkly studs not long dangly things. It just helps with avoiding the washerwoman look.

Or maybe helps with looking like more genteel washerwoman.

VerityBrulee Fri 01-Jan-10 20:30:50

I always say the same thing on threads like this, so sorry for repeating myself, but By Terry Light Expert is the best cosmetic product in the universe.

I am very pale and use rosy light which is pale pink, and whatever it does it makes me look 20 years old. I promise.

Try it smile

SugarMagrundy Fri 01-Jan-10 20:33:19

OP, I hear you! All the fat on my face has emigrated south and I look so gaunt. I have put on weight but none of it is going anywhere near my face. It prefers to hang out on my arms (...literally).

I am waiting to finish this having a family business then it's fillers a-go-go. Or enter myself on "10 Years Younger" grin

BrokenArm Fri 01-Jan-10 20:50:36

"If you feel worn out as well as looking worn out, that's a good sign - you can remedy both the feel and the look by getting more rest (and following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water)."

With demanding family obligations, jobs, daily hassles, and poor support network that the typical mother of today has to deal with? Haha, easier said than done.

Facial SPF cream : the results are long term -- you're looking at 5-10 years to see benefits. It's most effective for girls age 8-20 to use daily (listen up all you fellow mothers of girls).

I like the earrings suggestion. Also, the women I know looking best for age, they:
Dye every trace of gray out of their hair.
Use make-up and jewelry and accessories well.
Remove extraneously body hair.
Dress smartly, even if the body isn't so great.

What do movie Stars do? They have the secrets, however expensive and impractical for ordinary people.

troublewithtalk Fri 01-Jan-10 21:05:19

Verity do you use Terrylight as a base/concealer or does it work like a foundation? Have been using Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch and YSL touche eclat, plus foundation, but life's a bit short for all that palaver every day. One product would be fab grin

VerityBrulee Fri 01-Jan-10 23:33:18

The Light Expert is fairly light, but it makes my skin look so good I don't need foundation. If necessary I'll use concealer on any spots or shadows, then use LE on top.

MostHighlyFavouredLady Sat 02-Jan-10 00:02:35

Having your colurs 'done' makes a difference - the right colours lift your whole appearance, the wrong ones drain you and emphasise weak points.

Agree re. water and diet myth; I've always had compliments on my skin, whether as a beer and coffee swilling twenty-something, worn out dehydrated bf mother, or during the several years I gave up sugar, coffee, alcohol, wheat, dairy - you name it.

Now I'm back on the 'bad' stuff, I still get the compliments.

I am, however, ugly as sin, and am fully aware that when people compliment my skin it's because it's the only thing they possibly could csay something nice about.

Btw, Aqueous Cream for cleansing and moisturising, once a day whether it needs it or not. grin

saramoon Sat 02-Jan-10 08:45:37

Roc cream for me and my greasy skin. Bed in the week at 9-9.30pm. Fresh air too.

Although i do think some things are def genentic, i have dark shadows under my eyes however much sleep i get as they are from my dad and i tend to look REALLY tired the week before my period and washed out and there is nothing i can do about it as they are really heavy, as were my mums and nans. It is about working out what works for you but being happy too, eat well, drink well and be happy.

vintagesocks Sat 02-Jan-10 11:51:52

I started running about a year ago, and it's made my face look better and pointier [running defended]

I like Clarins quench stuff for making my skin look dewier... but I agree about skin getting "thinner". I notice it reacts much more quickly to me being ill or anything.

But then I'm getting owwld... grin

MoonMagic Sat 02-Jan-10 15:56:51

Wow!!! Thanks for all your fab replies grin

I have a lot of work to do. It's not just my "unmade bed" style face, it's the unkempt hair, un-ironed clothes, the trainers (sore feet due to pregnancy wtf).

Where to people find the time?!?!?!

JaneiteIsTrite Sat 02-Jan-10 16:00:49

Dp bought me some of the Clarins quench stuff for Christmas but it feels a bit too rich for me, so have just been using it on my neck.

