adult mittens on a string

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okay, not exactly stylish or beautiful, but i have lost two pairs of gloves in two days.
and am useless with needle and thread.
and i consider you all to be shopping experts. can i buy adult mittens on a string??

cornysxmasmuffmusic Sat 19-Dec-09 11:17:35

no you loon!

nooooooo, i can, surely i can?
i don't care if i look stupid, i just don't want to shell out for mooooooooore gloves!

Hassled Sat 19-Dec-09 11:21:19

I saw some in a slightly hippyish independent shop the other day - the woollen type knitted by Peruvian toddlers. So they do exist. But I'd advise you to think long and hard about it.

honestly, don't care. well, actually, i do, now i think about what you mean by peruvian toddler mittens. but my hands are cold and i am very forgetful wrt gloves/ umbrellas / hats etc etc

CybilinExcelsisDaewoo Sat 19-Dec-09 11:29:56

Didn't Sandy Shaw win the Eurovision Song contest with that "Adult mittens on a striiiiinnngg"??

i wish she had. maybe they'd be fashionable and i could go and buy some this afternoon.

Meglet Sat 19-Dec-09 11:47:41

I think I saw them in Accessorize last year, but I haven't been in this winter. I don't see the problem with them TBH. Much easier than losing them.

nickelbabyjesus Sat 19-Dec-09 11:51:15

it is not loonish: it's a very sensible idea and more adults should admit that they can lose things too, and put their mittens on string.

you don't need to be good with a needle and thread.
just get a piece of elastic long enough to go down your sleeves and onto the end of your mittens.(with a bit of an overhang for tying)
loop the elastic through the loop on your coat (the hook bit in the collar) and push the elastic through the knitted part of the gloves in the wrist (you can do this with a thin screwdriver) and then wrap it and knot it. (bit granny knot)


IvanaDK Sat 19-Dec-09 12:04:15

There is this nutty artist in Copenhagen who collected lost gloves over a period of years. He got loads but never managed to find a pair and he had this exhibition of all these unpaired lonely gloves. Most of them were adults gloves.

So you are not a loon ;)

cornysxmasmuffmusic Sat 19-Dec-09 12:52:59

just buy a load of cheapies from poundworld in the same colour.

MrsBadger Sat 19-Dec-09 13:59:05

I find it hard even to buy kids' ones

I buy ribbon or tape by the metre and sew dd's on myself

get ski gloves and a ski jacket with clips.

warmmittenedhands Wed 30-Dec-09 18:29:58

Yes I bought mine at

AngelinaJolly Wed 30-Dec-09 19:02:57

might I suggest mitt clips
tee hee

angelina, you are a genius!

Poppity Fri 08-Jan-10 21:39:50

or glove glue

if you have those gloves with tags on to clip it to

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