crocs - how do you attach those jibbitz things

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I have just bought DD her first pair and some of the jibbitz thingyies too. I just don't know how you attach them. I thought you'd take the black stud thing off, poke through the hole and then put the stud back on. But I can't get the studs off, any of them.


SixtyFootDoll Thu 06-Aug-09 15:29:46

you just push them through the hole, do one side of the stuby bit first then the other.
It is quite tricky though!

Yes just push them through, crocs are stretchy so shouldn't be too hard

AHHH! fantastic, thanks for that, will get decorating.

we have a beach theme planned for one shoe and a gardening theme for the other - maybe I need to get out more!

Thanks again


Podrick Fri 07-Aug-09 10:16:31

Groovy themes! Don't take the black bits off!!!!

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