Pannacotta Sat 02-Jan-10 16:45:29

Oh yes, earrings every day is a good suggestion, either pretty silver hoops or diamond studs, either are good.

kissmummy Sat 02-Jan-10 19:33:24

i don't believe that about runners looking older...i've been running for ten years now and i'm regularly told i look years younger than i am...hmm I'm 35 and was asked for ID in Tesco when buying a bottle of wine not that long ago. Having said that they asked an old granddad once, didn't they, so....!
Not feeling remotely smug as dark shadows have appeared under my eyes lately but may have something to do with excessive alcohol consumption and insomnia. not a good combo.
But all the same i suspect the running issue is to do with skin getting weathered, as another poster suggested.

HyacinthsDaughterinlaw Sat 02-Jan-10 20:02:15

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and a Touche eclat pen from YSL for instant fix!

saltyseadog Sat 02-Jan-10 22:30:42

Yes to eyebrow threading - worth the cash

Yes to Boots Protect & Perfect serum

Yes to oil cleansing method (have used Liz Earle & Eve Lom, both fab, now trying OCM as I reckon LE and EL work on the same principle but for far more £££)

Don't forget your hands - they are very ageing. I'm still looking for the perfect hand cream - so far the best has been the L'Occitane Shea Butter one.

JaneiteIsTrite Sat 02-Jan-10 22:33:06

Hand cream - There is a new Garnier one called Hydralock which is brilliant. It does smell of wine though.

Dp bought me the Clarins one for Christmas. It smells lovely but doesn't work as well as the Hydralock, so I'm combining them.

saltyseadog Sat 02-Jan-10 22:47:33

I'll look out for the Garnier one - thanks Janeite. My hands look about 20 years older than my face...

DontForgetToBreathe Sun 03-Jan-10 01:46:37

Invest in some good products.
I use the By Terry range and it is really brilliant. I use Shu Umera cleansing oil which is perfect for winter.

How about getting a makeover at Selfridges or somewhere?

mrsbean78 Sun 03-Jan-10 10:09:43

I second the makeover idea. Before my wedding I got one of those make up classes from Bobbi Brown.. now only wear this brand as it is so flattering. Before the birth of my tiny one (in December!) I had another consultation - this time to make sure I had a 'set' I could use to look bright and fresh in five minutes flat. Working well so far.. had so many compliments on those first few photos and how rested (!!) I looked. Ha! As if..

forehead Sun 03-Jan-10 13:29:10

I fast for six days every month and will drink nothing but water. I have found this removes all the toxins from my body and refreshes me. I am not by any means suggesting that you should fast, i am saying that it works for me. I have been fasting for about three years and i look much younger than my age.
Don't smoke, as smoking is the worst thing you can do to pour skin.

ilovespagbol Sun 03-Jan-10 14:26:46

Facial exercise? Not tried it myself but seems to make sense that your facial muscles need exercise (you know how sometimes you laugh so much your face aches?) Would love to know if it works! smile

said Sun 03-Jan-10 14:28:53

What do you eat in the 6 days forehead?

ilovespagbol Sun 03-Jan-10 14:29:32

oh, and Citylips lip plumper or the Gale Hayman one (the latter from QVC)

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jan-10 17:00:07

Clarins have this facial thing - hard to explain, but they used to have instructions with their face care products - Methode Auto- something or the other. involves holding your face in your hands, mostly.
It does help. If one does it, obviously..
Which reminds me ...

SarahHM Sun 03-Jan-10 20:24:25

I reckon your skin can look older or tired if it isn't well hydrated. A good moisturiser can only deal with the upper layers of the skin, but these are the ones you can see! I also wear sun protection all year round since I have sensitive and pale skin (goodie). I use a good combination of cream cleanser, toner and moisturiser from Aveda for hydrating skin and it has really helped with the tired out-dried out-dragged look. I rarely wear make up, but when I do, it sits on my skin much better, and I need less of it too grin.

I'm still working on a formula that suits me and is sustainable, but I guess it's a combination of a good diet, a good night's sleep (when you can), plenty of fluids and the best moisturiser for your skin.

drosophila Sun 03-Jan-10 20:43:37

Had a look on H&B and this is the only one I can find that sounds like what was suggested

Is that it?

hanaflower Mon 04-Jan-10 12:07:48

forehead biscuit

Pannacotta Mon 04-Jan-10 13:58:13

There s some good advice in this Telegraph article, though it is a bit long...

grammar Mon 04-Jan-10 14:51:18

Sorry, but the silk pillow case is a pure and evil myth. Having suffered the most atrocious bedhead all my life and asked DH to give me a silk pillow case for Xmas last year, ( ie 10 days ago) I can confirm and so can my whole family that I've had some of the worst bedheads ever. ( Solution to bedhead? Drink so much alcohol that you pass out for the night and don't turn over, result.. the still silken glossy and plump blow dry as yesterday.. but maybe more facial wrinkles..)
I second the good haircut and colour( tho' it doesn't need to be a salon do, a bottle of the right colour is just as good)
Earrings, yes, pearl ones are nice and understated (£5 in Marks)
Blow dry hair if you have the time or just get up earlier, I've done this since I was about 15 through 3 DCs and DH working away alot( can be done)
Keep weight steady, not too scrawny, not to fat
Use accessories more. I always dress up jeans, a White Stuff fleece with a nice scarf wound round casually and tied
Smile alot and look interested in what other people are saying, looking animated will take years off you.
It doesn't have to be expensive.
Thw water thing IS a myth, we're all being too wooed by lifestyle mags that just want to sell products, images etc.. eat wheat(unless you're Coeliac) drink when you're thirsty and look at your parents skin, most of it is in the genes
Good luck and remember, your childeren love and need you whatever you look like

wollysocks Mon 04-Jan-10 22:18:44

i would like to add "origins" products work and last a decent amount of time, these are face creams, night creams, moisturisers etc.

prob go to makeup counter and ask for new colours and allow yourself to use them at home, you could be surprised. we all get stuck in a rut with colours.

i feel drinking water a good idea too. but prob the key is maintaining what you start, and we all know its not that easy. good luck.

This always happens to me: by the time I've read right through a thread, someone's always already said what I was going to contribute. I'd just like to bump rimmer08's suggestion of Lush facepacks. The Sacred Truth is the one for you. Also, we don't actually know how old the OP is (although, statistically, as MM says she's pg, she's presumably not that old). Surely, at some stage in our lives, we should be able to look old?

pecanpie Tue 05-Jan-10 07:21:34

Good moisturiser can make all the difference. I think Clarins are miracle workers. Beauty flash balm is great but you can't use it every day (as advised by the Clarins lady). I use it when I have a meeting at work or when I am seeing lots of people over the weekend - not necessarily for a big night out. It not only keeps my makeup on better but it also gives my skin a healthier glow.

I also think it's down to having a good foundation as a base - nothing too heavy and unnatural, which is where the makeup counters fail you as the ladies on there plaster it on with a trowel. A bit of lippy can make all the difference too - I remember seeing on a TV show that choosing a shade slightly darker than the inside of your lips gives the perfect natural look - just fortified my makeup bag with 2 new lipsticks and think this is absolutely true.

Treat yourself to a facial - sorry but I am in love with Clarins skincare so I'd recommend their energising/radiance facial.

Romanarama Tue 05-Jan-10 07:35:39

Smile. Do yoga. Have sex a lot. Get a babysitter more often.

DorotheaPlenticlew Tue 05-Jan-10 08:50:29

IMHO, you will find your looks only bounce back properly once you are no longer dealing with all the broken nights. Sleep makes a massive difference that nothing else can replicate.

Until then, do whatever suggestions appeal to you from the whole thread, and I'm sure they will help somewhat -- but most importantly, keep reminding yourself and reassuring yourself that someday, regular unbroken sleep will be a part of your life once again and will make an enormous difference to your face. And when that time comes you will find you have more energy and interest in things like finding something decent to wear, etc, and it will all gradually come together

smilesandsun Tue 05-Jan-10 09:02:48

what about the botox?

mummee09v Tue 05-Jan-10 09:46:45

I have recently discovered Diorskin "Nude" foundation, it is truly the best foundation I have ever found. team that with tons of touche eclat!!!!

also, I know some ladies have said the water thing is a myth but I have always drank tons of water right from my early teens (on my mums advice - at least 8 glasses a day) and my skin is pretty good.

lots of sex and lots of sleep! where possible with dc's, lol

and I SWEAR by spf30 every day.

RipMacWinkle Tue 05-Jan-10 09:50:23

I reckon Dorothea has it spot on.

Good products and drinking water can do so much but I'm a firm believer that sleep is the deal breaker.

luvviemum Sat 09-Apr-11 19:02:46

exercise, botox, eyebrow shaping, moisturise, good food, sleep and happiness x

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